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We break down Rob’s new Jacob Jankowski look because it’s just too legit to quit!

Too legit to quit!

Dear Rob,

You can understand that after the biggest announcement of our lives blogging careers yesterday and any thoughts about you and your new janky (heh) haircut and weird outfit flew out the window in place of a lot of squeeing and dopey smiles. Thank god this coversation between some LTR/LTT regulars took place BEFORE that!

Breaking down Rob’s new look…

Brookelockart: I think Rob will look cute with his short haircut, but WHAT IS HE WEARING?!? Also, what is up with the smallest back pack known to man? This is his answer to the man bag? His little black back pack? (cue music). THE PANTS!! <—

Don't make him give you a swirly in the locker room or take your lunch money

Moon: since i live on the west coast (west coast wins! HA!) and was UP when these gems came out last night, i had night mares about it. i think the outfit is the most troublesome. we’ve never seen this courier scum/too short cargo pants outfit combo. the hair’s not really a deal to me since it grows back but im just thinking about his upcoming tv appearances (I’m at Ellen today!)… we get crazy Jacob Janokski/80s teen movie bully hair. It’ll be like

Brookelockart: Come on, these are like modern day hammer pants. There’s enough room up top for another person, but then they get skinny jean like at the bottom. If he didn’t have his face, people would think he was some slow kid by the way he dresses. please.

Electric youth...

EastFriend: Because I can deal with the Hammer-time pants. (“We got to pray just to make it today!”) I can deal with his hair ’cause I’ve never cared about his hair–I mean, I love the dude & his locks, but his hair doesn’t make or break him, ya know? (That shit better get dyed red, though. RED. Stick to the book, dammit.) But…blue? And not even navy. Royal blue. NO.

Brookelockart: with pants and dark sneakers, I believe darker socks look better. BUT THOSE SOCKS. Wonder where he stole them from?

EastFriend: Salvation Army. Has to be. You know he shops there. Bet there’s even Rob-at-Goodwill/Sal Army fanfic out there. “He pushed her against the Bob Ross painting, breaking the seashell lamp behind it…”

location of all your Rob fantasies. Musty smell not included

UC: Then they fell together with a passionate moan on top of the army-issued camo tent that hadn’t seen that much action since the days of ‘Nam…

EastFriend: There are so many other worthy components to a Salvation Army hook-up…the stained Barcalounger…Alvin & the Chipmunks glassware, circa 1982…mauve silk lillies, in a matching mauve enamel vase…and a faded, hole-filled Michigan State t-shirt. OMG, that would be hot. Someone–go find him an old Michigan St. t-shirt.

UC: someone is asking on twitter where we think the neon blue socks came from. I mean obviously we think either the Salvo OR that homeless man who sleeps outside of Amoeba records, but … where else?

Rob's laundry basket

EastFriend: The socks came from Salvo, OR he stole them from Kristen’s brother, who obviously got them from Salvo…one night while really high.

UC: someone on twitter said this: “I worry that those were in the 3-for-$1 bin and he has other colors to spring on us.” this is a huge concern of mine as well

EastFriend: Dude. I hope he got a shitload o’ socks. Praying for some yellow. OR, even better…some big 80’s tube socks, with red and navy stripes on top.

Moon: i like a man in interesting socks. Hello, Chris Weitz loved a good colorful sock! And anything he does is obviously God-breathed.  i really dont care for white gym socks. at all. yuck city.

Brookelockart: Should we really be thinking what photo shoot or movie set did he steal these from? OR is he stealing socks from Kristen? (my ex used to steal my socks all the time).

Dresses like a hobo owns an expensive electronic reading device

CalliopeBlabs: i cannot begin to tell you have disturbed i am by Rob’s outfit. Seriously. it scares me. it’s like he went from shopping at the Salvo to straight up dumpster diving to find his clothes. i hope that one day he has the most materialistic child in the world who refuses to wear anything other than the finest italian fabrics and asian silks to punish him for torturing his fans this way. amen. bc that was definitely a prayer.

Brookelockart: can we go back to the little black back pack? What is the point of such back pack if it doesn’t fit your stuff?? like scripts? who bought that for him? is it a child size? Is this what he picked up at the Salvation Army?

UC: and Brookie you’re right- he stole them from Kristen, who stole them from her bro Cameron, who stole them from the LAST foster family he lived with, who probably got them from Salvo.. it’s cyclical y’all i love saying y’all

Fat man and a little backpack...

MOON: wtf is up with the backpack? that and this whole outfit makes him look like a german tourist(no offense German readers!) at disneyland. i half expect little packets of fruit snacks, fast passes and english/german dictionary to fall out. get it together man!
UC: Do we think it’s a beer backpack? Is he a weirdo who collects teeny tiny things? like miniature sets of his movies- like a serial killer? Complete with a minutiae Kristen & Miniature Rob, getting it on a miniature bear skin rug?

CalliopeBlabs: DEFINITELY

EastFriend: OMS–don’t be saying miniature in reference to Rob.  it makes me thing of small things

BrookeLockart: you know who else is miniature? David Slade. Are they really buddies and all the rumors were vicious lies? I mean, he lent him is backpack. So nice.

Come see the softer side of the Trinity!


You’re worrying us again Rob, the new shirts and pants, the fact that they’re ill fitting and oddly reminiscent of early 90’s pop stars or tourists at a popular amusement park is alarming. Just when we thought we got you back, you do and buy a new shirt and pair of pants. And now you’re shilling for Sears? We’re so confused!

Come back to us soon old, fun Rob

PS See you tomorrow at Ellen! Yup, I’ll be there this time! In the audience! Follow us on Twitter for updates before and after the taping!

So what in the world is up with those socks, would you call it a cerulean or electric blue? And what on god’s green earth is he wearing?

Special Thanks to EastFriend, BrookeLockart and CalliopeBlabs!

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  1. I’m still undecided about the hair.
    If it looks like that last time he cut it off, I’m all for it.
    If it’s long on top and shaved at the sides, I’m gonna vom. It was in “style” here in Oz for a while amongst a lot of rugby players. It just made them look like bigger douches.
    He needs to remove that hat.

    • Not to worry, Rob’s hair grows really fast.

      • So his hair grows really fast.. And do you have any personal insights into other aspects of his physical appearance…any secrets you’d like to share? *wink wink*

        • Your letter is fun. About socks, I’m pretty sure they are soccer socks. Just google images “royal blue soccer socks”. But anyway, why would he wear soccer socks, and blue?!

          Dear Rob,

          We KNOW you CAN’T play soccer. Stop pretending.
          Also, we want your old clothes back! Like blue cable sweater, old Stoli shirt, jeans with a hole on your knee, sexpenders, or even Helmut Lang shirt. Stop with this BS of wearing “new” clothes that is actually REALLY OLD.

          Sometimes I think you are doing this on purpose. Maybe you WANT to look unflattering and lose part of your fans.
          Maybe SHE is doing a diversion and is telling you what to wear, so we won’t drool over you anymore! Yes, I think that’s the case. Remember how you used to dress quite nicely for all premiers and promotions of Twilight? Mexico Rob comes to mind… Then for NM premiere you didn’t even bother to wear a tie. Come on Rob! Don’t make me send Stacy and Clinton to your hotel room!

          Love ,
          me xoxo

          • Stacy and Clinton FTW!!

            Brillz idea, R24/7 😀

    • hahaha, as if our rugby league players need any help looking like complete douches! My husband had the aforementioned haircut in high school. He’ll never live it down.

  2. “MOON: wtf is up with the backpack? that and this whole outfit makes him look like a german tourist(no offense German readers!) at disneyland. i half expect little packets of fruit snacks, fast passes and english/german dictionary to fall out. get it together man!”


    well as a german I’ve to say that german tourists wear only WHITE sox in SANDALS in combination with SHORTS….so……NO!

    I can deal with any Rob…..especially when I got to see


    dude……..I so dont care about clothes, he looks yummy yummy…..

    I love his LOOK!!!<3 🙂

    • Ahh. The dreaded white socks + birkenstocks + shorts.
      Let’s just all be thankful he’s not wearing that.

      • well, never saw the combination, but he wears birkenstocks…and pls..girls don’t make too much fun now on the german look…I swear, mostly are bavarians (not true, but I like the idea 🙂 )

        saw many american tourists in Italy, and….I’ll stop now….lol

        • The ones who wear running sports shoes while shopping at Vuitton on Champs Elysées? 🙂

          • hahahah, and the ones that wear pale/rosa synthetic clothes, very tight stuff NO matter what enourmous size they wear…

          • 🙂

          • Am so 2nd hand embarrassed, MP & RG.

          • haha – Lion, you’re thin, hot and made of WIN.

          • Jules,
            you are too kind.


          • Every country has its own 2 hand embarassement nationals cause otherwise who would people who don’t travel much laugh at?

    • I can verrify the white -socks-sandal -german-tourist look….hahaha….german tourists
      walk by in my town since Easter!!!! Terrible dressing…RG….terrible!!!

      I love his new hair….his circus-elephant-hair…..he couldn’t possibly be around that elephant with his Robhair…….the animal would have gone nuts!!!

      The outfit though…..

      Let me undress you!!!
      …….and dress you again!!!


      • dearest Mel, pls , be conscious that THESE tourists are bringing at least some money to Greece………ouch ! ILY 🙂

          OUUUCH…THAT HURT!!!

          • They can bring some money AND dress more elegant! Is that too much to ask?

          • jellybean…..HA…I wish…They eat suvlaki and greek salad cause it’s cheap…
            don’t spend any of their precious euros….AND DRESS LIKE…shit…sorry!!!

            I guess it is too much to ask!!! 😀

          • and I call YOU friends? BOTH? hahahahha…thank u girls ILY

          • Hahaha…RG……friends always tell the truth to each other…well…
            ILY……. 😀

          • Have to go earn me some money now…
            so……I’ll leave ya alone girls……
            don’t do anything…..I wouldn’t do…
            don’t do it without me!!!

    • So maybe these pictures broken down offers us some new information:
      1. Rob IS in fact a German posing as a Brit. He’s just hiding his real accent very well. But the clothes give him away…(Go find out his real home address, Robgirl86!)
      2. Rob lets his mum buy his socks.
      3. Rob should let his mum buy his socks.
      4. Rob is seeing Kristen on the sly – that is HER backpack he picked up last week at her house. (You know he steals his friends’ clothes and his dad’s case. Fact.)
      5. Rob has converted to Islam. Those are the pants traditionally worn by those men of the Muslim faith who believe that Mohammed will be reborn by a man next time, and the baby should land comfortably in his wide pants. Fact.

      • lol…..and sure, he has a secret life in Germany, I bought these sox, I love blue on him 🙂

      • This afternoon I realised I do own 2 pair of electric blue sox, that I carefully chose, it was not an accident. Is it serious, doctor?

    • I saw a pic of him last yr and I swear he was wearing some birkenstock looking shoes…no socks though.

  3. I liked his hair last summer when he cut it, so I was alright it this. Then I saw that it was still long at the top and had some doubts. I’m still unsure. I guess we’ll see on Ellen.

    Um, the picture where he’s sitting wearing the ‘courier’ shirt… he totally looks like a special kid.

    I still love him, and I can even deal with that bag, so long as it doesn’t get any smaller. He’s already dangerously close to man purse territory.
    but Rob. Dude. The socks. The pants. They NEED to go. Pronto.

    • ‘The pants. They NEED to go. Pronto.’ Jess, this goes without saying- its a prerequisite for a Rob encounter.

      • With guys, nothing ever goes without saying 😛
        But yes, I agree.

      • I think it’s very easy to get rid of these pants drsaka!!! look how….loose they hang around him!!!!

        Loose and hang……in one sentence with….him…….omg!!!!

        • they are MADE to get rid off!!!

      • I so agree with the pants needing to go. (one way or the other, ahum…)
        I love me some baggy/cargo pants, and I’m sure Rob could look in a great pair of those. But these make him look, um…Not good. Sigh, they should hang of the hips (see every good fanfic haha). Sorry Rob, the rest is not that bad, love your blue socks though and I even got used to the hair very fast.

        • Oh Cath I agree, it makes him look bigger, like not in a good way. I’m wondering if he ran out of clean clothes. Oh and I just noticed the blue socks.

          I want to see him in ubber tight pants again :-). I’m sure we all will, maybe tomorrow?

  4. ‘Is he a weirdo who collects teeny tiny things?’

    He’s a bookish weirdo according to CW and don’t forget the too small jacket we were treated to in Japan!

    • Miniatures like the pocket Edward? 🙂
      I’m just jealous cause I didn’t figure out where I could buy it.

    • well, the backpack is THE NORTH FACE, that is NOt cheap at all, neither the bench cap…. L-ucky B-astard, he’s so damn pretty!

      • Bf has a black North Face backpack but a lot bigger, so I guess we can say size does matter.

        • BIGGER than Rob? sure? WOW…. 🙂

      • North Face makes kid stuff too, maybe he was just in the wrong section of R.E.I.

      • The North Face backpack really threw me. I mean, NF is yuppie-ish bourgeois and you’d have to go into a real store that takes real credit cards and has real shopping bags in order to buy it. But the thing that KILLED me were the pants…

        Kristen, I’m not sure if you’re lurking, but if you are, for the love of your man, woman, burn them ASAP. You have to convince him that they’re the devil.

        If I see those pants on him again I might need to commit crimes. Much like his crimes against fashion.

  5. Did I read “fat man”????

    If THAT is FAT, I wanna be FAT!…pfttttttt

    • No RG…..I wanna “DO” FAT!!!!

      • Ohh, I just wanna “DO”….

        • HIM!!!! 😀

          • KORREKT! DANKE!

    • Hahahaha…. no sense resisting the Rob you know? I don’t love the clothing choices but I know whatever is underneath is something wonderful!

  6. Since I have the fashion sense of a five year old boy, I seldom call out others regarding thier ensembles. But Holy Crap Rob, this is pretty bad. Each item on its own would be ok, but putting them all together is just an explosion of bad taste. Somewhere, Mr. Blackwell just threw up in his mouth.

    • I forgot to add that as bad as this may be, he still manages to look hot and my screen name still speaks my truth. Truly, I would forgive him anything.

  7. hahaha rob looks retarded.
    like a 8 yr old school kid that draws robots on his pants.

    • I thumbed you up, but I’d have prefer to thumb you down, cause I hate the word “retarded” when the person is sane…know what I mean, it’s offens., but perhaps that’s only me and I’m sure you wanted to make a joke…

      • It’s not….just you!!! Muuuuaaahhh RG!!!!

      • can’t believe I got thumb down for my comment! So out of place, it’s a shame!

    • “8 yr old school kid that draws robots on his pants.”


  8. The backpack is child size which means it can only be Kristen’s.
    Save some shock for the socks cause it’s clear he bought them in a pack and there will be some pink and other rainbows. Actually that colour was a big hit 2 y ago, but more on the girly side. Speaking of which, I love the pants. Paris is full of carrot pants these days, that’s large up and more narrow down, again more on the girlie part but there are def. a lot of guys of the fashion type who wear it. Conclusion of the story, bring Rob with the new haircut shorter on the sides and the new pants here, and you’ve got the über trendy guy. OK by now. But let me tell you the ultimate version of that type of guy wears a moustache!!!! Now stop praying about his kids, and let’s focus on some incantations or I dunno voodoo on the pocket Robward so the moustache never ever happens in this lifetime.
    P.S. You know some of his pals (?) from Mumford & Sons already sport it!!!

    • Hooray for MUMFORD&SONS, not hooray for moustache, BIG hooray for carrot pants, I’ve already two of them and I LOVE it….in the states I saw Gwen Stefani wearing them….

    • Hello MP, my home town has also been invaded by carrot-style jeans! My DH tried them on and looked like an idiot – is there an age limit? He’s usually hot in jeans but dear god not in these… Rob pulls them off better 🙂

      • haha, I’d say ..not really an age limit, but an belly limit…so GO! lol

      • The carrots and the boyfriend jeans make you fatter a lot, that’s a fact, but I love them cause I’m a fashion sucker like that. The good news is that they don’t come with an age prescription to answer your existential dilemma 🙂
        And Rob pulls them off? Were you there? Is he cheating on the Stew with you? OMG.

  9. I just had a LTR vision, I’ll be the only girl today, who LOVES his look, to me it’s easy, laid back, relaxed and Rob!I can live with that!

    • HA……YOU wish….honey……YOU WISH!!!
      Forget it!!!
      Mel is aaaaalllllways around!!!!

    • I’m not sure about the hair cut, might be too short, but I don’t really care either. Got to say I stopped for a long while reading robsessed and stuff and today I looked at the first comment of the post with the pics and I wasn’t disappointed. Someone was disappointed ob doesn’t listen to his fans and cut his hairs (“He will loose all his fans” or smth like that said she). Ah, I forgot the beginning and how fun it was to read comments over at Robsessed.

      Dear disappointed fan,
      You’re right, Rob does surveys with a poll of selected fans on how he should cut his hair, then he chooses his parts accordingly. He also asks his fans how he should hang right or left. OMG don’t tell me you missed that one too!

      • gawd, the spelling!

      • I didn’t read for a longer time now, BUT read this morning hilarious “inside knowledge” of this and that…some commenters are really weird girls, BUT I still like the blog!

    • On the second thought, i also dont mind his looks and dont care what kind of latest dumpster release he is wearing. I’ll just close me eyes 😉

      • Rob’s beanie…honey….no……that would be a shame…open your eyes!!!
        You have to look at this man…….
        Can’t take my eyes off of him…..sigh!!!

        But then…..maybe it’s just me.

        • sure, i’ll open my eyes when all the so called clothes are on the floor already!

          • GOOD!!! 😀

    • I love it too RG, the pants not so much, but the hair..I can’t stop looking at the pic of him in the car. I want to see the hair in all its glory, w/o the cap.

  10. I saw “Electric Youth” & I lost it! LOL!

    Good luck at Ellen today, Moon! We expect details & if you’re not publicly giving them, then I expect an email! LOL! That’s an order!

    • yes!!! ellen details pleeeeeeasse

  11. “And the future is ‘Electric Youth’ It’s true you can’t fight it live by it…” for the WIN! Debbie Gibson you still have my 80’s music heart!

  12. Maybe not just the socks but the whole outfit came out of the Stewart bros old clothes drawer- they probably do laundry at their house and we know Rob doesn’t have time for that. I like his random I-am-oblivious-to-fashion-or-what-goes-good-together outfits and the funny that comes with people commenting on them – it’s part of his charm.

  13. I’m pretty sure these socks were meant to match TomStu’s shoelaces and that Rob bought them on purpose:

    • so true, these ARE Tom’s …oh man

      • isnt it so cute and thoughtful of them? 🙂

        • you know they also share underwear, they totally put their clothes together.

          • til they don’t share girls to me it’s all fine…

        • @MP Tom was even wearing Rob’s grey suit from RM premiere to his own premiere of “Waiting for forever” (THAT or it was the exact replica of Rob’s suit)
          but underwear – hmmm… more research needed!

          @RG well, they both got to kiss Talulah Riley – that’s for sure!

          • about the grey suit (that suit will be my all time fav.on Rob) I’m pretty sure that that was originally Tom’s suit, because looking better, the suit is too short and too tight (read sexy) on Rob, NO stylist would have given him this suit!too tight….BUT I’m not complaining….lol

          • T.R. is hot, I ‘d kiss her as well……

          • HI Rob’s Beanie,
            Where is ‘Waiting for Forever?”

            I’m still waiting….

          • I dreamt I made out with Kristen last night.


          • @ lion

            yeah, and the chances are that we will literally have to wait forever – the film havent got a distributor as far as I’ve heard. Such a shame, it supposed to be a really good indie cinema.

            with Kristen?! oh horror, oh nightmare.

          • OMG! You fake lesbian with Kristen? Woah!
            RB – personalities don’t count in lesbian dream make-out seshs.
            Lion’s dream wins today.

          • @ML- NO! The horror! How was it? One step closer to making out with Rob. Were you Edward? Were you in tweed?

          • @ Jules

            “personalities don’t count in lesbian dream make-out seshs” – oh god, what if it was Betty White then?

          • well, goddamn, RB – Betty White’s personality would be too sweet for Lion’s fake lesbian make-out dream sessions. She needs the heavy voice (of you know who) to make it all butch!

          • Thanks, RB & Jules for breaking my dream down. It was effing amazing. I’m kind of into her today.

          • I think we’re on the same page, ML. It’s like one of those visual puzzles where you’re supposed to see the sailboat, and you look and look and don’t see it, then when you suddenly do see it, you can’t NOT see it any more. I think I’ve had an epiphany. Help.

          • So what you’re saying, TOO and ML, is that I need to have a lesbian make-out dream session with Kristen to like her for a day.

            ML- was there residual Robtaste on her lips?

          • Her whole body smelled like him. Why do think it was so hot?

          • ML, haha ok now we need the details on this dream of yours!!!!

          • @Jules – OMG Robtaste and lips. So many visuals. So little time. ILY.

          • ML’s fake lesbian dream is turning into an orgy judging by the number of comments.

  14. There are midget freaks in a circus are there not? Perhaps the backpack is a prop from the WFE set? We all know Rob is not immune to the occasional pilfering of costumes from a job. *L*

    Roooobbb? Seriously, WTF? It’s like a blind man’s closet power vomitted on you. Is it like a long standing joke with you & you family/mates to see which ugly outfit can get the highest count of pap shots & horrified fan gasps?

    The ‘Courier Scum’ t-shirt is horrifying (says she that owns a t-shirt that says – what a nice set of balls! – accompanied by a picture of lawn bowls) but those pants…there’s just no… Did you pull out the trusty Ulna sewing machine and whip them together thinking that you were all The Runway star material whilst merging MC Hammer’s lost pants with something out of Russell Brand’s closet?

    Cannot wait to see what next gem he pulls out next! Hypercolour shirts anyone? Maybe a Beatles-eque jacket complete with built in shoulder pads?

    • “Is it like a long standing joke with you & you family/mates to see which ugly outfit can get the highest count of pap shots & horrified fan gasps?”

      Yes. Very good theory!

  15. The haircut is ok, I mentioned yesterday that at least we can see alot more jawporn (yummy) and he may look cute in WFE with his haircut…

    But the MAJOR FAILS are the pants (I think they are style reference code: “skinny, flat front” at Dockers, colour: clay) *shivvvers…
    and the BLUE effn’ sock…WTF Rob?

    • p.s. I soooooooo hope Rob is reading today!

      • Misty …come on…admit, you just wanna show him your avi!!! 🙂

        • I need a knew one, I know, I know…

          • NOOOOOOOO!

    • The blue socks def have to go misty…everything else…we can handle right???

      • umm…the pants and sock HAVE to come off….ifyouknowwhatI’msayin’

        and maybe someone here should remind him if his bette “plaid days” and send him an LTR Plaidman t-shirt…that’s a winner right there!!!!!

  16. “OMG, that would be hot. Someone–go find him an old Michigan St. t-shirt.”

    WIN b/c I’m a Spartan 03′ lol

    • Misty, My hubs is a ’02 Spartan… 🙂 Me…yeah, I’m a Michigan Fan…but seeing Rob in ANYTHING related to this State…I’m ALL IN baby!

      • my fam is split too being as my brother is a UofM grad….oh well!! I don’t fellow sports so I don’t care but I would LOVE to him him wearing a MSU t-shirt, he could borrow mine but he would have to come over to get it….got that ROB!

        • And the fact that he would look HOT in green. LOL.

    • Taylor Lautner is a Michigan fan. Summit should be showering Rob with MSU stuff to try to start a rivalry much like the Jacob/Edward rivalry.

      • Ohhhhh good call.

  17. when I saw these pics yesterday.. I just wanted to take Robs hand, and sit down with him, and have a clothing intervention. I thrift store shop. I dress all weird and indie. But Rob, there is a line… and those pants.. well.. they have crossed the line. I will love you in anything, cause I don’t care.. but those pants just freak me out. Please don’t buy clothes at the goodwill because you feel sorry for them.. someone will buy them for paint rags, I promise.. you don’t have to give pants like that a second chance. If you need help with your thrift shopping, please call me. I am a pro.. I will gladly give up an afternoon… or a week.. or whatever, and we will pull you back from the edge. Your ass is too pretty for those pants love. Friends don’t let friends wear bad pants.


    • In those pants we can only be grateful we KNOW he has an arse! *L* Sometimes I wonder if Rob has some seriously deluded concept of his body because those baggy homeless clothes do nothing to bring out the pretty.

      That said we all want a piece of the pretty, so perhaps it’s all self-preservation. 😛

      • Is there like a clothing related form of dyslexia/dyscalclia (sp?)?

        • wardrobe challenged, perhaps?

        • Maybe he was on his way to help someone paint a bathroom or something.. cause that outfit screams “I don’t care if I get paint on this”

          • Neither did the jacket that was splattered with either paint OR bird crap depending on personal opinion *L* At least the jacket didn’t look like it wanted to beat the crap out of itself.

            Perhaps Rob’s theory is if it’s ugly enough it’s less likely to get pinched off the clothes line or from the dry cleaners? Can’t help but think that none of his clothes ever see a professional cleaner ’cause those machines would probably shred the remaining thread count.

            In other words, Rob REALLY spends his Saturday nights at home/in his hotel room, hand washing his threadbare stoli shirt and his other squatter clothes.

        • Yes, they treat it on “What Not to Wear”.

          and Owl, “Friends don’t let friends wear bad pants” Too funny!

  18. Zappin’ it to ya…

    I bought blue socks at Target yesterday.

  19. That mini backpack is from Northface $$

    • here’s the link::

      • Mwahahahahahaaa!!

        Read the specifications…

        “Made to fit a womans torso…” LMBO.

        Poor guy. Kstew was like “babe, seriously it WORKS…go ahead, borrow my backpack…”

        • exactly why she is soooooo wrong for him for sooooo many reasons!

          here come the tumbs-down :p

        • This was my theory about the whole thing. Proof they are living together: “Kristen, what do you think about these pants?”
          “They look great, they fit you really well, especially in back.”
          “What about the T-shirt?”
          “Hmm, Courier Scum . . . that is SO cool, Rob, I’m gonna have to borrow it sometime.”
          “What about the blue socks, do they work with the pants?”
          “Yeah, honey, go out there and wow the fans.”
          “Thanks, Kris, without your eye for fashion no one would give me a second glance, I owe it all to you.”
          “You’re so welcome, babe.”

          • “They look great, they fit you really well, especially in back”

            she would think that b/c she HATES sharing him with us….

          • Muhahahahahahahaahaa! Love…

          • WIN!

  20. You guys had me at Rob dressing like a ‘slow kid’…maybe that’s what the missed buttons were about too, previously….never a truer word. How does he get away with it?

    Maybe a little bit has been coming out of his trousers too often recently & someone has kindly made him some trews he can fit incontinence pants under? Maybe Clare knocked them up on her sewing machine & reminisces that he’s just her little Robby again?

    @hermes Finally watched ‘The Boat That Rocked’ & may be starting to get the Tom Stu thing…he does look a little squinty though…eyepatch as kid?

  21. Those pants have got Hammer Time !!! Written all over them. If they were black it would work with the blue socks a bit more. I think Rob got dressed in the dark that day

  22. And here I was thinking he could do no wrong !! nasty outfit – Hair fine I think

    I am sure he is doing it on purpose to see what truly awful thing he could wear that would put us off him, Sorry Rob – Cannes May 09 is still a vivid memory to me you would have to do SOOOOO much worse than this to ever make me think Meh !

    • He’s just doin it to tease us!!!

  23. I’ve decided his wardrobe is laid out daily (twss) by Kristen who is TRYING to make him less hot.

    Not.gonna.happen. 😉

    • agree

  24. I think Rob is allergic to fashion. God knows what he would wear if allowed to dress himself for a major event.

    • well, it looks like this

      shoes and white shirts are hot, the rest…well..other times..I don’t thing it’s too bad and ok..never wear red on a red carpet..but it’s ok, I think.

      • Okay, um is it weird that I like that look? Esp the plastic-ey pants. Hot.

        Pointy shoes? Can’t decide if it works or scares me…

        Velvet blazer?! LOL. Win.

        • The pants were quite clearly on loan from Michael Flatley.

          • oh gosh the man from Riverdance? LOL

          • Yes, the very same. Of course they’re Flatley’s fat pair because they’re not hugging Rob’s good points in quite the same way they did him. Dammit MF, you shouldve lent Rob your skinny pair! *L*

        • I like it too, in a Jim Morrison meets the mad hatter kind of way.

          • Oh, yes, SWD, you hit the nail on the head!

      • I just realized that this pic might be an “early”, pls can somebody help me …….fade……………to shame

        • It’s from the Harry Potter GoF premiere.

          • I know, I meant the BI, I need Dsraka or MP or….?

        • Fade… shame?

          ahahahaha..Right there with ya, RG….

      • this pic makes me cringe every time I look at, as much as I love him

      • The ONLY, and I repeat the ONLY, time crushed velvet blazers look good is when it belongs to Rob and it’s laying on my bedroom floor.
        But that’s as far as it goes…

        • He thought it was cool to spend only 20pounds at the Salvation army shop, the thing is..that it is too big and wrong colour, but its from 2006…so its long ago…and you’re right..naked Rob=best

      • I ❤ you for that photo….

        p.s. look at that face and hair….

        • beautiful guy….

      • RG,
        I ❤ you for posting that photo, but feel like a total perv for staring at this hair and jaw.


        • why? he was already legal…lol

          • Oh, I thought he was “illegal” then. I’m bad with numbers.

      • I’d take the grey pants over the leather any day-too cheesy. But Rob looks hot as ever in that pic.

        How did they make someone as dirty-sexy as Rob look so innocent and pure as Cedric?

      • RG honey he looks like a rockstar in that picture!!!! The pants are awfully tight ain’t it? I accidentally looked down there….gahhhh.

        • @SB ~ “accidentally”. Mmmm hmmm. Suuuuuure you did. 😉

          Love you!

          • Okayyyyyyy puma… intentionally! Happy now? hahaha. You are really corrupting me you know that? 🙂

          • SB,

            Hahahaha YAY I’ve officially corrupted you!

            My job is done here, y’all.

            Puma OUT!

          • Puma, haha, I just saw your comment!

            I’m sure you will find some more here to do! LOL

        • Exactly…they MAKE you look “down there” you know, “accidentally”…

          Thus = HOT

          Muhahahaha. 😉

          • hahahahah you too huh? Hahahah we are so helpless here.

  25. I may or may not have Electric Youth stuck in my head and I may or may not still own the cassette tape.

    Debbie Gibson 4eva!

    • For your little black back pack…it’s North Face and Dean/Steve was wearing a North Face shirt. So, simple, swag. But the problem was that his backpack was actually one of those camel packs that hikers and cyclists use to keep hydrated (hence the size) and he took that bottle out to use as a flask. Cause Lawd knows Rob hiking and or cycling is an emergency room visit waiting to happen.

      • Best logic ever

      • You are so freaking smart Sass. No lie, i tried to look that up yesterday and didn’t come up with any good answer. You schooled me.

    • I JUST got that song out of my head. And now…I’m singing it again. DAMMIT.

  26. My brother dresses like that. I mean, exactly. This is proof to me that Rob’s outfit is NOT COOL.

  27. Oh god, the red velvet double breasted blazer. In an interview, Rob even made fun of himself for wearing that tragic ensemble.


    The rest makes me want to maintain eye/jaw contact so I don’t go blind.

  29. Oh come on, the pants aren’t that bad! I actually like them in a way… and I don’t really care about the hair because he looks good no matter what (i liked it better when it was longer though)

  30. Dear Rob, if these pants were purchased in preparation for the MTV Movie Awards, then they were a wise choice. No WAY you’ll have *any* “coming out of your pants” when you have room for a deuce or two in there.

  31. I love EASTFriend, Brookie and Calli! Love love love the break down. Still abhor you two writing bitches.

    PS My abhorance and hate of UC & Moon is pure love, I assure you. No one can love to hate them like me.

  32. Omg! I so forgot about the red jacket ensemble disaster. Maybe he should be allowed to dress himself for an event. It would be like comedy central meets the fashion police. Total hoot!

  33. I think I could have taken the hair OR the outfit one at a time but double-teamed with their combo, I was a bit taken aback. I had the blasphemous thought…maybe he isn’t all that and a bag of chips (thought I’d use a throwback expression in celebration of those pants.)

    I recovered but the fact that I was even momentarily stunned into thinking that says a lot about this entire look. I fear if he catches wind of how this may or may not be negatively impacting those entertained most by lascivious thoughts of him, this may be his preferred cut and look indefinitely. Perhaps we need to keep this debate on the DL.

    • I love your name !!!

      • haha! I do too!


  35. “Bet there’s even Rob-at-Goodwill/Sal Army fanfic out there.”

    Almost choked laughing right there.

    Honestly though, the socks are quintessential “eccentric English gentleman”. I see these at work every day… Not necessarily a good thing.

  36. Rob would totally wear birkenstocks with socks. And that is why I love him so.

    • I dunno that might be a deal braker for me….but I’d have to see what it looks like first…Actually NO I can’t fool myself…that would end for me right there.

      Dear Rob,
      Please, honey, never wear socks and sandlas ever.


      • Oh no, I could totally see him schlumping around indoors in his tracksuit bottoms riding low on his hips, old raggedy tee, socks and birkenstocks. And he would wear it in an I don’t care if this looks lame, but my feet are cold and I don’t feel like wearing closed shoes way. And he would rock that look.

        • I guess to each their own!!!

        • And then I would pull him down to the couch and do him. Phew, is it hot in here?

        • I think soccer sandals or tevas go with slouchy track pants

  37. Dear Rob,
    Is this is part of the “hiding” that you think you’ve gotten so much better at? You pick an outfit so ugly that nobody can stand to look directly at it because it makes them uncomfortable and/or question your sanity and *poof* instant invisibility? Ya know this might have worked better if you hadn’t brought along your body guard, who at this point is almost as recognizable as you are. Better luck next time!
    Love, me
    P.S burn those pants and never allow khaki to touch your body again. kthxbye

    • kthxbye

      bhahahahah I.dead.

    • I second THIS:and never allow khaki to touch your body again. kthxbye

      can’t he be allergic to khaki instead of vaj?

  38. It sounds like something old Jacob would wear the nursing home. Rob don’t even think about it. Yuck

  39. Re: the too small clothes….
    He’s borrowing TomStu’s stuff again… (my little cupcake) 😉

  40. Ahh, the little backpack. Those were the “It” handbags of 1996. We wore them well with black bodysuits and light baggy jeans.

    Like that line in “Swingers”

    “…and I’m supposed to be all impressed because she is wearing a little backpack”.

    • I just snort laughed. I effin love that movie!

  41. Ah poor Rob, he looks like a five-year old boy who got to dress himself for the day. And that’s why I feel bad about saying anything too bad about it. Bless his heart, maybe he was wearing it because Rosie had to mouth him that day at rehearsal. Elephant proof outfit. 😉

    • I like “elephant proof outfit”.

  42. Somehow I just can’t bring myself to care about how crappy this boy dresses. I would do him in ill-fitting cargo pants, in mom jeans, in shiteous nikes, in a friend’s sweaty just picked off the floor plaid shirt, I would do him and do him and do…what? where am I?

  43. Did you all get a look at his birthday pics recently taken? Good times is all I can say.

    • where? what did I miss?? :::looks around like crazy:::

    • Where? Please post link.

      • you’re teasing?..where are said pics? please?

  44. Dear Rob, I think it’s safe to say we could forgive you for any fashion foe pa. I’m sure you’ll do us proud tomorrow and wear a nice tight pair of crotch enhancing pants on Ellen. That would sooo suffice us all.

  45. He really does look extra hobo. and the Hammer pants?? idk. ijdk. :/ i like his shirt dough.

    Rob with a Kindle. rotfllllllll. Stop eeettttt!!!

    I can’t read FF in Kindles. They were not made for me. No way. *shakes head*

    *has her browser realllllly teeny tiny cuz is sitting in a new location at work where the pope and his grandmother can see what i’m doing. FML*

    • Ps. That’s not the worlds tiniest backpack. It’s a fanny pack thrown over his shoulder. Thrown, dammit.

      *died laughing – silently@work*

  46. Oh no no no no, Rob!! I mean, I still love you. You could be wearing denim biballs and I’d still find you hot but sometimes I feel like you’re testing me & my unwavering loyalty. Are you crying out for help? Are you colorblind? Do you need a woman’s touch (no, not HER-I said a WOMAN)? And where do you want the touches to be? Wait, no-I mean, do you need a woman’s help with your wardrobe? ‘Cause I volunteer to touch, help, squeeze, lick-anything so you don’t leave the house dressed like THAT. Those pants are HIDEOUS.

  47. It just kind of hurts to look at those pictures.

    • yeah I find myself wanting to look away.. maybe thats the point?? lol.. it’s like fangirl kryptonite? he can be safe in public in those pants…

      • ROFL fangirl kryptonite? I love that.

  48. Am I the ONLY one who thinks he could wear a potato sack and still look completely and utterly f*ckable? I don’t care if he’s in shiteous cargo pants, a dirty shirt or wearing blue socks. Not even a little.

    • Co-sign

      • Let me sign, Let me siiiign…Sing it Rob

    • Nope, you are not the only one. His fuckability factor is way too high, like off the charts. And these biatches can say what they want about his poor clothing choices, but you know they would totes do him in a heartbeat, clothing be damned. I mean, it’s not like the clothes are gonna stay on for very long, ifyouknowhatimsaying, andithinkyoudo.

    • @Jules and @Robjunkie ~ Thumbs up to you both. We be keepin’ it real up in here.

      • Preach!

    • Please please please share….I don’t care what he wears!

    • agreed.. I don’t really dig the pants, but lets face it.. he still looks hotter than anyone else.. it just makes me want to go shopping with him and put stuff like that back when he’s not looking

    • You are NOT the only one. One of the reasons I love Rob is because he has never been “fashionable”. He doesn’t give a flying f*ck. I don’t want a man who can put together an ensemble. Men’s gotta have more important things on their minds. Like dumpsters.

  49. Well ok don’t hate on me because I am mourning the hair! Y’all know I have a penchant for his sex hair! But I’m sure the short hair will grow on me.

    The clothes, well, eh, I don’t like them but hey it’s Rob so who cares? I know he’s gorgeous, no matter what. Do I want him to look like this all the time? Heck NO. But ok I’ll deal. 🙂 My hubby saw these pics and he used the “R” word. I smacked him on the back of the head for that comment!

    Dearest Rob,

    Love you no matter what, just grow the hair back. Please throw the cargo pants and maroon shirt away….I do like the cum shirt, I mean Scum, ooops, LOL.


    • I agree with you. I don’t really care what he’s wearing, but I will miss the hair – SIGH! I know it’s for a role and it will grow back, yada yada yada.

    • I do ❤ the sex hair, but running your fingers through that freshly buzzed hair at the back of his neck… I could totally go for that too

  50. And in totally unrelated news, Kstew got bumped off the cover of Vogue. Homegirl tried to out-bitchface Anna Wintour. Oh the folly.

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