Posted by: themoonisdown | June 10, 2009

Storytime with Moon and Sam Bradley!

Dear Rob-

Friday, I went to see your pal Sam Bradley perform at the Whiskey-A-Gogo and here’s a little story for you…


Once upon a time the lovely Mrs. P’s only wish for her Birthday (well besides Rob of course and a hasty Vegas divorce) was to see Sam Bradley perform at the Whiskey on Friday, June 5 with some of the lovely LTR gals. So we planned and planned for the big event and by planned I mean we remembered to buy tickets and comb our hairs and headed off to the show. But not before we all met up to shove some shi-shi gourmet pizze down our pie holes so we wouldn’t faint at the mere site of a one Mr. Bradley or our secret hopes – a Robert Pattinson sighting, though we knew those chances were .0000001% possible, a girl’s gotta hold out hope.

We get to the venue and there’s NO line. Yup, none whatsoever- just the faint memory and dried vomit of what was once a hallowed music venue back in the hayday. So no Twi-hards or nerds to take pictures of so we moved inside to catch the action. Since this was an all ages event (yup, you heard right ALL ages) we were doubly sure to get our hands stamped with that over 21 brand and head straight for the bar. Even though the chances for teeny screaming were high, this was a birthday afterall!

So of course we line up for a group pic cause we were bored waiting around for the opening acts to get the hell off the stage

Little did we know we were in for the weirdest line up to EVER be assembled in one place… and also the most handsy opening bands ever (more on this later…)

First up we have probably the WORST band I’ve ever heard in my life. Seriously. I can’t even remember their name other than it was something to do with a Monkey (hmmm coincidence?) and they were from Las Vegas. At one point the dude ran around the room and jumped off the stairs/balcony. He was like 4ft tall with the worst tattoos across his back. This was also when I figured out Twitter was down for an hour and my promised live tweet was in jeopardy and the Twihards were starting to descend and crowd around the front for the Monkey band. They were probably confused and thought Jackson would show up. It was time for another drink.

So the next band takes the stage and proceed to not suck as hard as the Monkey dudes. In fact they were probably the 2nd best of the night after Sam… besides the old dudes (more on them later) and that’s not really saying much. We would find out this band is called Nicky Egen and the Majority and even later we would learn that either they had been cooped up in a van by themselves for too long or had never met a girl before in their lives. The dude in the red shirt makes the craziest guitar faces which we surmised were identical to his O face. We nicknamed him Ginger.

So we decided to look around us and see who happens to come to see the weirdest show on earth and here’s what we found…

Take the cut to read the rest of the review!!!!

Two dudes in a sea of Twihards and cougars rocking out. Either HUGE funky monkey fans or totally lost

The blogger from Twigrandmas and her hubby, the worlds oldest unicorn, came to the show! And might I add they were prepared, look at those trainers!

Then the crowds parted, the Twigrandma’s moved and Sam Bradley walked down the stairs followed by a dude with a hoodie over his head. An audible gasp was heard running through the crowd (ok, just us). After our hearts began beating again and we did like 8 double takes one of our LTR girl yelled out “it’s DECOY Rob!!… No it’s Fakerpattz!!” After that everytime the dude in the hoodie walked by we would all yell FAKERPATTZ!! Poor guy, probably thought we were crazy or we wanted him. Bad. We did not.

Then it was FINALLY time for some Sam Bradley goodness!
Sam sings some songs…Β  people take some pictures… he wears a gold chain…

Sam is joined on stage by the lovely violinst. He plays a song about Soho whores. I can’t decide if he’s referring to the girls in the front row, or us. Probably us.

Then he sang a song about whiskey being his friend and even though Vodka’s mine, I raised by glass to offer a cheers and being directly in his eye line he sees this and tells me “Cheers.” Yes, folks your favorite RP pal and I cheersed each other during his set. Don’t be TOO jealous.

And then…
Robert Pattinson himself The decoy, fakerpattz, comes out to listen to his pal Sam’s set. At this point in the show we were having good times and a few drinks and this is amazing that we even got this picture… it took at least 10 tries on 3 different cameras to get it. But we rewarded ourselves with inventing a new dance. It’s called the “sexy robot.” Maybe someday you’ll be lucky enough to see it in action. Or anytime the SoCal LTR girls get together.

Sam finished up his set after getting like 5 encores and time to play additional songs. A herd of gals headed upstairs to meet him at his merch table and we decided to be smart and hang out downstairs for a while and let the crowd thin out a bit before we ventured up to holy ground…

So Apparently opening bands LOVE to take pictures with the fans of the other performers. So we shouldn’t have been surprised when Ginger and his boys wanted to take pics with us…

a lot of pictures… these are two of like a billion or more we took… including one on some other band members iphone which undoubtedly went to his spank bank

Ginger was way into us, as you can tell, and so obviously a wasted doofus. Word to the wise boys of the world: No, we do not want to go to your friends house in Pasadena to drink beer with randoms from out of town. And no, we don’t want to smoke a bol with you outside while we wait for Sam. We’re adult ladies who are old enough to drink in fine establishments and refrain from smoking illegal substances in public. Thank you for the laughs though. And for scaring Mrs. P and Vicky B with how fast the kids these day get to work. πŸ˜‰

While Ginger went out to smoke said bol we escaped upstairs to see if Mr. Bradley’s line had thinned out any… it had not so we went for a celebratory birthday shot: washington apple, if you must know, and it was no teeny shot, this girl knew we meant business and filled ‘er up! Happy Birthday Mrs P!!!!!!!! Then we made friends with the security guard and decided to take pictures of the people up there…

the now infamous polka heels girl… I’m still on the look out for identical pairs for Xmas gifts for all the LTR girls there that night. Shhhh don’t tell them!

And my personal favorite the Goth Maria Von Trapp

Then it was finally time to meet the man of the hour… keep in mind we had had plenty of liquid courage at this point so some of this stuff may or may not have happened. And by may not I mean IT DID!

We all bought matching Sam Bradley shirts and put them on immediately so he could see we were obviously his BIGGEST fans. Ever. Nothing says fan like Sam shivering on top of your boobs as you breathe in and out.

Since it was Mrs. P’s birthday OF COURSE we told Sam and he began a Happy Birthday sing-a-long. Yes, Sam and the LTR gals sang Happy Birthday to Mrs. P in the middle of the Whiskey while everyone stared. We rule.

We chatted awhile and he told us he would be playing with the Black Eyed Peas at some festival in Canada, and I may or may not have told him to “get it started” and that he’ll have to bring the “Boom Boom Pow” to those shows… Yes, I am super cool, and he was blown away by my awesome small talk. Then Chelsea invited him to join us afterward at Coach and Horses for a little night cap and officially scared him off cause he became a bumbling mess after that. So effectively, together we scared Sam Bradley off with our charm, beauty and conversational skills.

Say Ginger!!!!!

So gals the true story behind the Sam Bradley show? We had an insane blast meeting each other, spotting the decoy, laughing, meeting the Ginge and his band and obviously seeing Sam perform. Sam is a super talented guy… his voice is great, he looks even cuter in person, and is very entertaining! No lie I laughed many times during the show from his comments and quirky personality, it’s easy to see why him and Rob are friends. He definitely has a couple great songs he’s written and I’m sure is working on perfecting that craft and expanding his catalog… it should be interesting to see how his career progresses and changes in the next few years.

I’m looking forward to our next SoCal LTR meet up! Wanna see Bobby Long in August with us?! Head over to the forum and find out more!

Big hugs and kisses to the gals who came out: Mrs. P, Vicky B, Chelsea and Lauren! You are all so funny and a blast to be around! When’s our next party?!

PS Go see what’s cooking with UC over at LTT today!


  1. No iron-on Rob Pattinson pants.
    No dodgy shoes.
    No dodgy hairdos.
    No canvas bags printed with Sam’s head.
    No gimmicks to make you stand out.
    And no canvas Eclipse shoes (personal favourite Twilight fashion accessory).
    No totally unnecessary screaming.
    Waiting patiently to buy your t-shirts and getting plastered at the same time.
    No stalker-ish behaviour.

    It all seems so… endearingly normal and not twi-hard.

    (P.S. I want that red bohemian top… gorgeous and looks great).

    • we tried to downplay it! can be a crazy psycho in public!

      yes that boho top is great! so cute!

    • Thanks, that is now my favorite top! There were one pair of dodgy shoes if you include the shiteous polkadotted monster heels (btw Moon, I wear a ladies 8.5, for Christmas ya know) and I’m pretty sure that Goth Maria Von Trap was a cry of “Look at me! Look at me!”

      • must have been a “look at me faint” since that thing was a corset! hahaha

  2. I have tickets to see Sam the first week in July when he comes here. I am so excited! Maybe we’ll see the decoy too!

    Oh, and I can’t forget Bobby Long in August in Nashville. Some other LTR girls and I are going to meet up and bask in the talent/hotness. =)

    Looks like you guys had a great time!

  3. It looks like you ladies had a fantastic time. I’ve seen Sam live and he’s amazing. Truly an entertainer as well as a great singer/songwriter. And you’re right he is very easy on the eyes and funny.

    I have to admit if Sam is Rob’s wingman I wouldn’t mind the wingman or can you say threesome. Oh My God did I just say that outloud?

  4. WoW LTR ladies are beautiful! πŸ™‚
    Inside and Out!

    • awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is so nice! all the girls are so beautiful!

  5. GAH–MOON…
    Why didn’t you share the most important piece of info from the night?

    Those yellow wedges need to be seen by the world.

    Great recap…a fine time was had by all, clearly. And 20 bucks says that Sam will read this post sometime today. Because he wants to relive the memories, too.

    • hahahahaha he does really want to re-live them!

    • tweet pic!

      and HI SAM!!!!!!! hahahaha

  6. Im so far away that I have to “enjoy” this shows 2nd hand… of course coming from u its almost like being in there… my godness the fakerpattz I wouldΒ΄ve scream & take pics with him πŸ˜›

    and Sam… he seems to be a nice guy, he even sang happy bday!

    and Ginger… hahahahaha “he wishes he was that cool!”

  7. I’m sad that I’m going to miss Sam’s performance in Toronto in 2 weeks. He changed the dates and damn it…. I’m getting tattooed.

    πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giggles today!!

    I enjoyed every minute of it!

    Cheers πŸ™‚

    • I’m in TO too…!

      • when is he comin back to the tdot!? i missed him the last time when he was here! 😦
        im in cambridge, an hr away!!

        • i’m in TO too! he’ll be here on the 20th now (not the 19th anymore) – venue TBA. it’s part of the NxNE events. eeeeeeeeeeee, yay sam!

          make the trek in for it, hunnieb πŸ™‚

          • ill have to def try!!! i was free the 19th 😦 ill have to work some magic to get the 20th off!!!
            where is it being held? its the first time ive heard of the event!

  8. That sounds so freaking fun!

    I need to know how I can find some LTR/LTT ladies that are in or around Atlanta.

    • start a thread on “meet up” in the forum- i’m SURE there are some gals in that area! i will tweet for you right now:)

      • This is why I ❀ you.

        • HI sassymart. I’m in Atlanta.

          Here’s my email address if you wanna chat.

          • YAY! friends (thanks carrie!)

          • Yippee! I gonna make myself the unofficial LTR ambassador of the South (maybe VickyB can make me a T-shirt).
            I have already had 3 LTR meet ups and gonna meet up at least 3 more times this summer. πŸ™‚

          • YAY!!!! Thanks. I will email you shortly. I just posted on the forum like UC commanded of me. Cause she is the boss.

          • You can also just send me a PM on the forum if you don’t want email. I’m Veddersgirl there.

          • I’m in Atlanta too! Yay!

      • YEA!!! more ltr meet ups!!!!

  9. The story has been told! YES!

    I couldn’t wait (cause I am a loser) to hear all that went down (cause I wasn’t there) and you all looked hawt (not even a tee shirt for me…thanks) and I am so proud that you had such restraint (cause I would have stolen his phone for Rob’s number), and I loved the full recap (cause I have no life to speak of) and the photos.

    Glad to hear that Sam has the goods! And by goods I mean genuine talent and charisma (knows Rob, has talked to Rob, has touched Rob,
    will see Rob again, could give Rob my number.)

    Wish I lived in SoCal! Alas, I am in the North East (why did I marry a Canadian again?) But if there is something happening up here in the future…I will totally be there (sneak out because my husband has no idea that his ‘thirtyISH’ wife has an inappropriate crush on a boy she will never meet, and that she has LTR friends she comments to daily while ignoring the laundry, shopping, and possibly children, etc.)

    Thanks for giving me a moment to live vicariously through you for a night, I can tell it was a blast! (b*tches!) πŸ™‚ xo

    • LMAO! I ❀ ur face for this whole post!

      • *fake lezzie kisses* Jena

    • Took the words right out of my mouth.

      Too bad you’re in another country. We should be friends. We could have playdates where our kids get into the housecleaning products under the sink as we completely ignore them while chatting about how hot Rob is. Sigh..

    • I think you are me, or I am you, or something. I now officially declare you my friend. πŸ™‚

    • You married a Canadian, because everyone knows that Canadians are the nicest people on the planet, I’ll guess.

      And this:
      “… husband has no idea that his β€˜thirtyISH’ wife has an inappropriate crush on a boy she will never meet, and that she has LTR friends she comments to daily while ignoring the laundry, shopping, and possibly children, etc….”

      Could have been written by me!!
      (tho thirtyISH is a bit of a stretch for me..) (*coughcoughbirthdaynextweekcough*)

      Heart you,

      • @WTM, @DanaB, @LaPush….

        Oh, we would so be friends. Crazy loves company. Or wait…was it, obsession loves companionship, or…unbalanced loves togetherness?

        I’m thinking sleep over at my place, Twi-themed! Rob worship at regular intervals. Who’s in? (that’s what she…….dude! I’m not even trying!) πŸ˜‰

        • I am IN!

        • I’ll bring the cinnamon toast crunch for a midnight snack!

        • I live in L.A. (okay, not L.A. per se, Orange County, but still), so you all come on over in November, and we can hang out. And, Robsession loves companionship, fo sho!

    • Have to jump on the I ❀ proselyte3 bandwagon. Loved your comment, especially:

      Glad to hear that Sam has the goods! And by goods I mean genuine talent and charisma (knows Rob, has talked to Rob, has touched Rob, will see Rob again, could give Rob my number.)


      • @miffy…xo…just keepin it real.

    • move to socal we need you and your funny self!

      • Oh, I’d love to Moon. Until then, keep posting the details of your hot, socal, one degree of separation from HHH life. And I will pretend I am you. Because this is not sad, or slightly creepy.

        • Ok, probably a dumb question but what is HHH?

          • His Holy Hotness (Rob…amen), I didn’t invent this. I just adopted it, then regurgitated. πŸ™‚

    • nothin wrong w/ being canadian πŸ˜‰ i am πŸ˜€

      • @hunnieb…I ❀ me some canadians. πŸ™‚ xo

        • And I was dead serious about how nice Canadians are. I am half a one myself, my mom is Canadian!

  10. WooHoo! Another successful LTR meet up.
    I totally get what u are saying about Sam. Def way cuter in person. He’s is quite the charmer. πŸ™‚

    @Moon I think Ginger might be your new boyfriend. πŸ˜‰ He seemed very smitten with you.

    Looks like you guys had a blast. Can’t wait to meet up with everyone this summer for Sam and Bobby shows.

    • uhhhggggg no thanks! sorry ginger! no letterstoginger from me

  11. Tell me you photoshopped Ginger’s red shirt! Or was he really giving off red kryptonite vibes? lol

    • he was trashed. it was awesome.

  12. I love that you gals met up and got to see Sam together!! LMAO at you yelling ‘FAKERPATTZ’ to the hooded mystery man, LMAO!

    Looks like you all had a lot of fun and it’s so great to see the photos of you lovelies! Gorgeous smiles on everyone!

    “Whiskey” is my fave Sam song! I’m totes jealous you got to hear it live!

  13. Great recap! Did you ever tell Sam that you were from LTR? Or was that strategically left out!? ‘Cause you know from when we saw him in Nashville and JAG saw him in Toronto that he totally reads this blog!

    I was brave enough to tell him we were “from” LTR, and by “from” meaning that the girls there met on LTR. But you ARE LTR, so I can see why you may not have told him that! LOL! Especially after he said in Nashy that we LTR ladies are sometimes “Harsh”. LMAO! Harsh? He has no idea how much we love him here!

    Sam’s a comin’ to Pittsburgh in a couple of weeks and I’m trying to talk the hubby into letting me go to see him again – but the hubs thinks Sam=Rob=TwiObsession – and he thinks said TwiObsession is “out of hand” and “immature”. WHATever!! So, I’m not sure I’ll get to go since I have to spend any LTR/Twitter/Rob time completely under the radar (i.e. I hide it like a drug problem!)

    • well, since we’re currently the #2 ‘recent result’ for sam bradley on google… my guess is he might just found out moon IS from ltr πŸ™‚

    • TwiObsession is not out of hand until you create and wear Pattinson Pants!

      You’re totally still normal!

    • oh lord no i didnt tell him! im waiting for him to tell me how much of a fan of LTR he is!!!!!! especially if he reads us daily like im SURE he does.

      that’ll be the day!

    • I am going to see Sam in Pittsburgh!! You have no idea how excited I was when I read that he was coming there!!

  14. “Goth Maria Von Trapp” ROTFLMAO! Snort! I can’t breathe!

  15. BTW- Moon are you carrying a piano clutch purse? Were you hoping that Sam would stroke your keys?

    Cause that would be totally normal.

    • spin the record baby <- thats for UC

      and yes i am holding a piano clutch. it rules. a lot.

  16. Fucking balls of a GOAT that sounded like a great time!

    That girl should be taken aside and schooled about that gold lame ass cape. She obviously went to the “Like A Virgin” vintage store – for all your early 80s Madonna needs! I can’t see her hands. Is she wearing lace gloves with the fingers cut out? And honey, those shoes with those knees socks are tragic. She is a hot mess. Maybe she thought she was at the Flock of Seagulls cover band show?

    I think some of us LTT/LTR girls are meeting up at Sam’s show in Birmingham. It won’t be as fun without Moon, but I think we can manage to get into trouble and second hand embarrass ourselves in front of Mr. Bradley. =)

    Thanks to Goth Maria von Trapp, I’m totally rethinking my outfit for the concert.

    • Fucking balls of a goat…LMAO! Sam had no idea his little Twitter would start a new saying! πŸ™‚

      • I need a shirt that says,

        “Fucking balls of a GOAT! – Sam Bradley statement to live by”

    • She was actually coming back from a Reniassance Festival. She was the local beer wench.

    • The knee-high trouser socks are the worst part!

      • Fucking balls of a goat!

    • yea dont show up in your drapes, that’s my first piece of advice.

      and i need some of those lace gloves with no fingers.

  17. Also, in the second picture of the Monkey band. Is there a girl REALLY wearing a black and blue plaid flannel shirt?

    I thought Rob was the only one allowed to wear that.

    • Those girls in front of Moon in that pic have some uber shiny hair. I’m jealous!

      • I know! It was distracting.

        But Moon’s hair is pretty shiny too. Maybe it is a SoCal thing.

  18. Is Mrs. P checking her pulse in the pic of Sam singing to her? Geezum, I would be!! LOL

    For the love of the Pattinson Pants, if I meet Sam in B’ham please don’t let me be a shaking, babbling idiot. I don’t think shaking like a chihuaha would be very attractive. =)

    • So is there a ‘plan’ for the Birmingham show? I live in south Atlanta and wanna come.

      I don’t have RL friends that even KNOW what Twilight is. I need folks to geek out with.

      • Don’t think we have a plan yet. I’m guessing we will towards the end of the month. I might be coming alone myself. All of my friends are ditching me that weekend. =(

    • for the love of the pattinson pants. OMG. hahaha

    • I’ll make sure u don’t freak out. Just drink a lot and you’ll be cool. That’s what I did. I don’t think I freaked out when I meet him in Nashville. πŸ™‚

      • Sweet! I’ll hold you to it!

        BTW, how do we get an avi on the LTT/LTR site?

        • sign up for a wordpress account. Then you can upload any pic u want as your avi.

          • Hooty Hoo! I done gone and got myself an account! Check out Peeny Cullen!!!

      • No Carrie – you did not freak out. I didn’t freak out on Sam either, but I did kinda freak out on the very drunk girl pushing me and i did said freak out IN FRONT of Sam – so I looked just as crazy. But, after seeing the kinds of chicks that show up at Sam’s shows, I’m thinking that I am not in the top 10 most weird things to happen to Sam after a show! That’s what I love about these recaps of the shows, it really makes me feel much, much more normal! πŸ™‚

    • you will NOT freak out!! i will slap you all if you do!

      breathe… in…. out… take a shot. you shall be fine!

      you are NORMAL!

      • A shot of Patron is like Jesus juice for me. So if the bar’s got it, I’m in like Flynn.

  19. FYI-This post is number six on Google if you search for Sam Bradley Tour Dates.

  20. “Yes, I am super cool and he was blown away by my awesome small talk” – adorable!

    and that pic of you and Sam? he is definitely looking like the guy you should date before you date Rob


    • hahahaha hilarious you can’t push me out of the rob line biotch! ;D

  21. ..when the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling saaaaad…I simply remember Fringe-y Bride of Beetlejuice with knee socks and then I don’t feel so baaaaaaddddddd..
    Sorry, just felt like bursting into song there for a sec.
    Handsy, tonguey Red up there needs to rein it in!
    I’m sad I didn’t get to see midget tattoo monkey boy. He looked like such a good time!

    Love the group pic of you guys with Sam! I can’t wait to see his career grow. He’s an awesome performer and has such promise.

    • pink are you in socal??!! you should have come out.

      and loved the ‘favorite things’ reference! one of my favorite musicals!

      • I’m not. I have family there. If I was there I totally would have come and seen him play. (And met y’all :o))
        We just got BOOOOOBBY LONG! and ascot Phil in Nashville. No crazy monkey band or drunk Redhead. ;o)

        As soon as you mentioned the Von Trapps I started singing that song.:o/ I embrace my inner geek. LOL

  22. HOW FUN! yep I am jealous, and I have to say, that you ladies are all gorgeous! No Chico’s daywear in sight….it’s true! LTR/LTT gals are all totally NORMAL. (as I suspected) and there is photo proof!

    Heart you all and your funny ways.

    • we are!!! i have a feeling if all ltr/ltt gals got together we’d be a big group of normal gals who harbor the obsessions of a jr high full of 14 yr old girls!

      • …aaaaaaand, I love that.

        Big bunch of pretty gals with great smiles and shiny hair, cute shoes and good jeans. Possible with Edward Cullen action figures in their purses/piano clutches, but That’s Normal, so whatevs.

      • I’m not coming unless there are cocktails. Specifically of the Grey Goose species.

        • thats the ONLY way a roll sassy… grey goose got your girl all loose.

          blame it in the goose got ya feeling loose.

          blah blah etc.

          PS: “Big bunch of pretty gals with great smiles and shiny hair, cute shoes and good jeans. Possible with Edward Cullen action figures in their purses/piano clutches, but That’s Normal, so whatevs.”

          YES and YES!

  23. sounds like u guys had an awesome night! a friend of mine was at this show too and got a pic w/ him as well!

    i need to now go and research when he’s comin back up to TO!

    ps.. all you guys are stunning! ❀


      thats where he’s apparently playin at (according to his myspace) does anyone else see his name on there.? i dont.. 😦
      it says TBA on his myspace, i hope he’s comin..

  24. Oh Moon, this is so spectacular. I love every detail. The only bad part is that I was not there. SOON!

    • SOON and very soon we are going to see the rob…

      soon and very soon we are going to see the sam…

      SING IT!!!!!

      • I love this! LOL!

        • OMG! You guys KNOW I get this!!!! Right????

          Hallelujah, hallelujah, were goin to see the Rob…:)

          • let’s all hold hands and lift our voices in a chorus of praise!

  25. Great recap, Moon! It sounds like you girls had an awesome time! I’m so jeal that I live all the way on the opposite side of the country!

    PS Sam is TOTALLY leaning kind of towards you in that last pic. The body language says it all… πŸ˜‰

    • ohhh swoooon! we’re meant to be!


  26. I have a friend who was at the show and she kept posting notices on our forum about how there was a real live “spider monkey” there and he was in the first band! Oh, and that they sucked! Great recap!

  27. This makes me uber excited for our upcoming Sam encounter!! And I can’t tell you how badly I want Sam’s face right above my boobs! (That’s what SHE said!)

    So you’re telling me I shouldn’t ask Sam to come back to Val’s place for a private party with all of the LTR ladies cause that may scare him? Damn! Off to plan B, get him drunk, then kidnap him and force him to hang with us, or at least play PS3 with Val’s hubby while we all watch.

    • We’re so kidnapping Sammy B. You hear that, Sam?! LOL


      • Good! I’m glad your in. I may need help getting the trunk open while I carry him over to the car. Yes, I will use my super powers to carry a drunk Sam all the way from the hotel to the car!! πŸ˜‰

  28. Moon – You’re so adorable!! And can I just say that I envy that you have a piano key purse?? Yeah, that thing is ruling my face right now! I’m also completely jealous of the “Cheers!” You shared. Damn, you have all the luck. First rubbing elbows (lit’rally) with Kellan, getting rubbed up against by Jackson (lit’rally), and now the Sammy B nod. Are you going to swoon and steal Rob when you see him too? Uh, yes. Because you’re that awesome. LOL

    VickyB – I love that you’ve got your boobies all over Sammy B in the pic. You’re my girl and you’re in charge of introducing he and I at Twicon since you know him on such an intimate level. ::wink::

    Mrs P – Happy friggin’ Birthday!!! What an amazing pressie! Sammy B singing for you. ::swoon::

    I don’t know who the other girls are, but hi to you too!!


    • seriously. what’s left for Rob?
      moon rubbed elbow’s with kellan
      I rubbed up against Jackson
      Nod from Sammy B.

      ‘Special hug’ from Rob?

      • Ooohhh….that does seem like that’s all there is left to do. I’m sure she’d get the nod from the other boys that she was special hug worthy. I’m jealous.


        • oh and yes i love my piano bag! it rules!

    • thats my plan exactly! steal him and take him off to a remote island! HAHAHA bitches! you lose!

  29. Moon – love the recap. Now I’m even more excited to see Sam in August in NYC. But I think I’ll pass on the weird tshirt. I really don’t need a picture of some guy shivering on my chest – unless it’s Rob, of course. I’m totally monogamous re: my shivering boy picture tshirts.

    • yea we definitely side stepped those tshirts

      • @moon Hubs asked “is that Rob Pattinson on those shirts?” LMAO, yes Randy b/c they are tight like that he wants Rob on his tshirts….

  30. ok, so I’m relatively new here, and obviously not in the know yet. You guys look like you all had an awesome time. But I noticed the red thing (ribbon from Eclipse cover?) on your eyes in these pics and when you posted about the 100 Monkeys show a week or 2 ago. So I’m just gonna embarrass myself this one time and ask…why are you wearing them? Is it an in joke that newbies just don’t get? And the more important question…how the frak do you get them to stay on like that? LOL

    • You’ve ventured over from the Jackson-ville thread I see. =)

      Moon photoshops the Eclipse ribbon over eyes in pictures to protect the innocent. Or the guilty, however you wanna see it. πŸ˜‰

    • haha.. are you serious? it’s photo-shopped:) it’s our disguise! we try to remain somewhat anonymous! (although from the # of people following my real twitter.. that hasn’t happened too well!)

    • OMG….::squish your face:: Precious.

      UC – Kind of jealous I don’t know your real twitter.


    • HAHAHAAH this might be the best comment ever.

      one day when i was going to use a black box to obscure my eyes in a picture i decided to be funny and the red eclipse ribbon was born! totally photoshopped.

      and skeeter is right it’s to protect the innocent and guilty!

      • Oh right. Here’s your sign. I knew I would just embarrass myself. Didn’t even think of photo-shop. Guess that lowers me a few notches on the cool meter. *facepalm* Oh well, at least you’re laughing at me. Here, I will too.

        And Skeeter, true story, I actually started here first, well LTT anyway…I just posted under my real name instead of my neat new handle πŸ™‚ I do occasionally venture out of Jackson-ville. Very occasionally. Much to my regret, I can’t make my entire life about Jackson…husband doesn’t like that much πŸ˜‰

        • don’t feel bad it was truly an awesome comment and visual! i would love for someone to show up at an even with an eclipse ribbon around their eyes!

          • OMG, I’m sooo not offended, don’t worry. I really am glad I can be relied upon to provide the entertainment LOL…I’ll have to work on a wearable Eclipse ribbon for events. That would hot. Maybe I can redeem myself yet πŸ˜€

  31. Sam Rocks! I love how he looks so happy in the pictures he takes. Really appreciative of his fan base.

    Wish I could have taken a trip out to Cali to meet up with you guys. Can’t tell you how many times I’d go to the Whiskey or Roxy and see some weird ass bands. Seeing Sam there would have been full of awesomeness!

  32. Wow Moon The Ginge is all up in your grill in that picture you must have been slightly inebreated to let him get that close to you. I hope you disinfected yourself after he put his chin on your shoulder. I’m pretty sure that dude has hepititus. Don’t be surprised if he start stalking you just remember the moves J Lo taught us all in her suspense thriller “Enough”.
    I think grandma and grandpa got lost on their way to the mall. They clearly are trying to find a indoor shopping center to get their daily cardio in. Mall Walkers!!!

    • MALL WALKERS!!!!

      and yes everyone was having a good time but he was a bit handsy and i purel-ed myself after

  33. Myria TOTALLY beat me to my comment! Which is why I looove her! I was going to comment on the audacity of Vicky B’s boobs, too, with a wink and an old skool “You go, girl!”

    I saw the pic of the “goth Maria Von Trapp” on Twitter, but I couldn’t see the knee socks! I’m surprised she doesn’t have a bubble of space around her, as no one wants the bad fashion to rub off on them.

    And I love the piano key purse, too. And the yellow shoes (not pictured–WHY?). Moon, you are my hero. I’m sure that your fashion sense is why that redhead is about to stick his tongue in your ear in that pic.

    • theyre on twitpic!


      and vicky TOTALLY knew what she was doing!

    • I love Moon’s 9 mm gun necklace too. And how you can tell she’s so freaked out by Creeper Ginger. Bwahahaha!!


      • theres another pic where my eyes are HUGE, im like TAKE THE PIC NOOOOWW!!! hahaha

        and yes he should have known better, i mean business when i wear the gun necklace

  34. Dear Sam,

    Fair warning. When I meet you in Birmingham, I’m pressing my boobs up against you in our pic. Just so you know. Don’t worry. You’ll like it. πŸ™‚


    P.S. Hope you’re not reading this. That would be kind of embarrassing. :p

    • Dear Sam,

      I too, will totally press my boobs against you “VickyB style” in Dallas. She may try to “boob press” you again since she’ll be there, too, but I’ll tell her “Back off bitch, you had your turn.”

      Anyway, enjoy it! And I hope you are reading this, so you can mentally prepare yourself for it!! It WILL be amazing! *winks*

      Love, Me

      • nope…it’s called Boob-raping
        (side note: only works with size C’s or larger…anything smaller is just a tease)

        • Or in my case like running into a cement wall. Dang!

        • Thank gawd I won’t be called a tease. I hate that!!!

        • Damn, I guess I’m just a tease. Will have to bust out the Wonder Bra for this one!!

      • You can totally boob press Sam B b/c I have my sights set on Kellan’s Abs and you better believe it will be…wait for it….EPIC! πŸ™‚

    • @skeeter…I will be the ‘boob press’ police and make sure you do that in B-ham. If your lucky maybe you’ll get the inadvertant ‘junk press’ back.

      And I’ll get pictures of it all.

      • Sweet! Give me a couple shots of Patron and I’ll say/do anything. All caught on film by you, of course! Just please ask Moon to photoshop the ribbon on my eyes. You can send an original to Sam. You know, for his scrapbook of drunken fangirls who do crazy shit to him.

      • OMG! “junk press’….shut up! πŸ™‚

      • Looks like Walking_Disaster aka Chelsea got the “junk press” – lucky gal!

  35. Sounds like you ladies had so much fun! I’m pretty jealous right now, being stuck up in the opposite corner of the country with no opportunity for stalking… err, I mean fun!

    Ahh well. At least while I’m stuck up here I can rest easy that I will never end up as one of the fashion don’t pics. I never thought to wrap a tablecloth around the waist of my fringy dress…

  36. all gorgeous ladies..looks like it was such a blast..jealous!

  37. Hi! Drive by posting, I know. But does anyone have the post “United States of Roberica”? I’ve been going through older posts and can’t find it.

  38. Hi! Drive by posting, I know. But does anyone have the post “United States of Roberica” link handy? I’ve been going through older posts and can’t find it.

  39. Whoopsie doodle, sorry for the double dip.

  40. I think that was the best birthday I’ve had in a loooooong time! thanks to all the ladies who made my day by remembering to buy tickets, getting your hair did, having your friends check u to make sure u didn’t look a “Hot mess” before leaving the house, and meeting my to hear Sam sing Whiskey at “The Whiskey”.
    SRSLY I Puffy pink heart all your beautiful faces…

    PS. Next time I promise to tone the mojo down πŸ˜‰ I don’t know what was in the Kool Aid that night, but well…..let’s just say I’m glad to know: I’VE STILL GOT IT BAY BAY!! (this is important to all us “Older Women”)

    • PS. Next time I promise to tone the mojo down I don’t know what was in the Kool Aid that night, but well…..let’s just say I’m glad to know: I’VE STILL GOT IT BAY BAY!! (this is important to all us β€œOlder Women”)

      …Amen and PTL.

    • @Mrs. P.

      Happy Belated Birthday wishes to you! looks like you ladies had a fab birthday party together! Can’t get much better than Sam singing to you for your birthday… well except the obvious if it had been HHH too! πŸ™‚

    • Mrs P,

      Happy late b-day, and amen, sister, we still GOT IT!


      • LMAO! thanks for the birthday wishes ladies….
        @Proselyte & LPB… Yes we DO! and the boys know this and come running πŸ˜›
        @SpunkMe…HHH singing would have def made it memorable too, but I can think of some things I’d rather he do instead πŸ˜‰ iykwim….

        • Happy Birthday Mrs. P!!!!! I’m so glad you got to
          celebrate it with some fellow LTR lovelies and Sam!

    • Honey, I think we need to celebrate a birthday every month, hell every weekend! I had an absolute blast, and as for the Kool Aid…well, I think we were all sipping from the same Washington Apple flavored punch bowl! I def see more Boob-raping in our future!

    • dont tone it down, it was AWESOME! working the harvard kid at C&H and the csi guy! watch out, mrs p on the prowl!

  41. thanks for the great review!

    Too bad the opening band was so-so,
    the band at the vancouver show were quite good.
    it really sets the tone for the evening, eh?

    looking forward to the aug, Bobby Long review! πŸ˜€

  42. Nothing whitty to say. ❀ your faces!

    Can't wait to see and drink Sam Bradley under the table in Jacksonville, NC and do the same to Simba with Carrie in Atlanta.

    Agree with Carrie's & Moon's above advice up there somewhere….Just take a shot = liquid courage!!

    • slow play it, we learned sam’s a delicate flower!

  43. @MrsP LOL! MOJO…you’re funny. And yes it is important. There is no one else I’d rather have been with at that show. You girls rock! It was cool to meet Chelsea and Lauren, I love making new LTR friends!

    I want to apologize (not really) to Sam B now for pressing my boobs up against him but they do kind of have a mind of their own…sorry!

    • I’m pretty sure that boob-raping is one of the things you NEVER need to apologize for! I’m sure that for guys it’s just like sex: even when it’s BAD….. it’s GOOD.

  44. * happy belated b-day mrs p!!! totes jealous of sam singing for you!! did someone get that on vid?please say yes?

    you girls had great fun!!!! wish i didnt live on the wrong side of the world ggrrrrrr……and the LTR laydees are soo bee-yow-tee-full!!! you gals rocked that place!!

    dear sam,

    you shoulda taken up that offer for drinks at coach and horses by these wonderful you will spend the next of your life regretting for passing up that opportunity up!trust me.

  45. I like Story time with Moon and the gals. The only thing better would be if I was in the story too!

  46. Mr. Spider Monkey aka shirtless sweaty dude from the horrible first band, really did sound bad…just, Bad. And I thought that his gnarly back tattoos looked more like sponsorship stickers, I half expected to see an ad for Big Al’s Discount Flannel Retailers on his back.

    This evening was def not lacking in entertainment…and I’m not just talking about how awesome Sam was.

    One of the other spectacles of the night that Moon forgot to mention were the older couple that were making out next to us! Then same couple got kicked out! Yes! Kicked out of The Whiskey! The overly affectionate slore (combination of Whore and Slut) got a little too excited making on her man meat and spilled her drink all over some rockabilly chick who proceded to flip out and go tattle to Huge Security Dude.

    And then I scared off Sam by asking him to meet us later at the Coach & Horses, damn, didn’t even get the chance to slip my digits to him.

    P.S. How do I get my own fancy picture up here when I leave comments? Not that I don’t love the wonky monsters, but…how?

    • avatar – register for wordpress or gravatar

      DUDE i so had the picture of the makey outey couple and i forgot last night to add it in!! he was SO gay, you KNOW he was and that dumb bitch spilled her drink all over that girl. WOW goods times!

      we need to do it again soon!

      • Have you coloured your hair a more coppery colour recently, Moon?

        If you have – it looks nice.
        If you haven’t – it looks nice.

  47. […] Storytime with Moon and Sam Bradley! Dear Rob- Friday, I went to see your pal Sam Bradley perform at the Whiskey-A-Gogo and here’s a little story for […] […]

  48. I’m here guys.

  49. Hi E, I was going to Lionel Ritchie Hello you all, but you beat me to it!

    • Hi Lizzie. Yeah, it looks like we’ve been starting about 11:00 lately. How are you doing today?

  50. Just having a normalish day actually, nothing to out of the ordinary, except it is freezing, a blast of cold antarctic air has hit the east coast and i wasn’t ready for it yet!

    How you doing e?

    • It’s still strange to think about winter coming on when it’s trying to be summer here. I caught up on sleep today. I’ve been pushing myself for several days. Feeling much better now.

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