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Kissing Rob Pattinson

Dear Rob,

I was having a friendly little chat with our friend @KStew411 about the craziness in the Twidom as of late & the subject of the feud between your Remember Me kiss vs your New Moon kiss came up. See, I didn’t know there was an actual feud, but apparently the voting started for the nominations for MTV Movie awards, and both of your kisses are up for a potential slot . Instead of saying “Both kisses please” like any normal person, it’s getting serious between those rooting for your New Moon kiss with Kristen & those on “Team Remember Me kiss turning-into-sex against the wall.” KStew411 made a distinction between the fans voting for your NM kiss versus the fans voting for your RM kiss and I thought it pretty accurate. So today I decide to delve deep into all the different kisses you’ve had and make up completely figure out what it means about the fans that like one kiss over another.

If your favorite kiss is from….


You are a traditionalist that doesn’t like to try new things. Most likely THIS was your first experience with the beautiful lips of Rob Pattinson. But being a traditionalist is not necessarily a bad thing, because in this first choice of RobKiss, we have passion unlike any other. The passion shown here in this kiss is SO powerful it causes a grown man to be THROWN from the arms of his love and leaves us panting, wanting more (and will keep us wanting more for a few more years). You like the chase. You like the fade to black. You like the wait & and the angst & the tension. Basically you like giving a guy blue balls.

Or you’re a hardcore Robsten shipper. One of the two.

Little Ashes

You’re a little freaky & into a little man-on-man action from time to time. You, unlike most women out there, don’t groan when your man asks you to join him at the bar to watch a UFC fight. And you don’t just go “because they have good wings.” You get a little excited when Georges St. Pierre, in his tight short shorts, wrestles whichever guy he’s about to destroy to the ground and humps him in the name of a sport. You also write 3-way slash fan fiction about Bobby Long, Marcus Foster & Rob Pattinson. And sometimes TomStu.

New Moon

Taylor Lautner for "Almost 12"

If THIS is your favorite kiss- the one without any tongue- you’re probably between the ages of 12-15 and may possibly not have gotten your period yet. What you know of sex is from that book given to you by your mom called “Almost 12,” which teaches you that sex is the worst sin of all and features a drawing of a child coming out of a woman’s never-before-been-groomed hoo-ha and shows you a “typical 12 year old boy” who looks remarkably like Taylor Lautner.

OR the screen went out in your movie theater during the first kiss like it did for me, and you realized how pornographic the kiss sounded without the images. And you liked it:

Bad Mother’s Handbook

Nerds, Geeks, Dorks and Dweebs have always turned you on. It may not be the hottest kiss to look at, but it lights your fire like no other. You appreciate a man who looks out for you- whether it’s warning you about live cultures in frozen yogurt or spinning records at your grandma’s red hat society Saturday parties. So even if you’re still sore from having a baby and not waiting the Doctor-recommended 6 weeks to get busy, you’re willing to get down and dirty against a British bathtub with a guy in a Tommy Bahama shirt any day!

Remember Me

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(First of all, let’s shower @lovelynessa on twitter with love today for THAT clip right there!)

If you love the kiss(es) from Remember Me, then you most likely spend your days dreaming up new and interesting ways that you will never have sex with Rob Pattinson. Your father may be a lunatic, but you know a man with anger issues and it turns you on. There’s also a possibility you have a food fetish- more specifically you fantasize about being taken in a big pot of pasta. Throw in a few meatballs and we have at LEAST a double orgasm night.

I myself prefer a little food action (preferably something sweet), while wearing a pair of dorky glasses & a ironic tshirt with a little tension and reserve, ending up in a shower scene with a soundtrack similiar to the sound bite from New Moon above!


What about you!? Vote on your favorite kiss below! (Yes, I just let you pick one. I’m so cruel)

What kisses did I miss? Like the kissing in The Summer House (Does he date rape her!?)

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  1. Dear Rob,

    That moaning you heard in the theatre during RM, was me. No, I am not embar, for myself either. Watching your hot angry kiss makes me want to get into an argument with you just so WE can kiss and make up (with or withour the wall will work too). Love your passion!

    • Ditto Misty. Every freaking word!!!!

  2. Haven’t seen RM buuut have seen the smoochin’ in the trailers and whatnot. So it gets my vote.
    Also, I may have started to sorta maybe ship #Robilie.

    • oh be careful jayde! the robsten crazies might photoshop horns on u as well!

  3. UC…you ARE cruel girl…I can’t choose! Whatever kiss he wants to give me is fine by me…I JUST WANT HIM TO KISS ME…but ok…if I must…my vote goes to the Twilight kiss!

    What can I say…I just looooooooove the torture and the lust that is hidden behind that kiss…it makes my phantasy go wild…asking for more…much more!

    And YES…this was my first experience with the lips of Rob, so I’m a little sentimental about this. First love, ya know!

    • Torture and lust, yes, me too.

  4. After you pointed out the sex sounds during the NM kiss, I haven’t been able to watch it and not think of that.
    My fave is RM. Hands down.
    And, like Jayde, I also love Robilie.

  5. OMG I have not seen RM yet FRIDAY !!!! wooo hooo that loooks sooooooooooo good.

    That said it’s Twilight for me I am all about the angst

  6. Also: am I the only one who did NOT like the Twi bedroom kissing?? Prom scene? F*ck yes. But bedroom I just cannot get on board with.

    • I didn’t not like it, but I didn’t find it that great.
      I did, however, adore the prom scene. Minus Bella’s outfit, which I thought was horrendous.
      So nope, you’re not the only one.

      • The prom scene is the most perfect scene in the movie. It gives me goosebumps.

    • Girl, are you kidding me?!!!
      That was my favorite kiss, the lipsmacking sounds, Rob’s little moan, the way he looks at her as he’s rubbing his hands on her waist/hips before he throws her back on the bed. Whew! It’s a little early for me to be getting worked up like this;) I may or may not have watched that kiss in slow-mo on my dvd player after my husband went to bed (don’t judge me).

      • I soooo agree with you tft…his facial expressions alone are to die for…I must have seen that kiss a hudret times and EVERY SINGLE TIME…I f…ing wish I was Bella!

        • I mean toft…obviously!

      • word.

      • I had to vote this one also, for said reasons. TOFT you cannot imagine the shade of red I have turned right about now. In fairness to RM- havn’t seen if yet but can’t wait!

      • Thanks toft, you’re filling my head with all sorts of images between here & LTT. My head is spinning. (In a good way of course.)

      • its ok. this is a safe place to share.. its normal

    • I’m with you Jayde. I didn’t like it, either! For one, it was out of character and didn’t fit with the book. Not to mention, the way Edward throws himself against the wall doesn’t make sense with regard to the laws of physics. But, the kiss itself, yeah, it didn’t do it for me.

      • YES!!
        I get the angst and the sexual tension but it was TOO full on.
        I honestly cringe a little/fast forward it.

      • I agree, the way he hits the wall is so fake and chhesy . It looks like he’s been hooked and is being reeled in.

      • Oh, I agree it didn’t fit with the characters.
        But, damn, it was so I hot, I found myself not caring 🙂 !

        (And yes, when he threw himself against, the wall, cheesy as hell, but everything before that – have mercy!!)

    • Totally agree Jayde. I didn’t like the Twi bedroom kiss either. Ditto to tuesdaymidnight. It just didn’t fit with the book. Plus I was uber-annoyed that KStew wasn’t wearing pants. How did that get by SMeyer?

      • Yes!! Bella Swan wasn’t sitting around in little boyshorts. She was a sweatpants kind of girl.

        • I didn’t mind that the kiss was totally not book-correct, because of the hotness factor, but really, I did not approve of the boy shorts. At all.

      • Well in the book for their 1st kiss Edward was wearing a sleeveless white shirt with the top few buttons undone and a tan sweater – and Bella was wearing something similar – Yuck where does Smeyer live 1991 ??? Are you telling me the words “Hold very still, I just want to try one thing” have no effect on you ? are you made of stone ? I am trembling just typing it ha ha

        • EA, sorry I wrote before reading your post.


          • No worries !!! it had to be said !! lol

        • I think someone needs to re-edit her books with better clothing choices for everyone. It can be the special fashionista edition (or the anyone who hates khaki and doesn’t live in 1991 edition).

        • I still get goosebumps when I see that very scene:) ANd when he says “hold still I want to try one thing” I can actually have an orgasm!!!
          Oh Yeah !!! That scene doesn’t get old with me.. I LOVE IT! although it leaves me wanting MORE!!! bummer:(

    • Um, may I suggest reviewing it again two or ten times. It grows on you, believe me.

    • Hi Jayde,

      I think I got on board with the Twi b-room kiss right away because he says:

      “I just wanna try one thing.

      Don’t move.

      Be perfectly still.”

      He is the master of the slo-mo and I ❤ that hard!

      And the fact that I could see his mouth didn't hurt either.


      • Oh yes, I saw the movie before the books so had no idea if what I was seeing was accurate.

        I loved the RM kissing but was longing to have more light in that room?

  7. You had to make it difficult didn’t you UC.
    After having seen RM for the second time today, I’m definitely going to have to vote for RM.

    • I just saw RM for the second time this weekend. I took my Mom, and as cool as my Mom is, watching those sex scenes was a liiiiiiiitle bit uncomfortable.

      • Haha, you are brave for taking your mom! I can’t watch sex scenes w/ my parents!!!! I feel so uncomfortable, what if she starts thinking I did the same thing? LOL

        • Wait… Are you a Mom? I think your Mom may be aware that you’ve done the same thing. 😀

          • I’m married and a mom, my mom still doesn’t know I’ve had sex. 😉

  8. I like any rob-tastic kissing scene.. although I’m holding out for Bel Ami.. orgy beats kisses any day when you’re a perv I guess

    I have a top hat fetish too apparently

    • Yeah, I’m discovering all kinds of 19th century clothing fetishes I never knew I had, too.

    • Orgy beats kisses any day!
      I’m with you girl!

    • yeah.. I just read this

      ” It is true that he takes part in an orgy in the movie. The scenes were filmed at Crossness Pumping Station in London.”

      I’m such a perv… snickering that they filmed the orgy at the “pumping station” hehehe

  9. OMG, t’s definately Twilight for me , not because it’s the best kiss, but it was the first one for me ! so much angst and desire , and love the deleted scene about that very kiss:)
    Although, I watched Little Ashes, and thought it was HOT! That movie is soooo romantic. YES! a kiss between 2 guys can be hot ! Especially if one of them is ROB! * am I bad* LOL

    • I agree with you on the Little Ashes kiss. It was kinda hot. That movie was so sad and tragic. I want to see it again.

    • Rob makes all of us bad…don’t worry…you’re not alone! Bad can be good sometimes… right?

  10. DO I have to choose one??!
    Gah! Any kiss from HHH would be niiiicccceeeeee. LOL (though – I have the chorus of BBD – “Do me” in my head—- Smack it flip it rub it down – oh noooo) Pant* Pant*

    * Fans self ** I should go to work. Thanks for all the dirty thoughts!!

  11. No mention of the creepiest kiss ever, when he kisses (HAUNTED AIRMAN SPOILER) the aunt he just killed at the end of The Haunted Airman. Of course, if this is your favorite Rob kiss, you should probably be dismissed from LTR permanently. I am a big fan of the fantasy kissing in the middle of the movie though . . . older woman, younger Rob. Don’t need an analysis of why I like that one.

    • YES YES and Yes again…and you don’t have to ask me why!

    • That kiss was sick, but also so beautiful… Rob’s profile and the shadows…I liked it.

    • Ah! You HAD to bring that up, didn’t you, Tiffanized??? Time to go watch the RM clip again…

    • There was that one kissing scene in HA that was all about the handporn, his hands sort of resting on her shoulders. Mmmm. But on the downside, all I could think about during the kissing scenes, was “ashtray mouth! ashtray mouth! EW!”

      • That whole movie is cigarette porn. Former smokers can’t even watch it, I hear.

  12. You forgot about the Cedric Diggory kiss…granted we didn’t actually SEE or HEAR him and Cho kiss but the way he throws his arm over her shoulder (I think in the extras of GoF) and the intensity of how he looks at her while they dance at the Yule Ball…you KNOW they were dry humping in the back of a horseless carriage until Snape came and interupted them. Cockblocker.

    He was a stud, granted 17 but legal in Georgia so I’m good.

    • legal at Hogwarts

    • Why do you think his cheeks were always so pink?

      • EXACTLY!! He was a 17 yo boy at a co-Ed boarding school. Even MOANING Myrtle knew what was up!

        • Am I the only one who upon re-watching Goblet of Fire, was really really wishing there was a Cedric figures out the clue in the bath outtake? It did take him a lot longer and “Almost all the bubbles were gone”, oh Moaning Myrtle, you are a perv after my own heart.

    • oh so he IS a White Christian boy from LA…..I thought that was only in the book

      (that’s for YOU, The font & White Yorkie)

    • Cedric…blushes…too much…

      The Rob blushes win every time!

      • Oh the Rob blush is to die for.

    • Love this! and the replies? seriously made me almost choke. Snape IS a cockblocker, you can just tell by looking at him!

  13. That NM kiss makes me giggle maniacally every time I hear or see it 😛

    I haven’t seen RM, but that clip is funny how it takes Robler 3.87 minutes to make his way over to what’s-her-nose, and he s..l..o..w..l..y reaches out for her face- and the clip jumps to them humping like street dogs.

    I can’t choose, I simply can’t! I love me ALL of Rob’s kisses, even the ones on his Granny’s papery, powdery cheek ❤

  14. Remember Me kiss. Any of them. Hands down.

    Don’t get me wrong Robward’s kisses are smokin’, but he’s holding back so as to not hurt his Bella (gag). But Robler has no such qualms and, as such, is a freaking sexy machine. Love the rage and the general horniness.

    • Why can’t I stop thinking about the honeymoonkisses we are (hopefully) going to see in the near future??? I’m a bit timetraveling right now…but…in my phantasy…the ripping pillows and destroing bads…ehhh…you know what I mean…somehow overshadow all the agryagainstthewall RMkisses!

      What??? I’m out of context??? Oooops….sorry!

      • And shredded black lacy lingerie.

        • And just like that I’m in a very happy place.

      • And you’re dreaming if you think the screenwriter or that evil Summit is gonna give us anything remotely as hot as RM.

        • You really think Summit is going to ruin it for us again??? Man this movies…no these books shouldn’t be for teens only…I want a bit more fire, if you know what I mean…Robfire…


  15. Oh my God!!!!!!!! I haven’t seen RM yet as its not out yet in the UK. However, I’m going to see it on Friday, and by the look of this kiss I am going to be sliding off my seat!!!!!!! Cant wait!!!!

    • ive just caved to spoilers for that RM kiss………. jeez roll on friday release day!!!

  16. @lovelynessa- bless you!

  17. Dear UC thank you for another fabulous post darling 🙂

    Dear @lovelynessa thank you for supplying the dirt (remember to keep your curtains closed cause you never know who is watching or listening) 🙂

    Dear DH, it’s a shame you have already left for work cause after watching that clip, you might have just received some post breakie nookie.. 🙂


  18. Look at all the Remember Me Kiss fans! I, also, adore this kiss the most. I suppose it’s all in the mood, time of the month, preceding conversation, etc. But that RM kiss is just on FIRE!

    But um… this? “Basically you like giving a guy blue balls.”

    …is hilarious. And awesome. And one of the only reasons I respected Bella in Eclipse. Team Blue Balls!

  19. My favorite part about the RM kiss is when Rob goes in for a boob grope, then remembers that he’s playing Tyler and they don’t want an R rating. It’s when they are laying in bed and they start smooching all over again. Go back and watch it.. I’ll wait..

    • It’s round about the 2:30 mark.

      • I only noticed that the second time I saw it in theaters! Then I thought, “how could I have MISSED that?!” Rob is naughty… I hope.

      • Okay Jodie, get out of my head! I was thinking the same thing when I saw that video a few days ago. I’m not gonna lie, I thought, “Hmm, so that’s how Rob would do it. Go for boob after a 2 second kiss.”
        You can almost see his mind working. PG-13.Must.Not.Grab.Boob.

        • But before they start kissing it looks like Emilie’s character is hold his hand right over her boob. Smart girl.

    • Yep definitely an attempt at *boobgate* then goes for *buttgate* instead….i dies.

  20. Dear UC,

    You know I love you…seriously I do…you are like the closest thing I have to Rob…yes…you just bring me closer to him, what can I say…BUT…did you have to bring this topic up today girl???
    It’s the week befor Easter and I am really trying to be a good girl…now…after watching all these videos I have to go for confession on Friday!!! My mind is so full of lust and seduction and Rob’s moaning…ahhhh…i think you know what I mean!!!

    Love you

    • i DO know what you mean:) And I’m sorry.. sorta.. but not really:)

      • I know…and nah…you don’t have to…be sorry…I LOVE IT…JUST LOVE IT…AND YOU!

  21. OK I’s somewhat of a nonsten but I would kind of like the NM kiss to win just to see what stunt they pull at the awards, the non-kiss last year was actually kind of amusing.

  22. Hard choice-I’d watch Rob kiss anyone, even his dog.

    I chose the RM kiss, because a) it was in the midst
    of real action-no backwards leap into the wall b) Rob wasn’t wearing lipstick and c) no mullet.

    I also love the LA kiss- I do think guy on guy action is hot. I was actually hoping for more.

    I love Daniel Gale-young love gets me every time. I’d drag him into my room too.

    Lastly, the Twi and NM kisses have a special place in my heart. The Twi kiss is pretty hot, and I love the NM for Rob’s sexy groan at the end. Both could be improved by replacing the mullet.

    • I’m with you DTD

  23. What about the Jizz in my Pants New Moon kiss?

    That’s my fave!! 😉

  24. Easiest choice EVER – the Remember Me kiss, i.e. the morning sex with Rob. I haven’t seen the movie yet, maybe I’m just waiting to watch it in the privacy of my own home. DAMN DAMN, beautiful man.

  25. Ladies, it’s time for me to go…I’ll leave you with our daily dose of Robpornmusic…
    See you later!

    • Woot Mel! Fever indeed…

  26. first of all,
    “New Moon- I am 12 & hate french kissing”


    second, you’re welcome! I just want you to know I didn’t record the clip… just saved it when I found it online lol.

    and as much as I love the RM kiss, I’m pretty sure I love the Twilight one more. sigh!

    • Thank you thank you thank you…

    • Thank you Thank you Thank you! Didn’t think I’d get to see that again till the DVD came out. Guess I was a good girl this week……..

  27. Ah…Kissing Rob…

    Um…kissing in general, haha.

    Thursday I can finally see the RM kissing!

    Yay! I feel a video coming up…

    • Cath, I hear ‘ya!

      I’m conflicted.
      Any Robkiss is WIN.
      Any Robkiss that doesn’t include me (or an LTR girl) FAILS.

      I’m a jealous delusional h00r.

      • Haha, we all are Jules. We all are! 😉

        • I picked the RM kiss, though I was recently introduced to the grunt/groan birthday kiss in NM and enjoyed it (with my eyes closed) immensely.

          • With your eyes closed…There’s a great idea if I ever heard one!

          • Mountainlion suggested that method, here, try it:

          • Love it Jules! But I can’t reply to the vid, so I’m doing it here.

          • Ah, seems I didn’t need to worry, haha.

          • Hope you closed your eyes, cuz that’s normal!

    • I totally love your avi!!

      • Thanks Katiebird! Love yours too!

  28. “You also write 3-way slash fan fiction about Bobby Long, Marcus Foster & Rob Pattinson. And sometimes TomStu.”

    She gathers her papers, only just saving them from the face punch she spilled in her haste. Clutching them protectively to her chest, her crazed eyes narrow. “Who told?!” she demands, but it’s too late. You have already seen the damning phrase ‘ducky sweater’.

    • I KNEW IT!!!!!!!

    • HAHA….. when you tweeted that pic of your face punch drink the other night i saw the papers in the background. you can’t hide from me. moohhahaha

      • Damn! That’s the second time twitpic has screwed me! =P

  29. i need to excuse myslef & get a pantyliner & then I’ll be back to review these again.

  30. My vote is for a kiss you did not include. New Moon’s kiss by the car is not the only one….the best NM kiss IMO is the reunion scene.

    • Ooh, I saw your comment after I commented. You make a fair point. I like the reunion kiss better, but it wasn’t hot. It was sad and sweet and then there was the explaining. Ugh. I’m sorry but Melissa Rosenberg RUINED that scene. That scene was incredible in the book. It made you want to bawl and scream and clap. But in the movie there was too much explanation. Too much reasoning. It should have been more heartfelt. I don’t blame the actors (though I think their chemistry in NM took a nosedive from Twi) – I blame that damn screenwriter.

    • but is there tongue?

  31. Asking me to choose is like telling me to pick which of my children I like best. Impossible!

    But, having given this considerable thought, I’ll put them in order of hotness:

    Little Ashes

    Huh. That wasn’t so hard after all.

    The Little Ashes scene on the rooftop patio was pretty hot, IMO. And I have no idea what UFC is.

    I’m in no way a Robsten shipper (hello, Robuit!), but the Twilight kiss was everything we wanted to see from the book, on screen. The NM kiss was eh. I thought he looked like he j—ed in his pants (I got the memo, Moon, we can’t use that word anymore) rather than looked like he was really into the kiss. If it’s between NM and RM, RM wins hands down. But since the MTV movie awards are fan-based, NM will win because of the crazies.

    • I think you’re right, NM will inevitably sweep the awards – last year was justified (I vote Twilight btw) but based on that clip, RM>>>NM.

      I’m willing to vote NM at the MTV awards just to avoid the possibility of Kristen/Dakota doing a Ryan/Rachel-style acceptance speech

    • @ TLG I agree w/you in that order — I thought that there was just so much more passion in RM than in any of the others. *Morning Sex Kisses Morning Sex Kisses Morning Sex Kisses*

      On the flip, there was still something to the pent up azure ball inducing kisses in Twi and NM that just works, too.

      Little Ashes definitely had that “Ohhh, so that is what it’d be like in a three-way with two bi-dudes” vibe and makes the mind wander just a tad 😀 (Although I’d replace Javier Beltran w/Chuck Bass… am I right, UC??)

      • No, no, Javier Beltran is the reason for the hotness of the kissing etc in LA, sorry Rob, but it’s true!

        • @ TOO – Is it Rob’s super insane mustachioed face and dutch boy haircut that destroys his hotness? That’s what kept effing it up for me until I saw him clean cut in that white suit. And on the bicycles. And the beach scenes. Then it was game on.

          • I’ll grant you Rob brought it in the bicycle and beach scenes, but I think it’s the non-hotness of the Dali character, as you say, the dutch boy haircut and the mustache, and his egotistical personality, that snuffs out the underlying Rob hotness. So does that mean Rob’s acting skills actually won out over his looks? I guess so!

          • I believe you are correct! I’m sure that would please him to no end, too… knowing that he is appreciated as an actor as well as a God.

            Rob, if you are reading this later tonight while eating Hob Nobs in bed, please let us know if you agree. And also what you are wearing.

        • ABsolutely right!! I became a fan of Javier Beltran as well:) what a fantastic movie, it sparked my interest in poetry again:) I’m glad that Rob made a movie like “Little Ashes” , it showed me also that ROB was looking for good roles in which to grow as an actor. And they were HOT!!! JAvier Beltran was really HOT!!

    • Kissing Art (and Cher), that’s all…

      • Cath,
        I liked this, except for the first 20 seconds. That is the creepiest song I’ve EVER heard.

        • Hahaha ML, I know right? What was that about? But it was so weird, that it turned awesome again. I guess it’s fitting because the vid feat. Art!

      • LMAO…Cath you remembered that song…It’s in his kiss…Cher??? With Rob??? It’s a really crazy song!!!

        • It is Mel, it’s really is. Love the song, used to sing it all the time when I was little. 🙂

          • Yap…me tooo…lol…

    • Thought he was adorkable in HTB and I hope he does more quirky comedy, but I just didn’t find him sexy with that hair. Sorry, Rob.

      • Haha, not sexy, I know…but adorkably cute indeed.
        Just thought the vid was funny! And I heart that song!

      • I feel the same way….but it’s Rob so if he looked like that and he tried to kiss me, well I won’t turn him down. HAHA.

    • I love Mermaids (the movie that song is from). Now there’s a great (awkward) sex scene without showing anything at all.

      • That movie is all sorts of win!

  32. Twilight kiss all the way! It’s all new, exciting, young love…takes me back a few years! :o)

  33. I love them all but my favorite has to be the second kiss in the gazebo at prom. Not because there is anything spectacular about it in comparison with all of the other hot kisses but because I still swear to this day that I see him slippin her the tongue and I kinda like the naughty aspect of that one – he wasn’t supposed to but got caught up in the moment. *Sigh*

  34. Daniel Gale all the way baby! I am pretty sure that he would be very considerate in bed, ifyouknowwhatiamsayingandithinkyoudo!

    BTW, you should always wait 6 weeks after having a baby, trust!

    Love the post!

    • Heheehe, I waited 10!

    • LOL, 6 weeks after a baby….oh my gosh, it’s so true! However some are rather frisky and can’t wait. But yes sweeties, take it from from 3hboyshouse, it’s a good advice!

      Did u see RM yet? *taps foot*

      • Ehhhhhmmmmm…six weeks…sorry but if Rob would ask for it I would give it to him 2 days after a baby!!! I think I’m rather frisky and can’t wait. Oh come on it’s Rob we’re talking about…CAN YOU SAY NO TO ROB!!!

        Rob, sweety…I would never say no to you…really…neva eva!

        • Clearly you’ve never had a baby come tearing out your vajayjay.

        • Oh gosh, no mel, 2 days is way too soon!!!! I think Rob will understand! Have you ever had a baby before? LOL I have, trust me on this! Wait six weeks or more!

          • …and the hubs needs at least 6 weeks to get the visuals out of his head. 😉

          • Oh crap that’s right! Sex’s never the same again after the hubby has seen you give birth!!!

            But I could be wrong, I think men recover rather quickly. Haha.

      • I am still a bad fangirl. Srsly, the hubs is being a turd!!

        • You are a bad fangirl, Rob oughta punish you girl. LOL

  35. Can I vote twice? I want the “Twilight: angst” AND “Remember Me: hot, angry”

    • Wait I’ll take double-orgasm over “blue balls” any day… 😉 but something is to be said about angst. A little of that could make the double-o that much better; say the worry of getting caught for instance could heighten the thrill. Just saying.

  36. I loved the Twilight kiss.. I really did.. it was so… just gaahhh..sweet and teenage… and wow.

    But if I’m picking kisses.. sorry… Remember Me Hands down no questions asked!

    When they break away, clos up on their faces in profile… and they look at each other, and he brushes her hair out of her face.. and then he sorry.. comes close and then bam lip lock….and then he just take control.. rolls her to her back.. gahhh… (breath kelly just breath)….you can not tell me that isn’t a dream

    And the angry hot, “hey, hey hey…..It’s ok… shhhh… It’s ok…” BAM lip lock… hands in hair.. pulling……Bam against the wall… bam against the other wall… and I mean hair pulling…

    Yeah.. I’m going with the Remember Me kiss.. If people are honest about it.. they will agree…. it was the hottest of the kisses!

    And now I must leave you… I see a very cold shower in my immediate future…

    Remember Me Kiss—-hot double dam with a side of … KISS HIM SISTA!

  37. Ok…I just watched the remember me clip at work and now I’m all hot and bothered…….now my browser will permanently be set at LTR for the rest of the day and clicking that play button over and over again when no ones looking!!

    I have a special place for all the twi kisses but RM all the way…but its not really fair cuz RM is not just kissing, its just plain out rob making love!!!

  38. None of the above…

    I’m holding out for the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, for some gold bed Edward kissing.

    Wait, do I have to choose? I haven’t seen Remember Me. New Moon’s birthday groan was delightful. Oh, that’s not nominated? OK…um…well, it wasn’t a kiss, but the jimmywhackadingdong scene in Little Ashes is hot.

    NO! Wait…the kissing scene at the end of The Haunted Airman…that’s some hot stuff. You know right before he…well, I won’t spoil it, but that’s one killer scene…


  39. Anytime someone pulls Rob’s hair is WIN for me.

    I do love the Twilight kisses. You can certainly see Edward’s struggle to keep it together and his little smile after the first kiss is straight out of the book. And by the prom scene he can kiss the vein in her neck without any problem.
    I need to watch Twilight for the prom scene. Rob, suit, sideburns, Iron & Wine, dancing, general happiness….

  40. I love both kisses, twi and Rm,I like both because they are different. Twi is just about kissing, and sometimes only kissing is the best. And in Rm is kissing with a lot more actionand it makes this kiss extremely hot, andRob is extremly hot, no matter who is he kissing and how.

  41. So does kissing in a corset make you breathier cuz you already can’t breathe or less breathy cuz you can’t breathe? I need to know what to expect for Bel Ami.

    • Excellent question Keisha. I think breathier. And then Rob kisses you in a corset, then you better get the smelling salts out!

    • Well Keisha, I’d like to try that with Rob. 🙂

  42. I love, love, love the Twilight bedroom kiss. I love the desperation, angst and restriction…all that made it even more erotic to me. And yes, both of them smacking and heavy breathing, oh my gosh, that’s sexy.

    I know I mentioned this before but one of my favorite parts in that Twi kissing scene is when he was pushing her back onto the bed. His hand was on Kristen’s side and her shirt lifted up revealing skin and then his hand went there. HOT. Not to mention her legs were spread out as he pushed down. *fanning herself* Oh gah I need a drink now.

    I love the RM kiss too, the one against the wall ;-). But Twi is my favorite kiss.

    • SB…we are soulsisters…the twikiss…so hot…and Rob so goegeous and it that black t-shirt,
      can’t forget him…just can’t!

      • Two spellingdelemas in one little sentence…well, that sais it all about me and Rob!

      • @Melronin, *waves* how are you? Yes we are soul sisters! I practically Greek too you know? haha.

        Anything black looks hot on Rob….or any color for that matter. But black makes him look even more desirable, oozing with sex (appeal).

        My head’s in the clouds today so ignore my banter. 🙂 \


        • Sorry, see what I mean? Typo…I meant to say I’m practically Greek. LOL

          • Oh yes girl…greek blood is in your vains that’s for sure…we have to check that DNA of yours…

            The only thing I can think about since yesterday though (after watching the little vid of Rob speaking Hungarian) is…IF HE EVER SPEEKS ONE WORD IN GREEK I AM GOING TO DIE…seriously I will not be able to control myself…is it only me…I think he is soooo sexy when he speaks foreign languages…and the orgyscenes ofcourse and how we will all be here debating on what was the best kiss and…ok I stop talking now!

          • Mel, ah I’m a bad fan! I haven’t even seen that video of him speaking Hungarian! I tried to go to Robsessed several times yesterday but I have so many interruptions, Dh is off, needed attention. So yeah so I haven’t seen it yet. 😦

            I miss Rob and I need a quick fix….right now.

            Rob is so sexy when he said that “un petit pou” on French TV….just that 3 liner was enough to cause spontaneous ovulation in women around the world! I can’t wait to see BA. I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome.

          • Go see that vid of him saying thanks in Hungarian SB. It is SOOOO sweet!

          • Cath, I just saw it!!! Squeeee. He looked goofy and so adorable. Arghhh, I just saw those HQ pics of him on BA too, holy cooooooooooow. I can’t take this anymore, I have no words my dear, no words.

            I am done for(yet again). Tomorrow’s another day.

          • See I told ya so…he is sooooo sweet and sooooo sexy (and thank God they didn’t put a mustache on his face like the book sais…sorry not a big fan of mustaches)

    • I’m always afraid she kicks him in the sweet spot when he’s laying/pushing her down. There’s a lovely gif of it I think on RobsessedBlog so I end up watching it over and over and over and cringing and cringing and cringing.
      I hate feet but oh to be that foot…….

      • Owwww….hahah, that will be hilarious though. LOL, that’s funny that’s what you thought of, I didn’t even think of that. I was too busy checking out Rob’s butt(in that gif) you mentioned.

        OK sorry, but he was wearing tight pants and it was right there so bite me Rob for looking at your “behind”.

  43. It’s 10.17 pm here in Greece…and right now…the only thing I want…I need…is…George Duroy to come and kiss me right here right now…and put me to bed…and then kiss me again….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…you get the picture!

    • Honey, you want Georges or Rob? 🙂

      I think if Rob kissed you that you might not fall asleep….you’ll just want more!!!! ifyouknowwhatimean.

      • Now let’s see SB…I want…Edward to get me started…you know, warm me up…and then I want Tyler to kiss me…to make me a little hotter…and then I want Georges for some French action…you know…right? And for the end I want Rob…and only Rob!!!

        Did that answer your Question hunny!!!

        • Yes indeed!!!! Hahaha, honey you’re quite demanding ;-).

          • LOL…it’s honey? Really? Not hunny? 😀 If Rob ever reads my comments he will laugh his ass of with my spelling and he will love me too… 😀

          • @melronin – Bees make honey and I love me some Honey Nut Cheerios (the cereal), but it can be whatever you want it to be! I kind of prefer hunny… reminds me of cute little bunnies. And it is almost Easter…..

          • Melronin, honey is part of my vocabulary, I’m southern LOL. Hunny is okay too, whichever you like! They both sound the same.

            For some reaon hunny reminds me of Winnie the Pooh.

            Rob would marry you, don’t even worry about the spelling! XOXOXO

  44. I’m torn between Robali, Geekward, and Robler.

    I’m normally not a slash fan but holy moly and all things hairy… that man kiss was hot! My Ovaries twitch remembering. But my fav kiss in Lil ashes was this scene… the torn, angry, i-hate-you-but-i-want-you kiss:

    SLAP AND KISS! = FUCKHOT! *shivers*

    Geek is like, how could you not like?
    Robler in RM was fucking FF hot. Automatic win.

    idk, but TW & NW kisses didn’t do it for me *shakes head* Open your mouths dumbasses! wtf is that about?! NEXT!
    Point is: Rob has great lips… I have great lips. I think they should meet. *nod*

  45. I am glad the topic changed into something rather innocent after yesterdays discussion *giggle*…
    Even though I am sure we could turn it into smth perverted again….

    It was kinda hard (twss) to choose best kiss or any other category for that matter because let’s face it: There were lots of great movies to choose from and the fact that I am robsessed doesn’t mean I’ll only vote for Rob because of that. Truth be told I still did. You know why? Because he DESERVED it!

    Can’t wait for more votings to come!

  46. Hilarious post today UC! Between the laughs and the crazy porno new moon kiss noises I now feel as if I can say my work day is complete. 🙂

  47. Ok ladies… I hadn’t gotten around to seeing RM and wanted to make sure I caught it, before it left a nearby theater. So, last Thursday, I realized that was the last night to see my Rob on the big screen! Oh no! I didn’t want to miss him and drove 45 minutes to the theater…had to watch it on the biggest screen in my area. I got to the multi-plex (around 15 theaters) and it was relatively empty. The line was short, so I thought, YAY! No massive crowd to beat for a good seat.

    Either way, I ran, did NOT walk, RAN to the right theater and could see it was already dark and I immediately worried that the movie had already started…OH NO!…walked in to the dark and not a soul in site…no one, no-body…just me! And only previews were playing…Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! Just me and Rob! Hey, I can dream…

    So, for the entire movie I picked the best seat in the middle of the theater and watched Rob without any distractions…not one other person entered and I felt like a queen in my own private theater…me and him…him and me… if you know what I mean?!

    My vote is that the hot steamy kisses in RM were the best! I am still in visual mode on some of those scenes…ahhhhhhhhh…big smile on my face… 🙂

    UC thanks for another entertaining post & @lovelynessa, kudos for that excellent clip…that’s on automatic replay for me…and an even bigger smile on my face 🙂 🙂

  48. Dear UC, I love U long time!
    Let’s see… I love the NM Italy kiss cause it’s hot & U know I support the K & R make out sessions. But I gotta go w/ the RM passion. Even tho the lighting was too dark and I couldn’t see lips very well, I know there was tongue involves and sex. Like purple, sex is good! And breathing heavy Rob owns me! Plus Emilie has blonde hair so it’s easier for
    me to pretend I’m her. Cause that is totally normal! Yep!

  49. As much as I love caterine Hardewicke’s wet dream* ahem* I mean the Twilight kissing seen.
    She probably sat back and ate popcorn for that one… 😉 I have to choose Remember Me, I love that movie. 🙂

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