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Rob is the 44th (out of 49) most influential man!

Oh don't worry about me, just another day being influential

Oh don't worry about me, just another day being influential

Dear Rob, recently voted you one of their top 49 most influential men of 2009. That’s exciting, right? I mean just knowing you’re thought of as an influential person… that what you say REALLY matters. I mean they MUST know you’re a serious dude who demands to be on top (that’s what she said). So, wanna know where you landed among these 49 other supposedly stellar dudes? Number 44. Yup, 5 from the bottom.

This got me to thinking (surprise) if you’re number 44 then who are the other guys who made it, especially the 5 below you, how were they not more influential then the dude who plays Edward Cullen, the vampire? So I took a look and here’s what I found…

#49. Lance Armstrong – Won like a bazillion Tour de France championships. Oh and he battled cancer and came out victorious though one ball less. AND all while boinking Sheryl Crow, Kate Hudson and an Olsen twin! This guy lost to you?!

Yup, still influencing over here...

Yup, still influencing over here...

#48. Jenson  Button – Who? Besides the cute name who is this dude? Apparently he’s a Formula One driver which says “is like NASCAR without the chewing tobacco and mullets.” Ah, what an illustrious career option. So unless you consider banging a lingerie model influential, I can’t quite figure out why he’s even on this list. He looks like Andy Samberg meets someone blonder and way lamer.

#47. Santiago Calatrava – Some old architect dude. He’s designed a bunch of impressive shiz and will be designing he new World Trade Center transportation hub and something in Chicago. *Snnnzzz* Sorry, I lost you there for a second. You can tell MEN chose this list. Of course they’d pick some dude like Santigo cause guys like Brad Pitt, Donald Trump and yuppie middle men advertisers get off on stuff like architecture.

#46. Mario Batalli – Freaking awesome hot ginge chef! This is the guy who could teach you to make a killer homemade hot pocket but with stuff like leeks and raw eggs and crap inside of pepperoni. I’ve been to his pizza place, Mozza, many times and sorry to say it Rob, but Mario should be at least top 10 or at least higher than you cause his food will influence you to get reservations months in advance.

#45. Italo Zucchelli – Head Designer for Calvin Klein. Um, I think you know how we feel about your wardrobe choices. While the constant parade of flannel and plaid is endearing we gotta call you on your choice of Awards Show attire. Obviously Taylor is well acquainted with the works of Mr. Zucchelli, I’m gonna suggest you do the same.

Follow the cut to read the rest…

Have I influenced you enough yet?

Have I influenced you enough yet?

#44 You! Robert Pattinson (read their break down and the ensuing 35+ comments. most comments out of all of them) How you’re number 44 most influential I’ll never know. I mean you single handedly revived a Dutch beer company, a microwavable sandwich, made flannel and plaid a fashion DO, had every woman aged 0 to 100 swooning over your discussions of “wipey things” and things coming out of your pants, reading obscure literature, lining up to see arthouse films about Salvador Dali and a guy named Art, you plucked 3 musician buddies out of total musical obscurity only to tour the US to sold out shows, tested the police protection of major cities including New York City, LA and Vancouver, and of course you took Twilight which was a literary success and turned it into a cultural phenomenon. So, influential? Yea, maybe just a touch.

#43 & 42 – Basketball dudes. It would probably help if I knew more about professional sports in general to make some type of statement about how influential they are and why more than you. But then again I’m too busy blogging about YOU to figure it out.

Other notables:
#19 – Ryan Seacrest – Really,, Ryan SEACREST is #19? REALLY?!
#16 – Conan O’Brien – DUH! he should be #1. He should also be my lovah
#14 – Jack Dorsey – Creator of Twitter. I’m sure a lot of you owe him your everlasting love and gratitude. He is also a foxy nerd.

Influence THIS Don Draper

Influence THIS Don Draper

and as much as I love Don Draper (#1) how in the HALE did he, a fictional TV character win out over Barack Obama (#3!!), leader of the free world. WTF?

And while we’re at it, may I ASK why 49?! Why not 50? Why not 48? Answer me that.

It’s surprising you even made it on this list Rob, since it was voted on by men and men are notoriously Rob-blockers (thx Vickyb!) which is worse than a cock block. So maybe it really is a miracle you even made the list though I think you were a pretty influential person in 2009… but maybe I’m just biased. But then again, I gotta question a MEN’S site that votes RYAN SEACREST into any sort of list.

You’ll always be #1 in my book! Well at least top ten…

So what do you think about this list? IS Rob an influential person? Is he influential compared to other dudes on the list?

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Make you own list of influential folks in the forum!


  1. LOL!
    Ahh yes, he will always be number one to me too! haha
    Now when you called that Mario chef dude a “ginge” did you mean redhead??
    Just checking.
    Our “word” for redheads here in Oz is Ranga.
    Like orangatans.
    Don’t hate, everyone says it; it’s from a TV show.



    • haha orangutans. i love it!

      I had no idea what a ginge was.. I googled it… and I’m not surprised Moon knows that word. #1 she’s Moon & knows stuff like that. #2 she’s obsessed … OBSESSED w/ Conan O’brien 🙂

    • oooo I like “Ranga” – that’s awesome. I have a friend that can never remember the term “ginger” and always refers to redheads as “cinnamons” – for some reason I find that hilarious.

    • ginge=ginger!!

      yes it’s a red head! micheal k at dlisted calls prince harry “prince hot ginge” so it works here! hahaha

    • yeah either ranga or ‘Blue’ – because you know, saying the opposite of what something is is hilarious…?

      My favourite, and nick name for my first boyfriend, is Blood Nut.

      • My ex that I work with is a redhead. The guys call him “Rusty Crutch”

  2. When I first saw this I thought Rob really one of the most influential men of 2009?
    After thinking about it I agree, yes he certainly is influential. God only knows how many women put their real lives on hold to blog about him, read smutty stories about him and debate how often he bathes, how many holey T-shirts he owns and who he’s having special hugs with.

    Congratulations, Rob.

    • AND Not that any men WOULD admit to it- but if you consider how many men lost their wives to Robward, he’d be MUCH higher on the list.

      • exactly!!!! this is why he is influential!

    • “Special hugs”= win

  3. Well, that’s what you get if you ask MEN about these kinds of things… what do they know?

    However, it IS indeed a mystery how men voted Rob on this list… maybe it’s because Rob’s convinced women that wearing dirty clothes, wrongly buttoned up shirts and freebee caps is endearing instead of gross? I can see why they would be grateful for that.

    • Everytime my RL love tries to go out in something questionable, he says “your bf, the vampire wears stuff like this.”

      I laugh & tell him that only he can pull it of as he has sex hair.

      Then the love just looks at me & sulks for a bit.

      • Haha, this is exactly why I have shielded my love of Robward from my bf… to avoid such situations. 🙂

      • “Your boyfriend, the vampire” lol, love it!

    • Men voted for him because Rob influences the greater frequency their women now want sex.

      • God, this is so true. My husband should be bowing before Rob and kissing his feet.

      • IDK, I think smutty fan fiction rivals the Rob influence.
        But maybe it’s the people reading it, they once again can’t distinguish a real man from a fictional character?
        I myself am a little guilty of the Robward dreams tho, so I can’t judge…

        • It’s a cyclical phenomenon, all traced to Rob.

          For me the order was:

          Watching movie to see what the “Rob” phenom was about
          Research on Rob
          Reading Twilight Series
          More research on Rob
          Finding blogs about Rob
          Really wanting Rob
          Looking for fanfic Breaking Dawn honeymoon scenes
          Transferring wanting Rob to real life misc 20-something-year-old men
          Reading more fan fiction
          Attacking husband
          Still really wanting Rob

          Rob being the “influential” common denominator, of course.

    • there must be 5 girls who works for and they pooled their votes and got him to 44. good job ladies!!

  4. I think Rob made the list because enough men are trying to figure out his appeal in a last ditch effort to regain their wives attentions.

    Ok, and seriously, RYAN SEACREST?! I didn’t know creepy little elves were even eligible.

    • Haha, I agree about Ryan Seacrest, creepy little elf. 🙂

      • Hey, good to see ya! Miss you in the flat lately!

        • Hi Jodie, I know. I’ve been so busy lately and I got sick a week ago. I’ll come and visit sometime. 🙂 TTYL

    • That, and they were forced to movie theatres for Twilight, have seen the pictures, magazines and books all over their girlfriend’s, mother’s, sister’s, friend’s rooms, and have probably been asked “WHY CAN’T YOU BE MORE LIKE MY EDWARD?!” on several occasions. Poor bastids.

  5. “He couldn’t avoid the eyes of editors when we spotted him at the posh NYC clubs”.
    This might explain a few things as well.

    “Yup, still influencing over here…” LOL
    “a foxy nerd” -> love this.

    • i love a foxy nerd!!!

  6. Most men don’t have a clue who Rob is. It’s a miracle he even made the list. Committee made up of Salvador Dali fans and puffs or what?

    • salvador dali fans!! HUGE fans

  7. He’s the #2 most influential man in my life. Sorry, Rob…just in case Mr. Holly reads this, I had to bump you (that’s what she said?).

  8. “#16 – Conan O’Brien – DUH! he should be #1. He should also be my lovah” <– Ditto.

    • uh oh.. Moon you have competition….
      maybe you can take letterman, tuesdaymidnight? I hear he’s easy…

      • Lovin’ the snark! But shouldn’t Jasper be the #1 most influential person? I mean, since we’re considering fictional characters and all?

      • Hahahaha! Zing!

        I don’t know about Moon, but I’m willing to share. Such a man as Conan is too great to be monopolized by one woman. Sigh.

        • Conan is a big enough ride for two.

          • this shiz made me laugh so hard!

          • conan is defs a big enough ride for all of us! HAHAHA ive seen him in person. (almost died).

            he is my density!

          • Moon. Density! You win.

          • Back to the Future=WIN

    • Ugh… LOVE Conan. His uncle went to high school with my Grandpa. I think that means we’re bffs!!!

      • Well, my mailman’s dog’s former owner was Conan’s neighbor.
        Top that!

        • Don’t be jealous of my relationship with Conan! Edward being jealous is one thing, but not you too!

        • My hairdressers boyfriend is neighbors with a guy who used to be friends with a tattoo artist that went to school with Conan’s brothers ex-girlfriend’s second cousin.

          • Nice!!

            Always true if it involves the hairdresser.

            They DON’T lie, that’s a known fact

    • Ditto, I love me some Conan. I’ve had a crush on him since forevers. (Also, I hope his people find their way to his lusty fans on this blog)

  9. He definitely should have made it to number one. After all, this man can make millions of womens panties go *poof* and he doesn’t have to even touch them. He just shows up on the internet with a bare chest and a happy trail……….and….*POOF* Um, what were we talking about again?

  10. IS Rob an influential person?

    I firmly believe that Rob has lowered the divorce rate in the world by giving many marriages a *boost* in the bedroom….just close your eyes girls and all is good in the bedroom department once more.


  11. Rob is number one on my list.

    Here’s my top ten ways Robbie P. has influenced me:

    10. Think of him on a nightly basis while I lay next to my clueless husband.

    9. Stop at every magazine rack in the supermarket to see what kind of papi shot I can sink my teeth in.

    8. To listen to Never Think and Let Me Sign over and over and over again on my iPod while reading LTR.

    7. When my daughter calls him Mr. Twilight, I just shake my head and agree.

    6. When I hear the words Rob, Pat, Son, I instantly get excited. (Unfortunately my mom’s name is Pat.. so I hear it a lot)

    5. Steal my daughters Teen Bop and other teeny magazines out of her bedroom.

    4. Do random searches on google for Rob so I can photoshop myself into the pic.

    3. Dare anyone to say he’s a bad actor. I’ll go rounds with them.

    2. Dressed my son up as Cedric Diggory for halloween last year.

    1. and the number 1 reason how he’s influenced me… Posters of Rob outnumber the amount of Kids photos I have up in my house.

    • 6. When I hear the words Rob, Pat, Son, I instantly get excited.


    • LOL on the Rob posters outnumber pics of your kids!

    • I’m just jealous that my children aren’t old enough to be interested in teeny-bopper magazines yet….and I don’t know how to photoshop 😦

    • LOL! You took the words right out of my mouth! Except for my daughter calls him Edward, my mom’s name is Tina, and I have 2 girls, so no Cedric Diggory for us!! =( But I do have posters all up in my room!! 😉 And I’m 34 years old…today! LOL!

  12. Does someone have a thing for the redheads, Moon? How do you feel about Ron Weasley? Be honest. I have a thing for Fred and George.

    Of course Rob is influential. Way more influential than Don Draper. Don Draper has never made me do anything. Rob has made me buy a series of teen vamp romance books, buy my one and only issue of GQ, and revert back to a 12 year old girl squealing over 2 minutes of footage at the VMAs. That definitely earns him a spot in the top 10!!


    PS. You included my favorite picture ever!! Super score!

    • how is it that i’ve never seen it before!? only your icon. dear god, that’s hot.
      (brb, getting….influenced)

      • (brb, getting….influenced)

        Hahahahah! Agreed.

    • i love one ginge in particular – CONAN!! hahaha i do love stuff out of the ordinary though, like curly hair, that gets me every time!

      and that last smoking pic is one of my faves too!!

      • Know who’s got the best curly hair ever? My future baby daddy Justin Timberlake!

        • hahah yeah he totally rocks the white boy fro!

  13. To me, Rob’s is the number 1!!! Always and forever.

  14. I was hoping he’d be #7 so when I go around quoting “Friends” “SEVEN!!!!” it would mean so much more to me….true story.

  15. I’m surprised that men find Rob influential. Or maybe they’re just giving him props for getting their ladies all fired up.

    Love your pics and captions – especially the “Influence THIS Don Draper”. So much win I almost can’t stand it. That should be sent to as your rebuttal.

  16. I can only say that he is only influencial to men because they are all probably getting laid more often.


    He is on the list because is like every other media outlet that knows having Rob anywhere in the publication/website will drive traffic.

    Either way…he’s on the list.

    • Love your theory on why Rob was included – to drive web traffic! You are probably right. My hubby met a (former) editor of Cookie magazine on his flight to LA last week and has asked me if I ever read that magazine. I said no, but to tell her that if they had a story about Rob, I’d buy two copies (one to read and one to save in case my daughter tried to steal the first). Too bad it will never happen – Cookie and 3 other Hearst magazines got shut down 3 days later. If only they had the sense to exploit Rob’s influence . . .

  17. And by the way… are idiots. BDH wasn’t IN New Moon…that was Rachelle. Get your timelines right!!

  18. Conversation between DH and I while chilling out:

    Me: Hmm, I love your stubble honey.

    Hubby: Yeah? You never liked it before. You only started liking it when you saw Rob had stubble (emphasis on Rob).

    Me: Oh….right. Well you should thank Rob then. 🙂

    Yup, Rob is extremely influential! I’ve changed standards!

  19. Conversation between DH and I while chilling:

    Me: Hmm, I love your stubble honey.

    DH: Yeah? You never liked it before. You only started liking it when you saw Rob had stubble.

    Me: Oh…right. Well you should thank Rob then!

    Yup, Rob’s extremely influential! I’ve changed my standards on facial hair!

  20. I’ve already been stopped in my tracks at “Freaking hot ginge chef”….good lord. What would I do without you people in my life. I never want to find out.

  21. So Moon, when are we starting He’s the only man who can dress up like he’s in a barbershop quartet with a pitch pipe on his belt and still make me giggleswoon.

    Oh yeah… and uh, yay Rob Pattinson. You’re attractive and influential. Congratulations.

    • LetterstoConan! I’m totally visiting that site! I’d like to run my hands through that swoopy hair and get it all mussy like Rob’s! And then he could do that little growl/snap thing he does that makes me “giggleswoon” every time!

      • The months without CoCo were my own personal Dark Ages. So happy he’s back and that he kept his craziness in tact and didn’t go all mainstream. Love him.

        • Coco Christopher!

    • Yes! LettertoConan must be realized! I went through withdrawal during that horrible period of time when he was between Late Night and The Tonight Show. It’s probably oh so wrong of me, but I swoon whenever he sings a lullaby…

      Oh, Rob, right… uh, kudos.

    • giggleswoon!

      i have been looking for that word all my life … thank you!

      (and yes, conan and rob both make me giggleswoon.)

    • letterstoCOCO!!!

      he is amazeballs and i will start that right now!

      • I want the first letter to ask Conan what the hell happened to Nell during that old timey baseball game!

  22. Ack! Sorry for the double comment!!!!

  23. Most of the men I know are pretty intimidated by Rob’s appeal to all of us. It blows my mind that they voted for him.

    Or, maybe swansong is right about the committee.
    I choose to believe that they’re just as helpless against his immense appeal as we are!

  24. And then this: “and as much as I love Don Draper (#1) how in the HALE did he, a fictional TV character win out over Barack Obama (#3!!), leader of the free world. WTF?”

    All I can see in my head is Rob saying “I’m the leader of the free world, and what do you do? Loser”… but it sounds more like “looza” because of the british, bang eff me hard accent.

    • Yep. Me too. “I just want people to call me Mr. President.”

      I’ll call you whatever you want, Rob.

      • Yep, I will scream it over and over and over…

        • If I could “thumbs up” ten more times for the comment, I would have.

  25. Influential? You bet. Just ask Hot Topic and how Rob revived the economy!!

  26. This is brilliant. Moon you ARE brilliant.
    Conan will love you someday, I just know it

    • both of you are brilliant!!!

    • you think he’ll let me work on his show?

      • As an intern, perhaps? ; )

  27. Great post . . .but totally with the crowd. RYAN SEACREST? WTF?

  28. I think Rob made the list, though it was voted on by men, because men have figured out how much Influence Rob has had in their bedroom!….ifyouknowwhatimsayin……It’s their way of saying thank-you.

    • You got that right!

  29. You think some of the men who voted were choosing more who they wanted to be in the moment then who was actually influential? Don Draper? That’s just about every man’s idol…intelligent, wealthy, gorgeous, gets tons of tail – kinda like Rob. Well Rob could get tons of tail, he just shouldn’t limit himself!

  30. How in the HALE is Barack Obama not #1? Kill me please. Now.

    Also I am kinda sad that Rob is actually on the list What does he do? Influence women to waste time on blogs, reading smutty FF, & oogling creepy youtube videos? Ignore their RL lovers? Wear Plaid?!?!?!

    (& yes I do all of the above. Suck it!)

    Oh well. I should be grateful, I suppose. At least it isn’t Spencer Pratt. Creeptastic.

    • so true – Rob only influences me to waste time (like right now, reading this and posting my silly little comments). But it is such a pleasant form of time wasting.

  31. Rob most definitely influences my sex life. Every night. For the better. Thanks, Rob!

    • Every night? WOW! you go Katie!!

    • That a girl…

      • My DH told me tonight that he didnt know what I was doing ……(my friskiness) but to keep it up. (thats what she said)

        THX Rob.

        Tee Hee

  32. The fact that men even know who Rob is (I have many guy friends who hate Twi and Rob and have multiple “Keifer’s vamp would KILL your ‘Rob” debates) is proof that the dude has the POWAH!

    • keifers vamp WOULD kill edward! hahaha

    • Oh.. I get into the “Underworld vs. Twilight” fight all the time with my friends.

      At least Rob doesn’t run around in tight leather, hugging his body, with his hair dripping wet from the…

      Oh craptastic… Rob should have been in Underworld….

      • I would’ve preferred to see him making out with Kate Beckinsale in the rain that looking all SERIOUS in TWEED dumping KStew any day!

  33. I think you’ve got to add that he’s helped sell a few Van Morrison CDs and definitely increased the popularity of Kings of Leon. His influence is really kind of astounding. Surprisingly the men got it–even at #44.

    Loved your post, moon.

  34. Dude, Ryan Seacrest, asslicker though he may be, does produce like 99.6% of the shows on TV… therefore I think he’s probably should be #1. Just don’t tell him he’s number 1, he’ll get an even bigger head than he already has (yeah, guess which head I’m talking about).

    Also, Rob doesn’t need MARIO to teach him how to make hot pockets. I clearly already did that on my blog in June:

  35. dayum! at least he made the list!

    maybe it was his influence on the hot pocket appreciation committee to get him on the list.. or microwaving carrots.. hey, its a new revelation!

  36. He influences how often I change my underwear.

    • Um…yeah.

  37. To take a line from Brookie, *giggle snorted*.

    PS Conan O’Brien, really?

    • Don’t be hatin’ on our man, sister-wife-lady!

      Though as much as I do love that giant ginger, I’m not entirely sure why he would be so high on the list… and I’m too lazy to read the article. But if #HotAlex ever makes the list, I won’t question it because I know how influential he is on you and the other ladies…

    • YES conan!!!! he rules. laughter is king. and he is SOOO funny! i need him in my life (nevermind his wife and kids… WHATEVER)

  38. I love me some Don Draper, but I concur. HOW did a fictional character make it to #1?! I know the actor who plays him would be no where near the list. His disheveliness outside of being Don bothers me. It’s like he says to himself, “Self, be the furthest you can be from Don in appearance b/c the ladies love the disheveliness. Just look at RPattz!”

    Uh. NO.

    Sorry Don, the disheveliness only seems to work for RP. I ain’t attracted to your greasy, sloppy look. Don’t ask me to explain. It’s just so. The way of the universe.

    That is all.


    • You need to go see to see the apt and hilarious comparison of Don Draper and Jon Hamm (the actor who plays him) and their want vs KStew’s want. It is GOLD!

      • Oh, I’ve already read that. Didn’t you know? I’m a sister wife (#5 I believe). I may have been the one to direct all us crazies over to J in the first place. I’m sure he loves us sooo much now. 😉

  39. He’s influential, all right!!

    He influenced this lesbian to consider the merits of peen. HHH peen only, but still!!

    • now THATS some influence

  40. I love Mario- but I am sick of those orange crocs. I think Lance should have been closer to the top of the list- he is an amazing inspiration- I think RPattz hair could be considered influential!?!?

    • I haven’t liked Lance since he cheated on his wife with who was it, Sheryl Crow? After that woman bore his children and stood by him while he had cancer. Some men are just dawgs, and I don’t go for that kinda thing.

      I mean, sure, I secretly, or maybe no so much, lust after RPattz, but my husband doesn’t KNOW all the details, no harm, no foul.

      This is a double standard, yes, but I don’t care. Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Boo, Boo

  41. I love ALL of the pic captions! Too hilarious, Moonpie.


  42. He has greatly influenced my battery buying habits. Just got a thank you letter from Duracell. I’ll forward it on to his hotness (and I should probably CC it to tby789 for The Office.)

    • Truth

  43. Really?! Ryan Seacrest…Really?! Makes me wonder what kind of “men” put this list together…..

    Congrats to Rob, though, I mean let’s all be honest…he certainly “influences” all of us; otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

  44. Who the hell is Don Draper..

    • I went and checked, and now I know, except I’ve never watched Madmen in my life..

      Also, LOVE that Dana White made number 10, lmao, go UFC!

    • I had to google it too… not impressed.. sorry 😉

  45. gets it wrong all the time and this list is no exception. I love Don Draper, but to put a philandering fictional character ahead of President Obama is just another example of their complete buffoonery.

    • That is precisely why you should never “askmen” anything. Women are in charge. Don’t question it.

      • I agree. Most men I know just wander around aimlessly until the woman in chare of them tells them where to go. When they go off on their own, they almost always do stupid stuff like get influenced by TV Characters. For instance, my husband seems to have taken a page out of the Homer Simpson Husband/Father Maunal. All men are idiots and I’m married to their king 🙂

  46. Jenson Button is a total effin hottie! Trust me – I have good taste in men 😉 I wish I could attached a picture!!

    • Totally agree!! He IS a hottie! And he has that sexy accent,cause he´s from England…

  47. This gives new meaning to “under the influence”
    (That’s what she said)

    Sidenote: I am thinking maybe Kellan should have made the list, cause I am seeing all kinds of ‘soccer dads’ around with that stupid grandpa hat that he always wears.

  48. “#16 – Conan O’Brien – DUH! he should be #1. He should also be my lovah” HAHAHA TRUTH!! And when I say truth I mean I want him for my lovah too. 🙂 He comes in #2 only second to Rob.

  49. Puting it the way you put it.. YES he is the most influential man in 2009… themayority of them I don´t know who they are except for Leonel Messi, Conan O´brian and Obama (he should had been #1) Who the hell is tht guy who is #1???.

    Anyway Rob is the most influencial man to us, women and to the men, husbans or boyfriends of the women they lost when we watched Twilight.

  50. Conan O’Brien has been surpassed in my ginge-man loving list by Joel McHale.

    If you help me get him (again, nuts to his wife and kid!) you can have CoCo.

    Oh and I would totally bookmark – make it happen Moonie!

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