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Robert Pattinson: The way we were…

Dear Rob,

I’ll admit it, things have felt different. I don’t know if it’s the fact that it’s basically confirmed that you have a girlfriend and we’re no longer in the exciting speculatory “are they-aren’t they” phase of our relationship or your relationship or whoever’s relationship. Or if it’s the fact that I’ve been so inundated with you for the past year and 1/2 and well, it’s only natural that things fade. Oh but don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying that the feelings HAVE faded- they haven’t. Are they as strong as they were on day 1? No. Are they as passionate as the first time our eyes met my eyes looked at your eyes not looking at mine? No. Do things feel as fresh and interesting as they once did? No. Have I watched every single one of your interviews? Or even more than ONE from the Remember Me press tour? No… Sigh… it’s kinda depressing. I miss it. I miss us. I miss the way we were when I was no one you knew (oh wait- that hasn’t changed) and you were SO new. Everything was new- even though you were wearing clothes you had owned for the past 7 years, they were still new to me! And now…. it’s just so normal.

So Rob, what is it? What is it that would light the fire in me again? Ya know- like when you think back to the days when you & I had the butterflies? Well, I started doing some thinking and then some digging because unlike any other relationship (or just like the relationships of crazy-times people who have time for that scrap booking shit), I have a complete record of the past year and 1/2 of our relationship, and luckily I have kept meticulous records. So, today I want to discuss what I miss. What I miss about US/YOU/ME and finding YOU for the first time.

Rob Pattinson Blue Sweater

So bad it's good

I miss…

That blue sweater. Sure it was worn back in the Harry Potter days when you were just a cute schoolboy, and then worn when you got confused in front of that church in Vancouver. [HOLD UP- I just checked my meticulous notes from the past year. In front of the church in Vancouver, you were NOT wearing the sweater like I once thought.] Whatever, I miss you getting lost in front of Praise & Worship signs. And I miss that blue sweater. Please wear it on your res-hoots in Vancouver. I don’t care if it’s 1,000 degrees up there right now. I miss it

Clare Pattinson

Gimme a call, Clare-bear!

I miss…

Your mom. And when we first “met” Clare & when we first “talked” (or when I talked to her and she pretended she didn’t see the letter I wrote come up in her google alerts)

I miss…

Not knowing the names of your past or present girlfriends and wondering who they were. I miss googling “Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend” and coming up with something other than some sort of combination of the names Robert & Kristen. I miss not being SO very aware of your love life that I feel like I could create the perfect woman for you- (ME). I miss wondering if I am your type (I’m not. I hate the ‘hood)

I miss….

Um, eff yes

There being new things to watch– new videos to see- new pictures. I miss feeling like I did when GQ Rob came out. Sure, maybe it’s not even your hottest photo-shoot anymore, but it is by far the most amazing. “Remember where you were?” It’s like when John Lennon was shot or when Hurricane Katrina happened or maybe like in Britain when the Queen dropped her polo stick or something. It’ll go down in history as a MAJOR MOMENT in the Robtimeline- “Remember where you were when the GQ Rob pictures came out?” It’s EPIC.

I miss…

When I hadn’t see you yet in person and wondering what it might be like to lose my Rob Pattinson virginity. And it WAS amazing, and it WAS magical, and I can’t wait for the 2nd or 2nd-in-a-half time to see you, but there will never again be a first….

I miss…

Listening to your music & feeling….. I dunno, like I was seeing you for the first time every time I heard your mumblish ways. (Go listen to Rob Radio right now!) I miss literally CRYING because I was an emotional mess and your mumbles just brought the tears while I was so blinded by my love for Twilight that I mistook the first film to be good art OR I was just really, really attracted to you (more likely, although I’ll be honest, there may have been a time when I considered Twilight to be good art but just because I drank the Twilight kool-aid, which is non alcoholic, and Stephenie-Meyer Approved)

I miss…

Taking the pocket-sized version of a character you portray with me to interesting places and making videos with him and his pocket-sized friend in the middle of a park in Los Angeles and barely even caring what other people thought. That’s like, really embarrassing now.

I miss…




Why yes- those ARE the very first pictures we posted of Rob EVER!

What do you miss about Rob!?

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  1. I miss Rob too.
    And it makes me nervous to think that I haven’t googled his name for a while.
    I want to go back to the way things were.

    • I just realized that sounds a bit insane.
      But it’s normal, right?

      • totally normal

    • I don’t google him as much as I used to, but that’s because when you do you only get boring gossip about him and Kstew…and sorry, but I just don’t care about the pair of them together, I’m interested in Rob related news and not Robsten news. In fact I’m starting to get so bored of the pair of them that I’ve started to lose some interest in him…kinda. Bring back the Rob news and stop with the Robsten news, unless they announce their engagement marriage, I’m just not intested in what they are doing together!!!!!

      • I agree-I don’t want to hear their names together-I’m only interested in Rob. I really can’t believe it’s more than PR or fwb. Rob looks so happy with his friends, yet they both look unhappy together. What I hate most is when it’s addressed in interviews and either a PR lackey jumps in and shuts it down or Rob giggles and plays it off somehow. It really makes me lose a tiny bit of respect for him and ruins the interview.

        I still love Rob, and spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about him, but the whole are they/aren’t they mess really turns me off.

        • @dazzle.. cheers.
          that’s why I support TomBert…

  2. I’m with you I miss the day the GQ photos came out will there be another day like that – he looked good before then I realised he could look AWESOME – also liked the day the shirtless photos in Italy came out that was hilarious internet nearly had a melt down.

    • shirtless photos from Italy *sigh* good times!!

    • *sigh*… Did you and JAG coordinate your posts today? Apparently she’s lost her Rob MoJo too…

  3. I miss him too! I’ve felt like this for so long.
    I no longer get the butterflies, I don’t think he looks hot in pictures anymore (especially papped from Bel Ami), I already know everything there is to know about him and I’m not particularly interested in finding out anything more. It makes me feel so sad.

    I’m looking forward to the Eclipse promos (which I suspect I might start to find boring – unless Robsten properly out themselves and decide to answer EVERY question about their private lives slung their way) – hopefully this will recapture my lust?

    PS: UC, I totally called out your Twilight Secret! 😉

    • @shleeigh
      I think the problem is that it’s become all about Robsten and that’s now become sooooooooo boring. I don’t even care if they ‘properly out themselves’! I think the whole ‘are they/aren’t they’ has finally run it’s course but at the sametime it’s made the pair of them (news wise) dull, dull, dull……Don’t really think that their handling of ‘the relationship’ was/is so sensible….over exposure just turns everyone off eventually, and it’s been milked for all it’s worth, to the point where most of us have got fed up with it and with them to some extent.

      • *nods*

      • Amen.

      • I never understood why they refused to answer the damn question whenever they were asked. During the twilight promos Rob never shied away from talking about his admiration for Kstew and it was plain to see that he had a pretty huge fucking crush on her. So when they started to play coy about the whole thing they became just another lame-ass hollywood couple who “want to keep something to ourselves” *eyeroll*

        • But do they “keep it to themselves”? Not really. If something is going on I’d much prefer they DID keep it to themselves, but constantly being caught at airports yet refusing to answer questions just fans the flames.

          • Totally agree! I’m tired of the are they/aren’t they. Who cares? Why hide it if you really care about each other???? It’s old & I for one am bored with the crap. I feel KINDA bad that I haven’t Googled him in several weeks (good God has it really been that long??? wow it has) but like ya’ll have said, when you do Google him all you get is shit about him & Stewart. I didn’t Google Robsten or any other variation of their combined names because I really don’t give a rat’s ass about the 2 of them as a couple or not a couple…I wanted to know about ROB.
            I miss the old days!!

            Ok, so obviously I’m in a rather pissy mood. Sorry. Hope everyone has a better day than I’ve obviously had.

          • Don’t you think that all the recent togetherness and constantly getting caught at airports is kinda answering the question? I don’t need them holding up a banner proclaiming “Our love is for realz, y’all” to connect the dots. It’s plain to see that they are in some kind of relationship. I know that some people think that it’s all PR. But that makes no sense to me. Cuz, um, why? I’m sure if they were asked the question outright now, they would not be able to deflect it any longer. It would just look retarded if they did that.

          • They have been asked the question, many times, and continue to give coy answers. If they’re together, why not answer? And why not act like a couple in public? Their behavior doesn’t scream relationship to me. At least not a healthy, normal relationship. But I guess if you’re fwb, you might not want to shout it out for all the world to know.

  4. I miss getting embarassed whenever my friends said his name because I hadn’t quite “outed” myself yet. Oh wait that still happens. Only know they mention him on purpose to get my attention..

    I guess what I really miss is seeing him wandering about undisturbed (like the time when he was lost at the church). Those were some sexy pictures.

  5. I was thinking the other day about the adventures of pocket Eddie. Those were the days…

    • Awe I love the days of pocket Eddie 🙂 lauren’s bite always had the best adventures with lil’ E

      • Haha! Yes, she did!

    • Hi Superhumanmoron! *waves* what happened to your avatar?

  6. ugh yes i miss him as well, BUT . . . i think when Eclipse comes out we will all feel what we felt before even just a little bit

  7. I miss those days too. What can we say? The butterflies just went away and no Eclipse promo tour is going to help that. The only thing that might bring back that tingly feeling (twss) is if Rob releases an album. Mmmm… mumbles all day long.

  8. Yeah I don’t watch/read much about him, but I don’t (want to) miss it, I just miss him and I don’t want that either.

    • Oh and I can”t believe that pic with the Men in White. Did they do the premiere at Burger King? And what’s with the dangerous looks? bwhahaha.
      And the adventures of pocket Edward…love it.

      • It’s from the Twilight premiere in London’s Leicester Sq. and the B.King just happens to be there. The Men and W in white are supposed to be vampires.
        I don’t want to know & identify almost every Rob photo there is, but I do. I’m lame.

        • I was wondering the same thing so thanks for enlightening me Jellybeanrainbow :-).

        • I remember seeing that woman in white standing behind Rob, and wondering why they didn’t hire her to be Rosalie. She looks like a vampire without even trying.

          • 🙂

        • hahaha thanks JB.
          Where you in London for the premiere?
          I am so confuzzeled right now after your expertise confession. I thought I found the no1 Rob info expert, who is hanging around here and will most def. recognise herself. Now you come along with your Robscience. I hope I meet you two one day and we’ll establish who is the absolute master. I’ll just humbly apply for the drinking master position.
          Cheers! And remember, do not drink untill 1 AM after a 12 h work day with no food.

  9. Well the cable knit sweater made an appearance in February on TomStu 🙂

    • I srsly think there is more to that ship than we’re ready to admit!!!

      • We can only hope.

        • ” we can only hope”?????

          not sure i follow you… I want to follow you… but, maybe not?

        • the day Rob wears TomStu’s duckie sweater I’ll die…

    • OMG! Maybe they bought them together, like Twinkies. The Gap probably had a buy-one-get-one free sale??? TomStu thought, I will pick up another one for my flat mate, YIKES, that doesn’t sound any better. I am going to act like I didn’t see that pic.

    • I believe the sharing of clothes thing between Rob and TomStu, contrary to appearances, is evidence of non-gay-itude. Think about it. They share a flat — according to rumors — and they have piles of clothes lying about, they don’t care whose clothes are whose, in fact they don’t really notice much about the color or style, they just pick up whatever smells OK off the floor and put it on, and off they go! Total grade-A dude-ness.

      • Yup!

        • double yup!

      • The picture of them picking up clothes from the floor…TOO…soooo sweet…def a dude thing!!!

      • The day RobStu will be revealed as gay or bi, I promise to do the most embarassing thing you guys at LTR choose for me.
        P.S. I’m not that internationally brave, I just know it won’t happen.

        • Its in black and white now, MP. We have memories like elephants!!! And we can we very creative.

        • Hmm. How do you define “bi”, MP? 1) “Actively seeks out members of both sexes” or 2) “kinda had an experiment one time when he was drunk”… cuz I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out that #2 has occurred at some point.

          • Oh you too just wish. I’m sure you’re already on photoshop mode.
            @draska I know I never doubted your creativity.
            @TOO I’ll only do a private embarassing thing, no material proof for any #2 speculations. And drunk swimming nekkid or exchanging boxers doesn’t count, cause we know they only have one drawer *cough the floor cough*for their common underweare.

          • Thanks, MP, even though I can’t type or review!!!

        • re: RobStu revealed as a couple one day… maybe when his popularity has cooled off a bit.. but yeah we have long memories..
          so.. sweetie your day will come heh heh. —
          I say.. no shaving, waxing or plucking for a year.

    • OMG – that is soooooooooooooooooooooooo funny! I thought that sweather died a long time ago!

    • Wow, we sold that sweater, “The Wooly V” at Express (the women’s store), in 1996.

    • This has made my day.

  10. I still feel the same way about Rob. I will never stop being a fan but I do miss the days when I could read about Rob without all the relationship stuff. Its not interesting anymore to read about are they or aren’t they because I don’t really care but that’s all the media seem interested in lately.

    Anyway I really hope the Eclipse promo is fun although I doubt he will be doing loads with filming WFE. I just like Rob interviews, even the really embarrassing ones which make me want to cringe lol.

    • I started following interviews with Rob during Twilight filming. There was almost nothing at that time and the interviews were so different from the way they are now.
      It was small local stations and internet sites. The biggest interviews were with MTV but even then things hadn’t exploded the way they have now.
      It feels like once more corporate biggun’s got a hold of it, everything turned to shite.
      The questions are all the same and, therefore, so are the answers. The New Moon press junket was boring for me. I can’t imagine how boring it was for them to answer the same questions.
      So, all that to say…I miss the days of long rambling interviews. They did make me smile and Rob seemed so different regular hollywood mill.
      It was refreshing. Still enjoy the pics and the wonderful people that write here and in a few other interesting sights but really try to skip all the glossy, gossipy bs.

  11. I was just thinking the other day that I should cancel his google alert because more often than not—I just erase them before even opening them (yes, I’m ashamed that I have his name on Google alert).

    I still totes love him and he is number 1 and possibly 2 on my Freebie 5 list…but the spark is fading a tiny bit. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t abandon everyone and thing in my life if he asked me to be with him (because I would–sorry kiddies, I’ll send you postcards!).

    It’s not that he’s any less amazing (although his chioce of girlfriends makes me question him), I am just a tad bit over it. Ya know?

    • @kat

      ‘It’s not that he’s any less amazing (although his choice of girlfriends makes me question him)[and his sanity], I am just a tad bit over it’…..

      LOL my sentiments exactly. 🙂

  12. I miss that delish discovery of angst that took me totally by surprise when I watched Twilight for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th… er, time. The intense look in “Edward’s” eyes when he demands that Bella.. “say it… out loud!” Unnggh!

    Now… I think it’s all Way Too cheesy… and I’m sure ( yeah, right) Rob feels the same way.

    IMHO… He should take his millions, go back to England… do some BBC projects… some stagework… buy a house… find a really pretty, smart “Rose” garden to plow… eat good food and pump some iron… and come back to us in a few years via some awesome kick-ass film… where he gets to act and look like a full-grown M-A-N!

    His boyish adorkabillity is sweet… but I’m ready for some Nitty-Gritty Rob. I’d pay big bucks to see THAT!

    • Noooooooo, dear Rob, don’t grow into a man just yet. There’s so many men around and not enough boys I would want to make out with. If Julia Robert and Nicole Kidman can do it, you can do it too: look like a boy until you’re 40.

    • @robsessedx2
      I think you are right he should move back to England and get involved in some good British films. Watched Harry Brown the other day…..bloody marv film with Sir Michael Cain and Ben Drew aka Plan B

      It seems a really shame that Rob is missing out on the British Film scene….Cemetary Junction looks good and Rob would have been great in this, but the writers didn’t want to cast someone like him in the role because of his hollywood (twilight) career…it’s a shame cos he’d be good in something less teeny and more meaty, but I think that any serious film maker in England would think twice before casting him now…..

      • This is the “problem”… and while I’m unfamiliar with the projects you speak of… I have always found that most of the film actors I admire are from the “British” shcool… and are generally much better than the majority of our home grown kids.

        In my 40+ opinion… he needs this “shiz” to end quickly- which is why I totes BALKED at the idea of BD needing TWO films to tell the story? WTF? As an audience member it peeves me to think that SE is working so hard to exploit and milk this cow for all it’s worth… because after all…. who knew ANYTHING about Summit Entertainment before… well, you know.

        But I digress…. like Rob would read any of this stuff anyway. LOL!

        • Hello…?

          Summit entertainment brought us many movies …… they are behind ” Step Up” AND “Step Up 2 – take it to the streets” Step up 3D

          and dont forget —
          Domino, The Hottie and the Nottie, Mr and Mrs Smith, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Evita etc.etc.

          • @tigerkitten

            Sorry, but Summit have nothing to shout about if these are the kind of films they back……..

            Not one of those films was worth anything…..and I love Hunter S. Thompson! – and Fear and Loathing in Las Vagas is one of my all time fav books! I can think of a million (slight exag) British low budget films that blow each and every one of those films out of the water……

            I’m on a bit of a ‘defending the British Film Industry’ today…..

            Don’t mean to be rude…but those films suck!…actually that is rude….that’s just my opinion and mine alone.

            Actually Domino wasn’t that bad and it had one benefit that I can see………the crazy that is Mickey Rourke…love him, love him, love him!!!

          • MMM!

            No defense necessary. I totally get it. LOL

            I love Domino cause it has Keira in it and if we could just get her in a movie with the HHH. La sigh.

      • I’d really like him to continue to do films like Bel Ami in Europe, and some British TV (because we do make VERY good quality TV when we try) and of course some stage work. And I am pretty certain this is his intent too thank god.

        Yes his profile may make him a less than popular choice in a relatively low budget Brit film, but you can’t have it all, and he has alot presently, so some things may have to be sacrificed for a while.

        Not interested in cliched Hollywood blockbusters, stupid Jennifer Anniston-like formula driven romcoms and for the love of god 2 x Breaking Dawn sounds like something we can all live without though I begrudgingly accept that some form of BD is going to have to be done.

        And to answer today’s question, I am just as happy today to gaze adoringly at a beautiful, talented and charismatic young man as I was over a year ago, but luckily I manage not to spend quite so much time doing it. But he is still lovely …

        • You said everything I’ve been thinking.

        • My “problem” with his post-Twi career choices is that it’s still about romances, certainly a lot more qualitative, certainly there is so much more to it, and I am certainly not complaining about RM (oh my), but I think he should do a completely different non-endearing character if he wants to be taken seriously by the snobbish/intellectual/”respectful”/tweed serious/whatever press/industry. At least outside of Hollywood. I suppose that was a career strategy that his Hollywood agent/manager advised him (hence all the huuuuge James Dean-ish talk) but I’m not sure they realise his real image outside the Twi Am. bubble.

      • reminder BEL AMI is a brit film. we’ll ahve to wait and see – man whore Georges will probs be a meaty part…and we know he choses roles for the character..stay tuned.

  13. I love that one of him in the black shirt lying down… Hawt! His hands where they are like beg you to look there. 🙂

    • I wonder if the photographer was responsible for making him place his hands like that, with his thumb looking like a, well, you know, just look at it, and whether Rob knew what that was going to look like.

      • Is it just me, or does Rob have REALLY BIG THUMBS?

        • UNF

        • You know what they say – big thumbs, big *****! We could only dream.

      • I’m thinking S. Ritz was the one briefing the photographer.

        • I want to know more about her. She and Nick F. sure keep themselves in the background. Ahh, the stories they could tell us!

  14. well,i miss him but just him not that i don’t find him as before and miss old’s been 6 months i guess(no i don’t count days..sort of 🙂 )
    since i’m Robsessed so i’m kinda new and missed all the GQRob,oscarRob,Remember me summer etc.i didn’t feel the excitement then so just had to work hard to catch up everything what i’d missed.But i really liked no luved so much RM press junket Rob (more than NM)the whit t-shirt,half bra,gray suit…and the movie as well. and every time i read or watch his interviews i feel the same; there is so much to learn and enjoy about him,he still manages to surprise me.(Details)i didn’t like the BA pics but i’m sure that the movie will kill me.i’m so exciting about WFE and glad he dosen’t shove up in public those days.

    • Che<3…"he still manages to surprise me"…yes,yes,yes!

    • Che I LOVE YOUR avatar thingy!!!!

      VIVA CHE!

  15. I miss wondering if I am your type (I’m not. I hate the ‘hood’

    Dear ROB
    i litrally love hood
    i’m perfect for u

    • Daer Rob,

      We’re totally each other’s type. May I just suggest we wait untill tomorrow morning, I’m not sure we both are in our greatest shape this late/early AM.
      OK, It’s a date then.

  16. Ok, read the comments and have to say, that I’m obviously not normal in my love, I mean NOT normal in the (NOT) NORMAL way….or so

    My love is there, no fading at all, it’s still growing..
    I guess just BECAUSE I know him so much better than at the beginning one year ago…

    So in my relationsship with him is still the only sad component that Rob has no clue HOW “good” “we” are after all that time…..


    P.S. Love the pic with the grey pants (where are they…?), the raybans and the dadcase

    • Rg…isn’t that the meaning of love!!! Sure I look back at times and pictures where he just left me speachless but we don’t love him just for past things…we wait for his “evolution”… I am excited to just see what he is going to do next or how he will look…so my love for him just grows!!!

    • I’m with you Robgirl. My love doesn’t seem to be fading at all. In fact, I think it’s intensified since Remember Me came out. Going straight to Robsessed, googling all things Rob, and coming here to ltr are still first on my agenda each morning and listening to Rob sing “I’ll be your lover too” (my own personal lullaby) is the still last thing I do before going to sleep at night. Yeah, my craziness continues undisturbed…

      • Same here tupelo…a couple of months ago I didn’t even knew LTR and the only thing I did was googling Rob and watching zillions of vids about him! But somehow it was every day the same…and news of him were mostly gossip I didn’t even want to believe. Now being on LTR is enough for me…you fead me with all the Robnews I need (and no gossip at all)…

        Yeah…my love/devotion/robsession continues undisturbed…

      • Amen tupelo! I’m with ya! It seems like remember me revived my passion for him again! It’s only gonna get better especially with eclipse coming up and watching him film wfe!!!! Yummy!!

    • I’m not normal either, see my comments below LOL. I have this penchant for commenting before reading everyone’s comments. Anyway, like I said below I’m even more robsessed now than I was last yr. Not normal, hahahaha. Oh who cares? I thought maybe after over 1 yr of crushing/ogling Rob would have been enough for me. Usually in relationships, it kind of goes stale after a year(unless you’re doing something special, I dunno), but I’m still crazy for Rob! I feel like Madonna. Haha.


      • Ok SB, let’s sing together:

        “Rob, can’t you feel the weight of my stare? You’re so close but still a world away… What I’m dying to say is that I’m crazy for you. Touch me once and you’ll know it’s true… Never wanted anyone like this…”

        LOL. Girl, I haven’t thought of that song in years (highschool maybe?) but seems to fit huh?

        • hey TP, well I think I was 5 when the song came out? I don’t remember but you know, I love old songs anyway. I like Madonna!

          Yes let’s sing, now I feel like a karaoke moment. 🙂

          “Swaying home like the music starts, strangers making the most of the dark, two by two their bodies become one…

          “I see you through the smoky air(cigarette smoke?). Can you feel the weight of my stare, you’re so close but still a world awayyyyyyyyyyyyy….. Awwww. yes it does fit! This part is like me meeting Rob at a pub and of course it’s smokey there(except here in Louisville, no smoking in pubs), and yeah I’d be staring like crazy, in a daze.

          Ok I think I need a drink…haha. And a big hug.

          • You need a drink? LOL. Can’t help you there but consider yourself {{{ hugged}}}…..

            So glad to have folks to share this craziness with or I’d seriously question my sanity…

          • TP thanks for my virtual hug!


    • My robsession saga continues…..

    • I’m still 150% obsessed with Rob, too — butterflies are still there every time I see him. I still read my Google alerts every day, even if they don’t offer up any new information.

      Fanfiction helps keep that fire white hot. Between Lemony Edward, Tattward and Domward (and Tattward again) there’s little chance that it’ll be extinguished any time soon… and by “soon” I pretty much mean “EVER”.

  17. Girls, what is happening to us all?!!!! Is this the end of a beautiful relationship? The signs are everywhere:

    1. I don’t rush to watch every single video out there;

    2. My darling Pocket Eddie has been relegated to my kitchen window ledge where he now watches me wash dishes everyday rather than journey around the world in my handbag;

    3. Recent pics of Rob I’ve just gone blah at rather than dribble;

    4. My secret Robporn stash has not increased in months;

    5. On seeing Twilight related merchandise, I just roll my eyes and walk on by (where I once got all giddy);

    6. My excitement over Eclipse is at a 5.0 on the Richter Scale;

    7. My excitement over the 3rd Series of True Blood is at a 9.0 on the Richter Scale;

    8. Seeing the Eclipse trailer at the movies didn’t even make me do a fangirl squeal;

    9. I’m now wondering what I can do with my life size cutout of Edward Cullen a la New Moon?;

    10. So, is that it Rob? Is it over? Not quite…….Forks trip with the Twitarded gals in late September should be one for the scrapbook for sure 🙂


    • #7…. def #7… and I don’t even have cable.

      Eric Northman…. DO ME!


      • Eric Northman is a god. End of story.

        • HOT ALEX as HOT ERIC, GAHHH!!

          • I’m suffering a rush of blood to the pelvis at the very mention of this man.

        • Oh God he so is. He does things to me that even Rob doesn’t. Sorry Rob, you can always come challenge this in person!

          • Oh god…

    • You’re going to Foooorks!!!!!! I’m double jealous – 1. Because it’s Foooorks!!!and 2. You’re going with the twitarded gals (they are amazeballs, I ache from laughing so much at their hilarious posts). I hope you have a fabulously whorey time.

    • Alex, smalex. Okay I like him but on topic, this is funny…

      • @jules

        Who is this man????? He looks like he’s been caught in a wind tunnel….doesn’t hold a candle to HHH.

        • He’s the hunk from True Blood, mentioned above.

          • which one? He doesn’t look like anyone from True Blood? or has there been some heavy duty hairbrushing going on? So heavy that they’ve managed to make him look like nobody on the bloody programme?

            Actually is he in the 1st series that’s the only one I’ve seen so far. it’s ok, but I have to say my fav part are the credits / song at the beginning!!!!

          • aah, used to love True Blood in my series time, nothing to do with stupid Vapire Diares. And Alex was hot in the series. Kinda rediculous int the photoshoot.

          • I think he’s very good in the series. Its a crazy show.

  18. Memories, like the corners of my mind…
    misty watercolor memories of the way we were…

    Can it be that it was all so simple then?
    or has time re-written every line?
    If we have the chance to do it all again, tell me could we? would we?

    *tears* I miss him so much *sob*

  19. I don’t google Rob but I sure wiki him to see if they have changed that Paris New Moon promo pic of his…*sigh* The other day I was watching some really old (ok a year old) interviews of Rob shot during Twilight promotion. And it BAFFLED me to see that he hasn’t changed one bit! I admit I haven’t seen all the Remember Me interviews but I have seen a few and he seems like the same awkward yet adorable guy that he was a year and a half ago! That made me respect him so much more as a person and I really hope he stays this way.
    I remember that blue sweater. Back then when I was an HP dork, (and Twilight was non-existent) I remember seeing a pic of the cast from Goblet of Fire and then I saw ‘that Cedric guy’ was there too. Standing in all his glory wearing that infamous blue sweater. I miss that Rob is not that unknown anymore. I miss the fact that when I say that I love Robert Pattinson, I get frowned upon for crushing on a teen heartthrob (uggh). I really hope once BD is done, Rob continues doing character-driven roles so that people realize that he’s more than a pretty face.

  20. Aww, this actually made me sad. 😦 I’m going to cry! Oh, Ron… I mean Rob.

    And this –> “Not knowing the names of your past or present girlfriends”

    is so true. SIGH!

    • Katie, don’t cry :-(.

      Or maybe you should, and then you can put your head on his shoulder…like in the song.

      • Ooooh, this is true! You see the silver lining in everything. 🙂

        • What can I say, I’m an optimistic person :-).

  21. Dear Uc
    Dear Moon

    Like every day, befor reading todays post, I read the comments of last night…
    Today I have the need to apologize!!! I am so sorry that the right you gave us to comment on your site has been misused (abused) in such a way! Our love for Rob (even our crazyness) does not excuse or justify any lack of morals, ethics, good manners (such as being polite and sensitive) or even the lack of the simple knowledge of what is right or wrong!
    The anonimity of the internet doesn’t mean that we can open our mouth and say what’s on our mind without thinking!!! Yesterday’s “special” comment was not only an insult to you both…but also to us and above all to Rob!!!

    I hope Rob knows that we are different! I even refuse to call myself a Robfan…I am just a girl who loves Robert Pattinson and the only thing that really matters to me is him being happy!!!

    I am sorry for the unrelated comment to todays post!
    Things like that just make me sad…because…and this may sound crazy…I have to sort of fight every day for the privilege of being here with you!!!

    Enough said!!!

    Love you

    Ps…About Rob…I always miss him…always love him… every day a bit more…no matter what!!!

    • well said Mel!<3

    • Good job Mel!

  22. The RobLine is getting shorter?
    I think I might stick it out, see what happens.

    • @jules
      for all my grumbling, you’re still going to have to get behind me in that line 🙂

      • M!M!M! – I’ve got my eyes on you…

        • hahahahahaha…..keep watching 🙂

    • Jules….the line is getter shorter….one lovely delusion…that is…

      Everytime he is away for ….2 days.. or so…it seems like that, but it’s not really true…sigh*………. again, it’s part of the mysterium


      • Rg…are you reading my mind girl??? Did I tell ya I love ya today???

      • RG- this says it all, non?

        • hahhahhahhahaha, yeah, it says it all!!!!


        • Jules, why did you have to bring ‘Ghastly Astley’ into this????? Why?

          • OMG Drsaka, I cannot agree more….’ghastly Astley’…..lmao!

          • There was some music biz publication that I used to read that ALWAYS referred to Mr. Astley this way.

          • …and wasn’t Ass*tly on here a week or so ago? I don’t remember him being on the radar since I was in jr. high.

          • HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
            Drsaka, I did bring the ghastly one in, didn’t I?

          • SWD – If he was on here recently, I didn’t notice, I haven’t been on much. I hate to traumatise you girls.

          • I’m never going to forget this, Jules.

          • You’ll hold that grudge, won’t you? heh

          • As I said to MP above, we have memories like elephants.

        • Jules…I love this song…so true…sooo true!!!

      • Robgirl~

        Mysterium? love that word.

        • just invented! lol

          • 🙂

    • @jules…that line will get veeeery long after eclipse again sweety…I’m so sorry to disappoint you (won’t even talk about the girls that will line up after Bel Ami)…as much as we would like to be…alone with him…this will neva eva happen!!! 😀

      • @Mel – I agree… after the orgy scene in Bel Ami comes out there will be a whole new legion of RobGirls coming out of the woodwork! Can’t wait for the BA press tour to begin 😉

        And I think once the Leg Hitch is out there for us all to see on the big screen, those with fading feelings will find their butterflies and tingles resurface with a vengeance!

        • Leg Hitch!!!

          • MFing LEG HITCH!!

        • Yep…yep…LEEEEEEEEEEEEG HITCH 😀 😀 😀

    • Keep your eye on the length of the Robline, Jules!!

      Maybe its normal for our enthusiasm (or acute fondness) to wax and wane a bit, every now and then.

      Dear Rob, please have a word vomit interview, trot out all your old clothes (we know that you still have them), get lost in front of churches, sew up the new rip in the Stoli t-shirt, talk about your favorite food items and to sum up, be your adorkable self who happens to take incredibly hot photos.

      I promise that my (our) acute fondess will assert itself again.

      Yours in a karaoke version of ‘The Way We Were’,

      • Drsaka –
        Rob(line) + Length in the same sentence almost made me dizzy.
        Mel & RG – I know, I know, let me have my moment of wishful (and wistful) thinking.

        • hahaha, okay, I’ll cool in the innuendo for now. I don’t what you to be dizzy and get hurt. You need to be healthy when Rob stops by…..

          • oops, I’m still as typing challenged as ever- I’ll cool it with the innuendo for now-

        • Ok honey you are right…I’m sorry…every girl has the right to have a special dream (or wishfull thinking) about the Pretty…it was wrong to kill it for you 😀

      • Drsaka – “memories, light the corners of my mind…..”

    • I’m gonna be here forever Jules….:-) Definitely stick it out. I’m in for the long haul.

      • Forever is the word SB…I’m working on the foreverpart! 🙂

        • Mel, lol, I love that! I want to write a letter to Rob and leave it in Juliet’s wall, in Verona. Maybe Rob will find my love letter to him someday. *Sigh*

          Actually Summit has a new movie coming out and they have the same wall(in Verona), a woman leaves a love letter to her sweetheart and someone finds it 50 yrs later. I think I’m gonna see that movie, I’m a hopeless romantic.

          • SB, trust ..that “wall” in Verona is the tiniest wall I ever saw, NO space for all your Rob love<3

          • Rg…sweety…let us dream for a while…that there IS actually a wall/hole… big enough to put all our Rob love in… just sayin…

          • robgirl, well that’s ok, I’ll squeeze it in as much as I can! You’re right, I have way too much roblove….thanks XOXO.

            Mel why don’t we erect a robwall in Greece? A very big one!!! To contain all our big love for Rob!

          • SB…I’ll donate my house…has biiiiig walls…we’ll have plenty of space for our Roblove!!!

          • The words “Rob”, “wall” and “hole” are all very suggestive when put together. Just sayin’…

          • puma…OMG…love how your mind works…just sayin’…

          • Puma, well you know, we are all very flirty and suggestive so….hehehehe. I’m surprised I said the “e” word and no one noticed?

            Well ok we can make your house a shrine for Rob! Maybe we can start charging an entrance fee…just kidding. Rob is priceless ya know.

          • I am a pervy lady. I have accepted this.

          • Who said we didn’t notice the “e” word…SB…we are just being… you know, ladies…just for today…

            Nah…free of charge…only Rob visiting once in a while…I’m dreaming here, just dreaming…

          • Mel oh come on, you know you want to say it! LOL

      • Yes, SB, YES! The rewards may be bountiful! Think about it, if he thinks less people are “watching” him, he may revert to his ’08 Robitude

        • Yeah I bet he even misses that when he could still go to the corner store and not be papped. He didn’t even need “Dean” back then.

          • Don’t tempt me SB…don’t tempt me 😀

          • Of course this was a comment to the “you know you want to say it”… you made me think of the “e” word and see what happens…lol…

      • Yes, he won’t get rid of me that easily – I think I’m here for the loooooong haul! Propably when I’m eighty and in a retirement home for the elderly I’ll be watching re-runs on t.v of old Rob movies doing a litte “sqeeeeeeeee – Rob is on” and having heart palpatations (only this time they could be fatal……)!!!

        • LMFAO!!! We should rent our rooms in that retirement home asap…we HAVE to be all together guys…this would be soooo much fun…us in our 80s drooling over Rob over a coup of tea and lots of pills!!!

          • LMAO!!!!! We are so gonna be better than the Golden Girls!

    • What? You didn’t think you would have a party without me, did you?

  23. Rob- Bring back that lovin’ feeling… ooooh, that lovin’ feeling

  24. Jesus effin’ Christ, I was reading this and thought, This is ME. I know, I know, we ALL feel like that but this one is right on the money. I just got back from London (my first trip), all the while half-hoping I would run into Rob and have my Notting Hill HOLY F*CK moment, only to discover that he was in freaking Budapest the whole time. So yeah, I’m still an RP virgin as far as ever meeting him. And I’m ok with that because it gives me SOMETHING to hold on to. I hung out on a set with George Clooney and Anna Kendrick last year (no lie!) as an extra, and what I learned from that is – even though George is an effin’ GOD, he’s normal and very cool. I assume Rob is the same, if not more so. The point to my long arse story is, he still makes us smile and puts a little happy in my day. For now, that’s enough for me.

  25. UC Love you! You put up a picture featuring the BBJ & some stubble! You also nearly made me cry. For. Realz.

  26. Thanks UC for all these lovely photos! I have to agree with you on the GQ photos, I love love love them! I remember standing inside Borders last yr staring at those pics but I was too embarrassed to get the mag(my DH was there). Now I totally would have gotten it! I especially love that one you posted above, with his hands in between his legs.

    I don’t know but I think I’m actually in worse shape now(with my robsession) than last year. Lately I’m missing him but for different reasons, it’s the fact I have not seen any recent pics of him, or no new interviews. I still listen to his music and I’m still amazed. Sigh. But yeah when I see him, it’s like first time all over again, so sweet. I’m really longing for the day I get to meet him in RL.

  27. I think this song is so perfect for today’s post. I sure hope the link works.

    • Cath and Mel, I thought of you both!

      • AHHHH…sigh!!!

      • Thanks SB! 🙂

  28. I miss Rob too. I may or may not have been drunk tweeting Jackson Rathbone(r).

  29. I was just thinking about this the other day! I listened to Rob’s music for the first time in a really long time, and was kind of like “….aww memories.” But I didn’t get that same FEELING as the first few (hundred) times I heard those songs. And it’s the same with pictures and interviews, and everything else. I think it’s partly due to over-exposure, but also it’s just that it isn’t NEW anymore. I think for me, he could come out during the Eclipse promos wearing the blue sweater or the Stoli shirt with the the sex hair (God, I miss the sex hair), and I would probably giggle and squee, but it just wouldn’t feel the same as when it was new and exciting. I guess that’s just part of life though. I miss being giddy with my one RL Twi-friend, talking about Rob and giggling like 13 year olds. I miss discovering his personality and his character. Do you guys remember when that supposed Facebook chat with his friend leaked, and “Rob” talked about “getting” Kristen or whatever? I was disillusioned for like days lol. Now I really couldn’t care less about whether they are or aren’t. It’s just boring. But anyways, yeah. Enough rambling. I’m just glad to see that it’s not just me going through this!

  30. Aww this post & the comments make me so sad ;-(
    Am I being too sentimental? I still feel protective of our boy. Totally normal I guess that the “intensity” of the obsession should wane given time – as long as we still love & support him/his work… y/y?? I need reassurance. such a softie.

  31. I am probably nowhere near as gung-ho on Rob as I used to be, but he still gives me the vapors.

  32. I popped my Twi-cherry about a year ago so my Rob-lovin’ is still kinda new. FF keeps it going hard (TWSS). Listening to his music still gives me butterflies. But the one thing I miss is that it seems like he was so much happier back then. (Maybe all this Robsten nonsense makes him cranky! I volunteer to relieve him of any tension.)

  33. I miss caring about Rob. It’s like having your youngest leave the nest, even thought I have no youngest nor a nest. But you get my point.

  34. I miss Rob. I just thought yesterday about how much I miss Rob. But then I remembered that I don’t even KNOW Rob and if I did, I might not miss that asshole at all. Maybe, but maybe not. What I do miss is being on here everyday and emailing back and forth with my LTR girls.
    The best thing about Rob? He gave me OL friends that are every bit as great (and sometimes cooler) as my RL friends.
    Sigh, I’ve even allowed Ian Somerhalder to creep onto my Five Freebies list which used to be 1through5 Rob. Now it’s 1,2 Rob 3 Ian 4,5 Rob.
    Still Robsessed but not nearly as much as before.
    PS. Where’s ML today? I miss her and SB, and RG, and…

    • Hi <3, I'm under you know 🙂

    • Honey I’m here and RG too. ML I think is at work, she’ll be here later. How are you? How’s the baby? Email me please, I was thinking of you, so glad you came here today.

    • Amen to Ian!

    • I’m under you now 🙂

      • again…lol

    • Hi SS~

      Rob gave me so many cool friends…and a new vocab and…and…and…

      Glad you came to ltr today…I think about you!


  35. Dear Rob,

    I’m so not inspired today, and so busy…So let me just boring state that I miss you.
    Bo-ring, I know.



    P.S. I am going to see RM tomorrow though, for the first time! (am late, I know!) So expect me to be back in Roblove very soon. 😉

    • Hi Cath, not boring. Its the message of the day.

      Dear Rob, we miss you. Please come back to us.

    • @Cath
      I went to see it for the first time last Wednesday, the cinema was pretty full considering it was a wednesday tea time (4pmish). Whilst I was waiting for the film to start a couple came in….they must have been 80 if they were a day…..this actually caused some giggles from the back and I did find myself wondering if they’d got the right film!

      By the By it was ok! The story was a bit dull (not really my cup o’tea) but he can act…..far better than any of his other films (even Little Ashes and I really like that movie) I was quite shocked because the critics plus some of the blogs have been less than complimentary. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it! and HE’S REALLY GOOD (bar one scene but I wont spoil it for you…)

    • Cath…after RM…I guarantee…you’ll be back…harder!!!

    • Cath, I’m so excited for you! Finally we can talk about it!


    • Thanks for weighing in you guys!!! Will let you know what I thought about it ofcourse! 🙂

      • don’t forget my advice for plainly enjoying the movie undercover.

  36. Awe the little Edwards in the meadow video! I miss that I didn’t get to see the early stuff of Twilight, Rob, and LTR/LTT because I came soooo late to the party.

    But the first time I saw that video, it made me feel at home here. I thought, “These are so my people.” It reminded me of the dumb stuff my best friend and I used to do when we were roomates. I miss those days.

  37. I love Rob and every day my love get’s stronger.
    I am alway’s to his web page’s for info and looking for new picture’s of him.
    I wish he would do another photo shot soon.
    In my eyes he’s a god, I even have a special name for him ( Robdonis ) so, I don’t think my love for him will be fading anytime soon.
    He’s a drug and I’m hooked.

    Ps I would love to meet him someday, and maybe go to dinner or a movie with him, and become friends. That’s my dream.

  38. ahh.. the old days. remember this?

    • LMAO forever.

  39. Tears 😦

    Okay no tears….but I do miss more Drunk Ron pics. A lot, always my fav. But also I do miss that Dadcase. I once wrote a post on the Forum saying that we were all hanging out in Rob’s Dadcase (Yes, I called him Rob back then). Goo Time goo times. Oh Ron! Please get shitty more often and get your mug papped.

  40. Nothing like some gorgeous Vamps in front of a ‘Burger King’ bwah!

  41. I remember when I would check my google alerts like every 5 seconds, now he isnt even on there. I remember when I too took pocket eddie places (to meet up with barbie and Twilight release parties) now pocket eddie’s arm isn’t even attached(and I’m not sure where he is) Oh how I remember and miss the “good ol days”

  42. If you only like Rob because of Edward, I can see whay it gets old…

    My lfeelings for him changed, for sure. There´s less passion now. Like I heard somewhere, Passion is a temporary Crazyness. But I believe that my passion turned in to love. I can wait to see him in other parts. I really liked him in Remember Me, The Bel Ami pictures are Great and I can´t wait to see him in Water for Elephants. He´sdoimg some interesting choice. I´m sure he´s not gping tp always get the right part, but he will do some incredible one.

    And even tough I love some really Hot photos of him, I don´t really care if in some parts he looks ordinary or bad (if that´s possible). I don´t care if he has long hair, short hair, shaved hair.

    I´m a fan of his as an actor and not just as a hot star. Actually I roll my eyes when people seems to care only by his “Edward´Looks” , big hair and brooding face.

    Man he is more than Edward, so much more

  43. A friend asked me today…”what is it about this Robert of your’s?” Well…here’s the answer…coming from him…

    or if you prefer…

  44. My version of I put a spell on you..! with Nina Simone.. enjoy the Robbie porn. xH

    • This is soooo much better…hermes…love you!!!

    • ❤ Nina Simone!

      • Robbie and Nina (sigh) =smexy… Not as good as our resident videographer.. but I try.

        Makes me want to drink a vodka martini straight up and wear black satin and pearls. I should have saved this one for Rob Porn Friday’s but I couldnt resist.. speaking of which…

        I need to do one with TomStu… unfortunatly, he looks like a 13 yr old girl sometimes… I hate that ducky+tulips sweater.. –tomstu would be a challenge.
        what music for tomstu ??

        • Depeche Mode, definitely.
          “Master and Servant”

      • I have said this more than once on this site

        NINA SIMONE is all and every kind of win. I think I may have all her stuff on my ipod! 🙂

        • This is WAY out there… In the film “Unfaithful” when Diane Lane is in the bathtub listening to music from French Paul , is it Nina Simone? And if so, what’s it called. It’s not on the Unfaithful soundtrack.

  45. The build up to New Moon was like the most anticipated thing I’ve ever encountered. (Life? Me? Nah…) I wasn’t that excited to turn 21, to learn how to drive, to have a Checkers Champ burger again after moving from Florida, almost nothing compared. And I had to go through it all by myself because I had not yet discovered the awesomesauce that is LTR/LTT.
    For Eclipse I reeeeeeally hope I’m not like that again.
    But I will be like something in heat when the release of Bel Ami approaches next year.

    • @ Keisha ~ “But I will be like something in heat when the release of Bel Ami approaches next year.”

      Bwahahhaaha – TOTES RAD. I second that.

  46. I miss the good old days when I thought that K Stew was just a front for bigger and better things with Tom Stu. I miss my friends and I making bets as to what team Rob was batting for. Oh how we laughed and called you metro sexual Rob. We love you ROB!!! We don’t care which way you swing it. Just as long as you do. You will forever be our sexy boy.

    • i’m betting he’s still with a stu.. (tomstu that is).

  47. I love Rob and everyday that love gets stronger.
    i go on his web pages to get info and pictures of him. I wish he would do a photo shot. because in my eyes he’s a god, I even a special name for him (Robdonis) so my love for is far from fading.
    You see, he’s like a drug to me and I’m hooked.
    Ps I would love to meet him someday and go to dinner or a move , and become friends.
    That’s my dream.

    • that sounds all sweet what u are saying…

    • LOL, amen on the robdonis!!!!!

    • ….think I’d rather BE dinner.

  48. Well, I am totally smitten, and although I only recently became a fan (being the last person on the planet to see Twilight), I have the feeling this is for the long haul. Today is my birthday and all I want is Rob. No gift wrapping required, although a red bow would be nice.

    • Happy Birthday! I can’t give you Rob (because I’d keep him for myself, naturally), but please accept my birthday wish!

      • @drsaka,

        ooooooo you’re just lovely! 🙂

        • but unwilling to share!!

          • drsaka,

            Thank you for the birthday wish, and of course I can understand the unwillingness to share.

    • Lynn, happy birthday!

      • Thanks, southernbelle!!! 🙂

    • Happy B-Day… and where does the bow go?

      • Snowwhitedrifted,

        Yeah, I thought I’d be tasteful and not specify where exactly the bow would go, but I would just leave it up to each individual’s imagination. I know where I would want to see it.

        • Ha ha, I had to go there. It’s been that kind of day. Glad you did too.

  49. God how I miss Goofy Rob!!! In his early interviews he could say the craziest shit and it would crack me up royally!!! Now it seems like his comments are too closely monitored. Rob should be free to say what ever he wants!!! Real Rob ftw!!!

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