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Stuff that makes me think of Rob

Dear Rob,

You’ve officially ruined me. I think of you when I see or hear things that have nothing to do with you. Thanks.


Rob hasn't been exercising! His hot bod is due to the fact that he hasn't been filming on the west coast in over 6 months

The reason Rob's bod has been hot= No in-n-out burger for 6 months.

In-N-out burger: Some people think “Animal Style,” I think “Animal Style with Robert Pattinson

"Heineken: The preferred beer of Twilight and Remember Me fans"

"Heineken: The preferred beer of Twilight and Remember Me fans"

Heineken: Rob has officially ruined the “lady’s night” for every single woman in this country. You know it’s happened to you- you get all dolled up and hit the bar with your favorite gal pals.  You cruise the scene- looking for that special someone, and BAM- there he is. A handsome, (you think…. you are 3 bombay & tonics in) tall (well, 5’9″ is tall for some people), friendly guy- coming your way. But then, you see it. That green & red sign behind his head. And it’s over. You turn your back. He doesn’t compare to the one you really want. The “bombay & tonic” goggles have come off- he’s not good enough. No one is. You drown your sorrows in another bombay & tonic- no wait- suddenly you’re craving cheap, Dutch beer, and so you order the only thing that will (somewhat) ease your pain: Heineken, of course. Because you never know….. The one you really want might just come walking into that bar, and you can’t be caught drinking anything else… (Note: google images found me a Heineken gem- BEWARE this has bare female breasts: Heineken Sign um, anyone notice anything missing?)

Things other than food or drink make me think of Rob. Get ready after the jump:

Huge Car phone from the early 90s? Check

Huge "Car phone" from the early 90s? Check

Dads: The one place you’d think I’d be safe- my dad.  But noooooo. Rob had to go around looking like a dad with a newspaper & jacket in Cannes and every time he goes to the airport he has to bring the biggest “DadCase” possible- packed neatly with his camcorder, Nikon camera & who knows what else. Diapers? Probably because if he’s like my cousin, Trent, who just had a kid and who I saw for the first time since the birth of his baby last week, he’s got diapers, a rattle and probably a spare breast pump just in case the mommy forgets hers. It’s so bad that I looked at Trent and said, “Trent. You’re a Dad.” To which he responded, “Um, yes. That happens when you have a baby.” And I said “No, I mean like….you have a Dadcase and everything…..” Crickets. I look around to see if anyone in my family reads this blog. They all stared blankly. I was thankful. But turned red. Cuz yet again, I turned something not about Rob, into something about Rob.

My computer: I can’t even look at my computer without thinking “Must.Write.Rob.A.Letter.Now”

Moon: I used to think of my dear friend, theMoonisDown, and remember our good times in college (well, our one memory together when we passed each other in the bathroom!) but now I hear “Moon” (or her real name- which is actually the name of a Twilight actress, so I hear it often) and think “Must.Write.Rob.A.Letter.Now”

The Actual Moon: The steps I go through in my mind #1: I look out at the nighttime sky #2: I see the moon #3: I think of my friend “Moon,” #4: I think of Rob. Always. I read the famous book Good-night Moon to a child- Sometimes I skip steps #1-3 and to think “Rob better not be saying “Good-night Moon” to Moon- I will kick her ass. He’s mine” I do this. Really.

Um, hi. Cutest picture ever of an old lady

Um, hi. Cutest picture ever of an old lady

The Queen: She’s British. Hellooooo. That’s Normal. Do you think they’re related?

New York City: Officially ruined by Robert Pattinson as a place I could ever visit for a relaxing get-away.  Next time I jump on the train and head up there I am taking along my custom “Robert Pattinson Map” and doing the “Robert Pattinson tour” where I start out at the Bowery Hotel for drinks, trek on over to Union Square, try to get in a few NYU buildings, head up to the Upper West Side, Find a random beach, Take a stroll in Central Park, Lick the Alice & Wonderland statues, take the subway to Brooklyn and rub up against every bike rack I come across, just in case it’s the one his bike was chained to.

We have the same hole

My pants: Do they look familiar? I can’t put these three year old Seven brand jeans on without thinking of Rob’s hole (that’s what she said) in the I wear them every day in hopes that today is “the day” we meet for the first time and I can use my great conversation starter “Hey! You’re wearing my pants!” That’s Normal.

Did you watch a marathon of Titanic, Romeo & Juliet & Pearl Harbor? I recognize that face...

Did you watch a marathon of Titanic, Romeo & Juliet & 10 things I hate about you? I recognize that face...

My childhood memories with my girlfriends: Once thought of as the one place thoughts of Robert Pattinson couldn’t penetrate (ah penetrate- another thing that makes me think of Rob), the beautiful, innocent memories of 12 year old girls staying up till 4 am telling scary stories, playing Girl Talk, Mall Madness and talking about Jonathan Taylor Thomas have been ruined- all because of Rob with a pink sleeping bag. I HAD that sleeping bag! In fact, so did my best friend and one time in 6th grade I accidentally peed in it while I was sleeping. And I never told her. Because I was in 6th grade, and that’s just embarrassing. And she’s actually in India right now…. working at an orphanage…. and I’ll bet she brought that sleeping bag…. that I peed in back in 1995…….

My bed: Now you might say, “ha ha ha, UC, we all think about Rob in our beds,” but I actually think of him because I stash my collection of RobPorn under it. I actually print out every piece of Rob porn we post & laminate it and put it in a binder. It’s my secret stash & I look at it* whenever I’m feeling down that instead of marrying a type-A control freak who started a successful green cleaning service I married a creative, artistic type with walls of books, guitar pedals, other instruments, keyboards & a film collection that one person could never get through in one year. And then as I’m staring at the RobPorn binder under my bed I think “Wait. Rob is a creative, artistic type who is always seen with a different book & is a fan of classic films. I wonder where he puts all that stuff” And I remember how he said that he doesn’t let the maids in to clean up his hotel room and how his apartment is a pigsty- and I make a mental note to do a poll on how long we think it’s been since Rob washed his sheets. Then I get depressed about messy boys and just look at this picture & pretend it’s true:
*no i don’t
Thanks to LaPushBaby who gave me this post idea a long time ago! XO
Thanks again to Zephyersky who is the master of RobPorn
a ecret msg to rob
Confess! What makes you think of Rob?
a ecret msg to rob
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  2. The Heineken bottle here in Holland is brown. Only the export Heineken is green. But you can buy the Heineken in a green bottle if you like, I think it’s more expensive. I don’t know I don’t drink beer.

    If I see camel sigarettes I think of Rob. My bf smokes the same camel sigarettes. I call him sometimes Rob….yes that’s normal LOL

    If I see a shirt with a hoodie I think of Rob

    If I see a piano I think of Rob

    If I see a t-shirt with holes (and sewed up) I think of Rob.

    Yep…that’s normal.

    • oh really? diff color bottle!? I got it right though, right? it is a dutch beer?

    • I like that you spell cigarettes with an S. =)


      • yeah my eglish is so bad! shame shame shame LOL

  3. ‘ I can’t put these three year old Seven brand jeans on without thinking of Rob’s hole (that’s what she said) in the I wear them every day in hopes that today is “the day” we meet for the first time and I can use my great conversation starter “Hey! You’re wearing my pants!” That’s Normal.’…this is just full of WIN!!! 😀 LMAO Best.Statement.Ever!!!!

  4. This was cute. I agree, the most random things remind me of Rob.

    LOL at the pic of Rob with knapsack & the comment about Titanic. While doing some random browsing, I found my way at Mike Angarano’s website and found this interesting piece of trivia:

    “Saw “Titanic” in the movie theater nine times and cried each viewing.”

    True story, here’s the source:

    And I was like, OMG — I don’t think Rob could sit thru 1 viewing of Titanic, let alone 9!

    Random comment I know, but dude, this made me LOL. As if we needed any more reasons how Rob is different from dear Mike.

  5. Just to add — Heineken isn’t the only drink that reminds me of Rob.

    Stolichnaya does too! Read this cute article c/o Robsessed. Makes our BB even more adorable:

  6. HAHHA! thats soooo true!
    everytime i crack open a heinekene (i work in a restaurant) i think of rob…
    i think of him everytime i hear a british accent…
    and sometimes, WWRD (what would rob do)

    great post ❤

    • I think of him every time I hear a British accent too.

      And I live in London.

      EPIC WIN!!!!!


      • Me too….the British accent is to die for. 🙂

      • hahaha

  7. Uh…so you don’t have a binder full of laminated Robporn under your bed? Yeah, uh, me neither.


  8. “Lick the Alice & Wonderland statues” I LOL, I can’t wait to visit New York now, next time my mates want a Christmas shopping trip I’m going!! just to get to the Alic statue….That’s Normal!!!
    “Robert Pattinson couldn’t penetrate (ah penetrate- another thing that makes me think of Rob)” “we all think about Rob in our beds”
    these 2 quotes are linked obviously but then Rob+penetrate= thoughts of anywhere, anytime,and anyhow, cause That’s Normal tooo!!

    Today I put some Tina Turner on my mp3 listened to Goldeneye, thought Edward = Rob, thought Pierce Brosnan = Rob, thought James Bond in Tux = Rob at Oscars, thought everything leads to Rob…….I could go on about how I puchased sunlotion for my holiday which made me think of Robs pale skin with it’s delic happy trail, which meant I was walking around town with glazed eyes and a dopey smile all over my face……..

    • Goldeneye is THE best bond song. Ever.
      (Just thought I’d throw that out there.)

      I’m now running off to listen to my playlist of 007 theme songs.

  9. lol. great stuff. i have my own stash of Rob, too, but they’re just about EVERY magazine article about Twilight (at first) then Rob only when the movie was about the come out in theaters…like a scrapbook in a huge 3-inch binder; i usually bought 2 copies of each mag. one to cut up and one to save, if the pic was big or super sexy…got one for JGro, too. There’s this guy that comes to my workplace sometimes and he looks like Rob with the baseball cap. except no Brit accent or jawporn or uber sexiness, plus voice is kinda high…not Rob at all…

  10. Rob, Schmob. You were in the sixth grade in 1995???? Damn, I’m old.

    • yes:) i love your username btw… i’m 26 🙂

      • It strikes me as slightly unfair that you’re so funny at 26, but since I benefit from it, I guess it’s OK.

        Of course, you’re young at 26 but Rob is just the right age at 23. I see no discrepancy there.

        • Annnnnd…this is why I need saving. Twenty-three, Rob…sure!

          On my way to pick you all up for afternoon cocktails, with a botox chaser.

          Whose in?

          • I’m in.

          • In.

          • I see Rob’s forehead and I think of botox. He’s too young to have lines there. He is not moisturizing at all. Such a beautiful skin, he should take care of it.

            And no, that’s not normal.

          • I’m there!!

          • I’m in, too.

    • Hah! I had the same thought.

  11. What makes me think of Rob? Well, I was walking through Macy’s the other day and I saw a grey t-shirt with a pocket in the men’s section, and I literally stopped dead in my tracks…I touched the sleeve reverently, and then I realized I was out in public and I probably looked like a weirdo. That and one time someone brought up suspenders, and I referred to them as sexspenders and got a blank/questioning stare. Yeah. Um. Awkward. 😛

    • I’m completely giggling at the image of you (well, me, because everybody on here looks like me in my head) fingering the men’s shirt in Macy’s. lol

      And, yeah, I’ve referred to them as sexpenders too and had to backpeddle really quick-like. That’s why it’s always a comfort to have Robsessors as friends in real life because they *get* references like that. =)

    • Sharpie I could almost see you in my mind doing that! LOL. Do you have an SO? I suggest trying to dress him up looking like Rob or like Edward Cullen. I do! It will add fuel to your fantasy! 🙂

      • I tried this with Mr. Holly, down to the button fly jeans and hanes boxer briefs, but he caught on. It was fun while it lasted.

        • My man bought a pack of boxer briefs per my request. roar!

      • BWAHAHAA!!!! Yuppers, I do have a SO, but I think he would serve me with divorce papers or a one-way ticket to the looney bin if I asked him to be “my Edward”…LMAO…I’m just picturing it now…HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!! 🙂

      • I can’t say that it didn’t cross my mind to buy the shirt for Mr. Sharpie 😀

        • Did he say why he won’t dress that way? LOL

          • Maybe I could sneak in a grey t-shirt here or there. 😀

  12. Moon = Kristen or Ashley or Nikki/Nicky or Elizabeth or Anna or Rachelle/Rachel or Christian (hey! isn’t that a boys name?)

    Hmmmm ?

    • she emailed me and said “how many people are gonna guess my name?”

      • A lot of people, Moon. I have found myself wondering this before today, now it’s in everyone else’s minds too.

        • She can’t be Kristen!!!!! I think Elizabeth.

      • I already knew what her name was….oooohh burn.


        PS – I’m such a tard.

  13. I think about Rob any time Kings of Leon comes up on my iPod.

    One time I put “Sex on Fire” on repeat and ran on the treadmill at the Y for about 45 minutes. I normally would have died about 15 minutes in but I was imagining I was running toward Rob. That’s normal.

    • that’s sooo normal… i put it on repeat too for other things like dishes, laundry, making the bed or unmaking the bed or well…. yeah, That’s normal…

    • yeah know that i think about rob i do think if him when listening to KOL.

      • Haha, love that you run to Rob-related songs! When I go running, I always listen to the Twilight soundtrack! (Ok, ok, I’ll confess… I went runninng once in the last three months and I listened to the Twilight soundtrack then… but I listen to the soundtrack at lots of other occasions.)

        • That’s funny, I have been taking the Twilight soundtrack to the gym all summer, and it has done wonders for my motivation. (I am imagining running, rowing, stretching my arms and legs towards you-know-who. No. I don’t mean Voldemort.)

          Started thinking hard about what makes me think about Rob, and I guess it’s really hard to tell, because I am CONSTANTLY thinking about Rob! There is no such thing as adequate provocation. All things are Rob-related!

          (Think I could write a book about it, like you know, the Bible-code – that there is a Rob-code underlying all things in the universe?) 🙂

    • ha ha.. yep, KOL makes me think of robbie as well, I’m on the treadmill for at least an hour at the gym… really gets U going…ANd you can free your mind to wander to those special places ..only you can go with him.. lol
      x h

  14. Did you mention Jonathan Taylor Thomas in a Rob post? Several things:

    1. You’re so young.

    2. JTT was amazing as the voice of Simba. I always thought he was super cute.

    3. I love you.

    What makes me think of Rob? Books by John Steinbeck and certain songs by Muse.

    • ‘Home Improvement’ was a show we watched together as a family b/c it was a good family show- I used to sit there and shake hoping my parents wouldn’t figure out how obsessed I was with JTT.

      What happened to him. I feel sad. Maybe I’ll start him a blog

      • Haha, my family used to watch Home Improvement too and yes both my sister and I had a crush on JTT. 🙂 Whatever happened to him? The only thing I remember is Lion King and Home Improvement.

      • I think “Rob hates this”. He might be jealous.

      • (I know this is an old post but whatever)

        I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE JTT! So much so, that if blogs were around then, I would have so had Letters to JTT. haha! I really did have scrapbooks of every magazine clipping of him. My walls were decked with posters of him too. I was born & raised in Michigan – where Home Improvement is supposed to be set in. My 2 friends and I mailed him a Michigan T-shirt with some WAY embarrassing pics of ourselves also included. (We were only like 11ish) We did get a thank-you card! Oh – totally saw Man of the House in theaters about 4 times. I feel like I’m reliving this same obsession with Rob & Twilight – but now I’m in my 20s! dammit!

  15. I only think of Rob when . . .

    Every time I have cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast (like today)

    Every time I see Hot Pockets in the frozen food case at the supermarket

    Whenever Van Morrison or Kings of Leon come on the radio

    Whenever I see a cute guy smoking outside a bar

    When my cousin microwaved a carrot on Saturday (for her 15 month old daughter)

    basically – 24/7 365. Yeah, I got it bad.

    • Ditto on the Hot Pockets. Every time I pass them at the grocery store I pause for a moment to see if Rob’s favorite kind is on the shelf.

    • HAHAHA! I was at the grocery store the other day looking over the cereals, trying to choose one, and I spotted the Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The fact that Rob likes it was the tie-breaker.

  16. Everything reminds me of Rob :-). Do you know that song “Only Reminds me of You?” Well that pretty much speaks my mind as to how much I think of him. It could be beer, food, clothes, garbage, bed, cleaning…still reminds me of Rob.

    I don’t really have a stash, I have 2 mags (one my dd got a hold off and ripped to shreds), the 2nd one I let her look at at but I keep it away. I should really get a binder, that’s a good idea :-). My DH is complaining and he said the other day “I’m so close to banning Robert here from this house!” For my desktop I had his pic from GQ w. his hands in between his legs. DH said he looks like he’s whacking off and to change it…so I complied and put the one w. him holding a sleeping bag.

    Sorry for the long post, got carried away. This blog is so awesome!

  17. “Lick the Alice & Wonderland statues, and rub up against every bike rack I come across”


    Let’s see, what makes me think of Rob…uh…EVERYTHING! Okay…ahem….”google it”, hoodies, everytime I play Guitar Hero I hear Ryan Seacrest’s assistant yelling at Rob “hit the yellow, hit the yellow, hit the green, hit the yellow, yellow” and the pricless WTF look on his face. Everytime I pass the hot pockets at the grocery store. If I find the sausage and pepperoni ones I get especially excited. Anytime I open the microwave. When hearing Kings of Leon (had never even heard of them until Rob and now I’m a huge fan and they’re played all the time on my radio station now). Anytime I see his co-stars in something. Oh, over the weekend I watched “Mamma Mia” like 3 times on HBO and thought of Rob because Pierce Brosnan was in it and he plays Rob’s dad in Remember Me. And he presented at the Oscars with Amanda Seyfried. Seeing a Snapples ad in a magazine or a commercial on tv. Anything vampire related. Black Nikes.

    • OMG, my daughter watched Mamma Mia about 6 times a couple of weeks ago, and Amanda Seyfried totally made me think of Rob!! LOL, that is so funny, I was thinking I was such a spaz.

  18. Love it UC…cause it’s funny, annnnnnnd true.

    At this point, I’m in so deep…I’m searching for ways to sabotage his appeal. But dang! It’s not working! I mean let’s look at the facts:

    He wears old, dirty, possibly smelly, stained clothing….repeatedly.

    May or may not bathe.

    Picks his nose.

    Runs like Forrest Gump.

    Dadcase, Dadcoat, etc.


    Drinks nasty beer, drinks possibly too often.

    Admittedly a slob.

    Over exposure.

    The Tuck!!!!

    And this is just the short list of what HE HIMSELF is doing to further my cause!!!! This doesn’t even factor in what I’m considering just to purge my life of him! For example….

    What if he is impolite?
    What if he really DOES smell?
    What if he secretly listens to only Top 40?
    What if he carries those books around, but doesn’t actually read them?
    What if he is mean to old ppl?
    What if he *GASP* sucks in the sack?

    I mean I’m sure we could ALL add to both lists here…but does it matter? I cannot get through one stinkin day without mentally devouring this person…and it is kinda driving me nuts.

    Usually the imperfection destroys the crush, the fantasy, the motivation…this time it fuels it?????!


    • What if he is impolite? Nope he isn’t…as proven by many fan accounts.

      What if he really DOES smell? We have seen that he showers…now he could be like Matthew McConahey (sp?) and not use deo but do we REALLY care? He’s manly.

      What if he secretly listens to only Top 40? Kings of Leon are on Top 40 now, so yes, he does.

      What if he carries those books around, but doesn’t actually read them? I would say he does…he seems the type.

      What if he is mean to old ppl? No way, Claire and the Silver Fox would kick his arse.

      What if he *GASP* sucks in the sack? This would be a blessing but I doubt very seriously that’s true. Did you see Little Ashes?

    • How are these things “flaws” for my hubby, but “cute and acceptable tendencies” for Rob? *sigh*

      I would really have to draw the line if he was mean to animals and old people, though. or not.

      damn. I thought I had standards.

    • It’s so true. He’s gross, uncoordinated, and awkward and it just makes him better. That’s normal!

    • and this is the perfect idea for a future post

    • Sassy covered it all really….only one thing to add:-

      “What if he *GASP* sucks in the sack?”

      NO PROBLEM think of the fun I shall have improving THAT SKILL SET hhhhmmmmm…. sigh….. I’m off {in more ways than one}……

    • Hahahah! I think I love you.
      I was having this exact conversation with my sister and Mom last week on my vaca. They were trying to convince me that he might be rude, possibly smelly, and in no way could live up to my expectations of him on more intimate (ahem) activities. I agreed. And don’t care. Not normal! My poor boyfriend gets a whole lotta’ slack from me for those kinds of discrepancies and yet Rob is in the clear. I never felt so sorry for my S.O.

      p.s. – Yes, I do love you. At least as much as Rob loves the Heineken.

      • ❤ u too bb! I mean ok, maybe if he dated Paris Hilton? No, I'd still want him. Goshdarnit@$%&$^&^)*(&!!!!!!!!

        • ok…and that’s where the line finally becomes firm!!! You’ve found my “off” button for Rob – dating Paris Hilton – She reminds me of the Pigpen character – cept her noxious cloud is from std’s.

          • LOL! OMG…Charlie Brown Ref = WIN! xo

      • ❤ you too bb…as much as Rob loves greasy hair.

        ok, maybe if he dated Paris Hilton. Nah, I'd still do him. Goshdarnit#$@%#^*&%(*!!!!!!!!!

      • See how much I love you…x2 WTF?

        • Win!!!!!!!

    • @Sassy…not helping, I thought you were on MY SIDE! 😉 xo
      @STT…Standards, what standards? I can’t even remember my kids names anymore because of this man. Help.
      @HowOldITO…Normal damnit!
      @UC…Guh! Do it! Maybe you can cure us! xo
      @Ruby…you always see the positive, and don’t worry…’off’ is clearly normal.

      • Girl, when it comes to Rob {and in my dreams I do… often} there are NO negitives……it’s ALL GOOD……

    • “I cannot get through one stinkin day without mentally devouring this person…and it is kinda driving me nuts.”

      right there with you babe. and for an almost 31 year old (gasp!), that’s just down-right sad…

      but dang it, how can we stop??!!!

  19. Oh and UC…you’re a foxy babe!

    • thanks xo

      • Truly, you are.


  20. While on vacation I managed to work Rob into a conversation to make my dude friend feel better.

    He’s about 28 (yep, I was a cougar before they were cool, Holla Mrs. Robinson!) and he’s a hairy guy. Chest hair, full beard, hairy.

    In the boat by us there was a group of girls that asked how old he was (they were 17) and they thought he was 34. BURN!!!!!!!!

    Well, I told him their attitude will change soon cause if they aren’t already in love with Robert Thomas Pattinson they will be and they will change their mind about hair and think it’s really hot and he’ll actually get a shot with the jailbait.

    He looked at me like I had had ONE too many of the Skinny Bitches. (Which I had)

    But HAIR makes me think of Robert.

  21. Mrs. Robinson…HOLLA!

  22. Yeah!!! the hot pockets… every time I found myself in the frozen “international” alley of the grocery store (hot pockets are international food here jeje) I think of Rob…

    I used to drink a national beer every time me and my friends had a ladies night… not anymore… Rob is messing with my budget too!!!! all I drink now is Heineken… wich is good consider that there is more expensive that national beer so I drink less jajajajajaja no, wait… I drink the same but I spend more, but I think of Rob so… naaaaa… I dont care as long as I think of Rob…

    I think of Rob in bed, at work, in my car, when I turn on my ipod, when I drink beer,when I eat burgers, when I look at my old flip phone, when I see my sleeping shirt with holes and bad sewing in some places, when I drink tea… I pretty much think of Rob all the time… jejejejej

  23. Got a dog. A Terrier mix. Looks a bit like Patty. Go for a walk with that dog at least twice a day… Sigh.

    • love this!

    • Love this too 🙂

      But I am sad that Rob may not see Patty soon 😦

      I think Clare & Richard have gone to visit HIM, instead of him coming to see them and the Pattster 😦

    • What do you know about Patty, is dog? What breed is it? If it’s what i have heard, it’s a West Highland Terrier?? Which is what I have!!

      What makes me think of Rob? Waking up in the morning, morning coffee, the laptop where I hide all my Robporn pics in my secret stash, watching movies (how long until I watch a Rob pic again?) my copy of Eclipse(w/bookmark of Little Ashes), putting on make-up….constantly but I’m trying to break myself of the addiction….

      slob, sloppy, doesn’t shampoo, walks like a dork, too skinny, not near enough muscles, I’m way too old for this, he’s just a fad for now, he’s just a flash in the pan, just another over exposed actor…

      Does it work? For a while & then I have to look at the pics and see what he’s up to. Actually taking a trip to Italy soon and thinking….do I or don’t I go where he has been seen there…filming location for New Moon, Cannes, etc. Then I think…stupid idea… But,…maybe he’ll show up in Tuscany just for R & R… then I think….he needs to the R & R… don’t be a stalker. Brain battles but as long as I have my pc Robporn then I can get through another day and not ponder such matters. Just enjoying the lovely sight of him in pics is enough. But I know that if I was in NYC…I’d be the one standing there for hours waiting to get a glimpse or the 4am photo or whatever. Ugh…is there treatment for this?

      Sorr for the book!

  24. Dear LTR/LTT ladies and unicorns,

    It’s so nice to be back, so I can read your Letters! I almost forgot how that man can just push all my buttons so right. Almost.

    I have to say though, it might be easier to ask us what does NOT remind us of Rob. For example… Scurvey. Although… he is British. I think the term “limey” has something to do with scurvey.


    Well, now I will go catch up on everything Rob has done in the past week. Le sigh… this will make for a pleasant Monday.


  25. whenever I’m feeling down that instead of marrying a type-A control freak…I married a creative, artistic type…

    lmao…right there with you babe! Tried to get my hubby to write me a poem for our 10th wedding anniversary and he was like “I’ll just give you the money to go buy something.”

    • why is it that the men WITH the skills to write us songs & poems & paint us paintings (my husband can do all 3) don’t!? and when i dated that construction worker before I met my hubby HE wrote me poems? they were awful, but at least he wrote them!

      • That’s true. Well when DH and I were still dating he wrote love letters to me every day, sometimes a couple of times a day and I have a large wooden box where I keep them in…and now 6 yrs later, not a single love letter :-(. Whenever I ask him for something like that he’ll say “go to the mall, buy a new pair of shoes or outfit!” 😦

        • What!? How rude! Next time he asks you for something all sexy tell him to go to the hardware store and buy a new hammer.

          • JodieO he asks me for something sexy all the time, but he’s the one that buys lingerie and clothes that he wants me to wear. Men are such simple creatures right? Food and sex, that’s it.

    • LOL! Yup.

  26. Cigarettes-I’ll see someone smoking and I’m like…GROSS!…but then I’ll think about Rob and how he’s the only person on the planet that can make smoking sexy.

    I was also watching the Spongebob marathon the other day and the Handsome Squidward episode was on. Handsome Squidward makes me think of Rob.

    • hahahaha

    • OMG, I saw the Spongebob marathon too, last night and felt that way! LOL, remember how he had all those muscles bulging and then he slammed on the post? Who woulda thought a squid could remind us of Rob? One of these days I bet Mickey Mouse will remind me of Rob too….or Elmo, maybe Winnie the Pooh?!?

      • LOL…or when people were popping out of toilets like..”Hi Handsome” and then they swiped his clarinet. I could so see that happening to Rob…except instead of the clarinet it would be his Ray Bans or can of Coke. Everything about that episode reminded me of Rob’s life.

    • Yes!! cigarrrrrettttteeeeesssss!!!! what kind of cigarettes Rob smokes??? Am I a bad Rob lover for not knowing that????

      • I have been trying to find that out as well….anyone know??

        • We want to know!!!! girls… please … anyone knows???

      • From the few photos that I’ve seen it looks like Malboro Lights. I know because I used to smoke them and because of Rob started up again and got sick as a dog. No more for me thanks.

    • OMG, Handsome Squidward! I lit’rally fell over on the couch laughing!!!

      That is priceless.


    • so, I thought only I would be crazy enough to make a connection btwn squidward and Rob….
      and then I come on here and know I’m not the only one!

  27. you have mentioned a few that remind me of him but there is also

    1) Kings of Leon
    2) Stoli Vodka
    3) Rock Band…cause he is soo bad at it
    4) The Sheraton
    5) Vancouver…cause I got a passport and flew there to try to meet him
    6) Hot Pockets
    7) Dunkin Doughnuts Coffee

    and I have to stop because the list could go on & on….

    Happy Monday!!

  28. Every time I take a look around my apartment and think “Man, I really should try to be tidier” I have one of two thoughts. I either think “Rob wouldn’t mind” or I think “Between me and Rob we are going to have one disaster of a house”.

    And because I’m a slob my Chuck Taylors are on the floor near the couch and those always make me think of Rob at the Vanity Fair shoot.

  29. “take the subway to Brooklyn and rub up against every bike rack I come across, just in case it’s the one his bike was chained to.”

    OH.MY.GOSH. Best line ever! Because that fleeting thought would rush through my head. That’s Normal! 🙂

  30. You had me at your first sentence. The other day I went out for ice cream with two friends, discussing this Robward situation finally I literally exclaimed “I’M RUINED!”

    Also I never get tired of seeing Fannypack Rob hahaha

    • Fannypack Rob will never get old, too true.

  31. Hey, I inspired an idea! Awesome! 🙂

    SOOOO many things remind me of Rob, and now I have so many new ones! (Handsome Squidward, I am still laughing)

    My Rob Problem (Roblem?) starts in the morning with the sight of the GQ that has never made it off my nightstand, and then I weigh myself on my ‘Taylor’ brand scale (Taylor=Jacob=twilight=Rob), and then throughout the day when I see the ‘Goblet of Fire’ book on the coffee table, my husband puts on the world’s dorkiest polo shirt to go golfing, my daughter asks if I will buy her a Snapple at the sandwich shop, and then again when I go to see Paramore in concert, and a dude next to me is wearing a black knitted beanie, ripped jeans AND Rob’s black Nikes.


    • “Roblem”?? Hahahah! I love it!

    • He’s following you…..awesome.

      • I know, I actually looked twice to make sure it wasn’t the same guy, and it wasn’t, because there were A LOT of guys there with a similar look….

        • You are a beanie magnet.

        • Wish I’d run into a Rob look alike, at least!

  32. I accepted a date with a total sketchbomb because he was wearing a pair of similar shiteous Nikes when he asked me out. It’s a hazard of dating under the Robfluence–you end up with a bunch of young dudes in flannel who have all of the funk with none of the charm or money of Rob.

  33. every time i see your name ‘UNINTENDED CHOICE’ i think of Rob (because that’s what he was)–

    my sable collies running in the sunlight have the same red-gold color as Rob’s hair in sunlight–

    have not the foggiest what hot pockets are, but the name is sufficiently suggestively risque to conjure up exactly the kind of sinful thoughts about Rob we all cherish–

    have no scrapbook but am blessed with the kind of head that zeroes in on the man subliminally with no provocation whatsoever–

    i cultivate this head daily by trips to videos, fotos, LTT, LTR so that its magical power to conjure Rob is daily enhanced–

    • Expat where do you live? Just curious. Expat name and all. I’m american, living in Canada btw.

  34. (ah penetrate- another thing that makes me think of Rob)

    Oh, UC….you make me giggle and think filthy thoughts. I love your face. No takebacks.


  35. “…I actually print out every piece of Rob porn we post & laminate it and put it in a binder. It’s my secret stash & I look at it* whenever I’m feeling down that instead of marrying a type-A control freak who started a successful green cleaning service I married a creative, artistic type with walls of books, guitar pedals, other instruments, keyboards & a film collection that one person could never get through in one year.”

    Oh come on… you know there is always truth behind sarcasm and tho you give it a disclaimer, I think it’s only a partial disclaimer like maybe it’s just not laminated or it’s not in a binder… 🙂

  36. Nikes!

  37. We went to one of those big box hardware stores this weekend and I wouldn’t let my husband get the paint he wanted because it was called “Oregano.” We compromised on sage.

    As we walked away, I noticed a 20ish year old girl walking down the aisle holding a (movie-photo paperback) copy of Twilight. There was a lot of laughing inside my head.

  38. ok i think if him with a lot of things eveytime i see a plaid shirt for instances. i like to make collages and well i just made 7 new ones 6 of them all rob. so there in my room and will think of him.
    a british accent will get me to think about him.
    i was away this weekend and someone at the airport was reading twilight probabaly for the first time the book had no marks on it like mine and i though about him.
    ok i think about him everytime.
    the next time i go to nyc i will have to go to the alice staute and sit there for a while and just rub it and probably kiss it or something.

  39. When I think off rob is when I go camping….since I saw that pink sleeping bag….. i also have one…I blame my mom for buying it

  40. The appropriate question here is when DON’T I think about Rob? There are only a handful of times when he isn’t on my mind.

    Have you ever been talk to people or doing something and you throw out a Rob-ism and laugh hysterically and no one knows what the hell you are talking about. And you can’t explain yourself because that would be awkward?

    Like when I was walking towards the car from the arena football game the other night and I was a little drunky…and I started reciting his interview answers. “I don’t like things too moist”, “It was all a lie” and “Sidewalk”….then I moved into the realm of “briefly in boxers” and “I’m really cool”….It was hilarious. I promise.

    • HAHA! I love the “I’m really cool?” interview. And I love that Kristen’s response was “You’re so lame!” because it’s totally how I would have responded.

    • Oh hell, I do the same thing. And it IS akward when no one else knows what you’re talking about! No one knows why I laugh so hard at myself when they ask me, “Hamburger or cheeseburger?” and I reply, “cheezberrgers!!!”

      Can we all get together, recite lines from his interviews and commentaries, and then giggle like crazy??? That would just complete my life.

    • Right on the money. Almost everything reminds me of Rob. I hate it when I use a Rob-ism and get nothing but crickets!!! What’s wrong with those people?

      • They are NOT normal!! 😉

  41. Pink Sleeping Bag & Rob. *sigh* I have fallen in love with Rob all over again.

    • Agreed. When I saw that photo I nearly melted. Something about him clutching that hot pink sleeping bag was so endearing. I just wanted to “do bad things” to him on the pink sleeping bag.


  42. I loved the sexy hair, the lovely eyes and yummy lips on Rob pics but since visiting this blog I also discovered his dorky, musical, clumsy, witty side and I am utterly under his charm…
    So these days I think a LOT about Rob and it’s because of you ladies…I will be forever grateful!

  43. There are a lot of things that make me think of Rob. I’m going to try my best to be original here.

    I’ve been flying a couple of places lately, and everytime I go through airport security, I think of Rob, and that pic of RobCrack, and smirk.

    Hanes underwear–that’s a new one. Their slogan “Wait ’till we get our Hanes on you” now is my motto. (Except substitute “I” for “we”, “my” for “our” and “groping, roving, eager hands” for “Hanes”.)

    And, most of all, I now look at dumpsters in an ENTIRELY different way. I believe I might have to compile an LTR Guide to Dumpsters ranking dumpsters on things like convenient locations to bars or film sets, cleanliness, privacy, and barriers to paparazzi. Because I’m a public servant like that.

  44. I think of Rob at night when I lie awake in my bed watching the shadows because he once said he is afraid of the dark (and always leaves a light on). Don’t know if this is really true, but I can relate to it, I’m afraid of the dark, too, sometimes.

  45. My ATM reminded me of Rob today.

    • LOL…omg…hahahahaha! Lit’rally.

      • lol That’s great!

  46. Hmm.. I just bought my man two black v-neck tees. And I tried convincing him that he DID look good in a special model of Ray Bans, but he never bought my lie :p

    So, whenever I pass a sign on the street, advertising for Ray Bans (That exact type HE wears) I get butterflies in my stomac, and start smiling. People think I’m weird, but who cares? Tha RayBans are my favorite. A pity I look like hell wearing them mysel *lol*

    I find myself wondering if the books I’m buying is simething HE would read. Or if the music I’m listening to is something he would like. And so on and so on.

    My brothers Salvador Dali painting (just a cpoy, of course) has me flying into Rob-mode, with a stupid grin on my face.

    I’m a lost case.

  47. I was just switching my laundry, and noticed that my dryer always reminds me of LTT/LTR. Because I always set the dial to “Normal”. Because That’s Normal!

  48. Every time I wake up to a grey day (which happens a lot here in Belgium), which reminds me that Edward, *cough*, I mean, Rob could totally live here.

    Every time I use Google, I think of him saying ‘You can google it.’ I once actually googled ‘adrenaline rush’ just to see what would come up. (I also googled ‘the cold one’, but whatev…)

  49. Oh, and not to forget, every time I hear something about the current epidemic of swine/Mexican flu, which reminds me of the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918, which reminds me of Edward, which evidently leads back to Rob. Sigh.

    • Me too! EVERY time!

  50. is it normal that “safe word” and “cookie” have different meanings to me now and may or may not make me giggle inside everytime i hear it?

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