Posted by: themoonisdown | June 10, 2009

Storytime with Moon and Sam Bradley!

Dear Rob-

Friday, I went to see your pal Sam Bradley perform at the Whiskey-A-Gogo and here’s a little story for you…


Once upon a time the lovely Mrs. P’s only wish for her Birthday (well besides Rob of course and a hasty Vegas divorce) was to see Sam Bradley perform at the Whiskey on Friday, June 5 with some of the lovely LTR gals. So we planned and planned for the big event and by planned I mean we remembered to buy tickets and comb our hairs and headed off to the show. But not before we all met up to shove some shi-shi gourmet pizze down our pie holes so we wouldn’t faint at the mere site of a one Mr. Bradley or our secret hopes – a Robert Pattinson sighting, though we knew those chances were .0000001% possible, a girl’s gotta hold out hope.

We get to the venue and there’s NO line. Yup, none whatsoever- just the faint memory and dried vomit of what was once a hallowed music venue back in the hayday. So no Twi-hards or nerds to take pictures of so we moved inside to catch the action. Since this was an all ages event (yup, you heard right ALL ages) we were doubly sure to get our hands stamped with that over 21 brand and head straight for the bar. Even though the chances for teeny screaming were high, this was a birthday afterall!

So of course we line up for a group pic cause we were bored waiting around for the opening acts to get the hell off the stage

Little did we know we were in for the weirdest line up to EVER be assembled in one place… and also the most handsy opening bands ever (more on this later…)

First up we have probably the WORST band I’ve ever heard in my life. Seriously. I can’t even remember their name other than it was something to do with a Monkey (hmmm coincidence?) and they were from Las Vegas. At one point the dude ran around the room and jumped off the stairs/balcony. He was like 4ft tall with the worst tattoos across his back. This was also when I figured out Twitter was down for an hour and my promised live tweet was in jeopardy and the Twihards were starting to descend and crowd around the front for the Monkey band. They were probably confused and thought Jackson would show up. It was time for another drink.

So the next band takes the stage and proceed to not suck as hard as the Monkey dudes. In fact they were probably the 2nd best of the night after Sam… besides the old dudes (more on them later) and that’s not really saying much. We would find out this band is called Nicky Egen and the Majority and even later we would learn that either they had been cooped up in a van by themselves for too long or had never met a girl before in their lives. The dude in the red shirt makes the craziest guitar faces which we surmised were identical to his O face. We nicknamed him Ginger.

So we decided to look around us and see who happens to come to see the weirdest show on earth and here’s what we found…

Take the cut to read the rest of the review!!!!

Two dudes in a sea of Twihards and cougars rocking out. Either HUGE funky monkey fans or totally lost

The blogger from Twigrandmas and her hubby, the worlds oldest unicorn, came to the show! And might I add they were prepared, look at those trainers!

Then the crowds parted, the Twigrandma’s moved and Sam Bradley walked down the stairs followed by a dude with a hoodie over his head. An audible gasp was heard running through the crowd (ok, just us). After our hearts began beating again and we did like 8 double takes one of our LTR girl yelled out “it’s DECOY Rob!!… No it’s Fakerpattz!!” After that everytime the dude in the hoodie walked by we would all yell FAKERPATTZ!! Poor guy, probably thought we were crazy or we wanted him. Bad. We did not.

Then it was FINALLY time for some Sam Bradley goodness!
Sam sings some songs…Β  people take some pictures… he wears a gold chain…

Sam is joined on stage by the lovely violinst. He plays a song about Soho whores. I can’t decide if he’s referring to the girls in the front row, or us. Probably us.

Then he sang a song about whiskey being his friend and even though Vodka’s mine, I raised by glass to offer a cheers and being directly in his eye line he sees this and tells me “Cheers.” Yes, folks your favorite RP pal and I cheersed each other during his set. Don’t be TOO jealous.

And then…
Robert Pattinson himself The decoy, fakerpattz, comes out to listen to his pal Sam’s set. At this point in the show we were having good times and a few drinks and this is amazing that we even got this picture… it took at least 10 tries on 3 different cameras to get it. But we rewarded ourselves with inventing a new dance. It’s called the “sexy robot.” Maybe someday you’ll be lucky enough to see it in action. Or anytime the SoCal LTR girls get together.

Sam finished up his set after getting like 5 encores and time to play additional songs. A herd of gals headed upstairs to meet him at his merch table and we decided to be smart and hang out downstairs for a while and let the crowd thin out a bit before we ventured up to holy ground…

So Apparently opening bands LOVE to take pictures with the fans of the other performers. So we shouldn’t have been surprised when Ginger and his boys wanted to take pics with us…

a lot of pictures… these are two of like a billion or more we took… including one on some other band members iphone which undoubtedly went to his spank bank

Ginger was way into us, as you can tell, and so obviously a wasted doofus. Word to the wise boys of the world: No, we do not want to go to your friends house in Pasadena to drink beer with randoms from out of town. And no, we don’t want to smoke a bol with you outside while we wait for Sam. We’re adult ladies who are old enough to drink in fine establishments and refrain from smoking illegal substances in public. Thank you for the laughs though. And for scaring Mrs. P and Vicky B with how fast the kids these day get to work. πŸ˜‰

While Ginger went out to smoke said bol we escaped upstairs to see if Mr. Bradley’s line had thinned out any… it had not so we went for a celebratory birthday shot: washington apple, if you must know, and it was no teeny shot, this girl knew we meant business and filled ‘er up! Happy Birthday Mrs P!!!!!!!! Then we made friends with the security guard and decided to take pictures of the people up there…

the now infamous polka heels girl… I’m still on the look out for identical pairs for Xmas gifts for all the LTR girls there that night. Shhhh don’t tell them!

And my personal favorite the Goth Maria Von Trapp

Then it was finally time to meet the man of the hour… keep in mind we had had plenty of liquid courage at this point so some of this stuff may or may not have happened. And by may not I mean IT DID!

We all bought matching Sam Bradley shirts and put them on immediately so he could see we were obviously his BIGGEST fans. Ever. Nothing says fan like Sam shivering on top of your boobs as you breathe in and out.

Since it was Mrs. P’s birthday OF COURSE we told Sam and he began a Happy Birthday sing-a-long. Yes, Sam and the LTR gals sang Happy Birthday to Mrs. P in the middle of the Whiskey while everyone stared. We rule.

We chatted awhile and he told us he would be playing with the Black Eyed Peas at some festival in Canada, and I may or may not have told him to “get it started” and that he’ll have to bring the “Boom Boom Pow” to those shows… Yes, I am super cool, and he was blown away by my awesome small talk. Then Chelsea invited him to join us afterward at Coach and Horses for a little night cap and officially scared him off cause he became a bumbling mess after that. So effectively, together we scared Sam Bradley off with our charm, beauty and conversational skills.

Say Ginger!!!!!

So gals the true story behind the Sam Bradley show? We had an insane blast meeting each other, spotting the decoy, laughing, meeting the Ginge and his band and obviously seeing Sam perform. Sam is a super talented guy… his voice is great, he looks even cuter in person, and is very entertaining! No lie I laughed many times during the show from his comments and quirky personality, it’s easy to see why him and Rob are friends. He definitely has a couple great songs he’s written and I’m sure is working on perfecting that craft and expanding his catalog… it should be interesting to see how his career progresses and changes in the next few years.

I’m looking forward to our next SoCal LTR meet up! Wanna see Bobby Long in August with us?! Head over to the forum and find out more!

Big hugs and kisses to the gals who came out: Mrs. P, Vicky B, Chelsea and Lauren! You are all so funny and a blast to be around! When’s our next party?!

PS Go see what’s cooking with UC over at LTT today!


  1. I must say I did get a bit (maybe more than a bit) jealous when i read Moon’s storytime, a) cause i do dig Sam and his music and b) you guys are so clearly going to ahev a blast in August without me!

    • I know what you mean. I really really want to see Sam one day. I’m hoping he will put Denver on his list eventually.

      Please Sam???

    • Without me too! I’d love to have a huge group of gals meet up. I should be thankful to meet w/ EP. (and I am)

  2. Hey EyeC!!! How’ve you been?

    • Hi my little French Nugget! How did your recon trip go? Tell, tell!

      • Very well. After 3 whole days of apartment shopping (I mean whole days, 8ish-6ish) I’m freakin’ exhausted!! I think I found one I really like though. It’s a tad higher than I planned on paying, but it’s a newly re-done apt and it’s REALLY nice.

        • Will you be able to start on Sept. 1st?

          • Start? Like move in? I can move in mid-late July. I’m really excited. I can pre-lease and they’ll hold it for me until I’m ready to move down there.

          • That’s what I meant. So you’ll move in mid July? That will be a big relief for you to have a place. And a NICE one–important! Did you get the lay of the land (no, not Rob!) while you were running around?

          • Definitely not. I really should be though. I did about 97% of the driving. I have no clue how I’m going to get around when I don’t have my mom there to help me navigate. We were using the GPS on her phone and it sucked! I swear that traffic is going to take a little getting used to.

          • Get a map and study it thoroughly before you go.

          • We got a map last night to map out where the apts. we liked were in relation to my school and SA is huge! I think the only places I’ll be going alone will be school/home for a while. lol

          • Yeah. That’s all you need anyway.

          • I think that’ll keep me out of trouble.

  3. WTF? I swear….our connection gets scarier and scarier.

    • Hey FN, back from big bad San Antonio in one piece FN, how did it go, find somewhere to love?

      • Hey Lizzie!! Yes, see above post. How are you??

  4. Hola ladies!

    • Hola sweetT! How did your interview go?

    • Hey T! How are ya?

    • Hey T, so have you got good news for us today?

  5. Hey EyeC!

    It went good! I should be getting a job either way. They are considering me for a receptionist position… but if i dont get that then they said they would consider me for a sales position! So hopefully it will all work out.

    • That’s such good news! YAY!!!

    • Congrats! That’s awesome!

    • I know Im so excited!

  6. I haven’t read any of the posts. Have I missed anything exciting?

    • So yesterday you missed the love child of Rob and TomStu? So wrong. They would so make a beautiful baby! Someone mentioned the other day how you and JBell would be so glad to see your guys together in NYC. Nat was lloking for you yesterday.

      • Ya that picture was horrid.

        • Really really bad!

          • AAAHHHHH!!! I just saw it. That was awful.

      • What?? I missed their lovechild?? I will definitely have to check it out! Of course I have to give Mr. Nugget some time w/ his BFF. The time away from him only makes him want me more. lol

        • Good plan. They need to have some quality man-time together. It’s been a while.

  7. J-m’s in da houuuuse!

    • Hi Jenny girl! Did you get caught up on sleep last night?

      • Hi Jenny!!

    • Hi Jen-nay!! (said Forrest Gump style) πŸ™‚

      How are ya??

      • LOL! I’m always hearing Forest in my head when I say Jenny!

    • yo yo you, bring it babe! I am such a white middle class chick it’s pathetic

      • Me too, Lizzie, me too.

    • Hey Tara!

      Hey FN, I’m sore and exhausted, but still good! How are you? I was reading about the apartment hunt, very exciting!

    • Hi EyeC! I did get a bit more sleep than usual, but felt worse overall. I was sorry I missed you guys last night.

      How was your day?

      • I got my sleep in today. Feeling so much better.

        • I’m glad to hear that.

  8. Okay I know this is off topic but… I have these two kittens and I need names for them… I kind of want them to go together… any ideas??

    • Chablis and Cabernat

      Topsy/Turvy (but who would want to be Turvy???)

      Obiwan and Kenobe

      • OOPs! *Cabernet*

        Boys or girls?

      • lol I like the second one. thats cute! I think that the problem is that I need to find out the gender first….. lol

    • Rob and edward

      • Rob and Tom!! lol

        • Rob and Tara?

          • LOL YES!!!

      • LMAO I already thought of that but i dont think the BF would go for that. 😦

    • Bubb and Licious!

      Salt and Pepper!

      Napoleon and Napoleon. LOL

      • LOL J!

      • Napoleon and Pedro lol

    • Nimbus and Cloud

      Cashmere~ Bouquet (you’re all too young to get this!)

  9. those are all great names!!

    • I like Topsy and Turvy. PLUS, they’re gender neutral.

    • Hugs and Tugs, from Care Bears! WIN!

      • Hugs and tugs has a sort of different connotation down here, ahh I’ll leave it at that shall i?

        • LOL

        • LOL Now who’s the corrupter!

          • as always you started it J-m!

          • It’s a kid’s show! I am innocent in this situation.

          • yeah sure, and I have a bridge I want to sell you too.

        • Haha!!

        • Actually, I don’t think I get it. Could you please explain?? lol

          • well, when a mummy and a daddy love each other very much…

          • you guys are to much.

          • LOL

  10. Just for you T – George and Gracie

    • AH I didnt even think of that!! Squee thats a good one!

  11. Random thoughts:

    Bobby sang two new songs in Berlin, and “Bury him deep” is totally one of my new favorites. And I’m totally on the brink of declaring love. Rob would have to work pretty hard to get my love, at this point.

    I was playing my guitar today. I tuned it last night. My finger tips are now numb.

    I ran for 30 minutes tonight, and sang ABBA at the same time. I’m so talented.

    I wish there were more hours in a day. Who came up with this 24 hour rule?

    • I need to start running…

      • It feels so good.

    • Get those callouses built up!

      Just ignore the 24 hour rule–I do. Of course it throws you out of sync with the rest of the world.

      Must listen to Bobby!

      • I’m trying! But my poor sensitive finger tips will be sad. They love my piano.

        I’m trying, but working all day is really draining, even if I’m not really doing anything!

        That’s pretty much my thought every day.

        • Just listened—he is really quite delicious, isn’t he?

          • I’ve never heard a more truthful statement, EyeC!

          • LOL I know, right?

    • excellent, that’s one less person i need to compete with.

      my fingers are numb, but becuase it is cold.

      my friend is going to make me start forrest gump style shuffling tomorrow night (running would be calling it somehting it definately won’t be)

      I’m all for a reorganisation.

      • I’m a little jealous that it’s cold there. It was freakin’ hot as crap in SA and humid too! I don’t like it!

        • agree if my choice is humidity or cold i will take the cold.

      • You’re lucky, too, because I’d be the only real competition you’d have! I’m just that awesome.

        Run them under really hot water. That’s what I do. Even though it hurts.

        If I could run like that… I’d prob weight 30 lbs less. LOL

        K, who do we call about this? You’re future Lizzie, tell me how it goes!

        • i know, good thing you have dipped out i am likin my odds right about noe.

          too lazy.

          I have only given in to trying and told her i will only do it at night when no one can see me.

          leave it to me I will make some calls.

    • Bobby’s hair in his face is sexy. I don’t know if he could compete w/ Rob though…

      That crap hurts.

      I can’t remember the last time I ran anymore. Walking up/down apt steps got me a good workout.

      I have no clue. God or something….

      • If Rob played music more often, it’d be a different story. I have a massive thing for musicians, apparently.

        True story.

        Doing stairs is a great workout. I used to have to do about 12388324 at school. That’s a real estimate, too.

        Pfff, no way.

        • I like them, but then I remember groupies and I think of Rock of Love and am turned off by thinking about what kinds of things musicians are “exposed” too. lol

          (I have no more to add to this subject, please move to the next statement)

          Sounds pretty exact.

          That’s just what I heard….idk though…

          • Yeah, I know, me too. But I can’t help myself. I’m pretty sure I’d take Bobby, flaws and all. And that’s saying a lot! Though I’d do the same for Rob. Those two are probably the only two on the planet though. Pretty sure.


            That’s how I roll.

            Hmm, I’ll have to keep my ear to the ground…

  12. Yes, we NEED more Rob music!!! If he only had time to get that CD done that he wanted to make. He’d better be working on some songs with all the experience he’s been through the last year and a half!

    • I know. Can you imagine that? That would be amazing. Rob, Bobby, Rob, Bobby…

      • And Sam. Sam is my man. I really like his stuff especially Soho Whores, I realise that perhaps says quite a lot about me, but there you have it

        • Lizzie–lol–I always think “but I’M the wife! when I’m listening to that song.

          Sam’s CD will be out before we know it! YAY!

          • Never E, unless of course as well as being married to Mr E you have married HHH Big Love style too? In which case well, I may have some bad news for you.

      • Sounds like a sandwich of some sort….

        • something french perhaps?

        • Like Some Um Mores?

        • Oh no, food… mmmmasdja sdhjasd

  13. It’s been bothering me for a while and i think i have just figured it out and i think it is the hair more than anything, Bobby totally reminds me of the guy who plays Bill on True Blood.

    • Meh to True Blood.

      I should probably give it another chance. I tried watching an episode from the middle of the series, and I didn’t really take to it. But that’s probably because I’m a severe Buffy/Angel fan.

      • I started watching it. I only saw like 1.5 episodes. I didn’t like it at first. I didn’t finish it b/c I didn’t have time. I wanted to try watching more to make up my mind completely. Still on the fence.

      • I’ve read the books, so was curious to see what they would do with them thought they did an ok job actually. But yes Buffy still rules.

        Dollhouse started this week too, so far I’d give it about a B-.

        • It gets better, Lizzie. I found it sort of hard to get into at first, but now I really like it.

          • Ok, I trust in Joss will hang in there.

  14. Seriously, where’s my BFF? I thought she’d be on tonight.

    • Big project I think, it wasn’t going so well earlier in the week

      • oh and visa stuff today, don’t you like the way I apparently DO know her schedule, this future thing rocks!

        • YOU rock Lizzie!!

          • Dear Rob

            did you hear that your future wife thinks I rock, want to get it on? Clearly we have her permission.


          • Whoa! I said YOU rock, not I wanted you to rock Mr. Nugget. I think you’re taking that Sam song a little too literally… Oh what the heck! Friends share stuff, right??

        • I wish I could be in the future!!

    • Yes, she went to SA today so I figured she would be tired. Tomorrow that project involves 2 others to make a presentation in class and the other 2 were no-shows on Monday so it was tense.

    • Yeah, boo to school. I remember her saying that.

      Was just hoping she’d make an appearance before I left for bed!

  15. RandomE thoughts:

    I missed you guys. It’s sad how attached I am to you gals.

    Bobby is now my friend on myspace. I think maybe this myspace romance could turn into more…lol. (I’ll share w/ you Jenny, don’t worry)

    I could still use a money tree if anyone sees one.

    Mwahahahahahaha….(just b/c I felt like it)

    • Altogether now, “And we missed you too”

      I am quite prepared to move things out of cyberspace, just sayin.



      • Aww….


        Seriously though.


    • I missed you too, FN.

      Lucky! Tell me how the cybersex is.

      I will find and clone one for you.

      Was that an evil laugh?

      • Aww….

        I will.

        K, thanks.

        Yes. A little.

    • I know what you mean FN. This group thing gets into your head and makes a home there.

      Jenny will kick your ass–just sayin’…

      Just what we all could use, no doubt. Then think of the blowout reunion we could have!

      Feel better much?

      • Most definitely.

        Not if I share….

        Oh yes! I bet we could afford Stripward….(btw, I seriously need to read TRL tomorrow)

        Can you tell?? lol

        • Ohhhh, Stripward! Yes! Yes! Yes!

      • I totally would kick your ass, FN. I don’t think I could share Bobby.

        And yes, read The Red Line! I FINISHED IT. She hurry up so we can all discuss it! I’m glad you’ve missed the last few posts. I hope you haven’t read any of the comments. EyeC and I had a bit of discussion about TRL, and I didn’t want it to spoil anything for you.

        • Bummer….

          Ok, so now I know not to go back and catch up on the comments. I’ll do my best to catch up! I think I’m on Ch. 28 or 29. There are only 40, right?

          • That sounds right.

          • Yep, 40 chapters.

          • YAY! That means I’m close!

        • Red Line? Is that the stipper one?
          Weird stuff.

          • Oh no! Not weird at all! It’s really good. And smutty…. πŸ˜‰

      • Yes, yes… it’s fun. Most of all, it is fun, full of normal people having fun…
        LOTN time is my favourite time of day…

  16. Are you guys still out there?

    • Oh, yeah, we’re all here but EP. Hi Nat!

      • Oh yes hi Nat!

    • Hey Nat!! I read your letter last night. I totally have a crush on Darkward!! lol

      How are ya?

      • Good, Nuggety.
        Did you sort stuff out with your mum about meeting up with LTR people?

        Yes, total crush on Dark Edward. Love him. Want him. So much more more man than Edward-Edward. Beautiful stuff.

        Re-reading the chapter when he comes back right now coz it breaks my heart… with Jerry Springer on the TV in the back ground, just for effect…

        • Yes, my sis is coming w/ me.

          I love his dirty mouth!

          Awww…..that part is SOO sweet! It was much awaited too! You’re so lucky you didn’t have to wait like a month for it!

          • Oooh. Excellent. Compromise. Yay. That’s really super cool.
            So what’s the game day plan for you girls?

            Yes, I love his dirty mouth, too. Totally unapologetic.

            “For the first time that night, my girl and I were both totally fucked”.

            I love he calls her my girl. I love he calls her that before he realises what she means to him. I love that he draws her in Chicago. I love that his heart breaks when he realises that he left her with no explanation. I love that he grows from it. I love that he protects her in the corridors, that he’s her strength until she finds her own. I love that he puts his own needs on hold so that she can have a unicorn.

            Yes, me, lucky.

            Thanks for pointing me in the right direction and making me persever with it!

          • I’m not sure yet. I was wondering that myself.

            ACK! There are so many awewome quotes in that story!!

            I agree w/ everything you said.


            No problem! I’m just glad you didn’t think I was pushy and annoying. lol

          • Not pushy and annoying…persistant and pleasantly so.

            I’m sure you guys will do something cool now it’s finally going to happen.

  17. Hi, girls…
    How are we this afternoon/evening?
    How’s the FF?

    Guess what…

    • Chicken butt??

      • Nope…

        I’m going to Van in September.

        I made the plan on NYE in Sydney before I’d even read the life-ruining-book…

        I’m planning to do one of VanCityAllie’s Twilight tours, even though they are ridiculously expensive.

        • Excellent! That will be awsome! September will bring good things for the LOTNs!

          • Yes… very exciting.

            I will do first hand embarrassing photos and buy a Little Edward…and do Where’s Wally…

            September is going to be a fine month indeed…

          • Little Edward pics—YES!

          • I want an PE 😦

        • That’s exciting!!

          LOL “life-ruining book”

          Take lots of pictures!!!

        • nice, they should be starting to film eclipse then too i think, good timing on your part.

          • August 15th they start shooting Eclipse.

          • Well, it wasn’t planned around Eclipse. That’s just how it happened.

            I’d heard of Twilight in January, but I hadn’t read it. I avoided the movie hype until March.

            I refuse to do the hotel/star stalk thing. Too weird.
            Too wrong. Too creepy.

          • Always a fountain of knowledge on this place…you know the exact date they start filming?!?

          • Agree. No hotel stalking. They have enough to deal with all the Twihards and paps.

          • interesting, when it comes to crunch time are you sure you won’t succumb and at least attempt an “accidental” run-in somehow?

          • Possibly, Lizzie… I’m hoping not… I mean, to be one of those lame arse twi-hards would be embarrassment beyond belief…

            but being in the same city as HHH might prove to be irresistible vs embarrassment possibility.

    • I’m just finishing Shadowdancer—a boxer Edward who is beautiful (of course) and has had anger issues and Bella who was propositioned by Phil and walked out of the situation. Good stuff.

      • Wait, that’s Shadowboxer.

        And what?

  18. K, my LOTN, I need to hop off to sleep. Especially while I have Bobby playing in my head!

    Sweet dreams, ladies. Like Rob, covered in chocolate. Ahh, there’s the food again…

    • Sorry dropped out for a few minutes there work distracted me, sleep well J-m as you pirrouetee off to bed.

      • I totally understand. Prolonging the hours in a day is hard work, and I’m glad you’re already on it!

        Have a good day, Lizzie, don’t work too hard. Pfff, did I really have to say that?

    • Good Night to you Jenny. Happy Trails. Oooo, Rob covered in chocolate, now there’s something to dream about!

      • Agreed! Night EyeC.

        Night T!

  19. alright ive got to get to bed. I actually have to get up before 10 tomorrow. LOL see you all tomorrow!

    • night T, and hope to hear all good on the job front and officially sorted for you tomorrow.

    • Good Night Tara. Happy Trails to you too. See you later. Good news.

  20. Night Jenny and T!!

    Mmmm…chocolate covered Rob….YUMMY!!

    • def, guess i know what i am going to ahev for dinner.

      • Don’t you mean DESSERT?? πŸ˜‰ lol

        • good point, i am prepared to forego the main

    • Night FN!

      Lizzie, if it’s chocolate + Rob…… pass me the chocolate and I’ll have Bobby!

      • I think we have a deal!

      • Isn’t Rob dessert anyway?

        Night, Tara.

        Can someone explain who Bobby is?

        • Bobby Long, a friend of Rob’s who is one of the 5 Brit Pack who is going on tour in the US this summer, sometimes in combo with Marcus Foster, another member. London guy. Beautiful voice. Beautiful face. Folk singer style. Songs are like poetry.

          • Alright.
            Is it another life ruining moment, right there, Eye C?

          • He is pretty gorgeous! We see him August 12th in Denver with 3-4 of the LOTN and 3 other LTR girls. Can’t wait!

          • Oooh…. so that is what you were talking about earlier with September being a good month for the LOTN…

            Any songs that you can recommend?

          • Definitely check out Dead and Done. I think that’s my favorite. All of his songs are really good.

          • Ruined. Again.
            Will have to find the album.

            If I ever start a blog about my Twilight experiences it will be called either Ruined.

          • Check his MySpace page Nat. He has free-streaming music and you can hear them all. Def like Dead and Done pluse the Mockingbird song and Jenny loves the Sad Woman song the most.

          • Here ya go Nat:


          • Thanks, EC. Will do the MySpace thing.

          • Ahh, you guys are corrupting me and ruining me again.

  21. Night, girls. Sleep well.

    • Night Natalie

  22. FN, did you see she put up another chapter of The Arrangement? If you’ve read it, what do you think?

    • No! OMG!! I swear….I don’t know how you keep up with so many at a time! You’re amazing! Thanks for the updates though. I might have to read that really quickly.

      • It’s short but you know how she does each of their POVs? This is Edward’s. FINALLY is all I’ve got to say on that!

        • Wait, maybe it’s Bellas….

          • It IS BPOV. But just the title….I can’t wait to read it….

        • Yay! Short! EPOV??? Ack!! Must.Read.NOW!!! lol

  23. I didn’t know Eclipse was starting to film in August!! I’m soooo excited!! I can barely wait for NM to be in theaters! At least we won’t have to wait a year for the next movie.

    • I know. I KNOW.
      New Moon.
      The best book in the series.
      Too much.

      Fuck, I just want to see that KISS scene from Italy in it’s cinematic glory…

      • I’m not sure which is my favorite. I guess BD b/c they FINALLY get to do it. LOL

        • I really hope they can do justice to BD. That’s such a long book with so many parts. And there’s such a split of opinion about it. I’m just going to say that I really liked the book. That’s all.

          • I hope I didn’t come over too tough…just because I hate it. Unfair to project own opinions on to others. Sigh.

            If it wasn’t for the Jacob chapter, the problems with the story arc, the changing character developments, Renesmee… sigh. It’s not my favourite.

        • New Moon is so different.
          It’s the most interesting book in the series.

          The Eclipse kiss with the leg hitch is *very* on. If the director what’s his face, is any good, he’ll leave that in.

          BD is my LEAST favourite. What a load of twaddle.

      • I am not sure how they will play up the kiss in NM. In the book there wasn’t one. He was so concerned about shoving her behind him to protect her. But it should have been there. I saw that they did add it, but how juicy was it?

        • That’s not what the photos look like…
          It looked hot. Hot. Hot.

          Prefer that to the way it is in the book.

    • Remember Me begins filming next week June15th.

      • You amaze me. I’m sure there are lots of pics.

        • Sorry, I meant to say I hope there’ll be lots of pics. lol

          • Me too. Pretty girl to play opposite. Hope she’s a good actress. Rob said she had to be—what was it? Inspiring?

          • Who’s playing opposite him?? I’m so out of the loop! lol

          • Emily de Ravin (sp?) I need to see what she has been in.

          • Emilie de Ravin is an Aussie actress whose most notable claim to fame is Lost.

          • Of course! I couldn’t place her. I watch Lost, too! Clare has been gone for a year.

          • Just trawelled through the usual (I say that with derision…usual *indeed* … gossip girls, lainey, jared, pop sugar…nothing new…

        • I, too, am amazed with your… attention to detail, Eye C.

          • Attention to detail is my middle name!

      • I hope it’s a good movie!
        More than I hope New Moon is good, I really really really hope that Remember Me is awesome.

  24. Sorry ladies, work is proving way more distracting than I would like! I will bid you all adieu for this evening since it looks like I must work after all.


    ps thanks for the heads up on the new ch, will read it before “dessert” to put me in the mood!

    • Bye Lizzie. See you tomorrow.

    • Night, Lizzie.
      Have a good night!

    • Night!

      Clean up Mr. Nugget before you send him home. We have some FF that needs to be re-enacted ASAP! lol

      • yeah – shower time with Mr Nugget, that works too!


        • Do I want to know?
          Maybe not.

          • Haha probably not πŸ™‚

  25. Well ladies, it’s been nice talking to y’all. My computer is running slow and it’s pissing me off. I’m tired anyway from all that driving! I better get some rest if I’m gonna get on tomorrow.

    Night! Sweet Chocolate-covered Rob Dreams!!

    • Enjoy those dreams, Nuggety.
      You sleep well too, and good luck with the FF.
      So glad you worked things out with your mum.

    • LOL, we’ve got a new sign-off! Sweet CCRD to you too. See you tomorrow.

  26. That is my cue to leave, too.
    Night girls.
    Fun as always.

    • Bye Nat. Have a good rest-of-your-day. Talk later.

  27. […] while there, dirty-danced with the Bananager! To add to that we’ve also organized and seen Sam Bradley concerts as well and have Bobby Long shows coming up so BOOYAH! In fact, I think we deserve and extra point […]

  28. […] this graph was made after they saw one of three things: 1. Attending (by mistake) a 100 Monkeys, Sam Bradley, or other random Twi-affiliated band’s concert (Canvas tote bags, Monkey hats, Goth Maria Von […]

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