Posted by: themoonisdown | April 12, 2010

Robert Pattinson leaves Budapest, let’s ignore the obvious

Dear Rob,

I’ve got ONE THING to say about this weekend and the pictures that came out from Budapest…

What was John McCain doing in Budapest with you??? Did he just happen to be visiting because the ex presidential candidate just happens to love the eastern European country during the spring? (who can blame him?) Has he had enough of representing the American people as a Senator and decided to quit and become a private security guard and you are his first big client? Or can it be that United States senator John McCain is just a HUGE HUGE Twi/Rob fan and he jumped in the first flight out of DC to be there for your last few days in his favorite country that is home to the largest synagogue in Europe that just happens to be where you were filming?? C, all of the above?

So do you like that I’m totally ignoring the HUGE MONSTROUS MAMMOTH GINORMOUS elephant in the room, Rob? Yea, me too. Let’s continue doing that shall we?

Rob, I also noticed that you brought back some of your MIA clothing items that I wrote about last week! I know you’re reading this because we have the return of… the baseball hat, the blue jeans with the hole, the plaid shirt circa Remember Me, AAAANNNNDDDDD (drum roll please)…

Wait, is that THE dadcase?! Or just any ol dadcase? Either way I’m glad to see you around some sensible carry-alls again.

Ok, ok I’ve ignored it long enough the elephant in the room can no longer be danced around. It’s no People cover or a Barbara Walters special but it doesn’t really take a sky writer spelling it out to know what this all means. You’ve missed us and wanted to show us you were thinking about us and the LTR girls! That is the ONLY thing these pictures could possibly mean, right?! I mean come on, the obvious usage of a dadcase, the plaid shirt reappearing with the torn up blue jeans and you being seen with John McCain which is such an obvious shout out to me, ya know him being the senator from my home state and all. We thank you for this silent nod to us and we look forward to the day when you and Dick wear some jorts together and get Dragon/Snail tattoos (I’m not even going to link it). Thank you for making this Monday AWESOME!

We love you too! Hurry back to LA!

PS So are you trying to tell us you’re NOT gay? Cause I get the feeling you and your PR team read LTR… ya know… just sayin’

follow the cut for an extra special note and then to have at it in the comments
In light of these pictures I think my true feelings can only be expressed through song. Take it away…

Oh Robbie, Robbie Robbie OHHHH like Robbie Robbie Robbie NOOO, thought you’d always be mine!

It’s all I have left people… Bieber will fill that Rob-shaped hole in my heart, buy me panini’s and spanx to make me teeny. Now if I can just resist using wine in my cereal today to drown my deeeeeep deeeep sorrows…

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  1. So happy the baseball hat is covering up that hair.
    That is all I have to say 🙂

    • the Bad Hair Travelling Society

      • Hahahaha! Win!

        • He’s traveling with his TWO Stews Stu’s ladies.. KStew AND TomStu
          IS THAT the elephant? nah..
          Kstew and TomStu .. think of them like a pair of bookends.
          Like tweedle dee and tweedle dum.
          Like Starsky and Hutch.
          Like heckle and jeckle.
          Like the outside of an oreo cookie before the cream in the middle.

          • H,
            YOu had me at “cream in the middle.”

          • @Mountian;; what beautiful naughy little mind you have.
            …Cream in the middle .. indeed!

  2. There’s an elephant in the room?

    • There’s a room?

    • It’s his next film – ” Elephant in the room” lol

    • Is this the same elephant that blew him?

      • Oh god.

        • @ Katie S ~ Hehehehee your response is priceless.

      • this is the best response I’ve seen in ages!!! LOVE IT!!!!! Thanks for the great laugh!!!

    • It must have been that purring one he was talking about.
      “So this big female started sniffing my foot—big female elephant, that is. She sniffed it so hard it came up off the pavement like her trunk was a vacuum cleaner. Then she took my entire body in her mouth. I was holding on to her head, and as I slowly let go she tightened her grip really carefully until I’m just upside down in her mouth and she’s going through my pockets with her trunk, looking for peppermints. It was the best day of my life.”

      • AKA Rob’s tall tale
        or fish tale
        or fishy elephant story.
        However, we love Karla (anybody remember why we named her Karla????).

        • I DO!!! I DO!!!
          RG?!?! Where are you?

          • I remember…a post ..where UC/MOON posted a lil dialogue between R and a certain K 🙂

      • That elephant.. would be his new costar ROSIE!! from Water for Elephants.
        Told you all they got aquainted (real good)..
        But he adores her..
        you can tell …

  3. The depression is setting in. ~sigh~

    • i feel like ive just been dumped!

      • ha ha
        know how you feel,
        i’ve tried for 6 months to stay in the river in egypt but i think i’m finally starting to accept it.

    • Yeah, I’ve been emo all day. Trying really hard to swallow the large lump in my throat…

  4. Dear Rob, thank you for trying to giving us something to comfort our aching hearts that you still love us by the return of our favorite clothes. I’m very happy to see the dadcase (is that a different one??). As we adjust to our new Robuniverse, please please keep reassuring us- bring back the mended Stoli t-shirt, red velveteen jacket, rainbow sweater and my, favorite, your shirt mis-buttoning.

    With a heavy sigh,

    • Dear Rob, events of this weekend have caused a flare-up in my ‘submitting before reviewing-itis’. I’m sure you get the meaning of my first sentence.
      Yours in nonsensical sentence structure-

      • Dear Drsaka – you know how much I love and appreciate your run-on sentences! Welcome back.
        PS: did you see, Moon gets credit for today’s use of the word, elephant? Karla?

        • Hi Jules, this is a new elephant. Karla and Bobo would never be a part of this.
          Run-ons rule, especially when I’m too lazy to fix them.

          • Karla and Bobo would like to distance themselves from this travelling company…

            They’re jealous and have come confiscated several of the clothing items drsaka mentioned: Bobo is wearing the red velvet jacket and Karla the Stoli shirt.

            Well, if KStew and TomStu get to share, why not them???

          • True, Drsaka and Cath – Karla is a classy elephant. Bobo, too.

      • draska, you’re back, your back!!!

        • Hi MP- I really didn’t go anywhere- RL got in the way.
          How are you?

          • I’m probably soon to be drunk, for my own good.

          • and missed you here.

          • MP are you sure you haven’t already indulged today? Just teasing-

          • I guess late last night drinks decided to stay with me for a while. and I love them for that.

          • Min woke up drunk! I love that.

      • Love that you are back, the end!<3

    • Missed you 🙂 !

  5. Dear Moon, awesome placement of the large red arrows.

    Thank you-

    • Yes Moon you are priceless!
      Welcome back drsaka!
      P.S wine in cereal(?) it’s time I tried it.x.o.

      • GGGP- thank you. Skip the cereal.

      • I say that was a vodka cereal, judging by the hilarious and ignoring attitude. A ball of wine can’t do wonders in desperate cases.
        Now I think it’s time for my vodka cereal, only mine will be dry, that’s without cereals.

      • I say that was a vodka cereal, judging by the hilarious and ignoring attitude. A ball of wine can’t do wonders in desperate cases. Now I think it’s time for my vodka cereal, only mine will be dry, that’s without cereals.

        • Okay, so first I lost the comment (actually thought I didn’t submit it, things are really difficult today) and now surprise, it’s two of them.
          I take it as a sign for double vodka.

          • Precisely. The universe/interwebs it’s all karma baby. Don’t hold back on the measures either and use your european eye for guidance.

          • HAHA!!! Minuit, I think you have an echo in your ‘puter.

    • You’ve been gone??? How come I didn’t notice? 😉

      Yeah, I am in love with the red arrows too!

      (Sorry Rob, it’s just that I like you better with a real elephant!)

      • Thanks, I’m feeling the love except from… who is that now????

    • its the least i could do. i had to point out the obvious!!!!!!!


      • I think they were of dual function.

  6. John McCain!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Moon, you’re awesome.

    • The question is why is J McCain wearing earrings? Did he think that would get him closer to the Twihard voters? And which pic can you handle better, one with only Rob and McCain or a RL Robsten one.

      • The first…deffinitely…but it’s just me!

      • I didn’t even notice, but you’re right. It looks like John McCain is SO wearing earrings. And I’m with melronin, I could definitely handle the Rob & JMcC pic better. Then we could start calling Rob a maverick?

    • That pic.. bald white white man .. IT is John McCain!!!
      Was he traveling with his daughter??.. (she’s a pretty plump blond with humongous breasts)–She’s like 23.. (but his kid don’t mistake him for one of his bimbo’s)..
      I forget the daughter’s name.. but she said she’s got a thing for HIS LORDSHIP SPARKLEPEEN…Robbie.

      • i hope she saw our tweets about her dad. I’ll tweet her….

  7. I love this post so much, I may have to sacrifice some HobNobs to it. You are priceless.

  8. I didn’t notice John McCain in that first picture. I was distracted by the guy/girl in the beige sweater.

    Boobs or Moobs?

    • Moobs, deffo.

    • Moobs, definitely moobs.. I thought I was the only one fascinated by this, there were other people in that picture? I wonder if there’s a help group for moob watching..

      • I hate it when moobs are bigger than my boobs 😦

        • I know! Sad day when my self-esteem depends on whether or not my boobs are bigger than the guy sitting next to me..

        • Nah, that just shows I didn’t gain wait. Moobs bigger than my boobs are normal in my world, even cute I say. And no, it’s not the dry vodka for pink glasses from above.

          • hahahaha MP, moobs…cute??? Are you sure?

          • no, wannabe boobs =cute

          • Ah, now I understand…;-)

    • Aaaaaaaand I love you.

  9. Ahhhh…..the Dadcase and John McCain. I freakin’ LOVE this blog!!!!!!!!

    I also LOVE ignoring elephants.

    • its just better that way sometimes, ya know??

  10. So I guess the Dadcase got too heavy for Rob. He has some lackey carrying it for him now!

    • I thought that was KStew’s bodyguard. Who’s travelling with her even when she’s not working. Like the time she brought her bodyguards to a pub. They’re right, that is one low-key living. or not.

  11. Yay! Dadcase, oh how I have missed you!

  12. I would like to dedicate this letter to Rob’s Dadcase:

    Dear Dadcase,

    Oh how I’ve missed you!! Your stylish *cough* and sophisticated ways! The way that you hang so sexily over the shoulder of that gorgeous man with the limp hair. I figure a Dadcase like you should have an extra pocket or two to carry some hair product for you owner. Anywhoozle DC, I’ve missed you.

    Keep on carryin’ on,

    • Brilliant! I think that’s worthy of a *slow clap*…

      • Heehee 🙂 ANNNNNNND people slowly standing up and glancing around to see if others are standing too during the said slow clap??

  13. I’m all for ignoring THE elephant! Thanx, Moon. ILY!

  14. Dear Moon,

    Only you can make this happily married 30-something feel normal about feeling slightly pissy about a hundred pound elephant with a mullet.

    Thank you. From the bottom of my Normal heart.


    Dear Rob,
    You and your little friend are killing my fantasy. Slowly but surely. Please stop.

    Not yours and never will be and so sad for it,

    • “Not yours and never will be and so sad for it”…thumps up…because it’s so true!!!

    • *hugs* 😀

    • I wish there was something that I could do about it….

    • @ TLG, I’m late to the party, but you said just the right words.

      Lovin’ this post, adoring LTR gals and sending lots of love to Moon & UC

      Thank YOU very much to everyone, you all made my day once more!


  15. Can you imagine the awesome birthday sex she got this weekend? ***Sigh*** What a LUCKY girl!

    • No, i can’t. That’s what Robsten fanfic are for. 😉

      • HA– . @ Niahid!!! “That’s what Robsten fancfic is for”..
        Great comeback.. I was more along the lines of..

        “Can you imagine the awesome birthday sex she got this weekend? ***Sigh*** What a LUCKY girl”..

        My response :
        yeah,.. especially since she brought her “good vibrations” friend along.
        Anyplace is a good place..

    • nah – there was no sex. She played solitaire all day while he worked.
      When he returned, they played gin rummy for hobnobs until exhausted, then he slept on the sofa while she took the bed.

      • FTW, Jules.

      • or maybe she was knitting.

        • She was knitting a rainbow sweater for Bobo. True story!

          • That’s going to be a big sweater.

          • But hey.. you gotta admit… it makes great PR don’t it?
            Robsten sighted at airport…-They totally omitted TomStu was their as well… I don’t know why, but they did..
            If your going to be naming Robbies entourage..then include TS as too. honestly.. –I totally don’t get it.. that and ZacEfron + Vanessa who really believes that relationship as well?

          • Well, she has plenty of time while she’s waiting for Rob to finish work. Might as well do something useful.

            And hey, Bobo ain’t that big, haha!

    • Yeah so lucky. Sigh. I don’t think she’s there to hang out :-).

      • No SB, for knitting, a rainbow sweater for Bobo. *lalalala*


        • lalalala, dobidobidoooo…ahahahahahaha.


        • Or maybe sewing? Rob needs a little help with darning some more shirts and pants. Kstew has smaller hands and is probably better at threading. 🙂

    • What a stupid, masochistic man.

    • hahaha way to ignore the elephant robspuna hahahaa

  16. Firstly, I could only manage 40 seconds of the Justin Bieber vid then I had to PAUSE. I mean really, am I getting that old?

    Secondly, on viewing *the pics*, I quietly thought to myself at long last they are both wearing sensible jackets instead of shivering around Europe in their sweatshirts.

    Thirdly, I think I have answered my first question. I am getting old when I first notice warm puffy jackets and not the people inside of them 😉


    • haha, what if I don’t realise the weather conditions and just shiever all the time? Am I still at mental age 14? Um, not sure I want to know the answer.
      P.S. I was frozen all day yesterday.

    • I can’t stand that kid. How can you be so smarmy at 15?

      • thanks for saying “smarmy,” D2D!

        • it’s fitting, no?

          • Yeah..the Biber kid comes off as a big overdone ham…
            –They need to trim him down a little. I want to have grand-mal seizure whenever I hear his voice (like that Seinfeld episode, the one where Kramer has a convulsion everytime he hears Mary Hart’s voice).

            I find him annoying, like a pesky mosquito that won’t go away. My goddaughter hates him too (she’s got good taste).

            Hey Beiber PR people if your reading this, gotta say:
            and that aint good.

    • I can’t be the only one that thinks Justin Bieber isn’t that bad? He’s so cute and he brings me back to the days when I was obsessed with JC Chasez…..

      …And by ‘back to the days’ I mean like yesterday 😛

  17. I think the big elephant is how utterly jealous Big Daddy would be to know that he missed this giant ass McD’s in the vid that went along with the pics.

  18. Oh god I will now being singing thought you’d always be mine for the rest of the day… thanks Moon 😛 I really should just learn the ludacris parts to give myself a little street cred

    • when i was 13 i have my first love…

      sing it with me

  19. I just can’t help it, I can’t ignore it, I have to say it: they are the cutest, most adorable, romantic thing ever!
    I am all “AWWWWWWW!!” right now.

    Shoot me if you will, I had to say it 🙂

    • Laura.p – Why would anyone shoot you for thinking pics at an airport is romantic?
      That’s just silly talk.

    • You think McCain is romantic?

      • D2D – that what I was wondering, myself.

      • yay dtd!!!!!!!!

      • @ Dazzle—
        NO NO.. she’s referring to Rob’s relationship with his DAD case..
        Now that’s a romance of all time..
        he luvvvesss…. Dad to his black nike’s..
        –TomStu (my little cupcake) was at the airport too..

        WTF JOHN MCCAIN!!..
        that man would do anything for a photo op.. Next thing you know Robbie will have Sara Palin on his lap taking a pic with her.. ..

  20. Oooh baby, baby, baby, I think the dadcase is a sign

    … that you always had and always will be unconditionally and irrevocably in love w/ us LTR girls and… Wait. What elephant?!? There was an elephant in the room?!?

    Hugs from crazyville,

  21. JEEZZ, Moon. What’s wrong with you; forget about linking the snail dragon, why would you even think of father and son getting them together. I think I just regurged my breakfast cereal! (shudder) 😉

    PS – If I had a gagillabill dollars when I was twenty I so would have flown across the planet to party with my pals on my birthday!

    • He said they were “partners” in an interview I read.

      I don’t feel so well….

      • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

        That’s pathetic.

      • Okay, I’ll bite. Full quote:

        There’s this rumor about you that you and Kristen Stewart will be engaged soon.

        This engagement thing is total bullshit, I don’t even know where it comes from. Kristen is my friend, I really like to work with her. She’s more mature than her age, a real professional, I couldn’t wish a better partner, because she makes my every move, every sentence authentic. A big franchise like Twilight is a scary thing, because it put me on the map and I’ll have it for my whole life. So it’s important to get along with my partner, and Kristen is the perfect partner. She sets the bar high, so I must deliver too.

        Partner was in the acting context. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some John McCain tracking to do. I’ve heard a rumor about him and Rob in Budapest and it’s upset me terribly. Must…get…to…the…bottom, of this.

        • Thanks, Aro. The “partner” as in acting partner. Also, that interview was translated into Hungarian and back again, so who knows what the original words really were.

        • Thanks for the clarity, Aro.

          • for a minute I thought you were saying that you read an interview where Rob said he and his dad were partners!!! Um, yeah, I think I may have regurged some of my chilli lunch. (this may or may not be because I’m still thinking about the snail dragon)

        • Partner. Sometimes acting.

    • theyd get them together becuase they love US! and no task is too embarassing or too TMI for US! helllloooo 😉

  22. The most brilliant placement of red arrows EVER! But, let’s not ignore the obvious…which is WHY IS ROB carrying the TINY backpack?

    • Well, it’s a Hot Pocket holder, of course! 😉

      • Maybe that’s where he keeps his Benadryl…

        • Benadryl, inhaler, cortisone cream . . .

          • OMG, TOO!

          • Alotta Fagina on his agenda this weekend, TOO?

          • Methinks yes, EMJ. Like a boy scout, one needs to Be Prepared.

      • aaah no WRONG…I think there are some package of Hob nobs in there 🙂

  23. I love how we’re all so pleased to see the dadcase!

  24. At least he likes “lady” bits, right?

    Crying in my coffee…with a teensy bit of “aww” thrown in. Sigh.

    • meee toooooo sniff sniff

  25. HAHAHAHAHA!! You are TOO much! Oh, this is so funny….

  26. “PS So are you trying to tell us you’re NOT gay? Cause I get the feeling you and your PR team read LTR… ya know… just sayin’”

    “Dad… I saw them. They’re NOT GAYS!”

    • “Dad… I saw them. They’re NOT GAYS!” HAHAHA love it

      • Hee hee! Thanks, ladies! 🙂

    • LMO mwahahahahaha plse be my BFF!

      • Sure! 🙂

    • Thx A LOT!! – I will probly get fired for just bustin out w/ the big ol’ unladilike “MUWAHHAHAHA” & shooting coffee thru my nose.

      “Dad… I saw them. They’re NOT GAYS!”

      You’re Awesome.

      • Thanks, and I hope you didn’t get fired! 😦


    • Oh Facepunch, I want to take you out for mushroom ravioli for that one!

      • Sounds de-lish! You can have the ravioli, though. I’m on a… special diet….


    • i love you facepunch!!!!

      theyre NOT GAYS!!!!

      • Luv u 2, darlin’!

        They’re straights! I mean, like, HUGE STRAIGHTS! 😀

    • Wow… when I typed that comment, I thought it was dumb… but I got 49 thumbs-ups!? WoOT! Thanks everyone! 🙂

  27. John McCain a “HUGE HUGE Twi/Rob fan”? Moon, you are a genius for coming up with that.
    And I feel like patting myself on the back for being able to ignore the said elephant in the room and notice the Remember Me plaid shirt on Rob.
    Rob and the win!

  28. i’m embarrassed about it but this has killed my whole day!

    • Don’t be embarrassed adrienne…it has ruined a lot of people’s day. I always thought McCain was more of a Harry Potter man myself. Huge disappointment.

      • Me too. Its really a shock, my HP fangirlness is shattered.

        • Dunno, I think this confirms that Rob really does like elephants, even when they search his pockets for peppermints.

          • I’m wondering if Rob thinks “Water For Elephants” is about keeping Republicans hydrated…and brought McCain along for research…

          • awesome connection-

        • John McCain = Minister Fudge

          • John McCain= Elmer Fudd
            ggggg..ttttthhhaaatsss all folks..

      • well, i’ve been in denial…i thought i knew John

      • don’t be embarassed. It ruined my NIGHT last night when I happened to run across the photos by TOTAL accident. Then I chose to look a bit closer & realized they still don’t act like a couple. Until they actually make a statement confirming their friendship is more than friendship, I’m choosing to believe they are JUST FRIENDS.
        I know…she was only there because there was news about the next Twilight Saga installment & no one could get in touch with you. They tried to send Kellan, Jackson, Peter, Ashley, Taylor, Nikki, Elizabeth, & even Dakota, but they weren’t available so they grudgingly sent the her. Nothing more!!!

        • And by “her” Melinda means “John McCain”

          • Why YES I DID!!! Sorry, it was a total typo…I meant they sent HIM!!! 😀

          • So now we have a new ship to ship about…

            Rob+JohnMcCain. ..= RobSnore

        • wow…I got thumbs downs on that. REALLY?!?! What did I say this time??? Gees. oh well. Not my first set of thumbs downs…relatively certain it won’t be my last either!!! 😀

          • Me thinks there are some really touchy Robsteners on here lurking about.

            SHOW YOURSELVES!

          • me too – now i’m depressed as well as embarrassed…ok maybe not

          • nah, I think it was just because you addressed the elephant in the room. The one that’s not there. But McCain is there!

          • Well…I haven’t “thumbs downed” anyone ’cause everyone is entitled to their own…yada, yada, yada…you know how it goes. And I don’t think I’m a lurker ’cause I post when I have something to say…so…here it is: I love it when I see them together and if they are “together” together, I’m thrilled. They’re young and gorgeous and talented and, I hope, happy. Good for them!

        • oh mel you totally get me.
          We were seperated at birth for sure!

          • BLERIANA!!! My separated at birth younger twin!!! 😀
            Puma, I agree…there must be lurkers who need to show themselves (& preferably go away!! JUST KIDDING…ok kinda). Does anyone else feel bullied by lurkers today??? And I really did mean to type HIM…”they grudgingly sent HIM” as in McCain to deliver the latest news on the Twilight Saga…maybe it was to let him know they aren’t making BD after all!!! I addressed NO elephant because I choose to see no elephant…unless of course you’re refering to the return of clothing on Rob that we all love so much. That elephant I acknowledge!! Now if we could just have the hair we love return all will be right in the world!!!!
            I’m sure I’ll get thumbs down for this too, but like I said before…it isn’t the first time & damn sure won’t be the last.

      • HAHAHA, so true Mrs. P. 🙂

    • i feel your pain
      i think this killed a lot of peoples day!

  29. Omg! Thank god! Oh how I’ve missed you! Please bring out the RM shirt again soon rob..

    P.S. Thanks moon (can I call u that?) for the laughs as always. Love u girls!

    • not even the plaid shirt and and dad case can ease this depression

      • How about the “Plain Gravy” shirt..?? that was pretty good.. I miss that one..

  30. omg. it’s on days like these that i’m glad you’re mine.
    who needs rob when we have each other?

    • Thank God that we have each other…cause right now…I would be dead!

      • And so it beginns!

    • OMG – so true! Some of the comments have me in stiches! So funny!!!!

    • you’re right UC. Who needs him when we have each other?! And, Mel, I’m right there with you. If not for my sisters here at LTR, I would’ve gone back to bed & cried until I died!! Ok, that’s a bit dramatic, but you know.
      I think I just hit the depression stage in my Stages of Rob!! 😦

      • They call me dramaqueen…yeah…I understand you sista…

        • funny, my husband calls me a dramaqueen too!!

          • Oh gosh me too, I got an Oscar for being a drama queen…hahahaha

            Honey ignore the thumbs down.

      • wow yet ANOTHER thumbs down. WTF??? Who keeps thumbs-downing me?? I’m kinda feelin’ cyber-bullied by some Robsteners who are way too touchy & need to stop lurking & show themselves. You’re all big & bad when you’re hiding. Just to clarify something…this isn’t a Robsten blog…it’s a ROB BLOG!! or am I mistaken about that?? Did I miss some change over while my husband took over the computer & I only had my phone to rely on???

        • Seriously! Lots of haters on here today.

          Must be forming their Idiot Army and choosing LTR as their first battleground.

          They’ll lose.

    • truer words have never been spoken!

      I love you UC and Moon and my LTR chicas.

      I’m sure I would have gone insane tonight if it wasn’t for you all. So thanks!

  31. Bwahahahahaha.
    Moon, this is why i love you. You can make me laugh for 3 minute straight. I do that rarely.
    Especially after yesterday big RobSten revealation.

    Yes,yes, Rob missed LTR girls so much and this is his way saying that he’s not Gay.

    The elephant will turn to pink after Rob had 5 shots/heiney.

  32. Your in marketing right Moon? You have to be …your product placement and abilty to skip around the obvious tells me marketing would make you a killing!!!

    I think we should set Rob up with a hair dresser once he arrives in LA. I am not diggin the bad hockey hair.

    • i can write killer BS emails and letters! it’s all about the spin baby!!!!!!!!!!!

      sad but true

      • so true… member the email you wrote that got us in the backpocket of you-know-who? ahmazzing

        • hahahahahahaha

  33. And what of TomStu? I guess its disappointment all around. T- come and commiserate with us.

    • we need you these days TomStu, we have the booze you bring the ducks sweater. good times!

  34. Dear Rob,

    Whilst viewing these pics (with a heavy heart) a thought occurred to me; if you can just make yourself (and the elephant) available for pap pics, say twice weekly, it will make things so much easier.


    Jules = Longing for desensitization.

    • I totally second that! thanks Jules!<3

    • WORD.

      • okay, I tried replying twice to Jules and the posts went…. somewhere.

        Try #3-

        This desensitization method sounds visually traumatic.

    • This desensitization method sounds traumatic, Jules.

    • This desensitization method sound visually traumatic.

      • you keep getting spammed.. not sure why

        • Thanks, I wasn’t sure what happened.

        • It’s the Gods of desensitization disagreeing with the trauma ref.
          Drsaka, now you’ve done it!

          • There is never a good outcome when you taunt the gods.

    • Hear, hear.

      Anything to help ease the barfy feeling I get when I see those pics. If they become more visible (i.e. Brad and Angelina) it may be easier to tolerate in the long run – MAYBE.

      If not, I’ll just keep drinking. Heavily.

      • LTR sucks (insert sarcastic font). Why can’t we all get drunk together online? heavily.

        • I’ll bring the ouzo!!!

        • I say we set up an online drinking party, MP. Screw the different time zones we’re all in! I have no problem starting in the morning. Bloody Mary, anyone??

          • yes, anything with a maximum alcohol percentage, I’m not difficult.

        • I’ll bring the Heine…(obviously)

          And no Rob, for this time you’re NOT invited. 😉

          • (because we’re going to gossip about youknowwho ofcourse)

          • 😀 😀 😀

          • YES!
            Tequilla for me.
            This is no time for ladylike drinks.
            SHOTS!!! Line ’em up.

          • And I’m lining!

        • Yeah, I’m in. First round is on me……. and no lady drink, the strong stuff!!!

          • ummm, Swedish vodka, first round is def. on you.

        • Let’s get drunk while singing The Elephant Song:

    • Me too, JUles…I’m all for being desensitized.

      • Oh Lion, it’ll be like Edward sniffing Bella’s blood…only to dumb her later. I’m down.

        • I meant dumP, I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something…

  35. Ooooh, Robert… Rob, Rob, Rob… Ron…

    So, while everyone else was focused on the Dadcase, McCain, the plaid shirt, and… something else, I can’t remember… the first thing I thought of when I saw that photo was, “I just wanna smack that ass!” No, not Steve’s, Rob’s. Maybe I’m reading too much MOTU. Maybe my post break-up celibacy is messing with my brain. Who knows! I DO know you would enjoy it, Rob. Trust me.

    p.s. – I have been coming here for a long time… and it’s my birthday… can I just ask one thing? No more Justin Bieber (eye brown arch)? Ok, fine, it’s not my birthday today. But you ARE killing me. Heart you anyway, though.

    • Katie S- I’m going to focus on one thing in your post-

      Its RON in the pics. The evil twin RON. All is now explained.

      • Good thinking, my dear drsaka!

        Dear Ron,

        Stop it.


      • There is a TWIN??? Now…I’m ok again…why didn’t you say that in the first place???

        • I know what you mean, Mel. I’m a little better knowing Rob has an evil twin, Ron, & that’s who is in those pics.

          • 😀

    • Happy birthday, Katie.

      • I totally lied about it being my birthday, but thank you. 🙂

        • …in advance?

          • About one month in advance. You win!

    • bahahahahha
      No more Justin bieber!
      I heart you Katie S

      • ❤ ❤ ❤

    • thanks moon the justin bieber vid helped… a little
      now i know how all the team taylor fans felt til febuary!

    • but it’s a phenomenon… a bieber phenomenon… and we just can’t help ourselves (don’t worry we text/tweet in our “real” lives about bieber just as much as we do on ltt/ltr!)

  36. Dear UC and Moon,

    Between John McCain, the dadcase, the outfit, and the strategically placed arrows, THIS is why I will always love you.

    Although I am not the world’s biggest Rob fan (don’t get me wrong, I am acutely fond of him), and I don’t hate the elephant per se (except for the fact that she’s 20, has a bajillion dollars, perfect skin and great eyebrows, and oh yeah the world’s most coveted boyfriend at the moment…hmm, wait a second…) a little bit of me died inside this weekend, too.

  37. I thought I was team idontgiveacrapsten. Turns out I was wrong. Why do I feel this way?! *sigh*

    • That’s normal. I used to be one, then Nonsten. Now , I believe their together for reasons only they know ( money, fame, PR stunt , love, friendship, sex). That’s like killing two birds with one stone. AND ONE SCOWLY STONE IT IS.

    • well at least it’s not as bad as previously being a robsten (well all loved the notebook right?) for about 5 mins when i first discovered this whole twlight/rob craziness. then i actually saw her in interviews and i did a full 180. but if it makes him happy….
      no i can’t do it, can’t be happy for them!!! i know i’m a bad person…

  38. I find this interesting comment on Rpattzdaily
    “Both she and Rob have taken somewhat diva attitudes to all this fuckery. They both like to say “we’re artistes and we don’t wallow in the mud of gossip!” But being coy and cute and playing with nuance isn’t being professional or even showing you’re higher then it all. You are it. I’m not disillusioned because I never thought Rob was above the game, no one is. The people who are the first to call foul on the game are usually the hardest players at it. In order to have a career, you will play the game. But then you can’t get indignant and sprout of self-righteous indignation when you’re cornered with questions you don’t like. If you’re lighting matches and throwing them into the crowd, you are now participating and are part of the dreaded machine you hate.

    Both seemed to have thought that by shutting up and shutting down they were somehow smart and out smarting the professionals. They were rising above it all. But they just sunk further down into it. When you shut up, when you take your voice out of the equation, you give your voice to everyone else. So now instead of Rob and Kristen defining themselves, they let all the others do it.”

    Does this make Rob and Kristen famewhores?

    • Well said Niahid. Excellent point & so very true!!! Take away your voice & you’re only giving your voice to everyone else.

    • I see the point they’re making at Rpattzdaily (and a well-made point it is), but I can also see why the two of them would prefer to say nothing at all. What’s the point? Would it change the way Robstens felt? Would Nonstens be less depressed? Probably not. Plus, it is way more beneficial (monetarily) to plead the fifth. Do I fault them for squeezing more money out of the scene? Hell no.

      I also think the two of them would be mortified that there IS a “Robsten vs Nonsten” thing… Hell, even I’m mortified!

      Viva la Dadcase!!!

    • It’s getting harder to believe these two when they say they want their privacy and want to “keep something for themselves”. All they do is set up photo-ops for the paps.

      All the coy bs, handlers shutting down any interview that asks the taboo question, it’s all getting old. Why does a grown man need a pr lackey to slap the wrist of a journalist who asks the reasonable question, are you or aren’t you? Just answer it Rob-you’re only making yourself look like a fool with all this petty hide and seek.

      • luv u DTD
        there is just a little word to say which everyboby already knows
        nobady says give long interviews talk about love and your first date ,kiss xx bla bla bla or open your house’ door to magazines and take pics at your bedroom
        but pls don’t try to play hide and seek cuz it’s really pathethic

        by the way ROB no mather what i love u and respect your feelings,i really do 🙂

        • I still adore Rob, but this really annoys the hell out of me. Please man up Rob and speak for yourself.

          • Bravo Dazzled.

      • I keep telling him – “Honey, just do me and your life will be easier.” He insists on hide and seek though. Sigh.

        • send him to me, I’ll get him in line.

          • I thumbed up your thumbs down. It’s all zen now.

      • OMG, who thumbed you down. Rob????

        • haha, the truth hurts Rob! Just tell us dammit.

    • Bravo Niahid.. (claping and giving you a standing ovation).
      What is all this fuckery going on with his Lordship Sparklepeen!!
      Also.. whom ever is giving me the thumbs down.. know that I live for it..

      (ps. noticed thumbs down started last week whenever we said anything bordering on funzie with Robbie including RobStu comments) ..
      So Katheryn Hardwick and Nikki Reed stop that right now!!..

  39. Great funny post, moon….

    To me the pic is just too crowded…. 🙂
    and what is he doing with his nice mouth?

    I appreciated the lil cleavage and wanna see now EYES!
    thank you


  40. The guy wants to bang Betty White, so hanging out with John McCain isn’t really much of a stretch. 🙂

  41. Dear Moon,

    If you ever post another Bieber video, I SWEAR I will… do nothing and keep coming back everyday and reading cause honestly, I have no where else to go!!

    But seriously, never again.


    • “I have no where else to go!”…true words Amber!

      PS…it feels so good not having to say anything for once…you girls say it all for me today!
      Love you!

    • Agreed, Amber. I will totally boycott these girls for a day! Or maybe an hour. Ok, probably 30 minutes.

      • You mean seconds…right…Katie S???

        • No, not at all!

          Yes… (embarrassedpanda)

  42. Holy Flipping wow! Thanks for the minus of linkage.

    PS “I meant what I said in that text….”

  43. Back in London?


    But soon back to see Moon in L.A., miss you already kids


  44. Ur from AZ bb? Which part? Great post btw. Love u crazy chicks.

    • chandler all the way baybay!

  45. When I first saw the video……..
    I found it very weird/sad/dunno that I even recognized the blurry Steam-legs from behind……urgh


    • Iknowright!? I’d recognise those stonewashed ironed denims ANYWHERE!!

  46. I rather him be gay then be with the elephant.

    • My thoughts exactly.

      • I second that motion…ok, 3rd. DTD got it second!! Dear God, what’s up with all the effing thumbs downs today????? Robsten lurkers, go back to your Robsten blog/world!!! This is called LETTERS TO ROB

  47. Sorry berthas, but Rob doesn’t even know you guys exist. And as he’s very much preoccupied with a lot of business and pleasure in his life right now, the likelihood that he will is minimum to nil. Hope you guys manage to have a nice life in spite of that.

    • bertha’s? how do you know my nickname from the boy I liked in 9th grade? Brian? Is that you?

      • I had no idea Kristen was on here. AWESOME!!!

        • Say hi to Rob! Tell him we DO exist!

          • …and we exist to DO him!

      • hahaha UC
        i’m sure it’s Brian
        and Brian “Rob doesn’t even know you guys exist.”
        noooooooo really?
        now i’m really criying ,pls be more merciful aginst us

    • Bertha? That makes me think of Large Marge from Peewee’s Big Adventure. Fabulous movie.

      • Hilarious! I love PeeWee. Maybe I should be stalking him.

    • STEWIE! It was so nice to meet you at the Runaways party! It was really nice to meet you, man. I wish you guys all the best. I seriously do. You rock and any girl would be lucky to be in your shoes. We need details!

    • Wow…thanks for setting me straight!

      I was on my way to Budapest because I was so sure he would love me forever; but thanks to your insightful intervention, I was just saved from acute embarrassment.

    • This one’s for you K, I just knew that you were into Boney M. And Rob does know we exist. We are his secret harem. Hope you’ll manage to have a nice life in spite of that knowledge. *insert maniacal laughter here*

      • Cath, YES!!!
        I don’t know how many Berthas can fit a secret harem, though.
        I just LOVE LTR today. Love it!

      • Me is from Greece…mother of Democracy etc…you know…so sometimes its not good at all but we have the reputation of speeking our mind and I wish I could express myself better, but here it comes…

        Dear Rob…

        You know I love you…and that said…I need to tell you that you may not know that we exist, but we know that YOU exist…and by YOU I mean the real you. We are not grabbing ourself on one of your characters…but follow you wherever you lead us.

        So, Rob…if we wouldn’t exist…meaning all we on LTR…or RaoR…or Robsessed or whatever all these sites are called…I’m afraid you would maybe not be very happy…and I know that you know what I mean…

        We exist…so…you exist…and we DO have a life…it just involves you too!!!

        Thank you for existing

        PS…sorry…Cath…didn’t know exactly what replybutton to push…like yours always 😀

      • I LOVE IT!!!! GREAT RESPONSE CATH!!! Todays blog has had me rolling all day!! (even if I do keep gettin thumbs-downed) Thanks!!!

    • Awwww, Sunny – You’re so cuuuuuuuute in your defense of The Robsten.
      Is Bertha supposed to be an insult? But what if I’m just big bones?
      Jeeze, cut a girl when she’s down, why don’tcha. Not nice, Sunny, not nice.
      Now imma have to drown myself in a gallon of Häagen Dazs.

      • Jules, I laughed and snorted over the “what if I’m just big boned” line! Brillz.

        • Well yeah, Miss Sunny KNOWS that we are all fat. She knows this.
          And to top it off, she points this out whilst we’re in mullephant purgatory.
          Not nice!

          • Mullephant…hahaha!

      • Share some Haagen Das with me darling. I’m not depressed but I just want some for the heck of it. Haha.

        • HAHA!!! I would share!
          I’m not depressed or big boned, but what the heck, I’ll take one for the team!
          What’s your flavour?
          I want maple walnut!

    • Sunny,

      if it weren’t for us fans, Rob wouldn’t be as rich as he is nor would he be living the life he is living. As for him not knowing who we are, he may not know us personally, but you can bet your ass, Sunny, he knows we exist. Without the fans, where would he be??? Do you REALLY think that without the fans he would’ve been cast for New Moon??? (YES I MEANT NEW EFFING MOON…it came AFTER Twilight & had it not been for people—young, middle aged, old, male & female alike—not enjoying Rob in Twilight, he most likely would have been replaced for New Moon) Or how about Remember Me or Bel Ami or Water for Elephants???? If he didn’t have a fan base he wouldn’t be cast for movies because quite frankly no big movie industry would want to take the chance. It was only AFTER hitting it big with Twilight did people like YOU SUNNY even know he existed. Most of us here on Letters to ROB knew who he was BEFORE the Twilight Drama. So, do I really think he knows we exist…HELL EFFING YES he knows TRUE fans exist. By TRUE fans, I mean fans of Rob the person, not Rob as Edward, or Tyler, or Cedric, or Daniel Gale, or…well, you get the picture. (at least I should hope you do.)
      So here’s a suggestion for you SUNNY, go back to your Robsten sites & leave us alone.


      ps…let’s see how many thumbs downs THAT gets me!! Bring ’em on…I can take it!

      • Totally clapping in front of my monitor for you, Mel!

        Way to go.

      • Melinda- I love Daniel and Daniel alone.

      • Yeah, Sunny, Mel went all tweed serious on your arse.

        I’m having way too much fun on here today.

      • 10000x thumbs up!

      • “So here’s a suggestion for you SUNNY, go back to your Robsten sites & leave us alone.” So…is this site really only for those of you who, for whatever reason, dislike/hate/can’t stand Kristen and the thought that Rob might really like or love her? Really?? No…I’m sure not. You’re just having a bad day, right?

        • no it isn’t. HOWEVER, I will stand up for something when attacked by some bitch who doesn’t come here except to trash talk us. I don’t “hate” her, I just don’t like her. I think she’s a mediocre actrest AT BEST & it seems that she only associates herself around Rob when her name starts dropping from the media. It’s a way to get her name back into the media frenzy & I personally think it’s effing pathetic. As for Rob liking or loving her…to each their own. But there’s no evidence of that. ALL of the pictures of them “together” only show them in the same location. They are NEVER side by side looking all lovey-dovey (gag…not just because of them, I feel that way about 99% of PDA. sorry) they’re never holding hands they never look happy (especially HER) so I have a hard time believing they are anything more than friends

          • *starts a slow clap*

          • Must have something to do with the interpretation of what we see in pictures because I think I HAVE seen them looking happy together…especially Rob…on a number of occasions when they’ve been photographed together (I know Kristen doesn’t usually look happy but I do believe it’s because she DOESN’T like the attention so much…either that or she’s a GREAT actress ’cause she always LOOKS like she doesn’t like the attention!). Kind of the same thing as “to each their own”. I like to see them being together as “being together” and you don’t. That’s cool. Anyway…since you felt attacked by Sunny…you pushed back. Fair enough.

    • Dear Sunny,

      Rob says Hi.

      Love, Mrs. P (aka Bertha)

  48. Am I honestly the only person that actually has THE biggest lesbian crush on her?

    • lesbian crush is OK (love is blind :)), robsten crush on the other hand…

      • Well since I love her I don’t have an issue with it if they are together..
        bring on the thumbs downs! 😀

        • Be careful what you wish for… 🙂

          • Have to say I’m looking forward to it to be honest, I don’t see why people hate her just because her and Rob clearly have something special, even if they aren’t going out, because they clearly can’t have Rob themselves. The mind boggles!

          • Ok… who DOESN’T like bitch face (aka stewie) raise their hand!! –Oh, yeah forgot.. hit me with the thumbs down for being a RobStu affectionato.

            Mooooon/ UCccc-
            I bet Robbie’s PR folk DO read your little blog here..
            And why not? the women that comment are rather observant and not prone to swallowing the bull shizz shoveled at them.. (unless its Rob porn).. then forget it. Our overies explode at his sexyness. But were havin’ a good ol’ time.

          • don’t think I’ve ever received so many thumbs ups AND downs in one day, today has been productive

          • x.rosa.lie

            I tried to thumbs down you, but it didn’t work. I might have already given you one earlier, that could be why.
            So…just to ensure your success (in flaming?) and maximize your productivity.
            THUMBS DOWN!!

          • @hermes
            he doesn’t have a PR, hence the disastruous press, at least in some countries.

            @x. have a nice day in magic imaginary world.

          • Wooooooooooooooottttt!

            My first thumbs down!

            Thank you Robstens! I heart ya!

          • Jules, Minuit, Cath-
            I woke up dreading seeing the elephant, but I have had a BALL today!! Hilarious-one of the best LTR days ever.

            I love you Moon-mwah!

            Thanks for the great day mullephant!

  49. I have to say one thing though…limphair or not… shitpants or not…we at least got to see him every day when he was in Budapest!
    Can anybody tell me when we will see him again (alone)?
    Cause he sure can hide in London!!!

    I for once…have serious withdrawalsymptoms as we speek!

    • Go on google earth and type in:

      London, SoHo, Street level
      London, Notting Hill, Street level

      and so on and so forth.. untiil you find a guy wearing a dark benie and black nike sneakers.. You can do your Robstalking via google earth..

      Is that normal?

    • yeh prob won’t see him for weeks, althought we know he can;t resist a night out at the pub
      its times like this that i wish my best friend did not hate all things twilgiht so i could tell her why i’m not a happy camper today!!

      • they’re rumored to be attending a concert tonight in London-if so there will be pics.

  50. Moon, you are my hero. Let’s get together and eat Cheerios with the liquor of your choice (I need something a little stronger than wine) until the elephant has left the building.

    I hate elephants.

    • dtd…so with you girl…OMG…this will be a great thumbsdownday/night…whatever!

    • i just ate cheerios!!! my fave. but with silk not wine. sad face.

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