Posted by: themoonisdown | October 3, 2009

Rob’s friends bring the Saturday Morning Delight

Dear Rob,

You’re usually (ok always) the focus of our letters here at LTR and Saturday is not different. Long ago we deemed Saturday the day for a little Saturday Morning Delight, meaning it was a chance for us to post hot videos of you without  a real reason other than wanted everyone to share in the swoon fest. But it’s been almost 1o months why don’t we change up Saturday a little this week and showcase some of your super talented friends? I’m sure you would agree with us that their music deserves more than just a passing mention… so let’s have at it, shall we?

Let’s start with Bobby Long

In The Frost- I mostly choose this video because I love that Mr. Rogers loaned Bobby his sweater for this performance and his manbangs are in full effect all up in his face. Hopefully they got Bobby and Mr Roger’s duet on “Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” on tape!

Next let’s get a tune from Marcus Foster

Um, don’t cry.

Oh how about Bobby and Marcus together?!

I want nothing more than to look through the cds and books on that shelf.

Follow the cut for more of Rob’s pals

Time for some Sam Bradley

Of all the Rob pals, I think people are most familiar with Mr. Bradley, who might have left us a comment way back in the Hay Day of LTR. So instead of one of HIS songs, I’m posting his cover of Otis Redding’s “That’s how strong my love is,” cause well it’s Otis and I love Otis.

More friends by association but I thought I’d throw in this bonus video of Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling

Johnny is on Lost Highway (a killer label) and Laura we know from Rob turning the whole Twi cast on to her. UC sent me her album on vinyl and I heart it. A lot. And whistling? Well, that’s just win.

I looked for Tom Sturridge singing or performing spoken word or buttoning up his plaid shirt but sadly, no such videos exists. If you know if any, email us! 😉

What the H was in the water in South Barnes in the 80s? Dayum. Do you have a favorite BritPacker. Um packer? That sounds wrong. But it stays!

Happy Saturday!

Get over to LTT for a lovely Saturday
Enjoy the weekend, some videos and the biggest loser in The Forum!
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  1. Love Sam Bradley. He’s got a lovely, soulful voice and the strongest stage presence out of the group.

    My friend said ‘He’s not gorgeous, but he is HOT’, and I agree. Can’t quite put my finger on why, but he is.

  2. Thank you for educating me this Saturday, since I have never been to a Sam Bradley or Bobby Long concert…but I still have to say it: they do nothing for me that Rob couldn’t do ten times over, talented as they may be..Brit-pack your bags and go home to Britain, see if I care!

    Wonder if this means that Rob will never get the time to evolve as a singer/songwriter now that he spends all his time making movies in Canada? What a shame..there’s one voice I could listen to some more!

  3. Does Bobby remind anyone else of Ray Lamontagne or is it just me?

    I was at a show Sam did here a few weeks ago and he did That’s How Strong My Love Is and I was just singing away. My friend was looking at me all crazy eyed like I had been studying up on Sam’s music. I told her “It’s Freakin Otis Redding…Everyone should know this!” And it’s true. IF you don’t know Otis…go now, look him up and enjoy!

    • I love Ray LaMontagne!

  4. Oh my gosh! I’m so glad I took the time to watch/listen to these!

    I’d heard folks going on about Bobby, Marcus, and Sam before, but I was skeptical, thinking it was all about their association with Rob. So I’d never listened before.

    Consider me converted. All of these were great. Laura Marling has a lovely voice.

    I wish I could be at a party where all of these folks, plus Rob, were sitting around jamming. I’d say that’d be pretty close to music heaven.

    BTW – Otis rules!!

  5. Bobby Long and Marcus Foster together is all kinds of win! Tried to get to see them earlier on in the year in London when they were playing together, but sometimes life sucks! I would love to hear both of them sing with Rob. That would be British talent at it’s best!

  6. I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m totes Team Marcus. I love them all, but I’m a hardcore Marcus fan. I adore him.

    And I may have come to know the BritPack through my fascination with Rob, but that isn’t why I’m a fan of theirs. I’m a fan of theirs because they’re super, amazingly, talented in their own rights. And if Rob disappeared tomorrow (heaven forbid) I would still follow and fangirl over them, especially Marcus and Bobby.

    That vid of “Tumble Down” is one of my faves, gets me every time. Somehow I haven’t seen that version of Crooked Sky with Marcus & Bobby, but it’s all kinds of win (to quote GG, up there…lol).

    Thanks for leaving the rest of the BritPack some love! =)

  7. Beautiful music! Thanks for sharing.

    : )

  8. I wish there was a video of Rob singing Never Think….I. Just. Swoooooooooooooned. Over. The. Thought. Of. It.

  9. Saw Bobby, Marcus and Sam in Dallas – twice.Have Flynn’s CD, but who knew he was another Cherub? Have Laura’s’ CD also, totes genius. All this, and I actually SAW Van Morrison in the 1980s ! I must be livin’n right by any standards. Will see Bobby again in December and Sam Nov. 21. Life is good. Now if only Rob would record, and tour with his friends!

  10. Thanks so much for the Sam Bradley cover of Otis Redding. I love Otis so much, listen to his stuff all the time. This is squee-tastic on a Saturday morning!

  11. Bobby Long is still a Fucking Liar. But his man bangs are cutttteee cuuuttteee!

    • What does he lie about?

    • i love how cryptic your comments are. sounds mean when theyre not.

  12. Maybe I’m just getting old, but no one makes manbangs and grandpa sweaters as sexy as Bobby can. While I may be semi-closeted with my Rob/Twi love I’m loud and proud with my Bobby Love. When people ask me how I came to discover a young British unsigned folk singer I don’t tell them I went to his show hoping for a glimpse of Rob. I tell them some friends took me to his show and we loved him so much we went back the next night. It’s still true!

  13. Thanks. I can really see the influence now in Rob’s music. Make more music Rob, shit, soon!

    • AMEN

  14. Marcus Foster ‘Tumble Down’ reminded me of Leadbelly—the sound is totally different, but the vibes are similar—love Otis Redding & would rather hear him—knew the Flynn/Marling & think they are pretty good—didn’t Mr. Rogers always wear washed-out neutral gray?—guess you had to be there—the rest is silence except for wishes for a restful Sunday to you all—<3

  15. somewhere my reply got lost—am too lazy to retype the whole thing so we’ll shorten it to best wishes for a restful sunday to you all—<3

  16. is there some reason why my typing is not being recorded?—<3w

  17. since my response is somehow not registering let me just wish you all a restful Sunday—<3

    • You’re silly, expat! It’s Saturday!

  18. Really enjoyed listening to these. I have tunnel vision when it comes to Rob, so I had never taken the time to listen to these guys before now.

    The Marcus Foster song is absolutely beautiful. I literally closed my eyes while listening to it and could almost picture Rob singing that song. There is a definite similarity to their singing styles.

    And you know that somewhere someone has video of Rob sitting around jamming like this. What I wouldn’t give to watch that! I hope he finds the time to pursue his music and that the magazine quote floating around out there about him saying he’s hoping to write some songs for the Eclipse soundtrack isn’t just more media BS.

    And I know this is random, but is the video for Bobby Long and Marcus Foster reflected? It makes them look like they are playing their guitars left-handed.

    Thanks for a great start to my Saturday.


  19. since it is possible to erase what is being typed while it is being typed, must assume that it is also possible to moderate a comment or several comments out of existence—the whole thing just makes me terribly sad—:-((

    • ???

    • your comments are here. sometimes comments get held in moderation for a variety of reasons (new email, too many links, certain words, etc) till we rescue them.

  20. Holy he’ll dude that marcus foster song blew my mind. I gotta say marcus and manbangs are my favorite. Lyrically I think they are so interesting. I would totally buy their music. Any man who sounds that good on a recording done in what appears to be a basement with a vilolin easily can win my heart.

    • i said “dont cry for a reason” 😀

      and they’re my two faves too!

    • All 3 of them are finally on iTunes (Sam’s EP just got put on today!!). I definitely recommend them!!

  21. “I want nothing more than to look through the cds and books on that shelf.”

    I was thinking the exact same thing!!! And then I realized there is one thing I want more: to be at the center of a pile of these very talented British boys.

    So much swoon-worthy music today.

    • in a britpack pile? YES PLEASE. we can look at cds/books after

  22. Been listening to Arctic Monkeys “Cornerstone” and thinking of, well, Rob. Would one of his friends do in a pinch, I wonder…?

    “I thought I saw you in The Battleship but it was only a lookalike
    He was nothing but a vision trick under the warning light
    He was close, close enough to be your ghost
    But my chances turned to toast when I asked him if I could call him your name

    I elongated my lift home
    I let him go the long way round
    I smelt your scent on the seat belt and kept my short cuts to myself

    I thought I saw you in The Rusty Hook, huddled up in a wicker chair
    I wandered over for a closer look and kissed whoever was sitting there
    He was close and he held me very tightly until I asked awfully politely
    “Please can I call you his name?”

    Tell me where’s your hiding place
    I’m worried I’ll forget your face
    I’ve asked everyone
    Im beginning to think I imagined you all along

    I saw your bromance in The Cornerstone on the phone to the middle man
    When I saw that he was on his own I thought he might understand
    He was close, well you couldn’t get much closer
    He said “I’m really not supposed to but yes, you can call me anything you want”

    • I HEART the Arctic Monkeys… Even though they never come to AB (they’ve been to other parts in Canada, but avoid my beautiful province)! I was even thinking of going to Van in September but then I remembered that the Twi cast is there and that it would probably be all kinds of crowded… ew.

      Anyway, reason for the comment: you’ve got great taste in music…<3

  23. In the Marcus Foster/Bobby Long song, they’re both playing the guitar left handed….didn’t know they went both ways…haha…but seriously…they do.

  24. I recently watched The Boat That Rocked. Tomstu was freaking adorable in that movie. I hope he gets some good roles. He’s a good actor.

  25. I heart Laura Marling. A friend who lives in London sent me her album and I’ve been in love with her ever since. Then I learned about the Rob connection and it made me fall in love with him even more.

    She is doing a gig in Philly later this month and I’m excited about going to see her.

  26. Awesome videos, I loved them all! I really need to see some of the ‘Brit pack’ live soon! Why don’t they ever have shows in my area? I love Bobby’s voice. *sigh*
    PS. I just want to cut the man bangs so desperately. Every time they fall in his face, I want to push them back.

  27. Loving this post, Moon. Thanks!

  28. Thanks for including Johnny! He’s gets left out sometimes and it makes me sad because he’s so great.

  29. Loved the music! Was playing around, watching other vidoes of Johnny Flynn. Check out “The Wrote and the Writ” which looks like it is filmed in a book/music store. Is that Rob in the front? I don’t know how to post a video on here, or I would. Please somebody figure it out. I’ve watched it several times, and thought I would recognize those eyebrows anywhere. Confirm or not? Thanks! The clip can be accessed from the one included in today’s post if you feed through:)

  30. I bought Johnny Flynn’s “A Larum” a few months ago and it’s one of my favorite albums. Ever. Period. I love the whole thing, which is bizarre, because the rest of my music collection is heavy and screaming. I hate that he’s left out of the whole “Britpack” thing. I want him to play some weird venue opening for someone I’ve never heard of.

    • the crazy thing is he’s probably the biggest deal out of all of them. he’s on an actual label and a GOOD one at that. but i guess since he didnt cowrite anything on the twi soudntrack he gets left out. sad.

  31. I recently listened to Sam Bradley’s music for the first time.

    Sadly, I’ve been obsessing over him ever since! It’s bad…really bad. So bad that I’ve considered breaking my own rule and braving Webster Hall all by my lonesome in November just to see Sam (since it appears Mr Right Now is going to be Mr Past Tense shortly LOL)

    I sent the link to Sam’s music to a friend, and she’s got it just as bad if not worse than me…which makes me feel a little better about my new obsession… 😉

  32. These boys are ridiculously talented and such old souls. And goofballs! If you haven’t seen Marcus & Bobby’s video on youtube with the hamburger in the background (and a “crisp” on Bobby’s head), you must watch it now. It is so obvious how much they all care about each other, and they aren’t afraid to show it! Ah, the BritPackers 🙂 Also, if anyone knows how I can get my hands on Bobby’s Dirty Pond Songs, please help a sister out! I tried to do some illegal downloading, but my mac doesn’t like wmv files.

    • Bobby’s coming back for a big tour starting at the end of October, so you can get Dirty Pond Songs at any of his live shows. It is a gorgeous cd. The dates are all up on his MySpace (


  33. I met Tom Sturridge on friday night after he performed in the play Punk Rock in Manchester. He was really grumpy, and incredibly small. I was gutted, because he always looks totally hot in pap shots. Also he has zero ass. *sigh*

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