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Remember Me (we’re almost done)

Dear Rob,
In an effort to bombard us EVEN FURTHER with Remember Me letters, I give you one last post (I think) about the movie. We received a few thoughts from LTR readers that were just too great not to share. Plus, I owe you the honest truth. And I’m gonna bring it. But first: (You should know by now- SPOILER ALERT)

Dear Rob,
You killed me. I was DEAD while watching Remember me on Friday night, then again on Saturday. I am so happy that my friends knew CPR, cause I rolled over and died, a few times. Ok I know the movie was sad, yes it was very sad. But your hotness killed me. You also provided my fantasy in one little scene in this movie. You + white t-shirt + books = My fantasy. Yes I am a big ass nerd, what ever. I wanted to do dirty dirty things to you after you yelled the F-bomb. You dazzled my balls off (if I had balls they would have been dazzled off). Instead, the drool needed to wiped off my chin, and I had to be slapped by my poor friend.

Then you had to go and call the police Pussies! You had to have a tattoo- I know it was fake, but Tattward ran through my mind. (Thanks Clipped Wings & Inked Armor FanFic). You had to be a Hot big brother; you had to smoke 45 cigarettes. You got your ass handed to you, even all beat up you were Hot. This is ridiculous. We all know you are hot, or we couldn’t be reading this blog, but I have to express your hotness yet again. It was nice to see you play a Human, you were not a dork, gay, you did not wear a rainbow sweater, or have have a blinky mouthbreather costar. You owned it Rob.

Call an ambulance cause I’m gonna roll over and die again. xo,

Dear Rob,

Tonight I went to see Remember Me. Here’s a rundown of my night out:

  1. Bypassed long line of families waiting to see Alice in Wonderland in IMAX. Acted smug about preordering tix and not having to stand in freezing rain.
  2. Headed to popcorn counter and had a pseudo-fight with friends over who paid for the bathtub of buttered former-vegetable. Bought enough for a family of 7 on top of the Twizzlers I had stashed in my purse.
  3. Grabbed the perfect seat in the theater.
  4. Giggled at the Tina Fey trailer.
  5. Gasped, crossed and uncrossed legs at least 3 times during the Eclipse trailer.
  6. Settled in for the pretty.
  7. Shifted. Wanted to knock out the cop.
  8. Shrugged.
  9. Shifted and sighed and blushed a little.
  10. Asked, “What is this movie about?”
  11. Shrugged, sighed, shifted.
  12. Asked, “Where are the werewolves?”
  13. Wanted to knock out the cop.
  14. Gasped.
  15. Gasped and (I think) grunted.
  16. Covered face with hands.
  17. Actually said (out loud) “Oh my God, NO!”
  18. Cried.
  19. Cried some more.
  20. Blubbered.

Ladies, if you are lucky enough to see a movie before the general public, could you just do us one favor? Throw us a little bone. Anything…something! Some ideas of what would’ve been uber-helpful in this case:

LTR’s Helpful Hints for watching Remember Me…

  1. Bring your taxes. You can do them during the first hour.
  2. There are no werewolves.
  3. Bonus: There is no stuttering!
  4. WEAR WATERPROOF MASCARA! Unless you like that whole Tammy-Faye look.
  5. Take your antidepressant before you go.
  6. Take your birth control pill before you go.
  7. A package of Kleenex will be much more helpful than a package of Twizzlers.
  8. When the going gets tough, focus on the room mate. He’s total WIN.
  9. Pierce Brosnan is a talented actor – but his NY accent is reminiscent of Hugh Grant in Mickey Blue Eyes. (Fuhgetabboutit!)
  10. Do not watch this movie if you have daddy-issues, fear of mildew/soap scum, or if you’re a wussperv.

What do you say, gals? Just a little heads up next time?

Knowing you’ll do the right thing,


After the jump, UC’s long awaited Remember Me review. (I was the only one waiting, really. I meant to write it on Saturday)

My real, honest review of Remember Me (Major Spoilers ahead)

I’m a Rob Pattinson Fan. I run a blog focused on writing about him (read that: Blog– it’s different from fan site) and spend way too much time thinking about him, yet I don’t have an unconditional admiration for him. I can admit when something wasn’t his best. And I’m not afraid to, despite the fiery daggers that may be thrown at my head!

I knew the following things going into Remember Me Friday night: I knew that Tyler died (I read it in the LTR comments & never told anyone what I read- not even Moon) and I knew that it had a VERY BIG “New York” theme. I tried not to focus on that so that there would be an element of surprise, but 1/2 hour in to the movie and I knew I was going to be right about what “New York” theme it was.

I see a lot of movies. My husband & I are members of a local independent movie theater so we see almost every film that comes through there- most of them aren’t major studio films, and the only Big-budget movies I’ve seen in the past year are New Moon & Avatar. When I come away from a movie, I expect to be moved in some way. Maybe that means I cry with grief or anguish for someone else’s grief or maybe I’m happy or hopeful or hopeless. Whatever it is, the emotion I generally feel walking out a film is strong. When I walked out of Remember Me Friday night, I felt nothing. I didn’t even know how to put into words what I was feeling. There really weren’t words. There was just… emptiness.

It wasn’t until about 1am when I frantically started emailing Brooke & Calliope, two of the girls I went to see the movie with, that I had a cohesive thought. And my thought was, “The Screenplay was awful.” I don’t know if that was Will Fetters fault or Jenny-whatsherface who apparently did two rewrites on the script, but the plot & the story just did not flow. I watched a character drama but never felt I got to know the characters. Why was Tyler so angry? Sure his brother died and his dad was a jerk & his parents just got divorced (which, by the way, I had to read on imdb) but why? That was never explained.  Why did the girls at school hate Caroline? Why WAS his dad so angry? Was he different before Michael’s death? Why did Tyler fight those guys in the alley? It was random and out of “character” from what we knew of Tyler up until that point. Maybe there is a perfectly good explanation why. And I don’t need to hear a line that says “Hello, I’m Tyler and I am f*cked up because I lost my best friend Michael who was also my brother and he told me fight Irish dudes in an alley.” But I do need to understand the characters I’m watching. And I didn’t.

I think that any criticism I have of Rob’s performance is because of the badly written screenplay. Calliope said it best when she wrote that the story didn’t leave a lot of room for Tyler to have range. And I agree.  Many times I felt like Rob was counting rhythms & reciting lines instead of really encapsulating Tyler. Then again, there were moments when I felt it “click,” and I no longer felt I was watching a young actor recite lines for his school’s drama club.

Since I’ve seen the movie I’ve read a lot of reviews. Entertainment Weekly & Variety were two of the harshest reviews I read. And while I think they went a little too far on criticizing Rob’s performance (not that I don’t agree with their points- I just think they need to remember he was acting out a badly written story), I don’t think they were too far off on their review. The romance between Tyler & Ally, hot morning sex & romantic shadow puppets aside, was shallow and under-developed. And the ending deserves all the criticism it garnered.

Ironically last summer Moon joked that she just didn’t understand what Remember Me was all about. I’m still not sure we know. What was the theme? What was the movie trying to say? Tyler quoted Ghandi on a few occasions & mentioned the idea of our lives touching the people around us even after we’re gone. Okay. Was that the point? Was that the point of his death? I think that’s what the movie was trying for, but it just fell short.

I don’t hate the ending like most of the media does. That’s not to say I like it. When I knew that I was right about the 9/11 theme and knew what was about to happen, I almost walked out  of the theater. I couldn’t stand to be there. I couldn’t watch it. I stayed still, squinted my eyes and just prayed they wouldn’t show anything I didn’t want to see- no shaking of a building, no plane in the sky, no look of horror on Tyler’s face the moment he realized what was happening. I’m so grateful they didn’t, but that’s not to say the emotions and remembrance of that horrific day weren’t brought to the surface of my memory. Any tears I shed were for my country and those who suffered on that horrible day and the days after.  Tyler, to me, was just a representation of the 3,000 people who died on September 11th. I can see why the media complains that the ending was just used as emotional effect. I don’t think that’s what its intention was. I believe that the meaning and the significance of the ending and what Will Fetters intended got lost when the screenplay was changed. So it seems like emotional fluff-  or just something thrown in to make us remember the movie.

I am a Rob Pattinson fan, and I think Remember Me is an important movie for all Rob Pattinson fans to see. It’s his first venture into acting after being thrown onto the scene as Edward Cullen, and it’s enlightening to see him portray someone new. The jury on whether Rob’s acting can live up to the level of his fame is still out, at least where the media is concerned. I am looking forward to whatever film comes next and hope the story allows him the freedom to prove he can live up to the expectation!

Throw your daggers, I can handle it!

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  1. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna cave and see Remember Me and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be soon.
    I stop still everytime I see the ad on TV.

    UC – Thank you for writing such an honest review!

  2. Wow, UC! A rational, thoughtful, honest, well-written review of Remember Me, from a Rob fan who isn’t afraid to “go there.”

    I may have shed a tear for you just now…a lone, “Sob…our baby girl’s all grown up now” tear which fell slowly down my cheek.

    Can we hug it out, please? I just need a hug. Rob probably does, too. Actually, he probably wants to kiss you, but let’s keep this G-rated for now.

    • Yup, ditto what Leigh Anne said.


      yeah right.. like you were ever gonna listen to me

      • I told you–I won’t see the movie until it’s on DVD. (Unless I get…you know…) And I read the script. So you’ve spoiled nothing for me. SIMMER.

  3. No dagggers.

    I can see some of your points. The first 1/2 hour of the film needed to have more editing – or maybe it had too much editing. It felt choppy. But about 1/2 way through the movie it started to flow.

    The ending. So much controversy. I knew ahead of time what would happen and I also cringed and felt my stomach clench. But not because I knew he would die, but because I was worried they would show too much. Like you, UC, I didn’t want to see planes hitting the building or even hear the planes coming.

    I was relieved with the way they handled the final 10 minutes. I’m not a New Yorker, but I am an American and I remember that day very clearly. I don’t, however, feel that the film exploited 9/11 anymore than a war movie exploits soldiers who die in battle. Horrible things happen in history – wars, terrorist attacks, epidemics. These events are the subjects of movies all the time.

    I agree with you that the emotions I was feeling were for the people who were murdered on that day and not this fictional character we were watching. But you know what, I think that’s okay. It’s okay to be reminded of how horrible 9/11 was.

    And I think the meaning is just very simply what the tagline of the movie is – Live in the Moments. Yes, it may seem simple, but how true is it? Think of the 3000 people who died on that day just because they went to work.

    • I agree with all your comments wholeheartedly. My exact comments coming out of the movie was it didn’t flow well for me, but I thought it was an editing issue. I had trouble with the timeline, it felt like Tyler and Ally’s relationship occurred over a few days. If I hadn’t heard the voicemail from Ally to her dad, I wouldn’t have known that a whole summer had gone by.

      Same with the ending, didn’t want to see the planes either, but I don’t want to forget what happened that day. It’s important to remember that the people that lost their lives that day were someone’s father, mother, brother, sister, lover, etc. And they all had a story.

    • I agree with you completely – I cried, but more over 9/11 than over Tyler. (And I still can’t make my mind up if I think that was a big, cheap script cop-out or not.)

      I had the feeling that the movie didn’t really know whose story it was going to go with: Ally’s, Tyler’s, Caroline’s, or which relationship was most important: Tyler’s with his dead brother, Tyler’s and Caroline’s, Tyler’s with his father, or Ally and Tyler’s. Too many ideas crammed in and only half-developed, then the big finale to avoid resolving or knitting things together in a normal way…

      But needless to say, Rob is HOT and I think he is growing as an actor – this is the first time I see him play a normal (that’s what she said) person, and do it well. I so look forward to Bel Ami! In some situations (ex. the bawling out scene in the board room) I don’t think he is really grounded, but visibly “acting”, but that is marginal.

      PS. I went back and listened to “Plans” byt Deathcab for Cutie and found so many songs on it that made me think of Remember me..I love it.

      • I think the intention was to look at all these different relationships, and not concentrate on just one of them, hence the choppiness/confusion. The emphasis was on personal loss and grief and how different people react to that, and then bringing that exploration of loss to a national level, but putting a personal face on it.

        And as you say, Rob was HOT. He held this movie together, I thought, very admirably for a very young and relatively inexperienced actor.

    • “I don’t, however, feel that the film exploited 9/11 anymore than a war movie exploits soldiers who die in battle.”

      I totally agree with you, Too Old. Did critics say that Saving private Ryan was exploitative of WWII? That was a story about fictional characters surrounded by one of America’s darkest actual events. Why the double standard?

  4. Thanks UC!

  5. well, have nothing to say before watching it-just chose to belive Rob’s taste- but thnx for all the reviews

  6. You are very brave, UC. I had the same reaction to the movie as you did, but I didn’t know how expressing it here would be taken.

    The characters were shallow, and I never cared about them like it seems I was supposed to. I do think that the screenplay was mostly the problem. I also thought there was zero chemistry between Rob and Emilie. I wanted to find their intimacy hot, I really did, but it left me cold.

    My reaction to the end is kinda complicated. I had gone out of my way to avoid spoilers, but the day I went I read a review that hinted at the ending, and I hoped I was guessing wrong but I wasn’t.

    I lost my sister at the Twin Towers that day. For me, it was too soon. I know it’s been almost 10 yrs, but it was still too soon. Other films have touched on the subject, but it has been more the focus of those films, as opposed to how it felt kinda random in RM.

    And I didn’t like how they sanitized it. There was fire and smoke and fragments of people and huge clouds of ash covering lower Manhattan. I know they were trying to be sensitive, not to be morbid, but there was not confetti, for crying out loud.

    All that being said, it was good to see Rob more like himself than like Edward, and I think he can grow as an actor, particularly if he has the right material to work with.

    I never thought I’d say this about a Rob movie, but I’m not sure I’ll see this one again.

    • I just wanted to say that I’m very sorry for your loss.

    • I’m very sorry for your loss. I felt that it was too soon as well.

    • I am so sorry for your loss.

    • Wow, I’m so sorry for your loss. 10 years is not as long as it seems.

    • Sorry for your loss

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. hugs<3

    • in 30 years it will probably still be ‘too soon’ for you.
      Thanks for sharing that with all of us!
      (And I don’t think I’ll see the movie again, either) xo

    • I’m sorry for your loss, I didn’t like the ending either. It was just too raw, too sensitive and I cried for hours after that and didn’t sleep that night. I don’t know if I’ll see the movie again either.

      Big hugs to you.

    • I’m sorry for your loss.

    • wow f_ingdelicious so so sory for your loss.:( i mean u must be so brave to go and see this movie,i think i couldn’t

    • Thanks for sharing with us, f_ingdelicious. I didn’t lose anyone personally on Sept 11, but it still feels too soon to me. *Hugs*

    • Like everyone else, I am so sorry for your loss.

    • I’m so sorry, f_ingdelicious.

    • Just wanted to say sorry for your loss, just like everybody else I think you were brave for going to see it even once.x.

    • Truly sorry *xo*

    • Oh f_ingdelic, I am so sorry for your loss. 10 years is nothing and an eternity all at once.

    • sorry and big big big hugs

  7. No daggers here UC, this is one of the million reason I (am addicted to) like this place. We still can think and not unconditionally squee even though I may have suffered some brain damage since the robsession. I think your review is the harshest, even though it’s honest and not ironic as some I’ve read, because it’s coming from someone who knows him and has no bad Twilight “a priori” on him so it’s more trustworthy. I NEEEEED to see this film!!!

    On another note, I’ve read Gus Van Sant and Sofia Coppola have been approached for directing BD. Is it me or this is ridiculous? I love their work, but could directors like them really consider being involved in Twilight? Srsly.

    • UC – What Minuit said.

      Re the directors, I know right??

      • The directors’ thing is like a joke. I mean Chris W (a part from About a Boy) was coming from Am. Pie. Though Sofia C. could find the choice so uncommon and crazy that she could do it. BUt I have my (BIG) doubts about it.
        Have you seen Harvey Milk? Loved that film.

        • MP, Loved Harvey Milk!

          I wouldn’t touch BD if I were a director…just sayin’

          • thumb up….it’s quite difficult to do a good film out of a weird book!

    • I read that too Minuit.
      I heard about Gus a while ago and just disregarded it, but Sofia Coppola shocked me. I’m actually kind of second-hand embarrassed for Summit that she was (supposedly) even approached. Way to make yourselves look stupid.
      It’s not just you. Totally ridiculous.

      • That’s what I was saying, it really makes me laugh. Like popular succes made them forget the what Twilight actually is.
        BUt I think Sofia C. is more excentric, so if someone would really be crazy to do it, of the two I think it would be her.

        • I’m still hoping that BD won’t get made. I know, it will, but its such a ridiculous story at that point (and that’s really saying something, isn’t it??). Maybe if they get a better screen writer and just really go for it, but……

          • I’m also at least hoping BD will be one movie, or just no movie at all. I haven’t read the book so it’s not because I hated it or smth but I just want all the Twi/Rob crazyness to stoooop!!!!

          • I want an ending to the series but not the one SM wrote. Ninety minutes of honeymoon and then the bite, anyone? That would do it for me.

          • Drsaka, I’m with you. I’m hoping that it won’t be made. If they MUST make it, then please, not two movies.

    • I was having a virtual putting the world to rights convo re BD last wk I think, and it was suggested that a complete left field approach may be the ONLY way to go.

      I mean they would have to change tack COMPLETELY, but could do a surrealist tone. With a plot that is….. quite clearly….bonkers…. Anythings possible!

      • Both of us calling it a plot or story is being very generous.

        • It is a ridiculus diary of a 12 yearold who just wrote down any stupid fantasy she could come up with…sorry..I hated BD…it needs a hell of a director to make a dicent movie out of this and frankly I would prefer if they endet it with the marriage!

          • Me too. I’m sure it’s been said, but Twilight jumped the shark with Renesmee.

      • Maybe Bella could wake up and realize it’s all been a crazy dream? And in reality Rob is her Biology teacher or something.

    • thanks girl- and I tweeted yesterday something to the effect of “there go their careers” if they REALLY consider it (which they won’t- they’ll laugh!!)

      • I think they were all (Rob and KStew included) high on the sound of screeming fangirls when they talked about it.

    • Re: the directors, that is interesting news. I *love* Sofia Coppolla’s work particularly “Marie Antoinette.” But her style is just so incredibly different than a “big box office movie” like the Twilight series and would be risky because a lot of people can’t stand her work. She has such a singular style in which she depicts hyper-realistic, yet somehow mundane, things in a sort of fantastical way.
      (Have no idea if that makes sense).
      Hm, but “hyper-realistic, mundane, fantastical” in an odd and conflicting way sort of do describe Breaking Dawn…

  8. I’ve already said my piece about my likes (Rob) and dislikes (Jenny Lumet), so I’ll try something new.

    These suggestions for watching the movie? Total wins!

    5. Take your antidepressant before you go.
    6. Take your birth control pill before you go.
    7. A package of Kleenex will be much more helpful than a package of Twizzlers.

    I couldn’t find one of the little packages of Kleenex, so like an idiot I had to shove an entire box in my purse. It came in handy, because I ended up sharing it with a few other people who were sniffling so loudly I couldn’t hear the movie.
    Even if you don’t think you’ll cry – bring some!

    • I really hope those folks in Freya’s theater had at least 2 out of the 3 😉

  9. Today I am DrunkJane because it is St. Patty’s Day, duhh!

    UC no daggers, just offers of drinks here.

    Good Job on the 9 (okay, like 3) letters to Rob in the post.

    The most interesting thing about Remember Me to me, was the trailers! I got my Eclipse preview in my showing and BFF got to witness Twi crazies video-ing the trailer as it played with their Eddie Cullen wrist cuff bracelet. I told her, “See, that’s why I can’t get enough of this fandom, where else have you seen shizz like that?”

  10. i thought today’s post would be an educational Saint Patrick’s Day post

    • Rob probably doesn’t need any education regarding beer drinking.

      • LMAO!!!!! ❤

      • well i thought the educational posts were mostly for us on the Rob’s name, so as a person who knows barely nothing about that day (just the GREEN) i did expect it.
        it could came from Rob(if he is such expert)or from an irish fan (if we have one)

        • Here in the US and especially in the Northeastern city where I live, St. Patrick’s Day has sort of devolved from a celebration of Irishness/ the Irish in America and Irish Americans to …. how much can you drink.

          Or as a friend calls it, Amateur Day. The pubs are packed with people, starting at about noon, drinking waaaay more than their used to. The results are not pretty.

          (I’m only partially kidding).

          • Drsaka – St. Patrick’s Day is big over here in England (well Britain) we seem to have taken this particular holiday to our hearts. In fact we are more likely to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than we are St. George’s Day It’s on this day that most English people re-discover their Irish relatives/roots and a lot of ‘plastic paddies’ come out of the woodwork.
            Coming from the North, most of us do have Irish relatives, in my home town I’d say 4 out of 5 have Irish descendents (me included). This is mainly due to the fact that most of the Irish entering England in the early 18th C were employed as ‘land navigators’ (building the canal system in our country) hence the term ‘navvie’ for a workman, and a lot of them ended up settling in the North.
            Love St. Pat Day, always brings back great memories of Uni days.

          • M!x3 thanks for the Educational Moment!

          • TOO – that should read 19th C!

      • He’s the expert now….:-)

        Happy St. Patrick’s day girls(and guy for Bobbygee)! My hubby’s 3rd generation Irish immigrant so he’s made us corned beef brisket, potatoes, cabbage, and gluten-free Irish soda bread for lunch. He’s home. And of course, we’ll have Guiness.

        Be safe y’all!

        • Yum! Set another plate- I’ll be there!!

          • Come on over Obava!!!!

        • thnx SB, i don’t wanna google it so what are u exactly celebrating? 🙂

          • We are celebrating St. Patrick’s day! Dh is Irish descent and proud of it. St. Patty’s day is a big event here in Louisville!!! This city was founded by the French but settled by the Irish.

            We’re just celebrating at home, with that meal I described above, we don’t pub-crawl anymore LOL. We have a daughter now.

          • Sorry sweetie, here you go!


          • (Louisville) This city was founded by the French but settled by the Irish.
            thnk u darling for this information cuz probably i would never will learn that
            at first b/c of your name ‘southernbelle’ i thought u were from texas or alabama, kentucy didn’t see enough south to me 🙂

          • Honey, Sallie Ward(a Kentuckian) invented southernbelle.


            Check this out 🙂

  11. Dear UC, thank you for your honest review. My concern was always what were the original intentions? What was the purpose of this? There’s an interview with Fetters over at Robsessed to lok at.

    Like TOFT above, I’m not unhappy with the portrayal of a fictional character’s story in the context of a larger tragic event- movies like this are made all the time. I think there’s validity in showing the story (here fictional) of a person going about their business on that day (as all the people were).

    I think Rob made a very bold choice with this movie and how he’s involved with it. I think it tells us something about him- that he will continue to surprise us with his choices and that he has a complexity that I personally can’t wait to see unfold.

    Thank you for your honest review, UC

    And Mandi- don’t be hating the rainbow sweater. I heart Daniel Gale.


    • Drsaka, so do I…..

      Daniel Gale being dragged into the bathroom!!!!….*sigh*

      • M!x3- if you ever do find Rob in London, do you think you/we can get him to revisit that character?? I’d be happy to help reenact a couple of those scenes especially the ‘dragging him into the bathroom’ scene.

        • Drsaka, I would live in the bathroom with Daniel Gale if I could.

          • Alert the contractors, we’ll need a large bathroom for all the residents of the Daniel Gale bathroom of sin.

    • I WANT the rainbow sweater- and Daniel in it!!

      • Awww, that’s right!!!! Maybe it will make an appearance one of these days.

  12. Don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, but this is an interview posted yesterdway w/ Fetters about what his intentions were with the movie; “what it was about”. I wish there was a way to have read it before seeing it, but I don’t know how you could do that w/o it being a spoiler?
    Anyway, I saw the movie twice b/c I wanted to see if I was just so Rob-focused the first time, that I missed the “chemistry” w/ Ally? Why I didn’t get as attached to the characters as I was expecting to in this movie and also to try & decide how I really felt about the ending, in light of the criticism: was it “exploitave”? just tacked on? a cheat? etc.. The interview w/Fetters gave clarity to that.
    In the end, I thought it was a “good” movie mostly because I haven’t experienced these kind of thought-provoking after effects (for DAYS after) from a movie in I don’t know how long. Maybe because of personal past grief issues, but it brought that stuff back up with me, but in a good way…love those important to you and let them know they are loved everyday. *IMHO*

    Sorry I don’t know how to do the links except by cut/paste!

    • drsaka, you are a faster poster than me!!!

      • not to worry, Fetters wasn’t interviewed a lot before the film’s release and now is useful to hear him explain his intentions.

    • Great interview, and everyone should read it for some understanding of the screenwriter’s intentions.

    • YES!!! I am so glad I read this interview. Thank you. I knew I liked it, and I think I always got what Fetters was doing so it is nice to be able to reconcile that. As soon as I had a hint of what was about to happen I started looking for clues, clocks, shadows to indicate the time of day, anything. Kind of weird to think that my now-husband I started dating it would have been the same time as Tyler and Ally.

  13. I agree with UC. Rob was better in this movie than I’ve ever seen him, but I thought the story lacked momentum. I blamed it on the editing, but I definitely don’t blame it on Rob. He was hot. Smokin. Made me squirm in my seat and say things unheard outside of fan fiction.

  14. It takes a true Rob fan to be honest. That is why I come here every day. Your insight is spot on in my book.

    I definitely agree with you regarding the lack of chemistry between Rob and Emile, but I really liked his interaction with Pierce and Ruby. I can see Rob’s potential as an actor, and it was so refreshing to see him express other emotions, like anger and joy. He is always so serious as Edward.

    I’ve only seen it once, but plan on seeing it again, because I know that I missed some of the dialogue, distracted by the pretty.

    • you know i heard Rob say they had to cut alot fror Tyler + Ally’s scenes as the censors said the characters had too much of an intense emotional connection and they had to tone it down in order to get a PG 13 rating.. Rob was laughing at the situ ..he was saying its ok to have meaningless sex but not have an emotional connection.. like it was crazy… so you can thank the censors for that

  15. Thanks for putting in to words the jumble of thoughts that have been dancing around in my head for the last few days, UC. Spot-on!

    • Thumbs up for both of us typing spot-on!

    • Me too!!

      • thumbs up!

        • THUMBS UP TO EVERYONE. WOOOOHOOOO!!!! (ps – i had no idea you could thumb yourself up…well, I mean on the blog anyway hahahaha. Ok, that was gross).

  16. Thank you, UC, for being honest with us! I love a girl with cajones, and you most definitely have them for posting this. Not because you’re not spot-on, because you are.
    The hardest part of watching Remember Me was AFTER the film. I was under strict instructions to call my friends and tell them how it was – they know I’m the type to be honest and not fangirl (too much).
    All I could say was “Umm…it was almost 2 hours long, and there was a lot of pretty.”
    Yes, I drank a lot of wine and wrote a funny letter, but when it comes right down to it, I really wanted MORE. More story, more reasons, more understanding…because I still don’t know what to say when asked what I thought of the movie.

    • “Umm…it was almost 2 hours long, and there was a lot of pretty.”

    • Why, thumbsdowner? Why?

      • Just ignore it (I know, easier said than done) and go look at the extra thumbing I gave you (and Katiebird and yours truly) above ❤

  17. UC-
    I have to say that I agree whole heartedly about your review of RM. I actually dragged my poor husband to see the film, but it was actually funny to hear his take on the film. I had been a big fat cheater and read the screenplay last summer, so I knew what to expect. If I hadn’t read it, I think I would’ve been “lost” on a bit of the plot. At the end of the movie, I looked over at my hubby, and I saw his jaw hanging over, with a look of “no way”. So, the ending was shocking, but afterwards the first words he said were, “I don’t get it.” He felt that 9/11 was exploited because if the ending, and he didn’t understand why there was the whole scene with Ally watching her mother get murdered. He got the fact that they were supposed to be two wounded, hurt souls (at least I think that’s where they were trying to go with it), but he thought it was a little moot.
    Overall I think the film was “meh”, and I honestly would not have seen if it Rob wasn’t in it. His sexy ass made up for the fact that the script was lacking and was riddled with holes.
    So, no daggers here UC. 🙂

    love ya and the pasta that clung to robler,
    sharpie 😉

    • “His sexy ass made up for the fact that the script was lacking and was riddled with holes.”
      I would have walked out if it had not been for his sexy ass:)

      And I think the fact that Ally went back to that very subway station at the end after Tyler had died was supposed to be “Tyler effected (affected? I missed that class in 2nd grade) her life to such a point that she was able to do this” but really? REALLY? how? by making shadow puppets on her back?

      • i think it was the spaghetti that gave her the strength. ridiculous i tell you. ridiculous. i didn’t get that either.

      • These were my thoughts on why Ally went back to the subway station:
        All her life her father sheltered her and refused to let her ride the subway, thinking he was keeping her safe. Tyler’s death showed that you don’t really know what’s safe; he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think she learned that you can’t live your life in fear, because you can’t know what’s going to happen.

        • beautifully put DTD! 🙂

        • Ok, I buy that explanation.

        • That is exactly why I liked that they showed her face at the end. She looked like she reached some resolve and closure. Great actress.

          • THUMBS UP!!!
            Emilie did well considering the script/subject matter.

      • Agree. I didn’t buy that she would go back to the subway. HOW did his life or death make her able to face that fear. Didn’t get it. THAT felt manipulative to me more than the face that Tyler died in 9/11.

  18. Mickey blue eyes FTW.
    Pllleassse don’t go Hugh Grant Rob.

  19. Thanks for your review, UC. I liked RM; it wasn’t Oscar material, but it did show that Rob has a future in acting beyond Twilight.I’d read the script, so I knew the ending going into it. Maybe my reaction would have been different if I hadn’t. I thought it worked much better than it did in the script-where Michael died in the WTC attack in 1993 and then Tyler in 2001. I’m glad they changed that part.

    You mention the scene where Tyler gets in a fight. I think that’s one scene where it was a mistake to change the script. Originally it was two young African-American boys who were wrongfully being arrested. I think it’s understandable that someone would jump in and try to help in that situation, vs. a fight between adults.

    The “message”/the Ghandi quotes that Tyler uses. I took this to mean that all of the things that Tyler did (fighting, getting thrown in jail, meeting Ally, confronting his father, etc.) were relatively insignificant things, but they led to his father showing love and support for Caroline, Tyler’s reconciliation with his father, and Tyler and Ally falling in love. Ultimately the insignificant act of going to meet his father led to Tyler’s death.

    Tyler’s v/o at the the end is pretty straightforward-live your life to the fullest every day, do the things you want to do, let people know you love them, because you never know when it will all end. Call me sappy but just rereading those words made me tear up.

    • I haven’t seen the film yet it’s not out here for another two weeks. The one thing that has struck me about the criticism is how tactless everyone feels the ending is and that it doesn’t fit with the story. I read the original script ages ago and I actually think the ending would have had more context if they had not changed the fact that his brother died in WTC 1993.
      I thought the script was brilliant and I love rob obviously, I really thought it would turn out a great film. I’m dying to see it and why it’s come in for such criticism cos original script rob=win.
      Oh and Happy St. Patricks Day everyone, although I apologise on behalf of my nation for brosnans crap accent!!!!

      • I actually think the ending would have had more context if they had not changed the fact that his brother died in WTC 1993.


    • I too read the script and felt the same but different about the brothers death. Part of me wanted them to keep it in (cause the ending came as a bigger shock, reading I thought the brother died in 9/11) but at the same time having read the script I better understood the anger that Tyler felt toward his father. So the change in how the brother died made sense to me…the anxious, pent up energy, the father being removed…I saw it. But only because I read the original script.

      Had I never read it, I wouldn’t have a clue what was going on.

      I cried not for Tyler, but because I knew what was happening and all that emotion rushed back. I cried for our country and the family we all lost.

  20. After the shock of the end subsided (I was actually able to stay away from the spoilers of this movie), I was able to look at the movie as a whole. Was it slow at first? Yes. Was it a bit choppy? Sure. But was Rob phenomenal? Oh yes. Granted, I squirmed in a bad way during Tyler’s outburst after Ruby’s art show. I wanted to smack him for being whiny rather than brutal. And the pauses he took were too much. But then that led to the hallway scene and the rest is panty-melting history.

    All in all, I was hoping RM would decrease my mega crush on Rob. No such luck!

    Dear Rob,
    V-neck t in a book store? Looking all banged up? Morning sex? You do NOT play fair.

    • Oh dear Katie . There will be no cure.
      At least not for another 2 years ( for me )

    • katie, it didn’t decrease my crush for him either…I’m in so much worse shape now than before.

      • I was sitting in the theater and right when he literally stumbles on screen I thought, “Oh god. I’m done for. I love him even more now.”

        • Katie s, my dear plaid Catholic school uniform friend, I know, I had the same thoughts.

          Actually I stifled a moan…I bit my hand. I did that a lot during that movie.
          🙂 He’s so gorgeous, it hurts to even look at him.

          • Seriously. It’s terrible. 🙂

            (Catholic School Girl’s) CSG’s for life!!!!

          • CSG for life! I love that!!!! Hit me baby one more time!

        • I had to look a away at first, ease back into seeing him on the big screen.

  21. What could be expected from a movie which supposed to be R rated then edited into PG 13 for money sake

  22. Hollyweird loves hot eye candy. can they act. Usuallly not. but in reality who cares. the stories are always dumb or remakes or rehashed. Sad but true. I love the letter. Intense.

    • bobbygee, we ALL love hot eye candy. My friend made a good point about Rob (after sitting through “The Haunted Airman”) – He could just lay in a bed, not talking, just smoking cigarettes all day and I’d pay to watch.

  23. Dear UC,
    through the whole week I didn’t handle well the fact, that in Germany the film is still not released, but today is the day, that I truly HATE it, just because you wrote such an interesting and honest review and I’m not able to value it! DAMN!

    I can only say that I’ll keep it in my mind in two weeks and I hope you’ll give us a chance to say “our” opinion when it’s finally out here.

    But strangely enough knowing the script I asked myself as well WHY this Tyler seems so angry and lost.

    Rob said several times that the focus wasn’t the romance but the development of Tyler from an adolescence into an adult man, so beside from the suicide brother and all the other family trouble this character is supposed to be ANGRY because he just IS , like being trapped in a weird stage of progress.

    Don’t know if THAT’s sufficient for a 2hour-plot…

    Hopefully, just because I would soooo love to LOVE the film!


    P.S. BUT it’s good to KNOW that there are NO werewolves!!!

    • “no werewolves” and “bring your birth control pills” FTW!

      • with ROB any birth control pill is constantly out of function, I feel impregnated every time I look at this man!<3

        • Hahahah! Perfect.

    • There ARE bears, though… did anyone tell you that?

      • oooooooo I love bears….will defo go and see it now!

      • They’re ‘not bears’!!!!

        • really….damn I love bears.

          Though I must say I was wondering A) how the bears tied in with the plot and B) are bears often found wondering around NYC? or C) do they go on holiday and see bears?

          Not sure where I’m going with this or why?????????????

      • UC, there’ll be bears, but def. NO jorts!lol

        • Guess who?

          • LOL @ eatmyjorts!

          • hahaha…..the first time I love a thumb down!’re sooo funny!

          • hahahaha
            I like jorts…on gals!

      • pandas, even!

    • I think Rob addressed this a bit. He said that at that age, there can be a rebellion against nothing, but you feel that you need to rebel. I’ve know PLENTY of guys (and a few girls) who did this, even though they were well-off and came from stable homes (and if you have perspective, they are the lucky ones), but they felt the need to antagonize everyone around them; their rational was that ‘life was unfair’ – no kidding.

      I think the script tried (but not enough) to give Tyler justification for his rebellion- but as RG says above ‘Don’t know if THAT’s sufficient for a 2hour-plot’.
      Its a little Holden Caufield, but…….

      • Right Drsaka and I KNOW what Rob’s talking about.
        But I disagree with him that it’s only about the feeling to fight against something or somebody (or at least against the own EGO) , to me it’s more the incapacity to express mental state or to put it into words!
        Every person has to find itself and for some it’s more painful than for others.

      • I also think you don’t need apparent reasons to be in rebellion, though chances this happens during teenage are a lot bigger. can’t wait to see this movie, so i can understand what everybody is saying.

        • well, teenage age is supposed to be sort of rebellious,so no reason in it, but Tyler is older (21y?), no teen anymore, sooo…???and..I need to watch this FILM as well! ❤

    • yes

    • I don’t think the film needed to clearly say Ok, this is why Tyler’s angry and rebellious, this is why his father is so cold… I think the death of a family member, esp. suicide, causes lots of different reactions and feelings in different people. I think that can explain the father’s coldness and withdrawal from his family; this coupled with the loss of his brother (who he seemed very close to)could explain Tyler’s anger. I think Michael’s death caused many many problems within the family and Tyler’s actions throughout the film (and his death) helped bring them back together.

  24. Hey guys…
    As you probably all know by now I’m from Europe and I haven’t seen the film…so I can’t really say anything smart about it or judge it…

    I just wanted to say that the events from 9/11 touched us all…we saw the plains and we saw the towers and even if it was on tv it was live and we all felt like it was happening to us…to our relatives, to our friends, to our neighbours…here in Greece, Germany, France…
    The memory of that plain crashing into the building haunts me untill today and it is impossible for me not to cry when I see it…I was not there but I feel for you and I am not ready to see it in a movie…I said this from the beginning and this is mainly the reason why I refuse go see it…what happend that day influenced us all more then we know…I am so very sorry for all who lost their lives that day and their families…

    About the movie itself, I can just judge from the trailer…
    honestly??? I didn’t like it…I found it…fake…I found there was no chemistry between Rob and Emily at all and the whole story just didn’t convince me…

    I am crazy about Rob and I really support him and want him to do well but I wouldn’t go see a movie just to see his nacket ass…I think he rushed into this movie out of fear that people would know him only as Edward…he wanted to prove that he can act, that he can do better…
    (there is nothing wrong with him playing Edward in the first place…but who am I to judge that) but I’m sorry to say…he didn’t prove anything more then I already knew…
    that he is a very young actor still in the learning proccess.

    UC…thanks for showing us that reall love means telling the truth!!!

    • you’re welcome. hopefully Rob will reward me with a chocolate cake… or something 🙂

      • He will reward you with his acting…and his nacked ass (ofcourse)!!!

        Eeeehhhhh UC…it’s an honour…lol

      • ‘or something’ would be the best.

        • yes, go for “something”!

      • …with a chocolate cake….
        In case of asteroids

    • I am crazy about Rob and I really support him and want him to do well but I wouldn’t go see a movie just to see his nacket ass…I think he rushed into this movie out of fear that people would know him only as Edward…he wanted to prove that he can act, that he can do better…

      I think that’s why the criticism is so hard to take cos in a weird way we feel protective of him, and this was his chance to break out and be taken seriously as an actor and can imagine how dissappointed he must feel cos from interviews u can tell he put a lot of himself into this.

      • We will always feel protective of him…we will always support him and he will eventually see this…we will stick on him like gloo…but I personaly don’t want to give him the immpression that it’s all about his nacked ass (although I love to see it)…
        but telling him that the film was great and that he was perfect in it feels like cheating to me…he should know the truth so that he can improve…

      • I respectfully disagree that Rob “rushed into this movie out of fear that people would know him only as Edward”. I saw him in an interview where he explained that he signed on for this role BEFORE all the Twilight hysteria began. He had filmed Twilight but the craziness hadn’t begun yet. So at that point nobody even knew if a 2nd one would be filmed. He also said he literally read 100’s of scripts before choosing this one. So I don’t think he rushed into it at all. It think he’s very intelligent and contemplative when it comes to his career and takes it very seriously.

        • I agree.

        • Excellent points. This was an interesting story that probably never would have been made, or would have been made on a much lower budget, but having Rob involved pushed it into a much bigger arena with a much wider audience, so it’s being judged by different standards than if it had remained the “little” film it was originally.

        • SO true! thanks for saying that!!!1000 thumbs up!

      • Rob wouldn’t put his naked ass in a movie unless the film had substance, so I would def see a movie with his naked ass.

        • LOL!!!! Rawr

          • Did he show his naked ass in RM? Did I miss it?????????

          • Dazzled, no he didn’t, I was looking really hard (twss), I was even looking for the modesty pouch, I saw nothing!!! It was a lot of breathing and kissing and back and hands….well the back and his hands were totally killing me though.


        • ML- I agree.
          D2D – this was some ass as he was getting out of the tub.
          You must have blinked just then.

          • Oh I missed that one, was it when he was sort of bending over? Sorry that didn’t come out right.

          • It was when he was kinda struggling/slipping to get out of the nast tub. Yeah, he was bending I think, his pants slid down a fair bit.

            PAY ATTENTION, SB. 😀

          • Jules, OMG, hahahaha, ok. Well, I will, I promise!!!!

            But it’s not the whole butt right? I seen some of it already in New Moon(the making).

          • Not the whole thing, about half the butt.
            hahaha, I just thought of Rob being half ass. heh.
            I’m a child, evidently.
            I haven’t seen the NM bit, what scene was it supposed to be in? Was it in Italy?

          • Half his ass?? This definitely requires a second viewing.

          • @jules, yes it was the reunion scene. First of all his pants were barely hanging on. 🙂

    • Oh Jeesshh I must have stepped on somebodys toes today…lets see…where did I put my littlegreekblueeyeforthebadspirits…wow…2 thumbdowns…giiiiiiiiiiiiirls are ya gonna kill me ova Rob…????

      Dear Rob…hunny…

      Nothing compares to you…really…honestly…seriously…nothing!!!

  25. Completely agree with UC. Well, she knows this and now so do all of you.

  26. I have mixed feelings about the movie and think most of your observations are spot on UC. The use of 9/11 in the ending was completely random. I don’t understand why they killed off Tyler and if he needed to die in the film, he could have died by any means. 9/11 just happened to be the means used. I agree with the above poster who tragically lost her sister in the towers. There was no confetti for crying out loud. It was awful beyond belief. I understand them not wanting to show everything, but if you’re gonna use that moment in time to hilight the importance of living one’e life to the fullest, have enough respect for the people who died and those who lost loved ones to show it as horrific as it was. I felt like they glossed it over and that bothered me…a lot. It was like a footnote in the film. That being said, I do think Rob was good. Not great, but good. I agree that he could only do so much with what was written. Also, not a huge fan of Emilie, no real chemistry. As far as Pierce’s accent goes…fail. But what about Chris Coopers accent(well, sometimes accent). My family is from Queens and nobody sounds like that. I have high hopes for Rob’s future and look forward to his future films. Hollywood just needs to find better screen writers.

    • Love your screen name

    • I love your screen name too.

      • Thanks, it speaks from my umm heart, yeah my heart 🙂

  27. UC –

    You expressed yourself well, but I think you must have a stone for a heart if you walked away feeling nothing from that film.

    A stone heart.

    The film wasn’t perfect. The start, in particular, was slow. But I loved these characters. Rob was a bit start-and-stop or over the top in a couple of places but I think he did wonderfully well as Tyler.

    I don’t understand how anyone can see this movie and not be moved in some way. I was literally sobbing. I called my mother who I haven’t talked to in four months just to tell her I loved her. I called my brother to thank him for being there for me as a kid.

    I was wasted. The movie wrung me out. And I’m *not* talking just about the ending. I thought the relationships were beautifully and realistically drawn. I had an older brother like Tyler…and I was the little girl he stuck up for. My father has been dead for years, and it did completely break my family up in some ways.

    Oh well. Everyone will have their own opinion, but I’ll say that I just don’t get yours.

    • Well said, Dee. I don’t normally cry at movies – I was literally sobbing after this one. My husband even got a little weepy. He even thought Rob did a great job – he was very impressed by this guy I’ve been obsessed with for over a year.

    • stone heart huh?

    • Opinions are welcome here. Insults are not. Thumbs down!

  28. I have heard many mixed reviews about RM — still haven’t seen it myself. I said I didn’t want spoilers but a friend convinced me to hear one — about 9/11. I am from NYC and my sister was there that day and had I walked in unprepared and saw that imagery with no forewarning (as they are selling this as a frothy love story btwn a couple of college kids) it would have impacted me far worse than I think it would otherwise — and for someone like my sister to see that without warning would send her back to therapy. Think I’m over-exaggerating? Ask a NYer there, let alone one walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with their clothes covered in soot and ash that day.

    Bottom line is I think Summit makes decisions that are beyond moronic — rewriting screenplays and toning down a movie that should have been R to cater to the PG-13 audience thus likely destroying what could have been a captivating and compellingly deep and well-told story.

    From what I’ve heard (again, not having seen it myself yet) the story had potential but fell short — why? only the Suckmits know.

    As for Rob’s acting, I’m with UC – the jury is still out. I think he can… I think he can… I think… oh you get it.

    • I can’t find descriptive words sufficiently powerful enough to express that day and the continuing aftermath and profound effect on people. My best to your sister.

    • I am also from NYC and was there that day; working on Broadway at Wall St. I also walked through the ash up to midtown and walked across the 59th St bridge to get back to Queens.

      I mentioned in a post a few days ago that I was glad they handled it with as much tact as possible and kept it from really being “in your face”. People say “it’s too soon” — and I agree — even though this isn’t the first 9/11 movie, nor the boldest (i.e. World Trade Center, United 93) but it was the sneakiest. I did want to walk out. My heart did start pounding and I became really panicked. My sister held my hand and calmed me down. I stayed and was glad the kept it as understated as they possibly could.

      The original script was much better and should never have been messed with by Jenny Assmet. HATE. If people could stop messing around with stuff things would be better. That statement applies to the world. The end.

      • Dear pumagirlsf, words aren’t sufficient. My best to you.

  29. As most of the regulars know, I saw the film. Twice.
    My biggest problem with the movie is that the characters were under-developed. I found that I didn’t care very much about Tyler and Ally’s relationship.
    There were so many missed opportunities to show them as a “real” couple, to show them bonding (for lack of a better word).
    As an example: when Ally blurted out at dinner (with dad) that she witnessed her mother’s murder and Tyler asked her why she was talking about that then, her response was “I don’t know”. The end. I thought, SURELY they would revisit this conversation since they’ve both dealt with tragedy. They didn’t.
    I found that I wasn’t very upset when Ally left Tyler because Tyler didn’t seem too upset. He said “don’t leave” and “I didn’t mean to hurt you” but it seemed emotionless. The whole time I was wondering, “why aren’t you trying to stop her from leaving?” “why aren’t you going after her?” Then he stayed away, not one phone call to say he was sorry or to try to get her forgiveness (or did I miss that?). Nothing. Then suddenly his roommate shows up at her house to help get them back together? WTF? Did Tyler WANT to get back together? I couldn’t tell.
    I also had a problem with the chopped off hair scene. When did the girls cut Caroline’s
    hair? Did someone hold her down while others cut her hair? What triggered it? Was that the reason they invited her to the party all along? I didn’t need to see it happen, but they could have made it make sense. If I hadn’t read the script, I wouldn’t have known that they did it while she was asleep and accused her of doing it she did it herself. Gah!

    I still loved the movie and I have positives. More to come…

    • I have a question for all of you who READ the script…would you still go see the movie if Rob wasn’t in it??? Depending on your aswers (I think I know what they will be…) doesn’t that tell us something about the script!!!

      • I read part of the script but i didn’t read the ending. I had no idea it was gonna end that way. I srsly don’t know if I would have gone if Rob wasn’t in that movie. Sorry. I kind of wish I had read the entire script though, I don’t know, it was just a very difficult ending.

        But please don’t let me stop you from seeing it. Part of me just really wanted to support Rob too. And I also think it’s a great movie, it’s just some things really bothered me.

      • Mel – I only saw the movie because Rob was in it. I would have rented it, otherwise. I had never seen Rob on the big screen in a non-twi movie so that was the biggest motivation.

        • Thank you!!!

  30. I hate long posts, Sorry.
    I had everything in neat paragraphs, I don’t know what happened 😦

    • lol<3

      • Thanks, RG. I just lived through a huge pet peeve of mine…GIANT, almost illegible paragraphs! LOL.

  31. I liked the movie. I had no complaints, especially because there was no KStew to screw up the movie. The whole 9/11 thing, we need to get past and figure movies will be made with that theme. It was hard on me to watch the actual event unfold, when I was living in New Hampshire at the time. I knew it was going to happen, but I didn’t cry. 9/11 shredded me, and I almost lost it, but I didn’t.

  32. Thanks for the heads up, UC. I wish I had worn waterproof mascara! I really don’t dig the Tammy Faye look. 😦

    If I do go see it again(if), I will be sure to take antidepressants, that’s a great idea :-). Maybe bring more kleenex, I didn’t bring enough. Gah I was a mess.

  33. And this is why I heart UC. All of it…spot on. 🙂

  34. I really appreciate your honest review, UC. Not many of his fans would have been able to review the film without being slightly biased. I have yet to see this film and so far I have heard mixed reviews about it, not that I care about reviews. What I do care about is Rob’s acting abilities and we fans know that he’s got it in himself. I had hoped that RM will bring out his ‘acting chops’ (as Ted Casablanca has put it). Well, if RM didn’t, maybe Bel Ami or WFE will?
    I just want this talented man to have a successful career in Hollywood.

    • Oh slo mo strut, you had to put that pic in your avi? Ugh, that’s my “go to” pic.
      Your gonna kill me with him eye effing us while we are at work. I know he’s allergic, but Rob looks so good drapped in vagina.

      • I guess that picture was there just to tease you…*cue Rob’s sexy smirk*

  35. Also, I can’t believe Tyler dies in the end! I can’t be sure, but I think I’ll tear up when I see the ending, then….

  36. OK, y’all have convinced me- I’m not going to see the film, not going to rent it on DVD. I’ll just watch the sexxyRobtimes when they get on YouTube.

  37. Dear Rob

    Please don’t be disappointed from our “reviews” here…
    No, Tyler was not…as good as it gets!!! You can do better. We believe in you…so go ahaid and play your game and if Hollywood doesn’t want you there is always the European Cinema…if anybody can revive it it’s you.

    And please take care of yourself (a little less nicotine and alcohol would be good)…cause I wonder where we all would be at this moment if you wouldn’t be around.

    Love you to death

  38. Paragraph fail above.
    Let’s try this again:

    To those wondering why Tyler was so angry, I think it was sort of explained.

    1- Tyler was the one who found his brother hanging. He (Tyler) was so young, sometimes grief and trauma can manifest as anger. I’m not sure if he got therapy or not, they didn’t say.

    2- Tyler was angry at his dad because
    (it seemed) he blames his dad for his brother’s suicide. When Ally asked if Michael still played music, Tyler said Michael was working for his dad at the time of his death, and that his dad was very demanding (or a similar word).

    3- It also seemed like Tyler felt that he and Caroline were neglected by their dad. That explains why he was so angry when dad (what the heck is dad’s name?) interrupted Caroline’s story. It also explain why, in the office confrontation, he said to his dad “while you’re so busy…your other kids are going to commit suicide”.

    They addressed why the girls bullied Caroline. Caroline told Tyler the girls thought she was a freak because of her drawing and everything else.

    Anyway, I had no problems with the ending.
    I didn’t cry for Ally’s loss of her BF. (yes I saw chemistry between Rob/Emilie).
    I didn’t cry for dad/mom’s loss of a son.

    I cried for Caroline’s loss of her big brother.
    I cried because Tyler finally figured out that his dad loves him and Caroline so much, only to die shortly after.
    and I cried because it brought up sad memories about 9/11.

    I loved Remember Me, warts and all.

    • I totally got the anger that Tyler had….all the reasons you explained so well. I’m not sure why that is confusing; thought the movie explained it well.

    • You summed it up perfectly, Jules. My thought exactly. I thought it all made sense.

    • I also felt horrible for Caroline’s loss.

    • I felt that The Caroline/Tyler storyline was really what made the movie worth watching, it was the most compelling relationship in the movie, the most natural and true to life.
      I don’t know if this is just because Ruby is such a great actress and she made Rob feel comfortable enough to let go a little and move past his self consciousness or because Will based the relationship on his own relationship with his little sisters which gave it more emotional heft.

      I would have been happy to watch a movie that left out the entire romance in favor of developing their relationship a little more, but I think that movie would have truly broken my heart if it ended the same way.

      I’m glad that I saw the movie, but I think some parts worked better as they were originally laid out in the screenplay. Some of the trail of breadcrumbs hints that led to the truth about the ending didn’t make sense with the change in the method of the brother’s death. The fact that it had been a lot more years since his death than the audience was originally led to assume was no longer significant, but they left that conversation in anyway.

      I think the way the film was marketed is a problem. And I think it is a little too soon. The difference between this and the WWs or the Titanic is that most of the people involved in those events are dead or have had a lifetime to deal with the events.

      I don’t think anyone who lost someone on 9/11 should be confronted with it unawares like that. If they had left the original cause of death for the brother they could have given full disclosure that the film dealt with terrorist attacks on New York without giving away the ending.

    • I felt Tyler had alot of misplaced anger over his brother’s suicide, and I took his lashing out at everyone as symptomatic of that. The fact that the one person he should be railing at, he instead writes philosophical journals to, hinted to me at the emotional maturity of the character; which is why I thought the voice-over at the end to Michael..”I forgive you”… was so poignant. It was like Tyler was finally on the road to figuring himself out and getting his sh!t together and becoming someone capable of giving and accepting love. Which made it all the harder to accept we weren’t going to get to see where that journey would take him.

  39. I agree with you ladies about the editing. I knew logically that time was passing. They were in school, then Caroline talking about how school was out for the Summer, and then Ally talking to her Dad about Labor Day…but I only knew that because it was discussed. I didn’t really feel it at all.

    The screaming scene in the board room moved me. I felt Tyler’s rage and was impressed with Rob’s chops there. I remember him telling an interviewer once that yelling in an American accent was difficult for him and I though he pulled it off well. I thought he and Pierce really brought it then. I really felt that Charles wanted to kick Tyler’s ass.

    Like for everyone else, the ending was emotional for me. I didn’t know anyone personally that was lost in the 9/11 tragedy, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t cry my ass of that day and many more after that with my eyes GLUED to the TV screen. During the movie I felt so freakin’ sad for the families of those that were lost. I hadn’t read spoilers, so I had no idea it was coming.

    I remember driving home from the movie and being pissed because now I know someone that died during 9/11 and how badly that fucking sucked. I know that’s stupid, because Tyler is a fictional charachter, but he is representative of all the innocent people that had normal lives that went to the Twin Towers to work or visit someone having no idea that they were going to die that day. And I didn’t know any of them. Until now. Does that make any sense? It was easier to seperate myself from the violence and loss of the day—and now it’s harder.

    Anyway….I guess any movie that makes you think like that, even days later is good. There is something to be said about that. It has inspired so many passionate responses.

  40. Thanks, UC. I totally agree with you about the screenplay. When I read it many months ago, I thought, “Wow, this is a real piece of crap,” but I’d never read a screen play (well maybe David Mamet long time ago) so had this thought that the movie could be better than the screenplay, but it wasn’t.

    I thought Rob was great.

    Friends kept asking me what happened in the film and I couldn’t relay any of it…I was partly because I was mesmerized but also I just felt blank…because I wasn’t moved when I should have been.

  41. I’m a Rob fan too but really that is the ONLY reason I saw this movie. I had to literally HUNT through friends and family to get someone to go with me to see it. Who ended up going, another Twi friend, of course. I cried a little at the end too, and I knew what was coming. Like you, it was more for our country. When we left the theatre, I asked said friend what she thought, “That was terrible”, “Very emotionally driven.” I would have to agree. They tried to make too many relationships happen and I sort of don’t know what the plot of the story is. The only thing good is that I left thinking that each day is a gift and that we never know. However a different ending could have had the same effect. I love Rob but I don’t feel compelled to beg others to go see it with me again and again. It’s probably a movie I’ll netflix again one day and make my sister watch it. I appreciate your honest review so much. I hate it when people make me feel guilty b/c I don’t just fall in love with everything Rob does. I can’t wait to see Bel Ami and other projects he does. I guess this one, just wasn’t for everyone.

    • e…I agry totally!!! i haven’t seen the film and some may say that I have no clue what I’m talking about, but after sooo many reviews and details I heard the last few days…really…I feel like I’ff seen it…anyway…we are not judging Rob here and noone has to feel like he has to defend him… I am pretty much sure that we all are in the same boat here…I think!!!

      • Oh and another one…FATHER FORGIVE…I HAVE SINNED!!!

  42. Very interesting review. Thanks UC.
    I saw the movie yesterday and I like it…I think.
    I too thought they could have gone deeper in the relationships and explained some more stuffs but after rethinking about the whole movie a lot of things made sense (to me). It wasn’t like the poets but at the end for me, the message is Carpe Diem.

    Most of the time I was thinking “oh I remember this pic” and so it felt like I was just adding up pics of Rob after pics of Rob instead of just “watching” a movie and seeing the story flowing. My friend who didn’t see all the pics during this past summer and who had no idea what the movie was about loved it!

    I still can’t believe how beautiful Rob was in it. And I thought he was pretty good too. But I think for now on I’ll try to avoid (if possible) info on his upcoming movies because knowing too much spoiled it for me.

    • “Most of the time I was thinking “Oh I remember this pic.”

      Yep, I did the same, BuddhaBar. That’s what I get for not being a fan of delayed gratification!

  43. UC, I admire your guts! I both agree and disagree with your take on the film. First we agree that the romance btwn Tyler and Ally was shallow and under-developed. There needed to be a bit more time spent showing that relationship grow.

    I understand Tyler’s anger. Somebody else already posted all the reasons: his brother’s suicide, his father’s indifference/absence. His father I think was angry because he’d already lost one son and now his other one was ‘wasting’ his life being a lazy ass, auditing classes, drinking, sleeping, doing nothing with his life AND being angry towards him.

    I did not think him fighting was out of character. when you walk around with alot of anger it doesn’t take much to set you off. Plus, he didn’t START the fight, he saw an injustice and tried to make it right by helping the innocent guys getting pummeled. He’s angry about what he sees as injustice: his brother’s suicide, his dad ignoring Caroline, so he reacts and steps in the fight to try to have some control cuz he has no control in his own life.

    I had serious problems withe the script/editing around the time of tyler’s death and after. WHY did Tyler’s dad suddenly CHANGE….like magic? It seemed as if the change suddenly came after Caroline had her hair whacked off. So all it took was having your daughter bullied and suddenly you are Dad of the Year??? I don’t buy it. Was it also Tyler’s rant to his dad in the boardroom? I wasn’t sure….it just seemed his ‘change’ was too fast/too simplistic. Suddenly everything is all better and tyler dies.

    I thought they should have spent at least a little time letting us into Tyler’s dad’s head. I needed to understand more where he was coming from.

    As far as Rob’s acting goes, I respectfully disagree. And I am not immune to judging him objectively. I have always thought that certain scenes of his in the Twi movies were not great….wooden and not natural.

    But as Tyler. . . I completely believed him. I never once felt like he was just reciting lines. From that first scene in the restaurant after they go to michael’s grave, I was convinced that he was this unhappy, angry young man. I thought he was going to explode right there talking to his dad about interrupting Caroline. I felt his frustration and anger.

    Well done, Rob!

    • Tyler was awesome!

  44. Oh, and I forget to mention the obvious. Rob was beyond beautiful in this movie in every friggin’ scene! I will watch this movie again and again just to enjoy his hotness!

  45. I am glad you wrote this, UC. I ddin’t get the point of this film either. It went on too many tangents.
    What I came away with it was, that it perpetuated my worst fear- just when everything is going really great the bottom drops out.

    The recounting of all their dead family memebers reminded me too much of my husband and my first date. I kept thinking, we could certainly one up you guys on this subject.

    But I did laugh at the roommate and enjoyed looking at the pretty.

    • Jeesh, a thumbsdown. I say that half of my family is dead and I get a thumbs down. Tough room.

      • thumbs up from me

      • people are assholes

        then again I have a “stone heart” so what do I know?

  46. so tonight is the RM LDN premier
    i wonder how he will look
    what he will wear and mostly i wonder the hair
    u know what would be funny?
    if he would show up on BA costume 🙂

    • Hi che!
      Yes mmm hopes running high for some BILSQ action tonight!
      Also hope your not too sadpanda about chelsea’s exit last nite, on the plus side Murinho still looks SMOKIN HOT!!

      • Just seen some pictures from the premiere Jose looks decidely europa league in comparision to HHH!

      • is @mine will be there?
        and u like jose?ah my sister likes him a lot i mean a lot and yes he is really ok for his age but he was the enemy last night
        i might cry so many times when we lost at champions league. eventhought it hurts i didn’t last night. maybe i was afraid to show my emotions against my sis cuz she would tease me so perfectly cuz we fought a lot about that draw and yeah i lost damn it!
        and ROB looked so sweet! don’t know why but he becomes more and more sweet when he’s in ldn

        • Love JM he is the original Special One after all, rude not to.x.

  47. Hi. I got about 1/3 of the way through the post and then only through about 10 comments and started crying. I’m at work. I can’t cry here. So all I have to say is Hi.
    I’ve missed my girls.

    • hey SS, I’ve missed u as well! hugs

    • Hi SS! Where ya been? Please keep me posted alright? Miss ya.

      Maybe this will make u feel better, when I was preggers, I cried at just about anything, even tv commercials.


      • Guh. I’ve been around. Just no commenting. I don’t know what my freakin problem is. I’m a mess of vomit and sleep. 11 wk dr appt was yesterday. I’ve gained zero pounds but everything looks good. I’ll email later. I can’t put my RM thoughts down yet. I loved it but it’s so hard for me to explain all the reasons why.

  48. Hey UC,
    Congratulations on your movie expertise!!
    From the critic’s perpective, I can only assume you hit all the right points.
    I wont contest your skillful eye for detail.

    I personally loved the movie, Robert Pattinson aside.
    I can totally relate to the story. As human beings, we don’t always have all the answers. Why this? Why that? “I dunno” We sometimes rebel against nothing in particular, we grieve longer than necessary, we feel lonely when we’re not alone. We feel lost more often than not. And more importantly, we question our very excistence and wonder what we’re we put on this earth to do?
    I’ve been there done that!
    That being said…

    My favorite part is his relationship with his sister. He felt that she needed him more than anyone else. That was his mission right there, not Ally, not his friend, not mom or dad. He needed to make sure Caroline was taken care of.
    As a mom I can tell you that when you face uncertainty, just knowing that a child loves you, fills you with strength and courage to face tomorrow and keep going.

    Thats my two cents…

    Have a nice day ladies!
    Hope I didn’t offend anyone.

  49. As most of you know the film is not out in my country yet and I’m surprised about one thing. Why do some of you say you wouldn’t see it again (considering the times most of the people have pressed replay on the Twi movies) or wouldn’t have watched it if it weren’t for Rob? Is it because of the ending or because you had more artistic hopes for this film?

    • MP, I replied to you but it went on the second page, sorry, my bad.

    • Minuit,
      Although the ending is painful and the film is far from being a masterpiece, I’ll watch it again and I’ll buy the DVD. I may understand what the Director was trying to convey after several (ahem) more viewings.

      You are “shipping TLG?” That’s great!

      • yeah, I’ve posted two days ago from this computer with the TLG identity but then comments needed approval so I suppose noone saw it. during the day I’m on another computer and forgot to change the name.

    • I would totally watch it again…and will probably.

  50. Min – Mel asked if we would have seen it based on the script alone, without RP. For me, RM is not the typical movie I would go to see at the theater, so Rob was the motivating factor.
    Now that I’ve seen it, I have returned to theater and I likely will one more time. Last Friday was the first time I’d gone to the movie alone, too. haha

    I have only seen the twi movies once in the theater. NM, I saw 3 weeks after it was released. I guess people are attached to E/B, hence the reaction to the twi movies?

    • same for me, I’ve seen NM once after weeks in theaters (and got sooo bored). but i know i’ll see RM more than once or at least not get bored the first time, I just know it.

    • Thanks hunny…

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