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I treat my boyfriend like he’s a real life Ken doll and dress him up like Rob..

UC is STILL gone on vacation and hopefully tanner than she was yesterday (yes, this is UC, posting a future post, in the past) Today with the help of applepie, we discuss turning our MEN into Rob!

Dear Rob,

Firstly, I have to say that you’ve been making my work life quite unproductive lately what with all your Bel Ami set pictures and videos coming out every day. But today as I was going about my usual business, I happened to be stopping by the mall later today to do some credit card swiping so I decided to give my dearest boyfriend (shall we call him Mr. Pie) a text asking if he needed anything in particular. He then texted me back asking me to pick up a couple v-necks for him at H&M since he was in need of replacing some old ones. Now when I saw the word “v-neck”, the first thing I thought was “Rob’s black v-neck! In Eclipse! OMG he looks so hot as Robward in Eclipse with that black v-neck on!” you know…because that’s normal. And then it hit me.

Rob, I think I’m inadvertently transforming my boyfriend into…YOU! Observe…

Exhibit A: The black v-neck…looks great on you, but even better on my floor.

Exhibit B: Button-fly jeans…Rob, what brand of button-fly jeans do you wear? Because if they are Lucky Brands, can I unbutton them to see if yours also says “lucky you” on the inside of the fly like Mr. Pie’s?

It’d be quite awkward to have actually taken a picture of Mr. Pie’s jeans while he was wearing them…moving on…

Exhibit C: Ray-Bans… every Rob fan should own a pair.

Exhibit D: Adidas Sambas…apparently you’ve recently changed from your Nikes to Adidas so I blame you for copying Mr. Pie on this one. (Hi Tom!)

Exhibit E: White undershirts…everywhere and all the time, even when sitting in a press interview.

Exhibit F: Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs…which you probably bought at the same place you bought your white undershirts. Walmart or Mark & Spencers when you’re in London?

Lots of nice rob crotch shots today…yum.

Exhibit G: Plaid. No description needed.

Exhibit H: Guitar. The only thing you’ve spent your millions of Twilight money on since you’ve become famous and the only thing Mr. Pie has spent his money on since he’s gotten a job.

So Rob, it seems that ever since you’ve taken over my life, I’ve been unknowingly channeling my inner desires for you through my boyfriend. Because seriously, I live in LA and you’re here a lot and I have yet to see you in flesh. Even if I did, let’s face it, you’re too distracted by the mullephant nowadays to care about the rest of us girls who’d graciously undo those button-flys for you. So my subconscious solution: make my own Rob! You see, Mr. Pie has a habit of only shopping when I’m around and only buys things after asking me for my approval. I guess that would explain why Mr. Pie’s wardrobe is slowly becoming more and more like yours. Plaid shirt? Yes. Button-fly jeans? Yes. K-Swiss sneakers? Noooo. Blue V-neck or Black V-neck? Black! Always BLACK! Plus, I sometimes even get to play “what would it be like to undress Rob?”

I do have one confession though. No matter what, Mr. Pie could never possess the jawporn/handporn/weakatthekneessmileandgiggle/wonkylegs …uh…fame… that you have. I did NOT just say that! =X

Oh and did I mention, Mr. Pie’s refrigerator contains a box of Hot Pockets and is always stocked with beer…but neither of which are due to my influence.

Here’s to Mr. Pie never ever seeing this! (I love you babe =])

You’ve made me delusional,


Ok, so I treat my boyfriend like he’s a real life Ken doll and dress him up like that normal?

Applepie (cutest name ever), I don’t think you’re alone! I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t encouraged Mr. Choice to put on a few more flannel shirts than normal lately (although- I tried to get him to wear my knock-off Ray-Bans and he said, “No.. those are for teenagers.” HA!) What about the rest of you? Fess up! Have you swayed your man in the direction of more Rob-like!?

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  1. Thanks to my obsession ‘Mr. Honey’ has enough plaid shirts to wear one everyday for a month or more and never wear the same one twice…

    And a couple pairs of Ray-bans; which he never wore before but loves now…

  2. I wish I had a man to sway! I’m just holding out for the real thing… 😉

    • Me too. Coz’ that’s normal 😉

  3. Thats so brill – are you sure it is Mr Pie and not Rob ?? Hey are you Kstew in disguise ??

    I to have bought a LOT of plaid recently how terrible that Rob’s “fashion Sense” is rubbing off on us !!!

    Loved your letter

    • haha nooo…NOT the mullephant in disguise!! although, I’d gladly trade places with her.

      • Yeah wouldn’t we all sigh – even if I did have to stutter and blink all day totally worth it IMO !

      • unf – button fly jeans 🙂 !!!! I kinda dress my man like Rob. Plaid for sure! What about a Stoli shirt?….that’s kind of taking it to an extreme level!

  4. Great post applepie….made me laugh!!!

    Nooooooooo…my Mr.X…would never allow me to dress him up as Ken…Rob!!! Let’s say it’s just because he has his own……style!!!

    But….if he would…allow me…nahhh…it would not be the same!!! Rob is unique in everything…even style…clothes, and I would not like to have a substitute of Rob anyway!!!

    Sadly…it’s impossible to turn my Mr. X into you!!!He would neva look as hot as you in a black v-neck and button fly jeans…or pull it of with a plane (underwear) white t-shirt!!! So…I don’t even try!!!


    • What if you get sneaky? Can you do that? That’s what I did at first and now Mr belle pretty much doesn’t care and he goes(except for the hair thing, sigh).

      You know all these clothes look much better on the floor anyway :-).

      • LMAO……..SB…….get sneaky…for dressing up Mr.Mel??? Honey…I’m in the fashionbusiness…he dresses like I want him to anyway….but still…Rob is Rob right??? And HIS clothes look much better on the floor anyway…thumbsup for that one!!!

        • I meant dress him up like Rob:-). Sorry maybe I misunderstood your post, LOL.

          • Hahaha…SB…we are saying the same thing and still misunderstand each other….guess it’s my englishfail!!! I love how Rob dresses…I dress Mr.Mel like I like him to look like…if ya know what I mean…but I wouldn’t even try to dress him up like Rob…

            1.because nobody can pul it of like Rob and it would look gaga on him!
            2. he’s no 23…….
            3. they would probably fire him from his job…and we can’t have that… Greece being in that shitty situation…….
            4. if he ever found out that I dress him up like Rob…he would kill me!!!


          • HAHA, I agree with your explanations! Especially the fact that no one else can do it like Rob….nobody does it better. It reminds me of a song, not I have to youtube it.

            I’m kind of glad my hubby goes along w/ my insantiy ya know?

      • haha yes SB, going sneaky is what I did lOlz…but I think he’s catching on…

        • Applepie, your BF seems to be game though, is he complaining yet? Seems like a mellow guy who will let you do whatever. 🙂

          • naw he’s a sweetheart he doesnt complain, especially since lots of my RL girl friends at church (of all places) really love twi and Rob too..but probably not as much as I do haha. I think he’s a secret unicorn but he will never say!

  5. I can’t say I was unhappy when Mr.Bella bought a pair of Ray Bans… and I don’t shun plaid like I used to. In fact, if I don’t focus and cock my head to the side a little, Mr.Bella sort of looks a little like Rob. That is, until he opens his mouth. Sigh.
    (Love you, hun!)

  6. Exhibit G just made my lunchtime Brillz.
    Smile & the whole world smiles with you!
    Great letter Applepie, and how did you ‘splain the picture taking?!

    • he does NOT know I took all those pictures!!! I used my sneaky iphone skills, loaded them onto my laptop and deleted right away!

      • Haha awesome sneaky skills. I would be made in about .20 seconds. Kudos aswell cos the cameras on iPhone’s are always tricky/blurry.x.

        • oh trust..for some I had to take multiple shots until I got one that wasn’t blurry!

  7. Oh my Applepie…does your Mr. Pie (aw) know what you are up to? I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the work you’ve done so far..Rob would be proud and be all giggly and awkward if he knew someone was being dressed like him!

    Nope, no Mr. Rob’s slow mo’ yet, but even if there was one, I don’t think I’d want him to turn into Rob..Rob’s style can only be pulled off by Rob himself…!

    • haha he knows about my robsession, but has no idea I wrote this post and took all these pictures. I am NINJA.

      • LOL – I admire your stealth photo-taking abilities, applepie!

        In my attempt to be sneaky, I’d most likely drop my phone and mutter “f*ck”, then accidentally touch my photo library icon revealing the sweet pic of Rob that comes up whenever Mr. Puma calls me.

  8. Since my early teenyears I loved to wear plaid shirts, black clothes, sambas and raybans….all classics……I’m not a Mr. but I love THE !!! Mister! The one on the left side…. 🙂

  9. I found a vintage black motorcycle jacket- kid sized….so I bought it for my son. Its just like the one Rob wears in one of fav photoshoots ever! How could I NOT get it?! Some days he asks me to help him with his hair- when he wants it to “look like Rob’s”. Aag! I’ve created a little mini-Rob! But he’s so damn cute….

  10. I have the opposite problem: I’m trying to make my boyfriend NOT dress like Rob…LOL!

    • wait so he dresses like Rob already? are YOU kstew in disguise??

  11. “K-Swiss sneakers? Noooo.”

    Hahahaha!!!! Thankfully my DH was already a Samba man when we met. He wouldn’t dream of such an atrocity!

    • ROFL!

      • I don’t see you much anymore! 😦 Are you on Twitter?

        • Hey hon, yes I am. What’s your SN? You can also email me in the forum w. your real email. I haven’t been on LTT in months, sorry. I’ve been just hanging out here. How are you? How the baby girl?

          • We are great! I haven’t been in the forum in a while and don’t read through comments here much either. My sn is and78!

  12. applepie is my new hero. It used to be Maya Angelou, but never once has Angelou given anyone a Robover . . . that we know of.

    When J gets back into town he’s returning to a gift bag full of v-necks, flannel and button flies. And a razor, because God knows he’s pushed past scruff into full beard territory and it just doesn’t fit the fantasy. Shhh! He’ll never fall for it if he thinks I’m dressing him like an actor who plays virgin vampire.

    • “He’ll never fall for it if he thinks I’m dressing him like an actor who plays virgin vampire.”

      haha you are my hero too!! ❤

      • Also, Mr. Pie is precious. I’m willing to wager with the adorable women who hang out at LTR, there is a small army of sexy guys who, though they aren’t Rob, are more than acceptable runners-up to HHH.

        • lol agreed. I’m sure lots of the LTR girls have acceptable runner ups! what makes Mr. Pie precious is that he totally allows me to indulge in my twi/Robsession!

  13. Bf MP dresses by himself quite as Rob only cooler 🙂 (no metrosexual V-neck or murse –sorry that’s a no-no for me- and cooler sneaker brands, plus he’s over the plaid and Wayfarer, love it in general but had an overdose of said items).
    But the layers, hoodies and apparently random jackets that you can only find in hipster secret shops, all is there.
    Last time I tried to “strongly suggest” a look change he said out loud in the shop “I’m not your doll nor one of those fashion victim guys from your office who sniff coke in the street”. Everyone was watching. I didn’t stop “suggesting’ but doesn’t really work.
    P.S. those guys are not fashion-victims but trend-setters, he’ll never understand the difference. He just calls them gay.

    • Oh my mp…”I’m not your doll nor one of those fashion victim guys…” heard the words somewhere befor!!! Oh yes…and the “He just calls them gay”!!! Mr.Xs words exactly!

    • To me all men that are (too much) into fashion or trends are always higly suspicious , Rob is def. not, totes normal style, I don’t think he cares much about what to put on, he just asks Tom!
      So perhaps we should ask Tom, if Rob is his doll….or not.

      • I agree w. you RG! Highly suspicious indeed!

      • I always said…..the way he dresses….like…Idon’tgiveashit…is what makes him so hot……agree with you RG!!!

        • PS…….RG…..does Tom dress up Rob…or does Rob dress up Tom??? Who knows??? Who cares….both are just picking up clothes of the floor right???

          • To me Tom dresses up Rob, totes clear!

          • 😀 😀 😀

      • nah, don’t agree, there are a lot of other categories of people into trends who have nothing to do with that stereotype. i.e. skaters, nothing feminine/suspicious/…. On the other hand, that V-neck and those murses Rob was carrying around are a lot more gay (ok,ok, fashionista/metrosexual/whateva). Sorry. 🙂

        • skaters are a scene for me, has nothing to do with fashion or trends, they have their own style-rules, whatever…of wearing him V’s or murses…well I’m sort of thankful and as it all has stains, it does make the difference to me!
          and not-agreeing can be sooo interesting

          • My vote for total interesting-not-agreeing….I mean democracy!!!

          • no, skaters as many other categories like musicians, arty peeps, or geeks (yes!) ARE trend-setters (a select part of them that is). Fashionista people you’re talking about can be trend-setters but are also a stereotype. Check out Rob’s black/blu jacket and KStew’s Vans, that’s skater’s wear.

            I love the discussions we have on style as if it were tweed imp. politics, but I just can’t help it. On this, Imma go do smth really imp. for the Humanity, like shopping 🙂

            have a great day everyone and long live the button flyes!

          • well minuit..we’re not talking about the same things here, I’m not talking about fashionistas or trendsetters, both totally overrated, to make a trend is more than to know what clothes are cool this season and sure you know it best! French are living/giving the trends….
            and Rob’s button flies are actually a very important topic here in the center of the Rob world… 🙂
            Imma gonna do something important for humanity as well, eating a bread with butter or so

            and…for sure…long live Rob and his button flyes!

          • RG,
            I love when I see “butter, buttonflys and Rob” all in the same post…

            ❤ you!

          • Lion, you are a dirty girl.

          • @RG & the deaf phonecall, the one where one says smth and the other hears smth else

            I do not agree 🙂 with most of your replies because I was saying smth else. #totaldeafphonecallmode

            I do agree much with the nekkid comments of Jules and the band.

            I do not agree with your bread and butter plan, if you have to get fat do it the good way with some tiramisu. I do not agree with you gorging in said tiramisu by yourself, share!!! cause I know you’re a tiramisu expert.
            Now Imma taste some Polish vodka with honey and pretend it’s said tiramisu. Do you agree?

            I do agree that Mr Pie is a keeper and the letter is f.u.n.n.y! (thanks AP)

          • pass you along huge tirami su, so we’ll get fat together and maybe we’ll agree about being short and thinny is overrated these days, same for vans and knots in shirts

        • RG- I see what you’re saying. I like Rob’s attitude which translates into what he wears, I guess.
          MP- Get back in line! heh. Actually, I too have a problem with murses, button fly jeans, on the other hand…

          • girls, what do you have all against button fly jeans…when buttons might fly off so easily ? 🙂

          • My vote for easily fly off button-fly jeans 😀

          • Jules, the button fly jeans pop out easily though! LOL. And yes I speak from experience!

            And look at Rob’s pants, they look like the buttons are about to explode. 🙂

          • SB…you wonna kill me… really do!!! Explode??? Oh my…

          • HEY!!! I said I LIKE button fly jeans! Hence the *gulp

          • I agrees with Jules…totally a fan of the button flys but not the murses, thus Mr. Pie does not carry around a murse….

          • Jules loves the button flyes and I can’t understand english..lalalallalalala 🙂

          • RG – I can’t understand german. lalalalalalalalala

          • I’m just reading this after a tweed day & thanks ladies you’re making me dizzy. In a GOOD way.

          • Mel, hold your horses there sweetie, LOL. Yes I did say the word “explode.”

            Think about it from another angle, if you grab the fly, i think the rest will just come apart. Squee. Oh boy.

            I see we got some thumbs down, I guess we better tone the innuendo. LOL

          • someone here really doesnt like the button flys..we’re getting thumb downed..

          • LOL!!! Applepie, I think someone hates, button flys, loves murses or is having a thumbdown issue today. I love it! 🙂

        • minuit..only one question….what should he wear , what would you like on him ? I would love to know……

          • I’m not Min, but, I don’t want him to wear anything.
            I want The Rob, nekkid!

          • I’m not Minuit either
            But – he can leave his beanie on. The rest has to go!

          • I’m not minuit…but I don’t care what he’s wearing….what goes up… must come down…eventually…..ehhh I mean… what goes on…must come off!!!

          • Hmmmmm, let’s see, well, he is invincible so in reality he can wear whatever and I will still be turned on by him!

            And that my friend is the real truth!

          • I’ll keep it short (not sure I want to use this word in a Rob context)
            Throw away the effing Nikes stuff that he and TomStu adore and get some decent more confidential brands with the cool vibe, you know like the ones who don’t make their money on sweatshops.

      • I don’t wanna be misunderstood….with suspicious…they might be gay OR they might just be NOT cool OR they might be just old (in spirit)…lots of possibilities.

        • Hahahaha…..RG…… are sooooo funny…love you girl!!!

    • MP – I fell in like with your BF, the moment he compared us to the Claudettes.
      He is total WIN.

  14. Totally normal!

    Love it!


  15. I have no man in my life over the age of 4. But I do dress him up. He’s more Abercrombie/Hollister than Rob though. Cause that would be creepy.

  16. Don’t even get me started on JGro… ;P …hahaha I read ‘friut of the loin’ and got distracted

  17. Bwahahahaha, so glad I’m not the only one….except in my case, it’s my husband! He’s got quite a collection of plaid shirts and he has the black v-neck as well(and also in 3 other colors). I make him have a stubble(he hates it, says it’s itchy). He’s got the Fruit of the Looms undies too. The hair is the only thing I couldn’t bend him on. 😦 DH has long hair, longer than Rob’s.

    I’m working on the shoes, glad you reminded me!

  18. I just read the K-swiss thing :-). Ummm, DH has one and it’s so old and decrepit but he won’t let me get rid of it. Thankfully, he doesn’t wear it when we go out. He wears it when he’s mowing the lawn(alternates it w/ his Nascar Crocs). lol

    • Nascar Crocs?!??! what do these look like?? haha

      • Applepie, well they are basically crocs with Nascar on the front and the number of his favorite driver. 🙂 Before he got them, I had no idea Crocs made them with the Nascar logo!

        • Wow

  19. I love this letter! Great job Applepie.

    I have to say that Mr. House used to look just a bit like Rob. Sadly he is now getting a little older and not so teenage vampirery. He has similar hair so Rob’s hair just really makes me nostalgic. The hubs would never wear Ray bans though. He does have some plaid, but doesn’t wear it much anymore. He is from Wyoming, so he was wearing plaid before Nirvana made it cool and Rob made it cool again. I don’t allow v-necks in the house because I really don’t want to kill the fantasy.

    • “I don’t allow v-necks in the house…”

      ROFL, you’re so funny!

      What is up w/ the raybans? DH wears something else that he calls “trendy.” Whatever. LOL.

      Your Dh looks a little like Rob? Squee! Can you send me a pic? I had an ex-BF whom I dated for a long time and he looked like a little like Rob too, but of course not the same. Same hair, facial structure, height, tall/lanky, dressed the same, sigh. I just saw him recently and he still has that look although a bit older.

      • Umm, why did you just see your ex BF? Does the hubs know? Why did you break up with him if he looks like Rob? I have too many questions!

        The hubs doesn’t like the raybans because it reminds him of Tom Cruise in Risky Business? I don’t really get it but it is his face, so whatever. Mr. House looked more like Rob when he (the hubs not Rob) was younger and less round. Man, I sound really mean. 😉

        • I’ll email u, it’s long story, basically I got tired of his mind games and the fact I felt like I had to take care of him all the time. He was several yrs older than me and he was kind of immature and had no goals and aspirations in life, sorry this sounds so mean. So it’s not all about looks and he ain’t Rob anyway LOL. I loved him that’s one reason I let him go, though it hurt me. He had to learn to navigate on his own without me. I didn’t want to be his mommy, I wanted to be his wife(eventually).

          So sometimes when I see Rob(and notice the similarities) it hurts a little.

          Less round? Maybe you cook good! 🙂

          • You are not mean, you are a grown up! I ❤ you and think you must have a pretty lucky hubby! It sounds like you are insightful and intuitive. I just knew you would be a great shortie bestie!

            And yes my hubs is round because of my wonderful cooking, but only when Rob does not show his face, or his hands, jaw, and numerous important body parts! Then he may lose a few lb's because who wants to cook when I can be looking at Robporn!

  20. Hahaha! That was a funny post today.
    “Exhibit C: Ray-Bans… every Rob fan should own a pair.”

    I actually own a pair of Ray Bans. I guess they’re an essential accessory! lol

  21. Now I want some applepie

    • =]

  22. My husband is well aware of my obsession with Rob, so he would NEVER agree to dress like him, although he does own a few plaid shirts and has stubble when he’s not working. He’s (sort of) happy to indulge me in my folly, but he draws the line at playing Rob.

  23. Hey Pie-girl, Can I call you that?

    Does your BF know he’s on a site devoted to Rob today? Either way, loved your letter.


    • nope does not know. no idea. haha he might freak and die if he knew lol

      • applepie FTW!

  24. However much fun it would seem to dress up a bf as Rob, I have a much less complicated solution.
    Just have the real thing as bf. Move on over KStew!
    Sorry my lovelies. Single and just for this day I’m at the…


    That’s right, bring it on! 😉

    • Oh……this will be one epic fight/battle……for the “frontoftheline”…bfs or no bfs… 😀

      • Haha Mel, I’m a little bit afraid for you and your Greek warrior skills!
        Love your new avi btw! 🙂

        • Cath, watch out for that Mel. She is a greedy one!
          PS: I just noticed Applepie’s Mullephant ref. I am died!

          • Oh Jules…you are hurting my feelings…how many times did I tell ya I’m willing to share!!! 😦 …LOL…Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf???

          • hahaha. I don’t trust you to share, Mel.

        • Yeah…….Cath……like ME IS SPARTA…me is Mel !!!
          Happy you love my new avi btw! 😀

    • Cath!!!! Hahahah, ok I guess I’ll let that comment go just for today. 🙂 I’ll be nice, it’s my anniversary you know. Lol.

  25. Hi ladies!
    Thanks for all the awesome and hilarious comments!! ❤

    Mr. Pie totally has no idea that his pictures are on a rob-related blog today! haha

    anyway, if you ladies would like to follow, I'm @AprilHui on twitter.

    • Oh! and thank you UC and Moon for posting my letter!!!! love you both!!!

    • OK I’ll add follow you :-).

  26. Dear Applepie… this is totes normal… I do it to. Now that I know there are others like me I don’t feel as awkward…

    Remember Me videos btw:

    • I’m actually surprised to find so many you girls can relate!!

      • Well girl you know we are all dreaming of HHH….so if we could somehow “recreate” a little part of him, that is just awesome. Something, anything.

  27. Great post, Applepie!

    Mr. Puma refuses to “WILLINGLY” dress like Rob at all. I have tried to no avail; he hates v-neck anything, he prefers wearing Puma’s over Adidas (coincidentally enough) — but he does love anything Lucky Brand (although it hasn’t been confirmed that Rob wears Lucky’s, or has it?)

    That being said, I bought him the same Yankees hat that Rob is wearing, he does wear plaid, FoTL boxer briefs and he has the same hot stubble action. Sadly, this is where the similarities end.

    BUT… if a girl takes out her contacts and squints her eyes long enough until everything is slightly blurry and out of sorts and imagines Rob gained 30 lbs from too many Heine & Hot Pocket binges… anything is possible 😀

    • oh! the hat!!!…I think thats my next mission!…

      no i have no idea what brand of button flys Rob wears lol does anyone know?

    • Puma, LOL, your last comment made me laugh! LOL.

      Maybe we can get a mask with Rob’s face and have the DH’s, BFs and SO’s wear them! LOL.

      • @ SB ~ hahhaaa I can only imagine Mr. Puma’s face if I handed him a Rob mask and said, “hey, wear this, will ya?”


        • Puma, there is an idea for Halloween. hahaha

        • Well the mask would be great too during youknowwhatiamtalkingabout! 🙂

          LOL…..perhaps some men may also need a wig….a robwig.

      • haha HHH masks!!!! its like convincing your other half to dress up as Rob for halloween or something! hm? has anyone done that? …

        what a second…

        ….I do that on a daily basis..duh, thats wat this post was about lol

        • clearly, I didn’t scroll down before commenting, AP.

  28. Too funny, Applepie, great letter!

    LOL @ “K-Swiss sneakers? Noooo.”
    (good call, I just see those as cheerleading shoes).

    Let’s see, the only similarity between Mr. Rob and Mr. Snow is their post-beer-binge hygene. Sure, I think of Rob when I smell stale beer oozing through Mr. Snows pores on a Sunday morning, that’s normal.
    Oh, Mr. Snow has Oakley sunglasses, kind of similar to Ray Bans (i.e. both were the IT glasses of the eighties).

    Great post, love the comparison pics! And shout out to Lucky jeans, love ’em too, woot!

    • OMG mr. pie used to wear the oakleys too…until I chimed in…

      lucky brand jeans just makes you smile when you unbutton them don’t they??

      • Yes, love the “Lucky You” on the fly!
        .. about the Oakleys, they’re normal ones, not like the “blades” of jr. high, but still, they aren’t RayBans. 😦

  29. what about beanie? 😉

    • lol hmm..well, we live in socal….its hot here…alot.

      maybe I will try to implement the beanie next time we go on a ski trip or something haha.

  30. Rob *is* my boyfriend. And I’m much less concerned with dressing him than I am with UNdressing him!

    • Tell it, Obava.

  31. Okay, this is neither here nor there, but is it me, or do some guys look totally hot wearing a wedding band? It’s only like a haldful of guys, but it’s such a turn-on sometimes. I have to say Rob would be one of those men, because his hands are… uhhh… his hands…. Errrr, I think I need a moment alone.

  32. Never so busted as when DH opened Christmas present (waffle henly) and said, “Oh a Rob shirt.”

    *died inside*

    • ahahhahaa!

    • ML, you oughta get him the Shiteous Nikes for his birthday! LOL. And maybe a Yankess hat?

      • DONE!


    Catheryn Hardwick our favorite director is set to direct a new movie called ” Little Red Riding Hood” which is a gothic take on the traditional fairy tale, involving a 3 way love story (a la Twilight). It involves a teen girl (Amanda Seyfried) and 2 guys she’s torn between Shilo Fernandez and Max Irons. one of whom is a (rU ready) A WEREWOLF!!..(bow wow ).
    ANOTHER Twi rip off. —-

    In any case.. I predict Max Irons (the son of Jeremy Irons) is going to be the big hit here.
    Almost same background as our dear Robbie (ie male model turned actor) but Max went to drama school cuz of pappa.

    check him out at:

    • Oh, he was in “Being Julia” (guess, who else played there!), but i dont remember him at all.

      • @ Beanie:
        Yes.. “TomStu”.. my little cupcake…was in Being Julia…. A bit of trivia.. Max Iron is also is male model.. he’s the spokesman for MANGO so he’s the new “Mango Man”.. which made me laugh ..I keep remembering those old Saturday night reruns of “Mango”.. played by Chris Kattan..
        They should bring Mango back for a sketch with Lord Sparklepeen.. haha.

    • Oh, it’s Freddie Prinze Jr. meets Jason Biggs!

  34. I’ve been doing it… thinking I was pretty subtle about it… “yes pick the khaki shirt”… but the other night I was sprung badly when I told him maybe he shouldn’t shave his chest any more… he immediately said “Why, does Robert Pattinson have long chest hair?” … I was in SO MUCH trouble!!!!

  35. Interesting! I was just thinking of sending in a Letter to you guys last night about an eerily similar situation I have… maybe it’s a sign that I should get to writing it!

  36. I’ve made attempts, but it’s hopeless. I just look at him, roll my eyes and tell him to go change.

  37. Re Catherine project, I heard about it a long time ago, Little Red Riding Hood is produced by Brad Pitt and Maximum Ride another fantasy film is also base on a book, but I never heard any news about it……Cathy says she wd love to have Rob and Kris again in her upcoming projects…..I just wish its true, CH just have that magic touch……not much of an Amanda Seyfield fan….

    Apple, love your letter, my late brother and his friend who are musician dress like Rob, its a indie thing, plaids , beanie…….

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