Posted by: Bekah | April 24, 2010

Open Weekend Post: Hosted by MexiRob

Dear Rob,

In celebration of me sitting on a beach in Mexico right now, I want to dedicate this week’s Open Post to that one time when YOU visited Mexico.

Now I wasn’t really yet on TeamRob when these pictures came out- my obsession with the books hadn’t yet turned into obsession with the people playing the  characters of the books, so on October 23, 2008, I was still sane- and not full-force in this crazy world we call Twilight. However, it is fun to look back at who you were BEFORE “Haircut Gate” of December 2008. BEFORE you realized your life would be an endless event after event, movie shoot after movie shoot, and you looked tired & yawned like this was a one time event- staying up late and getting up early. BEFORE “she” was at your side in every picture. BEFORE you retired that Mexishirt (where did that shirt go? It’s nice! Bring it back! Get it back from Dick!) BEFORE you realized you had no skills with the blowhorn. Just.. BEFORE.

Sigh…. it’s nice to see you in Mexico, Rob:

Dear UC....

Now be a good NachoMan (<—Click that) and bring me a plate of chips smothered in cheese and another drink!

Rob NachoMan


Our internet game is ridiculous: LTTThe ForumTwitter

Thanks JodieO for the idea XO

Thanks Rob Pattinson Source for all the pics!


  1. I miss that hair and the smile

  2. the pic where he is sitting on the chair is one of the most beautiful pics ever! sigh*

    Vintage-Rob in Mexico, happy, smiling, carefree and with fine hair and nice shirts..

    Dear Rob
    I wonder if YOU remember these days and what your feelings were…
    Did you ever used again a megaphone?
    It seems all soooo long ago…
    now it’s getting nostalgic here
    I might light a candle for those days 🙂


    • Do you think he remembers RG???

      • hahaha, that sounds actually like as if ME was there with HIM, I might thank you for a nice dream this night 🙂

        • Oh, this was a retorical question…but if it helps you dream…my pleasure honey, always at your service 😀

    • lol light a candle! And btw my sentiments exactly on the Robpic sitting in the chair with Edward looming behind him, breathtaking….I wonder if he knew what he was got himself into that point??…that would be an interesting questions to ask him…

      Me: Rob what were you thinking when this photo was taken? Did you yet know that you were on the threshold of entering every girls’ hearts in the world?

      Rob: ummm….I dunno…it was like really hot there in Mexico, I was thinking about how bad I wanted a Hini but only Corona was available…ahh.

      • Hi Misty and Mel, I guess he remembers well……….one of my fav. interviews, sorry for the quality, cannot find it better… many hilarious quotes in it like …it’s not HSM 🙂

        • Awww, MexiRob- so cute.

          Misty’s question is a really good one, Rob when did you think ‘what have I gotten myself into???’ (and that chair pic is fantastic).

          I love the expression on his face in the pic where he’s raising his hand up to wave-

          Nacho Man- please bring UC her drink and some nachos right now!!!

        • omg the hair, the eyes, the smirk, the shirt the scruff…

        • Agree with misty…have no wrds really…Rob robs me of my words…this profile… this jaw…heaven…just heaven!!!

          And RG…I think he remembers…

        • Dear Rob,
          I love how you constantly work to keep your ego intact. “I am very aware that people are on the red carpet to have their books signed.” So humble, dude.


          • !!!!!

    • I love the one with him in the chair and you can see his profile…I have that on my desktop. Sigh. He’s so beautiful, like a Greek god!

      I’m off to a great start today!

  3. Loving picture number 4 mmm yum and @niahid i miss the hair too

  4. Oh my God…soooo beautiful…after RomeRob…MexicoRob is one of the most beautiful Robs I’ve ever seen…

    Or maybe not…who am I kidding (myself obviously)…I say the same thing everytime I see him!!! His gorgeousness proves me wrong every time!!! sigh*

  5. Thank you for the Rob porn this morning. It was the perfect way for me to start my Saturday morning. I had forgotten about the hawaiian/mexico shirt…I think Rob would look good in a paper bag…he is so yummy.


  6. Dear Rob (mi corazon),

    En estas photos de tu en Mexico, eras muy lindo. Eras muy lindo siempre, especialmente cuando la fea chica no esta cerca de tu. Te quierro mucho mi amor.

    besos y un brazo grande

    • Mi corazon…indeed misty…indeed!!!

      • fak me
        he’s too much to handle.
        I don’t even know him.
        This is normal
        (so I tell meself lol)

        • Misty…he is toooo much to handle…but you’re doing fine!!! We can’t help it!!!
          This is normal…

    • misty, you’re funny. *waves*

      • hi honey…..thanks and right back at ya!

  7. Dear UV,

    Look around you because you never know.
    He already has
    – a Hawaian lookalike red shirt (we will assume he will find it, -he couldn’t loose it, it was stucked at the bottom of a suitcase he’s been carrying around-),
    – above blowhorn, stolen at above event.
    If you ever hear smb drunk singing Nacho Man at a beach bar, you know who that might be.

    • Hi MP- that would be a site to see. I hope UC gets the chance!

      • hey draska! Got to go now. Have a great week-end.

        • Have a great weekend, yourself! Use sunscreen.

    • hahaha

      I think my subconscious changed UC’s name for the holydays into UV.

      Enjoy the sun, the Margaritas and all those cocktails with…ahem…creative (sex) names.

      • Minuit, I dont’t think you looked at yesterdays comments, so here is my question …about RM…did the part where Rob talked french sound like French? I mean, did u understand it?
        I always wanted to ask you…………..yeah, I need a life, I know

        • bhahahah your soooo funny RG!!! love it and you!

          • Misty, was that proper french ? Can please somebody enlighten me here…..I mean it was french, but I heard a really strong accent…lol

          • Is there a vid of this RG…we need to hear it again!!! Untill mp gives us an answer…well french with a strong english accent is very sexy to me!!!

        • RG, I’m afraid MP is off again. I know some Frenchies, but I don’t think they’ve saw RM. Cry… We have to ask MP again and again, till she anwers, haha. 😉

          (MP girl, don’t leave us hanging here! 😉 )

          • she is always away when needed…trust, this is supposed to be a long one….sigh*

          • I’m going MIA as Rob, I’m sure he’s all going crazy right now because he didn’t see me in a while . bahahhaa.

        • Can’t believe I actually googled the freakin’ stream to answer properly theeee question it’s been keeping you all awake at nights, I’m sure 🙂 (not)
          So he pronounces correctly but you can tell he’s not Fr. He’s not supposed to seem Fr either, so all good. Also FYI “sacrebleu” is an old term, not common anymore (eccept in Am?), but now I’ll totally bring it back for the fun.

          Oh and may I have your attention please. I’m sure you will appreciate.

          P.S. Rob please don’t hate me for this video, it is not as embarassing as you think. We think it’s hot.

          • i’m totally gonna use “sacrebleu” now as well.

          • Hahaha, love that vid MP. So now all is good in the world again.
            I though it sounded okay for a non-native speaker. Thanks for clearing that one up! Sacreblue! (I knew it’s an oldie, still love it though ;-))

          • now after 3 nights without sleeping finally my ideal fangirl is here to answer the key question…..ok…it’s french…with a strong accent! 🙂

    • Haha MP you said UV! haha. *waves*

  8. […] LettersToRob […]

  9. Mexi Rob was hot!!
    I wonder if he learned any spanish word there??


    • He learned “Crepuscolo”…. at least he was standing 100hours in front of that panel….

      • ….and I would teach him everything else he needs to know… And some German since he seemed to love saying “Schnitzel”… Which reminds me of that commercial “Don’t call it Schnitzel”…

        But yeah Rob talking spanish is win. I wonder if he will have to talk portuguese for BD???

        p.s. Did he talk any italian as Dali??

        • I don’t think he did. Dali was a Spaniard.

    • Well if he didn’t he can always call me, I can be his tutor ;-).

      • Would just looove to hear Rob talk spanish…it’s such a sexy language…saying mi corazon…sigh*…

        SB…can I teach him Greek???

        • Mel, how ru?

          Regarding Spanish, I think he might have trouble with rolling the rrrrrr. 🙂 Oy vey we can work on it! OK Rob, repeat after me, say perro….roll your rrrrrss, lol.

          And yes you definitely should teach him Greek! He looks like a Greek god anyway!

          • 100 thumbs up for the “He looks like a Greek god anyway!” !!!

            I’d love to hear him roll the rrrss… we could work on it by making him say Rawrrrrrrrrrrr multiple times… bahahhaha


          • Why does this “rolling the rrrrr” sound so dirty to me!!! Oh my…I just can hear him roll the rrrrr!!!

            And greek god…deffinitly…my Adonis…!

          • I’m doing fine sweety!!! You know…greek language has a lot of rrrrrrr!!! Will take me a loooog time to teach him!!!

          • Will take me a loooong time to teach him!!! twss


          • Mel, rolling the rrrrr, yes well it’s so sexy!!!!! I gave an example up there, I want him to say it. In Spanish there’s two r’s. One is just simple R and the other is the rolling R. 🙂

          • Now do ya want me to count the greek rrrrrrrrr s SB…or are we going to business now…about teaching him I mean!!!

          • Mel, sounds to me like you got something else in mind!

  10. MexiRob is totally competing with RomeRob.
    Ah, Rob does well in Latin countries.
    Where was I then??? Not that I’d survived him looking like that live. No way!

    Dear Rob,

    Does drinking tequilla does this to you???
    Please let me run in to you next time you do!

    Viva MexiRob!


    • Cath where were we? Sniff, sniff.

      That time I really didn’t dig him yet, knew who he was but I just wasn’t interested. Funny how the tide turned huh?

    • You would not survive him looking like that Cath!!! Nop…me either…can’t survive even the pics…am breathing here…trying at least!!!

      • Mel do u need some Oxygen? LOL

        I think I do.

        • I need a doctor…THE ROB…nothing else will help!!!

  11. I love MexicoRob! He looked so beautiful in these pictures, I wish I was there! I’ve been there several times, maybe we walked the same path? Sigh. He is so beautiful in that profile picture of him sitting down. He looks like he was pondering on the meaning of life. 🙂

    My other favorite is CannesRob, love all his gorgeous pics and his hair was a little lighter, perhaps from the sun!

  12. SchMexiRob is my favorite. Why doesn’t he wear that tie more often? *sigh*

  13. These are from before the days I knew about Twilight & the Robert! I love his hair in these – it’s pouffy, yet manly…mouffy? He looks a lot healthier a bit tanned too.

    • Mouffy?? haha

    • Agree with you my elf!!! How are you doing??? Hope you’re holding the ford in Middle Earth for me…may need to come back some day… 😀

  14. I just noticed how hairy the underside of his forearms is!!!!

    Well, he wouldn’t have that beautiful head of hair or those amazing eyelashes without having more body hair.

    • Forrest Rob!

    • Can we please not talk about his bodyhair!!! Drsaka do ya wonna kill me???

      • Hahaha- no,but its important to be as familiar with him as possible, you know, for research and general knowledge purposes.

        • Oooookkk…doing my research and general knowledge of the Robbodyhair asap!
          Reeeeeally want to be as familiar with him as possible!!! Drsaka…I love you!!!

        • Uhhmmmm, research huh? LOL

    • I love that Drsaka, he is so manly, masculine….ah, he is dazzling me again.

      • He does that, doesn’t he?

        • yes my eyes are all glazed over.

          Ayudame Rob!!! 🙂

    • Is it just me or will we soon start to discuss… uhm… lets just say his hairiness on other places? 😉 #PattinPerv

      • *blushing*

  15. Dear Rob,

    You’re doing it again, mi amor(sorry I can’t figure out how to do the accents here). You’re dazzling me again. Now how am I supposed to get things done. You are so not fair, teasing me again! 😉

    And by the way, you are so beautiful and I can’t stop looking at you. You confound all reasoning!

    Muchos besos,

    PS we can work on your Spanish if you like, just drunk text me anytime!

    • Is it selfish of me to want to jump in between that??


      Hi SB!!!

      • Hi Bleriana!

        • ola sb!

          How are you doing? Haven’t talked to you in a long while!!

          • Hey B, I’m okay, busy and trying to not spend too much time on Rob anymore….my DH and DD are complaining. How are you?

  16. Some useful phrases in Espanol — (ahem) …

    The nacho man is a very macho man =.
    El Nacho man is muy macho hombre..

    I want you covered in cheese =Le quiero cubrí en queso.

    Because I want to lick it off your body = porque quiero lamerlo todo de su cuerpo.

    Oh Robbie you are such a hot stud!
    Oh Robbie usted es un perno prisionero tan caliente!

    Bring TomStu. Because two are better than one=
    Traiga TomStu porque dos son mejores de uno.

    My little cupcake = Mi pequeña magdalena.
    (magdalena’s are tasty cookie/ cakes similar to the french Madeline).

    Yes (yo) moi, Hermes is of latino/french orgin.
    hence the espanol.

    ah.. if I could only try my phrases out on him /them (in person).

    oh what the hell we know I’m really talking about TomStu.. (le sigh).

    • hahaha you should totes edit a conversation (hot) pocket guide, you don’t need the other usual stuff if you have this.

      • Now we need french conversation (hot) pocket guide edition for Rob. Otherwise he’s gonna stick to “sacrebleu” and embarrass himself next time he tries to swear in french in public.

  17. Goodness that last pic of The Pretty in the pretty chair is like art.
    PS- Rob should endorse Coke. Watching him drink from a can is making me real thirsty……

  18. BTW I dreamt of Rob again today… But I can’t tell… not because it’s pervy but because you girls would kill me…

    • Why? Tell!

  19. Hi everybody, this is my 1st comment. I have been a lurker forever, who knows how long. I love reading all your comments, you all seem like a cool group of gals. I love love love LTR. It’s a place where I come to feel “normal” and to feel not so lonely in my Rob obsession. I’ll spare you guys my life story LOL but I just wanted to thank UC and Moon for this blog. Obsessing about Rob is easy, but you guys provide the snark and the laughs that I need most days. Thanx!
    BTW those MexicoRob pix are to die for, just gorgeous.

    • Hello-hello *waves*
      Congrats with your first comment!
      As a former veteran lurker myself, who only recently came out to the light, I can relate.

  20. Sweet sweet nostalgia…

    Dear Rob,

    Remember (of course you dont, you were probably drunk the entire time, but just pretend) December 08/January 09 that I spent in London? I was staying in Barnes (the dodgy end of Barnes of course) and we were practically neighbors. We were probably even getting plastered in the same bars.

    Back then you were nothing to me (blissful ignorance!) but a creepy face on the Twilight posters that cluttered London underground those months. I hadnt even remembered the name of the movie, but I do remember thinking “No way I’m gonna watch THAT” (I was so naive, thought it was some kind of fantasy / vampire slasher film – two genres I cannot stand).

    How things changed since then, Rob. And our prospects for happy future drastically dwindling since you started to h(b)ang out with KStew. But you know what, Rob, I’m a very humble person. So if we are not meant to be together, I’ll happily accept TomStu as a consolation prize. That way we still be friends and if you behave, I’ll even allow you to bring KStew to our family dinners.


    • Ahhh, to know that you were so close and yet so far- major frustration!

      Does Barnes have a dodgy end?

      • I’m not sure if the area just across Hammersmith bridge officially qualifies as the ‘dodgy end of the Barnes’ (we gotta ask some native Londoners for that), but it definitely looked like one to me. Especially at 3 am when I was trying to find my way home from the pubs.

        • Everything looks a little different at 3 am.

          • agreed!
            Random people tend to look prettier, and the unfamiliar places tend to look more sketchy (ooups, dodgy!).
            Except Rob who always looks the same 24/7 – HOT. Even when his general appearance hinting that he just climbed out of the nearest dumpster.

          • it still would have been great to witness Rob @ 3am first hand!

    • oh nooo! now you have to renew the experience with your new “awearness”.
      When I think of all the missed occasions in the early Twi period when I thought he was stupid and so not funny. Now that I look back, surprise, I was the dumb one.

      • Hey MP, oh the missed opportunities!

  21. Dear ROB
    i just saw that u were at Emirates stadium yesterday watchin’ Arsenal vs Man City game .i’m so pissed cuz i’d missed that and wondering did the camera showed u ,any brit pack member were with u or did u enjoy the game?
    write me back cuz u know i love football
    luv che

    • I hope he’ll see the world cup

      • well not at South Africa.and eventhough he’d said he likes to hate english national team in an interview. i ‘ll suport England and hope he’ll do too
        hope they win

        • Love your Avi, Che!!!!

  22. I love mexico Rob, pls come back Rob…..

    Ii am going to tweet Oprah to ask Rob to sing at her show, so all of you lovely ladies pls tweet Oprah!

    BTW pls keep voting for Rob at Time 100 poll, he is dropping to No. 14 and pls rate him higher at,28804,1972075_1972078_1972496,00.html.

    Love Rob

  23. I love mexico Rob, pls come back Rob…..

    Ii am going to tweet Oprah to ask Rob to sing at her show, so all of you lovely ladies pls tweet Oprah!

    BTW pls keep voting for Rob at Time 100 poll, he is dropping to No. 14 and pls rate him higher at,28804,1972075_1972078_1972496,00.html.

    Love Rob

  24. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

    Short important announcement:

    I uploaded another Remember me scene today AND have some Remember me sex scene gifs… Who wants ’em??

    • Just a taste of the link above…

  25. I’ve never seen those pictures before.

    Hot damn.

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