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Rob Pattinson smokes a little bit

Robert Pattinson Smoking

Dirty, Grungy, Smokin' hot

Dear Rob,

I’ve noticed that you like to smoke a little. And by “a little” I mean, you smoke like a chimney stack.  When EastFriend from The Quad read the Remember Me script she immediately texted me and said, “Rob’s character, Tyler, smokes a lot. Rob is gonna love that.” You clearly do. I bet you spend more on cigarettes than I do on cupcakes. And that’s a lot of money.

I’m gonna say a contradictory statement now: Smoking causes 10 million deaths annually, but you look so hot doing it, that I don’t want you to stop.

What’s wrong with me? Am I so cold-hearted that I don’t mind if your life is shorted by 12 years (the average for a smoker) as long as you provided eye candy for me? I dunno. Maybe. All I know is that telling you to stop smoking is like telling you that instead of drinking booze (which you clearly like) & holding a cigarette, I’d like to see you start walking around with a carrot stick & some barley green juice. That turns on the granny’s in the Old Folks Home, not me.

Keep on lighten em’ up,

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No. I don’t want Rob to risk his health so that I can continue to look at hot pictures of him. I would like him to be around for a very long time so that when I’m a granny in an Old Folk’s home, I can see his old Grampy self doing old man naked scenes like that dude Samantha dates on Sex and the City. I do believe Rob is aware of the risks associated with smoking. You’d have to live in a hole to not know them these days.  I know them. I have cancer in my family. Yet, I occasionally smoke (cloves- yum) when I drink. I think it’s that whole “we’re young & invincible” idea. I know that’s not true- but try telling me that when I’m 3 gin and tonic’s in.

Today’s Roblosophy is not about if he should or shouldn’t smoke, it’s about why he looks so damn hot doing it.  Now, I know not everyone agrees.  I read the comments on the post where we confessed what we disliked about Rob where tons of you confessed his one flaw (or biggest flaw) is his smoking habit.  But then there are TONS of us that think, “Damn. That’s hot.” Even though we don’t like to kiss smokers ourselves. We’d break that rule to kiss his lips despite his smokey, stale breath and possibly yellowing teeth.

WHY!? What is it?


Rob "lights up" the night

I live in an area where there are townies- you know the type. Grew up here, never left for college, live next door to their mamas, still wear their high school letterman jackets and go to the local dive bar every single night to reminisce with the guys about that hail mary pass in the championship game of ’83. Oh the glory days! Those dudes smoke. A lot. They do not look hot doing it. “Oh UC, that’s because they weren’t hot first, before the cigarette. Rob is hot even without the smokes.” Okay, you’re right.

Rule #1 of looking hot while smoking: you have to be hot before the smoking commences.

But I think there’s something else, too. Peter Facinelli- pretty attractive guy, right? When I saw pictures of him smoking on the New Moon set, I said “meh.” Whatever. Didn’t increase his hottness. If anything, I judged Carlise Cullen. I mean, he’s a doctor… I keep thinking about how I saw a friend from high school for the first time in 8 years playing with his band in Philly a few weeks back. He looked hot. And I never thought that. And he didn’t look any different than he did last time I saw him, except that he was holding a guitar- and smoking. Turns out, most of the guys I think are hot while smoking are dirty, grungy musicians. I think Rob fits in that category.

Rule # 2 of looking hot while smoking: You kinda have to be a dirty, grungy “I don’t give a shit” kind-of guy. Plus being a musician helps.

Is the cigarette interchangeable? Could it be anything? Could the already hot guy who is a dirty, grungy musician be holding a teddy bear and it still be hot? No. Definitely not. I think there is danger behind a cigarette. It’s like the hot smoker is screaming “Eff you cancer, heart disease & emphysema, I’m DOING this.” It’s rebellious- it’s dangerous. It’s hot.


Making smoking adorkable

Rule #3 of looking hot while smoking: Be a rebel. Don’t care about the risks. Just do it.

Well, I came up with 3 rules- what have I missed? Why does Rob look so hot while smoking?

And to those of you who are disgusted by his smoking, how can you forget that he is a smoker? Do you block it out of your mind & pretend that it’s a candy cigarette?

Ready, set DISCUSS!

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  1. “If anything, I judged Carlise Cullen. I mean, he’s a doctor… ”


    • Peter Facinelli smokes??!

      No, srsly… We’d expected better from you, Dr. Cullen.

      • ‘kay, note to self: first read what’s AFTER the jump, then comment.

        (ok, ok, I confess: I was happy that I was second to comment, wihiiii! That just made my monday.)

        • And an *early bird catches the worm* for me being first!

    • I agree – threw back my head and laughed out loud (so much, it was worth actually spelling out) at the line. “he’s a doctor!!!!”

      • Peter also plays a doctor on the show Nurse Jackie, lol. Which is an awesome show, btw.

        • AWESOME show, for shizzle.

    • Isn’t Cazza on the ball today??? 4 days and counting, girlie!

      • LOL – see you in Dallas ; )

  2. Oh, candy cigarettes, how I loved you. Do they still make Big League Chew?

    When I was in college I became obsessed with a hot, musician guy. Noticed him on the first day of freshman orientation. Think Brandon Lee in “The Crow” crossed with Gavin Rossdale crossed with Chris Cornell. He was a smoker. Somehow we ended up in the same group of friends and by my junior year we were dating. I’d always hated smoking…thought it was gross, but there was something about watching HIM smoke. Watching the smoke curl around his face as he rhapsodized about the awesomeness of Alice in Chains was one of my favorite things about him. Then, I started smoking so I could be with him always (even smoke breaks!) Later, he revealed himself to be quite the douche and I left his sorry ass. I still smoke after having a few adult beverages. I prefer to call it “social smoking”. It’s one of the things I hate about myself.

    Anyway, smoking Rob is hot. See “adorkable” shot above. He looks like James Dean there. Is there anyone/anything hotter than James Dean? And Rob even looks hot when exhaling the smoke through his nostrils. An incredible feat in my book!

    • They DO still make Big League Chew. Seriously. I saw it at Target the other day. I almost bought some, but then I decided that I wanted to keep my teeth.

      • It really surprises me they still make that stuff. Aside from the whole marketing tobacco-like products to children…it really is pretty foul tasting stuff, if I remember correctly.

        Which makes me think of an interesting question.

        What if Rob chewed?? Now THAT I would not abide.

    • Another James Dean fan! No, no one/nothing hotter than JD—except Rob, of course….

      • That, my friend, is a given. : )

      • *raises hands*

        I’m a big JD fan as well. I think Rob has a little James Dean and a little Elvis and a whole lotta Robbie going on. The perfect combo, if you ask me!

  3. Have you seen The Haunted Airman? All that smoking…all those close ups of his hands…

    Um, yes. Thank you. Smoke if you got ’em, I always say.

    • my exact thoughts. rob kissing the cigarette and twiddling with matches… long fingers… oiii

    • I watched The Haunted Airman on Friday night, and I tweeted that the cigarette budget for the movie must have been astronomical.

      • i hope to star in a movie someday with an astronomical cupcake budget

        • I plan on opening a bakery someday that focuses on fantastic cupcakes. I will most likely create a Robcake… With a candy cigarette on top!

          I will supply the cupcakes for your movie.

          • There is a bakery here in Des Moines that specializes in cupcakes. They have an Elvis cupcake that is banana cake with peanut butter frosting.

            The flavor possibilities for a Rob cupcake are endless. Pepperoni Hot Pocket flavored cake with Heineken frosting…Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavored cake with Diet Coke frosting. Of course, the candy cigarette would be the piece de resistance!

          • Hahahah! The Cinnamon Toast flavored cake with Diet Coke frosting might be the winner. I could always do a coffee flavored frosting as well… We know the man likes his caffinated beverages.

            Of course, I would also have to add “sparkles” to the frosting. This could be a lot of fun.

          • cannot wait!!!!!

        • Code word for under 25 yr old cute men = Cupcake.
          You naughty naughty girl.


  4. Yay! You used my very favorite pic of Rob: dirty, grungy, smoking, white wife-beater Rob! =)

    I would still find Rob hot if he didn’t smoke. For me *personally* his hotness increases exponentially because he smokes. It’s just a thing for me.

    For many, I think it just draws attention to his hands & mouth. There’s also something rebellious about it these days, which draws in a lot of “good” girls the way motorcycles and tattoos used to.

  5. I think it is definately an, uh, oral thing. Just watching his mouth and lips around a cig sets the imagination a-goin’. I used to smoke in college and then occasionally with adult beverages. Haven’t touched one in about 7 years and find it nasty now. Plus I’m preggers, but seeing him smoke sometimes makes me itch for one!

    • sucking, inhaling and pursed lips – what’s not to like? Srsly, I quit 6 years ago and haven’t been tempted to smoke again (even in Jamaica with all the free Appleton Rum I could consume) EXCEPT when I look at pics of Rob. Then I want one – not cause he’s smoking but because I remember how great it was to have a cig after sex and that’s how some pics of Rob make me feel – spent, incoherent and oh so satisfied lol!

      • Preach on, sista!

  6. Mouth. Lips. Hands.

    Smoking is hot on Rob because it lets us stare at the above. Interacting.

    Now I want to be a cigarette.

    • Everyone’s developing an oral fixation.
      Isnt that interesting?

  7. I DO love dirty, grungy looking guys-especially Rob. I love his dirty , grungy look (his natural state) much more than his cleaned up, Oscars-or-Cannes look.But-I don’t find smoking hot, even in Rob’s case. I don’t care if he really DOES have the worst BO ever, if he has dirt under his fingernails and skids in his shorts-I’d do him w/o a second thought. But kissing him would still be like licking an ashtray, albeit a hot, gorgeous doable ashtray. (But I’d still do it .)

    Frankly I think anything in Rob’s mouth would be hot-carrot stick, baby bottle, lollipop or any number of things I can think of.

    • baby bottle.. haha

    • @ dazzledtodeath:

      Re: ” Frankly I think anything in Rob’s mouth would be hot-carrot stick, baby bottle, lollipop or any number of things I can think of. ”

      Are you thinking of “nipples” by any chance,.. but refuse to say it!
      Come on now.. SAY IT..


      • NIPPLES,Dammit,nipples..MY nipples. Whoa.

        • There you go.. that was easy.

    • OMG robert pattison is like the hottest guy evr! who coulld live without him and his sexiness???!!

  8. Seeing him with cigarettes make me want them. But I don’t smoke. I have but don’t now.

    I don’t know if it makes him HOTTER…but the hazy smoke that surrounds him does make him seem a little more mysterious. Dangerous even.

    But we know he’s as dangerous a box full of kittens.

    • Seeing Rob smoke doesn’t make me want a cigarette. It just makes me want to BE a cigarette.

    • ‘But we know he’s as dangerous as a boxful of kittens.’

      this is not the 1st time that i’ve run into sentiments like this about Rob—if i had to assess this man on the basis of his fotos & interviews i would plead for inserting ‘tiger’ in front of kittens—somewhere in an interview he talked about having fixed ideas about how to treat women—it was less what he said than how he said it that caused my ears to prick up—those few seconds taken together with the many really edgy fotos in which he lit’rally puts his sex on the line give me pause—his face, for example, has a special flirty look which he wears only with sharp chicks—were the situation different & if i had the chance i would surely practice whichever sutra he was into & would enjoy a flaming cigarette after the fact—it would be, though, with all my fingers crossed behind my back because i’d be thinking of the rollercoaster i was climbing onto—in my book guys like this spell crash down the line, though it’s one hell of a ride while it lasts—

      • I wish you knew which interview that was. I’d like to watch that again. Hmmm.

      • I couldn’t agree more. It’s fun to fantasize about the possibility of being with him but I fear an actual relationship with the man would be quite draining…physically and emotionally.

      • @ Expat

        I think you are really on to something here. I think that he definately has the boyish kitten thing going on, but the tiger glimpses I have seen from him (‘RomeRob’!) are very promising. Imagine this boyish man really coming into fullblown manhood… with the added increase in sexual prowess.

        Talking about weapons of mass seduction.

  9. I’ve wondered aloud about this with my fellow Robsessees. Even my father smokes and I have seen the realities of it and how detrimental it is to your health.

    My reality boyfriend smokes occasionally and whenever he does I get on his ass about the smell, the health risks, the taste, the annoyance of spending time on my eye make-up only to have them look bloodshot from sitting near his 2nd hand smoke… But then I can’t deny that he looks hot doing it.

    I will literally search for photos of Rob smoking (don’t judge).

    There’s something about a guy like Rob bring that thing between his lips and ever so gently drawing from it. I think it must have something to do with people traditionally smoking after sex. The “I need a cigarette” look combined witht he sex hair? Damn, baby.

    Woah, fanfictionwhat?

  10. I have spent WAY too many hours wondering about the appeal of Rob’s smoking.

    Pre-robsession, I would definitely name smoking as a huge negative for a guy – or anyone, for that matter. I would question being girlfriends with someone that smoked. I never smoked and I judged those who did.

    But now . . . I am weirdly attracted to it. I have watched a lot of smokers lately, trying to explain this change in my attitude. Most of these other random smokers don’t all look good. Maybe because a lot of them would be nasty either way. But they don’t look as bad as they used to to me.

    My stance has changed to the point that when my friends went outside to smoke at a bar on Thursday night, I actually followed them and bummed a cigarette off some guy and smoked it (sort of – it’s really unpleasant if you aren’t used to it).

    And I can only blame Rob for this development. Maybe it is his hands plus mouth plus sucking plus blowing . . . gah. Maybe it is the “devil may care” attitude. Maybe it is that he really can transform anything from vile to sexy. Like a super power. He could be Sex It Up Man.

    So – my point. Rob – I don’t care if you quit or not. I love the pictures of you smoking. I love the pictures of you not smoking. I would pretend to smoke to hang out with you. I would kiss your nasty ashtray mouth and smell your nasty stale ciggy smoke clothes and hair and Not Care!

    So – keep it up. Or don’t. Maybe you could try to quit and need to replace the habit with something else. I could provide alternate sources of oral stimulation.

  11. smoking is cool

    • short & sweet 🙂

    • For the day I meet Rob at a dive bar in SoHo, I will be practicing smoking. So, I can meeting him outside the bar, ask him for a light, and not choke when I take a drag.


      • I keep a pack of Camels tucked in my cleavage for just such an eventuality.

        • brilliant idea. running to gas station on my way home!

  12. I smoke – it’s a terrible nasty habit – but I do. So my stance on Rob smoking is biased. But since the beginning of time smoking has been associated with sexiness so it’s only natural that the sexiest man on earth (at the moment) would scream hot whole lighting up. *shrugs*

    • *while lighting up.

  13. I admit he looks incredibly hot smoking. But damn it scares the shit out of me. I want him ’round long time!

    I did see on E! Daily 10 that Nikki Reed decided to quit smoking for the fans. Not sure if it’s true or not, but if it is, good for her!

    • Nikki probably just meant that she would quit smoking cigarettes. “Special” cigarettes are still a-ok though!

  14. As a person who has commited herself to cutting out cancer from people’s mouths/necks for the next five years, I totally cannot get behind ‘smoking Rob’ just because I think of glossectomies and other bad things (I even get pissed at my rl bf when he smokes 1-2 socially, but he’s a doctor too so he should know better.)

    That being said, as a red blooded female, I have to admit it is very sexy when he smokes. It’s just him though, for me anyway. But his voice is so hot and I’d hate to see him lose it.

    • Oh and I forgot to say, “if he smokes, he pokes…” and well, that’s just an awesome visual

    • love the honesty!!

  15. I don’t smoke, never have but dated a guy who did – I just had rules… like not kissing him until he brushed his teeth. That didn’t always work but again, it was sexy… and still to this day whenever I smell his brand of smokes on someone else I turn wondering if it’s him… The scent just takes me back…

    As far as Rob it’s just hot… like everyone else has said. To see that Ashley is the only one of them who isn’t a smoker is interesting and that everyone notices them doing it. I know people think their fans are influential but when Michael Phelps was busted with pot everyone was like think of your fans… but seriously, he’s Michael Phelps… SNL pointed out that parents can still use him as a role model, “He’s won 8 gold medals for our country, what have you done? When you win 8 gold medals for our country in 1 olympics you can smoke pot” ha!

  16. I smoke too so Rob smoking doesn’t bother me. We can share a fag together after a long steamy sex session. Oops, I think I should have saved that comment for RAoR… 🙂

    • And perhaps we should note that in Britain, a “fag” is a cigarette.

      • Noooo, just let people jump to their own conclusions! It’s way more fun that way.

      • hahaha… thanks for clarifying!

        non-US peeps.. a ‘fag’ is a gay man here…..

        that makes her statement MUCH more interesting!

        • lmfao it totally does. im from the states i just thought id throw some brit slang in there

      • ha ha.. (fags = cigs).
        In any case, I thought we all agreed that even if Robbie was Bi that would not make one wit of difference to us.
        He’s still jumpable, he’s just got more options thats all.

  17. I won’t deny that he looks hot doing it (what she said), but I could NOT be with a smoker. I really think it’s foul and disgusting and all those other words to describe it, not to mention the health effects.

    Would you actually kiss an ash tray? Cuz that’s what it’d be like. Smoke smell makes me nauseous.

    So, Rob, dear, for me, pleeeease don’t keep it up. I’d like to stare at you for as long as I can, and you’re chopping your life span short right now. Kthanx. ❤ me

    • I totally agree, but we are def in the minority here! I don’t think it’s sexy, it’s Rob’s ONE flaw, I’m disappointed when I see pics of him smoking. Sorry, it’s just gross. I’m honestly surprised that so few people see it as a negative. I’m not trying to be judgmental but it’s just not appealing.

      Please quit, Rob-you are sexier than a person has any right to be w/o a cigarette.

      • i’m actually surprised.. i thought there would be more anti-rob smoking commenters.. maybe they’ll come out later!

        • I also don’t think the smoking is sexy. I can’t be with a smoker either. I have asthma and this will make me very sick(cigarette smoke triggers an attack ). I love the guy no matter what but I do worry and I want him to be around for a long time and I’m just being honest here. He’s sexy but the smoking is a big flaw for me. My father smoked like a chimney, he’s got loads of health problems now. My mom’s uncle died from emphysema, I could go on. It’s not just the health problems too, it’s the appearance of it ad the smell. It gets in your clothes, your car, house, etc.

          No offense intended to those who smoke and to those who find him sexy while smoking. I’m just giving my 2 cents.

    • This is why I’m incredibly happy that the bars and
      restaurants here went 100% smoke free.
      When I’m around smoke my sinuses swell up,
      my eyes turn blood shot red and I just go home
      feeling like ass, then your hair and your clothes stink.
      It’s nice to finally be able to go out here
      and not have to deal with that.

      • Ditto.

        • Me too. Here in Louisville all the restaurants and bars are smoke-free now, thank God for the past 2 yrs. Before I had my DD, I worked at a large hospital in town and they are smoke-free too, heck they even provide their employees nicotine patches for free to help them quit.

      • i agree. love the smoke ban indoors now- except at 2 am when i’m 3 gin & tonics in and it’s 34 degrees outside & i have to go out to smoke a clove 🙂

  18. Lets face it…it looks hott (that’s right…2 t’s), because it definitely is a “i don’t give a shit” attitude on someone who apparently really just doesn’t give a shit. *RAWR* If you take away the jaw line, the long fingers, and all of Robs seksiness, and replaced all of those glorious things with a dude that is average looking, sporting chinos and a fresh coiffed ‘do from Super Cuts, and the hottness of it evaporates. Completely.

    So, in conlusion :D, Rob is a sexy beast with or without the smokes, but they add a bit of bad boyish-ness that we all want to do, I mean love.

    (Oh, and ps…Yesterday I wanted to be a button, and today a cigarette…lord help me…) 😛

  19. It’s all about the mouth. And thinking about what else he could be putting in said mouth.
    And the hand. The mouth and the hand. And the hand being brought to the mouth.
    Rob smoking is hot. I’ve always been a sucker for a hot guy with a cig. Sad, but true.

  20. Rob is probably the only person I’ve ever thought looked hot while smoking.

    I think it’s because we get handporn, jawporn, and lipporn all in one combined sexy package. (ahem)

  21. I hate smoking. I mean HATE IT! I’m the person that gives peeps nasty looks when they stand a foot from the door to light up. And I mean, the if looks could kill type of looks.

    But I think I know why I do it. It’s not cause I hate smoking. In fact, I think it’s because I really think smoking is cool as hell and I’m just jealous.

    Point being, when I walk out the door and peek over to see some fool smoking 4 feet from the door and I realize it’s Rob, I’ll just mosey my way over and see if I can bum one. Cause that is normal.

  22. Oh, another thing that makes me look like a lunatic but I’m gonna say it anway.
    I hate it when I’m driving and the person infront of me throws their ciggie out the window and then you drive over it. Everytime that happens I fear my car’s gonna blow up! It scares the crap out of me! LOL! I know that’s rediculous but that’s what goes through my mind, LOL!

    • LMAO!!! One of my good friends has the same exact fear, and after she told me about it, I too hold my breath and wait for my car to explode when someone throws their ciggie out of their car window!! Hehe 😀 It’s NORMAL!

    • I’m sure this is how I’m going to die, when someone throws a cigarette out of their car and it ignites a fuel leak and I explode like some James Bond villain. I consider this a rational fear, since I’ve had a fuel leak before.

  23. Good girls love the bad boys! I hate the smoking, but really I just want him for his man parts, so I can overlook a few things!

  24. Do I think he should stop smoking? Yes, definitely, it’s a gross and disgusting habit. I think the reason that Rob smoking is hot is because we see it in pictures. We’re not actually smelling it and inhaling the second-hand smoke. I think that would make a huge difference because when I’m actually seeing it done in front of me, it’s gross.

    I think everyone is right, it’s more about the mouth, fingers and hands. Of course I want him to be healthy and be around a long time. And as someone mentioned…we don’t want him to lose that voice!!!

    I mean, for those who love to watch him smoke and see the pics, we have pics and videos now, he can quit and they won’t go away. And maybe we’d get more coffee stirrer pics…

  25. I’m a smoker, and as a smoker you kind of resign yourself to the fact that you really can only date other smokers and still continue your habit without constant guilt trips and harassment. When you see a hot guy that smokes…first impression = dateable, lol. It’s sad, but it’s the reality of it. So, I love that Rob smokes. It’s like I really do have a chance. 😉

    • Agreed – Yes, Yes and YES!

  26. I still want to know what kind of cigarettes he smokes!!!
    We know his favorite beer…. do we know his favorite brand of cigarettes?????

    • I think he smokes Marlboros. There is a pic of him lighting up on the RM set and the pack is visible. It had a gold top which could mean Marlboro Lights or Marlboro 100s. If it’s the 100s, Lord help us all. 100s are extra long…which means our cowboy can spend more time in “Marlboro country”.

      • Sorry to add on here…the first pic in this post…don’t know how I missed what is clearly a Marlboro Light hard pack next to that beautiful man.

        • Thanks… hahahah you know why we miss that kind of things??? cause we are looking at or dear boy… and the world stops and nothing is important if we are loking at him…


  27. I’m a smoker, I admit it, and finding out the object of my affection shares this habit is kick ass. Smoking is social time, people get chatty, find a common bond(age), get to know each other better. We all have flaws, like Rob’s wonky leg, that’s normal. To some people smoking is a deal breaker, to me, that means game on! Let’s hang!

    I just recently got to share some ‘Class A’ time in LA with a new friend, who is also an actor on a tv show. When I first met him he stole my heart with his charm, humor, and amazing personality. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s effing beautiful! I never thought he’d be the type to smoke, but I’ve since learned that he does and he notched a few more points in my book. I think it’s absolutely sexy when a guy smokes. Throw in a few tattoos and I will fall in love instantly. I don’t mind the smell, I definitely don’t mind the kisses. Bring it! That’s what Febreeze and breath mints are for…for both of us, oh and don’t forget the showers. ;o)

    My friend (future hubby-ifyouwill) has done well with keeping it out of the spotlight, probably because the fans of his show wouldn’t appreciate it. When in that position, you have to choose whether you want it to be public knowledge or not. Rob’s obviously chosen the ‘eff you’ stance, which is to our benefit when seeing those amazing pictures that cause me to need a smokie treat myself.

    I also don’t blame him for the chimney stack effect because I totally get it. Hell, I get stressed at my lame-o job and need to take a ‘Class A’ break, but the crazy (none of us, of course) fangirls that scream at him, papz following his every move, tabloid speculations, etc is stress inducing enough to want a ciggy. If he didn’t smoke before, this would def make you pick up the habit.

    If I happen to run into him at a NYC bar this weekend, I will just have to conveniently ‘lose’ my lighter and ask him for some help in lighting my fire. Game ON!

    • i think MOST actors smoke.. wonder if it’s the whole appetite suppression thing… or started out that way?

      • UC –

        I have a cousin who’s an actor, and Yes, its an appitite supression thing, its also a soothing nerve thing, and most in the industry do light up.
        Particularly actors, who are somewhat of a high strung lot.
        (its either that or resort to pharmacuticles… ie. Valium/ vicodine) to calm one’s nerves.

        I’d love to see pics of Emma Watson lighting up.. !!! ha ha. So much for that goody two shoes image. -They said that Daniel Radcliffe continues to light up every once and a while. (I wonder if that was a left over habit from his stint in Equus) .

  28. i’m catholic in my tastes—will take him with or without cigarettes—the guy is sex pure—my alltime fav foto of him, however, is the great shot from GQ in white shirt, loosened tie & vest—only a male smoker can curl long fingers like that around a short cigarette—sigh—

  29. Dunno what to tell you about this one. Smoking is so gross, and I have mild asthma, but I have indulged on occasion (ie while bionic-style drunk in Vegas). I was so psyched when California made it illegal to smoke in restaurants and bars, you have no idea. No longer would I have to deal with the annoying reek of smoke in my clothes and hair after a night out. I hate coming out of a building and being slapped in the face with smoke from some person lighting up right outside the door. I give dirty looks to smokers ALL the time.

    I’ve always said I wouldn’t date or even kiss a smoker (the occasional drunk cig is no big squeal to me as long as that’s all it is). However, as we know, with Rob all bets are off. Just how it is. I do hope he will give it up soon, though, because I would also like to see him around to play grampy characters many years from now.

    (LMAO at the reference to the old coot Samantha dated in SATC!)

  30. Thank Gawd Rob does not CHEW. Gross.

    But I am willing to deal with the smoking and over time, I’m sure, with many in-bed-afterwards discussions (while cuddling) I can make him see the error of his ways. At least, I’m willing to try.

    I’ll take one for the team.

  31. Thank Gawd Rob does not CHEW. Gross.

    But I am willing to deal with the smoking and over time, I’m sure, with many in-bed-afterwards discussions (while cuddling) I can make him see the error of his ways. At least, I’m willing to try.

    I’ll take one for the team.
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  32. re: “Is the cigarette interchangeable? Could it be anything? Could the already hot guy who is a dirty, grungy musician be holding a teddy bear and it still be hot? No”

    But you forget, there is “DORKY” Rob. The Rob from some of those way back when initial interviews from “Twilight”… where’s he’s dorky, and laughs kinda funny, and makes ditsy faces, where is voice goes up an octave or two, like he’s still in adolscence and his voice is still changing.

    I think of dorky Rob and think of smoking, and then, I have to go.. nahhh.. Dorky Rob is not hot when he’s smoking.

    Actually, I don’t think the real Rob is in these picture’s he’s posing, I think the real Rob is DORKY Rob. Dorky rob probably has a stuffed monkey some he holds onto when he’s so overwhelmed he wants to cry. The monkey probably smokes too though..


    • And it’s probably a hot monkey.

    • “The monkey probably smokes too though..” LMAO!!! I love dorky Rob.

  33. Don’t find it hot. At all. Sorry.

  34. I don’t smoke. Never did. It was a constant source of bickering in my home. We celebrated the day it was given up. I hate it in my hair. I hate it in my clothes.

    When I first saw those dark pictures of Rob smoking in Mexico my heart dropped just a little.

    Then the ones of the whole cast smoking on the set of NM told me it isn’t going away anytime soon. The only reason I can ever see him quitting is if he finds a girl who doesn’t smoke and she makes it worth it for him.

    And yet with all the pics of him with his fingers curled around a cigarette, his mouth slowly blowing out that curl of smoke, that ‘I don’t give a crap what you think’ attitude, I think he’s sexy as hell. What’s happened to me? It’s the RobEffect.

    I still prefer looking at his pics with ‘the eyes’ and the natural smiles and the ones where he’s listening to someone intently, but I’d take him under any circumstances. Even as an ashtray.

    I agree with all of you that either way, smoking or not smoking, I want to be watching him in films for years to come. I want to see his talent unfold and give us a long lifetime of memories to enjoy and say, “I was there at the beginning.”

    • I prefer whatever he is doing with that Ray Ban suck thing at the airport, but whatever.

      I’m not going to judge him for being a smoker, I just don’t find it hot.

  35. I was seriously thinking about this last night. Haha, I really hate anyone who smokes, but Rob makes it hot, you’re right. I block it out, definitely.

  36. Despite of the fact I hate smoking w. a passion(as I posted somewhere above), if given a chance, I will probably still kiss Rob. Then I will probably have an asthma attack and die.

    You know what they say right? Love is blind.

  37. I’m a smoker so …

    But there is something extra sexy about Rob smoking … case in point:

    • @robcat;
      Now, we’ve almost seen it all.. rob and smoking.. lol – I never would have though someone would have posted the smoking sexy thing.

      btw; check out the vid you posted at 4:04-4:05, Robb looks like an old kinda hobo guy….. not very attractive…kinda yellowish teeth, maybe it was just the angle and shot.. but this looks nasty (not a good nasty, but nasty nasty), as in old stinky, street guy hobo drunk nasty.
      bizzare.. maybe it WAS just the camera angle (shudders).

    • @RobCatCdn: ❤ ❤ ❤ jumping in late to tell you this video is really sensational—love it to death—& the music floats thru it just like the smoke of a cigarette—classy—

  38. whatever floats your boat. Thanks

  39. I hate it, smoking. But I guess I’ve grown a little more tolerant of it as I grow older. I don’t think it’s cool and I find it funny when people say it is.

    Although I hate it, I don’t mind the photos of Rob smoking and I don’t think he should be a poster of perfection because of the fame.

  40. Well,I´m a non-smoker,but I would even light him a cigarette after a f***ing HAWT night…
    Yes,I think it´s worth it…sorry…

  41. I personally would like Rob to help give up, after all i have plenty of ideas what he can do with those fingers, hands and mouth to help distract him, of course my being willing to help him is purely for his long term health!

  42. Seen a pic of Rob either coming or going to NYC on Sun. at the airport.. and a girly kinda jumped him, put her arms around him, but then he kinda nicely shoved her off.

    The body guard didnt do anything.. those big burly men are wussies.

    isnt he done filming in NYC?
    If that’s the case, where ‘s his BFF TomStu?

  43. I cannot stand smoking/smokers. I really cannot stand the smell and I find it just nasty. However, when Rob does it, it is super sexy. Why? I dunno. Perhaps cause he is sex, I mean, he is pure sex, so anything he does is hot???

    I hope he stops soon but since most actors do it, I am not holding out much hope.

    Whatever makes him happy and gets him through the day, more power to him.

  44. […] Rob Pattinson smokes a little bit Dear Rob, I’ve noticed that you like to smoke a little. And by “a little” I mean, you smoke like a […] […]

  45. I blame Rob and Danyspike for making me smoke. so I think you may have something there. But alas I only smoke when I am drinking, but on the other hand, I drink a lot. Gah!

  46. Fantastic post!

  47. He’s smoking isn’t a problem, Bella can just put out her protection shield and then he can be a chimney as much as he wants 😀

  48. LOTN?

    • Hey! How are ya?

      • Hiya Hi, FN. I’m good. I just started listening to Rob’s Never Think. Haven’t heard it in a while. You know when those first chords hit? I just sort of melt inside. Automatic response. I’m gone. lol

        • LOL. I listened to the TW soundtrack a few days ago while I was in the shower. I forgot I missed some of those songs.

          • That’s what I’m sayin’. You miss ’em and don’t even realize it. Yesterday I listened to the BritBoys. Have to keep them on rotation. Same thing.

            What did you do today?

        • hey I was listening to that yesterday too!

          • We’re in sync Lizzie! Our manifesting powers work across time and space! lol

          • that just amde me laugh, cause i was thinking the same thing, me listening to it yesterday is the same as you guys listening to it today!

          • Spooky!

          • Haha! That’s REALLY creepy!

  49. Big gulp, just about to go across the street and pay for my airfares, my credit card will never be the same again.

    • Keep your mind on all the fun you’re going to have! Priceless!

    • LOL I went shopping w/ my sister today and I hurt me to not buy anything. I had to put it into perspective that I have no job! lol

      • It is hard going out there and holding yourself back. Makes you feel kind of deprived. But you’ve got so many big changes coming up! And good times ahead, remember.

        • yes meeting me for instance! LMAO

          • Right! When will you be in SA?

          • literally a flying visit, fly in Tues 27 Oct and depart Thurs 29 Oct.

  50. I just made a list of fanfics I want to check out and put in order of ‘want to read’ and I have 39 of them. OMG!

    • you def need to email me your list E, i seem to do better when provided with a list than making my own!

      I have now read 30/81 ch, and I have to admit to skipping to the last 5 chapter to see how it ended, I won’t be filling in the middle bits, it is just OK, basically she is in need of a really good editor who would ahve kept her to 30 ch to begin with and someone to tighten the writing up, it felt like the story was the same, with the same things happening, just a new ch for every day of their summer together, yet every second day alice demanded they go shopping adn everyday rose and alice made bella barbie. I gave it a fair shot, but for the first time just can’t convince myself to finish, especially as she has also put up a sequel, i think she just intends to keep writing it, basically i think the author is writing an embellished version of her life with twilight thrown in.

      • Wow, 80 chapters. That’s a long one! Who wants repetition like that? I’ve been keeping track of recommendations and who rec’d it.

        • I don’t think it needs to make no.40 on your list E!

      • That doesn’t sound fun at all. W/ 81 chapters, it was bound to get repetitive.

    • 30 you want to read??? WOW!

      • clearly I can’t type b/c that should say 39! lol

        • Oh, yeah, 39. lol

      • it happens without you knowing FN, i’ll just dabble in this one then that one then before you know it, you reach hideous numbers. aI of ocurse also start them then lose them i have now lost yet another one, can’t remember what it was called as I read it about a week ago, that’s what heppends when i read late at night anc coudln’t be bothereds to write details down, all of a sudden a week later i remember them and then can’t find them again, lol

        • Argh! I had a good response to this, but it got lost! And I can’t remember what the heck it said!

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