Posted by: Bekah | October 9, 2009

Imma tell you who won our contest, Rob

Dear Imma Contest participants and LTR-ers,

UC: Remember last week when we announced that we’d be hosting a contest for our readers with awesome prizes from Bella Bejeweled?
Moon: Totes, I almost entered under my pseudonym: TheButtcrackisDown cause I wanted to be just like Alice and Bella and wear jewelery like theirs, but I figured you’d know it was me when that email came through. And I don’t lie so well- my non-poker face gives it away.
UC: Yea, you never did know how to make a kitty meow, but you love those little bottles.
Moon: Truth.
UC: ANYWAY all week we received a TON of entries on Twitter and to our email address from you funny gals making us both laugh till we cried and making it SO hard (that’s what she said) to pick only TWO winners so-
Moon: *grabs the mic keyboard of UC’s hand* Hey, Sorry I gotta interrupt here! UC you’re a great blogger and winner announcer and all and imma let you finish but our readers are the best in the whole blogosphere and we need to reveal the winners right now!
UC: Ok, Ok… and the winners are:

Submitted via Twitter

Winner: @Chelseaheptig !!!!!
You slayed us with your use of the 100 Monkeys and the worst band in the world: Creed! You deserve a medal for bravery in laughs and some earplugs!

Submitted via Email

Winner: Beth!!!
You interrupted Martha Stewart to let her know she had nothing on Rob’s sewing skills. I mean after all he did resurrect both the old stoli shirt AND those heinous pants with probably nothing more than a hotel sewing kit. He should get a girl-scout badge or something!

Congratulations Chelsea and Beth you gals are the winners of some beautiful jewelry courtesy of Bella Bejeweled!

Let’s give a HUGE round of applause to our winners and to ALL (there were a ton) the participants! And because there were SO many good entries we simply couldn’t NOT show you some of the best so this weekend we’ll be showcasing all our favorite entries… starting with the runner’s up. Follow the cut to see the one who ALMOST won

You know what’s convenient? We had ALL these categories in mind for runners-up and it just so happens that someone fits EACH category. WOW! If that’s not fate then I dunno what is.  We don’t have real prizes for all these dolls, but we do have a TON of fake ones. Enjoy!

Best use of a hot picture of Rob:

Clicky if you're blind. Or normal unlike me who can't see for sh*t

Andrea wins a boat big enough to fornicate in with Rob PLUS a bonus plaster-cast of Rob’s jaw.

Best entry only Fan Fic readers will understand:

DazzledtoDeath wins a pair of power panties from La Perla- torn of course.

Best entry from person/couple who entered 17 times

Bella & Alice from Not an Addikt entered SO many amazing entries & were close to winning in BOTH categories, and this one was my favorite (take special note of the podium in front of Rob). Girls- you win Belgian waffles in the shape of Rob’s head.

Best entry having to do with other British celebs I wouldn’t mind getting it on with

JodieO wins 1 free hour with a Rob Pattinson look-alike tranny. In Nottinghill.

Best entry having to do with other British celebs I’d rather not get it on with

JodieO does it again and this time wins herself a Box set of the most annoying show to ever be on TV overdubbed by Rob.

Best Bromance Entry

So many Bromance entries, so hard to choose, but Dawn takes this one and wins herself a week’s vacation at a ranch in Colorado with a mountainside stocked with mountain lions and an open neck wound. Open neck wound and mountain lions? You never know who might show up!

Best Anti-KStew campaign poster

Kayleigh had the best anti-Robsten entry & because TammyO will focus her hate on HER today instead of us & for that I am grateful, she gets an unlimited budget to put a sign up in Times Square, NYC saying “TammyO broke up Robsten”

Best use of SadRob wins it and got herself a few minutes with SadRob and the challenge of making him smile. GO GO GO- you have 5 minutes! (Hint- Sing him “We are the Rob“)

THANKS to everyone. This is the most fun I’ve had since that one day a few weeks ago when that rumor was flying around that Kristen and Oregano rekindled their romance in Vancouver. Visit LTT all weekend long for TONS more amazing entries.

UnintendedChoice and theButtcrackisDown

Talk about your favs on The Forum
See what runners up we had over on LTT


  1. OMG. Rob’s ‘campaign’ signs are the best things I have seen in a long time. Those are gonna keep me laughing all. day. That’s normal!

    • Thanks! Alice is all about the details.

      I loved your Porky Pig entry on Twitter!

      • Thank you! That one was particularly fun to do. =)

  2. You guys are so creative! Congrats to the winners 🙂

    I LOVE the anti-Kstew one.. yes.. Ashley Greene is way hotter than Kstew… no doubt about it…

    • yes that was a favorite of mine.

      • It’s funny cuz it’s true!

    • That was definitely my fave too! 😉

  3. I didn’t really expect to win but I kinda got an honorable mention.Yay! This makes me much happier than it should. We are going away to visit family for the weekend and I will be basking in my pseudo-fame all weekend.

    And I hope my panties will have arrived by the time I get back.

    Oh and I have to thank my husband, who grumblingly helped with the photoshop while muttering “this isn’t even funny”.

    This was so much fun!!All the entries are great. Moon and UC, you should run more contests.

    • I can’t believe you found a link between Gordon Ramsey and Rob! It’s brilliant!

    • LOVED your Office ref Dazzled!

    • I love your Office one! 🙂 Ramsay got nothing on the Beautiful Bastard!

  4. Love them, congrats guys!! :d


  5. Wow! You girls are fantastic & creative. I am neither.

    Esp. love the last one as it has my fav sad Rob picture.

    : )

    You posted my sad-Rob entry? AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    I love you girls, and I OH SO LOVE all the IMMA pictures…seriously, Mr. Bean? Obama? I laughed so hard, and I still am! ahahahha!

    • By the way, I think I am going to sing “Let me sign”

      • oohh.. yes… Robert Paddleston’s homosexual dance mix version might make Rob smile… 🙂

        • Why, does it exist in ANOTHER version? xD

  7. Thank you for posting these
    Congrats to the winners – really good

    And I absolutely love your blogs
    you girls kill me

    *Blowing you kisses all the way from South Africa*

    • All the way from South Africa!? Amazing!!!!! kisses back!

  8. Belgian Waffles shaped like Rob’s head? OMG, we’re so gonna make those, and sell them online, and make a fortune! 🙂

    • You’re such an economist!

      • Wouldn’t you buy a Rob-shaped waffle? I know what I’m getting you for your birthday now, haha!

    • i thought it was pretty creative. then I sat up in bed last night as i was drifting to sleep panicking that you’re from Berlin and not Belgium.

      but then I felt confident it was Belgium and went to sleep:)

      • Haha, good thing you didn’t think we’re from Berlin… what fake prize would we have won then? Frankurter sausages in the shape of a sparklepeen? Sparkfurters?

      • You would have had to go for berliners then (or boules de Berlin as we say).

        • Mmmm… imagine Rob saying “ich bin ein Berliner”…

  9. second-hand embarrassment we can believe in! YES!!

    • second, and third hand embarrassment. That night was chock full of those moments. And I LOVED it!

  10. Those were all kinds of hilarious! Of course my favorite is smoking Rob, even though Efron can’t even come close to touching Rob’s hotness. And I’m pretty sure that is a lollipop in his mouth.

    But I’m partial.


    • You know what Kanye is…ahem.
      OF COURSE Rob is not to be compared to Zac Efron…as a man cannot be compared to a baby 🙂

      • @everay, true dat!

      • This is true.

        I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that even Zygote Rob is hotter than current Efron.

        Yeah, I went there.

        • I think Zygote Rob *is* current Efron. No?

  11. Fun fun fun! What a great kick-off for the weekend. Thanks everybody!

  12. Ah! One from “The Office”!!! That’s so amazing. I might need to print it. ❤

    And the jaws one was halarious!

    You girls are way too talented.

  13. “Best entry from person/couple who entered 17 times”
    Oh yeah, you totally had this category in mind. :p.

    Love Martha and the jaws!

  14. Those were awesome!! All of them. We seriously have the most creative folks in this here fake sorority!

    I love you all for making me laugh every single day!!

  15. Imma going to let you get back to rejoicing in a minute

    But President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize! I knew he should have been No. 1 on the 49 (WTF?) most influential men OF ALL TIME !

    OK, Imma goin to let you get back to your glory Imma contest winnners!

    • “Noble” Peace Prize is a trending topic on Twitter now… I can’t believe all those people are spelling it wrong. 😀

      • *facepalms* Ok, that’s 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th hand embarrassing.

      • hahahahahaha WOW.. that IS 2nd hand embarrassing we can believe in!

      • Wow! I assume that is mostly Americans tweeting that as we have such a good educational system.

        Nope we don’t need longer school years, not at all.

      • someone probably posted the misspelling of “Noble” on wikianswers before they went back to spreading other knowledge

  16. Congrats to all the winners!!!!

  17. Giggle, giggle, snort, giggle. Those are hilarious!! ( and so true) I bow down to all of you clever women. Rob would be proud to know that his fans are so witty. Could Zac Efron’s fans link him with not only Mr. Bean but also a psychotic mechanical shark and have it be f*cking epic! I think not!!!

  18. Creed!!!!!! LMAO.

    Love Rob JAWS.

  19. Congrats to the winners! You girls are AWESOME!

    Slightly off topic here: Last night, my husband was letting me know to get out of the laundry room because The (real) Office was on. I nearly broke my neck trying to get to the computer. My brain immediately went to BB and tby789, thinking there was a chapter update, instead of Jim and Pam’s wedding. (sad, but) True story.

  20. I needed this today…, funny!!! LTR once again never disappoints!!! 🙂

  21. I can only imagine how much fun you had reviewing all the entries! All of them are great and looking forward to future entries you will be posting.

    Laughter is the best medicine and this blog has cured a lot of sickness…

  22. These are so creative! Congratulations! I wish I had a chance to join but got a little distracted. I’m happy for y’all!

    Since I am utterly in love with Rob’s jaw, I’m gonna have to go with the Jaws one. I love all of them though!

  23. You girls kill me, seriously! It’s great when your day starts off shitty and then you click on your website and start laughing right off the bat! Thank you for that!
    I can’t even pick one that I like the best – they are all so great!! Awesome job!

  24. omg, Creed for the one. Though I don’t know how she chose between them and Nickelback for that entry… tough call.

    I missed the deadline because I’m an ahole. But I didn’t have anything better than these. Too many funny ladies around these parts – bravo!

    • WORD regarding Creed hate!

    • Nickleback ref had me LOL! I would have liked that one even better with Nickleback.

  25. Congrats ! you guys are witty, i LMAO’d.
    Love the Rob campaign and Martha Stewart one

  26. Mr. Bean, Brokeback! My gosh, these were hilarious! I had never seen the resemblance between Rob and Rowan Atkinson.

    I might find him attractive now… *ahem* I’m embarrassed now.

  27. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the contest entries. So hilarious.

  28. I always love this blog (have I ever mentioned that before), but this has to be one of your funniest ideas ever. People did such a great job! I loved the sewing one so much!! And I loved that dazzledtodeath’s husband was grumbling about it not being funny while he helped her photoshop for her Office one – that is an epic win in and of itself.

    Have a great Friday everyone.

    And one non-Rob related “imma” that I got by email already today:
    “I’m happy for you Barack, and imma gonna let you finish, but Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most peaceful men of all time! Of All Time!”

  29. The Jaws and Hugh Grant hair were my two favorites… but they were all funny. Gosh this is the best twi contest ever… how are you all so witty?! you all deserve a NOBLE peace prize today.

  30. Does he really sew it himself? If so… yeah.. he is the best sewer OF ALL TIME. So adorkable!

    I’d let him hem my slacks…after I let him measure my in-seam in a ‘Joey from friends’ style… oh yeahh… oh yeahhh. *nods*

    • “That’s how they do pants!” “Yes, yes it is… In PRISON!”

  31. LMAO The Mr. Bean one is priceless! Jodes is awesome!

    And I love the sewing one!

    I love them all but that Mr. Bean one got the most laughs from me!

  32. Awesome pics, everyone! I can’t WAIT to see some more over the weekend. It will be easier to look at them when I’m not at work…even though I have my own office my snorts of laughter can penetrate walls!

  33. Rob the best sewer & Marta made my day.

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