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Getting ready to see Rob at ComicCon

Dear Rob, Look like this today at ComicCon

Dear Rob, Look like this today at ComicCon. Thanks

Update: Moon really IS at ComicCon and she will really live tweet it. And here is all the Comic-Con info we know– keep checking back!

This might shock you, but do you know how Moon & I have a new post every day at 8am ET (6 am today.. just to switch it up)? Well, we actually schedule our letters in advance…sometimes days in advance & often times the night before. I know. And all this time you thought we were up so early (5-6 am for UC & 2-3 am for Moon) writing you our precious little letters. Well as of 8:58pm on Wednesday evening, there has been NO new Rob news. NOTHING! And do you know what that means for the daily blogger? It means she needs to dig into her brain & pull out something really creative. And I need to save those creative juices for the “OMG DID YOU SEE HOW FREAKIN’ HOT ROB LOOKED AT COMIC-CON” letter I will be penning for Friday morning. Therefore I’m letting some of our very wonderful readers be creative for me today. Enjoy!

Getting in shape to meet Rob

Must look like female version of this

Must look like female version of this

Dear Rob,

After seeing the pictures of you without a shirt at the New Moon shoot in Italy, (airbrushed or not) I realised that it was high time I, too, did something drastic if I was going to fulfill the prophecy. Prophecy? Oh, yes, when I was newborn a wise woman came to my mother’s bedside and prophesied that I was the ‘Chosen One,’ the Girl of Great Promise, who would one day be the Hugger of Robert Pattinson.

Of course, this made absolutely no sense to my mother, and the woman was gently led away by nurses from the maternity ward and never seen again, but it made a good story in the family nevertheless. And I just realised that the Time may be Drawing Near, and if I am going to be a Hugger of Robert Pattinson at some point (with or without the shirt) I would like my own abs to be, well, let’s say theoretically visible.

Said and done, I have now spent 4 hours a week at the gym and gone on the Rob diet, and lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks, and there just may be something there when I look down at my belly. (No, I am not pregnant. Yet.) Before this method crashes and burns like any other method, I am banking on my present success and sharing the secret with you!

The Rob diet: Three times a day, eat moderate amounts of moderately healthy food, and when you start feeling hungry, go to the computer and browse Twilight-and-Rob-related web pages, and lo and behold, the hunger pains go away like magic! Easy.

Even though this seems to be working fine for me, it is not working equally well for the rest of our household. I am getting a lot of reproachful stares, maybe due to the fact that I am the best cook, and I have tended to forget about mealtimes the last three weeks. What the heck, I will send them out for pizzas and cheeseburgers, that won’t hurt them! If it’s good enough for Rob himself, they shouldn’t complain!

Now all I want to know is where to buy an airbrush kit, so I can work on my jawline and cheekbones… Whaddya say Rob, we could paint each other?


Read a letter from a ComicCon attendee who wants to get in Rob’s Pants- Watch out Moon!

ComicCon attendee willing to dress as Ninja for Rob

The front of the shirt PantsGirl will wear to ComicCon today

The front of her ComicCon shirt. Clicky for good times

Dearest Edbert,

Allow me to apologize upfront for screwing up your name. I have this habit that’s become so ingrained, I can’t really stop at this point. You see, I feel the need to um…keep my admiration of you slightly “off the grid,” if you will. When people ask me if I’m aware of you and your star status, I go on an absurd sort of panic-ridden auto-pilot ramble that resembles something like this: “Uh, hmmm. That’s that guy from the movie with the thing…what was it? Dawnlight? Sunlight? Yeah, whatshisname? Er…Mattinson? Matterhorn? Ah yes, Edbert Patterhorn, that’s it…” I usually say this little bullshit spiel of mine as I sit at my laptop, closing all 50 of the jpegs of you I have open, as well as the 20 different fan blogs I track, the 15 various Twilight fanfiction stories I read and the random email I get all day with news, pictures and gossip about you. I sense I’m not fooling anybody, so I thought it best to come clean up front.

Anyway, on to the point of this letter. I read an informal interview with you from when you were at Cannes in which you said you had no time for a girlfriend due to your busy schedule. You said something along the lines of “no girlfriend would put up with it.” Allow me, if you will, to beg to differ. I would put up with a lot. Just saying. There’d be no need for you to fuss or fawn over me. In fact, I’d be less trouble than a houseplant, really. A goldfish would demand more of your attention.

I would give you your space…hang back, kind of in the shadows. All stealthy. Like a ninja. I could be your ninja girlfriend. I’d even dress up like a ninja, if you were into that sort of thing. OK, it’s a little freaky, but I don’t judge is my point. And, well, you are Rob Pattinson. I’d dress up like a goat if you asked me to. Kidding. I think. Baaaah.

The back of the ComicCon shirt

The back of her ComicCon shirt. Clicky for even gooder times

So, I really wouldn’t be clingy at all. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even know where I was most of the time. You’d be thinking “hey, where’d she go? Oh, there she is. She’s in my pants. Again.” You wear baggy jeans–I could just live in your pant leg. What could be simpler? It’s a win/win scenario really. You get a very low-maintenance arrangement, and I get to live in your pants. I’m fine with that. And, to make things really easy for you, you don’t even have to remember my name. You can just call me Pants Girl. Totally cool with me. People would ask “what’s wrong with your leg?” You can just tell them “oh, that’s Pants Girl. She lives in my pants.” Just toss me a Power Bar every once in a while and I’m good. I would not complain. I live in your pants, after all.

Paparazzi hassling you? Crazed fangirls got you down? We could switch it up. You could live in my pants. I would not mind that one bit. And believe me, no one would think to look for you there. My own mother wouldn’t believe you were there. She’d just lecture me about how I’d obviously watched that vampire movie one too many times and who needs 37 versions of the same DVD anyway? But really, I think you should consider this. It would be like a trouser time share. It could work out beautifully.

I know it’s not readily apparent from reading this, but I am actually highly intelligent. I have really, really big…brains. Big, bouncy, perky brains. I would love to share my big brains with you. While we’re in each others’ pants. I don’t know about you, but I could really use a cigarette right about now, so I better wrap this up.

I’ll be at Comic Con today if the ideas I’m proposing sound good to you. Just ask around for me–I’ll be the one dressed as a goat wearing ninja gear.

Yours Truly,

Pants Girl*

*UC Note: Not to be mistaken with Pattinson Pants Girl. I think she’s different 🙂
Actually she’s a FanFic writer. Check her out here.

Moon has been talking about her ComicCon ‘checklist’ all week, and I thought she meant stuff she needed to do at work before she went away for a few days & things she needed to remember to pack (her Edward panties), but she really meant a ComicCon checklist, and it’s brilliant- Hit it on LTT

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  1. I really hope Pants Girl (not Pattinson Pants girl!) is wearing that shirt at CC today. I really do. Because it’s amazing.

  2. LOL LOL LOL!!!!
    I knew that you had automaticly postshedule. Because I get them at 14.00 pm here in Holland.
    What a kick-ass t-shirt NICE!
    ” goldfish would demand more of your attention” LOL LOL LOL

    Great post again!

  3. “who needs 37 versions of the same DVD anyway”

    I knew I wasn’t the only one.

    • That’s normal.


      • That’s completely normal.

  4. Oh sweet lord. Pants Girl rocks!!
    I LOL’d . Cool shirt.
    Oh , if you get to live in Rob’s pants, say hi to little Robbie from me

  5. LOVE the shirt!!! Can’t wait to see the news reports about how the ‘crazies’ lost their shit when Rob appears!!! And Maria…the whole ‘Chosen One’ thing…totally priceless!!!…And to whoever goes to ComiCon…Make sure your ready to ‘throw them bows’…or stomp a bitch!!! LOL…And we have now officially established my ghetto-ness when you know that its not beneath me to use a Ludacris song and stomp a bitch in the same sentence! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    • You are seriously thug. You can be in my gang.

  6. Wish I was there:(. I hope Moon gets a picture of the ninja goat.

  7. I follow the Rob diet too! Only whilst I’m browsing the web I make sure I listen to ‘I am broken’ during the time it takes to eat my salad. (Believe me, the song kills the hunger pangs. And ahem, the visuals give me hungers in other places!!!!! Thoughts of food are totally forgotten. Audio, Visual and Taste senses however, are satisfied.

    I have Mr Pattinson to thank for perhaps the best body I have ever had. (I just need a chance to show it to him!!!!) LMAO.

  8. Oh there she is, in my pants again! Ha!
    And amen, because really? Isn’t that where we all want to be?

  9. I’ll send positive thoughts in Pants Girl’s general direction….only if she promises to send photos from inside those said pants.

    Good deal, I think.

  10. I can’t WAIT to read the post-ComicCon letter!! For those of us who can’t go we need to see/read/hear about every little deet we can get our hands on! LOL

    • Seen the vid that Moon posted on the tweetle earlier from Utube of the 3 of them (stewie, taylor, and himself).

      Why is it that Stewie always looks like she’s got something bad up her nose? seriously am I the only one who see’s this?

      I mean honestly is that a woman in lust? (not). She looked like she could barely stand being around our boy. Some serious emotions going on .. but none of it having to do with lust/love etc. I mean, have you all seen it?

      We should discuss this fake “hook up” thing in detail one day.
      My conspiracy theory is that its Summit’s PR agency making all the “hook up” talk, to promo their franchise… and in reality their is NO relationship (at least not between robbie and stewie). which is ok by us.

      • No you’re not the only one. She didn’t look so great today :-(. I don’t like that Joan Jett haircut and the gothic-looking eye make-up and you’re right, she is just seems so uncomfortable w. Rob. I don’t know, I’m not really into Robsten, I used to be but who knows anymore. It was very different last yr, remember? Remember at the Comic Con last yr how they were all googly-eyed with each other? And at interviews she and Rob just seemed so comfortable with each other, laughing, smiling a lot. She didn’t really smile much today, except at the end. The climate is different this year I guess.

        Yes NO relationship, NO Robsten is ok by me. I want Rob to be happy and I’m okay whoever he ends up with, as long as he’s gonna be loved and appreciated, sniff, sniff(and not me of course).

  11. Ninja goat is fantastic.

    These were simply brilliant letters…thank you ladies for sharing.


  13. Love the shirt! Bril!

    And this made me giggle:
    “the Girl of Great Promise, who would one day be the Hugger of Robert Pattinson.”

  14. Edbert Patterhorn


    • our fav thing about you, Jena, is that you comment AS you’re reading! so cute

  15. I cannot stop laughing at Pants Girl. Seriously. My coworkers are convinced I’ve finally lost my mind.

    “People would ask “what’s wrong with your leg?” You can just tell them “oh, that’s Pants Girl. She lives in my pants.” Just toss me a Power Bar every once in a while and I’m good.”

    Bwahahahahaha! Can’t.stop.laughing.

    And where can I find some of her fanfic? Because she’s too funny.

    • click the link! i think i linked it…..oops. FIXING NOW!

  16. That shirt is amazing! As is that first photo of Rob. Swoon! The letters are amazing. I couldn’t get the link to that girl’s fanfic though (“Actually she’s a FanFic writer. Check her out here.”) Is it me?

    Pants Girl, you should totally find out once and for all if Rob sits at home on weekends with a glass of wine and reads fanfic.

    I’m so jealous of the ladies going to CC! Then again, Rob would know I was a fan… which he must never know. I don’t want to make him uncomfortable by calling him “Edward” when we’re sleeping together. …It could happen.

    Have fun at CC, girls!

  17. Love, love, love these.

    I think they messed up the link to the fanfic. It looks like it should have been:

  18. Now i will be searching for that shirt ALL day! my husband already thinks im nuts! See you at Comic Con! Lucky me is neighbors with VickyB and gets all the hot info and fun times to go along with it.

    • oh you’re gonna be with the girls? so jealous!

  19. Edbert Patterhorn.
    kakakakakakaka <– that's like Bwahahahahaha in cyber-Portuguese (uh?)

    BTW, Can I live in the other leg, pretty please?
    You guys always do and always will be (one* of) the best fun in the morning evah!

    *I don't dare to say what's the other best morning fun (that’s what she said?) is…

  20. “I’d dress up like a goat if you asked me to. Kidding. I think. Baaaah.”
    hahahahahahah GENIUS!

  21. oh my gosh! I cannot stop laughing

    “You get a very low-maintenance arrangement, and I get to live in your pants. I’m fine with that. And, to make things really easy for you, you don’t even have to remember my name. You can just call me Pants Girl.”

    really, is having the desire to live in someone else’s pants normal?

    • Of course- it is Rob we’re talking about ITS NORMAL!
      I have to echo Giseli’s request to live in the other pant leg. Could we work it out like a time share?

  22. “I’d dress up like a goat if you asked me to. Kidding. I think. Baaaah.” when someone says goat I think of Sam lol weird??

    You’d be thinking “hey, where’d she go? Oh, there she is. She’s in my pants. Again.” LMAO

  23. Just to let you know, I HARDCORE ❤ Pants girl, even if I don't read her FF!

    • Holy Schnikes! She writes the best FF. Ever. If you like that sort of thing. 😛

  24. Loved the letters girls! xo

  25. ahhahahha

    hope you guys have a blast!!! the tshirt is tthe best ever!! hhaha

    !! ❤

  26. Something I put together to hold you all over until we hear from Moon. Has some humor in it.
    The linky is here

    To me he’s pistol of fire (which have other connotations as well) although I do like the concept of him being my own personal (party in my pants). Enjoy x Hermes

  27. “I would give you your space…hang back, kind of in the shadows. All stealthy. Like a ninja. I could be your ninja girlfriend.”

    “when I was newborn a wise woman came to my mother’s bedside and prophesied that I was the ‘Chosen One,’ the Girl of Great Promise, who would one day be the Hugger of Robert Pattinson. ”

  28. o my heart! i’m still with Edbert Patterhorn & the unchaste pictures it conjures up—it rhymes so beautifully with Matterhorn (not the highest mt. in the Alps but with a kind of Clintonian bend in the peak)—nix with Grand Tetons over here—our mts. are male from bottom to top & have delicious bends in unexpected places—then it’s on to angry badgers—that sends me down the trail to a lovely little guinea pig, the star of a New Moon fan video now playing at TCA, into which Jacob morphs—it’s much nicer & friendlier looking than a wolf could ever be—then it’s back to LTT where Moon is promising to kick some pretty weird looking ass with steel-toed boots—tell me, do you ladies ever sleep or are you just naturally blessed with satirical heads that turn on at will—no matter where i’m off to in the p.m. it’s always with a smile on my face thanks to 2 wild Ami women—on a scale of 1-10 you have to be a perfect 10—XXXOOO

  29. wanted to scroll upwards & happened on Hermes’ video Pistol of Fire where a dancing pussycat morphs into Rob (not dancing)—will have to ponder the symbolism thru the next attack of hysteria—even the keyboard is fighting back—

  30. “goat wearing ninja gear” I knew he was into kinky stuff! I missed you guys, went on vacation with the fam and missed my LTR fix for 6 whole days!

  31. LOL “ninja girlfriend”, you made my morning. If you need someone to take over your shift in Rob’s pants, let me know, I’m free evenings and weekends.

    And also, I may or may not copy your shirt over there.

    Love you. Long time.

  32. OHHHH, Rob living in my pants. Yes, please!!!!
    Both letters were great! Thanks for sharing.

    The Rob diet works. I’ve lost 30lbs so far!!!

  33. re: ComicCon/NewMoon; according to one of the articles, the attendence is way up due to Twilight fan girls. Girls have been lining up for 2+ days already. I hope Moon can get in to see the Twilight panel. They also said that a number of the blogs will be represented, so maybe Moon got a special VIP pass (hopefully) and for sure, I hope she remembers to bring her earplugs (all that high pitched screaming) the poor woman will go deaf.

  34. ‘I’d dress up like a goat if you asked me to. Kidding. I think. Baaaah.’

    LMAO! That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read!

    Awesome letters!

  35. LMAO @ Pants Girl

  36. […] Getting ready to see Rob at ComicCon Update: Moon really IS at ComicCon and she will really live tweet it. And here is all the Comic-Con info we know- keep […] […]

  37. I haven’t posted all day because I’ve been following Moon on Twitter and honestly I didn’t get much done today, LOL! My Dh got so annoyed at me! LOL.

  38. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ErPattz!!!

    I hope you’ve been out having a good time tonight! Join us if you can.

    • Hey! How are ya today?

      • Me or EP?

        I’m doing fine. Got my sleep in–yay! I now have 3 series from the library I need to get going on: Army Wives, season 2, In Treatment (finally came through), and The Riches, season 2. It’s a lot of watching. You never know when they will get to you. It’s so random.

        What have you been up to today?

        • You. lol

          Hooray for sleep! I did a whole bunch of nothing today. I’m a loser.

          • I say that to myself. lol I realize I’m no longer fit for regular society–too long here….

        • i see the EyeC turing into i squared (woud have been better if i could have inserted the numerical squared thingy, but then again we all know I would have stuffed it up anyway!) i hope the loan period is generous.

          • 3 weeks but I’m down to 3 days on AW.

    • I’m sure you are out getting suitably sloshed but in case you check, indeed Happy Birthday EP. ❤

  39. Hey chickadees, just wanted to say I started Mr Horrible last night – LOVE IT BIG TIME

    • as opposed to big love as depicted in the HBO series…

    • LOL! I’ve never seen Big Love. What’s it about?

      Isn’t Baby Swan hilarious??? She cracks me up! And that Edward is nerdy!

      • polygomous mormons, one hubbie three wives and families. of course if Rob was the hubbie, just maybe I’d be willing to go there, esp as I am sure i could take down the other two wives, pretty sure i could…

        • I have no doubt you could, Lizzie! I’d go there either way!

          • all depends on the movtivation, lol!

          • I could see the advantage of having a couple other women in the house and I’d be willing to share if it’s just two others!

        • LOL Hmmm….sounds interesting!

          • i can read your scepticism from here, just cause i once recommend something scorchingly explicit you start to doubt me, LMFAO.

          • Hey, I don’t mind your “scorchingly explicit” recommendations! lol

    • Funny, isn’t it? Good to have something keep you laughing most of the time. Definitely a unique story.

      How are you?

      • really annoyed I am so busy, i just want to get back to baby swan and rich boy, i had to leave it after the big night out ending with most of them in jail. love it.

        • That was a GREAT NIGHT! lol

        • Oh man! That was hilarious!

  40. Hi! Thanks for the Happy Birthdays!

    • Hey the birthday chick herself, hopefully swimming in cake and all things bad?

      • Actually, someone broke into my sister’s apartment, and beat the living crap out of her friends that were there (she was at my party). Kind of brought the whole day down.

        • NO! That’s scary as hell! Why? How could it happen? So glad your sister wasn’t there!

          • Two guys came to the door pretending to be delivery, when her friends opened the door to say they hadn’t ordered anything they beat them up. Her girl friend , not girlfriend, was there too they didn’t touch her. Which is kind of amazing. And they proceeded to take cell phones, laptops, wallets and purses. They had tasers, I’m glad her dog wasn’t there. Dog is yappy, they probably would have killed her.

          • Drugs? That seems to be the motivation for so many now. Makes you lose faith in people when something like that happens. Is your sister afraid to stay there now?

          • She thinks she knows who it is. Her boyfriend pissed some guys off at a party recently, a party at her apartment. And yeah, my sister moved out tonight. OR she will be moved out by tomorrow morning.

          • little turds, karma is a bitch and will eventually get them

          • The police were called, their names given. Charges will be pressed.

          • GOOD

        • well that just totally sucks, hopefully they are all ok?

          • They’re fine, just a little banged up. I wish her girl friend would have had her boots on, she keeps a gun in her boot. She’s so Texas.

          • holy crap, i’m not quite sure what to say to that!

          • You know, I don’t either. I just know not to piss of my sister’s friends when they have their boots on.

          • sound like a sensible plan, your sis has interesting friends!

          • No kidding.

    • YAY!!! Did you do something fun today?

      • Birthday party, that was fun.

        • Good! You’re all done with classes now?

          • Yep, all done with American school for the rest of the year. ( I really like saying that)

          • LOL! Now it’s London bound for you! Are you ready? Do you have your flat and living arrangements figured out?

          • Not even a little ready, and I find out where I live in 2 weeks.

          • OK. Will you have a roommate? It’s going to come whether you’re ready or not!

          • just be prepared it will pretty much be a hovel, flats are like that in the UK, but i liked to consider mine was “quaint”, it made me feel better about it anyway! Won’t matter anyway, with any luck you won’t be spending much time in there anyway

          • 3 “flatmates”. And I’ll be ready!

          • You’re gonna have “flatmates” that’s SO AWESOME!!

          • Yeah, it is awesome. I hope I don’t hate them.

          • For four months you can put up with anything. You’ll probably end up as good friends. Plus you’ll be exploring all over the place like Lizzie says.

          • and if all else fails invite your sis friend’s boots over for a visit.

          • I’m a little afraid of the boots now.

  41. EP I love that you said “I hope I don’t hate them.” That sounds like something I would say!

    • LOL You girls! I did have to work with a girl I really did not like once and One college roommate who lasted just a quarter. I guess I understand the sentiment after all! Yuck!

      • I only spent one night w/ the girl that was supposed to be my roommate. I got my own room and only lived there for a semester. I’m not a people person.

        • I really do think I’m better about that stuff now. It’s been like 4 years! lol

          • which directly correlates with you being allowed to drink, yes? need a little loosner ehh FN!

          • Bwahahahaha! It could be…

        • My second year I had the room to myself after that girl moved out. That was the ideal.

          I’ve got a situation now that a high school friend–not a close one– is going from Vegas to Boulder with his wife by motorcycle and I get the feeling he wants an invitation. It’s not comfortable to me. I’m feeling a little guilty.

          • I don’t think you should feel guilty.

          • At least he didn’t ask outright. I’m always assuming. Mom and Dad used to make us visit thir friends and long lost relatives when we were kids and I always hated it.

          • just tell them there is this greta palce you’d love to meet them for lunch as they swing by. if you aren’t comfortable having them at your place then you don’t invite them, simple.

          • Thinking about it.

    • I don’t just like everybody. And these girls might be super annoying.

      • just tell them the hair looks bad that should deal with them for a week or so while they worry about it.

      • I know what you mean. I’m sure it’ll be fine. I also think Lizzie has good advice! lol

  42. Oh by the way FN in honour of EP’s little soujourn are you going to become EN for a while?

    • LOL! I don’t know. What would the E stand for? Would there be a risk of me losing part of my identity? It could get complicated…

      • i was thinking english nugget, ut of course if you wanted to keeo your continental flavour it could also stand for european nugget.

        • It works….lol

        • I suppose that could work.

  43. So little FN in honour of EP’s sojourn, oui, will you be EN for the next couple of months, oui?

  44. So, did you guys see the pics from Comic-Con today? Rob looked genuinely happy. That always makes me happy too.

    • He looked sad in most of the ones I saw. 😦 I’ll have to go back and look for more.

      And OMG KStew….I shouldn’t even go there…but ICK!

      • Sad? I looked at those from the panel this morning (I think it was). I was able to follow along this afternoon through page 26 in Rob’s Flat in the forum. Then on 27 my Internet Explorer went back to that same thing–can’t be connected. I haven’y checked anywhere else. KStew didn’t look too good. Someone said she was high as a kite. I can’t usually tell. She was quite tongue-tied in the one video I saw and she seemed to be looking to Rob to help her out.

        • Maybe sad is the wrong word….maybe “not thrilled to be there” is better. I’m not sure what KStew’s deal was. I tried to watch one video, but the screaming got annoying. It makes me so sad. I just feel bad now. The crazies have taken the fun out of loving Rob for me! lol

          • I obviously haven’t seen what you’re talking about. I’ll check it out later. I’ve been dreading the day when Rob loses his sense of fun about his growing fame. It seems to have really hit him with the filming of RM and that’s so sad to me. Why do we have to go and ruin it all? Is it the American media, the crazed fans whipped up by the media? I wish I could just take it all away and let him enjoy the work.

  45. I’m off to bed, old people need to sleep earlier.

    • Buenos Noches! You’re not old! lol

      Sweet Chocolate Covered Rob Dreams!

      • LOL fn. Looks like we’re thinking on the same stream tonight!

        • LOL! We were!

    • LOL! Don’t go there yet! You have a few good years left!

      G’Night EP. Have sweet dreams, chocolate-covered Rob dreams and sleep well.

    • Chocolate covered Rob dreams it is. Night all.

  46. ok chickadees, I have to go be good and finish up some stuff.

    So happy you popped in on you bday EP, hope tomorrow is filled with more cake and drinkies for you.

    i’m planning on catching you all tomorrow, so hope to see you then.

    chow chow

    • Bye bye Lizzie. Tomorrow then.

    • Adios Lizzie! Talk to ya tomorrow!

  47. So what are you reading tonight EyeC?

    • I went back and got all of Hourglass caught up. Now I’ve started one called Lady of the Knight which is by the same author as Holding Out For You that I liked so much. This one is finished! It’s 26 chapters.

      • Wow, you’re on a roll! I’m rereading ch. 48 of WA so I can get back into the groove of the story. I don’t think I’ll get to the update until tomorrow.

        • I get that. It’s a good chapter. Surprising. Then we have the last one on Saturday and next Wednesday for the epilogue. That makes me sad too. Like the end of a long journey. It was such an intense story. I think anyone reading it once it’s finished will have a better time than waiting so long for the conclusion. AG is going to be on a TwiFic panel on Saturday. She’s only 24!

          • For real?? I don’t think I could write anything remotely interesting! lol

          • That frustrates me ’cause I’d really like to write. Some people were born with that ‘storyteller gene’. Of course they have to put in the work or it just stays up in their brain but that ability to pull together a complete story is a talent. I guess we’ve all got something we’re good at and we usually find our way eventually.

  48. Hi LOTN.
    How are we?

    EP – Sorry I missed you. Belated birthday greetings.
    Not that you’ll see this. BUt anyway.

    • Hi Nat! Yeah, we were glad that she joined us tonight.

    • Hey Nat! How are ya?

  49. This is the pic I remembered seeing. He looks so blah. I agree w/ everything you said up there!

    • Verse 2 and the chorus remind me of Rob.

      • Yes, that second verse really does sound like where he’s at right now. He needs a rest. I’m still sad about the whole situation. I love it when he laughs and there hasn’t been much of that lately.

        • I hope things settle down soon. I feel so bad for him.

    • I think he does look tired. The earlier pics today were really nice where he was smiling and his eyes sparkled. Good hand porn too.

      • I will definitely have to check those out then! lol

  50. I haven’t done randome thoughts in a while, so here it goes….

    I LoveLoveLove Led Zeppelin!!

    For some reason I’ve been really hungry lately! It sucks!

    My nails are growing (I’m a nail biter) and I’m excited!

    I’m super excited for next weekend!

    • I probably know a lot of his songs but my head was elsewhere at the time.

      What is that all about? Find something!

      That’s a victory!

      I bet! It’s gonna be a blast! You get Sam too….

      • Stairway to Heaven was the one that I was listening to at the time.

        I think it’s PMS. lol

        I say so!

        I know!! *SQUEE!!!*

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