Posted by: Bekah | May 13, 2010

Happy 24th Birthday Rob Pattinson

Dear Rob,

HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY! We love you so much we even threw up a flashy .gif image to show our affection. Nothing shows how much we care like a really gay sparkly sign.

We thought about writing you a heart-to-heart letter today.. spilling our feelings, showing everyone how we’re the best Rob Pattinson fans in the world and no one’s love could compare to our love for you.  We threw out the idea of writing poetry, making a sappy video of ourselves, sending you a care package including everything we know you’d love (plus a print out of the past year’s letters) or even writing you a song and posting it on You Tube so that we could score a record deal like Bieber people would know the depth of our love, but nothing felt right. It all felt…… forced and not like the Rob we “know.”

So we put our thinking caps on and thought, what do we know about Rob? Well, for starters, you’re a guy. What do guys like? Guys like porn. Turns out, we know a LOT about porn & a lot about YOU, so for your 24th birthday we’re going to make YOUR dreams come true and be those girls who do give you something really, really different & memorable… We give you:

Much more Porn for Rob after the jump!

Happy Birthday Rob! As proven by our public nudity and gifting of Porn for Rob, there is no one who loves you more than we do. And as it’s seems that after all this time we’ve reduced you to a dude who only eats cheap, processed food, drinks crappy imported beer, shops at stores for the poor and jokes about grandmas, we simply request you give us some new material during your 24th year.

Love (the most),
UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

Thanks to Lula & Brookie for your help & to The Font, one of the LTT guys on the LTT Podcast who had the following convo with me:

UC: wanna help me be perverted about food?
The Font
: uh. i feel like there are a lot of ways for this to not end well
: it’s Rob’s birthday tomorrow…. so you know how we do RobPorn? like pics of rob vacuuming and stuff? well, we’re making PORN for ROB…. like pics of hot pockets with words “I want to be inside you” so i need help… be perverted about food
The Font
: wait are they all hot pockets?
: haha no… i just have one
The Font: why would rob want to have sex with food and drink? wouldn’t he just want to have sex with women?

Guys JUST don’t get it!!!

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter


  1. *shakes head*
    Guys will never get it.

    Happy Birthday, Rob!

  2. Dear Rob,
    happy birthday
    let’s be simple about you
    you’re AMAZING!
    love you

    • and…24y sounds sooo much older than 23y! 🙂

      • It does, doesn’t it? Now I don’t feel quite so ‘bad’……

      • Yes but now he’s 24, that means we are also gonna be a year older!


        • Trying not to think about this part of the equation.

        • Nope, we’re women. we are always 29 21.

          • trufax!

    • seriously thank god he’s 24. whew.

  3. Gefeliciteerd Rob! I will pop a Heineken tonight in your name.

  4. Happy 24th, Rob!

    Hope you have a great one, filled with plenty o porn, of all varieties!

    As my birthday gift to you, I am wearing my very sexiest panties. I hope you like a good red lace thong.

    Enjoy, sugar. 😉

    • Lol! Why didn’t I think to celebrate Rob’s big day with sexy panties….ugh!

      • How about this? I’m celebrating Rob’s birthday…with NO panties.
        Now we’re talkin’! Grrrr
        Love you, Rob.

        • Yeah, I thought that was the idea – to celebrate Rob’s birthday with international no-panties day.

          • I’m going to do that for the day of the Eclipse premiere.

            I think our boy would like either one.

    • Darling Rob – Happy Birthday! Baby, why don’t you come on over and we’ll celebrate together and you can check out for yourself if I may or may not have my sexy panties on……. the champagne is chilling, see you soon! I’ll leave the door open……

  5. Now UC why did you have to go and say:

    “We like it better animal style” and “I want to be inside you”?

    Now I’m not gonna get a damn thing accomplished all day! Oh, Rob…



    • “I’m not gonna get a damn thing accomplished all day!”….oh tupelo…honey…you said it!!!

      @UC….great job sweety…loved your work today!!! and.”we like it better animal style”… “I want to be inside you”……….OMG!!!!

      • 🙂 i got perverted with food, what can I say!?

        • UC…I f—ing loooove it animal style!!

          • I’m hungry AND horny at the same time. thanks!

        • @UC…….you’re doing good sweety….really…….food is good 😀

    • Ikr? Hahaha, gosh that really turned me on. Thanks UC and Moon. I’m supposed to go take my DD shopping this morning but now all I can think of is your “I want to be inside of you” comment.” Ayayay!

      Need a splash of cold water please on my face!

  6. Happy 24th Birthday Rob!

    I love your porn UC & Moon! The hot pocket – I wanna be inside of you – is absolutely classic. But the best part was your request for new material!!

    • Dear Rob, yes, new material please. It’s about time.
      Happy 24th!

  7. I’m so sad y’all didn’t ask us to send in pictures of ourselves, holding homemade signs, declaring our love & birthday greetings for Rob. That would’ve been WAY better than Rob porn. Yeesh.

    I’m going to pop open a Stella for breakfast–since I’m out of Heineken. I feel Rob would approve.

  8. happy birthday Rob!

    can’t wait for Oprah today.. hehehe

  9. Dearest Rob,

    Please accept my birthday wishes sent with acute fondness. I’m one of the many women who is extremely thankful and grateful for this day of celebration.

    Yours with the ‘request you give us some new material during your 24th year’ (oh please please please, I’m begging here) and lots of love,


    • 😀 😀 😀

    • drsaka, I couldn’t have put it better myself!

      And double high-five and big ol’ shout out to Clare, who really deserves presents of her own for gifting us all with the glory that is Rob.

    • Haha! I was gonna say that too!

      Amen to that! Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Pattinson. I can’t imagine life without your beautiful son!

      • What a conception that was!!!!

  10. Happy birthday rob
    hope u get some good birthday lovin!!
    (if not call me, I guess I could try to fit u in to my busy schedule!)

  11. Happy happy happy birthday Robert!! i love you

  12. Dear Rob…baby

    Happy Birthday!!! I wish you…everything…everything good….that makes you happy….that makes you smile!!!

    I love you……too much (for my health)

    PS:….you do know that this is the best blog EVA…and that we are the best girls EVA!!! Right????

    • I totes second the P.S.!

    i’m glad we became all frozen 24 till next year.
    don’t know what kind of presents u’ll get but i wish u could give us a CannesROB as a bday gift
    Luv u honey(so much)
    and thanx to Richard &Clare for deciding to make a such peice of hottness for women all around the world -24 years ago- 😀

    ps.uc&moon luv the post.BW is so lucky

    • Thumbs up sista!!!!

    • win! ❤

    • Ha ha ha we’re celebrating Richard and Clare “doin it, doin it and doin it well”

  14. Love the porn for Rob idea.

    Try me, I’m cheap and easy.
    Jacket in vintage shop dreaming of any position on the floor.

    Happy birthday Rob! Have a good one! And come say hi one day!
    I’m meeting friends tonight, but they don’t have to know I’ll say cheers for you. All this because you forgot to invite me to your party. That’s OK, next year.

    • HA! “cheap and easy” is the new “hot and irresistible” YES!!!I second that!

    • GOOD ONE…mp!!! Try me, I’m cheap and easy??? LMFAO!!!!

      • it’s the jacket.

        • MP- Rob unfortunately forgot your invitation- similar to when he forgot where he parked his car. Don’t feel too bad, it wasn’t personal.

          • I know, that’s what I thought. I always forget staff because i’m not organised but he has less excuses. I mean what do Nick and the PA do, comment on LTR?

            P.S. He forgot where he parked his car? hahahahahaha Classic.

          • Haha. That’s a bad combination, two forgetful and un-organized people dating. You’d probably never manage to get together.

          • Probably one of Rob’s ‘tall tales’, but he said on last Oscar night he parked his car somewhere and couldn’t find it again.

            If its true or not, its still funny.

        • good one MP 🙂

          • LMAO!!!! what’s that? best avatar ever!!!

          • That’s a cake……..a birthday cake??? Good one che!!!!

          • well it’s his birthday cake from last year at İtalia new moon set

      • Only for Rob on his birthday would I take “sloppy seconds”

  15. Yay! For half a year I’ll only be one year older than Rob. The fact that this makes me excited is normal, right?

    P.S. LMAO -> “wanna try my dusty muffin”

  16. I forgot. I’m sorry to say this, but I’m a little disappointed in Moon’s rack. I mean it’s nice, but it doesn’t look a like a – #1 reason for Rob to date moon – nice.

    • haha…. since then she’s gotten implants. that was 6 months ago..

  17. ****In the event that Rob reads this blog (which he probably does, I mean I couldn’t resist reading letters that people were writing specifically to me everyday…could you?)****

    Hi Rob!
    Happy birthday hotness!!!!!! Thank God that until August 3rd rolls around, we are one year closer in age and feel like less of a skeevy perv for worshiping your Pretty.

    Thanks for always bringing (unintentionally, of course) the funny and the sex! Hope you have a great birthday and stay AWAY from elephants.

    Love ya, Kat

  18. Happy Birthday, Rob!

  19. Dear Rob,
    happy burfday! Please if you feel the need, then fly back and join in. I’m in a pub, eating lunch and drinking a san miguel in your honour (sorry no heineken here). I’ll make you the best birthday cream sponge ever, AND let you lick the spoon.
    Best offer, take it now or regret it later.

    • goodgirl, I love that you had a San Miguel! So proud of you!

  20. HA! I’m pretty sure this is the best present Rob will get from ANYONE because it comes from the heart. And the groin.

    Happy Birthday, Ron!

    • Lmao!
      Todays post esp. the Zyrtec one has totally died me.

  21. BAHAHAHAHA! Zyrtec! Brilliant.

    Poor The Font. I guess we need to tell you how REAL porn works. Not that yuckness in all those magazines under your bed.

    • Jinx!

  22. I know my life has hit rock bottom when I waken this morning and smile knowing that Rob is only 14 years younger than me now compared to yesterday when he was 15 years younger. WIN 🙂


  23. You forgot the Dadcase… you can cram it until it stretches at the seams.

    • oh DANG!!!!!!!! that’s brilliant right there!

      • UC responded to my post! I feel special. 🙂

        Do you think Rob dreams about doing the Jitterbug with Betty White?

  24. “we simply request you give us some new material during your 24th year.”

    I read this and first thought…..less material….I want that naked butt shot in Breaking Dawn!!!!

    Happy 24th Birthday Rob! ❤

  25. Happy Birthday Rob! There will be a private birthday bash at my house later 😉

  26. Oh Rob, do ya feel the love? …UC and Moon have gone all fake lesbian once again ..posing and staring longingly at each other’s naughty bits. Here’s to hoping you get some special BIRTHDAY SEX…. Someone’s gotta be tappin’ that, or else all isn’t right with the world, just sayin’.

    Loved the porn for Rob!

    “I want to be inside you…” — Bwahahaha I will never look at a hot pocket the same way.

    “Wanna try my dusty muffin?” — Some how I think Rob would give it a try.. Wait, that’s a hypoallergenic one, right?

    • I’m thinking Rob would only like the Gluten-Free varieties. . .

      • LOL, boomin granny, thank you very much for that comment! I am gluten-free….

        Anyway, I am literally gluten-free, I can’t have gluten at all. I love the innuendo! Haha!

      • And what a coincidence because May just happens to be Celiac Disease Awareness month! So thanks again for the comment on gluten! Woot!

        See I think now Rob just found a good cause to work for….maybe he can find a cure!

  27. What a perfect way to celebrate Rob’s turning 24. Hot pockets, crap beer, greasy burgers and less-than-new clothing. Perfection. Girls, you ROCK!
    As I told my friend last night, today is the day I feel a little less cougary (or would it be puma-ish) for being completely smitten with someone who’s almost 8 years younger than me.
    Hooray Rob!

  28. Rob (cause I know you read this)
    If you would like to swing through middle tn, feel free. We are having a party for you today during lunch… forewarning- I work in a high school, so brace yourself but I’m normal AND for the next three months, only one year older than you.

    How do you feel about cafeteria food and publix cupcakes? Win? I can tell you’re thinking about it…

  29. UC & Moon –

    Looks like the two of you are going through a bit of a muffin phase in the last pic. If you look at the pic of Rob, his mouth is starting to swell. DAMN muffin allergies.

  30. anybody watches Oprah right now ?

    OT:just saw the movie ‘A Love Song for Bobby Long’ will be on tv tonight should i watch just for the name 🙂

    • ok i know this OT and this is ROB’s day but anyone knows Bobby Longs birhtday?
      and his full name is Robert Thomas Long???
      i prefer Robert Thomas Pattinson but he’s axactly the second in Brtipack

      • We don’t mind going a little off-topic now and then on LTR, do we? I listened to the hour-long radio interview with Bobby Long that Hermes linked yesterday, and I’m a convert! I was kind of skeptical of the whole Britpack thing, just thinking these guys were just taking advantage of Rob’s notoriety, but I really loved his music, and he seemed like decent, genuine, thoughtful kind of guy. I’m glad Rob has friends like that, and glad his fame has brought opportunities to his friends they might not have gotten otherwise. So sweet!

  31. Happy Birthday Rob!!
    How will you be celebrating? Is TomStu making you a candlelit smorgasbord of Hot Pockets and cheeseburgers? Are you going to splurge on good beer or sticking with Heineken? Live a little, it’s your birthday. Will you and Tom feed one another cake, then the Britpack will start a foodfight to get you two to quit it with the mushy stuff. Will the Britpack all pitch in and buy you another ugly band tee from Goodwill? Now THAT’S how I’d like to hear you celebrated your birthday.

    Making world a little bit more awesome since 1986.

    Happy birthday! I’ll open some heineken in your honour tonight.

  33. Rob,
    I fell in love with you when you were 23 and my ladybits quiver imagining what you learned in a year! (But not with HER!) I’m waiting for you….just don’t take too long to find me because well, I’m now another year older and things aren’t looking as pretty anymore. But never you mind about that-we’ll just keep you nice & drunk & you’ll never notice!!!
    PS-If you need ANYTHING (and I mean ANYTHING) blown (out) today, you just let me know, baby!
    PPS-Clare deserves a gift today too for birthing your gorgeous self. Buy her something pretty. But not from Goodwill, please.

  34. Ok, Rob, just in case you thought it would be amusing to scan the fan blogs on your bday to see what your fans are up to and you are actually reading these birthday wishes, I must say I’m thrilled you are turning 24 because somehow it sounds much older than 23. This makes me feel a little less weird about my fascination with you as I am a tad older (but I have heard your open to any age and might even like older women….so yeah, I’m holding on to that thought!)

    Regardless, age has no boundaries when the man in question is witty without even trying, intelligent, uber-talented, down-to-earth, genuine, self-deprecating, and also happens to be the most handsome/sexually-attractive man on the planet, imo (& a few thousand others!) And the best part is that though you don’t suffer from low self-esteem (imo), you also don’t see how unique and amazing you are (see description above). Fab combination!

    In fact, I’ve heard you infer on more than one occasion that you think this craziness is all about Edward – – -that fans are projecting their love of the perfect Edward onto you. Oh, Rob, Rob, Rob. . . ok, this is probably the case with some fans, especially the young ones. But it is most certainly NOT the case with the majority of your admirers, let me assure you. For me, my adoration of you has NOTHING to do with Edward and everything to do with you (again, see above description). It is ALL YOU: Robert Pattinson!

    And I have not paid a second of attention to any celebrity since I was 15 yrs old. Until you. . .so I think that is proof that you are something special!

    • This.

      “And I have not paid a second of attention to any celebrity since I was 15 yrs old. Until you. . .so I think that is proof that you are something special!”

    • My thoughts exactly! I think Rob tells himself that all the adulation is about Edward and Twilight because it makes him feel a little less weird about the whole thing. I would need to rationalize it that way, too, to get a little distance from the freakish attention. But you and I and everyone here knows it’s all about him as a person!

    • BIG thumbs up to you, loving40’s. Well said.

    • My adoration for you has nothing to do with Edward….it’s ALL ABOUT YOU!!!

      Second that…… a zillion times!!! How can he not get that this IS ALL ABOUT HIM…???

      But I guess, that, this just makes him…….what he is….simply…too hot to handle and a perfect creation of God………just perfect!!!!

  35. on a side note: where is mountainlion? I wanna know how bobby long was? hehehe


    • Guess what : she’s still WITH Bobby?? 🙂

      • hahahahahhahahahhahaha!!!!!

      • well she better save some for the rest of us 😉 LOL

    • Hi Owly,
      Bobby was brill. Full of word vomit, beautiful voice and he moves well.

      He likes to bite his bottom lip.



      • can’t wait for that 🙂 thanks ML

      • I just got tix to see him in CT! So excited!

        • awesome.. I see him next week.. can’t wait!!

      • you can see why rob and him are friends…two people who word vomit together?!? I’d love to be listening to that conversation.

      • Ok if I jump in too? I didn’t recognize him with the beard! (on Tues night) He kept fiddling with his guitar, tuning it. Lovely show, though, he sounded great.

  36. Animal Style, me need NOW! 44 more days….44 more days.


    • i want animal style inside me

      • Been thinkin’ the exact same thing all day!!!

      • You want that great big greasy cheezzzzee burger?
        At least you can hold the fried onions UC.

    • hmmmm maybe ill go there for lunch

      *ducks flying stuff from wawa/whitecastle/sonic/whatever else i dont have*

      • You nasty, nasty girl!! 😉
        hee hee.

  37. Feliz Cumpleanos!

    Happy birthday Rob! Where do I begin(mysterious tune in the background), well first of all, I hope you have a lovely, fun and memorable birthday! Maybe a bunch of those things Moon and UC suggested would happen to you today! Woot! Which one’s your favorite?

    You captivated me when you were 22 and now that you’re 24 I feel like we’ve been together for ages! LOL. I never thought I would act silly and fangirly for a celebrity. I mean yeah there was Leo back in the day but not even close to my thoughts of you! You are truly one of a kind.

    I can’t put it into words but you are exciting and you have enriched my life is so many ways you won’t even know. You gave me laughs and many (rob)dreams, friends that I never thought I’d meet(here) and a whole lot of pretty!

    I know you will forever take my breath away each time I gaze at your glorious face…

    Happy 24th birthday! I can’t wait to see you today on Oprah! XOXO

  38. Happy birthday, Rob! I’ve got some cold Heineys here for you… and thanks for the visit in my dream last night, you fixed my finger and made everything alllllll better… you kiss better than I thought you would. (OK, now I sound like a creep, but I can’t help it that he kisses me in my dreams!)

    Have a wonderful day, birthday boy! Are you running around in your birthday suit?

  39. Paljon onnea, Rob! Many happy wishes on your birthday.

    I made a little party playlist for tonight with tracks i would have danced to when i was 24… ish. It’s UK-heavy to alleviate symptoms of any homesickness. Let’s dance!

    MJ Cole – Sincere (UK)
    JayDee – Plastic Dreams (Dutch)
    Etienne de Crecy – Am I wrong? (French)
    Underworld – Born Slippy (UK)
    Faithless – Why go? (UK)
    Dirty Vegas – Days Go By (UK)
    Fat Boy Slim – Weapon of Choice (UK)
    Faithless – Salva Mea (UK)
    Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At? (UK)
    The Prodigy – Voodoo People (UK)
    Infected Mushroom – Gamma Goblins (Israeli)The Prodigy – Firestarter (UK)
    Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy, Hey Girl (UK)
    Faithless – Insomnia (UK)
    Chemical Brothers – Out of Control (UK)
    Rui da Silva – Touch Me (Portuguese)
    DJ Tiesto – Come Along (Dutch)
    Chemical Brothers – Do It Again (UK)
    Faithless – We Come One (UK)

    • …aaand if you’re not in the mood for dance, here’s some Nordic music for chilling out with your Heineken:

      22-pistepirkko – Birdy (or any other track from Big Lupu)
      Scandinavian Music Group – mustana, maidolla, kylmana, kuumana
      Ultra Bra – Tyttojen Valisesta Ystavyydesta
      Don Huonot – Suojelusenkeli
      Egotrippi – Matkustaja
      Kalle Ahola – Korppi
      Apulanta – Jumala
      Happoradio – Che Guevara
      Kent – Parlor

      Last but not least – how not to dance on your bday (or any other day)… Go to YouTube. Type “Armi ja Danny – I want to Love You Tender”. Whatever you do, don’t copy them!

    • good choices 🙂 ❤ me some faithless and chemical bros… will have to check out the nordic stuff.. love new music!

  40. Oh and Rob? Just so you know, in honor of you and your birthday, I will be having a drink or two … hmm maybe some Stoli shots?.. And will be reading me some pervy fanfic and imagining you non other than you.

    This is a holy day… The day when angels sang and you entered this world. Happy birthday Rob, ya don’t know how special you are but maybe Nsync can articulate that for me — “God must have spent a little more time on you”
    (that one’s for you, moon)


  42. yes kstew pls take his shirt off

    • ok why this didn’t work?

      • Thanks for sharing this! Rob is soooo hot and gorgeous!!!! He’s so funny, “Chicago?” Hahah, yeah Rob. And when the door moved and he got startled, haha, so adorable. Did he freak out? 🙂

        The tent scene, yeah I am really looking forward to that! I wonder if he’s gonna yank the sleeping bag and Jake will come flying out! Haha. And of course, the long-awaited “leg-hitch” scene! That’s just cool they brought up the tent scene in the conversation.

      • Rob is so much taller than both of them!

        Ummmm is their favorite word.

        What is on the back of Rob’s jacket??

        I love that he backs into the door and is startled by its opening.

        • LOL, love the door moment! He is startled like someone fresh out of the 19th century. Looks like he didn’t fully rid himself of George Duroy yet, hahaha. 😉

      • I was just going to post this-what is on the back of Rob’s jacket @ 1:34??

        • it looks like a design of wings????

      • Is it sad that I’ve watched that video 3 times already?

        • not at all. That’s normal. right?

          • totally normal

        • Me too. He’s so amusing.

    • @che
      Omg that was like the f*cking cutest trio interview like ever!!! Yes pleeeaaasse Stew, TAKE his shirt off 😉
      And God, did you see how jumpy Rob is?.. He literally freaked when that door was opened behind him lol. “Paranoia paranoia.. everybody’s coming to get me”

      • the last one the best to me.i wish it was longer-i mean the action,kstew ‘s attempt to take his shirt off eventhough it makes me think some more special moments about 2 of them but it worths to watch (no thumbs down pls 🙂

        • I really wish she took his shirt off for real :). Love to see the chest again.

  43. OK Rob, here I go:

    Live from the city of Heineken, (aka Amsterdam and btw your welcome honey) I’d like to wish you a very happy birthday. Party like it’s your b’day, because hey, it IS.

    Twentyfour can be a great year, it was for me. And with a little luck for you too. What am I saying, you will work with the love of your life…elephants!!!
    So how can it not be?!

    So many kisses from Cath here, dressed in that green Heineken dress, with a plaid shirt over it (the weather ain’t all that) and a Heineken cap.
    Cheers Rob!

    P.S. It’s even a holiday here in Europe, especially for you, never mind that it’s Ascension!


  44. *singing Marilyn Monroe style wearing the sparkly flesh colored dress*

    “Happy Birthday day to you,
    Happy Birthday day to you,
    Happy Birthday day, Mr. Pattinson,
    Happy Birthday day to you,.”

    I made you this wallpaper for your Commodore 64.

    Oh, and may I please lick birthday cake frosting off of your jaw (or any other body part it may happen to get on)?

    • Very nice.

    • OMG thats so brill – commodore 64 ha ha ha

    • That’s beautiful! Not sure the Commodore 64 can handle that level of detail. Pong anyone?

  45. Oh Moon/UC you had me at that Heniken and In&Out greasy cheeseburger….yummmm.

    re: the Untitled Vid.. I noticed that Rob really likes grabbing Tay Tay’s chest.. (so would I if I were that close).

    In honor of Robbie’s birthday, wearing the black garterbelt with little red roses and bra/undies today.

    • Tom will be crushed.

      • @Dazz;
        Ho ho. ho …. (Good point though) TomStu IS my main squee. Lord Sparklepeen is secondary.

        For TomStu my (little cupcake), I would go “commando” and the only thing I wear under my business suite is a red satin ribbon wrapped around my upper thigh. (le sigh).

        In all honesty, he would probably run fast in the other direction if anywoman came on to him too agressively.. or came on to him at all.
        waagh.. :((

        TomStu.. why can’t I quit you! (My little ducky )

    • Yay for getting on the sexy undies train!

      Just think of how much fun he can have knowing that legions of women are going about their business today wearing sexy underthings just for him!

  46. Dear Rob,
    Please come over and blow out your candles.


    • omg! HOT! 🙂

  47. Happy Birthday, Rob!!! I was drunk last night (on a WEDNESDAY) in your honor!!!!

    (well, I was mourning my hockey team’s loss, but still. I talked about Rob!!!)

    • @ Danisu… sorry about your teams loss…
      But I have to say: ” GO SAN JOSE SHARKS!!!! “”
      Can you believe the little town of San Jose, Calif. (which is south of us here in San Francisco) is in the running for the Stanley cup!!

      Bring on the beer and brawls!!

  48. Not clear on the D’angelo porn there? What does that mean, Rob?

    A very lovely birthday to you, Rob!

  49. Happy 24th Robert!!!!!

    And happy birthday (on the 16th) to me!!! I guess my birthday present is watching you for a whole hour on Oprah today 🙂

    PS That Hot Pocket picture made me gag and laugh at the same time! Moon and UC FTW!

  50. Did anyone catch this new Bothered on Jimmy Fallon last night?

    • yesyes I heard about it. will watch soon!

    • lol.. he’s so funny.. love it

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