Posted by: Bekah | May 19, 2009

Rob Pattinson is forgetful

We noticed Rob looked particular worried about something as he left Vancouver. We’re pretty sure he forgot something really important. Don’t worry- we know what it is:

shit! I forgot...

Rob did not leak Midnight Sun. But he may have leaked New Moon & Please Remember Me

Take 1 – Themoonisdown

Dear Rob,

It took you two weeks to realize this?

“Oh shit, I left those two scripts in the the trashcan outside that salon after a midwestern booty call with Anna Kendrick”

Sucks to be you dude!







shit! I forgot...

For sale: 1 pee stick that may or may not have been peed on due to sexual intercourse with Robert Pattinson

Take Two – Unintended Choice

Dear Rob,

I know what you’re thinking here. It’s:

Holy shit… Did I? Did..oh! I did. I left that pregnancy test out on the counter. Shit. Some maid’s gonna sell it on ebay. And some crazy fan (probably the same one who made those pants) will figure out it’s Kristen’s…. and then someone in some lab will do some paternity test… and we’ll never be able to convince Oregano it’s his baby…

Uh oh spaghettio,

PS: You’d never be able to convince Oregano that it was his baby. You guys might share a love for flannel shirts, but the spawn of KStew & Oregano would look NOTHING like the child you and Kristen would make (half beautiful baby and half alien, of course)

More ‘One picture, two takes

Yes. We saw the New Moon poster leak last night. And don’t worry- we broke it down with The Quad over at LTT and there’s lots about Rob over there today!


  1. half baby half alien! SO true… i might come out of the womb sparkling.

    • or it would stutter and blink uncontrolably whilke having a head full of gorgeous/ greasy hair.

  2. (half beautiful baby and half alien, of course)
    OMG !! IT sounds soo True …LOL

  3. Hahaha. I suspected he left New Moon and Remember Me ( Forgetful Me ) lying around in a trash can too.
    half beautiful baby half alien, ever watch The Incredibles ( disney cartoon ) ?

  4. “Uh oh spaghettio”

    Love it!!!

    • “uh oh spaghettio” and No.Go.Oregano…..poor SpiceRack! How can he ever catch up, when Rob is such a fine three-course meal? πŸ˜‰

  5. If there’ll ever exist a pregnancy test of KStew involving some Rob action, I swear that’s my nightmare coming true…I’d emmigrate to Greenland fo sho’ πŸ˜€

    • Can I emmigrate with you ?

  6. Maybe we should get Rob one of these key chains where you record reminder messages. You know, like the old people use. Then he can record the important stuff so he never forgets!

    • I gonna add that to my gift basket I’m making him to give him at NM premiere. πŸ™‚

    • That would totes be awesome…or maybe I can try and be his ‘personal assistant’ you know to make sure he doesn’t pound spam…I mean er, ‘forget’ anything! LOL

    • Milk, eggs, bread…I hate that commercial. Who needs to remember “E4” for parking? If you are too dumb to remember where you parked you shouldn’t be driving.

      • “If you are too dumb to remember where you parked you shouldn’t be driving.”

        Oh God, so, so true! LOL

  7. Uh oh spaghettio… heeheeheeheeheehee! πŸ™‚ Best.Line.Ever.

  8. I really can’t think of him and Kristin together. Ruins my mental image of the two of us in love for ever. I feel like he’s cheating on me already.


    • i know. i hate it too, but it had to be said. it’s probs what he forgot

    • I feel the same way too.

  9. Awww come on. Rob and Stewie would make ridiculously delicious babies.

    He looks so stressed. I hope he catches a break soon.

    • He needs a relaxing vacation that’s for sure. I can give him a vacation from his mind and body.

  10. I have nothing to say except the New Moon Poster is out and I saw it on LTT and that is all I have to say… I need a moment..or two or three!! and thank you Moon and UC… thank you πŸ™‚

    • you are very very welcome! we need a moment of silence in the twi-dom for the poster!

  11. I’m grinning from ear to ear, how do you girls come up with these letters?
    Thank God you do as they are the highlight of my day {well at least till I get hubby and practice some FF/Rob fantasy}. Not that you need to know that, but hey That’s Normal!!!
    Loved yesterday’s post about Sam’s Mum being a MILF gives us cougar’s a real lift……..
    Love to All ❀ ❀ ❀

    • hugs to you!

    • XO!!!!!! glad you enjoy!

  12. ‘Uh oh spaghettio’….β€œOh shit, I left those two scripts in the the trashcan outside that salon after a midwestern booty call with Anna Kendrick” = WIN!!!!!! πŸ˜€

    • him and anna kendrick would be SOOO money!

  13. Awww. I want to hug him. And then I want to special hug him.

    Is that a new gray t-shirt? I don’t remember a v-neck.

  14. Holy Fuckery that was awesome. Thanks for making my morning!

    • ‘Holy Fuckery’! Can I please quote you on that!? That’s hilarious, (and new to me, I don’t get out much?)


    • ‘Holy Fuckery’…totally badass…LOL and I am going to start using it hope you don’t mind!!! You’re the bestest!!! LMFAO!!! πŸ˜€

    • Must claim saying as part Aimee Wino and part Jbell’s influence. I just love saying it. Plus “fuckery” is my safety word when I can’t handle a topic regarding HHH touching anyone else, being Robsten, NRank, or anyone but me.

  15. @Moon and UC
    Now you have me imagining what our…I mean his babies will look like one day. B-yoo-t-ful!

  16. Half beautiful baby and half alien coming right up…

    • Oh wow – that link exploded. Well, it was actually a cute little girl with weird hair when I did it. But the link didn’t work for some reason. Hmm.

      • Try this adult child —

        • bahahaha! that pic made me spit up coffee! so creepy!

          • OH HOLY HELL. That is one bad Rob drag queen. OH no, I can’t stop LOL’ing…I’m gonna pee myself…Please make it stop.

            Oh shit. DSBJITM this is too much, I’m going to lose it.


          • Hee hee. Rob Drag Queen πŸ™‚

        • That is Rob in drag!

  17. haha moon, i totally thought the same thing. who else could have those same two scripts?! silly rob! don’t worry.. we’ll cover for ya if the studio asks…well in return for something you could give us… me… i don’t share πŸ˜›

  18. *rob – i remember now, thanx girls. actually it was both. but you girls will always be my NO.1’s.*

  19. Well, I still don’t care whether or not they are doing it, but they should for sure use birthcontrol. I’m all for adorable little babies, but they need to finish making these movies for me first, K?

    Repeat it with me Kristen, “No glove, No love.”

  20. I think it’s horribly ironic that you mentioned a pee stick when I peed on a stick this very morning and will be giving birth to Rob’s love child sometime in February! πŸ™‚

    (Srsly, I am preggers, but it’s not Rob’s love child. *sigh* Bummer, dude.)

    • CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Congratulations on the bb!

    • Congrats! You must be glowing and sooo happy (when you’re not puking up breakfast)!

    • Big congratulations! It all happens here on LTR doesnt it?

      • Congratulations! How exciting!!!

    • WoW..Happy for you both!

    • Congratulations!!! So very, very happy for you!!! πŸ™‚ February is a great month to have a baby. πŸ™‚

    • CONGRATS!!

    • congrats !!! thats great!!! if its a girl,and ur naming her renesmee,we are disowning you!!! LOL! J/K!!!!!

    • Congrats

  21. A pee stick from KStew and Robward on eBay???

    So there.

    I mean, I wouldn’t actually bid on it. But I sure would add that shit to my tracker and check it everyday.

  22. Imagine the Kstew-style scowl on the face of that kid when it comes out of the womb….


  23. Yet again, UC, you’ve managed to combine my two favorite things to be found on the “internets”. Rob and eBay.

    Shall I tell my neighbor’s “JLo and the bloody tampon” story again? No, I shall not.

    • Ugh! Brain bleach please. LOL

      • No joke πŸ™‚ And my neighbor is the type of person who tells you the same story 12 times over again — each time thinking it’s the first time he’s told you. So I’ve heard the story a million times. And each time I pretend like it’s groundhog day and I try something new on him. The day I said “wish you’d kept it so I could’ve sold it on ebay” was a new low for me.

  24. Busted by UC and Moon! Poor Rob. Hey did you guys notice that he wore ALL of his clothes on his flight to Cannes so he wouldn’t have to pack? Both shirts, his tee and his jeans. Aww that was so environmentally friendly of him.

  25. I love it all but my fave is “uh oh spaghettio” LMAO!

  26. I ❀ this so much!

  27. Hmm- great minds and all Jena ❀

  28. Just saw this and yeah, ppl that’s Stephanie DUH!

    • Lucky, lucky beyotch.

      • Her dress is way cute! Plus I ❀ purple!
        Sigh….I want her job!

        • They so did NOT call him Bob! LOL!

          • Yeah – Bob??? Is that some kind of joke?

  29. One more-

  30. I’m highly jealous of his bodyguard! Here’s why:

    Exhibit A

    Exhibit B

    • I don’t get the hugging thing Mr Inappropriate-toucher-bodyguard is doing. What’s that going to accomplish? If someone rushes at HHH, is he going to pick him up and carry him away like a cardboard sign? It’s not like he’s shielding bullets. He’s BEHIND him. Rob’s gonna have to look for a new stylist AND a new bodyguard.

  31. Ok. This has nothing to do with today’s post but I had to share.

    I just feel bad for him here. Talk about overwhelmed.

    • I love that picture cuz it looks like he has a Bella in breaking dawn force field all around him.

      But yes, all joking aside, it’s sad. He lives in a fishbowl.

    • You could post that in thr Forum in the Cannes thread or in the Riob’s Flat thread. They are talking all about that there. They love new things to talk about!!

      • I can only handle one site otherwise I would out of a job, lol. I already spend too much time here as it is. If head over that way, I would seriously be a Rob-Zombie (Rombie?).

  32. I’m watching Rob right now on Le Grand Journal

    Click on Partie 2 and he’s about 8:30 minutes in.

    • Thanks Jena! Gawd he is so hot. LMAO at Clive Handjob in a French accent.

      • It was so cute how he totally blushed when they brought that up!

  33. Haha…great takes….

    and another…

    “F**k” they better have Kobe meatballs in Cannes”

    • Great insight. You should head to Rob’s Flat section in forum to show your snarkiness and wit. Just sayin’

  34. Today is officially Christmas again. So many yummy photos to drool over and I got my copy of How to be delivered today. Off to watch it right now.

    Blows kisses to all that know me … I have been deeply submerged in RL, including spending hours today attempting (and failing – bloody locked myself out by using wrong password too many times) to submit an employer tax summary online (it’s the deadline today of course – I always like to leave these things to the last minute – I’ll probably get fined now as it is already nighttime here).

    So, a little RobArt will do nicely. Oh, also got Haunted Airman whilst I was at it … god they were doing the marketing spiel on the cover of that one (as if they even needed to). Rob = sales. Did they really have to plaster the DVD box with phrases like “Twilight Star RP) – now I will have to hide it from my hubbie in case he catches on. It is hiding in my office desk presently with my copy of GQ and my bank statements. That drawer is where I keep things that I want to see very much, but don’t want others to see … and where I keep things I don’t want to see at all (bank statements – yuk).

    ps. Do you think Rob’s mum bought him that T-shirt? (not that it isn’t ok …. it just looks like the type of poloshirt my husband would wear, rather than a 23 year old sex symbol!).

    pps. I love how the bodyguard takes such extra special care of our precious boy. He is going to be such a superstar when all these new projects come out.

    ppps OK really must go now – and watch said DVD.

    xox to all of you

    • LMAO! I also have that GQ magazine hiding at work, along with some others.

    • @EG

      I thought I might need to make another trip to London to check on you πŸ˜‰ Sorry to hear about the taxes..and yes, yes, yes…why is he wearing a golf shirt that a 40 year old man should be wearing?

      Miss you!!!

      • Yes I’m alive Brummie. Just trying to get a bit of self control back and also put a bit more into work/business as it sorely needs it!

        Awww I really liked How to be. Not that it was the greatest film ever – ‘cos it wasn’t, but as a Robfan I still loved it. It was great seeing Rob in a modern day english role (so no US accent, or no 1940’s english accent as in Haunted Airman and we got to see a lot more of him than we did Daniel Gale) and no super confident Edward stuff. There were so many little bits where I laughed out loud. It was just great watching so much of him, though not when he was sad (don’t get upset Art – I’ll give you a cuddle) …. ooh I liked angry shouty Art/Rob! Is that bad?

        Oooh, those grey trousers he wore throughout – I mean I know they had to de-handsomize him, but god those trousers were awful, even if they had been the correct length. And that jacket.

        Well, I thought he was very impressive on the basketball court!!!!! I thought he was going to be a lot lamer! Well you know he had to really try hard to be that bad!

        I could go on and on … but I am going to log back onto the bliddy Inland Revenue website and try and send my return again, my time out has hopefully finished ….. I may be back later!

        • @EG

          Yep completely get the whole “need to get a grip with reality thing” I think I have found a nice balance…haha

          You just do whatcha gotta do… πŸ™‚


    • @ jena

      thank you for posting that..THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Stupid bodyguard is hugging and holding him as if they were boyfriends or something. Rob looked annoyed on most pictures. I bet he preferes being touched by crazy fangirls than b-guard.

  36. F#@&
    I miss all this *Cannes* jizz… LOL
    Stupid real *fucking* life!!!! ARGH!
    But, hey, DH is on a vacation for work (that’s what HE said LOL) and DD will go pretty early to bed today… I know how to play “I’m the mom and the BOSS here’ card very well, thank you!

    I’m DA boss here, kid!! (in gangsta Portuguese, of course… LOL)

    PS – Congrats to the Preggo chica. πŸ™‚

  37. My new fave photo! Go to their gallery because there are TONS of these in HQ!

    • yay!thanks jena!!! more pics to drool over!!! and did u notice his new shoes???? and shirt!!! jbell should add that to the HHH wardrobe list!

  38. just slogged thru the le grand journal interview although i dont speak a word of french.rob looked relax and confident there,our boy is growning up *wipes tear from eyes* although that lady with the fangs was a tad tacky.

  39. Why the hell is he getting hotter and hotter day by day!??!?! Its just making it more for me to ahem breathe and think. Hes soo hot and sexyy, it should be illegal to be that good looking!

  40. You guy’s are without doubt the funniest people I have never met 😦 –Love u guy’s!

    Who thinks we should start a petition to get Rob into Playgirl Mag (do they even still make that magazine?)

    • yes. i have a subscription. oh wait, no i don’t (isn’t it for gay men?)
      but yes. let’s get Rob in it:)

  41. I’m around.

    • Hey EyeC, me too. How are you?

      • Hi Jenny. I’m doing fine. I got your email today.

        • Oh, good! I thought I would send a little something your way.

          • So are you thinking about meeting up with EP here in Denver to join us?

          • Yeah, I was thinking about it. A lot. Once she mentioned it, I thought it was more and more possible. I think it would be a blast to get to see all you ladies, not to mention to see Bobby (again) and Marcus.

          • I’m sure he will notice the repeaters. That would be cool.

          • I wonder if he would really notice the repeats. I can’t even imagine how many girls he sees. After a while, I bet they all look the same.

          • But these are smaller venues so I think he would notice.

          • Are they? I don’t know how large the Vancouver venue is. I never really looked.

            How big is the Denver venue?

            Yeesh, we might not even get in!

          • He’s remember you BFF, you’re that special!

          • He’d*

          • For some reason, everything you say to me sounds sarcastic. LOL

            I bet Bobby would remember me, ifyouknowwhati’msizzin’.

          • I think we can order tickets before. Carter called last week and they didn’t have anything set up yet so we’ll keep watching. Plus we should plan to get there plenty of time before 8:00.

          • @BFF, you need to get past the sarcasm thing.

            @ EyeC Good to know.

          • I wonder if you can buy tickets ahead of time for the venue in Vancouver. EP and I should probably look into that. If you have to get them at the door, we may be screwed. Unless EP is willing to flash the right people, with her “Rob-peaked-at-my-gorgeous-“boobies”” breasts.

          • BFF, are you saying that everything you say to me is genuine?

          • Sure why not? Anything so you can see Bobby.

          • Awesome!

            Okay, no worries, we’re in. Clearly.

          • Oh, yes, my boobies have gotten me so far in life.

  42. Hi

    • Hi EP! How are you doing today?

      • I had a really good hair day and some awesome peach cobbler, so I’m good. How are you?

        • Both very important! I’m OK. Finished the weed digging part of the garden. That’s the worst.

          • That is the worst part. Our dog usually carries some away from the pile, that’s aggravating.

    • Hey BFF. I had a good hair day too.

      • Hey BFF, I’m sure you were gorgeous today.

      • I didn’t put any make-up on, so I looked even younger than normal. And I looked tired. So overall, I don’t think it was a sexy day. But hair-wise, it was good.

        But I bet you looked beautiful!

        We’re disgusting. We’re like one of those schmoozy couples.

        Dear Rob/Bobby,

        I swear, EP and I are only friends.

        Love, me

        • Dear Rob/ Bobby,

          My BFF isn’t lying.

          Love, Me.

  43. So, did Rob look spectacular today ot what???

    • Yes.

      • Looks like he’s got a new shirt to add to his wardrobe.

    • His bodyguard is handsy. I saw something where it looked like Rob was being helped from a yacht because he was incredibly drunk, but the bodyguard was all up in his comparably sober business today. Deduction: Rob didn’t need that much help off the yacht, the bodyguard is trying to make us jealous, or Rob needs more help getting around than any of us know.

      • What was that about? I guess he’s pretty protective, huh? I wonder how close he wants to be?

      • Why didn’t anybody tell me bodyguards get to be all handsy, I’ll be back once I have my security licence! I’m coming Rob, wait I’m coming, plus I’ll even warm my hands for you.

        • That would be a worthy position. It looks like he could use a new bodyguard.

          • I’m ready, willing and totally able, although I may want to pratcice that lying on top of you manoeuvre Rob, just in case and so you are well rehearsed, you know how professional I am.

          • Of course. You never know when you will need that in your job.

    • Look spectacular doing what? I mean, I assume he did… let’s be honest. When does he look bad?

      • I just liked the navy striped shirt on him with that leather thong necklace. And the wind blowing through his hair and he used his fingers a lot.

      • He’s in Cannes, he’s been photographed at various events.

        • Oh. I am dead to the world, apparently.

          • Did not want Rob to share your good hair day vibe? Is that why you ignored him today, it isn’t fair though that Rob always has a good hair day.

          • I clicked links on the page then went to Robsessed with the understanding there were tons of pictures.

            Hi Lizzie! How’s life in the future?

          • just had lightening and thunder actually, the future is not happy, Kristen is not scheduled to go to Cannes is she?

          • No.

          • Ok, maybe it is just mother nature being mother nature then.

          • I know, Rob always has good hair. And he’s always good looking.

            I was telling my mom how unfair it is that some people get all the talent. Super (beyond normal) attractive, amazing voice, song writer, plays instruments, great actor, great hair, great teeth, great eyebrows, great HANDS. I mean, wtf Rob. You’re starting to piss me off (in a “man I really wanna bang you” kind of way).

  44. Time for randoms:

    Sad Panda face, you are all going to play with Bobby without me.

    I am having a very unfortunate hair day

    Rob has been working out, nice arms baby

    When it rains why is it wetter inside the bus than outside (Sydney buses you suck)

    • I will get Bobby to pose in a provocative manner, just for you.

      Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll switch and tomorrow my hair will be crap and yours will be amazing.

      Has he? I am dead to the world. Again.

      I have never experienced that. Usually it’s the same amount of wetness everywhere. That’s what she said.

      • If you can all have your photo taken with Bobby and have him put his arm around my imaginary shoulders that would work, I can then find someone who knows about things and have me photoshopped in. Lovely, feeling better already. thanks.

        • Okay, what are your shoulder measurements? Clearly I’ll need them to instruct Bobby how far out he should place his arm.

          • Cause that’s not strange at all.

          • At least he’ll remember me?

          • Normal.

          • I’m sure that he will BFF.

    • I’m sorry Lizzie.

      Believe me my hair is only behaving because I’m cutting it tomorrow.

      Little bit yeah.

      It’s dry as hell here, but it was a beautiful day.

  45. Random Thoughts:

    I fear that my new hair will make me look like a 5 yr old, but I don’t want to cut too much off so it’s bangs or it won’t be much change.

    I had to replace my iPod, I do not know what became of the last one.

    We’re having “family dinner” tomorrow night, apparently it’s a new weekly thing.

    • I have a fringe or bangs if you will, fringes rock.

      Apple love me becuase i need a new ipod approx every 6 months cause my magic kills them somehow, maybe they don’t like living in the future?

      At least you don’t have to do the cooking, or do you?

      • I think the official title for bangs is fringe. My sister the beauty school dropout, calls it that.

        This is iPod 3. In 2 years, but it’s purple so it rocks.

        I don’t have to cook, so I’m all in. We’re having Chicken Florentine.

    • You will look beautiful, BFF. Even if you do end up looking 5. Plus, bonus if you do! Well, not 5. If you look 5… I will be scared.

      What kind of ipod? I have the ipod nano, but not the new skinny bright one. I have the little square one. It’s blue. And pretty.

      We had a family dinner tonight, because my brother and his girlfriend came for dinner. Now I’m hungry. Go figure.

      • Thanks BFF. You just want me to look young like you.

        It’s the new nano in purple. I had the one you had but in silver.

        Family dinners are nice.

        • I have the square nano in silver and the newer one also in silver but with a hot pink cover.

        • Yes, I would appreciate if I wasn’t the only one who looks 16 when we go see Bobby. Who knows, maybe Bobby is into that.

          I would adore the new nano in purple! True to form, I bitched and complained they never came out with any amazing colors. And then right after I got my nano, they came out with the new ones in a shitload of colors.

          They are. Though it interrupted my nap.

          • Age of consent in England is 16, he’s used to being able to look at a younger girl.

            That always happens.

            I love naps.

        • I have the green nano in a blue silicone sleeve so it’s turquoise.

          • That just seems so you.

          • I know. I do have my eye on the purple one at Costco if I ever have to replace it.

  46. Hey EyeC started A Lesson in Release today, am about 13ch in, quick short chapters, goig to be a quick read. Like it.

    • I just read the 7 chapters of Just This Once. It was recently listed on the fanfic page. I think A Lesson in Release is my next one. I have it set up to go. I’m going to have to cut back on my ff reading due to troubles at home. So hard to change my ways.

      • hopefully everything OK?

  47. 1st hand embarrassement, I just attempted to drink water and missed my mouth…

    • I do that a lot. You can’t take me anywhere.

      • well that makes two of us that can’t be taken out in public.

        • I don’t know what we’ll do when I finally come to visit you.

          • It’s Ok people will just think we are drunk and probably point and laugh at us. I’m used to it.

          • That’s cool.

        • Literally, I spill everything I drink. I am the worst. My brother is the same way. Not a meal goes by where something isn’t spilled. Or at least a sleeve dunked into something.

          • Ditto. Family joke.

          • Eck, I spill everything. I hope I don’t embarrass you BFF.

          • No worries, BFF, I have faith in you. I’m hard to embarrass, but for some reason 2nd-hand embarrassment comes so much more easily. Though I actually like awkward embarrassing situations. They feel good.

  48. Sorry, I’ve been over on the forum checking out the Rob at Cannes thread.

    I need a haircut so bad and I don’t know what to do with it this time. Was wanting a change but it’s so risky.

    Too bad you lost your iPod Ep.

    Guess the family dinner idea was a success.

    • find anything we need to know?

      • I was just going to ask that Lizzie!

        And thanks, I wish I hadn’t I never lose things. But I heart the purple.

      • Still checking out videos.

        Rob looks soooo tired in those pics from today. It’s a black striped shirt, not navy.

        • see that’s why Rob and I are meant to be together, I look tired and always wear black, we will always match.

          • To be fair Lizzie, if those are the requirements than you and I are meant to be.

        • It is a black striped shirt, as it is now my desktop background.

        • After watching the 3 minute video taken out on a dock–or something–today, all the still pics look calm and he’s so beautiful except for his tired eyes. Then when you listen to the actual shoot everybody is yelling at him and he is dealing with all this screaming. Poor guy.

          • He has to be sick of the screaming. I listened to it for 20 minutes and I was well over it.

          • It would be a crap way to live.

          • I think I could endure it if it was Rob screaming at me. In a loving way. Not an “I hate you bitch” sort of way. That probably wouldn’t be the most fun.

  49. Ok lovelies, I have a farewell to attend and no unfortunately it isn’t a farewell for me on my way to Cannes or Italy. dammit!

    catch you later aligators to which you all now reply “In a while crocodile”.


    • In a while crocodile

    • I say it every time I leave–to my dog!

      In a while crocodile….

    • In a while, crocodile!

      Night Lizzie.

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