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Imma let you finish Rob, but this is the best contest ever!

Dear Rob-

Remember when Kanye embarrassed himself (and 2nd hand embarrassed everyone else) at the VMA’s a few weeks ago by Bogart-ing Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech time and solidifying himself as a grade A arse? Yea, who could forget?! I kinda wish he would have inturupted a dude who would clock him in the face for being such an idiot, but instead he chose a teen girl, but I digress. I mean what if he had interupted YOU or another Twilighter?! So we’ve decided to put a spin on the Kanye/Taylor Swift incident and imagine what it would be like LTR/LTT style…

click to enlarge

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Follow the cut to see more Kanye “Imma’s” and to see how YOU can win by making your own!

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Ya like those? You probably have your own Imma ideas that you wanna share with all of us, dontcha? So in honor of our newest Sponsor: Bella Bejeweled we’re going to be hosting a contest!! YEA!! And seriously, the prizes from Bella Bejeweled rock the hizzouse. Even Rob wants to win and he doesn’t wear ladies jewelry. In public.

So the RULES (cause The Man says so):

“Imma Enter a Twilight contest” Contest
Rules: Send us your entry w/ an image (use this handy starter Kanye if you’d like) or just with text if you’re not so handy with the photoshop via E-MAIL or send us a link on Twitter. One winner will be chosen from both email & twitter for two winners total!
Feeling really inspired to make an entry about Rob? Whoo hoo! Have a kickin’ idea for something Twilight-related, but not Rob? Great! We’re having the same contest over on LTT (winners will be pulled from BOTH Twi and Rob!). Get your entries to us between NOW and Next Wendesday October 7th at 11:59 EST.

Contest: Open to ANYONE 18 or older anywhere in the world (unless you live on Mars- we can’t ship there) ย YES! This is open to you if you’re outside of the US!
So let’s get to the good stuff! What could you win with your awesome Kanye Imma entry?? Beautiful handmade jewelry inspired by the Twilight film made by the super talented and awesome Bella BeJeweled, our newest Sponsor!
“Bella” Jewelry Package
Moonstone ring (featured on the homepage of Etsy!)
“Alice” Jewelry Package

Don’t wanna have fun by entering the contest? Just wanna buy ALL this jewelry for yourself or maybe start your Xmas shopping early? Well get over to Bella Bejeweled and see what else they have cooking and tell ’em we sent ya! Check out the other giveaways they have going to celebrate their one year anniversary!

So what are you waiting for?! Get to creating!!

See some Twilight “Imma’s” over at LTT
Discuss it in the forum!
Make sure you’re following us on Twitter!


  1. Hahaha, the best mumbler one is an EPIC win! I’m gonna learn how to photoshop just for your contest. See, all the good things you’re spreading in this world? Keep up the great work, ladies.

    • I especially love the Rob picture used in that creative assemblage.

    • i couldnt decide which mumbler to go with so i was like why not all of them?!

      also we’ll help with the photoshop if anyone doesnt have the program or knowhow.

      • good call. you forgot dave matthews too. hehe.

  2. Alright, you had me up until 3rd one. No way Rob out mumbles Eddie Vedder (Sorry Rob). Have you heard Yellow Ledbetter? Not one intelligible word in the whole damn song!

    • UM…toooldforthis totally took the words–AND song reference–straight out of my mouth. Vedder is THE mumbler.

      p.s. I love Michael Stipe. Athens, Georgia. 40-Watt Club. End of story.
      (Go Dawgs!)

      • I gave you a thumbs down for the SEC reference. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • thats why its a good kanye imma!!

  3. Hobo man! Mumbler! I love it!

    Even if Bobby Long is obviously the best mumbler of all time. =)

    • I couldn’t agree with you more JodieO…but Marcus Foster also gives him a run for his money!! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Blrmmph mumffmf laneffrl unf!

        • re mumbling:

          yeah..i think they all wanna be blues singers, so they all mumble kinda sorta.. marcus, bobby, the other guy from Canada (forgot his name). ..

          Rob, when he sings, he mumbles.. I would like them all to “enucinate” better… (spelled it wrong but you get my drift eh?) .

          Sounds like they have their mouth full of something… (leave it to your imagination)

    • hmmmm he can mumble to me any day! ahem DONT LOOK HERE ROB

      • He’s mine! Wait.. who are we talking about? Bobby? Rob? Eddie Vedder??

        I’ll letcha have Eddie.. the other two are mine mine mine.

  4. Rob and my former flame Michael Stipe-it’s a good day!
    I’d like to see a mumble-off between Mr. Stipe and Rob. I think he could give Rob a run for his money.

    • lmao “a mumble-off”. That is one to watch!

      Is it just me, or does the hobo guy look like charles mansen? Maybe it’s just me, or the prison shirt, but kinda creepy.

      Wonder what would happen if Kanye did that to Rob? He would mumble something unintelligible in that lovely accent of his, and giggle. I’m sure he’d be gracious, just stepping back, and win our hearts for sure. But I’m from the
      south. We don’t take too kindly to that sort of thing round these here parts.
      I would love to see Rob just break bad, get in touch with his redneck nature, maybe tap into his inner Edward, the monster, and put Kanye in a hobo butt lock. Now if someone can photoshop that, I will send them the bella prize myself!

      Happy contest to all!


      • “break bad!”


        • showing my age, and my red neck I guess with the breakn bad!

    • You and I should be bffs cause I was thinking everything you just said.

      • LOL, thanks! We women have to protect our man! Especially when he is awkward and adorkable!

  5. Kanye’s an ass and this is BRILLIANT!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ LMAO

  6. Awe you missed one of my favorite ones

    I so wish I was a witty person, I’ll just have to wait and see what you all come up with ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I didn’t read the entire post yet I stopped at “Bella BeJeweled” I LOVE this Etsy store, it’s into my favs and every month I say I’ll buy some jewelery in there and ALWAYS forget about and then my money *poof* from my pockets. This Etsy store is great, great GREAT!!
    So glad I’m on Earth, so I can give it a try! Now, excuse me, gotta finish reading the post for further inf.

    • and PS.. ltt/ltr readers get FREE shipping- just mention it when you check out:)

      gosh i sound like an advertiser!

    • whoohoo!! they do have a rockin’ store! cant wait to see your entry!

  8. I don’t think Eddie even writes lyrics. He just mumbles the same tune each time.

  9. Not an entry for the contest, but I couldn’t help but post this.

    Jackson: Imma gonna let you finish Kanye, but Rob was the best Rapper of all time!

  10. Ha! This is great! I love laughing at the total douchebaggery that is Kayne.
    I wonder if it was his plan to pimp himself out and thought ‘I’m gonna give Beyonce some props tonight, ODB style.’ The only thing that this did was give Beyonce the opportunity to shine when she handed her time to Taylor.

  11. HA! These were amazing. I feel very intimidated by this contest, knowing how what kind of wit I am up against. I will attempt to rise to the challenge because work? Not a priority!

    • Go Katie! YOU CAN DO IT!!

      • Hahah! Thanks!

  12. The Brawny one….priceless!

    • I had to google that one before I got the “soak up spills”. I google jokes. Don’t judge.

      • you get 2 googles a day since English is your (3rd) language!

        • Make that 2 for LTT and LTR each and we have a deal.

          (just spending my too errors hear)

  13. oh good, I was hoping there could be something new to keep me from doing any work… Though I have no idea how I could top the genius you just shared.

    • Exactly. How am I supposed to explain why I am behind on my work at my staff meeting today?? Should I print these as exhibits A, B, etc??

      • Just take in the twilight circle of lift from yesterday’s ltt post and tell them this project has taken up all of your time, so today, instead of focusing on office matters, staffing issues, etc, you have decided to bring something life changing to the table. Trust.

        • oops, that’s the circle of life, not lift

          • Love that idea! I’ll make a Power Point presentation about it.

  14. Mumbler!!!!

    ps. Carrie is so gonna kick your arse for insulting her man. ijs

    • Haha!! Fo sho!

    • bring it carrie!!!!!!!!!!! (and my koozie. bring that too)

  15. I hated Kanye before it was cool to hate Kanye. True story.

    • You my friend are a trend setter!!

  16. Brawny man? Omg. I choked on my chocolate milk when I read that.

    Yes. Chocolate Milk. I’m a 7 year old boy

    • Don’t feel bad, UC, I drink chocolate milk AND strawberry milk (YUM) and Imma older than you!!!! LOL

  17. The mumbler one really got me. Probs cause you mentioned Eddie (yum). But yeah, I could get some grasp on all their lyrics. With Rob’s… let me just say that I can have his lyrics in front of me and there’s still no way in hell I can sing along. Dude makes up sounds, I’m certain.

    Goodnight ladies. Thanks for the giggles ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m with you Eddie was always my top ‘imma gonna jump him if that was ever a possibility’ man until Rob took over…hmmm Eddie & Rob mumbling all sorts of words together…Are there any Rob/Eddie Vedder fans that have a talant for writing fanfics?

      • No talent needed, an interesting sex life will do.

  18. “Imma let you soak up spills, Brawny Man…”

    OMFG!!!! That’s hilarious!!! I love you girls!


    • I snoughed Sweet Tea out of my nose at the Brawny Man.

      On a sidenote, I’ve rewatched that interruption he did numerous times…I keep hoping Tay-tay will rip off his shirt, phase and tackle Kanye off the edge of the stage.


      • “Tay-Tay will rip off his shirt,phase,and tackle Kayne off the edge of the stage.” You are cracking me up so much!!!!

        P.S. What is “snoughed”?

  19. “That Kanye, he’s a–a jackass…” – President Obama

    Wow! I honestly can’t wait to see the winners next week! I might even join in on the fun. It’s not every day Canadians are welcome to partake in contests in the US ๐Ÿ˜€ hahah!

    • obama never had it more right

    • we sometimes let you win that hockey thing.

      the stanley award?

      • Hahahah! Ah yes… Seeing as Canada hasn’t won the Stanley Cup since ’93! For shame! *facepalm* hahahaha!

  20. OK, totes off subject, but where my fanfic ladies at? (c’mon, janet, i know you wanna)
    I just started reading the office. Um… is it not finished? All I found is up to chapter 18, which is really chapter 17.

    WTF? How can they do this to us? I read WA, and The List (blushes). But was disappointed to get left hanging. Anyone know of other chapters?


    • Join the crowd. It isn’t finished and she usually it seems posts every 3 weeks to a month.

    • The Office is not finished (sad face). She updates a bit slow, but it is soooo worth the wait. She broke my heart with the last chapter, so I’m anxiously awaiting the update. You can find a teaser here:

      • Thanks gals. I need to find another one, I guess to fill in the blanks until she posts again. I’m not addicted to the fanfic (really, I’m not!), it’s just easily accessible, so it passes the time here and there. Really

        • We totally believe you. Really. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Thanks for the link Katie, her site is, ahem, beautiful. Puts a pretty good image to the story if you know what I mean, haw,haw. I guess I’ll just keep waiting and find something else to pass the time. *shuffles feet*.

            How’s that Imma photoshop going?

        • REALLY.

  21. You guys always make me smile. Although I am afraid to meet Rob because I’m afraid it may in up with me on the news. We all know there’s rarely ever anything good on the News. Use your imagination. “Rob flashed by crazy fan in raincoat and heels” film at eleven.

  22. Dear Rob,

    I awoke this morning thinking of you. This doesn’t happen that often*cough-only when I breathe-cough*. Fell asleep to the soothing sound of you singing “I’ll be your lover too” which I have heard a few times. Ok, a few hundred times, 315, if you believe my ipod. Um, I personally think ipod counts are over inflated. I am very much looking forward to hearing you sing in person, which I am quite sure will happen in the not so distant future. A talent as great as yours should not be hidden. Also, I promise in advance not to throw my panties on stage.*giggles to self* Oh, who the hell am I kidding? I do not want to lie to you, promise withdrawn. I am so afraid that I am a ROWTH (restraining order waiting to happen). Though I am positive I would never hurt you, I am not so positive about not embarrassing myself.

    I would love to visit London. The castles, the palaces, and royalty, oh my. When did Dorothy get here? Do they still draw and quarter usurpers there? Ok, so I read way too much Philippa Gregory. You should read her newest “The White Queen” I swear it is a detailed retelling of a dream I had about us, including my favorite royal command “Bed, wife”. *Sigh, thud* I’m back. I always thought Edward suited you much more than your birth name. No disrespect to your mum or undue praise to SMeyer but you have a certain royal grace about you. I think that in a previous life you were my king. Although I am hoping that I was the sinfully gossiped about lady at court that was often summoned to your bed chamber at all hours of the night.

    You will always be the king of my heart. I am willing to allow you to have your mistresses, as all Kings do, but they must be made aware that they will have a limited life span. Once the Queen, that’s me, has tired of them they must be beheaded for treason or secretly poisoned, my choosing of course. Above all your mistresses have to be aware that I, as Queen, shall and will always have dibs on the Royal Package. Damn, I promised myself I wouldn’t go there. Sorry, my Lord I have lost myself in my lust for you for a moment.*Stares off, drooling, with a big smile* Where was I? Oh yeah, in never, never Land.

    Forever your faithful,dutiful Queen and loyal servant


  23. I love all of the Mumblers!

  24. OMG ! I just loooove these jewels ! I bought a ring and I wear it everyday ! That’s it ! I’m participating … gotta have some inspiration …

  25. I’m TOTALLY gonna enter this contest! It’s just too much fun to pass up on! ๐Ÿ˜€

    And I have to say that in my opinion that it is a close tie with the first and the last one.


  26. “Even Rob wants to win and he doesnโ€™t wear ladies jewelry. In public.”


  27. The mumblers one is my fav.

    I have an addition to the list for any Aussies lurking in this comment thread: James Reyne.
    If you haven’t seen the D Generation take off of him singing, you haven’t lived. Or died laughing.

    Of course, anyone who isn’t familiar with Australian Crawl will have NFI what I’m talking about. But it’s hilarious. You can never understand a single nasal word he sings!

  28. oooh… I LOVE THE JEWLERY!! & Robbie would too!
    THE BRACELET IS PRETTY… I LOVE ALL THE LITTLE SPARKLEY’S.. (sparkley peen not formentioned) ahem.

  29. A pinch adn a punch for the first of the month to my lovely ladies.

    Anyone coming to play?

    • Hi Lizzie. How are you doing today?

      • All good my end E, have you kicked your cold yet?

        • you sure you ahven;t got the swine????

          • Yes, it’s essentially gone. No it wasn’t flu–no achiness. Just one of those long lasting, all-in-the-head types. lol

          • good to hear!

  30. Been crazy here, but almost through it, and very happy its October, you know what that means don’t you E? I am coming to annoy the crap out of you in person and soon!

    • You’re going to have such a great time with all your visiting and sightseeing. I’m really hoping it will work out so I can see you.

      • it is going to happen chickadee just know that!

        • Does that put you in charge of manifesting for LOTN now?

          • well, i still think i need to bow down respectfully to you oh Queen wehn it comes to that, lol. I will rely on more evil methods if required.

            Speaking of manifesting have you heard from Tara lately i wondered how she was getting on as i ahevn;t seen ehr around thes parts in quite a while.

            FN got a job too BTW, don’t know what doing, but i know she got one so very excited for her.

          • No, no word from Tara. I see a comment occasionally during the day here but nothing specific from her.

            I’ll bet FN is so busy between school and a job she can’t see straight. I almost hate to write her because I know she doesn’t have time to answer. But I am missing all of you girls. Jenny has class a couple nights a week, too. It’s all good. I’m sure we’ll meet up again when we can.

          • i know, timezones and real life suck the big one don’t they E?

          • they know we miss them big time though!

  31. I have to say i was getting deseperate when Em Pr was late to update last week, seriously i was checking every 10 minutes until it did, I love that story so so so much., in fact i started re-reading it last night (casue I can’t wait between updates any more) and read through until about 3am casue i could’t give it u again, despite the fact i know how it goes, seriously this story OWNS me big time. Jumping around on my seat again hoping for an update… pathetic i know!

    • It is such a great story. I loved the Valentine’s Day from both POV. It is so detailed and the chapters are so long and luscious. I haven’t taken my mind to what’s going to happen to screw everything up. I don’t even want to think about it yet.

      I’m just reading the CWAIA chapter that went up today. Bella’s ready to pop.

      • nor do i for the first time i am so invested in he story, i know there is going to be serious angst and i kinda normally look forward to it, but i can;t bear the thought of it happening to these two, i love these characters to death. I did i think pick something up though on the 2nd read (cause i was playing real close attention this time) B has to be a close blood relative of Aro’s becasue such a deal was made of the fact he has practically no blood relatives left, so that def has to play into the dna stuff

        Thanks for the heads up with CW & IA, that is on my fav list too, guess you know what i will be reading on the bus tonight!

        What did you think of the Mr H ending?

        • I wondered about Aro–sort of let it flit through my mind a couple times. That would make sense because we’ve eliminated just about everybody else of importance. I also remember Aro telling Edward to keep his cool and it may work out for him. But if Bella is successful in getting Edward to pursue college and not pledge his life to the mob, won’t that anger Aro and set him off? The only other one they’ve connected to Aro is James–a nephew. Could that make James and Rene brother and sister?

          I love that the updates of CWAIA are so regular.

          OMG! Mr. H–I LOVED the song in German opera as she was coming down the aisle! And the mention of that YouTube wedding. So there will be a sequel.

          • eew i seriously hope not E, you know i don’t mind the odd pairing or family relationships every now and again but James and Renee in any form just ick, even that one is beyond me, and that’s saying somehting, lol.

          • Yeah, but it could be Aro’s brother (now deceased) or his sister (less likely because I don’t think she would have given up a baby) since whoever was James’s parent was the only relative of Aro’s mentioned. Something happened back there which produced Rene and made her available for Charles and Jane.

          • Yeah I agree more likely the brother than sister, I still have that feeling that i should be able to see it, but can’t quite figure it out beyond somehow being blood related to Aro, frustrating isn’t it?

          • I suppose there could be pieces that haven’t been mentioned yet so it will be a surprise. I don’t quite get why Carlisle is so concerned that Edward would be killed if he took off with her. And what is C doing all those times he’s gone from the family? Just being a hitman?

          • i liked the MR H ending too, happy for a sequel cause i liked the character interaction when they were just being baby swan and rich kid, and while i loved the wedding happy for it to be out of the way so they can get back to their chaoticness!

  32. I lost 1 hour of my life on monday night E that i will never ever get back, the Vampire Diaries started here and decided to give it a whirl, what a piece of absolute stinking crap, train wreck tv adn then some. It did however have one MAJOR redeeming feature, they knew the target audience and sure enough there was a really nice big long clip for NM with a little personal greeting by RPattz (and a happy looking Rob at that) telling us the wait was almost over at the end of the ad. Was ncie to see happy rob again i must say.

    • I decided not to watch Vampire Diaries. I guess that’s a good thing. I have to pick and choose now or they just build up and I can’t get to them anymore. I am so out of the RPattz news. I’m missing him. I’m glad he showed his face on the preview. Makes me happy, too.

      Did you hear/read that Oprah mentioned his name on the show Monday when introducing the 3rd most beautiful guy in the world? Robert Pattinson, the Twilight guy, was number 1. I was thrilled he got a mention! So, why won’t she have the cast on altogether some time? It would be a hit show for her.

      • good call on the VD E, trust me it was the right one! Oprah is on in the middle of the day here so don’t see it, already spend half my time reading/printing ff at work, god help me if i turned the tvs in the common areas to oprah as well (sports dominate here of course), they may even begin to wonder what i do, LMAO

  33. Another killer post ladies… and while we all hate Kanye, he has given us the truly excellent “Imma let you finish”

    BTW it’s now in Urban Dictionary as:

    Obnoxious way to interrupt someone and steal their moment, while wryly mocking that media train wreck that is Kanye West.
    Bob: Thank you Mr. Brown for having us in to give this sales presentation. We’d like to talk to you today about…

    Alfred: Yo, Bob, I’m really happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but I just got to say our product is is one of the best products there is!

  34. One of the stories I just read was Eight Years Later. It’s a completed one.

    Oh, and another just started (I know, you like to wait a while) that I think she will continue beyond a one-shot is a new one: Hand in Glove. It’s really great and detailed and I think will be another one of our faves. At least put it on your list.

    • def will do, can i say the list is looking oretty long these days i did start to try adn put a spreadsheet togetehr adn was kind of horrified when i saw how long it was, not to mtnion all the paper in my cupboards!

      I have been giving a few one shots a go to and have surprised myself in that i ahev quite enjoyed them, again they ahev to be really well written though.

      • I know. The one-shots can be surprising. I’ve read about 5 from the Tattward and Inkella contest–all good. Another I liked was for the Parkaward contest–A Little Crazy–by LolaShoes and the author of TO.

        • we’ve been reading the same things E, LMAO, some of them have been absolutely fab haven’t they, HunterHunting (CW&IA) as you’d expect did rippers for the tattward.

          I know you hate slash, but pls give Wood by algonquirnt (Mr H) currently a one shot a go, it was also written for a contest adn is a ripper as well, pls just try it?

          • it is really mild i promise, i swear, really it is, some of the other fics we have read E/B are way more out there i promise, pretty please with an edward on top, just give it a go it is really really well done and i won’t hound you to read any other slash

          • OK. I’ll read it. lol

          • you just made my day E, i promnise i won;t try adn go all sneak slash pousher on you, alhtough there are one or two sensatiuonal ones, you can pretend Jasper is Bella if you like? Now shutting up so E reads Wood.

          • and on that note, I am really going to shut up and sneak out of here, only fri now left to survive (and hopefully an Em Pr update if i am good?)

            Night E, was really nice chatting again

          • Bye Lizzie. Have a good evening. Edward and his cupcakes! LOL

  35. Other favorite new stories that I’ve been reading:

    The Screamers (have you read this? Her voice–internal dialogue– is mildly like Baby Swan. A little less frenzied but funny.)

    Love Amongst The Ruins

    Between the Madness and the Fire


    A Rough Start


    • I think the only one i don’t ahve waitning for me on your list is Consequencies so will add that to my list, haven’t started them but have them ready to go. I still am amazed at how much i love ff, but i still can’t amke myself go there for Harry Potter for some bizarre reason, maybe cause they were so well written adn imagined to begin with, i do kind of put JKR up there on the pedestal and I hate to think of them being ruined for me if i came across bad ff, which we all know is out there!

      • The only thing with Consecuencias is that she doesn’t update very often but the story is so good that I don’t mind if I hang on with it. She does definitely have it planned out. I just finished it today so I haven’t had to keep checking on it.

        I can understand that about HP. I think there is also more room to move with Twilight ff–adult themes and all.

  36. That shiz is sooooo funny…I think you should have a Kanye “Imma letchu do yo thang” West VF breakdown every week.

    Between these two posts on LTT/LTR (holla for not banning the foogirl) Imma havin hard time working because I’m laughing so hard and have to pee…..


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