Posted by: Bekah | May 15, 2010

Open Weekend Post: Weekend Delight

Dear Rob,

It’s been a busy week. First we celebrated Moon’s birthday, then YOU had a birthday and then you aired on Oprah and had to re-live the horrifying moment when you came face-to-face with a TwiMom for the first time. I hope you get a LOT of sleep (alone) this weekend.

To the rest of us- with Rob’s birthday comes great things- fan made Rob’s birthday videos. Some really bad ones. And also… some that remind me of back in the glory days, when Saturday AM Delights were new & fresh and we hadn’t seen every Rob clip & video known to man. I’m pretty sure there’s enough delight in these videos to last both Saturday AND Sunday

Dang…. all this hottness in pictures

I like this… cause he’s NOT… but yet… I’ll claim him:

Happy weekending!


Not enough? Get more Saturday AM Delights here!

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter


  1. Dear Rob,
    I really want to, come kick it with you;
    You’ll be my British boyy, British boyy.

    Not begging though

  2. god bless you tube and fans with time on their hands!!! only just getting to watch oprah, got as far as oprah giving kstew a hug had to stop does it get much more cringe?

    • Oh yes it does!!!

      • @mine!
        It was too late to respond to your comment yesterday, but I appreciate your idea of who Rob should date 🙂

        • Remind us?

          • I believe I said i would rather see him dating…..

            ‘MP or Misty (if he husband would let her) or any of the mad, wonderful ladies who inhabit the our odd little LTR world’

            Anybody on here would be preferable to Kstew

            Here come the thumbs down!

          • M!x3- if you look back over yesterday, there were a LOT of thumbs down. The teenagers strike again (after school lets out).

            But, Rob has a new love interest- Rosie the elephant!
   (scroll down).

            I’ve very enthusiastic about this new couple; I expect great things for them both.

          • Are you kidding…ANY of us would be a far better choice…that is not debatable!

          • sorry about the terrible spelling, but I’d just got up and my eyes weren’t open when I posted that.

            All future posts with bad spell will be due to lazyness. I type too quickly and never re-read posts for spelling/grammatical mistakes.

            Apologies Ladies

          • agree

          • @mine! or you

            @undecidedsten your life (ok your day) won’t be the same after watching. I’m still embarassed and I had a certain time to digest. I have no idea how Rob could behave and not show too much the embarassement.

          • @mp he does a good poker face!!

          • I told you all about Rosie months ago!!!
            isnt she sweet? She even felt rob up.. (with her trunk).

      • oh god the twimoms??? really??
        defintion of second hand embarrassment

        i think i can say this cos all the americans aren’t up yet but that would never go down over here!!!!

        • It was pretty second hand embarrassing for me and I’m ‘up’ 🙂

          The families and the moms seemed to be lacking any self awareness. They’re caught up it the ‘phenomenon’ (imagine it with Oprah’s weird pronunciation) and have gone waaaay too far with it. There a re a lot of really odd people out there!

          • feeeenomanon!!

          • @drsaka
            I was reading robsessed the other day (and yes I started to read the posts over there) and I discovered a post from one lady trying to cheer up another who was taking all the rob news a little too seriously. Well this lady told the other one to chill out about the news and take it all with a pinch of salt. She told her to stop reading the gossip news and just read and post at Robsessed. She goes on to say the following:

            “There a few other sites out there that I’ve read; ‘Letters To Rob’ and ‘TWItarted’, but I only glance at them because they are fall down on the floor funny who laugh at themselves as much as they do Rob (and oh my lordy, if he isn’t a target. what a noodlehead. lol) But as soon as you can break the habit of looking at them…do it. I promise you, you will not be missing anything by avoiding them.”

            Is she saying that taking the piss out of ourselves and Rob is not a good thing and should be avoided. If so, why oh why do people take all this so seriously. I remember why I choose to post on this site rather than any other. I came across LTR when I saw a post from someone signing themselves as ‘feaverish in indonesia’ they had ended the post with ‘Rob you have robbed my heart’
            Misty replied: ‘Rob you have robbed my heart’……..and my brain’!
            That single post alone made me really laugh and from there on in I was hooked, and I was hooked on LTR because nobody took themselves or their *exterme fondness* too seriously, or Rob for that matter. It allows you to love HHH but not feel like you are batshit crazy for doing so.

            So to the lady who typed that…..seriously, seriously you don’t visit this site…..why!!!!!! it’s the best.

            And Drsaka you are right there are some very weird people out there!! and I appear to be one of them.

          • M!x3- I guess I don’t understand her point- why stop reading something if ‘its fall down on the floor funny (people, sic??) who laugh at themselves as much as they do Rob’ ???

            If I had the extreme luck to be with Rob (yeah, I know approaching affinity unlikely), I think I would laugh at him as much as with him- he is flat out hilarious. See the gifs that RG made, links below. The jerky body movements, the goofy facial expressions and oh, that giggle and laugh! How could you not respond in kind??

            I haven’t smiled or laughed this much in a looong time. LTR gives us something to laugh about and that’s a bad thing?????

            Rob appears to have a great sense of humor and a self-deprecating one at that. I’ll project that he would enjoy LTR women making fun of themselves (and him)!

            I guess I don’t get her point about ‘breaking the (LTR) habit and you won’t miss it’. HUH?????

          • MMM…..there are many good blogs out there…agree with that girl….but there is really something very speciall about LTR……it’s funny and smart and intelligent… and I guess it takes…..only funny and smart and intelligent women to understand this!!! you know what I mean honey????

            Thank you Uc and Moon…for not being a blog just about “OH ROB YOU ARE SO HOT”….

            love you……

          • @drsaka
            I agree, there have been many times I’ve read a letter to rob on here and the posts that follow and I seriously believe that Rob would get a kick out of the daftness that is LTR. At least he’d be aware that there are some fans of his out there that are *relatively* normal and not off their heads crazy.

            I also predict that Rob would love this site if he ever visited, I would if I were Rob.

          • I don’t understand why it would be a habit to break because its funny; that doesn’t make any sense (a good reason would be the major time drain, but that’s my own fault).

            Mel’s point is a good one- the sites where everyone just re-iterates ‘he’s so hot’ are dull. Yes, he is so hot and believe me, I appreciate it as much as you do, but Rob really seems to be so much more. Let’s celebrate all his qualities including his wonkiness, goofiness and his sense of humor.

          • Agrees with drsaka-
            Folks who take this shizz all this too seriously are missing life…. Laughing is good.
            Hey even Lord Sparklepeen mocks himself.

          • @dsraka

            I seriously don’t know, I don’t really get her point either, but I think her it’s the taking the mick out of Rob that she doesn’t like. Again I say people take this all too seriously.

            I agree with you also, sites dedicated entirly to him just being hot are dull and boring. It’s that over serious posting about his
            life like they know him personally that puts me off other blogs.

            To those people I say ” Jezz get over yourselves and develop a sense of humour, why don’t you!”

          • @drsaka

            she says – (and oh my lordy, if he isn’t a target. what a noodlehead. lol)

            I think the telling word here is the use of ‘target’ in that sentence.

          • M1x3- I didn’t quite get who was speaking, the woman on the post??? Who is calling who a noodlehead? Is she saying tht Rob is a target for mockery?

          • @ MMM and @drsaka…… you sistas…but….lol….
            so much talk about a woman who does obviously not know what she is talking about….nor does she belong to LTR….

            And she does….not know that Rob would loooove this blog….he would 😀

          • @drsaka
            Yep I think that’s what she’s saying! It’s hard to tell though.

            This is why I love LTR because we can discuss (at great lenghts if the whim takes us) any old rubbish (and not so rubbish stuff).

        • I am still in shock re. the twi-moms. I can’t imagine why anyone would happily embarass themselves in that way on national television.

          Even Rob couldn’t bring himself to look at them, what was he saying
          ‘goodness me, goodness me’…..translation…..’you are all batshit crazy and I would avoid each and every one of you like the bloody plague’.

          If that is the level of madness he has to contend with no wonder he hangs out with Kstew……irrating though she is, at least she’s not batshit crazy!

          • Bat shit crazy!!! Bhahaha

          • I’m actually feeling sorry for the hubs, I’d be seriously considering divorce!

            Oh the embarassment!

        • Where you from? that’s what I thought, you will never see the “phenomenon” around here. Seems surreal. But then again, “Desperate Housewives” (that I really liked the first seasons) wasn’t made in Europe either.

          • MP………the man has to get his…ass…..back to Europe!!! Sorry guys…think we are a bit more…normal…..around him in Europe!!!

            Oh goodness…….that means a lot of thumbsdowns from you USgirls???
            No……you know I love ya all!!! 😀

          • we’re not talking about LTR girls, we’re ahem normal, we’re talking about the Twimoms of the My-kids-are-more-mature-than-me-and-I-embarass-them-on-Oprah type.

          • seems surreal………….. best description ever….still unbelievable, they’re their own chliche’ !!!

          • STILL……..he has to get his ass back…to Europe!!! 😀

          • LMFAO……I got a thumbsdown for wanting him back in Europe???

        • I have to show my husband the “TwiMoms” sometime today. I have to show him that even though I am a fan I have NOT converted a room in our basement into a Twilight alter. That is a bit much. So even when he thinks I am going crazy when I squeal at the new clips that come out for Eclipse and I force him to watch them with me…I am not that far gone.
          Not that we don’t love everyone who is a fan, but seriously ladies…take it down a notch.

          • And blame it all on……Edward!!! LOL….hubs or bfs seem to be able to deal with Edward somehow…pfff …he is a vampire……..BUT……..ROB……noooo….they can’t handle Rob….Rob is tooooo reall ladies………tooo reall!!!

  3. oh jesus she’s so intense, “i bring too much of myself” …

    think i’ll wait someone is bound to put a video of just rob up you tube!

    • I would prefer that she bring a little less of herself!

      • ooooo, naughty M!x# !!!! I think it.

        • oh jeez, that was supposed to be I like it. See M!x3’s comment about spelling and typing- me too.

      • ha ha don’t we all
        i don;t know maybe she does have socially debilitating shyness but could she have been anymore awkward giving the ring to that fan.

        • The 15 yr old fan girl had more composure that she did.

        • for me it’s the odd noise she makes with her mouth when she’s talking that really irrates me. Also I find it really difficult to work out what the hell she’s talking about because of the all the stuttering and stumbling over her words.

          She’s a bloody actress, and though not a great one,(and that is just my opinion, even before the twi thingy I was never a fan) she could at least bring that to her interviews and give all our ears a rest.

          • it’s like it pains her, and it pained me to get through the entire oprah (only for rob of course, was worth it for woof!)
            i don’t know she must make him happy some how …

          • Oh, where is the love ladies? Can she never be mentioned nicely? mumblemumblegivenhowmuchwealllovehisotherfunnyhabitscoughdadcasecoughcan’twejustsmileandgiveuponthismumblemumble

            *hides from gigantic life-endangering thumbsdown*

          • I think my point is that Rob would love this site – except for that.

          • who knows @eatmyjorts. Maybe he’d join in (jk)

            I dont’ think we are too mean about Kstew, it’s just an opinion and non of us are really horrible about her, I’ve read worse….much worse on the web about her.

          • All true minex3 & yet I just can’t gloss over it…it may not be as bad as others but it still picks away at her flaws, if she was my friend I’d be upset. My opinion obvs…but would anyone here choose to say it in front of HHH?

            Argh! Tweed attack! It’s a Saturday night people! I am now attempting to step away from the tweed….

          • i first saw twilgiht last september and i didn’t particularly have an opinion on kristen, i didn’t dislike because she was “with” rob and i thought she was cool not falling out of clubs like lindsay and paris etc. but then i saw the new moon press interviews and the constant sulking (and the mullet on the cover of vanity fair – never get over that) and i just don’t get her. i know it’s not very nice they way we discuss her sometimes but as mine! says don’t think we’re the first people to be unkind about a celebrity ever!

          • Well @eatmyjorts
            She is a Public person which opens her up to critisism and love As long as we aren’t being offensive (and I dont’ mean to kstew lovers cos they seem to take offense at just about anything,) than why shouldn’t we voice our opinion and on the question of HHH, yes I would if asked (and being the absolute terrible person that I am, even if my opinion wasn’t asked for).

            Oh lord now who’s getting all serious. I think we should just agree to disagree and go and have a few drinks, it is saturday and RL is calling. 🙂

        • @UD
          Actually I saw an interview with her when she was 13. She was far better and there was less stutter and weird mouth noises going on. What the hell happened?!!!!

          • i dunno
            she takes herself way to seriously, your bella not a goodwill ambassador no one outside of the twi feenomanon cares!!

          • Weed and booze happened

  4. Thanks for posting the videos…….

    Rob, meet me half way…..Bam! Bam! Bang!oops..

  5. It was quite a week with many new Robmoments to ponder.

    Does he woof at every dog he encounters as a greeting?

    Can he get out of a car without the door rebounding on him?

    Does every door automatically open when he’s near??

    More mysteries of Rob!

    • Dude.
      Rob barking at a dog totally made my week.

      • That was the best part-

        • Drsaka, I’ll try…..but I’m a tecnical idiot, just sayin….hopefully it works

          • It works! Thanks, RG! Its a Robhighlight to be sure!

          • I love my own gif..and to be able to post it…wow I’m clapping on my own shoulder now…lol

          • You need a hug RG??? Or some loooooove??? to fill a void???? LOL…good work honey!!!!

          • ILU2RG

          • Omg RG that was brillz!

            Will you woof marry me?

          • sure Misty!!! 🙂

          • wah!!! tapping on your shoulder. I dunno how to do that and I’m not a techtard. Or at least I liked to think I wasn’t.

            Have a great Saturday everybody!

          • well, you go to you create an account, upload a youtube video and then you cut it….its very easy and funny, I like gifs..

      • I totally didn’t notice the barking at first. I just had to rewatch it now. DUDE! amazing.

        P.S.the messy fake Oprah ticket he wrote. died.

        • That ticket was really cute too- frame it and save it.

    • Does every door automatically open when he’s near?? Drsaka, I think he has some kind of effect on things and people–doors, mouths, legs, everything!

      • oooooo, you might be right.

  6. Does he bark at dogs? Bhahaha you made me laugh this morning! I heart u

    • Sorry that was for drsaka

    • Well, we have one example of it! And he looked like he was interacting with that dog on the BA set. Its a fair question!

      • dude, I’m a tecnical genius… ladies…that was the other cute moment for me

        • i love they way he finds himself hilarious

          • UD
            me too isn’t he soo cute, I could pinch his cheek!

            P.s I’m not much older than him, just sayin’ lol

        • RG- both of the gifs make me laugh, every time!

          • me as well, that’s why I love gifs, you can catch the best 10 seconds of a 1 hour show!

      • yes you are!!! well done! applause!

        • Einstein……… own personal gifEinstein!!!! Muaahhhh

        • Drsaka…honey……my brain is a bit gaga today….this was a reply to RG…but you are a genious too honey…… every way…lol………

          • Thanks! I need some ego boosting lately, so I’ll take the compliment! You’re talented too!

            A round of applause for everyone!

          • LOL….I think we all need a hug and an ego boosting after all this twi…women around him on Oprah!!! made me feel like…….really…bad!!! Need to get a bit of selfestime back!!!!

            …..and please don’t look at my spelling!!!! Terrible!!!

  7. Oooh I have to share this:
    My mum and I enjoy browsing for the lovely old houses around us.
    Anywho, I’d bookmarked some to show her and as I swivelled my computer to show her the house, I said: “you will love it, it’s gorgeous”. Welp, I somehow managed to accidentally minimize the window and my laptop background is Rob. I was all embarrassed and praying she hadn’t seen it and quickly flicked the browser back up and she said: “no, HE is gorgeous!”.
    This is why I love her.

    • Good taste runs in the family!

      • Since my mum outed herself and admits to watching twilight and new moon nightly (what is wrong with the world) and discovered that I have a *cough* passing interest *cough* in the HHH, she now phones me more often than she used to with Rob related questions.

        I’m still finding it all a little disconserting, she’s 60ish….his appeal is universal and transends all ages! My mum is living proof of this.

        • I bet it is a bit disconcerting, but at least there is discussion and understanding about HHH with your mum. Universal appeal is correct!
          (how does Rob do that?????)

          • @drsaka,

            I find it more disconcerting that we have a passing interest in the same person.

            I’d happily shag the ass of him, my mum serioulsy doesn’t think of him like that – thank god I really couldn’t cope with that – She finds him attractive (like who wouldn’t with half a brain) but he’s the kind of person that appeals to parents, he’s the kind of guy parents want their daughters to bring home. I’m not saying my mum wants me to bring him home – she’s not dillusional, but I understand why she likes him. To her he’s safe (personally I’m not so sure she’s right about that), he’s British, handsome, wealthy, good mannered, well behavioued every thing a man should be.

            I personally don’t thing that wealth, good looks (do help) and being British are prerequisites of a good partner, hence my mum has never approved of any of my men choices.

          • Sorry about the non approval part. Keep trying??

            He is well-mannered and has a sweetness about him and a non-threatening persona that would appeal greatly to prospective parents. He also has a way of directly looking at the person he’s talking to (see the Today Show/Matt Lauer interview RM interview and many others) that immediately engaging. He also looks like he’s really listening to what they say, intelligently processing it and then thoughtfully replying. This is his brand of charisma and its very very appealing. And the self-deprecation is charming. Parent pre-approved.

            I agree with the maybe ‘he’s not so safe’ part and women everywhere respond vigorously to this, too (see most LTR posts and comments).

            Universal appeal.

        • I think if my mum were 60 I would be like “Mum. No.”
          But she’s not even 40 so she can get away with it in front of me hahaha
          Although if my brother heard, he’d be disgusted lol

          • @jayde

            I feel that way……when I found out I was like ‘OMG no, that’s so wrong, you’re my mum’

            How old are you? you’re mum’s only 40!

          • Sorry mis read that

            she’s not even 40! You must be a wee babe! 🙂

          • @Mine! I’m 20, my mama was only 18, almost 19 when she had me 🙂

        • well, my mom is not old at all, but she called him once Ron Patterson and somehow I am really fine with that.

          • Less competition????

          • no, zero knowledge 🙂

          • Good!!!!

          • @RG

            I don’t think my mum’s old, just odd, she had me late,well later than most of her peers, not super late, just later…..I digress and ramble.

            Her knowledge is limited and confined to E Entertainment on TV. She refuses to have a computer, how she manages without one I really don’t know. So I have to say that zero knowledge would be preferable to some knowledge.

          • mine! you’re right, its just that since Oprah I think I’ve a “my-mom-loves-Edward/Rob aversion”…so I’m happy that she has no clue!

  8. I have seen many Birthday vids for him these days…and the one that are posted here are great….but this one is the best…… takes my breath away…just so much love!!!

    thank you Biel…honey….you are the best!!!!

    • And it did not work and I don’t know why!!!!! Anyway…..go to Biel’s channel and watch it… just beautiful!!!!!

      Why did this not work????Anybody??? a little help!!!!

      • it works……here
        it’s beautiful
        and now on robsessed as well with another title…

      • its working
        *sigh* that is all!

    • It worked for me (TWSS- and it did!). Thanks for sharing- you are right, Melronin, video is better than any of the videos posted here today.

      Gol dang, Biel is truly gifted!

      I feel tingly…

      • The woman is sharing……..just sharing….him….with us…..and somehow I find this amazing!!!
        This one…….just sais it all!!!!

        Biel…honey….if you are around…..I love you…..I really do!!!

    • Thank you…jellybean….my link worked..but I wanted it to…look like that…!!!

      It’s…….a……..breathtaking video!!!!

      • I love that for his birthday BIEL appreciated his work!

    • *shivers* I luff lil ashes.

  9. Unrelated post.

    Ed and David Miliband to run for leadership of the Labour Party. Now there is a difficult choice, I love both of them but I think Ed just edges it for me. They are the sons of the ‘notorious'(bloody tabloids) marxist theorist Ralph Miliband…whoop, whoop. Ed is only 40 whilst David is 44….these brothers are the ones to watch in the leadership race. The future is looking sunny for the Labour Party.

    Go the Milibands. We could see one as the leader of the labour party and the other as the deputy leader of the labour party.

    • @mine-x2
      I’m confused .. Isnt a conservative the head of your government now? Usually they’ll try to keep power and if this runs true to form, the labour party will be out of having any power or influence over your government for a for a while..

      Question — Also, by voting in the Milibandes for the labor party did they get rid of Tony Blair and all of his bunch (and influence) he has over your labor party?

      Curious minds wanna know. 🙂

      • @Hermes

        tony Blair resigned from PM post three years ago and therefore could not be the leader of the labour party, now has a lower profile in the labour party, though still influential. I have no problem with Blair and his elk, he was the most successful leader of the labour party and history will show this even though he made a bit of a pigs ear in terms of sending us off to war. That does not negate the fact that under his leadership more money was spent on the welfare services i.e. education, health and redressing the balance between the richer and poorer sections of our community, and many other good social reforms…….and any one who says this is not the case is blinkered and is seriously forgetting what the Tory government did to this country in the 80s and early 90s.

        the bloody conservertives are head of governement, and if the coalition remains they will probably remain for the next five years, god help us.

        I am talking about the election for the new leader of the labour party. When Gordon stepped down as PM he also retired as leader of the labour party. he could have remained leader but choose to resign his post both as leader and his seat in the commons.

        So right now the labour party have a cartaker leader in harriet harman but she can not remain the leader has the leader must be elected. So now the labour party must present those who wish to run for Leadership to a vote. This is not voted by the general public but by the members of the Labour Party. So now we have about 4 or 5 people who will put themselves forward for the post. Both the Miliband brothers are running for this post. This doesn’t give them political power,as such, though the opposition party does try to block policies etc and have voice/vote in the commons but they don’t make policy. Leader of the political parties (labour and Lib dem) will become what is called ‘opposition leaders’ and each cabinet office has a shadow. eg. the foreign secretary will have a shadow foreign secretary in the Labour and Lib Dem parties. However, the difference now is the only opposition party is Labour as a coalition now exists betweeen the Lib Dems and the Cons. So Cameron is PM and Nick Clegg the leader of the Lib Dems is now Deputy Prime Minister and 6 other MPs from lib dem party hold cabinet seats…..even though they only won 57 seat as opposed to Labour who won 258 seats. Doesn’t seem fair that a party that only won 57 seats in the General Election should have a share in government, but this was the only way the Tory party were able to gain a majority in Commons and thus get any of their policies through. Though there continued government does rely on the coalition staying in tack.

  10. wow.. I never realized this…but looking at the above vids.. Robbie makes a very good male fashion model…. and I mean that as a compliment.

    Perhaps he should go back into modeling…

  11. Mmmmm love the vids.

    Do you sit at home[hotel] and look at your dedicated vids? You should. They might give you a boost that Redbull can’t do….. (unless it’s laced with vodka). *wiggles eyebrows*

    the one who wants to give you birthday secks,

  12. Ugh! Those videos are worse than the twimoms… Yuck! No wonder rob wants to hide. Come hide in Mississippi, Robert. Come hide.

  13. regarding the comment on robsessed by a member, I read it, the bottom line is that Nik (the one who wrote it )meant was for the fan to not go to site like Tedc , Perez , Lainey but instead recommended her tofgo to LTR and some other site………

    • Thanks, Pattygril- I didn’t quite get it.

    • It doesn’t read like that…..I have to admit it was a rather confusing post and I came away from it with the idea that LTR was site to stay away from?

      Obviously just mis-read it

  14. I can’t believe we hadn’t mentioned this yet!

    How crazy hot was Rob as Edward in the new E clip? The one with the confrontation between E and J that Charlie breaks up?

    Pissed off E is hot!

    (okay, I know I regressed into a ‘he’s hot’ post that I complained about above as being dull, but since we covered many other topics, I think its okay).

    • Hi drsaka honey….how is your Sunday???

      We never said we would never say the “oh he is so hot”…phrase….lol…..cause he sooo is…
      just NOT ONLY…..the “he is soooo hot” phrase!!!!

      OMG……he is so hot as pissed off Edward!!! No words!!!

      Love ya

    • thats bascially ltts post for the weekend, hot hot angryward is but i think it warrants a discussion here too!

      • Mel and UD- maybe we can suggest ‘how hot is pissed off Rob or Edward’ as an LTR topic?? Lots of good pics or it!!!

        • I think we have to…..LOL……’s our duty!!!

          Pissed off Edward or pissed of Rob……..MUST absolutely be our next LTR topic!!!
          This will be a veeeery hot day….on LTR…drsaka…..I’m sure!!!

          • Hi Mel, we can suggest it to Moon and UC, we’ll see if they like it!

          • let’s think of examples… Ok the fight with the dad in remember me…. leading to angry wall sex

          • good one!

            Lots of Rob pics from the earlier VF shoot?

          • Ya where he’s all moody lying in the bed … God bless VF

          • Good one unde….
            Angry wall sex…….

            LA scene…..with Dali…hitting….ya know….and then…ya know….too hot???

          • Nonono….just watched it on YT…Dali and Federico scene…toooo hot…
            Omg…can’t do……..we’ll stick to VF shoots…it’s safer 😀

          • I am probably talking to myself here…but…”the haunted airman” has some good pissedoffRob scenes as well…….just sayin…

          • Were always listening mel! Haven’t seen HA yet! Added to my to do list!

          • LOL…good to know that I’m not totally gaga…talking to myself and that someone is listening!!! Thank God!!!
            So what do you think about Dali and Lorca…scene????

          • UD and Mel- we can suggest anything that you want to!
            UD- should I include you on the email? see my address below.

  15. How are you doing honey??? Very boring Sunday here in Greece…. very hot and windy!!! And no demonstrations to go…pass my time!!! 😀

    • Hi Mel, I’m going to start some work soon (blah). I’ll be happy to write to Moon and UC and suggest the topic. If you want, I’ll include you on the email, you too UD. If you want to, email me
      The topic is also discussed on this weekends LTT!!!

      • Of course you can include me….well…I guess UC and Moon will not mind…us suggesting HOTPISSEDEDWARD topic….

        Well… on Sundays sucks….but…c’est la vie….right???

        Take care!!!

  16. just popping in on a Sunday afternoon b/c I read some of the comments & you guys are so sweet to Moon & I.


    • We love what you’ve done here!

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