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How I feel about the new Rob Pattinson pictures: Meh

Warning: this post will be controversial.  And we love controversy! You might not agree with  me. And that’s fine. Cuz Moon & I disagree about it, but she’s wrong. She is. Ready, set Go:

Dear Rob,

I have a confession: Some pictures were released of you yesterday and I was so underwhelmed. The fandom was freaking. I think twitter broke & I heard there was a 40 car pile up on I-95 because some chick opened the link on robsessed and slammed on her breaks, hyperventilating. And I thought this:

He looks really British. And not like hot Jude Law British, but bad British. Like inbred British Royalty.

I felt alone. Everyone was going on and on about how good you looked for this photo shoot. And all I could think was that there was a reason why these were outtakes and released almost a year after the initial photos were seen. So what does a girl do when she feels very alone in her opinions? Goes to the The Quad who, of course, wouldn’t dare disagree with her, would they?

EastFriend: No, these pics are NOT hot. At all. He looks exactly like every other English lad–scruffy, mildly cute, and kinda smelly. Some of these fans are so hardcore and feel it’s treason to ever call him anything other than hot. He’s not always hot. And that’s not blasphemy for me to say–there just happen to be less than flattering pics of him out there- Like that GQ cover of Zac—-ewwww, he looked like a bobble-head. Worst pic of him ever. And I love me some Gayfron.


Moon: It’s like half ‘gotta go potty’ half ‘school picture day.’ He does have intense eyes though, I’ll give him that. The bedazzled denim vest he wore makes him look like an English redneck or something, and I could SWEAR a member of NSync wore the same damn vest for Rolling Stone like 10 yrs ago.

EastFriend: He looks like a wanker who needs to have the piss taken out of him. That’s my thought upon first view. Second view, He looks tired, scrutty, mildly cute (like- “Hey, that guy by the bar is not too bad!”- cute), and he reeks of ciggie smoke. Duh. Like…old ciggie smoke. Man, I’m hoping he was wearing those old black slippers…with his big toe sticking out. That would redeem every one of the pics. He’s also thinking, “The second I leave here, it’s cheeseburgers, beers and a nap–all in that order.”


WestFriend: The only thing I keep thinking of when I am looking at that wet picture is the part in OC season 3 when Summer tells Cohen she likes to look at him when he is navigating the sailboat and Cohen says, “Summer…are you telling me you like ‘seaman’?” Wow…


Moon: This one he looks like he might be a special needs class. or have one VERY short midget arm


UC: Lifting his leg, about to fart

Oh we’re not done. The Quad doesn’t suddenly show up for a SHORT post now!

I didn’t die over these pics. Moon kinda died when she saw the pics. It was a struggle for her to come up with negative thoughts. EastFriend & WestFriend were on the same page as me and we discussed the last time we “died” over pics from you:
Secret msg to Rob
EastFriend: The last time I “died,” was over the GQ pics. And before then, the London premiere…and before that, the epicness that was Sex Drive. Good times. Sacred memories…

WestFriend: The last time I actually died was from the New Moon set pics. I love him as Robward. And then the pics of him in front of the church marquee! And then the GQ pics.

Moon: This is my big secret, but I gotta say I’m not a huge fan of the Sex Drive pics! SHOCK! STUNNED SILENCE! Died: The Italy pics (well mostly the vid of them put together), GQ (sad rob pic), original Dossier when the first couple came out, um FRENCH PREMIERE- my all time fave rob look i think. LA premiere. and of course the beard pic from LA Times.

EastFriend: We’re breaking up. Sex Drive pics are my ALL TIME FAVES. Well, except for Urban Cowboy, via GQ. And I hated his hair at the LA premiere–he looked like Wolverine. But looooooved him @the London premiere. You need to do a post where you reveal your dislike for the Sex Drive pics. And you may quote me as saying, “Beotch, please!” ‘Cause he was THE sex that night. That’s “THE,” all capitalized.

UC: First time I died: London premiere, and then like every day ever since except for today (especially GQ day, Robscars day, and the yacht day in cannes) and I agree…. sorry EastFriend, not a big Sex Drive fan.. his chest looks shaved. ew

Moon: God! I thought I was alone in that one! We’re in this together people! a Rob for everyone

WestFriend: I don’t like the Sex Drive ones either! That was a “BEEEEOTCH PLEASE” moment for me. Oh goodness! Umm hi. I HATED his hair at the LA premiere. It’s like he decided to spruce up for the home crowd at the London premiere.


EastFriend: How can you not LOVE this picture? I’ve always particularly loved the way his chest looks in these pics. That’s the one which made my friend say, and I quote, “That look right there? That’s foreplay. And I’d stretch that shiz out all day.” Truer words have never been spoken. Or quoted.

I also love it because it was said that the minute he finished walking the red carpet, he got the heck out of Dodge. That’s so James Dean…he was all, “Yeah, Summit…pimp me out…I’ll do the job…I’ll pose, I’ll smile pretty…until I get to the end of the line, and then it’s dive bars and whiskey for the rest of the night.” Brilliant. I love the Sex Drive pics. And what an appropriately titled movie for these shots, too. Ahem.

Moon: I don’t know girl… it’s the hair and like how its like the greasiest that it ever was. And the weird chest hair. I don’t know, just not my fave. And the look is like “ruh roh” scooby doo style or something.

UC: He kinda looks pale like he had a cold that night… and that he might barf & that his nose is runny

WestFriend: Rob looks like snoopy – vulture style in that sex drive pic. I would be afraid if he looked at me that way. I would throw him my wallet and anything that could possible be pawned if he looked at me that way.

EastFriend: Y’all are bitches. Straight up bitches. I love the Sex Drive pics because of the hair. It’s fab. Love his slightly-sheeny silver shirt. Love his completely bored-yet-still-working-it facial expressions. Love all of it. I even love the London premiere of Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire pics…in that terrible red velvet jacket with the leather pants. He’s so Prince-wannabe and I love it.

WestFriend: Someone please tell me EastFriend was joking about loving the velveteen-rabbit jacket of horridness.

(She wasn’t joking)

hotrobrippedToday we go into the confessional- confessing things we haven’t shared that we just don’t really like about Rob. We know you’ve thought negative thoughts in the past he’s not perfect. GO on- confess. It’s okay- it doesn’t change how you feel about Rob or how he feels about you. Tell us. This is a judgment free zone

Psst: I didn’t hate all of yesterday’s pictures- just most of them. Here is one I liked. I would gladly rip the rest of this shirt for him.
secret rob msg
Calling all the single ladies- Go read what Moon has cooked up for you on LTT and then discuss it over at The Forum!
Updated w/ a poll:


  1. LMAO! If I didn’t love you before, I totally want to be your fake lesbian girlfriend now!

    The pics reminds me of Corey Haim from any of the hundreds of Tiger Beat mags my sister used to beg for my mom buy for her.


      You win. And you’re absolutely correct with your assessment. That’s just brilliant.

    • LOVE IT! glad the “first” agrees!

      • i can’t handle it anymore, i have to confess. I DON”T THINK ROB IS ALL THAT HOT!!!! There, I said it I would defs give him some dumpster lovin but the hotness factor of Rob for me is his personality. I love his musical nature and his really awkward sense of humor. He’s like the rare but magnificent hot nerd. I love him for his dorky hotness.

        I feel so much better now, like I’ve been to confessional after mass and said some hail marys to repent for my dirty rob thoughts. Thank ya jesus!

        • Of course, you think he’s NOT HOT, and then along comes the Dolce and Gabbana Cannes tux, the black tee-shirt and the button jeans with the KL sunglasses, or the thumb suck pic, or those coffee spoon thing photos… and then you think… maybe I got it wrong. And then you see this shiz and you think… I was right, anyway.

          It’s a connundrum.

          • LOL I think you’re both on to something! I started off saying I only loved Edward and was clear to make the distinction so I wasn’t put into the Robsessed category of fan girls. Youtube ruined that for me. I was chatting with my BFF over donuts late last night, and she told me I could totally find guys that look like Rob anywhere on the streets of NYC. I admitted this was true. Then I admitted that if I did find someone like that on the street, Rob/Robesque look isn’t even MY TYPE! I’d never think bumbling awkwardo guy was for me, but I’d make an exception for him. THAT’S IT hahaha

        • You have a point. Actually I didn’t think he was hot at all, that was last yr when Twilight came out. I didn’t even see Twilight til March 2009. I didn’t care for him. But I think part of his attraction is his witty/quirky personality and his self-deprecating humor. Lots of guys are so shallow and he seemed like a deep person and he loved to talk! I love guys that talk! My DH is a man of few words, gosh it’s like pulling teeth having a conversation w/ him(so I end up talking more). Rob grew on me and as time goes on I like him even more. I confess that if I saw him on the streets and didn’t know who he was, I may not even look twice at him though :-(. But his appeal is more than looks.

        • Right on 100%! I didn’t think he was hot at all until after seeing all his interviews. His personality is what changed him in my eyes.

    • Oh you are so dead on about with that Corey Haim comment! Now I can’t even remotely get excited over ANY of these pictures. I am having too many Lost Boys flashbacks!

      • LMAO – Lost Boy flashbacks!

    • These pictures stripped him of his “Manhood”. Too teenage for me. Makes me feel perverted. Now give me some of those GQ shots…woo-wee, now those make me weak in the knees!

      • I’m with you, Lori, all time best – GQ.. and those from US… well.. I watched them with pleasure, but didin’t die 🙂

        • Okay, I have to amend my earlier comments…I went & scrutinized the pictures in question over at Robsessed and there are a few that are kinda cute. Mainly the close ups (like the one with the ripped tee, holding his necklace & he’s asking me to wear his mother’s ring that’s on his necklace or something like that..) and the ones that show delicious chest & navel hair (minus that hideous vest that everyone dubbed bedazzled – poor guy)…now those make me feel a little better. Those definitely prove his manliness and can allow me my fantasies without shame. Helped to squelch the Corey Haim images that were ruining it for me. There, now I feel better!

  2. that first pic made me think he needed to run to the bathroom, too. Very weird pose. Not the greatest bunch of pics but as you said, they’re outtakes. And any pic of Rob will sell magazines. If I were him Id be afraid to use a public toilet. You never know where you might be ambushed by the papparazzi. And I’m sure even that would sell.

    The only thing I really don’t like about Rob is the smoking. Yuck. It’s such a turnoff. I would never have kissed a guy who smoked. Your clothes smell, your hair smells-just yuck. If presented with the opportunity I suppose I wouldn’t say no to Rob(heh), but I’d probably go through a bottle of mouthwash afterwards. Plus, it’s bad for your health Rob! Give it up! Suck on lollipops-much sexier.

  3. The worst pic has to be that bedazzled, 80s-inspired denim vest. Seriously. If I saw a guy wearing that out somewhere I would point and laugh. Awful.

    • You said ‘bedazzled vest’…that’s exactly what I was thinking…you win!!…Now why would they dress him up looking like he was part of that Puerto Rican boyband Ricky Martin used to be a part of…Menudo…shout out to anyone who knows what I’m talking bout!!! LMFAO 😀

      • AHHHHHHHHHHH Menudo in da house!!!!! (yes, I will never again admit to knowing that)

        • Oh you are so right! So between the Corey Haim and the Menudo comments – geez, I hope this hasn’t scarred me for life! okay, I need to go back and look at some Robporn to get those images out of my head!

      • AH HA HA HA! That Menudo reference killed me!

        • MENUDO!!!! Holy Crap…there’s a name I thought I’d never hear uttered again. Bleh!

          • i think i’m too young?

          • UC – Menudo is a Mexican boy band. Ricky Martin is the Justin Timberlake of it. It has been going on for YEARS and when I say years I mean like they were started in the 70’s and continue today just with new members.

            Wait, I am corrected…they are out of Puerto Rico not Mexico.

            Thank you google.

    • Cam, I’m glad somebody said it at last!

      Didn’t like these outtakes very much, there was only one pic I thought to be OK.

  4. I do like most of the new outtakes, however I’m not liking the studded denim ‘crappola’ of a jacket hes sporting. Also, I get the impression that in some takes he was told to ‘Act Cool’ and because hes so clueless and nerdy, he ends up jutting out his limbs in a creepy retarded manner instead. Either that, or they told him to do a Morcambe and Wise move, which he carries off pretty successfully. I’ve gotta say, nothing has lived up to GQ for me.

  5. I’m with you, UC…didn’t like those pics from yesterday, EXCEPT the ripped shirt one. He’s cute and slouchy. Everyone on Twitter was all, “OMG!” and I was all, “Really? ‘Cause…no…I’m sorry, but thanks for playing.”

    I’m mean.

    p.s. The Sex Drive pics are smokin’ hot. And WestFriend is my favorite for the “velveteen rabbit jacket of horridness.” That’s amazing.

    • SEX DRIVE PICS!!! Amen!

    • Sex Drive pics are laaaaaheeeeyme spice 🙂

  6. I don’t know what you betches are talking about. I love the whole photo shoot. He looks like a dirty manwhore, which is apparently my type.

    That being said, I hated that week before Twilight premiered when he was running around with that combover hairdo. And sometimes his eyes seem a little too far apart, giving him a Leo DiCaprio in Gilbert Grape vibe. And sometimes he looks like a Muppet when he laughs. Still the hottest piece of ass on the planet owing to factors that have nothing to do with what he looks like.

    • Looks like a muppet!

      He’s ANIMAL!!!!

      • Defs Animal. “WO-MAN! WO-MAN! WO-MAN!”

      • Animal was ALWAYS my fav…

    • GREAT confession…… MUPPET! haha

    • Bless you for putting a name to that god awful hairstyle! It always bugged me too but I never knew exactly “what” it was.. but you’ve nailed it perfectly..Combover! haaaaa!

    • muppet!

    • Muppet *shudders* I almost want to believe this isn’t even Rob, that it’s just been mislabeled.


  7. same here, but i am not going to confess what I not like of him 🙂

    • come on!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Noooooooo hihihihihi

  8. Blasphemy. Blasphemy, I tell you! LMAO

    I had serious heart issues yesterday due to those outtakes.

    @tiffanized Apparently dirty manwhore is my type too. lol

    I’m sure there’s something about him I’m not a fan of, but right now….nope….nothing’s coming to mind. Oh wait! I’m not a fan of the high pitch squeaky voice thing he does sometimes. Does that count?

    • haha..I love the squeaky voice thing.

    • Pange you really just have to tweak the way you think about the things you don’t like….
      “I’m not a fan of the high pitch squeaky voice thing he does sometimes.”
      Now just imagine Rob getting a little excited and squeaky as you are ‘doing your thing’……….All of a sudden high pitch and squeaky = sexy…….

  9. This post was hysterically funny, as per usual. The “have to pee/school picture pose” description was perfect. And the one short arm. LOL.

    But I cannot agree. Overall, I thought the pictures were hot. Sure, I will try to scrub my brain of those bedazzled vest pictures – doesn’t he have an agent or PR person to keep him out of hideous outfits?

    But the ones in the leather jacket, and the ones in the wet shirt, and the ripped brown tshirt, and the laying on his side in the weird mesh wife beater (which is also a hideous piece of clothing that Nick or Stephanie Ritz should have said “NO F-in’ Way” to) – he is so hot. I kinda just watched a slide show of the pics on Twilighters Anonymous twice. Or three times. With the Strokes playing in the background. Yeah – uh, what I am I writing about?

    Right. The criticisms. So, fine. Moon, East Friend, West Friend – if you are done with him, it just makes more room for me!!!

    • Stephanie MAY have stopped that awful outfit but not Nick…he’s the douche the other night that told the paps…”Ok, two more pictures.” when CLEARLY Rob didn’t even want to be there getting them done.

      I don’t like NICK at all. Pompous douche.

      • ❤ you Sassysmart……..My name for him Nick the Pric*. Rob really is going to have to do something about 'that person'.

    • The outfits were necessary, inspired by “My Own Private Idaho”. That movie is in my top five favorites, which is probably why I’m so totally biased. And at least we didn’t get a re-enactment of the Little Dutch Boy scene. *shudders at the thought of Rob in that little cap and apron scrubbing a sink*

      See? Hideous clothes. We actually got off easy.

      This one is less nasty:

      Does the shirt look kind of familiar?

      I would have been happy to help add the realism to a re-enactment of this had they decided to shoot it:

      • @tiffanized: thanks for bringing back the My Own Private Idaho magic. forgot how much i loved that film! and river…my first celebsession (riversessed?).

        • Oh yeah, River Phoenix was my first celebrity crush, too. Thanks for the pics. He was dirtyhawt just like Rob. And I’m with most everyone else. The pics are alright (as are most pics of RPattz), no where NEAR the GQ shots, and I’m brain-bleaching the bedazzled denim vest. Meh.

    • ohhhhh not done! rob just had a bad day (a YEAR ago!)

  10. My response to the first paragraph…..
    “WHAT?!” (said like Rob)…’s okay, I forgive you…but “WHAT?!” LOL!

    OK, I will continue to read. I to thought The Efron looked weird on GQ, he looked like Mr. Rogers.

  11. u can defo tell why some of those pics were outtakes. yet I think some are better than the ones they originally picked for publication. overall I love them.

    and the Sex Drive pics… the looks he gives are like a fucking promise *ifuknowwhatimeanandithinkudo*

    but he does look a bit weird at times … I guess it all depends on his hair and the angle from which the pics are taken.
    same here… i don’t photograph well if you take a straight ahead pic (blob), but change the angle a bit to the side and everything is ok.
    back to Rob, he has two different shaped eyes, which I don’t mind as they are both incredibly beautiful, but in pictures sometimes they look odd together. most of the time mind-blowingly pretty though…

    • Rob rarely looks bad, but when he does… he does BAD

      • Oooooh, Rob’s a BAD boy. A very, very bad boy. YEAAAAAAH!


      • i agree. he is either hot or not at all. i haven’t seen a picture where i’m like “well he kinda looks good”

      • *giggles* yeah, I guess that’s true.

    • It’s his nose that makes him look a bit weird sometimes. He said himself he has to be photographed at the right ankle otherwise he’ll look deformed.

  12. Aww…Rob IS nerdy and goofy – that’s what I like about him….maybe that’s why the ‘gimpy feet’ thread over in the Forum appealed to me so much LOL

    But…..the denim vest….yeahh, not a good look – but awww….he’s still cute…….

    Now I gotta race back and finish Chpt. 50 of WA!!!!!!! YEEEEE-HAAAAAAA!!!!!! 😀

  13. Yeah, I can’t find one negative about the photoshoot….I just want to do all of them!

    Only negative for me right now is that he smokes. It’s not the act, it’s the fact that it scares the living shit out of me to think of what it could do to him. I never want to hear he has lung cancer or emphasema (yeah, I can’t spell) or anything nasty like that, scares the living shit out of me! I’ll say it again, scares the living shit out of me! What? It scares the living shit out of me!

    • Ditto. He apparently chain smokes as well, which is the worst type of smoker you can get! I really don’t think he’ll give up anytime soon as everyone hes friends with tends to smoke as well. It’ll be hard to give up if you’re used to doing it so much, I have a guy pal who HAS to smoke first thing in the morning when he wakes up; otherwise he turns really grouchy. Its become part of his daily routine because he relies on it so much, the whole ‘it increases the risk of cancer’ thing doesn’t work for most smokers because they’ll just say ‘Yeah, I know…but, we’re already dying anyway.’ So frustrating!!

    • his smoking doesn’t’ bother me. all my friends smoke and i love cloves when i drink..but he DOES smoke A LOT

  14. Yesterday in Rob’s Flat I was reading how all the ladies were gushing about the pics. They were noticing the peen, fingers, lips, eyes, hair…I noticed the bedazzled jeans.

    Obviously I don’t dig these pictures as much.

    I dig his eyes in the Cannes pictures, I dig pictures of him with TomStud (cause he looks so smitten), I love Oscars, I love Urban Cowboy and I love his Morman-flirt-to-convert look…but that’s it.

  15. I do love most of his pics – I said most, but I have to say that I hated one from this session more than any other pic. It’s him in the mesh wife beater with his hand in his hair. That man has too TOO much armpit hair.

    It looks like he’s got Buckwheat in a headlock. I usually don’t mind manfur. But Rob has got some long hanging pit action going on.

    But I’d still stuggle up to it. ;-p
    Such a hypocrite.

    • hahahahahhha

      i thought you said “Buckbeak” in a headlock… the hippograff from harry potter… omg

      • Weatherwings seems apropos.

    • I sorta know what you mean BUT for me I think this is a huge part of Rob’s appeal,
      he has armpit hair,
      he sweat’s,
      his teeth aren’t the straight Disney perfection,
      his hair sometimes looks like it needs a wash,
      his clothes are not all designer new co-ordinated,
      He’s somtimes gimpy,
      I could go on but I’m getting breathless so I’d better calm down and just say
      HE’S A REAL HUMAN MAN.. and beauty is in the eye of the beholder so some of love these photo’s some love Oscar photo’s some love GQ etc….
      ME…. I Lurve Dumpster Rob as well….

      • I love HoboRob, but the armpit hair… not so much. I’m not saying shave… just a little trim. but then he is no metrosexual so all of this doesn’t matter to him and that’s ok.

        though I don’t know how guys do it. I hate to have hair under my arms… when I don’t shave for a few days I feel uncomfy… and not because of the way it looks just the way it feels.

      • i love armpit hair rob in rolling stone. but not these outtakes. yuck

        doesn’t it look like they styled it a bit? with… aussie hairspray?

        • We should market that! Volumizer for pit hair. It would sell like hotcakes.

          I didn’t realize I would open up such a big can of worms about the pit hair. To each his own. I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for it. As long as he doesn’t cram my nose in his pits it’s all good. But if I was close enough to Rob for him to cram my nose in then I would enjoy him in all his fuzzy
          fro-ey glory!

        • “doesn’t it look like they styled it a bit? with… aussie hairspray? ”

          I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

      • amen!

    • That kinda yucked me out, too. I thought he could have used some serious manscaping.


      muahahahahhahahaahaaaaaa *cries* that sh*t is gold!!!! teehee…. 😀 😀 😀

      Seriously, he could at least trim it… my fiancee has really long hair like that and when I give him a haircut (I’m a hairstylist, so it’s a good home haircut lol) I run the clippers over his pits too… I keep them buzzed down pretty low, actually, like 1/8-inch…

      But Rob’s Buckwheat pits… yeah I’d still take him 😉 😀

      • There’s something to be said about having that much control over your man’s body hair.

    • “Buckwheat in a headlock” LMAO!

      Can’t. Breathe.

      I love me some yo momma jokes.

  16. I would like to say right off the bat that he is indeed a beautiful man and on the last outtake picture (aka farting) he has a cute little ‘Joker’ smile. But sometimes if they photograph him at a bad angle, his hips look a little shapely (see: picture #1) and I have a slight adversion to men that have visible hips. Please don’t hate me.

    …and the Sex Drive pictures?! Come on…hippy or not I would love him and bear all his little wide-hipped sons.

    • Lainey calls it Rob’s ‘Mothering Hips’ lol.

      • yeah, I have to grin every time I read that. and I know what is meant, but I think it’s just when he twists his body a bit. he is so skinny…

  17. Whateves….You all know what pics I prefer and they’re all saved for me on the Forum.

    DRUNK ROB is kind of the best ever!

    • And this is exactly why I heart you!!! 🙂

  18. ehh these pics arent the best BUT i dont think its robs fault… I completely blame the person who styled this shoot.. like ICKKK what have they got him wearing?? Its like bad hill-billy 90’s clothes
    And the way theyve styled his hair!!??? It looks like they put rollers in it!!
    SOOO its not Robs fault its just awful styling taking away from his natural beauty!!!

    • good point… the styling was shiteous

      • Bring on the hot hobo love Rob, or dumpster Rob.
        Goodness my vocabulary has certainly undergone a change in recent months.

  19. OK, I am on vacation, and have about 10 minutes while hubby is in shower. Do I check my email? NO. I come here. I KIND OF agree with some of what was said, but would still do Rob in any of those photos. But I really want to say that I HATE that bedazzled vest, that is just awful and who the H*ll styled that? Later, all!

    • Priorities. 😉 Love it!

  20. I thought he looked in those pics, minus the outfits of course – wait, Rob minus clothes…

    In general I’m a fan of the shorter haired Rob. My least favorite pics of him was at the LA premiere, his hair just looked gross, total turn off for me. He needs to find the right balance between too short and too long.

    Robscar = total win

  21. Oh what to say. I guess I tend to have a blind spot when it comes to Rob, cause all I usually see is hotness. Ok, so some of the clothes are hideous, but I can always take those off! 🙂

  22. Sex Drive Rob is off the shizzle. Period. He was like the walking ‘sex drive’ mascot! Like the mayor of Sexylvania. Like Sexy, McSexerton.
    I’m with East Friend on this one gals.

    And no, not all the pics blew my skirt up. But you know which one I loved…the close up where he is making the face and pushing the right side of his face up near his eye. LOVED that shot. I would marry that shot. I mean Rob. I mean, right…I’m already married. Dang it. Minor complication really.

    Hated the vest, hated the beater. But I wanna lead him home by his hair. Not even playin.

    • This may not work…here goes…

      THIS ONE^^^^^LUVS!

      • Prose, if you marry this picture, can I be its mistress? Coz I love this one too. Only Rob, who never takes himself seriously, would do this in front of a camera.

        • Absolutely bb, you know I share.

          Without this charisma and playfulness beneath the surface, he’d just be another dude. This is why he poofs my knickers right here.

    • hahahaha – mayor of Sexylvania – you are too much 🙂
      I think these might be the only pics that I’ve seen that don’t take me to Robsexytown! Well, maybe the ones where he is in the red underoos from when he was like 12. That pic just makes me feel all kinds of wrong *shivers at the thought of red underoos*

      • Underoos…EW! True words! I had Wonder woman underoos back in the day. Before I had boobies. Well, some might argue that I still don’t. Justsayin. I pulled a total ‘Veriuca Salt’ on my poor Mother to get me those. Wonder where they are now???? I digress…

        I loved this specific pic cuz it reminds me why I love this man, he makes me laugh, he’s a dork, he’s overwhelmed, he’s just edible. Humor slays me every time. Something about the dork facial expression…I don’t know…I can’t articulate properly. It just makes me want to grab his face and, well…you know.

        No not Sexytown, more Nerdville. There is a place for both in my heart.

    • ugh! i hated that shot!

      But DUH. i’d still do that shot…

      • Good girl… Me first tho! ;P

    • as always i’m with you, babe–to judge by your name, you should be seeking converts–but clearly not necessarily to safer (or god forbid, no) sex–by the way i’m continental–<3

      • Gotcha! I was curious. 😉

        If only I could properly explicate why my moniker is so ironic. You have no idea how conflicted I truly am. Simple I am NOT! x

  23. Haha “Like inbred British Royalty.” ^5, s what I thought too. It was a painful thought because up until then, it was jelly-wobble in the private areas all the way.

    However, I too dig the ripped tee look. His lips in that shot look soo…um..edible? Although, I’ve noticed, if I stare at it for too long, he starts to resemble the rubber ducky a bit too closely for comfort.

    >>I hope he doesn’t read any of this. It can’t be helping his paranoia.<<

    • haha.. so true. i think he’s flying to san diego today, so my guess is he won’t read it- i doubt he knows how to use the internet on his iphone!

  24. I have to say I wasn’t a complete fan of all of the pics from yesterday either. None of them wowed me. I did enjoy this one quite a bit though:

    He just looks so “cute and I can’t help it” in this one.

  25. I’m in a condo with my parents and kids and husband and laughing my ass off at my laptop. I have officially ruined my real life with this blog. “Looks like he has one short midget arm!” !!!!! Hilarious.

    I do not love the beanie. Anytime. Looks like his forehead is “abnormally huge” and that’s not where you want extra size.

  26. For me there’s only one negative in Rob and that’s the smoking……..which I’ve already decided I’ll work around by getting him
    A) Naked…….
    B) In the shower……..
    C) Toothbrush and toothpaste……..
    D) In bed, on the floor, kitchen table, rug in front of fire, across the car bonnet etc etc etc……
    It’s all about loving someone exactly as they are and take them…… often

  27. pic #1 is very Sears Catalogue
    pic#2 I spy nip, ‘nuf said
    pic#3 all i see is bedazzler vest
    pic#4 I think I had that yellow flannel shirt in the 80s, it went well with my dessert boots gah

    I’m on the fence here. I gotta agree Rob does NOT look good in everything & I get the shizz when I say that.

    However, I love My Own Private Idaho and these are so dirty River Phoenixesque that Im loving most of them.

    PS if Rob EVER wears crocs and those shiteos cargos, I’m handing in my Perving passport.

    • JAG, I don’t think you will ever have to worry about Rob wearing Crocs. Honestly, I think he might refer to them as the Anti-Christ. I do.

    • CROCS
      moon could pshot that….

  28. Totally forgot to add the SexDriveRob owns my ass, he was hot that nite.

  29. I didn’t LOVE all the pics.. but I didn’t think any of them were bad. They were out-takes for a reason sure.. but for me.. and this is probably it.. there is a quality in him that comes from inside.. and that is what I find attractive… sort of like, well.. have you ever met someone, not very attractive, just average, but then you get to know them and they suddenly can be very appealing to you…. it’s like that.. yes the man is fun to look at.. but the package comes with a brain and the personality, humility, intelligence, talent, and he’s funny…

    I love that his eyes are so expressive…sometimes you feel like to can see what he’s thinking. I think he tries to communicate a lot through his eyes.

    OK I’m gushing.. I need to find one thing about him I don’t like for this post.. he’s not perfect… so what don’t I like.. that he smokes… cause it’s bad for you..

    I’m not being helpful here.. but I do appreciate your posts and the fact that you acknowledge he isn’t perfect. But his imperfections are part of the package.. and therefore, for me, part of the appeal.

    • thanks for liking us even though we’re not gonna say he’s always perfect.
      he’s not
      That’s Normal!

      • where do i find the Sex Drive pics????

      • I love you guys!!!….I don’t think he’s always perfect… I just don’t want to feed into his self deprecation by pointing out flaws: )

  30. Hm, interesting. I can agree with you when you say that he is not always hot—no one ever is. But, I quite thoroughly enjoyed these pictures. Just can’t see what you are sayin’, lol.

  31. I LOVE the Sex Drive pictures! He really was the ‘sex’ and ‘foreplay’ of that premiere! He had that ‘I wanna do it right here right now’ look about him… MmMmmm.
    And… I agree. Those pictures were kinda ‘meh’. I mean we’ve seen the other outtakes. There was nothing new. All of these looks we’ve seen, and truthfully, these were not flattering at all.
    My fave Rob? Cannes Rob. By far the sexiest!

  32. he’s got his pictures where he makes my ovaries explode.. but then there’s others that just make me want to coil back. lol. the greesy hair look? not cool.. the shaggy beard.. HOT. the wet pic? didnt make me wet… LOL

    overall a HOTT guy, no doubt, but shoot the guy at the right angles that shows off that jaw porn!


    For sharing my thoughts. He is the most gorgeous boy ever
    , but sometimes he just looks bad:

    and sometimes he looks evil:

    and sometimes he looks so trashy and dirty and so not sexy, and I hate his underarm hair, it’s just to much of it:

    And I hated the paparazzi video from the restaurant few days ago, when he was drunk and he was an evil drunk , not a funny mellow one.

    but there were also good times, like shirtless pictures from New Moon Montepulciano shoot, and “Pattinson in Wonderland” /copyright Robsessed/ pictures, and Robwith pink sleeping bag pictures, and almost every non bruised picture of him from the RM set.
    And then there was the hot smoking misterious guy:

    and this one is my favourite of him of all times:

    • i kinda like the first ‘bad’ pic you posted.. but agree- the rest are nast. and i liked the photoshoot when it appeared in rolling stone, but again.. those were the GOOD pics.. these US weekly ones were OUTTAKES. and for a reason

    • I think the stylist(s) for the shoot must have teased that armpit hair then finished with Aquanet because that last pic is ALL KINDS OF WRONG. Or it’s a merkin. They must have meant for this to be a parody or something.

      Although I guess the real test for wrongness would be to ask myself this — if by some miracle I was alone with him and the clothes were coming off for some sexy times, and I witnessed this pit-afro along the way, would I use my patented “this is moving too fast!” line and high tail it out of Dodge? No way sister. Ain’t no way that would happen. Just look at that face!

  34. UC you totally nailed this one! I sent my BFF her guaranteed Rob pic message yesterday and used one of the USweekly outtakes. I asked her about how she liked the picture later that night and she was pretty eh about it saying he looked young/trying too hard. So I picked her brain for two seconds and her faves are any picture in which he has his raybans on, ie Instyle shoot.

  35. Haha You are all funny. You all make me smile thanks….

    And that he looks British on the pics…. HE IS lo{l Sorry you cant have him as one of your own.}

    I think pics look like someone trying to be arty but so so failed. I have see better fan pics.
    He still looks hot in a “inbred” “bad” way in some of them.

    • oh i normally LOVE the Brit- look.. but the inbred brit look? no thanks!

  36. I like the US Weekly pics… but then I’ve never been able to resist a man wearing a Ramones shirt… ever…

  37. *sticks fingers in ears* lalalalalala! I hear none of this. 😀

    Want to know which Rob does NOTHING for me? Nerdward – Daniel Gale just kills my boner.

    *dodges things being thrown*

    • ah really? Nerdbert is one of my faves – in fact, I think I would choose Nerdbert over most other characters he’s played cause he’s so freakin adorkable 🙂

    • WHAT!!!!!? K, I’m not going to end our friendship over this…..but, WHAT?!

      JK, I obviously lurve Nerdward.

    • oh i LOVE Nerdward!

    • Nerdward works hard in the sack. For cereal.

      • *snort* OMG!!!

    • I love Nerdwerd too. He rocks my world. I would have taken him in high school and swept that hair away from his face and rowed him like a boat…

  38. 2 funny! I kept hearing about the new HOT Rob pix, not seeing them. I DID see these, I agree. These were just raw meat for the Rabid Fangirls who’ll jump on anything ROB. I have my fave collection of Rob on my hard drive. I’ve twittered most. U are da bomb!

  39. Whew! Thought I was alone. I agree, I wasn’t a fan of this pictorial at all. Didn’t like the Sex Drive pics either. Actually, didn’t like most of the Twilight-related promo stuff either, I think my favorites were the ones from Japan.

    I did love, randomly now:

    GQ pics. Rob @ Oscars. Rob as Edward (so shoot me, but it’s true). Rob @ Vanity Fair, Instyle photoshoot. Cannes photocall, I liked the striped black shirt (even more than the ones when he was in suits — I think his hair was better during the photocall). And I actually liked a lot of the pap shots in Vancouver & also the recent ones during RM filming in NYC (except the bloodied ones, which break my heart) … esp the white, tight, long sleeved shirt. Be still my beating heart.

    TBH, Rob isn’t necessarily my type. I usually go for the clean-cut & smart (Matt Lauer, James Rubin) … but also the charming, sexy, funny dudes (Bradley Cooper & Jason Bateman) … and a side dash of mystery & danger (Johnny Depp).

    Rob is seriously an outlier since I don’t normally go for scruff and good hygiene is a non-negotiable. But I do love his intelligence, love of music, gentle & polite demeanor & his free spirit. The last one is the one I’m most worried about — I hope he doesn’t lose that in the face of so much attention. You know?

    • matt lauer? the news guy?

      • Yes, I know. Really random right? 🙂

  40. Eastfriend must be my Rob soulmate because I LOVE the Sex Drive pics! Whenever I’m having a bad day and need a little a ROb to get me through, those are my go to – it’s my happy place.
    “Beotch, please!” ‘Cause he was THE sex that night. That’s “THE,” all capitalized.” – LMAO…so true!

  41. I agree and disagree. Some of the pics were not exactly the best but some were pretty damn great. I think, for me, the best pics of Rob are the ones that are taken when he is just being himself and not posing or any of that. I like to see Rob as just a man and not as that hugely popular, sexy, handsome star….know what I mean?

  42. yeah i wasn’t impressed by the outtakes. but i think you gals are crazy for dissing the sex drive premeire pics. so totally hot!

  43. So glad I saw the tag for “Sex Drive premiere” and figured out from everyone’s comments because I was wondering what everyone was referring to and I was not about to google “rob pattinson sex drive” on my computer.

  44. I like the pics, it makes him more of a regular guy to me since no one can take perfect pics all the time.

    But there was a moment after my friend and I saw Little Ashes for the second time, we got in the car and neither of us wanted to say it but he wasn’t that great in that movie. His accent changes at least 6 times. In all fairness though, the movie wouldn’t have gotten the attention it did if Rob hadn’t been cast in Twilight.

    • that’s what i heard. i gotta see it so i can complain about it for myself! moon loved it!

    • It’s true, his accent slipped a couple of times. But his body language was very good. KStew should study the scene at the beach, when Lorca caresses Dalís hair and forehead, to find out how lovers react to each other instinctively – something her Bella was often lacking.

      • Good observation. Lorca oozed love for Dali. Where is that in Twilight?

  45. Holy shit! Bloody brilliant. But I have to totally agree with EastFriends first line – definately a wanker that wants to get the piss taken out of him. haha

    The 2nd to last photo looks as if he’s doing the “kittyscratch”.

    SexDrive photo is bloody scrumptious, greasy hair and all. 😀

    • I didn’t even know what EastFriend meant by “definately a wanker that wants to get the piss taken out of him.” but it sounded funny.. so I kept it in!

  46. We’re discussing the cover of People over at the forum. Have you all seen it? WTF?! I thought they were a legit source and now they’ve gone all tabloidy. They put Rob on the cover about Robsten!

  47. Not a huge fan of the outtakes–some of the originals were good, and a couple of the outtakes were good. Unfortunately, he looks like he’s about to seize–his eyes are on the verge of rolling back in his head. Not sexy!

    Rob pics I like? I love a dressy Rob–Cannes, Oscars, GQ. Any pic where he’s biting his lip. My faves are the Planet Hollywood pics where he’s got the grey shirt, tie, and beanie on. Those DO IT for me.

  48. lmao. LMFAO!!! Love the descriptions. I thought those shots were crap and was wondering wtf was going on when I saw articles about how hot he looked when wet. I thought those writers were smoking crack, lol.

  49. @UC – did EastFriend enlighten you to its meaning? haha

  50. You got a point not all Rob pics are good, i have see some horrible pis of him, specially the zigoteRob. I don’t like either the sex drive and LA premier.

    But i have to admit that that not change how i feel about him and why i love him, be honest, we not look good in all the pics we take to us too.

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