Posted by: themoonisdown | April 30, 2010

Rob’s BBBAAACKKK and covered in bird shit

Hey pretty lady, where you headed to??

Dear Rob,

You’re back and I wanna sing “Robbbiiiieeee’s BACK ALRIGHT!” Sung to the tune of Backstreet Boys “Backstreet’s Back” of course, but I’ll contain myself. As much as I love boybands from the late 90s (HOLLA NSYNC!) I’m more worried about the fact that you seemed to have either decided to repaint your hotel room at 3am in this jacket or you and Sam Bradley had a romantic picnic under a tree that housed like 3294082394 birds. WHAT in the ding dong is going on with your jacket (enlarge that pic to the left)?

Some bored ass eagle eyed tweeters are reporting that it’s a 550 dollar Ralph Lauren jacket. Obviously, you got this for free because we know you buy 5 dollar underwear thus negating the possibility you would buy a jacket that involves a price in the hundreds. You probably don’t even know money went past the 20 dollar bill. That’s why you have a “team” they do all the heavy lifting. Like finances and 50 dollars bills.

Just hanging out... on the loading dock...

I’d also like to point out that you’ve been hanging out in a lot of alley ways and loading docks since you came back into our lives. Now I’ve never been to the ol ‘Couve but are there regular walkways around there? Do front doors actually look like back doors up there? Did Dean/Steve and you actually think you could pull the ol “slip out the back door” trick and think you wouldn’t be caught? That shit didn’t work when Jesus was alive let alone now when we’re connected with stuff like mobile phones and common sense.

Come on now.

Hey Ladies, you see this jacket... and the GUITAR *WINK WINK*

While we’re recapping I will also say I’m even MORE convinced now that you read LTR because ummm what do my eyes see but the BROWN BUBBLE JACKET that I asked wtf it went like 3 weeks ago… You knew we’d see this… you knew we’d talk about it. And now I’m even more embarrassed.

Dude all you’ve done is show up, wear some stuff and walk around and I’m already energized and excited about the next month of craziness. Now if there’s one thing I can ask before I let you get back to painting the hotel bathroom, can we please not have any big ginourmous mammoth elephants? Thanks!

MOOONIES BACK ALRIGHT! (Actually UC should be back soon, YEA!)

Sooo anyone else kinda excited to see Rob back on the scene, and what about that guitar case. What kind of a tease is he?! UGH. Any clue what the crap is going on with that jacket in the first photo? Predictions for Vancouver?

THX PopSugar!

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  1. Apparently that’s the design on the jacket (who buys a jacket that looks like there’s shit all over it?)
    I love how his guitar case looks like it’s about to fall apart any minute now.. lol
    oh and my dad just got back from Vancouver from a business trip and I’m too embarrased to ask him if he saw The Pretty..

    • Oh no, I hope this isn’t the beginning of a trend in Robclothing–where he still has thrift store taste, but now he buys the “designer” version for big bucks because he’s afraid to be seen in an actual thrift store? Pre-paint-spotted jackets, artificially torn-up jeans, artisticallly-stained T-shirts, priced at $100s of dollars . . . Say it isn’t so!

    • LauraBee
      Love your Avi.

  2. Let’s see, how to put this delicately…..the jacket covered in white spots. Two possibilities: 1) He was in his hotel room alone, having a little fun. 2) He was in his hotel room with “the elephant” having a little fun.

    • 3) He hided Tom in the guitar case and these two were in his hotel room having a little fun!

      • You can’t resist RG……… just can’t resist 😀

      • WIN.

      • RG – ❤

        Mel – I've missed you.

        • Thanks honey….missed you too….am back…alive and kicking (sort of)…lol…

    • BAHAHA! I just Office-LOL’d at this and almost got in trouble!

    • Looks to me like he was having a bit of fun with the whole Brit Pack. They gave him a little something to remember them by during the cold days in Vancouver.

      • Circle jerk?

        • @ TOFT – hahahaha… love seeing “Circle Jerk” before my 2nd cup of coffee! Thumbs way up!

          • I almost apologized for being too crass….then I remembered where I was!!

          • There is no crass limit where Rob is concerned. Too much is never enough.

    • I have to say that the first thing I thought when I saw that jacket was….ooooo he looks like he’s been doing a spot of painting in that!

      My mind being clean and wholesome did not run to ‘He was in his hotel room alone, having a little fun’. tut tut someone’s got a sewer for a mind [toft]….haha 🙂

      • Oh please, girl! Look at your avi! Clean and wholesome my ass 🙂

        • heeheehee!

    • Oh no, will this be known as his “monica Lewinski” jacket?

      • Next thing you know he’ll be denying he had sexual relations with That. Woman. etc.

  3. You probably don’t even know money went past the 20 dollar bill.

    This is making me laugh. Very very much.

    • ….that was my fav.line as well!

      Rob with more than a 20 dollar bill = just….NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!hahahahah

    • he hired people to deal with the complexity of “finances AND 50 dollars bills”. #fact.

    • It’s probably true….if so that’s even more reason to love him! *Sigh.

  4. Rob’s re-emergence has coincided with the re-emergence of my Robsession and the ‘shit-jacket’ photo’s sent me on a bit of a tizz yesterday.

    Does he have a stash of jackets that look totally skanky? I love his dedication to looking like a homeless person. He still hasn’t changed! £13million in the bank and he still dresses like that and buys his underwear from M&S.

    This is why we love him.

    Rob – don’t ever change! Except girlfriends – to me.

    • “Does he have a stash of jackets that look totally skanky?”

      I know, right? I luuuvvv me some Hobo Rob, but sheesh–someone purchase the bajollionaire a decent coat. Jesus.

    • Me too!
      My interested was severely waning.
      And when I saw these it came back in full force. Sigh.

      “I love his dedication to looking like a homeless person.”
      Even with all that money. This IS why we love him.
      Oh, Rob.

      PS. Moon – Vancouver is definitely not all alleyways and backdoors, so I don’t know why that’s always where he’s seen! He must just like to lurk around them. Probably looking for new dumpsters.

    • I’m still in awe that he wore the tan jacket with the ripped cuff on the Today show. It was Rob’s way of saying “Screw you Matt Lauer. I may have to contractually do this interview with you, you annoying twit, but I’ll make a statment with this crappy attire! F the Man!”

  5. Happy-smiling-gorgeous-looking-Rob makes ME feel happy as well!

    Bubble jacket, RL-covered-birdie-shit-jacket, “jeans”….all that is just Rob, he never disappoints and of course he didn’t pay 500 dollar for it….perhaps he payed 5 dollar, because it looked already like that!

    Dear Rob
    Vintage doesn’t mean DIRTY


    • You know this! It might be a $500 jacket but he found it on the floor after someone threw it out for being covered in…. er…. spunk ransom.

      • spunk ransom ah ahahaha!! +!

        • Proof that Rob LOVES dumpsters! Good news and free-beer for all!

  6. Rob’s waiting for UC too, he got a “new” jacket, new pair of jeans and a brand new snow white Tee to welcome her back.

    • Brown bubble jacket and white vee neck FTW!!!

    • Dork alert here, I read “Snow White Tee” in your comment and immediately thought there was a pic of him in a “Snow White & the Seven Dwarves” tee. Which I would have printed, matted, framed and hung on mantel in place of my wedding photo.

      • @ snow – hahahahahaa FTMFW right there.

  7. Oh i so spotted the BBJ and though hang on a minute we were discussing that! YES – def confirmation that Rob reads LTR. **waves Hi Rob**

    I’m waiting for the scruff to go and his Edward haircut. – they gotta right?.. then they’ll give him the short back and sides for H2o 4 Elephonants and then he grows it again for BD. ah its interesting stuff… we are entralled – THATS NORMAL!!
    p.s. great to see your smiling fave Rob , we missed you xoxoxoxoxo

    • the hair can go but i luv the scruff!!!!!!!
      ok i luv the hair too but yes they should go 😦

    • “…then they’ll give him the short back and sides for H2o 4 Elephonants…”

      What? Rob must have long-ish hair at all times! I want it Twilight promo long!!

  8. Are even the boys in the first pic dazzled? Dude………..

    • They totes are!!

    • That’s Shia Lebouf, trying to figure out how Rattinson got to be the hottest piece of ass on the planet by looking like something that rolled out of the dumpster!

      • Obs supposed to be “P”attinson- lack of coffee fail! *hangs head in shame*

        • Ron Rattinson. Love it.

          • some days ago on national german TV he was…

            “Ron Attinson”

            total new version………

        • I thought you said Rattinson on purpose: Ratty + Pattinson. Love it! And I love how those guys in the pic are totally ogling him, and he’s smirking, like he’s Edward in the cafeteria scene in Twilight where he can hear their thoughts.

          • Yes, TOO, Rattinson could be his alter ego for when he wears his ratty/ tattered clothes….Oh wait.

        • ROFL Obava!

    • They’re all fangirly, aren’t they!

      • one moment later they’re screaming at him…I’m totes sure about that!

    • haha, I know-they’re really staring-probably wondering why he’s wearing a jacket covered in birdshit and debating whether they should say anything.

    • The jacket is the match to those black pants with white stuff all over them.

      • this s/b a separate comment-oops.

    • I always notice that too! It cracks me up!

  9. yayayayayyyyyyyyy HHH is back!!!!
    ROB it’s ok u can wear whatever u want, u’ll always look stunning with that smile

    luv u

  10. Oh Rob…where are the glorious button flies? Did they finally fall apart? Did some stupid elephant stake claim to them?

    I think his Mum must have bought him those jeans in an attempt to de-hot him. It didn’t work Clare…. leave that to the New Moon and Eclipse’s makeup department. They excel in making him look bad.

    • my first thought….Clare bought them actually for Papa-pattz! He didn’t like them…so…………….:-)

    • I guess they had to turn off the air conditioner, they couldn’t have all the extra coke-flour looking powder flying all over the set. That’s how much they put on.
      Someone should announce them now they have great foundations.

    • Yeah, the jeans gotta go. Come here Rob, I’ll help you remove them.

  11. Dear Rob,
    I’m glad you’re back, no matter what you’re covered in. I’m looking forward to seeing you a lot this month-but just YOU (the Britpack is ok too). Elephants are cool, mullephants are NOT.

    Don’t sit under any more trees,

    • Regardless of what he’s wearing, Rob is ALWAYS covered in awesomesauce.

      • “Awesomesauce” – best adjective when describing Rob. Le Sigh. . .

    • ” Elephants are cool, mullephants are NOT”…I LOVE IT!!!!!
      You are absolutely right!!!!! No Mullephants allowed, Rob!!!!

      Thanks for the laugh. I got a kick out of that!

  12. Firstly, I’m glad he is back, even if some twitter crazies went over board over the pics last night.

    Secondly, his jacket reminds me of my teacup’s clothes after they have sneezed and then wiped whatever happens to land in their hands onto their said clothes. I believe Rob could fall into this category.

    Thirdly, I really want to know if those two guys in the background actually said something to him like “We love you Rob!”


    • They’re totes unicorns.

      Or else they think their proximity to the hotness will get them laid later. It just might work.

  13. Dear Rob

    I don’t care if you are clean………I don’t care if ya dirty…
    dirty is the new word for hot……I’ll take you in every shape, form, smel…condition !!!

    I love you

    Oh…and thank you so much honey…for coming to me last night…for the first time… 😀 ….just keep comming!!!


    • uhh, some lucky girl had a lucky dream…..<3

    • Mel, we love dirty Rob….dirty is good! When it comes to him of course ;-).

      • We have to write a new dictionairy SB…all us LTR girls…


        • OMgosh mel, Rob came for you last night? Yay! 😉

          • YEP…he came SB…he came…..sigh……NOW…WHAT DO I DO????

        • Robert Pattinson = hot, sexy, dirty(in a hot, want to screw you kind of way), cute, adorkable, word, vomit, endearing, jawporn, handporn, mouthporn, long agile fingers, long wonky legs, sex hair….hmmm there’s so much to say! Put this as a definition of Rob in the dictionary. lol

          • UNF!

          • SB~

            Did you really just say, “in a hot, want to screw you kind of way?”

            I’d like whatever you are reading, please…give it to me.

            ❤ you!!!

          • SB…you did say “in a hot, want to screw you kind of way…” OMG and I thought you were the innocent little girl from your avi!!!

            Girl…you are dirty=bad=good=sexy=hot… 😀

          • Lion – “please…give it to me.” twss

          • ML, yes I did say that! I’m voicing my thoughts out loud!
            Not reading anything, I guess my mind is just going wild today!

          • melronin, hey yes I did…come on you know you want to!

            Yes that’s me but I’m not a little girl anymore. It’s been a long time since I’ve been little. 😉


          • ML, I heart you too fellow fb. :-p

          • Oh yes I DO…SB….I REALLY DO!!! Love you!!!

    • MEL – It finally happened for you. YAY!

      • Jules…dunno…….if that was good or bad……..I mean…….the dream was good….ahhh the man knows me well….what can I say!!! 😀

        • Any dream with Rob is always gonna be good! lol

  14. That cannot be a new Ralph Lauren, has smb seen many people under 60 wearing new RL stuff?
    That’s a second hand shop finding he and TomStu had to fight over to decide who will get to first wear “the discovery of the year” in TomStu’s words. Rob hid it under his armpit and ran away, that’s why he’s early for the shooting in Vancouver. True story. TomStu is, as we speak, in Portobello, determined to find better and bring back Rob with it.

    • honi, you mean…he hid the jacekt under his armpit…covering the poor baby? Oh… the stains might be just baby puke…..he he he….

      • oh, thanks, i was eating in front of my computer

        • LTR = enter at your own risk!


          • Word…Rg…word!!!

  15. and there is it is… jush when i thought i had my life back after the hungarian elephant pictures (i stopped looking at robsessed blog, didn’t start another fan fic, started studying for my exams, i even eh “hangs head in shame” stopped reading ltt/ltr everyday for the last 2 weeks (will i ever be forgiven?) but then i see the bbj and you lookin like a state and not giving a crap and i’m back… just please please summit make up crew read ltt today before the reshoots start!!

  16. Dear Rob,

    So nice to see you again! The stubble, ratty white shirt, bubble jacket and LB hat are back! Is that a new pair of jeans? Did you go shopping?

    Hon your jacket, did you wipe your moist, sugary hands on it? Ya know, after eating a muffin?


    About the jacket, hmm, I was wondering what the heck were those white stuff on it too. Could be cigarette ashes! Maybe he and Dean had a cigarette ashes throwdown.

  17. I am SO relieved to see that this is an expensive jacket (even if Rob got it for free or cheap at a thrift shop). Was a bit worried, I’ll have to admit. Wonder how long it’ll be before we see someone else wearing it. Hmmmmm…..

    • Wonder how long it’ll be before we see someone else wearing it. Hmmmmm…..

      another reason to dislike her intently (i know i know we should play nice)

      • Her who? In my happy place there is no her.

        • her no one !!

          • No her, just him&”me” …. normal

          • ahahaha! School’s out, welcome to the thumbs downer. LTR maybe a little too grown up for you, sweets.

        • You know, if you plug your ears, close your eyes and say “na na na na na na na na” over and over again – she goes away.

          IT’S TRUE. (You can Google it.)

          • what do you think i’ve been doin for the last 2 weeks!!
            tattward ..reminds me must finish cwia after my exams

          • I read “Tattward” and my stomach did a flip.

            THAT’S NORMAL.

            And if you haven’t yet, wait until you mean Hockeyward. Oh my Rob.

          • Thumbs down! Oh yay! A shipper is here! A shipper is here!

          • Crap, you beat me to it, Puma. I hadn’t read your comment before I posted mine. Those folks are so sensitive about their Robsten, sweet jebus. hahahahaha

          • Yup, that’s what I do.

          • Lynn, Please clarify! haha

          • whos hockeyward??!!!
            i still think darkward WA is the hottest, but don’t want to incite another debate!! we’ve already had twiward vs new moonward and i’m sure i just saw the robsten crew gearing up!!

          • @ undecidedsten ~ Hockeyward is the character in the “Misapprehension of Bella Swan” by HunterHunting. He is (nearly) quite simply the best. I think that his mannerisms are probably closest to what Rob would actually be like.


          • no no no not another fan fiction, i can’t…. i need my life back!!!!

          • Yeah, Don’t. Do. It. You will be pulled in and that will be that.

          • U- Read MoBS as soon as you can.. You will not be disappointed. Except it is incomplete but Wednesday is update day. Same author as CWIA

          • @Keisha ~ LOL “as soon as you can”. For reals.

          • @pumagirlsf – Well ya know, I can only imagine how much suckier my grades would have been if Twilight/Rob/FF had been around when I was in college.
            I’m afraid to start MoTU because it’s like a gazillion chapters.

          • @Keisha – I went though that JUST this morning. It’s such a huge undertaking and I’m already in the middle of UoEM and several other incompletes. But I think that I will just bite the bullet and dive into the world of Fifty.

          • i’ll add it to the list definatly for when i need “study breaks”
            yeh right i’ll prob start tonite! is it many chapters in, cos i’m in the middle of 3 incomplete ones at present (yes i have no life)

  18. Ok so now I know what’s the deal with him painting the hotel walls. People from Twitter have been talking about this all day….

    I personally thought he just had a few donuts and wiped his hands on his jacket. Because Dean/Steve was too busy handling his finances (like bills above $50) OR fixing the guitar case with duct tape to hand him a napkin.

    Good to see you Rob…Lord knows 3/4th of the female population of the world (and some of the males too) missed you like crazy….

  19. He has SOOO many jackets, srsly…..

    Where does he keep them all? In boxes in….

    Los Angeles?

    Does he have new jeans?


    • In boxes, in wardrobes, in wardrobes of pals,parents and other people, on the floor, on the couch, under several beds, in hotels,in trailers, in the car,in the lost car, at Nick’s, at Stephanie’s, Vancouver,London, LA, NY, Mexico,Budapest…..just……everywhere…it’s only a matter of time when some LTR girl will find one of these……………………statistically speaking!

      • YES!

      • Robgirl,
        YOu say this with so much conviction and I love that about you, among other things.


    • I remember him saying in an interview that for doing the screen test for Twilight, he came to L.A carrying three suitcases. And he had been surviving with those three suitcases alone since the past three years…

  20. {{{Good Morning Rob}}}

    When I saw a pic of him at the airport with LTR’s fav 80’s era bubble jacket, I knew he read this blog as religiously as we all do.

    The “mysterious” white powdery substance was placed intentionally, as he so enjoyed the letter, comments and HIGHlarious speculation regarding the “spot” on his pants discussed ONLY here at LTR last fall. Investigative reporting at it’s best.

  21. Well girls we in Greece have unfortunately to work hard for our daily bread these days…so have to go make some money….hopefully I’ll see you tonight….

    One advice…don’t even try a Robrehab…doesn’t work… I tried (@undecidedsten: good job honey…you tried)…

    So…to remind you……

    • Thank you for posting this…I needed that!
      WOW, is all I can say.

      • What you said….sigh…

    • just what we needed thanks mel !! (and biel)

    • I don’t ever say NO to Rob…I meant videos!

      Thanks Mel!

    • Oh Mel, I just saw that video again! Ahhh, I am trying hard to shake myself off this Rob-induced stupor, I feel like I’m in a daze whenever I watch him!

      • Honey……when I wake up in the morning I’m all good intentions…like…I’m not gonna open the computer….not gonna comment on LTR and stay away of Robpics/stuff whatsoever… yeah to get some peace of mind….if you know what I mean….one hour later all intentions are vanished in thin air……….

        I opened the computer……..I read all latenightcomments on LTR and saw/read all Robpics/stuff of Rob I could lay my hands on………..

        The man put a spell on me……..he did………something!!!!

        • Mel, me too honey, he’s so irresistible, I just want to hug him so tight. Hope he’s not lurking here today, I’m having a hard time restraining myself. Normally I am very prim and proper. Not today! I haven’t even had a single drop of alcohol!

          • Oh…..I hope HE IS lurking…I have to tell him a thing or two…but nahhh… don’t think so he’s toooo busy!!! So…I’ll just have to keep it to myself…ya know!!!

            And honey….I CAN NEVA RESTRAIN MYSELF…lol….am too much of a greek- drama-loving-him-too-much-queen!!!

  22. The Wranglers have

    Bring back the button-flys. Kthx.

    • are these WRANGLERS? Really? That explains all, Tomstu has new Wranglers too, well not exactly the same size…….hahhahahhaha

      • Maybe there was a sale, buy one get one FREE.

        • Good point… honi!

          • Maybe it’s just an expression of pure love: his&his jeans.

    • Believe it or not, even though these new jeans look Godawful, they ARE button-flys. You can see a button or two in a couple of the Rob leaving Heathrow for Vancouver photos. Maybe, in a couple of months, these jeans’ll look as good as some of the others he has. One can hope.

      • Couple of months? Give them a week or two and they will “mysteriously” turn into dirty old jeans.

    • Those are the bluest jeans I’ve ever seen. I do not like them because you can tell they are not broken in yet. Rob- the corner of my floor is ready to help with this.
      Can we start a petition to bring back THE button flies from NY/2 weeks ago?
      I think I would rather see his black jeans, and I dislike with a fiery passion black jeans!

      • These blue jeans look great on the floor, together with everything he’s wearing. lol

  23. So happy to see I wasn’t the only one that thought the jacket was covered in bird shit. This is too funny. I agree, I love that even though he has bank now, he still doesn’t feel the need to spend any of it. Also happy to see him out and about again. I was in serious need of some new Rob photos.

  24. OK…I’m about to drop some knowledge and prove how rediculously addicted to this man I am…

    It’s the same jacket from the Haiti telethon..and you can see it here, sans spots:

    So the spots are a new development…for sure.

    And, the guitar case looks like he borrowed it from John McCain

    • omg somebody tweeted that that RL jacket comes already like that…..hahhaha…poor Rob…BUT his one has MORE stains at all

      • and now Rob sit down and listen…..(or not)
        Did u really spend all that money for this lame jacket???

        unbelievable…. 🙂

        • LOL, look at the history, old jeans, old toys etc. Sounds like him right?

          I can’t believe I’m doing this.

      • LOL, omgosh this is so like him ain’t it? I clicked on it, it appears the bidding is over.

      • Are you sure this isn’t the same jacket…the winning bidder’s name starts with a “k” and ends in a “t” LOL

        • it’s the same jacket…look at the history of the winner……hahahhaha


          • RG~
            We need to talk…you read the bidding history of the winner?


            love you,

          • I’m looking right now!

        • RG – Don’t. My mind does not want to go there today, and you know why. 😀

  25. OMG….is it a subconscious way to further endear himself to me (’cause if it is, it’s working!)?

    Mr. Lucky was just leaving for work and I asked if he was taking something for lunch.

    He said…and I quote…”I’m taking my Hot Pockets”!

    Seems, when he went grocery shopping for me the other day (he can be helpful like that and I’ve been under the weather lately), he bought a bunch of them for himself! Who knew??!!!

    If he goes shopping for himself and comes home with button-flys and a plaid shirt next, I’ll know he’s been checking out LTR when I was out! LOL

  26. The pic on the loading dock reminds me of some covert operation they are trying to run on ’24’.

    I think we need a Dean/Steve appreciation day.

    • LOL, yes and now I’m sad that 24 is done :-(.

      I lost your email address btw, pls send it again. Thanks XO

    • Love Dean/Steve! He was not at Heathrow (at least that I saw) so I was worried he wasn’t making the trip.

  27. I have an idea. Since he’ll wear anything, let’s raise a bunch of money and pay him (which he will donate to his favorite charity) to wear the Pattinson pants
    Comedic Fodder for months=WINS

    • A million thumbs up to this! And if he won’t wear the Pattinson pants, he at least has to don the infamous ducky sweater at least ONCE.

  28. I love elephants

  29. I can’t get over the size of his thighs…those babies look so meaty.

    Robjectification over for the moment.

    • “Those babies look so meaty”

      Is that a political statement or a medical condition???


      • He’s in a constant state or condition of being smexy…that is all.

      • His thighs…the epicentre of meat(y).

      • I think it’s more like a sexual statement or observation! LOL

        Ummm I wanted to say more but never mind…

  30. Hi UC,

    I know you haven’t drank the Kstew-aid. But watch this video and you’ll see why a lot of people love Robsten.

    • whoops! Here’s the link:

      Disclaimer: I didn’t make this video. Just saw it from

      • OMG there’s a purpleapple now!!

        • Dear purpleapple, Moon posted today not UC, but regardless…are you trying to recruit some of us? ‘Cause we are well aware of Rob and Kristen, but this is Letters to Rob. There are regular posters who are shippers but they don’t post Robsten vids because on here we’re all about RobLove.
          PS: RobLove does NOT mean Kristen hate.
          PS: applepie, it’s late in the day, she may escape. hahaha

          • Well said, Apple and Jules!!!

          • hahahaha, like sects recruiting.
            why didn’t I see your post before?

          • Min – ikr? We’re already sisters-in-Rob. We have ONE focus as members of the SSC.
            PS: the footwear thing? Blah, he has had his for quite a while. cf the old “party like a rockstar vid” he’s wearing them in one of the pics.

      • dear purpleapple…
        we do not ship robsten here…we only ship rob. you’re going to get thumbs downed alot…just saying.

        • And a couple of controversial thumbs up from me! Just because I got thumbsdowned for saying I only get tingly feelings for Rob’s eyebrows. And I like the Mullephant…Hey! Each to their own, ha ha.
          P.S. I get to be in London next week, might do a Barnes driveby…

          • Just as I thought, thumbs down from most of you girls. Oh well..

            Jules, I know it was Moon who posted. I just remember UC posting about not drinking the KStew-aid. I could be wrong though. And I’m not a Robsten-shipper, but definitely a Rob-shipper! lol

            eatmyjorts, I’ll also be in London this weekend! But no chance for us to see HHH since he’s now in Vancouver. 😦

    • You know there’s smth about robstens that really scares me. Not talking about you, of course, but about batshit crazy robsteners (and there are quite a few out there). It’s normal to like a couple together or just like smb and wish him/her happiness but for a lot of them, Robsten seems to be a fantasy couple to make up for their screwed-up life, otherwise how can you explain the passion and the craziness?
      P.S. not me who thumbed down you, I never do.

      • agreeed! have nothing wrong with those who like them together but cant handle the crazy ones

  31. “big ginourmous mammoth elephants” Hahaha! Like this?


  32. Woops! Here’s the link:

  33. Now I got it. Remember my insane Zadig&Voltaire jacket purchase this week when it’s too hot to wear it? That was a msg to me. He wants me to come (!) so we can wear together dumpster looking expensive jackets in the only place where it’s not summer time yet (but I’m sure it will be hawt!). You know, a la Robsten same footwear thing.
    Is that a good reason to (get really drunk) celebrate tonight?

  34. Ok.. Where IS TOMSTU!! (my little cupcake).
    Is Lord Sparklepeen hiding him in his guitar case?

    Re: the shitous birdies..i.e. the crap on the jacket.. Look at it this way dudettes. –It could be a thousand angles shitting on Robbie.
    Now how cool is that?

    • Hermes! I’ve left you some comments in ‘They are not hipsters…” post. Really wanted to hear your opinion on another (even smaller) little cupcake 😉

      • @ Beanie;
        ahh.. oh you mean TomStu’s little brother Arthur Sturridge… The kid with that ungodly colored red hair… have you ever heard of Bozo the clown.. (its almost bright neon red, it suppose to be au natural.. but who knows)

        He’s also known as : “ArtStu”…. or “The Ginger Menace” as he is sometimes called. (but not to his face ).. ..

        My thought is that Arthur’s nick name should be more like “The Ginger Ale”.. as he drinks as much as Robbie.. ArtStu also has a big potty mouth.
        Not the refined classy hobo-ness of his big brother TomStu (my little cupcake).. le sigh.

        • colored?! gosh, is nothing sacred?

          and i almost started to believe that xmas came early this year:

          but if its a fake gingerness, i retreat to my initial RobStu lurvedom and not gonna expand it to two Stus.

  35. Ralph Lauren that is:

    why is that after seeing this link ancient ‘Aqua’ song is stuck in my head all day?

    “you can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
    Imagination, life is your creation” lalalalala

  36. I don’t think it’s birdshit on his jacket. I think he was brushing his teeth with his Sonicare, and accidentally took it out of his mouth before turning it off. Oh wait, that’s what I did this morning, not Rob.

  37. Rob, if you’re reading & want more ‘decoration’ for your car please feel free to leave it over my car at night. I swear that the National Home for Incontinent Pigeons is in the tree opposite my house.

  38. I was stareing no looking at the picc on robssed. is he wearing boxer brief manties? Look at those thighs!!!

  39. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight, Brenna Parker, kittycat cutler, Just me., Vanilia Unik and others. Vanilia Unik said: RT @letter2twilight: Rob's back in Vancouver & covered in bird shit! and we couldn't be more excited! […]

  40. You know, there’s a lot to comment on regarding his clothes in that photo, yet I keep going back to that smile.

    And somehow, the clothes just fade.a.way….


  41. His thighs look pretty meaty in those jeans in that first pic…mmmm……yummy but that jacket WTF was he thinking?

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