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Rob On Saturday Night Live… FINALLY… sorta

Dear Rob,

You finally showed up on Saturday Night Live!! Even after we’ve talked about it and cringed at the possibilities of 2nd hand embarrassment… but you showed up anyway… WELL SORTA… have a look

Mort Mort Feingold does your and Kristen’s taxes

DUDE, why is it almost validating that the general public thinks these things about you guys? The fake/not fake relationship and your refusal to talk about it, the sitting up straight, the sour expressions,the mumbling, the hair. We’ve been talking about it for years and it’s finally reached a point where it’s been skewered on SNL. Thank you God, this little fandom isn’t the only ones who notice this stuff anymore. Of course they missed a few key stereotypes: the hot pockets, the general drunkenness, the plaid. And too bad Tom Stu wasn’t standing in the doorway looking forlornly in Kristen’s direction otherwise I’d begin to think there was a mole in the Robdom.

This is the face I'd be making the entire time. Half scared half super excited

The scary good news is that Loren Micheals (creator/producer/Svengali of SNL) was recently quoted as saying they’ve asked you to host SNL this year and after seeing you on Jimmy Fallon doing the “Bothered” skit they think you’d be great! As much as I’d love this I gotta also say I don’t know if I can defend you that much if it goes terribly wrong (read: Taylor hosting SNL). But I also gotta sad I’m morbidly curious as to what skits you’d end up doing. May I suggest you being part of some of my favorite reoccurring skits? Doesn’t matter if you do, I will anyway, this is my blog biotch!

With your supposed love of NWA and hip hop you should most defs be on an episode of “Hip Hop Kids” you name should be MC Mumbles-A-Lot and you fight off a bear by talking so quietly and incoherently he forgets you’re there and leaves to eat some berries and pic-a-nic baskets.

Make our nerd dreams come true and be a guest on Weekend Update with Seth Meyers. Give a commentary on the state of our Youth Culture and their obsessions with things like Vampires, dudes who don’t shower and young 16 yr old boy sings who look like lesbians.

My personal favorite “What up with that” with Kenan Thompson. It’s a sensation gonna be a celebration, gonna feel elation… you jamming to Kenan singing… may I suggest doing the cabbage patch or running man with Jason Sudekis? DO IT!

Be an ex prisoner sent to educate  school kids on why they shouldn’t be hooligan criminals in “Scared Straight” and use amazingly awful sexual innuendo to make us laugh for days. THIS HERE’S REAL! “The only pills you’re gonna be taking are not a red and a blue one it’s gonna be a black one and a latino one!”

But really, do you think you can do it Rob? Can you put aside our your embarassement and bring us the funny? Or do you just want to cut us a deal and be a musical guest instead? COME ON!!!

Ohhhhh whheeeeee what’s up with that?

Should he host or should be not? Pros and Cons? Besides those AMAZING images we’d get from the SNL photoshoot? What reoccuring skit should he be part of?

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  1. My dreams would definatly come true if Rob hosts SNL.

    .. It’s my dick in a box bayayb.

    .. If doin it is wrong I don’t wanna be right!

    Oh man if he did it I can’t wait to see what they come up with

    • I do not get the SNL in jokes, no SNL in the UK (though I think there used to be)…anyhoo, I would watch RP in bloody anything.

      Wish he did more TV in the UK too – Jonathan Ross, Graham Norton……but the less TV he does over here, the more he keeps on the DL over here….

      😦 for TV appearances

      🙂 for him and his anonymity

      • would love to see HHH on Jonathan Ross…..maybe Graham Norton, he’s a bit hit and miss though, but Jonathan Ross is bloody marv…and great music on his show also, but HHH is going to have to be quick Jonathan’s leaving the Beeb 😦

        • And HHH is leaving London even sooner- if flights ever resume that is


          • so he’s still in London then? Haven’t seen / heard anything re. his whereabouts? But then I’ve been trying to cut back on the cyber stalking.

          • HHH has to leave London and the European sky suddenly opens for air traffic.

          • @ Jellybean ~ Thus confirming that he truly is RobGod.

            Listen to the harps and choirs of angels singing! 😀

    • Oh I am in love with your avatar….sigh

    • Wow I spelled “definitely” way wrong.. just noticed that.

  2. Oooh, now I’m torn: Rob hosting or Rob as the musical guest. How about both? He’s the biggest thing in Hollywood right now (twss), he could do both.

    • Robbie could do both..
      Taylor Swift did.. (hosted and performed) it was pretty good.
      She wrote her own opening monologue.. it was hilar! 🙂

  3. I know I’m (always) in the minority, & I could only watch clips of it on youtube, but I liked Tay on SNL. I thought he was funny & a good sport. Long live Team Edward & smooching folders!

    I think I could only watch Rob try this if
    a) he promised to do it slightly squiffy &
    b) if I can watch from behind the sofa like I did with Dr Who as a child, &
    c) if Kristen does it with him.

    • you’re not alone, I liked Taylor as well on SNL, to me he did a good job, 18y……….I’ve seen worse!

      • He is NOT 18y…? Ohhhhh

        • LMFAO!!!

    • Oooooh, thumbs down for me! Bring it on!

      • I’ll support you another time today…hahahah

      • I don’t understand the thumbs-down. I think Taylor did a great job on SNL, and it was because he was playing it straight, making fun of himself. If Rob has the same kind of skits, that is, he is the “straight man”, it could be very funny. However, SNL in general has become very corny and trite, and if Rob never goes on, I would be completely happy to miss out on the second-hand embarrassment.

    • I think the thumbs down are for Kristen….we don’t want to see that [Kristen] just Rob 🙂

    • I liked Taylor too on SNL, he made me laugh. 🙂 I love how he wore a denim mini-skirt and leggings underneath, woot! LOL.

    • robert and kristen, definately

  4. I cannot open the skits, so once again, NO clue about them 😦 , I saw SNL only a few times…

    To me Rob is one of the funniest guys I ever heard and saw, but I’m in love and maybe just totally blind!

    • ….british & american humour, is that compatible (outside from LTR…lol)?

    • I’m in love and totally…NOT blind…!!! 😀

    • REally? Just “maybe” you are totally blind?

      That’s a good one, Robgirl.


    • I’m so in love with him…well you knew that already. 🙂

  5. I am so mixed on this!
    Rob seems like he’d be WAY too awkward to ever be a host. Maybe a one shot, like show up on one skit and then leave.
    But he also did well on Jimmy Fallon, although we have no clue how many takes that took. And How to Be was kinda funny. But also really awkward. But he also probably took a lot of takes
    Hosting? Be in an entire show?
    Come on Rob, prove me wrong!

    • I think you’re right…at the risk of being thumbsdowned to death (what a way to go), I would venture the opinion that Rob wasn’t really funny on Fallon, he was more endearing…if you’re a fan.

      *hides under thumbproof rhino hide tarpaulin*

      • I think Rob is his funniest when he’s non-scripted. That’s what drew me to him in the first place was watching all of his interviews when he would let things slip that he probably wasn’t supposed to.

        I say, let him host SNL, but make him do it improv.
        That could be epic!

      • I think you is right EMJ!
        I’ve gotta say the ‘bothered’ skits don’t really match up to the Catherine Tate originals in my book (BMH holla!)
        For anyone outside the uk this is what Rob would sound like if he had lived in inner London and wasn’t privately educated. Not really, well kinda

  6. My husband and I were actually at the dress rehearsal this weekend for SNL! It was a weekend away from the kids date!

    In the dress rehearsal, the Rob/Kristen with Mort didn’t really get a lot of laughs. I thought they would cut it from the final show. I, of course, laughed and was probably one of the loudest laughs for their part. The Mel Gibson and Susan Boyle parts got the most laughs at the rehearsal.

    On another note, I totally fangirled on the way out of the show — I saw Jason Sudekis in the hallway on the way out and touched his arm (what was I thinking?!?) and told him how I think he’s one of the funniest on the show! He looked a bit scared of me but said “Thanks!.”

    I may have had some liquid courage in me!

  7. Wait! He could split duties hosting with Betty White — shes not going to host a full show.

    They could do it together and since “older is better” she could show him the way………to be funny in skit comedy. Tina Fey could come back in for a skit as the teacher…..or Rob could be the man size brownie. (yum)

    There is sooo much that he could do.

    Folders are for keeping paper, NOT for kissing. Team Edward all the way

    • OHHH YEAHHH. I totally agree. He should split w/ Betty White. Oh the funny possibilities. Like, the ultimate cougar or Golden Girls (w/ Rob as Bea Arthur). I am really gettin’ excited about this now.

      PS – Should I be worried that I seem to have a fascination w/ seeing really masculine guys in drag? I just think it is so funny to see them so out of character. (Like when Justin Timerlake or Derek Jetter did it on SNL).

      • Thye could bring in Cameron Diaz and redo the Cougar skit with Rob being the “bait” Rawr.

  8. YES!YES!YES! I want him (to do it-SNL that is).
    P.S. Why do I live in a country where television is made by the same boring wrecks who are there since black&white TV? Obviously there is no SNL, JImmy Fallon & co kind of show.

    • hahahaha, move on and come to me! lol
      TV=totes funny here…. plus 5 million channels….is FranceTV really like u desribed? WHY? Lots of questions I have today…

      • There are a couple of smart&cool channels, very parisian+a couple of shows on other more mass market channels (not particulary funny but interesting)+an arty channel and the rest of the big national channels = zzzzzzzzz. Like everywhere there are a million of new channels but very cheap. Then there’s news/sports/international channels, but that’s smth else. Well it’s a lil’ more complex, but I’ve rambled enough, sorry about that.

        • I love ARTE, has nothing to do with fun, but it’s awesome!
          Eccellent french-german cooperation….. ❤

    • @MP are there really just a bunch of people sittin’ aroud a table and argueing about serious things.i mean any time i check out a frentch tv channel it’s something like that. but i must admit, i admire that.
      and Rob, turkish tvs are total circus there is just one tv show i like and i think better that whole american ones (jay,conan,jimmy bla bla bla)
      and my only dream to see u there.come here and be Okan’s guest pls!

      • Haha, most of the formats are around a table, subjects can be politics, culture or entertainment. It’s interesting, quite elitist, but we have nothing in the style of Am. evening shows.

        • Just thought of a show maybe in the Am. style, but def. not mainstream.

        • yes : ) that’s what i said and like which my favourite turkish tv show is all about fun like AM. ones but just the style is like french ones aroun a table=total win

  9. If J-Lo can handle hosting it, Rob will be just fine. Don’t know if I can handle Kristen though. She’d be dropping things and stuttering all over herself. That shit’s funny on awards shows but on SNL…not so much.

  10. you know, once you get that “what up with that? what up with that?” in my head, it’s gonna be there the whole rest of the day

    I think rob would be awkward.. but really funny too.. and he said once he had a bit of a thing for tina fey.. she should totally be a robcat going after him.. that would rock

    • He will be funny awkward :-).

  11. okay, first off i can’t watch the video because my work is stupid and has it blocked (dumb).
    and secondly, when i heard that my second husband possibly, meh beh, might be hosting SNL, i kind of had that nauseous/heart dipping moment. now before people get in an uproar, let me ‘splain. i love me some robert. the man could stand in front of a camera just fingering his jaw line and i would proclaim it epic. outstanding. performance of the year. but to have him host SNL…i’m afraid he would have a mini stroke from the sheer terror. eh, eff it. bring him on. it could be his apology to us for boning the stew.

  12. I am sorry to say that most of the shows that you are mentioning in your post Moon, love…I know only from hearing and YT…they aren’t showing any of this here!So I don’t have any idea, which he should do or not…the only thing I know is THAT I WANT AS MUCH ROB AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE I MISS HIM SO MUCH…IT HURTS!

    Dear Rob…love

    Could you please give a bit of your DNA, so that somebody could clone you, so that you can make as many shows as possible, so that we can see you in as many places as possible at the same time… so that all of us can have our own personal Robert Pattinson!

    Thank you baby…

    Love you

    • That’s the best idea I’ve ever heard!

      Love your avatar, that one of my favorite pictures of him!! =)

      • Love yours back 😀

    • I agree! The more Rob the better! I want one, or two or three for myself, haha.

      Sorry I’m a little greedy. And you know Mel, I miss him too. Withing the past 4 days I’ve seen Twilight, New Moon and a lot of his old interviews. That’s how much I miss him. He is so darn addicting and I need a fix now!

      • SB…feel you sista…and you know it would be great if it would RAIN ROB…

      • Thanks Mel! I love that! XO

        • british version

          • I love Geri!!!

  13. I’m afraid, really afraid, I don’t want him to host SNL (and really, is it only me that doesn’t find that programme funny?!). So let’s avoid the train wreck and leave that programme well alone.


  14. I don’t think SNL has been REALLY funny, on a consistent basis, for a long time. It has its moments, but…just as often, kinda falls flat. I did think Taylor did an okay job with what he was given, but I can’t see Rob doing it at all. It’s one thing if we make fun of his adorkableness from time to time because we love him. I don’t want to see anyone else make fun at his expense. Much as I want to see as much of him as I can (!!), hosting SNL isn’t how I’d like to do it.

    • Agree totally with you 🙂

  15. Honestly, I know little about SNL since they don’t air that show where I live. The only full episode I watched was the one with Taylor in it so I have little clue as to how funny others were.

    As for Rob doing a skit, I’m not so sure. But judging from the interviews of Rob we’ve seen so far, he can come off as a guy with a great albeit strange sense of humour. So, that gives me hope that maybe he’ll be able to pull of an SNL skit.

    But, considering how awkward he is, I’m also scared that we’ll be 2nd-hand embarrassed in case he starts talking about babies in armpits! (even though I did laugh at the ridiculousness of THAT!)

  16. About Ryan Phillippe acting as Rob, I have to say it wasn’t all that funny. Especially the part where the guy tells the girl pretending to be Kristen to buy new clothes for her bf. That stung a bit…I mean, we love him for his hobo nature. WHy make fun of it on national television?

    He may dress like a homeless person half of the time, but no one cleans up as well Rob does! Remember the Robp0rn we got at 2008 Oscars, New MOon premiere and the BAFTAs (minus the hair)?

    • He should have told the mullet to buy new clothes for herself. She looked way too clean and feminine in that skit.

  17. I personally loved the “team edward/team jacob” taylor did. I would love to see Rob on SNL… Even if it would embarrass me, i could end up with new fave lines in addition to:
    “notebooks are for notes, not for kissing”
    “I was like YES! I wanna baker cookies on your stomach”

  18. Rob should absolutely do SNL. They have embarrassingly bad skits every week, no matter who the host is, so it wouldn;t be any different for Rob. I;d like to see him in drag. He has such a great sense of humor and laughs so easily, I think he;d be great. He;d crack up in the middle of a skit-I love when that happens.

    And the Britpack could be the musical guests.

    • OH, DTD! I like the way you think!! 🙂

    • Rob is so not taking himself serious…and him being the first to make fun of himself…I think he could do any of this things dtd…and he would be great…just being himself…that’s what we all love so much about him anyway…him being himself…no matter what!!!

    • @DTD ~ I second that! The idea of him nervously giggling during skits makes me smile (and giggle). It’d kind of cancel out the 2nd hand embarrassment that I know I’d feel during skits that went totally downhill.

      If they brought Jimmy Fallon back to do a spot or two w/him that’d be a total win… and imagine the rad digital short he and Andy Samberg could concoct!

    • “He’d crack up in the middle of a skit”
      I can totally imagine Rob doing that!

      • I love when this happens-my fave example of this is the show with Sean Hayes, and in the skit he and Horatio Sanz are snotty hipster clerks at Jeffreys (snotty clothing store) and Will ferrell walks win with the tiniest phone ever, and everyone cracks up. I can;t find the video, but look at the pics-Will Ferrell with the ridiculously tiny phone is hilarious.

        • THAT was one of the best off-script skits ever.

    • I love that D2D!

    • yes yes! great idea! what an epic show that would be. and I agree…him being his giggly nervous word vomit self is what I fell in love with at first so I’d love to see him being adorkable on SNL!

    • OOOHHH.. YES.. Robbie in Drag!!.. I loved seeing those photoshopped pics of him in a kilty skirt from yesterday… . –He could play his alter ego (Claudia). like he used to play dress up with his sisters when he was a boy.. he talks fondly of those times. –yeah.. I think Robbie would love doing a drag scene.
      Those british guys are into it. 😉

      (oh yeah, and don’t forget to bring TomStu on SNL as well).

      • can;t forget TomStu, he;s Rob;s security blanket.

    • He can come as CLAUDIA!

      • Oops — repeat idea, I know — but he would be so great in drag… if not Claudia, maybe he could do Betty White. Also, I’d kill to see a Brit Pack version of “Some Like It Hot”!

    • I’ll be first in line for reservations if he does go on SNL and I’ll let you (Dazzle) cut in front of me so you can get the first tix. .. how’s that! 😉
      (in a perfect world) but we know that all friends and relatives of sNL staff will get the tix first..

  19. The “HE’S WORKED FOR RANDOS” was my FAVORITE part of the whole skit…………………………….I love this season of SNL. WIN.


  20. I watched again the clip and (as I said, I am not so familiar with SNL) I don’t find that video soooo funny at all, perhaps it’s just me, but the best part is the intro, the gags are a bit flat, I didn’t laughed really and R.Philippe is NOT funny at all.

    • I haven’t found SNL funny in at least a decade.
      Their best stuff was back in the 70’s when Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray were on it.

      The skits they’re doing now have no edge to them. That skit making fun of Rob could have been funny. Which pretty much describes the entire show-could be funny, but just isn’t.

      I suppose at this point, hosting SNL is considered an honor because it’s been around for so long and it’s like a cultural icon.

      But I think it would really be a bigger deal for SNL to get Rob Pattinson on the show than it would be for Rob Pattinson to add hosting SNL to his resume.

      • thanks for explaining and ..your last sentence is very interesting!

      • Right, he certainly doesn’t need it for his career resume, but SNL does need him to improve their ratings!

      • Agree totally with the last sentence…it’s a bigger deal to have Rob Pattinson then vise versa….

  21. Hmmmm…..I have to worry. On one hand it would be kinda like watching your kid in a school play. Waiting for him to miss his cue & grimacing when he botched his lines. But on the other hand, I think he would be a really good sport & would be HILAR in drag. Oh why not Rob, go for it baby. Couldn’t be more embarrassing than the “coming out of my pants” remark & it seems nobody holds that against him. We love you no matter what. Besides, that just gives us more Rob footage to tide us over between movies 🙂

  22. I wish Rob would do SNL, I agree the skits have gotten a bit boring lately. And you know, I never tire of Rob so it would be another way of me seeing another part of him…comedy.

    I saw that clip and yeah I laughed at the hair…that monstrosity!!! Rob’s hair isn’t like that, for crying out loud, that fake hair looks like a cuckoo’s nest! Haha! And Ryan Philippe, oh well, dream on.

    I think it’s funny overall….now I don’t get why they would be doing their taxes together? Don’t they have to be married for that?

    • Don’t think about it too much SB, haha. (lalala they are NOT married lalala 😉

      • Cath —- lalalalala! 🙂


  23. The hair, blasphemy! Hahaha.
    I’m still holding out for Rob hosting SNL one day, with a cool musical guest

    I already have an idea for a skit too, I was photoshopping yesterday and all of a sudden Rob became…The Hulk.

    Btw, were you wondering, Rob looks even good green…


    • So tell me the skits. Where u been? Sorry I’ve been kind of in a daze and not “available.”

  24. Yeah, I kinda find it rather ironic that everyone notices the faux relationship and never talks about it (except here) thank you Moon & UC 😉
    But finally … Saturday Night Live has.
    I think adding TomStu (my little cupcake) to that skit would have been perhaps a bit too realistic…but hilarious. Lurking in the background like he always does. (sigh).

    For SNL I’d like to see Robbie do a new/not so new character. He’d play himself.. Lord Sparklepeen. I’ve written a monologue just for him. Its about us his fangirls.

    —Maybe come out with TomStu in a skit and sing with Bobby Long.

    What a show!

  25. the relationship:
    -recently watched an interview with Rob saying now he knows what being in love really is
    -Rob turning around in the airport like every second to check on K (who does that?)
    -him talking about wanting to be a young dad
    Heeeelp!!!I don’t want to know all these details.It’s one thing to go out with smb and another to be soooo tweed serious.

    • and that was supposed to be a reply to hermes

      • @MP
        you are not alone, I also read some blog where some “insider” claimed that Rob got sooooo drunk and whiny cause The Stew was in that music festival (I donno its name) with Oregano. I sorta felt sorry for him and apparently thats why he is MIA/AWOL.

        Rob is best unscripted, I was 2nd hand embarrassed watching Jimmy and hope he doesn’t do such skits (whatever they are called)
        And Rob as a drag queen? Naa it will would be too RL he has 60% Oestrogen and 40%Testosterone so that may not be funny. Whom am I kidding, I wou’d watch Rob on any show even if I have to take cover behind the sofa

        • OMG yet another ‘insider’ story….blah, blah, snore, snore……I don’t believe a word of it (i like my fantasy world and Kstew is not part of it, no sir, no way). I’m still rooting for happyfeet90 and all the extra curriculum shagging……I’m liking that version of events much more!!!

          • agree..anyone can claim to be an insider. I doubt Rob;s crying in his beer over that.

          • extra curriculum shagging… lol

          • Robbie is with his britpack boys.. including TomStu. Who else does he need?! right?– He did Coachella last yr. (this is the music fest that Stewie attended with friends recently and if Orangarano was one of her friends in attendence as rumored so be it). He was her friend before Twil.

            Hey the blogs forgot to mention that when The Stew went to Budap. to clebrate her 20th with his Lordship Sparklepeen, her folks were with her as well. oh humm..

        • Marie,

          Your comments offended me on so many levels, that I have no words to describe it.

          • Thank you for speaking up, Lion – some lines should not be crossed.

        • Marie – it’s no secret that I’m
          not a fan of the Stew, but what the hell are you thinking?
          I also find it interesting that you’re publicly regurgitating gossip crap! That whole Angarano scenario is so stupid.
          Realise this: no matter what you (I or anyone else) think, Rob will live his life the way he chooses. Nothin we can do about it.

          PS: I’m not suddenly all into (gulp) robsten, but some lines…

          • uhm agreed. no regurgitating gossip. plus, the guy stew was with at coachella was her brother! not oregano!

        • Marie, UC deleted my comment, I hope she just didn’t read well and did it by accident…..I still cannot believe what you have said about a “free abortion” !!!!! And I cannot believe as well that you are claiming a “weak” or whatever for him…..I am sooo p….off, i cannot even say!

          • wow. I missed all the drama-what abortion comment?

          • RG – I understand your anger. This is such a sensitive issue, no matter which side if the fence you’re on. To have Marie say what she did about someone else’s relationship in such a cavalier way, is beyond disgusting.

          • Jules, thanks for your support, I needed that….<3

          • RG – Marie is a prime example of the type of Robfan who makes people think we’re all nuts.

          • I’m totes with you, Robgirl!!!!


          • @ Dazz — I dunno whats going on….some stuff don’t make sense…. perhaps things will calm down tomorrow.

            Anyway.. its raining outside now .. .. AND it got cold..
            WTF is that about!?? Its suppose to be 80 degrees.

    • Oh la, what happened here while I was away?
      To think it started with a simple observation on Rob indirectly “revealing” things he wants to be quiet about.

      • MP I missed it too, oh well. C’est la vie.

        Rob I love you no matter what and it’s your life. I will support you in whatever you do.

  26. I’d watch if he made an SNL appearance. But if it ends up sucking, I hesitate to put the blame on his shoulders. (Same with Tay-Tay)

    How much input do guests have on skits performed? It’s not as if they come on the show with ideas of what to do. At least that’s what I’d think.
    Wouldn’t it be more accurate to blame the writers for sucky material? I haven’t watched SNL in years for this very reason. Last time I watched, there were maybe two sketches in the whole show that were actually funny. The rest were second-hand embarrassing to watch because they were so UN-funny.

  27. Just quickly stopped by to tell ya chickas that I am still giving away the Remember Me sex scene. Just sayin…


    • Thanks B!

  28. How about Rob on 40 Rock? He could be a new intern that gets fought over by Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski while Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan give him tips on juggling the ladies.

    • you mean 30 rock..lOlz

      • Ha ha ha, I am trying to age everything, including TV shows!

  29. I would love to see Rob on SNL. He can’t do any worse than James Franco.

  30. Uh… edited a few comments cuz… um wow

    • Did I miss something when I was out at work? Knickers.

    • UC…would like to know why you deleted my comment to what Marie said? Her comment is still there, it’s awful to write such things about abortions….I didn’t get it! she is talking about …an abortion for free….that’s the most awful thing I ever read here …..

      • wait WHAT is going on?? abortion?? what does Rob have to do with abortion in any way?!

        • marie’s comment above was edited by UC for content.

      • RG where’s the abortion comment? I can’t find it.

        • Hi SB- check your email

      • check your email:) i responded to you- you did nothing wrong:)

        • thank you so much!<3

  31. Thanks Drsaka!

  32. help – fangirl fail! I’m not in the US – did Rob host the Jimmy Fallon show? (we don’t get it in Oz.) cos i know he was interviewed on it – but i don’t know about him hosting it…??

    • @Msliss.. nope he was on Jimmy Fallon show briefly.. (it was a repeat from a few mos ago. ) In anycase.. he did the “Bothered” scene… it was hilar.. you can see it on UTube as well… So the Jimmy Fallon spot (may) lead to something.. perhaps hosting Saturday Night Live here in the US which has been on the air since before I was born..

      Know that Robbie hosting Saturday Night Live (or SNL, as it is known as) is just a RUMOR at this point.. .. but perhaps if we all write Lorne Michaels the producer of SNL it may happen!! 🙂

  33. “MC Mumbles-A-Lot and you fight off a bear by talking so quietly and incoherently he forgets you’re there and leaves to eat some berries and pic-a-nic baskets”

    ROFLMAO!!! Oh, sweet little baby jebus, my side hurts now and I may also have to pee a little. That’s just PRICELESS!!

  34. Whoa… so glad I missed the drama today. Too busy gathering party supplies for my sons b-day.
    Oh! BTW, while walking through iParty looking for supplies, my todder was walking around with a balloon, looking at all the giant cutouts. We walked past Elvis, Obama, Harry Potter and Edward. He then saw the Taylor Lautner one and started to beat on it with his balloon! He knocked it over, I picked it up, grabbed my kid quickly and ran out of the store to give him a time out in the car, but I was trying not the laugh the entire time 🙂

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