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Remember Me – I sorta know what it’s about now (some spoilers!)

*I’m anti-spoilers so if you want to be a Remember Me virgin in 2010 then go read LTT or an old LTR post today cause while I WILL NOT give it away, I’ll mention some stuff that you may not want to hear. So come back another day if you don’t want spoilers, trust me I TOTES understand!*

posterDear Rob,

Warn a girl next time she goes to see one of your movies and THAT happens!! And by “that” I mean about 800 things! For serious. Holy crap! Can’t say I saw that coming, talk about awesome!

So Remember when I said I had no clue what Remember Me was about? Well funny thing is after watching it we had to fill out a questionnaire and they asked us to summarize the movie and I really couldn’t tell you a simple one sentence answer. It was about a bunch of things but oh so good! Here are the highs and lows of those bunches of things…



  • Sitting behind Summit distribution dudes and Alexandra Patsavas and ladies from her Chop Shop crew (yes, I’m a nerd who knows what she looks like)

It's not about a Zombie eating brains!

  • The spaghetti/shower scene. Yea, trust me in 2010 you’ll be saying MOON the spaghetti/shower scene was redonkulous, you were SO right about that one!
  • Big Brother Rob is pretty much to die for. The girl who plays his sister Caroline is a star waiting to happen
  • I said it on Twitter and I’ll say it again: “holy sex sceneS batman.” Um, wow. I think the men in the audience probably felt uncomfortable (or turned on) by the group moans and sighs all the women let out. I’ve also never been more glad Twilight doesn’t have sex scenes. THANK YOU JESUS you know my heart couldn’t handle that
  • Rob and his friends banter has some really great one liners and funny moments
  • Random American Pie/Chris Weitz shout out in the middle of the movie. I seriously said “CHRIS WEITZ!” outloud. I am whipped for him, after all

Yup, still hot

  • Yea, the fight scene was even hotter (in that weird, totally wrong way) than it was in that paparazzi video all those months ago
    • Rob gets an Executive Producer credit on the movie. He has good people working for him!


    Follow the cut for even more Remember Me goodness!


    not gay OR blind!

    • Being yelled at, wand-ed, evil eyed, and basically strip searched by 500lb men looking for cell phones. Welcome to 2009, EVERYONE has a cell phone but that doesn’t mean they want to make a shitty video phone version of your movie! Um, thanks!
    • A rando girl getting in a fight with said 500lb security dude
    • Pierce Brosnon’s on again, off again, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t Brooklyn “accent”
    • Rob holds the guitar and never plays it. FAIL.
    • Suspect music choices, which made me think they were temps/placeholders and why Alex and crew were brought in, to hopefully kick the soundtrack into high gear

    black V neck NOT worn in the film

    • My pal Steph was banned from all future screenings put on by this suspect company. We got a good laugh out of that
    • A few oddball cuts and editing decisions. Hopefully it’s because they’re still working but a rando fade to black in the middle of the film was odd

    It was great seeing him play a character other than Edward! Tyler is definitely NOT Rob playing himself, though there were a few Robisms that made it endearing but I don’t think Rob is anywhere near as intense or ready to throw down like this character is. With a few more edits, fixing a few plot points and shining up the beginning and end, then droping in a killer soundtrack: this will be a really nice film. Sure in the end it’s probably not Oscar worthy but it’s definitely ladies night worthy! Take all your lady friends, your mom, your grandma and NOT your dad and enjoy the many faces of Rob! Intense Rob, Crazy Eyes Rob, Punching Rob, Romantical Rob, Brother Rob, Sexy times Rob, Bust-into- your-dads-board-meeting-and-tell-everyone-to-STFU Rob, yup they’re ALL there! Just don’t forget your tissues and designate your hand holding buddy before you go in. Emmeloowhoo and I may or may not have help hands and dried each others tears but that’s between us and the stadium seating.

    As for the details of those sex scenes that so many people have begged (yes you people begged like addicts!) for, I will be giving a graphic explanation and play by play including shadow puppets πŸ˜‰ around the campfire at Camp LTR/LTT this week at the NM premiere. Cold showers and hosing ’em down optional.

    Spaghetti Rob is the new spaghetti cat,

    PS I think I’m gonna go read the script now!
    PPS thanks and big hugs to these lovely ladies who went: Emmeloowhoo, HisOneandOnly, Vickyb, Chelsea, Ashley, Kim and Steph! You gals are the tops and I would share a spaghetti shower with you any day!

    So whatddaya think? Excited? Annoyed? Not interested? Hate my guts? Want to have your own sex scene with Rob (ok, ok that’s a given)?

    Our internet game is ridiculous: The Forum LTR Twitter


    1. You are sooooooo lucky -v jealous can’t wait to see it.

    2. Seriously Moon? That’s all your going to give us on the sex scenes? How many are we talking here? Does he look like he knows how to work it? Did you lick the movie screen?

      I think I speak for everyone here when I say, WE WANT MORE DETAILS!!!

      • Moon, you’re sort of like Stephenie Meyer today.
        You cockblocked us big time!!

        • Cockblocked is an understatement!!!
          Can anybody tell me where to see the script online?
          Mmmm…I loves me some spaghetti:)

          • Hi

            I have a copy of an early version of the Remember Me script, if you would like it, just drop me a line.

            Someone else kindly sent it to me, so I need to do my good deed in return.


            • hey can u please send me the script ur comment said u had a copy?
              i would LOVE that..

            • where can I get aa copy of that script…I really want to read it now!

            • Me too please –
              So X-X-X-cited

            • I would like to be the recipient of the favor. Please forward me the copy you have of the script.


        • Totally agree πŸ™‚

          • Yes I wanna know if he looked like he knows how to work it, too πŸ˜€
            And I wanna read the script, anyone?

            • i can send it to you guys, i have it

            • I’d love to read it too!

      • i didnt want to be TOO spoilery!! it was hot and had beautiful lighting. lots of “pretty” sex, close ups, nothing TOO over the top. cant report there was full frontal but he looked like he had the right motion in his ocean. WHEW! the second time they have angry hallway sex but it definitely wasnt as long as the first one (thats what she said).

        he is hot in it. i will NOT lie.

        • Honestly, i don’t think I’d really want to see The Sparklepeen in a full frontal shot. I mean with the possible exception of Rob Roy, what movie have you ever seen with full frontal that doesn’t leave you giggling like a tween? (what? you’ve never seen the full frontal in Rob Roy? Go download it NOW. I’d lend you my copy, but I wore that VHS tape out LOOOOONG ago). I really much prefer the “pretty” sex scenes….the ones with the soft sepia-toned lighting……the “I just wanna try one thing” type scenes……..and of course a good angry boink-you-up-against-and-knock-all-the-frames-off-the-wall type scenes. πŸ˜€
          Can’t wait.

        • OMG your description made me hot and bothered!

        • Damn, I need to see that!

        • Hello may I ask you what their kissing is like?

        • hello, may I ask you what their kissing is like?

        • Moon,

          For those of us who won’t be able to see the ‘puppet show’, will you still do us the honor of spilling the details here?

          My imagination is already running wild, and even though I read the script (which only contained 1 scene at the time)…I’m anxious to see how close it is. And, the spagetti sounds like it replaced the ‘sink water’, before the shower?

          Thank you for giving us your review of this movie. I’ve been stoked to see it, and glad that Rob was doing other things too!!! Yea!!! I love Twilight, but I loved Tyler too!

          PS – loved the ‘motion of the ocean’ comment! OMG…

        • Do they show her frontal? I just wanna know when to close my eyes. I hope they at least have him covering her up…ugh. There’s gonna be alot of women that go see this, and I don’t care to stare at what I already see everyday…lol.

          People are saying there are 3 sex scenes? But I don’t remember any bom-chicka-bow-wow in the shower??? There’s just 2 right…

          Don’t forget to give us the details…(wink-wink)…please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. You sold me at “Holy sex scenes Batman”
      Kudos to Rob for the Exec Producer credit-impressive (thatswhatshesaid)

    4. I’m so jealous I could puke right now. And coffee is so NOT good in reverse!

      Moon, feel free to spoil me. Please. It won’t stop me from going to see it opening night. After all, I know what happens in New Moon, yet I bought my premiere tickets muntsssssss ago!!

    5. Excited? YES!
      Annoyed? No!
      Not Interested? You’re kidding me?

      I cannot think I am …………………………too…………….

      HORNY !


      • There are three sex scenes….
        hot and hotter….

        so that’s too much for me today!

      • Hahahah! Too horny!!! Nah, that’s ok!

        • Hi Hon, think about it…3 scenes! Two in bed, one “against” a wall, I.just.can’t.wait!

          That’s not normal!
          I am sweating and it’s frickin cold outside….lol

          • how did you know there’s 3 sex scenes? Did I miss something here? LOL

            • Hahaha curious dirty girl….lol
              1. with Emily
              2. with YOU
              3. with Meeeee, now guess why I am the last one ?????


            • Hahah, you are so naughty!!!! I like the last 2 on your list!

            • Hey I am still in love with you! <3<3<3
              Two FOR ROB!

    6. I can’t wait for the Rob sex scenes! Oh, and the ones in Remember Me as well…

      • Actually I dreamt about having sex with Rob in chair last night. It was hot. My brain knows how to put a smile on my face in the morning.

        • I dreamt we were running out of orange juice. FML.

          • Hahahaha! Those are the kind of dreams we moms have!

        • I dreamed I had to put up with my future MIL again, and after 30 seconds in her presence I wanted to tell my fiance there was no way in hell we were permanently moving near her……I was actually panicking in my dream. FML!

      • ….can I borrow your brain tonight???? *wink*

    7. holy thunderen’ Jesus::
      did you say there are sex scenes with Rob…

      • yea we all pretty much died in the theater. it was hot.

        • Sooo…basically you’re saying I shouldn’t go with my mother (who already thinks I need to be committed just for the whole Twilight/Rob thing at “your age” *eye roll*) to see Remember Me?

          …actually, from what Moon’s saying, I’m going to guess after we see it, it’s going to be hard to forget him πŸ˜€

    8. Great. As if I didn’t have enough to get excited about with the Twimovies, Moon has now given my something else to obsess about.
      Commence eye-rolling and gagging noises from my hubby in 3…2…1…

      PS – Dear Black V-neck,
      You didn’t make it into the movie, but you’re always in my heart.

      • that v neck should hang in a place of honor.

        • yeah, like over the back of the chair in my bedroom.

    9. I have to leave camp LTR before the bonfire so please, I beg of you, tell me dirty details of the sex scenes.

    10. All I can think about when you say spaghetti/shower scene is…

      a naked picnic on the floor and marinara sauce getting on something.

      Sure, it’s most likely nothing like that, but a perverted girl can dream, can’t she?

      • Oh Domward!

      • All I can think about is Cosmo Kramer doing the dishes and making dinner in the shower. Yay.

        • For the record, that “yay” was sarcastic. I DO NOT want to be picturing a nude Kramer.

          • I pictured that too. Our imagination is a bastard.

    11. Sex sceneS? Sex scenes in the plural?
      Weird, yes, but I believe that if I see Rob in some seriously hot ‘n’ heavy action I won’t look at him the same way ever again.
      Hopefully that won’t be the case.
      And damnit woman, I wanna know the ending now!!
      If it’s a tear-jerker I will most definitely bawl.

      Still looking forward to it πŸ™‚


      • oh you’ll see him in a whole NEW light!

    12. Ah… a bad score/soundtrack can kill a movie for me. Though, I think I’m willing to risk it for “holy sex sceneS batman.”

      • Couldn’t agree more.

      • im pretty sure they were temp tracks otherwise it will be the weirdest soundtrack of all time.

        • a la “Ravenous”. If you haven’t seen Ravenous, don’t bother. I saw it once. When it came out. In 1999. I mean, Guy Pearce, Robert Carlyle, David Arquette, Jeremy Davies (or was it Norman Reedus – I always mix them up), and Neal McDonnough (I totally crushed on him back then). With a cast like that it had to be good right? Honest to God I can’t even remember a single thing about the movie except thinking through the whole thing “This would be so much better if the effing music wasn’t so effed up”. I don’t even remember the music. Just that it totally ruined the movie and sucked ass bigtime. But then I’m a music snob. Or so I’ve been told. So maybe that’s just me.

    13. Sooo….I knew about Rob in Remember Me before I knew much about Twilight….I even might have visited the set once or 4 times when they were filming near my office…and um, seriously, I can’t breathe after reading this.

      I read your tweet at 4:45 this morning when I woke up and couldn’t fall back asleep. All it took was the plural S in sceneS, and I fell back asleep and I kid you not, had my first ever Rob sex dream. So bless you for that.

      For those of us who can’t make it to the campfire shadow puppet live show…..will there be a transcript/youtube vid/SOMETHING.

      Waiting for NM has been bad enough, I am DYING for March.

      • Um, I was in NYC in early July, went for a jog at 6am and stumbled across the Remember Me UNYC shoot location 3 blocks away from my hotel.

        I’d already seen him get attacked then run over by a cab by that stage, so I tried, but failed, to stop myself from going back that afternoon to (stalk) see if I could catch a glimpse of the man in person.

        Hallelujah, the trailer door is opened slowly by the hand – you know the hand with those long, long fingers *takes a deep breath* – the screaming starts (you’ll be proud, I did not scream, cry, faint, or pee.. even a little), and then his beautiful face appears with an embarrassed grin.

        Wish I could post the pic on here ladies!

        Am I rambling?

        Sorry, just picturing that face in 3 sex scenes is about more than I can handle

        Oh, maybe you can see it here:

    14. details Moon!!! details!!!
      Those scenes were hot on paper, I cant wait to se them on the screen!!!

      sex+rob= abso-fucking-lutely!

      I read the script like 6 months ago and I was shocked by the end… Im glad to see that they didn’t change that.

      • p.s. sorry for the robstens but I got to say it: Im glad that the first sex scenes of rob im gonna see are not with kstew!

        • I’m getting more and more curious about this movie, could you please send me a copy of the script? Will be forever grateful:D
          my email is hanne(a)

        • ABSOLUTELY!!! I love Emily…
          Not that I don’t adore Kristen, but there’s so much talk of him with her, that seeing him with a different lady…will be a nice change.

          What’s funnier, is that his first sex scene in a movie, was with a ‘guy’ was it not? I did see Little Ashes, and it was kinda hard to watch…but all the actors actually did really good. And once I got over the shock of him kissing a guy (which wasn’t too long)…I truly liked the movie.

          I read the script too. They did keep the ending? I wasn’t sure what they’d end up doing with that. My script has tear stains on it too. I am so excited about this movie. The lines with Tyler and Aidan were hilarious!

          And I’ll be anxious to see what parts they changed. Now I just have to remember not to shout, “hey, that wasn’t in the script”, in the theatre. lol

    15. *sigh* Great. Now I have to calm myself down because I’m about to head off to church (I teach at a Catholic school.) I’m kind of afraid that the walls will start shaking and I will burst into flames because I can’t get my brain to stop thinking about Sexy-time Rob. Oh Rob. I just want you to bone me. *Bless me Father for I have sinned. I want to have sexy-time with Rob. I just want to claw his clothes off and have my own American Pie moment…”Say my name, bitch!” And then we’d*….Oh Lord. I’m doomed. But so worth it.

      And Moon-yet again, you give me another reason to think of you as a hero. Please consider illustrating the spaghetti scenes for us. Stick figures will suffice. I can use my imagination. πŸ˜‰

      • If thinking about sexytime Rob is a sin, then I’ll save you a spot in Hell.

        • I figure I won’t be alone. It will be a bunch of chicks sporting “That’s NORMAL” tee shirts with big, happy smiles on our faces because we’ll all still be picturing Rob all sex-a-fied. πŸ˜‰ Sooooo worth it.

          • But it would be Hell and it would then be revealed that Rob is a post-op woman and our T-shirt pic would transform into The Tuck- Big Daddy version…my brain is my enemy today.

            • Bwahahahaha!! That really would be hell.

    16. Oh man…I can’t wait. If it has a Titanic ending then I’m gonna be pissed…it took a while before Leo walked out of a movie alive and I cried everytime…

      I bet the sex scenes were awesome…we need more details!! I’m a spoiler whore…

    17. Moon, you should write the trailer and the phrase “Holy Sex Scenes, Batman” should most definately be in it. Blockbuster (or panty buster, at least) for sure.

    18. Is it me, or does it look to anyone else like Rob stole all his costumes off the set. I’ve seen him wear all those plaid shirts AND that NYC hat everywhere. It’s not like we are not having a hard enough time separating him from his characters….

      • I think he actually brought a lot of the clothes to the set, Xylem.

        • That makes sense. I find it interesting that A&F, GAP and American Eagle stores now look like Rob’s closet (if he were to use a closet, instead of his bedroom floor) with wrinkles and all.

    19. Sooooo jealous, Moon. I made a recommendation yesterday in the comments, but perhaps you didn’t see it…or you’re politely ignoring it and pretending you didn’t see it. πŸ˜‰ You could type up a spoiler-full report and e-mail it to those who ask, unless that’s against mandates by Summit, for which again, I have yet another reason to blame Summit.

      Oh, and Executive Producer Rob is now my new favorite Rob. Sexy.

    20. A few questions if thats ok.

      How is Rob’s accent. ?
      One reviewer said he did the constipated face that he does in Twilight. Is that true?

      Another said Aidan is far more memorable. Does Rob’s character come across as fully fleshed out.
      How is the chemistr between Rob and Emilie

    21. Is it just me or do I still not know what the movie is about? And are you SERIOUSLY withholding us the sex scene details? No way! Spill, Moon!

    22. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! its so great to have someone to drool over again, its been YEARS since I have had a celebrity crush, I think the last time was William Baldwin and I was 12. That was right after the obsession with Patrick Swayze and Dirty Dancing. Can I get a hale yes from everyone born circa 1980? Oh….its just me, ok moving on. Since then…..nobody. But now that I have Rob I am a complete women. Husband, check. Kids, check. Super hot celebrity boyfriend fantasies. Oh ya baby.

      • Born in ’79, baby! Loved me some Swayze. Awesome husband, check. Two beautiful children, check. Fuckhawt celebrity to ogle and give my husband better and way more frequent sex, CHECK!

        • Actually, I feel like I’ve gone back in time and turned into a hormonal crazy teenager again. My huge celebritycrush from 16-18 was Leo DiCaprio… Born ’78 btw. And now I feel so old, why can’t Rob be at least 28-29?? And he is definitely one of those people who looks better the older they get.. Johnny Depp anyone??

      • I was born in 76, so I am totally feeling the Patrick Swayze/Dirty Dancing. I mean who didn’t want to be baby in that corner. I tell you one thing, I have a humongous celebrity crush on Rob, I don’t think I have ever been this over the moon for a celebrity before. AND now you are telling me there is a SEXYTIME ROB. Oh gosh, someone get me a fan and a drink to help me cool down; just glad no one at work has caught me drooling over my computer.

        Moon you definitely have to spill on the whole HOLLY SEX SCENES BATMAN; I’ve just gotta know.

    23. Thanks fore reporting back
      How was the school room scene.

      Did you give your feedback to Summit. I hope so.

    24. Did you feel that the audience was happy with the film or was the majority disgruntled.

    25. Is the third sex scene likely to get cut. other reviewer said it was confusing but the best scene against the wall. I;d hate them to cut it.

      • Is there a link where I can read the review?

      • Are you serious? There’s really a sex scene up against the wall?
        Moon, you better spill the details or we are going to hunt you down!

    26. I’m jealous and excited at the same time for you! And wow, did I hear sex scenes? Like more than 1…yipee! It’s gonna be like Christmas!

      So I heard this movie is gonna be moved back to March? 😦

      About the black shirt, ahem, well I have a secret and I won’t spill :-).

      • southernbelle,
        it’s really not nice to say you HAVE a secret, but won’t TELL. I think I know what it might be, but I want to hear it from you. C’mon, spill:).

        • dude u already know, I posted it a while back on the twimilfs!

          • Oooo but some of us never went to twimilfs!



            …btw, I’m on my knees begging…I know you can’t see, so you’re gonna have to trust meh πŸ˜€

      • No! I want to know your secret! Mademoiselle …
        Film comes out March, I will die earlier if I will not get some GREAT spoiler ACTION…
        Don’t know well the skript, but when he has to make a C.D. fin again, I will not be able to deal with THAT……I am still sweating….puhhhhh!

    27. I read the script a while ago, and while I had some idea what it was about from relentlessly searching out every mention of it I could find online, I was blown away by the ending. Did not see it coming at all. There’s an image towards the end, when you finally realize what’s going on, that was just devastating in the script-so I can only image what it will be like to see it.
      I can’t wait to see it, even though I’ll be bawling like a baby and embarrassing my husband to death.

      On a lighter note,Moon-how much skin do we get to see?? At least a bare ass? Details, please.

      • I’ve tried to avoid reading any more about this movie, as I knew changes had been made to the script and I’d wait until I saw the movie to find out what those changes were. But I was just on IMDB and from what I read there, it looks like the script has been changed drastically. Not surprising. But now I’m really curious to see how it’s been changed.

        • I would like to know that too. I read the script and there was a part right near the end that tipped me off…but I was like NO FREAKIN WAY…but yep. I was right. I decided that I wouldn’t be able to go see it. My heart couldn’t take it. But Damn Moon and her trickery…luring me in with the promise of sexy scene Rob. I just hope that all the script change is referring to more naked ass Rob. That would be swell and maybe worth putting myself through what I know is coming…

          • It will be hard..but I won’t be able to stay away. Naked ass rob will help dull the pain.

            • Full frontal would put a smile on my face no matter what happens.:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

            • Hahaha hilarious…….

              @dazzledtodeath with this…. I would call it………………… “enormous statement”

              you have dazzled me to death !!!

        • from what i heard, the part that changed relates to Michael. don’t want to say what exactly- big spoiler.

      • Where did you find the script? I have been looking, but no luck;o(

        • I have the original copy of the script if you want it. It’s close enough to what we’ll actually see to give you an idea of the main plot points. Want it?

          • I just got a copy emailed to me. I can’t wait to get started.

            Thanks so much for the offer!

          • yes – please email me a copy – I need something to mend my splintered heart

          • oh please could I have a copy – I had it before and my computer died and the script along with it. thank you thank you



            I didn’t read it yet because I didn’t want to be spoiled but after reading all of this I’ve changed my mind.

            • i’d love to read the script too – i had held out as long as i could – but i thought it was coming out Valentine’s Day and i can’t take a wai til March – plus that’s when the NM DVD will be out – plsu three Holy Sex Scenes Batman and a devastating ending have changed my mind – my email is if you wouldn’t mind emailing it!

          • yes please, can you send to me to here at

          • Could you email me the script as well please? I am dying to read it.

            I will love you forever if you do this for me.

          • Yes, Please email me a copy of the script.
            Thanks a bunch!!!

    28. I’ll never forget this movie because we were bombarded with so many photos from the shooting :-). Really good ones, I saved a lot of them. Plus it’s the first time I got to see Rob’s pasty white looking skinny legs…sexy! πŸ™‚

      • So had I!
        Many of my are from the set in NYC…I had to make tecnic miracles at that time b/c I stayed in Rome without steady internet….Che fatica!
        Rob’s legs are kinda “legendao”! They have a life on their own….lol

        • Yeah I kind of dig the pasty white legs :-). Hairy too.

    29. I shall watch this movie for this reason alone:
      “Bust-into- your-dads-board-meeting-and-tell-everyone-to-STFU Rob” — HAWT!

      And possibly the spaghetti shower scene. My brain is making all sorts of crazy scenarios with this.

    30. Ahhh NO FAIR! If I were a man, I would have blue balls by now.

      Can you at least give us a comparison of the seksi Rob scenes, i.e. more like 9-1/2 Weeks, Fatal Attraction, Titantic. . . Give us sumpin’ to get through until it comes out (thatswhatshesaid).

      Wow, I feel like a dirty girl this morning – Just the whole idea of watching Rob in a sex scene gets me a tinglin’.

    31. Was the sex scene good? do you actually see him naked or just in the bed?

    32. i have the book but i haven’t read it yet. i was waiting for after new moon but i may have to start it tonight.
      so were you pleased with our boy’s acting chops outside of edward?

    33. Not an Oscar-worthy movie? Sad.
      Reading the script I thought it could be Titanic + beautiful Leo hysteria revisited.

      • The script was beautiful and well-written-I loved how everything dovetailed. I cried my eyes out though.

    34. I am SO glad you didn’t spoil it. So far I’ve resisted seeking out the script because I really don’t want to ruin the movie for me. I was so bummed hearing the release date was pushed back. Your post was perfect. I don’t want to know any more than you provided and I hope all the comments today will also respect the no spoiler rule!

      Thanks, Moon!

    35. I’m crazy jealous of you Moon, but I can try and get over it *sniffs*
      Ok I’m over it. What I would like to ask is this: that’s it?! You’re not gonna tell us more about the sex scenes?? I mean I’m grateful you even told us about it, I’m not that bitchy, but come on! You totes just cockblocked us a la BD. I won’t be there for the campp LTR/LTT thing so I won’t know. *pouts*

    36. Color me fantastically jealous! OMG, can’t wait to see it. Thanks for the recap… I’m beyond intrigued!

    37. you said Rob and Sex Scene…that’s all I need to know….countdown to Remember Me…it’s on

    38. I tend to agree with ToOldForThis. We’ve been cock-blocked…and by MOON for God’s sake. Is there no moral decency left in the world? But it’s good to know the movie won’t be a flop and there is a life for Rob, AT [after Twilight].

    39. um, moon….some of us don’t get to go to camp LTT/LTR and would like more information, please.
      you tease, you.

      • maybe a sex-scenes thread? for those who want to know?

    40. I’m DYING.

      last actual word I had from Moon was a text at 1 am saying “HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP SERIOUSLY”
      then an email that I got this morning that said “sex scenes. my llllaaawddddd my lawd. going to bed it’s 3am”

      AH. I’m dying right along with the rest of you. Living on the east coast SUCKS

      • WORD. When are we moving?

    41. A wall sex scene! I’m gonna need a moment.. Spahgetti shower scene! Um, I may need several more minutes and a change of panties…
      Seriously, I cannot wait until Feb., March?

      Summit, please, please don’t mess this up for us Rob fans who are legal and tone down the Rob sex action. We need it!!!
      And don’t even think about screwing up Bel Ami and making it PG13.

      • I heard that Rob’s character has sex with like everyone, just because he can. So can’t wait for that movie…

      • At first I read your comment as “A wall sex scene! I’m gonna need a movement”….I thougth you were weird. But that’s Normal.

    42. I can’t wait until the bonfire for the sex scene description. I want it NOW!!! Please….I beg of you!

      And there’s 3?! And one up against the wall?

      Oh my lady bits, my lady bits!!!!!

    43. Thanks for the rundown, Moon. Jealous is not a serious enough descriptive emotion.

      The script was like fanfiction, so I’m not surprised if the theater seats were soggy*.

      *that is just gross….what is wrong with me?

    44. OMG such funny comments – everyone’s SO desperate for the sex scenes info (myself included) I think we might spontaneously combust before March !!!

    45. Super jealous. Super super jealous. Can’t wait to see Rob not play Edward..and get nekked…and hold the guitar..and fight…YES.

    46. The idea of nekkid Rob is all kinds of wonderful….

      Having said that:

      I am super excited to hear him curse his way through a movie.

      Seriously, the character of Edward box-blocks me to no end…

    47. Social comments and analytics for this post…

      This post was mentioned on Twitter by letter2twilight: Late Last night I got a text from Moon “OMG. the SEX SCENES…” so I’m leaving U to read her recap of Remember ME

    48. I can’t even imagine what “spaghetti/shower scene” even means, and I’ve read some great fan fiction. Sex scenes with Rob, OMG, so breathing heavy right now….

      I hope that Moon will, on later posts, explain what the movie is actually about, without giving away the ending. I have never been so excited about seeing a movie, that I know nothing about, before.

      I didn’t know that the script was available to read, not that I would want to read it. How does someone get their hands on that? Just asking…

      I heard that Rob might be on the soundtrack, so definitely looking forward to that.

      It is killing me that we have to wait until March!!

    49. If you want to read the sex scenes descriptions (YAY) here’s a spoiler filled review.

      • Thanks!!!

        So there is lots of skeen. (is that how you spell it, Rob?) fou fou

        But besides that vague term,

        Is there “nudity?” heine? lower happy trail? ANYTHING???

        • Will there be another “tuck” scene? Enquiring minds want to know.

          • I was going to ask that as well!! Where are our minds?

          • OMG please don’t let there be a tuck scene! I’d rather see nothing at all!

            • I’d still do Tuck-Rob. Provided he doesn’t sport that stupid Dali-stache while tucking.

    50. Could some one email me a link to the script (or the script) Thanks

      What has this man reduced me too!!

      • Me too. . . The script and a copy of December Vanity Fair would definitely top off my birthday weekend!

        • i dont have vanity fair but i have the script… e mail me: macuta @ yahoo
          i will send it to you… or anybody else that wants it

          • Thanks Libby,

            I just sent you an email. I am forever grateful. Actually, the VF is already taken care of. My sister bought me a copy, as to hide my obsession/hobby, called all things Twilight and Rob, from my family. Don’t want to knock hubby’s ego too much, he might take my gift back.

            • SENT!!!

      • I just promised myself that I need to get a life. . .but it will have to wait until after the 20th. Goal is 11/23 – this way I can gorge myself on all the Twilight/Rob coverage during the weekend and then detox the following week.


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