Posted by: themoonisdown | March 18, 2010

Rob, your face looks like a foot among other things…

Dear LTR and Rob,

It has been some months now since I discovered you, and happy as that moment for you never fail to deliver a hearty lol when my day is as depressing as K-stews face. Alas, I’ve not yet had anything worthy to contribute but today….today ladies (and gentlemen?) is the day this changes. My boyfriend stumbled across this uber-lol online….and despite my protests, I had to admit it was rather funny….so sacrilege aside….

Roll up roll up and witness the man who looked like a foot

Keep doing what you’re doing girls, big hugs from Siena in London xxx

Dear Rob,

So as Siena and her boyfriend have proposed, your face looks like a foot. And well, as sad as it is I have to say this isn’t the first time I’ve heard such descriptions comparing you and your face to body parts and inanimate objects. Other things I’ve heard you look like…

A smashed dump truck

and a 2 by 4

Dude, what’s up with the weird facial comparisons? Sour grapes from jealous boyfriends, or is there something really there? Did one of your school friends smash you in the face with something or did you run into a wall flattening out your face and it’s just never sprung back? Please answer this very important question so that we can get back to the important things like: making fake Rob porn, watching Biel videos on loop and marveling at Dick in a bow tie.


Have you thought/heard this stuff too? Does Rob’s face look like a dumptruck or something else? Feel free to share in the comments. And as always if you have something to tell us or Rob or whoever feel free to write a letter and send it to us! and you just might be featured like Siena some day!

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  1. I’ve actually never heard anything like this before.


    Although I have heard Rob refer to his face as “flat”.

    I just don’t see it.

    • I LOVE LOVE LOVE his profile…..sigh*
      He has no clue, wonder who said him that?
      Any ideas?

      • I love his profile too! I can just stare at his profile all day long…le sigh.

    • I’ve heard him refer to his face as flat, as well. From certain angles, I can kind of see it. But, it matters not, I still want to lick his jaw…

      • You mean his big toe 😉

        • twss

        • FTW! 😉

          Though, in all seriousness… that, too. (TMI?)

          • Yes 😛

  2. I’ve never understood these comparisons. one site said he looked like an indian flatbread. WTH? I think its gotta be jealousy…. or just crazy people.
    My little sister has always said that Rob looks like someone who’d be a werewolf (Like teenwolf etc.) not a vampire, which is why she doesn’t like the Twilight Movies. And damnit…. she’s kinda right. Look at him from profile….

    • Yeah, and the plentiful body hair . . .

      • hello cafeteria scene with arm on sneeze-guard at salad bar forearm hair….is it weird that this is one of my favourite parts of the whole cafeteria scene? Just smth about his arm there…..Ok, I’m a dork. Nevermind.

        • You are NOT a dork… I couldn’t agree MORE. I love love love (love) his chest/arm/leg/facial hair.

          If you’ve not seen Little Ashes, there’s a scene in it where you see him naked in front of a mirror tucking his junk in – it’s a really bizarre scene but HELLO gorgeous Rob Body hair 🙂

          • “The TUCK” has been discussed at length (TWSS) here before!

          • wow! OF COURSE WE KNOW OF THE TUCK!!!!!!!!!! It’s the saddest/happiest day in my sad little life. I was happy at the thought of full frontal Rob, sad when I saw the tuck…so very,very sad….. n-e hoo, um body hair makes me want to vommit..lots, but on Rob it makes me feel less like a cougar cuz it makes him a tad more malkie ( p.s. I’m 27, does that count as a cougar yet?) Wanna blow him..really I do, wouldn’t even mind a hairball or two..all in a day my frineds….

            see what we loved and hated about new moon just in time for the dvd release at

  3. OT

    Dear Rob,

    Happy to see you were back to your adorkable self at the London RM premier, everything seemed like good old Twilight days/interviews, (lack of) politics knowledge included.
    Dude you’re not Harry Potter 17 anymore, you’re not KStew, you can’t not know anything about the world you’re living in, otherwise they’ll say you’re “lost in show biz” as that interviewer pointed out.
    Thanks for the priceless honest being yourself moments, I love it.

    Waiting for your call,

    • The minister-thing was hilar, I pictured him instantly as the independent candidate of the “party-of-the-free-beer-drinker”

      (and sadly enough……such a party exists in Germany already)

      Rob as their candidate ?……perhaps it’s time to change the PARTY!


      • *officially revoking all political and social beliefs in favor or the beer party…or not*

        Srsly at the end of that interview he looked stupid and unconfortable and unsecure. Never seen him like that. But I loved him in the interview with the girl from Channel 5, priceless.

        • What did they ask him that he couldn’t speak well about?

          • questions about politics, the interview is at robsessed

          • thank you! 🙂

        • the girl from channel 5 herself was hilar……..
          “Mr Thompson, from my schoooooool???” lol Rob 🙂
          she kissed HIS hand, that was so weird + cool!

          • This was f…ing great…the best…I hated her at that moment….ahhhhh I wish I was her for that tiny instant…

          • Yes, she was hilar. i think her+the guy with the sex toys interview from Channel 4 (NM press) are known in UK so he knows the tone and likes them, hence the totally different attitude.

          • Yeah I was wondering why she kissed his hand….dude she is prolly crushing on him too. Lucky. Didn’t Rob cough in his hand earlier in the interview? So now that girl got some robgerms…I want some of that!!!!

          • Imagine, you could say “I caught this cold from Robert Pattinson himself”!

          • TOO – as morbid as that sounds, I really won’t mind at all. I’ll nurse that cold very well :-).

          • the Rob Pattinson branded cold germ.

          • I knew he was interested in infectious diseases!!!!

          • Perhaps an enterprising microbiologist could create a designer germ and name it after Rob. They could make millions selling it to fans who want to be infected with Rob. And he could make royalties off of an infectious disease. WIN-WIN situation. The disease wouldn’t be too horrific, just make you drool and faint, of course.

          • TOO- maybe Rob himself has already perfected an infectious agent and we are all infected with it and the symptom is robsession.

          • That’s really the only logical explanation, drsaka!

          • That has to be it.

        • minuit, as you said…a bit like the Twilight press junket from2008, he says tons of funny things and did sweet moves, to me he does that especially often when he’s happy and I saw him very HAPPY yesterday!

          • RG – I’m just getting caught up now. ITA

          • yes, sooo himself. also I think he’s behaving a bit diff. with Brit. journalists, he’s less distant, it’s more like a off conversation.

          • Min & RG, almost caught up. He is much happier and relaxed in London, isn’t he? Min, perhaps he thinks of the Brit journalists as less shark-like.

          • @minuit : I think Rob is much more relaxed with the British press as underneath it all none of us can take the celebrity thing very seriously, most of us think it’s bollocks to be honest.

            I think that shows in the way Rob just can’t help the little ‘slips’ he makes, something ‘celebs’ of other nations (excepting Australia, Russell Crowe anyone?) don’t seem to do…

            That’s why I liked the Steve Jones interview (the sex toys one), Steve is a well known ladies man/object of lust over here & to have him interview Rob & take the mickey out of him was really funny because of that. Neither of them taking it seriously.

            Actually I think Kristen’s attitude to the press etc is much more UK than US…She’s just not as fawning as many other American celebs. I like that about her.

          • @eatmyjorts
            You’re right about the brit thing and celebs. I think most of us would cross the street if we saw a celeb rather than acknowledge them. We are a little odd don’t you think…but in a good way (well sometimes).

          • thanks @eatmyjorts for the SJ insider info. And same here, celebrity is ridiculous. also Am. celebrities with all the PC speech zzzzzzzz! and dakota fanning is the world’s champ of zzzzzzzzzzzz! Emilie de R. not very interesting either.

        • the C5 interview was good. She even managed to get a Kstew question in without him freaking out. Though he did seem to look round for help when she asked him if Kstew was with him. His reply was good. It’s the only Interview I’ve seen from last night. Didn’t appear to be a big crowd there, but it was hard to tell.
          It’s a god awful place to find yourself if a premiere is taking place, I’ve been caught up a few times when they have been holding one, I usually try to avoid it like the plague, by the time you’ve made it out the other end of LS you’re ready to kill everyone in the world.
          Glad I wasn’t in London last night, otherwise I may have been forced to wonder on down there….*shudders at thought, wipes forehead at lucky escape from self and mad obsession*
          Did anyone from LTR go down?

          Oh, and anyone who thinks ThePretty is ugly is seriously f**king mental!!!

          • mine! I didn’t see a crowd as well, but who knows, it’s difficult to judge from a life stream..
            well…at this point I would have like to go down…………lol………

            to London!

          • in Paris noone cares, some people who happen to pass by stop for a while. At the Cesars there was practically noone as compared to the BAFTA’s outside camping madness.

      • He could run for governor of California as the post is being vacated by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’m sure he’d win!

        • I’d vote for him over Whitman or Brown any day!!

          • Me too, pumagirlsf, me too. I mean, if we’re going to have celebrity governors, why not go for the gold!

          • the gold FTW! Goodbye taxes on alcohol and cigarettes and hello 24h open bars, Heineis and Hot POcket happy hours.

    • Sorry for the OT above, I just didn’t have anything to say about it. Never heard of it, face looks gooood!!!!! but he might have had a nose accident or smth (but then how could he with almost 0 sports activity?).

      • oh minuit ..”face looks good” is such an understatement! ❤
        "nose accident"…..hahahahahhahahah, I ❤ you

        • i said goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so gooood!

          • thanks!
            What must be, must be!!!

      • Probably more of a drunk-and-fell-flat-on-his-face accident. But it suits him.

        • My friend once did that, and broke his nose…..quite funny! Fell over his own feet…heehee…nose was quite smashed up though, but it was the second time he’d done it (not on the same night)….some people just never learn 🙂

        • @Dazzled- agrees.. yeah,.. actually his nose does look like its broken. –But the HAIR.. you know that Robbie’s hair has its own entity and is seperate from Robbie the man.

          Last I heard its getting its own movie and a Clairol gig.


    • one of the 2 best interviews were at skynews and channel 5
      he looked really sweet and relax and i would totatly vote for him
      and he would be hottest pm on the earth or if he dosen’t considter to run for that election i’ll go with david milliband ,he looks good
      where is @mine to start to campain 🙂

    • LOL, “waiting for your call.”

      • about that, I lost my Iphone and have no idea what I said to Orange that night, but I can’t get back my phone number. *bangs head to the walls*
        So Rob,
        It’s more simple if you just send me your phone no so we can be in TOUCH(!).

        • Sorry MP, what’s “Orange.” I don’t think you’re referring to fruit are you?

          I lose my cellphone all the time, it’s so small it is just so easy to lose.

          • no, it’s the eff. phone network.
            loosing a phone, ok, but loosing your number plus all your contacts grrrr, i’ve become inexistant all of the sudden.

          • HAHA, sorry MP. Sorry, it’s not funny, my apologies.

            If it makes you feel better I just got a new phone. My 2 yr old smashed the other one with one of her toys. She srsly smashed the screen, it was all cracked and broken.

  4. I gotta admit, the first time I saw Rob entering the Forks High cafeteria, my very first thought was “man, his face is flat!”. Blasphemy, I know. But Alice can testify.


    • Hi! I with you in this… I thought he had an odd face in Twilight. The make up and strange eye brow didn’t help.

      I do think he kinda has flat face, but you see that doesn’t mean that I don´t think he is handsome. And has a gorgeous face, IMHO. He is Hot and Cute, regardless.

    • His face is kinda flat. But flat = good. People surely must have compared him with Marlon Brando (minute of silence in memory of his hotness in his memory) before right? Right? If not, people suck.

      • Thumbs up on the Marlon Brando ref.

      • Alice,

        I saw a gorgeous blonde in an RM Premier video and thought, is that Alice? Guess not, but I was thinking of you.


        • ‘gorgeous blonde’ Not me
          ‘RM Premier’ DEFS not me

          But I ❤ you for thinking of me nonetheless! 🙂

  5. No, ….sorry, that’s just wrong, his face is soooo HOT! 🙂

    Dear Rob,
    I noticed yesterday that you’ve catched a cold.
    so please
    try to cover your ass a bit more!

    P.S. You can call me as well , I’ll make you some hot tea,…… ahemm beer

    • …or you can kiss the hand he coughs/sneezes on, like that journalist.
      That might help.

      • hahaha…getting some Rob-virus?
        I think I already HAVE it!

        • You’ve got the bug, alright.

          • don’t we all!

  6. Total sourgrapes on the boyfriend’s part.

    The “motherfucking foot” pic made me snort. Loudly. In an office full of people.

  7. I’m gonna say it (out loud)… that’s just BS

  8. I’d do his “smashed dump truck” face behind a dumpster any day. Any day.
    That is all.

    • and night.

      • anywhere!

        • anyhow…I think.

          • I KNOW! 🙂

          • rain or snow…on a sunny day…

          • hell or high water…..are we just throwing out random words now? 🙂

    • in bed or on the floor or in the shower or on the stairs…shell I go on???

    • Just replace girl with Rob…;-)

      • Cath, my dear video queen!!!! LOL Thanks for this! I love that song, I had no idea who the Kinks was/is but it’s all good.

        Thanks for the epic email, love it.

        • Video queen, hahaha SB! Good that you like it. And you’re welcome! 😉

          • Cath, you’ve got mail!!! 🙂

          • Thanks for posting The Kinks, Cath.

            I ❤ you for that!


          • Good one, Kath!

          • drsaka my dear, who’s Kath? 😉

          • She’s the elephant trainer for Karla and Bobo!!!


      • Euhm Hi! I totally LOVE the kinks. We should be friends.

        • Alice, everybody who loves The Kinks IS my friend!

        • we should all be friends then!

          • We all are, united by all things Rob and surprisingly all things The Kinks too. 😉

    • Cath – I just actually chair danced!
      I freaking love you!

      • Cath…you did it again girl…you are THE ONE!!! I’ll take this song with me to work this afternoon!!! Love ya!!!

      • chair dance! hahahaha ❤

    • Always a pleasure Jules! And Mel, The One?! *blush*

    • Yes, yes,yes!!!!!

    • In the hallway against the WALL!!

      • Wallflower, your avi is so hot!!!!

        • It’s WHITEflower hunny. Should I change it to wallflower? You seem to like that one better..LMAO!

        • On second thought, keep it at wallflower…

          Rob + wall + ME = the possibilities are endless..

          Thanks SB, thats why I heart you =)

          • I am sorry! I don’t know why I kept saying Wallflower…

            Oh I think I did say that because you kept saying you will take it against the wall. 😉

            OK sorry!!!! I ❤ u too!

  9. My husband thinks that Rob had a cleft palate as a kid and had a decent reconstructive surgery…I think he’s just jealous!!

    • (love your handle, Not Bears. Very imaginative)

  10. Well, there are certain…ahem…positions where a flat forehead could be considered a bonus!
    Just sayin 🙂

  11. I’ve actually heard people refer to him as looking “special”. IDIOTS. I’m just going to assume that by “special” they mean a hott piece of ass.

    • Don’t hate me but I have sometimes thought “hmm, Rob looks a this pic”. It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t still do him.

      • Nah. I don’t hate you. I actually agree with you. IE: That picture of “drunk Rob” from many moons ago where he does indeed look “special”. Like, “I eat paste special”. However, the majority of the time he’s doable. 🙂

        • “I eat paste special”. Please, no. That image is making me laugh so hard I’m gonna have to take the rest of the day off to recuperate.

          • Heehee 🙂 I heard that line used before in an episode of the Gilmore Girls. Found it hilar then, and I still do now. It just makes it much more clear between the two meanings of special.

    • I agree on the hot piece of a**. 🙂

      • SB,

        Please. Say it. Outloud.

        “hot piece of ass.”

        Ahh, that felt good.

        Join me, please…..



        • ML…..ahemmmm okay here I go:

          Rob is a HOT Piece of ASS!!!! 😉

          Is that better? Haha. I am now rid of my southerbelle.

          • hahahahahahahahhahhaahahah

            Thanks, SB. I feel better.

            It felt good to say it, right?

            p.s. you are still southernbelle!

          • ML, thank you for liberating and corrupting me at the same time!

            ❤ you big time!

          • YOu corrupted me first, with all of your robsperience and I love you for that!

    • He’s SO special! Want proof? There was a Dear Rob letter about it (I don’t remember when).

  12. I was just talking to a Chinese coworker of mine (who thanks to my influence has become more and more pulled into the world of Twi and Rob – yay!), and apparently over there many people think Rob looks kind of like Yao Ming. And as weird as that sounds – I can totally see it in the jaw and the eyebrows.

    Here’s an article about it (but consider yourself warned – the morphed photo of Yao-ward that appears at the end is a little horrifying)

    • omg, I read your warning after I saw it!

      Brain bleach…and NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

      • Sorry!

        I recommend google image searching “Robert Pattinson GQ” and then just staring for awhile. It worked for me yesterday, anyway. 🙂

        • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss!! and the VF pictures too…
          and then come and talk to us about his face!!! Malakes!!!


      I have a gallon of brain bleach here if anyone needs it.

  13. Dear Rob

    Although I’m still in recovery (I’m licking my wounds as we speek…) I dare say…what the f…are they talking about.
    Honey…there is absolutely nothing wrong with your face.
    Infact you look like a Greek god…all greek gods put together I would say! You looked so hot and sweet and beautiful yesterday…did I mention hot??? that I (forgive me for that) had to screem at you…but don’t be afraid of screeming…we Greeks scream a lot when we…ehhh… love someone…And hunny…have a little faith in yourself…you are the hottest/sexiest man after…actually noone was ever so hot(ok the only one I can think of is maybe Jim Morrison)…so don’t pay attention to stupid remarks like that!

    Love you to death

    • Not to reinstate ancient conflicts, but sometimes Rob’s profile looks like ones I’ve seen on ancient Roman coins. But Greek God works very well to- he’s our Adonis.

      • That Roman coins thing is so true! Ha! Not a bad thing…

        • or Roman statues

          • That’s the idea! thanks!

          • That’s a picture of the head of Michelangelo’s David, BTW. Sorry, once an art historian, always an art historian.

    • Oh a Jim Morrison reference regarding the same hotness. I totally agree. Well, actually, I wasn’t around for the doors, but Val Kilmer playing Jim Morrison was the swooniest, until now.

      • except that Val now looks like he’s eaten all the pies!

        • Shhhh… I am pretending not to notice. But that reminds me of a story. This local DJ says that in the distant past, people used to always tell him that he looked like a fat Val Kilmer. Now, he gets “you look like a skinny Val Kilmer”. The DJ’s weight hasn’t changed. Val, oh Val, maybe it’s time for celebrity fit challenge.

          • oh my- poor Val! Check out pics for Jim Morrison- he’s one the original rocker guys just exuding sex.

  14. i read someone said his head looks like a bulb.someone says he looks like drake bell ,someone says he has a face like persian cat,someone says he needs a nose surgery,someone syas he looks like dermot mulroney,voggo mortensen or vincent gallo
    to me they are just jelaous of HHH

    • haha, TOTALLY jealous!<3

      • We have an expressions for those people you mention che…you may have heard of it…
        Gamimeni malakes…that’s what they all are…ohhhhh that felt gooooood.

        Rb…please call me when the campain starts…I’ll be responsible for his…eh wardrobe..
        you know….take mesures and stuff…

        • Rg…I meant RG…hunny!!!

        • *gasps
          Mel – You said malakes. I might have dated a Greek guy (or two) at some point in my dating career.

          • Gooooood for you Jules….100000 thumbs up!!!

          • Mel…makin me work so hard this late in the day!!
            Finally after breaking that down into two seperate searches was I able to get a translation of that off google LOL!
            Nice, very nice 🙂

    • Um, Che, is that Kimi Raikkonen? (your avatar)

  15. Hahah! I’ve never heard any of these comparisons before. They kill me.

    Int he Twilight commentary, the man himself said he had a very flat head. And that he looked like someone who had facial reconstructive surgery after burns. And that he looked like someone who turned themselves inside out like the Ren and Stimpy episode. And that he looked like an Anime character.

    I’ve watched it a few times…

    • Him refering to Ren and Stimpy was total win!!

      • love R & S!

        • Totally. That’s my opening line with him WHEN we meet (Normal). it’ll go something like this:

          (Scene opens in the dim street lights outside a London dive bar)
          Me: You have a light?
          Rob: (lights cigarette and I inhale – trying not to cough up my lungs because I don’t actually smoke)
          Me: Thank you.
          Rob: You’re welcome (eye-f’s me… obviously)
          Me: So… Have you watched any Ren and Stimpy lately?
          Rob: OMG, YES! I just got the seconds season on DVD! Did you see the one where he goes inside his own belly button?! (girl giggle)
          Me: My favorite was “Space Madness”.
          Rob: Oh, that one was bloody hysterical! We should totally go behind that dumpster and do it!
          Me: What about Kstew?
          Rob: KSTEW BE DAMNED! You are PERFECT!
          Me: Duh!
          (End scene)

          • awesome (imaginary) dialogue, Katie S.

          • Thank you, drsaka. I enjoyed it very much, myself.

          • its a good use of your imagination!

      • I love Ren and Stimpy!!!! So funny Rob compared himself !

    • Katie S – I’m guessing you watched/listened to the vid commentary once, maybe twice? 😉

      • I wouldn’t even have noticed you watched it more than once, thanks for the details.

        • I kind of enjoyed the commentary. fyi

          • Me too.

  16. My first impressions were of the “odd” angles of Rob’s face. I admit it. But that’s what’s so intriguing about him! I remember back in the 90’s when Denzel was all the shiznit I read an article that did a “breaking it down vf styles” on DW’s face in a scientific analysis of why women find him attractive. Seriously. It had something to do with the symmetry and proportions. I could totally see a similar analysis of Rob’s face. This is going to sound totally cheeseballs; but the thing about Rob’s face is that it’s like a diamond – every angle reveals something different. Oh, and then there’s the part about how it’s beautiful, and desired by women the world over 🙂

    • wow, that’s so true, I may or may not have saved some pics of every angle!

      • I think bitchface said something good…”he’s perfect in his imperfection”…I mean men without any flaw are like…don’t know…like fake or something…ahhhh I need to talk Greek with you!!!!

        • Wait, what? When did she say that? Link?

          • Have no link Jules hunny…but she said it when asked why she picked him for Edward instead of someone else from the 3000000000000000 guys that went to odittion!!!

            The fact for me is that some say he has a flat nose and some that he has creazy eyebrows and some that he has imperfect teeth (I adore his teeth..
            is that bad?) and all these imperfections…I JUST LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH MORE BECAUSE OF THESE IMPERFECTIONS!!! There… I said it!

          • Based on your exuberance, I can’t doubt your devotion.
            Seriously, I believe you.

        • Agreed. 100%. A guy has to have CHARACTER. No cooke-cutter GQ boys for this LTRer (well, except for ONE GQ boy :P)

          PS – Melronin, um, how did you know I speak Greek????!!!! Are you stalking me?

      • RG,
        You may or may not have saved some pics?

        Thats the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

        I’m sorry. I feel drunk with lust today.


        • hahaha.., if Rob should loose his memoryone day, like…
          “Where was ME WHEN?”, I may or may not be able to give him a pic as a hint! 🙂

        • ML- didn’t you know that RG has ‘Rob-brain”?

    • OMFG…Rob and diamonds. I think I love you!

    • I have never seen anyone like Rob….I doubt there will be another one like him. He’s beautiful and unique.

      • Right there with you, SB!

    • Like a diamond? you mean HARD? (twss)

      • *Chokes on her ginger ale.*

        Oh my goodness….

      • OHHHHHHHHHHHH, that’s why they say, “diamonds are a girls best friend.” I get it now. Thanks for enlightening me, Whiteflower.


        • I’d love to be best friends with Rob’s big, hard……ahem….. Diamond!

          Just the thought makes me feel all fuzzy INSIDE (twss)

        • LOL!

          Yeah thanks whiteflower…see I said it right this time!

          • Just for today, tomorrow I will wake up as Wallflower!!

            SB- Same avi, dont worry.

  17. unfortunately I stumbled upon many such stupid comparisons…he has some odd angles(let’s face it, we all do, we’re only human)…but thing is…I love the odd angles too 🙂 and much of the attraction when it comes to Rob doesn’t generate from the “perfectness” of his face (as in symmetry and other aesthetic shit that people measure) but precisely from the odd angles, from the sharp jawline, from the smirk, from the way his lips look when he’s smiling, from the absolutely perfect crayola rainbow laughter…

    As even my husband that hates him passionately (just to provoke me, mind you, not for any other reason…my husband loves to antagonize me…le sigh…such is life when you marry a big baby) was able to point out “your Rob is not traditionally handsome but he’s extremely charismatic! I can see the appeal”

  18. The foot is cool. I like the smashed truck. The big foot crushed the truck. The dumb stick-nay-No way Jose.

  19. Gives new meaning to the term “butt-ugly.” And I have heard a few peeps refer to Rob using that adjective. Although I did get a glimpse of Ben Whishaw’s ass in a play the other day and it was fine. So, I guess it depends on whose butt you look like….

  20. I have heard that Rob’s face face looks like a foot, and after seeing the picture-well, I still don’t really get it. His face is sculptural-all well-defined angles.Stop hating on the bone structure, you doughy-faced, jealous twits.

    I will say that in some pictures, esp. when he’s squinting, Rob’s eyes look a bit Asian.

    • I LOVE when he’s squinting, that’s the most beautiful flaw he has…I know ME is weird………

  21. I get a little upset when I hear people say things like that about him…and frankly NOW I’M PISSED…if you don’t like someone’s face…just shut up…you don’t have to say bullshit like that (excuse my langusge).

    Who wnats to go kick some ass with me? Me is Greek… we don’t just talk…we act…

    Rob…I’m coming baby!!!

    • I’m soooo upset…I can’t even write correctly!!! Forgot my english!!!

      • grammar schrammar…. you made your point.
        I’m right behind you *grabs crowbar*

    • Ditto girlfriend!

  22. my guy friend showed me the foot pic once. LOL
    its sooo insulting. LMAO I’d shake hands and then punch the fucker who made it.

    ps. I’d like to suck his toes head.

    • pps. WE LIKE HIS FACE….AND WOULD LOVE TO SIT ON IT IF WE HAD THE CHANCE. END OF STORY! *shakes fist at crude world*

      • Love this!

      • HAHA! Yes!!!!


  23. My husband made a comment about his face. I don’t see it…I think he is sexy and HOT!…I love his interviews. He’s extremely loveable. His personality rocks. Love ya Rob! Also, I think Kristen is a beautiful girl, but does she seem like a downer to you guys? She needs to SMILE more.

    • KTSM dearest…don’t you know…we call her bitchface!!!

      • yah, actually i do…

  24. Pics on robsessed leaving the after-party with some over protective bodyguard, guess it was a bit crazy and he was tired, people already started worrying he’s a drunk :). oh my, the fandom never ceases to amaze me.

    • well, to the fandom he’s drunk everytime he wears the beanie!

      I was just wondering where Rob hide’s that hat everytime he goes red carpet?
      Nooo, me is NOT going THERE, I’m sure Tom keeps it in a SAFE place!

      • I’m guessing the beanie is his security blanket.

        • “safety blanket” just like Linus in Charlie Brown? Oh my, that’s so sweet Jules <3!

          • RG – Weird, I WAS thinking of Linus when I wrote that.

          • Oh my, this just reminded me of my DD. 🙂 Security blanket.

        • I agree — he’s like that with hoodies, too… almost as if it’s how he can sort of shield himself and still show his glorious face.

          • He’s like a drunk chick with those beanies and hoodies. You know how whenever we are tipsy (or tired, hot, bad mood) we are on a mission for a hair clip/ barette/ string/ pencil to get the hair out of the way. Rob too knows bangs get in the way of party time.

          • “bangs get in the way of party time” LOLOLOLOL

            I love that. 😀

      • or he hides it in his armpit, same place where he hid the baby (cf Australia tabloid on pregnacy).

        • well Min, there is that.

      • Maybe the PR lady has it in her purse :-). You know the blonde that follows him around, the one that’s not so nice?

  25. Didn’t he say he had been working since early that morning? He was prob tired.
    But what if he was drunk? It was St. Patrick’s Day. heh

    • my point exactely

      • just been over to Robsessed to look at those pics you mention….yeah for tipsy rob….what is the problem with the fruit loops. This hardly calls for the AA or a quick trip to The Priory. So what if he’s hammered! Some of those pics are really funny, though he’s probably thinking ‘oh crap’ now they’ve hit the interweb but honestly, it’s not like he’s heaving up a lung or pissing up a post…GOD PEOPLE REALLY NEED TO GET A LIFE

        • some are really really really funny, go for tipsy Rob and funny coloured drinks with lil umbrellas…….

        • I agree, plus it was St. Patrick’s day…he deserves a pint (or more) of Guiness or whatever drink(Heineken?).

          And he’s young….gotta live a little. And there was a party.

      • You’ve got mail my dear!

      • M!M!M!, SB, Cath, RG, Minuit – that was a missed opportunity to get drunkRob alone, you know, to have that stimulating convo.

        • Hi Jules, how ru?

          On your comment, oh totally….what a missed opportunity.

          • SB – I’m good, hun.
            I’m not getting much work done today though.
            How have you, your DH and DD been?

          • Jules, we’re good. I think Dh will go see RM on his own, he is now so intrigued.

            I hope you get some work done! 🙂


        • “stimulating convo”……hahahahaha yeh right! I’d like to do more than have a stimulating convo with tipsy/beanie Rob.

          It sounds like he was having a ball at the Marcus gig last week. I read he was heckling Marcus to play Bobby Long songs. 🙂 would loved to have seen that. Also tweet and that there were lots of girls sitting on him knee (not at the same time) though I’m not convinced about that one.

          • mine! I have no idea how you can handle being in london then leaving said London and still being able to read about the bestest Rob sightings.

          • On his knee??? Knee??? Can not type anymore…

          • M!M!M! – What do you mean “on his knee”?
            Don’t joke about this. Really. I. Can’t. Cope.

          • yes, who said that?
            I need to go to London like now!!!

          • Wow I am jealous of girls sitting on Rob’s knee….darn it!!!

            Rob I’m coming baby, hang in there….I am coming over now!

          • mine! well, that’s so NOT what I wanna hear……..while I’m writing this, I’m crossing over the channel………………..Rooooooobbbbb

          • Woah woah WOAH!!
            I get to the LTR party late today, and I read about this!! *Heartfail*

          • @goodgirlgoneplaid
            happy to see you here, but why oh why aren’t you all over London for a tipsy Rob sighting?

          • I have that same question, GGGP.

            Min, have you read the latest mini meltdown over drunkRob pics on Robsessed?

          • no, tell me surprise me even more. just saw one of the bloggers told be to chillax, probably they were already in church praying for his soul.

          • Basically it’s been implied that he may very likely go the way of Heath Leger. Seriously, WTF?

          • “…go the way of Heath Ledger.” Were they referring to the O.D. or brokeback?

          • i don’t know whether i should laugh or cry for their lifes. i dunno.

          • HAHA! SWD- Not Brokeback! They’re talking about dying young.

          • Robstalking… I’ve srsly thought about it and defs would but I think mr. goodgirl may have me institutionalised.
            Last night Rob popped up on the news at 10, and the hubs was like arrrhh… “This guy is everywhere and he’s not even good looking!! His face is a bit like a naan bread according to him.
            He has NO CLUE, his man crush is Roger Federer for crying out loud!

            Also did you SEE the squeeing fangirls! I’d need to pretend I was a cool aunt of one of theirs or else die of the embarassment.

          • @goodgirl
            I love naans. I wasn’t thinking of the premier (maximum risk of death by embarassement, and if you ever get out of there alive you can be sure of heart attack when the next day you find your face on some pic on robsessed and the day after said pic will be on some video on you tube 🙂 but of the more casual encounters, in pubs he may or may not go to on certain nights. Now that’s code talking.

          • Okay Min, you hop on that eurostar, and I’ll be on that platform, nando’s loyalty card- check. Plaid shirt & pkt of camel lights- checkty check! Your bringing the BIJ laminate & hotpockets perfume
            LETS DO THIS!

          • @GGGP
            hahaha and Rob will bring TomStu who will bring the NY jumper who will bring the ducks.

            write me if you want, its

            do you think they do 3d laminates?

        • jules get your ass over here for said stimulating convo.

          • HAHAHA, Min, I wanna be Euro-bound.
            In the meantime, I’m counting on you to represent!

          • Have you seen RM? Life is too short to wait. And bring the laminated BIJ 🙂

          • Laminated BIJ – FTMFW!

            Is there a BI London? Do you know? We should pan out and search.
            RG? Is there? I know you’ve got all the Robporn.

          • don’t think there is one. he’s waiting for us. although he said he “wet” himself at that marcus gig.

          • Then we must not disappoint.
            We NEED to get (him) this done!

          • Jules, No BIL from yesterday, obviously he read the blog and thought that it would be a better idea to wear the wide Gucci shit pants, HUGE failure Mr.PATTINSON!!!

          • GAAAH! Damnit!
            RG – you’re right, HUGE.
            Don’t you have something BI(G) from Twi or NM premiere?

            ps: I love the gif you sent me. More, please.

          • MP +1000 for the BI ref and more for the lamination.

            No one and I repeat no one can sit on Rob’s knees but LTR women!

          • Drsaka – For that, I heart you even more.

          • We have to stake our claim, don’t we, Jules???

          • he was doing it just to tease us, it’s like “so are you coming (to London, what else) or not?”

            and I have to credit TOO for her “wise” advice on surprising Rob with the laminated BIJ while chatting with him. 🙂 That and the Hot Pocket perfume. TOO you’re a genius! 🙂

            you bring the BI collec I bring the Hot Pockets. When shall I wait for you?

          • @Drsaka – We get dibs.

            Min – I’m coming (with the BI collection).
            Time and place TBD.

          • jules, I am seriously waiting for you. And so is Rob. We need to add a BIL to the collection. We owe it to the world. when’s the next plane for Europe?

  26. My Darlings: Sorry but my sister sez the same thing over n over ( can believe you don’t notice his cash register box jaw)…hate her! anyway i love love love Rob’s flat face

  27. His face is like Michelangelo’s David to me.

    His angular high cheek bones and smooth forehead, his eyes and THAT JAW. Holy Jeebus.

    How could anyone disagree? Fools!

    • thumb up for Michelangelo ref.!<3

      • Deffinitly thumbs up for the pic of Rob posing for Michelangelo!!! NUDE (ofcourse)!
        Puma…you made my day!!!

    • I was thinking of the same thing. The angular jaw and his profile, he looks like that statue. What a beauty!

      • Oh yea! definitely michelangelo’s david! Definitely think his profile is the best! and how do people come up with these weird look-alike analogies? a foot?? i don’t get it…only jealous guys would come up with these things. fortunately, I have a bf that is nonchalant about rob but loves me enough to save all his men’s magazines that have rob in them for me!

  28. A long time ago…..before I fell for Rob, I saw the Twilight trailer on tv, I think that was November. I remember my first reaction was “he is hideous.” I’m sorry! I don’t know why I thought that way, I must have needed glasses really bad! I totally regretted it because srsly just a few months after that, I fell hard (twss) for him. So my apologies to Rob and the fandom for my blasphemous thought.

    However things are different now, I totally dig him. I used to like tan guys, now I like pale, I used to like well-dressed clean guys, now I like hobo….and so on and on. Anything that applies to Rob’s looks, character, mannerisms, everything….now I absolutely adore.

    So I think I am now forgiven. 🙂

    And those comparisons above…well they are total BS! Haha. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but come on, you gotta be blind not to see any beauty and magic in Rob!

    • Haha, don’t feel bad SB. I saw Rob pics pass by on the internet in 2008. And thought: ‘What the beep happened to Cedric Diggory’s hair? He could use a hair stylist…’ Blasphemy times 1000!

      • Haha, well at least you knew who Cedric Diggory was in 2008!! I didn’t and I had no idea who Rob was til Nov 2008(that day I had that blasphemous thought).

        His hair, well I like it kind of long, his sex hair. Haha! It just leaves him with more hair to run his fingers thru and frankly honey, I find that very, very sexy and erotic.

    • I forgive you…

      • Wallflower – thank you, I feel so much better now :-).

  29. wait,what,huh?
    who is this robert PATTISON anyway?

    • Eagle eyes!

  30. These people must be blind. Or drinking a big cup of crazy in the morning. Wev.

    Rob’s face has never looked like anything but a work of art (that I want to do bad things to). Thanks, Baby Jesus.

  31. I’ve been pondering the question of why Rob’s features are so intriguing and attractive since I saw Twilight–eyebrows too dark and thick, eyes squinty, nose flat and slightly off-kilter, teeth a little wonky, jaw too big and right side bigger than left, too hairy, but like mentioned before, somehow it’s stunning, and he’s perfect in his imperfections. He’s not a generic doll.

  32. I’ve never heard that his face looks anything but beautiful, but now that you mention it, it is kinda flat. Not that I care. It’s still gorgeous, and I still want to kiss it (among other things)! I don’t think he looks “special” at all. I think he’s effing HOT!! I believe the people who say all these negative things about him must be single guys who are jealous they don’t have his looks!! Or they’re attached to someone who is Robsessed & they’re jealous…which is stupid. They should be thanking God that Rob is here for us to be Robsessed over. He’s done amazing things for relationships everywhere!! 😀

    Dear Rob,
    Please ignore all the crazy jealous people who think you look “special”. You’re face is gorgeous as ever!!!

    Melinda 😀

  33. NONSENSE!!!!



    • that’s THE perfect description:

  34. I don’t think there is anything wrong with his profile….it is absolutely perfect and sexy

  35. Robbie’s face is not classically handsome. I’d put it at “different.” -Which is more interesting than handsome.

    I actually thought when I first saw him that he had broken his nose.. it looks a bit like a “boxers” nose. kind of flat. If you look at Robbie from his left profile, he looks a bit crinkly, almost James Dean-ish.

    I’d cut the hair though (gasp, sacraligious you all say?). ..My reason IS:

    Robbie’s hair is its own entity (even has its own name ).. Scrumpy keeps Robbie the man from realizing his full whole potential.
    Some women (and men) are more in love with Scrumpy and could care less about Robbie.

    The hair is alive and wants to take over.
    I heard its getting its own movie deal and Clairol spot.

    • “Robbie’s hair is its own entity”. Reminds me of the movie “How to Get Ahead in Advertising”. Let’s hope the hair doesn’t take over!

      • TOO- that was one weird movie!

    • Hermes, I heart you for the last part of your comment, but was sorely tempted to thumb you down for the suggestion of cutting Rob’s hair. LOL.

      I gave you a thumbs up though, but look out for Rob’s hair, it’s a wild one, it might not like your suggestion, hahaha.

      Summit Ent. proudly presents.

      Rob’s hair starring in:

      ‘The Wrath Of The Sex Hair’

      • Re: Robbie’s hair. –

        The “hair” —
        If he continues to pull at it, he’s going to end up bald by the time he’s 30.. you know he’s showing a bit of a bald patch. Watch for it closely next time, and you can tell. —
        Probably his nerves or pulling at it is causing it to fall out. or maybe a bit of both.
        Time to get out the old Rogain or those hair transplants.. (ouch)

        I noticed Tom Stu (my little cupcake) is starting to get a high forehead .. a sign of some hair loss.. and a bit thin on the top.


        • A coincidence or are They pulling each others out? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm???

  36. Rob face is byonic, big eyes, haunting eyes, great cheek bones, a class of his own……

  37. not only does he look like a foot, he looks like he’s got down syndrome and fetal alcohol syndrome. Seriously. And i don’t even dislike him.

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