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Rob does Praise and Worship

Dear Rob,

The Quad had some time today for a little pow-wow to discuss the latest pictures of you out and about in Vancouver. I think it was something about finally chatting together again after almost a week of Quad silence that had us a lil’ rowdy and well, you’ll see…Moon called us “prude girl nasty.” So take that as you will.

Oh, and I got tired of calling our two friends Friend #1 & #2, so I named them EastFriend & WestFriend… cuz… one of them lives East & the other lives West (Just like Moon & I.. aww!)

Just like The Tuck, we have to have a catchy name. So we’ve entitled the following conversation, “The one about The Praise and Worship set”

UnintendedChoice for The Quad

Letter to Bobby Long
: where is MOON!?
WestFriend: she hates us? oh i know…
Moon has joined
WestFriend: she is banging rob
EastFriend: no she’s not. i am.
WestFriend: Moon, were…
UC: …you banging rob?
Moon: DUH! always am. like it’s MY JOB
WestFriend: oh…well it’s like my hobby
EastFriend: it’s my job…’til I meet Bobby Long.
WestFriend: no one has to PAY me to bang him
Moon: girl, thats a full time position
EastFriend: Long. his last name is very telling.
UC:  i want to meet him too. he’s hot.  i will draft him a letter.  asking him to bang you and meet me for dinner
Moon: i bet he has a google alert for himself too [like Sam Bradley]

Painted his lips to keep the crazies away. (Didn't work)

Painted his lips to keep the crazies away. (Didn't work)

Riding Dirty
: dude… I can’t stop looking at Rob. I love that he is wearing the Edward do out and about.
UC: does he have makeup on too?  looks a little paler.  he’s so thin. he really is. are we worried about him? EastFriend, our Quad mama? Are you worried?
Moon: he defs touches up the lip stain before he steps out
EastFriend: i am worried.
WestFriend: he is totally wearing makeup because his face looks so…flawless. i am jealous. i’m sorta hatin’
EastFriend: need to make sure he’s sleeping well (alone) and taking his vitamins.
UC: flawless. so jealous. i wish he’d get a big honkin’ pimple. just once, so i feel better about myself
WestFriend: “I see Rob’s faaace…I’m hatin’…”
Moon: He’s a boy..they defy all odds:  weight, bad skin
EastFriend: WestFriend is singing.
Moon: riding DIRTY, huh?
WestFriend: “patrollin’…I’m trying to to ride Rob dirty”
“try to catch me ridin’ rob dirty…try to catch me ridin’ rob dirty”

: I only have 20 minutes left 😦
EastFriend: ok.  go. on the pictures. i have 20 min, too…where’s Moon?
WestFriend: banging rob.  she said it was a full time POSITION. bow chicka bow wow. she doesn’t mess around
UC: i wrote some notes. So, it’s official, Rob has an iphone, and not a motorola series 2 from 1997 like I thought
WestFriend: which is banging hot
UC:  at least we know the camera is clear enough to get hot pics of us in bed, when the time comes
Moon: the better to send me pics from
UC: we’ll send them to you guys, of course
EastFriend: he was using the phone as a prop–  cause you KNOW he wasn’t talking to anyone. just shielding himself from the paps.
Here I go with my thoughts: his feet are huge. he wears button-flys (flies?)
UC: what are button-flies?
Moon: instead of zipper. very 1999
EastFriend: buttons–instead of zipper. no–very 1989.
Moon: seriously do they still make those?
WestFriend: i had some limited too button flies
EastFriend: it was the RAGE when I was in middle school
WestFriend: they were…HIP
EastFriend: I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!
Moon: like, i haven’t had a button fly pair in a decade
EastFriend: i never wore them…too hard to get off when you have to pee.
Moon: easier!!  you just pull and let em rip
WestFriend: (WestFriend hides her button fly jeans she is wearing)...yeah…i haven’t worn them in a decade…
EastFriend: I love that Rob was working them.
Moon: they add extra bulk to the package area, JUST SAYING!!
UC: and if one button comes undone, well then, you know…it can slip out. Which is not a bad thing
WestFriend: he is so skinny…do you think that he got them at limited too, like me?
Moon: size 6x
WestFriend: Actually, i think those are MINE… which isn’t surprising because….you know how it is..

You know you want to read the rest. After the jump you’ll find why we named the set, learn about our dumpster dreams, discover who says “fudge” and wait, we might have discovered Rob’s one flaw?


"He touched me. Oh, He touched me. Oh, the joy that floods my soul..."

The one where were name the set:
: Rob is standing in front of a sign that says “A Night of Praise.” PRAISE SERVICE
EastFriend:  PRAISE JESUS!
Moon: i couldn’t have planned that better myself
EastFriend: how ’bout the “push here to open” button covering his bootay?
WestFriend: Rob is POSING…
EastFriend: he is SO posing.
WestFriend: he just standing there
EastFriend: he knows the cameras are snapping.
Moon: in front of a church. its his secret sign to us
WestFriend: pretending to talk on the phone
UC: he’s like.. hell NO you don’t need a praise service when i’m around.
It is our secret sign. he knows we love talking sunday school
WestFriend: UC wins
UC: do you think he was whistling “come now is the time to worship?”
Moon: YES
UC: and texting kellan the lyrics?
Moon: he’s trying to convince me to be HIS accountability partner instead of kellan’s. i know his tricks
EastFriend: well, he has a lot to explain about this weekend…  and be held accountable for…”Uh–I tapped Nikki’s ass…”
Moon: HAHAHAHA. amen.  our “meetings” will just devolve into making out.  over a copy of ‘the purpose driven life’
UC: on top of it
EastFriend: my purpose is his life.

Ashely is never not hot

Ashely is never not hot

Dumpster Dreams:
: i’ve decided i’d rather not know about all these fan encounters. cause they enable my rage.
UC: they’re ruining it for us normal ppl who just want to blow him behind a dumpster
Moon: i’ve decided i may stop looking at set pics.  i feel like im seeing TOO much
UC: Need to insert Non-Rob talk: i want to take off Ashley’s shirt and make her my girfriend
EastFriend: love the black bra
Moon: shes hot
UC: it’s my hand
WestFriend: i found my husband looking at pictures of her over the weekend, and i was ok with it
UC:  haha. okay good cuz..  well, ya know..  you talk about tappin’ that w/ rob

"Oh he touched me... he touched me... oh the joy that floods my soul..."

"he touched me... Oh, he touched me... oh the joy that floods my soul..."

Fudge & Proof:
: um….this…
EastFriend: look at how she’s looking at him.
UC: she loves him
EastFriend: EXACTLY.
UC: “because she loves me”
EastFriend: she’s all, “can we just go get it on now?”
UC: fudge he looks hot. i don’t blame her
Moon: his other ONE outfit
UC: i say fudge now, btw
WestFriend: “…PS…bring a bong”
EastFriend: BONG! WestFriend WINS!!!!!!  she is totally eye-effing him.
Moon: i heard a dude say “fudge” the other day, and i was like ‘ya know how i know you’re gay?’

A new shirt:
: (do we LOVE knowing that rob and sam will read this? cause they WILL and want to be our friends.). i’ll make them t-shirt…. They’ll buy it
Moon: cause WE’RE NORMAL
EastFriend: “I love The Quad” (with a heart instead of love)
UC: It needs to be tight
Moon: It’ll be Rob’s ONLY new shirt purchase in decades


Too much time on your back, babe

The thin spot:
: um i have another note
WestFriend: i think rob would want to bang us
UC: that LAST pic w/ rob’s skinny ass? did you see the back of his head? i’ve noticed this before. I fear.. that he will go bald in that spot. Just there
Moon: oh noooooooooooooooooooooo
UC: it’s prob b/c of being on his back so much
WestFriend: he WILL go bald
UC: when i’m riding him
EastFriend: i’ve said it before–but it’s cause he’s got his hands in his hair so darn much.
WestFriend: but in bed…we wont see
UC: Right, we won’t see in bed
WestFriend: ask him to turn off the lights…it ain’t no thang
EastFriend: oh no–lights ON with him.  so i can see his O face, when it’s 2 inches from mine.
WestFriend: ok…tell him to keep the beanie on
UC: Um, I have a birthday party to attend. and by birthday party i mean i have to sing happy bday in an office then come back to my desk

The End:
: can we discuss that he got a new shirt? clearly?  he now has 2.
Moon: the plaid one?  thats old
UC: no. a new T, I think. I just saw it recently…
WestFriend: rob…kills me. In a good way
UC: He hit up the canadian version of wal-mart- canuck-mart?
WestFriend has left
Moon: love that random last thought, WestFriend

Let’s say it all day “because she loves me.” (It’s been in my head since we discussed it.. grrr damn adorable Rob)


  1. He is giving away his “britishness” with the button fly jeans…very English that is…”sigh”

    • ohhhh! so that’s not just 1987? that’s british!?

      • i consider myself quite the roboholic and i justtt came across this gem (that’s what she said). anyway, check it out. can’t believe i never saw it before!!!

    • I like to call it just easy access!!

    • rob is so damn hot he makes anything look good! Im so in love with him, id give anything to meet him :)! Uc/moon you guys are amazing, keep up the good work! And please please let me know if there is any way i can contact/email/post rob… Rob is the hottest man alive. . Hugs, kim 🙂

    • why is he sooo cute? he sounds like a gorgoeus version of jeery lewis, ” Becaue she loves me” LADY!!!!

  2. FYI-he was talkin’ to me…I’m one of his Canadian gal pals. (my husband doesn’t know).

  3. So I C&P’ed a bunch of shizz to highlight from the letter that I laughed at TONS – but I realized I just C&P’ed the whole damn thing.

    Can I just say that I want to be best friends with The Quad? If I bring Ashley can I join?? (btw – totally had a Stewart-ian Slip and typed joinT.)

    Anyway. This was epic and may be in my top 3 favorite posts of all time. True story.

    I<3TheQuad. (I’m already looking on eBay, let me know when they shirts are available)

    • you bring Ash, Jbell.. you’re IN.. we’ll be the sextuplets then.. cuz.. ya know.. we wanna do it w/ rob

      • You said sextuplets. 😉

    • yes the shirts will be hot. I agree, I want one too. No wait, Rob and I will just share one. I will wear it to bed and he can complain when he goes to wear it the next time that my huge boobs stretched it out. and we will have makeup sex. because that is a fight right? Any sort of disagreements will require lots of makeup sex. “I don’t want waffles for breakfast, I want eggs” “well I made waffles, lets have makeup sex”….that is how I envision out life together.

      • @Kristin. that it is a good vision!

  4. Dear Girls,
    Goooooood morning!
    First: This is not a NEW shirt. Are photos that proof this. I don´t know where it is, but they are real (LOL).
    Second: I just LOVE this button-flies. VERY sexy to unbutton. (Drool, fact!)
    Brazilian hugs for all!

  5. This was like a Rob-Stream-of-Consciousness-Buffet. Huh-larious.

    And anytime y’all reference Robert Pattinson and The Gaithers…well, that’s just fine, family entertainment right there.

    “He touched me and made me whole…”

    • why did you get spammed?

      • My name got all kinds of changed up in here. I just realized why.

        Continue with the praise and worship.

      • Did you just refer to me as spam? As in pounding spam? Dude.

        My name got all kinds of changed up in here. I just realized why.

        Continue with the praise and worship.

        • Apparently there’s 2 of me, leaving similar comments at the same time. Sigh…

  6. I think the button fly’s are sexy as hell.

    The whole “thin spot” debate cracked me up. Where is Ron Popeil and his GLH spray when you need it?

    And UC, I totally say fudge all the time…gotta watch my mouth around the kiddos ya know…:-)

    • I take it one step further and say “Fudge Buckets” or Fudge a Duck…don’t ask I have NO Idea where I came up with it…I think cause it has the F sound and the uck sound but you know I am not saying them together hahahaha

      • I totally do the whole “good lord love a duck” around the kids. and “freakin'” usually replaces f*ck, and I always say “shut the front door”. Classics I tell ya. My favorite are the people who say Jesus H Christ. Like the middle initial makes it all better. heehee 🙂

  7. I’ve got to stop reading this page at work. I’m doing the whole laugh/ugly cry thing. I even had to bring out tissues. Dear HHH.

    I’m with JBell, I had a whole bunch C & P, but doesn’t work so well when it’s 90% of the post.

    This was almost better than Robporn.

    • almost… LOL

      • Well, truly, there is nothing bettah than Robporn. Except possibly, RobIRL.

        • nope.. we’re better than rob IRL… true story


          • I can vouch for that! Amen,

  8. I’m sitting at my desk absolutely hysterical when I should be working. I’m also frightened. 1) because I might get fired for not doing my work and 2) because I’ve thought some of these exact same thoughts about Rob. Scary that we all have them. Um, yeah. I must remember to only read LTR when I’m not at work. You guys are gonna be the death of me yet! If I get fired can I help you not stalk him? Huh, huh, huh? P.S. I think the little blue plaid shirt with the purple/lavendar/maroon (???) stripe running through it is new. Awwwww.

    • if you get fired we will hire you. except that we pay nothing. cuz we make nothing. is that okay?

  9. Awesome you girls are so good at what you do…Now I’M scared of that spot with potential of balding…not that it’ll stop me from tapping that ass but still…LOL

  10. Breaking Dawn news on this morning:

    It may not be a “go” yet, but you can’t tell me that they’re gonna throw away millions of potential dollars (and euro, pounds, yen, etc) because of explicit birth and sex scenes.

    • Just make it Rated R! For EF’s sake!

    • If memory serves me the right, there was no explicit sex in BD. Just a fade to black… unless you count me laying there and filling in the blanks myself!

  11. ROFLMBO. Notice I said butt and not A**? That’s in honor of the UC fudge. Cleaning it up a bit. Awesome fun this morning ladies. Thanks.

    I’ve noticed the slight thinning spot on his head before too. I’m not too worried about it and this is why.

    He is a hairy guy. LOVE IT! But as he gets older said hair may creep down and around to the back and up to the ears. YUCK!

    So maybe if he is showing a slight bald spot now that means that he won’t be sporting the manhair sweater later in life.

    Does my random, non-scientific thinking make any sense?

    • how does the old saying go…men who are bald on top “think” they are great bald in the back are lol

    • yep.. gotta keep it clean. oh but that won’t stop me from saying explicit things that i want to do behind a dumpster

      • We have to keep it clean? FRICK!

  12. The quad does it again! Thanks for verbalising my thoughts as usual.

  13. Epic Win. Buttonflies… Limited Too…Praise… Proof…”Because She loves me”… Completely Epic Win.

    And the church pics… total proof that Rob reads the site.

    Dear Rob,
    I’ve asked God for signs before. He’s never let me down. Now here you go, one upping the man. On April 10, 2009 (Good Friday) at 11:22pm i wrote: “p.s. i am praying for some ‘rob pattinson entering church’ pics for twilight theater.” Omniscience? Who knows. At the very least this proves you read LTR. such a sneaky angel you are. It’s like your saying, “oh yeah God, two can play at this game.” Well know what i say… keep on playing, player. Now, what if i were to say… i’m jonesing for a pic of either you or kstew eating an ice cream cone to TwiTheatre to. Hmmm? Ask and you shall receive right?

    make me say Amen,


    • Calli –
      “its like saying, ‘oh yeah God, two can play at this game…Well know what i say keep on playing, player”


      “make me say Amen” – priceless

    • LOVE IT! Delicious again Calli (Beastie Boys quote BTW)..

  14. Oh no, he won’t go bald!!! Please don’t ever think about s/t like that, it scares me…Because really, he wouldn’t look too good without the precious SexHair that I love so much (not that I wouldn’t still do him ;))!
    So I’ve decided it’s just a hair whirl (is that a word at all???) and BASTA!

  15. So wait, does it make me cool or uncool, in the eyes of the Quad, that I had my 10 year old, Button-Fly, GAP jeans on yesterday?


    • oh.. you’re REALLY cool for wearing those jeans, in my mind… b/c they’re 10 yrs old? and they still fit!?

      • LOL! They are just now fitting again. 2 kids made them snug for a while. They were my “hope jeans” LOL!

  16. Holy crap you ladies rock my socks off! And I KNOW I’m not alone when I say I ❤ “I .> Wait that didn’t come out right…Wait…that TOTALLY came out right!

    Your feisty-ness is contagious!!

    • Woah, comments don’t [heart] my <3’s *sob*

      What was SUPPOSED to ‘come out’ was:

      I [heart] “I [heart] the Quad” shirts! I know that if you make them, Rob will come.

  17. “patrollin’…I’m trying to to ride Rob dirty”
    “try to catch me ridin’ rob dirty…try to catch me ridin’ rob dirty”


  18. He’s still wearing those NIKES!!! But I do love the non-leather jacket. Scrumptious.

    Can I just say Ashely smokin hott in that picture??

  19. I would totally rock an “I love the quad” shirt.

    Just sayin’.

  20. I love how the letters are labeled like episodes of “Friends”. ROTFLMAO!

  21. UC: “That’s my hand” LMAO!

    I love the whole thing, I keep picking out my fave parts but realizing I love the whole thing.

    • haha… yes.. i had to bring out a friends episode reference!

  22. Mornin Ladies –

    what a great post to wake up to this morning. Now I can’t get out of my head

    “patrollin’…I’m trying to to ride Rob dirty”
    “try to catch me ridin’ rob dirty…try to catch me ridin’ rob dirty”

    And the caption under Rob with makeup “Painted his lips to keep the crazies away. (Didn’t work)” LMAO

    Button Fly – yes please!!

    • dont ask me why but I thought this said “mormon ladies” I read the whole think thinking…what does this have to do with mormons? Do they like button flies specifically?


  23. So sign me up for an “I ❤ the Quad” shirt…you guys totally made my morning with today’s post! I agree with JBell on it being a top 3 post…


    did you see this?! *swoon*


    • for.reals.

      when he talks about the sex part – damnnnnnn

    • Oh man. It’s too early for that video. I think I blacked out for a second.

      When he bites his lip in that red carpet clip at the end….*shiver*


    • Thank you, maam, can I have another???

      ps. I’m jones’n for a shirt

  25. The Quad rules! Make those shirts, girls! We will buy them!

    This had me laughing out loud: “Moon: i heard a dude say “fudge” the other day, and i was like ‘ya know how i know you’re gay?’” Not that the whole thing wasn’t hilarious, ’cause it totally was.

  26. Many LOLz. Thanx for makin’ my morning!

    And, um, I hate to rain on anyone’s parade, and I know you HAD to talk about the pap pic of the 2 of them, but that was totally staged. LET ME ESPLAIN!

    I was catching up on all my Twi-sites last night, and EVERYONE had pretty much the SAME stories. I forget who had the one about the pap pic explanation, but basically they posed for a pic to appease the guy and, of course, he wanted to snap more so there’s a big difference between the 2 that were taken. They were being nice and then they got annoyed.

  27. I love that everyone loves Breaking it Down so much.. b/c it’s so much fun to do. I wish I could just post the entire conversation.. b/c it was twice this long and I had to cut out so much.

    no one has mentioned my fav part yet… i’ll just wait and see if someone does:)

    • lmfao The fact that everyone completely ignored you when you said –

      UC: it’s prob b/c of being on his back so much
      UC: when i’m riding him


      • ppl always ignore me 😦

        • Not True…shhhh you are my fav East Coast LTR ladie type person!

          • ummm yea I can read and write proper sometimes (LADY tee hee)

  28. This should go at the end of the letter(s) STAT.

    • Aww – I want him!

    • i should have asked you last night- i looked everywhere for that (for like a whole 30 seconds.. till i got bored.. ) adding it NOW

  29. “he’s like.. hell NO you don’t need a praise service when i’m around.
    It is our secret sign. he knows we love talking sunday school”

    I’ve already read thru this 3 times but everytime I crack up at this part!!

  30. Button flys are the best! Your right unbotton the top then rip the rest!
    He is so yummy! It’s about time he put the hot pockets down and came out side!
    You guys bag me up!!!! The Quad it the best!
    PS. I dont thinks it’s a bald spot, I am going to go with bed-head!

  31. I wish I could see the huge goofy smile that’s on my face when I read these, but then again maybe I don’t.

    UC: …you banging rob?
    Moon: DUH! always am. like it’s MY JOB

  32. Good morning!
    I just love when the Quad have some chat!
    I ❤ the Quad [+1]
    Button Fly’s?!? Please and Thanks.
    Today is a holiday in Brazil and DH is in momma’s house with DD. So I’m alone at home all day long. It’s raining. It’s a typical autumn’s day. I’ll just grab myself a cup of cappuccino and use my Xtra time to read this again and start reading some ~hot~ fanfic.
    Yes… I’m avoiding RL. Today I’m specially avoiding MIL’s house. LOL

    • LOL – on avoiding the MIL’s house!!

  33. Dear Rob,

    Never get rid of the shiteous Nikes. Promise.

    Love, me

  34. “EastFriend: i’ve decided i’d rather not know about all these fan encounters. cause they enable my rage.”
    “UC: they’re ruining it for us normal ppl who just want to blow him behind a dumpster”

    seriously! lol

    • and there it is.. my fav part

      • That’s my favorite part, too.

        I’m already checking out random dumpsters in Austin…is all I’m sayin’.

      • I cracked up at that, too! You remind me of my sis-n-law (that’s a compliment, btw). Your dry, self-effacing humor is the best. I’m sorry if you felt ignored! 🙂

  35. Soooo… is it not normal to have a Google Alert on your name? Not that I do, it’s just, I got this friend…

    • lol well Amber, tell your friend that “iT’S NORMAL!” and everything will be ok

    • That’s Normal

      • That should be a shirt. “That’s normal.”

        Cafepress that quick like!

  36. “UC: they’re ruining it for us normal ppl who just want to blow him behind a dumpster”

    I love you for that. I love when my exact thoughts can be found in someone elses head and they say them.

    Can’t stop laughing.

  37. “UC: they’re ruining it for us normal ppl who just want to blow him behind a dumpster”

    LMAO!!!!!! Priceless!! Def. my favorite part!!! HAHAHAHAHA

    • Hi Dany!! *waves*

      …”blow him behind a dumpster”… IS the best part!

      • It can be a gang attack! lol

        • Oh yeah
          I don’t mind and I think he doesn’t mind either

  38. Button fly = Chess King. can i get a hell yeah????

  39. And he’s wearing the Nikes!!! Can those picture get any more perfect?

    …well I suppose they can always have ME in them, but given the circumstances…

  40. I’ve read this letter like 3 times now and I have laughed outloud in a different spot each time.

    The quad has given us an epic post. This is history in the making folks. ❤ you guys!

  41. I Love love love love it when you break things down vanity fair style. But what the break down brought full circle for me, despite all the wonderful, delicious Rob talk, is the understanding someone else has for silly a$$ “office parties”, where I must explain that:

    “I have a birthday party to attend. and by birthday party i mean i have to sing happy bday in an office then come back to my desk”.

    Nice to know someone else understands the rediculousness of it all. But who doesn’t love cake?

    • the cake was so good. and i kicked ass singing “happy birthday”

  42. later ladies – RL calls!

    • Bye Lynz07!!! btw, I’m following you on twitter now (I’m danyspike) 🙂

  43. It’s also totally normal to hit CTR + F on websites and search for your name. Especially on sites that have hundreds of comments on one day….

    Once again, my friend… silly girl!

    • yeah, we all have silly friends!!! LoL I have one that now has internet in her cell phone just to be able to follow things on twitter…Crazy people, right??

      • I’ve got one of those friends too! lol

  44. Loving this post, Quad, you crack me up!
    Um, so I wasn’t the only noticing the button fly yesterday when looking at these pics! lol I’m so glad.

    I just got an iPhone a couple of weeks ago too! If you want to come over and we can try to figure out our phones together, I’m all for it!

  45. Morning all!

    Awesome Quad talk…

    I like the dumpster talk and this was my fav line:

    “…PS…bring a bong”

    OHHHH, that’s EXACTLY what she was sayin’ with those F-me eyes.

    Gotta go pick up my dog from the vet, he’s been de-balled.

    • I forgot about “You banging me, Bring a Bong”

    • LMBO!!!! Deballed!

  46. NEW CHAPTER OF ALE just posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Great Letter today UC.
    Only one complaint. We don’t type out B.Long’s name. NO!!!!! What if he reads the drunken late letters I posted to him. What if he finds out about the wedding in space. I’m going to his show Thurday and hope doen’t find out about my love. I think I am gonna have to keep my crazy love for him on the DL until then. Maybe I need to change my name to protect the crazy. 🙂

    “Moon: they add extra bulk to the package area, JUST SAYING!!
    UC: and if one button comes undone, well then, you know…it can slip out. Which is not a bad thing”

    Love that part. Those are my thought concerning the button fly jeans.

    Dear Rob,
    Please forget to button all the buttons on your jeans just once. I wanna a sneak peak at the Pattinson Family Jewels.


    • oops.. sorry.. well, maybe it’ll seal the deal w/ you and Bobby.. although you’ll have to fight EastFriend for him!

      • No worries. I’m tough. Can take about EastFriend. I’m from the mean streets of Alabama.

  48. “Painted his lips to keep the crazies away. (Didn’t work)”

    Besides, I think the crazies love it more with the painted lips.

    • AND crazies can paint other parts of his body with their lipsticks

  49. @UC – When you said you were waiting for someone to mention your favorite part, I just KNEW it was the dumpster comment. That was the best line of all IMO (but I have a dirty dirty mind)!

    BTW, I was listening to my Muse CD in the car yesterday and had a duh moment. Um hello? Now I know where you got your name. So I take it Rob is your unintended choice…

    • YAY! you got it… it really had nothing to do with Rob.. i was just listening to that song A LOT when i needed a fake name… thus… chosen:) you’re the first person who mentioned it- one other mentioned it via email!

  50. alright girls, I gotta go!!! hugs!

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