Posted by: themoonisdown | May 21, 2009

1 Picture, 2 Takes: a blogger divided, Robert Pattinson and the Jugs edition

hmmm helllloooo down there

hmmm helllloooo down there

Take 1

Dear Rob-

So I guess this confirms my question to the quad the other day… “is he a boobs or butt man?” Good choice my lovely… good choice! You had us fooled for a while there because we all know Kristen ain’t packing much heat in the front and NReed’s definitely stacked in the back but seeing you oogle this butterface’s goodies made my day.

Keep having fun in Cannes* cause next week it’s back to the no-jugs gals,

hmmm helllloooo down there

hmmm helllloooo down there

Take 2

Dear Girl in this picture-

I sure hope you believe in a higher power because this is proof that Jesus himself loves you. You are now currently rivaling THIS girl in my own totally unofficial race for BEST fan photo with Robby Roo ever! You should frame this and someday when your grandkids ask you can tell them the story of when Robert Pattinson liked you for your boobs brain.

Jealous of your Cannes (not really I have my own: “they’re real and they’re spectacular!”)

*FYI Cannes is pronounced CAN like trash can or can of soda

Wanna role play with Rob?? DO IT!
Don’t forget to hit up the forum today!

Picture Source: Robsessed and a bunch of other places!


  1. Yeah, if that was me I’d be paying for a billboard right about now…

    • LMAO!!!! me second!!!

  2. LOL!!! Rob’s going to be like: “DAMNIT, I can’t even surreptitiously look at boobs anymore” Nice story for the fan though.

    • Dear Rob,
      Those days are gone. when you can leer freely at boobies. You should refine your steal a glance technique.
      P.S : that is one lucky cougar

    • My thoughts exactly. He have to be very discreet with his eyes.

      Dear Rob
      When taking a picture with fan then avoid these :-

      1.No Droopy eyes,
      2.No Eye-fucking eyes,
      3.No look-at-those-boobs-and-I-also-wanna-lick-them eyes,
      4.No look-at-those-fucking-legs eyes,
      5.No I-want-to-do-her-so-bad eyes.
      6.No these-kind-of-staring-is-dirty eyes
      7.Well, you can do whatever you want just dont let us know about that.


      • Dear Rob ,
        I agree with Maygirl
        You cando whatever you want just dont let us know about it


      • @maygirl

        hahahaha… it all.

        It’s like, Rob, come on. Think of cleavage like the sun. Don’t stare directly at it!

      • i completely disagree with ‘maygirl’. those 7 things are all i want from you, especially the first 6.
        xo forever.

    • Girls, weird dream, I swear. And the reason im wrting here ‘cuz it was the day of this rob’s eye-f-king or boobs-gaze letter. I went to sleep.Then I woke up and I again went to sleep and then again I woke up and it was 9 am or something. I didnt had much last night and felt zombie the whole day so I decided I should go to back to sleep and wake up after some hours.

      Morning Dream…I had weird dreams about my boobs. I saw myself checking them out in the mirror or something. They are all perked up, full and lifted and I felt amazing but after i wake up i had a huge REALITY check in my ASS [Toasterfukeryfic!] and now i feel very insecure about my 32/34-B cups. They are not lifted or perked up and plain natural and Im only 22. Totall EEFINGG REALITY. Real life SUCKS.

  3. Great pic 🙂

    Lucky girl, WAIT! Lucky boy! 🙂

  4. “because this is proof that Jesus himself loves you.”

    Agreed this is def in the race for best fan pic ever!! Epic!!

    His face is priceless. Adorkable!!!

    • Amen … Although I thought that picture was better ..I mean the girl’s expression ..was priceless LOL
      Wow Moon he always answers your questions 😉

      • we’re in tune like that… he knows i need answers cause he reads the blog (obviously) and so he provides them in public places like photos that will inevitably end up here!

        • No ..I’m sure it must be much more than that .. Like telepathy 😉 or something

    • I told her that he’s totally eye-fucking her. Let’s see if she responds or not. I know she wont.

      • I never knew that “eye-fucking” was a word. LOL I cried my eyelashes off reading this.

  5. What i want to know is who’s taking the pic? And where did she come from?

    • You find out more than you’d ever want to know about her here:

      • Thanks ljs, she met some other famous peeps, aswell as Rob, huh?

        Hayden Panitierre (sp?), Paris (in the distance), Steve Jones, David Furnish…..

        Thanks for the link 🙂

  6. This has got to be the funniest fan pic EVER. He should let her reciprocate with a picture of her giving him an ‘inappropriate eye glance downwards incorporating raised eyebrow’. I would pay money to see that.

    • ‘I sure hope you believe in a higher power because this is proof that Jesus himself loves you.’

      (and if He does it for one? He is not a respecter of persons…justsayin.)

      How many ways do I love this photo. And when I saw it yesterday, I was really hoping it would make LTR (for all the obvious reasons.)

      I mean you’re just handing it to us Rob (that’s what she said), it’s like you and Moon and UC are working as a comedy team. Perfect. Can’t wait for what’s next.


      1. I curse my lack of boobage.
      2. The expression on his face makes me want to use expletives.
      3. The hair (nough said.)

      My humble caption for above photo:

      ‘Whoa! Leave room for Jesus!’

      • hahaha.. LOVE the caption!

        and rob is on team UC/Moon.. we know it

        • And by ‘on team UC/Moon’ I assume you mean in the biblical sense? 🙂

          • OOOHHHHH I wanna join THAT youth group!!! 😉

          • OOOh! me too! I wanna join you *ahem* prayer.

      • of course he’s on our team! how else would we get the goods like this?! he knows we need content so he provides… just like jesus. the great provider.

        yes i did just compare rob to his holiness. save me from myself please.

    • I like the way you’re thinking Verity 🙂

  7. I don’t know, could her boobs be all that spectacular? Maybe she had a nip slip?

    • they’re pretty great.. i saw more pics…

      • More pics with Rob or just her? If with Rob I want a linky loo

        • just her, this was on her twitpic but i refuse to give porn stars/lame people links! 😉

          • LMAO! No worries!

  8. ‘Robby Roo’ hahaha I think that would be a great name for a particular piece of ‘Robby Roo’s’ anatomy!!!!
    New game of name the Rob crotch girls?
    Moon priceless letter’s today I’m still laughing out aloud ❤ ❤ as always

    • thats my favorite name to call, uh… HIM!

  9. I think I laughed at that picture all day long yesterday… that is the best picture of him I’ve ever seen. period. I think if I was that porn star (that’s what she is right? I mean she totally looks the part…) I would blow that picture up and post it everywhere. I would probably add it to my porn resume too… everywhere it’s appropriate, which is everywhere, duh!

  10. @ Moon – Wait! And this!

    Jealous of your Cannes (not really I have my own: “they’re real and they’re spectacular!”)

    (Hahahahahahaha! Yes!)

    • Wait! OMG!!!!

      He’s BUSTED! Get it? No? Yes? God I crack myself up.

    • glad you caught it!!

  11. Oh good. I have a chance then. LOL.

  12. It’s ok she’s a buttaface anyway…mine are nice too and they’re REAL as well…and Rob I just have one thing to say…VD running rampant through that skank…remember that darling…Yea I’m hating again…wish he was oogling my goodies like that!!! LOL

    • word.

      • @Proselyte3

        i ❤ you. You said word. I love saying that!

  13. She’s so just not cute. At all. Lots of women have boobs, REAL ONES, that would be more than willing to let you cop a feel.

    That said, I would like to take a minute to write an open letter about Popeye(or the Jolly Green Giant, as we are all unsure how tall that behemoth of a man IS…and personally I just like saying “Ho, Ho, Ho” before saying Jolly Green Giant but I digress…)

    You need to get Popeye a gift…you know a ‘token’…a ‘thanks for saving my ass(albeit a bit skinny lately, eat some pasta in Italy, babycakes!) from all those crazy Twi-Mo…I mean “fans.”‘ A good example would be a larger bow tie for premieres or scrap the bow tie altogether. Let’s face it, it looked like he borrowed PattinsonPant’s scrunchie because the tux shop forget the actual bow tie.
    How about the DVD of Jarhead? He looks ex-military and like he’s been to the ‘suck’ before..and who doesn’t want to see a shredded Jake Gyllenhaall*** strip in the middle of the desert?
    Or a TGIF’s giftcard. Hey, a beer and potato skins is a freaking FANTASTIC way to show appreciation.

    The point is Rob, is that Popeye LOVES YOU. Therefore we LOVE POPEYE! We can see it in his warm embraces, his apparent need to throw people into garbage cans that get too close to you and his second nature to protect your junk when you are around fiesty photogs. His neck might be the size of my waist, really, no lie, but we want you to KEEP HIM!

    ***Don’t get jealous or feel inadequate. We love you just the way you are. And most of ALL, we still love you BEST.

    • **This might be a double post**

      I ❤ your face so much for your open letter to Popeye. He rulz and will always have a special place in my heart for protecting our boy.

      "borrowed PattinsonPant’s scrunchie" LMAO!!

      I can't stop laughing!!
      "We can see it in his warm embraces, his apparent need to throw people into garbage cans that get too close to you and his second nature to protect your junk when you are around fiesty photogs."

      EPIC WIN!!!!

      Rob could get him a Gift Certificate to a Spa. I bet he would enjoy a little TLC after dealing with all the TwiHards. Those bitches are really handsey!

    • Alright I have commented 2x on this post and both comments are lost in cyberspace. Let’s see if this one makes it. 🙂

      • Seriously, Popeye is handsy himself. I mean in a couple of those pics it was thisclose >< to a reach around.

        And I ❤ your face MORE!

  14. i love this picture so bad

    • I want to frame his side of the pic. lol.

    • Yea me too wonder if he’s kicking himself in the ass this morning knowing this pic is making its rounds on the net…and the look on his face…he’s probably like “damn lemme see if I can ‘motorboat’ those puppies by the end of the night….!!!” LOL

    • this pic kinda makes thursday worth living

  15. Alright I commented and I think it got lost in cyberspace!!

  16. I suggest you all invest in some push up bras cause um yeah.. this is classic lol

    • *note to self* buy super pushhhhh_up-to-the-heavens-bra.umm….where do i get that?La Perla?* winks at beautiful bastard*

      • *Additional note to Another Self…’Oh hello self, you scintillating minx, you.’*

        Begin thorough research of bust enhancing vitamins, fast acting creams, and exercise gimmicks. STAT!

        Begin to pray for a creative miracle.

        Spend some quality time in a pep talk with the ‘girls’, the ‘money makers’… you know. Explain to them the necessity to actually FILL a ‘B’ cup. Why this is a win, win for everyone.

        Curse my smugness regarding my backside.

        Look into THAT little procedure that I used to ridicule my friends about. Begin saving money.

        • LMFAO….I on the other hand need to do more squats/lunges to get my backside to be more plump/firm…just in case he likes to alternate 😉 youknowatimsayin?!?!!?

          • YouknowIdo.

            Maybe if we approach Rob together we can cancel out each others lack of t & a? Okay left-brainers, is there a math equation for this? Where one ends, the other begins?

            Wow, is this the start of a new fanfic? xo (man, I bet Rob would be all in..that’s what…u know.)

      • lmao!!

  17. Why are my comments getting lost in cyberspace?? Not posting any links. UGH!!

  18. LMAO! This photo makes me smile, giggle and want him all the more!

  19. “You should frame this and someday when your grandkids ask you can tell them the story of when Robert Pattinson liked you for your (boobs) brain.”

    LOL!This is brilliant!cant stop laughing in here! i think im going w janetrigs to franch,just so i can get rob-leering-boobage pics

    • Hi Sherin!!! Long time to chat!!
      How’s it going? When is there gonna be a new DH book. I need more Ash STAT!!
      I bought Ash in paperback and carry it around in purse. I love that book. I get weepy thinking about it.

      • carrie!!!!! simba’s one true lurve!!!!! *fake lezbo kisses you* I think there is a new DH book this month!!!! im not so sure though,i will check on the dark hunter website for yah,im missing my acheron too,dammit LOL !sherrilrn kenyon should write faster,im soo impatient for the next book!!!

  20. Just got this from

    On Thursday, July 23, Summit Entertainment will hold a panel for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON at Comi-Con International in San Diego, California. Come see our stars and exclusive new footage for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON — there may be even be a surprise or two in store!

    Tickets to Comic-con are selling out fast, so we recommend you get your Thursday tickets soon so you can have access to our panel. Unfortunately, the 4-day passes are already sold out, but the Thursday single-day passes are available, albeit in a limited quantity. Tickets can be purchased on the official Comic-Con website (

    • yay!!! I hope LTR/LTT will be well represented 🙂

      Bit far for me sadly…….

      Thanks for the info Jena

  21. And today I thank God for my massive boobage. Amen.

  22. Look in my eyes. I said in my eyes!

  23. Picture proof…

    Rob is a dirrty boy! And this girl has no idea how close she was to heaven.

    Yes… enlarge, mat, frame and hang over the mantel cause you will never get that again!!

    • I concur… 🙂

      • Amen!

  24. BOOBS for the win!!!!


    I heart this photo so much. He’s just a boy, turns out. Love it.


  25. I have that little old man stuck in my head from “Mr. Deeds” when he’s standing in the foyer of a manshion and yells “BOOOOBBSS”! LOL!

  26. LMAO That is too funny. You KNOW this girl is getting major flack for that picture.

    • oh you KNOW twihards are HATIN’ on her!

  27. LOL!!!!!!

  28. I loved your letter to the girl in the picture!! I’m sitting here in my cubicle laughing my ass off. Thanks!!

    • LMAO – enjoying this way too much! He deserves some eye candy every now and then…keepin’ it real for us 😉

  29. Jealous of your Cannes (not really I have my own: “they’re real and they’re spectacular!”)

    @Moon – Give me some high fives on that one!!


  30. All I keep thinking is how his internal monologue must be “Ooooohh….yyeaaaaaahh” because, come on, what man can resist? He’s only human. I love that he got busted looking though.

  31. OMG!!! this is by far the best fan pic with rob EVER!
    i can´t stop laughing. priceless.

  32. This photo…this photo right here. 1) I want it in HQ 2) It makes me want to dry hump my monitor.

    • *poof*

    • Holy fuckery….where the hell is my dildo?!

      • Best. Response. Ever.

      • hahahahahahahahahahhahahahaa

  33. you know this is the first ever double take to have same caption TWICE. b’cuz there are no other words to caption them, try if you want to.

  34. @Jena – Do you want this picture for the glorious hotness of Rob or the adorable cuddlyness of Popeye? Tough call huh? LOL

    • Is Popeye his security guard? He’s a hottie aswell! But I want Rob!

      • they call him grabby over at robsessed LMAO

  35. LOVE this post gals! Terrific job as usual. It give me hope.

    Dear Rob,
    It seems that you like the sweater monkeys. I’m so glad because my cups overfloweth. Come motorboat my 32 g’s anytime big boy. And bring Popeye too. He just looks like a good time charlie.

    • Okay, this just made me lmfao…”motorboat my 32g’s” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I sure hope you believe in a higher power because this is proof that Jesus himself loves you.

    Good Lord that’s one lucky Biatch.

  37. so does buttaface means ugly? cause she looks a little skillet-fried to me….

  38. stumbled upon you on twitter…you are hilarious!

  39. You know I wondered what it was that was around his neck in Cannes. That sucker costs $975!!!!

    • Excellent Robstigation there. It has been the topic of many discussions these past couple of days between my fellow Robessors. Unicorns to Jena.

    • for that amount,that piece of tooth better come fom that whale in mobydick itself.or jaws 🙂

  40. Lucky beeyotch indeed!

    Oh, I can barely wait for some “Twilight Theatre” with the awesomeness of Calliope.
    Please, tell me that Calliope will do another epic one with this pic.

    • This pic has Calliope written all over it. I await with baited breath….

  41. why is Rob so damn delish-is in each and every photo? And where are you guys gettin’ these photos? Too funny, I am sad though that the sly boob-glance happened, I am lackin’ in that dept but my booty is spectacular! C’mon Rob, we need a new photo of you checking out a behind. For me. Please?

  42. you know i totally do think he’s a boobs man.. i just feel it 😉 and with the way he commented on kristen’s “robust butt” like it was nothin’, somethin tells me he is

  43. Well – now we know Rob is such a NORMAL MAN!

    My caption – Rob -What Color Are MY Eyes!
    (from Tropic of VIrgo FF)

  44. hahahahaha!!! love rob’s glance!!

  45. This is his “alright, I’ve had enough of this photo taking but I’m still f*cking you with my eyes” look!

  46. How’s this for honkin huge! YOWZA!

    • @ Jena….HOLY CRAP!!!!

      Now THIS pic would look ideal wall sized. No breath, srsly…

  47. Wow Jena! you always find the best pictures! LOVE the post.. yes I would have to agree… he is a boobs guy…
    and I LOVE the comment of Jealous of your Cannes (not really I have my own: “they’re real and they’re spectacular!”) hahaha. The peeps sitting around me at work keep asking… what is so funny?! Oh nothing… it’s a Seinfeld thing. (Which always helps to change the subject and sounds a little more adult-ish than lusting after a 23 year old)

    • I mean secretly lusting after a 23 year old.

  48. Bless his heart. I hope he tried to cop a feel, at least.

  49. Moon, I heart you — you said “butterface”. And you know that’s what we all were thinking. Meow, hiss.

  50. @Moon – Loving the double entendre, darlin, and thanks for making sure us American chickadees know the proper pronounciation for Cannes – otherwise, it is definitely lost in translation.

    But, here is my one eyebrow raising moment – has anyone actually confirmed that butterface (delish nickname BTW) actually has some bodacious Cannes? She could be as flat as the Mojave salt lands and we would never know from this picture. Maybe the look is one of awesome familiarity based on his most recent chest conquests ala KStew and NReed? Just sayin….

    • I saw her other non-Rob twitpics yesterday. Yep – she’s stacked. Like artificially looks-like-gravity-doesn’t-exist stacked.

      She was also dirty dancing with Quentin T. in another picture. That ho gets around.

      • Hiya WTM – Been a while. How’s that spring in your gravatar’s step?

        Thanks for the confirmation on the boobage. I scrolled up and saw the link to her blog site, so I can second your confirmation – YIKES! I read some of her friends’ posts too and the one comment that made me laugh was referring to RP as the “vampire guy”. Duh – HELLO – I take slight offense at posting a photo of RP and being too full of yourself to acknowledge how freakin lucky she was to have that photo to boost (not that she needs any boost in certain departments) her “career” (whatever that may be cuz it sure aint the movies I hope).

        Okay, I think my claws just popped out. Forgot I had that nasty side….

      • yeah,those boobs like each was stuffed with 3 kilos of silicon.again..meowww LOL

        • Hey Sherin? How’s trix in Kuwait? Heating up?

          I think I would be making exactly the same face if I got that close to those things. That’s exactly what they’re there for anyway – stop and stare!

          • *waves* hi byrdie!! yeah things are definitely heating up over here!!!unfortunately,its not due to HHH overload,except for my case though!
            yeah,that lady’s boobage( i love typing that word up LOL) defy the laws of gravity.they seem to be screaming,” newton who?”

          • Well, she’s certainly got more than one red delicious stuffed in there!

          • LMAO @ “red delicious”.more like a medium sized watermelon!

      • Hi Byrdie! Hi Sherin!

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