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FACTS about Rob Pattinson in London

Dear Rob,

FACT: This week has kinda been insane with all the pics, vids & promo shizz you’ve done for us. FACT: I don’t think I’ve even watched or seen half of it. FACT: I’ve been wanting to do another FACT post for awhile since last time we did it it was so freakin’ fun. FACT, I may have had a glass or two of wine on an empty stomach and FACT I’m a light-weight so FACT I’m quite tipsy cuz FACT I’m utterly depressed that because Moon lives in LA she gets to do every fun thing in the history of ever like see a pre-screening of Remember Me today. FACT: I might hate Moon.

Moving on, as I was gazing at the before pictures from when you were on “What not to Wear” pictures of you in London yesterday, I was struck by a ton of FACTS about you.

I hope I got them right. Actually I know I did cuz tipsy UC is always right. That’s a FACT


Rob Pattinson and a Cougar

FACT: Nick took one look at Rob’s outfit and said, “Oh no you don’t.” and Rob said “You’re not the boss of me.” Then Nick said “Oh, yes I am.” So Rob grabbed a random cougar off the London streets knowing she would be okay with his outfit because, what cougar would disagree with Rob? Turns out THIS cougar would disagree with Rob. She wants in Nick’s pants, so she got an invite in the car and Rob got pissed at the two of them.


FACT: Rob mistakenly thinks of his co-stars and director as examples of high fashion and in an effort to copy their fashion taste will be seen wearing a soccer goalie’s shirt paired with mustard-colored pants to the LA premiere. (Taylor is “too young to know what real fashion is” so he’ll ignore him)

FACT: Rob asked Kristen for an autograph. When she looked at him puzzled he exclaimed, “Oh gosh. Hey K. I thought you were this guy from my favorite team.”

Sup Rob's Bodyguard

FACT: Rob said ” ‘Sup ” to that bodyguard once he realized they had the same jacket on


FACT: Whoever this woman is in the reflection of the car window has already blown-up and framed this image and sent a copy to her family and friends with the caption, “The night I almost kissed RPattz”


FACT: Since they never see each other, while Rob was home for one day, Clare Pattinson threw every holiday meal back-to-back. The chubby cheeks are a result of celebrating Thanksgiving*, Christmas and Easter all in a row. Plus after the final meal, Rob was still hungry so heated up a hot pocket.


FACT: When asked to sign Stephenie Meyer’s book “The Host,” Rob didn’t think twice because he thought the cover of the book with the girl’s one eye represented that cool fanfic he read last week starring himself and that ‘really hot blind girl.’


FACT: This conversation took place, “Rob what a great jacket you’re wearing tonight. That looks so warm. Who designed it?” Rob, “Thanks, Sally. It’s actually my dad’s. I liked it because it was TWEED and TWEED is pretty serious and I felt I needed a serious edge tonight.” Sally, “Uh. Oh. That’s, uh, interesting. How did you come across your dad’s jacket?” Rob,”I don’t get home much and when I do I like to reminisce about when I was a 10 year old lad. I escaped into my dad’s closet when my mom was trying to convince Kristen to let her do something to her hair. That’s when I came across the jacket. And guess what else is cool? It’s the same jacket that I was conceived in!”

twilight fan party 4 111109

FACT: Due to Rob’s increase in money and famousness, he has fired his stylist and prefers to close his eyes, spin in 3 circles, walk 2 blocks to the closest thrift store, go around back to the dumpsters and pull clothes out of the thrift store reject pile when in need of an outfit for a big night out.

twilight fan party 3 111109

FACT: Rob can make us forget all about the catastrophic TWEED ensemble from the Dick Pattinson 1988 wardrobe collection with one touch of his lips from his long-fingernails-for-guitar-playing hands. *Swoon*

What FACTS about Rob have you thought of during the press tours this week?

FACT: The Forum rules and so does LTT

FACT: All my pictures are from Just Jared Jr. except the soccer goalie pic from@estrellititita
*FACT: I’m not dumb, I know T-giving is an American holiday!


  1. That’s a women’s reflection? I thought it was TomStu demanding an apology from Rob for missing the premeire of “Pirate Radio.”

    • Bwa ha ha ha. Rob should marry you 🙂 Or Tom . Your choice

    • Did someone mention TomStu! (my little cupcake).
      Another reminder for you all to go see the comedy Pirate Radio this weekend Friday 13th… starring TomStu! (le sigh).

      He plays Carl, the young man who looses his virginity (to a woman) you snarky wenches!

  2. Awesomeness.
    That tweed jacket? Yeh, no Rob.
    Although nowhere NEAR as bad as C-Dub’s mango-coloured crushed-velvet looking pants.
    As for The Host thing, I’m pretty sure the UK versions are the same as the Oz ones (just like with Harry Potter) cos all our books have the big-ass ugly cover pic from that other book in inside the cover, too.


    • “mango-coloured crushed-velvet looking pants” <– FACT: That cracked me up. 🙂

      • Those are very strange pants. I hope Rob doesn’t ‘borrow’ them from Chris! He might pair them with the red velvet jacket from the HP days! Wasn’t ketchup and mustard colors supposed to be ‘in’ a while back for like 5 minutes? We know that Rob isn’t too up to fashion-date (hello, dad’s tweed coat) and he might this or randomly pick these items up off the floor and put them on.

        He’s still beautiful….

    • I think Rob showed up wearing the mango pants and the apple jacket, going for a fruitbowl theme. Nick took one look at the situation and said, “Weitz, you’re going to have to take one for the team.” They switched outfits so that Rob didn’t look like a extra from “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and Chris Weitz could secure himself as beneficent DILF.

      • mmahhawawawhaaa
        oh tiffanized, i want u know that i always love u

      • and this is why we beg you to write us a letter every day.

        • I DO write you a letter every day! I sign them all TammyO. What the HALE have you been doing with them?

      • Tiff RULES, true story!

        DEAR UC, also known as the one I don’t hate until next week when she is in LA too:

        You should have borrowed her scale of seriousness, or not….I liked it.


        • I think maybe we are the only ones who understand it. Sam pretended to understand it, but I think he may have been a little scared of us and/or drunky.

    • I love the tweed! Tweed says I’m trying to look like a man… not a tweeny boy!

  3. I love, love, LOVE what Rob is wearing. It may be because it makes me think of Mr Darcy.

    Kristen looks like a peacock threw up on her – but I like it.

    I can’t comment on the DILF right now. The pain is too raw…

    • I love Rob’s mismatched outfit too! When he wears a tux or a really good suit I get worried that he might realize how hot he looks and stop dressing like a hobo. Which is how I like Rob best.

      Kristen’s dress looks like she bought the tackiest Barbie outfit she could find and had it sized up.

      Chris Weitz-Is he color-blind? Completely blind? Did he lose a bet? Did he go out as a Velveeta cheese log for Halloween and those pants are the bottom half of the costume? Just burn them, Chris.

      • Velveeta cheese log? Eewww! That made me gag!

      • kristen is wearing proenza schouler:,,20278123_20318444_20703019,00.html
        i think she looks perfect for london. rob fantastic, I love the tweed. chris – just no. the shoes are worse than the pants.

    • OMG me too! I’ve always imagined him as Mr. Darcy! Actually I don’t think the coat looks bad at all, maybe it would have looked better if he buttoned it up and it’s probably form-fitting.

      Regarding Kristen’s outfit, yeah I’m confused. Is she wearing a shirt and skirt? What is that?

      • Hon, for one thing I am pretty sure, if Rob would have stayed longer in London, sooner or later the coat would fit…Clare had almost a five-step-plan for that…have you seen his one cute chubby cheek?

        • So true! I love happy, well-fed Rob!

        • Chubward!!!!

          oh, sorry, too much ff!

        • Yes I did :-). He’s so adorable…how I want to pinch those cheeks!

        • I can tolerate the chubby cheek, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the jaw.

    • Are we sisters from another mothera?!? I ALWAYS compare Rob to Mr. Darcy…

      Rob = Mr. Darcy = WIN!!!!

      • Yeah girl! That British smooth-talking is so like Mr. Darcy :-). Oh my goodness, if he played that part, I think we will be all done for!!! You hear me, DONE for!

        • Mr. Darcy,? plz explain by mail ❤

          • OK Fraulein, I’ll explain it to you….after lunch :-).

  4. FACT: You are unbelievable funny!
    FACT: I love you and Moon (but I guess I kind of hate her right now) so much!
    FACT: You always make me smile!
    FACT: I love happy Rob!

  5. I love it when you do – FACTS

  6. I’m kinda in love with the overcoat, but the rest of the ensemble (unsemble?) does sorta scream “Fuck you! You’re just (un)lucky I’m wearing clothes at all!)

  7. “FACT: When asked to sign Stephenie Meyer’s book “The Host,” Rob didn’t think twice because he thought the cover of the book with the girl’s one eye represented that cool fanfic he read last week starring himself and that ‘really hot blind girl.’”

    I swear to the almighty that I spit hot coffee across the room when I read this. I will now have to apologize to the dog for spraying her with hot coffee. She’s looking at me like I just lost my mind and licking the remains of said coffee off her coat.

    I thought the SAME exact thing when I saw the banner for that FanFic and I’m glad someone else thought the same thing!!!

    At least it wasn’t my computer screen this time, which has been sprayed more than its fair share since I started reading this site!!

    • wait… is there a fan fic with ROb & a blind chick? I totes made that up.. I think…

      • <— That is it 🙂

        Creepy.. I know…

        • THAT is SOOO weird!

          • That is hilarious! “Through your eyes”. We knew Rob was a fanfic reader!

            For serious, WHO is the dumbass who grabs The Host to get it signed by someone who has nothing to do with that book?

        • Why is it that a lot of fanfics make Bella even more pitiable, while Edward only gets hotter and sexier?

  8. Fact: The way creeper manager Nick ogles Rob is beyond creepy. He lurks more than TomStu

    • I like when TomStu lurks. Not so much with Nick.

    • I didn’t think Nick was ogling; it’s more of an exasperated glare. As a mother I recognized it as the “what the eff am I going to do with this kid” look.

      • I agree about that first pic. It looks like Rob has gotten in trouble by uttering one too many things about his bodily functions and Nick has just scolded him.

        • Seems like Mr. Nick is always scolding Robbie.

          “Let them take the pic rob”, “Wear clean clothes Rob”, “for christ sakes Rob quit sucking your thumb”… “just do what your told and shut up Rob”….
          etc. etc.

          Poor Robbie.

      • Yeah…I agree with this.

    • he is so creepy. It’s like you can see $ signs in his eyes when he looks at Rob. I would find his creepy hovering annoying as hell.

      • I know, right?

    • Nick gives me the heebs. I can’t get to his eyes ogling Rob because of his big floppy ears. They just look like they are those gross too much lobe kind of ears that in a few years will be covered in hair and just…GROSS.


      • I think it’s a manager thing. all the ones I know are just skeevy 😀

        • Ascot Phil.

    • Sam Lutfi the 2nd? Is he going to start crushing up Xanex in Rob’s hot pockets?

      Nah, he’s not THAT creepy.

  9. lol, everyone looks like they all had a few too many puffs of kstews pipe, even taylor – plaid tie? srsly?

    • OMG, I hadn’t noticed the plaid tie until you pointed it out… Oh no! Taylor has succumbed to the curse of the plaid! Soon, we’ll be mocking his vestimentary choice too!

      • I read your comment and for a second I thought you said “vasectomy”. LMAO

  10. “It’s the same jacket that I was conceived in!” So hilarious! On the bright side, his shirt is buttoned properly and it’s kind of see through…

    Does anyone remember the “One of these things is not like the other” song on Sesame Street? Because that was playing in my head on the second picture. Thank you, Taylor, for not falling under the spell of the mismatching hipster.

  11. FACT: All this TammyO business is just making me more curious! Since I don’t have time to rifle through LTT/LTR archives, – any way you can post a link?
    FACT: You guys are HILARIOUS!
    FACT: I love tipsy UC, tipsy UC needs to appear more, cuz she is always right!
    TRUEST FACT OF ALL: Now that Rob, Kris, and Chris (haha) are all famous little byotches, they fired all their stylists and are now consulting Rob’s parents only. Rob’s parents are HUGE Brit soccer fans, tweed coat wearers, and always fall into huge tubs of mustard.
    Taylor alone remains sane, and that’s cuz he’s got Swiftner.

    So, so true. Truer than anything posted by TammyO or OK! Magazine. Jeez! Why aren’t they reporting on this vitally important stuff?

    • oh thanks. I like tipsy UC too. I don’t really like ‘so drunk i pass out in a wheelchair holding a baguette” UC, but she didn’t appear last night.

      We actually deleted most of TammyO’s comments so there isnt much to see anymore.. boo!

      • Three Sheets To The Wind UC with baguette might be my favourite UC. That’s my go-to place when I’m feeling blue. I think of you sitting on a toilet in taffeta with puke on your (kick-ass) shoes (cuz I just know I’d die for half the shoes in your closet) and I instantly feel better. That’s the best story EVAH!!

  12. Rob’s jacket actually looks like it belonged to Big Daddy Lautner.

  13. I actually saw daddy Pattz wearing this at the pre-screening of Little Ashes in London back in March!!! (I am convinced it is the very same one.)However, it fit his dad better, as he’s not so tall and slim. Perhaps that was why Claire was trying to feed him up in the short time he was there!! LMAO.

    • There’s something distinctly creepy about Rob’s mom trying to fatten him up so he can where his dad’s clothes.

    • If it’s the same jacket, then that’s cute.

  14. FACT: Rob can make us forget all about the catastrophic TWEED ensemble from the Dick Pattinson 1988 wardrobe collection with one touch of his lips from his long-fingernails-for-guitar-playing hands. *Swoon*

    Truth, after having 2nd hand embarrassement of his fashion disaster, seeing the fingers make me want to do something dirty with that horrible coat

    • SO TRUE!

      I was scared about the long fingernail caption for just sec, but then I zoomed and realized they weren’t that bad. I don’t like . . . long . . . fingernails . . . on a guy. *bites lip, shudders*

      • I’m just gonna say this here cuz I know you’ll all “get it”, and really where else is the subject of finger nails going to come up here or over at LTT….I was a little horrified when I saw this:

        Oh yeah, it’s the next big “trend” coming this season.

        Not for a million dollars, ladies. Not for a million dollars. Well, unless Rob wanted me to. You know, cuz he likes to have his back scratched.

        • What. The. Fuck.

          • Double. What. The. Fuck.

        • I think onestly this is one of the ugliest things I ever saw! lol

      • Should we give him some nail clippers? LOL

        • No hon, at this point I need a blindfold or very dark shades, mama mia what an ugly thing these nails on the link!

          • I can’t see it at all. 😦 Oh well.

  15. Fact: even in that shitteous outfit, Rob is still bangable. How does he do it?

    Fact: Rob has pen on his hand in that last picture. Oh, I’m sorry? That’s not pen, but rather refried beans from the night before? You mean, Rob didn’t shower for the New Moon premiere? Quelle surprise…

    p.s. I have resigned myself to Rob and Kristen’s wrist-holding. RIP Nonsten, and hello Dontgiveacrapsten!

    • Wrist holding- what a scandal!

      • Wrist-holding… sheesh! *rolls eyes*

        Makes me wonder if either of them is a germophobe… and if they are, why are they so averse to regular showers and changing clothes…

  16. Fact: After the premiere those pants were used to help land planes at Heathrow..

    • hahahahahahahaha. Oh God,!

  17. FACT: Rob played hide and seek at the Runway . He refuse to leave London . So he hid under the plane that would take him Madrid.
    FACT : KStew and DILF dressed in the dark.

      I see you Rob

      • LMAO!

      • Wtf is he doing?

      • Aaaaw! He doesn’t want to leave home! Stay here Rob!! (with me!)

    • OMG is that picture for real? That’s him? HAHA!

    • Correction: KStew and DILF DRESSED in the dark!

      • Correction fail: KStew and DILF GLOW in the dark.

        Le sigh. I’m an idiot.

  18. Oh, be nice to the tweed (and Rob) 🙂 When its as cold as here its actually a good thing, not just for dumpster diving… And you look serious 😉

  19. I’m giving Rob a pass on the clothes cuz he’s so happy to back in London. I’m feeling generous today. And I like the jacket.

    However, I do not give passes for color monstrosities. The DILF failed super hard in his psuedo-hammer pants. Kristen, oh Kristen. Small piece of advice. You should try harder now after being caught holding my man’s wrist. Don’t fuel the fire with ugly clothes.

  20. FACT: In the spirit of Pattinson family tradition, I am willing to conceive children with Rob while he wears that jacket.

    • Is there also a family tradition of adultery in that jacket? Because I call next in line.

      • Whoaaa, I didn’t say I was marrying him, just banging him in the jacket and bearing his gorgeous and dorky fruit.

        • “Bearing his gorgeous and dorky fruit”

          Why did this leave me with an image of you carrying his balls around on a platter….

          • …Hilarious….carrying his balls around on a platter….

            Somebody here knows “Profiterole”, famous Italian cake towering many and great balls of chocolate filled with white cream? ….OMG!

          • I don’t know if I’m hungry or horny now.

          • Are the two mutually exclusive? Bananager.

          • I love it when you slip in the Bananager, HB (twss).

          • @tiffanized “I don’t know if I’m hungry or horny now.”

            “Then stay away from my freezer!” – Chandler


  21. I actually liked Rob’s look for London. Taylor was the one who looked out of place and a bit wooden (that’s what she said). The DILF looked like he had just parked his volvo estate after attending a shooting party out at Lord & Lady Pattinson’s estate. However, he gained points for wearing a poppy 😉

    Let the tour continue!


    • Agreed, he was the only one! Don’t even get me started on the kstew! I don’t know what went down at pattinson towers yesterday but she didn’t give a sweet FA last night.

    • They all wore poppies at the actual press conference.

      • True, apologies. I havn’t one break
        from RL or this monsterous hangover all bloody day! Had to get fully liquored up to walk the red carpet last night! It was full on Crazy, but not as bad as I thought it might be. I’d say there was just as much team normal in force last night as there was hardcore fanatics. I’m not 100% but I think they even have they’re own scary Italian coven. Rob was just as swoontastic in RL! Although he I think was so tired it was like that drunk tired you get after a really long flight. Bless!

        • Or just drunk.
          Or maybe that was just drunk ‘ol me.
          Arhhh I’m going to get a full fat coke.

        • I’m so jealous. That is all.

      • ***I think the “POPPIES” are a show of support for Aids research (or perhaps its in support of juvenile cancer research?) in the UK, (much like we wear a red ribbon in support of Aids research here in the US

        • For Veterans Day or Remembrance Day in the UK.

    • That’s a good point. I really felt sorry for Tay ’cause they made him look dumb. Poor kid put an effort to look nice and clean, and they show up looking like that?!

  22. The woman in that reflection sure looks like a pointy nosed man. Either that or she’s one unlucky dimple-chinned lady. Maybe she could start a ‘female dimple-chin club’ with Nikki Reed.

  23. That photo looks like KStew, My Dad’s buddy Stan, and the DILF are out on a day pass and Taylor drew the short straw this morning in the staff meeting about who was going to have to drive the van.

  24. FACT: I love Kristens dress!
    FACT: Chris = Ernie with the little flower!
    FACT: Rob looked gorgeous with the Dad coat, I was a bit afraid, he surely will get a cold!
    FACT: Taylor looked like a 12jear old going to the wedding celebration of his older sister…


    I’m still laughing about the first pic with Nick and the cougar….they actually looked together like kinda ugly version of Madonna and Jesus Luz……

    …Rob realized it and was very irritated….hahaha

  25. FACT: The DILF asked his hotel to clean and press those gold pants so he could wear them in Paris AND London. (I refuse to believe he’s turn Robish and wearing pants several times without washing them). Is the DILF’s wife gonna kick his ass when he gets home? I’d kill my husband if he wore those pants once, let alone twice.

    FACT: Whether we like it or not (and I don’t), Kristen has great legs. Her Cyndi Lauper get-up doesn’t distract from that fact.

    FACT: Rob is becoming a bit of a two-face. Chubby-ish cheeks in one pic, fine sculpted cheeks in another. And yet, I’d take him either way. Even with that ill-fitting ensemble he chose to wear. Again.

    • I think CW wore those pants in Paris to get kind of a “haute couture” buzz going, and it kind of worked, the first day. I thought it was interesting he would choose to wear something like that. However three days later, having never taken them off during all the press conferences and plane rides the buzz is totally negated!

    • I don’t get that her legs are “great” they look like plain old undefined teenager legs to me. nothing special as far as I can tell

  26. The reflection in the car window FACT was pure effing WIN!

    And please, we all know we would be sending that same email out. If I had a pic like that, I’d send that shizz to my entire contact list. Family, friends, My (almost five years ago) wedding planner, My Rabbi, Gap/Old Navy customer service, the woman who interviewed me for a job I didn’t get….I have no shame.

    Maybe it’s relative to his co-red carpet walkers, but I think Rob’s outfit looks good.

    Is there a website that is dedicated to his collarbone/sternal head*? LTRSH?

    Dear Rob’s Sternal Head,

    Thank you so much for showing up at nearly every event/interview that Rob does.

    I want to lick you.

    Zees ’84

    *Clearly I spend wayyy (3 Ys) too much time over at KSWI

    • Sternal Heads Gone Wild! We need to talk to Taylor about hiding his sternal head. Maybe he isn’t allowed to show it until he’s 18?

      • Dear Lord, how do you know about that?

        This requires a longer explanation.

        I have not once, until today, thought about Taylor in that way, until I thought about how the vest he is wearing in Madrid probably Vs in the exact same place as his peen lines. I’m a sucker for obliques.

        P.S. Thanks for saying I turn you on, and for boosting my self esteem via Thumbs Ups. Thumps, if you will.

  27. FACT: The first thought that crossed my mind when I saw Roberto was “WTF”. I think he could’ve pulled off the look if he 86’d the shirt and pants and just wore the jacket. (I seriously hope you get the same visual that I’m getting. Nakey Rob in just tweed and dress shoes (meh-beh donning some black socks.) Your welcome.
    FACT: Kristen is a badass and she can dress like a soccer playing peacock if she wants to.
    FACT: Chris, Chris, Chris…I just have an overwhelming urge to touch your pants. They look so…touchably soft.
    FACT: I am so freaking excited about NM I can barely contain myself (And it’s being released on my b-day so I’m taking it as a sign. A sign that someday I will bang Rob behind a dumpster.)

    • That’s it, Sharpie. From here on out, we are card-carrying members of the Kristen-Stewart-is-a-Badass Club. I think I’m the only one who liked her outfit. I can’t believe I’m going to do this, but I’m quoting Lainey here:

      “It’s imaginative, it’s individual, it’s risky, it’s totally forward, and if the girls at the mall are snickering…let them. This is about the esoteric, and if you don’t get it, you were never supposed to.”

      LTR girls: I love you all…..please don’t hurt me.

      • I will proudly carry a Kristen-Stewart-is-a-Badass club card. I like that outfit, I like her, I think she gets a lot of shizz she doesn’t deserve, I actually think I love her a little bit. She’s a cool chick. FACT.

        • I like her too. I think I heart her because she not the cookie-cutter typical H-wood chick. She’s beautiful, but not a fakey-fake, and she’s not an ass kisser.

        • My thoughts, exactly! Kudos to her for her recent almost-eloquence and for keeping her composure.

          I mean, I know she’s been in the biz for years and has more experience with the crazy than Rob or Taylor, but I have to admit that if I were her, it would take handcuffs and a muzzle to keep me from climbing to the rooftops and shouting “YES! I effed him! And I loved it! And he made me a hot pocket!”

          • But…she did that…just calling it “flippy” and “friendship” and “wishy washy intellectual” that was her shout out …you know that too! lol
            And I am with you….I think I wouldn’t come out of that bed anymore, shitting on the Promotion Tour…Chris and Taylor…you have to go alone! I am too busy with the Fragile-Ego-man!<3

          • Word. I would scream it from the rooftops, plaster it on billboards, and wear a tee shirt that says in bold, cap letters, “I BANGED ROB AND I LIKED IT”

      • I AM with you, I LOVE the dress, the colours, the cut and….it’s a dress only SHE can wear, GREAT legs, I would say “perfect”, young, fresh and “french”……..but who is that Lainey? …and why she is with TammyO? lol

        • Lainey, as in Lainey Gossip (link below). She is a gossip blogger in Vancouver who covers a lot of Twilight stuff. She hates scary twi-idiots like TammyO who send her hate mail all the time (it’s hilarious). I actually quite like Lainey. She posts Twilight scoops almost every day. She called it back in July that Rob would be on the cover of VF in December. Apparently, she has sources (usually very reliable) who know stuff.

          • Thank you so much, But didn’t know that ❤

      • I like to think of KStew as a BAMF (Bad Ass MoFo)
        *thuds gavel*

        I would like to welcome everyone to our very first KStew-BAMF meeting. I hope everyone is wearing their skinny jeans, Chuck Taylors, and their official BAMF tee’s. Let us begin with our first agenda item: Doing lunges and squats until we want to cry/die to obtain the unobtainable stems that our beloved queen badass has. Next on the list is to reward our hard efforts with a drinky-pooh (which we will poor one out for all the homies-that’s what BAMF’s do), and talk about how much we all want to bang Rob.

        I think this is the beginning of a beautiful thing. *tear drop*

        And ps-I might sound “special”, but I liked all of the fun colors. And I think she really pulled it off. Thumbs down me all you want peeps. But it’s true. I might be totally sad face by the thumbs down, but I’m a BAMF so I can take it. And then what.

        • I’m really, really trying to fit into the skinny jeans for the first meeting but I think I’m going to be late . . . oh heck, I give up.

          I love her badass self. Truly, I do. But I still think she can’t act worth a damn. Blink blink.

          • Thank you, dammit. She’s terrible. And I’ve been reading this blog for a while, intermittently, on and off (big fan of Mr. Pattinson’s ever since the FIRST Entertainment Weekly Twilight cover…yes, I thought he made a pretty Edward BEFORE everyone got on that train) but when UC started talking about the bitch stuttering and blinking her ass through Twilight, that’s when I started reading it on the regular. She acts for shit. Wooden. And Rob’s incessant praise about the bitch’s acting skills are all about the ass he’s apparently now getting and has been coveting for quite some time, because only a motherfucker STRUNG OUT on that bitch thinks she can act. NO. Not so much.

          • “I’ve even asked Kristen how she would play it.” She would blink. I’m thinking you could come better than that, love.

        • The Chucks I can do, but I will NEVER be able to rock the skinny jeans. Maybe I can just tie my t-shirt in a knot above my hip. So happy to belong to the BAMF Club, though.

          • How about a pair of comfy sweats? Because part of the BAMF attitude is being who you are and not giving an eff. 🙂 Screw the skinny jeans. I’m gonna wear my fatty jeans!!
            *motion granted* 😉

          • I have some terrible footage which I’m not going to show. I may have to go into lurking once more and although I was quite close it was so smoky and the lighting was not helping AT ALL. Thanks a bunch for that E1 entertainment! The loons outside who’d been there since 7am got a proper floodlit photo at least. Also don’t know what’s been posted elsewhere but Taylor cracked an actual gag! I know shocker!! his first question was what advice would you give your character? He replied that when somebody gets a cut you don’t need to take your whole shirt off to clean it up. Although I think he instantly
            regretted it as all he got throughout was chants of “TAKE IT OFF”. There was a lot if team taylor in effect. Kstew was back to her old self although still a BAMF! Stammering and blinking like old times and kept on not hearing the questions. WTF? About 2000 people heard the mofo question?! CW was wonderful and witty and offered not to take his top off. Props to nick grimshaw who mentioned the trousers from minute 1. As for the Q and A it was mostly the lame old lame old.

        • I’m wearing skinny jeans right now :-). Kristen’s not the only one who can flaunt it, we all should too!

          • 🙂 Flaunt it beh-beh!

            Would you like to join the KStew-BAMF club? You’re already rockin the skinnies, so why not?? 🙂

  28. FACT: Big Daddy Lautner is falling under the Beyonce/Dereon catagory…designing clothes for his hotter than self child. That is what Daniel would wear if he had just NOT had that LAST fil-a-fish.

    FACT: When I look too long at KStew’s skirt I see a sailboat.

    • Oh Sassy, I love it! What would BDL’s house of design be called? Big Daddy’s Filet-O-Fashion?

    • Well I hope you’re happy Sassy. I just caught myself staring for like 5 minutes trying to find a sailboat in that skirt until I realized that I was staring at KStew’s cooch.

      • It’s like a piece of Imagine It Art. Do you remember those? Where you stared at a bunch of shapes and then another image would “pop out” in 3-D. In this case the only thing that popped out was KStews triangle.

  29. Nick looks like I do when my kids ask me for the 12th time if they can have a piece of candy. Like he really just wants to ground Rob to his room and take away his cell phone.
    Chris’s pants MIGHT have worked a little better if he would give up the hiking boots. and he wasn’t so tall. Thats a lot of pant. And also the standing in ballet first positions doesn’t help the mango pants and apple jacket. However, strangely enough, he is still a DILF.
    Kristen’s outfit was probably picked out by Rob. He was like, “HEY! I had this shirt from when I was a football goalie (soccer, duh) for like 3 minutes when I was 8! Wear it with that skirt, they match! and since you look so loud, I’ll wear tweed so everyone knows I am serious.”

    • I am my grandmother. I just called an outfit “loud”.

    • S’trewth, Kristin! They all picked out each other’s outfits using stuff they found in Mr. Dressup’s tickle tunk!*

      I might be alone here, but I think Rob actually looks the best of all of them. Well, ok, Tay looks awesome. But as mentioned he’s “too young to know what real fashion is” so we’ll just ignore him….and he does look a tad overdressed compared to his “co-workers”. Maybe it’s just the “ball adjust” stance that he has in the pic that’s throwing me off.

      There is no explanation for Kristen’s outfit. Period.

      Chris obviously lost his luggage and went dumpster shopping at the thrift store with Rob. He was wearing the jacket on the plane, but the pants he was wearing in-flight clearly got ruined when the stewardess passed Kristen a cup of coffee and accidentally spilled it all over Chris’ pants when Rob was running by to the food prep area – he thought he smelled Hot Pockets.

      Chubby cheeked Rob is laughing cuz he read LTT & LTR today.

      *is that too obscure a Canadian reference for anyone else to understand? Ok, imagine Carrot Top’s trunk o’ tricks then.

  30. hey people!
    I have been a long time reader but never got the chance to comment because the letters are posted at 6 in the evening here when I am sneaking reads during my prep class but just had to come out of lurkdom today.
    UC and Moon, you girls make me laugh so hard that I have to keep myself in check by biting my lip so I dont get caught in class
    And the comments by the rest of you here = EPIC WIN!

    FACT: The mullet has gone wayyy down in my most stylish people list(and she was close to the top)

    FACT: Despite that her effing sticks look good in the……ensemble?

    FACT: Taylor should stop hanging out with her(plaid tie?! SERIOUSLY)

  31. Oh my goodness! Handporn!!! *hyperventilating*

    He’s just so gorgeous, that’s all I can say. I don’t even see anything else. Swoon!

    • Good morning! Handporn all over!

      Last night I enlarged the pics so much, that I could have make a color by number of his fingermark…lol

      • Hahah you are so cracking me up!!! Oh I see I got mail from you!

    • Oh forgot…good morning honey! That was the fingerporn…!

  32. FACT: Robsten is real, found out about it from someone who is working for the french distributor. Can’t garantee the truth, but why would that person lie?

    FACT: That was sooo depressing, for me and my mini bar for almost 2 days. Kind of freaky for my BF. Now we’re recovering.

    FACT: Rob has an ensemble of tweed jackets of various lengths. Guess we should wait and see if he wears the tweed pants in Munich. I do hope he doesn’t have tweed boxers. Oh wait, why do I care? It’s not like I’m banging him anytime soon.

    • That’s a boooooooold statement to be making with your #1 FACT!

      • Not sure I get the meaning of “bold” but once again can’t be sure of it.

        • Yeah I don’t really know what I meant there, I think I was just a bit taken aback by the ‘Robsten is real’ statement! I’m sick at the moment and it’s highly possible I’m a bit delusional…

          • Actually I’m not English so to me bold=with no hair, that’s why I was asking.

    • Oh, you sound so sad…feeling with you….I think Rob doesn’t have tweed boxers, I think Chris has the tweed boxers….perhaps even 2 pairs under the circus tent pants!
      …..the combination of banging+Rob…oh girl…if you will quit, I will do him TWICE !!! So think of it….<3

      • :)))))))))))))))

        Do you think Kristen has the tweed stockings? Or maybe Chris stole it from her and secretly wears it under the pants?

        Thanks for feeling for me. I’m cool now, did a lot of things, I’m even late on the Rob news. But it’s wierd to find that out (and I actually believe it) when you’re so close to him.

        You can bang him twice even if I’m not giving up on him.

        So will you finally go to see him in Munich? Maybe you could find out smth about the tweed affair.

        • OH thank you so much for the bang-permission…just wanna say, don’t care about the tweed, Rob is still Rob, loving him someone will make things for us even better, trust! Do you wanna see a “little” young sad and lonely guy? NO WAY!

          I think she’s good for him, just look at their faces…
          It’s impossibile to go to Munich, iT’s an inside award 8 hours during boring teeny show, they will perhaps show up for 2 minutes, I am waiting for Christmas time in London…:-) Prefer to see him at his “natural surroundings”….lol


          • “Do you wanna see a “little” young sad and lonely guy? NO WAY” You’re right but in Paris I would have liked to see a guy who’s not in a stable relationship, so there would be a chance for us. That’s what I meant by you can bang him twice also.
            I even knew where he was having dinner but I didn’t go, cause it’s not that he would have been like “Oh hi, let’s have a threesome!” And after the news, I just couldn’t seat and watch him and feel lame.
            But I was happy to see him smiling at the airport, cause I suppose it’s the only time we saw him in a private stolen moment when he was smiling.
            Hope he’ll do more “natural” stuff in London. Isn’t he staying there more since he doesn’t have anything in December and January?

          • I think so, Dec and half Jan, he had just to prepare some upcoming stuff for Feb. filming…..he talked about it somewhere..
            You knew where he was at dinner in Paris, you lucky girl, why you didn’t went there, maybe outside, just to sign him an autograph?…..? Even in front of Hotel Crillon there were not too much people, according to the videos!….and… If he was not in a “stable” relationship you would think he would be a guy for a one night stand?

            NEVER ever! Too serious (and shy) that man!

            Heavy thoughts tonite….but plz…let us put on sthg. green-coloured. (shirt,bra,pants,whatever you like…) know…for hope….lol

          • ÄÄÄHHHMM I mean, He would give You an autograph…lol…girl you have confused me a bit…<3

          • Can I join your little soiree please? LOL

          • @robgirl86
            What autograph? I don’t care about it. Unless you were speaking about smth else. It was just a good excuse to bump into him accidentally. Remember the plan? And you know people can start talking when they meet in a place. Or at least I could have just stared at him the whole time he was eating and see the real Rob. PLus it wasn’t even a very expensive place.

          • @southernbelle

          • minuit passe’…I think you have much more courage than myself….I would like to ask him for a sign, and then perhaps later for a kiss?….I admire you…but you should had to go there! Damn girl! hahaha

          • Actually, I would never have the courage to ask him for an autograph. I mean, how can you ask people you want to bang for an autograph? Cause then you’ll blow up all your chances to do anything else with him.
            Also I was really close to him at one point, but never had the courage to look and go talk to him. I just was too afraid of being filmed and ending up on you tube.
            So how stupid is that, to miss your only chance to speak with the guy you have a major teen crush on?

  33. BWAHAHAHAH I sooo thought the same for the reflection picture. She must be psyched! LOL

    I LOVE THIS BLOG seriously. you girls are made of win. thanks fro makign a place that actually makes sense.

    I’VE GOT A ‘fact’. ok its not really a fact but its hat my brain said when i connected the two.

    A fans plea:

    Rob’s response:

    • Oh dear LadyN, that is defs not the best pic of Rob I’ve ever seen.

      • LOL i know, poor kid.

  34. Again, see another person hates Moonie Pie…I am not alone. Stupid LA person….

  35. Fact:Tipsy UC is the best!! Next east coast trip, I’m bringing you a bottle of wine. As a thank you for all the laughs this year…

    Fact: I am the only person on earth who kind of likes Kristen’s outfit. I like that it is colorful and kooky and up close it is interesting. I will agree that from far away pics, it does not translate well. It kind of looks like something I would have worn when I was 19. (in the 80’s, ahem)

    Fact: The DILF’s pants are hilair, and, well, I like to laugh.

  36. FACT: Yes I am commenting again and perhaps directly under my other comment

    FACT: I am becoming more and more fascinated by Nick (read, lusting after him).

    FACT: Would greatly appreciate a signed baseball, frisbee or ciggy pack from my new love Nick<<——-HEAR THAT #LALadies!!

    • FACT: I want to BE Nick. Obviously he doesn’t know how to do laundry or is too proud to wash Rob’s tweed boxers, etc. I would have no problem with doing that.

      • Word.

        I could be so much more useful than Nick, dammit.

        And I wouldn’t interrupt Rob while he was talking no matter how off-track that train of thought goes or how many times I’ve heard that same answer…nor would I make fun of the shit Rob says (to his face)…like The Shrew. Nor would I choose not to publicly claim him, when I claimed an ugly, ugly, ugly, UGLY man like Mike Angarano. Rob needs to think about adding me to the entourage. I could service him PROPERLY. He’s not being taken care of by his people, dammit. He’s stealing socks from sets and wearing shit with stains. Help him out.

        • You and I are on the same wavelength–we need to stage a coup and take over Rob-management!

  37. I think Rob looks amazing. I don’t have a problem with his tweed jacket. It looks like something a guy would wear in London. Kristen’s outfit looks garish, but she likes that look, so more power to her.
    Chris’ pants scare me…

    FACT: I am so jealous of Moon right now, that she is going to see Remember Me!! I just read that its release is being pushed back to March, instead of February. THAT BLOWS!!

    FACT: Rob’s hands/fingers look delicious. Definitely good enough to eat/lick. Looking at that photo, I forgot that he was wearing clothes, let alone a tweed jacket.

    • I nearly cried when they moved back the date to RM. I’m looking forward to RM way more than NM. More Rob = better movie.

  38. lol!!!!! 🙂

  39. FACT: I met Rob and chatted to Chris last night in London 🙂

    • Details please!!!

    • Yes! You’re not allowed to just tease us like that!

      • Posted deets on the forum 🙂

  40. I am still wondering what the hell he did under the plane yesterday night? There some very funny pics on the of him….somebody knows?

  41. Rob looks classy and I love the tweed jacket and those hands. No wonder he was a hand model. Don’t care about anyone else in the photos.

  42. FACT: Rob has large plank feet and has never even heard of boot cut pants.

    • FACT: Rob hasn’t heard of any fashion concept, ever.

      Unless Derelicte actually counts as a fashion concept.

      “I invented the piano key necktie!!!”

  43. Fact: I like the way Rob dresses at events.

    Fact: I’m insane.

  44. FACT: I almost licked my laptop dripping wet when I saw the hand/finger/lip porn in the London pics.

    FACT: Kristen is one lucky bitch.

  45. I kind of realy love Weitz’s pants.

    That is all.

  46. Holy Crap…I’m actually crying I’m laughing so hard!!! The cougar in the car, the “girl who almost kissed the Patz” and the 1988 Dick pattinson collection…priceless. I loved it…

    BTW—-circa 1991 i had the same jacket and had to get rid of it b/c I did dirrrty things in it….I think that’s why I’m laughing sooo hard….thanks for the memory!!!!

    • I used to wear that same jacket in middle school…with my collar up…with five billion broaches pinned to it…and a red scarf.

      Again, somebody is not taking care of Rob the way they need to, hence the tweed. I nominate me.

  47. Today I noticed that EVERYTIME Nick is going to say something (“important” like……”Look here and look there…”) to Rob,

    Rob puts down his shoulders (while Nick is a bit shorty) and OPENS his mouth like for an “OH” sound, that’s so sexy!

    So I want to be NICK! Got to buy a lot of grease!

  48. FACT: I love UC, Moon and the rest of the LTR/LTT regulars even when I can’t comment as much as I used to (like… every five minutes?).

    p.s. – I’m still waiting to buy my “That’s Normal” t-shirt to wear in 7 days. Don’t make me wear my “Team Vampire” shirt from Wet Seal instead….

    p.s. – FACT: I really do have that shirt and I am now 1st hand embarrassed to admit it.

    • One of my friends have a t-shirt that says
      I [apple] VAMPIRES

      seriously.. There’s an apple on it. It doesn’t even make sence so that makes me really second hand embarrassed to walk next to her 🙂

    • Oh hon don’t feel embarrassed. I have a shirt that says : “I love boys that sparkle.” Complete with glitter! And yes I’ve worn it many times. I even wore it while joggin! Haha!

      • Oh my, I am sooo envious….
        today I would wear a shirt with

        “I love Robert Thomas Pattinson, sparkle beauty of Barnes” and
        I swear, I would gave a shit to comments…
        I am ready for my “coming out”… I think….hahaha

        • Hahah you go girl!!!! Come out, come out, wherever you are!

  49. UC & Moon – Could THIS be your TammyO? Spelled differently, but I saw this segment on Ellen on Tuesday. Also, bitch doesn’t know from old. I’m 36 so she can’t claim oldest (I don’t think I can either, fwiw).

    • TammyO seems sweet!

    • She sounds too normal to be TammyO. I’m a 30 year old SAHM and I would have responded just the same. Lucky bitch.

      • I wasn’t around LTR for the TammyO drama, just thought it was a funny coincidence… you’re right, totally lucky!

      • plus she didn’t call Ellen a smelly c@#t mouth so-and-so.

    • Hahha I don’t think that’s the same Tammy! LOL. This one sounds so sweet :-).

  50. FACT: Rob could be wrapped in a Star Wars Lego sheet and I’d still want to do “bad things” to him.

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