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Sing like Robert Pattinson… in your dreams

Dear Rob-

As you might know by now, one of my favorite things about you is your musical talent. I’ve gone on at lengths about it here in a bajillion (real mathematical term) letters and even regularly have mini downward spirals into obsessive listening binges with pals such as Kristin that even inspired the perfect dream world in which when we die your music is playing as we enter heaven (yea, I know just go with it). And well that might be TMI and is probably much funnier in context but seriously ya gotta know, it’s true. I kinda almost wish you were a real (read: recording, touring) musician more than an actor, but I guess this acting thing is panning out for you so don’t fix it if it ain’t broke I suppose. But really I think you’re a pretty awesome musician and that’s saying a lot coming from me cause I’m kinda critical about my music.

So on one of these many obsessive listening binges I happened across videos of people covering you music. And of course I knew I struck gold… 2nd hand embarrassment gold, that is! The idea of covering you in the first place is laughable. You have the weirdest pronunciation that you are so fond of that makes even understanding the lyrics next to impossible. Then couple that with your unorthodox time signatures/rhythms and you’ve got a Youtube cover nightmare/delight waiting to happen! So I will do my best Randy/Paula (now Ellen!)/Simon critique on these folks and hopefully we’ll all have a laugh and remember who you really should be the only one who plays your music.

So “off you go!”

Never Think

Um first rule of writing/playing a pop song the intro should NOT be 1.25 long… good lord I almost fell asleep and then you started singing and then I definitely got turned off. Oh and learn the oddball lyrics a little better. Maybe next time, Dawg.

Ok, so this is probably one of the more decent covers I found though he needs to put a little more urgency or rhythm into his playing, it’s a bit plodding and slow. BUT good work in making it more your own and not and exact Rob copy.

Like we all knew: only a girl could pay proper respect to the awesome that is Robert Pattinson! And this gal brings it. Besides having an interesting voice and take on the song I gotta give major props to the decor. Between the chalkboard wall and the liquor store shrine to Rob on the keyboard, she looks like a gal I wanna hang out with. Is that Andre or Boones Farm I see?

And now the song that should never EVER be covered: Let Me Sign. Let the butchering begin!

(Follow the cut to see Shia LeBeuf sing Let me sign)

So I’m confused is this supposed to sound like you’re on the old timey radio hour? Cause if so I’d like to say “Ahhh the lovely Boylen sisters! Who care’s what they’re wearing on main street or Savile road! It’s what you wear from ear to ear and not from head to toe… that maaaaaattters!” If you’re not from the Colgate radio hour and you did this, you just wasted my time.

Pitchy dawg… WAY pitchy! There were points in the last half of the song you were hitting notes never meant for that key. Not in the Dawg Pound tonight Dawg, in fact that performance might get you put down.

One word: FAIL. WHatever you were singing wasn’t even in the same key as what you were playing, nor did the rhythm match. Ghastly.

Dude, is that you Shia LaBeuf? What are you doing singing RPattz songs in a wanna-be Incubus band in  some dudes basement? Nice candle.

So cringworthy? Some decent? Have you ever scoured Youtube for this crap or am I the only one? Please share your faves!

Head over to LTT for good times
Head over to the forum for more video and also check out The Biggest Loser! What’s that? you’ll have to go see!


  1. OMG the stuff you guys come up with! Brilliant! Nope, I don’t scour the internet for funny 2nd hand embarrassment… I just sit here waiting for you to post it!

  2. If you can’t do a cover that’s better or completely different from original song, than don’t.

  3. then don’t

  4. Awwh, come on. Let’s cut these guys some slack. You know they recorded these in hopes that their girlfriends/wives would give them at least 2 minutes of attention.

    As for the girls, that’s just how much they love Rob. I’m sorry, Rob, I can’t sing or play piano, but if you come over I’ll promise you better booze than Boone’s!

    • “You know they recorded these in hopes that their girlfriends/wives would give them at least 2 minutes of attention.” TRUTH!!

    • I’m with JodieO on this one.
      These guys are doing this to score with the ladies.

      I mean, they could have plastic surgery, etc. but maybe they think they can
      get the babes through the music.

      Serenading ones love is one of the oldest courtship gestures use throughout time…. I mean, hey, at least its not a 5 piece marachi band waking you up at like 7am in the morning, singing a drunken rendation of Let it Be.
      I can tell you, with a hang over it aint pretty amigas..


    • except for that one guy with the new moon poster in the background. he’s dedicated. 🙂

  5. What were these people thinking?!?!? LMAO I can picture Simon cringing from some of these! Rob and his Brit friends have their own style that honestly can’t be duplicated…I too wish he was touring like Bobby, Sam, and Marcus…i am fairly sure that he misses being able to do that…so sad he has to give that up right now cuz of the crazies! *sad face* Hopefully when all the hype settles down he can return to his first love…music!

  6. I can’t even bring myself to listen to these. And not just because I’m at work. I’m too scared. Youtube houses many frightening people who think they are talented but actually aren’t. I sing well (seriously, many years of practice), but the only way you’ll hear me is if you go to a karaoke bar in Northeast TN. So I guess I should give these folks props for having bigger cajones than I do.


    PS. Never Think wakes me up almost every morning. I set my iPod to shuffle and yesterday Never Think was followed by Sex on Fire. Even my electronics know what’s up!

    • “I set my iPod to shuffle and yesterday Never Think was followed by Sex on Fire. Even my electronics know what’s up!”


      You should find out how your iPod did it, patent the technology and get rich!

    • Same here. I only want to hear Rob sing his songs. His style is one of a kind.

    • I’m so sad I won’t be able to hear you sing since I’ll never be in a karaoke bar in TN. I’m pretty mortified that the only video I don’t like of me on youtube got posted in this blog…but I’ll live…humbling moment. but youtube is also host to amazing talent…like Meghan Tonjes and me. you should join us. why should those drunk TNers have all the fun?


    • @ Pink Dolphin
      The dolphin is out of the bag now!
      You have to go on UTube for us, do a song and bring on back to LTR so we can hear. pleeeezeeee..

      oink, oink, oink, with a bit o’ fluffy cotton candy on top? pretty please?
      (or will a few shots of tequlia help get you inspired).

      • Tequila never hurts anything!

  7. Rob seems to be a really intuitive guitar player, he’s just letting it flow (maaaaan) and trying to learn how cover that won’t work!

    • I agree. I love it when men can just pick up a guitar or piano and “let it flow”. 🙂 So sexy.

  8. Not even Rob can sing the same song twice and make it sound the same, why did they think they could do it better? I loved the girl’s cover of Never Think though…

    Here’s a stupid question: what does “Let Me Sign” refer to? English is not my first language so I don’t know if metaphorically it has a different meaning. If someone could answer my question would be great. Thanks!

  9. You can tell #3 is totally into the song. She is seriously feeling it! She feels it hardcore. She doesn’t need no Hale to feel it. In your face Bella!

    I would have suggested her to raise that chair, but I’ve just changed my mind.

    • great observation, Alice…i keep my chair low for better framing.
      it’s not how I usually play…and when I perform, I usually stand.
      I thought I had burried this video pretty well…i’m totally impressed
      it was unearthed for this blog…check out the Twilight Trifecta Playlist…

  10. Does the guy in video 6 have the New Moon poster on his bedroom wall? I swear I can just see the words MOON on the left of the picture. If so, I find that slightly more freaky than his singing….

    “I kinda almost wish you were a real (read: recording, touring) musician more than an actor…”

    Could you imagine Rob touring? Thud, I have just died, send emergency help now 🙂


    • Yes!Yes! I noticed it-I think he’s crushing on Rob-he’s should come over to LTR and stop wasting his time trying to cover Rob’s songs.

    • OMG THAT IS THE NEW MOON POSTER!! well if that video wasnt weird enough before…

  11. I like the girl with the alcohol and the chalkboard, she’s pretty good! I think she has the best rendition, the others were trying hard and failed. Why does every one think they can sing? Ughh.

    • I thought the girl was pretty good too! She wins the Battle of the Covers.

    • She has a great voice!
      Is that a Glade candle she has sitting on the keyboard? A bottle of Boone’s and a Glade candle must really set the mood for her, cuz she was really feelin’ it…..

      • I think she was imagining singing to Rob so she had to have the perfect ambience! 🙂 Booze, candle and some random chalk writings on the wall was perfect I say!

      • hahaha…I love this comment. was a candle…from Target…that I used up, emptied out and used as a glass…

      • She was the best. that voice is pretty soulfull. btw where can I find Rob’s never think and let me sign?

    • I’m reading every comment about me…
      i’m shameless like that.
      check out all three Twi covers I did…much better.

      • @Lovenati: If only a Glade candle and a bottle of Boone’s would help me sing like that! You have some pipes girl!
        I may have believed, a time or two, I could sing while drinking….those around me have set me straight though…. (sigh)…..

      • Nati! Of course you have always been amazing since I have known you (omg, it’s been 15 years!?!?) . . . Love your songs!

        When are you writing mine? 🙂


  12. Well….I’m no musician and my family tell me my taste leaves a lot to be desired so this is not a critique.
    All I want to know is why is the girl doing Never Think imitating a nodding dog and why is the boy in the striped vest doing Let Me Sign looking at the camera like that, he’s making me nervous, very, very nervous……
    OK Moon I’m not saying anything about how you spend your time {after all I spend all mine reading and laughing about what you write}, but can I suggest paper crafting or even knitting…..<3 you as always…..

    • hahaha…i know!!! i was so drunk. I don’t know why I haven’t erased this video yet…here are three proper Twilight covers I did…please feel free to comment willy nilly. see you on the tube.

  13. Forgot to say that no ONE can do it just like our boy, Robert Pattinson!!!

    Btw that guy really looks like Shia! Is that him? LOL

    • Because comments always make me think of songs….here’s a little Carly Simon because “Nobody does it better” than Rob baby!

      • HAHAHA! Thanks! Rob is the ONE and only!!!

  14. Looks like Andre to me… and I wish I had a couple of bottles or it while watching these videos… would have made it more enjoyable 🙂

  15. I listened to one of these, cried, dry heaved, and then decided not to listen to the rest. I still love you though.

    And to whoever suggest that I read “Clipped Wings and Inked Armor”? I now HATE you! And by “hate” I mean I love you.

    • You are so very welcome!!!

      • I’m only on Chapter 13 and I’ve nearly sobbed a few times. Tattward is my new Darkward.

        • Tattward is my new fave Edward ever. And wait until you get to the latest update…..

    • dammit! another fanfic? this is getting out of control. i haven’t done anything for 2 days except read ‘the office.’ Is ‘clipped wings and inked armor’ something i should not miss?

      • Holly…RUN don’t WALK to read CWAIA. You’ll thank us!

        • Agreed! I stay home from work yesterday and read it. All day. Lame, I know.

          I ADORE The Office (BB owns me – outright), but this is different. It’s closer to Wide Awake. I’ve gotten misty-eyed a few times already! I have a new crush on a new make believe boy. Le sigh…

          • Not lame, totally normal 🙂 I did that once when I was reading Wide Awake.

        • Is CWAIA finished? b/c i don’t think I can start another unfinished ff. I didn’t realize that The Office was unfinished and I have been left…um…unsatisfied.

      • OMG…I just started reading Clipped Wings yesterday and was up till 3:00 am but still didn’t finish (I did have to work until 7:00 pm)…..LOVE IT! I’ve read all of the The Office that she has out. I also love Kidnapped and Tropic of Virgo if you haven’t read those.

        • Noooo! Don’t give me any more ff recommendations!!! I can’t devote another day to another Edward and Bella.

          Ok, fine, I’ll probably check out those two after I catch up on CWAIA…

          • Kidnapped is really great and she just finished the epilogue and it should be posted after it is beta’d in a day or so. So if you want to read one that is finished…I recommend “Kidnapped”.


            Very good…all human!

          • Sorry…forgot to tell you but Tropic of Virgo is complete and good but not as good as Kidnapped.

      • LOL! Yes, you should read CWAIA and no, it isn’t finished but at least she updates regularly. I find myself looking at tattooed guys differently now! lol The guy at the library had the neatest leopard down his left arm and that guy at the grocery store…. You’ll definitely enjoy CW once you start.

        • Word. I’m finishing a near-full back piece now and let me tell you… it was no Tattward that worked on me. Ahem.

          I might have to go to Chigaco to find an artist to finish it. That’s Normal.

          • Very few are! LOL

  16. Umm…..the guy in the striped tank attempting Let Me Sign gave me the willies. Was he TRYING to eye fuck all of youtube? or just his significant other? Either way, he was awful. They all were minus the one girl with the booze. Just proves my point that you can never go wrong with booze.

    Ps – Moon, None of these inspired me to walk into an intersection wearing a wedding dress. In fact, I didn’t even once get the urge to ask you if you had the boombox. Just sayin’…

    • Dude watching the tank top guy sing that song made me feel what it must be like to be his mom walking in on him playing his “other instrument”

    • yeah…liquid courage. this was one of my first videos…I usually display my liquor…check out the Twilight Trifecta of covers I did…much better than this one I did.

      I’m hearing a lot of good things about Clipped Wings…I don’t think I can take another obsession right now…

  17. I could only watch in .30 sec. intervales due to 2nd hand emb. overload.
    I think my favorite is the the redneck singing karaoke(?) in a hillbilly bar with a giant bird in the background. Classic.

    Yes, I scoured etsy for 2nd hand embarassment. Some of the things I find, such as the Edward neon flower boa purse(as seen previously) leave me speechless.

    These –

    Are one of my all time favorites…..

    • oops, *intervals and scour. My eyes are still a little sore from those vids.

    • Hillbilly bar? I thought it was his parents’ rec room.

    • oh lord. those shoes…actually, those would go perfectly with my pattinson pants.

      • My husband said if I ever wore Pattinson Pants he would consider that grounds for divorce. Do you think these would push him over the edge?

        Hmmm…maybe I could just use them as a little “bed” for my Pocket Edward.

  18. You need Sam Bradley to come along and give his expert opinion on the covers!

  19. Dear Rob Imitators,
    I’ve seen the Rob imitators on Youtube but never listened to you before. And now I know why. Of all people to imitate-why Rob?? You know you’ll never sound as sexy and soulful-you must be a glutton for punishment.And I’m sure you’ll find plenty of that here today.
    First guy singing Never Think-I barely recognized the intro, but your unexpectedly girly voice did me in. Onto second guy-Never Think-Not half bad, really. I agree, Moon, his playing was alittle slow but quite listenable.
    Girl with liquor store shrine-didn’t make it past the first line.

    First guy singing Never Think-sorry, I was distracted by the pheasant on the wall behind you.
    Second guy wearing his sister’s tank top, Lifesaver necklace and Bobby Long-ish hair-yikes. Is that a New Moon poster on your wall??
    Lastly, somehow I just can’t see two dudes doing this song. It’s a one dude song.

    I’m going to go listen to the real Rob to forget I ever heard these.

    • “It’s a one dude song”
      Hehe Totally!

    • I love this comment the best.

      but you should listen to my Twilight Covers.
      liquor and chalkboard walls are nice, but
      I really hate this video of me. I’ll
      send you a present in the mail and vlog
      about you at if you
      comment on all three songs.

      • @lovenati-I’m tickled that you liked my comment-we’re all just having fun here. I did check out your other videos and get the impression that you’re serious about you’re music(which I hope the others (above) are NOT!). I thought your other versions were quite nice and I did leave a comment (on Let Me Sign, I think-brounhound45).

        • I have a similar highly-opinionated
          rant-n-rave style in my blog…so I totally
          enjoyed your comment! I hope to be
          reamed by you in the future!

          ;)la la la

  20. Ok, I haven’t ever seen Rob sing…only heard what’s on the Twilight soundtrack and I didn’t watch these videos but I am certain of ONE thing and ONE thing only…

    Rob is better than Eddie Murphy.

    Lots of actors try to go from film to music and it just doesn’t work. Eddie is my prime example.

    Rob could make that transition and I say this because of my expert I’m-from-Nashville-and-have-seen-A-LOT-of-bad-karaoke background. Heck, I could take Paula’s place!

  21. Here’s a stupid question: what does “Let Me Sign” refer to? English is not my first language so I don’t know if metaphorically it has a different meaning. If someone could answer my question would be great. Thanks!

    • Hi, former lurker here. Every interpretation will be different, but this is mine:

      It makes me think of signing your soul to the devil. Or signing it to love another person. Bella wants him to turn her and he thinks of it as her wanting to sign her soul away.

      Most evident if you look at it in the context of the full lyric: “Let me sign, let me sign, can’t fight the devil so just let me sign.”

      Love the post, by the way 🙂

      • It all makes sense now! :)) thanks. although you lost me here: “Most evident if you look at it in the context of the full lyric: “Let me sign, let me sign, can’t fight the devil so just let me sign.”

        The song that I have stops after the second: “let me sign” I mean it’s just instruments after that…so I never heard the “can’t fight the devil so just let me sign.”

        Thanks a lot! 🙂

        • You can find the full lyrics as written by Marcus Foster and Bobby Long on Marcus’s MySpace page. It really is a whole song that makes sense. Rob just recorded that first verse.

  22. Stupid work blocking youtube… can’t join in the fun 😦

  23. I couldn’t even bear(bare? haha) to play those vids! It’s like how I feel with JackBone and 100Monkeys….except different. I love JackBone, hate 100Monkeys and so I wont listen to it. I love Rob…differently…love his singing, but I don’t want to watch anyone (or him either) sing them. It’s awkward and it makes me squirm, and not even in a good way! Love ya!
    Oh yeah! I almost forgot, I scoured YouTube for a different reason: JackBone and Ashnee vids. they are on my blog! Check it out!

    • Same here… I get that he is an “artist” but I just can’t listen to him yet… my time will come surely.

  24. Okay….I am embarrassed to admit I may be in love with the guy in video #2. I think his voice is beautiful. Definitely like the girl’s version the most though!

    Who else thinks that the weirdo creepy guy in the striped shirt looks like Bobby Long when he’s not looking up at the camera? That’s where the similarity definitely stops though! OH MY EARS!!!

    • Hahah Ok just for u I think I’ll watch that guy again. I think the Shia look-alike was pretty good too though!

    • Bobby Long is my hero. I took amazing pics and vids of him when he played Lakeside Lounge in New York. vids are on my youtube channel pics are on my flickr page.

  25. Shia! Hahaha!!!

    Rob did say once he would like to go to Nashville to do a proper album. Ahh….the thought of him being here recording!!

    • You could get him to go to that burger joint off of West End…over there beside that Rite-Aid or whatever it is…beside Centinnial Park on Elliston. Crap…what’s the name of it? um……ROTIER’S!!!!

      The BEST burgers in Nashville…right down from Music Row. He would totes live in that joint.

      • I LOVE Rotiers!!! Best milkshakes and burgers. Mmm…..

  26. Is that seriously Shia? I liked it – thought it was sexy. Is there something wrong with me? And that chick singing Never Think was awesome. The second guy was not too bad, either. The rest blew pretty hard. The kid in the 6th video has the gayest tank top I’ve ever seen. I swear he looks just like a kid that they used to lure older men in on Dateline with Chris Hansen. I saw it just a few weeks ago. I wonder if he got to meet Taylor.

    • i’m shamelessly reading every comment and thanking you all personally for even listening to my cover.

      BUT I invite you to see all three of my Twi-covers done properly…

      you made my day.

  27. Does anyone else feel like when Rob sings, “I’m in love” towards the end of that song that it’s an instant panty dropper? For real. Mine combust when I hear that.

    • Oy vey the first time I heard it through headphones I think I came a little.

      • Bahahaha! Amazing.

        I get the same “sexual healing” when he sings “I’ll wrap you in my arms” in Let Me Sign. My eyes close of their own accord.

        Remember the Seinfeld episode when Elaine’s boyfriend zones out whenever he hears Desperado? Yeah, it’s like that.

    • yes. his voice is my boyfriend.

  28. Girl can SANG! Nice!

    • THANKS!!! I did all three Twilight Covers…i hope you enjoy them!!!

  29. This was….DISTURBING…. Gawd…I’ll go listen to some RPatz Never Think and Let me Sign to get this nightmare out of my head.

    Although tbh…if you let Rob sign as he wants to then there is also a lot of unnecessary screaming and weird noise i don’t like 😀

  30. I so wish I could see these vids from work so I could partake in the fun.

    But in speaking of Rob’s music, the one song, where he laughs half way through. Total panty dropper!

    And I love Never Think. The “I’m in looovveee” bit….ker splat thud! I squeel like a teen girl everytime that comes on pandora!

    • Heck yeah!! The little laugh always get to me! I think the song is “I’ll be your lover” or something he sings to me every night…….you know how it is =p

    • It just takes those first two notes of Never Think and I’m gone. Love that cute little giggle in I’ll Be Your Lover Too. We need more songs!!!

  31. I think I may be in the minority here, but I really don’t think these were that bad. Sorry 😉 I guess I was just preparing myself for a lot worse. The kid with the weird bird on the wall that was reading the lyrics while singing was pretty terrible, but his voice was not terrible, he was just a little creepy. I am not a musician and don’t claim to be, but it was better than I thought it would be.

    P.S. Sorry apparently I am turning into Jane Bennett because I am always trying to see the best in people. Haters please be nice.

  32. Can’t watch, it hurts too much.

    Please don’t throw any Kedward shoes at me, but I haven’t really gotten into Rob’s singing. I appreciate that he is a talented musician (dude can play my piano ANY time), but the singing? I don’t really get it.

    Please tell me that I just haven’t listened to the right version of Never Think and Let Me Sign. I want to be schooled, and I certainly don’t mind a panty-dropper song to be that which schools me.

    Help a fellow Robsessor out!

    • I listen to the Twilight versions of both those songs…some people don’t like his style of music….and to be honest I really don’t care for folk/blues genre either, but ROB has a certain appeal to me that I actully enjoy his music. I would love to hear him to a ballad with the piano: yummy.

  33. I listen to Rob’s music while I go on my walks…I start thinking about laying in bed with him…having him hold me and sing me a lullaby, what if I met him in real life……………………and before you know it 30 minutes is over….then I go home and take a cold shower.

    I love my rob-ercise time!!!

  34. in this American idol senerio I am most def Simon. Actually I’m simon if he were mean and not just right. Moon you seem to have taken the randy character on which is a fun one because you get to use dog metaphors and pronouce dog= dawg. I thought everyone of these efforts were fail. Even booze girl, you see I’m not a drinker so even the booze cannot hypnotize me into thinking she has a special voice while were piano playing was very good her singing was a big ol’ nothing special. As for everyone else I became more interested in their choices of ambiance than their horrible singing. And the winner of best background goes to: tone deaf guy with the stuffed bird nailed to the wall come and get your prize: a life time supply of celibacy because all you’re doing is featuring the fact that rob pattinson is both better looking and more talented than your sorry tone deaf arse.

  35. Moon,

    The fact that you can include Boone’s Farm and obscure song lyrics from Annie in one post amazes me. You are truly the queen.

    • You’re never fully dressed without a Cullen smile!

  36. no, Moon, i do not scour YouTube for how to be moments but since we’re looking for the next idol you can deal me in:
    #1—let’s go listen to Segovia play Bach
    #2—voice is good, piano sucks bigtime (too loud, too chordy & too pedestrian in chords chosen)
    #3—a piano player who can also sing & who understands what she’s interpreting (the rocking, however, distracts from her good approach)
    #4—mercifully short (0:40)
    #5—let’s go listen to some more Segovia
    #6—looks soulful (ugh)—somewhere about the middle i thought maybe he was trying to adapt Beethoven’s Moonlight into a Rob-homage—LOL
    #7—boys might have potential with sth else
    and the winner is:
    the rocking girl from #3—
    thanks for showing me yet again that the world is full of people who yearn to break loose—luvya

    • hahaha! I KNOW! I LOOK AUTISTIC!
      I keep burying this video and wanting to delete it…how did it end up in this blog???

      Please I invite you to check out the Three Twilight Covers I did properly.

      see you on the TUBE. besos.


    • hahahaha! I KNOW! I LOOK AUTISTIC!
      I keep meaning to erase this video of me…
      but please, check out the three Twi-covers I did

      see you on the TUBE. besos!


  37. Good effing God!

  38. Ok, first off that chick is fucking awesome… and I’m not surprised. Second, is that Shia, that freaky… it might give me nightmares… along with the rest of the videos.

    • I’m shamelessly scouring these comments and commenting. don’t mind me.

      thanks for the fucking awesome props!

  39. Oh my god! I can’t hardly breathe. Tears are streaming down my face. Never have I scoured for these vids but I have come across some on many searches (namely Fail Fella in the awesome T-top). These are utterly awesome!!

    The chick singing “Never Think” is actually good. I agree. The one saving grace in the rest of the shenanigans!

  40. […] Sing like Robert Pattinson… in your dreams « Letters to Rob – view page – cached As you might know by now, one of my favorite things about you is your musical talent. I’ve gone on at lengths about it here in a bajillion (real mathematical term) letters and even regularly have mini downward spirals into obsessive listening binges with pals such as Kristin that even inspired the perfect dream world in which when we die your music is playing as we enter heaven (yea, I know just go with it). And well that might be TMI and is probably much funnier in context but seriously ya gotta know, it’s true. — From the page […]

  41. I dunno, I thought the second guy’s voice was really nice.

    They get sensitive points I think for braving singing a song that everyone knows was in a girly tween vampire movie.

  42. My worlds are colliding! Favorite blog just featured my good friend (girl in video #3) and my IRL friends, blogs and Twilight love have all joined together in one posting. By the way, she is VERY cool to hang out with. She lives in L.A., you should get together!

    • Yeah, i’m twittering about this right now.

  43. a friend of mine who is IN LOVE with this website told me you talked me up. thanks, doll! i really enjoy your letters to Rob.

    i like to drink champagne and nectar mixes with left over Wiskey from a party out of a glass that used to have a candle in it from Target.

    Not to be one of “those” performers…but I really can’t stand this video of me…I keep meaning to erase it…I did a way better version of this and Let Me Sign and Flightless Bird…but no liquor shrine.

    I think you’d be a fun chick to hang out with too.


  44. wow.
    That’s all I can say.

    You have to admit UTube is this wonderful/horrible mish mash of a place that contains the most amazing things.. Sometimes, quite horrifying, but then again you can choose to laugh instead of scream.
    (oh the horror, the horror).
    I choose to laugh.
    Makes my day.

  45. OK so I only listened to about 20 seconds of each one, but some of them aren’t too bad – I’m quite shocked!

  46. This is also pretty darn awesome:

  47. Gah…these imitators’ offerings did to my ears what the nasty peepee piercings did to my eyes a few weeks back. (Sorry to remind ppl of that…I know I’ve personally been overdosing on eye drops ever since).


  48. This is the quintessential Moon post! You are the Music Queen! Gotta laugh at RP’s music playing at the gates of heaven.

    He did say something about it being better when you can’t understand what he’s singing. I too long for him to put together a CD. I’d love to have him go out there and play again at some open mic nights. I thought he didn’t give a damn about what people thought of him, so why not? We could all use some new tunes from that beautiful voice.

    Love your AI take. Video #2–not bad at all. Rob is, as always, a true inspiration!

    • I was totally going to post Ayda’s cover AND there’s this really cool chick from New Zealand…her cover is ree dick you luss!

  49. Hello! I really like this site, you guys come up with the most hilarious things. It´s amazing.
    Is that really Shia LaBeuf?! LoL..
    YouTube is precious…

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