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Robert Pattinson misses out on the Sorority House, ends up in teenage girls basement

And then I showed them my beef pattie... heh heh, bet you didn't show that family your hot pocket!

Dear Rob,

How does it make you feel that when asked to visit the homes of fans for the Oprah show, they sent you to the homes of teenage girls and crazy moms who blurted out the most embarrassing stuff TO YOUR FACE that I shall not repeat here, while they sent TAYLOR, under drinking age TAYLOR, to a sorority house?! Did you see that footage and wonder WHAT THE?! I got jipped! You could have been doing a keg stand with some Theta girls instead of playing the Twilight Monopoly game in a basement in Naperville.

I mean, you know Taylor doesn’t even know the first thing about what to do with a girl let about 20 sorority girls. Not that you do either, probably, but still you’re Rob at least give Steve/Dean a workout by trying to restrain the greek system’s finest! It’s not like tripping someone’s mom with a ficus tree in the rec room is hard.

Speaking of moms…

at 118, I almost peed my pants from laughter when the interviewer said, after being shown Jacob/Edward dipped strawberries: “Uh..That’s not weird at all!” OMG give that woman an Oscar for her delivery of that line! HAHAHAAHAHAHA Oh sweet heavens that was rich… now here’s the difference between us “normal” fans and folks like the Twi-Moms. We may THINK about having different dipped strawberries to represent Team Jacob and Team Edward and we may even MAKE said strawberries after a drunken night of pin-the-mustache on Charlie Swan but we would NEVER and I repeat NEVER in a gabillion years make them and show them on national television on the highest rated talk show, whilst wearing homemade tshirts next to an Eclipse count-down on a ceramic plate my mom pulls out when people from the church come over. YUP, that’s pretty much the difference.

It's ok kids, Mommy is just screaming because she has 5 kids and lives in surburban Illinois and owns a Twilight jewelry box

Oh and probably the fact they actually own stuff like the jewelry box, blankets, lanyards and have a red carpet in their basement?! I thought that stuff was for 12 yr olds who actually shop at Hot Topic, not grown ass women! But hey, they’re on Oprah and I’m here writing a letter to you Robert Pattinson. Who’s the loser?

Yea, they are. I’m glad you agree.

NACHOS and will never be your sloppy seconds!

PS Please don’t EVER say you’re lonely on a Saturday night again!! That shiz breaks my heart and besides I’m like around the corner from you practically and I throw the best parties. Come dance your socks off and I swear I won’t make it weird or even blog about it. I may video our make out sesh in the broom closet, but that’s IT. I swear.

What’d you think? Did you want to crawl under your couch when they started drinking the apple-tini’s? Did you send an invite to Taylor/Rob for your regular SNL viewing party on Saturday nights?! I did!

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  1. Thanks for THIS post today, I sooo needed that!

    I had a nightmare about red carpets in basements, white strawberries, and screaming women …that was too much!
    The best was the moment when Rob saw the dog!
    My fav.moment of the whole show…!!!!!


    please…….say …..woootah..again!!

    P.S.They are paying millions…you signed…soo keep on smiling! Madonna mia!!!

    • and..honi…call me next saturday!You won’t be never alone again!lol

      • Call me, too!

        • Dear Rob,
          This Saturday it’s sushi and sake..want in?

          Love me,

          • May I share this? cause you know misty ILY lol

          • ANYTIME Robgril, anytime…first round is on me!

          • hahah, did u call me ..robgril? too funny!

          • OOOOhhhh….I’ll call you Rongril from now on….it’s soooo funny…LMAO!!!

      • That’s what I was thinking.

        Rob, call me anytime! I always do something on Saturday night and the rest of the time actually and I’m sure you’d love it. Saying this just so you don’t feel alone, you know, I’m not excited, I wouldn’t want (so very much) to hang out with you at all.

        And OMFG! Seems that I didn’t see all Oprah, for (drinking) celebration reasons, and there was worse!!! Beyond the embarassement, srsly, it’s so pathetic! ANd they talk about their no lifes on TV like it was good. Seems it’s OK to show your kids your pathetic-ness but it’s not OK to cheat while of course you’re drooling on fanfic all night. I’d say the contrary, but whatevs. Just when I thought I saw it all, the fandom strikes again.

        • honi, that was not “the fandom strikes again”, that was “the fandom is 1 inch away from being carried away by men with white jackets” srsly ! WTF!

          • haha. I wish. But no. I have a feeling that’s the major part of the fandom + the tweens. There are not enough shrinks in the world to handle all that.

          • “the fandom is 1 inch away from being carried away by men with white jackets”
            i’m literally crying LOL RG

          • MP.. I can handle the teens, they’re teens, but the MOM’s…NO WAY!!!!the party in the kitchen…their screaming…even on the show….OMG!

        • MP- watch the whole show- we need your sardonic take on the whole thing.

          • I didn’t had the chance to watch the whole show yet….but what I’ve seen so far. good Lord……what they put this man through……

            What can I say…..what RG said……Rob honey, smile… do that perfectly!!!


            What about the greek’s system finest??? Ehhhh….did I miss something????

            Oh….and Rob….call me sweety…..if you need anything!!!

          • Believe me I am censuring myself a lot after the bits (twss) I saw. But I can’t/shouldn’t play now, need to work since I woke up at noon and popped up like a flower at the office now.

          • Mel, since we’re on LTR, I think we can ignore the sorority as they were Team Jacob.

          • so YOU were the flower in your office, HE was on Oprah the flower in the DESERT! 🙂

          • That’s the best job ever MP, start at noon and leave at 3/4 ? that’s almost as if you don’t work.

          • I wish JB. We don’t have fix hours though normal people arrive around 9-10 and leave around 7-8 PM. I have things to do, if I’m late (which I usually am) I work late at night (I’ll probl stick to my chair till 10 PM this freakin Friday, boo! but I kinda used and abused yesterday so I’ll call it even), catch up during WE. What’s imp. is to have your morning hours booked in your agenda, this way you avoid most of the morning meetings. 🙂 You’re welcome for the wise advise on how to pretend you’re a morning person at the office.

          • Melronin-
            When they referred to “the greek system’s finest,” the Greek system they are talking about are fraternities and sororities:

            Don’t worry, they’re not talking about your Greek systems 🙂

          • MPJust watched the OW thing. Seriously, you’ve got to watch, it’s so cringe worthy (in parts) but bloody hilr, you laugh your knickers off!

            Twimoms….Why, Why, Why for the love of all things holy would you go on national television and expose your extreme (and I do mean extreme) fondness *madness* in that way and then happily turn up on the show just to compound it.
            Must say was loving his second visit with the potty mum jumping up and down by his side whist screaming ‘HE’S SO HOT’…..hahahahaha, now that was really funny, and Lord did she look sheepish when the camera landed on her during the show. LMFAO…. I personlly would have been under the seat at that point.

          • Thanks for advice MP, but I never had an office 9 – 5 job and I hope I never will. I can’t go to work every day and in the morning, just can’t.

        • MP come on you gotta see it! But pls don’t think we are all crazies like that! Haha!

          • At least watch it for Rob….he will give you that loving feeling!

        • OMG when that one mom said she was reading more i SO thought she was going to say FAN FICTION! i was getting ready to throw my computer out the window and run in the closet. for reals.

          • What was missing in the whole thing was a Twimom mentioning in front of Rob and the family, how fanfic and Rob improved her sex life. And a testimonial of the happy husband on the subject. Again in front of Rob. Fail Oprah, Fail!

          • moon
            Had to remove my highbrows from my hairline……… that’s exactly what I though she was going to say….hahaha

            We all think alike, a similar thought flashed across my mind just after the ‘she’s going to mention fanfic’ thought, which seems quite a natural thought progression from fanfic to improved sex with partner…… normal 🙂

    • I had a nightmare about red carpets in basements

      • That whole basement was terrifying-

        • Twilight handcuffs!? Dudeeeeeeee……

        • The edward blanket? If I had that stuff in my house my husband would divorce me! It was all I could do to get my daughter the Edward barbie for Christmas. He (my husband) hides it on me all the time because he doesn’t like to be stared at.

          • Is Edward staring at Mr. B33, or the other way around? 😀

      • che…that was the most ridiculous thing I ever saw..I mean, what are they doing on that thing????…strutting with Cardboard Edward???..OMG!!!

        • Yes, strutting with cardboard Eddie is only allowed in private. DEF not with cameras around.


          • okayyyyyyyyyy….. 🙂

        • I think they wanted to leg-hitch cardboard Edward….lol

          • Ohhhh leg hitching cardboard Eddie! Good idea…although, watch yourself, you might get one heck of a cardboard cut. LOL.

          • There’s probably a worn patch on Cardward’s hip area, if we were to look closely…

          • Haha, I’ll manage.

            Is it weird that I want one of those Edward cutouts? Hahaha. In my bedroom.

          • God…..I have to buy me an Edward…and put him next to Aragorn… in my bedroom!!! THAT IS NORMAL RIGHT???

            Oh…I know…emj…my elf………you want me to send you Aragorn…for a while????

          • No, it’s totally NORMAL to want Cardward. I want one bad.

            Alas, the only place I could have him would be at work. MAYBE a tad unprofessional…says the lady who put her NM poster up in the ladies restroom…

          • Michelle, for real? A NM poster in the bathroom? Haha! Oh it must inspire some things.

            Of all the cardboard Edwards, my fave is the one from Twilight. He looked the hottest! I don’t know if I’ll still be able to find that one, all I see now at the stores are the one from NM, which is cool too, never can say no to Robward! I told DH I want one for my b’day(which just passed) but he said NOOOOOOOO.

          • Yeah, I’m serious…it’s in the bathroom. I just have him close his eyes when I’m in there. LOL. If it helps any, there are only 2 women here in my office…and we’re both Twi-nerds. 😉

            Yeah, okay…still embarrassing…

          • S-belle, I’m with you, the only cardboard Edward is the one from Twilight. I wish I bought one when he was still in stores. I think it would look great on group photos while having a party – not that I don’t have beautiful friends, but no one is THAT good looking.

      • Hahah you did? It looked more like a rug to me, the kind you wipe your feet on before going inside the house.

        • Good call, SB….

      • Dear Twimoms (who appeared on Oprah),

        How do feel about having your kid say on national tv “mom, do you like HIM more than us?”

        If I were you, I’d leave the country, have surgical reconstruction…and please I’m beggin you here, get a F*CKING life.

        Please look up the word “dignity.”

        You’ve embarrassed an entire country.

        • Nahhh….it’s not the entire country…it’s just tHE ENTIRE WORLD OF INTELLIGENT THINKING WOMEN!!!…sorry needed to say that, thanks I feel better now!

          • Great clarification, robgril….



          • Don’t worry RG, we’re not all like that here in the good ol USA.

        • nicely said lion.

          If I were them, I’d never show my face again.

        • hahahahahaha!!!!
          C’mon, you heard them, they are irreproachable, they cook dinner every night and they forget their boredom and fucked-up life by reading for the first time in their lifes (fanfic). But pls, they don’t cheat. They’re irreproachable I tell you. It’s church approved. Bahahahahaaha! I don’t know if I should laugh or cry, really.

          • MP,
            Sure, it’s church approved except for their sparklepeen vibrators and ff on 3-way sex…it’s all good.


          • ‘sparklepeen vibrators’ – OMG.

          • yeah, the ..”this-is-all-innocent-thing”…I didnt get it…and the kid said, mom is watching only Edward…yeah…all innocent there in Pleasantville! Thanks lion,I didn’t remember the title!

    • he barking back at the dog was priceless!!!

      • I completely agree! Rob barking at the dog was the best moment of the show!

        • that was effing cute!!! The dog was the best and not even on the show! I’m afraid he had NO twilight-related-dog collar, that’s why they cutted him out! 😦

      • That was awesome. He and my GSD could have some serious barking parties, any time.

      • I would have rather watched him playing with the dog than psych-moms !

    • >>I had a nightmare about red carpets in basements, white strawberries, and screaming women

      I think it would be a quite entertaining version of hell for any decent/sane twi-fan – just imagine being locked in the basement with cardboard Edward and screaming twi-moms for eternity.

    • oh my god thank god for this I laughed so hard how friggin embarassing can you be?? screaming like banshees. and the red carpet. and the twilgiht crap. baahaahaa. freaks. yeah i love this site. thanks girls I needed a good laugh!!!!!

  2. My Twi-Confession of the day: I couldn’t watch that segment on Oprah. Nope. I skipped over it.

    I was embarassed for Rob/Kristen/Taylor, Oprah and the Twilight fandom.

    I will have to rely on your recap because I plan on never watching it.

    Oh, and Rob-You can ALWAYS be my sloppy seconds 😉

    • I bet Oprah’s producers where salivating when they saw the footage of the Twimoms and families. Best way ever to ridicule people (when they offer up such behavior with glee and lack of sel-awareness) while pretending to help explain the ‘phenomenon’.

      • gah– self-awareness

      • Seriously! Anybody over the age of 18 knows that you “hide the crazy”. If you don’t, you deserve the ridicule.

        Although I do feel bad for the daughter of the “Oh my God he’s so hot!” mom. In ten years, I hope that girl sends her mom the bill from the therapy she will most likely need.

        • TOFT- honestly, who could blame her? HHH was IN.HER.HOUSE- I have a feeling that under the same circumstances, I’d prolly be word vomiting, too. Like, apologizing for the mess in the living room and dirty dishes in the sink 😛

          • I think I may say a few embarrassing things too if I was face to face with him. LOL

          • Oh, I laughed like crazy when she said it because I could totally picture myself doing that too!

        • the Oprah show producing depart. is tweed serious , no amateurs, the families KNEW 3 days before that “something would happen”!

        • “Hide the crazy” Love it !! That poor girl !!

      • Aaaaargh- it drove me CRAZY how often (and strangely!) Oprah said “phenomenon.” You’d think she was getting paid per utterance.

        • In fact her pronunciation was phenomenally odd.

          • I knooooow.. I was like.. why does she keep saying it like that???

          • Haha, IKR!?
            And what the Hale is E-clipse??

        • And, for someone who is so big on reading, you’d think she’d know that the plural for phenomenon is phenomena.

          I know, I know, I can’t help being the grammar police!

        • LOL! I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that. She said it like friggin’ 15 times and her pronunciation was odd. But i still love her.

        • Agreed and it annoyed me that she kept saying ’85 million’, yes, but they are not good books.

          • ahahahahhahhahaha…”yes but they are not good books.”


          • Oooh, you both got thumbs down.
            Somebody must think the saga has a literary value and believes SM is actually a writer with a real vacabulary and ability to make up decently written phrases for a novel. Mahahahaa!!!

          • thumbs down all you want- I can go through them sentence by sentence and demonstrate WHY they are poorly written. the reason they are so popular is that the story is compelling. BUT nor well written OR edited. the publishing house should be ashamed, but they are too busy rolling in the large wads of cash to care.

          • thumbs down all you want- I can go through them sentence by sentence and demonstrate WHY they are poorly written. the reason they are so popular is that the story is compelling. BUT not well written OR edited. the publishing house should be ashamed, but they are too busy rolling in the large wads of cash to care.

          • sorry-duplicated somehow

          • Trashy romance novels sell. Period. Even poorly written trashy novels. I’m jealous because I cant’ write shizz like that and make a gazillion dollars.

          • @draska
            That’s what I was saying. A 13 yo could have written it better, and I only read some pages on the internet. BUt they were all the same. The translation was kinda unnecessary. Everybody with a 10 words vocabulary could have read it in English.

  3. Oh man!
    Those TwiMoms were soooooooo secondhand-embarrassing. I had to fastforward it.
    Also: my love for Rob has been renewed tenfold.
    The boy does things to me!
    The accent (nat-chos and warrrrrterrrrr!), the hair, the laugh, the fact that he is so effing hilar?!
    Ohhh – speaking of them talking about Saturday nights: When Kris mentioned having a “codependant relationship” with Jella, it made me feel kinda closer to her. Because I have the same relationship with my cat. #Pathetic


    • You know Kristen’s cat’s name??

      Twi-Nerd of the Day award, Jayde!! 😀

      • I don’t think that’s what Rob calls Kristen’s kitty. *smirks*

        • There’s a joke there somewhere about kitties and being allergic, but it’s till too early for me to come up with it.

      • *Blushes* Only cos of Calli’s Tweets lol

  4. I think that show was a defining moment in second hand embarrassment.

    I can give the teenagers a pass on their behavior. Btw- does Rob mind when people just surround him and attach themselves to him without his permission??? I wish the camera angle had been different at the first house during the ‘attack’- his facial expressions looked priceless.

    Best moment- Rob woofing at the dog. Please say that there is more footage of that somewhere.

    Second best moment- Rob is startled by the glass door opening when he backs into it. “This always happens to me’.

    Loved all the giggling.

    • and that laugh at 0.28 is just priceless .i want it as my ringtone

      • Rob was such a good sport.

        • My thouths exactly, even Taylor was a good sport too….Mullsten on the other hand was a wet towel.

          • T was a good sport too. However, O’s extensive efforts to make him seem interesting were zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

          • She is always a wet towel. She sucks.

          • Meanies! But notice I refrained from the thumbsdowning…

        • Yeah, I bet he was jet lagged, tired and in no mood for desperate teenagers and moms throwing themselves at him. But he’s so sweet and kind, so of course he did it.
          It must have been really hard for him to stand in the middle of such crowds since he’s all shy and self-deprecating and all. But I imagine he got used to that kind of situations already.

      • thats the best part…..minus the families!
        I love that he looks ….well….good! lol
        “Is there a protocol for this?”

        • I love the way he says “vicinity.”

    • @ Che……..I want that lough as my ringtone too!!! OMG…when my phone rings….that will be just………hilarious!!! I just want to see their faces……of my friends….I mean… 😀

  5. I just have to say….did anyone notice the way Rob was looking at Kristen, especially at the beginning when she was talking about being shy? I definitely don’t want to jump into the Robsten debate, but the look in his eyes…it just seemed to be so full of admiration, respect, and…dare I say it…love? I don’t know. I almost felt like I should look away (but instead I rewound and watched it several more times…). It just makes me respect him that much more that he could look at any woman that way…..*sigh*

    • I saw it……and …please…don’t go there………..sigh*
      Let’s say…he looked happy<3 and that is good in my book, end of story for me!

      • I can’t/won’t/refuse to see it RE:his adoring eyes at her. Sorry.

        I’ll just keep putting up blinders and stick with my Rob tunnel vision. Burying my head in the sand is really just what works best for me where this is concerned!

        Thumbs down is a’comin! I can feel it in my twitchy palm… hahahaha! Hell, I’ll even start it myself!

        • I’ve a solution…I look at him and you look away! It’s so easy sometimes and for your strength in looking away I’ll give u thumb up!!!

        • Really, when it comes to expressions on people’s faces, it is all a matter of interpretation. You can read into it whatever you want, but unless someone says something OUT LOUD it’s just guessing what the feeling or thought is behind it.

          • People see what they want to see.

            Like you said, TOO, until something is actually verbally confirmed by him and him alone, I won’t believe the hype or see what others insist is there, looking through their rose colored glasses.

          • Oops, sorry ladies, I didn’t mean to stomp on your fantasies. I do have a suggestion…I think the shot of Rob’s “look” didn’t include Kristen in the frame…so you could just imagine he’s gazing at you instead. 🙂 Maybe that helps a little?

          • Chocoholic, it’s ok. My love stands, for Rob I mean! I don’t really care who he’s with, he’s all alone in my dreams so it’s all good!

          • Taylor was sitting next to Kristen, I like to imagine he was gazing at him – anything to avoid the elephant.

        • Repeat after me: “he loves her like a pesky little sister, he loves her like a pesky little sister!”

    • yeah he always has that look and eventhough it hurts 🙂
      i like that what u said “It just makes me respect him that much more that he could look at any woman that way…..*sigh*”

      • idgi… why would it hurt?

    • Yes, noted the looks. Tried to ignore them…yet also had mini-squeals of delight. I’m conflicted. Need I say more?

      • It’s like your read my mind.

    • I saw it too and yeah it was almost like a private moment that I wanted to look away. How sad is that….on my part.

      Let’s just say he’s awesome and so lovable and each day I am going deeper and deeper into my roblove!

    • Yeah, she’s a lucky girl…& I didn’t think she was a wet weekend, the whole media deal is uncomfortable to her, especially after Oprah went on about it. Can a teeny bit of sympathy peek out from behind the (entirely understandable) jealousy? Go on…

      • I loved her shoes!!!! 🙂

        • Nice deflection, RG.

          The shoes were amazing.

      • I got thumbsdowned for that? Sad face.

        • I know me too, screw the thumbs down, whatever. LOL I’ll say what I want to say.

    • He looks at her with Love, she looks at him with nothing but desire.

      • And this is a problem because….

      • you can desire the one you love, yes? why diminish her feelings about things we cannot know?

    • It did seem like he would hang on to her words. Especially when she was expressing her feelings about the characters.

  6. Eh, I skipped the whole twimoms part because that’s just more cringe then I can handle. Srsly you KNOW rob is watching this, be cool. At least hide your crappy twi themed shit.
    I repeat, ROB is watching you! Gosh, its not hard.

    • this is why god invented closets. and the willpower to say no when walking past a hot topic

  7. Dear Rob,

    Feel free to break into my house anytime.

    I’m happy to send you the keys-

    • I think you should help him because you know he could end up in another house by mistake and then injure himself or something.

      • MP- I’m happy to help him in whatever way he may need.

      • I can just imagine him falling through the window as in Remember Me!

  8. I had so many thoughts while watching it.

    The Twi-Moms were hella embarrassing. Did anyone else notice the one kid that was like, “I think she may love Edward more than me?” I’m fairly certian they were kidding, but regardless, way to scar your child for life.

    And can we just talk about the mother that yelled “HE’S SO HOT” while stroking him? What. The. Hell.
    Seriously? I mean, really? That is NOT normal.

    Other than the creepy moms, I loved it. Rob was hilarious (“Must like beef patties”), Kristen was finally pretty relaxed and looked gorgeous, and I didn’t really care about Taylor at all 🙂

    I fangirled for a ridiculous amount of time. My sister called me out on my sqeeing.
    My love for this whole thing has been renewed. And thank god, because it was severely waning.

    • Jess and I fangirled over MSN for two hours.

    • the mother that yelled “HE’S SO HOT”.heyyy this was fantastic lol and the other one at next house said u’re beautiful.but i liked the girl at last when she siad “tomorrow we’ll totaly different”

      Kstew didn’t looked relax at all but she was beautiful and Taytay looked really nice too but no one could reach the level of HHH

      • well…-we’ll look totaly different-
        no that wasn’t an iphone fail 🙂

      • Really? I thought Stew was pretty good. She was able to joke, so she must have been at least a little relaxed. She was much better than usual.

        • well i think i should accept that this is her style of speaking.
          she looked beautiful,the hair was good but her clothes were awful to me

          • Clothes were awful, like really awful. And I liked how she dressed lately she took a bit of risks so it was cool. But OMG the oufit on Oprah was a granny tragedy!!! Volume, style, colours, all!!! BUt I must say KStew has been growing on me lately.

          • granny tragedy!!! bahahahhahah, I guess people had serious problems to make her fit into that thing….

          • granny tradegy best words!!!!!!

        • I also think she did good, she joked like you said. The awkward shyness is how she is so I guess that’s why she’s like that. I didn’t like her outfit, it made her look older but that’s just my opinion on her clothes and it’s immaterial in the grand scheme of things.

          I loved her hair and makeup though. I noticed her hair was really bouncy!

        • @Jess,

          relaxed, seriously? I thought that her body language was horrible. Did you notice what she was constantly doing with her sleeves/hands and legs?

          • But that’s who she is. It’s how she always acts. As far as her speaking went, I thought she was pretty good. Just my opinion.

      • and the one “omg, he is soo tall”, when he’s standing THERE, I mean, that wasn’t wax-Rob!

        • And I love how one of the mom said “you’re so beautiful!”

          LOL….sounds like something stupid I would say if I ever meet him. *blushing.

    • Yes! That lady lost it. Even her kids managed to keep their shit together. How embarrassing.

    • @jess i concur. at the end i was like wow, i really like these people and this book/movie series… it was a nice bump

      • Yeahh. After watching, I decided once and for all I would totally fake lez for Stew. And my love for Rob.. no words. No. Words.

    • “…and I didn’t really care about Taylor at all”

      i think thats the mantra for 2010.

  9. Rob was fantastic as usual. However, the embarrassing Mums made me want to poke out my eyes with a blunt stick! I was so 2nd hand ashamed for them that I feel scarred for life. Unless we suddenly discover that Rob gets turned on by hysteria, then I think they ought to dial it down a whole heap.

  10. That is the first thing I thought too, “Rob got jipped! How is it that Taylor get’s to go to the Sorority house and Rob goes to a bunch of tween homes” So not fair. And yes I was so 2nd hand embarrassed for those people on the show, but you know what, they got to meet Rob, Taylor, watch the movie early and get to go to the premier so I guess a little embarrassment in front of the whole country can be worth it.

    • Me too!
      Hhhmm just a thought…. maybe the pinkelephant had something to do with ROB not visiting the sorority house. Yes the Twi moms and tween are insane but not a threat.

    • I think they just realized that he will simply get gang raped there.

  11. Okay, I haven’t read above comments but just HAD to vent…

    I was COMPLETELY mortified at the TwiMoms. My thoughts were the same as yours…yeah, I may have some Twi-Merchandise (def not a basement full…) but I would NEVER, EVER go on TV showing it off! So…I’m watching the show last night (second time) and I MAKE my husband watch (he really reads and occasionally grunts when I point things out…) I tell him it’s for research purposes (does HE think they’re dating? Yes, I’m pathetic…) ANYWAY…I tell him “omg I am SO embarrassed by these women!” He watches in silence then starts laughing…

    Husband: “Um hon…YOU ARE THOSE WOMEN!”
    Me: “What?! (Appalled!) NO I AM NOT! I would NEVER do that on tv…!”
    Husband: “Um, okay…but you ARE those women!”
    Me: “But I don’t have cardboard cutouts and rugs and blankets and…”
    Husband: “But you WOULD if I’d LET you!”

    OMG…I am a TwiMom. Dear Lord somebody save me now…

    Crying in my coffee…

    • Nooo!!!!!! You are not a Twimom. Just the fact that you are clearly mortified by them speaks for itself. We got your back.

    • Husband: “But you WOULD if I’d LET you!”
      LOL your hubby sounds so funny
      but no i’m sure your not a twi-mom
      at leats you are just a mom who likes twilight which is totes normal

      • Oh girls…you put a tear in my eye! Having my back!?! THANK YOU!

        I seriously was about ready to HIDE my Twi-stuff…LOL. You know the mini-shrine on the end of my dresser? LOL. Um, and the FEW things I have here at work? Okay, maybe I’m digging my hole deeper so I’ll stop now.

        Yes, being mortified by it makes me “normal” right? I’m NORMAL DANG IT!

        • OK if you call yourself a twimom I guess I will too! Haha!

    • Nah, don’t worry, you are still savable. 😛

      SOOO, how did the research turn out, what did hubs say? Are they or are they not?

      • He says, “OMG they are SO dating…”

        And it’s settled apparently. HAHAHAHAAAAA…

        • LOL, DH says the same thing…men are pretty simple, much less complicated than us!

  12. Those Twi-moms were beyond embarrassing. I hope they ramped it up a little for Oprah, but I can totally picture them drunkenly weaving down their red carpet and hanging on cardboard Edward, trying to feed him a white chocolate-covered strawberry. I have a cardboard Edward, but I molest him in the privacy of my red carpet-less home.

    I think it just gives them an excuse to get together and get smashed.

  13. I haven’t watched any of it yet. I’m so 2nd hand embarrassed for them all. I can just imagine the sqeeing, potential moaning, and Rob looking terrified but trying to act like he’s totally ok with all of this at the same time.

    I have seen a few stills though here and there. I’ve seen Rob mostly standing next to other gorgeous celebrities….so seeing him stand next to “normal” people and realizing how effing beautiful he was in comparison….kills me.

    Normally, he looks like a homeless person (holla hobo Rob!), but next to the average person he looked like a freaking moviestar. Le sigh.

    • as I said, it’s quite impossible to win next to him in a pic…

  14. Yesterday was NOT good for me…yes Rob was cute, charming and endearing and much more…but he bothered me.

    1.) I am SICk of their DRAMA about are they or aren’t they…why can’t they just come out and say it…get over yourselves.

    2.) If Rob is dating Mullsten, I don’t know how he could ever like any of us. God she bugs me..the way she talks it’s like she’s trying to be someone else other then herself. Then I love how she says in interviews, “I’m not nervous, I hate that people think that I am” so then Kristen, you are a RE-RE then. I am so over Mullsten. Smoke another doobie while your at it too.

    BTW I am not gettting out of Rob’s line by NO means..I still adore him, I’m just disappointed in his choice of GFs…if he were dating ANYONE else by now he would have come out and announced it…buy he LETS HER control their every word.
    La Gay.

    end of rant

    • sorry if my Mullsten rant pissed anyone of you off…I just had to get it off my chest…I was proud of Rob for going into people’s houses, being so open with Oprah and he was very charming…I was very turned off by Kristen.

      • Awww no, to each their own…I think it’s great that we can love/hate her and get along! 😉

        But in saying that…I was pleasantly surprised by the general non-sourpuss attitude of Kristen. Seeing her interviews as opposed to pics always makes me “get” her more. I *honestly* think she IS AWKWARD in general. I find it semi-endearing, actually. LOL. Go figure.

        However, it is annoying that they don’t “own” their relationship (yeah, at this point I’m buying into Robsten – I know, I know)…but them NOT saying anything to me is saying everything. If you’re not dating, why not just say so?

        Whatever, they seem like the same person…honestly to me…so they prob have tons in common. As long as she keeps the boy happy…I’m happy.

        Did I just defend Kristen? Gosh, this TwiMom rap has got me all scattered…

        • Whatever, they seem like the same person…honestly to me…so they prob have tons in common. As long as she keeps the boy happy…I’m happy.
          those were excatly my thought yesterday
          especially when O asked Taytay for his ideal girlfriend and T said specificly i have to choose i lady rightnow and they both said at the same time :from the audionce

        • What?! Why’d I get a thumbs down? Waaahhhh! I thought I was being very diplomatic!

          • don’t worry about it…..see how many I have! lol

        • What!!!! ‘same person’ that’s a bloody horrible thought, as personally I’m with Misty. I don’t get her or them. If they start to morph into the same person I’m going to have to hand in my HHH card.

          As usual I thought she was awkward and unintersting. It’s that weird sound she makes when she’s talking that drives me insane and the falling over every single word which makes it hard for her to string a coherant sentence together. I’m never quite sure what the hell she’s talking about.

          I’m certain they are together, and if he’s happy, which I’m sure he his then fine, but personally I prefer to see him with someone else altogether, maybe MP, or Misty (if her husband would let her) or any other of the mad, wonderful, ladies who inhabit this odd little LTR world.

          Sorry for bad spelling, but I can’t be bothered to re-read!

          • I agree. I don’t like her, never will. I can’t wait til it’s all over and Rob moves on. She and all this constant speculation and oh they’re so cute/epic love bs has put a damper on the whole Twi thing for me.

          • oooohh, you know how I also shipped you and Rob. *blushing* We’re hilarious shipping each other while the guy is with her while reading it (if he ever reads it).

    • I agree with you, Misty. There’s no reason to keep up all the will they/ won’t they bs. If it is true, then Rob has terrible taste in women. I just don’t see it.

      • thanks dtd..I’m done with that whole issue…it’s soooooo old for me..snoooozeville boring, I expected more from Rob…like more songs getting written for her (aww how romantic)..but nothing…. not impressed.

        I will admit to the way he looks at her, lucky girl, and if she does make him happy then I am happy for them…it’s just hard for me to understand that’s all.

    • I think if Rob dating anyone, would not announce her/him until the Twilight Saga is over.
      I have to agree with you Misty. RobSten make me DO NOT WANT to watch Eclipse. I will see Bel Ami and WFE . No more Twilight Saga for me, was done for by the crazyness that is RobSten .

      Dear Summit and cast of Twilight,

      Good acting, story and action make people see movie, not over blown story/gossip.

      Done for TwiGa


      • @niahid

        I never said that I don’t want to see Eclipse…infact I’m going TODAY to get my tickets..I support ANYTHING Rob is in, even if Mullsten is in the same movie.

        What I was trying to say what that, I just don’t get it and I’m done with Robsten too…all the madeup b.s. and the maybe, maybe not…now they’re buying a house, someone is prego and they’re engaged…..GWAD.

        I have to admit that all this makes me feel bad for them or anyone who is going through this….but I certainly DON’T think it cheapens a realtionship by going public (this is Kristn’s belief)…..just sayin’

        *ducking from stones

        • I meant that I agreed with you on the Drama BS. I know you’ll watch all Rob’s movie.

        • i do agree with you on one point … that going “public” wouldn’t cheapen their relationship. yeah, people will keep pestering them for details and it’s not going to shut anyone up, but at least then we could move on from THE QUESTION. actually, they don’t even have to say anything, they could just be… not so shy about hiding it. look at shia/carey … they are quite affectionate in public. i’m not as familiar with them, but i don’t think anyone is pestering them for details. they are just being adorable together. however, at the same time, i don’t blame r/k because the twilight fanbase and then their individual fanbases include a lot of crazies who act very opinionated about their private lives, which should have no bearing on who they are as actors/people, imo. and yet, if r/k were as visually obvious as shia/carey… i can already hear the shouts of “PR PR PR.”

          So really, Rob and Kristen are damned if they do… damned if they don’t. I like both of them, and they look happy, so who cares about all the rest? I think one of the reasons why mum’s the word is because of the films. Though I must say that the fan segment on Oprah and even some of the comments in this area are making me re-think my defense of the fandom as not being delusional. Hopefully, the comments are jokes and not srs wank.

    • Just wanted to comment re Robsten saying it out loud.
      I don’t want to see it, I mean I know they are together and the day they will do it, it will be because it’s sooooo tweed serious, like tweed serious for ages. And that’s one detail I don’t want to know. But that’s just me.

      • It’s not just you.

    • no that is one of the reasons why i love this site…on some others if you say anything even a tiny bit negative about kristen you get villified…
      no, i dont like her either and i could go into a lot of reasons why and sometimes i think the same thing…if he likes her, if he chooses her then do i really like him? and yeah, i do. I still like him. it really isnt my business and like he would care what i thought and it could be worse…like lindsay lohan or someone truly god awful like that.

  15. You know when the mom was saying she reads all the time now she was meaning to say that she reads fanfic.

    • EXACTLY my thoughts!!!! I swear!!! hahahahhahahhahaha

    • Psh …. that’s lady’s too crazy to read fic.

    • WORD! Tis true.

      PS I likey your avi

    • She’s prob reading MotU at the moment.
      What a pervert. Pfft.


  16. Yes…. I would be embarrassed to act like one of the “Twi-moms” but truth be told I prob would react the same way if I actually met Rob…. srsly! No….I wouldn’t have a red carpet and all the other crazy paraphernalia in my basement.

    I have a question Moon…weren’t you and UC playing with Edward dolls one day last year at a park and you video taped it? Isn’t that just a little bit “crazy”? Just saying….

    My Twi-friend and co-teacher share “Wee E” (a small Edward doll) and we took him on a school field trip to the farm. Our class did not see “Wee E” and all the fun he had (milking a cow, petting a baby chick, frolicking in the hay loft etc.) but wondered why their teachers were giggling so much…ahh fun times!

    • oh yes- we play with Action Figure Edward everywhere….

      but that’s kind of the point.. to BE crazy…. that wasn’t us.. in every day life.. just hanging out, happening to play with an Edward doll.. that was an intentional crazy act.
      we’ve done many
      and plan to do more

      • and I’d love to read/watch more, classics from LTR!

      • It’s all relative…”Crazy” that is!

        Can’t wait to see more UC and Moon fun times with Action Figure Edward!

        (I miss Lauren’s Bite Edward doll adventures)

  17. My favorite cringe worthy moment was that kid who outed his mom for watching only the Edward scenes. I would buy that kid an ice-cream if I could!!

    • LMAO again….so many moments of awful truth, who can handle that outside the fandom?

  18. What GF? Pfffffffff…
    Yesterday I read some rants about his his crazy partying, again (The AwfulTruth), in London and in LA. Other words were used, like wh***** … it looks like the mad girl (something09?)from twitter is venting out somewhere else.

    Being alone at home on saturdays – dear Rob, did you lose your phone yet again? Or gave your phone nr. to several girls but forgot the number and accidentally gave the wrong one.

    • Sorry, I was clicking randomly on my screen and accidently downthumbed you. Well, while I’m replying anyway . . . I’m fascinated by this crazy person and her one-woman campaign to make Rob seem like a manwhore. Where’s her evidence and witnesses? Enquiring minds want to know!

      • Hey, it let me fix it!

      • Where are the thumbs down? Maybe I deserve them for spreading the gossip. It was on E!, The Awful Truth comments, yesterday I think, but I can’t find them now when I wanted to check if there’s some more rant.

    • lmao! yessss… i heard about this chick. she was on twitter, saying the most ridiculous stuff that time-wise made no sense. gotta love the crazy things that pop up in this fandom. vh1 would need to dedicate full hour for post-twilight commentary in the year 2025.

  19. Yeah, I was mortified at the Twi-moms segment. I actually had to cover my eyes.
    If I hadn’t found LTT/R and you Normal people, I would have taken one look at this fandom and run as fast as I could in the other direction!

    –oh – and I was trying to picture what hilarity would have ensued if Oprah had sent cast members to UC or Moon’s house. I’m thinking they would have asked for “drunk Ron” and demanded Big Daddy accompany them to the nearest Olive Garden. Perhaps they’d ask for autographed pictures of Dean/Steve?

    • BEST IDEA. That would make one hell of a show

  20. The twi moms were scary and the fact they were PROUD to Show off their little Twi event to Allie and Oprah (and National TV) left me dumbfounded.
    Im sure their minivans have twistickers
    “Twimom” or Gah…. “Drives like a Cullen” on the back.

    • or “Smiling like Cullens” or “We ARE the Cullens”…endless possibilities…

    • LOL, and their kids comments were priceless! Like the little girl said “she loves Edward more than me” or something like that.

      No wonder the husbands weren’t interviewed! Now I want to hear what their husbands have to say!!!!!

      • Their husbands were out getting wasted and buying paper bags to put over their heads. Or filing for divorce.

    • The Twi-lair was pretty mortifying. I bet Rob refused to go anywhere near that house.

    • Hey now!! Ease up on the people with stickers. I’m very proud of my “I’d rather be in forks” sticker. I just didn’t email Oprah of skype her with it in the background….

  21. LOL, I love this post! Where do I begin?

    So Rob you know, that hurt me to hear that no one calls you on Saturday night, for real? Haha. OOps sorry I am not making light of your plight, but just you know, I’ll make myself available for you on Saturday nights…and any time. 🙂

    Loved it when he said nachos! Sounded more like now-chose. What a cutie pie, uhmmmm.

    I was very embarrassed seeing those moms, I admit I am a mom(of a toddler) and I have lots of twilight stuff but nowhere near what they have! And I don’t have the balls to show myself on national TV with all the bells and whistles of my twiRob-shrine at home.

    I did love the dipped strawberries and I’m gonna copy that! But not gonna be on Oprah! 🙂

  22. I’m a mother but please, if I ever have one of those damn ceramic plates with countdown days on it and, let’s not forget the added touch of the ribbon, you have permission to shoot me at dawn.


    • LOL.. I feel you.. there is healthy sane obsession ::cough cough:: and then there is bat shit crazy. Do I swoon over rob daily? yes. Do I have a secret twidungeon? hells no

      • Do you have a non-secret twidungeon? The suspense is killing me!

        • haha I’LL NEVER TELL

  23. I have to admit.. I watched a lot of Oprah through my fingers.. I cringed every time poor Rob got tackled by screaming teenagers.. he looked terrified.. but he was a good sport about it. I liked the last family the best.. because they actually gave him some personal space.. and he was sweet when he mentioned staying for dinner..

    the twi moms were… insane. I would be mortified to admit any of that on national TV, but hey.. they ended up in a room with rob and oprah and here I sit drinking my coffee in PJ’s so who am I to talk.

    • You know I was mortified/embarrassed for them but at the same time I was jealous that they got to meet Rob. I’m also still in my PJs! Hahaha. I have no motivation to do anything today.

      • I was jealous too.. I would have just handled it differently.. I probably would have answered the door with my pet ferret in hand, rob would have been like “oooo! an animal!” ( cause I can tell rob loves animals) and I would have made him tea. I would have made it so that he wanted to hang around. I do not want Rob to meet me and have a look of absolute terror. I don’t want to scare him.. he seems rather jumpy as it is..

        not that this whole oprah induced rob home visit scenario hasn’t led into a brand new opener for rob fantasies… cause now they all start with rob at my door… sans camera crew.. hehehe

        • Well I hate surprises so I would not like Rob to come barging into my house! Hahaha. I need a warning so I can put some lipstick on and some nice clothes! I think he was only in each house for a few minutes, but if he stayed longer at my house, well yes, tea, dinner, drinks and desserts and whatever the heck he wants he will have! 🙂

          And you know, having a toddler, my house looks like a daycare! Embarrassing.

          LOL on the ferret….do you really have a ferret? I don’t have a pet now, I might have to borrow my neighbor’s dog for Rob! Since he likes animals, he can go to my yard, I got tons of rabbits, squirrels, a mole, birds, and a few stray cats coming and going in my backyard. Hehe.

          • I have a toddler too.. but I think rob’s messy so maybe he’d be

            we actually have 3 ferrets, a HUGE dog, a cat, and a parrot.. (I used to work at a vet)

            so rob probably wouldn’t even talk to me.. he’d just play with all the animals.. although I could see my 126 lb german shepherd tackling him and licking him to death.. and he’d get scary fan girl

          • Owl, your german shepherd weighs more than Kristen. Probably has a longer tongue, too.

          • Wow that’s a big German shepherd! I had one when I was younger, he was really big too but not that heavy. Your dog weighs more than me!

          • he is a monster.. but a goofy sweet monster.. he can put his paws on my shoulders.. he tends to scare the crap out of people, but then follows up by licking them to death..

  24. well i’m using all this crazy twi-stuff things as a rollback aginst my sis who thinks i’m Robsesesed (to much)so she can see that i’m total normal
    cuz i have like nothing twilight or Rob related

    • Yes che….honey…… are totally normal……….like we all are!!! Doctor said…always think positive… 😀

    • Normal! That’s what I like to tell myself!

  25. Thank you so much for this post. I was cringing the whole time as I watched the show.

    It actually comforted me to know that, despite my obsession over Rob, I really haven’t gone over the deep end.

    I’ve worried about all the saved photos on my computer. I’ve worried about my fic. I’ve worried about my daily need to check out LTR, Robsessed and RAOR. After seeing what the rest of the women do out there? I wondered, “Am I even truly a fan?”

    He looked great last night, though. I would never say, “He’s so hot!” to his face. But I would certainly be thinking of it; even if he was wearing the REO Speedwagon shirt.

    • it’s good to know that someone else does the LTR/Robsessed/ROAR circuit every day.. cause that’s my breakfast ritual daily.. glad to know I’m normal 😉

      • Yep I got the same morning ritual. Part of my life now.

    • even if he was wearing the REO Speedwagon shirt.
      i adore that shirt

      • although… the REO speedwagon shirt would look muuuuch hotter in a crumpled pile in my bedroom floor

        just sayin’

      • I think that he’d been wearing it for a couple of days by the day of the taping…….

        • bhahahah good call!!! maybe weeks…

      • okey i thought this was the same shirt and i was going to say the pants makes it looking good

  26. No wonder they think all their fans are freaks!! The ones on that show ARE!!!

    (I watched this with my 5 year-old daughter and she’s decided that, while she thinks Rob is handsome, she’s Team Jacob. I told her she can’t see the movies until she’s read the books.)

  27. It is with great regret and 2nd hand embarrassment that I must stand up and own the fact that I live not only in the same state as the freaky Twi-moms, but the same region. As I watched the cringe-worthy tour of the Twi-party spot, invitations included, I knew that either Moon or UC would be breaking it down today. Yes, I have been reading LTT/LTR SO long that I can predict what they will write about (insert life). Following a typical suburban evening of yet another baseball game, I received a snarky text from my sister that read: “Oprah show visited a Southern Illinois group of women (ur age) who worship ur fixation.” I knew from her tone – it couldn’t be good. My husband watched the clip (thanks Robsession) with me and I could tell he was embarrassed for the women.

    This suburban S. Illinois SAHM and “admirer” of the Twilight Saga does not, I will repeat DOES NOT display ANY Twilight paraphernalia in the first two stories of her house. My Edward and Bella dolls are proudly displayed in my craftroom downstairs and under NO circumstances would they come out to play on Oprah.

    My mission today – find out where these freaks live and pay them a kind neighborly visit. I will not harm them or their strawberries. Just discuss the boundaries of fandom and humility.

    Off topic of freaky Twi-Moms, I must say that I drank the KStew koolaid. Bless her heart, she looked so darn vulnerable on Oprah. I was just about ready to Bitch-Slap the big “O” for constantly reminding everyone of her shyness. Who knew “O” could be a bully???

    • Ohhhh Granny…the Kool Aid! That’s what my problem is!! Sigh…oh well, feels better to love (okay like) than to hate. 😉

    • You’re paying the moms a visit? DO IT and then tell us all about it (or at least send a hate-letter, that’s also cool)!
      Although I seriously doubt they would even get why their behavior isn’t normal. About that: on here we use the word “normal” to sarcastically describe our acute fondness of all things Twi/Rob when we KNOW that it’s NOT normal and that, in fact, we are a bit crazy.

      Well today, I’m seeing that we all actually are normal (like normal – normaler – the normallest).

      • Oooh, you read my mind. I was totes also thinking about how our claims of being normal is in fact just our way of covering up the 1st hand embarrassment we feel at our obsession with Rob and with Twilight (for some). So it’s with some amusement that I’ve been reading all the comments expressing revulsion for the crazy twimoms. Yes, we may laugh and mock them, but it doesn’t make us superior to them just because we express our “crazy” in a different way – by coming on to this blog everyday to fangirl away to our hearts’ content. Yes, I cringe like everybody else, but I’m not gonna judge anybody and pick apart their supposed pathetic behaviour or stereotype them as bored lonely hausfraus. And I also won’t judge anybody who does. I’m just amused at the somewhat double standard. Yes, they do seem to have been hit harder than most by the crazy stick, but live and let live. Hell, I cringe at myself sometimes over this crazy obsession I have.

        • Haha, I was actually trying to make a different point: that most of us here can actually be considered normal. Like in the sense of what the word means to most people and not in the sense of what it means for us LTR/T’ers. But you’re right, it is somewhat a double standard, WE (“the normal ones”) may as well be considered bat shit crazy by people outside the fandom.

          PS: I like your use of the word “hausfrau” 🙂

          • Oh yeah, I got your point, I was just adding my take on the whole thing. And yes, we may very well be considered batshit crazy ourselves, which kinda was the point I was making. Still, I’m happy that I can keep my freak flag flying within the confines of this safe space. Cause it’s normal right?

  28. Did anyone else think, “when did Oprah become such a bad interviewer??” I was 2nd hand embarassed for HER when Rob was talking about his audition and she cut him off to say, “you’re always saying things are ‘rubbish,'” or whatever she said. How original Oprah! I’m sure he’s never heard that one before. I think she asked a total of one interesting/unexpected questions. I
    so wanted her to shush it so rob could talk/giggle at himself more.

    • I want to see an interview for once, where it’s not just a 2-minute repeat of the same inane questions, or asking fluffy talk-show questions, and cutting them off just when they really start to respond. I need a Terry Gross- type interview, where the interviewer actually responds to the answers and asks more questions relevant to what they’ve said! Give me the word vomit! We only get interesting interviews in the magazines, yet I don’t trust them (Jenny Lumet I’m looking at you) because the writers have hand-picked what they want to talk about, and you don’t know if the quotes are exact or whether they’ve left stuff out. End of rant.

      • TOO: Oooooohhhhhhh a Terry Gross interview would be THE SHIT! Brilliant. I will write a letter to Terry right now.

        • Oh, I’d sign a petition to Terry in a heartbeat!

      • OMG how many of us are NPR lovers as well as rob/twifans? Terry gross totes needs to do a hardhitting interview with robward and his constant giggling will be even more awkward/unbearably attractive.

      • TOO, You should interview him!!!!

        Fuck, Oprah totally recycled questions we’ve been hearing for the past 18 months. And get ready for some more for eclipse. Gosh, people journalists, you SUCK!!!!!! So much and so lame you can’t imagine!!!

        I think we should do like a lobby for new questions a totally suggest our own!!! I know Twihards act like that too, but too much is too much.

        • Hi Minuit, it’s totally past midnight for you, and here I am responding. I’m ready to step up and do a proper interview whenever anyone calls and asks, if they can’t get Terry! I have my list of questions, and am ready ANY TIME!

  29. I love Rob yesterday, he was great.

    Taylor was so boring, he behaves like the tipical teenager just trying to impress and to give intellengt answers.

    Kirsten should follow Oprah’s advice, just behave as yourself because no one is expecting anything from you, comme one, jus t be your self,. And yes, I’m sure theres something going between them, I too noticed the looks from Rob.

    Thats what I love Rob, because he dosent give a damn about anything and he dosent take himself seriously, and when you get older you realize that to take life and yourself so seriously is just a waste of time.
    Could anyone tell me what did Rob said when Oprahs asked him about been choose as one of the most influential persons and one of the most handsome. I love is answer but I couldn’t undestand tthe second thing he said.

    And yes, twi moms suks, comme on, get a life.

    • Tay Tay is very much the product of the “Disney machine”, from where he came from… He has it all down. He’s always very predictable in his responses. He appears to have it all together in the way he presents himself. He NEVER has Diarrhea of the mouth, never any painfully stuttering shy moments for him….. He’ll go far in his career of endless RomComs (romantic comedies) and Action Figure Hero movies. In short a very predictable but lucrative career for Tay Tay. ..

      I betcha Stewie tried to give Tay Tay a pot brownie.. (evil giggle). I would, just so that he wouldnt be such a goodie twoshoes.

  30. I didn’t watch the Twimom part. It was more than I could handle. Whether because it’s actually me and I’m in denial, or that I’m easily embarrassed for others, I don’t know. The rest of it was pretty much an hour of goodness that I really want to save on my DVR forever, but I know that I can’t without coming off as slightly conspicuous.

    Which brings me to last night. My hubs and I are snuggling up on the couch for our nightly show watching time, when he notices Oprah on the DVR menu. What the hell is this?, he says. He turns it on and fast forwards it to some random part in the show, so he can pause it on Rob’s face to embarrass me. Then, he starts to play it, right as Oprah is saying something about the books helping out women’s sex lives. He turns to me, and look on his face as he puts two and two together is priceless. Really? he says….I’ve been busted.

  31. GAHHH!! Those Mom’s embarrassed the shit out of me.

    Check my blog (I’m whoreing myself, I know) for my thoughts on this subject!

  32. I did not watch the Oprah show yesterday, I’ve got it DVR’d and will watch soon. The only reason I wanted to watch it was because I knew the topic for today would be the show.

    But here’s the best thing that happened! The girls in my office are NOT Rob fans. They don’t get it. (and I don’t get that) But, they did watch Oprah (being Twilight fans)and two girls said to me, how Rob is really funny and one said they liked his VF pictures (duh!) Are they finally getting it?

    • aha! i think your co-workers may get roped in. it all starts with a comments about his sense of humor and then there’s the VF photos… yep, you just wait. that’s how i got sucked into to the Rob Vortex.

  33. Can I ask a question, I’m in need of other Twi-hards opinions?

    I am a huge Twilight fan so please don’t lynch me but I wonder if Rob might be gay. I am serious, please put down the pitch forks and torches and let me explain.

    He seriously has some femine qualities and I have never heard of him conclusively linked to any girlfriends. Also I have to wonder about the whole Robsten thing. It seems like the whole “denial without denying thing” might be staged. Think about it Summit and Rob’s agent might not want him to come out of the closet right now. So maybe they asked them to play it coy so people would assume they are together???

    • you’re not the first to ask that in all seriousness… but I’ll let others weigh in..

      at the end of the day.. I don’t think he is.. but maybe that’s just b/c I’ll feel REALLY REALLY WEIRD if he ends up being gay….!

    • You are joking, right?

    • Aw … feminine qualities does not a gay make.

      Rob is British. He’s intellectual. He’s silly and awkward. He’s slim but fit. He’s not good at sports. That just means he’s PERFECT. Doesn’t mean he’s gay.

    • Rob is gay, that’s why we’re all here..honi

    • Oh how I wish you were right. Could be, but I doubt it. TomStu 4ever!!

    • honestly… Rob’s just english. My english friend has more feminine mannerisms than any american guys I know.. and he is def straight. I don’t think Rob is gay.. he is just cooler and talks with his hands more than american boys… he’s also shy and quiet… but if he were to make out w tomstu during some drunken binge.. let’s just say I wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall for that

      and I’m pretty sure Nina Schubert is one of his exes.. there are quite a few pics of them together, and I think he commissioned her to do a painting for him recently..

      I totally dig that he likes painter chicks.. as maybe in some parallel universe I have a chance..

  34. It was great – Rob is such a good talk show guest funny and interesting and HOT- I mean Taylor nice guy but blimey he’s BORING and Kristen seems nice, if she could only string a sentence together !!!

    I loved it all even the embarressing bits, it was hilarious

  35. Ok, I’m a Twilight Fan, but those Twimoms scared the crap out of me. I’m not THAT crazy…at least not in public! And if I had all that stuff in my house there is no way in hell I’d let the effing Oprah show see it. The most I have is all my RobPorn hiding in a file on my laptop!!! (oh & the 4 books but that doesn’t necessarily make me a Twihard crazy! Oh yeah, I have FanFic on my laptop too but no one knows what it is because I’m stealthy that way!!:D ) I was mortified that grown ass women were willing to go on national tv & actually proudly display their craziness! Like I said, I’m crazy & I’m a Twilight fan (well, more like I’m a Rob fan) but I’m not willing to be ridiculed for the rest of my time in my neighborhood. Yeah, I’d def have to move.

    On to better things….If Rob is going thru numbers calling people on a Sat night all I can say is call me next weekend Rob. I’ll be free! This weekend is no good unless you wanna come let me cry on your shoulder since I’ll be burrying my grandmother Sunday. There’s an idea…Rob come comfort me.

    The are they/aren’t they bs…who gives a sh*t anymore?? My opinion…I don’t care. I use to think they probably were but their body language on the show says otherwise. Yes, Rob looks at it…I mean her…like some goofy love sick puppy but she seemed to be practically sitting in Taylors lap just so not to be too close to Rob. (I am NOT, I repeat NOT, implying I think there’s a Taystin or anything else like that because I don’t think that at all. But wouldn’t that be hysterical. After the saga ends if she & Taylor came out as being the ones dating the entire time!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA Now THAT would crack me the f**k up!!:D ) sorry. I’m a little out of it today. I’ve had about 4 hrs sleep in the last 2 days!! I think I’m gonna run to bed & attempt to get some sleep before going back to the funeral home & family. Oh what fun!
    Thank y’all for the great blog today! It helped brighten my day. I have the Oprah show on DVR but have yet to watch it. I hope everyone has a great day & weekend!!

    • Oh honey so sorry to hear about your grandma. How are you? One of my BFF lives in Nashville and her house is flooded bad. I hope you and family are ok.

      I have a bunch of Twi stuff but I’m not very open in showing the world yet.

      Take care, I agree Rob needs to comfort you XO.

      • Thanks SB. I’m ok…for now. We’re cremating her today & having a memorial service for her Monday because we’re trying to get family in from Lakenheath England. (It’s actually my husband’s grandmother, but we’ve been married for 11yrs as of today so she was my Mamaw too). My husband is taking it really hard. His “mother” (& I use that word VERY losely) walked out on him & his brother when he was 3. He’ll be 37 this yr & he hasn’t seen that woman in 31yrs. His Mamaw raised them. So yeah, it’s definitely going to be a long weekend. Neither of them are much help as far as arrangements are concerned so my sister in law & I are trying to do everything so that Papaw doesn’t have to. Anyway, we’re good here as far as the flooding. Nashville is about 2 1/2 hrs west of me. I feel so bad for them. I’m glad the rain has subsided for now.
        Yes, Rob needs to come comfort me. Tonight’s gonna be really hard for me because my hubs has decided to go to work (so he’s not just sitting around the house dwelling on things) which means I’ll be alone with my dog & rabbit & my thoughts. Not a good thing!! I’ll probably go thru more pics for the memorial service & finish putting together the music for it. Yep, gonna be a LONG HARD night. **twss** (i inadvertantly made myself smile! Yay me 😀 )
        Dear Rob,
        Come let me cry on your shoulder. I promise I won’t go psycho TwiMom crazy on you & I promise I don’t have anything Team Edward or Rob crazy in my house!! Thanks.
        Mel 😀

        • Aww I’m so sorry. Life is cruel, I know. I just found out one of good my friends has cervical cancer. Life is hard. Take care and you and your family are in my prayers. If you need to talk, PM me in the forum and I can send you my email address, I just don’t want to post it here.

          Big hugs. I hope you guys can get a hold of family in England.

          Rob you heard what Melinda said, she’s gonna be easy on you…I meant no fangirling!

          You better go hide all your Rob and Twilight stuff then. LOL.

          Sorry, I just want to make you laugh. Take care honey and big hugs.

          • SB, thanks. That did make me laugh! I ran & hid all my crazy related items!!!! 😉 I don’t know how to do the PM thing or I would. I don’t care if my email’s listed on here. I can always just delete unwanted messages! You can email me anytime: (Yes, I’m a southern girl & yes I LOVE football so yes, that is a ref to the University of Tennessee Volunteers…even if they haven’t had the best season for like 5yrs now!!:D )

            Thanks again & thank you Whiteflower723 & Bleriana for the condolenses!!

          • Melinda, ok thanks, I’ll email you. I do understand the “football” fixation. I hate to admit it but I’m kind of a football fan too, I can’t really help it!


    • Sorry about your loss….

    • I’m sorry about your loss Melinda.

  36. Cath where are you, come out and play!

  37. I am a proud mom of two sons (4y and 1y) and I am a twilight fan. I never and I repeat…I NEVER want to be associated with those cougar twimoms on Oprah. What the hell? I couldn’t watch that part after 20 sec, I fwd that shit.
    Rob, I swear that I am normal. All my fanfic ( alphabetical order) are safe hidden with ” the other stuff” incase you will knock on my door in the near future (ehm)

    • I know.. that part where the kid was like “you love edward more than me”… damn! that broke my heart.. yeah I’m a mom.. yeah I do ❤ me some rob.. but my kiddo loves twilight too, and it's something we can be silly and enjoy together (the 5 year old is all about jacob… hehe.. though, she won't be seeing eclipse.. a bit too much I think)

      if your kids are getting jealous of fictional characters.. step back and maybe give them some time and attention.. they don't stay kids long and sorry, but my kid is more important than twilight or rob.. priorities people!! not that I don't run to the fanfic the min she is asleep.. hahaha.. and read this blog the SECOND I get up.. but thats why I get up 30 mins before I have to wake her up.. mommy and rob time over coffee…lol

  38. With all the second-hand embarassed cringing at the Twimoms and interpretation of glances between the actors, did no one notice that Rob didn’t touch his hair once during the interview? I may be wrong, as I only watched it twice, but it seemed his fingers were firmly twined together in his lap most of the time. Did he go through some special training? Maybe they used one of those electric collars they use for stopping your dog from barking too much. If the hand goes above shoulder level, he gets a little shock?

    • Whoaaa TOO you’re right! well spotted

    • Okay, that was hilarious…shock collar. Poor baby.

      I was thinking about this today, too! That was one of my fave parts of Rob (twss)…the hair fondling…


    • Hahaha I thought the same thing, but since I didn’t record it, I couldn’t go back to check. Maybe he started taking Xanax or something?

      • Lord knows he needs it for when people start losing their shit around him.

    • Yeah, when you think he’s making goo-goo eyes at Kristen, he’s actually telling himself “must NOT touch hair, must NOT touch hair”.

    • You’re right!!! Very perceptive…

  39. I couldn’t watch this yesterday because the hubs decided to work from home. He RARELY works from home, while I usually do. I was so irritated. He would have been like WTF if I just randomly turned the TV on in the afternoon, and then proceeded to watch Oprah, of all things. And then he would have seen the content and I just could not allow myself that kind of mortification.

    My hubs knows that I read the twi books, and that I was deeply ashamed of it, and that no one else must know about it. But he would be freaked and a tad disillusioned if he knew that I would be willing to watch an Oprah show devoted to twilight actors.

    I don’t own the books, I’ve never bought the magazines, cutouts, t-shirts, pocket dolls, etc. Nor do I have any saved rob porn on my laptop. Nothing. Haven’t even finished reading Midnight Sun ’cause I hate reading books on the laptop, and refuse to print it out as “evidence”. Still dying to see the Twi commentary someday.

    Anyway, Twi-mom I am not. Horny for Rob? F*ck, yeah. But it’s still on the down-low. 🙂

  40. Can you pick up Pin the Copstache on the Charlie at Hot Topic or is it special order only?

  41. This is an OUTRAGE!!!
    How can they do that to Rob?! feed ’em to the horny FF reading twimoms y dont yah! go ahead!

    No but, you know what I would’ve love to have seen? Rob visiting ‘DA HOOD’. LOL

    A girl living in a projects building with dreams of meeting Rob. Sigh. She can give him a tour of her stoop, rooftop, penguins outside her windows and closet she uses as a room with his posters on her moldy asbestos walls. THAT I would pay to see!

    OPRAH, Chicago is full of projects buildings! You shoulda sent him there!

    Hey! ghetto urban chicks need the Edward love too! *points to self*

    Try knocking on THAT door, Rob! Oh, Go ahead! We won’t bite (or shoot you), I promise! We only got love for ya. 🙂 Word. ❤

    • P.S. Did he seriously bark AT the dog?!
      I thought he did! I was dead.

      I need to watch it again.

      • yes he did! I wasn’t crazy!

        at 7:57 or so. He looks down annnnnnnd Barks! bwhahahahah

        • OK, @7:46 is (one of) the reason(s) I loooooove Rob: he throws the car door open and it starts to shut on him. I don’t know why. I guess it’s because he’s got millions of $$$, women shrieking and throwing themselves at him, and STILL he’s a dork. Plus he barks at a dog on camera. Who else would do that? (And an ass I’d squeeze like a melon. And a jaw I could crack nuts on. Hmm..I think I must be hungry.)

        • Ohhh I heart him!

          he was sooo flumbly and fidgety! haha. I want to squeeze him and make him more uncomfortable. He’s a good kid.

      • Honestly that was probably my favorite part of the whole hour. Rob barking at a dog

        • Oh yeah i did! LOL
          yes I get too excited sometimes.
          Thanks! It would be a sight to behold. Rob in da hood. Knee slapper.

        • oops that was meant for the old one. weird.

          But yes, kinda makes you wonder how he acts with his dog. 😀

    • Why did I have the impression you lived in Mexico? Don’t know where I got that. I like to have a mental geographical location for all my gal-pals here, not sure why!

      • nah USA lol born raised in MA
        annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd i’m puertorican LOLOL

        close i guess??

        • Maybe you used some Spanish one time and I jumped to conclusions! I liked your comment about Oprah and the Twi-hood, BTW!

          • Oh yeah i did! LOL
            yes I get too excited sometimes.
            Thanks! It would be a sight to behold. Rob in da hood. Knee slapper.

  42. ***Favorite Moments:
    2)Oprah: Which meant the most to you? Most Influential or Most Beautiful?” Rob:”Oh definitely the most beautiful!”,
    3)”Woof!” @ the dog! So cute and totally random=)
    4) When Oprah says to TL,”We read that you’ve never smoked a cigarette, never had a drink, never, never, never. Is that true?” and then Rob blurts out, “NO!” hahaha! I have a feeling Rob pressured ‘poor little innocent’ Taylor into doing those things. lol
    5) When Dakota said her sister and her friends are making a robot for school and named it “Rob-bot Pattinson”! FTW!

    ***What the F*ckery?! moments:
    1)When Kristen was talking about being so painfully shy! It literally made me squirm!
    2)The Twi-moms. (I can proudly [or sadly] say that I don’t own ANY Twi or Rob realated merchandise. I didn’t know how I felt about that before, but now I feel more normal than freakin’ Betty White. [sry, that was irrelevant but I love the G-Girls too]).
    3) Oprah gushing about Taylor’s abs! Yeah, I get it but I am tired of the abs and I’ve heard Taylor talk about how he had to “eat constantly and work out” all *ucking day long. It’s so damn predictable. Rob doesn’t even repeat his stories THAT many times.
    4)Oprah’s pronunciation of “phee-nom-ee-non”.
    5)The awkward moments when Rob visited the ‘basement girls’ and they had no idea what to talk about. I could hear the crickets. Lol

    All in all, I thought it was one of Rob’s best interviews ever. Can’t wait to see him on Ellen. I love his interviews on Ellen. But I’ve heard that Nikki’s going to be there. She always interrupts him. I’ll choke a bitch if she interrupts. LOL I kid, I kid. 😉

  43. When Rob grabs Taylor’s chest…that big hand….*sighs* I can totes picture that hand on me….

  44. Hey guys…just came from work….wow what comments!!!

    Is it hot today on LTR??? Or is it hot in Greece??? Or is it just me???

    Very hot!!!!!

    • Hahah…..
      It’s just you and me =)

      • HAHA…HI WHITEFLOWER….everybody gone??? ok……just you and me is good…more to share…..Rob…..I mean…..more Rob for us!!! 😀

        • Hi Mel!!!

          Don’t know where’s everyone…
          So yeah, Rob, you and I…cause you know he’s here right?

          Would you like to see your b-day gift?

  45. I fast forwarded through all the creepy home visits. I just couldn’t stand to watch these women make complete asses of themselves.

  46. Listen, I’m just going to call everyone out on something.
    Putting down the “twimoms” is pretty POT.KETTLE.BLACK.

    Yes, I am a regular on here, Twitarded, and all our awesome filthy websites. I’m also a regular on twilightmoms and everyone on there is asking the same question “are those twimoms our twilightmoms? who are they?” LOL!

    Anyways, I just find this funny that a group of Twi-hards are putting down other Twi-hards. What the funk guys?
    Peace, Love, Twilight and all that junk

    • P.S. I’m not saying I didn’t cringe either, but it was more of a “hmmm this is what the world sees Twi-fans over 18 as….” The problem with TV is that they can edit and say things to make you look downright stupid. So…yeah….off my soapbox.

  47. Oprah was in good form! very nice to them all.
    The Theta’s didnt even break out the keg! (dissipointment).
    The Twi Moms = batshite crazy (that’s normal).
    Lord Sparklepeen’s face when all the girlies came running out of the house toward him and he gathered them all in a great big hug endearing (awww).
    Robbies best moment….
    When he “woolf” to the family dog.
    *When he said that he would have liked to sat down to dinner with them..

    *That last bit was somewhat poignant.

  48. ALSO.. (AFTER watching Opie’s show) …..

    I have a sense that Stewie is the one having a difficult time facing her public. Shy (for an actress this is hard for me to comprehend) and somewhat backward. Trying to choose the appropriate words to express herself, but failing, falls into a painful embarrassing stutter (HEY give the girl some amitriptyline to calm her down). 😉

    I picked up on Tay Tay, Robbie, and to some extent as well as Dakota try to help her out — Dakota certainly is a little pro at 16 yrs. old.

    I’ll bring this up— I didnt sense the big romance between robstene… I tried to see it.. but nada. But I did pick up on a very sincere friendship and a sense of shared experiences of being thrust into the spotlight of teeniebopper Twi hell.
    An experience that will bind them together in friendship perhaps the rest of their lives.
    Now (that) type of relationship is more enduring than the typical hollywood romance.

    • On the contrary hermes I totally thought KStew outted Robsten. As she (an he) did before, but it’s strange the media doesn’t seem to notice it.
      You know when she said, we’ve already had this conversation (about the pregnacy) she seemed sincere, like nthey already talked about kids, very probly not seriously, but still.
      I don’t need confirmation, i know they’re together, I just think they’re both bad for keeping it secret because they keep outting themselves.

      • I really don’t think they’re trying to keep it a “secret”. I think they just don’t want to feel pressured into talking about it to the public. They clearly spend a lot of time together, they don’t deny anything. I think not talking about it is just them not wanting to give the media even more ammunition.

        Also? I kind of wonder if Stew’s not worried about the kinds of questions she’d get if she acknowledged it openly. Instead of just “Are you or aren’t you?” she’d be getting “When?”, “Did your ex know?”, “Was there overlap?”

      • I’m glad someone interpreted her incomplete pregnancy comment the way I did. This was the first time I’ve seen that mentioned and to me it was obvious that she spoke too quickly without giving thought to her words.

  49. the sorority girls would totally jump on Rob, he ha that effect to people. he is totally edible and yummy

  50. and dakota fanning grown up good, yeah Rob shd totally date her when she is older….she seems mature and normal….

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