Posted by: Bekah | September 18, 2009

Rob makes the best dressed list

Dear People Magazine,

Finally! Finally someone is recognizing Rob for his impeccable style.

Brad Pitt, “Twilight” actor Robert Pattinson, and Bradley Cooper of “The Hangover” and “Nip/Tuck” fame were among the best-dressed men of the year. People said their attention to details like a scarf, pin or skinny tie “took their looks beyond basic.” (source)

We’ve been waiting for an entire ten nine months for someone to notice Rob for his attention to details like a scarf, pin or skinny tie.  He truly takes a basic look and adds a little pizazz (you’ve seen the velvet jacket number, right?)

What sold you? Was it this outfit?


Because here he looked 100 times better than John Stamos did when he wore this very same jacket at a Full House season 4 wrap party in 1991.

How about here:

Wow! You guys are right. Rob really does know the way to wear a skinny tie (seen here paired with a winter beanie & sweaty pits)

Oh, did you mean Rob here:


Here is Rob on a casual night out, and I think if you look close enough… why, yes! There IS a pin– Rob must’ve gotten a free Heineken pin at a beer event! What a style icon.

Have you actually even seen Rob Pattinson before? I mean, besides this picture:

rob red carpet oscars

Rob looks amazing here. Definitely “Best Dressed” material, but whoops! Rob had nothing to do with this outfit. You need to add “gay man who dresses Rob Pattinson” to your best dressed list.  That’s embarrassing! This is how Rob dresses when he doesn’t have a stylist around:


I doubt anyone would call this “beyond basic.” This is”‘basic went to Wal-mart, got laughed out of the store and ended up ripping opening an undershirt and throwing it over a t-shirt found by the dumpster (he was there for a good reason- trust) and worn with black jeans bought for $.50 at the Salvo in Oregon.”

It’s okay, even you, People magazine, can make a mistake. Just like when you put Clay Aiken on the front cover announcing he was gay. Number 1- duh. Number 2- why kill trees to print that guy’s face? We all now know that you didn’t mean for Rob to get best dressed male celebrity, but meant to give the award to his stylist (who has been listening to me, obviously) so what did you mean?

Was the article supposed to say hottest drunk celebrity?


Cause he wins that award every time.

Was it for most f*ckable fake sailor?


(Yeah, I said that. And I’m not even crazy about these pictures. But you gotta admit, Rob would make a great seaman)

How about giving him an award for being a sunglasses salesman who makes a sale every time?


Love your mag & love the Rob Pattinson mention. Can’t wait to see what LOLs you bring us next- “Robert Pattinson- nominated for Oscar for performance as Edward” or “Rob Pattinson found smiling by a dirty dumpster” (I speak for the group collectively when I say us LTR girls would be willing to take up an offering to pay for the paps fee to get that picture) or “Robert Pattinson- gay lover of Clay Aiken”

Keep writing the good stuff,

So Rob clearly doesn’t belong on any best dressed lists, but what lists DOES he belong on?

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  1. Huh huh…you said seaman.

    • You totally stole my line!!

    • Mine too!!!

    • Me three. I feel like Butthead…

  2. I guess Marcus Foster and Bobby Long make the list by association, since half of Rob’s clothes were probably obtained from the floors of their hotel rooms.

    • *snort*

  3. At the risk of getting the “twi-nerd of the day award”, I remember in TW, Bella never noticed what he was wearing because she couldn’t take her eyes off of his face.

    I think People Magazine has the same problem.

    • Well said that girl!!!!

    • Twi Dork of the day award!!!!!!!!!

      • Dammit!

      • UC – “Rob Pattinson found smiling by a dirty dumpster”…….This will ALWAYS continue to make me laugh…every time!!!!!!!

    • Couldn’t agree more – spot on. They’ve been dazzled by the boy to the point of actually embracing his hobo chic–and no, I didn’t mean Boho.

      • so have I. so have I.
        Excellent post UC! You had me busting out laughing with hottest drunk celebrity! “Cause he wins that award every time.” for sure!
        How about the ‘dirtiest guy you want to do dirty things to’ list?

  4. Rob is at the top of my “To Do” list, if you know what I’m mean. *wink*

    His clothing choices aren’t THAT bad. I’ve seen way worse. Confession: I liked the blue blazer. Made his eyes pop.


    PS. May or may not have giggled uncontrollably at seaman. I’m such a grown up.

    • I agree that he looked damn good in that blue blazer! Or maybe he just looked damn good period.

      I was hoping you’d mention the lobster hat UC! I think that item got him to make the list instead of the furry Gotti boys.

      • I can never get enough of the creepy uncle rob cardigan….I’m laughing just THINKING about it!

    • I agree about the blue blazer. It made MY eyes pop!! 🙂

      I know the style was from the 90’s, I just thought the color looked great on him.

  5. I kind of feel bad for the other people who made the list.

    You know, the people who spent more than $5.99 on a 6 pack of Hanes T-shirts!

    • Ya I feel bad for them too
      I imagine Angelina J go “What the f*ck are you in that list for? we are suing!”

      • Ha! Ha! Suing for defamation of Brad’s fashion character to be on the list with the Hobolicious One!

  6. Award for making plaid flannel trendy again?

  7. Maybe Rob could make it on the eco-friendly celebrities top 10 list, since he sets the example by not wasting water (for washing himself and his clothes) and recycling (clothes from dumpsters).

  8. I laughed when I first saw that Rob had made a best dressed list. Lucky for him Mr. Blackwell is dead.

    I actually love the way Rob dresses and prefer it to even the tux look. Almost any man can look great in a tux, but it takes something special to look gorgeous in rags.

    • Word.

    • Word2.

  9. Robert Pattinson: #1 on People Magazine’s Top 50 Men Whose Clothes That Would Look Best All Over My Floor

    • or in my car…..

    • or ripped into shreds because I got impatient…

      • to avoid such a catastrophe Rob prefers button—<3

        • err—buttonS—

          • Even if he can’t button them correctly.

            Although, I find buttoning and unbuttoning a man’s dress shirt to be uber sexy. Oh, Rob, the possibilities.

  10. Maybe more and more guys are starting to dress like Rob and that’s why he’s on the list? Maybe i’m just hoping that true so I can find a Rob-o-like? Maybe…

    • I’m looking for mine, too! And trust, we all have look-alikes, so Rob’s has to be out there… SOMEWHERE! Hahaha!

    • I’ve been secretly wishing for that, too… my own personal Rob-o-like <— love that… I'm stealing it!

  11. Most Doable, fo sho.
    Yeh I got “gangsta”. I think.
    While I love his face and his painted-on abs (and those HIPS!! Phwoar) his attire is not always as dreamy. But would we really care as much if it were in a pile on our floor? Probably not.
    And yes, I went there.


  12. You can stick any wrapping on Rob and he looks good. The outfit I’d most like to see him wearing would be…….Me.

  13. I personally love him best in his own dirty clothes!! No man wears t-shirts like him. Black T-shirt, button-fly jeans. -Sigh-
    I don’t really like the pictures of him with the beanie, though. I like seeing his hair…

    I thought that he looked amazing by the water at Cannes. So hot…

    I think that he is on the list because he is “Rob Pattinson, hottest man alive” right now. Doesn’t really matter what he is wearing.

    I also think that Rob dresses like a bum, because he is trying to “hide” his looks and not draw attention to himself. Sorry Rob, it’s not working. We will notice you no matter what you are wearing, and love you anyway.

  14. I’m sorry, what were we talking about? I was too busy looking at Rob’s hands grasping the popcorn award.

  15. You had me at sweaty pits, wool beanie and oscar worthiness! Ha!

    Best dressed? Well dressed? Maybe just dressed. That boy can rock some ripped tees and margaritaville shirts, but he shouldn’t be winning no awards for them.

    The best lists that Rob should be on? Best brittish invasion since the beatles, best sex hair, best wardrobe procured from a dumpster and best air guitar solo.

    • Best Damn Sex Hair ever!

      I would love to give him that award personally.

    • How about, “BEST HEINEKEN DRINKER”?????????

  16. I said it the other day and I’ll say it again,
    plaid – it’s not just for lumberjacks anymore. that can be his award.

  17. “Robert Pattinson- gay lover of Clay Aiken”

    UC, I hope you are up on your Ninja skills…cause TomStu is coming after you for that one!!

    (and by Ninja I mean your ability to pour a beer with little to no head)

    • hahahahhahahahahah that was my first cullen smile of the morning!

    • What kind of man wants little to no head????

      • WIN!

      • I used to bartend and men would always say shiz like, “Oh, baby. You give me the perfect amount of head. Every time.”
        I want to ditch my kids for a night and go tend bar in a some dive in NY or LA, so I can see if Rob will get drunk enough to say something that stupid to me.
        And then I can totes rape him for it.

        • Don’t forget, babiesbrown, you have to take him behind a dirty dumpster to do that……and then get on here to LTR and give us all a play-by-play account of it!!!LOL.

  18. You made me snort with this “But you gotta admit, Rob would make a great seaman”

    That statement made me think of Adam Brody! Instead of getting the “twi-nerd of the day award” i think I need an “OC-nerd of the day award” b/c in season 3 (i think?) Seth said something to Summer while they were sailing about her liking seaman.

    i’m going to stop right there before i humiliate myself any further with my knowledge of The OC!*sign*

    I also thought Rob looked HOT in Cannes!

  19. […] Rob makes the best dressed list « Letters to Rob – view page – cached Brad Pitt, “Twilight” actor Robert Pattinson, and Bradley Cooper of “The Hangover” and “Nip/Tuck” fame were among the best-dressed men of the year. — From the page […]

  20. I think People got hold of the Black tee, button-fly jeans pic. That one is enough to put him on the list, because he totally owns that!

  21. “Best brittish invasion since the Beatles”

    Made me laugh.

    I feel invaded….

    The British are coming, the British are……er
    wait? *Thud* DIED.

    • The British are coming….that’s what she said!

      Off topic, but still on Rob…..just showed the new trailer to my coworker (had to wait til she finished New Moon) and it was great seeing her reaction. We were acting like two teenagers!! Everybody else thinks we’re crazy. Whatev!

      • tryshlynn – “The British are coming…that’s what she said!” LOL. and
        that’s what someone said after catching a glimpse of Rob behind the dirty dumpster with a line-up of LTR girls!! Except then it would be,
        “The British are coming…..again…and again……and again” !!!!!!

    • I am ready and waiting for him to invade me! There has got to be a dumpster around here somewhere…

      • How’s this comment a thumbs down?

  22. Oh, People Magazine….such the media pimps….they just want to sell magazines….and Rob does the job everytime….hehehe. I will admit, that his clothing choices make me giggle all the live long day… is adorable! 🙂

    ps. Rob, Crockett and Tubbs called and they want their blue blazer back.



  23. Does he actually need ANY clothes to look good? (if you know what I mean …)

    My personal favorite from the blue jacket picture is his inability to button his shirt properly. Maybe I can help with that …

  24. Hottest Drunk Celebrity!?!?

    YES. THIS.

    • FUCK YES

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA! I like this times fifty-million! Sooo true!

  25. Rob is definitely on these lists:
    – Best of Richard and Clare’s good causes
    – Best rambles of 2009
    – Best male model come-backs
    – Best reasons for having eyes
    – Best proof of the beneficial effects of beer
    – Best tuck (because we didn’t have to see it)

    • I know another one – “BEST MALE EYELASHES”…hands down true.

  26. Havent had time to read entire entry, but yes, a John Stamos mention!

  27. Perhaps he should top the list of increasing female libidos worldwide.

    • Amen to that, superhumanmoron – I hear ya. Speaking as an “older woman”, I can attest to the fact of having a raging female libido now more than when I was younger, all because of fantasizing about Rob. Too bad I’m single now and there’s currently no one to get the benefits of it,unless somehow by some miracle, I got to meet Rob one of these days. Except that I’d probably kill him. LOL

  28. Yeah, you haven’t mentioned Full House in a while!

    When I first read about this, I thought I must be reading The Onion or something, because it is so funny.

    Hey there is a dude in my ‘hood who I swear picks his outfits out after looking up a photo of Rob online, down to the black beanie! I haven’t seen him in a tux, yet…

  29. Rob should top THE BEST APHRODISIAC LIST

    ‘Cause he has totally improved my sex life {and by association my husbands}, the last 9 months have been…. well…. panty poofing, car rocking, bed jumpingly GOOOOOD…..
    Yes I am smiling and yes I thank you Rob {but not as much as my husband would IF he realised he had you to thank}

    • I am right there with you!! My husband and I are definitely having more and better sex, since Rob came into me life (that’s what she said). Especially after reading the recommended fan fiction on the Forum. “The List” gave me so many ideas… Oh, that was Edward. Sorry.

      • Lol! My dh can totes thank UC and Moon for mentioning The Office the other day. I don’t keep close tabs on fanfic but read WideAwake. I know if they mention one, it’s usually good.
        The Office? Yeaaah. Picturing BB Rob gave my dh an excuse to use our old barn and the trunk of antique Studebaker. B/c us country bumpkins don’t have conference tables to lay on out there.
        Rawr. Thanks Rob/Dickward.

      • Ohhhh Yessssss. “The List” OWNS me.

  30. Rob would top the list of celebs who make you wonder what the fuck happened to your normal sensible self before you found them. And #1 work distraction.

    • I feel ya! If I get caught looking up Rob one more time, I think my office-mate might stage an intervention! haha!

  31. Hottest Drunk Celebrity = Win

    As does Most fuckable fake sailer. And those two photos? Died.

    He always manages to look like a crazy, dirty (yet still sexy) hobo, and then he redeems himself with moments like Cannes and the Oscars and Rome… Oh, and Mexico… Oh, and France…

    • Oh, and GQ!

    • MexiRob=meximelt.

    • And Japan in Prada….

  32. I think Rob’s trying hard to look as ugly and grungy as he can so the fangirls will get tired of him and leave him alone….ummm, newsflash Rob! It’s not working! 🙂

    He looks so hot in that tux. Wish whoever styled him would be around to help him every now and then :-). I don’t mind the hobo-homeless look but for big events I wanted him to be pimped a little! I want all the men to look at him and say “oh wow, that is Robert Pattinson! Yes he’s got something I don’t have!”

  33. put him together with any two beautiful men, it will be Rob most women will look at—he has genuine star quality (charisma) & he owns his style, whether hobo 2nd-hand store or impeccable Dolce & Gabbana—he’s unique & he’s so offhand about it you have to love him—<3

    • Totally. You have to bet that other male actors are flat pissed at this point with all the attention RP garners – they’re probably trying SO HARD and he’s like “Uh, what? I have to be somewhere, like, on the telly tonight? Bugger! Tom, mate, first dibs on the Eddie Money t-shirt.”

      • ROFL!!! Absolutely!!

      • Effing perfect.

  34. Thank you thank you thank you for 2 DRUNK ROBS! He is the best dressed drunk person ever.

    • I know! Neither his eyes or his nose get red! 😛 Hahaa, I don’t know how he manages to look so foxy when drunk. le sigh.

    • I’m he’s the best undressed drunk person ever as well.

      Best Undressed Celebrity Period.

      • Although I’d enjoying seeing what he has to offer. He is not likely the “best, undressed drunk person”. Have you seen this?

        Take special notice of the shower scenes. He is one fine ass drunk or non-drunk undressed person. 🙂

        • Oh my, Eric…. Oh. My.

  35. -Makes me want to take up smoking award (*cough* I’m embarrassed!)
    -Hottest wet male award
    -Best “seaman” for best-looking offspring 😉 award
    -Makes everyone else in the picture with him HOT by association award
    -Best interviewee award
    -Has the hottest/best best friends award
    -Turned me onto Twilight award (or, Actually made me want to READ Twilight award…haha!)

    *sigh* I’m sure I could get more, but I *actually* need to work today!

  36. “most f***able sailor”

    awesome. and true. so true.

    either “people” magazine had no clue rob fans would find his inclusion on the list hilarious or they just don’t care. rob’s pic = magazine sales

    this post is a perfect example of why i love LTT/R; he’s hot no matter what he wears (or doesn’t), but we all know that his “gay stylist” is responsible for the “best dressed” look.

  37. Maybe Summit paid People to put our little Rob on this list to generate a little hype, so that people who don’t realize what he really looks like (aka – people who haven’t heard angels sing yet or haven’t looked longingly at dumpsters) would be interested in seeing this “fashionable new actor” in New Moon. Ha, leading little sheep to the slaughter…and by slaughter I mean wet panties at the theater.

    What is it Summit??? Are we not enough of a fanbase for you???

  38. “like when you put Clay Aiken on the front cover announcing he was gay. Number 1- duh. Number 2- why kill trees to print that guy’s face?”

    ROTFLMAO! Win!

    Does anyone else miss the “Plain Gravy” shirt like I do?

    • I missed that shirt even though I never knew it existed.

    • Words can’t describe Rob’s expressions in the Plain Gravy pics—I assume they could also fall into the Drunk Rob pics category? There seems to be an awful lot of effort to focus going on there…love it.

  39. Hi I’m new – Love LTR and everything you do.

    Rob could also win an award for helping to improve the computer skills of women in their 30’s the world over. I can do stuff on here now I never could before I found Rob (bit like finding god but a LOT more fun)

  40. Rob is
    Best Cure For Vaginal Dryness
    Best Painted Abs
    Best Soultry voice
    Best Panties Dissolver
    Best Impregnate Stare

    • Best giggle!

      • Yep

  41. Definitely:





  42. Las Vegas Weekly Newspaper gave some love to Rob this week. They didn’t write about him, but the writer of the story put a poster of him up on the wall in a public bathroom.

  43. Rob on Peter’s Twitter (that’s what she said):

    “Thanks a million. Here’s Rob… Hi, it’s Rob… My first and last tweet. My dad made me do it.”

    He’s drunk! Peter had to correct the spelling.

    • I wonder what Peter used to bribe him…? Hmmm… hahaha! I think it was sweet of him to tweet in the first place, seeing as he’s “anti-twitter”, haha! I just love his humour! “my dad made me do it”? Priceless!

  44. Hi – I am newbie. Love your posts and comments – it’s my favorite time of day when I get to read all this.
    Rob is wicked sexy no matter what and People mag is crazy desperate to sell mags.

    Seriously..BEST dressed because he wore a tux one day a year ago? Seriously? Yeah. I will seriously buy People next week.

    • Hello and welcome Itsallhappening!!! Welcome to our “den of sin.” now, are you ready to take Rob behind a dirty dumpster and put a big smile on his face?

  45. OMG, you were in rare form when you wrote this UC! So funny and SO true. I think PEOPLE chose Rob for one reason – to sell magazines. It’s no secret that every cover with his face flys off the shelves – regardless of how hokey the article, list, etc.

    • GQ sold over 300K issues with him on the cover.

  46. Ah what a funny post!! Thanks for brightening up my Friday!

  47. I LMFAO when I first heard about this… crazy town! Rob’s probably thinks it’s absurd as we all do, because… well, c’mon!

  48. OK, so I’m a lot drunk and haven’t read the comments yet, but you say, “what does rob belong on?” DUH
    He belongs on ME, biotch.

    AND I hit an 86 today at my golf tournament. Yes, I rule.

  49. I love Rob’s hobo I-don’t-give-a-crap-what-I-look-or-smell-like style. My ex-boyfriend used to dress like this years ago, before it was cool. I just hope Rob never wears RED JEANS. Seriously, that’s something I’d like to avoid seeing… again.

    • Hi Jenny. No, I don’t really see Rob wearing red jeans anytime soon. You can relax. I did find it hilarious to think of him as best dressed though. As if.

      How are you doing tonight? I heard from EP today. Sounds like France is on the agenda. Lucky girl!

      • Hi EyeC! I totally think Rob deserves best dressed. But maybe that’s because I have no style, and dress in a similar fashion. Though I do shower a lot, so there’s that.

        I was just reminded of this old board game I used to play as a kid called “Dream Phone”. You call all these guys to get clues about who your admirer is, and one of the lines is”He looks cool in whatever he wears… (whispers) but he’s not wearing a tie.” And then you go around the board and look for dudes wearing ties, and cross them off the list.

        Wow, France? She never mentioned that to me. Though I was supposed to meet her online after work, and instead I forgot and took a nap. I’m horrible! I felt so bad after.

        • I’m not so sure he doesn’t shower. That was meant as a joke and it just kept snowballing. We’re so easily taken in. It’s that wit of his.

          EP said several of her flat mates were going to Paris–next week I think–and she thought she’d go with them. She definitely needs to take advantage of anything like that while she can. Glad you two will be able to see both Marcus and Bobby while there. You’ll have so much fun!

          • I know he showers. Okay, I don’t know he does, but I suspect he does. I was just teasing.

            Yeah, I agree, she should definitely go to France! I’m so jealous.

            I know, I can’t believe Marcus booked a show too! It was amazing timing, really. Very cool.

          • So i think i saw it is Bobby’s bday today or around now, did you send a message Missy?

          • Yeah, I kinda noticed it might be his birthday because everyone was saying, you know, “happy birthday”. How do people know these things? Creepy.

            Oh, totally, I rang him on telly and told him all the dirty things I wanted to do to him to celebrate his day of birth. He dug it.

          • cool bikkies, personally i thought you would haev sent a case of heine but i guess the sex tape will work just as well

          • I too a picture of my nipple with “happy birthday” written in black sharpie around the areola, and sent it via text. That was better than a pack of beer.

          • *high fives* nice work my friend.

  50. Hey ladies!!!!


    While Rob’s looks is super cool, I wouldn’t call him fashion forward. And please GOD don’t let KStew convince him that red pants would be cool (this sounds like something she’d stand behind and they’d be super tight)!!! I totally remember that game. But I never played it.

    EP sees London,
    EP sees France,
    Who’s underpants will she be seeing?? That’s what I want to know….

    and you’re slacking on the BFF duties. Taking a nap?!? WTF is that about?? lol

    EyeC, I saw your nominations for Rob earlier and #1…SO TRUE. How’s everything going? Are you feeling better?

    • Fug you all! I like Rob’s style! Him and I can go shopping together. Of course Bobby will be there too. Duh.

      Those red jeans were tight. But they didn’t hold a candle to the purple jeans. Those babies were painted on.

      I KNOW, I’m a horrible BFF! I talked to her all afternoon, and then I told her I’d jump online again when I got home from work… and I forgot. I was so exhausted though, she’ll understand. I literally fell asleep AT work for 10 minutes. EP was like “Uhh, so what are you up to?” and then I was all “Uhh, I fell asleep in the chair.” My conversations should be nominated for most exciting.

    • I know, I was so brazen! But oh so true.

      I’m on day 5 of this &)7^$^$@! cold. I went to the gem show at two different locations and just about died. No stamina. Felt lousy. Had a nice chat with a lady as I sat in the lobby trying to get the pills to make me feel better. That was a lot of driving in rush hour traffic for 2 purchases! It will just take time.

      • Oohh the driving, I bet it was hell! What did you buy?

        • nice big fat diamonds?

          • Ha Ha! A bit out of my range!

            I bought a handfull of lampworked beads and some chain for these new style of necklaces I’m working on.

          • E – you know we would be wanting to see some photos of these finished peices BTW, just sayin…

          • LOL Leave it to you!

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