Posted by: Bekah | May 20, 2009

See you at the Poll

Just when you thought Rob couldn't get any more dad-like than the "Dad-Case," turns out he also reads the paper, checks the weather and brings along a jacket 'just in case' it gets chilly

Just when you thought Rob couldn't get any more dad-like than the "Dad-Case," turns out he also reads the paper, checks the sky for rain when he first walks outdoors and brings along a jacket 'just in case' it gets chilly

Dear Rob,

I was sitting around, thinking of you (just a normal Tuesday night) and reminiscing about 9th grade. That was the first year I went to See you a the Pole. Ya know, that day in September when high schools students around the globe band together and pray for their schools, while holding hands around the flag pole? My 9th grade SYATP experience was especially memorable because I got to hold Jason’s hand, and he was my 9th grade crush. Sigh, what a special morning of raging teenage hormones prayer.

Anyway, back to you. I started thinking about you in high school (or secondary school? What do you Brits call it?) and what it would have been like to hold your hand. I envisioned myself tracing my thumb along your thumb, making soft little circles on it and then probably squeezing it SO hard out of excitement that it gets a little bruise. But you wouldn’t have minded because, unlike Jason who did mind, you would’ve been so overcome with attraction to my 9th grade braces & pimples-self and given me an unforgettable first kiss that would have been unforgettable in a very good way and obviously in private since everyone around us would be have their eyes closed while praying (as opposed to my actual first kiss which was with the guy that I mirrored your Myspace after and very much in public in front of the high school and in front of my best friend’s dad).

It was during this 9th grade, pure little Christian-girl, See You at the Pole fantasizing that it occurred to me: It’s high time we had a poll on Letters to Rob! So, introducing our very first:

See You at the Poll

Hand-holding love,


This poll is actually for you all. Italy’s coming up, so let’s discuss what Rob’s looking most forward to! Or submit your own idea at the bottom of the poll!

Moon’s cheesy Wednesday words:

I didn’t take the pole down after Rob was over the other day, I just brought it into the blog!



  1. “Laughing at Kristen for being born in the same decade as Dakota”
    LOL that’s genious
    “Getting out his “Angels & Demons” tour book of Rome and acting like Tom Hanks at every famous site”
    You know I watched TOm Hanks movie “Big” the other day and I swear I thought he had the character he played their is as quirky as ARt and I remembered Rob of course .. Maybe it’s just me seeing Rob everywhere ..

    • LMAO. Those girls are brilliant. Rob will be proud.

  2. Hi!

    I have never posted before but have been a HUGE fan for a while now, you girls never fail to make me laugh and trying to understand the thoughts of Rob’s mind makes much more sense than any stupid course work that I have piling up around me!

    Keep up the good work!!


    ps. the pics of riverarob are seriously sending me into frenzy, sun-sea-rob……..ahhhhh! its too much for a girl to take!

    • haha.. thanks for commenting!

      • Seriously?

        We don’t do that flag pole thingie. Not in my day and I have many nieces and nephews in school (primary school is 5-11, secondary school is 11-16 or 11-18).

        There are many, many culture differences between UK and US. Who knew? I thought we were so similar. I am learning so much from LTR!!! And laughing too πŸ™‚

    • YEA!! hi sarahlou!!

      welcome out of lurkdom!

  3. @ UC…oh man! Srsly girl! You’ve got my freak flag a wavin! Maybe it’s time I disclosed what career path I’ve chosen. Cause this post is too perfect! Ya, so I work at a church *hangs head* I went to Bible College, and I married a Pastor! And yes, Rob behind the dumpster is all kinds a good.

    “Sigh, what a special morning of raging teenage hormones prayer.” (YES!)

    “It was during this 9th grade, pure little Christian-girl, See You at the Pole fantasizing that it occurred to me” (Iknowwhatyoursayinsista!)

    There…I’ve said it! I’m out! Dude, I am so in over my head.

    • He’s worn me down slowly, punctured my moral center, corrupted my thoughts, and made me reconsider my prudeness. And all this before breakfast!

      • I’m feelin the luv my peeps…

        @ Leigh Anne & @ Sassysmart – I grew up in Tempe, AZ…went to Bible College in Tulsa. Now I’m in Canada. Crazy! ‘Saddle up your Horses!’

        @ UC – Love you too, my Cohort in Robliciousness. Um…why did it take so long to confess? Going to hell over admitting I’d do Rob in the baptismal tank without batting an eyelash? And your CCM jokes are NEVER lost on me! You’re preachin to the choir girls! xo

        • oops, meant to post this at the bottom. πŸ™‚ whatever.

        • hahahahahahahaha you just said do him in the baptismal tank!

        • I LOVE that you quoted SCC back to me. That is MONEY right there.

          Because THIS is the great adventure. And by “this,” I clearly mean Rob.

          p.s. I win over all of you. I graduated from THE Christian college. THE university, in fact. The one where the dc Talk boys met, formed their band, and made CCM history. Yep…I was/am one of Jerry’s kids. Hear me roar!

          And don’t ever diss the dc Talk boys…as I still love them and pray daily for their reunion. Not even kidding.

          Resume your Rob love, please. (As I run to make Rob a mix tape of CCM classics, featuring Audio Adrenaline, Avalon, Carmen, and Jars of Clay.)

          • you forgot Sandi!

          • Dude. My old roommate used to be one of Sandi’s backup singers. True story.

            I say we also throw some Newsboys into the mix.

          • Clearly! xo

    • Hi…I’m a Bible college graduate, too. Ain’t no shame in that game. Live out loud, girl! (As Steven Curtis Chapman once sang…)

      • UC and I both went to Christian schools in Nashville. Different schools (her’s was too cool for me! HA!) but both Christian and just down the skreet from each other.

        GO BRUINS!!! GO BISONS!!!

        • i actually could care less about the Bruins… so I will cheer for the bisons with you!

          • Don’t worry…I’m so bad I couldn’t actually remember the Lipscombs mascot is a Bison.

            They don’t play football so I don’t care.

        • Hey! I’m a Bison alum, too!!!

          • Sassy-when were you at Lipscomb??

          • I graduated in 97. I transferred there from Murray State. I didn’t really know anyone there.

          • We were there together for a year! I started Fall ’96.

          • I feel old now. HA!!!!!

            Small world though for certain!

    • I.Love.You. and why did it take you so long to confess? Haven’t you noticed the old school CCM jokes we throw in at least every other day? its our fav thing to do!

      • Hey nuthin wrong with luvin you some JESUS! πŸ™‚

        youknowIamjustsayin, Brummie

        • Um, God CREATED RPattz. He knows what’s up.

          • @ Brummielover & @Pinkfluff – Thank you Lord for creating the lickableness that is RPattz. Now, exorcise him from my brain before I implode! Or worse! Compose more filthy poems! xo

    • Oh honey, no worries. You’re one of many Bible-believing, church-going, monogamous Robsessed.

      I think what really appeals to us is that he seems like a really nice guy, who happens to be gorgeous and sexy as all get-out. We wouldn’t fall this hard for some scummy man-whore. I can almost guarantee you that with all of Rob’s talk about marriage and a wife, and a committed relationship, he will be faithful to that wife and that relationship. Which, I admit, is part of why I love him.

      Besides, as has been said many times over, our husbands/SOs, are benefiting mightily from our little Robsession. πŸ™‚

      • “Besides, as has been said many times over, our husbands/SOs, are benefiting mightily from our little Robsession. ” (true, so true…well said! xo)

    • YEa! another convert or church girl loving some rob!

      • Ya Baby! xo Feel like it’s dirty…well you know.

  4. What made me laugh the most… the caption under today’s photo. Great stuff, UC.

    • That caption was brill, and you didn’t even mention his Sunday Golf Shirt. That is Very Dad-ish as well.

  5. Best picture caption ever. Had he been holding a cup of coffee, I would’ve mistaken him for Mike Brady–pre-Afro.

    “See you at the POLL.” Oh, your witty brilliance slays me.

    • And I did it all on my own. I wanted help from The Quad b/c i felt very un-funny, but then the Lord spoke… and See You at the Poll was given to me…

  6. LPL!! I voted for the last one cuz when I got to it, it made me laugh the hardest. And it’s in the lead, too!! YES!! Hahahahahah.

    I ❀ your faces!! πŸ˜€

  7. I love my dad-like Rob. All this little details makes him so adorable.

    The Poll..LMAO. I did get the obvious answer. “She’ll pass”

  8. Ahahahha love the last choice on the poll.


    • i agree.

  10. Agree. The photo caption was fabulous. Oh what a practical old fashioned gorgeous man.

  11. Ahh yes, No oregano for Kstew…LOVE IT!

  12. Um…I’ll meet him at his pole.

    That’s right. I said it, you heard it. Don’t judge.

    • have we EVER judged ANYONE here?

      • Of course not. It’s normal. I’m normal.

        I feel warm and fuzzy…and safe inside my little normal bubble. Course that could be from the f-me eyes that Mr. Wants Everyone to Believe He’s Shy and Can’t Get a Girlfriend is throwing out left and right at every camera in France.

        • Oh he’s a tease. He knows what he’s doing. No man gives those eff me eyes, sucks in their cheeks, and stands all hunched over like that without knowing what he’s doing to all the ladies.

          • Its those sucked in cheeks!!! I noticed that today and I was looking at the pics. His mouth goes into a little pout too when he does this.
            How can he be so adorable and yet so deliciously hot at the same time???

          • Even Lainey commented on the cheek sucking and the pout. She said some lady fell to her knees when she saw Robbie-Rob. Swoon…

    • No judging here…just agreeing!!! Rob’s ‘pole’=WIN!!! πŸ˜€

    • We don’t judge πŸ˜‰

  13. New Cannes party pics from last night!

    • Is it me or does he look like he’s ready to pounce on some booty?!?!?! LOL πŸ˜‰

      • Booking my flight now.

  14. Hahahahaha. Hey I voted like my fellow LTR-ers. We are like an ameba of Rob and all think the same.

    PS I am writing this on the airplane, as Too_For_Gone and I have headed to France to save HHH from the flash bulbs on the pier. I left my dog, Syd in Flat on the Robblerum.

    PPS Yes, I’ve lost my effing mind this AM

    • ‘Holy Fuckery'(like how I incorporatedthat?) heehee πŸ™‚ Are you drinking on the plane by any chance?!?!?! πŸ˜‰

      • Well done using “Holy Fuckery”. I’m going to try and say that at least once, today. Out. Loud.

        • At work, I say, “Holy Fockery!”, (like meet the Fockers)

          • And that is why you are my hero!!! πŸ˜€

        • We should make it a point to try and use it at least once a day!! Like kind of word of the day or something like that!!! πŸ™‚

  15. “I started thinking about you in high school (or secondary school? What do you Brits call it?) and what it would have been like to hold your hand. I envisioned myself tracing my thumb along your thumb, making soft little circles on it and then probably squeezing it SO hard out of excitement that it gets a little bruise.”


    Fave poll options:
    The fight with Kellan in the Collosium and Kristen passing on Oregeno. LOL!

    I ❀ your minds!

  16. Your memories brought memories of my very own SYATP!!! LOL Awww…memory lane!

    Is it bad that all this talking about ‘poles’ got me to think of his…er…pole?!?!?! LOL

  17. I loved the caption under the photo for today. It was so funny. Well, not so much because when I marry Rob, he will be a great role model for my daughter. *sigh*

  18. Our Boy is English fo sho…checkin the sky, newspaper, jacket, and that old man polo shirt.

    This is why I feel entitled to “ahem” admire him so much and not feel so dirty being “cough cough” slighty (yea more than slightly) older lady. Because he is mature for his age….. hahahahahaha

  19. “Laughing at Kristen and responding “She’ll pass” for her, every time a waiter asks “Would you like Oregano?””

    Laughed so hard my son came in to ask if I was okay!

  20. lol great poll…No Oregano For Stewie!

  21. Great post! You inspired me to wear my old SYATP t-shirt. In honor of Rob, of course!

  22. Sorry, Rob’s a dude. And guys gotta compare. So you know he is going to see the statue of David and be like, “Pssh, this David guy ain’t got nothing on me.”

  23. Besides the fact that this ‘poll’ was hilarious… said “See you at the pole” in this post several times, and never said “That’s what she said.” Your restraint is impressive. After reading this post and comments, I keep snickering at the word “pole” AND “poll”.



    • there was a ‘thats what she said’ overdose when the poster came out… need recovery time!

  24. Love this poll, awesome! Assume y’all have seen this woman’s photo with Rob, but thought it was hilarious. Good to know that at the end of the day, he is just a man…

    • He’s human!!!! LOL!!! And I’ll succumb to spitefulness right now and say that she doesn’t seem to have much boobs to offer. Maybe he could be looking at something else but what?

      Maybe this?

      • That’s hillarious!!!

        Rob, you cheeky monkey you! Your so adorable!

        • Well it is helpful that I now know what one needs to wear to get his attention. One low-cut shirt with some cleavage and I am in!!

    • OMG!!!! I LOVE this! The expression is the BEST. ‘How u doin.’ Love him even more, cross my heart. Some of us hangin on for dear life to a ‘B’ cup…and it would appear Rob is not an a** man….so….CRAP.

  25. That poll is so funny jajajajaja
    I can picture him with kellan in a little gladiator remake…
    And with that new stripe shirt in Cannes Rob definitely looks like a commander in a gondola… just put a little beret and imagine him singing under the moon… ❀

  26. damn, between SYATP here and DTR over at LTT, I am on high school memories overload. You guys crack me up! πŸ™‚

  27. Well Rob has now made my husband fashionable due to his new polo/golf shirt!!

    Love the pole thing even though we don’t do it here in UK, the hand holding detail was tinglishious
    ❀ you always

    • I know! now my hubby’s gonna break out all his golf shirts now claiming, “if Robert can wear them, I can too!”

      and this will be me: “…, Mr. La vie, when you look like that, then you can wear em golf shirts. Till then, they’re meant for GOLFING! “

  28. I totally had to vote for the Kellan and Rob spooning b/c I’m reading the FF. Anyhoo, It was hard to decide b/c “No Oregano” was freakin’ hilarious!!!

  29. Laughing at Kristen for being born in the same decade as Dakota

    damn i miss highschool, those were the days! and since rob’s the same age as i am.. im assuming that brit’s are the same, and he partied hardcore!

    LOL @GW.. that pic is HILARIOUSSSS!!! i think i just love the guy that much more! ❀

    thnx again for a great blog!!

  30. Alright. You guys did it. This is my all-time favorite post. I have not snickered/laughed so hard in a while. Loved the choices so it’s really hard to have a favorite although Rob and Kellan fighting at the Coliseum does stand out.

    Perfect. And thanks. (I really wanted to say you guys are da bomb but man that makes me feel old since I remember when that was cool).

    • call us da bomb dot com b/c that makes it hipper

  31. I’m loving Rob’s pole…er um…no, that’s right. Just go with it.


    • Don’t worry I said the same thing!!! Just roll with it!!! πŸ˜€

  32. Laughing at Kristen and responding “She’ll pass” for her, everytime a waiter asks “Would you like Oregano?”—I died. This is me dead. Seriously.

    • i love you dead
      that sounded mean
      but you know i mean it out of love

  33. are you trying to butter me up for our little encounter on saturday?!?

    Poll Question:
    Laughing at Kristen and responding “She’ll pass” for her, everytime a waiter asks “Would you like Oregano?” 25% (104 votes)

    TOTAL F’ING WIN ON THAT ONE. my sides hurt.

  34. This photo cracks me up. He’s got that ‘how you doin’?’ look on his face, LOL!

    • DOH! I forgot the link:

      • Is she nekkid?

        Wait, I think that would happen to most of us if we met Rob…spontaneous combustion of all material from our bodies.

        I can see.

      • I think we can safely say that pic cleared up the ‘is he a boobs man or an ass man?’ question.

        • Thank goodness! My boobs are way better than my ass!

          • me too. Plenty of boobage, no assage πŸ™‚

          • B*tch! xo πŸ˜‰

  35. Rob walked the red carpet at the Inglorious Bastards premiere in Cannes.

    • WOW. I’m done.

      Wait…did you just call him Glorious Bastard? Cuz I agree, you know!

    • Why is Mariah Carey “Vision of Love” running in my head as I click these pictures?

      He could make me buy her concert T-shirt and make me actually GO to her concert. Sweet torture for the one we love.

      • “He could make me buy her concert T-shirt and
        make me actually GO to her concert.”

        LMAO! Priceless. I would only go to one of her concerts
        if he was going with me!

    • Truly scrumptious!

      God I love his lips/pout.

    • @jENA

      Man girl….you gotta put a warning before I hit that link! I am at work and was unprepared…thank you, thank you πŸ˜‰

      • You totally hit that! That’s what she said!

  36. Umm…I am in love with him in that picture. Just sayin’…

    • @Lauren

      True Story!

  37. I had to vote for “Comparing his junk to David”. Just the mention of his junk was reason enough to vote for that.

    Love the poll, UC! I swear you should get paid for being so funny.

  38. Dad-case, newspaper, jacket or not, doesn’t matter to me! No matter what he does I am game. Does it count that you can be IN LOVE with someone you never met??? Just wonderin’. Cause I think it can happen; in fact I’m pretty sure. πŸ˜›
    It must be illegal to be this wanted.
    The day he finds a real girlfriend (sorry Kristen but this aint gonna last-your’e just promo fodder) I think my heart will sputter out, just like a dying human’s when turning vampire.
    Waaah burger, french-cries….

    • LOL “my heart will sputter out”. Agreed, sanpatriciosspirit. That will be a sad day for many.

  39. You dirty little church girls! Who knew?! LOL! You are all welcome to join me (and JAG) in hell for the dirtiest thoughts possible about Rob!–like doing Rob in church! This includes all you behind-a-dumpster-Robhos! I want to totally kneel and…uhhh…”pray”…at Rob’s “pole”!

    Comparing his junk to the David. Rob wins hands down!

    Laughing at Kristen and responding “She’ll pass” for her, every time a waiter asks “Would you like Oregano?” LMAO!!!!

    Oh more hot Dad like Robness! Total jizz! Spank me, DaddyRob! I’ve been a very naughty girl!

    Hey, did we ever nail down a location for our Rob cult compound?! I called shotgun on drinkin’ Rob’s koolaid!

    Dear Rob,

    You’re my own.Personal.Jesus. You hear my prayers. You’re someone who cares. I want to reach out and touch your “faith”. You’ve made me a believer.

    Waiting for the splash of your holy water,


    Enjoy this from JAG, my fellow hellion…

    • Bwahahahahaha! OMG…I love you girl! Know this.

    •!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I needed that, again, today! πŸ™‚

  40. Although I loved yesterday’s pix as much as all of you, I must object to the Dadshirt.

    It looks like the standard uniform of every guy I work with here in corporate suburbia. Ick.

    Rob sweetie, you might want to become acquainted with a stylist, at least for photo calls/major events, dude!

    Otherwise, stick with the fitted t-shirts that are short enough that we can see your happy trail when you wear the low-slung jeans. Me likey.

    • ‘Me likey.’ YES!

      mon ami, he won’t have that shirt on long (ifyouknowwhatimsayin.) xo

      • Youknowwedo!!! Ha, ha. It really doesn’t bother me that he wears the most atrocious clothing, ’cause it’s what’s underneath that counts! πŸ˜‰

      • Will you write us an Ode to the Happy Trail, pretty pleeeeeez Proselyt3?

        • @f_ingdelicious

          The happy trail. Oh Lord have mercy. The happy trail….hmmmmm. Sorry lost you there for a moment. Wait. What were we talking about?

          Oh right! The happy trail. Yes! Would love to…nothing like an expression of cultural refinement and an appreciation for Rob’s parts….ahem, I mean the arts.

          ‘Ode to a Happy Trail’

          Trail so joyful
          Trail so true
          Leading to my happyplace
          A whole lotta you.

          Damn the polo!
          Though you still be yummy
          Doesn’t ride up,
          or show your tummy.

          I’d like to to tickle
          or possible lick
          that delicious path
          that leads to your *cough, cough*

          (God please forgive me, it’s a legit illness, not even gonna lie!)

          • Okay, not fair – totally not fair. First, I just snorted cookie crumbs up my nose (do not ask how that happened, please), and second, no one should be that talented.

            “I’d like to to tickle
            or possible lick
            that delicious path
            that leads to your *cough, cough* ”

            Can I get an “amen”?

          • LOL! I love it!

          • AWESOME!! Epic WIN! (Totally having to work at not cracking up out loud here in the office).

            Just for that, I’m going to spell your name correctly!

            Thanks, Proselyte3!

            Freya better bring it to top that one…

          • @ DanaB – So sorry about your cookie. It’s a dark gift. πŸ˜‰

            @ Jena – xo

            @ F_ingdelicious – Love that you are reading LTR at work. You freespirit. *kiss*

          • proselyte3,you are the bomb,too!LOL

          • @ DanaB – Sorry about the cookie. It’s a dark gift.

            @ Jena & @ Sherin – xo

            @ F_ingdelicious – Love that you are reading LTR at work. You freespirit.

  41. Hello everyone!
    Hope everyone is having a good week.

    I agree with the “daddy-case” and the fatherly look…
    It looks like he is there for a business trip instead of a photo call. hehe

    The poll cracked me up!! I couldn’t choose just one tho… funny how oregano has the most votes hee hee

  42. I think my favorite part of this is that the poll is hosted by polldaddy. Yes Rob, please be our poll daddy.

  43. Another one for the poll: going around to all the Italian restaurants requesting sausage and meatball hot pockets. Cause you know, they originated the idea in Italy! LOL!

  44. @ DanaB – Golly, sorry about the cookie Dana.

    It’s a dark gift. πŸ˜‰

    @ Jena…xo

    • Damn those Famous Amos!

      Them dark gifts are what we love. Keep on keeping on. πŸ˜‰

  45. Ok, so I read everyday, but never post anything, but I thought this video was too cute not to share.

    And did we notice the necklace he’s been wearing in Cannes? The gold shark tooth?

    BTW – I would literally pay to see Rob and Kellan wrestling (naked) in the Colosseum! So hot!

  46. Random:
    . Love me some DaddyRob …whew…
    . Poll –> Rob’s junk. You’re evil for ‘mak da ladies’ think about it even MORE…
    . I am SO glad that I’ll have friends in hell! πŸ™‚

  47. UC and moon,you ARE da over.seriously.for coming up with a “pole” with choices like that!i had to vote for the gondola, imagining riveira rob in that suit in a gondola serenading mental pic.i thunk

  48. hi ! just passing by to give you a little video on the red carpet tonight with an interview with our goregous man

  49. ‘Holy Extra Posts Batman!!!!’ My apologies. πŸ™‚

  50. 1st post.. I am so nervous…

    LOVED the post (as I do with all of them!) LOVED the Poll. I can’t help put picture a group sing-a-long of Koombiyah around the Poll.

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