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Rob- you need to read LTT

Today we bring you a very honest fan letter

Dear Rob,

I’m not obsessed with you. I’m sorry, I’m just not. In fact, I’m fairly certain that if we met I wouldn’t like you. I do love LTT and LTR and I stop by everyday, mostly because I think making fun of Twilight (eventhoughIlovedthebooksandmayormaynotreadfanfiction) is hilarious, especially when it comes from women in my age group who occasionally make Full House references (that I totally love). Frankly, the first movie and all the hype surrounding the sequels have kind of ruined the books for me. I’m worse than a bad Rob fan, I’m not even really a fan.

Dante!? HA HA HA I read

You thinking I read "Dante" makes me giggle like a school boy. I have a playboy in between my book's pages.

It’s not that you aren’t quite good-looking or a good actor or anything. (Seeing as how I’ve only seen Twilight and The Goblet of Fire and know nothing about acting, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here.) I just don’t get the hype. I read some of the things that your fans say about you and I wonder how they know that you are intelligent or well-read or down-to-earth or mature. Carrying around Dante (have you carried around Dante yet?) does not automatically make you smart. But anyway, from the interviews I’ve seen, I get the feeling that you’re kind of taking all of this (and yourself) way too seriously and I really just feel sorry for you.

You don’t seem to be enjoying any of this Twilight phenomenon at all. Sure, the swarms of teenage girls and their mothers and people with your face tattooed on their ass are frightening, not to mention all the paparazzi hunting you down. And this whole Robsten are they/aren’t they thing in the press/internet world is insane. (Though that weirds me out for a different reason – if my calculations are correct, you met Kristen when she was 17 and you were 21. That’s just creepy. I don’t care how mature KStew’s upper class Orange County upbringing made her (*heh*), there’s still a BIG difference between being 19 and 23. I know, I’ve been both.) But whatever, it’s your life and you should be allowed to live it [read: stick it wherever you want to whoever is willing… and legal], but I feel bad that you look so sullen and terrified all the time.

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I put on my tweed to contemplate how I ended up in this house I've never been in before. And how I can get the photographer to leave so I can tinkle the ivories

I put on a serious jacket (that looks almost like tweed) to contemplate how I ended up in this house I've never been in before.

Think about it. You’re in a movie playing a moody, teenage vampire who hasn’t gotten laid in a century and is masquerading as a high school student. Your rival is a not-really-a-werewolf shape-shifter who conveniently shape-shifts into your natural enemy. Your skin sparkles. Somehow, even though as far as I know dead animals can’t produce sperm, you manage to impregnate your human teenage wife the first time you have sex. Your in utero child can communicate with you telepathically and she tries to eat her way out of her mother’s womb. I really did love the books, but come on, some parts are kind of silly.

I get that you aren’t supposed to mock movies that you are starring in, but the thing is, some of your fellow cast members seem to get it. Mike Dex–uh, Peter Facinelli gets it. Billy Burke gets it. Even Taylor Lautner seems to get it (And he gets stalked plenty too. Remember Gomez-gate?). They are taking this all in stride, enjoying the ride. You see, the thing about vampire movies (not that this is REALLY a vampire movie) is that they are impossible to make. I don’t care how good the special effects are or if you have the best stunt men in the world, a human being cannot convincingly portray a vampire. Vampires do too many cool vampirey things, like moving exceptionally gracefully (*ahem*). That’s not to say that you can’t make a good vampire movie, but to do so it has to have some self-awareness, and maybe a dash a kitsch.

It worries me that you don’t seem aware that any of this is ridiculous.

(Maybe you need a healthy dose of LTT.)

I do hope you come to terms with the chaos that has become your life and get some much-needed perspective, but really I just wanted to confess. Because I’d like to like you. I haven’t had an unhealthy celebrity crush since Mike Vitar played Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez. I was 10.

And as long as I’m confessing, I never was Team Edward. I’m Team Bella. Screw whiny, needy, clingy, over-protective, jealous man-boys. Even though I did want her to become a vampire, she really should have gone backpacking through Europe after graduation instead.

For my safety’s sake, let’s just call me,


UC NOTE: Uh oh, Anonymous- I can hear TammyO already “Kristen is from THE VALLEY- get it right you ugly delusional freak” Everyone wave hi to TammyO!

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  1. Okay, there is not that big a difference between 19 and 23!!
    And mostly I say that because I AM 19 . . .
    A girl can dream! hahahaha

    Apart from that, great letter! haha
    And thank you so much for accompanying it with those diviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine new Rob pics.
    They may or may not already be a background on my iPhone . . .


    • See … the reason you think there is not much difference is because … you are 19.

      • I know! I am almost 20 though.
        And by almost I mean in February …

        • Me too Jayde… Same day Taylor turns 18 πŸ˜€

          • You’re the 11th?? I’m the 10th!

    • my husband and I are 4 years apart, we met when I was 18…..was it “serious” in those days, not at all (at least for me it wasn’t) but I loved the attention and had fun.

      Advice for Mullsten: enjoy the attention and fun with Rob now

      • Love the “Mullsten” term!!!!!

  2. My first celebrity crush: fred savage from the wonder years. Truth. I was 10.

    He was just as adorkable as rob.

    • Mine was (is) Leonardo di Caprio. πŸ™‚ Circa 1998.

    • Oh, me too. I think you and I are in the same age group. LOVED Fred Savage. Still hold a special place in my heart for Kevin and Winnie.

      • I’m 30 now, Leo dcap from growing pains=priceless!

        • I kind of crushed on him in Growing Pains as well. My friends and I saw Basketball Diaries like 6 times in the theater. And that movie sucked.

          • lol, you make me laugh!

        • Yes I watched Growing Pains just to see Leo! I watched Basketball Diaries too, all by myself at the theater.

          How about What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Wow, he was really weird in there but he’s such a good actor! I’ll watch whatever movie Leo is on. I think my Leo crush is even worse than my crush on Rob!

          • good? is is amazing!!!!

          • Loved Leo since Growing Pains too! Gilbert Grape is a great movie.

            But I think my Rob crush is stronger. I even saw Little Ashes in an almost empty theater. But I forced a friend to go with me!

          • Hi Ang! Are you the Ang in LTT?

            I say we should have a letterstoLeo blog, hehehe.

          • southernbelle – Yes it’s me – Ang from LTT! I actually registered on the forum this morning to try and send you a message. Let me know if it worked!

            LetterstoLeo! It’s funny because I didn’t really realize how big a fan of his I was until I was reading this today and thinking of all the movies of his I’ve seen! Yep – pretty serious fan I guess!

          • @Ang – hey girl, yep I read you message! I PMed you back!

            Re: Leo, yeah he has tons of movies! I just saw the Beach (again) the other day. I used to have a shrine in my bedroom back in high school :-). I wonder where all that stuff is now, prolly at my parent’s basement. I feel like Leo and Rob are kind of similar, they kind of have the same look. Kind of feminine and boyish, although lately Rob’s been looking scruffy (stubble and all) which is so sexy!


        • Oh, NO!! Leo from Growing Pains was Zygote Leo! Ewww! Brain floss!

          Ok, so I’m older than you guys…but not THAT much older than Leo. I like him from Titanic on…

          • These days I like Leo from Titanic on. But wasn’t growing pains about 20 years ago? I was closer to Zygote Ang back then. πŸ™‚

        • YAY! Another 30 year old Twilight lover- thanks for the self confidence! hahahahaa!

    • I’m in this group too. Remember how crazy people were about Leo C. and Claire Danes in Romeo and Juliet? I was there, in the early tweens/teenage fan group too. And Kirk Cameron in Growing Pains. I must dig out all my old issues of “Tiger Beat” now!

      • I LOVED Leo and Claire in R&J. I’ve always loved R&J anyway. I just recently saw a stager performance of R&J that was set in modern times, similar to the movie. But the actor wasn’t anything like Leo!

      • Yes yes and yes! I love me some Leo.

      • Omg tiger beat and teen bop, way to take me back!!!! Swoon kirk c. But now he’s gone AWOL with his Scientology messages on satalite tv…he’s bwcomming abut tom cruise creepy for me….but what about zack Morris from saved by the bell?!?!

        • sorry about the spelling, the iPod’s letters are to small in most of my messages πŸ™‚

        • Zack is okay, I kind of liked Mario Lopez better. πŸ™‚ Have you seen Mario lately? He’s hot!

  3. Ha! I agree with the concept of her letter – that is, don’t take it too seriously. However I got the impression Rob wasn’t taking it seriously.

    I read and saw plenty of interviews with him and he seemed to really mock the movies and books alike.

    If you need proof, watch the movie with the commentary. Rob didn’t strike me as someone who took himself too seriously.

    • I was a bit confused by that, too. I’ve never seen him take Twilight or his sudden fame too seriously. I always thought he must constantly be in trouble with Summit for not (pretending to) take it seriously enough.

      • I agree. You’re right … he DOES seem to take it in stride in interviews, etc. But he doesn’t whore himself out going to Twicons and stuff, unless he has to. He doesn’t Twitter. Maybe that is what she’s talking about. The difference between Rob and Petah and Billy is that his situation is vastly different, and it’s not that he doesn’t appreciate the hilarity of the Twifandom, it’s that he CAN’T capitalize on it like they do, and he doesn’t need to. It’s capitalizing on him.

      • I thought the same thing. I know he used to get the “Twi-Moms” really upset because he talked about what a moron he thought Edward was. They didn’t think he or Kristen truly “understood” their characters. It was actually quite fun to go lurking on their website to see the comments. Good for some laughs!

      • I think Kristen should definitely read this letter too. I mean, of all of them, she seems to have the worst time dealing with this.

  4. Yeah, I don’t think he takes himself too seriously… he’s too dorky for that. I honestly think he’s a scared, nervous wreck about the paps!

    • Oh definitely!
      And I would be too.
      How frigging awful would it be?

  5. He may not have taken himself too seriously when the commentary was made, but now he is stalked 24/7 and won’t come outside anymore. I also think he is just plain sceeerred of all of us fans. But really, the more he hides the more the paps chase him!

  6. “she really should have gone backpacking through Europe after graduation instead”

    add ‘with Edward’ and I agree. πŸ˜‰

    Maybe it’s because I don’t have kids, but I kinda hate Renesmee. She spoiled breaking dawn for me.

    • I agree about Renesmee. Although, I think children are beautiful and a wonderful gift I don’t know if I agree to it for Bella’s age and lack of life experiences…Breaking Dawn would have had a better ending if Bella still turned into a vampire and they made peace with the wolves (minus the creepy imprinting) and they challenged the Volturi and took over the reigns…

    • I have kids and I hated Renesmee. I don’t want to read about a couple being interrupted during their “intimate moments” by a child. I have real life for that. πŸ™‚

      • Amen sister!! πŸ˜‰

    • “with Edward” – I agree!

      The Renesmee thing was a spoiler for me too in BD. In the end, I accepted it. I like to think of the saga as a whole…that way I’m not as annoyed at aspects of the story I have trouble with! I typically don’t like the “happily ever after” kinds of books/movies. But I accepted the way everything was tied up neatly. After all, this is a fantasy, not reality.

      But I really wanted to happen was for Bella and Edward to with each other – sans kid!

    • Dear Anonymous,
      hahahaha I get what you’re saying. It seems sad that Rob can’t be just a regular 23 yo I almost wish there were some sleazy drunken photos of him w/ random chics (except Kstew or Paris). I’d like to see that he is actually “human” and not this God like creature that I find myself worshipping in a borderline unhealthy way *ahem* for somebody my age πŸ˜‰


      Love me!

  7. I don’t think he takes it all too seriously, either. It is his job to act in these movies, and to act like a professional (ahem). You wouldn’t want him going around being completely disrespectful to Stephenie Meyer even though some of the material is slightly silly. He does make fun of himself, but not so much that he comes off as being unappreciative of his ability to be a working a actor (which is a difficult thing to achieve). Appreciate the honesty, though – to each her own. I am now and will always be a Rob fan…. and the new pics are delicious. I may or may not have licked my computer screen.

    • Yummy!

  8. Nice letter but I’m coming from a different perspective, I am kind of obsessed of Rob :-). I just saw these pictures last night, he is positively gorgeous. He looks thinner but still gorgeous. I love the one where he’s tinkering with the piano keys.

    • Agreed piano key tinkling Rob just leads to ALL SORTS of lovely, lovely images..sigh….
      So glad I’m not 19 {at least I KNOW my Rob lust will always be in my head} I’m sure if I was I’d be convinced I’d have a chance “if only” and it’s one thing to be a delusional COUGAR RWAR but at least my delusions are channeled in a good direction {my husband} and have a positive effect on my life rather than trying to get the impossible…………after all which young man out there could live up to our expections of Rob/ Edward?

      • “after all which young man out there could live up to our expections of Rob/ Edward? ”

        Answer is none.

      • Good outlook, Rubytuesday. Me too. I’m 30, and too old for Rob. I’m happily married with two young children, and would never, ever be so delusional to think I’d ever actually get with Rob. But lusting after this boy whom I have never met has been a really (REALLY) good thing for Mr. Holly, whether he knows it or not. RAWR indeed. Thanks, Rob…and Mr. Holly should be thanking you too.

      • OK crazy madhouse at Target today!

        That piano would be a good place for something else, if you know what I mean? πŸ˜› Oh and his hands are so sexy, fingers long and lean. Makes for a good fanfic.

        I’m married too with a kid but it’s hard not to lust after Rob. I’m blushing right now just thinking about it.

        Yup ,no young man can live up to Rob. And also all our SO’s are benefiting from our adoration of Robert Pattinson.

  9. I’m prepared for thumbs down from the Robsten fans, but I think the Kristen influence (and perhaps the constant mobbing in NY) has made him more sullen. Didn’t Kellan “Purpose Driven” Lutz say that he didn’t hang out with either of them anymore because he likes to have fun?

    In older interviews Rob used to come across as a little insecure but used his sense of humor to cover for it. Now, I don’t know, we’ll have to see on the New Moon press junket, but he *seems* a bit more caught up in his head.

    • They should borrow Kellan’s copy of Purpose Driven life….. put things in perspective

      • Maybe I should get a copy for myself, because I’m obviously taking this too seriously… wait, no I’m not! I don’t care what Rob does in press junkets or otherwise, I’m going to see New Moon exclusively for the jorts!

        No, I take it back, if Rob happens to go on the Tonight Show… with Conan… there might be a swooning related accident.

    • I agree completely.

    • Word. It seems awfully coincidental that he’s turned into such a sad sack now that he’s hanging out with Kristen so much. And Kellan saying that sort of seals the deal for me.

      If you think about it, if it really were the fans making him miserable he should be on top of the world up there in the Couve. He’s on a closed set so he doesn’t have the insanity that came with Remember Me, and if Robsten is indeed a reality, then he should be even happier because he gets to be with his lady (and I use that term loosely).

      Anyway… I don’t care if they’re together. I just wish he’d be happier. Bring back the giggly Rob we all swooned for. Honestly, I’m feeling a little like I’m kind of over all of this at this point – the vest pics barely did a thing for me! That’s blasphemy right there.

      • And even with all the fan insanity on the set of Remember Me, there were still lots of pics out there of him smiling and seeming somewhat light-hearted like the “old Rob.” But who am I to judge. It’s been forever ago (and by forever, I mean never) that I was followed down the street by a bunch of people with cameras. I’m sure that wears on you after awhile.

        But I have to say the vest pics? They SOOO did something for me!

  10. Rob was carefree and fun right up until Robsten Gate.

  11. Love the letter & honesty!

    If I am honest, I wouldn’t want to marry Rob. I wouldn’t want to even meet him, not really. Maybe see him. But not speak. I am too shy. Plus Mr. Fang is perfect & makes me french toast. Mr. Pattinson would probably be saying “You are too fat. No french toast. Eat a carrot.” & that would make feel sad.

    But I do love to comment on LTR/LTT & will continue to do so.

    Plus Rob has sex hair that Mr. Fang can never have. So I will continue to look. ; )

    • Oh & as to whether or not he takes himself too seriously? No idea. Never met him.

      I’ve seen a few interviews or so with him but people act differently on camera. That is why they are actors.

      Now I am off to go to a wedding on a boat! Don’t be jealous, peeps. Hopefully, I don’t fall off. I can’t swim!

      • Be careful Fang!! πŸ˜‰

        • A wedding on a boat? A few days late for Jim and Pam, but that would have been AWESOME! Now if they could only do a mashup of the show “The Office” and the fanfic “The Office,” the cosmos would align and the FCC would implode.

          Jedi mind trick to NBC: You wannnt to make this happen for me.

  12. I agree with a lot that’s been said here already. I don’t think he takes the movie or his fame too seriously. I will say that when I watch interview videos on You Tube (yes, I’ve spent a LOT of time doing so and I’m not ashamed to admit it!) I think he and Kristen both attempted to give really thoughtful comments when interviewed about Twilight. I appreciated that level of seriousness, but there were also plenty of lighter, funnier interviews with Rob! And there were SO many interviews pre-Twilight. I wonder if it will be like that with the New Moon press tours. I kind of think there won’t be as much Rob out there. But I think that’s probably because he’s not as available as he was pre-Twilight. Let’s face it – a year ago he didn’t have much else to do but press junkets!

  13. He never has taken it seriously – remember the interviews that Summit pulled where he said the Twi books were weird and the fantasies of S Meyer and really shouldn’t have been written? He he poor Rob, I’m sure when all the hype is over and he is a few movies further on and secure in his fsme, he will talk about how crazy making the films was. I think he is just an ordinary bloke. But madly in love with Kristen, yes. Is the reason he is doing the Saga I think. Bless.

    • I think he’s making the movies because they are paying him many millions of dollars ($12M for NM, if you believe the reports) to do so.

      Assuming Robsten is real (and I’m Switzerland – could not care less whether they are or are not), I think working together would make it more stressful on their relationship. It’s one of the reasons that businesses frown on office romances. But what am I saying – I married a guy who worked in the same company as me, albeit a different group …

  14. Great letter. I have always been one for honesty, and I appreciate hearing a different side of the spectrum. I’m somewhere in the middle, leaning a little more towards this letters side. I loved quirky, nervous, giggly Rob. Now, it’s just not there. And it makes me sad. Emo Rob = Not Fun Rob. I just wish someone would run up to him all the time and yell “WHY SO SERIOUS?!” Although, he’d just frown more at them. Rob, loosen up! You are rich and sexy. Enjoy it while it lasts. Stop being so frowny!

  15. I also remember reading that when Rob made bets with his friends, their “punishment” for losing the bet was that they had to read the Twilight series.

    Doesn’t sound like someone who is very serious about these books πŸ™‚

  16. Ah this is so true!! Sometimes when i hear him or AHEM Kristen, who is even worse, talk about how they’re analyzing their characters and finding all this subtext of masocism or something (Have you seen kstew’s Interview interview?) I just wonder….I mean, I could be wrong, but I dont think that was SMeyers intention.

    Hey, it can work between a 19 yr old and 23 yr old.
    Mostly i say this because i am a 19 yr old dating a (just turned) 23 yr old. Girls mature more quickly than guys!

    • YEah me too!!
      I’m 19 and my bf is 23
      and it’s so working out…
      Even when he HATES robward and
      all twilight related stuff
      he makes fun of me all the time.

  17. Also! Sometimes i wonder what rob is thinking during photoshoots…like the ones where he’s drenched in water or wearing some ridiculous outfit. I mean, sure it looks great to us, but imagine how weird it must be at the shoot..just rob and this photographer and the whole photo crew…and the photographer being like “now make the pouty face rob, you know the girls like that.” I mean, how could you take yourself seriously after that!?!

  18. I appreciate the honesty of this letter and I find myself agreeing with a lot of it too. But one thing that I simply cannot get on board with is… Team Bella. She was so annoying 99% of the time that I found myself being Team Anyone Who Will Get Her To STFU And Stop Whining. But then again, they were all annoying.

    Sometimes I wonder how/why I like this saga so much when I spend so much time making fun of it and hating so many aspects of it. Inexplicable… But I love it nonetheless.

    • Hah, it’s a love/hate relationship that you have. Normal. The characters in the book are sometimes infuriating! But I love these books anyway, they’re like my friends.

    • Haha, I think Bella got really annoying too, but only because of all the boy trouble. In the first book I related to her so much (even though I’m *ahem* a bit older than 17), but as they progressed, I just wanted her to shut up, quit agonizing, and enjoy stringing them both along! πŸ˜‰

    • I didn’t find Bella annoying at all, the FIRST time I read the saga.

      Then, after I re-re-re-re-read it, it was definately her that wore on my nerves. I think at some point I gave up on simply following the story, I began to analyze it, tear it apart and question why in the hale Bella was so annoyingly clumsy, insecure, and then why everyone at Forks High was so interested in her…

      I really do love the story, tho, poor writing, overly normal lead character, shape shifting best friend, groups of vampires that really gave a crap about one insignificant mortal (I mean, dang, they had a serious vandetta-didn’t they have ANYTHING better to do?), and a glittery hawt,hawt, hawt vampire love interest and all.

  19. Once, just once, I’d like to see Rob go to a TWICON and ham it up. Just return to being fun loving old Rob.

    Hell, at the TWICON I went to, Kellan Lutz made fun of Rob and ran around the WHOLE audience! No one attacked him. and everyone loves Kellan. Come on now.

    Rob needs to loosen up. Make fun of himself AND Twilight and Kristen and have fun. He’s not winning an Oscar for this movie or anything. Not at all.

    πŸ™‚ Ashley Frag

  20. I had a crush on Marty York (Yeah-Yeah). glad i’m not the only one who grew up crushing on sandlot boys. (i think that movie is why i love baseball.clearly, rob lowe in youngblood is why i love hockey…)

  21. “Awww, man…you bringing me DOWN!” ~Say Anything

    PS – Sorry…I’m old. lol

    • Say Anything is one my top movies ever!!!! When I was in high school, I sooo dated Lloyd Dobbler.

      • Lloyd Dobbler is the best…who else would have held up a boom box w/ Peter Gabriel for you?!?!

        • I know, right? Sorry, I lapsed into Jessica there. Seriously, I remember watching Say Anything with my boyfriend when I was in high school and thinking “wow, he’s so Lloyd and I’m so Diane.” Not exactly, but there were some similarities!

  22. I watched it first w/ my “friend but not boyfriend” person. We dated all the time and he always paid. We were so Diane (but I was never even close to Diane) and Lloyd it wasn’t funny.

    PS everyone thought he was gay and maybe they were right LOL They STILL say it. I think I may have been a touch delusional. You think?

    • I’ve been there too, unfortunately. LOL

      • With the totally understanding and perfect boyfriend who turned out to be gay? 😦 If so, I feel you.

        • Actually, I was lucky enough to know…so things never progressed to the “boyfriend” stage. Although my sister did set me up on a blind date with a gay man once. Thanks sis! Needless to say, that didn’t work out!

          • You lucked out, then! I’ll never know what happened. He was my best friend…but he disappeared and even FB can’t find him (I tried, believe me). I’m happily married now, but still wonder about him because he was such a good friend…

  23. LOTN??? Anyone around tonight?

    • Hi FN. What are you up to tonight?

  24. HEY! I’m trying to read some EmPr. What about you? How’s life??? I’ve missed you guys!! And I’m super excited for you and Lizzie to come to SA.

    • Yeah, I thought you might be catching up on that one. It just gets better.

      It’s freezing here. Snow last night and tonight and I think the fan on our heater is out. At least I have the little space heater–my nose keeps freezing.

      It’s been strange here with everybody’s change in schedules but we’re still in touch.

      I’m waiting tonight for the confirmation for the airlines which should come in tonight. I’m so excited too!!! It will be short and sweet but at least we’ll get to meet each other and have some laughs.

      • It’s the one I have the farthest to go to catch up on. It probably would make more sense to read the others, but for some reason I’m doing things the hard way. lol

        It was pretty chilly here today too. Nowhere near snowing, but it kinda came out of nowhere. I’m glad you’re managing to keep warm! lol

        So do you know about what time you’ll arrive? I should be done with therapy around 5:30 that Tuesday night so we can go have dinner and a drink or something. It will be short, but I anticipate it will be good times.

        It’s been weird for me lately. I usually keep in touch with Jenny, but I haven’t even really been able to do that. I feel like a small piece of me is missing. lol

        • I tried to time my arrival and departure around Lizzie’s times. She gets in at 2:00 pm and I’m 2:49 pm. She departs at 12:40 pm and I’m at 11:39 am.

          I know that with Jenny gone for 2 weeks it does feel strange. At least she says she’ll check for emails. I hope they have so much fun–and they get to go to the Bobby and Marcus gigs. Lucky girls.

          • It’s cool that you could get times so close. I wish I didn’t have work or school so I could hang out with you guys more!

            And yes, she gets to see Bobby again! SO LUCKY! I’m sending her my positive thoughts so she and Bobby can have a deep bonding experience.

          • Do you like your classes?

            I’m reading Boy in the Red Sweater. It’s finished and has a sequel.

  25. I think there are several things going on with him. One, he gets stalked by rude people with thousands of cameras if he dares to leave his room. Two, he spends waaaay too much time with the Angst Drama I’m-all-that Queen who takes herself FAR too seriously…and has a black mullet living on her head. Three, he has the responsiblity of carrying the movie, something none of the other actors have to do except for Kristen the I’m-too-cool-to-enjoy-life girl. Four, all she does is blink a lot and make stupid faces so she’s not holding up her end of it. I hope he gets to have some fun with the red carpet stuff. Okay WE will enjoy him doing the red carpet stuff… Last of all, he needs a major vacation away from the whole Twilight thing. Maybe he can hang out with his buddies away from the paps after shooting Eclipse is over and have some fun without the craparazzi all over the place.

    That is all.

  26. Alright EyeC, I can’t hang like I used to 😦 I have a crapton of stuff to do tomorrow! It was nice chatting with you for a little bit. Keep me updated with the details on your trip! Miss ya! Sweet Rob dreams!

    • I just noticed your comment above. For the most part, yes, I like my classes. There are a couple (taught by the same professor) that seem a bit like a waste of time. We had an exam in one of them this week, and no one really knew what to study. The professor is super sweet and means well, but she’s so disorganized and it feels like a waste of time/money to go to that class.

      • OK. Thanks for answering. I’m always interested. lol

        Have a good night.

        • No problem! And you too!

  27. To -Anonymous. ILU ❀

    • ps. THERE IS FOR-FUGGIN-DEFINITELY A BIG diff between 23 and 17-19.
      Just liek thesr a diff between 28-30 and 23.

      pfft. kidding me people with the ‘there’s no diff’…..

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