Posted by: Bekah | July 24, 2009

FACTs about Robert Pattinson at Comic-Con

FACT: You wanna eff me. Don't deny it

FACT: You wanna bang me. Don't deny it

Dear Rob,

I love FACTs. In FACT, I say FACT quite often before I declare something. Like FACT: I ate too much sushi last night and I’m really regretting it this morning. And FACT: I really really hate Moon for getting to see you yesterday when I was stuck at work.

I cannot take credit for the brilliancy of the FACT declaration. No, no, no. For that, all credit goes to Dwight Schrute. Yes, the character on the US version of The Office (mind out of the gutter FanFic readers) Google him if you’re unfamiliar- he’s hilarious!

So yesterday during the Comic-Con insanity (where I did nothing but worry about Moon, sit & stew in my jealousy of Moon and do NO work) I started jotting down a list of FACTs about you that I realized during Comic-Con:

FACT: Just like it used to happen when the Beatles came to town, girls have orgasms at the mere sight of you

FACT: THE Pattinson Pants lady was at Comic-Con doing her best to scare the shit out of you with her pants, plastered with your face (Don’t worry- Moon has the picture proof to share with us soon! Fingers crossed she partied with her last night and scored us an exclusive LTR interview we’ll call: “Why the eff do you wear those pants?”)

FACT: Instead of asking you a question at the New Moon panel, a girl started to SING to you. She is our 2nd-hand embarrassment mascot  (I would PAY someone to find this clip for me on video- Seriously, I’d pay you a whole $1.00- UPDATE: Commenter Ljs found this vid for us, which might be what Moon told me about, but we’ll have to wait until she gets her ass out of bed to confirm it. Singing at 3:28)

FACT: Only one of you is legal. Therefore he wins

FACT: Only one of you is legal. Therefore he wins

FACT: You looked so flippin’ hot in your new plaid shirt. Thank goodness the Gap was open at JFK airport when you were waiting for your plane!

FACT: You are legal thankfully, unlike your mildly attractive counterpart

FACT: Taylor is still illegal

FACT: Taylor is still illegal

FACT: Kristen should have worn a ponytail (Oh, is this supposed to be about you, Rob? Whoops. It had to be said)

FACT: It’s a sad day when you, dirty British boy, hobo-look lovin’ Robert Pattinson, look fresh n’ clean compared to a girl

FACT: Your hair did a little curly thing all day long which is odd because San Diego has the least humidity of like, anywhere in the US. Aw- curly hair Rob *Swoon*

If vid does not work, clicky here

FACT: You sound very British in this video when you say “saw” like “Saw-er” at 1:49

FACT: You are kinda a wuss and let Kristen walk all over you and interrupt you (at 2:00, 3:35 and 4:22) but then grow a pair and call her out when you yell “Shut up!”

FACT: If you and Kristen are actually hooking up, I think it might be incestuous, because by the way you act in this video, you seem more like brother & sister than lovers.

That’s all! Just a few FACTs I noticed during all this Comic-Con brouhaha


What was your favorite Robic-Con moment? (update: in the form of a FACT please-  make Dwight proud)

FACT: I just got a text from Moon at 12:45 am ET that says “We’re at the same bar/restaurant as them” THAT’s IT!? I’m going to BED not knowing who “them” is!? And if you mean……. ROB!? F-you, Moon. Doing that to your dear pal UC right before bed! Guess I’ll read about it with you all on Moon’s tell all on LTT today (she also promises an LTR ‘tell all memoir- Rob @ Comic-Con’ soon!

FACT: The Forum is a fun place to play

FACT: All the pics came from SocialiteLife (and yes, I forgot to add this credit when I posted this last night and I woke up at 6 am thinking “Shit! I didn’t credit my pictures!” FACT: I need to get a life

I would have died without Brookies help tonight. Thanks love xoxo


  1. Sigh…

    That’s it. Just…sigh…

  2. FACT: I had to start watching the EW interview over again because of whatever Rob was doing with his hands from 1:00 to 1:12 or so.

    • Hahahahah!

      You know I had to go back and check.

    • He seemed to have popped his thumb out of socket at 1:01

      • You can HEAR it pop

  3. I want to be Rob’s water bottle in the video. That’s a FACT.

    • That boy is nothing if not well hydrated.

  4. “We’re at the same bar/restaurant as them” THAT’s IT!? I’m going to BED not knowing who “them” is!? And if you mean……. ROB!? F-you, Moon. Doing that to your dear pal UC right before bed!

    Love this! Only real friends can say that about real friends…..


    • RE: “We’re at the same bar/restaurant as them” THAT’s IT!?

      Auugh.. she seen “Himself” she did at the bar….. His lordship Robbie Robmypantz. !!!

      pleeeezeee moon, throw us a crumb, let us know who he was with, could you over hear the conversation?

  5. FACT: Kristen Stewart is a d-bag.

    • Hot damn.. best true comment of the day on that!!
      That girl looks like an escapee from a heroin lab.
      whats up with the sick drugged out look? (not cool).
      rather to be healthy and sexy.

  6. Was Ashley just there to look pretty? I bet Kristen sat next to Ash and thought “damn I look like shit” and they really need to stop interrupting the Rob…seriously…just let him keep rambling on about nothing, I don’t care

    • seriously. Ash looked gorg
      Her purpose was to highlight Kstew’s nasty rats-nest hair

      • HE-HE-HE, Glad you said that and not me UC…think I lost a friend or two yesterday when my anti-Kirsten vibe took hold of my fingers {I’m such a jealous old cougar}……..

        • I want her pink dress!

          • I want her


    • HAHAHA!! totally.

      FACT: K-Spew was interrupting Rob on purpose. That BITCH…

      Q: Did Rob at the end say their chemistry was actually animosity?? Or is my hatred for K distorting what I hear?

  7. FACT: I was WAY too excited about this whole thing – like wouldn’t go work out/leave my computer the entire freakin day cause I was positive Moon would meet Rob and they would hightail it to a dumpster and she would post vid or at the very least sound…

    FACT: I was srsly hoping he wouldn’t be all charming, witty and freakin cute as hell so I could get this freakin Robsession under control…

    FACT: Was never on the Robsten bandwagon, but a little sad that Kristen seemed so…rough around the edges. Poor kid.

    • FACT:- Love your post
      FACT:- I was nonsten til yesterday, but the body language has got me wondering…..not Robsten yet BUT…….

  8. This website is so funny. FACT.

    After watching (most of) the videos, my studied opinion on Robsten situation is currently as follows:
    Their bodies heart eachother but their heads do not.
    This may, or may not be a FACT. We may never know.

    Another FACT: Ash is so hot. Am now onsidering fake lesbianism.

    • uh. that was supposed to be ‘considering’. gah

    • I’m going to be a fake lesbien over on the forum soon…I can’t wait cause of Ash, she’s so delic……

  9. is it me or does rob day “make love” in stead of “in love” when he goes to explain the Bella & Edward love thing??

    • yeah so day was supposed to be say… Your contagious PG 😀 haha

  10. LOL Love it! BTW that shirt is from his Remember Me wardrobe…

    • i thought it looked slightly like that one…. but the colors were a lil off
      FACT: Rob steals clothes from the wardrobe room

      • LMFAO!!! Yes, yes he does. I hope he leaves that ugly purple shirt behind though.

        • I hope he stole the pink sleeping bag. 😉

  11. that is the best everrrrr when he yells shut up. its almost like the good ol’ days where he alwyas had to apologizing for what he said at interviews.
    kristen looked waayyyyy too haggard. too tired maybe??

    dont worry, i think we were all jealous and freakin out when we saw the twitter post as well “at the SAME restaurant!” lol i just about flipped myself !

    ❤ amazeballs!!

  12. You go Rob! Yell ‘SHUT UP!’ to whoever tries to interrupt you! If you wanna ramble, you go on and ramble and don’t let Kristen interrupt!

    By the way, was there no one around to lend Kristen a comb, a scrunchie, a cap, anything? Rob, couldn’t you have given her one of your black beanies or hoodies to cover her insanely ugly hair up?

    • seriously, she should’ve rocked a hot pink scrunchie

      • If only she’d start wearing those plastic t-shirt rings her outfits would be complete.

      • even some hair pins would help… I mean… its like EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW

      • Girlfriend needs a Jessica Simpson/Ken Paves “HairDo” and an Olay Daily Facials cloth. STAT.

        • A hot pink scrunchie would have been AWESOME next to Ashley’s dress!

  13. FACT: I sent DD to grandma’s house yesterday, so I could stay all day long in front this screen and now I have to go ‘see’ (haha) the “eye docs”. I also blame kStew (wtH was that??). But I’ll give her that: she managed to steal 3 seconds of my attention w/ Rob (and that illegal guy) in the same room. Wow.

    FACT: Better Moon show up w/ some dumpster diving letter. This is the only way I can forgive her for not stay awake all night tweeting about details of this bar/restaurant thing… I’m dying here. C’mom!!!!

    (I’m wearing my ‘bossy beeyotch hat’ today)


  14. Yes, sister and brother, that’s what I thought, watching the video.

    FACT: Another working day ruined, as I haven’t got much done yet.

  15. Watching Rob tell Kristin to shut up made this dreary morning on the East Coast so much brighter. I think I heard doves cooing at that moment.

    And now my work day is ruined as well. I ❤ you.

  16. FACT: He is sliding down a power bar in picture #3 or he needs a personal pants shopper…desperately

    Ow and I couldn’t agree with you more on fact #7!

  17. That interview is awesome and so is your post, and that’s a FACT!

    EEEEH, Rob’s accent, I love it.

    Was it just me or was Rob snapping at Kristen yesterday? Maybe he got tired of being interrupted. I wanted so bad for him to finish what he was saying, darn Kristen! I want to listen to Rob ramble all day! This would be a dream date with Rob, him doing all the talking non-sense and me listening (while drinking tea), LOL.

    I’m shocked that Kristen looked so terrible! She looked like she didnt’ comb her hair or didn’t shower! Kristen is pretty but c’mon, I feel she purposely did this yesterday, not fix herself a little? I felt bad for Kristen, I really did. And I don’t think there’s any hooking up going on between Rob and Kris.

    Today I must get my Robsession under control—got nothing done yesterday!

  18. Rob looked seriously pissed at the girls for talking while he was answering the questions. He made an effort to look like he wasn’t really pissed and kinda laughed it off, but you can totally tell he’s seriously annoyed at them. Awesome!

    And, hummm, I really want to know about the whole restaurant/bar thing. Damn, this is one of the rare times I wished I lived in a big American city so I could bump into celebrities (Ottawa, Canada represent!)


  19. I’ve been on a vicarious Rob high, feeling a bit jealous too..ok really jealous..I wish I could’ve been there. I can’t wait to hear more about the restaurant..omg I can’t imagine being that close to Rob. Goodbye appetite, bring on the booze.

    Detailed, in-depth descriptions of EVERYTHING, please, Moon.

  20. FACT: You are kinda a wuss and let Kristen walk all over you and interrupt you (at 2:00, 3:35 and 4:22) but then grow a pair and call her out when you yell “Shut up!”

    I friggin loved that part! LOL!

    • I also like how Rob cracks his nuckles at 1:02, LOL!

  21. I loved loved loved this post. You are bang on btw, when your haircut is kinda rank you should go into pony tail mode.

    However, since I am a child of the 80’s I’m lovin the scary mullet on KStew. There I said it.

    *runs away*

    • i gave you a thumbs up. for admitting it.
      FACT: I hate mullets

    • FACT: I had that haircut on accident a couple of years ago and it never came out of a pony. (bitch hairdresser was pissed at someone and took it out on me)

      FACT: One of the first things my son muttered is “Mommies got a mullet”

      FACT: I hate mullets.

    • I am a child of the 80’s, too, so I understand it ,but ,I was sure she was going to pony tail “IT”…not her best look.
      I did see on line ,that Pic of him in that HIdeous Hair in Summer House, is it? He had a John Lennon, “look “someone pointed out…so I guess, actors are actors and Good ones sacrifice …for their CRAFT.

      Still… Maybe, Kstew was just in that JJet frame of “mind”, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

      Great POST … LOL, The “SHUT UP” was Priceless!

  22. I’m going nutz left hanging wondering what took place at the restaurant! MOOON, WHERE ARE YOUUUUUUU?!

    • sleeping .. little bitch!

      • How can she sleep now? Phone her, wake her up and make her tell the whole story. If it was Rob and the others she’ll be awake anyway. 😉

      • Sleeping… huh uh. WHO’s with her? That’s the question!! LOL

        • I agree…..leave her in bed..she’ll have more details to spill when she gets up then…..

          • As if she’d talk about it if that really happened.

      • It’s 7 on the West coast…wake her ass up. She’s young and fabulous, she can deal with the lack of sleep. And take a party nap later. Doesn’t she know we are all waiting?

      • FACT: Moon does take her time.

  23. Fact: Stayed up way too late watching videos from Comic-con
    Fact: Was supposed to be on the road right now driving
    Fact: I’m still in my robe

    I love you Shut Up Rob. Take chargeward is my new favorite.


      was that your brilliancy? cuz it’s brilliant

      • Take chargeward? LOL!!! This just made me picture Robward commentary: ‘c’mon guysss, let’s be thimple about thisss’
        And yes, that is brilliant!
        Chels and Moon need to get their butts out of bed!

      • It came straight out of my noggin.

        Still on the road…wanting to be watching interviews from yesterday. Le sigh.

    • It was hot. But I’ve spent my parenting years teaching my girls that we don’t say “stupid” or “shut up.” Therefore, I can’t jump on the “I love ‘Shut Up Rob'” bandwagon. Or else my kids will know I’m sometimes a fraud.

      Love me through it, y’all.

  24. FACT: best video ever. I could listen to him yell SHUT UP all day… but I like my boys to take charge. RAWR!

  25. FACT: I would love for Rob and Ashley to be together.

    FACT: I would love Twilight more if Ashley were Bella.

    FACT: I really dislike Kristen, and I have actually TRIED to like her. Really. I promise. No, really.

    FACT: I can’t watch the video.

    FACT: I want to be Ashley’s fake lesbian lover…well, we all do but that is just me stating it again.

    • I want to like Kristin as well. I really do. But the CC footage made it very difficult.

      FACT: I totally wouldn’t be faking it as Ashley’s lover. I don’t even care. She looks amazing.

      FACT: I would hire post-Runaways Kristin to sit next to me all day so I look hotter than fire by comparison.

      • WORD
        WORD oh, and

    • oh good, I’m not the only one who tries really hard to like Kstew…and fails miserably…though she does have a great ass for a skinny girl
      and the quip she made about being excited to be pregnant in BD was frickin hilarious…a nice in-your-face to the ragmags!
      otherwise…I don’t even picture her as Bella when I’m reading Twilight and defn not fanfic- ewwwww!
      and Ashley is fab!

  26. FACT: Ashley looks like the most beautiful rare exotic flower on the planet in a pile of garbage sitting next to Kristen.

    FACT: That was a mean statement, but true.

    • HAHA! Poor Kstew. She looked so awful yesterday. I was embarrassed for her.

      I love how you are girl crushing on Ashley. I also would love to see her with Rob.

      • By the way she looked and acted
        I’m totes calling her StonerStew!

  27. FACT: I totally love this post
    FACT: I’m almost convince that’s NO ROBSTEN! (they don’t seem liek it to me at least)
    FACT: K looks high
    FACT: Taylor is growing nicely (I know, he’s a baby, still…)
    FACT: I can’t wait for new moon (like NOVEMBER COME NOW)
    FACT: I LOVE ROB!!!!

  28. You win at life for this post UC! it’s awesome…

    I love that EW video! brilliant how he yelled at them…

    FACT: I hate when people do that knuckles thing. but I love Rob.

    FACT: I can’t make up my mind about their body language. Rob was acting quite awkward at times …

    waiting for Moon to spill about the rest of the night…

  29. Eff You anyhow Moon and other Bitches for getting to see all you saw yesterday. GAHH!! I am soo effing jealous.

    • PS UC I realize you wrote the letter today, but I had to support you with your 12:45am eff you to Moon. What kind of fuckery was that?

      • i’m always up for a late night moon ‘eff you’

    • jajajajjajajajajajaj I think that’s the common feeling of all of us… jajajjaja

  30. common Moon! we are all waiting for you!

    fact: another day just watching Rob!
    fact: hate work internet connection (cant see the vids)
    fact: I was glued to twitter yesterday!

    fact: mys facts are horrid!

    thanks UC!

  31. FACT: Chris Wietz did his interview with a Rob pillow staring at him.

    Did anyone else catch that?!?

    • Yeah I saw it!!!! I thought it was a magazine laying on the couch! LOL. I wonder if he owns that pillow? Where can I get that, seriously?

    • yep, that made me giggle like Rob.

    • FACT: I did catch that, and i was wondering if that was a magazine. Inspiration?

    • Ask pants girl how to make your own Rob pillow. She obviously has the iron-on skills

      • FACT: The minute I start doing anything that involves Rob, Hobby Lobby, puff paint, and iron on transfers I want someone to sit me down and smack the shit out of me.

        That being said…I want that pillow.

        • Haha I’m so gonna make a pillowcase. I just figured out how! LOL. I did try Walgreens a few weeks ago, to order one of them special gifts and I wanted Rob’s face in it. Well I guess I can’t do that, since I don’t own the photo of Rob, haha.

          But I’m gonna try and make a pillowcase :-). I’m so gonna be the butt of jokes of my friends and family but who cares!?

  32. FACT: Rob has very flexible fingers…

    FACT: I like Taking Chargeward more than I care to admit…

    FACT: I am going to get me my very own dumpster…

  33. “FACT: If you and Kristen are actually hooking up, I think it might be incestuous, because by the way you act in this video, you seem more like brother & sister than lovers.”

    YES! Friends. Sibling-like. NOT LOVERS. There was no romantic vibe in any of the photos or vids I saw, and I am THANKFUL! NonStens Celebrate!

    • *does naked conga*

      celebrating as we speak!

      • Yeehaw!!!! Celebrating! I’d rather see her with Ashley too, just like other people noted!

  34. FACT: The singing mascot is here (at 3:28)

    Just put the $1 in your tip jar for all the brilliance you bring each and every day!

  35. FACT:I don’t like Kristen (or her hair).
    there’s one thing to be bad at public speaking, but she’s acting like a crack or meth addict. It’s not even awkward to watch, it’s PAINFUL to watch her.

    FACT: I took my response to diss Kristen, but I’m saying what other people are thinking.

    FACT: I want to end by saying…oh Rob, I love you (don’t date Kristen) and you are so adorable when you talk.

    • yeah… she’s definitely on something… EEEWWW

    • Don’t feel bad. I said she looked like a truckstop hooker yesterday.

      And generally I kinda sort of on certain days think she is pretty.

    • I completely agree. She acts like she’s on something. The way she’s always pulling at her hair, she’s constantly moving… I hate that I really don’t like her, but I love the Twilight series and will have to endure her for three more movies. I hope someone can get her to pull it together for the next two.

  36. FACT: Kristin is ADHD. evidence: she can never stop bouncing or fiddling around at all yesterday and at 3:35 she sees Ash’s ring and starts playing with it.

    FACT: Chris looks like looks like a slightly less attractive Christopher Reeve.

    FACT: the interviewer totally eye-f***’s Rob at 3:51.

    • ALL FACTS! love it!

    • K..I was thinking exactly the same thing about Chris looking like Christopher Reeve.

    • re: ADHD.

      I can totally see that. Maybe she’s shunned prescription meds and smoking weed is the only way she can mellow out. Too bad she smoked a doobie just before walking onstage.

      • Someone on here doesn’t like comments about KStew’s drug usage. It’s confirmed that she smokes pot. There are pictures.

        I don’t care that she smokes pot. I’m sure most of us on here have at least tried it. But, dude, don’t do it minutes before you are expected to speak in front of thousands of people.

    • Yes on CW looking like Clark Kent … throw in a bit of Ratatouille, and it’s spot on.

  37. FACT: Rob’ laughter was amazing.

    FACT: TayTay looks better in promo photos than in RL, he is too muscular for his childish face and his height, and wise and well soken.

    FACT: I like Kristen more now – when we agree she and Rob aren’t in love.

    FACT: Ashley is a goddess! Why was she left out most of the time??

    Q: where were other cast members, Rachelle, Peter, Kellan…. did they have a panel for supporting role actors???

    FACT: It was all about ROB, again.

  38. FACT: your facts, UC, were worth waiting for & pretty much dead on.

    FACT: it’s great to have sth of Rob to look at besides still fotos–he really is beautiful!

    FACT: since RM he seems to have lost his awe of Kristen (very positive) & i wonder if the rumors could be true that he told her before leaving for NY to either put up or get lost.

    FACT: i couldn’t do anything with T. Lautner if he were twice his age, tho i’m sure he’s a nice enuf guy—if i had to spell his name slowly it would probably start with STER–(no offense intended but today we’re dealing with facts(?).

    FACT: have the feeling by not going to the Forum i’m missing a good part of the LTT/LTR intercourse—are ladies with my questionable profile welcome?

    FACT: this is one of the few sites where outre, if not to say risque, wit is linked to intelligent commentary by you, Moon & your followers—i love it.

    • THANKS expat XOXO and go join the forum! the comic-con thread yest. was insane!

  39. New Moon clip, motorcycle scene:

    Volterra scene(VERY HOT SHIRTLESS Edward):

    • FACT: I’m going to kick internet security’s ass here at
      work for blocking youtube.

      • Jena, leave work and/or quit your job. You NEED to see this clip. I posted the other clip on LTT.

        • Was there another clip I missed? EEEEEHHH, gotta see it, can you post it here too, KatieS?

          Doesn’t your mouth just start to water when you see Rob slowly taking the shirt off………..gah. OMG! I screamed so loud my DD was wondering what possessed me!

          • Uh oh, I just didn’t see the first clip link you posted. Sorry. 😦 I don’t want to start rumors of a wayward clip!

            Yeah, I pretty much made a fool of myself at work. Then I showed my coworker and she understood.

      • Sorry if I’m violating rules!!!!

      • me too!

        but in they have the clips… at least I did watch them there, beware! you are going to hear all the screaming! and e careful with the volume & your ears, cuz mine hurt a lil bit.

      • I can’t see them either :(:( internet security sucks!

        • go an try at they have them… at least the previews!!! which are def what I wanted to see!

          I misspelled the name of the web in my previous post 😛

      • FACT: Kristen looks odd when she runs. She looks odd in the Runaways (let’s fall down) and she looks odd in this.

        FACT: Need ear plugs to watch this clip and it’s on A BLOG.

        FACT: It will be worth paying to see this movie for 1.40-1.44 alone.

  40. Ohh another FACT:
    I could do stuff with Taylor Lautner in Texas.
    That’s legal…only in Texas and maybe other southern states (call it perks? call it peverted? I report you decide.)…and since I’m not twice his age…

    FACT: I was just kidding about the last one. I wouldn’t do anything with him (or am I really thinking “FACT: haha…j/k, I would”?).

    • Pretty sure 16 is legal in KY and 17 in GA and most of the other Southern states.

  41. fact: i just spit coffee ALL over my kitchen after hearing the girl singing to rob. LMFAO

  42. FACT: I woke up thinking “if Rob has one leg shorter than the other, that would explain the gimpy feet thing.” This was my 1st thought of the day.

    FACT: I got a little turned on when Rob said “SHUT UP!” to Kristen and Ashley. Rowr!

    FACT: It was exciting to see Rob interview again–the sexy, funny, self-deprecating Rob that we love so much is BACK!

    Is it November yet?

  43. Fact: 17 is legal in Texas.

    Fact: I just got a call from a Chris Hanson?? I know that name from somewhere….

  44. FACT I totally agree with you UC in everything.

    FACT I really love when Rob say “SHUT UP”, it was amazing.

    FACT KS look really bad, you can dress casual but not look like you’re working on the street and didn’t take a bath for four days.

    • I’m wondering:
      Is she trying to be funny, jacking Hobo-Rob style and/or trying to take Hobo-Rob style to claim his attention?
      How funny it would be… poor fake-lesbian haha

      • I guess there’s an inside joke with that, but her actions scream, “meth…mmm meth.”

  45. Forgot to say; when I first saw this post, I thought you were going to blog about Federation Against Copyright Theft and how wrong it is to post sneaky vids of NM clips! LMAO I’m so glad I was wrong and err what was I thinking?

    FACT Rob maintained a smiling attitude throughout a day.
    How did he do it in the face of all that screamage??

    FACT plaid shirt + sexboots = f*ckhawtness

    • FACT: You’re speaking crazy talk thinking I’d waste my time blogging about that!

  46. FACT: This is the most hilariously adorable photo ever.

    • What a cutie pie!!!! I wonder what’s going on in his pretty head of his?

    • Thanks Jena!!! best pic!
      look at all those freaks wearing their Tean Edward tees! hate them for being so close to him!

    • @jena: the foto is called ‘Rob Arriving at the Gates of Hell’

    • He has an amazing array of facial expressions! What a happy/cute one here!

  47. AHH 😀 (sneak peek clips, i guess my email didn’t work yesterday at 5 am.)

    and UC, i’m just jealous of moon for living in the state where rob was. haha, i can’t wait until tomorrow for more tales of comic-con !!

  48. FACT: hearing Rob say “SHUT UP” it’s HOT.
    FACT: Chris Weitz is my hero.

  49. My favorite FACT:

    FACT: It’s a sad day when you, dirty British boy, hobo-look lovin’ Robert Pattinson, look fresh n’ clean compared to a girl


  50. FACT: Instead of singing Aretha Frankiln’s Respect, that girl totes should have sang “Hot Pockets” just like in the commercial.

    That would have been awesome!

    • Caliente pockets!

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