Posted by: themoonisdown | July 19, 2009

Rob Pattinson is livin’ large in Beverly Hills – video

Dear Rob-

Now that we’re less than a week away from you coming back to California to be with me attend ComicCon (fingers crossed) and kick back for a few before Eclipse starts I found this super great video to the tune of Beverly Hills by Weezer. One of my favorite bands back in the day and a song that definitely fits you, a sort of kiss off to the establishment of Hollywood. At least in my eyes…

I love how this video makes you look like a smirky rad d-bag! Good job Vera! Check out her other videos!

Another Sunday and another week looms ahead… enjoy your last day off and let the countdown for Comic Con begin!

4 days!

Head on over to Letters to Twilight for some Sunday goodness
Meet up at Comic Con, or groan about not being at Comic Con in the Forum!



  1. You are soooo lucky if you are going to Comic Con, we don’t get anything like that here in Ireland….perhaps if I win the lottery?
    Are you going to attend the Fanfic talk? I’ve read Lolashoe’s run down and it sounds interesting, personally if I were Stephanie Meyers I’d be there to meet these ladies……
    OH and please if any of you go, make sure to get on the forum and give us the low down as it’s the only thrill some of us can get…..
    Happy Sunday everyone

    • moon is going! she better be live tweeting!

      oh i meant ‘themoonisdow’ πŸ™‚

  2. I agree!

    Cannot wait to hear ALL about it πŸ™‚

    Even if Edward is not considered a main part in “NM” and Rob will not be doing backstage interviews in view of this 😦

    (according to Variety)

  3. Here’s the picture my husband took Friday at the Remember Me set<3:

    • Your hubs is a STAR!!!

    • where!?

  4. And yes yes yes to the fanfiction – hope we can video of this too πŸ™‚

    • Sorry – See video of this too πŸ™‚

  5. oops..sorry, HERE is the picture:

    • Great pic D2D, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • ditto–<3

    • That’s awesome.

    • Great pic! Um, is that chick holding his cigarette? LOL!

    • ❀ your hubby…..
      Can someone tell me why I'm more excited by this picture and Obird's from the other day than the papparazzi ones?

    • Great pic! Thanks for sharing.

      A little off-subject but…Adrien Brody is in town (Des Moines) shooting a movie with Cam Gigandet and Forrest Whitaker. Is it wrong that I totally want to stalk the filming locations with my three-year-old daughter in tow. : )

      If only Rob would shoot a movie in Des Moines. Something edgy about meth or something.

  6. love all these videos of Rob–only wish i knew how to make them all run from A-Z without the irritating pauses–

    something non-Rob but perhaps of interest to all LTR/LTT fans (the Robpack)–discovered in my Sunday trail a video of another sexy Brit which is worth looking at–NY Times editorial page, op-ed by Dick Cavett with a 30-min video of his interview of Richard Burton from July 1980–an interesting contrast from then till now–happy Sunday to you all–

  7. I love smirky Rob. But I’ve never been able to find the interview where they have that weird ‘yow!’ button. Does anyone know where I could watch it?

    • Here it is. It will raise lots of questions for you, though. They are supposed to hit the button when there is a question they don’t want to answer in case you’re wondering about the crazy format. There is one question that they avoid and I totally wonder what it is and they also avoid the question “could you fall for each other in real life?” Hmmmm….

      • Yay! Thanks! =) Also, I love how your gravatar looks like a piece of toast with bunny ears. =)

      • One of my fave interviews, this French one! I love when someone asks K about Zac Efron or Rob LMAO

        • one of my faves too.

          • I am excited for the interview whirlwind that will be coming up for New Moon, but I hope that they still have them with K and R because I love their interactions! I’ll die they do all of the junkets with Kristen and Taylor instead!

      • Rob is so adorable in this video! And Kristen admits that Rob wouldn’t let her out of their hotel room πŸ˜‰ Poor thing!

  8. this video is awesome πŸ™‚

  9. Moon please oh please give us the DETAILS from Comic Con. I had to use all my mental powers to stop myself last night from bidding on a last minute Comic Con pass, flying to San Diego alone just for the day. (And I wouldn’t put it past myself to do that kind of crazy thing because thats exactly what I did to see the Buffy reunion last year.)

    • Tell us about Buffy reunion. We love her. Sometimes even as much as Rob.

      • I mean Edward. We love Rob the most of course.

      • That mashup has to be like my favo thing ever btw. Buffy reunion was awesome!! Even despite Eliza Dushku and Alyson Hannigan (how could she miss this?!) not showing up last minute. Everyone else that was scheduled came, though David and Anthony Stewart Head were never on the roster. I didn’t care as much because it was a huge deal that SMG actually participated in a Buffy function for like the first time ever and I loved seeing her! I’ll dig out my poorly video’ed cast intro and post it on my blog for you! I was insane, I flew out there alone in the hopes of being able to get standby tickets, which thank the holy heavens I did!

  10. Details from ComicCon pleaseeeee!!!1 think of all the poor “living outside USA” fans!!!! I know you will… you’re so lucky to go moon… please tweet!!!!

    I love that Rob video!!!!!

    Have a lovely sunday everyone!

  11. I am anticipating Comic Con already!

  12. crazy week as half my office will be out at comicon also… will be going down on Sunday to help out and super good thing 1/2 of them are twi fans so i will get cool stuff when they get back! yay!

    love this song, vera – amazing vid, living in and working in beverly hills… this song can be my anthem πŸ™‚

  13. Love the song.
    Love Rob!

  14. I feel like every weekend you guys post something that reminds me why I am so ga-ga crazy for all things Twi and RPatts-y. Not that I need a lot of reminding in that department, but still. So thanks. I [heart] you guys.

    And if I can give a nod to LTT while I am at it, of course blogging is only done between the hours of 5:15 and 11:45. Just ask my boss or the IT department where I work and I am sure they will vouch for me…

  15. I’m jealous, wish I could go to the Comic Con! 😦 Please let us know all the details!

    Btw love that video and as usual he is hot and classy!

  16. Hope the people wanting to get into Hall H on Thursday are getting in line already.

    Man, that queue (as Rob would say) is going to be looooooooonnnngggg……..

    Do you say queue in the U.S?

    • I am worried about getting in to Hall H. It does seat 6,500 but still! We can’t pick up our passes until Thursday morning and that is a different line than the one for Hall H. So, I’ll have to wait to get my pass then run frantically to the Hall H line. Anyone have a good strategy for this? My biggest fear right now is not getting in…lol Oh, and summergirl, we only say queue in the US when we are trying to sound British…lol

    • LOL…we usually say “line.” Que sounds very proper :-).

  17. moon will be in the same room as Rob sniffing the same O2! Have fun moon and inhale the goodness.

  18. I absolutely loved this video!
    Kristen says nobody asked for Rob’s number- yeah right!Thanks for posting. And yes, I loved Weezer back in the day.

  19. in the words of paris hilton:

    thats hot!!

    am totally jealous that you get to go!! sigh* the closest ive been was an hr away from him when he came to much music.. but that was so jammed pack for 3 blocks surrounding the building it was pointless to go and stand out in the rain amidst crazy tween fans.. :S
    i shall have my night with him, i mean, moment to meet him!


  20. Ok, UC, Moon, women.. (someone), give us a day to day on ComCon while you are their.
    We want to hear about EVERYTHING!.
    You will be our eyes and ears!
    x Hermes

  21. LOTN?

    • popping in to say hi, won’t be able to stay though, work chaotic again. On sat night i was getting ready to say bye when we had a balckout, I was sitting in the dark typing away, took me three attempts blaming wordpress before the light went ding and i realised the reason I couldb’t post was cause the wireless router was down… ahh duh!

      How are you E?

      • Hey Lizzie. Good to hear from you. So is that what happened to everybody? I know you’re busy but I’m glad you stopped by. I’m doing fine here.

        • well that was what happened to me anyway! I popped in last night and no-one was at home, probably a good thing, I am way behing in real life and needed some catch up time, i did miss you all though! Been up to anything E?

          I think I may have freaked FN out with the Forbidden Room FF, I hope she isn’t hiding in a corner somewhere!

  22. Also have to admit to buying one of the mag rags on the weekend, i was at the checkout when it caught me eye and not judt cause Rob was on the cover it was the big blaok letters reading “Robert dumps Kristen”, I went yep I’ll have that thanks. how childish does that make me, LOL.

    • LOL Oh, you fell for the rag??? I would say wishful thinking.

      • Yep it was the Dumps bit that I couldn’t resist, and then the article totaly cracked me up, Rob is a “player” and once he has women he dumps them, he likes the chase according to all these well placed sources. Oh and Nikki is about to do a tell all dump on Rob in punishment for dumping her and getting with Kristen, who of course has now been deumped in favout of Emilie. I really was literally LOL reading the crap. That’s $4.95 i’m not getting back, although in comedic value alone it may have been worth it.

        • People love to dish the dirt. Of course he’s not that way!

  23. Oh and really liked HP, a few thinsg i didn’t (a bit of a stickler for making sure it follows the books) but overall thought it was great, the sets were amazing and Helena BC stole the entire movie, she totally rocks as Bellatrix.

    • Yeah, Helena did a great job! Perfect casting there. I was glad I saw it. Someday I’ll read all the books–just read the first one so far.

      • E – put them on reserve at the library THIS MINUTE, you must, i mean it RIGHT NOW!!!!!

  24. Ok E I’m out, if anyone else pops by say hi for me, if i can I will pop back later otherwise will at least pop in again tomorrow.
    * big smiley panda face*

    • See you L.

  25. I love this. Awesomeness!

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