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Time to learn some stuff we didn’t know about Robert Pattinson

You learned WHAT about me?

Dear Rob,

Just when I think I know everything about you, I find out I don’t. Ok, so I don’t know most stuff about you but let’s just go for this shall we? Something called Absolute Radio, which sounds an awful like like a radio station powered by Vodka, was at a press conference for Remember Me in London and asked you a couple questions. Some of which I found mildly interesting and some of which I was forced to google because it was an “Educational Moment.”

Let’s jump in there, shall we?

The one where I google to find the answer

So when the reporter asked Rob what his favorite biscuit is, mentally I said BUTTERMILK! Alas Rob is not from our fair land but instead biscuits are what us yanks call “cookies.” Anyhoozle Rob says his favorite biscuit is a HOB NOB and so of course I hit up the googles to figure out what the HALE a Hob Nob is. And the kind folks at wiki inform me that a Hob Nob is “rolled oats” product that is sometimes coated in chocolate and also called a “digestive biscuit.” So Rob is eating rolled oats “digestive” cookies? Yuck-sgusting! I’d much rather share a chicken biscuit with you, Rob.

The one where Rob is a pansy

Rob’s asked if he’s ever been in a fight and he says not in a long time, he’s too scared. So essentially Rob is NOT the guy you wanna take to the sketchy bar cause he’s probably gonna run the other way when shit goes pear-shaped. He also may be a bit paranoid that he thinks he’s going to be killed just because he’s Edward. Sure a disgruntled boyfriend of a Twilight fan may throw in an extra punch or two but no one wants to be the guy who killed that Edward Cullen guy. There is no way on earth a “normal” man could withstand the wrath of the Twidom or the crazy old cougar Rob fans.

Learn some more about Rob, like who his heroes are (spoiler alert: not Jem and the Holograms OR Ryan Seacrest )

The one where we all say “AWWWW!!!”

Nothing gets me going like guys who are super grounded and love their folks. AWWWWWW We love Clare and Dick and we agree they did a pretty awesome job! But who of your friends are considered heroes? Bobby Long to the man bangs movement? Tom Sturridge to little urchin street boys in productions of Oliver around the world?

The one where Rob acknowledges that Twilight opens doors

It’s refreshing to hear a cast member from Twilight openly talk about the difference the saga has made in their lives, personally and/or professionally. By acknowledging that being in Twilight opens doors for them and for films they want to make doesn’t make him a poseur, it just makes him honest, humble and appreciative. Good on you, Rob!

What will we learn next time around? I still don’t know your favorite color (plaid?) or where you went on your first date, but I’m pretty sure you’re gonna be around for a while so we have plenty of time to learn all this asinine information.

My favorite cookie/biscuit? Chocolate chip without the chips!

So if you could ask Rob ONE sorta dumb/frivolous question, what would you ask? Ever had a Hob Nob cookie? Is it as awful as it sounds?

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  1. I’d ask Rob if he’d give me a chance…then I could ask him all sorts of questions as we get to know eachother….ifyaknowwhatImsaying’

    • like can I count how many moles he has on his entire body…you know, for research reasons! lol

      • then he can count mine…I have a lot…yeah!

      • Misty, I did that the other night. No I take it back, actually I stared at one mole on his neck for a long time. 🙂

        • lol I did the same thing when I watched RM because I have one on my neck too!

          • Misty, haha, now I’m jealous, wish I have a mole on my neck! I have freckles, does that count? Haha.

            Did you see his back, holy guacamole, I rather enjoyed looking at it and counting the moles!

  2. Morning, Misty! and idoknowwhatyourmsaying.

    • yeah suuuure ya don’t! lol

  3. I googled hob nob too. It sounded kind of dirty, but I was disappointed to find out it was a “digestive biscuit”.

    Does Rob have irregularity problems? Put that on my list of things I DON’T want to know about Robert Pattinson.

    • Remember the T4 interview?- he did tell us a bit in that classic word vomit interview!.

      • Was that the bit about the stodgie?

        • He ate eggs and bacon too fast and was anticipating digestive problems.

    • he needs more fiber in his diet apparently… or next we’re going to hear his favorite drink is Metamucil!

    • Would like to inform you all that Hob Nobs are AWESOME! Trust me, they are amazing. And Marks & Spencers also rocks.

  4. I’d ask him which sock he puts on first in the morning. Left or Rght?

  5. I agree with Misty and would ofcourse ask him if he would give me a chance and then…I would ask him…ehhh…how he prefers his sex…oh no…I mean coffee.

    • lol love it!!!!!!!! his coffee in the morning!

      • …and in the afternoon…and a little nightcup…and maybe a quick inbetween!!!???

    • just like coffee , in the morning! the best way to star the day 🙂

      • …with Rob!

        • Should “with Rob” be the new ending to fortune cookie sayings? Like “in the bedroom”

    • LOL!!!!

      • @ Keshia lol!

  6. I’m still fascinated by his microwaving carrots story. I might have to ask him more about that.

  7. Hobnobs are totally DELICIOUS! The ones with chocolate are the best. I’d say there was a hella lot of butter in them too, don’t be fooled by ‘rolled oats’ description!

    I have to go buy some now…

    • Damn straight, the calorie count is summat scary, they’re a meal unto themselves.I have the craving now.

      • Hob Nobs are delicious! The ones with the caramel and chocolate are the best. I like thier motto “one nibble and you’re nobbled” Kinda like how I feel about Rob. Now, if I could only get a nibble!

    • They are scrumptious!!! Mmmm… wish I had a roll of hob nobs right now (that sounds vaguely sexual and I’m ok with that… I’d eat them with Rob!). I would ask him how he likes his eggs in the morning (didn’t read all the comments, so if someone else said that, sorry)

    • we need a roll of these biscuits/cookies sent to the LTT/LTR headquarters STAT! you’re making me hungry!

      • Is there a World Market in your area? I’ve seen them at the one here in Chicago, but I’ve never tried them. Will definitely go get some to try though! Let me know if you want me to mail some to HQ! 🙂

        • Aaand, suddenly, sales of Hob Nobs skyrocket overnight!

  8. Hob Nobs! I remember my English friend being almost beside herself with excitement when her mum found them on sale in our supermarkets!
    I quite like the chocolate-covered digestives.
    McVities, right?? (Shleeeigh??)
    Goddamn internet will reset at midnight so I’ll watch them then 🙂
    Now: off to finish this effing essay. Grrrrrrrrr.

    • As for the question: is “Top or bottom?” too … skanky? haha!

    • Yes, McVities digestives!

    • WHY is it called a “digestive” educational moment? that sounds like its for people with stomach issues.

      also why is your internet resetting? edumakate me

      • See Opera Rose’s comment below…it’s most helpful.

      • Data downloads almost used up so Internet I WAY slow. It resets beginning of every month 🙂

  9. Well I not only have to google Rob’s fav biscuits but also your explanation and also you preferences. So I can always say that I’ve extended my E. vocabulary not only in the “crotch/bulge” area.

    I also noticed how, like a good child, he didn’t choose between mum and dad (people usually say “my grandmother/mum/dad is my model…”), as both are his heroes. Wonder if he had to make up for that interview when he said he was more attached to his dog, which was not highly appreciated, as Rob informed us later. I love it how he keeps us updated with the funny “dramas” in the family ‘mum calls me 100 times a day, mum was angry, mum was angry again, mum and dad are proud, I bought her cable….” The Adventures of the Pattinsons.

    • bhahaha The Adventures of the Pattinsons….lmao! I bought her cable so she has seen nudes before…lol omg that was funny, good one MP!


      • You remember it too, that quote just had to join the Robassics, not from ass (duh!) but from classics.

    • MP- maybe you can propose ” The Adventures of the Pattinsons” as a web series. We’d all watch!

      • Another brillz (!!!) idea, the artistic projects he inspires us are so many. We really should register the ideas, you know for the copyright, and then do it!!!

        • Jules is keeping the list of the projects for us- its growing and we going to have to recruit more people in order to fulfill these ideas!

        • Hey Min!
          Yes, Drsaka, the list keeps growing. To recap:
          -The coffee table book of BIs
          -The band;Weeping Ovaries
          -Two songs by Drsaka
          -Min’s Rob Memoirs (and subsequent movie with cameos for all)
          -Cath & SB’s screenplay for Castaway 2; starring TomStu as Wilson and Rob as Chuck
          -Laminated BI flash cards, by TOO, I believe.
          -Mel also proposed a Forrest Gump 2, just to see Rob run.

          Sop much work to do, girls!

          • …and now the Adventures of the Pattinsons!

          • Thank you Jules!!!

          • Hey Jules! Maybe we should add the launch of a limited edition (only for LTR girls) of a Hot Pocket parfume (TOO came up with the concept, she’s brillz like that).

          • Cath and I were talking and we might do a remake of “Three’s Company” with Rob being Jack. LOL.

            Cath can be Chrissy and I can be Janet!!!! Hahahaha….or whoever. Who wants to be Mr and Mrs. Roper? LOL.

          • Limited edition Hot Pocket parfume! YES!!!
            I think I need to make a spreadsheet.

          • Yes, that’s professional, with the retroplanning and all. I trust you on that.

          • OMG, I just realized I’m involved in nearly all those projects.
            And here I go in one of my latest posts suggesting a new show: Cooking With Rob.

            Dear Rob,

            Please put me and the other gals on your payroll.
            I have to quit my day job for this.

            Let’s talk figures,


          • Cath,
            Please count me in on “Cooking with Rob.”

            I love that idea!

            I want to see Rob in an apron (no shirt).

            Is there anything left to say about it?

            p.s. I’m suddenly very hungry.

          • “an apron, (no shirt)
            Is there anything left to say about it?”

            I want to see Rob in an apron, only.

          • Apron and a chef hat with potholders….hahahaha

            Oh my gosh, we can have a party and he can cook! All girls and one Rob!

          • SB – YES! YES! YES to the chef hat. Yes to the pot holders too, but NO oven mitts, we need to see the finger porn.

          • Jules, Oh crap that’s righ! No oven mitts or potholders!!!! Haha.

            Who knows, maybe the apron will come undone, huh? OOOlala.

          • SB – if it doesn’t come undone, we can just follow him around and look at his pretty bottom.

      • Sheer brilliance.

        Clare stepping over fangirls to bring the milk in off the doorstep, after Dick heaves upstairs to Rob’s old room the sacks of letters the postie shoved through the letterbox. Lizzie and Victoria PIP’ing at the latest Robnipulations. The Pattinson clan flashmobbing Virgin check in counter at Heathrow, all excited about attending Rob’s premiere…

        Do it!

        • OMG the Pattinson’s trips to US will be several episodes: preparing, travelling, attending (and trying to hide Rob’s drinks while TomStu supplies), debriefing the drunk premier moments and other “that was my mum giving birth”.

          • Boxing Day with the Pattinsons (December 26 – v important holiday and recovery day). TomStu is an honorary family member. All hungover and stuffed with turkey sandwiches and trifle, the family would play charades, TomStu, KStew & Rob on the same team. Rob would of course be acting his part seriously while Tom and Kristen viciously eyeshank each other!

            Precisey what course of events led to the genius idea of spending NYE on the Isle of fricking Wight? Tune in and find out on the next episode!

          • Patti, once we sell the idea to a production company/media, you have to be a special guest writer.

          • Yes, we have so many projects, we need help. Patti, you’re recruited!

          • I’m working on the script outlines!

    • What? I bought her cable????? I missed that somehow and I need to see it! Lead me in the right direction, please???????

      • You missed Details??? Blasphemy. I miss most of his written interviews, but Details??? C’mon.

        • Ahhh….Details. Of course I’ve read it. Fangirl FAIL moment.

    • wait you have to translate our posts??!! WOW!

      also you should write us a letter about the adventures of the pattinsons. SO good.

      • Of course, it’s well known that I religiously translate all LTR from English to…Latin, cause I know Rob likes Virgile. Every night from 2 AM -to 8 AM. Stay tuned, Esperanto coming up next.
        Girl, what are you talking about? May I suggest you’d better focus on that LTR international meet up (brillz idea). Also weren’t you planning a European trip?

        • Question to Rob- do you prefer Virgil or Cattulus (racy poems)?

          • OMG, so I’m not the only one who had to bare with intensive Latin courses in highscool?

          • I’m not sure if mine were intensive, but I had two years of it. I also had a year of ancient Greek in college.

            I can’t remember much of either at this point because all of that has been displaced by Rob knowledge.

  10. Hobnobs are yumyyum! Super satisfying they reach the parts that other biscuits cannot! They also hold great shape when dunked, a choc hobnob however is a step too far in my opinion.
    Digestives are something diff tho but in the uk they’re made by the same company.
    I would ask Rob if he’s a Dunker… You can tell a lot from a man based on that info.

    • He’ll probably answer something involving the word “moist”, remember that interview?

      • Err fangirl fail sorry, when does he utter the word ‘moist’???

        • Sorry…english fail…what’s a Dunker?

          • Hi Mel, a Dunker is someone who dunks their biscuit/cookie/donut in their tea/coffee/milk.

            Suddenly Dunker sounds dirty.

          • LOL…drsaka…I love this…relly sounds dirty! Is it bad that I like a Dunker…i myself am one!

          • Ohhh and I love it moist…and the fact that Rob loves it moist…yep… enough said!

          • Snap, I could not handle a man who didn’t Dunk.

          • Moon,
            I HATE the word “panties,” too, so what should they be called?

          • HATE the word “panties”!

          • HATE “panties”!!!!
            Okay, not really, I just wanted to get in on the hate.

          • Jules, haha, doesn’t count if you’re not bringing the hate to mental blogs/sites.

        • OK, I googled and googled and finally here it is, a must listen of the early days:

          • Mercy beaucoup…mp…now I will hear his voice and his laugh all afternoon at work!

          • Avec plaisir, yes, I think that’s the word.

          • Thanks MP, where’s Robgirl when you need her hey!?

          • rob saying panties creeps me out. i HATE the word panties.

            on another note he’s so good natured. i love rob. DUH. these old rob interviews are the BEST!!!!!!!

            also this station “moving 92.5” AWFULEST name ever.

      • Yes I do(sigh) how can I ever forget ;). One of his first and finest.

  11. Hob Nobs are lovely – personally I like a ginger nut (twss)

    or a custard cream
    or a rich tea
    or a garibaldi
    or a bourbon ( has NOTHING to do with whiskey !)

    I love biscuits end of, and Rob of course

    • Yes a bourbon or a custard cream… But which one is better? There’s only one way to find out!!!

      • Ha ha now try explaining Harry Hill to the rest of the world !

      • Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

    • Tim Tams. Mmmmmmm.

      • Ohh oh I love those they’re my fave imports, those and bahlsen liebniz.
        Why am I so excited about this?
        Not normal.

  12. I am just picturing Rob driving by some fast food place with that WTF look on his face about “Chicken and Biscuits”?? and then sitting in the parking lot.. eating a chicken biscuit and getting crumbs all over himself..

    • What is a chicken &/ biscuit? Sorry I have never come across such a thing before.

      • Our Southern ladies can tell you more, please correct my description!

        Biscuits here are like rolls, with a chicken stew on top. The biscuits can also be dumplings. There are a lot of varieties of the dish, but there are restaurant chains that serve specific varieties.

        • Salty biscuits??? Oh…english food…with coffee?
          I really can’t believe we have a biscuit conversation 😀

        • drsaka, Since I may be one of the ‘southern ladies’ you’re talking about, here’s my description:

          Biscuits are the utmost southern delicacy! Think the softest, richest, most delicious bread you can imagine. They are made with simple ingredients: flour, buttermilk, baking powder and butter. They’re served with almost everything. Gravy, ham, eggs, chicken, everything. But really they don’t need anything. Just plain biscuits with butter is awesome.

          Dear Rob,

          Meet us down South! SouthernBelle and I’ll make you some biscuits that’d make your mouth water! And watching you eat them would probably do the same to us. Sound’s kinda naughty, huh?


          • Tupelo, oh thanks honey, you explained it so darn well!!!!

            Yeah Rob, come on over and we will make yer some good ol southern biscuits! We can make you chicken dumplings too!

          • Yeah SB, we could take turns spoon feeding him chicken & dumplins and maybe some peach cobbler….
            And after that he might need is tummy rubbed…

            Oh, the possibilities…

          • I can make some grits and tomato pie.. and we can show him how girls in the south do it.. he will just have to get his cholesterol checked when he leaves… if he leaves.. hehehe

          • Meant to say his not is…

          • Hey Owl, I definitely like the sound of that!

            Show him how girls in the South do it! HELL YEAH!!

          • Thank you, tupelohoney and southernbelle !!!

          • ya welcome honey!

          • Owl, that’s so funny, yeah he needs a cholesterol check! Haha! We have really unhealthy food here. Maybe you can make some fried green tomatoes! It’s a little healthy.

            Tupelo, yeah peach cobbler, yum and how about homemade deep fried donuts! We’re like having a Paula Deen show ya know? LOL. Gosh Rob would get so fat if he lived with us!!!!

          • SB, I don’t think Rob would get fat… there are ways to work off those extra calories….

          • Tupelo, as long as we do exercise more than eating…he should be fine right?


          • Exercise (ahem) with Rob…

            Is it getting hot in here or what? lol.

          • Tupelo, uhmmmm, bed exercise, or any surface for that matter!!!! Omg yes it’s getting hot in here!

            I need my sweet tea right now.

          • Sweet tea!
            Got a big glass sittin’ right in front of me already!

          • I wanna marry your avi, Tupelo!!!


          • LOL! Go for it Darlin’

            Did you notice Rob/Duroy’s wedding ring in the pics on Robsessed?

      • It’s this fantastic concoction of what we Americans call biscuits and a piece of boneless, breaded, fried chicken in the middle.

        That description sounds gross but they are super yummy and will most likely give you a heartattack due to all the fat in them.

        • Well, draska—I guess there are more kinds of chicken & biscuits than I knew about!

        • Thanks, Kat! Our version here is more of a chicken stew, but fired chicken is always the best!!

          • There are several regional varieties! All delicious!

          • gah, not fired chicken! Fried Chicken!

            What’s a fired chicken!!!???

          • A chicken that lost it’s job????

          • Woot! Hahaha, one of the best typos ever! What about a fired fried chicken??? Double trouble. Makes me sad though, poor little chicklet…Like fried isn’t bad enough on it’s own.


        • Cheers, glad that’s all cleared up. Now I totes see where Rob got a little confuzzled, he wouldn’t have these problems if he thought to consult the wise (&hot) Ltr ladies.x.

          • I don’t know what Rob is talking about, but if he’s been around the South (he hasn’t – dammit) then he can only be talking about a Chicken Biscuit from Chick-fil-a. And that little bit of heaven looks like this:

        • But does Rob like the “white gravy”? Most Brits are revolted by this substance – hang out in any Orlando restaurant and observe!

          Gravy should be hot, brown and tasty. TWSS

          • There are people in this world that don’t like white sausage gravy??? *dies a little inside*
            Wait, do they not like it or are scared to try it? Yeah, it looks gross but it is heaven in your mouth (TWSS).

          • I don’t what white sausage gravy is.
            *heads over to google

          • White sausage gravy–heaven in your mouth? TWSS.

          • Dirty, just plain dirty!
            I heart you.

          • TOO- you get my best Rob impersonation saying NAUGH-TY!

          • Thank you!

        • That’s what we call them here :-). I’m kind of a health nut(most of the time) so I don’t eat them much.

          I do like chicken dumplings.

      • yeah.. I am in the south so we have these sweet buttery buttermilk biscuits.. like a roll but very fluffy and buttery and soooo good.. And I can’t help but assume Rob would have gone to Mrs. Winners, as their sign says “Famous Chicken and Biscuits!”


        • Those things go straight to the thighs and waistlines! LOL

          • no argument here.. that’s why I’m on my way to the gym! LOL

        • all these descriptions are dependent on the understanding that the biscuit is SAVORY and not sweet.

          chicken and biscuit – piece of fried chicken between a buttermilk bicuit. zomg explosion of awesome in your mouth! do it!!

          draska- i think what you’re describing it what we call “chicken and dumplings” which is like a chicken broth with dumplings/doughy biscuits cooked in the broth. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

          white gravy – southern classic! try this with fried okra. or with sausage and served OVER the biscuits. YUM city

          can you tell i love me some down home cooking?! now im hungry.

          • Moon: Are you sure you’re not a southern girl? Or maybe just a southern girl at heart…

          • Ya Moon! I agree w/ Tupelo. 🙂

            Btw I think they have a chicken biscuit at McDonalds or maybe Chic-fil-a.

      • I think Rob was talking about crackers called “chicken in a biskit”. They are actually really, really good.

        • I have had those.. and actually the “chicken in a biscuit” crackers were a running joke in my group of friends in high school.. they were a constant gag gift (we were weird.. “Guess what I got you for your birthday?? CHICKEN IN A BISCUIT… and so on)

          but I think Rob had some southern fried chicken biscuit goodness.. he says “I always drove past the restaurants.. and think.. chicken and biscuits?? WHY?”

          he’s so cute when he does that confused face… sigh…

  13. I agree with drsaka. I’d ask him about some of those weird things he’s said in interviews that leave me sitting there like, “whaaat?” There are so many.. I’m not sure which I’d ask about!

    Also, Moon, digestive cookies are really good! I’m not sure if you guys call them something different in the States, but in Canada we use them to make s’mores! They only have chocolate on one side, so you put a hot marshmallow in between and it’s like an instant s’more 🙂 Delish.

    • I also really want to know if he sewed up the Stoli shirt himself, if he used a hotel sewing kit and if he’d ever sewed before. I need more info about this.

      • …and what’s that blue stuff on that one pair of trousers?

        • YES

          and the whitish stain’- was it cupcake frosting??

          • That mystery needs clarification. As well as the mystery of his phone number.

          • Or cigarette ashes. Or powdered sugar.

    • I’m not a “native” Canadian but I can add that “digestive” here (in Canada and probably in the UK), when related to food usually means “after dinner treat.” In Montreal, it’s people often confuse it with the French “digestif” which means like a brandy or a sweet liqueur.

      It’s not pepto-bismol. 😉

      Also I miss American -style biscuits. I had them a lot with chicken dinners in growing up in the Midwest (oh yeah and in the McDonalds “big breakfast”), but here in Canada (at least in Quebec) biscuits are also usually cookies or crackers, so I have to make my own “real” biscuits from pancake mix. 😦

    • Jess, I have a whole list, actually written down (that’s Normal), of answers Rob has given in interviews that require further discussion. I hate these two-minute interviews where the questioner goes on with different questions and ignores the amazing answer Rob has just given that needs five more minutes of interpretation! I also have a list (that’s Normal) of my own interview questions. Maybe we’ll make a LTR post one day of things we absolutely have to know that interviewers have neglected to ask!

      • Cmon write it TOO!
        You know you wanna!

      • Too- please, please, please!!! Do it!

        • What GGGP and Drsaka said.

      • TOO,

        “Maybe we’ll make an ltr post?????” Please do.

        p.s. I bow down to you in respect for theRoblistofcommentsthatrequire furtherinvestigation.

      • OK, I’m on it. Please add your suggestions. Work? Are you kidding, I don’t have time for work any more, I’m doing more important things now.

    • ok jess so it sounds like what you’re describing is what we call a graham cracker!

      and its called digestive cause its after dinner?! SOOOO interesting!!!

      • Ohhh, okay. A graham cracker is a digestive cookie. I was wondering about these graham crackers.
        Digestive cookies are YUM.

      • YES! I couldn’t think of the word. It’s exactly like a graham cracker. With chocolate on it.

  14. My first post is to discuss digestive biscuits??? Anyway, I did further research since the thought of Rob having irregularity issues really makes me cringe. Turns out, they call them digestive biscuits, only because they were believed to have a lot of salt in them and would act as an antacid. It wasn’t true, so they had to write on the box “Does not aide in digestion”.

    So Rob just loves oat cookies that are similar to graham crackers and you can get them covered in chocolate….sounds SO much better.

    Back to lurking…..absolutely LOVE the site, BTW.

    • Thanks for the first comment!!!!

    • Thank the Lord for the clarification. the thought of Rob having issues in the bathroom was not something I wanted to think about.

    • Thanks NOLA! Yes, a chocolate covered graham cracker sounds delish!

    • Welcome NOLA,

      Does NOLA have something to do with New Orleans, Louisiana?

      Not a stalker, but from NOLA,

    • Yea NOLA!!! 1st time commenting!! welcome!!!!

  15. I like how Rob was a bit perplexed about what chicken and biscuits was and now he’s ‘changed what can be defined as a biscuit’.

    I think I’d like to try to make him blush when I offer him a ‘grinder’.

    • What’s a grinder?!?!?!

      • a submarine sandwich

        • Thanks, Drsaka. I’m learning so much today.

      • Jules…we have to open a dictionairy today…tooooo many new words for me girls…have mercy!

    • Good one! haha

    • HOLY SHIZZLE dr saka!!!!!
      When I first read that I thought – he’ll more than blush!
      This is what I thought you meant
      thank god it’s just a sandwich, in the true meaning.

      • No, I meant the sandwich!!!

    • @drsaka -and now he’s ‘changed what can be defined as a biscuit’.

      That made me laugh out loud as one of my besties has forever referred to cute guys as ‘biscuits’ i.e. “he’s quite the hot little biscuit!”

      Dear Rob,

      YOU are the definition of biscuit!
      Hot, mouthwatering, tasty goodness…mmmmm

      Can I drizzle a little honey on you?

      • Much love for you now, emclairel. Much love.

      • One of the many descriptive terms that are applied to Rob!

      • Rob as a biscuit…emclairel…you put the cherry on my cake dear…I may indeed see THE ROBDREAM tonight…tiny little bites of the Robbiscuit…ahhhhh

        • Jules,<333 back at ya.

          drsaka, we do love coming (TWSS) up with new descriptions for him. Gottaluvmeabiscuit!

          aahhh mel, the Robbiscuit! luv it! Have sweet dreams & save some crumbs for me, cuz I'm not picky, I'll lick me up some Robcrumbs 🙂

  16. I like my fantasies to as accurate as possible, so I’d like to know his favorite sex position.

    • So with you dtd…this is a reaaaaly important question! How can you be robsessed…a real fan I mean and don’t know his favorite sex position!

    • Oh my….yes I want to know too! What a dangerous question!

  17. LMAO…with these reporters…there are thousands of things we all die to learn about Rob…thousands of really great questions…and they ask him what biscuits he prefers! What is this…a warm up question?

    Dear Rob

    Sweety…I’m more interested in…how you look when you wake up in the morning…what you wear in bed…how you smell like…and silly things like that!
    I would really apriciate if you could give me some info on these topics!

    Love you

    • What he smells like is a really good question. Does he use any kind of cologne or products? A man’s smell is so important-some (most) colognes make me gag. I’d like to think Rob has that freshly-showered smell.mmmmm.

      • DTD…i love you…you are reading my mind girl! (Btw…wispering…either we are the only normals around here today…or the only nuts!)

      • I was once close enough to smell Rob and…he had no smell. So if he uses cologne it must be very minimal and faint.

        • now of course we’re all incredibly jealous!

          • Hoooooow close exactly!? It’s impossible…he had to have a smell…

          • I’m thinking he’s the kind of guy who puts on parfume when he remembers it.

            @mel, maybe Therealrobzilla didn’t smell him like a puppy would do, maybe she was trying to behave the first time.

        • I remember that! You’re so lucky!

          So he didn’t even smell of cigarettes? Beer? I was half expecting him to smell like that.

      • He smells like the woods after a hard rain…

        • I like the fresh poetic image that inspires . . . and that you used “wood” and “hard” in the same sentence.

        • Ah Lion, best smell ever…

        • ML, this just reminded me of a scene from Twilight when he was out in the rain with Bella….ah love.

          • Thanks for the visual, SB!!!!!!


          • Mel, sweet dreams.

            I do think of Rob smelling like a man…manly—-pheromones. Sigh. Hope you have robdreams.

        • ML – Wooooow!!!
          I’ve never been to the woods after a hard rain.
          I need to go, like NOW!

          • Hard wood and hard rain is not bad…not bad at all…but somehow I always think he smells…you know…like A MAN…a bit sweaty…a bit dirty…a bit nicotine…a bit alcohol…this conversation is tooooo much for me…you have the rest of the day to recover…I have to go to sleep with these pictures/smells in my mind….

          • Sleeping with those pictures and smells in your head is a good thing, Mel.
            Maybe tonight you’ll FINALLY have that Robdream!

          • Yes Jules…can you believe it…more then six months now and I had no Robdream, NOT ONCE…what does that say about me…what? I’m desperate for THAT ROBDREAM!

  18. OMG this is getting very spooky now cause Bobby Long’s fav biscuits are Hob Nobs too….I even have the photo evidence as well 🙂 It has been a running joke amongst three of my VERY good tweeter chums for the past few months now……

    p.s. Hob Nobs are best dunked in hot tea and then eaten. You just gotta watch those darn crumbs, they get into all sorts of places 🙂

    • Most Brits adore Hob Nobs. Luckily they are available (for a king’s ransom) at my local Stop N Shop supermarket. I keep them on hand just in case Rob pops in for afternoon tea. It’s wise to be prepared.

      Also waiting in the pantry: Marmite, McVities digestives, Heinz baked beans, Tetley’s tea bags, super sharp cheddar; so I can offer him dinner (beans on toast) and breakfast (Marmite soldiers and boiled eggs – I’m not the greatest cook but nobody died yet ) should the need arise!

      • I love Heinz baked beans. I’m an American, but lived in England for a bit… fell in love with beans on toast.

  19. OMG! Moon!! My favorite cookie is chocolate chip without the chips! I didn’t know someone else like me existed!

    • **Stupid alert** How can you have a chocolate chip cookie without the chip? Is that like a chocolate chunk cookie?

      • Well, I don’t know exactly what Moon means, but I like making chocolate chip cookie dough and just not add any chocolate to it at all. They’re an improvement on plain sugar cookies because of the brown sugar, I think.

        • Oh that does sound good! However, I’d end up just eating the dough.

          Ahem “I’m Rose Niland and I eat raw cookie dough.”

    • you got it tuesdaymidnight. it’s a chocolate chip cookie dough, you just dont add the chips. i dont really like chocolate (i know, i know!) so my grandma makes these for me. brown sugar is a gift from the gods.

  20. Welcome back, Moon!
    Do you know how much you were missed?
    —–>thiiiiiiiiiiiis much<——

    • awwwwwww good to see you guys too! i missed being in here every day! i wasnt far just was busy and couldnt be online every second. BOOOO!

  21. The following little story has nothing to do with biscuits or todays letter, but I wanted to share, because it made me feel sooooo proud…
    You have maybe experienced a bit of friendsmakefunofyouandyourrobsession…so have I…and I try not to mention him to much anymore (to strangers I mean)…so a friend, who knows, comes into the store today:

    friend: I saw your man yesterday!
    I ofcourse know exactly what man she meens…wonder…
    me: Ehhh…where did you see him???
    friend: on cable.
    me: which movie? Twilight?
    friend: Yes! Man…he was sooooooooooo beautiful…even with that white face of his…
    me:deep breath…full of pride and joy:Wait till you see him without the white face!
    friend…a bit insecure now: But he is soooo young!
    me:So, just say no…if he asks you (you fool)!

    Ahhhh…girls…another one bites the dust…Robdust!!!

    Have to leave you now…miss you all!

    • Hi Mel! Good morning —- afternoon now in your neck of the woods!

      This morning something disturbing happened. My friend posted on FB that she is now over Robward and into Jacob. So then a bunch of her other friends started to post mean things about Rob, I was irritated. I felt like I had to defend him. It’s ok if they don’t like Rob anymore, more for me but they were saying stuff they knew nothing about. See this is why I am a closet fan. HAHA!

      Oh well…you can’t please everyone. A bunch of them said it like your friend said, “white face” but not in a nice way.

      Tell your friend, she has good taste! Rob is really, really beautiful. 🙂

  22. When I first moved to the US, the whole biscuit thing confused me too – there isn’t a UK equivalent of the sort of savoury crumbly/flaky scone that is known as a biscuit in the US

    In the UK, there are absolutely cookies but they are strictly the round “chocolate chip” kind of classic cookie.

    The British take their biscuits very very seriously. I just found this little gem of a website and they have a “biscuit of the week” – why not scan through and familiarize yourself with other top British biscuits including party rings, iced gems and if you read back as far as Feb 2004 (about 15 pages back) – yes, you’ll find Hob Nobs!

    After reading, when you next bump into Rob you’ll be able to intelligently discuss biscuits before inviting to go behind a dumpster with you.

    • that is the best site ever !!!! – Bring on the party rings

    • That’s valuable information, Just Me. thank you!

    • yaaay! I bookmarked the site. OMG it has been AGES that I last ate custard cream cookies! Do they still exsist? I have to ask my mom to send me some by postmail!

      • Custard Creams will outlive us all.

    • I love Educational Moments on LTR.

      • educational moments are some of my favorite days on LTR. we learn SOOO much after each other!

        id also just like to visualize being covered in cookie/biscuit crumbs behind a dumpster w/ rob *visualizing*

    • I clicked on that biscuit site, Just Me, and laughed so hard! I’d have to rank it just below LTR on my list of favorite sites ever.

  23. Nice post!

    I don’t think I’ve had hobknobs before, or maybe I’m forgetting it.

    I do have a question I want to ask Rob, a very silly one :-).

    Dear Rob,

    Who was your first kiss? Can you describe it in complete detail? What was it like? ‘Cause you know, I want to know and I’m sure others too!


    • Oh, it was Tom. He was drunk and I was about to pass out. Didn’t see that coming.


      • LOL. Oh Rob and here I was thinking it was a very, very romantic moment, something you will remember for the rest of your life.

        • …didn’t see it coming, but will remember for the rest of his life. Win Win

    • I want to know about his 1st time in EVERYTHING. Literally everything…

      • I wish I beat Tom to the punch. 😦

  24. I like eating digestive cookies with a cup of tea (read dunk the cookie in tea) I eat this one

    Question to Rob: ” I want to know what brand of soap you wash your clotches” (so I can inhale the scent every day)

    • That’s normal. I also wonder what kind of shampoo/conditioner and shower gel he uses. He said he got rid of his dandruff so I wonder what he used for that?

      Does he brush his teeth with an electric tooth brush or a regular?
      Does he use Colgate or Crest?

      Does he shower in the morning or at night?

      These are all normal questions!

      • jena – head and shoulders? hahaha

        probably whatevers in the shower at the hotel!

    • Aww that is sweet, I’d love to know how he smells too, it would be nice to have everything on the bed smelling like him. 🙂 How romantic.

    • A few yrs ago before I went gluten-free I had those. My ex-bf was British, I had some in Europe. I brought some home too and I’m pretty sure you can get these here. I remember we dipped them in coffee :-), but that was my idea though.

  25. I would like to introduce my “oats” to Rob’s “hob nob”! 😉

    • LMFAO!!

    • LMAO!!!!!!

  26. I have loved HobNobs since my first visit to England!

    Dear Rob,

    Let’s have HobNob together! Wait…why does that sound dirty? 😉



    • Ummm, yes! ;-0

  27. Chocolate Chip WITHOUT the chip?!

    • yes, try it! its amazing!! ill swap some choco chip without the chocolate for some hob nobs!

  28. Oh I thought of another silly question:

    I wonder if Rob likes peanut butter and jelly sandwich? 🙂 I don’t know if it’s a European thing but some British and Portuguese friends of mine are repulsed by it when they saw me eating one. I love PB&J!

    Maybe he will like it because it’s ooey, goey and sticky :-).

    • and it’s the perfect too-lazy-to-cook food.. which I think Rob would dig

      • Yeah right now that’s how I feel…lazy because I’ve been on here all morning!

    • Haha SB, it IS an American thing. Never had one, willing to try though…(I think…)

      • Cath, it’s good but maybe it’s an acquired taste thing.

        Have you had smores? How about grilled cheese sandwiches? I think Rob would love all these! They’re like kid food!

        • Kid food… that’s a great way to describe what I think Rob would like! Hot Pockets all the way!
          The only “mature” food I’ve ever heard him talk about is Japanese steak.

          • and he mentioned “Schnitzel” during an interview while in Germany!…

          • What Keisha said and I think I read that he was eating mac and cheese when he was interviewed in NYC long time ago. Rob likes comfort food.

            I don’t trust Jenny Lumet (Details), but still thought what she said was interesting:

            “Rob’s hunger is more than merely metaphorical. He orders two entrees—the mini beef burgers with tomato-and-onion relish and the mini chicken burgers with mango chutney—along with another pint. “I eat so much, I’m like a compulsive eater. I’ve been eating room service, and I’m always really worried about it, so I choose like six things on the menu and eat them all.”

            He doesn’t want to miss anything, which implies a hint of regret.”

          • …and now I am hungry… But not for food… IfyouknowwhatImsayinandImsureyoudo

          • mountainlion, I also thought of that mention in the Details interview of what he was ordering, trying everything out.

        • Smores, never had one, know what they are, but only because of the movies, haha.

          I’m all over grilled cheese sandwiches though. We have those here as well and call them tosti’s. In Belgium/France they call them Croque Monsieur, which means a grilled mister. There’s also a variation which is called Croque Madame!

          Take that as you like. 😉

          • I’m planning to make up a particular recipe for a Croque Monsieur aka Grilled; being a Grilled Rob. Haha, maybe I should soak it in beer and then grill it???

            Voilá: Croque Rob! (You’re welcome)

          • The Croque Rob can be your first recipe demonstration on Cooking With Rob!

          • dude we need to have an international LTR party and share our fave home town foods, biscuits, hob nobs, pb&j, smores (!!!), grilled cheese, snitzel, etc etc etc!! lets DO this!

          • Haha TOO, great idea! I also have a guest star in mind for that ep. as well. I’m going to partner Rob up with my favorite TV chef!
            And an audience full of LTR girls!

          • So down with that Moon! With you, UC and Rob as the guests of honor and the premiere of Cooking With Rob! (and Swedish Chef ofcourse, because, well…he’s a freakin’ Muppet! Rob and Muppet = win) Book those tickets!

          • Oh I think I had that when I was in Belgium!

            Moon, I love the idea of the international party! Bring it!

          • I’m seeing the intro sequence to Cooking With Rob with food-related clips from Rob’s films–the RM scene where he dumps the spaghetti in the water and kind of pats it down, rolling the apple up his leg and catching it from Twilight, the cake scene from HTB–what else?

          • Ice cream from BMH.

  29. Now I need a real ‘Cooking With Rob, The Rob!

    Imagine the possibilities:

    Fired Chicken true to Drsaka’s recipe

    Hot Pockets á la Rob

    Heineken Icecream

    Crumbled HobNob Pie

    Move over Jamie Oliver!

      • Too bad neither of these two look like Rob, haha. Lack of hair and I don’t see Rob wearing that striped tanktop anytime soon!

        • Oh I hope he never does!!!! *Brain bleach*

        • Cath, in the video they “put [their] pasta on….( for 99 cents)…in medium size shelves… the oven needs to be hot…then [they] need to add the cream…and throw some moisture!!! What are you trying to say? Well, just make sure you don’t do it in Amsterdam cause I can imagine some wall fast-food hurtle straight from the coffe-shop.

          • coffeE!!! “note to self, don’t post after too long drunken dinner”

          • Hahaha MP, I heart you my fellow night owl! Hope you had a good drunken dinner! Seems you had! 😉

    • Hahah, funny!

      I was too distracted by the green countertop and the extreme wood paneling! LOL

    • Hahahaha-
      Fired chicken with microwaved carrots

      There are so many projects!!!

      • Like I suggested: Rob should put us on his payroll!

        • Amen to that! Not to mention we are using/spending our own resources.

    • Thanks for the Jamie Oliver reference, Cath.

      • You’re welcome Lion. I love me some Jamie.

        • Me, too, Cath. Did you know he’s doing some TV thing in the states called, “Food Revolution?” He’s trying to show people how to eat healthier food.

          I ❤ so much for that!!!!


  30. Just watch RM today.Rob and the cast have done amazing job. Rob and Emilie’s chemistry is so so but it’s better than with Kristen . The sex scene was wild but tastefully done. I may or may not jizzed a little 🙂
    So far, I haven’t found any good chemistry between Rob and his co stars. I’m hoping he’ll do better in Bel Ami.
    If the average looking John Malkovich could look hot in Dangerous Liasons, Rob will be flaming in Bel Ami. Here’s hoping he pull it off.

    • Yay!!! Glad you liked it!!

  31. Moon, Chocolate chip without the chips? Isn’t that just a sugar cookie? I am confused. I make a lot of cookies in my line of work, so please explain.

    I always eat my biscuits with gravy so I really am confused! 😉

    • Me too shortie bestie, I make a lot of cookies too :-).

  32. Wait……has anyone asked the age old question yet? Cut or uncut?

    • Oh My GAWD!
      *said in my Janice voice

    • I think this is kind of the best question ever. 🙂

      Perhaps one of the British LTR girls can give us a head’s up (TWSS) on which way the majority of UK men are, uh, “packaged”… for lack of a better phrase.

      C’mon ladies — share your knowledge!

      • I think this has been discussed here before – at great LENGTH. In the UK I think pretty uncommon to be cut

        • That makes sense; a handful of my ex’s are Irish and all of them were uncut, too. Maybe it’s just in the states that it’s common practice.

          • Deffo not the norm here.

      • I think in the UK only 10% of guys are cut, while in the US it’s the other way around with only 10% being uncut. Yes I googled this (crush on another English guy!… it turns out he was with the majority in England)

        it’s a pretty safe bet that Rob’s uncut.. but OMG I’d looooooove to hear him say it.. hehehehe

        • I wonder how many pints it would take for him to say it?

        • He probably wouldn’t know he was being asked about THAT and would say he’s not as cut as Taylor (meaning ripped/buff/muscular) and then that would just be more LOL than I could possibly imagine.

      • I don’t know, I think he’s uncut….

        Oh gosh, this is such a hard question*hyperventilating*!

    • THIS i want to know!!! best question yet!! british LTR grls please edumacate us on the trend of UK men..

    • now we’re getting pretty visual huh?? (not that I mind)

    • Errrr……..uncut.
      I speak from limited experience.

      • You guys are taking my mind places it hasn’t been before.
        I never even considered that question. WTF?! Why haven’t I ever wondered about that when I spend all this time examining the BIs?

        • Most likely to be uncut…or should that be hooded like the Volturi? Buahahahaha (sorry Jane)

          • You just invented a new definition for “hoodie”.

        • HAHAHA – EMJ you made me snort.
          TOO – Hoodie?


    I FREAKING LOVED THAT SHOW. I loved it so much that the very first words on this comment were “forget Rob.”

    I’m totally regretting that now, by the way.

    • omg.. I used to looooove jem back in the day lol

  34. I’m dying of cuteness. Only Rob can do this 🙂

  35. kinda off the food topic.. but I was looking at the bel ami pics over at robsessed… I really love the way he plays with his can (twss) I think I hyperventilated some

    • *Sigh*

    • Did you mean “cane”?

      • lol yes! damn you jizztyping!

        • Yes he plays with his stick…that’s soooo damn sexy!

      • I was thinking the same thing….:-)


        cane = phallic symbol

  36. And he’s standing up all straight. Clare will be so pleased!

  37. I want to make sure that I get the name right this time, because last time I commented, I screwed up royally, and was totally embarrassed.

    Moon (right?),

    I’m at work, so I can’t watch the videos for some reason, but wanted to comment anyway. First, I can’t believe you mentioned, “Jem and the Holograms”?!?!? I loved that show, and haven’t thought about for years. I’ll be watching the videos tonight at home FOR SURE.

    I think that you might have asked us this question before. I would ask him more about his music. Like, what was the first song that he played on his piano for his family? On the guitar? When was the first open-mic night that he went to and played? What was it like? What songs did he play? Would he teach me to play guitar?

    Did he end up buying a house in LA? I think that he should buy a place in London, but maybe when he is there, he would rather stay with his family.

    Where is the Stoli shirt? Please find it and where it again with the sexpenders.

    Has he tried the Hasenpfeffer in Budapest?

    I love learning new things about Rob, but know that he will always truly be a mystery to me…

  38. Just real quick…Hob-Nobs are the bomb!

    (I had them in England quite awhile ago…and then the company where I work used to have them at their cafeteria store…kind of random b/c I live in Michigan…)

    (okay-back to reading the posting)

  39. I can’t believe how many times I’ve heard the word “Hob Nob” in the last 24 hours.

    p.s. I love how Rob feels about his parents.

    • it’s the word of the day !

  40. Only one thing I still wanna know–> how may shots it takes for him to become his hot ass drunk self?

    Otherwise, meh

    PS I want one of these cookie biscuit oat thingys.

    • Omg Janet don’t get me started…
      Anyone feeling like discussing if a drunk guy can get a boner again?
      Yeah I thought so…

  41. […] The girls over at LTR are finding out stuff about Rob today! Go read! […]

  42. Dear Rob,

    Do you remember your dreams when you wake up?

    p.s. I appreciate that you’ve already used your celebrity to help the world!!

    • ML…
      why do I have the feeling you are talking about lets say very “special” dreams here?? Maybe its just me… 😉

      • B~
        It’s just you.

        • bahahahha….
          Now I am the perv huh?
          Fine. Kinky=Green and Green=good or maybe it’s purple=cool ??
          Anyhow I’m fine… 😉

  43. Btw. We don’t just learn stuff about Rob in his interviews. We learn about life in general!
    I wouldn’t have cared about what type of biscuit the world has to offer. Or finding out what HobNob is (it sounds like something kinky and dirty. Me likes).
    This shows again: Obsessions don’t only teach you about the guys preferences but every shade the life has to offer.

    And how cute is it that he loves his parents. I mean I’ve never been a huge mama-boy fan, but he makes it sound cute and sweet and adorable. *sigh*

    I would just ask him one question. The one I already asked on the Remember Me facebook site (the one that outed me as the crazy fangirl I am. No wait. IT WAS NORMAL)

    Dear Rob,

    can I disrespect you nice and slow?


    No but seriously. I wouldn’t be able to come up with a question to ask because I would be so confused and just… speechless?

    • Me too girl, I’ll be incoherent. I might even faint.

      • I hope that doesn’t happen to me…
        You know I am more of a closet fan. Write EVERYTHING on the internet and act like you don’t even know about him in RL…
        Not because I am ashamed (srsly. I have other stuff to be ashamed of a lot more) but because I just can’t face a “So you are a fangirl?” discussion. I just can’t…

  44. Hey guys…I’m back…it’s 9.45pm here and I’m exhausted,
    from work and from reading all your posts…can’t sleep if I don’t…and you made me hungry with all these biscuits and the cookinglessons…but can’t eat these late cause I’m going to loose my Ghandistyle… 🙂

    Anyway I am soooo tired…need something to make me feel good…maybe this will help…

    • Welcome back Mel! Did you sell a lot of clothes today? Thanks for sharing the video!

      • It was a good day sweety…won’t go to prison yet… :D…not for moneyissues anyway…but I may end up in jail because of Robstalking.

        These pics of him from Bel Ami…yes the ones with the stick and the pissed of face…I will have moist dreams tonight!

      • That’s a perfect Rob video and now *I* feel good!
        Luv ya Rob ❤

  45. gasp! didnt rob tell Kaleb Nation that his favorite cookie was white chocolate chip?? maybe he takes cookie and biscuit in different contexts.

    you know whats sad.. i feel like i’m becoming immune to his accent 😦

    • That’s maybe cause we haven’t heard his accent for a while…it will come back to you honey, don’t worry.
      I wonder with what accent he will speak in Bel Ami…English or a bit French!

      • Reports say English and that he has a vocal coach because he’s lost a lot of his English accent from spending so much time in the US.

        • nononono- must not lose your beautiful accent, Rob.

        • i find it comical that an englishman like himself needs help with his accent in a movie where he will be speaking with an english accent.

          rob needs a vacation to get that back.

  46. OMG the way he says ‘CINEMA’ melts all ovah! >.<

    That was me calling after to tell him how cute he said cinema. lmao.

    I can hear him talk all day. So sweet. Makes me want to sit on his lap…. and wiggle.

  47. I’m obviously on the edge of a nervous breakdown people, otherwise I can’t explain it…went over to robsessed for some more Bel Ami pictures (for my dream) and saw Rob wearing WEDDINGRING…I blacked out…I freaked out…I panicked (call it what you want)…these were the scariest few moments of my life…untill I realized that I’m crazy as hell!!!

    Just for your information…I AM A GREEK DRAMAQUEEN!

    Dear Rob

    This was to much for me…please don’t do that to me again. I’ve got to go to sleep now! To recover!

    Love you…

    • I love you Mel, though you remind me sometimes of Maria Callas when she played Medusa in a movie once… 😉 Dream of Rob!

  48. I love Hob Nobs! Clearly Rob and I are meant to be. Despite all the things that divide us, it really us biscuit choice that matters, right?

    • And it takes me hours to realize I misspelled “is”. Eff. Stupid iPhone auto-correct.

  49. Digestive Biscuits are the BOMB!!! Try ’em!

    My landlord is from England so she’s always bringing stuff over. Whatever she brings I’ll try just because….and wonder if Rob eats this or that.
    She’s really sweet!
    Yorkshire tea is the best!
    She always talks about London and I used to listen to her stories calmly… Now whenever she mentions London my heart skips a beat! I ask all these questions now….Lol!

    • @whiteflower.. ask your landlady about Yorkshire pudding.. that’ll suprise the heck out of you. —

      Its made with beef fat and crepe mix. You pour a bit of hot beef fat you get off a cooked roast rib of beef fill the individual cupcakes indentations half way with crepe mix and put it in a very hot oven– bake it and it poofs up like a mini souffle.
      It looks pretty. It sounds digusting but actually its quite tasty and is popular to eat around the holidays with roast rib beef and taters…
      The english serve it with ground horseradish on the side as well as brussel sprouts.

      Yorkshire pudding isnt reallly a pudding or desert, its kind of like a “roll” with beef fat at the bottom.

      • Hermes,
        We’ve had prime rib & yorkshire pudding for Christmas dinner since I was a kid! Living in the midwest where turkey (bleh) and green bean casserole are de riguer, it’s always been fun to turn people on to it. It’s a b*tch to make for 20+ people, but if you only do it once a year, it’s worth it. I swear it’s the glue that keeps my family together as we all REFUSE to miss that dinner, spouses/in-laws, etc. rate 2nd when it comes to Christmas dinner & yorkshire!

      • And serve it with brown gravy ! Closest thing I’ve seen Stateside is popovers.

  50. I would ask robbie (2 questions)

    1. Where is the one place in the world you would like to film at and why?

    2. If you were to write your own original screen play what would it be about and who would you cast and why (including yourself, if you are to star in it).
    ok.. 3 Questions.. (ahem)
    3. How does TomStu stay so young, thin and pale? are you sure HE isnt the REAL Edward Cullen? that boy never ages.. never…
    I LOVE TOMSTUUUUD! (my little cupcake) – le sigh.

    So Robbie if you or your crew are reading this.. please answer these questions in a future interview.. pleeezeeee.. 😉

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