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Stuff I find when googling Robert Pattinson

Dear Rob,

Sometimes when I need to find an old letter we wrote to link to, I just google it- it’s easier than using wordpress’s search function. In this case I was looking for my post on losing my Rob pattinson virginity. I should’ve known that what I was going to ACTUALLY find would be entertaining… it did not disappoint:

While the answers to this Yahoo Question were quite good, I’m going to take a stab at answering this question because I think it is a good one, and a question I’ve often had- except since my v-card is long gone I wonder if that’s considered cheating on my husband if I use my Edward Cullen penis toy while watching Twilight.

After much prayer & contemplation and conversations with my pastor, I’ve come to this conclusion: It is best to include your man in your plans with your Edward Cullen penis toy. If you want to get it out while watching the fight scene in Twilight cause vampire fights turn you on, just make sure your man is around to participate if he wants. And if you like the break-up scene in New Moon and want to get freaky during the part when Edward says, “I don’t want you to come” (oh! The irony!) just give your man the sexy eyes so he knows you’re not interested in what Edward is saying. And just a secret between you and me- if your man DOES decide to join in, then it’s like you’re doing both of them. But shh… don’t tell anyone I said that!

Then I came across the headline on this post

Robert Pattinson is a Catholic Who Believes in Abstinence

which included this video:

(Yes, THAT just happened…)

But not everything I came across was so serious. A headline from popped up that said:

‘New Moon’ Can Cause Loss of Virginity; Unwanted Pregnancy, Warns Surgeon General

Unfortunately the article was no longer available, but if I had to guess, I’d say it an article about how the essence of New Moon encourages a young girl to forget the love of her life who left her alone in a dark, scary forest causing her to run into the arms of their less attractive, kinda needy bff who is happy to take her v-card, knock her up and ensure she’ll never really belong to the love of her life when he returns 8 months later with his tag dragging between his legs. But that’s just a guess.

Next, I came across this article called: Robert Pattinson on Statutory Rape which was a satirical piece from the point of view of Rob himself & dedicated to Roman Polanski and it was…. kinda hilarious. Especially because the commenters, not surprisingly, seemed to miss the point, entirely. Here are some highlights:

[Today], I speak to you as Robert Pattinson, an individual who can no longer remain silent while a terrible injustice goes unchallenged from New York to New Zealand. Of course, I’m talking about so-called “statutory rape” laws. Governments continue to enforce these draconian mandates from a bygone, puritanical era, and I for one think it’s high time we put a stop to it.

In some jurisdictions, such as California, the age of consent is a staggering 18-years old, which is well beyond a typical girl’s “celebrity crush” phase. In more progressive areas such as Arkansas and Albania, the age of consent can be as low as 14. Now, am I to believe that a random 14-year-old girl in Arkansas is somehow more mature and better able to choose a sex partner than a hypothetical 16-and-a-half year-old girl from Santa Monica who, as it happens, lives twenty minutes away and is totally obsessed with vampires? Who in the hell decided that?  Hitler?

I know for many the knee-jerk reaction will be to dismiss what I’m saying because I’m an actor, not a scholar or a pundit. To those people I ask that you attack my argument, not my career choice. I also know that many people will argue that these laws are in place to protect children. I ask them to remember that we are not talking about children. What we are talking about is consensual sex with pubescent and post-pubescent girls who will probably just end up losing their virginity to some 17-year-old scuzzball at the bowling alley anyway. So why not level the playing field? There’s already grass on it.

After the jump, there’s oh! So much more!

Then, we get to my favorite question of all:

My favorite part is that the “asker” responds to the “Best Answer” (which was chosen by the “asker” who by the way ignored all the responses that said “no one can know that” or “No he is not”) and says,

I looked it up & yr rite. thanks.

My google search that brought me tons of stuff I wasn’t looking for also reminded me of one of my favorite Rob gossip stories EVER, all the way back from December, 2008.

Robert Pattinson’s Facebook Convos Indicate He May Be Boning Kristen Stewart… and Lots of Other People

Do yourself a favor & look at the supposed “Screenshots” from Rob’s “Facebook” back in the day. There are Some MAJOR Lols to be had!

The Spoof does it again (and reaffirms the “asker” from above) with this headline:

Brenda Song & Rob Pattinson vow to stay virgins till marriage!

I don’t even care who Brenda Song is cause that satirical piece is SO NOT FUNNY! The horror… Rob Pattinson… a VIRGIN!

My google search ended on a good note… with some more information to prove in my mind that you are NOT a virgin…

and lastly:

I’m a little confused on the exact details of your virginity loss- when it was, how old you were, where you were living at the time & what the weather was like outside; however, I have no fear that in subsequent google searches in the months to come, I will find that information & the worry I have of not knowing enough creepy, stalker information about you will disappear.


SPECIAL HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT at LTT today about the LTT/LTR Store! Get there now! And maybe win something!

What have you found written about Rob when googling something ENTIRELY different (Like normal stuff like “Robert Pattinson naked” and “Rob Pattinson breaks up with his girlfriend” and “What is the exact street address of Rob’s rental house in LA?”)

Happy Birthday to JENA!!!! Who is one of the sweetest, kindest gals we’ve met through this whole crazy experience! We love you Jena & hope your birthday is wonderful and Rob calls you (hey- a girl can wish- make sure you record that convo!) XO XO

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  1. Oh my gosh.
    So much funny!!!
    And happy birthday Jena!!

  2. omg, that was random stuff you found UC!

    fav.line is the one about his supposed virginity!

    “I looked it up & yr rite. thanks.”

    THAT was TOM to answer, I’m 100% sure!

    P.S:. happy birthday Jena, have a nice day<3

    • I thought that TomStu wrote that too!! lol I’m sure of it!

      • Misty, it’s sort of logical as Tom wouldn’t allow anybody to look for it and he wouldn’t even allow the QUESTION about it! Tom is jealous! 🙂

        • LMFAO……thumbs down??? So early??? Awwww am sure…you said Tom….
          tststs……don’t say Tom….on LTR!!! LMFAO!!!!
          The world is a weird place……..

          • SNORE!!!!!

          • OMG Mel, your avatar!!!!! Ahhh, Rob you did it again! I am died….

          • Hi SB sweety…….how are you???
            Dead…….lol……no…Rob does want you veeeery alive!!!


          • Mel, ok I’m alive. 🙂 How are you?


          • I’m fine SB. Having fun with you girls!!!


        • Did someone mention TomStu?? my little cupcake!!

    • Don’t believe RG, I am the one who wrote that first answer…I confess.

      He is still a virgin and don’t believe anything other than that.


      • 😀 😀 :D….
        muuuuuaaaahhhh lion!!!!
        love ya

        • Mel, you are so adorable.


          • TSTSTSTS…….it’s my avi….really!!! LOL…….

      • I wanna fly with Virgin Island NOW! lol

        • He doesnt’ want you to come…he said so…

          • but…he is the courier of (s) CUM……boo Rob, boo

          • WHAT???? girls……get it together!!! You drive me nuts… sitting here in hot

        • yes me too, first class by the way.

  3. 1. Can’t believe someone prayed for Rob & Kristen.
    2. Can’t believe they made a video of it.
    3. Can’t believe they posted it on YouTube.
    4. Can’t believe I watched it.

    That’s NOT Normal.

    • well, that was what I thought since Oprah, NOW I believe EVERYTHING! omg…

    • I completely agree. I’m not even Catholic and all 34 seconds crept me out. It was like watching the Catholic channel, but with a pic of Rob and Kristen at the end.

    • It was creepy. I was thinking that “I don’t get this” then the picture at the end. BIZarre!

    • ROFL, I know right? I saw that last yr, I think it’s the same video, it was posted on another blog. Bizarre.

  4. to google

    “Robert Pattinson naked”
    No, I’d never do something like that…NEVER!

    • I may or may not have googled “Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend” in the first week of my fandom. I also may or may not have sulked for an entire month when I saw her in all her former swimsuit model glory and blamed the pill and hormonal imbalance when the bf asked why I was down. This gave me the perfect excuse to eat, a lot. Conclusion: googling Robert Pattinson always leads to happiness.

      • bhahahah…I may or may not have done that too when I first saw Twilight…..FTR:: “Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend” comes up as an automatic search on my ipod for some reason…so it was totes NORMAL.

      • I keep asking myself, how did Rob go from leggy big boobs swimsuit model to skinny no boobs actress. That man is walking contradiction 😉

      • I googled many things about Rob, but never his virginity. The answer seemed fairly obvious.

        • Truer words were never spoken!!!! Hilar!

        • Good one dtd!!! The answer is too obvious!!!

          and what Alice said: Googling Robert Pattinson always leads to happiness!!!
          Thumbs up!!!

    • Well I googled Robert Pattinson butt….I googled Robert Pattinson nipples too!!!! gahhhhhhhhhhhh.

      • Aaaaand what exactly did you find!!!
        Come on….share!!! 😀

        • I found exactly what I was searching for….literally. 🙂

          • LOLS! Of course you did! Google never fails.

  5. Dammit. And I *still* don’t have an answer to my question!


    • Haha so you posted those questions on google and yahoo!!!! LOL.

      Just kidding.

  6. LOL…
    people must lost their mind that wonders so much about his virginity
    and i don’t know does the ‘asker’ means anything at any language but it means soldier in Turkish

    • happy bday Jena!!!!

    • omg..CHE!!!your avi…you’re my avi-queen , Rob’s new LOVE, isn’t she/he (???) pretty?

      • thnx yes she is.and she is my all time favourite Rob’s partner

        • and she’s so in fashion, has beautiful ears…and is a bit tanned…beautiful girl!

          • hahaha
            i may start to jelaous her trunk..ahem..ahem,,i’m sure i’ll

          • I am totally jealous of her…trunk!!! Wtf….she can put it…wherever she wants???
            OMG…….. 😀

          • Hey, remember, I was the one to tell you all about Rosie FIRST!
            months ago…

            Isnt Rosie just fab?
            I’m really happy that Robbie likes full figured girls…

      • That elephant has total bitchface if you ask me. Pft. What’s she got to be frowning about if she gets to rub her trunk against him whenever she wants? I hate her already. I am strictly Non-Ephantston.

        • My point Aro……exactly!!! damn…the elephant……(sorry…to all animal-elephant lovers)

          • So upset I mis-typed. Non-Elephantston (Pattinphant?). Whatever it’s called, I’m against it.

            *ignores the elephant in the room*

        • bhahahahah FTW!!!!!
          nonelephantsten!!!!!!!!! lololol

    • I hope this elephant will not fall toooo much in love with him!!!
      Omg……very heavy…..lover!!!

      Hi che!!! How are you sista!!! Everything ok in Istambul askum????

      • hi mel,eveything is kinda avarge but too hot so i can’t imagine LA with HHH
        have u seen his new hair cut?

        • YEEEEEESSS…he’s hot honey….hot…….too hot here as well…or is it just me???

  7. Monday morning crazies.
    Best way to start the day!

    Happy Birthday Jena!
    Hope it’s a good one ❤

  8. Happy Birthday Jena!!! Lot of love!!!

    Great post UC… made me laugh today!!!

    But….including my hub…in any of Edward/Rob…ehhh…

    Oh my…….can’t even think of that!!!!

    NEEEEEEVA!!! Some things have to stay….privat… hidden….secret…..

    Just sayin!!!

    • you avi takes me to my Happy Place lol

      • Me too honey…… too!!!


        • oh yeah mel Rob’s new outtakes makes me speachless

          • HOTTAKES!!!!

          • He takes my breath away……no words… words!!!

  9. Histerical ! I don’t know which one is my favourite: the church story or the V-card ones ? Too good to choose.

    Funny you mentioned the R. Polanski story because I was speaking about it today over lunch with a friend who was telling me how this is the no1 question in Cannes and what the hale should a young artist tell if asked?
    Of course as for any subject, I think immediately of Rob (#normal) and could totally picture him not briefed at all, rambling as for the “who do you vote for” question. Why don’t I think he actually has opinions and is aware of the news?
    (Btw, some Am. actors are answearing the question with “I don’t know anything” as if they were in a trial)

    Now back to talking about how Twilight seems to be porn!


    Happy birthday Jena!!!!!

    • I’m curious now about the HOT subject, what do YOU think might be the best answer for him if asked? I have to admit, it’s pretty difficult…

    • Of course as for any subject, I think immediately of Rob (#normal)

      bwhahaha Totally!

      Loved today’s post, hard.
      Have you ordered your BIJ t-shirt yet???
      Happy birthday to Jena aswell!!

  10. Dear Fans,

    You are nuts. How do you even come up with this stuff?? Especially if you’r not 12 y/o anymore, you should check yourself in.

    On Saturday night, I checked into LTR and saw your post about the message someone wrote on Robsessed about LTR…she obviously is the one who asked if Rob was still a virgin on yahoo. She takes all this way too seriously….not normal.
    Also, you mentioned my post to someone who called “Feverishly in Indo.” here on LTR (which made my day)…….just so you know, I don’t think “Ferverishly” was really joking about her post as I was…….lol

    • lol…yeah, it might be the same person, the hair is the same , weirdotown!

      • Where is Mine!Mine!Mine!??????

    • @misty

      I took that letter from feverish in indoneisa to be from a real fan (crazy) and your response (and some of the others) really made me laugh, which made me check LTR out the next day, and the next, and the next….and the rest is history.

      Actually I think the lady who posted on Robsessed may have meant that LTR is a good site to visit, her post was very confusing, but some body post late in the day to say this was the case. So i take it back the lady wasn’t crazy!

      Have started a new job so am staying off LTR during working hours for now, just until I can work out how much I can get away with 🙂

      • like

        • @UC/Moon So whats the deal about the Lord Sparklepeen “penis toy” ? — Did Hasbro make them?
          Santa never got me one for xmas.
          I guess I was a naughty girl.
          boo hoo.

          • Or not naughty enough?

      • good luck Mine!x3 I had to do the same thing when I switched teaching positions this year too!!! All the best!

  11. In the word of our sweet prince

    “The world is a weird place”

    • and this fandom is even weirder.

    • my fav.quote! Thanks for mentioning!!!!

  12. Oh god, that video-there are some sick people in this fandom. And I find it very scary that people believe anything they read on the internet-come on people! Believing what some random person says on the internet is not smart. Even worse is the gullibilty of someone who believes Rob-young, gorgeous, famous Rob-is a virgin.

    But the best part was underneath the question “Who did Rob lose his virginity to?” Someone asks, “Did Robert Pattinson get shot?” and the answer is “no he didnt not in real life in the goblet of fire voldemort used the hedava kedavra ( kill the spare)spell on him and it killed him.”
    Hello, it’s the avada kedavra. And also, Cedric was killed by the “hedava kedavra”, not Rob. Scary.

    • “Did Robert Pattinson get shot?” and the answer is “no he didnt not in real life in the goblet of fire voldemort used the hedava kedavra ( kill the spare)spell on him and it killed him.”

      *coffee sprayed on keyboard

      • Hey Misty, Cedric’s death is no laughing matter, haha. Then again, some people are confused, very confused… 😉

      • ROFL. You know I cry everytime I see that part. 😦 Especially when the dad says “my son!”

    • *shivering*

  13. At first I thought, “Who ARE these people?? How are they functioning is reality?? Who are these people who have TIME to answer these questions??” And then I remembered I make time to come here pretty much everyday and comment… Oh god…

    Happy birthday, Jena!!! (again!) 🙂

  14. Moon & UC-
    great stuff in the store! I love Big in Japan, but That’s Normal is classic. Decisions, decisions.


    This is hilarious!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Jena!!!!!!!! May all your Rob dreams come true!!!! Feliz Cumpleaños!!!

  16. omg have you seen Rob’s new short hair? My stomach flipflopped when I read the headline . It looks long on top though.

    • He looks like a little kid in those photos!!

      • who wants a cheeseburger…. 🙂 , well NOT new news

        • and a toy from McD’s…

          • lol

          • and he ‘s picky about it!!!

      • He looks so different. Gotta love the droopy drawers and bright blue socks. There is hope for my boys ;oP

      • Katie I saw that before I went to bed last night…he’s gorgeous in that car pic. Squeee. Look at that profile….so dashing! He is just perfect, just perfect. I know the short hair will grow on me.

        • He could do anything to his hair and I’d still swoon.

        • SB, I hope the short hair will grow on him… 😉

          • I know, like you said in mail, mourning the sex hair, me too honey. Nothing to grab onto anymore. Well a little bit on the top. 🙂

          • You have plenty to grab onto SB darlin… just have to know where to put your
            hands!!! What?? 😀

          • mel, WHAT? WHAT? hahahaha
            Where/what would I grab? 😉

          • 😀 😀 😀
            my lips are seeled….sealed…….(whateva)…lol!!!

          • Mel, SAY IT, out loud!!!!


          • @SB


            sorry you walked right into that one!

    • i luved his long hair and should admit it loked perfect at Oprah but waitin’ for ellen so we can see him without a cap and i’m sure he’ll look pretty as always

      • And we’ll get to see all his little molls….tooo lickable……ehhh yes….

        • Hehe, Mel!

          The way you spelled moles as molls made me do a double take because “Molls” is my RL nickname. So I looked again thinking “Molls licking what now?” Yup, again… norrrrrrrmaaaaalllll…..

          • Well you + Rob + lickable just all belong in the same sentence! duh!

          • I know puma…..was to late to correct!!! LOL…english fail…but you got my point and am sure that Moll’s licking now!!! 😀

          • @ Mel, oh I am thankful for that spelling fail. Trust me. 😀

          • My pleasure honey!!! Always at your service… whatever makes you happy!!!

          • LOL,Molls likes the reference very much Melronin!

    • and we’re getting NECK PORN now, just saying…I love it, it’s cute!

      • MMMMM..the fist pic of him in the car:: one word:: jaw porn.

        • that was all kinds of hot ::fans self::

    • I *LOVE* the new haircut — his was the first face I looked at this morning, bypassing both the hubs and looking at myself in the mirror as I walked passed. Instead saw him first today, on my phone while making coffee.

      *sing song voice* NORRRRrrrrrMAAAAaaaaaaaLLLLLlllllllllllll…..

      • Forget hubby, he can deal :).

      • I *LOVE* the new haircut

        agree X a million (even if we haven’t actually seen said hair cut cos he’s wearing a hat but anyway..)

  17. Alright…I confess….I took his virginity! 😉

    Thanks for the happy birthday wishes, UC & everyone! XO

    • damn girl, so jealous! And Jena I’d love to think that it was you to thumbs down…you didn’t? Damn…so school is out earlier today!

    • and here’s another happy birthday 🙂 have a great one!!

    • Happy Birthday!!!

    • Happy Birthday, Jena!!! What a way to celebrate a Monday!!!

    • Happy Birthday, Jena!!!!!


    • Ah so it was you who popped his cherry? Or is that even the right sentiment? LOL

    • Happy Birthday! Rob cut his hair just for you, Jena!

    • Jena
      Hope your birthday was a happy one today!

  18. this post was giggle-snort inducing

    also I may or may not have googled “robert pattinson naked/boner/sex tape/girlfriend/ex-girlfriend” .. and maybe “mullephant” … at some points in time.. I think that’s normal though..

    me + google = shenanigans

    I can’t wait to see pics of Rob from WFE filming… I really want a rosie/rob pic.. just think that would be adorable.. 🙂

    soon enough I’ll be googling “robert pattinson elephants”

    • I googled “Robert Pattinson hot thighs.”

      • HAHAAHAhahahahaha Oh ML, you are so so perfect in so very many ways.

        • Puma,
          you are awesomesauce, yourself.


      • actually I have googled a lot of things that are Rob related, that are too x rated to put here.. I hope when I die someone wipes my computer drive clean!! LOL

  19. And just a secret between you and me- if your man DOES decide to join in, then it’s like you’re doing both of them. But shh… don’t tell anyone I said that!

    Yea…like who hasn’t thought that before????

    • ummmmm…..?

  20. First of all, Happy Birthday Jena!!!!! I hope all your robdreams come(twss) true! Make sure you post it here too ok honey?

    OK I am laughing so hard about this post. Yes I’ve googled Rob Pattinson(out of boredom). I tried Rob, Robert Pattinson, Rob Pattinson, Edward Cullen, etc. I laughed about those virginity questions because I srsly doubt he’s a virgin…and I have no problem if he is or not. Haha, ok come on, just look at the guy, he’s a walking sex god or sex on legs! It’s just so funny people are posting this stuff online hehehe. Shows the different types of people in the fandom.

    • I have googled Rob Pattinson butt, nipples(re: the NM thing), hair, shoes, etc. etc. Great, now google has my entire search history of Rob.

  21. Happy B-day, Jena!

    It’s always fun to see how many letters you need to type in on Google before what you’re looking for pops up. All you usually need is “r – o” before you get to all things Rob.

    Sometimes I navigate to LTR through Google. Besides Letters to Juliet, the next suggestion is usually Letters to God, and I always think, yes, close enough, letters to a god, anyway.

  22. Seems like Rob images come up no matter what I search for.
    Seriously, I have separately searched Bing images for “coat”, “bear skin rug” and “dumpster” and he has come up on all of them.

    • LOL…….seriously snowwhite….you are so right!!! YT must love the man!!!
      Whatever you search for…he just pops up.
      Thumbs up!!!

  23. I also googleled “Robs girlfriend” within the first week of
    learning about him – so good to know I’m not the only one – totally normal!
    This is totally off topic but my DH just came home from work and annonced that he had lunch with Alexander Skarsgaard today (no, not really …) BUT he was having lunch and lo and behold in walkes Alex and a miss Bosworth (I have absolutly no clue as to how you spell her name – sorry!) and sits down at the very next table to my husband. I thought I’d tell you all as there’s a few girls here that expressed a love for the hunk……So now you know that Alex is in Stockholm. Some of his friends dropped by one by one, so they had a little reunion there. No Swedes approched him for autographs or pictures, only one person approched and she was american. He was sweet to her and stood up and gracefully let himself be photographed with her.

    • I have a long distance friend in Borås who kinda looks like Alexander Skarsgard.. (tall, blonde, longish hair) sometimes I want to send him a pair of cheesy vampire teeth so he can send a pic back… hehehe

      thanks for the sighting update.. I must confess mr. skarsgard is on my hotlist

      though rob is still at the very top.. 😉

      • He’s on top of mine, too.

  24. just looking at the new WFE Rob pics again.. from what he’s wearing do you think they sent him something that said “wear something you can get dirty in” cause thats all I could think about that particular outfit

    …. and ….

    “wear something you can get dirty in”

    mind totally wandered to the gutter

    • Uhm, THUMBS UP. WAY UP

  25. Dear Rob’s hair,

    I am a little in mourning now, but I will get over it…
    Please come back again around BD time.
    Kinda of love the shaved sides though.

    Variety is the spice of life,


    • Caaaaaath……’re baaaaackkkk!!! Am a very happy greek muse now!!! 😀
      Missed ya!!!

    • hi Cath, missed u as well ❤

    • Rob’s hair is like another sex organ, so however he wears it it’s always fascinating to me. I actually loved his short hair (after Twilight), although it wouldn’t be quite as nice to run your fingers through. But that pic of him in the car with the new ‘do is causing all kinds of strange (but good) reactions in me. I approve.

      • I think it’s the profile making you all sorts of tingly inside. 🙂

        • oh man, the profile. I want that man NOW.

          • Gahhhhh, yes me too. I don’t even care if he wore the cargo pants and the maroon shirt, I know underneath is all HOTNESS.

            The profile is to die for. Sigh * And the body underneath.

      • Rob’s hair is like another sex organ

        DTD brilliant!!!!!

    • @cathy
      Noooooo his new hair is hot. Needs glasses and he’d be geekward.

      I am seriously in love wiith geekward today – it’s that time again

      Was thinking back to Uni days and I use to have this lovely, lovely geeky friend. He was 19 and had never had a girlfriend. Dark hair, glasses, etc. I wish I’d kept in touch and more than anything I wish I’d gone for it when i’d had him in my clutches……but I never wanted to spoil the friendship….I remember seeing him about 6mths after we graduated and realising I really had liked him quite a bit. I’ve haven’t seen him since. 😦 He just dissappeared. I do know he teaches now, cos I occassionaly see some of his old friends from uni. but nobody sees him anymore.

      Anyway, I’m going through another one of my – wish I could get in touch with him, where the hell is he – stages. I have then once every year or so, I suddenly get the urge to track him down….I never do find him, but one day, one day.

      I think this is why geekward is one of my favs………… along with drunkrob.

      • do you think kstew reads ltr and read some of the stuff we said about her on oprah and wanted revenge. she got it!

        (really hope the link and not the acutal picture comes up cos i don’t wan’t to acutally ruin everyones day!)

        • pffft-staged.

      • YES to glasses.

  26. What a nice weekend. We had new outtake pics released, the USAToday interview where we learn Rob knows grammar rules (I’m a spelling nerd), and now Rob’s new hair.

  27. Happy Birthday Jena



    • Haha ok I just had to say, I’ve seen your avi so many times but I just now realized that you got a pocket Eddie right next to the dog! Hahah.

      *waves hi by the way!

  28. Happy Birthday Jena!!!


  29. Thank U!

    You made me laugh so hard!

    Especially with this video about abstinence LOL

    It’s crazy the kind of thing we can find on the Internet lol

  30. I got a text from AshleyFrag who told me there was a debate about Rob’s virginity on LTR.

    I was like.. oh HELL NO no one actually thinks he’s a virgin..

    then i re-read the text (Uh- actually she explained her text to me) and realized she meant the 14 year olds debate about his virginity.

    Phew. Everyone here IS still Normal.

    K gotta go- get back to Praying for Tay Tay & Big Daddy. That’s on my Monday Twilight prayer list

    • *snigger*

    • Well.. Robbie does say he’s “asexual”.
      Kind of in the same context that the singer Morrisey says he’s “asexual”..
      ahem.. in anycase….
      Personally, I think Robbie prefers his Henikein and cheeseburgers over the ladies. –And then of course there is TomStu. 🙂

      • I agree.. I honestly don’t think Rob is really into sex.. lord knows he doesn’t seem to take advantage of any of the thousands of girls who would give it up to him..

        I’d rather he was reserved about it, that a man whore.. I would be turned off

      • Love Morrissey! He’s definitely asexual, hopefully Rob isn’t quite so bad.

        • morrissey is awesome 🙂

  31. snowhitedrifted I heard you designed the shirts? They are awesome! I want all of them! I want everything including the mousepads, tote bags, pillows! 🙂

  32. Holy shizz.. .. I’m catholic (somewhat) ..but I have to say that abstience vid is creepy weird… lighting candles to the virgin mary (oye veh).

    Hey we all know Robbie lost his virginity to TomStu… Come on!! (hee hee).
    TomStu.. My little cupcake. (le sigh).

  33. Wait a minute.. no one has brought up what Robbie said about being allergic to Va-jay jay.

    Remember that bombshell?
    (heh) –So perhaps he still is… you know.. “untouched and virginal pure”…….

    YES.. I had to bring up that interview.
    waitin’ for the thumbs down now.
    Give it to me!

  34. ohmahgot, this is sooo informative!

    Nao i know i will wait for Rob wit open arms … and legs.(even if he cut his hair) It be speshul…. our first time.

    LOLOLOL@first ques. Crazy bitch. but it wasn’t her fault, really. It’s the fault of the manufactorurerrs who made the toy. Her bf should sue.

    ps. did you noticed the new humungo birthmark at the back of his neck where his long hair covered?! am died.

  35. *snorts with laughter* My husband draws the line at me asking him to either wear a Rob Pattinson/Edward face mask or me hanging a life size poster on the ceiling of our bedroom.

    Girls, you seriously kill me with this stuff 🙂

  36. […] Stuff I find when googling Robert Pattinson Dear Rob, Sometimes when I need to find an old letter we wrote to link to, I just google it- it’s easier than […] […]

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