Posted by: themoonisdown | June 7, 2009

Dressing up for the big event with Robert Pattinson

Dear Rob and Sam (why not?)-

Why do a good portion of your fans look like they got dressed in their closet in the dark before coming to an event to see you? I’ve been to a few Twilight/Rob/and assorted friends related events now and this seems to be a reoccurring theme. I understand the saying ‘to each their own’ but after a while I can’t sit back anymore and wonder if someone pulled the drapes off the windows Scarlett O’Hair style and ran out the door for a concert. The scary thing is I think some of these actually took thought and preparation and a couple trips to JoAnn’s fabric to pull off.

Of course we all know our BFF the Pattinson pants girl by now…
She really is a model of true devotion when it comes to her event outfit… comfortable denim for the long wait? Check! Cell phone with internet capabilities for twitpicing crazy outfits from the event? Check! Assorted ironed on images of Robert Pattinson on pants to look at when you get especially bored at event? Check! Comfy white Keds with handdrawn Eclipse motif to keep the tootsies from getting tired? Check!

Yup, seems like she’s ready.

Last night as the Sam Bradley show, gals were taking it to another level… witness
You never know when you’re going to need to be ready for a spontaneous Goth wedding, especially at a Sam Bradley show. This fan showed her preparedness by stripping grandma’s lamp trimming and borrowing the Von Trapp family’s curtains while also knowing a brown shoulder bag would be a practical addition. Well done! I didn’t stick around to see her production number of Doe a Deer or Climb Every Mountain.

Like Carrie Underwood sang, Jesus take the wheel! Because this young gal is headed for a head on fashion collision! I was so memorized by her shoes I followed them around for half the night trying to get the perfect angle to showcase their brilliance but alas a few too many birthday shots and trying to escape the dudes from one of the opening bands made this rather difficult, till finally there they were in all their polka dot glory. Marvel in their brilliance.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg in hot mess fashions that we’ve seen this year and will undoubtedly continue to witness as we draw closer and closer to the November premier date. And I can’t wait… just know boys that I’m looking after you and will continue to document each and every amazingly terrible and whacky get up that one of your fans decides to wear to an event in your name!

Make it work, people! (love you Tim Gun!)

PS be prepared for a full review of the Sam Bradley show at the Whiskey this week! We had an insane blast!


  1. I’m looking forward to hearing about the show. I just got tickets for one of his NYC shows in August-I’m really excited! Undoubtedly there will be an abundance of questionable fashion choices to marvel at.


    • can we just touch on those insane pants and lovely halter she was wearing? the shoes were a sight to be seen but the buns protruding from what i can only assume was a child’s ballet costume were….. well wow. I think big is beautiful too but I also know no matter what size you are there are just some things you should never wear. Like panty hose and a bandana for a shirt. LAMESPICE.

  2. i don´t even think that the polka dotted heels are the worst part of that outfit, they´re just the icing on the cake. c´est tres 2nd-embarrrassing

  3. Well… can sort of see where polka-dot pink trim shoe girl was going…after all the pink {I assume} strapless top, black leatherette trousers, I mean colour co-ordination at least………but Goth Girl….hasn’t she ever said to her bessie mate Mum or boyfriend “Does my Bum look big in this?” Bustle’s went in the ‘Edwardian’ age…..

    Moon, looking forward to the review of the show and any more fashion icons I {at 46 and not fully in the modern trend } should be aware of.

  4. Are those pleather leggings and a miniskirt with the heels? Not even going to touch on the shirt. That’s sad.

    Can’t wait for the review!

  5. Wait…what’s wrong with my shoes!? And my cousin Cindy Lou, wants to know what size you wear. She’s getting so .many requests for Patti-Pants she can barely keep up but she wants you to have a pair for being such a sweetheart and plugging them for her.

    The chick in the plantation drapery…no relation.

  6. Shall we delve into the motivation behind such attire? The misguided, undiscerning thought process that would lead an otherwise sane person to don the hideousness that is the above.

    We could, and it would be a dark, dark place indeed.

    My feeling is this…as long as they keep showing up in these delish attempts for attention…we should give it to them. Deservedly. Perhaps even set up a grading system?

  7. Actually I’m kinda digging the shoes, although I would break both ankles if I tried to walk in them. It’s the rest of the outfit that makes me think she needs an intervention.

  8. oh 😦 i thought Sam would like my shoes…

    • You have better taste in chausseur than that…

  9. For all we know he did like the shoes. He may have spent the night at her place [too broke for a hotel] and she is fixing him leftover pizza in the ‘wave as I type.
    The grading thing seems sound. There could be a category for originality, which Patti-pants is currently title-holder.

  10. Like UC, I thought Sam was a polka dotted fiend. No?? Bummer. There goes my outfit plans for July. Whateves.

  11. Hey wait …I own a pair of pink polka-dot shoes like that! Does this mean I totally waisted my $200???

    I am kidding, of course!!

    Moon your descriptions are freakin hilarious! I can’t wait for the review 🙂

  12. Moon, were you still drunk when you wrote this post? “Memorized” instead of “mesmerized,” “Scarlett O’Hair” (OK, that might be irony), etc.? You and UC are my comfortingly literate bloggers in the twiverse; please tell me it was the Jaeger typing.

    • hahaha… the hilarious thing is I bet $247 that she was drunk or at least tipsy when she wrote that… cuz when I checked the draft at night eastern time.. it wasn’t done.. and i knew she was out… so i know what that means.. a drunk scramble to finish the post when you walk in the door late at night.. been there… done that… ‘memorized’ it:)

  13. I’m worried…! Next to the 2 new examples the pattinson pants are starting to seem innocent and not such a fashion crime… Which is just insane!

    I insist… what happened with the let’s all give 1$ and buy clothing for the needed fund? jajajaja.
    Moon are you spending it on cool shoes?
    It’s so cool to find out i’m not alone when i go to a concert and start mind screaming at some people’s dress choices… :p


    • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! close to the polka dots… how could i miss the barefeet???

      • holy shiz!
        i don´t know how you roll in america, but here you´re most likely to walk into broken glass and hepatitis if you´re barefeet at a concert.
        (for the record: i don´t think people in america usually do this.)

  14. @ Carolina; The bare feet can be explained by poor fitting shoes. Maybe they had park and walk like 3 miles. But the chick next to her, who robbed Gramma’s closet and stole her black Sunday-go-to-meetin’ shoes, can not be forgiven.

  15. Oh MY. Skinny pants and leggings are NOT FOR EVERYONE, people! Seriously – look in the mirror as you are about to trot out the door. Is your shape anything that could possibly be described as even remotely “ice- cream-cone-like”? Then go change. Really. Don’t inflict that eyesore on the rest of us.


    That is all.

  17. We now should devote an entire section on how to dress when going in public. It’s clear that some people need help. I’ll start it off!

    Tip 1:
    When the shirt you’ve chosen would even make Kate Moss look like a sausage in it’s casing? It’s a BAD fashion choice. In the same vein, when that same shirt makes you have a uni-boob? It’s a bad fashion choice. And no, I don’t even NEED to see the front to know what kind of f-to-the-uckery was going on there! I. just. know.

    Tip 2:
    When shoes get someone coming up to you saying “Do you kiss on the mouth for 100 bucks?” it’s a BAD fashion choice. Also, don’t front. You know your ankles KILLED and needed to be iced down NFL style when you got home that night. Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down comes to mind!

    Tip 3:
    Fringe? It’s just not okay! It’s a BAD fashion choice. If it looks as if Michelle Duggar decided to become a hooker and make clothes for the street, stay away!

    And the gold lame wrap around your ass? What was this for? A spontaneous picnic with Sam…when he fell in love with your knee socks?

    • holy crap you did not bring michelle dugger into this convo. I heart you so bad right now.
      Webbles wobble hahaha.

    • Tip Two – is too funny

  18. W.W.A.D.

    What would Alice do….hmmmmmmmm

  19. @yellow.jello…you are right, hte polka dotted heels are NOT the worst part of the outfit. I can verify b/c I saw this Hot Mess coming head on while trying to dodge other drunk twi freaks @ the show. Thank goodness Moon was there to document all this craziness. We need to a Do’s and Don’t Fashion Edition.

  20. @Pink Fluff…LMAO….Michelle Duggar….bwhahahaha! Uni-boob, YES! you hit that weeble wobble right on the head! And as for the fringe, I wanted to say “that fringe did not look good hanging off my g’mas lamp, but it looks REALLY good on you, honest!”

    • Ha! See, I didn’t need to see the front. I’ve seen a thousand other uni-boobs in my time to know one even from the BACK.

  21. it just seems to me that twifreaks/ twimoms + booze + a closet full of “club clothes” that used to fit before they let themselves go = disaster.

    I stand by Pattinson Pants… I love that girl so bad… she is the best thing that has ever happened to twi fandom. seriously I DARE
    someone to top that fashion statement!!

    PS I heart project runway… a friend of mine was on it last season… Im not telling who because Im pretty sure all of america couldn’t stand him…

  22. With this fashion in the room, everyone else stands a chance at looking good.

    It serves a purpose.

    Hence my love for Pattinson Pants and the Eclipse shoes.

    • hahahaha! I like the way you think Natalie! 🙂

  23. so whats with the gold wrap-your-ass-with-leftover-curtain-material- girl??? i mean seriously??did she somehow snagged that lame- o thing from the curtains at home,ripped it and decided to tuck it into her backside?? and that polka dot shoes just kills me.oh yeah,i bet sam is diggin’ that on you LOL.

    • He’s a boy. He probably didn’t even notice.

      • i imagine sam missed a note or two while playing the guitar.

  24. Dude, I so wish I had taken pictures of some of the beauts we witnessed at the Sam/Bobby show in Nashville. The guy next to us was wearing what must have been his Bugle Boy jeans straight from ’89. They were stone washed, full of zippers, and magnificent.

    • DUDE! I know. I wish I would have taken pics, too. I saw many scrunchies there, too! Next time, screw Sam, I’m taking pictures of what comes to SEE Sam!

      • I am all over it at the Bobby show in August!!

      • PinkfFluff, I love that you posted “pictures of *what* comes to see Sam”, rather than *who* comes to see Sam. Hee! Brilliant 😉

  25. I know that we have all been guilty at some point in our lives for incredilble fashion faux pauxs. (I’m very glad big poof sleeves and shoulder pads are a thing of the past. I’ll say no more.)
    HOWEVER… the above pics are WAY BEYOND!!!

    Friends don’t let Friends do BAD FASHION!

    C’mon people… get into a program… Quick!

  26. I like polka dot shoes.
    On thin sexy, young long-legged Katy Perry !!!

    Other “fashion” choices – not so much.

  27. I *SO* need to buy those shoes! They’ll match my own outfit when I see Sam in two weeks, in Toronto.

    🙂 He will spot me in the crowd and dedicate a song for me… because I am an awesome dresser, of course!


    • domisgone –

      last friday i called the 1-888 number for the playdead mansion, where sam was supposed to be here in toronto on the 19th, and got told he is no longer a part of the show. the woman was very friendly but said she’s frustrated with ‘underground operations’ for not updating their information, as people are calling her about the show and she is disappointing a lot of fans. last i looked it was still listed at sam’s myspace page so i’m not sure what’s going on. have any other TO fans heard anything about this? i’m going to call again today, i think, to verify.

      sorry for the off topic-ish post.

  28. If anyone out there can help..I CAN’T GET ON THE FORUM……keeps comming up as SQL error whatever that means and I NEED my ff fix so eternally grateful for any help ❤

  29. I…for one…am extremely grateful for those fashionistas who go “all out” for these types of events – or for any event, to be truthful. I think that when these martyrs make such avant garde choices in their attire, then that just helps many of the rest of us look that much more beautiful and “put together”. Matteroffactly…I thank my lucky stars when I see these brave souls in attendance at any event I happen to be at, I am a gaur-an-teed “10” when this is what is strolling about the area!!! So girls, let us appreciate those who make such apparel choices. Per happenstance, I would totes allow my bff to wear one of these crazy ensembes, ya know, to give me the “unconditionally-tolerant, totally-committed-bff, while-absolutely-sane-and-not-desperate-enough-to-wear-the-same” look. Sayitaintso!!

  30. OK – @ PinkFluff – F-to-the-uckery?!?! – I lit-ra-ly peed my pants!! Man – I love you guys!!

  31. Yeah, and try not to break your camera at the show either! (It’s still rocking the electrical tape Vicky)

  32. Anybody out there?

    • I’m here. How are you?

      • Hi EP. I’m doing well. Did you have a good day?

        • I did have a pretty good day actually.

          • Excellent!

  33. My garden is in except for 3 small areas of seeds. In the morning it will be done!!!

    • Awesome! So glad you’ve gotten so much done.

      • So am I!

        How were your kids this morning?

        • They were really good, we split them into teams boys against girls for a review competition and I handled the girls basically by myself. They’re weren’t many of them and my favorite little girl was there so they all just gathered around me and behaved.

          • That sounds like fun–nothing like a little competition!

          • They like it, when we split them into 1st and 2nd grade they don’t get as excited about it. Plus we sang all their favorite songs today, the ones with the most dancing. I thought our class leader Chrissy was trying to kill me with all dancing.

          • LOL! I remember loving the singing and dancing at that age. That’s interesting how the different combinations of splits have a different reaction. Sounds like a study.

          • Maybe when I write my thesis I’ll do it on motivation and include a study on teams.

          • It’s not a bad idea.

          • I’m going to write it down somewhere, I’ll need several ideas for a thesis. Blah, the downside of a masters degree.

          • I can imagine. I’ve always been fine stopping when I did! Besides, I just needed to put in the time to improve my skills.

  34. Have you seent he pictures of Rob out with TomStu today? Creepy cause their pap pictures, but also, adorable.

    • No I haven’t. Should I check in Rob’s Flat?


    There you go

    • Looks like they’re relaxed and just having a nice afternoon together. New shirt. New hat. Carrying that RM script everywhere he goes.

      • Always fun to hang out with the bestie. I hate that word.

        • Yeah, not likin’ that one much. It’s good to see them together.

          • I really like the new shirt, I have a serious attraction to plaid. I know weird. And TomStu looks creepily like my BFF’s boyfriend whom I hate.

          • I like plaid too. lol And flannel shirts. All those college days in art classes. That was the official uniform!

            Another thing to ponder—how we make associations because of our own reactions to something from our past….

          • I’m always working in extremes especially with the type of things I like, but plaid seems to be universal between the hipster type guys and the kind of redneck guys I’m usually drawn to.

            I know, it something bothers me because I’ve associated it with something I didn’t like it’s hard to get over.

  36. It’s weird to think about what he’s doing in NYC from time to time throughout the day, isn’t it?

    • I know.

      • It is not necessarily healthy. Just sayin’.

        • Yeah it’s exactly that sort of thing that keep the photographers paid. Walking down the street is pretty normal, Rob does it, it’s news.

          • That would really be the worst thing about celebrity. I like anonymity too much.

          • I wear earphones to ignore people on campus, I don’t even want to think about fame.

          • LOL! Sounds about like me! No, that level of attention would not work in my life. But I guess there’s nothing to worry about there! lol

  37. Hey ladies, I’m here. Sorry I’m late.

    • Hi Jenny. Anytime is fine with us. How are you tonight?

      • I’m great EyeC, thanks! Had my big graduation party tonight, and it was a blast. All family and friends.

        How are you?

        • That’s wonderful! Did you get anything good? lol

          Doing just fine here.

          • I was totally spoiled!

            Picture frame set, bodyshop stuff, picture frame for my diploma, books, statues, money, a fancy pen, flowers, giftcards, alcohol… and other things I can’t remember off the top of my head.

            And my parents got me a video camera! I’m so excited!

          • WOW! You made a haul! Sounds like a good time.

          • I know! I’m always surprised by how many people bring gifts. I never really expect it! It was really nice.

            And my mom knows how to throw a party!

          • But you’re special, Jenny!

            Just like Alice.

          • Awwe, thanks EyeC! I’d rather be like Bella, since, you know, she gets Edward. But Alice’s powers are pretty cool.

  38. Seriously BFF, I just looked at that link you posted of Rob and TomStu. Ummm, so friggin’ gorgeous. I am loving the shoes!!! And the plaid.

    • Yeah, those are plain black shoes today. Naturally he’s gorgeous.

    • I know right.

  39. hello late night shift!

    • Hey Sherin, how have you been?

    • Hi Sherin. How’s work going today?

    • Hey Sherin!

  40. hi EP and EC!!! how are u both??? i missed you guys!! the mac puter at work im on right now keeps on crashing so if i disappear again,yah know what happened!!! im good over here,hot as hades now,its terrible but at least its not humid yet!!!

    • Doing well. 🙂 It’s hot and humid here.

      • oh yay!!! hate it here when its summer,its getting close to 49 degrees at least.btw,i love that pic of tomstu and rob,jbell and FN must be jumping up and down with joy LOL

        • That’s right!!! Their 2 boys, the BFFs together again.

    • I hate it when the computer takes on a mind of its own!

      We’re just getting through a rainy period here in Colorado. Got my garden all but finished today—YAY!

  41. Random thoughts:

    I’m going to have to do, like, 2 hours of cardio tomorrow. Plus weight lifting. Because seriously, I ate enough for 50 people tonight.

    My poor puppy is all pooped out from all the excitement. And my poor kitty hid under my bed the whole day.

    Too bad Rob and Bobby couldn’t make it to my party. They missed out big time. Totally have to make it up to me now, too.

    I can’t believe the weekend is over already. Working sucks, it makes things fly by too fast.

    • I went swimming today, it felt fabulous. I’m going again tomorrow.

      Aww, poor BFF’s pets.

      They so owe you.

      I was thinking the same thing, but with school.

      • Oohh swimming, good work out! I usually do it at home, because I’m too lazy to go to the gym alone. Plus this way I can watch Twilight. I say all the lines while I’m running the treadmill. So much effort.

        Yeah, poor babies.


        Yeah, it sucks. Plus time moves more quickly now that I’m getting old…

    • But parties are worth it!

      Sweet puppy. Cats are easily spooked–people can be such bores!

      That is a sure thing.

      I know.

      • Agreed. Celebrations always involve good eating.

        I know, my poor little babies!



  42. Hello loverlies.

    J-m congrats again and can I say I am very pleased to hear about your video camera, I have interesting plans for that…

    • Hey Lizzie!

      My mind instantly went to a dirty place. Please don’t say your plans have to do with the Bobby concerts… I told you, I’m already doing enough embarrassing things! They don’t need to be caught on video!

      • win-win

    • LMAO! You would have to start off with that! No, we will not be getting videos to feed your overgrown curiosity!

      • if you say so, i am however persistent, ytou may have started to pick that up…

        • But how are you going to strongarm us from Sydney?

          • I have magical ways as you shall find out

    • Hey Lizzie.

      • hey EP good to see you left all the kiddiwinkles in one piece today

        • Didn’t even feel the need to kick one of them.

        • I did hit one of the other volunteers with a pencil though.

          • cool, i’d hate to think you were going soft EP

          • His little 13 yr old eyes were going places they didn’t need to be.

          • I kind have a sneaky respect for precocious 13yo boys with wandering eyes, you know they are going to be big trouble for quite some time

          • I like him already!

          • He’s a sweet kid, but not the most covert.

  43. Random Thoughts:

    After driving my sister’s car today I’ve decided two things:
    1. I want something European
    2. I want a convertible

    I took the dog with me to the pool, because it’s just at my Grandmother’s house. She didn’t like the idea of the pool, she tried to jump Grandma’s 8 foot fence to get away. She’s the lab with the negative attitude toward water.

    The idea of school tomorrow makes me stress.

    • something or someone european?

      our family dog used to run up and down the pool barking as we swam laps, he hated the water and hated us being in it, occasionally if there were too many in the pool he would get so hyper he would miss a corner and fall in. he was exhausted for most of summer!

      ditto, but work not school.

      • Mind reader.

        That’s kind of cute, my dog just shook and eyed the door.

        Stress sucks.

    • Convertibles are good in the South. Not so much up North.
      I feel the need. The need for speed.

      Poor Shiloh freaked out? Sounds like he’s a little cofused about the water. Didn’t he get the memo?

      Sorry it’s not working for you. Will it get better?

      • hi-five you at the volleyball net E!

        • LOL!

      • I love the South, I’m not sure how Shiloh would feel about giving up the giant backseat of the SUV.

        I think someone must have tossed her in as a puppy and it scared her. Her previous owner was a psycho.

        I’m counting on it.

    • I want someone/thing European too. Meow. Though convertibles up here are no good. You’d only be able to drive with the top down for like, 2 months.

      Poor Shiloh. My dog likes the water. Well, he likes lakes. Not sure what he’d do about a pool.

      Same, but with work. I need something to occupy me.

      • You could go topless most of the year here.

        She was ok at the river, but she hates water. The pool was not her friend.

        Seems we’re all in agreement about this.

        • I’d personally like a european in somehting european, funnily enough rob in a bmw will work, i would totoally be prepared to go topless for that.

          wonder why pools freak them out

          yea but at least i managed to avoid mondayitis, i ony have to make it through tuesdayitis now instead.

          • Lizzie, you’re on a roll tonight! Rob-BMW-topless=WIN!!!

  44. It’s probably a good thing i can’t make any of the concerts as UC and Moon have now ridiculed all my wardrobe options.

    • Yeah, what nerve! And here we were all prepared to make it special…. What to do now?

    • better get to work with the bedazzler E

      • NO!!!!!!

      • That machine can work wonders!

      • Rekon you have time for a complete outfit and accessories by August E?

        • It could be done but I’m afraid I don’t have the fortitude.

          • not even for the boys?

          • If they were impressed with that I’d have serious doubts about them!

          • LOL Touche, EyeC.

    • And I just want to agree with Too Far Gone, leggings are not pants.

      • We may have a problem, ErPattz.

        • ohh and J-m is serious look at the use of Ep’s full name… oooh bitch fight coming up, want to place bets E?

          • More of an inside joke really.

          • damn, I was going to put my money on you, cause you have form EP!

          • I can kick your ass with a pencil!

          • What?! That’s it Lizzie, it’s time for you and I to rumble so I can show you my fighting skillz! I’m the feistiest beotch you’ll ever see!

          • Without full disclosure how would we know who to support?

          • Lizzie, I think we just found use for my camera.

            EP and I will wrestle in our hotel, in Van City.

          • Ooooo…Rumble in the jungle!

          • I don’t doubt it J-m, but I had to go with EP, the fact she admits to redneck tendencies and mixes it with 12/13 yo… hard not to think she’s going to get down adn dirty!

          • Your support means everything to me Lizzie.

          • I’m sure Bobby, Sam and Marcus would LOVE to see that particualr vid J-m

          • LOL True about 12/13 year olds, Lizzie. Never thought about that. And may I say, ew.

          • Then I’ll have to go with Jenny—with her dancing skills she can leap and twirl and kick some ass in the process!

          • Yes! I have EyeC in my corner! Thanks EyeC.

          • It’s gotta be a fair fight.

        • but you’re a dancer, so you probabky actually do have legs

          • Is that about me, or EP?

          • you J-m

        • But Jenny I’ll bet you look awfully cute in leggings….Truly!

          • Thanks EyeC!

          • Yuppers!

        • Exceptions to every rule.

        • Guys, I don’t wear leggings as pants, P.S.

          • Didn’t think you did. Figured I’d be nice anyway.

          • what she said

          • I’m totally gonna do it for Bobby’s concert now, though.

            Leggings as pants, and the Bobby Spaz t-shirt.

            EP, if you were gonna be embarrassed by the other crazies, it’s gonna be even worse for you now.

          • I’m already pretending not to know you, BFF.

      • I read that too EP—LOL!!! She’s right about that!

  45. Random thoughts

    I finally admitted it is winter today and pulled my heater out of storage, big sigh

    Bobby and Sam are so not going to know what is going to hit them in August

    i seem to have recovered from my all things edward/twilight problem of yesterday…thank goodness

    i seem to have killed my portable house phone today, oh well better than killing my laptop.

    • I wish it felt more like summer here.

      True story.

      Good problem to have while it lasted, though.

      True story.

      • me too

        and a good one i hope

        i am feeling OK wiht it now i know it isn’t as going to be as intense as it ws yesterday

        for now

    • It’s summer here and mine is on.

      Scary thought.

      Good deal.

      You and technology….

      • seriously



        i know

    • Winter…sorry. Time to go into hybernation.

      Hope they are preparing!

      Those days are bound to pop up from time to time.

      Def better! W/O laptop how would you talk to US???

      • and flannie jammies, how attractive is that?

        in best Jacksper voice ho, ho ho I’m sure we can handle that

        at least it was a weekend so i could indulge it a la love days

        exactly, yet i feel it is but a matter of time.

  46. Can I say how much better Rob looked without the hoodie, the cap works much better as a disguise anyway

    • which is kinda irrelevent when you have paps following you anyway. BTW i love the stunned mullet look of the lady in the background just staring whiloe Ron and Tom Stu were in the foreground

      • I saw her too!!! LMAO!

      • Ron? Total HP moment for me.

        • LMAO, well it is about to hit again, and I do love me some Ron

      • There’s that Ron person again, he tends to show up in conversations here from time to time.

        • It’s his codename, he is trying it out to see how it fits

    • I agree. He looks good. He’s sure to feel cooler too.

  47. Okay LOTN, it’s that time of the night/early morning…

    I need to sleep so I can try to wake up ON TIME tomorrow. One of these days it will happen. I know it.

    Sweet dreams!

    • Dream of Ron, you know you want to

      • I’ll take Harry, you can have Ron. 😉

    • G’NightJenny. See you tomorrow.

      • Definitely! Night EyeC.

  48. I should probably sleep too, this week will be long. Talk to you all later, night and sweet dreams.

    • you too EP.

    • G’Night EP. This week HAS to be better. Sleep tight.

  49. So E, I am up to date with I Love LA, i def got into more as it went along, I am happy I came to it late with it almost finished, that helps for me I think.

    • Yes. I finished the epilogue just before we started up tonight.

      • You did know it’s finished as of tonight, didn’t you?

        • no, i didn’t excellent, guess I know what i’ll be doing tonight, at last i didn’t have to wait too long, gthat was lucky. thanks for letting me know!

          • I found that I had to go to the end of that last chapter and push ‘Next’ for the final one. And do that again for the epilogue.

          • there is a moment of dread, I am desperate for WA to update, but as you said it then also becomes a much bigger moment of this is it, which is also very sad too.

  50. Art after 5 is next cab off the rank for me

    • I like that one. Young Edward and 26 y/o Bella. I love the Carlisle and Esme characters–open and quite liberal.

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