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Remember Me: Real or Fake?

Real: Ovaries exploding all over the universe

Warning: Major Spoilage ahead

Dear Rob,

This weekend I got to see you in a non-Twilight movie with a budget over a couple hundred K (not counting Harry Potter) for the first time. It was glorious to see you play someone new.  As I thought what I wanted to write today, I had a lot of different ideas. Do I get Roblosophical and discuss the high points and the low points? Do I gush about your performance & leave little criticism because “that’s what a fan would do?” Or do I do something different altogether? I opted for the “Different” idea- not that a critical, honest review isn’t coming- it is.

As I’ve mentioned 1 million times before, I have recently become obsessed with Gossip Girl. Every Tuesday, the day after a new episode airs, The Ny Mag does a Gossip Girl recap & includes a reality index- rating the reality of the episode versus the fake stuff. I enlisted my best Gossip Girl pal (Too_Far_Gone) to help me come up with a Reality Index for Remember Me

More Real than the moans heard across Regal cinemas during the morning sex scene:

  • Real: Morning sex for the mother effing WIN

    The guys live in a complete sh*thole. Very realistic based on my experience with college guys, and NYC in general. Plus 5.

  • Tyler fell just trying to climb through the window. Plus 2 because Rob is clumsy as f*ck.
  • Plus 9 for the creation of “The SLUT” cause I know a couple people whose lives would have been much less embarrassing had that really existed
  • “Name the last time you had 1 drink.” “Communion!” Plus 3 for the funny roommate (plus another 1 for Aidan’s haircut, the early 00’s Jew-fro.)
  • “Chicks love this freaky, poetic crap.” Plus 10, because… it’s so freaking true.
  • Are those 6th graders crushing on Tyler? Dude, even they know what’s up. Plus 6.
  • Plus 4 for Aidan banging an Eskimo. That shizz right there rules
  • “Going to Queens! I don’t want to hear it!” PLUS 10 for anticipation of angry cabbie behavior.
  • Ally’s black bra under a white tank top. She was totally asking for it. Plus 6.
  • Plus 3 for Tyler’s inability to wash dishes. Typical college boy.
  • There was DUCT TAPE in the shower. PLUS 20 for realistic depiction of the college attitude “if you can’t duct it, f*ck it.”
  • Tyler takes his shirt off and we get to see the moles on Rob’s back. (No points, although I did almost pass out.)
  • Plus 3 for Ally’s barf seen. If it wasn’t the alcohol that did her in, taking one look at that toilet and kneeling on the sticky floor should’ve done it.
  • Tyler dresses almost entirely in plaid and cargo shorts. Plus 5 for his early 2000’s Gap rejects.
  • Plus 15 For the Sigor Ros song playing during the first sex scene. NO EFFING WAY. SO hot. (but Minus 5 because the album came out in 2005.) Net Plus 10
  • Plus 5 for Ally’s choice of pajamas. That girl is a woman after my own heart.
  • Half-asleep sex. It’s glorious. Plus 1 million Okay just Plus 15.
  • College boys never understand what a girl needs. Ally had to crane her neck and move it around for a good 2 minutes before Tyler realized she was begging to be kissed there. Plus 10
  • Name dropping the Oak Room, and it’s totally the place that Tyler’s dad would suggest. Plus 4.
  • Plus 3 for Pierce in white pants and loafers. It’s so modern Miami Vice and exactly what a Wall Street lawyer would wear in his spare time.
  • Plus 4 for Tyler getting so angry at his dad that his rips his baby sister’s hard work off the wall at the art gallery and storm out.( but Minus 4 that Caroline doesn’t run after him screaming to give her hard work back. So, a wash.)
  • Plus 11 for NOT showing the actual big event. Once I knew what was happening I wanted to leave. It was the first thing I have seen about that time and apparently I’m not ready yet.
  • Plus 10 because I cried.

Total: 155

Faker than a Brit, Irishman & Australian portraying New Yorkers:

  • Fake: College boys don't own blenders. They go to smoothie king

    Pierce’s accent, the mom’s accent, Ruby’s accent… all FAIL. Minus 3 because it was damn distracting.

  • Minus 15 for the size of the boys NYC apartment. Not possible they could afford that. Well, not unless Tyler’s dad is paying for it. Which, come on Tyler- I know you hate him but the dude is rich. Take advantage. So if that’s the case, Plus 20
  • Not even two girls from Miami would be wearing those atrocious Coyote-Ugly-reject cowboy hats and stripper vest combo in NYC. They would at least go for a backless black sparkly tank. Minus 2 each for the cowboy hats and 1 for the stripper vest.
  • Irish thugs and their enemies do not do deals right in the middle of the alleyway between clubs like that with kids around. Minus 5 for dumb criminal portrayal.
  • Minus 4 for it not being explained WHY the eff Tyler couldn’t just walk away from the fight. Did he really think fighting with a cop was going to do him any good?
  • There is no way that Aidan would care that much about “getting back” at Ally’s dad… he would have moved onto something much more important… like banging somebody from Mongolia. Minus 8.
  • Ally insists that she always eats dessert first, yet she weighs probably 110 soaking wet. Unless dinner is the only meal she eats all day, Minus 5.
  • Fake: Angry 22 year olds don't show up to Family picture day

    I have yet to see a guy hold his maybe-f*ck-buddy’s hair back while she puked. Minus 10 for increasing college girls’ expectation of college boys and their inevitable disappointment.

  • Minus 5 for 6th grade girls cutting off Caroline’s hair. Only your smelly cousin does that when you’re 7. They would have written her a hate note and signed it from Taylor Hanson.
  • Caroline’s after-haircut bob looked exactly like Kate Gosslein’s first famous haircut. That shit didn’t get invented until 2008. Minus 7
  • Minus 8 for getting a Brit and an Irish dude to play New Yorkers in a very sensative New York movie. Really? Come on.. really?
  • Minus 25 for killing off Tyler. Couldn’t Aidan have been the one to die? No offense to his Jewfro…
  • Minus 10 for sending Ally back to the subway stop after Tyler died. NO WAY anyone would go back on a subway after seeing your mother killed in front of you, especally not after your boyfriend dies
  • Minus 17 for failing to include THIS from the original screenplay


A JOINT burns in an ashtray. Aidan, shirtless, in a backwards
NY Giants hat and gym shorts, plays an intense game of MADDEN
FOOTBALL. Ally enters, she sets down her cell phone.


T’s at his mom’s store helping her hang stuff. He told me to tell you to give his hello kiss to me.

Ally smiles, gives him a kiss on the cheek.


I can’t believe you fell for that shit… I thought you were smarter than that.


Are you seriously smoking pot? What are you thirteen? Why don’t you grow up and do coke like an adult?

Aidan pauses his game. Turns to her, impressed.


That was actually funny. Like guy funny. And you’re a girl. A cute girl. How does that happen? Were you born a dude?


Maybe I was…

Ally picks up the joint tries to play it cool and take a
drag. She immediately begins a COUGHING FIT. Aidan laughs.


You’re a chick.

Total: 125

So…. all in all, Remember Me ends up with 30 points in the positive in reality vs. fantasy. Now this doesn’t take into account the fantasies of morning sex with Rob-ler that have been occurring in the minds of women across the globe since the movie’s release, nor does it take into account all the things Too_Far_Gone & I missed nor the  great possibility that my math is completely off. However, I’m satisfied with the results!

Morning sex for the mother efffffinnngggg winnnnnnn,

Now it’s YOUR turn! In the comments, arbitrarily add points and subtract points for stuff in the movie. Need an example? Check out the comments on NY Mag’s Gossip Girl Recap. HAVE FUN! My real review of the movie will come later this week!

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  1. STUPID DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME… grrrr the post scheduled 1 hour later than normal! SORRY everyone! blame it on benjamin franklin…

    • I didn’t freak out this morning. There was no SOS tweet (Moon promised) so I knew you and Moon were okay.

    • UC, you approached to Europe-time for 1 hour, and that’s good news at all, we’ll have the change at the end on March, 1 hour BACK, so what was 6 is becoming 4, that’s just great!<3

    • that part of the script SHOULD have been in there. THATS FUNNY! but we know why it wasnt. WAH WAH WAAAHHH

      • why?

      • Yeah, why?

  2. I admit to nearly passing out while watching the morning-after sex-ness. Of course, I almost sympathetic-vomited with Ally which was harsh.

  3. Is is alright if I add 50 points for the way the first sex scene sounded!

    Seriously, the heavy breathing and panting was soooo hot. (Or maybe that was me panting?)

    • Oh and also, Robler gets major points for holding her hand and snuggling with her after sex.

      Or should we deduct points for that being fake? (College guys don’t cuddle.)

    • Word.

      The sounds and the super slow way he walked toward her right before. Like he just knew she wouldn’t possibly turn him down (it would be impossible). His sweatshirt with no shirt underneath it killed me. His wardrobe person was a chick. Trust.

      • I have to disagree. Gay men are even better than us at dressing hot guys. They know exactly how to , ahem, accentuate the right assets.

  4. This was amazinggg. And pretty bang on, in my opinion. Although I would have deducted points for the way that Rob and Emilie’s accents kept slipping, and added lots more for the hot sex scenes and Rob’s bare back 🙂

    I missed that one scene too. I thought it was so cute!

  5. HEY! A new GG airs tonight! So ‘cited!

    And this was hilarious. You know I haven’t seen the movie (pitchforks down, fellow commenters–Moon & UC know why I’ve not seen Remember Me), but this post was amazing. All the Daily Intel reading has paid off.

    • thank you. I knew my recent Gossip Girl obsession would be a benefit somehow!

      • “Do you want to talk about it?”

        “…No talking.”


      • Gossip Girl obsession is always a benefit, ! even if it’s just watching Burberry and Chloe bags walking up and down the Upper East Side.

      • Oh I love Gossip Girl. I srsly do.
        But just because it has Chuck Bass in it…

  6. I barely remember the first sex scene because I was FREAKING out and maybe in the midst of some serious ungratified arousal (all while sitting next to my Aunt, a cool Aunt, but still an Aunt).

    The moans and hair grabbing is about all I remember while trying not to have a major orgasm while looking at the jawporn. I don’t blame Emilie for grabbing those bbs. I just hate her a little, is all.

    The being-woke-up-by-Robler- sex was beyond sexy but the semi-angry and desperate hallway kissing did me in for real. I.almost.died. Srsly. The hair grabbing alone supplies me with months of material.

    • Those sex scenes have caused me to want to become an actress. I wonder if they need any extra women for Rob to bang in Bel Ami?

      • I wanted to put my hands in that hair so bad, it was painful. I fucking hated the end of this movie and was hoping that Bronson was the one to die in the end and Tyler would get out. I liked the movie over all, Caroline’s hair made her look like a midget old lady!!

        • Do you think Summit loaned out their Twilight wig person to Remember Me? Caroline’s wig was the one hair/wardrobe/makeup fail in the movie. So fake and wierd.

          • Yeah, and what kind of actor is Ms. Ruby? If KStew had that part, she would have insisted they chop off her real hair. Ruby, you FAIL, little girl. You should be sporting a mullet right now.

    • Kat, I see we are on the same page with the hallway scene. Thud.

    • My fav was the being woke up by Rob-ler. I thought is he just trying to snuggle closer and then Wham! I. Died.

    • The hair pulling…

      and I died.

      • I didn’t mean to repeat the poster above! LOL! That’s what I get for not reading ALL the comments…

        That being said…seems like the sex left us all dead. LOL.

    • Agreed. The sex scenes killed me. They weren’t overly gratuitous (like maybe Bel Ami will be? Yay!) and tasteful. And the way he looked at her before the morning sex? Come ON!

      • Amazing what they could get away with and keep the PG-13 rating. There was no below the waist nudity or even boobage to be seen, yet it was so hot! Imagine what they could have done if they were willing to go for an R rating! And were there outtakes? I want the extended-scene outtakes!

        • There were no outtakes at the end, but now that I think about it, maybe I would like to purchase the DVD if they included certain extended scenes.

          I didn’t think I wanted to see this movie again at the theater, but after all the discussion here about the sex scenes I’m reconsidering!

          • Rob was talking about doing a commentary for the DVD in an interview recently. Thought, of course, I have no clue which interview it was – I could also be imagining that and just hoping he does (Rob: “And this is where I gave the illusion of thrusting… Allow me to break it down…”)

  7. +100 points for the angry Rob hallway scene, yes, my juices felt that and the hair gripping pushed me over the edge…..

    -100 points for the hallway scene not being me 🙂


    • +50 points for Rob being on a bike, there was something damn sexy about that, white shirt & tie did me in…..

      • -10 points for not wearing a helmet Rob! Do you know that approx 800 cyclists are killed ever year in the States for not wearing helmets! Fetches rather attractive helmet for you……..

        • -20 for Tyler’s journal being in the rubble on the ground ( I noticed that in the second viewing) after the event. I mean, come on now.

          • *Sniffle* I saw that as well. It just creeped me out. The whole ending creeped me out.

          • Cazza, I thought that was such an odd thing to add. :S
            So sad.

          • Jules, weird but I guess a reality/reminder of the event – peep’s possessions lying on the ground….still creeps and so it should.

  8. I still haven’t seen it.
    Don’t know if I will at the movies. I read the ending and it’s just too sad to see in public because I will end up bawling.
    But, Goddamnit, I wanna see it so bad!
    If only it had a happy ending 😐
    Admittedly though, I thought all along it would have a sad ending just not the one they put.

    • I’m with you Jayde…. I’m dying to see it! But I’ll probably just wait for the DVD, so I can fast forward to the Glorious Sex scenes, and the scenes where someone isn’t dying 🙂 This movie is too much of a downer for me . I guess I’m not in a mood to cry:) And in the spirit of keeping it real… they were trying to sell us this movie as a Romantic Drama?? from Ally’s point of view , she has the worst luck of anyone in the world ! She loses her mother and then she loses the love of her life (which bytw, was just the perfect man, in every sense of the word) that sucks big time !!
      Can’t wait for Bel Ami , Eclipse , and anything else where he doesnt die!!

      • For me, it’s not even the fact that he dies in it.
        Yes, it will be sad but it’s more the circumstances around how he dies.
        When I read what the ending was I almost cried because it ends how it does … if that makes any sense?

        • I think the ending was hard to watch. Even almost 10 years later (my LORD has it been almost that long?!?!) It still stirs in us SUCH emotion, such loss…such sadness. Yeah, it was sad that he died…but seeing the towers, etc…THAT was the rough part. It’s just still to early.

    • Honestly, I hadn’t heard that sort of response from an audience since Titanic, but more recently, since that scene in Crash with the little girl. There were people sobbing all around me. It was incredible.

    • Honestly, I hadn’t heard that sort of response from an audience since Titanic, but more recently, since that scene in Crash with the little girl… and I managed a movie theater for three years. There were people openly sobbing all around me. It was incredible.

    • When I read the script the message was a little clearer and seemed more uplifting,in the sense that you got it and wanted to hug every person you loved.The movie itself just made me really sad-I was shaking and crying and the message was kinda forgotten. Just thinking of it brings a lump to my throat. It seems really harsh in the movie,like just when Tyler’s life was moving in a good direction..well, you know what happens. I guess that IS the message, to live life to the fullest every day, you never know what will happen-but still, the ending is really hard. I hope that makes sense.

      • D2D, that’s what got me crying too. Tyler FINALLY started to “get it”. He finally realised that his father loves him, dearly. He actually thanked his dad for bailing him out of jail the second time. And when he saw his dad had pictures of Michael, Caroline, his mom and himself as a screensaver, then…
        he dies. 😦

        • This movie made me wanna go home and hug my annoying father, and that says alot. I really felt the enormity of the september 11th attacks when they panned back to show Tyler standing at one of the windows and all you could hear was the noise of NYC going on. Stalkercousin and I were totally whispering to each other how we thought he was in the second tower and maybe he got out (along with sec. Jean- liked her) Then we couldn’t remember which was hit or went down first. It was very sad but I did not cry cause I knew it was coming. I was more annoyed by the idiot ticket taker who would not let me go around to get a soda in a hurry so that I could get back to see the Eclipse trailer even though I already saw it once… Long sentence there, sorry

    • You should go see it anyway, no one cares if you cry since they all will be to and besides we all really need to go to support Rob!! Love that man!!

  9. Every time I see a film, I can’t help but notice all this kind of details. So obviously loved the way you put it.
    And to make up for the frustration of not being able to discuss the film, just wanted to say the fandom has this ridiculous ambitions, everyone is in a Prozac coma because the film didn’t do better at the box-office. I think it did great! Apparently they expect all of his upcoming films cash in as much as Twilight. So ridiculous, seriously I would worry if that would be the case. I just want him to be appreciated by the critics, and considering the reviews, it’s not yet the case. But beyond details and reviews, I just know I’ll love it. Wonder why 🙂

    • Min, I agree. I thought the film did well, considering the number of theaters, the subject matter and the competition at the box office.
      I think it could have done better here (in Canada) if it was better promoted. People outside of the fandom has little awareness of the film. I’m hoping word of mouth gets more people in out to see it in the coming days and weeks.

      • Jules, I landed on some reviews in Fr, people commented & stuff and I was lost, how did this happen so early here, then realised it was Quebec. I think this film is driving me crazy already.

        • Oh, Min – when does it come out in France? If you think it’s driving you crazy now, just wait until you see it, girl. Gah!

          I thought the gods of all movies were against me seeing RM; on Friday when I went to see it, the movie was supposed to start at 1:30, at 1:27 the power went out (due to a rain storm or smth). I almost started to cry. I stuck around and ended up seeing it later.
          Then I went back on Saturday with my sis and niece, and just before the ending the film just stopped (wtf?!?!?!) for like 3 mins. Anyway, it all got worked out and we got free passes to see another movie (guess what I’ll use my pass to see).

          • Your report after the film was wow, so emotional, in a very good way, never read a review like that!
            I may or may not have googled for any leaks (nothing!, good thing for him!), but don’t shoot me, I have an unlimitted cinema pass and could use it for counless RM bookings when it will be out here (7th of April, that’s just tooooo much).

          • Unlimited? How did you score THAT?!?!?!
            I won’t shoot you, I’m happy for you!.

            Off topic:
            Know how I said I was underwhelmed by the Eclipse trailer on the internet? OMFG!!! It was soooo much better in the theater. My inner fangirl was out in full force!

          • haha I think I just found my new fav. expression OMFG! And one of my fav. movie critics. Can you review with passion all the films you liked?
            Unlimitted pass user’s guide: check a big cinema network, here you pay 20€/month plus 30 when you do the card every year and that’s it, free access to all the cinemas of said network in Europe.
            P.S. the shooting was for cheating intentions, but looks like I’m gonna shoot myself since all I downloaded was a bunch of crap and viruses.

          • Cheat all you want, I know I would. heh

            I just realised that since Friday, I’ve been using a lot of exclamation points (!!!!) in my writing. I’m still on a Robhigh, evidently.
            I don’t know if we have those passes available here. I usually get a pass during TIFF (Toronto International Film Fest).
            I’m PRAYING that they bring Bel Ami to TIFF in September.

          • ..hmm. a midnight screening of Eclipse?

    • Aargh! I found the attitude everywhere on the net yesterday was that the film didn’t do well and that RPattz can’t carry a film.
      I enjoyed the film immensely and was pleasantly surprised by how good he was.
      Love him to pieces but would not have bet the farm on his thespian skills based on Twilight. I am thrilled that the boy can act.
      I was under the impression, perhaps mistakenly, that the film was in danger of not being made without a “name” male lead.
      A lot of small films like this languish in development hell forever awaiting financing. The producers are probably thanking their lucky stars that it saw $8.3 and can look forward to making back their investment +.
      I agree, minuit, unless his films see Twilight numbers, this ridiculous level of expectation will continue.
      Hopefully, the fervour surrounding him will die down and he can go back to acting instead of being a star.

      • The fandom has no idea about anything I guess, hence the great expectations. Just wonder what are their ambitions for their own life.
        I am so waiting for the moment he will be an actor and not a star!!! Oh my!!! IN my wildest dreams (so to speak, since I am not actually dreaming about it) we could one day see Rob on stage in a play. Right, like it’s going to happen in the 5 next years.

        • Rob on stage in a play

          millions of thumbs up

          • Hey girls…lets not give up hope…Harry I mean Daniel Radcliffe did it. Maybe Rob will follow and go for a play. Preferably also NAKED 😉

          • GOSH!!!
            I would be there in an instant!!!

      • This wasn’t meant to be a blockbuster, it’s a small film. No special effects, cars blowing up or gratuitous naked women, just a low-key love story, family drama, whatever you want to call it. Not the sort of thing that attracts huge audiences, but it did show that Rob can act.Considering Matt Damon’s movie made 15 million and cost over 100 million to make, I think RM did pretty well.

        • dazzeled, I also checked Green Zone’s budget haha. That was exactely my point. The film did GREAT THANKS to Rob.

          • THUMBS UP!!

            ps: I’m so glad I got my thumbing privilege back!

      • dinogrrl your comments are so to the point! An actor, not a celebrity!

  10. It’s okay if you bawl, Jayde. You won’t be alone.
    After my second trip to the theater, I still can’t get over the hallway-up-against-the-wall-semi-angry sex. +100 for that.
    The half awake sex just about did me in too.

  11. haven’t seen the movie yet, basically because I’m just NOT in a mood to cry my heart out! BUt I do love your review! Newsday ( one of my local newspapers, gave the movie NO STARS, and described it like “being punched in the face while trying to take a nap”, LOL , I really don;t listen to critics , I know I’ll eventually go see it, but for now I am just enjoying why you gals have to say:) Great Review UC , and “Morning Sex” it’s Always a Winner!!! Can’t wait to see the moles on his back , just hearing about them it’s so enticing !!!

    • Allcullen – No Stars? That’s just stupid! Whether the ending was necessary or not, it’s reality.

      People die. People died during 911, I knew one of those people. I understand the sensitivity of the subject but I think they handled it well.
      Regarding foreign actors playing the parts, I don’t see the problem, the movie was not just about 911. Also, 911 was an American tragedy but to me it was a world tragedy because on that day most of the world felt like an American (I know I did) and foreigners died at the trade centre as well.

      • YEAH! I personally think that the movie deserved stars, but New York critics are tough!! Personally , ROB doesn’t have to prove to me that he can act , because he already has ! I loved Little Ashes , that movie was Awesome! furthermore , he doesn’t need to sign up to some low budget venture to break out of his twilight persona. He’s doing just fine as it is !!! And yeah , as a New Yorker I didn’t think that it was smart to play up the 911 scenario. We tend to be a little sensitive about that. I guess it’s too close to home as they say . Also as a fan , I do allow myself to be critical of the people I admire , and ROB it’s not the exception.

    • I heard a reviewer say that the movie was offensive. I’m not sure I understand what was offensive about placing a character in the WTC on 9/11. Was it the way the towers were edited in? I mean, had they actually shown the planes it would have been offensive, but as it was, I don’t see it.

      This reviewer also said that it manipulated the viewer (isn’t that why we watch movies?) and was slow. (Maybe it was a little slow, but I like slow movies.)

      I think some people (not this reviewer in particular) like to hate on Robert Pattinson simply because of the absurdity of this Twilight phenomenon, none of which is his fault.

      • The review in one newspaper I read said the same thing. That it “broke the viewers trust” with the ending.
        I didn’t think so at all. It wasn’t offensive in any way. I thought it was actually really tastefully done…

        • The movie was very up front about being set in New York in 2001, I’m not sure how that’s a breach of trust either.

          • How was it upfront about being set in NYC in the summer of 2001? I’ve seen a lot of the ads and I must have missed that. I liked the movie OK, but I did think it was a little emotionally manipulative. If I hadn’t read the ending on a blog, I wouldn’t have had any idea it was a “9/11 movie” and by that I don’t mean that it was about 9/11, but the ending did take some by surprise. And sometimes being surprised like that feels like being manipulated. Esp. if you thought you were just going to see some random drama.

          • Oh, well, right in the beginning, after the flashback of Ally’s mom’s murder, it said “2001” on the screen. I guess maybe I just immediately associate New York and 2001 with 9/11.

            I guess surprise endings are manipulative in a way, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing in a movie.

          • Yeah, I get what you’re saying but what I’m suggesting is that people buying tickets to the movie based on the ads, would not get that this is a 9/11 movie. Not until you’re in the theatre, do you even get what the time period is. It could have just as easily been 2010. KWIM?

        • I didn’t think it was slow either, infact I thought they could have spent a little more time on developing Tyler and Ally’s relationship. I don’t mean the sex (obviously!!!) but they didn’t seem to transition from first date to full blown meet the parents, it was just sort of suddenly there.

          • Agree, Jules. I wanted more character deverlopment, as well.

      • Yes, that’s the problem, serious journalists didn’t take the time to see who he is. They think he’s a Zack kind of guy from a teenage movie. I thought it was a bit different in America but apparently I was wrong. I read the review you’re talking about, and others said the ending was tastefull and cheesy. Also most of them mentioned slow rythm, but I somehow trust Rob on this *crosses fingers*.

        • tasteless I meant, English fail

        • I don’t know if it’s just my Rob-colored glasses, but I didn’t think the pace was that slow. All the scenes seemed necessary to me. But, yeah, there’s a lot of hate on “teen stars” when they try to move to “adult roles.” Never mind the fact that Rob isn’t a teen star, has never worked for Disney, and that Twilight isn’t his first film… ugh, movie critics are awful.

          • They have no idea about “Little Ashes” or his personality, couldn’t bother to spend a bit of their precious time on research. In France they asked him “So are you planning to do this (Twi) all your life?”

          • MP, LOL, he should’ve answered that he’s planning to play a seventeen-year old vampire till in his seventies. Where’s the Botox when you need it??? 😉

          • haha, you should be his adviser or smth. I don’t know what exactely he said, but with the translation it ended up being smth like ‘yes, i like it and I’ve signed for the whole series”. He was def. thinking Botox, with all those “I can’t laugh my face will explode” actresses in Cannes.

          • i absolutely agree with u
            the only thing what i hate is when they say he can act after RM
            excuse me but could u bother to see his other projects before judging him
            HTB was the first film after twilight what i saw and my favourite one
            so eventhough i like his performance-mostly-at Twilight saga
            i just was impressed with him as Art
            and i know he can act also know he’s not the best but improves very well .just can’t wait for the other projects

      • Newsweek’s review called RM a memorial to 9/11. It said that Will Fetters got the idea for the script after reading mini-obituaries of the victims in the NY Times. If you work backwards from the ending, I think you can see RM as a (fictional) snapshot of the life of someone who died that day, and as a memorial. To me, this is a very valid way of looking at it.

        I can understand why some people think using 9/11 is exploitative,but that’s not the intention here.

        Here’s the Newsweek review:

        • Thank you for that link. I definitely agree with you. The main theme of the movie is how to deal with loss, and sudden, tragic loss at that. I just didn’t think that 9/11 was being used as a gimmick.

        • Thanks DTD for posting that, it confirms what I already thought of Fetters’s intention.

        • i’ve always seen RM as a ‘snapshot of the life of someone’ and it wasn’t necessary to die at 9/11. i mean Tyler could die at a car accident and i would cry at that too but this made it more memorable and painfull i guess.but i don’t think Rob considered this so much(as a BO reaction) i mean, to count all the possible reactions about the ending like someone would find offensive or so many people wouldn’t be ready to see that and it wouldn’t do well but he just like the Tyler ‘s whole story rather than focusing at how he died
          so in some way i think he’s choice is brave

        • thanks dazzeled for that link, seems like the only critic I’ve read who sat down and took the time to think and put things into perspective.

        • I think the idea of this film as a “memorial” is very touching. I hated that people were saying the movie was about 9/11. It wasn’t. At all. I keep thinking about all the untold/unfinished stories that we lost that day. I hate that people are remembered solely for being victims. All these people had lives. That is why they should be remembered, not bc of where they were on the day they died. I loved this movie. Of course, there could have been more plot/character development but I think it left you with just enough so that you had more to think about when you left.

          • That’s exactly why I see it as a memorial. It was one thing to hear how many thousands lost their lives that day, but reading their stories helped put into focus that each individual was a mother, father, sister, brother, friend. I think RM reminds us of that .

  12. I went with two GF that are not Rob fans (still don’t get this). I don’t think they loved the movie. Afterwards we had to fill out cards about the movie:
    Why did you come see this movie? DUH….
    Will you buy this on DVD? Duh….
    Rank the movie A-F. I gave it a B, because while I loved Rob and the story it was a little slow in spots.
    My girlfriends were surprised with my B…. I didn’t ask the haters where they ranked the movie.

    • I would have given it a B too. Parts of it were pretty slow, and they left some stuff out that I would have liked to see (ie. the scene in the post).
      Although thinking back on some of the stuff mentioned here, maybe a B+ for the general hotness of it.

      • The movie may deserve a B, but Rob deserves an A.

        I don’t think I would have seen this movie if Rob wasn’t in it.

        I would love to see him perform live…and have thought of that a lot lately, so thanks for bringing it up, Minuit.

        • I probably wouldn’t have seen it if he wasn’t in it either, Lion. I actually thought he did a really good job though!

          I was thinking about how I’d like to see him perform live when I was driving home from the movie. I don’t think it’s gonna happen, but we can hope 🙂

          • And by “perform live” you meant the sex scenes right?

          • Sorry to where my mind had wandered… you obviously meant perform live in a play. I had not read all the previous comments.

          • and the award for best comment of the day goes to kristen’s bestie.

            my mind actually hadn’t even gone there when i wrote that. at all. but that definitely just made me laugh.
            and took my mind to a very dirty place.

          • Well.. you know where my mind was.. . Damn! Sometimes I can’t believe myself!

        • I would love that too, ML, but you know it’s not going to happen in the near future, because the audience would be full of screaming fangirls, and it would be so disruptive.

          This was one of the questions I wanted them to discuss in the Artist on Artist thing–British actors who consider acting a job like any other, and who appear in movies, TV, and plays, whatever they’re asked to do, like Helen Mirren.

          I thought Rob showed us all what he was capable of and how much he has grown as an actor already, even though there is a tentative quality to his performance in this film. He’s only 23, and has years ahead of him and will only get better and more confident. We love him for the way he is now, though, don’t we?

          • as cath once said, the Twihards would tear down the theater.
            And you have a point. Growing up may involve some behaviour changing, and I really love him the way he is now. Not sure it will be fun if he ever gets all tweed serious in interviews and no drunk sighting in cool pubs.

          • Right, minuit, we don’t want him to ever get that tweedy. Did you see the interviews where he was admiring how Pierce Brosnan was so cool and calm with the fans? I just can’t see Rob turning into that sort of blasé, king-with-his-subjects kind of star. But I guess we don’t want him to freeze the way he is right now, either. Sigh.

          • Rob blasé and PC, what a nightmare!!! I like his promissing young actor status and hope he’ll never get that “institutional”. Must say I was a bit afraid at the beginning of NM press juncket. You know what I love? Drunk Rob who says to a random someone (well probably a Twihard) in a pub “Looks like I wet myself”.
            Rob, please keep “wetting” yourself for us. You know the reciprocal is actually true. *talking about gals in general of course*

          • I love drunk, unrestrained Rob, too. And you’re right about the gals reciprocating in the wet department! Haha!

  13. The birthday party at Tyler’s mom’s house where Ally is sitting with her head on Tyler’s shoulder, and he brings his hand up to stroke her hair. Plus 20 (at least)

    I swooned.

    • YES! But -10 for the first time he kissed her when he walked as slow as f*ck across the room. I almost expected him to say, “I just wanna try one thing. Don’t move. Hold still.”

  14. + 10 points for Rob being twice accused of reeking of beer and cigs.

    +15 points for Ally’s parting words on first date being “you’re so weird”

    +20 points for Rob’s wet cigarette in the shower

    -35 points because I swear that when I read the script it opened with a very shirtless Tyler and so I suffered an early disappointment

    and finally…

    -20 points for Pierce’s face when he’s looking up at the building that his son just died in (??!) I know you’re a heartless bastard but come on!

    I thought Rob was great in it. And believe me, I was going in to it wondering if I was going to end up feeling any second-hand embarrassment as I admit to having felt watching Little Ashes and even parts of New Moon.
    But he was solid, believeable, and gorgeous.
    Well played Rob 🙂

    • Good points! I’d also add some for Ally’s face when she’s looking up at the building. Ugh. Heart breaking!

  15. I forgot to add this in my comment above.
    Someone on twitter (Calli maybe?) said that there were parts of the movie where she thought “that’s how Rob is as a boyfriend.. damn you stewie!”

    I concur.
    And I loved that there were a lot of similarities between Rob and Tyler.

    • I saw that comment as well……one lucky bitch is all I can say.

    • Jess, I saw that tweet too.
      Please don’t take my mind there so early in the morning. hahaha
      kstew, who?!

  16. I read the script as well and there were some really cute scenes that weren’t included but I am ok with it. Was it the greatest? Nope. Was It worth another watch? Sure.

    I think my favorite parts were the ones with Tyler and Ruby. There was such a gentle love. Really sweet.

  17. The Huffington Post seems to think our boy was successful in opening up Remember Me on his shoulders alone. They insinuated if any other actor was cast as Tyler, the movie maybe would have opened with about $1.76 million weekend draw. It was all Rob that brought in the $8.3 mil. Regardless of the negative reviews, money still talks and bullshit still walks. I think our boy just showed Holleywood he is a legitimate, bona fide movie star.

    Loved the movie. Love him.

    • I love that you read Huffington Post, TiAmo.

  18. I’m not going to see it. I read the script when it first leaked and I was so pissed with the ending that I decided not to watch. However that doesn’t mean I won’t favorite sex scenes on youtube once they are available. That’s enough for me.
    And honestly, I was cringing all the way through the script trying to imagine Rob with a NY accent. I don’t actually need to hear it at this point. I’ll settle for panting and moaning.

    • Gizmo – That’s your opinion and I can appreciate it but judging the movie on the leaked script is just too bad. There were a lot of changes to the script.
      Rob’s NY accent was a little off, but what is an authentic NY accent anyway? There are many different accents in the state of NY, so…

      I can forgive that one thing. 🙂

      • I agree, because if I had to judge a movie by it’s first draft script, I wouldn’t go and watch Bel Ami either. A script is just a guideline, don’t forget that movies are a visual medium first. And the accent thing? I guess I shouldn’t have watched Inglorious Bastards either, Brad’s southern accent was so over the top. I think Rob did okay, judging on outtakes, not worse than Brosnan’s Brooklyn one.

        I’d give it a chance, it such a shame to dismiss it because of the script.

    • I also read the script and was immediately turned off by the ending. Glad to hear that the sex scenes were awesome, but pretty disappointed that they used 9/11 as their surprise ending. I actually lost a parent in 9/11. If I had gone in there wanting to see some hot RPatz lovin’, only to be manipulated into seeing a film about someone who dies in 9/11, I would have been floored. I’m glad I read the script first.

  19. 100+ for this post!thanks UC

    I read all comments and it’s really difficult to accept that I’ve to wait for almost 2 weeks! All I saw were trailers and stuff and I loved it all, so from my ignorant point of view I’d give him

    100+ for his courage to play roles HE loves

    1000000+ for giving some millions to make sure that RM wouldn’t be promoted as a teen film, so Rob knew EXACTLY that the Twi-fandom wouldn’t follow him!



    • Must say being an exec. producer was a smart move. Problem is all critics say the film is light, which I didn’t really expect for a film he chose to do after all the Twi crap.

      • I’ve to watch it first, I don’t give a shit on critics, LA went so bad and it’s a beautiful film! At least it got an award the other day!
        I think he tries to do the things he wants to do (“baby-steps”-I truly love that quote)and many reviews/interviews I read I got the impression that often they even didn’t know that he did some other movies before…to them he’s the “Twilight-guy”….. so…

        some critics need to get off the HIGH HORSE!!!

      • Maybe it’s light MP, but drsaka made an excellent point the me recently. Think of Leo and Titanic and the movie he made after that. The Beach…
        I haven’t seen RM ofcourse, but I’m willing to bet that RM is ‘heavier’ than that crapfest.

        He’s just starting out in the HW game, I just hope Bel Ami will be a great movie. (apart from all the hot action ofcourse, haha)

        And then there’s Water For Elephants/Circus. That one will be a BIG one. Witherspoon and Waltz…If shows off his acting chops in that one, he’ll be in the Oscars circuit in no time. I think that’s the most important movie for now in his future, cause it’s expected to be Oscar worthy.

        RM is only the beginning. Not yet the make and break role for him…
        And he already proves he’s able to open a movie on his own, even a relevantly small one as RM, like the post on Robsessed about The Huffington Post said. That’s good news.

        • I know, you’re right, and completely trust him for that. And as i said before, i will obviously love this movie, have no doubt about it. Just expected critics to be a bit better.

          • Critics Smitics MP, there are so many of them out there, most don’t bother to do their homework properly. Even worse than movie reviews are the music ones.
            Most of them don’t bother listening or just burn down a band without arguments why. I HATE that. HATE, HATE, HATE that.

            Being a great AND fair reviewer is an art. Most of them suck.
            (and that coming from a journalist…) 😉

          • I know, that’s what I was saying above, they can’t bother to spend their precious time to do some research but have high pretentions to be “serious” journalists.
            Thing is I wasn’t expecting a massive bad critique, I was expecting good and bad, but just more enthusiasm from some. And everything I read was bad. As if they loose their credibility by saying smth good about him. I’m sure the movie was much better than this. Srsly, I trust Rob’s judgment on this.

          • minuit…you said it, YOU can trust him, YOU “know” him sooo much better than critics or journalists (well beside Cath obviously 🙂 )

            Cath…all alright there in bicycle-land? Did you prepared the member-cards for the J.L.we<3u-club? lol

          • LOL RG, like your thinking. Member cards prepared here. Gold or platinum? It’s a hard decision. And ha! at bicycle land!

        • I totaly agree with you Cath…it’s just the beginning for him and he’s doing great.
          Do you remember Orlando Bloom…yeah the Legolaself from LOTR… after the huge succes of LOTR he started a marathon of blogbusters, the Piratsseries and Elizabethtown and the one he was a Knight (I forgot the name)…and where is he now???
          Making huge movies is not always the best beginning for an actor…it’s better to start nice and slow…I think our boy knows what he’s doing!!!

          • ‘eaten all the pies’ oh dear-

          • oops, sorry that was supposed to be a response to M!x3 below

        • Actually, because I was such a Leofanatic, his first movie after Titanic was the Man in the Iron Mask and it was a shit movie. So in that regard, Rob has him beat because Remember Me is way better than that!

          • ha, is it normal to remember the cinema where I saw that movie 10 y ago and yet think it was Johnny Depp playing Leo’s part? Brain damage confirmed.

          • Ha! Thanks TLG, IMDB fail on my part!I had a crush on Leo back then too, saw The Man In The Iron Mask as well.
            And MP, that’s totally normal, so funny, I remember the cinema too, didn’t think it was JD though, haha!

          • MINIM- I forgot it as it was so bad! So Leo had two bad movies after Titanic!
            And don’t get me started on Bloom in ‘Elizabethtown”……

          • i never got the whole leo thing, he always looked like a 12 year old and hence i couldn’t take him seriously in any of his films. Now he just looks like he’s eaten all the pies!

  20. Ok, am I allowed to do a review of your review? Is that lame? My two cents are TOTALLY worth it, I swear*!

    -“College boys never understand what a girl needs. Ally had to crane her neck and move it around for a good 2 minutes before Tyler realized she was begging to be kissed there. Plus 10”

    YES! I’m so glad someone else noticed that one. I almost yelled out, “Kiss her neck, asshole!” in the theater. Plus 14025

    -“Plus 11 for NOT showing the actual big event. Once I knew what was happening I wanted to leave. It was the first thing I have seen about that time and apparently I’m not ready yet.”

    This. This is so spot on. I know a lot of people had a hard time with this. I was also ready to walk out if I even HEARD the sound of a plane in this movie. The music was quite enough. I did actually say, “Are they? No. Really? No, they wouldn’t. Wait, is he? No, they’d never. Oh my god, they would.” Plus 2526

    -“Minus 10 for increasing college girls’ expectation of college boys and their inevitable disappointment.”

    Yeah, Rob? Stop messing with my head. Plus 1523

    -“Minus 10 for sending Ally back to the subway stop after Tyler died. ”

    I actually liked that she went back to the subway. Of course she would have been severely traumatized after those events, but they really gave us a very vague sense of elapsed time here. According to Ruby’s hair, years may have passed. I’m glad Ally faced her fears. She refused to let those devastating events hold any power of her. Completely unrealistic? Sure. Helped with the shock of how they ended the movie? A little. Minus 10

    All in all, your review rating a healthy 18064. 🙂

    • “your review rating a healthy 18064”. haha so precise. does it mean it did better at the box-office than the a&ctual film?

      • Yes, it was that good.

        I actually added all of those numbers, btw. Some kind of Nerd Award would make my week.

        • hahaha depends, did you do it on a piece of paper, in your mind or on your Iphone? if it’s the last answer, it’s Geek Award, no Nerd Award for you, that should teach you.

          • What if I had a mini calculator with me??

          • that’s a hard one (as all Rob situations), we should ask the members of the LTR academy.

  21. Am I the only one who didn’t think his acting was anything new or exciting? (Don’t throw – I love him – but well…)

    He does angry well. Angsty well…but…we’ve seen that before.

    He does SEX SCENES well…WELL. HAHAHAHAHA…but seriously, I sadly was underwhelmed by the acting. Maybe Tyler’s brooding character was just too close to brooding Edward for me?

    Please don’t hate! 😉 Just sayin’…

    • I think what is fabulous for all of us following his career, almost, from the beginning is that there is potential for a great actor in there.
      From interviews that I have seen, he knows he has a ways to go. His humbleness as an actor and person is part of his appeal.
      Having seen Nightmare on Elm Street in the theatres, yes I am that old, Johnny Depp wasn’t…well, Johnny Depp, yet.
      Rob is good in this. Not great. But, I cannot wait to see him in a few years as he grows as an actor.
      I do agree that he has a ways to go but I am looking forward to the journey!

      • Agreed Dinogirl! 🙂

        I just guess from what ppl were saying, I was expecting this BIG jump in acting…his style, etc. I found his character emotionally similar to Edward! LOL! Maybe I just hadn’t read enough about the movie.

        I don’t really care though. I’d watch him gladly on a toothpaste commercial. 😉

        • Agreed Michelle.
          I will see the movie again partly because, I am ashamed to admit, I spent some time looking for “Edwardisms”. Maybe I didn’t believe that he could really pull it off…sorry!
          But, when I let myself go and lose myself in the movie, I did get lost in the story
          So, I would like to see it again and just watch the movie and not just Rob.
          Did that make any sense or do I have to blame it on Monday?
          As an aside, I went with my mother in law and a friend. The theatre is dead quiet near the end and dear mummy in law figures out what is going to happen and says, rather loudly “Aw, sh&%t”. Nobody laughed, nobody moved. If at all possible, the theatre got quieter. Weird.

          • I kept elbowing my Mom (yes, saw with my Mom…umm, sex scenes UNCOMFY) saying, “do you get it yet?” (yes, I’m one of THOSE people) before the end…I kept thinking she’d go OMG or something…it was so obvious to me…and I hadn’t even seen/heard about the ending. Not until the teacher wrote the date on the chalkboard…

            Then poor Mom started crying. WAAHHHHH!

            So sad, so so sad. I left feeling so heavy.

        • Having watched the trailer, let’s say, several times (movie not playing in my country yet, fu(k!) I did see some Art and Edward acting in RM. But I know he has the culture to do better as an actor.

          • He can do better , but he cannot change his HANDS!!! 🙂

    • One thing I really liked about Rob’s acting in Remember Me was the way he interacted with his little sister in the movie. That kind of relationship isn’t in Twilight, so it was at least a little something new.

      But, yeah, there was a bit of Edwardesque gritting of teeth.

  22. Hello ladies *waves*
    Quick post as I’m on the move.
    A few things

    1. Box office takings – the crazies are indeed crazy and obviously do not have two brain cells to rub together between them (this also includes some of the stupid critics out there). The film’s had limited release, unlike Alice in Wonderland which was released pretty much worldwide everywhere and in more cinemas in America than RM. RM’s release will not be out in some countries until next month. It’s a low budget film (16.3m I believe or there about) it’s already taken more than half what it cost to make in just three days – If I have to read again that this film’s done bad at the box office and is a flop I’m going to scream. It would appear to be holding it’s own and can only do better as time goes on. For the first time today I saw an advertisement on the side of a bus for RM….it’s not really being pushed in the same way as the twilight saga, so all things considered it’s doing ok. Oh and bollocks to the critics, I’ll make my own mind up, which is what I usually do!

    2. To watch films and enjoy them, disbelieve generally needs to be suspended.

    • Word! ❤

    • M!M!M! – I’ve missed you. I hope you’re enjoying your travels.
      ps: HHH was at the show I told you about.
      pps: I agree, you have the WORSE luck.
      ppps:Hurry back

      • Thanks jules! ❤

        Can you believe I didn't fancy going anyway, even if I had been in London!!!!

        Am now waiting for a call from friend to say she’s got our tickets for Plan B…whoop….am loving new single 'She Said’ (not out yet but you can listen at Time 4 Plan B, if you're interested) bit of a departure from his 1st album. Not sure where I’m going with this so will stop now! 

  23. thnx UC luv the post
    evereyone talks about how beautiful he looked and this post makes me exciting about love scenes
    so can’t wait
    about the BO thing;i think no one was expecting a succes like NM did or like Alice’ doing hundreds of millions.and i know when u think about all conditions 8.3 is a very good number but with Rob’s name i would expect at least 10, i mean not to be at 4th place.
    maybe this is just me cuz i don’t have any interset at blockbuster movies or si-fic.i haven’t seen Avatar,any LOR,pirate of carabians(first one on dvd)or any HP (just GOF b/c of Rob and it was complete torture to me) and i watched twilight saga just for Rob
    and it’s fine i wouldn’t care not to see them ever.
    but on the other hand probably i woulnd’t know there is a movie like that if it wasn’t ROB’ movie(eventhough i read the script and liked it)
    so kinda i’m not judging normal people choices but stupid teens who goes everywhere and screems around him but have’n’t go to see RM(if there is that kind of type:)
    to me i’m more interested on Rob’s performance than the whole movie
    and i just read the WFE script and loved it so much can’t wait for this one like more than BA plus i loved it too

    • Rob always said that they called him “Edward”everywhere, WE (? =ME) thought…ok, c’mon, the most fans can distinguish the fictional character and the real person…and obviously HE was RIGHT…and I’m not talking about the teens!
      BUT…in my book these aren’t necessarily bad news!

  24. So jealous I cannot see it for 18 days


    London premiere in 2 days



    • Seeing him again in 2 days…

      + 1000


    • Not seeing him in flesh at the London premiere: -10.000 points


      • seeing him in (drunk) flesh in a pub, priceless or thumbs up less.

        • Cheers! 🙂

      • lol…not seeing him in flesh at all: - points

        • I’m liking the points game! thanks Moon and UC!

          • lol, one point to YOU and 1000 to UC and Moon!

          • I only get one point?? Wow, I’m way behind!

          • drsaka….in my book I’ll give you 100Rob-points 🙂

          • well, as long as there are Rob points!

    • you cannot see the film yet but you can see the real thing (Rob that is) if not done already. And for that 8 mil thumbs up, as much as RM on an opening week-end.
      And if you eva feel like sharing some “insider” London Rob news/sighting/whateva, PLEASE do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(that’s the sound of me begging)

      • ouch..minuit, you’re stamping on my feet! 🙂

      • Haha MP, same here!

        • girls, no I am not desperate at all 🙂

          • You certainly start to sound like me…very desperate… MP and what exactly would ya all do when seeing him in flesh??? drunk or not drunk??? I want to live this experience through you…that’s why I’m asking!!!

          • Oh my, is it that bad??? 🙂
            Well, as my friend TOO suggested, i would take out a laminated print of Rob Big in Japan and ask him what he was thinking.:) or NOT!

          • Minuit mon cherie je comprend…it IS actually that bad and I know what i’m talking about…hunny you wouldn’t need any laminated print of whatever…if HE could see YOU in flesh…you wouldn’t need anything…(if that’s you on your avi)

            Anyway guys…I’m just a couple of weeks among all of you and you make me really really laugh sooo much…how you (always include myself) all try so desperately to defend him, his acting…his producing…his promoting…his making sex…his dressing…lol…as if he needed any of this…you forget that this man is the wolrds most deangerous preditor…ehhh mean…man…everything invites us in…it’s his scent…he doesn’t need to do anything…we’ll run like puppies after him anyway…lol

            What??? No, I’m not on drugs…Just because of my whatthehellareyoudoingcrisis
            I had to watch some of his interviews…his voice…God feels like warm oil over my body…has this effect on me…

          • Mel, that’s not desperation, we just love him and with love I mean something I cannot say………..hahahahha

          • Minuit…..BIJ yeah!!!!! and all the other BI…pics.

            I’ve got the fan pic of Rob BINY saved in my pic folders (and now on my phone). I was rummaging around in said folder last week and couldn’t work out what I was looking at so I opened it up and what popped out (heehee) a side view of Rob’s Knob! (he’s wearing pants ok).

            Oh Man did I giggle when I realised what I was looking at.

          • mine! that makes you the proud owner of some Rob porn. I suspect small collection, only rare fine big pictures! You’ve got good taste obviously.

          • Minuit – you are quite correct. My rob porn is v. small, Rob BINY is the only one I posses in my pic folder (because a casual look through my folder by anyone means they would not be able to tell a) what it was and b) who it was.
            If i need to revisit rob BIJ i can just find the link here on LTR, and now we have pics of Rob BIBA :))

          • mine! I think owning that BIJ pic is a must for any Rob BI fine connaisseur. *desperately starting to search for the link*

        • BIJ – FTW.

          It’s been a while, Min. have you seen the BINYs? I know you were off skiing, trying to get over your Robsession (I knew you’d be back).

          • always a good reference!

          • what BINYs? what BINYs?

          • Minuit

            BINY – Big In New York

            and we now have BIBA

            Big In Bel Ami – see Robsessed new bel ami photos link supplied below by kind LTR lady:)))) good bit of pant area to examine.

          • we really need to make that coffee table book- there’s lots of material now

          • YES. WE. DO.

          • I’m sure that was a suit tailored for Rob and suppose the tailor puped the question: which side are you wearing (or however they used to say in the day in E). Which was a good starting point for 12 yo jokes for Rob. Turns out I love them too! BIG time.

      • comment awaiting moderation! Damn phone posting!

        should it every turn up it was for you minuit 🙂 and pretty much similar to Jules post re. Rob BINY……how odd that we all think alike when it come’s to Rob’s Knob!!!! 🙂

        • Okay, Mx3, you kill me with your adjectives (and nouns too). haha
          “Rob’s Knob”
          “Sulky Knickers”
          and so many more Mineisms.

          • have to love it!!! but rest asure, jules, you’re not bad yourself! have to love it too!

  25. To be honest, I think the movie has a happy ending, sure it will make you cry but the end gives me a strong desire to live life to the fullest. I had the urge to connect to people I have lost touch with and to take on all challenges in life.

    • I definitely felt like running out and hugging everyone I love. Or just running out and humping Rob. Whatever.

    • Abby…you obviously habe no drop of greek tragic blood in your vains…you must be the most balanced and logical woman in the whole world…can I have some privat lessons plsss.

  26. Hey guys…few words from Greece!!!
    I’m with all sisters that said they will NOT see the movie cause they are not ready for him to die and they just are not ready to cry so much over him…yes I am a pussi and a dramaqueen!!!
    I’m sorry UC I cannot comment on your great comment obviously because I haven’t seen it…but I died nevertheless after your discription of the sexscenes and particularly of his nacked back with all the moles (we here say that people with many moles are very sexual… ofcourse.
    Lets send all a**hole critics to hell, they don’t know what they are talking about…and 100000 thumbsup for the one who said…Rob in a play on stage…where can I preorder my tickets please!!!!
    Be nice to me today cause I’m going through a “what the hell are you doing acting like a crazy person killing yourself over a guy that will never know that you exist snap out of it already- crisis”!!!

    Thank you

    • YES! Mel, I guess I can confirm, YOU ARE a drama-queen, so dramatic and I love it!

      • LOL…what is the thumbs down for??? Being a dramaqueen…acting like crazy…not seeing RM,
        or were you just bored to death???

  27. Just want to add….Rob can’t shoot a basketball to save his life! Lol! -25

    +1000 for the sex scenes!! Need I say more? Rob was phenomenal!

    • we know that from HTB
      ah the basketball scene made me laugh for days

      • “I’m DOMINATING”……………………lol, yes, sure….you ARE ! 🙂

        • Reference Win!!!

        • How many times have you seen HTB, Robgirl?

          • How many times? well, picture how many times he says…”I dunno know” and you got the idea…I effing love that film! ❤

      • that was really funny!

    • Yes. My girlfriend and I were DYING at his pathetic little wrist flip. Hilar.

  28. Hi Everyone,

    UC so awesome that you did the GG index! I think that your points scoring was spot-on.

    I saw it on Friday afternoon ~ faked a migraine and left work at 12:00 to do so ~ and it was OMGSOWORTHITHOLYFUCKBALLS. I talked my sister into leaving early also to catch it with me and even SHE was taken away by Rob. Nowhere near my level of obsessiveness, but she can finally appreciate where my craziness stems from.

    Being from NY, and more specifically the exact same part of Queens where the Queens scenes were shot (including the ice cream parlor near the beginning of the movie — I nearly DIED when I realized it was the same place I had gone to 15890469057 times and regretted relocating to CA mere months before he was there, FIVE MINUTES AWAY FROM MY OLD HOUSE!!!)


    I think that they handled the 9/11 issue very sensitively. At first I was getting panicky when it dawned on me where they were going w/it and I wanted to walk out for a second… been there, done that and still have the memories, thanks. But, I’m glad that they didn’t go too far and kept it as tasteful as possible. All in all, movie was rad, I will buy it and his sex scenes are burned into my brain like nobody’s business!

  29. So was the movie any good. Tell me. We always fall for that shit. We lost an hour sleep dark in the morning nuts.

    • I heart bobbygee. That is all.

  30. Oh Good I just freaking need to see it again…

  31. Nice analysis. In total agreement.

  32. UC ~
    I LOVE your post!!!!

    I agree with everything you said, but I wanted to see more graphic sex and found the scenes too dark (lighting-wise). I couldn’t see Tyler’s mouth on Ally’s mouth. I feel like such a perv…


    • Lion, I truly adore you for your “deep” appreciation towards the sophisticated storyline! 🙂

      • *hangs head in serious shame*

        I feel awful now. We have a story about life and grief and living each day fully and I’m talking about mouth on mouth.

        • hahahah…….well, I’m sooo with you…a kissing Rob-plot for two hours….mhmmm..I would totally watch it, great storyline as well!!!

    • I agree ML, it was too dark to really see what was going on. My husband said “what do you want to see, penetration?” Duh.

      • and your answer was….????

        • My answer was,duh! what did he think I wanted to see,sweet, tender, dimly -lit love scenes??

          • I can go for sweet and tender, but turn up the lighting!!!

      • D2D:


        Funny Husband! 🙂

        • perceptive husband!

      • Dear Rob

        Let’s please have a moment of silence for husbands like DtD’s. You have to give some credit to these men…they are heros. Taking their wifes to your movies or even to your premieres to see you in flesh…knowing that (at the moment…yeah sure) they are comming second best???!!!

        Love you…mel

      • DtD, your husband rocks! lol

      • Thank you, D2D. I feel slightly less crazy.

      • Your hubby deserves an award for that one.

      • Also, the thought of Rob and PENETRATION made me “weak in the knees”…lit-erally!

        *heavily breathing*

      • hahaha dazzeled I already quietly gave you the Funny Couple Award since that scan he sent you with women’s duties in the 50s (or close). And Rob didn’t mention “spoiler alert’ when he talked about the modesty pouch. C’mon, there were people expecting penetration.

    • Total perv! …and not alone. 😉

  33. Love this type of review!!

    I thought the movie was OK. Rob impressed me with his performance and there was only 1 time when I thought he had an Edward Cullen face on. So that was a win.

    I know there’s been talk about the 9/11 angle. If I hadn’t read one random comment on Dlisted, I would not have known he died in the end and that 9/11 figured into it. So in that regard, I feel it was a bit of a fail. Rob, as exec producer, said he wanted to make sure it was marketed properly and maintained the integrity of the film. Well, Rob isn’t a marketing guru. And I think the ads should have given the audience a *hint* of the 9/11 angle. My friend who went with me was blindsided by it (what? she doesn’t read blogs on him or the script!) and it was a bit shocking to many. And not in a good way. In that regard, I do think it’s a bit emotionally exploitative.

    I started crying when the girls cut Caroline’s hair. Yeah, that’s how shallow I am.

    Also, I don’t know how real or fake it is, but a man should NEVER wear manpris. Those weren’t shorts. And they weren’t pants. They were MANPRIs, Rob. Did you suggest those to the costume designer? FAIL.

    Favorite part? When he told her he loved her. Bawled.

    • Oh, and opening scene, when he’s sitting at the window smoking with a beer? My friend leans over to me and says, “Not acting.” I about choked on my popcorn.

      • probably not then! But that’s okay with me!
        I see MP noticed your tag after your name!

    • I can see you point about it being emotionally exploitative, but it didn’t deter me. I suppose most movies manipulate the viewer in one form or another. And what about when Tyler said, “I just think you’re an amazing person.” to Ally! SIGH!

      • Look, it didn’t deter me from seeing it either. Someone commented on the Entertainment Weekly site that they thought it was offensive because lots of NYers still suffer from PTSD. I don’t know what to think of this – but I have to stand by my opinion that Summit should have marketed it a bit more tactfully. Did you notice that not one major interview Rob did mentioned 9/11? Not really on Daily Show, Today, CBS, Fallon, etc. They could have *touched on* the subject matter without alluding to the ending and it probably would have worked in the movie’s favor (controversey = more ticket sales). Maybe that’s what Rob was talking about, ie not ruining the movie’s integrity – but in my opinion, emotionally blindsiding your audience is not cool. And while many of us Robmaniacs knew the ending or read the script or whatever, Average Jane moviegoer probably knew next to nothing of it. That was my only point on the exploitation angle.

        • I can see why many would be offended. Honestly, I wasn’t completely blind-sided. I never read the script and stayed away from spoilers for this one, but I did hear something in an interview (Today’s Show? Not sure) about it taking place around Sep. 11, 2001. That was a definite tip off that this one would have at least one very tough scene to sit through.

          My girlfriends, however, only knew they’d need tissues, but they assumed it was because it was your run-of-the-mill, tragic love story. When that music started and he entered the building I thought they were going to punch me. They thought I knew details and kept it from them. I understand Rob and co. not wanting to “give away” the story, but perhaps if more people knew WHEN the story took place, more people could have been prepared. I almost left the theater with a black eye!

          • I know. I felt bad for my friend too. I started crying when he told her he loved her because I sorta knew what was coming. My friend looked at me like, “you ok?” and then when she saw the blackboard with the date, she looked at me and said, “Did you know?” I felt awful. 9/11 is just one of those things that is too raw, even 9 years later, for some people. People in our row were sobbing. I was glad I brought tissues.

  34. I am pretty sure that RM will do better in Europe…less people know Edward here and much more know Robert… seriously I’ve done some survey…yeah on the streets…

    And if not (which I doubt) he will always have his mexican and Brazilian fans to back him up…

    Oh there is nothing to worry about guys…we knew the film was not a major production and Hollywood wasn’t waiting for Rob to show up to save the day…it’s amazing that he made it 4th…and it’s all because of him…it would be a bit
    unrealistic to have higher expectations…

    • I am soooo sure it will.

      I alone am taking 5 girls to the cinema to take their Robginity. (srsly they never ever heard of Rob!! ikr?)
      Because I keep my obsession hidden from others (not that I am ashamed but they don’t get it as much as my LTR chicas do…)

      Anyhow I take my whole day off on the 24th just so I can prepare for the big day!!

      RG when are you going to see it hun?

  35. hahahahahahahaha you did it again! can it be a TLGuit/minTLG cause I think I love you 🙂

    • and that was a (fail) answer to TLG.

      • I didn’t know if you saw my comment on Thursday’s post…. I said I’d rather have him with a cool French girl than a sullen American one. National loyalties be damned! 😉

        • Agreed!

          • just need to say that any LTR gal would be SOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!! <3u big time draska and TLG!

          • any LTR gal would be SOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!! <3u big time draska and TLG!

          • let’s just say this double post was the power of wishfull thinking and not a screw up.

          • thanks, MP- it appears you have an official cheering section now!!!!!

        • yes, I saw it and answered back, but nothing spectacular, don’t bother searching. was just wondering how was your London trip.
          I think imma add “shippingTLG” as Robgirl wisely suggested.

          • London was awesome, even w/o Rob. I saw every major tourist attraction I could see and basically walked my ass off – which was prolly my favorite thing about London. Oh, and I mastered the Tube the first day, as you suggested, so I got around really well. Now, don’t thumbs down me for saying so, but as I walked around London I noticed something: Rob is not so special. London is FULL Robs: tall, skinny, pasty, vaguely homosexual, and very very pretty. Everywhere I turned I could see the next Rob or TomStu.

          • Oh, and our hotel was near Madame Tussauds and I gave it the finger in honor of you! Not really, but I didn’t go there.

          • TLG I thought you were from UK. Turned up you crossed the ocean and Rob wasn’t there. Sucks! You could have also done a quick visit to Paris, it’s a 2h train trip. You’re right, I’ve alway said their looks are common here, but somehow Rob is sooo special.
            Do you like my new name ;)?

          • Haha, glad you had a funtime. London full of the next robstu’s – I K R??

          • This evening while running I bumped into a guy with similar TomStu cap, clothes and beard. Thought I could turn back see if it was him. Than thought, nah can’t be, he was with a gal, he wouldn’t do that to Rob.

      • minuit! she gave up UMA for you!!!and if you want to give back, well “shippingTLG” sounds like shipping a soccer club and Rob would marry that!

        TLG (aka former “youngerthanUma” and now “shippingRobuit”), I will think your comment when I’ll watch RM! lol ❤

  36. Rob-ler. Makes me think of cobbler. Like Rob and cobbler….oh, jeebus. 🙂



  37. Eff the reviewers except for Roger Ebert. I’m really shocked by how little these critics know about Robert Pattinson. Do your job, people.

    I’m so bothered.

    • to “them” he’s mostly just a “teenidol with crazy hair, not washing himself at all”
      I guess there are all old, fat and without knowing what’s GOOD!

      That was my TammyO moment of the day! 🙂

      • Did I tell ya that I love ya today??? Down with damn reviewers…vote for teenidolwithcrazyhairnotwashinghimselfatall…

    • I know! I don’t give a damn to those reviewers, they don’t know everything. I watch what I want to watch!

      I figured they go in there (these so-called reviewers) and already have formed an opinion on the movie and of Rob, so whatever. Some can’t even spell his last name right!!!! Some don’t even get the facts right!

      I’m bothered too ML.

  38. New Bel Ami pics-Monsieur Duroy oh my…

    Rated R Rob is want I want!

    • *drool*swoon*drool*swoon*drool**swoon*drool**swoon*drool**swoon*drool**swoon*drool**swoon*drool**swoon*drool**swoon*drool**swoon*drool**swoon*drool**swoon*drool**swoon*drool**swoon*drool**swoon*drool**swoon*drool**swoon*droooooooooooooool*

    • crotch alarm! lol

      • Gah- we have to add it to the BI- archive!!!!

        • Sure!…department …Rob-bal*z 🙂

    • Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tweeeeeeeeeeeeelveeeeeee Greek
      Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooods…i am going to die…DtD what are you doing to me???
      What leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegs OMG what legssssssssssssssss. And what is that look he gives us exactly telling us???

      Oh man…I may not see RM but I’m so gonna see BELAMI 1.000.000…zillion times in slow motion.

      • HA! Melronin, you’re so excitable. I heart you.

        • Jules hun…if this man is a dream…please don’t wake me up…that’s all I can say right now…am speechless (and that ain’t a virtue of mine at all).

    • *Thud*


      those. pics. are. amazing.

      There goes my productivity for the rest of the workday.

    • DTD- wow! and his slightly pissed off look- yowzah!

      • pissed-off-Rob = win!

    • DTD….have you noticed the BIBA going on…..there’s defo trouser action to examine…….Loving bel ami pics especially these :)))

      • whoops I have now read all the comments and I note that we all noticed the lovely BIBA pant action to examine :))) silly me of course you would all notice that!!!

        • feel free to point out the BI pics as much as you want- none of us are going to look away

      • oh yes..damn that red and white tape!! We need a frontal view, please.

        Dying over the hair as well..

  39. I’m really frustrated that I haven’t seen the movie yet and can’t participate in probably one of the most epic and win-flooded discussions ever 😦

    How about us gals from Europe get over here in two weeks and continue?

    • yessss! though you should know we figured out with Jeallybean Rainbow that RM is already playing in Romania in case you’re thinking of a week end trip.

      • how the f*ck is it playing in Romania but not in Austria or France? … I’m always in the wrong places at the right time 😦

  40. You nailed it!

    …and I ❤ the mention of the backless lace up shirts we all wore to bars in the 00's.

    The girls needed the zebra fur cowboy hats and turquoise tank tops.

    • Oh, and did this movie make anyone else very thirsty? They are drinking in every scene. Ugh, I wanted manya beer so badly. Actually, I think I just wanted to be Rob’s beer.

      • Oops, comment FAIL. That’ll teach me to mess with a STRIKE tag.

        • I wanted to smoke, too Snow…bad.

          • …and eat spaghetti, clean my bathroom, dig out my old cropped denim jacket… maybe it is a good thing they cut the pot scene.

          • I don’t know, using the beer bottle to drop ciggie butts in kind of made me nauseous, remembering parties where you find a surprise in your next sip of beer . . . .

          • haha, a beer is a precious belonging and one should hold on to it. that’s what I do because I am one of those people who uses bottles as ashtrays. 🙂

  41. I once had a guy I hardly knew hold my hair back as I puked when I went to a party when I turned 21 and was a tardo for drinking on an empty stomach because I had just got off a plane and my sister took me there, and it was in San Francisco….it happens (the guy holding the hair back that is) and I find it endearing, LOL!

    “•Half-asleep sex. It’s glorious. Plus 1 million Okay just Plus 15.”

    I heart that scene like nobody’s biznazz!

    • P.S. and I should get 5 million points for having the hair holding by a hottie happen to me, LOL!

  42. I’ll give you all an advice here (and it’s totally out of the goodness of my heart..also my english will fail me at this but I hope you all will get it…)

    You know that we Europeans are considered to be a bit less puritanical…oh ok we have no marals at all…and we often see versions of movies ehh with much more nudity and sex then you american guys do…So…here it comes…


    • MORALS…ment MORALS…Jjjjjjjjjjjjjssss

    • mel, I assure you that on THIS blog there aren’t puritanical judgmental women…I never learned soooo many dirty words that aren’t in my dicct! ❤

      • I’m sure about that…this blog makes all others seem like Kindergarten!!!

        • Oh honey there are blogs that are much more racy, is that what you’re looking for? 🙂

          How are you holding up with the waiting(seeing Remember Me)?

          I love LTR, it’s my absolute fave though.

          • Nop…am very happy here…you guys are constant inspiration for me… it’s Rob I want to see more…well…lesss…well you know what I mean…more under the waste/hipps…oh you know…

            Holding up fine…don’t ya know yet…I wan’t see it at all…I’ll just wait for the dvd and skip forward to all sexscenes and just wan’t see the end at all.

            (Ok…I will just thumbdown myself…)

      • LOL. You’re so funny(in the voice of Jessica). :-)How are you, we keep missing each other????? RL is getting in the way of LTR!!!!!

        • Ahhhh RL gets in the way of everything…you all just wake up when I go to sleep.
          Damn timedifference!!!

  43. I lurve the NYMag GG game. So Funny.
    Here’s two additions I’d make.
    Plus 5 for the hot apt in the summer & Ally struggling to get the window guard. My NYC apt is hotter than hot by the first week of June & the window guard is a biotch to open.
    Plus 10 for the line to the cab driver “Goin’ to Queens. Don’t want to hear about it” Only people who live in the boroughs OTHER than Manhattan would get how funny & true to NY life this is. Trying to get a cab to leave Manhattan is such a pain.

  44. Wow, this post is so good I don’t even know where to begin and I’m coming in here so late, so many comments already.

    I almost passed out on the wall sex and also on the half asleep sex, which is the best kind!!! Haha.

    Tyler’s clothes, well I saw some blue cargo pants…was that from Cedric Diggory days?

    I was sort of counting his moles….haha, his back looks so sexy. I wish he was shirtless long enough!

    The scene where Ally was under the covers and Tyler was dressed and he bent over to her. Their faces were so close together(the pic above) and he said “i love you.” OMG, that was so romantic, I squeed a little. Had to just be a little because the theatre was packed and a huge man was sitting right next to me! I loved how he said those 3 very important words….sigh.

    Now I love Rob even more. This is never gonna end for me.

  45. Two things I realized after seeing that movie:

    1. I want a brother like Tyler who will defend me to bullies in school. Someone who will read me Greek mythologies when I’m depressed after some mean girls in school butchered my hair.

    2. I want a boyfriend like Tyler who would hold my hair when I am so drunk and puking in the toilet! I want a boyfriend like him who would spray me with water in the kitchen and then later on try to give me a shower in his dingy, moldy bathroom! 🙂

    • Hi SB- sigh…..Can we have all those things and Rob, pretty please??

      • Hey Drsaka, how are you girl?

        Yes, we want Rob! Sigh, he is so romantic in that movie, he’s so sweet to Ally and to his sister. Anyway, back to Ally, he is so sweet to her!!! Aww. I love the scene when she came out and she was wearing his hoodie(I don’t know if she had anything on underneath). They hadn’t slept together yet in this scene. Robler was getting ready to go to sleep on the couch and just that entire conversation just really looked so real and it just felt so, geez I don’t even know the word for it….I just loved that scene and sparks were flying off them. Sigh. He was such a gentleman and kind of erotic at the same time. He’s just perfect.

        • a gentleman and erotic at the same time, gah……………..
          I’m glad its close to the end of the work day here because I might need to go home soon.

          I’m okay, how are you?

          • I’m good, took DD to the doc this morning. I’ll email you the new developments.

            BTW I’m not really getting the hang of this time change yet!!!!


        • Hi SB y Drsaka – that scene was beautiful. *sigh
          I don’t know why people were saying there was no chemistry between Rob and Emilie. They looked great together.

          • I saw chemistry in the clips- I don’t know what they were talking about either.

          • They do have great chemistry….sigh. Made me jealous. LOL. Gosh now I want to wear Rob’s hoodie with nothing underneath. *blushing*

    • Well I have a bf who holds my hair when I’m drunk and puke (I’m a total charm) and sprays me with water and the rest, but can I just get another one (have my own idea who I would pick) please, please? Can I can I? You know so the one I have doesn’t feel lonely.

      • Yes MP, we should totally help your BF out, does he like drinking beer and wearing funny sweaters??? They would get along great then! Poor TomStu though!

        • TomStu can play with the ducks or do drinking games with them, like a university nostalgic activity. You and all the other gals are of course welcome!

      • you might just be the total charm for HHH, MP.
        (this is the cheering section portion of the blog).

        • draska, don’t make me ship you too. I already have one comment waiting moderation for name changing reason. let’s all do some cheering for LTR gals. And you’re a total charm, for realz.

      • Sure MP! LOL

      • That’s so kind of you, MP, thinking of your BF’s welfare like that, and how convenient that it fits with the plan to hook you up with HHH!

        • @ TOO of course I’m willing to sacrifice for his well-being, it’s important.
          @SB thanks, you’re so nice.

    • 3. I personally want it…more than anything…AGAINST THE WALL!!

      • Against the wall….oh gosh, YES! That was sexy wasn’t it?

        And the sex scene (on the bed), well I kept looking for that man pouch made of bra that he spoke of, but I really can’t see a darn thing. LOL. The way he talked about it on TV, I thought I would see this “man pouch” and maybe his butt. Haha!

        • HAHA! Yeah, although I wouldn’t use the word Sexy, it was much more than that!! The lighting was horrible, this was probably where we should have closed our eyes and………….you get the picture, right? *sighs*

          My friend is not a Rob fan but she still went with me to see the movie….She said “I might have to tie you down” then added “NO! bad idea, that’ll turn you on even more”
          I didn’t even laugh…that’s SO true it filled me with sadness… =(

          • Well I was so engrossed in that part of the film, I thought I was Ally…LOL. Oops.

        • SB – We got a bit of butt when he was getting out of the filthy tub. His pants slipped, did you miss it?

          • WHAT? I missed that! Ok now I want to see the movie again.

            But actually I saw a little bit of it already from pics from New Moon. Gosh I am so bad, sorry Rob if you ever read this. 🙂

          • That’s why you need more than one visit to the theater!
            Also, I noticed how wonky his arm was in that scene where he’s wearing the purple tee and sitting on the bike talking to Caroline. That’s all I could look at during the entire scene, wondering how that could possibly be comfortable. <<<< second visit observations.

          • Me, too with the wonky arm…I love Rob’s flexibility, JUles & SB.

            G*d help me!

          • I def. saw a butt crack!

      • Is this now the part where we all say how we want it…just asking…don’t know the rules about afterdarkhourconfessions…(but hell…it’s still day in your part of the world right???)

        • It’s 4 ish here Mel. Howdy?

      • bahahahhaha
        melronin we are too alike for this world… I just wanted to ask the same thing… bahahhaha

    • He just broke up with me…

      You guys can have him, he’s gone all diva…

      😉 (Tongue in cheek insider joke here, hahaha, don’t worry, I’ve not gone crazy. I think.)

      • hahaha- and you know why he did!

        He can go as diva as he wants as long as he sticks around!

      • You broke up with him????WOWWWEEEEEE!!!!! Send him over here!!!!!

        Are we talking about Rob or Tyler now? Haha

        • and SB jumps at the opportunity! Careful, Cath, you might make the line one less long!

          • He’s mine!!!!!! LOL

      • What did I miss? What happened??

        • Cath can help explain, its silly (fun) and involving the links that pop up on the gmail screen.

          • What drsaka said! (I am silly personified)

  46. Girls I just have to share this video.
    Yesterday night I found this pretty old video that is well… hot.
    It’s not really spamming since video 1 is a summary of RememberMe pictures and well yeah…

    Watch the last one for good times…

  47. Hey Mel I am pretty sure it will be only pretty fast. I’ll send you the link immediately.. Deal?

    @RG when are you going to see Remember Me?

  48. Weeeheeeheee…
    “They would have written her a hate note and signed it from Taylor Hanson. ”
    Two thumbs up for random Hanson mention 🙂

  49. Sorry if this might be echoing thoughts from earlier posters (i got lazy and quit reading so I could comment!)…
    The ending was tres sad, but I think I kinda liked the ending. All the way through the movie (and I promise I never read any spoilers), I knew Tyler was going to die. I thought he was going to kill himself though, so I guess I am thankful for the ending as it was because it felt more poetic and definitely not predictable as I thought it would be. It kinda gives you a feeling like, “damn, i bet that happened to a lot of people who were killed that day…” you know, like they were maybe just getting their life back on track and then it was all ruined just like that. So I give the reality of the story a +100 because it totally could have happened!

    oh, and i loved seeing rob all passionate in the sex scenes… hopefully we will see more of that in bel ami and breaking dawn?!?!?!

  50. Loved this movie, except for the ending. They should’ve had daddy dearest in the tower. Rob did a great job! I give -50 for whoever came up with the idea that a NYC cop would have a summer home in Patchogue. Nobody, seriously, NOBODY has a summer home in Patchogue!

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