Posted by: Bekah | February 23, 2009

You did not disappoint

To the Academy,



Thank you so much! Thank you!*

UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

*words borrowed from the gorgeous Kate Winslet

Tons of links, thanks to JBell in the comments, after the jump

oscarszomgPHOTOS –

Thumbnails from the night

People Magazine: #1 slide under “Oscars’ Hottest Guys!

Extra with Mario Lopez

Socialite Life
 – Robert Pattinson’s Oscar Night

Rob at the Vanity Fair Party! YUMMY!

Baby boy made ESQUIRE’S Best Dressed Men list! Scroll to slide 8 for Rob



Click on the Red Carpet Cam tab and Rob is 2nd row, 4th over

Rob sitting behind Mickey Rourke – the infamous “I wish I were that finger right now” shot

Short clip of Rob from the ABC coverage that they didn’t air
*this isn’t the original clip JBell sent- but this photobucket site has a few clips

Rob arriving & leaving the Vanity Fair Party
*He was coming home to me.. just so you know



“Teen idols Robert Pattinson (“Twilight”) and Zac Efron (“High School Musical”) asked Ron Howard, who was nominated tonight for directing “Frost/Nixon,” to pose for a photo with them. As soon as they finished, some young ladies asked them for one, too — and they couldn’t have been more gracious.”


Robert Pattinson Brings ‘Twilight’ To The Oscars

Oh- and there is a TON more.. this is just enough to keep you not working for 1/2 the day…



  1. Yes, thank you Academy…well done…methinks dvr’s around the world were quite busy last night…I know mine was.

    *pause, rewind, play…repeat a bazillion times*

  2. That hair! That face! That stubble!


  3. When I saw him come onto the stage I fell off my chair. Poof! Do you think he practices that I’m-Effing-You-With-My-Eyes look, or do you think it comes quite naturally?

  4. Yes, yes, thank you!

    He was perfection!

  5. @helloitslaura no kidding huh, that look!

  6. Really, truly and honestly there are just no words I can use that will do this any justice. Our boy is big time now and from the looks of it, the Hollywood industry people are giving him some much deserved respect! There’s so much news and so many pictures and videos coming in from overnight I can’t keep up with it all! I think my phone is going to self destruct any minute trying to keep up with all of the tweets I keep getting. I’ll do a huge comment with a massive list of links before I head to work. :]

    So proud I can hardly stand it,

  7. @Helloitslaura…I am sure Rob is blissfully unaware of that eye f@$k look he gives…that is part of what makes him so damn charming, he isn’t putting anything on, he just IS!

  8. two words – SEX HAIR!

  9. lol I posted my comment with a ton of links for you ladies and it is “awaiting moderation.” Enjoy as soon as it becomes available!

  10. Sigh… beauty personified, isn’t he?

    It’s past 3am over here, I should get me some sleep! Nite, peeps. 🙂

  11. He was very dashing and debonair & I was very proud of him.

  12. so sweet, so hot and so dreamy all at once. heaven. worth waiting all day and night for. fine.

  13. i cannot stop staring at that second picture

  14. I have very mixed emotions this morning. I’m torn between the very maternal feeling of being proud of my Robert for being so dashing and professional and the VERY unmaternal feeling of *thud*ing when he looks at the camera with those I’m-effing-you-with-my-eyes.

    Thanks to HelloitsLaura for the terminology.

  15. OMG that second picture is breathtaking. He is such a classically handsome man (when he’s hosed down and gussied up) and the fact that he is so modest makes it almost unbearable…almost. This picture makes my pathetic day so much better…..

  16. @betony, it’s been more than 12 hours with me drooling over that pic.
    * Robert Pattinson on the Oscars compared to Twilight premieres: “It’s more organized. At Twilight premieres, you think you’re going to die.”

  17. Morning girls! OH WHAT A NIGHT!!

    Just to let you know, the E! channel is doing a rerun of their show on the red carpet last night, and Rob should be coming up in the next 10-15 minutes!! Just in case you missed it!

    Rob had the mega watt F*&^ Me eyes for sure!!
    It was crazy! Even in a few shots when he was in the audience sitting behind Micky. I wonder what he thinks when he sees the footage of himself? He can’t possibly be doing that on purpose.

    Great time last night everybody!

  18. Yeah that second photo – there are no proper words. The first time I saw that picture I couldn’t breathe – seriously I just sat there all slack jawed and drooling. Perfection – sheer perfection. I cannot stop looking at it. I will only mention the non-naughty things here but it litterally makes me not want to do anything all day but sit and look at it – not eat, not sleep, nothing.

  19. Sass and I were on the phone last night screaming like a couple of 13 year olds at a Jonas Brothers concert. The man looked so friggin hot. Words just cannot describe. More more more!

  20. Dear Rob,

    Last night was amazing. We should do it again VERY soon!


    @JBell – Nice list! I will have to go through everything when I get home. I lost track of all my tweets overnight. Woke up and had like 166 to go through.

    But it was a good night!!

  21. @JBell, thanks for the “Oh, that I were that finger” clip. I wonder how it would feel for Mickey or Ben Kingsley to know that their big moment in the telecast was on YouTube as “Rob Behind Mickey Rourke,” LOL.

    I’m starting to get concerned that my eyes are pregnant from having Rob stare at them from that second picture.

  22. Here are more pics- They have tons of pics here

  23. JBell thank you so much for all those links – though I think i may need some sort of intervention! i have to go to work later, not sure i’ll be able to pull myself away from all the staring i’m doing!

  24. @Java…yes, that was fun! Between squeeing with you on the phone and the LTR ladies online, it was a blast to have like-minded girls to share the Robness with!

  25. @JBell…thank you SOOO much for all of the links…I can see it is not going to be a very productive day…well, at least in my real life, lol. Fantasy life will be extremely productive, heh…

  26. @Sass- lol what is this ‘real life’ you speak of?

  27. I am so proud that Rob made the Esquire best dressed list…just like the realrobzilla said, torn between that and total animalistic lust.

    I am truly a sick, conflicted woman. 🙂

  28. *swoon* Rob was just on the E! channel again!! He’s absolutely DASHING. That’s all I can say.

    Dear God, someday when I’m dead and go to heaven, please let me meet Rob.

  29. @betony…beats me, I vaguely remember it being something I used to be a part of.

  30. Dear Rob

    You are too gorgeous for words.


    x EG

  31. Speaking of real life (sort of)…I did dream about Rob last night. Seriously, no lie, we were in a movie together…we both played police officers, investigating a missing person case. All I can remember now, is reading a fact sheet on the case, and Rob was behind me, reading over my shoulder.


    I really should keep a notebook by my bed to write down more details, as I always seem to forget them in the morning…you know, what with my advanced age and all.

  32. the second picture is just sex personified.. it should be illegal for him to look like that, srsly.. omg!

  33. yup. everytime i scroll back up to have another peak! gah! i just melt a bit more, the beautiful little smile playing about his lips kills me.

  34. So that is what they mean by “SEX ON FIRE”

    Sweet Jesus! Come to mama…..


  35. I was absolutely giddy when he was on stage last night! I felt like a pathetic schoolgirl all over again! I was relieved the DH went to bed early so I didn’t have to fake indifference. 🙂 Natasha’s right, he’s just such a classically handsome man. He’s only going to improve with time!

    JBell, thanks for all the links.

  36. ok i think i need a rob intervention after last’ll see me on a&e fighting my obsession..they’ll be prying my laptop away and forcing me out of my circa 1995 flannel..

  37. I wonder if my boss will be out if I take a sick day because I have Pattinsonitis – noun, a sickness experienced by avid fans of Robert Pattinson; a sickness of which they don’t want to be cured. Symptoms: excessive obsession and adoration for Rob.

  38. Yay for me and all of my newly discovered Twittering-ness. LOL

    No but in all seriousness – Doesn’t it feel like it was all a dream!? Like last night didn’t even happen?? I know I feel like it didn’t actually happen. I was driving to work listening to Untouched and thinking to myself “…I feel like I dreamt all of that last night. Was Rob REALLY at the Oscars and did I REALLY spend 5+ hours commenting back and forth with the ladies at LTR??”

    I have such odd feelings today… conflicted I guess? I don’t know lol It’s just weirding me out a little

  39. I just hope that Rob doesn’t get any “ideas” for future Oscar nights, after seeing Phillip Seymour Hoffman in his BLACK KNIT CAP.

    I would just cry if Rob wore his beloved cap to a big night like that.

  40. @Carrie – LOL! Love it! Pattinsonitis. It sounds like it could be a real thing – even though to us it is – but to the unknowing, it sounds legitimate!

    Add ‘overwhelming feelings of pride’ to the symptoms. 🙂

  41. @JBell – I joined Twitter last night, because of YOU! LOL!!

    I had no idea WTF it is, but you inspired me to get over there and plug in!

    I put Robert Pattinson in the search, and kept getting a list of random in-coming posts and blurbs from people commenting on him. A lot of it was negative, so of course that didn’t sit well. I’m thinking “who are these, blind, moronic women??”

    It’s my day off, and though technically I COULD sit here all day and revel in an online Rob-fest, I really should go run some errands, go to the gym, etc… MUST PRY LAPTOP FROM MY HANDS AND GET OUT OF HOUSE!!

  42. @Vogue – LMAO! I saw that and thought the same thing. I was just about to fall asleep last night and my eyes shot open and I thought “HE DIDN’T WEAR HIS SUNGLASSES!” If he would have worn his sunglasses down that red carpet I would have book the next flight to LA and snuck into that Vanity Fair party. For sure.

  43. @JBell – last night WAS totally surreal. Imagine what it was like for HIM!

    It was really fun sitting here screaming with glee at the television, and then struggling to type as fast as I could to post to you guys.

    This really is so bizzarre, it’s like my secret life. I feel like one of those freakin’ weirdos, like John Wayne Gacy (tho I”m not a molester or murderer), who lead a double life; I may seem normal to my family and clients, but in secret I indulge in an obsession that makes me spend a great deal of time ogling, writing about, and talking about a beautiful young man who doesn’t know me, and probably never will.

  44. @vogue – We shall have an Intsructional Twitter Conference later, yes? lol Amber pretty much taught me how to use it -THANKS AMBER! – because I could not for the life of me figure it out. Thank God I got it all figured out before last night, because look at everything we all would have missed! lol

  45. Sigh.

    I have so much work to do because of everything that piled up last week. I’ll see everyone later lol


  46. @Moon (I assume it was Moon and not UC) – LOL
    “Rob arriving & leaving the Vanity Fair Party
    *He was coming home to me.. just so you know”

  47. Oh, and can I get a big “WHOOOT-WHOOOT!” that Sourpuss herself, Ms. “I just threw up in my mouth” KStew was NOT there last night!

    So happy I didn’t have to look at her!

    I will NEVER understand these people who say they’d love to see her and Rob hook up! Ugh! She can stay with Oregano!

  48. I am back for a more thorough examination of all the pics/posts/youtubes etc from last night. T’was very exciting wasn’t it?

    @vogue18 – I thought the exact same thing about the black knit cap!

    Visited twitter for the first time last night – OMG those comments between Fake Rob/ FakeManager/Stefanie/TomStu /NikkiR are hilarious. Especially the TomStu ones …

    And ladies you were very busy last night after I copped out at 1.30am UK time to go to bed and decided to take my chances with Youtube to see the presenting bit – will have to have a further look now because there was no time this morning. There was a nice Red Carpet interview on Sky 1 (UK satellite/cable channel) with Ferne Cotton and Rob seemed very at home chatting with her – it must help to see a friendly well known face (you may not know her in the US but she is really well known in the UK) in all that madness. I wonder if someone has uploaded it to Youtube? Will have a look and report back.

    And did anyone else think, when Seacrud touched him on the shoulder “Get your hands off our man Seacrud after what you said recently you don’t deserve to interview him, let alone touch him”. I nearly dove onto the telly at that point to save Rob. (Well actually maybe I was thinking of other things …)

    @JBell – thanks for all the links – that great effort must surely put you near the front of the line for the great man!!!

    I keep thinking about how close he was sat to the front and all the big big stars and thinking “bloody hell – you’ve done it Rob”. Of course he deserves to be there and it was so much more satisfying looking at Rob’s perfect face than poor Mickey’s … I expect they organised it that way with that in mind didn’t they? Mickey’s features are rather scary nowadays (though I remember he was very hot back in the days of 9.5 weeks – oh lord, there I go betraying my age).

    Oh I wish we could have just attached a webcam to the top of the birdsnest hair and see and hear everything that went on around him last night! He must be meeting so many movers and shakers – it must be really scary.

    Well done Rob … you made Britain proud and the ladies from LTR were all driven crazy by your hotness, in particular this one.

  49. @vogue- “I will NEVER understand these people who say they’d love to see her and Rob hook up! Ugh! She can stay with Oregano!”
    I second that. Sourpuss needs to stay away from our man.
    @JBell- Yes you did comment about Rob for 5hrs last night. Be proud girl. I was right there with you. Concerning the Rob Pillow. Don’t use organic cotton. My friend used organic cotton b/c she wanted to pillow to soft and cuddly when I snuggled with Rob. It has already started peeling. Poor Rob!!!!

  50. Sorry – I was a bit wordy there – but I needed to get all last night’s er “emotion” out of my system

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