Posted by: themoonisdown | May 17, 2009

Where in the world is the Edward Action Figure – Pinkberry Edition

stop drooling!!

stop drooling!!

Dear Little Edward-

It’s that time of the year again… it’s SUMMER!! And guess what that means, that’s right FROZEN YOGURT! Well actually anytime in California is Frozen Yogurt time but whatever we’re trying to write a blog so go with me!

Like I was saying… it’s summer time and it’s warm so what better way to cool down than to partake in the most delicious of frozen treats, yes that’s right Pinkberry! And what did we get? Original with strawberry and mochi. Now shhhh don’t tell our pal UC, she may cry.

Have a great Sunday and enjoy some frozen treats wherever you may be!

Location: Pinkberry, Silver Lake, California

Where else has the Edward Action Figure been?


  1. That looks YUMMY!

  2. Oh yumm.

    I want some!

    With extra Edward on top plz?

  3. you’re right.. I’m crying

    • waaah waaahhh waaahhh

      HIT IT!

  4. OMG…I had pinkberry when I was in LA…sooooooooooooooooooo good !!

    Didn’t get a serve of Edward with mine tho 😦

  5. that looks tasty!!!! Nom! Nom! Nom!!

  6. I love frozen yogurt, and it is so hard to find up here! 😦

    And I want Edward to feed it to me….

  7. After reading A Life Extordinary I know just what to do with that Srawberry frozen yogurt……where are you Rob…Rob?

    A girl can dream…..thanks to Lola for making them sooo muuuch morrre…….

  8. its waaayy 2 cold 4 fr0zen treats (in south africa), but…never 2 cold 4 rob..he can keep me warm any day of the year πŸ™‚ hugs and kisses oxox

  9. Well, I have to say that I’m glad to live in a city where is like summer all year long. Just 1 day of Autumn and 3 days of Winter – LOL – b/c is ALWAYS time to some frozen treats to me.
    I want mine with Rob on top, please!
    NHAM! (like we say YUMMY! here)

  10. Strawberries and Mochi! yum!
    We don’t have a Pinkberry here in Robcouver, but we have a Blueberry. Yes…. even Pinkberry has been pirated…heh

  11. Oh I’m crying. I love Pinkberry. I love it so much.

    Now my two great loves are combined – Pinkberry and Rob – and I am not there.


  12. this reminds me of the pinkberry we had directly after watching twiliight at the century city mall. oh those were the days before the obsession set in…

  13. I want ice cream.
    Real bad.

    Damn you Moon, damn you.

  14. What is Pinkberry?

  15. We have a frozen yogurt place in Sacramento called Yog Yog….tis quite delicious and once I get my own pocket edward I shall take him there.

  16. Anyone lurking or is everyone at Pinkberry?

    • Hey there Lizzie. How are you doing today?

      • Good EyeC, been a beautiful day here, and you?

        • It was really nice here too. Got into the garden again. Yay! Looking slow tonight.

          • Being sunday for you guys probably not to much of a surprise though.
            Good to hear you got out in the graden, that’s my project for next weekend too, want to put some winter colour in love pansies and sweatpeas ans things like that.

          • Love pansies and sweet peas. Two of my favorites. I won’t think about flowers until the veggies are in.

  17. I want that too. Looks delicious.

    • Hi MG

  18. EyeC, finished The Red Line on Saturday, really liked it over alll but wasn’t as in love with the second half as much as I was up to ch 21. The diversion to a dom/sub Bourne Identity didn’t quite work for me. I will of course read any sequel she writes to it though!

    • You’re always much more critical than I am. LOL It was a different twist from all the others. I especially liked the psychological aspects of Bella working with Edward. The Pain Whore parts were too painful for me. Can’t get those needle images out of my mind. I did fall for this Edward though and look forward to seeing what happens with them in the future. Maybe Charlie will still join them after he is endangered at some point.

      • FF certainly takes you places you don’t expect that’s for sure!

        • That’s for sure. So many facets of Edward and Bella.

          • and slowly but surely i think we are finding all of them, love FF!

          • I read Art After 5 yesterday and You Get Me Closer To God today. Knocking them off one by one! SnMLamb recommended another recently and I’m checking that one out. There are always more and more and more….

  19. Hi!

    • Hi EP. I was worried you wouldn’t show up now you and Jenny have a direct line.

    • Hi EP, what’s up chickadee?

    • Hey EyeC, I love you guys too! Not just Jenny.

      Hey Lizzie, I’m not up to much.

      How are you guys today?

      • I’m good. Glad to hear that you’ll still be around!

        • here, here, I second that!

          • Aww, I’m not going anywhere! I love it here.

      • A bit weirded out to be honest, in my new desk possie and one of the It guys keeps doing really bad Joey from friends impersonations at me (which reminds me of Gen when she does the how YOU doin thing which is what he is doing). The again maybe it is just because it is monday!

        • I’d be weirded out too

          • Good to know it isn’t just me. Although i didnt tell you the weirdest bit, he was also doing it about 5 minutes ago when he was lying on the floor sorting out my neighbours computer. what is it with weird IT dudes no wonder they aren’t allowed out of the basement too often, seeing daylight causes them to lose it.

          • People that understand technology are always weird! I don’t know what it is about them. (No offense to people that might not be weird and understand technology.)

          • Do we like nerds here? Maybe we need to classify different levels. lol

          • Nerds are not always the same as IT people, but they can be. I forget what you call that in statistics, I made a C in that class despite thinking the professor was adorkable.

          • I got a C in a class I took in meteorology. I thought it would be a slam dunk. lol

          • Don’t get me wrong, given my history I would be lost without them, but also given my history, I end up being exposed to them an awful lot more than most people!

          • Oh I was just thrilled I didn’t fails stats, I really don’t get it.

            Metorology, I can get where that could go either way.

          • @Lizzie, yeah, you do have a running history with the ITs. Wise to keep on good terms.

            @EP, There are always those odd classes that trip you up. You had to have it as a business major, I’m sure.

          • As an undergrad most of my classes tripped me up. Now, I’m a genius.

          • lol

  20. OK Byrdie, is tonight the night? Check in with us! It’s just 10:38 your time.

    • C’mon Brydie, you know you want to.

      • All the cool kids are doing it.

        • I want to hear how the Hillywoodesque project is coming along.

          • Yes, and how LA was and how her trip to Europe went….

          • You guys did it!!!! You manifested me out of hiding, so you all deserve a big fat smooch!

            So, how is everyone doing?!?!? Give me some news!

            BTW, I work in the geekiest nerdom world of laser scanning technology. You want nerds – I got ’em!

          • Howdy Lizzie! Breaking Dawn paraody is scheduled to be released in November. I will definitely let you know when it hits You Tube so you can laugh at the terrible acting and see my really cool Cullen Witness outfit.

          • Well, it’s hit and miss with our manifesting skills. We’re happy to see you tonight!

  21. Hello girls! I just came in to say hi!

    About byrdie, I talked to her yesterday and she said that she’s trying to get more sleep and she’s been busy, but she loves us all and she misses us too. About LA, she said:

    “I got to see Little Ashes last night and it was exactly what I expected – a nice little artsy indie film. It was a very touching story and I think well acted. Unrequited love is one of the most compelling story lines for me. It was really great to see Rob in a new film too. I adore Twilight, but being able to see Rob in another role is exactly what I was looking for. There were very few people in the theatre, but you could hear the RP fans – they were the ones laughing too hard at the silly things he did, but in a very gratuitous way – very annoying. It wasn’t as bad as the crowd at How To Be, but there were a few annoying fans there for sure (of course, I was not one of them, but you knew that already ;o)”

    This is Dany, reporting live from Byrdie’s email. You may continue with your regular shows LOL

    • Hi Dany, thanks for the update.

    • LOL Dany. Thanks for keeping us up to date from Byrdie Land! I think the fangirls from Twilight will be looking for something different than the usual art film crowd. Of course we aren’t like that….

      • Very funny to read my long winded email! Thanks for taking good care of me, Cakes! I know you may not believe this, but I am a really good correspondant. Guess that pretty much summed up my Little Ashes experience. Artsy+indie=yummy!

        • Hey there B! She was looking out for you. We can be a little insistant at times! So, how are you?

          • I’m pretty good. Really beautiful sunny weekend here which has been much needed. Worked in the garage today and just finished baking some cookies. Probably will head off to sleep soon, but just had to pop in. I’ve missed the banter, but loving the sleep.

            What’s the news with you? Gardening today, I see…..

          • Yes, I’ll be at it for a while it looks like! I ain’t what I used to be…. Sounds like you had a productive day.

          • Well, I only got a tiny bit of the garage done, but felt good to give it a start. We moved here in Dec 2007 and have never really unpacked anything in the garage. Really fairly shameful, but you know how life goes. At least this year, I managed to plant my summer bulbs last weekend so maybe this year I will have a few flowers. I also used to be a master gardening, but those days are long gone.

          • Gardening is really time consuming. You gotta let some things go. My garage is packed full of boxes of books from my days as a book scout and I’ve had a hard time letting go but it’s time now. Couldn’t read them all if I wanted to.. Such a big job to tackle and to be in the frame of mind to delete.

        • was it a mixed audience in LA, spot any Twilight t-shirts going on?

          • There were practically no people and it was opening night in Seattle. Guess it really isn’t mainstream stuff, and only true RP fans (for RP himself as opposed to Robward) would know about it. The gratuitous laughter was very annoying. You can imagine that Dali was incredibly awkward and eccentric, but not in a funny way – or so I thought. I would say 1/3 of the very small audience were all giddy with excitement everytime RP was on screen, so the giggly laughter was too much. Still, it was definitely worth seeing. Now I just need to see How To Be again without the wild laughing fans.

            Have you seen either of them in your neck of the woods?

          • I saw HTB at a special screening, and it was a bit the same with the giddy of RP to begin with and it did settle down, there was a moment of 2nd hand embarrassement with one Twilight t-shirt spotted, but not too bad overall. Haven’t been able to find a release date for LA, which I am really disappointed about the movie is one i probably would see even wothout Rob, so hopeful it may yet happen, if not will get it on dvd when it is released in the UK. Fingers crossed i see it on the big screen though.

    • cool thanks Dany!

  22. I was in charge of my nieces and nephew this morning including getting them to school they were being so good for me and thought i was doing really well (apart from accidently setting the fire alarm off), running early and as I am loading them all into the car, my nephew steps in dog poo, sort that, still on time, then get to school and apparently they had to have all their orders for the school photos in today, was i left any istructions on that, no, so there I am sitting in the front office sorting out what photos they will have, wasn’t expecting that! Eventually mde it to the office. lol

    • lol Lizzie, don’t you just hate days like that?

      I had to physically pull a child out of the bathroom at church today. They are SUPPOSED to ask permission to go and then it’s one at a time. At some point while I was trying to talk a group of boys out of making engine sounds during the service, 5 count them 1,2,3,4,5 girls get the idea to run to the bathroom. Another volunteer and I had to yank them out and line them up.

      • A thrill a minute!

        • Somedays its so much fun and when I think about July being my last month it makes me sad. Then there are days like today where I just wonder what kind of people are raising these awful children.

          • LMAO, taking kids to the loo is not high on my list of things to do, EVER!

          • I will never understand the thrill of packing several people in and playing near a toilet, but whatever.

    • What a start to a day! Looks like things worked out though. It’s good to be available for them.

  23. Hi Byrdie, good to see you!

    • Hey Brydie, smooches back at you, good to see you

      • Hey Lizzie – Already Monday afternoon in your part of the world. As much as it seems quite creepy, I’m strangely curious to hear what an Aussie sounds like trying to imitate a NY Italian.

        BTW, speaking of Joey’s biggest fan, I haven’t seen Gen around lately (not that I’ve been here, but I do peek from time to time). What do you hear of all the regulars buzzing away? Are they on the forum, twitter or just RL happening? Only 27 posts today when I got on. Geez!

        • I think Gen is on twitter most of the time. We’ve kept most of our late night crowd here. The forum is packed with newbies and a few vetrans. I think a lot of people twitter though.

          • Still struggling with Twitter I have to admit, and I haven’t signed up for the forum. I’ve tried twice to check it out, but I get all dazed and confused. Lame…

          • I signed up for twitter the other day and I haven’t been back on. I’m trying.

            I check the forum a lot, but I rarely sign in. Just not much I want to say there.

        • Trust me the accent was SO not good, not good at all.

          I think most of the regulars are now pretty much committed to Twitter, Gen drops us delicious little pressies every so often, and i see the odd post from a few of the others, I think SpunkMe and Soccermum pretty much rule the Robsten thread on the forum, with so many options hard to keep track of everyone!

        • I, for one, miss all the other girls like mad!!! I watch from time to time in the forum but it’s not the same. So many have gone to Twitter. It was always fun to banter with everybody and be able to keep a few convos going. Also with the spring/summer activities people are out more so that changes things.

          • I’m with you, EyeC!

    • Hey there EP? What is the latest with you? I’ve seen a few bits and pieces – some conversation about drinking boozey lemonade at the races? Potential visit from Frenchie in June for LA in San Antonio? What is up with your last month being July? Is that when you leave for London? You must be getting so stoked!

      • Hey Byrdie.

        Going to visit SA for LA and FN in June. Then FN and I are going to see Bobby Long and Marcus Foster in Austin in August, then I’m popping up to Vancouver for a few days with Jenny (my BFF here) and we’re going to see Bobby Long, then from there I’m going to see EyeC in Denver and we’re going to see Bobby and Marcus. Whew!

        July is my last month in church, because I’m going to be gone so much in August. I leave for London Sept 1, I’m so excited. I think everyone here has to hear about it at least a few times a week.

        Glad you’re getting some sleep, but we really miss you around here.

        • And when are you coming to Chile to see Dany?? LOL

          • Right after I go to Australia to visit Lizzie, I promised I’d visit her next. But you’re on my list! I’ll see the world one lady of the night at a time.

          • And Sydney to see Lizzie?

          • EP you travel maniac – you are a woman after my own heart. So your BFF lives in Vancouver? Unbelievable. You know Vancouver is only 1.5 hours away from Seattle. Just sayin….

          • She lives in Alberta, but we’re vacationing together in Vancouver. Some of her friends live there.

            1.5 hours works both ways!

          • You guys really are BFFs! Amazing place to meet friends here at LTR – I love it! Well, let me know when you will be in Vancouver and maybe I can pop up for a night. Would be fun. Maybe Eclipse will be back in town by then?

          • I’ll be there Aug. 9-11th. I may try to fly up the 8th, but I have to leave on the 12th to meet EyeC. The show is on the 11th.

            Don’t know about Eclipse.

          • I love that you are doing the LTR rounds – you rock! Keep me posted and maybe I can make it up. My only August trip planned is to Forks – how is that for Twilight geek! I’d love to meet up with you.

            Nite for now!

    • LOL Byrdie! I just sent u an email!

      The manifestation worked!!

      Would it work with Rob too?….C’mon Rob, tonight’s the night! lol

      • Oh good idea Dany, let’s try…NOW!

      • The night for you? How about the night to have him take on a monster and join us?

  24. HI girls- Hi Byrdie *waves* Just thought I’d stop in and say HI!

    • Hey Gen, were your ears burning by any chance, we have been mentioning you a bit (all good of course) tonight!

      • LOL no- but I think I”m going to go hunting for you gals- be right back LOL

    • Howdy Gen!! I was just asking about you. Got the Twitter bug going?

      • Hi B- of course! LOL The music bug as well on twitter-
        How are you?? Missed you!

        • Yes – the music! I was wondering about that. Are you streaming your songs automatically? Funny to see everything you are listening to. It’s like being in the room with you. How does that work?

          I’m okay – holding it together in RL. You know how it goes. What about you?

          • It’s (anyone can join/DJ) and it automatically goes on your twitter feed. Pretty awesome stuff. Krazy_kidd said I should DJ in RL. Nice right? It’s easy peasy! LOL
            I know, and same here. Gotta learn to moderate the computer thing b/c it is becoming a full blown obsession!! LOL

          • I just started to put that together about Blip. At first I was like, damn, how does that girl write down every song she is listening to?!?! You definitely have a great ecclectic mix. Some of the songs take me back to my younger years totally.

            Thanks for the pix below, BTW. I haven’t ogled at the boy in several weeks. I’ve actually forgotten how yummy he is – SIGH. I’d like some of that honey in RL. YUM!

          • Oh good- I like mixing it up! Today I went back to the 80’s Dance stuff! Good times!
            Yes, yummy! Good description! Oh, I’ll sign up for that! LOL

    • Hey Gen! How u doin’?

      • Hey E!! HOW U DOIN’? I’m good- tired but good. Thought I’d leave you gals with a little eye-candy!

        • I’m good Gen. Love the eye-candy!

          • YAY! going for more!! Is Jenny around?? If not – can you let her know that I cannot get ahold of anyone at that theatre. They just don’t pick up there phone. (Irritating) !!

          • She wasn’t sure if she was going to get on tonight, but I can give her the message.

          • Thx E!

  25. I wrote in twitter that byrdie was here and Robmethewrongway (I forgot if that’s her nickname here, too) told me she just closed the window but she said:

    “Damit! i just closed the window! Tell her I ❀ her face!”

    This is Dany, reporting for you once again πŸ™‚

    • Robmethewrongway – OMG – I love that name!! It is not one I know, so whoever it is has another name here at LTR. Too funny. Guess I need to turn on my Tweet Deck and get to following some more people. I haven’t updated my followers list in almost a month – shame on me!

      • at least you are on there in some form, I am still a luddite!

        • It’s not really for me, Lizzie, but I keep trying. Keep your virginity a bit longer…

  26. No. 1 –

  27. No. 2 –

    • I was going through picture withdrawals, Gen. You don’t realize it at first but once you see him again it starts your heart thumping all over again!

      • Hi EyeC- sorry about that!! will try to supply them more regularly so people don’t start going into withdrawls! LOL

  28. More-

    • I could help him out with that!

  29. ok, now I’m really going to bed!! Good night!!

    I heart u all!

    • Nite Nite D!

    • Night Dany. ❀

    • Nighty night. Chilean kisses from Rob and me!

    • Night Dany, hope to see you soon.

  30. Ladies – hate to post and run, but it is the witching hour, and if I don’t hit the sack now, I will be up for the next three hours chatting away with you. I truly have missed all of you! Stay sweet as always and hope to catch you tomorrow again, even if just for a quick hello!

    • G’Night Byrdie. It was good to hear from you. Sleep well.

      • Lucky girl to have EP come to CO! Now, I’m really off to bed. See what happens?!? I say I’m going to bed and then I keep on posting cuz I just love chatting with all of you.

        OK – I’m gone! Sweet dreams, EyeC and all the rest of you killer chicks.

        And to my little French Nugget – I hope you are well. Oh yeah, and Tara too!

    • So happy to see you B, we will be manifesting waiting for a return visit soon!

    • Glad to see you back Byrdie, we understand RL, but come back and see us. I posted when I’d be in Van. above.


      • Sweet Dreams Byrdie! Hope to see you soon!

        • Absolutely. I won’t disappear for good, don’t you worry.

          EP – I will keep it on the calendar – would be great to meet you. It would make me one degree of separation from Rob – lucky me ;o)

          Gen – I will make another attempt at Twitter tomorrow. Help me see the light!

          • lol, gotta love the degrees of seperation!

          • I’ll try to be around- it’s a holiday here in Canada tomorrow. Tomorrow evening for sure I’ll be on! I will! Good Night B! ❀

  31. One more-

    • I love this one so, so, so much, the take me to bed eyes.

      BTW thanks for my ray ban photo the other night Gen!

      • Oh me too! This is BAM POW SHAZAM all rolled into one! LOL
        No prob- glad you enjoyed!

  32. Considering we started slow today EyeC, we are finishing with a bit of a bang!

    • Yes Lizzie, this has been good!

  33. Girls- I’m off to bed as I can hardly keep my eyes open! ErPattz- what is your twitter name? so I can follow you. Good Night all and I’ll stop by tomorrow! ❀

    • I’m DailyNightly on twitter.

      Night Gen, thanks for the pretty pictures. Have a good night.

    • G’Night Gen. Thanks for the luscious Rob pics. He lifts me up…. Sweet dreams tonight.

    • thanks Gen, catch you tomorrow and enjoy your holiday day!

  34. Just saw this- Good Night all!

    • No one posts more bullshit than Lainey and she calls out Life & Style. Pot meet the kettle.

      • She is the gossip equivilent of a drug dealer, you know you hate her but once addicted you keep going back cause she deals in your drug of choice

        • I always feel guilty for giving her site hits, I know that’s why she does it.

      • I don’t like to support her but it is good to know when he comes and goes. Otherwise I’d just be wondering all the time—too intersted for my own good.

        • same EyeC and Ep, same, feel crap about doing it, but yet I keep needing to know.

        • Pretty much just read her for the pictures, kind of the opposite of people claiming to read Playboy.

          • LMAO, I’m there just for the pics really I am!

          • I DO like the pictures.

          • So do I, it really is the only reason we go there, we know what she says is crap but she does get the best piccies.

  35. When did the tiny weeny little smiley start appearing at the bottom of the page?

    • Wow! Observant Lizzie.

      • work boring more like it.

    • It’s been there quite a while. Maybe always.

      • probably, i get there eventually.

      • Ok, apparenly Lizzie and I are not observant. I never noticed it.

        • at least it looks happy even if it is spying on me.

  36. That was fun to have them all join in. Kind of a treat.

    • I know you lovelies won’t take this the wrong way, but it does make a difference when people drop in, it sort of felt like the old days with everyone speaking over each other and thoughts come flying from everywhere.

      • Yes, that’s what I was meaning. It’s a fluttering and everybody is excited to be talking again.

      • Oh we know. It’s more fun to hold several conversations.

        • It is. lol

  37. Hey ladies. Did I miss everyone?

    • actually tonight you pretty much did

      • Brydie, Gen and Dany also joined us is what I meant

        • Meetin’ and a greetin’.

        • Yeah, I saw that! Lots of people tonight.

    • Hi Jenny. Yes. Read all about it. You were brought in even if you weren’t here!

      • I read all the comments!

        I’m sad I missed the conversations. And Byrdie, finally! Me being away much be good luck for you guys.

      • must*

  38. How has your weeekend been J-m?

    • BTW, I don’t know why, i keep calling you J-m, J-m bit it seems to have stuck for me.

      • I respond to it naturally, I never even thought about it!

    • My weekend has been good, Lizzie. Pretty busy, seeing friends and such. But tomorrow is a holiday here, so I plan to relax all day before work on Tuesday.

      How was your weekend?

  39. OK, i’m off, will catch you all as you struggle with mondayitis with which luckily I am almost done.

    Night, night

    • See ya Lizzie!

    • Bye Lizzie, hope the rest of your day is good!

    • G’Bye Lizzie. Seeya tomorrow.

  40. EyeC, I was talking to Mom’s BF today and he wanted to know why I suddenly wanted to go to CO. I told him, he rolled his eyes and said, “Whatever gets us there”

    • LOL I know people don’t get it but we’re gonna have fun. I’m glad it will work out with them to visit. Little do Bobby and Marcus know how they are affecting so many lives! Like that butterfly that flaps its wings somewhere across the world.

      • He was like, “You’re going to see the same guy 3 times and it’s not even Pattinson?” I said I have friends everywhere that I need to see.

        • LMAO! It’s not even Rob—we are crazy! We are doing this for Bobby and Marcus and their music, yes, but it’s also a tribute to Rob to support his friends in his name. We are loyalists forever.

          • Hey, good music and good reason to go on vacation. If it has a little Rob link, well good.

          • I do love the guitar guys. I was thinking today about piano guys too. It was brought up in one of my fanfics and I hadn’t really put my attention there too much. Mmmm.

          • Everyone loves a musician.

          • In college I was always going to the weekend guitar/folk coffeehouses. That was a good night out.

          • We don’t really have anything like that around here. Our local music is really lame. We have a Tai food place that has a guy that plays on Thursday night (the other nights he waits tables) I like a little guitar with my curry.

          • lol We don’t live far from the Swallow Hill folk music center and I’ve only been there once. I always read throught their concert schedule plus they have open mic nights every week for a pittance and I swear this year I’m going to check it out. They are always bringing people in for bigger concerts too.

          • I used to live in Kerrville and I never went to the Folk Festival there. I feel like that was wasted time. I don’t even know when it is, maybe I should check that out.

          • I know, you don’t appreciate the things around when you actually live there. I’ve never done many of the touristy things here like visit the Denver Mint, etc. Just taken people on that long-ass drive into the mountains. Whole day thing. I’ve decided I won’t be going on that next time it arises.

          • lol, I think Mom’s BF wants to go to the mountians, I’ve never seen them so I’m looking forward to it. They are going to fly into New Mexico and drive to Denver and then drive back to NM. I said I’m flying out of Denver, I don’t go to New Mexico. Bad experience.

            It’s funny because I never go to the beach here, I’m not impressed by it.

          • You do need to see the mountains once so I think that will be good. Flying back will make it a lot easier for you.

          • Plus, they can have their time and I don’t have to be in the car with it.

          • We’ll look at what we can fit in on the 12th, depending on when your flight gets in and anything else you would like to do.

          • Cool. πŸ™‚

          • I love the mountains. One of my favorite parts about Alberta.

          • I loved the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virgina. I’ve seen the one’s in Ruidoso, NM but like I said I don’t like New Mexico.

          • It helps to have a picnic lunch when you go so you can stop and get out into them. I used to drive up to Evergreen once or twice a week for several years when I was studying with a couple up there. The small mountain towns are fun. It’s the continual driving that gets to me.

          • The Rockies are huge and forever. I remember gong through the Smokey Mountains on a trip from Iowa to Florida as a kid. They were beautiful.

          • I meant to go to the mountains while I lived in North Carolina, never did. A friend of mine lived in CO for a while, he loved the Rockies.

            I can understand about the continual driving.

  41. Methinks Jenny has been lost.

    • Nope, I’m here! Just reading the conversation.

      • OK.

  42. It’s late. I need to get a little sleep tonight so I have the energy to tackle the garden again tomorrow. Good Night girls. Sweet dreams to you both.

    • Night EyeC, sweet dreams.

    • Night EyeC, sweet dreams to you too.

  43. You do not know how much this picture is cracking me up – it has taken me 5 minutes just to stop crying! Seriously – Moon and UC – you are the best!!

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