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Who are you Rob? I don’t even know you anymore!

Who is that?!

Dear Rob,

Why is it disconcerting when I see you put your small wardrobe together is new ways? I saw this picture on Robsessed of you in Budapest while catching up on the weekend Rob news and I thought, wait those jeans don’t usually go with this sweater, or those shoes and why is the jacket open?

What’s going on?

This should be paired with the black jeans or the Nike’s with your initials on them. WHO ARE YOU ROB!? I feel like I don’t even know you anymore!

Carrier of the IBM thinkpad and dot matrix print out

Speaking of… where did the brown bubble leather jacket go? Did it get a hole in it and you couldn’t patch it up like the Stoli shirt you fixed with the hotel sewing kit? And now that we’re talking about this WHERE in the world has the dadcase disappeared to? Did Dick finally demand you give it back once he realized you stole it out of the attic from a box labeled “Dick’s power suits and business gear – 1985?”

The holy grail of Rob outfits. Worship it!

And seriously, I think we need to bring up the black v-neck shirt, where in the HALE did that one go to? Throw everyone else you call a shirt or sweater or whatever you cover your chesticles with away and ONLY wear this one. Next time when you’re at Marks & Spencer stocking up on man-panties just buy like 10 3 packs of these black v-necks. We will never complain. Ever.

And now that you’re wearing all these high waisted nut hugging pants, weird hats and ascots in the set of Bel Ami I really don’t know who you are. Come back to me Rob-who-wears-the-same-outfits-he-has-for-10-years-Pattinson. I miss you.


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Sometimes I forget how awesome the fandom is and some of the best stuff they’ve created…. while search through our archives last night I found this gem and I just need to share it again.

Rob and the Weasley Twins, Rob doing shots, Rob and Tom Stu, Rob wearing the same outfits 5+ years ago that he still wears today… what else says HAPPY MONDAY?!

Special Note:

Hey ltt/ltr’er

Did you start the Big Loser challenge in January ans slack off? it’s okay, so did I… Guess what? We’re doing it again, we’ve come up with a few changes in tasks that didn’t quite work and we’re switching up the wild cards. t’s all about fun, making friends and supporting each other in the challenges that real life faces. You get a point for doing things you do normally… or somethings you should do but might need to do better…

If you want to join in, post a message in the big loser thread in the Flat. We’ll be going until the Eclipse premiere…

Are you in? Start losing April 5th!!

Another extra special note:

Happy Birthday to our pal, Rob lover, wonder woman, LTR/LTT contributor and lover extraordinaire, BrookeLockart! We love you Brookie!!!!!!!

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  1. swooon…black t-shirt and brown leather jacket..what a winning combo add the beanie and

    Also LOVE the bouffant look, with the light gray tweed jacket and blue untucked dress shirt from Twilight….he can leave the lipstick and perfect eyebrows at home though.

  2. I like the “nut-hugging” pants!

    • mmmm meee toooo

    • Ow god no. I’m sorry but…just no…

    • I might be hard pressed to focus on the movie-proper with all the nut-hugging going on when I’m watching Bel Ami. Banana hammocks and all….

    • …I wanna hug his nuts…

      Juss sayin’ 😉

      Happy Birthday Brooke!

      • Thank you!!

      • ohHhh what we wouldnt give to be those pants!!!

    • Banana Slings!

      Those breeches are the worst. Vom.

  3. thanks for the birthday wishes! now that I’ve made my appearance I’m going back to sleep.


    • famewhore! :p (jk)

      Gelukkige verjaardag!

    • Happy Birthday!

    • Enjoy your Birthday!!! Wish you lol=lot of love!

    • Happy Crazy Birthday Brooke!

    • Happy birthday, sleeping beauty!

    • Happy Birthday!!!
      Feliz Cumpleaños!!!

      I wish you lots and lots and lots of Robs your way!!!

    • Happy b-day! Fijne verjaardag!

    • Happy Birthday!

    • Happy birthday!

    • Happy birthday, hope you have a wonderful day!

    • Happy Birthday, Brooke!


    • Dear lord, I was going to try to respond to each of you but I think I’d hog the comments so to: drsaka, melronin, minuit passe (sorry missing the accent), obava, libby, natashadush, operarose, southernbelle, JennB33, Katie S and Janetrigs – thank you soooo much for the birthday wishes!!

    • Happy Birthday, Brookie.

    • Happy Birfday, Brookie! I will have a beer (or 7) in your honor tonight.

    • haaaaaappppppy Biiiiiirthdaaaaaay!!!!

    • Happy bday, gorgeous!!


  4. Sometimes it feels as if he jumped on the trend wagon and he’s wearing beige and safari now, but he never disappoints us: he was at Today show with a torn jacket sleeve.
    Dadcase? Who cares! As long as I don’t see him with a signature Vuitton weekend bag, I’m happy.
    Not that I don’t want one for myself, but on him, blah.
    (months ago I stumbled upon italian soccer team and they were all vuittoned-up and it almost made me vomit)

    • I’m with you. It seems just….wrong when a guy has a LV bag of any sort. Makes me think he is going to be WAY more high maintenance than me and I can’t have that in a relationship. Be a man!! Carry your shit around in a Hefty bag like a normal dude!!

      • word!

      • Haha, I agree!

    • haha One of my coleagues showed up with said bag covered with logos and that’s all we talked/joked about since this morning. Yeah, I know, we’re interesting like that…or not.
      BUt Rob did show up with a very metrosexual bag once, vintage-like, cool, but still so metrosexual and trendy in a non Rob way.

      • THAT’S a hot pic.

        • I know I know, never said the contrary, how could I, but I just think it’s funny and so not him.

          • so Marry Poppins and so not Rob

          • Guys…it’s all about STYLE…you gotta have style in this life…make an impression…see…he does it…everytime…makes us talk about his bag. (Don’t forget the yellow one, supposed to be Kstew’s…talked about it for a week).

          • LOL, Mary poppins? 🙂

      • That’s pretty funny, too, MP.

        • He’s hot, the bag……..

      • I LOOOOVE it MP…he looks ab so lu te ly hot!

      • Handy for carrying his extra cartons of Camels- just in case he runs out, yaknow.

      • He can compare murses with David Slade (see last week’s LTT post).

  5. Rob looks especially hot in the brown bubble jacket pic – is it the angle (as in, perfect for jaw porn)? Why hasn’t he looked that good walking down the street in a while? Has he lost weight or something? Something is making him not as hot as he used to be. WHAT IS IT? It’s driving me nuts.

    He’s still totally doable though.


    • It’s Tomstu fault!

      • No, blame Summit!

        • and start a petition.

        • Summit is responsible for everything bad, including NM DVD non-deluxe, deluxe edition, super deluxe edition…such greed!

    • I think he’s purposely trying to hide the pretty. You know, to blend. Not working, Rob.

      • My thoughts exactely. Remember how he was all about the looks in the US during the Twilight period? Now it’s like the reverse answer to him officially being a “hearthrob”. Also I wonder if he’s totally confortable with his popularity, success and money when he’s with his friends.

        • I wonder that, too, MP if he’s totally comfortable with all the fame and success when he’s with his friends.

          p.s. speaking of friends, love that he took Tom with him to Budapest! Love those 2.

          • Remember when some interviewer asked him if he would fly his friends over from England for a premiere or something, and he said he thought that would be very “tacky”? So yeah, I think he wants ignore all the fame and fortune and just get away from it with his friends.

            I love TomStu!

          • TOO – he mentions in the Vanity Fair article that he only had TomStu come to NYC during RM filming because he was the only one who could afford it. I guess he would prolly feel like a db if he paid his friends’ way to travel with him.

          • I love TOM STU!! my little cup cake!— I’m glad Robbie took his BFF HHL dude with him.

            When I seen TS buck nekked in Pirate Radio.. had a grand mal seizure.. (yawn). That pale little skinny bottom of

            tomstu is the only friend Robbie has who looks like he’s a pale, skinny 14 yrs old..boy/man. –SO ladies.. YOU SEE what incessent smoking and drinking will do to you?

            It turns you skinny and young.. and that may not be a bad thing… hmm.. perhaps I should reassess my diet.

  6. The black tee kills me. Every time.

  7. chubby Mullert and TeenStu in that video (3:31) are just…no words. Best picture ever.

    • haha- there’s one where Rob’s hair has gone beyond the Mullert stage and he has mini Farrah Fawcett type wings or feathers going on- hahaha

  8. I’ve said it befor and I’ll say it again…why is it that I really can’t SEE what he is wearing??? Every time I see him he dazzles me with his face…his smile…his eyes…his hair…his lipbite…and I just can’t see anything else BUT how beautiful he is! He could wear a sack and he still be f…ing hot gorrgeous to me!!!

    Dear Rob

    Baby…what ever you wear is fine by me…and I would undress and dress you again gladly!
    About my current mood though…well this song says it all.

    Love you more and more every day

    • Melronin!! OMG! HAWT!!
      thanks so much for that.hmm. lovely HHH

    • Mel, me too. I’m too dazzled. I can’t be reasonable anymore!

      How ru today? I can finally see your new avi! Hot, Rob biting his lower lip, uhmmm.

      And that video…ah, thanks.

      • SB…uhmmmmm, is the right moan!!! Had to have his lipbite…I am in love with my avi (I scare the shit out of myself seriously I’ve lost it with this man).

        It breaks my heart but I have to go sell some clothes to the women…ahhh this financial crisis is gonna ruin me…do ya think I can ask Rob for some money 😀

        Hopefully I’ll see you tonight! Enjoy the rest of the day!

        • Mel, yeah you’ll see me later, especially when Rob’s looking at me like that! I have a pretty busy day too, the SO is off today and will be complaining if I spend so much time here.

          Yeah girl I moaned. 🙂

          Do you own a store? You know I like clothes but I hate shopping.

          XOXO—goodluck selling clothes to women :-).

          • Yeah hunni I have my little boutique…studied to become a german teacher but (as Rob) didn’t actually want anything to do with school any more…fashion was always a passion…so…come over here (all of you) and I dress ya up for when you meet Rob. 😀

          • Hehe, ok thanks for the invite, if I’m ever by there, I’ll stop by :-).

            What should I wear for when I meet Rob? I’m kind of like a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. 🙂 I’m very low-maintenance.

          • Jeans are always good…but we’ll have to do something with the top…a bit of sexy silk would be great 🙂

            Btw…is it only me…I just would kill to be in Budapest right now…ahhhh the pictures of him on set…have no words…no words!!! Pounds or no pounds…I would…totally…you know…what I would do to/with this man!

          • Mel, yeah I wish I can follow Rob around. JK, I don’t have the patience for it but it would be great to meet him in real life. Sigh. When? How? Where?

    • “…I would undress and dress you again gladly!”
      Amen to that Mel! Amen to that!! (Especially to the undress)

      • hi sweety…ohhhh yeahhh….I would die to have the chance to undress him!!!

    • I love this!!!

      TOO MUCH!

  9. I can’t help it. I like Darcybert.

    • Ow yes! Much better when those pants are covered up.

    • i so nearly wet by pants with this one! I can’t wait to see MANWHORE Georges! woot!

    • oh yes.I’m saving up because I’m going to see this movie every single day that it’s playing. Maybe even twice a day.

      • Me, too.

      • I think I’m gonna buy one stock of the theater group and claim one seat as MINE.

    • meeee tooo… I guess top hats just make the girly bits happy

    • He is known in my world as *Mr Robcy* 🙂


    • I’m in love again…..

      I’m floating right now….sigh. He’s so handsome.

    • seriously all my mr darcy fantasies just got sooooooooo much hotter

  10. Gah! Moon you just used two of the Flat girls fave pics! Jena will love you long time for the bbj and we ALL swoon over black vneck Rob. But please note, the jeans in the first pic can be worn with whatever he wants. As long as he wears them repeatedly, which we are guaranteed he will until they are lost under my bed.

    • I’m fond of the bbj/dadcase pic too. Is he wearing the blue cable knit HP-era sweater too? If so, then its a triple threat pic!

      • Oh, I see now that its not that sweater, but maybe one of the same vintage.

        • its normal right – that we are so intimately familiar with his wardrobe.

          Moon – i can’t believe you know Rob’s nikes have his initials on them.. like thats for real you’ve seen that?
          WOW – your attention to detail is commendable

          • Some of us, ahem have taken an inventory of his wardrobe. 🙂

            I’m so guilty :-).

          • It’s insane how familiar I’ve become with his wardrobe. When I watch YouTube vids and they do super close ups of those wonderful Rob parts that need closer inspection I almost always know the outfit and event he’s at.

  11. ok so this is why i love LTR so much.. cos i saw these pics today and thought to myself..oh blue jeans, not black?..oh button fly..nice!..oh rip in knee of said jeans excellent!..Rob is KEEPING IT REAL – always and we all love him for it!

    • Why is is such a thrill when I see a button peeking out from the fly of his jeans?

      • cos your itching to get your fingers on it to pop it!

      • D2D it makes me feel like it’s about to pop open you know? 😉

      • button fly jeans are hot……….

  12. ah that vid ‘party like a rock star’ funny!
    wonky legs at :49
    Dumpster Rob @ 2.25
    3.19 – eh not partying…working..nevermind

    • MsLiss…are you in Liss? Or does your name come from somewhere else?

      • no I’m in Australia! ~ ah is that whatyou meant?

        • No, I live a couple of miles away from a village called Liss, in the UK. Just checking in case we could meet up & nerd out.

  13. You know I think that Rob started listening to Lady Gaga and her message is go be yourself. Try new things. Don’t be afraid. And that’s what he’s doing venturing out to express his creativity.

    Just watch he’ll have the beanie in the shape of a bow before you know it! Rock it Rob!!

  14. “man-panties”…WIN!!! “High waisted nut hugging pants”…double win!!! I nearly spit tea out of my mouth when I read that! Too funny!! And yes, he def needs to buy at LEAST 10 3 packs of those wonderful V-neck T’s! I, too, feel like I don’t know him but I still think he’s one mighty fine piece of eye candy!! Thanks for the pics & blog. As always, it really brightened my rather bleak day. 😀

    • “High waisted nut hugging pants”… HAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHA Le it normal that i want a lifesize cardboard of him in those pants? (that madame Tousand doll is too creepy for me)

      • TOTALLY normal…at least that’s what I tell myself!!! And the doll is def creepy. The wax figure was atrocious…looks nothing like him!!

      • I live with those pants every day (on the husb)…They’re not high waisted, unless you hoik them right up….tee hee. They actually look very fetching on & also pretty good flying through the air & bouncing off the wall 🙂

        • Hi my elftwin…hope you are still around…I have something special just for you. (Commented also…you can read it…you’ll understand)

          • Wipes away tears….& wrings pure oestogen from my undergarments.
            Thanks Melf-twin.

  15. there is one pic on that video.. where he is sitting with some blond girl.. looking all broody and pissy.. well.. I think my panties just melted. ::::swoon:::::

    thank you for getting me “going” on a monday morning.. better than coffee…


    • That’s Erica Dutra (sp?) after Cannes, I think?? I love Rob’s body language.

      • ML, you win the RobNerd of the Day award! Who knows the shizz you know??

        • I’ll tell you who? RG!

      • Yep it’s Erica Dutra and btw she has a facebook page :-).

        • hehehe off to search

  16. Rob partying with the Weasley twins made my morning. js.

    • I know! I’m with you. Partying with the Weasleys FTW!

  17. Being in the fashionbusiness and dealing with clothes every single day, I just need to say that I find it great that he dresses like…I don’t give a shit…makes him much hotter…but…let’s face it the man doesn’t have a clue how to dress (if he did, he would wear jeans and black v-necktees every day of his life…lol).

    Rob…hunny…come over here and I’ll be more then happy to teach you how to dress!

    • Come on, are you saying that the red velour jacket that he prob stole from set of Harry Potter (Dumbledore’s closet?) isn’t hot? 😉

      • AJ…you’re asking the wrong person hunny…he could wear a scotish cilt and I would still believe he is the hottest MAN alive (remember Braveheart? That’s what I’m talking about…noooo underwear! 😀 )

        • Oh Lord Rob in scotish cilt on a realy heavy windy day! I am dead. take me away…..

          • Yeap…that’s what I’m talking about!

      • Especially paired with the brown/black leather pants??? Didn’t he wear that jacket in BMH?

        • Leather pants??? When did he wear leather pants? There is only one man who really looks hot in leatherpants and that was Jim Morisson!Don’t know about Rob!

          • At HP premiere he wore leather pants with red velvet jacket. It was weird . Hot. Rob

        • Oh as Mr. Gale? maybe! and I totally know the picture you are talking about with red jacket/leather pants combo.

          but where did he get the leather pants? from Dick maybe?

          • I don’t know!- I’m not aware that they ever made another appearance. Shudder, did he borrow them from someone????

        • Not only he wore black leather pants with a bordeaux velvet jacket, but he also matched the jacket with bordeaux shoes! Hilar!!!!!!!!!

          • No he didn’t? REally, he did? The shoes, I mean?

          • Thanks, MP. I knew there was something about the shoes, but I couldn’t remember- actually, how could I forget?

          • drsaka- It’s a coping mechanism

          • As I recall, the shoes didn’t exactly match, which made it all worse 😛

  18. I miss the brown bubble jacket!!! He just doesn’t wear stuff he used to because he’s been lurking on blogs.
    C’mon Rob, we know you’re looking at the Stoli with nostalgic teary eyes, just do it man,bring it to the set of Bel-Ami.(If not you can just bring me.)
    I think the stuff he wears is OK except for all Nike, not because the cloths/shoes are shiteous but because Nike is shiteous.
    Also what changed is that he gained major weight!

    • really? He has gained some weight?? I hope so, he was toooo skinny for me. But I’d still do him….do you have any pics that show that he has gained some weight??

      • Oooooh yeah…he gained weight…a lot since Twilight…but that’s ok…we just have more to touch!

      • So true!
        First pic of the letter compared to this

        • Ahhhh you just killed me!!!

          • Just one more:
            I prefer him skinny and model like.

          • I mean this one:

          • Jellyb…girl…you died me…I prefer him a bit skinnier too…but…hey, I’ll take whatever he’s willing to give me!!!

          • Ah, cool Jellybean now I can (stalk) follow you on Twitter. 🙂

        • OMG I’ve never seen that skinny model like pic before. His legs go on for miles

          • just when i thought i’d seen every hot picture there was to see someone comes up with an impossibly hot pic, way prefer him like this tall skinny and lanky!!
            i really miss the brown bubble jacket, that picture of him is hooooooottttt!
            oh and the stoli shirt ah!!!

      • I don’t mind if he gained weight :-). More for me. As long as I don’t see a big ol’ fat beer belly I’m good.

      • yeah, I was also referring to the airport pic Misty plus one as G Duroy where you could see his thighs, but I don’t have it. I’ll love him anyways, belly or not. Also must say there were some almost scary skinny pics during the Eclipse filming. I think I need to see the real thing (twss) so I can know for sure the real dimensions.

        • I’d love to see the scary, skinny pics from Eclipse filming, MP. I don’t doubt you, I just wanna SEE HIM.

          • every occasion is good for Robporn, right? don’t have the pics ML, I exagerated a bit with the “scary” label, but he seemed really thin to me in some photos from the Eclipse shooting time.

    • MP, I love you – really, but I gotta disagree. Look at the photos from the London RM premiere, he’s still skinny. He may have gained some, but I think his costumes for BA just make him look bigger (ahem, at least parts of him). He’s still a SWB.

      • Aaah, we never meet when I have the shipping Robuit name, different computers. Last time I changed I commented all over but by the time the comments were accepted nobody was there anymore. So imma try to change it on this one as well, hoping it won’t need moderation.
        I think he gained weight, look at the jeans in the pic from the airport, but I agree he’s still (and will be for me no matter what) SWB (is it See Want and Buy?)

      • Hey TLG just answered saying that we never meet when I write from another computer with my shipping TLG name, so I thought I’d change it on this one and now comment is awaiting moderation. I can’t play if comment doesn’t show up. So I was saying I think he gained weight (look at the jeans in the pic from the airport) but he will always be “SWB” (See want and Buy?)
        And I ❤ u too.

        • LOL, MP. Please don’t sully your lovely screenname with my initials. LOL.

          I haven’t studied the pix as well as you have, but I think I’ve seen enough of his set photos to know we probably got a good Big in Budapest situation. BIB, as it could now be known.

          • It’s done 🙂 Depending from where I post my name will be more lovely shipping TLG.
            And while waiting for BIB, let’s just enjoy this, I like to think it’s a personal msg to us.

          • MP, that is totally BIB or BIL (I think that mighta been in London before they wrapped).

            Also, MP, are you on Twitter? I’d love to follow you.

          • I don’t have time for Twitter anymore though i was thinking of having a super secret minuit account (like the super secret FB) for (stalkerish) ahem Rob curiosity reasons, but nothing interesting on myslef. Thanks for the interest, you’re sweet.

        • OK, that was quick for the moderation and now I’m the moron who pollutes the comments by posting twice. And I’m not exactely helping with this comment, am I?

        • I think we have a good BIB too.

    • Yep, Rob quotes he had to gain weight for Bel Ami. Here’s a link:

      Go to just if you want to see a shitTON of Bel Ami pics from over the weekend.

  19. I thought Rob dressed Waxbert in the BBJ?

    • That would be a great way to immortalize it, but I’m sure that you saw the pics with fans all over Waxbert, so I’m sure someone would take it!

      • that video of all the women feeling up waxbert was kinda WEIRD… I kept thinking if I was Rob, and I saw that.. how bizzare it would seem… lol…

        maybe rob will get a BETTER waxbert and have some one put remote control wheels in the shoes and use it to fake out the fan girls.. that would be amusing.

        • That is weird. I cringed for waxbert.

        • Best idea ever!

    • Love seeing you here, O! and you too Singlestrand!!!

      • Woohoo! Hi ML 🙂 I owe you an e-mail- I’m just waiting for something interesting to talk about 😛 since my life is filled with school 😦

        PS When are you going to get your SSFBP?

        Southern Belle- that goes for you, too!

    • Here is the pic of Waxbert we’ve all been waiting for thanks @LunaPatricia via Late2thePartee (look at me sourcing!)

      • hilar!!

  20. I want to apologize for my absence lately. Moon & UC – you know how much I love you – I’ve pledged fake lesbian threesomes many times on this site and I even drove into NYC at 9pm on a Friday a few weeks ago just to meet UC (totally worth it!)

    Here’s the thing – I think my overwhelming infatuation with Rob has cooled a bit. Me & Him are in the long term relationship (LTR) stage of things – in other words, I can go days without really thinking about him. I mean, I’ve owned New Moon for a week now and I’ve only watched it once, and that was to listen to the DILF commentary, which I loved.

    Anyway – I went and read Friday’s post and I want to tell you how sorry I am that anyone is cyber bullying you, UC. People really believe that they can leave their morality at the door when they log on to the interwebs. It is a sad state of affairs. Hope that the meanies each step in a big muddy puddle in brand new pair of expensive suede shoes.

    Well, off to watch that hilarious vid again. Rob and the Weasley twins was epic win.

  21. Lovin’ the hair at 3:30. . . Reminds me of Travolta in Saturday Night Fever – “don’t touch the hair.”

    My 8 year-old son picked up my copy of New Moon and said, “Which one’s Rob Patterson?” (cringe. . .) I stumbled around and pointed him out (no need to display my well hid obsession in front of the kiddos). My son then said, “He’s got chest hair.” I turned, smiled and thought quietly, “ooohhh, yes he does. . .”

    Off to download, “Party Like a Rob Star. . .”

    BTW – since I am the biggest loser, I would love to participate. I tried logging in, but was told I needed to contact an administrator??? I am old and technically challenged – HELP???

  22. Nut hugging pants! FTW!

    I have to say, though, I really prefer him in period costume. I think all his roles should be in period films from now on.

    My husband carries that exact same dadcase. It’s a Tumi. And yes, you’re right, it’s totally for dads. Who work in office buildings. Not hot movie stars.

    Team Brown Bubble Jacket Forever!

    (love that video – I sorta have a fantasy that someday Rob will go out on a very public date with Anna Kendrick – is that weird?)

  23. I do miss that dadcase. It made me feel like we were connected. I have a dadcase and my work lappy with Sametime and Lotus Notes, and I felt like ROn and I were connected by our 1980[‘s technology. Oh well.

    • However, I am still mad at Ron.

      • Ron deserves it.

  24. 1st pic, well he looks so tall standing next to those 2 girls! He’s not even really standing straight. He’s hot though, the pants are very flattering! Pun intended.

    2nd pic, well I love that bubble jacket, circa New Moon filming in Vancouver. I don’t mind the bag, but it reminds me of something my dad carried. However this is Rob we’re talking about so my rules don’t apply because he has me wrapped around his finger. 😉

    3rd pic, well one of my favorites! Sexy, smoldering hot, I love everything about that getup. Sigh. I had many dreams of that black v-neck shirt. Sadly most are G-rated. haha.

  25. Clip 1.52, he looks so gorgeous. The hair and the stubble is just too much for me to take!!!!


  26. I looooove Rob in brown sweater. White undershirts are my kryptonite. And the button flies are a one way ticket to Happy Town.
    Shitidas and beanie gotsta go! (But not NM Edward’s brown shoes please!)

    • That white shirt looks so good on him. I don’t care if it’s been washed or not or even if it’s wrinkled. It just looks awesome on him.

      Word, Rob can take inanimate objects and make them look wonderful.

  27. And for me nothing equals party Rob well maybe word vomit Rob, just imagine getting drunk with party Rob. Priceless.

    • ok it would def be priceless but for another reason than just to hang out with him (at least for me)IfyouknowwhatImeanandImsureyoudo
      Btw can guys get a boner while they’re drunk? Just wondering…

      • Depends how drunk. Also depends how young.

        • Is someone talking from experience?

          let’s pretend said guy is 23 almost 24, very handsome (I have no clue if that has any effect on the topic) and especially sexy when he’s drunk…
          now I lost it… What was the question again?

          • And I think…it also depends…on the girl…right??? You know what I mean.
            Well…some have special skills!

          • Let’s say for arguments sake that I am not smart… I mean that she looks like KStew. Mullet and everything.
            Ok I’m giving up….
            Having this conversation is embarassing for someone unexperienced… *blushes*

          • *yes, blushes, speaking from experience* If you want lots of fun keep them sober, unless they’re teenagers & basically gagging for it, because most of their corpses would have a boner. Older than that, if you want a crap kiss or shag or whatever from a man who’ll soon be snoring like a drain on top of you, keep pouring those drinks. Learn from previous generations.
            I’d wager someone like Rob, for example, is a cuddly, soppy sleepy drunk, who has all the right intentions & none of the ability….

          • But he’d be great for drunken 20 questions when you could get the truth about everything he feels about you, & lots of ‘I really really love you’s out of him. Sweet.

          • Bleriana- don’t be embarassed- you gotta learn somehow! And this is a safe place. Don’t be worried- you’ll be safe in that department- Rob will see how sweet and adorable you are and nothing will stop him 🙂

          • Okay, than my bf has to be real teeny at 20 smth close to 30 or I must be really drunk (well not that drunk) but I only remember the good stuff.
            And Obava “this is a safe place” bwhahaha.

        • OYep drunk you’re okay. But too drunk and you’ve got “liquordick” on your hands. And that’s not going to do either of you any good for the evening.

          And like eatmyjorts said, age is a factor… younger guys aren’t as prone to be affected

        • I dont know… the ex husband used to call it “Whiskey d**k” and he’d be good to go for about 3 hours.. I wouldn’t mind seeing if the same is true for rob 😉 hehehehe

          • Practically all my experience is with British beer drinkers…Have never even heard of this amazing phenomena to which you refer 🙂

      • @bleriana
        can def. have a boner while drunk. good times.

  28. I have to admit I don’t notice too much what he’s wearing…sure I’ll notice if the jeans are button fly because I can’t help myself, my eyes just go there first… Its like they have a mind of their own. I can’t help myself. But then I get too lost in starting at his face to notice anything other than that as far as what he has on, unless someone points it out.

    Generally I’ve just got a two track mind: fly, face… I just don’t always get past those two. I kind of get lost somewhere between them

  29. OT here.

    Is it blasphemy to say that I enjoyed NM documentary more than the movie?

    • Nope, I think all good Robward parts were in the doc.

      • Just what I was thinking, Keisha. Thanks for the reality check.

  30. […] Have you been over to LTR yet? No? Run!! Click here […]

  31. Hey girls!!!

    I just realized that tomorrow will be the day of my 100th post. So I was wondering what could be the topic? Any suggestions??

    Any help highly appreciated!

  32. and before I forget:


    My present:

    • and because 1 is simply not enough for our awesome BROOKIE (I can call you that right?) here part 2 of my present to her:

      • Rob porn is always appreciated!

        And yes, i will respond to awesome and brookie.

        Thank you!

        • I could have done better in the RobPorn section but my pc is still f** up so I hope that’s enough to make your birthday sweeter…

          • btw I forgot the hugs and kisses…

            You’re most welcome 😉

  33. And before I stop saying anything I just want to remark one thing: where the heck is RobGirl ?
    Watching Remember Me again?

    • On Holiday and we are sad

      • What?!!
        she’s on holiday?
        1. I am jealous. I had to work like a maniac today.
        2. I really hope she survives her LTR abscence. It will be hard… (twss)

    • I feel like RobGirl’s personal secretary/stalker. This is the second time I’ve answered about her whereabouts in a week.
      I’m not a creepy stalker, I swear! The quiet ones are very observant is all.

  34. Does anyone else ever open a pic of Rob and close it real fast before you get a good look because in the split second you first see it you feel guilty for the thoughts you know you are about to have?
    Just curious.

    • I do that, but not because of guilt of my impure thoughts… I’ve completely come to terms with that. I just don’t want to get caught looking and have to explain myself. 🙂

  35. Okay, so I know this is off topic and perhaps this has already been discussed, but I was just cruising facebook and noticed that someone I know is a fan of “Robert Patterson”. I clicked on the “Robert Patterson” fan group page, hoping it was just a joke, but no. The fan page for “Robert Patterson” has 23,000 fans on Facebook. (as a side note, they mentioned a “Taylor Launter” on the page.)

    • Lmao! The posts are like the person or people are pretending to be Rob! Too fricking hilarious! Love it. Good find.

      You know, I’m okay with being a LTT /LTR fan on facebook butI don’t know if I’d want fake Rob posting stuff… that seems a bit too twi-crazy to me. 🙂 lol

    • But then again maybe not. Apparently 23,000 people disagree with that thought. And who am I to judge? I’m here posting comments. But here nobody knows it but me. 😉

  36. All roads lead to Rob: BioWareBazaar is a trending topic on Twitter. This reminds me of Bioward.
    Rob- I love YOUR OWN grey t-shirt that you wore when you asked about the wettest place. The beginning of pecs as we know them.

  37. Have you seen the video/audio of rob thanking fans for being quiet in budapest?? I think I just died from his adorableness!

    • I melted a bit on the inside when I heard him speak. He could read out of the phonebook and I would still be turned on…

    • Little stuff like this is why we read a blog called Letters to Rob. Truth.

      • very true 🙂 he always manages to seem so sweet and down to earth… le sigh….

  38. wow. and i thought i was so special knowing about the initials on his nikes. i seriously thought i was the only one. silly me – i should have known there are people out there AT LEAST as crazy as me, who also figured it out.

    totally unrelated – today a student ‘interviewed’ me for her speech class. she asked me what i would do if i could spend a day with ‘rob paddison’. my answer? ‘nothing that would in any way be appropriate to share with you’.

  39. […] I mean seriously what is the deal here?! I’ve been pondering this for a while and I’m not alone, seems like Letters to Rob is wondering too. […]

  40. […] convinced now that you read LTR because ummm what do my eyes see but the BROWN BUBBLE JACKET that I asked wtf it went like 3 weeks ago… You knew we’d see this… you knew we’d talk about it. And now I’m […]

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