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They’re NOT hipsters… or bears… well maybe Rob is… the checklist

*I was just persuring through our emails and this jumped out at me because “Look At This Fucking Hipster” (look at this love connection!) is one of my faves and well it’s true… read on…*

Look at this love connection

Dear Rob-

Someone once said “I really miss “my Edward” and “my Bella” — the way I imagined them before Rob & Kristen came on the scene. Now my Bella & Edward are chain-smoking, always slightly dirty, poorly dressed hipsters. I hate that”*

Rob, the idea of you being a hipster froze the blood in my veins (I don’t give a shit about what’s-her-nose being a hipster- all I care about is YOU). So being the logical woman that I am, I decided to do some research and scientifically prove once and for all whether you are indeed a hipster or not. Research on the Interwebs is scientific, right? I found this website ( and spent way too much time on it, trying to figure out if you are a hipster. And since what I saw on the LATFH website gave me nightmares for a solid week, I *really* hope you aren’t, Rob. That would defs might be a dealbreaker for us.

Evidence you ARE a hipster. You:

  • wear plaid shirts
  • get your clothes from thrift stores
  • wear knit beanies
  • like Indie music
  • wear hoodies
  • wear trucker caps
  • wear v neck t-shirts (one of my favorite looks on you, actually
  • smoke cigarettes
  • wear Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses (and look fuckhawt doin’ it!!)
  • have that “doesn’t shower” look

I think you're forgetting THIS look Obava! The hair!

Evidence you AREN’T a hipster. You don’t:

  • have ironic facial hair
  • have any tattoos (that I know of yet- need to do some more research in that department, wink wink!)
  • drink Pabst Blue Ribbon beer (holla Heineken!)
  • wear thick-frame glasses with no or fake lenses
  • wear day-glo clothing (*shudder*)
  • have your head shaved in weird places
  • have any facial piercings
  • drink Starbucks (remember last summer in NYC? Dunkin’ Donuts coffee all the way!)
  • have hair that covers your face (in fact, I love the way you’re always pushing your hair off your face *sigh*)
  • ride bikes (you wish you were that coordinated!)
  • have a Where The Wild Things Are obsession
  • do cocaine (that was powdered sugar all over your pants at that Vancouver party- really!)
  • wear headbands
  • like to party in your underpants, usually neon briefs (boo on the lack of underpants parties, TFG on the lack of neon briefs!)
  • wear a white belt
  • wear Chuck Taylors/Vans/Pumas (shiteous Nikes for evah!)
  • wear Uggs
  • wear a bandana/big scarf around your neck
  • wear a fedora
  • wear fitted blazers
  • have plugs
  • have man bangs
  • wear skinny jeans

Look at this fucking hipster, in an airport!

and lastly, the LATFH website said “hipsters kiss in between trash cans to get them more street cred.” I can’t figure out if this applies to you. I guess it’s “yes” if those dumpster rumors are true, “no” if they aren’t.

So, Rob, are you or aren’t you? By my tally, you have 10 (or 11) hipster points, but -23/-24 hipster points, which brings you solidly on the side of NOT a hipster! Rest easy, my angel- our love lives on!


OH Obava as much as I’d like to not think he is, Rob just IS without even trying. He’s definitely not the annoying lame kind of hipster, thank God!!! What do you all think? Dork on his own? Hipster WITH a cause? Who loves Look at this effing hipster like me?!

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter


  1. In my book, if you try too much (= fedoras, head shaved in weird places, ironic facial hair, big scarf round your neck, glasses without lenses ) you are not a hipster.
    What’s so great about Rob is that he (usually) looks good without trying. He’s UberHipster. He’s almost iconic.

    Don’t tell this to anyone, but I’d like to see him with a headband. I know he wears it at home when he’s WII-ing with TomStu. Dorkylicious.

    • does anyone know if Rob actually plays video games? There was that one time he was on ryan seacrest’s show and he SUCKED at guitar hero

      • I think people like Rob, who are good at playing a real guitar, get confused at the Guitar Hero thing because their fingers want to make the real chords?

  2. Rob wears never a belt…., I totally second that, call it whatever you like!!!!


  3. Hispters care too much.
    Rob doesn’t care at all.
    Ergo, Rob’s not a hipster.

    That, or I might be in severe denial.

    • Well put, Sleeeigh. Rob is not a hipster – he deserves an entirely new word.

      • He might be a beautiful……. “Robster” !!!

      • Rob’s just super popular so everything he wears or touches turns to gold. I think Ray Ban can thank him for making Wayfarers every the more popular. Rob doesn’t follow trends – he makes them unwillingly. When you start to see more guys with misbuttoned shirts, we got problems.

    • Heh, I was about to write the same.
      Hipsters care (i.e. it’s a conscious choice), Rob doesnt.

      plaid shirts? probably borrowed them from his dad/TomStu.

      cigarettes? well, he is brit. all british guys I used to hang out with smoked like a chimney. so it’s more cultural thing, i reckon.

      v neck t-shirts? most probably stole them from the film set when he run out of clean shirts.

      “doesn’t shower” look? nah, he just doesnt shower that often : )

      • Agreed!

  4. I’m not sure about my thing here, but I thought hipster is a kind of Fr. Bobo (aka bourgeois boheme), except here it’s quite the norm. The Bobo is mostly a Parisian species who is all arty and trendy, votes left and is all concerned about social issues, worships Apple but shops in second-hand vintage stores (along with some high-end brands), prefers cycling to owning a car, lives in atypical artist workshops in popular neighbourhoods, only buys bio vegetables from small producers but have them deliver… and the list goes on.
    Renaud ironically talks about “les bobos” in a song before admitting he’s one of them.
    The latest snobbism is to say, “no, I’m not a bobo” whereas if you live in Paris and are under let’s say 45, chances you are one are just huuuge.
    So from my pdv, Rob and the gang are totes hipsters but that’s a good thing in my book.

    • Rob and the Britpack maybe are not ‘intentional hipsters’, but they sort of resemble hipsters, Here. it takes some effort and deliberate choices to be one, similar to what MP has described.

      But I think Shleeeigh is correct, Rob doesn’t seem to care too much about some of the hipster characteristics, he just….. is.

      You can always tell when someone in the public eye (or at your school, for example) is trying too hard to be a type: it always looks and feels fake. Rob just…, IMO.

      Rob is in his own genre.

      • I’m not sure hipster=bobo after reading some of the other comments. Because bobo is also a culture and a certain view on life/politics and has nothing to do with cheap (living) sometimes is quite the subtle contrary, hence the “caviar left politics” stereotype of some of the bobos, who are not always trendy because they’re maybe famous journalists/politics in their 60s.

        Basically in Paris you’ve got the bobos, and the others which are:
        -the old very rich bitter lady to which you’ll most def. say smth about her undersexed life when you’ll meet her, it’s inevitable
        – businessmen&accountants (ok auditors) and a few journalists who are mocked for not being “bobo” by the majorly “bobo” press.
        OK, it’s a caricature and I’m leaving out a few minorities, but I’m tired.

        Owning my “bobo” elitist culturally snobbish attitude like others own their Twihard label and sport the Edward t-shirts. 🙂

        • MP-
          ‘old very rich bitter lady to which you’ll most def. say smth about her undersexed life when you’ll meet her, it’s inevitable0- I have met her, but in Boston- excellent description!

          And you don’t need any label but, ubercool.

        • MP you may or may not be a Champagne Socialist.
          Own it!!

          • I just want to know who thumbed up draska and GGGP, I just want to know 🙂
            I’d totes accept all the derogatory meaning if that would make me rich, the main problem here is that I am not.

          • MP- I didn’t mean anything derogatory! I have met that older woman that you described. I helped her across a busy intersection and my reward was an embarrassing lecture on her sex life!!!!

          • I was just joking and am fan of any type of teasing.That was just my answer for the ubercool remark and the Champagne Socialist derogatory meaning which is not really one. Ha! That will teach you! 🙂

            I had too many old rich bitter lady encounters at the mini market, the kind who is too classy to mingle with the people but never too classy to push you or be horrible. That’s when I take out my classy (not) horrible jokes about sexlife who might have led to said bitterness. I know, I’m horrible as well.

          • MP. ❤ you.

          • ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Bobo Rob = RoBobo !!

    • totes agree today 🙂
      …hipsters are cool here, not like nerds and better than preppies

      lol about le “bobo”,heard of that

      anyway…I think the terms are used differently here than in the states

      and I don’t think it’s important to give Rob a category at all….

      • I thought for a second that MP was referring to Bobo- our small Irish elephant!

        • ….isn’t she ? bahahahahahhahah

        • Yes, I am now totally confused here!

          This brings forth the question:

          Is Bobo actually a bobo too?

          Nah, I don’t think so. 😉

          • Nonono, Bobo is not a bobo! Our sweet little Irish elephant is uncomplicated and natural- that’s why Rob loves Bobo.

          • Agree Drsaka! And that’s why Bobo loves the Rob too!

        • Is Bobo a baby elephant? Can I play with him, can I, can I?

          • Yes, Bobo is a very friendly elephant, just like the one in the Details interview.

    • YES! Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks being a hipster is good. I’d be a total hipster if I was just a tad more romantic (read: if I had the balls to just f*ck it).

      Rob definitely is a hipster on the outside. But the whole “hipster philosophy” … I don’t think so. I can’t imagine him pondering about environment-friendly clothes, over-consumption or where the best place for buying vegetables is.

      I think he’s a hipster either because
      a. he’s too lazy
      b. he just doesn’t care
      c. both

      (psst: correct answer: c 😉 )

      Either way, he’s not doing it with the purpose of being a hipster, he’s just Rob and that happens to be the definition of a semi-hipster.

      • Hahaha Jules, thanks for the warning. I’m ready for it now, but I just have to do this. I’m fearless. We need a cover of this one:

        • I have a feeling something went wrong with the reply here. Sometimes it’s very confusing, all these lines, where DO they lead to??? To Robparadise maybe?

          But win for that song. ‘The Way I Want To Touch Rob’
          Wait…Why does that sound creepy pervy??? 😉

          • HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
            Cath got lost in comment land. ily

    • He could be HoboBobo

      • Buahhahahahahahaha

        • How about HoboBobo & the Mullephant as a band name?

          • And our band (Jules, RG, what was the name of our band again???) could open for them!!

          • Cath?

          • Wasn’t it the weeping ovaries?

          • HoboBobo & the Mullephant !!! That’s awesome, Jorts!
            They’ll be bigger than U2.

          • GGGP- Yes that was it!! Thanks!

          • So Hobobobo & the Mullephant will be opening for the Weeping ovaries? Sounds like quite the act!

          • I think the Weeping Ovaries would open for HoboBobo & the Mullephant- they are more famous!!!

          • That’s true too, like Captain and Tennille.

          • Jules, a Captain and Tennille ref??? Do we have to cover ‘Muskrat Love”???

          • hahahahaha! Drsaka, I went to youtube to find Muskrat Love, I’d never heard it before. That was would be a definite cheesy YES!

          • How how how could you have not know about that monumental achievement in music????????

          • You forgot our band name! Blasphemy, hahaha! 😉

            And can’t we just do a duo show? Like not fighting about who has more hits and such??? LOL.

          • I have a selective memory- see below.

          • Cath! 😉 (We can compare hits even if we love each other!)
            Whatever you do, DO NOT post C&T vid to drsaka.
            She will picspam you with the nasty! LOL
            I felt her wrath after posting ghastly astley.

          • Hello Drsaka, it’s called Weeping Ovaries!!!!

          • You know it, Jules. Well, you got me today already with something, so watch out.

          • Wait, which one of the band has to get her hair cut like that??? I think its Jules-

          • Nooooooo – you cannot make me wear a mu, a mul, a mulle…I can’t even say the word.
            I didn’t even do anything. It’s all Cath’s fault.
            Okay, I sent you a nasty vid, but still…

          • I’m not sure that actually qualifies as a mullet, but its extreme;y dated and not flattering. Just watch out-
            (all jk)

  5. My love lives on……though I would like to do more researche about this tattooissue….and I absolutely have no f*ing idea what a hipster is…sorry Englishfail!!! 😀


      • OK…thanks Rob’sbeanie…that was very educational!!!
        So my verdict……omg….don’t think that Rob would ever think so much about stuff like that or really want to make some sort of statement like that…just saying!!!

        • the second definition on that page is somewhat the most informative 😉
          and SO not Rob.
          the only sentence that made me chuckle and think for a second was :”usually wears same three things OVER AND OVER”. But then again, it was preceded by ‘Has a closet full of clothing”. So it’s all good since Rob doesnt have a closet full of clothing, he only has a few items in his wardrobe which he wears over and over again. And we love him for that joy of recognition of every single item we see on him. Makes him much closer to us.

          • Thumbs up !!!

    • I think Rob is anti-tattoo, as I recall that Hot Topic interview where he reacted negatively when some fangirl said she had one. Probably not remembering that correctly, but it was the impression I got.

      • I think he said something like ‘don’t get one’.

      • That will not stop my search! Us serious-as-tweed scientists never take hear-say as proof- I will find out for myself!

        • You need empirical evidence derived by observation.

  6. Well, hipsters or not, I’d like to Wii with him and Tom any day…


  7. Rob’s not a hipster-I think the defining characteristic of a hipster is that they try too hard to look hip (glasses w/ fake lenses,ahem) -Rob doesn’t try at all. He seems too sweet and friendly to be a hipster-hipsters look like they are thinking really serious thoughts. Hipsters seem to be despised by most non-hipsters-Rob is loved by many. I don’t think Rob worries much about how he looks or whether something is hip. Rob makes things hip.

    • “Rob makes things hip” = we found his category!


      • So how do we call it…his category??? Robhip???

        • I have no clue……………. but I do love his hips 🙂

          • with sex ribbons

          • ha! Drsaka , you have a memory like Karla…wow….and so true, how I miss those thingys!!!

          • I have a very selective memory. If Rob, hips and sex are in the same sentence, then I ‘ll remember it.

          • what about sex ribbons on Rob’s hips?? fill me in, please!

          • That’s RG’s cue!!

            RG we need a pic now!!!!

          • Rob’s beanie@..time back we talked all the time about his hips and we liked to call the suspenders “sex-ribbons around his hips”….old joke here

          • pic or not pic – I need to know!! I feel like I’m missing out on smth VERY important.

          • His lips?

        • these are sex-ribbons

          • Ahhh, the sex ribbons, how I missed them.

  8. Obava- I feel honored that my small comment inspired such amazing research into hipsters. I made the “hipster” comment on the Twilight confessions post about things we miss.

    I don’t know if Rob is or isn’t truly a hipster. I’m a 30-something stay at home mom of 2 — there is nothing hip about me or my world! All I know is that when I look at him and KStew, that’s the word I think.

    It’s like when I was at the KOL show back in the fall and I realized I was just about the oldest woman in the standing only floor section. I just looked around at all of the painfully cool, and obviously much younger, people surrounding me and thought “hipsters.”

    I don’t think Rob and KStew are faking or trying too hard. I really think that’s who they are. And I don’t think being a hipster is bad…is it?

    See, not only do I not know the true definition of a hipster, I don’t even know if being one is a good thing!

    I like Rob’s look — I just miss the mental image I had of Edward pre-Rob.

    Really showing my age today.

    • Cam- I knew it was you and I thought it was April 16, I just couldn’t find it again. Thanks for the inspiration!
      (and PS I’m older than you, so you’re not that old :))

  9. I’m confused by the Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. That’s like one step up from High Life.

  10. I don’t know….But I felt the urge to create the word: Hipsterlicious.

    • that’s awesome!!!!
      “hipsterlicious”Rob……you are a genius!!!!

  11. what’s ironic facial hair and who would willingly drink pabst blue ribbon beer?

    • I agree! What is ironic facial hair!!?? Now if you have ironic pubic hair then that would be interesting.

      • ROFL!

    • I had to google ‘ironic facial hair’ to answer the same question. but damn, I already regret it – it will take me at least couple more days to forget what I’ve seen!

      • OMFG the second one. I just barfed a little in my mouth.

    • Now, can somebody, please, fill me in on ‘pabst blue ribbon beer’? never seen it in Europe. but, granted, i’m also not that into beer – only Heineken (cheers, Rob!).

      • PBR. Shitty cheep beer that rednecks drink

      • PBR isn’t a shitty beer. It’s better than a lot of the ‘mainstream’ beers.

        I worked at a beer bar that had 300 bottle and 150 on tap. I had to try and be seen drinking them ALL. And some of the ‘expensive’ beer was just gross.

        Doesn’t matter, it all gets you to the same place.

        And not only Rednecks drink it. Trust me.

        • Ooooh, I would love to pick your brain on your favorite beers after having to try them ALL!

        • I was more or less kidding. My husband drinks it as well as our friends. I hope I didn’t offend you. I go to my dive bar and drink Miller Light, but I do like me my Blue Moon, and Rouge, and Stella, and Sierra Nevada, and Red Stripe, and Guinness, etc. In other words I like beer.

        • Preach it sassy!!!! 🙂

        • PBR makes me think of Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet.

          • Wow, weird. Blue Velevet is on right now! How funny that he says “Heineiken” and that guy kind of looks like Rob.

    • I drink PBR but only if Lonestar isn’t available. I just like cheap beer.

      I would think a hipster would drink fancy beers…like Stella or Guiness.

      • Over here Stella is known as Wifebeater & defs not fancy!!
        In fact hipsters WOULD drink it just to be ‘different’!

    • Ok, this is what my guy friend says about hipsters drinking PBR:
      “Because it’s pretty cheap, and not widespread.”
      And then hipsters in general cuz I’m not really sure what they are either: “Hipsters are odd. They want to do things different, just to be different.”
      PS- said guy friend drinks PRB and does just about anything to be different but I guess he does not consider himself a hipster cuz he just called them odd.

  12. Letters to Rob is getting far too deep and meaningful lately.

    I actually have to think before I comment instead of just spewing forth lust induced comments.

    I’m losing track of all the fashion statements and sides of the argument here. Add to that a healthy mix up of cultures and languages and I’m lost.

    I may have to revert to merely gazing at Robporn in my old age if you lot are all going to be this clever!

    ps This post is NOT because I don’t know really what a “hipster” is.

    Even after all the myriad of explanations.

    pps Would Mr Rob P please return my missing brain cells. I think I left them somewhere between Rome Rob and London Fan Event Rob, but I might have given them to Robler.

    • uhm agreed. todays LTR required lots of thinking. I’m also confused and rarely here the term “hipster” and I live in the states, and I’m in my 20s….do we use this term anymore? or is there like a newer term for this that I can relate to?

      regardless, Rob IS his own category!

      • I just had a look at the “LATFH” site (and I didn’t have a clue what those initials stood for initially either.)


        Our lovely Rob bears absolutely no resemblance to anyone on that site, especially the ugly tattoed and be-studded/pierced ones. Especially not to the pregnant lady who forgot to put her knickers on under her shorts before posing with her legs crossed. My dear when you’ve had that baby …. you won’t sit like that with no underwear on anymore ….. (well we can hope she won’t).

        And what is a “bear” ?

        God I feel like a virginal 15 year old at her first “real” party.

        • Here’s more a bit more ironic take on hipsters:

          • That is hilar!
            Mucho thanks.

          • OME, that’s hilarious!!

          • That is too funny! I love the one about the sectional sofa!!

      • Truth.
        In the uk we have another way to describe the hipsteresque= annoying “scene kids”.

        • I use the word “scene” instead of hipster, too (even though I’m fromt he States). Identity crisis!

          • Haha, ikr?
            I just realised that I wear geeky spectacles (with a prescription!) plaid, tweed(!) and chucks. Someone help me I may have inadvertantly become ‘bobo’d’.

      • Living in Berkeley (whichiswhereilive) is basically like living in the Land of the Hipsters. It’s ridiculous. They are everywhere here. They are SO prevalent that if you aren’t one you stand out in the crowd, instead of the other way around.

        They all remind me of the goth South Park episode where they talk about “the conformists” with such hatred but they are total conformists themselves. (And now… DEEP THOUGHTS.)

        Rob is no conformist hipster– he’s just a super gorge lazy dude who doesn’t like to shower or shop and yet remains bafflingly sexy at all times.

        • Excellent definition.

        • Living in London basically sounds a lot like Berkeley. You stand out if you look like you’ve made any effort, and aren’t dressed for an imminent heatwave/blizzard.

          • @GGGP ~ It is really similar to London in that way, yeah. The slightest effort to look put together and you’re sticking out like a sore thumb. Not to mention driving a car that doesn’t start with “Pri” and end with “us” (I drive a Jeep a la Emmett).

      • I srsly haven’t used this word in a long time, I too was a little confused. And we definitely don’t use this word in the area I live in. 🙂

  13. So hipsters are like the hippies of today? I am so confused. I guess I am getting a little old. Is it just about fashion or are hipsters interested in social issues? I am thinking that if you are inspiring the trends then you are not a hipster, but if you are following the trends then you are? Rob may be the original hipster, but one that I like to drool over.

    • @2hboyshouse “I am so confused”

      You and me both babe!!

      Rob is hot though isn’t he?! Age has no problems recognising that.

    • You hit the nail on the head, inspiring trends vs. following them. Rob is not a follower, therefore not a hipster.

    • No hippie is different, I know because my parents were sort of hippies.

      Not sure about hipster, I think TOO explained it good.

  14. Meanwhile we are discussing what he is or not, the boy was out DANCING !!!!


    • Maybe he had fun- for a short time, anyway.

      • He surely had…. since one of the burlesques tweeted…well I might understand her…to dance nekkid for him might be a quite unique event….hahahahhah

        • said tweed is below, what beanie wrote….

    • Wow, wish I could have seen him dancing!

      The last time he tried to dance(in Twilight during filming), he slipped and fell! 🙂

      • WHAT?!

        • Yeah during the prom scene, in the end. I believe it’s in the extras in the DVD. LOL.

    • Suddenly I consider a careerswitch. Dita Von Teese 2.0. 😉
      Marcus Foster also played at that event. He was being a good friend again.

  15. Great letter, obava!

    This – “drink Starbucks (remember last summer in NYC? Dunkin’ Donuts coffee all the way!)”

    I have never ever wanted to jump a man’s bones for drinking Dunkin’s until that day (and probably never will again).

    p.s. – Did you guys know the kid who plays Rob’s roommate in RM is in a New England-based McDonald’s commercial? True story:

    • DD all the way!

  16. From someone’s twitter:

    “He is SO lovely in real life. I got nervous & joked that I was a crack whore. He thought it was funny. Whaaadda utter cutiepie.”

    Yep, that sounds like our boy! Rob and his never failing raunchy sense of humor.

    • that was supposed to be a reply to RG comment about dancing, ooups.

  17. Obava~

    ❤ your letter especially the part about kissing between trash cans to get more street cred.

  18. I once knew a guy who was all cute and not really a hipster, but that changed. He’s now such a hipster. Ew. Trying way too hard now. Don’t like that at all. Even dislike it more when they think that they are original which they rarely are. Some dress up like some mods (The Beatles, The Who) in the sixties. It has been done before people. It’s a fact, those guys invented things. That’s why I like avant-garde better sometimes. New stuff.

    But about Rob, def. not a hipster, unintentional yes, but I sincerely believes he just doesn’t care.
    And that’s endearing when it’s authentic. And he can get away with it because he’s so darn beautiful!

    • Cath, perhaps he is a “plaid-ster”…..I am still searching for categories… if…pfftttt….
      and….it’s Tom, it’s always Tom that might be part of something, Rob is only in his shadow…fashionwise I mean…like the Marc Jacobs-quote…all blablablabla

      Dear Rob,
      I still have to see one single Marc Jacobs item on you
      When? Where? What? Did I miss something? Who told u that MJ is cool?
      I knew that!


      • Hahaha RG! Plaidster it is. That’s my favorite new kind of guy now!

        P.S. Maybe a Marc Jacobs button fly…;-)

    • Honey do I know this guy? LOL

    • Amen on the darn beautiful!!!! And everything else you said honey!

    • So hello guy who I was talking about, guess you found me out and thumbed me down. Well, I still think you’re a try to hard! 😉

  19. I don’t care what Rob does as long as he doesn’t wear tight jeans*.

    *Those fuckhawt pants he wore on the View do not count.

    • LOL, I’ll never forgot the gray, tight pants in the View! *Gulp

    • View again when I get home

      • It’s so addicting. Wow, I think Rob will be the death of all of us!

  20. Are they still “hip” once they are actually part of a style classification? I think once oldie oldsters like me recognize the hipster look, it is no longer off beat and cool.

  21. OK, did anyone else do a double take at that first picture of Rob and TomStu–the photo angle makes it look like they are holding hands? But when you look closer it’s just that they’re superimposed. Drat.

    • That’s funny. The trash bags in the background add to the hipster ambience, though.
      Are we just going to skip TomStu’s Eddie Money tee? That shirt has to be at least 25 years old. I was un fortunate enough to experience the vocal stylings of Mr. Money at the KIIS FM endless Summer Jam in 1988, and he was on his last legs then. Not vintage, TomStu, just odd.

      • TomStu! my little cupcake.. He’s trying to be cool by dressing down.
        That Eddy Money Tshirt I read was a gift from his sisters boy friend.
        (He also mentions that he wears his sisters clothes).
        When I read that I just nodded my head and said “yep that’s normal”..
        I betcha that’s where the ducky/tulips sweater came from.
        (wonder if he gets really kinky and wears ladies underthingys).. not his sisters, that would be totally pervy.. and we KNOW the British are NOT pervy right? (not).

        • I had a jumper (ie sweater) with frogs on it many years back. They were quite popular at one point. Alas it is long gone …

          What I don’t understand is that whilst the ducky sweater would look vile on Rob, on Tom it looks quite appropriate. Ironic even. Dare I say it, sexy in a perverted (because yes we are) English sort of way. I certainly would take great pleasure in peeling it off given half a chance …

        • OK, I had to Google this tulip sweater. GAH!!!! I mean, I had sweaters like that in 1986 but I was 5 years old at the time… and it was the ’80s!

          However, it does not look so bad here:

          • The tulip sweater has a special place in our hearts, not unlike the Daniel Gale rainbow sweater.

          • It looks like a video game. It’s like sweater “Frogger” with ducks.

            …and we’re thinking this man sleeps with woman?

          • I was def. not 5 when I had mine!!!!!

          • This reminds me of Home Alone: “a guy could get beat up for wearing something like that.”

          • Cruel….Cruel you women are— all too cruel to my little cupcake.. TomStu.

            Yes, I know he sometimes resembles a little girl, especially in that nasty little ducky and tulips sweater.. .. His pale skin, his full red lips, his beatiful long eyelashes and blue blue eyes.
            Seeing him in person is what did me in.. I confess.

            He is my secret passion… I would never tell my real world friends that I have a horrible crush on TomStu.. as he is exactly opposit from the macho 6 pack guys I usually go with..
            They would laugh and make fun of me.. (hangs head in shame)

            oh TomStu… why can’t I quit you!..

      • I’m sorry that you were subjected to the past prime vocal stylings of EM- traumatic!

    • Yes, I noticed. And I got a little excited.

      • Ditto x 100, Katie.

        • Ladies, I am curious – what IS it about the idea of Rob and Tom?

          I’ve never gotten hot and bothered by the idea of other famous BFF’s like George Clooney and Brad Pitt in flagrante delicto or Matt Damon and Ben Affleck man handling each other, why are Rob and Tom so intriguing together?

          The world may never know.

          • I like to think they magnify each other’s best attributes.

          • Because we all secretly believe that they are soulmates and meant for each other.

          • Well, I like the above answers (Rob’s beanie, you are def onto something), but men like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, etc. drive me crazy. They’re all so arrogant. Thumbs down! Give me adorakable!

          • Adorkable and fluent in mumblish!

    • Yes, I totally thought they were wrist-holding too!
      Re: Eddie Money…. Wouldn’t Rob & Tom be the ultimate Two Tickets To Paradise?

  22. yep. sure, we did, hehe.

    • …and that was @The Old One
      dang, why am i missing a ‘reply’ button all day.

  23. Robbie IS definately a hipster… all the way. (sorry girls, but he is).

    A look cultivated mostly by british men and some Americans (not all but some). See: Max Irons, Ben Barnes, William Mosley, .. (actors, young & british) for instance… All same … into the hobo thing..

    Of course we don’t have to point out that TomStu (my little cupcake) is a total hipster .. (i.e. a guy from a well off family trying to dress down.. showing he does not care about his good looks, clothes or petigree) –rejecting his upper class roots).. Even though TomStu does fashion modeling for Tom Ford, and attends high end parties with british socialites. —
    I won’t call TomStu a hyprocrite, (because I love him too much and I don’t care. )
    .. my love is blind.

    • TRaditionally the “bobo” (I think David Brooks described it this way looong ago) is part of the upper (middle) class, with good education, good job, money…hence the social events, so it’s all coherent even for your ‘little cupcake” (I’m smiling everytime you write it, like it’s his name) and has later been extended to more precarious arty people (hello not yet famous poor HTB Rob).

      Also it’s interesting to see how in Am. seems only to be associated with “poor dressed” to quote Obava, whereas here it’s quite “thee tasteful style”. And if you look at “bobo” labeled brands like Zadig &Voltaire (which are ruining me) they’re all but poor or not expensive. Ok, that’s not TomStu but I was just speaking about the whole thing. I loved today’s and yesterday’s topics, though I had no time to play.

      • I remember ‘Bobos in Paradise’- good call MP. Can I call you ubercool again?

        • hahahahaha yes, you can make fun of me, you’re hilar!
          And here, people in your field, are majorly statistically “bobos” Just saying. 🙂 Oh, and same goes for Cath and her respective job.

          • I don’t think I’d fit the definition, but I’ll tease you anyway!

      • Zadig & Voltaire!!! There’s that excellent Parisian style again! Thumbs up for that girl!

        • Thank you very much, I needed the encouragement. I have a confession to make: yesterday I bought a Z&V jacket and today I had a revelation: the weather is way to hot to wear it. What will I do with it because I’ll probably hate it by October when I could actually wear it. *booking summer holydays in a very northern place*

          • Well, MP, I’m very cold hahaha. I’m almost living in an iglo here!
            (well, not really 24 degrees, but okay…) You can send me the jacket! Thanks, love you! (I’ll trade you TomStu’s tulips/duckies sweater for it!)


          • I love how you trade things that are not yours, or are they? Are you telling me that you’re close to that duckies sweater that most certainly lies under a bed? The Holy RobStu bed? Can you also trade Rob? You know, that jacket has magical powers when you touch it!

          • Well, deal! As long as I can trade things that are not mine (cry…), I’ll trade you Rob for the jacket. It better have Harry Potter like magical powers then, hahaha!

            P.S. Didn’t you know. I have a second job as TomStu’s cleaning lady!!! I wear an old housecoat and fuzzy slippers while I dive under the bed to dust there! That way I found Tom’s sweater back. It’s been lost for 10 years! True story!!! What??? No really!

            Sacrebleu! 😉

    • speaking of little cupcakes –
      slightly offtopic, but I’m sure, Hermes, you’ll appreciate it:

      (guess, who is in the middle???)

      so who’s the little cupcake now, I wonder…

      • and he is also into hobo lifestyle and tacky (music) tee shirts, just like his older brother:

        • Ginger attack! 😉

          • Yep!

            I just wonder how come that TomStu is sooooo dark then. Do they really have the same parents?

        • @ bENIE:

          That PIC is …Arthur Sturridge (shudders), TomStu’s baby brother.

          Also known as Ginger Ale, (because he drinks like a fish and has that godawful color of red hair… its like bozo the clown red, a bright neon glow in the dark red).. ‘

          ArtStu is also known as “Ginger the menace” in some circles.. (but never to his face). he has a big potty mouth from what I understand as well.. he can be a bit mean..(That red hair don’t count for nothin ducky)… he can be sharp (so I’ve heard )…

          Not the refined gentleman hobo drunkeness of my l soft spoken little cupcake TomStu (le sigh).

          You can keep Arthur the Ginger Haired menance…

      • That first pic is sweet!

        • That pic was one of my fav ones for a long time, I just never realized it was Tom’s brother!

          • He has really red hair!

  24. I had to do a little research on the word “hipsters” because I wasn’t sure of the meaning. Now that I know, I don’t think he is a hipster.

    I don’t think he is and I love the way he is and won’t change a darn thing for the world!

    I like the fact he doesn’t care so much about his appearance(he doesn’t need it, trust) and cares nothing about what people say about his hair, not showering, etc. etc. 😉 That’s one thing that I find so attractive!

  25. today is so filled with culturally educational moments…

  26. According to that little list up there, I have 12 hipster points………

  27. […] LettersToRob […]

  28. I just saw a contrast in hipsterness. A thin brunette guy, ironic facial hair, wearing a fitted plaid shirt and sunglasses (like a TomStu kind of look) driving a beat up, gas guzzling white pickup truck. It just didn’t go.

  29. He is in a category of his very own ❤


  30. Hipster or not, I’d still tap that…boy is fine.

  31. It’s Ok Rob ( soothingly rubs back ) I love you just the way you are, hipster or not….

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