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Remember Me makes people want to have sex… IN the theater!

*Most of us went to see Remember Me this weekend and Freya is no different, only she got the show of a lifetime courtesy of her fellow movie goers and Rob’s uncontrollable raw sex appeal compelling the audience to get DOWN and dirtay. Ok, maybe it was just the music and Emilie de Ravin, but still…*

This isn't an open invitation to join them...

Dear Rob,

You are hot.  I know I’ve probably said this before, but it stands to be reiterated.  I went to see your new movie, Remember Me, this weekend, and I was reminded once again how hot you are.  And this time it wasn’t chaste, vampire, “it hurts me just to kiss you” hot, but full on grotty shower sex/angry wall sex/good morning sunshine sex.  Yowza.

I went to the movie by myself, so I could enjoy your *ahem* assets without anyone asking me questions, figuring out my love for you, or generally moralizing at me about how that movie was just “too explicit”.  (Prudes.)  I’ll admit, you made me a little tingly.  A little hot.  Like a flower turning towards the sun, I felt your pull.  (Okay, I’ll stop now.)

Wait, this doesn't make you want to have sex??!!

But, Rob, I wasn’t the only one who feels the need to have some special hugs while you’re around.  Because while I sat in a 75% full theater, a couple went ahead and HAD those special hugs, RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. Yes, two people in the theater decided to have sex.

You may not believe me, but your method acting really works.  One minute I’m sitting there feeling kind of awkward (but in a good, puberty just hit me sort of way) watching you enthusiastically show Emilie some affection up against a wall on screen, and then my glance happened to look downward at the people two rows in front of me.  The sight that met my eyes was…confusing.  I could see the tops of two people’s heads in one seat.  Was it a woman with a child?  What kind of person would bring their kid to Remember Me, I wondered.  Then I figured out that those were two grown folks!  And the guy was on top of the girl!  I tried to look away.  After all—there you were, up on the screen!  I should be watching you, right?  But it was so difficult to look away.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  I watched the top of the guy’s head move down from the girl’s face to her neck, and then down lower.  I looked away.  Watched some more of the movie.  Then glanced down again.  The top of the guy’s head was now moving in, well, a rhythm.  You know what I’m talking about, Rob.  A rhythm that continued to speed up.

Follow the jump for the climax… heh, COME ON you know I had to go there

WHAT THE H WORD is going on in this theater?!

I looked around for an usher.  I looked to see if anyone else was seeing what I was seeing.  I was like a deer in the headlights.  I tried to watch the film.  I ended up leaving the theater to pee (yes, I couldn’t make it all the way through) and to tweet this unusual turn of events.  When I returned, the couple had obviously finished the deed, and were now post-coitally cuddling in their seats.  I questioned what I had seen.  I knew you were a turn-on, Rob, but really?  Would they REALLY do what I thought I’d seen them do?

Then the lights came up when the movie ended.  The couple stood up, and I could see that the girl was wearing a white tee-shirt.  All down the back of her shirt and under her pits was a copious amount of sweat.  And I knew.  Oh, how I knew.

Do it again! Do it again!

I wish I could say that I really will “Remember You”, but unfortunately, Rob, I will “Remember Them” instead.  Thanks for being sexy in this movie.  Next time, turn it down a little, would you?  Maybe then I won’t have to watch the movie with copulating couples.

Love you anyway,


DUDE ROB, what kind of power do you posses that you can command people to have public sexy times in your movies?! That’s skillz we’ll only just scratched the surface of. We knew you could make girls ovulate with just a glance but straight up sex? DAAAAYYUUMMM!! Thanks to Freya for sharing and too bad she missed half the movie because the moans and action in front of her were more than what you were doing on screen. XOmoon

So did anything weird happen to you in the theater while watching RM (or any other Rob movie), What would you do if someone decided to GET IT ON while you watched Rob? Have you ever contemplated public friskiness?

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  1. First post? That’s a surprise.

    I gave a boy a handjob in a movie. The movie was Stand By Me and we were both in high school, so the exhibitionism was more for lack of a better option than b/c we were so eager to do it in public.

    At the end of the movie, the guy in the seat next to me said “Enjoy the movie?” Yeah, I died a little right there.

    • I did that to my boyfriend in a movie, too, but the movie was “Ironweed” or one of those depressing 80s era movies. It was awful.

      • wow, I remember that movie, were you just really bored or …..I’m not sure?

  2. That is unbelievable!

    All I can say is, husbands and boyfriends around the world should get on their hands and knees and thank God for Robert Pattinson.

    (Seriously, who said the sex scenes were too explicit? I’ve seen much, much worse in pg-13 films.)

    • Too explicit? Pssh.

      • I wanted more!

        • I wanted more too!

          Btw, TOFT – I read your unicorn post the other day, it was hilar, I was too late to leave a comment though. Your hubby is funny!

          • Thanks! He’s ready to watch NM this weekend. I think I’ve created a monster.

        • I wanted more too…. 🙂

  3. Rob is quite the aphrodisiac I guess… I hope they lysol those theater seats HARDCORE.. I would really hate to be the next person to sit in that seat, trying to enjoy Remember Me.. and then think… wait… do I smell….sex???

    do you think the girl was like… Rob is turning me on soo much… DO ME RIGHT HERE! NOW!!!


    • That’s what I’m thinking…

    • or maybe like “let’s do it in a cinema, doesn’t matter the film, but let’s say THIS ONE”.

      • I’m with you, I don’t think that has something to do with the film….lol

        • No, I was saying she didn’t tell him it was about Rob, but “happened” to pick that film.

          • Exactly!
            You know he’s been bothering her to do it since Christmas. She was probably telling him, “Wait til March! In March we will, I promise!”

          • ok, sorry, I didn’t get it, and again I don’t think that much to do with the film, people are going on purpose at the theatre to have the “thrill”…., BUT perhaps this one “helped” a

          • Hellooo???? what did I say? I had never sex in theatres, I have a bed! lol

          • “I have a bed!” Srsly… Ily Robgirl!!

          • hahah yes you do have a bed….well sometimes a bed can be boring for some people, LOL!

          • sb is there smth you want to confess? *wriggles eyebrows*
            btw did you get my mail?

          • Bleriana, what are you talking about? Are you trying to say…haha. Well my SO is a little adventurous okay, that’s all I’m gonna say(I’m not but he is, so I have to always slap sense into him). But heck, no dingy movie theater, that is just all sorts of nastiness!

            I did get your email, sorry! I’ll reply. But that was an email in reply to an email i sent you back in February right? You replied twice…:) which is fine by me btw.

          • I replied twice because my mail programm sucks. It’s being a bitch right now.

            I just thought that maybe you want to confess smth to me now that I am the priestess of the RobChurch me and Mel found yesterday.
            Tell me about it. Don’t be ashamed… hahahha

            You know what my mum would say right now?
            “Men would take your clothes off and fuck you in the middle of the street if they ever got the chance too.”
            So yeah the kinky thoughts is smth male…

            Kinky is good. Srsly. I am all for the kinky (fanfic ruined me) but in a movie theater is not good. Just think about the bacteria there…

      • was TRYING to work and kept thinking..

        a. Girl goes on date with guy. Guy pleads for her to have sex with him. Girl only agrees to have sex with guy if she can look at Rob while it’s happening.

        b. Girl goes to movies with guy. She can’t help but to get busy with herself while watching RM. Guy figures, what the hell, might as well get SOMETHING out of this

        c. it’s girls birthday. Her wish? Rob, a date at the movies, and sex. They were just in a hurry and had to do it all at once.

  4. Now next time I am at the movies and my feet are sticking to the floor, I am going to wonder if it’s just soda, or “other”. Ew.

    • Double Ewwwww!

    • hahaha you never know what to expect in the dark.

    • Oh gross!!!!! You’re right, it is always sticky isn’t it? The chairs too!!!!

      • One time, I sat in a seat at the movies that someone had PEED on!!! Sick. Nast. I always check the seat before sitting now.

        • Holy cow….ok SHM, I’m bringing a blanket next time. I don’t really go to the movies much anymore. The past 2 yrs I would only go just to see Rob’s movies :-).

          When I was in high school, my cousin used to throw stuff at people’s heads while in the movies. She was such a bad girl! I was there watching her do it but I never participated. And I mean all the sticky stuff could be from the soda I guess or candy but just the thought of another sticky substance just grosses me out…kwim? Ekkkkk.

    • I remember Dane Cook did a sketch kind of about that.
      The punch line was “I just came.”
      I do my best to avoid sticky movie theater floors now.

  5. And here I thought a little discrete ‘fondling’ was about as far as theater sex went. So let me get this straight. twss. The guy was going down on the girl while she was watching Mr. Schmexy on screen. Dude, how low can you go? pun intended.

    • No, they were having full-on sex. I thought for a minute that he was going to head south, but maybe he wasn’t finding the movie “fulfilling” enough and needed to get some for himself.

      • Freya,
        I’m dying to know where you live? Big city? Small town?

        Thanks for your post….

        • I was wondering that too!
          Is it like an uber-conservative, repressed, sexually-deprived area of the country or a “liberal” and free type place you live? also how old were these people? curious minds.

        • Large-ish city in the Southwest. Home of depravity and sin, apparently! Lots of Catholics here, but also a very “rules don’t apply to us” ethos. The couple were Hispanic, in their 20’s.

          • Really. I live in the southwest, too!

          • Oh my goodness!!!! Well I speak Spanish, if was I was there, I would yell out some Spanish to get them out of there!!

            I think going to that movie was just an excuse for them to do the deed. Maybe they needed a new venue. Ew.

            Oh girl I feel bad for y’all who witnessed that!

          • I too live in the Southwest. Pretty sure the same state as you Freya. Was it a stadium seated theater you went to or one that is just long with a slight incline, aka the cheaper theater? In this state, I wouldn’t be surprised at many shananigans in the latter type of theater.

          • Sounds like something that would happen in Albuquerque. But it wasn’t me.

          • If you have Twitter, follow me @_Freya. I don’t think I’ll put my location here for all to see, but would be willing to discuss via DM on Twitter. 🙂

      • Oh my…

  6. So she was still facing the screen. Wonder why.
    I did have a gay couple making out at NM screening in an almost empty small cinema. Didn’t ask them whether they were team E or (B)J.

    On another note, just realised you post an hour earlier (probably untill we also change hour) and I love it!!! because now it’s at 1PM which is lunch time which is more time without thinking about work.

    • How could she not look at the screen!

    • probably team E and team BJ!

    • I guess Rob is one these guys that has some “influence” on gays, I saw some interviews where the male interviewer was truly dazzled doing sparkly eyes!
      Rob is so handsome, pretty and SWEET, soooo…. 🙂

      • How giggling, embarassing is that interview! Never seen an interviewer who can’t contain him/herself to that point. How could Rob be so serious in those moments?

        • He TRIES to be serious, but he isn’t at all, all giggling “inside” and such…and I saw actually more than one PLUS I had great fun as well watching “them”, BOTH, the interviewer and Rob! 🙂

          • which interview was that? I don’t think i’ve seen it, I’m sure I’d remember it if I had.

          • MINE! I’m searching but I think it was deleted on youtube, I saved it and now it’s gone, it was from the RM press tour, the interviewer was an asian looking guy , sweating a lot…lol….plus last year there were a few interviewing him for Twilight and NM, but I didn’t save them..

            Perhaps someone else will find them…it was really funny! ❤

          • I was referring to a 2008 interview for Twilight. Have no idea how to find it, but trust, it’s hard to watch, too much second-hand embarassment.

          • SO, I found it……lol….had nothing better to do…oh my

            hopefully the link works


          • That wasn’t so bad. You could tell Manny was completely smitten, but I would probably forget to talk if I was there. And Rob was so sweet, he didn’t make fun of the guy (that’s what I would do), he was just slightly embarrassed.

          • well, as far as I saw these sort of interviews he NEVER made fun of anybody and he met “weird” people, gotta love him for that!

          • and I love and respect him for that, he’s better person than I am, he’s better person than most of the people ..

    • I would totes look at the screen too. Rob during the act….yes, please!

  7. Someone (I’m looking at you, TomStu) will sooooo tip Rob about this post. If he’s not lurking today, he never will. 😉

    Hi Rob,

    How smug are you right now? Just admit it.



    • Dear Rob,

      Isn’t it ironic that you became a porn star in a chast Twi film?


      • ………and the sexualized “subject/object” in 100000000000 fanfics!


      • Hahaha MP!

    • OMGosh, yes I think so too. He’ll be on here as soon as he can take a break.

    • That is going to happen for sure.
      So girls just act all normal (read: write perverted comments about Rob) and behave (read: don’t say I would do that with Rob too)
      Then everything will be fine.

  8. Oh the powers of Rob! As TOOT says above, all the BF/DH/OS all over the globe should be thanking Rob right this minute for all the benefits that he brings. I love the detail that she was still facing the screen (and why not??).

    Oh Freya- I hope tha you’re not too traumatized!

    • oh good heavens, that supposed to be TOFT- sorry! I’m a mess today.

      • I read TOOT and wondered about you, Drsaka.

        • I wonder about me too, Jules. Not only am I infected with ‘don’t review before I post-itis’ but my typing is atrocious!

  9. I’ve always wondered how people did this. You’re surrounded by people (unless you go to a really crappy movie), have no cover and it’s not pitch black in a movie theater. How bad do you need it that you’d be wiling to risk public humiliation?

    If people get this frenzied at RM, there will be all out orgies at Bel Ami.

    I have done it in a movie theater but it was behind the screen. Between hs and College my husband (then bf) and I worked at an artsy theater. I don’t think I ever saw anyone doing it in the seats.

    • Orgies at Bel Ami?? I so have to go to the premiere to that one… Rob will be there, right? I mean, I wouldn’t want to share, but you know… mmm, Robgi.

    • That is EXACTLY what I was thinking!!! Bel Ami will be interesting for horny couples!

      I’ve never actually done the deed in a theatre, but when I was a teenager, I did do the hand job & even gave a blow job in the theatre. Sex…NEVER. (at least not where you watch the movie. I have had sex in a theatre but I worked there & we were upstairs in the projection room so we had PRIVACY) I could NEVER actually do the deed where other people have sat simply because when I was 17 I was working at a theatre & was closing one night when I went to check the theatres & to my very niave 17 yr old eyes there was a couple goin’ at it 5 rows from the front. I thought, NO WAY. So of course I had to walk a bit closer to check it out & sure enough that’s what it was. Of course I had to go get a friend to confirm what I thought I was seeing & sure enough she says (loud enough for the entire theatre to hear) OH MY GOD ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING??? GET A ROOM. THAT’S SO SICK. IF ONLY THEY KNEW THE CRAP WE’VE CLEANED OFF THOSE SEATS! I nearly wet my pants. The movie was Titanic & after it was over & the people were leaving the happy couple came out & smiled at us & ask if we enjoyed the ‘show’. I just rolled my eyes (probably turned BRIGHT RED) & walked off. The shocker was that they weren’t teenagers (as I expected) but were probably mid to late 30’s. Now, I’m in my early 30’s now, and there is no way in hell I’d do something like that in plublic. Rub my hubs…sure ON TOP OF CLOTHES… but anything else no freakin’ way!! I’ve cleaned theatres before…I know what goes on in those places!!

      Oh Rob,
      It must make you feel great to know you inspire exhibitionism everywhere!! You’re level of hotness makes people everywhere of all ages very very aroused! While, I will probably be picturing you later (once I finally get to see the movie), sadly, I will NOT be doing the dirty in the movie theatre. I’ll enjoy every moment of you onscreen!! Yes, TOFT is right, men everywhere should be thanking God for you & what you are doing for relationships worldwide!! 😀 I can’t wait to go see Remember Me with my sister in law Thursday!! She’s a huge fan of yours too so we’ll be swooning & drooling over you together!!


      • Why’d I get a thumbs down??? What did I say? I’m confused. And sad. 😦 I’ve never got a thumbs-down before. Wow. Even when I talked bad about Stewpot, I never got a thumbs-down. Now I’m curious about what I said. Was it that bad?? Crap, now I gotta go re-read what I wrote to see what I said.

        • just don’t care Melinda, thumbs down are not important, you didn’t say nothing wrong…..

        • you’re fine- don’t worry about it! (some people miss the up sometimes too)

        • Who cares about the thumbs down? Atleast they read what you wrote, Mel.

          • Thanks ya’ll! That makes me feel better. I did go back & re-read what I wrote & I was still at a loss for the thumbs-down. Oh well. You can’t please everyone…unless of course you’re Rob!! Then I suppose you can pretty much please anyone!!! (Well any of us anyway!!) 😀

        • Maybe it is just somebody accidently pushin the wrong button. That’s what I always think….

          Your comment was epic k? No way anyone could find it bad!!

          Btw didn’t you tell me once you lived in Germany for a while or did I confuse smth?

          • Yes I did. I lived in Wurzburg from ’92-’95. My stepdad was stationed at Leighton Barracks, but we chose not to live on Base. I googled my old address once just for fun & it brought up the house we lived in & I nearly cried. I miss Europe so much. My son wants to go so he can see all the places I’ve been in person rather than just in pics!!

          • Germany is a very beautiful place to live in. I am not saying this because I live there but because it’s true. I mean I gotta know because I am not german at all. Not even born here at least.

            A cousin of my dad’s lives in Würzburg so I know what it looks like there. I guess I will take a closer look when I visit next time.

            Do you speak german? I mean it’s pretty hard to learn (so I’ve heard)

            I was born 91 so I was 2-4 when you were here hahahhaha

            Your son should really come and visit because Germany (and Europe in general for that matter) are soooooooooo different from the US. It’s like a completely different planet!


    OMG, TMI overload here! 🙂

    • Cath, yes TMI overload!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I need brain bleach people!!! LOL

    • This is way more information than you actually need to know about a couple…

  11. I think that this is a milestone classic post. Visual confirmation of what we at LTR (and elsewhere) having been saying.

    Rob is unique. Rob is here to seduce us all.

    • …or he’s just here to tease us.

      • tease and seduce

      • Oh Nooooooooooo…that’s seduction what he’s doing…big time!

      • Jules you made me laugh so hard…
        He’s just here to tease us. How true…

        • Bleriana, I need your email!! So much I could talk to you about. Yes I speak German fluently. So does my 11 yr old. My hubs is ‘learning’ but only what he has to so that he can understand what I’m yelling when I’m angry & don’t want him to know what I’m calling him!! lol You can email me anytime: I’m hoping that next summer we’ll get to take Tanner to Europe but we’ll have to see. My parents are taking him on a cruise to the Bahamas this summer (lucky kid!) & their already talking about next yr. I agree that Europe is probably the most beautiful I’ve ever been! I miss so much about it. Anyway, email me anytime. I’m a stay-at-home mom so I’m online most of the day!! Not really ALL day, but off & on through out the day.

          Mel 😀

  12. Eeeewwww! The poor people who were close to them! When I saw Wolfman I was wicked annoyed because the couple behind me were making out. I probably would have threw my drink on them if they were making special hugs. (I’m mature).

    • remind me never to make you more than ‘wicked annoyed’ Katie S!

      • Are you mocking my wicked awesome New England lingo?? Psh. Rob would find it charming!

        • just gently making fun- where in New England?

          • I’m from central MA. Do you know the area?

          • I do. I’m in Boston.

          • I love Boston.

            So lucky Drsaka

          • And I love London! So lucky yourself (except for all your adventures on the Tube).

          • Ooooh, I’m in Worcester! Are you going to the convention in June? I’m thinking I’ll go. In incognito…

          • I’ll have to skip the convention, but have a great time, incognito or not!! Please report back!

          • You mean report back about my future love affairs with Kellan and Alex? Sure!

          • Katie S- yes, report back !!

  13. Eeeeeehhhh…why do I feel like Mrs.Robinson…???

    …so…here’s to you Mrs.Robinson!!!

  14. I’m going to see Remember Me tonight (FINALLY!) so I hope I don’t come across anything like this.. lol

    ps. were they doin it during the climax of the movie?

  15. Once on a packed tube these two guys (who were obviously together, they were holding hands and giving each other the odd peck on the cheek kinda thing) decided to take the opportunity to have a quick grope undercover of the cramped surroundings. I wouldn’t have minded but I happened to be wedged in-between the pair of them….ie face pressed into the chest of one of the men. They were both over 6ft and I’m only 5ft 3′, needless to say it was rather an uncomfortable situation not helped by the fact that I couldn’t move and got the giggles. There is something about living in a large city. The amount of odd weird sex related nuttiness that goes on…for example I happened across a man, one time, with his trousers round his ankles, wanking on the side of the road in Archway – that was quite something to behold 🙂 though not in any kind of pleasant way I assure you!

    • LOL!!!

    • don’t get me started on wierd creepy sex encounters. though I must say never seen it in Paris.

      • Minuit – Somehow I have this idea (and I’m not quite sure why) that you and I have got lots of ‘weird creepy sex encounters’ of the ‘wish I hadn’t see’ kind.
        Have countless appalling stories involving others and occasionally self……it’s one of the main reasons I try very hard to avoid the tubes or night buses. Though sometimes you just have to brace yourself and get on them and hope for the best.

        • I always take a taxi at night though I’m sure night buses and tubes are safer here (am fully aware of the ridiculous little old lady potential of any convo on safety, but since we’re at it).
          I think they have a test or smth like ” Do you stop the car while with a client just to yell at people they shouldn’t make a sign because you’re busy, basically are you a psycho? Yes, then wellcome to our firm, you may now be a night taxi driver”.

          • minuit – I used to have a really bad habit of leaving clubs in the early hours of the morning and not telling anyone….usually cos I’d got bored, too drunk etc. and then accepting lifts of complete strangers just cos I couldn’t be bothered to wait for said night bus and/or if close to home couldn’t be bothered to walk….it never used to cross my tiny brain to hail a cab!!! Luckly nothing too weired happend to me 🙂

          • I did this twice with a friend while in university, once a perv proposed us 2000€ for sex (no need to say the answer was NOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING WAY) second time it was two guys who didn’t talk at all but were going in a strange place at night, first thing we told each other once out of the car was “they were going there to burry a dead body”. That was the end of all lifts for us. Nothing bad ever happened to me, so with all the stories I think I’m lucky.

          • Somehow we Dutch are more chaste than our reputation is. (Well, Red Light District does NOT equal public anything)
            Never even saw people kissing at the movies. Let alone, well, THAT. We’re kind of boring, we paid good money and then we actually want to see the film, hahaha. (No couple better ruin my RM showing, I don’t want to be distracted from The Rob. I’d throw my drink over them, that will cool them off. Go and get a room. 😉 )

        • Well at least you were with someone…..I was always alone, what an idiot!

          Love the off ‘to bury a dead body’ story.

      • MP,
        My ONLY weird, creepy sex encounter happened in the Metro in Paris…sorry.

        Wish I’d known you then because I was kinda lost.


        • But it didn’t taint my experience of Paris…Loved every second of it, minus the groper.

        • haha I’m sorry, I can’t help it, just find it funny. Wish I knew you too. Where were you?

          • When I got lost I was near the Latin Quarter. Is that what it’s called? After that the Dordogne. Rode my bike all over the country.

            Favorite country in the world to me.

            Oh yes, you were probably 8 when I was there…

          • ML now that you mentioned it, last year leaving le Quartier latin by subway, I got into an actual fight (like physical fight) with a wierdo who was taking photos of me. People were watching like it was a show, only person who stood up for me and said she’s hoping off to call the police was an old lady who got quite hurt. The others still watching calmly. Outside it’s a lovely neighbourhood but the subway is a horrible world in itself. I guess I just tend to minimize everything and quickly forget otherwise I’d behave like paranoid old ladies who vote conservative because they’re afraid some young punk might steal their purse.

            Next time you’re in Paris we can have a drink, I’m not 8 anymore.

          • Yes, drinks for sure! I wouldn’t miss it.

            Love your “conservative” comment. LOL


    • mine! In London I saw a man in Hyde Park doing things, I’ll not describe, he didn’t “hide” himself at all! In Paris nothing, in Rome nothing, in Berlin nothing, so perhaps London is just a “dirty” city…jkjk ❤

      • RG – no joke, I think you may be right!

        • Have you ever been to Greece??? Have you ever been on one of our islands???
          Have you ever been in Miconos??? Guys…if not…you haven’t seen “dirty” yet.

          • Mel, is Miconos not supposed to be the isle of gays?

          • Have been island hopping and I’ve got a really weird/odd/scary story from that little adventure. Needless to say I refuse to ever go back to Crete!

          • MMM…why…are you scared???Lol…RG…yes it’s know for being that, but it’s also like you go back in time to ancient Greece where Panas the god of let us say…sex and drugs and rock’n’roll…rulled…ANYTHING can happen in Miconos…this island has no limits…trust me on this…

            Just never send Rob there…he really wouldn’t survive!!!

    • Archway just got x10,000 creepier than it already is. Ew ew!

      • GGGP – This story gets creepier in that the girls I was with at the time, were about 50 yds behind me. When I saw him (he was in one of those concealed entries which run down onto the A1 from Suicide Bridge) I just rolled my eyes and ignored him. The girls let out a scream when they reached the spot and apparently as soon as they screamed he came….EWeeeeee!

        • what if you’re in a tube carriage at 1AM with one friend and you notice the only other person in the carriage is a guy who is not exactely reading a book or listening to music. and the train just left the station, so it’s not like you can go anywhere.

          • who do tell?

            Actually, I once got felt up by a bloke on the tube and it was’t even bloody packed, and he was a city type guy, pretending to read a book with a truly huge hard on………ew eeee

            I am now starting to re-live some of my more unpleasant experiences whilst traveling around on London transport 🙂

          • I know of just one man in the whole world who would be allowed to feel me up on the tube while in London. Guess who?

            Again: just ONE man. ONE.

            And Mine: OMG, kind of happy I’m always just a happy-go-lucky tourist while in London, totally oblivious to all creeps on the tube. Uhm, ‘mind the gap’, better be ‘mind the creep’. 😉

          • Cath, honey it’s not a hard guess.

          • but one can only hope it’s hard (twss).

          • Minuit, you perv! LOL

            I ❤ u.

          • Whahaha MP, you went there. You cracked me up!

        • Mine! I’m gonna use this for the 100th time today, but srsly EWWW. I wanna upthumbs for the pervy suit on the tube, but it’s just not appropriate is it? I also had one of *those* guys standing in front of me but behind a copy of the FT on the bakerloo line, I think I’ll stop there before I feel the need to drink the brain bleach.

          • M!x3 and GGGP- I’ll never look at taking the Tube the same way again!!!!

  16. Public friskiness…hmmm…lets see…does a public cafe
    (yes it was dark…yes we were alone…) count…ehhh…or public toilets???

    But…seriously…I would punch my man in the face if he tried to do something/anything to me while watching Rob…
    sorry…can’t do 2 men at once…

    • HAhaahahha, you are hilarious! Haha!

      Slap whoever guy tries to steal Rob’s time!

  17. Freya, that was awesome, the letter, not your “experience” ❤

    Having sex "in front " …OF…. Rob ?

    Totally wrong PREPOSITION!!!


    • Goood point…WITH…with Rob…

      RGitsa this is for you Schatz…know you will enjoy it…

      • DUDE, the Rob-crotch-collection!

        I love that he has such a pretty FACE!

        • hahahahahahaha RG.

          God I love that rob-crotch-collection! I just opened the link and let out a huge sigh…..*giggle* Am such a bloody kid!

      • Hahahaha, OMG. Just imagine the girl who made this, searching for all the perfect shots, then putting this together, hahaha. Bad girls, remember, Rob is lurking today. LOL.

        Dear Rob,

        Don’t click on that link.



        • Cath, if we succeed in getting all the BI pics together, then Rob really please don’t click on that link!!!!

          • Drsaka, do you know there is a BIC? I love the Cannes pics but somehow missed that one at the time. I’ll have to find it for you when I remember where I saw it posted.

          • WORD! Then he REALLY should not click on that link…

          • oh go on Jules, I haven’t seen that one….am soooooooo excited…..*squeals like a 14year old*

          • Jules, please try to find it! Cath and I have spoken about this: we’re going to try to compile all the BI pics; so everyone, please search your archives!!!

          • hahaha this is some tweed serious research! And I am very interested. For knowledge’ sake of course.

          • Dear Rob,

            Don’t think less of us now. (And don’t even pretend you’re not flattered)



          • Dear Rob,
            I’m sure you enjoy 14yo jokes and so do we sometimes. Except our 14yo jokes revolve around the now very famous Big in Japan pic.
            Thanking you for that,
            P.S. Can you just drop a hint on where we could meet you in London. We’re fun. And promiss not to bring up (!) the Big In thing. Unless you want to.

          • MP, great P.S.

            Come on Rob, drop a hint!

          • Searching…

          • ladies, here:

            ps: we’re all pervs and I heart you guys.

          • oh, its the yellow pen pic! I can’t say that the title ever got into my brain after looking at the pic.

          • I was trying to find an unmarked version, but I came up soft.

            I’m baffled by the BI pics as I am by the wonky limbs. How does he keep doing this?

          • I come back from work at 9.23 pm and I see THIS??? What the h…is that???
            This is deangerous stuff guys…my poor heart will fail on me…if I don’t write for a couple of days please send the police…PANAGITSA MOUUUUUUU!!!!!

          • haha…Jules, that was the night I meant….what about this one…another angle and a bit later?

          • RG – You’ve been hogging all the Robporn!
            I like that angle right there!
            Uh huh.

          • Melronin, do you need a little CPR and mouth to mouth from Rob? He’ll revive you alright!!!

            Ok I need a nap…how can I sleep after seeing all these pics! I don’t want to look at the crotch, I don’t want to look at the crotch!!!

          • Jules and RG thanks for that…it’s cheered me up whilst I’m away from home……… and I have seen them before but it was a pleasure to be reminded of rob BIC. I thank you both from the bottom of my heart

        • Rob is lurking today??? Cath…you made my day…I’ll be thinking all afternoon at work about Rob lurking and clicking on that link…

          Btw…please change your avi!!! It drives me crazy if you know what I mean…
          (have you found out what “na teliono” means yet?)

          • Haha Mel; I only found this. Does that mean it means what I fear it means??? So yes, I think I know. 😉

            τελειώνω = conclude, finish, outgo
            τελείωνω στo πι και φι = make short work of
            teleiono sto pi kai fi
            τελειώνω το σχολείο = leave school
            teleiono to scholeio
            τελειώνω το σχολείο πρόωρα = drop out
            teleiono to scholeio proora
            τελειώνω τις τελευταίες λεπτομέριες = put the finishing touches to
            teleiono tis teleftaies leptomeries

          • You just killed me girl…I’ll hang a little (greek) blue eye around your neck
            to keep the bad spirits away from you…lol…or better LMFAO….

            Wonder where I can hang a liileblueeye on Rob…to keep bad spirits away?

            Btw…the first translation was enough…you got it!!!

          • Thanks Mel, I need such an eye. And Rob does too, um, where to hang it? Um, let’s see…

            P.S. Sorry for the avi!

          • I love I love I love your avatar Cath…I’m IN love with your avatar so much it hurts!!!

          • My avi and your avi…God…that looks good!!!

        • You bet its tweed serious.

          • Thanks draska, we need someone to motivate our dedicated research team.

          • If I’m appointed, then I’ll do my best, but I think motivation is not a problem where Rob is concerned.

          • It’s not the one where he was dragged away by steve/dean?

        • Jules: I’m baffled by the BI pics as I am by the wonky limbs. How does he keep doing this?


          Just a thought!

          • nice addition, EmclaireL!!!

      • **thud**
        Like a 14y/o I am mentally, I of course hit the zoom key!
        My dear, you made my night…thank you 🙂

  18. Kinda wild and fun. A show with the show. You gotta love. But was the movie any good or did it stink.

    • BG,
      The movie is ok, IMHO. Main character is fantastic.

  19. My s/o once unsuspectingly sat in a train car with a young couple a few seats away. He soon discovered why they were alone in that car…

  20. Now I don’t feel so bad. When I saw RM, a girl next to me–and when I say “girl”, I’m talking 14 years old, max–said that Rob needed a shower. I told her I’d be happy to shower with him and make sure he got good and clean. I felt a little guilty about it, but now I can say, “At least I didn’t have sex in the theater.”

    I love living in a world where there is always someone more morally bankrupt than I am.

    • “I love living in a world where there is always someone more morally bankrupt than I am.”


    • There might be people more morally bankrupt than you, but no one, is so funny and entertaining as you are at the same time.

  21. WOW!! Some ppl just wow me. That’s all I can really say about that.

    Imagine the images burned into the heads of anyone sitting in the same row as them …or maybe don’t imagine.

  22. You know she wasn’t thinking about dude. That was all Rob. Think of how BIG he was!

    • What do you mean BIG???

      Oh guys…she was like one of us…ok we wouldn’t do that…in there…but she was just trying to convince her man that it was all about him…pffff…Rob who??? Don’t we all play tricks like that to our men…so they can live in their little save illusion…and let us have our fun??? Or is it just me?????

  23. Freya this is hilarious! Omgosh, i would have yelled at them though to “freaking get a room!!!!” Throw a pop can or the box of popcorn at them. LOL. That’s nasty, I’d be like I didn’t go there to see you all have sex, I want to see Rob have sex on the scene! *oops* Jk

    Well for me, the movie theatre was packed, as in no seats left!!! I was sitting right next to this burly Indian guy who were irritated with the screeching women in front. The women/teens were dressed to the nines, make up, high heels, hairdos, wow!

    Anyway about 3/4 into the movie a cop came and was looking around. Then he found whoever, a girl sitting a few rows in front of me and took her outside! I have no idea what that was about but that was weird.

    • You and me both SB. Distraction from The Rob is a crime in my book.
      Imagine the brain bleach I’d need after seeing that. Ew. Freya has showed real restraint, I’d totally get them thrown out.

      • Cath, me too. Like I said below, I would throw my drink at them, yelled and called the cops on them. LOL. Get a room, do it in your car, for crying out loud. Ha!

        • I think I would have slapped her up back of the head and then ducked and crawled away 🙂

          • You go girl!

    • Got your email, just wanted to let you know! I will be emailing back soon!

    • Me too! They’d have had my drink to cool them down, & some popcorn just to annoy them…& a cinema attendant to sort them out, & some loud booing & hissing from me. Actually I’d have been really cross…don’t interrrupt the film I paid money to see…

      • Emt…my elf…so happy to see you again…so with you in the booing and hissing thing… Imagine someone doing dirty stuff while I WATCHED LOTR…would kill…

  24. OK well when I was in college, I was in the back of the library studying. I always liked to study/read there because you could see fields and then mountains and it was just beautiful. So I would go there all the time and I never felt unsafe. Anyway, one day I was there studying as usual and this fairly attractive guy came over and asked me what time it was. Srsly I was sitting on the ground and he was standing and then all of a sudden he just opened his fly and flipped out his peen at me!!!! I was so shocked, haha. I thought he was gonna hurt me, anyway, I walked away rather quickly, called my boyfriend. He came right away but the perv was gone.

    Then months later, he found me again! I was in a bus and then I realized it was him sitting in one of the seats where I could see him. The bus was empty. He did the same thing….gah I wish I had a machete.

    • ugh, yuck, sorry SB that that happened!

      • drsaka, I started carrying a pepper spray after that. Srsly.

        • good idea-

        • A machete, hahaha. Ew, indeed sorry that that happened, but the machete thing made me laugh. Revenge!

          • After that my boyfriend would wait for me after class to go to the next class. If he couldn’t meet me I had guy friends wait for me. I think they were all waiting to just take a stab at him. At that time I was rather naive so I didn’t think to make a police report. Now I totally would.

            And yes the next time, I’ll have a machete ready. I’m all grown up now, I was only 18 that time.

    • well, SB, that’s already a criminal act here in Germany, whereas the theatre thing is “only ” scandalization!

    • SB – hope you weren’t too traumatized.

      Sorry, but it did make me giggle. I think it’s how you wrote about it, not the incident. Generally, though, you should just laugh or ignore those kind of people it tends to have the desired effect.

      God I sound like I am constantly battling against stray penises waving in my face…I’m not, but London is weird. You can go for years without anything happening and then suddenly it’s like you can’t move for falling over penises or complete strangers and their weird sexual advances.

      People are really strange, and by people I actually mean a lot of MEN!

      • M!x3- I think you’re right!

      • Mine – it’s ok, you can giggle. I tried to laugh but I was a little traumatized. I didn’t realize those things were so small…haha, just kidding.

        And like I said I was young and naive and he had that stupid thing waving so close to my face, I was sitting on the floor and he was standing. Ew.

        • double yuck

  25. Rob said recently that with all that fanfic around the saga, the “chastity”msg of SM seems to be a sort of BIG failure………

    But I think that hasn’t so much to do with the story, that’s just HIM, Mr. SEX on legs!

    • do you have the interviews where he’s speaking about fanfic? I know a lot of gals talked about it. Can’t believe he actually read some AND talked about it.

      • Yes yes, wo ist this interview of which you speak?

      • I read that in an article only today. I will find the link and post, if RG hasn’t done so already (or by the time I find it).

      • He said last year that he read it, famous GQ interview, then there was posted a printed interview on robsessed the other day, talking about it again…and I never save the printed ones, I put them directly in my brain…lol, perhaps somebody else is able to quote it!

        • Rob encyclopaedia fail. Oh my, where is the world going?

          • hahahaha, by the way, did I end up in your spam?
            love you!

          • MINUIT, don’t tease me……

            here is the quote:

            “The almost orgasmic reactions shocked Pattinson because “the books are really so much about chastity. But people sexualize it in their heads. It’s so odd, and so funny. The fan fiction that people write and post — all of it ends up with Edward and Bella in bed. Or Edward and Jacob. Or everybody! It sort of ignores the whole point.”

          • thanks for finding it RG. Well, not that we ignore the point, we rejected the point!!!

          • Never thought I’d say Rob knows more about the fandom than me. How can he have read it? And have a general opinion on this. What are they doing, different reads and then discuss it?
            It’s yahoo big fail, i’ll look tonight.

          • minuit, Rob is a control-freak! at all!
            He read it, he thought about it, he discussed it (withyouknowwho) and he gave it up, never underestimate the Rob-brain! 🙂

          • I shudder to think which fanfic story or stories he read.

          • @draska maybe you were both inspired by the same now have been officially so intimate with HHH.
            @robgirl I think i forgot the basics, saying thanks for the info and sorry for not answearing the mails.should stop posting when not having the time.

          • RG 1000

          • minuit , Ca, ne fait rien<3 and try to focus on the important………………… ifyouknowhatImeanandyouknowit!

          • actually I have a there truly a fanfic with ending Jacob and Edward in bed? C’mon girls, tell me that’s a Rob-telling-shit-story……as it has all the “smell of it”……

          • yes, there are, RG and a couple about Jasper and Edward.

          • RG – There is a one shot story of Edward/Bella/Jacob in a menage as well. heh

          • OMG, so he did a lot of “research”…wow!

          • unless Nick has asked some intern for a sum-up.

    • Oh I think it’s all Rob’s doing ;-). He’s just so hot. I want to say more but I’ll be more discreet, lol.

    • I read that too (about FF) and I thought the same thing. He just doesn’t get it, that it’s HIM bringing all that out. He is just soooooooooSEXY, but he doesn’t know it himself! (Which ofcourse makes him even sexier….). So funny, he thinks it’s the Twilight story…..he has no clue! So cute!!!! I love hi more!

  26. Awww….Freya rules!! I’m shocked at the gymnastics of it all involving movie theater sex!! Talk about getting your $11.50’s worth. 🙂

  27. Okay, story time. This happened late last year. I was on a trip for work to Copenhagen. I was groped on the train from the airport to the city- excellent start for the trip.

    After the conference, I was waiting outside the hotel for a taxi to the airport; it was about 6:15 am on a Friday morning. Around the corner walk three 20ish people: two girls and guy. They walk past me and one of the girls looks at me. They walk about 8-10 feet to my left and the girls pull the guys pants down (no underwear) and start to fondle him. Before I could move, the girl who looked at me, turns to me (while continuing to fondle the guy who was a bit excited at this point) and says…. ‘Lady, lady, come join us’.

    That’s right, I was propositioned for a menage a quatre on the streets of Copenhagen at 6:15 am! I went back into the hotel to wait for the taxi. The girl spoke in English so she must have guessed I was a tourist or such.

    I was dumbfounded.

    • Drsaka, haha sorry! I don’t know what to say, I may have said something nasty to them.

      • SB- I couldn’t speak!

        • unbelievable!!! ❤

    • Do you know what’s really scary about all our stories, is that it’s not unusual, nearly everyone of us have been sexually harassed in one form or another (some of us more than bloody once and I’m suspecting that goes for most of you). We take it all in our stride when most of us should have been filing police reports, but we just grin and carry on. We are the lucky ones so many of us don’t get home safely, and can’t laugh about the weird strange and often downright frightening situations that we find ourselves in.
      All joking aside there seriously is SOMETHING VERY WRONG WITH THIS WORLD.

      • You are right.

      • To quote Rob in ref. to the Details interview:

        ‘The world is a weird place.’

        With which quote he also meant to say:

        ‘Jenny Lumet is a *beep*’

        True or not Rob??? (he’s stll lurking, I can ask…)

        • nice J. Lumet dis, Cath!

          • I must have missed all the rage against J. Lumet. What is the issue with her? Link me to the post (if there is one) so we don’t spam this one.

          • Hi Jules, Cath, Robgirl and I are not her biggest fans. If you’d like, email me and I can give you the story.

          • Done!

        • The thought of Rob lurking here is making me blush and making me want to crawl under the kitchen table for all the embarrassing things I post on here.

          • SB – I just assume he doesn’t lurk here (why would he?). It makes me feel better about the naughty crotch shots I post sometimes.

          • I hope he doesn’t lurk, here! We’re really just joking about the possibility.

          • because if he read fanfic, he has done it all.

          • Good one, Min. When you put it that way…

        • hahahah, NOOOO J.L. is an eccellent writer, born to write down the future Rob-memoires!!!

          right Rob?


          • Dear RG,

            I’ve already asked TomStu to write my memoires.

            Love always,


            P.S. What Cath said.


          • As Rob’s NON-official at all spokeswoman I’d like to make the following statement on behalf of my client, Mr. Robert Pattinson:

            My true love TomStu will write my memoires. That’s the reason he’s always with me.

            And also: J.L. can kiss my very fine youknowwhat.

            End statement.

          • Cath, when did you get this job????? And why aren’t we partners????? Dammit!

          • I’m in for the celebrity PR agency. One client would be enough, I mean it’s hard (twss-cf BI collection).

          • Hey! We totally are! Didn’t you get Rob’s memo??? Oops…my bad…
            You’re also his resident strange inflictions and tropical diseases specialist. See, I work Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, you the rest of the week. 😉

          • MP, on behalf of Rob; please be his PR girl. Have to inform you that this does also include fooling the papz when he’s pubcrawling, you might have to join him. Hope you don’t mind???

          • OK, OK it’s a dirty (!) hard (!) job, but someone’s got to do it!

          • Speaking of pubcrawling, Drsaka – How many green beers are you planning on drinking tomorrow?

          • Minuit?!?!?!?!

          • Dear Rob (not really), Cath , MP, Drsaka and Rg

            I don’t like you!
            at all!
            you are all fat and ugly!
            and mean!and you have all
            Kaleidoscopical brains!


          • Thanks, a lot RG (or should I as JL). We don’t like you either.

          • Jules, I’m not planning on any green beers tomorrow! blah! Are you?

          • Cath, we need to define my job more. Is it hands on or am I just a consultant????

          • What? What about me? Can I do something? Can I be a part of this operation?

          • Drsaka – I’m stopping for a couple after work with some co-workers, it has become a tradition for us.
            I won’t get plastered though.

          • First: Rob’s (not really) has got the same avi as me!

            Second: Drsaka, totally hands on. It’s a job with benefits, ahum…

            Third: SB, his personal assistant if you like?

            And JL: we love you too baby. Can’t wait for your next movie!

            Kiss, Kiss.

            P.S. Rob sticks to his previous statement. Sorry!

          • His Personal assistant? Oh shoooooot. Yes! That’s the best job in the world!

        • Dear Rob,

          The next time you consider an interview with Jenny Jerkface Lumet (ugh I’ve reduced myself to the mentality of a 14 y/o) would you please consult me.

          I got your back, baby and I know people who seem to really “get” you, know what movies you’ve done, what movies you like, read the same books you like, think your humor is brillz, understand infections diseases, PR, and are way more talented in the writing department. We’ll make you look like you, not circus/strange guy. Promise.

          Help me, help you, Rob.


          • thanks for the support ML!!!

      • M!M!M!-
        You are right. As I was reading these stories, I thought how they weren’t really funny and I’ll bet some of the women were really traumatized by these experiences. I also found it interesting that no one crossed the line to talk about her experience getting raped.

        Sorry for all the serious, but I wanted you to know I was thinking much the same thing.

    • drsaka – so very Danish! They are REALY liberal and liberated! Does not surprise me one bit!They are even famous in Scandinavia….LOL!

  28. OMG, in Copenhagen??? I’m starting to believe I may be partially blind to this, cause I don’t have a public story like this. Thank God though.

    And EW, they must’ve been SO drunk or high, or both.

    Hope it stopped after that welcome.

    • Cath, consider yourself lucky. 🙂

      Btw, ummm, a certain someone was asking me about my petticoat last night? Ah, would you care to share what happened? LOL

      • Ha! You got me! I told ‘certain someone’ about our hilarious convo, and ‘certain someone’ decided to do the same. And then I spillled some beans. And you know petticoats are where it’s at, hahaha! 😉

        • I wonder if Rob likes petticoats- maybe we’ll find out in BA!!!

          • Yes honey, I’ll be the one wearing the petticoat. Haha!

          • just a petticoat?

          • Drsaka, lol. Okay well the petticoat goes under a huge dress, remember? It goes under under.

            Haha, ok here am I.

          • I knew that’s what you looked like!!! I remember this dress and I always thought, ‘what fetching bonnet- not!!!’

            Scarlett always had the best clothes (curtain-dress included), unlike her sister that ended up going to a convent 🙂

          • Oh SB, you totally look like Vivienne Leigh, hehe.
            And all this makes me think of a documentary on civil war re-enactments on the South I once saw. And of the mini series North and South I used to love when I was wee. And of Patrick Swayze, my first crush…Ah, memories…

            Fun fact: Vivienne Leigh was supposedly certified crazy in RL.
            Hey: Rob’s kind of gal. 😉

          • The unforgettable curtain dress, just for that comment you deserve a BIG thumbs up!

          • Vivienne Leigh, another English person putting on an American (Southern) accent! Everything relates to Rob!

          • This is the magic of LTR- from a great post about inappropriate public sex in response to Rob’s hotness to Scarlett’s curtain dress in GWTW- awesome!

          • Cath yeah Viviene was really kind of crazy in RL. I read about that!!! I wonder if GWTW had something to do w/ it!

            Drsaka, well thank you….I will look like this on halloween! I thought of going as a Hotpocket and visiting Rob in his hotel, but I think I will dress up as Scarlett instead, complete with the bonnet!!!! LOL

          • TOO-

            Can I just say that I find it completely fascinating when English people speak in a southern accent?

            I want to hear Rob do a southern accent! I bet he’ll be cute. A regular cowboy. 😉

          • Okay, SB- for next Halloween, we all have to dress as HotPockets or bottles of Heine. Its a foolproof way to attract Rob!!!!!!

  29. I might drop off the kids at grandma’s this weekend and take DH to see Remember Me. I dont need the whole sex thing but we can certainly get started.

    Oh Rob,

    You bring out the best in me!

  30. Wow that made me want to stop going to the movies but then how will I see rob? this is a tring time!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!
    wow that man is hot

  31. Almost the opposite happened in the theater when I watched the movie–there was a mom with a couple of tween girls a few seats away, and when the sex scene started, the girls squirmed and pulled their jackets up over their heads so they wouldn’t have to watch. I’m thinking–that’s great! Rob’s efforts to get a more mature audience and repel the tweens is working! Although it seems to have worked too well in Freya’s case!

    • Maybe his scheme is working, TOO! Though maybe it was more embarrassment at seeing Rob-in-a-sex-scene with a mom??? I would have been very embarrassed to see something like that when I was a tween.

      • I was going to take my mom to RM, she likes Pierce Brosnan. Then I remembered there would be some yummy scenes that I did not want to be first, second and third hand embarssed by with my mom there. Yes, still can’t handle watching a sex scene with mom there. And I’m in my 30’s.

    • like the idea.but are you sure they were tweens and not below? cause tweens plus the hormones i’m thinking they didn’t want to watch because they were disappointed by not getting more.
      it’s funny how when I’m at the movies I never look at the others, but when i saw NM I checked out everyone in the theater (not many people) just to see how the crazies look like. because i doubt there were innocent people at a late NM showing, I bet they knew the movie by heart after weeks of screening.

    • LOL, you know I used to do that when I was younger when I was watching a movie with my parents. Either that or she would shield my eyes, hahaha.

      • yeah.. I remember going to see Pulp Fiction with my dad when I was like 14… OMG that was soooo embarrassing!!! sex scenes w/ your parents is bad enough… gay rape scenes?? I remember my dad saying “errr… why did you want to see this movie again?”

        • Oh yeah girl that was awkward! I didn’t even want to watch Titanic w. my parents!!! I rented it and went to a girlfriend’s house and we squeed for 2 hours(because of Leo).

  32. I’m beginning to think that the couple owes me a movie ticket. And that I’m too passive and should have thrown my empty cup at them.

    • well, its a good excuse to go and see it again, you know, just for the sake of completion.

    • You should have thrown your FULL cup at them.

    • Honey yeah they owe you a movie ticket complete with a big popcorn and a large drink :-).

      And yeah you should have thrown your full cup of drink at that! That oughta cooled them down! lol

      • Small drink! She can’t go out to the restroom again!

        • Hahah that’s right…ok small drink then.

  33. Wow Freya, this is all sorts of wrong. I live in an area where idiot parents take their small children to all sorts of inappropriate movies, so I am just amazed that people would do this in a theatre! I may be more of a prude than I thought I was, but it’s dirty in the theatre and there may be small children around!

    Sorry you had to experience this! Rob is hotness, but please people take it home!

    • Hey shortie bestie! I got your mail!!!!

      I agree with your comment!!!

  34. “This isn’t an open invitation to join them?”

    Perfect caption for pic #1!!!

  35. No one yelled out Rob’s name in RM or during the Eclipse trailer and I have to say I was a little disappointed.

    When I saw NM at a midnight movie…a woman screamed at the top of her lungs, “I LOVE YOU EDWARD CULLEN.”

    Normal, right?

    I wanted to yell out your name, Rob, but didn’t have the guts…I’ll save the yelling for other times…

    Thanks for making me yell, Rob!

    • LMAO!!! Really? Somebody yelled out the love towards Edward? Like as if he was part of a Boy-group?…lol

      the world is really a weird place……….


      • YOu should have seen the theatre on opening night. It was madness. There were women wearing long wolf tails and furry ears and paws, too.

        • LOL!

          On Saturday when I saw RM, it was loud too, lots of screaming women and teens. It got a little annoying!

          • I’m surprised about that SB and it does sound annoying.

          • Hahah, yes ML, I actually said “SHUT up!!! ”

            It got quiet after that…well but not for long.

        • As much as I cringe second hand embarassement I would love to see such an “event”. One time. I saw NM after many weeks of screening, but I doubt people would do that here even on the opening night. they’re not fun.

      • RG…this is totally normal…when I saw NM in theater here in Greece the whole room shouted
        like crazy…and not ONLY Edward I love you…there are Greek expressions I don’t dare to translate…ahhhh Greeks are such passionate people…why doesn’t Rob come live with us???

        • South europe is a passionate place hun.
          I am pretty sure if Rob or Twilight were popular in Kosovo girls would scream things that others only dream of screaming. (Our imagination is pretty… pictrographic….)

          • Bleri…hun…I hear you…missed you yesterday…also missed you at church on Sunday (thumbs down for that)…but I knew you would show up for a hot topic like that…

          • Btw. Nuns normally are “married” to jesus right?
            Can I be married to Rob then? Just askin… (Sex is a duty in marriage right?)

            And yes of course I would show up for a hot topic like this. And because I ran out of plan b posts for da blog… j/k
            I mean srsly. After UC and Moon stole my RM virginity yesterday and I was too shocked to say anything I came back today to discuss the goods. Only 8 more days to go for me…

        • See I’m kind of glad I went alone and not w. my girlfriends to RM. I did the same for New Moon. I can’t stand them trying to blow kisses and possibly screaming at the screen when Rob is on.

          Did you gals see women hugging/kissing the Edward standees at the movie theatre? LOL

          Mel, now I’m curious what kinds of stuff they were saying in “Greek.”

          • I would have to kill ya if I told ya…lol…ahhh you know…all the dirty stuff they want to do to him they just go ahaid and say…we have no morals when it comes to sex/Rob…like you know whwen you walk on the street and a guy sees you and he “likes” you he just goes ahaid and sais what exactly he wants to do to you…
            what can I say….my appology on behalf of the Greek people.

          • Mel, hahhah, it’s okay! I sort of understand, some cultures are like that.

            You know I was in Portugal for a month(in summer 2001). Every morning on my way to the University of Lisbon, on my way to the train station, a group of 4 guys would yell obscenities at me(and my other roomate who was also American, from Georgia). After about a week of the catcalls(of the same young guys), I got so tired of it. One day they even threw money at me, beconing me to come. Well that was the last straw!!! So I walked over to them and stood as tall as I can(yeah 5’1) with my hands on my hips and said “ok I’m here, what the hell do you all want from me???” Omgosh they were so shocked!!! I’m serious! They were so shocked and embarrassed, they apologized. That was the last time they did it, I would still see them later on on the same street corner but honey not a word from them!!! They were quiet!!!! LOL.

        • Hey B, yes sex is a duty for marriage, but it can be pleasure too kwim?

          However I do admit, sometimes I say yes just because, even when I don’t feel like it.

          • It’s a duty? Good for me… *rubs hands devilishly*
            So he will have to have sex with me no matter how many times I want to??
            Just askin cause I have no clue how the whole marriage thing is supposed to work…

            Yeah I heard the “pity” thing a lot too. But admit that you like it afterwards. *blushes because that’s way too personal* sorry

          • Bleriana, you are funny.

            Ok yes to all your questions! But you know it’s not always exciting, you have to spice it up sometimes. 🙂 Rob can help.

          • Wow – Today’s post is giving me so much insight into the LTR girls.

    • That is disappointing! When I saw NM for the first time, SEVERAL (at least a dozen) women of all ages yelled out “Edward!” when the theatre got dark and it was only the Summit logo onscreen. There were at least a good 30 seconds of “Edward” screams (eventually my fiance joined in as a joke; I’m pretty sure he’d never been to such a ridiculous movie event as opening night of NM.)

  36. Oh Freya, your life is just one adventure after another. I can’t believe those peeps. Honestly that guy must have been some piece of work if that chic would forgo watching Rob on screen to have actual sex with him. Many a nights I have had to choose between some snuggle time and reading FF or watching a Rob Flick….and YOU KNOW how much I love my ff 😉

  37. Dear Rob,
    Look what you did with RM? People having sex while you are on the big screen!
    When Bel ami comes out I will go to the theater with a canspray of Lysol for sure! I have to spray all that menage a troi “sexair/funny smell” away from me (eeew) that’s all……

  38. We have a drive in where I live and It isn’t uncommon to see people going at it. RM was a regular orgy. If the the cars a rockin don’t “cum” a knockin

  39. Freya, thank you for the hilarious letter – you summarized your experience so well. Let’s be honest, probably most of us would have done the same thing as you – it’s like a train wreck that we can’t help but watch. Anyways, thanks again! Made for a good laugh at work!

  40. When somebody told me he had sex in a cinema I did two things:
    1. Yell at her for being crazy.
    2. Ask her how the hell she managed.
    Thruth be told she was watching a boring movie and well it sort of happened.

    THIS is a whole different deal. They were going at it at a quite interesting movie and the girl was watching the screen…
    This definitly tells me, that she was just in the mood because of Rob.
    I mean man are in the mood pretty much 24/7 and the fact that he may or may not has seen a trace of Emilies tits helped the matter of course.

    Anyhow going at it in a theater is not good because a) it is very insanitary, b) you disturb other people around you and c) I have no words…

  41. I gotta say, I feel rather cheated after reading mine!mine!mine!’s tales of London sex encounters. I didn’t see one sexy times encounter the entire time I was there. Not even a weird dude on the Tube.

    I cannot imagine having sex in a theatre. That is some gross shiz right there. But then I used to work in a movie theatre when I was in high school. One time I accidentally sneezed in the popcorn maker and my boss wouldn’t let us throw out the popcorn and start over. Lovely, eh? Now, even though I just admitted that, I still order popcorn at the movies. So I’m not a that big of a germophobe.

    • TLG(shippingRobuit) –

      next time you’re in London drop me a line and i’ll take you out with me, I appear to be a magnet for the weird, odd and downright strange. I’ve even been held by the police has a suspected terrorist!!!!!!!!!!! whilst they verified who the hell I was! and I swear all I was doing was nipping through Regents Park at 4am after I’d been at a house party over Ladbrook Grove way….(this did happen quite a while ago, but I’ve never really recovered from that strange experience!)

  42. “I wish I could say that I really will “Remember You”, but unfortunately, Rob, I will “Remember Them” instead.”


    How do people not get in trouble?!

    and can I do that?! I’d soo look over the guys shoulder and watch Rob and pretend.

    • ps. LOVE the caption with the H WORD and his face. I snorted loud…. at work.

  43. Wowzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Ive always known He was well drop dead sexy but he really must posess some power!A really really hot sexy amazingly a turn on type of power.God Rob what would the world do without you?I would die and I think that couple in the thearter would have been so turned off by who-ever got the part of Tyler that they would have waited until they were at home.Ill always have fantasies about you Rob so I hope youll understand that its just so HOT!!!

  44. Guys have you checked on Robsessed the last couple of hours…they have some serious jawporn going on there…
    amazing pics of NM dvd…

  45. Wow, and I thought the woman yelling out sexual comments about Rob’s body during the movie was bad! Although I have to admit, even after the hubs was about to lose it with her, I ended up passing her a tissue because she was boo-hooing big time at the end.

  46. ummm trying to figure this one out. How was he on top ? Wouldn’t he kick the seats in front of him ? Get his fet stuck in between them. He would have to b pretty bendy or really short. Lost in the logistics….

  47. Love this story! It is a shame that it distracted you from the movie… but a hilarious reason to miss it, nonetheless!

  48. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by _Freya: Letters to Rob: Where I detail the traumatic events of going to see “Remember Me” this weekend.

  49. K, so it was a really busy day at work, and I’m just too zonked to read all the comments today, so I’m sorry if this doesn’t really fit in the comments now, but I just wanted to say that Freya…you must have been in the same theatre as me!! Ok, you couldn’t have been cuz I was in the furthest back row, and the TWO couples were beside you couldn’t have been above them looking down. But DAYUM if the same thing didn’t happen to me!! I also went alone and sculked in to the back row so I didn’t have to endure any of those same “looks” you mentioned. And half way in to the movie I hear a kind of rythmic rustling…I look over and quickly contemplate moving to an different row. Seriously, two couples “entertaining” one another!!! Not full-on oingo boingo, but … how shall I say this….”manual” entertainment. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do! So I just hunkered down further in my seat and made a “wall” with my jacket.
    (oddly enough I also had to pee towards the end of the movie, but my ‘acute fondness’ for all things Rob forced me to hold it till the end).
    If Rob only knew the power he has. If acting ever fails him he will always have a career as a sex therapist to fall back on.

    • I’m really curious to know if it was a) Rob’s hotness rays that overcame these people, b) if the gal(s) planned it ahead of time and didn’t let their dates in on what was “inspiring” them, or c) if this is normal movie-date behaviour for some people and they just want a dark place away from home, without caring what the movie is or who the actors are? Enquiring minds want to know!

    • TWINNERS! Really emotionally scarred, small-bladdered twinners. *sigh*

      • hahaha

  50. Freya- too funny and gross, a definite train wreck you keep watching as it burns out your retinas.

    I live about 20 min from the hippy/artsy beach with lots of coves. After the sunset engagement/ family portraits are over, all the pervs come out of the woodwork and get busy. If it weren’t popular to have sex on the beach, they never would have named a drink after it.

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