Posted by: themoonisdown | September 19, 2009

Epic Robert Pattinson Saturday Morning Delight

Dear LTR-ers,

Ever watched one of these hot Rob Saturday videos and just wanted to to go on and on and on (that’s what she said) but sadly it ended after a few minutes? Well have look no longer cause I think we have found the answer. The piece de resistance of all Rob videos. Yes, my friends it’s a TEN MINUTE Rob video and all set to Sex on Fire! Uh yea! You know when you open the oven door and all that heat rushes out? Watching this is like that, only sitting there with the door open for 10 minutes while it burns you. So get the hoses ready and have at it!

Happy Happy Saturday!

Thanks for Krystle for sending this in!

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh f*ck me!!
    Not only has this cheered me up as I lie on bed at 10.20pm sick with the second cold in 10 weeks but it has helped me rediscover my love of Rob.
    Now excuse me while I go swooooooon.

    Much love.

    • WOW!! What a way to start my Saturday Whew!!

  2. Wow..that really lived up to the hype. If I could keep that going all the time, I’d save money on my heating bill. Wheeeew….

  3. Nothing but naughty thoughts this Saturday morning.

    Thanks for the pick-me-up Moon


  4. I guess I needed a little bit of Sex on Fire to make the love sparkle again…
    Thanks and a fantastic weekend to Rob and all the ladies of LTR!!!

  5. WOW….I’m all of a tingle now…….Saturday Sexin’ sure is good…..
    Thanks for that Moon, it’ll keep be going till hubby comes home on Friday sigh…..

  6. WOW is right! thanks for the *ahem* stimulating video!

  7. Wow… I feel kinda dirty. Not too sure about the fur coat at 9:22, but the on-all-fours after made up for it. How did Wideyezz get ahold of Rob’s and my private sexytime picture collection anyways? haha

    That boy is just too dang hot.

  8. That was fuckhawt.

    I would really just like to touch his hair. Is that too much to ask?

    • I too would like to run my fingers through his hair. Then he can run his fingers through mine. It’s only fair.

  9. o have mercyyy

    runnign my hands down his happy trail? yes plz
    that was a HOT video.. not to mention its w/ the hottest song ever..
    now if only rob would be in caleb’s spot in the video… (tho im in love w/ caleb) but that would be the absolute most orgasmic role for him yet.!!

  10. um.. sitting here with my laptop in bed… THAT woke me up…!

  11. Rob sure puts new meaning into that old song ‘Happy Trails to You’—great video to ponder on my own trail through the woods today—a serene Sunday to you all—<3

  12. Where did the clip of Edward attacking Bella in Bio class come from? Somehow I’ve never seen that before!

    • It was an outtake on the DVD…the boob grab…..<3 that boy

      • Boob grab is right!!! His hand goes way up her shirt!!!!

  13. Are we all in agreement that we irrationally hate that girl he is licking near the beginning?

  14. Um…wow. I was starting to forget all the reasons I wanted to do him up tough….now I remember. Thanks LTR!!

  15. Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm GOOD!!!
    Jaw porn—yeeeeum!
    Thank you for starting my Saturday off Soooo nicely! Well, it will start once I am able to get up off of this chair.

    BTW I’m with KC I NEED to know WHERE you got that clip?!

  16. You just made my day! Alone in a hotel room in San Diego working on a presentation a Saturday morning… But then Letters to Rob steps in and cheers my jet laged ass up 🙂 Now I might actuly finish the presentation (or just show the Rob video…)

  17. Okay….not that this isn’t hot (because that man should come with a warning) but this song is more than enough to make any man suddenly sexy.

    I could watch paint peel off a wall to this song and probably get turned on.

    That being said. I.want.him.

  18. So glad you posted this!!!! 🙂 I found this last week and made damn sure I bookmarked it. I’ve probably watch it 10+ times. I love Wideyez little comments. She says what we’re all thinking! Now every time I hear Sex on Fire – I daydream about Rob porn.

    Glad everyone had a hot and steamy Saturday morning. And hopefully our love and lust for Rob has all been restored. 🙂

  19. WOW.

    HOPEFULLY UC’s spark for Rob has come back, ’cause MINE JUST HAS.

    The things I’d do to him.

    I want to bite his face!!!
    He has really nice legs/hips. My personal fave. Geez, Nik, why’d you have to go and post this?! haha. What a great way to start a Saturday…mmm. I’m putting this video on my favorites list.


    • Ohhhhhh those hip bones are swoooon-y!! Those pics on Italy that are taken side on?? Hello!

  20. To the LOTN:

    I love being missed and how much of the conversation was about me last night. LetterstoEP anyone, no? Just Rob? Ok, understandable. Miss you all, but sorry, I’m not getting up extra early to talk to you. My sleep is very important. Keep the e-mails coming ladies, love hearing from you!

    • LOL EP! Aw, c’mon, what’s a couple hours of sleep when you could be in our scintillating company?

      Just know that you’re missed and that we’re thrilled that you’re actually in London as our eyes and ears. I’m writing, I’m writing….

  21. hey! please check out my new blog!!

    That is all.


  23. Hale YES!
    I think my Rob butterflies are back after that.

    Jaw Porn – yum
    Happy Trail- yum
    Sexy eyes-triple yum

    That boy needs to come (that’s what she said) with a flammable warning.

    Whew! (fans self)

  24. EyeC?

    • Hey Jenny, I just checked back. Hope I’m not too late. Reading the fanfic, you know.

      • Nope, I’m still here. I’m reading the EmPr update as we speak!

        I had a date tonight…. Haha

        How are you? What are you reading?

        • I just saw that it updated about 15 minutes ago so it will be next on my list tonight! YAY! I have been reading some one-shots of the Tattward and Inkella contest. I enjoy them–several good ones out there and they fill in between stories.

          I also just discovered that Art After 5 was not finished like I thought it was!!! I stopped looking for updates about 3 weeks ago. I’ve missed 3 chapters. That’s kind of a treat.

          • Yeah, I was hoping I’d get an EmPr update tonight. I could use another HL5 update as well – sigh! Or another CWAIA update, because wow.

            Awwe, I’m glad you got a little surprise with Art After 5. I was thinking of maybe starting that one.

          • AA5 is really good. She has EPOV going along with it in Counterpoint.

            I reread the last chapter of CW today. lol It’s going to take some doing to match it! But there are several things that still have to be worked out between them. HL5 will probably be a little while yet. She is slower.

            How was your date?

          • I need to find another good one. I have novels I should be reading, but I have such a soft spot for the fanfic now. Ugh. Haha

            Yeah, I should reread that last CW chapter again. You’re right, I have no idea how she’ll top that! Lord, I’m excited just thinking about it. And I know, she’s slower with HL5 which is sad… I love that one a lot.

            Date was good. My heart’s not really in it, though. I want to travel and live out of a suitcase, and it’s hard to find somebody who matches that. But he’s a nice guy. I don’t think I’ll ever have a bad date, really. I can talk to anyone about anything. Haha

          • Well, AA5 is a good one. It’s a little unconventional but Edward is so lovable. There’s a bit of heartache but good times too.

            LMAO at the CW! Yeah, it should win for best night of lovemaking! lol

            I juat read a good one shot that has the perfect Edward for you–just what you want. He travels and does good work and is not inclined to settle in one place for long. I’ll get the link–just a minute.

          • A Little Crazy by LolaShoes (LYLS) and tby789 (The Office)


          • Maybe I should finish Breakfast At Tiffany’s. I never really got into that one because they fell in love too quickly, but I’m still curious as to what will happen. FN told me to try Mr. Horrible again. I tried it once, but couldn’t get over the bad writing. I just read the first chapter, but she kept jumping all over the place.

            Thanks for the one-shot link! I already saved it. That does sound like the perfect Edward for me. Mmm. Now I need one in real life!

          • You never know where you’ll find him. When you’re ready, I’m sure about that.

            You know I liked BAT. There is some good psychological stuff in there about families and acceptance and some betrayal and the only time I’ve seen Rene portrayed as a real bitch. I thought it was a romantic take on Bella and Edward.

            Mr. Horrible is definitely different than any other story out there. It is funny if you get into it but I can also see why it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. Sometimes it gets tiring, keeping a frenzied pace up all the time. Then there will be a line or two that will really crack you up. It isn’t the first update I choose to read.

          • Awwe thanks EyeC. I hope so.

            Yeah, BAT isn’t bad. I didn’t get that into it, but it keeps drawing me back somehow. I did really like the romantic aspect of it. I’m a big romantic, and I wear my heart on my sleeve, so I can relate to that.

            You know, I’m not sure which update I would choose to read first if they all updated at once. Huh. I guess it depends what mood I was in! haha That just reminded me, we need a TO update! It’s been forever!

          • I’m ready for a TO update! They have to resolve that working/coming out situation. I think this guy that Edward, Carlisle and Emmett met with who was unsatisfied in the company will be the key. Bella can work for him and then Edward will be free to date her openly.

          • I know, they have yet to resolve that cliff-hanger they left us with! What the heck was Carlisle so pissed about? Does he know about them? I want to know! Also, I could use some panty-ripping good times to read about too.

          • I think I need to go back and read that last chapter. It’s been too long. Yeah, we miss the panty ripping!

          • Yeah, I’m surprised I can even remember what still happened. It’s been way too long since that last updated. I finished EmPr a while ago and now I’m wondering what I should do. haha

          • LOL Read the one shot. It was nice, kinda sweet. Some of those T&I ones are hot. I just wrote the address for that contest down so I can check out some more. I think I’ve read 5 of them.

  25. I had to restrain myself from licking my monitor. Several times. Don’t think DH would have appreciated drool on his laptop much!

    Yuuuuuuummmmmmmm. Stick a fork in me, cos I’m done!

  26. Think I’ve seen it posted on LTR before, but I am not complaining – it is one of the hottest (and funniest) videos I’ve seen of Rob..just don’t give me Roberload now! (Rob+overload= just too much Rob in a compressed timeperiod makes me dysfunctional for a while).

    Will go back to my serious weekend now…

  27. Phwewww!


    Rob Candy… Rob Porn… Rob Heroin!

  28. YOWZA!!!!!!!! Wooweee! That’s some kind of craziness – hard to take almost!

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