Posted by: Bekah | March 13, 2010

Open Weekend Post- Hosted by Tyler Roth err Hawkins

Dear Rob,

Last week we asked the masses what they thought of Moon & I taking a break from posting on the weekends since traffic slows down and we don’t want to blow everyone away with our best letters if just like 10 people read it (Usually more than 10 DO read on the weekends, don’t freak that your fandom is waning) and the response was pretty positive. So we’ve decided that while there aren’t a TON of sightings and news of you (besides the obvious Remember Me press that we’ve all pretty much been over since last August) we’d just host what we like to call our “Open Weekend Post.” This is an idea stolen borrowed from our fav EVER DListed’s Michael K, and we think you’re gonna like it. Orrrr maybe just our poor tired fingers will like it and our houses will miraculously be cleaned again (Acutally more like my Friday night at 2am will like it because I usually post EVERYTHING for the weekend then!)

Basically how this whole “Open Weekend Post” idea works is that on Saturday mornings at 8 am you will see something on LTR. And you won’t see anything new until Monday at 8am. BUT- we know so many of you love to hang out around here and comment and discuss & chat, so we encourage you to do that. OR, if nothing is going on, hop on over to The Forum where someone is ALWAYS ready to talk and make RobPorn. And keep those letters and ideas coming in via email and if you have a GREAT idea and want to lead the Open Weekend Post- please, CONTACT us!

So on to it!

This weekend’s Open Post is hosted by: Tyler Roth Hawkins & what I know about him at 6:38pm on Friday night, March 11th approximate four hours before I see him on the big screen [But I cheated because at 1:29am AFTER I saw the movie I hopped on to change his last name to Hawkins. WTF? Why did I find a gazillion pics of Rob after googling “Tyler Roth” but ONE when I googled Tyler Hawkins!]

Tyler wears AG-Khorts (army green khaki shorts) and sips on coke at the beach:

Tyler has sex hair circa 2001:

Tyler may or may not be dying from lung disease:

Read the rest, after the jump!

Tyler smokes & it looks like his backpack brand of choice is Jansport:

Tyler gets his ass kicked:

Tyler wears a sweatshirt- not while jogging, not while attending a sporting event and it does not have the name of a school or fraternity printed on the front. It’s a sweatshirt to just…. wear:

Tyler spends time in the Library, and wears a necklace:

Tyler cleans up niceeee….:

Looking for something else to do this weekend? Now that we KNOW (well, some of us) what Remember Me is about, how about we reminisce about what Moon thought it might be about, way back in the summer: Remember Me- What exactly IS Robert Pattinson’s movie about?

This weekend’s comments will most likely be WROUGHT with spoilers, so stay away from the comments if you don’t want to know!!

See you Monday,

If you DON’T have your Remember Me Tickets yet, what are you waiting for? Get them now! And don’t forget to go back & see the movie again if you saw it Friday night to support Remember Me Saturday!

If your comment goes into moderation, don’t fret! We’ll get to it’s approval eventually. Remember- we’re cleaning & stuff… and watching Remember Me for the 5th time this weekend!

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  1. Oh my God.
    For some reason, that pick of Rob hacking up a lung made me laugh sooooooo much.
    It’s seriously highlarious. Srsly.

    • Same here! When I read “Tyler may or may not be dying from lung disease”, I laughed so hard and then something got caught in my throat and I started coughing like Tyler in the picture…*ahem* still clearing my throat..thanks for the laugh UC

      • Ok, so I am fairly new in this comments section. Can anyone please tell me how to change my avi? thanks…

        • sign up for a account (you don’t have to start a blog) or a gravatar account (“you can google it”) It’ll take a few comments, but it’ll eventually change!

      • glad you didn’t choke!

        • Oh my God! The great UC replied back to me! Oh, this has to go to ‘one of the memorable moments’ of my life list…seriously, UC, I hope this doesn’t sound too creepy, but for me, you’re a celebrity..;)

          • I feel that way too when I get an email or direct reply from either of them. It’s like getting somthing you really really wanted on Christmas morning (like Rob in nothing but a big, red bow….which I didn’t get this year. Oh well, my birthday’s only 4 months away…here’s hoping)

          • Haha! you’re an Absolute fangirl!

  2. So I saw it last night, and I gotta say.. I wasn’t that impressed. I actually loved the cast and everything – they were pretty perfect – but it just didn’t do much for me. The movie, I mean. Rob is a completely different story.

    I think my biggest problem was with the changes they made to the original script. I think the ending would have been WAY more meaningful if they had kept Michael’s death the way it was originally.

    Don’t get me wrong, it was good and I liked it. Maybe the issue was that I went into it with high expectations after reading the script, because my best friend didn’t read the script and she absolutely loved it.

    So yeah. I’ll wrap this up now.. I thought it was kind of meh.
    (All that said, Rob was hot in it though. Even with a smashed up face.)

    • oh no..Jess <3, really ? meh? please, try to think about it BETTER …lol

      and……angry-smashed-up-face-Rob… a lot for me, same for yelling-Rob, smoking-hot-Rob, sad-puppy-eyes-Rob, walking-wonky-Rob wet-Rob and riding-a-bicycle-Rob !
      Even the ugly sweater is sort of "hot", could start a fire with that thing!
      I'm so biased!

      • but maybe the’coughing up a lung Rob, not so much!! πŸ™‚

        • True! I try to illude myself it was the hot coffee, I just read that he’s addicted to Nicorette gums as well to fight against the long times during flights and such! Not healthy at all 😦

          • I saw that too, its good he’s trying to cut back on the ciggies.

          • Addicted to Nicorette AND cigarettes.
            That’s a new one.
            Oh man.

          • Our Rob- so multi-talented! He’s a riot.

      • I think I went into it expecting too much.
        It was good, I just think that maybe Jenny Lumet shouldn’t have touched the script πŸ™‚
        If you’re going to see Rob though, you won’t be disappointed. He’s.. Rob. Enough said.

        • Don’t get Cath and me started on J. Lumet. How many hours do you have?

          • Can you pls start…I have sooo much time…just realized…have no life outside LTR at all…ok would clean my house now…can wait…would wash clothes…can wait…would go to the gym…can wait…I HAVE PUT MY LIFE ON HOLD I’M ABOUT TO LOOSE MY MAN…and you all are still all in your aftersexsleep…oh draska pls start a hot topic or I’ll switch to my aussi sisters…they are all up!!!

            okokok…just kidding…would NEVER change you…ah this damn timedifference!!!

          • haha!
            I don’t even know why I dislike her. She just makes me so angry! And I HATE that she interviewed Rob for Details. It made me even angrier.

          • You’re very funny Melronin! It sounds like your in the early throes of Rob addiction! We’ve all been there. Rob has affected us all.

            Housework- undone. Stealth LTR from work- check. Neglecting assignments and deadlines- double check. Hours spent trolling blog sites and the internet and gazing/drooling over Rob photos- you betcha!

            Take a deep breath and try to relax! Its okay, we understand!

            I’ll say some less than complementary things if I start on J. Lumet, so I won’t.

            There’s all sorts of lovely things to look at and read over at robsessed, if you need some stimulation! Remember, breathe!

          • You said it sister…are 5 months still early stage???? I breaththththth…
            no…doesn’t work….stimulation??? For what exactly my dearest??? Ohhhh
            I have enough stimulation to last for a life time…still breathingggggg…
            no…doesn’t work…

            btw…my Aragornearlystage lasted more than 2 years…oh just so you know!!!

          • okay, you’re got experience with the addictive process! (see the previous post on the stages of Rob addicition). I guess just take solace in the fact that we’re all affected by him and we understand!!

          • lol on J.Lumet, I will NOT start the argument again, I promise, but I guess after SHE touched the script, ROB touched it again and not only one time! πŸ™‚

            Mel..well 5 months is not a short time, but as you sound sooooo “excited”, perhaps your heat is still getting bigger…lol
            all the “symptoms” you have…lol…NORMAL here around

          • Ahhhh you are such palls…making me feel soooo normal…I love you…
            I assure you it’s getting bigger…you think I can handle bigger???

          • Wait…Somebody mentioned J. Lumet aka genius screenwriter and journalist extraordinaire???

            Let me clear my schedule for this afternoon…


            Drsaka and I are her BIGGEST fans. (insert sarcastic laugh here, hahaha)

          • Cath, hello! Please ADD me to that list because I just LOVE her “neutral” writing, I guess she was born in Switzerland! πŸ™‚

          • Hello EuroRG!!! Totally Switzerland! πŸ˜‰

    • I was actually relieved at how good it was. I thought Rob’s acting was great, and the changes actually worked better than what was originally in the script. I bawled when I read the script, but it was just not believable. The way it was done in the movie felt more honest. You could feel it building up to tragedy-I was shaking towards the end, even though I knew what was going to happen. I cried, and I was not alone. There was a collective gasp when everything clicked, and you knew where it was going. I think people were moved by it. It’s a movie that stays with you.


      Last week I had a dream about Rob. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a sex dream; Rob died and I was beside myself.I woke up really upset and it took a minute for me to get my bearings. I wondered if it had anything to do with thinking about the film.It was one of those dreams that seem so real and are really disturbing. It really creeped me out.

      • your dream has NOT a bad meaning at all, in the “dreams-language” we say here, that dreaming of the death of a “close relative” ( πŸ™‚ ) it just means, that the person will have a LONG LIFE!

        • Do you have maybe…just maybe a greek vane in you too…should check it…we say the same thing here…dreaming of his death once is ok, right??? Becoming obsessed with the idea that something bad happened to him and check every morning about news of his…(can’t say it out loud) isn’t so ok, right???

        • i guess dreams-language is universal RG and melronin ,same everywhere
          @d2d it must be horrible to see him death god 2 words in the same sentence is awful.
          but i’m really glad u liked the movie i read the script too but didn’t like the changes like Michael’s death but u saying all changes were good so i’ll belive u

      • I’m glad that you got to see it, DTD, and that you liked it.

  3. Tyler is soooooo hot, he reminds me sooo much of a certain guy from London……. πŸ™‚

    I am sooo annoyed of the fact that I couldn’t watch you yesterday in theatre!
    Summit sucks!
    Tell them please!
    Still love you !


    P.S. You never looked better than on the set of RM! Well, not true, but I love your Tyler-style!

    • My beloved…do you have kaffee ready…I’m coming over…btw…Robmel???? You gave me something to dream girl.

      Dear Rob
      What Robgirl said is exactly my thought too
      Summit Sucks and ofcourse the little shitty city I’m living in!
      I don’t really care by what name you go at the moment (as long as it is not Fritz or Otto)
      I love you more then ever!

      • hahaha, what do you have against Fritz and Otto??

        • Fritz, Otto, Karl…Bjorn, Sven, Lans…Kostas, Manolis…ehhhhh draska can you immagine calling him that???It’s like calling him BOB….ooooohhhhh BOOOOObbbbb
          give it to meeeeeeeeeee….nononono…way.

        • Wasn’t that actually the ONLY rule giving from UC & MOON…. NEVER to call him “Bob”? I remember something like that.. πŸ™‚

          • The girls have taste…neverever call him like that….was hanging out a bit at robsessed…have you seen his latest pics…seems he lost weight and he looks like exhausted…I have to run…must take care of him…yeahhhh
            some of us don’t want him just for sex…bad bad girls…

          • I think we decided that Bob sounded like a used car salesman or the guy in the office who replaces the copier toner-

          • What do you have against car salesman or the guy in the office who replaces the copier toner…lol…your father in law could be a car salesman…think about it…

          • Ha, touchΓ©! Rob just sounds so much more appropriate for our Adonis-like Rob than ……Bob.

          • NEVER CALL HIM ” BOB” !! Please …. He’ll never be a “BOB”
            thanks Robgirl86, good memory:)

          • allcullen…NEVER this guy will be a “*ob”, I even refuse to type THAT!

          • Okay, never mention *ob again!!!!!!

          • Also EuroB*b just doesn’t sound the same…

            *Trivia time: In Holland/Belgium BOB is an abbreviation for designated driver. Another reason why it doesn’t suit ROB.

            You can even rent-a-bob after your night out.


            Um, I want a rent-the-rob site. The Rob. Not just any Rob. πŸ˜‰

          • That would be a very successful business, if it were real!

          • I think I’ll just trick Rob into signing some papers in which he agrees with the rent-the-rob business idea. (We know he’s not that fussy anyway, he probably won’t even read it… πŸ˜‰ )

      • Mel, let’s say, I’m out of my bed and having breakfast (
        you know, which “advice” gave Rob to girls living in little tiny cities? He said..TRAVEL, just go around!jkjk , it’s easy to say when you’ve the money he has/had, as always HE has no CLUE! πŸ™‚

        P.S. What about Tylios, Edwardios or Robbios?

        • That sounds not bad…afterall this man must have a greek vane in him…he looks like a greek God….Ah travel!!! Rob has allllll the answer…can I come visit you guys?

          I guess all US girls are like dead after yesterday??? Or they can’t recover from the Robexperience that robbed them from their all so vergin Robvaginas!!!!!

          • you’re welcome, seems like the EuroRob’s are planning some meeting since a while and Moon has already announced to join us!
            That would be just GREAT!

          • Schatzchen, I need some quick lessons here (whispering right now…befor the others come…) I’m such an idiot…explain <3….

          • just read the post from yesterday πŸ™‚

          • A EURO-LTR Meeting? When, where and how can I join?

          • Woot! Euro tour; from Germany to France, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary and Greece to ofcourse the promised land the UK!

            (I’d love to do one of US as well. Fun times. ) And I’m all for a Robcruise too. Imagine that. Everyone could get a turn with Rob in recreating the ‘King Of The World’ Titanic scene…


            (What do you mean with I’m gettin carried away here?)

          • I blacked out for a moment when I read ‘Everyone could get a turn with Rob’. Thanks, Cath!

          • Cath…you put the cherry on my cake today??? Everyone get a turn???
            For playing King of the world…no…you can have him…as long as I can have him in my little tiny cabbin at night…hihihi…ok BelAmiorgytime…
            LTR GIRLS…ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE…if that’s ok with you.

          • Come to think of girls, I changed my mind; I’d rather re-enact this scene with Rob on board. * innocently whistling*

          • Handporn! πŸ˜‰

          • Now you’re talking girl…do we fit all in that car or don’t you want to share
            (sad face…)…did I mention Cath that your avi makes me…(grab a dictionary) na teliono…multible times…

          • Better choice Cath! And Melronin’s idea of ‘have him in my little tiny cabin at night’-well, that’s just perfect.

          • Mel, the car is mine. πŸ˜‰ He’ll visit you in your cabin though, don’t worry! I don’t know what na teliono means, but it sounds good, haha!

            Drsaka, plenty of cabin Rob to go around, haha.

  4. UC honey take the weekend of…as long as there is someone around to talk to its fine by me…just don’t let me dry out till Monday…I’ll die. Hope you had fun yesterday with Rob and hope he made you reconsider your Edaffair…Gorgeous pictures…

  5. The movie was good. There were some moments when it was a little too dramatic for my taste but all in all it was good!

    Not only that but seeing him put up books in the library made my inner nerd all hot and bothered!

  6. Emj…my precioussss…thank God…I was like Bella in front of that window yesterday…thought that you abandonned me for good. Yes, keep him warm hun…he will always be in my heart though…he IS the KING…oh and I have all the copies of LORT there are you can choose whatever you like.

    PS. On second thought….Robmelgorn sounds not bad…ah what a phantasy…sounds like Robmelporn…oh I’m so going to hell.

    • Emj…precious, I have news for you…Viggo Mortensen (yes our Aragorndude) is going to play Sigmund Freud, he will replace Chr. Waltz…sorry RG, I know you like Waltz better).

      • NOT at all, I like V.Mortensen, he’s just NOT hot in my book…lol…sorry, C.Waltz is my and I am just happy that WfE will have both of my fav’s, and fav. HOT MAN! πŸ™‚

  7. Well I went in a virgin and I gotta say, I loved it. I knew the ending wasn’t going to be a happy one but I liked it nonetheless – life isn’t one big fairytale as we all know.

    It also reinforces that life is way too short so do what makes you happy, be it reading LTR/LTT every day, spending countless hours surfing the web for robporn pics, watching trailers even if not quite up to scratch, buying countless magazines with *his* pics & then hiding them, & tweeting countless hours away….cause you know what? Nobody will ever remember you for doing laundry, dusting or the darn school run.


    • Cazza…you are not telling us everything…we want details about HOW EXACTLY DID YOU BECOME A WOMAN YESTERDAY!!!

      • btw…I do all that…exactly as you say it girl…can I have my Robaward now???!!!

      • hahahhaa. How exactly you become a woman…
        Tell us Cazza!!

      • LOL you’re like an elephant melronin, you don’t forget πŸ™‚

        And I gotta say, that due to pre-movie drinks, I had to pee 25 mins into the film. I have never sprinted to the bathroom at the movies with such speed as I did last night. I was like a bitch on heat πŸ™‚

        And in terms of becoming a woman……

        • Yeeeesss???…I’m still waiting!!!!

        • LMAO!<3

        • SPILL IT!!!
          (sorry for the yelling. Curiousity got the best of me…)

    • Cazza, …life isn’t one big fairytale….that’s the best reason to watch this film!
      Love that you love it!

      • Isn’t it unfair that we are like the last one who are going to see it?
        So unfair really. I am only happy I gathered as many people as possible to go with me.
        BTW the number of people watching it in Germany don’t count in the first week numbers right?

        • You think you are the like the last one to see it???…ok girls…now I demand my Robaward, that man should give me the goldmedal of beingpatientlypassionatelywaitingforhim…

          I guess you all realized by now that I’ve totally lost it…

          BTW…great wallpapers…

          • all the credit for the wallpapers to the awesome makers!

            When are you going to see it melronin? What area do you live in?

          • Bleriana sweety…so you don’t know my sad story…well lets say I just live around the corner of Mars and Venus!!! Honey, where I live they show only movies…dare I say??? Like Harry Potter!!! In a shitty little city of Greece far away in the North… can I please cry now???

          • don’t cry honey!
            If I lived where I actually come from (Kosovo) I wouldn’t even get to watch Harry Potter so don’t feel sorry!
            If I could I would hand you over the crown for “Most patient Rob fan on the planet” !!
            Better now?

          • Much much much muahhhhs to you…oh would live so close to you…
            Thanks for the crown…does it come with Rob????

          • Hugs and kisses go back to you honey!
            Kosovo is really quite close to Greece. My uncle spends every summer in greece and actually invited me to join…
            Maybe I’ll consider that now

            The crown… well it comes with a barbie Rob, a life-supply of hot pockets and a poster of TomStu (to hang beside your bed so -quote from Rob- “He’s the last thing you see before you sleep and the first when you wake up!”)

          • You are welcome whenever you want…it’s actually very nice here in summer.

            TomStu…what??? Everymorning and everynight??? I’ll take the Barbiedoll though…where is that camasutra booklet I had???

          • TomStu= Rob’s guylove. He’s actually pretty hot if I’m being honest.

            And I don’t think the camasutra booklet is a good idea. Maybe we should invent something on our own? But I have no clue what we could name it… Probably: Ireadtoomuchfanficandamadirtyh00rnow?? It would contain the best of everything!

          • In short…Robsutra…something for everybody…some like it the nunway…
            its all about taste hunny…some like it Tylerdirty…some like it Edwardbite mekind…some like it LittleAsheskind…some like it Diggorylike…oh the list is so long…as I said something for everybody!!!

            Who would by Bleriana’s and my ROBSUTRA book…with Rob’s signing ofcourse???

          • I think I will include that into the “RobertPattinsonBirthdayProject”… Rob would call the police and make sure we get arrested… bahahahhaha

          • Oh he would maybe so enjoy it if we practised on him hunny!!!

  8. Huh.
    I was working on my post when I refreshed my LTR page and saw the post. It was kinda too much alike so I just decided to go with 3 awesome Wallpapers of RM.
    Go and see it over at

  9. Girls, the first pic….
    let’s just have a minute of SILENCE for HIS LONG LEGS!


    • Long legs, long fingers, long neck…long…everything…
      Now…this is serious guys…a question to all who saw it…was it full in the theatres??? I mean really fullhouse…like Lordoftheringsfull??? This is very immportant for our boy I guess…being a producer and all.

      • I love how you have a LOTR comparison for everything!

      • Melronin, I went at 11:00 in the morning yesterday, a work day, to the very first showing at the theater. There were maybe 15 people in the audience, maybe 3 of them guys. I think it was very unusual for the theater to schedule a movie so early, so they were probably expecting bigger crowds. We’ll see after “Remember Me Saturday” what the box office numbers look like. I actually bought another ticket for today, online, but I don’t think I’ll be able to go, but I wanted to contribute anyway.

        • TOO, I love your dedication! and…I read some blogs and apparently the theatres were about 50-75% filled with people.
          I really hope that it will go well for HIM!<3

          • How many thumbs up can I give TOO???

        • it seams we got $3.5 million

          • Is that good or bad? I have NO clue!

          • My question exactly…do we have an expert on boxoffice here???
            Che…I just realized…DO ROBERT PATTINSON????!!!! where…when…
            and how…often???

          • Estimated 9.5 million in the US for this weekend. Let’s hope RM will have a long life. And people will tell their friends to go and see it!

      • I went @ 7:15 last night and the theater was 3/4 full-mostly women.

        • D2D,
          Same thing in Colorado about 75% full with 2 men in the entire audience. I saw no teenagers at all.

          • Wow~! πŸ™‚

      • Melronin – I saw it yesterday at 1:30 pm, there were about 8 people in the theater.
        NOW, like I said yesterday, I’m repeating today. So here I am (with my sister and niece this time) posting while I wait for the movie to start.
        We are the ONLY ones here. Granted, it’s Saturday afternoon and it’s pouring rain outside but I’m a bit worried about the success. I think Summit did a piss poor job of promoting this movie. They did absolutely nothing here in Canada, nothing! Most people I talk to who aren’t Rob’s fan are clueless about the movie and most interviews I read were given at the premiere. There is little buzz about it.

        • Jules, you are great but I’m worried too…from what I hear it’s the same everywhere…blame it on summit? Don’t know…maybe Rob should have left BelAmi a bit more and do his thing in more coutries…I mean if someone could fill theatres it would be him, right???

        • Okay, 6 more people just walked in. Hahaha
          About me being at the movies 2x in 24h, keep in mind:
          I live across the street from the theater, literally.
          It’s freaking Robler!!
          The movie is awesome IMO
          I’m all about the Rob.

          • I hope some more people show, Jules. I just hope that it does well enough. its not an easy movie, by any means, and not carefree entertainment- not for everyone.

          • Remember Me is set for a modest $9.5 million during its first frame. Unfortunately, it appears that not enough Twilight enthusiasts followed Robert Pattinson to his latest venture.


            Estimated 9.5 million gross for now.

            Good for you Jules, seeing it for the 2nd time. You rock!

          • Ok, just got out. My sister was luke warm and my niece loved it! There ended up being about 20 people in the entire theater.
            We didn’t go because of the whole RM Saturday thing, but it works out that way πŸ™‚
            I’m still shocked at the low turnout. Considering that Canada is just across the border, I thought they would promote the hell out of this
            movie here.
            Let see how well it does today.

          • Jules – I found the same thing last night. A Friday night in Toronto. There were maybe 40 of us? And that’s being really generous. There were probably less.
            I hope it does well!

        • that’s the point, why they didn’t promote the Film here in Europe? Rob is here, he could just travel a bit, and with that I mean he shoul have come HERE to ME PERSONALLY to promote himself! I know TONS of people! πŸ™‚

          • Amen sister!!!

      • We went to the 1:00 showing today – my husband volunteered to go with me! The theater was almost full – maybe about 1/5 were men.

      • The 7:25 on Friday was sold out at my theater so I went to the 9:50 show last night – probably 20-30 people, mostly female but there were probably 5 guys. Mostly 20s-30s aged. So pretty good turn out for a small town. Go us!

    • have a minute of SILENCE for HIS LONG LEGS!


      thnx RG

      • che..morning…actually I’m having another minute of silence looking at the pic with the black jacket, that series includes one of my all time!!!
        Hips, girls, HIPS!!!!!!!!! I guess it’s a desperate saturday today, πŸ™‚ that’s the frustration of being escluded from the Summit-circle!

        • And here I thought I was the only one….”Hips, girls, HIPS!!!”…makes me want to drop to my knees to worship there; or at least start there πŸ™‚

    • Dear Melronin,
      thanks for spoiling my poor innocent little mind.
      “Long legs, long fingers, long neck…long…everything…” — you so know where you’re heading with that right? Or probs its just me….

      • No no no no…I’m pretty sure it’s not just you…how many are we here??? Everybodys mind is on his long…everything…right?…(forgive me father cause I have sinned…I confess…everything).

        • Melronin you’re cracking me up girl!!!
          I seriously thought I was the only girl on TCS boat! Because until now I thought I was the only perv in here.
          We should go to the priest together and confess our sins. Or we can just become members of the RobChurch and not confess anything! EVER!#

          Praise the Rob,

          • Say the word girl…RobChurch??? Where??? We have to find the place.
            Sorry girls it has to be in Europe…nop…can’t do the US…it has to be in the Middle…don’t be selfish…our AustralianJapaneseChineseetcsisters have rights too…

            So Bleriana hunny…do you want to be priest??? I fear I have not the gifts for that job!!!

          • I am totes in for that. But only if being a priest in the RobChurch would mean being the perv of the pervs! And priest sounds so stiff can we just say Robh00r? But what would we call those other girls then? PattinAngels? (I feel like I’ve heard this before).

            This will be my new signature:
            The first RobH00r in the history of RobChurch, Bleriana

          • Hunny…tststs…we are no hoors…we just know how to give pleasure to a man…what can I say it’s a gift…you either have it or ya don’t…oh and extremely loyal…it has to be Rob and only Rob…all members of our church have to sware on that…I will be like…THE MADAME!!!

          • I love love love the idea.

            THE ROBCHURCH

            make sure to send in your application now.


  10. Question: How did he that? πŸ™‚

    • Robgirl- go ahead and add the bending of his fingers back in the wrong direction pics as well!

    • Oh he is very bendable…does that word even exist??? OH…I have adream of bendable Rob in my arms…

    • lol
      he’s gonna kill me with those legs
      and i hadn’t even noticed anything weird till he said his one leg was longer than other
      love me some cartoon caracter

      p.s. so furious and upset about whole summit/RM thing

    • might as well relive the adorkable wonky leg post from Robsessed:

      • Ok…that’s it…I need my pills now…draska don’t you ever send me to robsessed again. OMGOMGOMG…what legs…what legs…untill now I was a hand/finger person,
        from this moment on I will have leggasms I tell you…what can this man do to you…
        around you with those legs.

        • Oh, and my man just went out to see Avatar (yeah our only little cinema plays Avatar and not RM…refused to go with him…wanted to stay with you…hihihi)

      • thx Drsaka , that was a storic post on robsessed! Go Gozde!
        mel, what the heck, 5 months and no robsessed? If yes, baby, you lived in fact under the Rob-rock and that has nothing to do with your tiny village…jkjk

        • I was just kidding…wanted to make you feel special…Robsessed was the first site I discovered…sorry girls…Gozde rocks…but actually I have to thank Biel for everything…this special girls introduced me to all of you…yeah…

          • hahahah…..I knew that, you’re are doing the “all-innocent-girl” here and turns out in the end that YOU ARE Rob!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

          • For THAT COMMENT I will love you untill death do us part!!!

          • So Mel is BUSTED!lol and again…. I LOVE your avatar!!!

          • But no commentthing but here…swear to Rob!!!

    • This looks so wrong. Srsly.
      How can he do that?!

  11. GIRLS!!!

    There’s a new Eclipse trailer! Or rather the DVD sneak peek. Anyhow it’s great and gets me all excited!

    • go look at it everyone, its good, but not enough Edward/Rob of course!!!

      • right drsaka, and “not enough Edward” is applicable to the whole SAGA!

        • Yeah right?
          I mean on one hand I think that we are well #RobAddicts but on the other isn’t Edward like Bellas main focus during the whole saga?

          Dear David Slade,
          I love you and all. I told ya so in my tweet. (And I told you I’ll love you even more if leghitch right? k)
          But please tell me there will be a lot more Edward than the Trailer and sneak peek are giving away.


    • thx Bleriana for posting, to me it’s better than the

      • Yeah right. Tbh (and I know people will hate that I say this) but this sneak peek got me a lot more excited than the actual trailer.
        For some reason I love David Slade now… and I will love him even more if the leghitch makes it into the final cut!
        But I’ll comment the whole situation on the blog because I hate being downthumbed πŸ˜‰

        I think I watched it 20 times now. #RobAddict

    • Ok…I liked it…they are starting to convince me that Eclipse will be good (first trailer didn’t work for me at all) and why can’t I watch Victoria without thinking of Shirley Temple…oh yeah I have a certain RG to blame for that…lol

    • yay liked it Robward is awsome but did they have to speak with contact lenses? just creepy

      • yeah, that’s odd, but I guess they do these little “q&a”things in between the shoots.

        ROB in black tee again = win, they should do the trailer only with HIM!
        That would be a good one!

        • I completely agree RG,
          Rob+black tee= EPIC EPIC EPIC win.
          But he can wear (almost) everything and still look hot in my books.
          I am just happy we apparantly got away from the grandpa clothes and plaid!

    • That is so awesome!!!!! Long live the sparklepeen!!!!

      Ooops I meant to say Robward….

    • oh thanks so much for that!! the dvd does not come out here till next month.

  12. I just added screencaps. There are also some hot Robward and Krisella pics included!

  13. Guys after very hard thinking (seriously) I found a way to actually contribute in RMSaturday (and in fact earn me another crown)…I emailed a cousinguy of mine who lives in NYcity to go see RM tonight (or I’ll put a Greek spell on him)…he said YES…poor man…they’ll think he’s gay or something…

    • You did?
      That makes me feel good that I am taking 5 girls “Robvirginity” on the 24th.

      p.s. How are you going to wear two crowns?

      • Oh I’ll manage…just give them to me…

        • K. fine.
          But I get the crown for perviest Robsessor EVER!!!

  14. I loved the movie. I thought all of the actors did an amazing job. I thought the story was lovely. I’m still in shock, really. I’ll try to see it again today and NOT cry!

    Oh, and I want to do Tyler in the worst way. Edward would be soft, loooooove makin’! Not Tyler though… you bad boy.

    -end crazy-

    • Dear Katie,
      don’t say things like that. I get to see it in 10 days so I will have to resist the urge.
      Plus if you tell me that Tyler is completely doable in any kind of way I may or may not have to change my panties every 5 minutes due to wild running imagination. I want a Tybert fanfic ya’ll!!!

      I’m glad you liked it. I just read on Gossip cop that it is 3rd in the listings right now. Alice in Wonderland is 1st, another movie I can’t recall is 2nd and RM is 3rd but might drop to 4th place. 😦
      And yesterday we got Rm to trend on twitter so an applause for that to all the girls contributing!! *Applauses*

    • And by end…you mean what exactly???And…by worst way…you mean what exactly??? Oh please tell us the end crazy part!!!

      PS. About what amount of crying are we talking about…the needtherapytoconvincemyself
      thatitsonlyamoviekindofammount??? Just asking…in case I’ll need a shrink…

      • I’m just happy I am going to see it at ladies night which means drinks,drinks,drinks. If it is needtherapytoconvincemyself
        thatitsonlyamovie amount of crying I’ll just grab 10 drinks.

        • Lets go check those legs again on Robsessed…I neeeeeeddddd it right now…
          See you in a bit….

          • On second thought…I’ll go back to yesterdays youknowwhatpicture…
            need some details….

          • Speaking of legs…
            My favs:

            This picture gets my attention every time.

            Where the heck does he have his hands?

            Just cute!

    • dear Katie, please explain the “love to the bad boy” thx..<3

      I heard he can "move" well πŸ™‚

      • ok now Rg you gotta explain that to me.

        He can “move” well. What does that mean?
        Like on the dancefloor (pretends to be innocent)???

        • He is uninhibited in the movie. His body, hands, mouth just move in a way that says I’m very comfortable with sex. Don’t know how else to explain it. I’m still in a robtrance.

          Gotta see it again.

          love to all of you,

          • “Rob seems very comfortable with sex” = best news of the WEEK!!!!!

            lion, happy that you’re back…missed you here today!

          • thnx for the explanation lion
            see it agian for us too

          • ML
            You died me right there….
            I think I need to grap my print of The Office and read it again now… Dayum boy!

          • Are you sure it’s a robtrance? Cause we’ve been there before, I think you may be in a robcoma now!!!!! πŸ™‚

            Just kidding, u know i ❀ u dearie

            XO from your ghee sister.

          • SB is right…it’s a coma… I can’t even remember what I saw last night, so I’ll be back at theatre tomorrow and Tuesday…whenever I can slip away. I want to analyze every move because he’s art in motion.

            Rob is art. No other face has looked this beautiful before…IMHO.

            kisses, all.

          • Wow! ‘he’s art in motion’ and ‘No other face has looked this beautiful before’- you are in deep, Lion! and I agree!

          • Wonderful Lion! Being in a Robtrance sounds so good. And GAH! about Rob being comfortable with sex. I’ve read here yesterday that Luxembourg will have a preview next week. Luxembourg and Rob: here I come! I want Rob. (um…on a big screen that is…)

    • Woot!!!!! πŸ™‚

  15. Ok…girls…what time is it in your coutries now…time to go out I guess…don’t worry…being the Madame…I will close up our little redlightcafe…and probably open it again tomorow (since I leave the southest…I will be up much earlier then you)…LEAVE ME ALONE WITH ROB (screaming my lungs out here).

    • Live the southest…man I lost it big time…

    • Hey there! It’s 2:52 PM here, I’m on eastern standard time. I’m just now going to LTR, Saturdays are always so busy for me. I have to be careful bec I haven’t seen RM yet so I’m kind of skimming thru the comments.

      So 5 months huh? Yeah you’re a little early but that’s good! Keep fueling your robsession and it will be forever! Mine’s gonna be 1 yr in a few days. LOL. Robversarry like Cath had one the other day.

      • Sb…welcome to our redlightscafe (you know what I mean right?)…I think they all left me to gard the ford…ok, I read one amazing comment a couple of minutes ago…she sais “Rob was so good in RM (for an oscar) that she now needs another heart to fit her growing love for him”…SB…I’m scared shitless…I think I’m going to die if my love for him grows bigger…I can;t handle bigger…

        • Yes i get your redlightdistrictthing. LOL.

          I haven’t seen RM yet. I know what you mean, seems like each day my love for him gets deeper and deeper….so I’ve been digging myself a bigger hold, getting deeper and deeper….in my robhole! πŸ™‚ I stay there and surround myself with his presence. Sigh.

          There’s been times when I see Rob that I feel like my heart is just gonna explode in my chest(ok exaggerating a little, but you get the drift). I mean look at him! It hurts to even look sometimes. *another sigh*

          I’m gonna see if I can sneak out tonight and watch it, I can’t take this waiting anymore!!!!

      • March is our Robmonth SB! (And Robversarry rules!) Next Sunday is your party! πŸ˜‰

        • Yay Cath!!!! I’m really gonna have a party, no joke. Well it will be just DD and I, DH won’t be participating! Haha!

  16. Ok I haven’t seen RM yet :=(.

    So nice to see another part of Rob today, his legs! I don’t get to see that part often!!! So Rob will there be lots of roblegs in this movie? πŸ™‚

    • I have no clue about the amount of roblegs in the movie but I heard it will be hot as hell!!!

      • btw you got mail honey!

      • Rob’s body is such a wondrous place…one has to study it so carefully (legs might break if to much force is used).

        • I made a list once. And gave up after a while because I ended up naming every part of his body…

          • Dear Rob,

            How do I love thee, let me count the ways…


          • Now we’re getting all romantic huh? πŸ˜‰

          • B, I’m a hopeless romantic, so I’m always gonna be romantic.

            Ok I have a plan. I think I’ll be able to go tomorrow to see Rob! Woot!

            I was just reading some of y’alls post and I was sad that not enough people are watching….WHAT? 😦

        • Now your comment just made me think of a song called “Your body is a wonderland” by John Mayer. LOL!!!!

          I’m such a prude but yes I’m absolutely positive that his body is a wonderland!!! Call it a girl’s intuition.

          • omg John Mayer. The exact opposite of Rob? (The “I love vaginas”-guy?)…. bahahahhaha sb.

            Everyone has their flaws but we just don’t see any in Rob. I am pretty sure if you’d ask him he could give you a list.

            But I would be happy as hell showing him that he is completely and utterly wrong!

  17. i can”t believe that RM is battling for 3rd place at the box office. the haters will have a field day slamming Rob. please lets all go see it and show him our love and support.

  18. Ok….so I just got back from seeing the movie so I know I’m chiming in here super late.

    The theatre was almost full for those who want to know. BTW, I went in an almost-virgin, having only seen the first trailer they let out once or twice and I tried to stay away from spoilers.

    The highs for me:
    1) When Aiden knocked Tyler off the ladder in the bookstore and then Tyler got all pissy and pushed the ladder back and yelled at the customers. Funny shit.
    2) Semi-angry and desperate wasll sex….it will provide me with ahhh…..lots of material ifyouknowwhatImsayin’
    3)When Tyler got his ass handed to him by Ally’s dad in his apt and the got the bejesus slapped out of him by Ally just a little later. Hate it for him ,but ya reap what ya sow, right?
    4) The ILY…..le sigh.

    Lows for me:
    1) Ally and Tyler’s first conversation….awkward and painful. It’s a good think that Rob is the finest specimen on the globe because even with all the hotness on his side, poor Tyler couldn’t pull off those lame com on’s.
    2) The complete mindfuckey that was the ending. I was NOT expecting it and when it all clicked into place what was fixing to go down…I.almost.died. I cried all the way home. Beyond sad. Now I can say that I know exactly where I was standing when Tyler Hawkins died. I know he’s fictional, but Jesus……..

    • I haven’t seen RM yet (hopefully next Saturday night), but you have made me super-excited to see it! Thanks for describing some of the scenes, there are others that I’m curious about too.

      I have no doubt that I’ll be crying too…

    • Hi Kat
      the highs..I can’t wait to see them!
      the lows..I’m sorry for you for No. 2 😦

    • Kat…we all knew pretty well where the ending was going…but…I don’t know if I HAVE THE STRENGTH TO SEE HIM…you know what…you think, cosidering that I am still a 5montholdverginattheearlystage that I will not make everybody in the theatre go nuts…because I will probably freak out yaknow!!!

  19. Dear Rob…my love

    It’s Sunday and we are open for service!
    Todays sermon is about GUILT!

    In your last movie you showed us that life is short and therefor very precious and we should live it the fullest.
    You also said in an interview that “people think they have to be happy all the time and because they aren’t, they seek therapy and take drugs. Life has only little moments
    of happyness and we should seek them…and be ok”… you are such a wise man.

    So, whether we look for hours at one of your pics, or listen in exstacy to your voice, or watch for the 10th time
    (in one day) your Twimovies…we should not feel guilt.
    Or if we just can’t spend our time on something more “important or cool or serious or…boring” but you… we should not feel guilt.
    And if it turns out that YOU are the only thing that gives us our (adrenalin)…rushes…it’s ok…we should not feel guilt…because it’s right here and right now that we seek and find our little moments of happyness!!!

    So…carpe diem…without any guilt!!!

    I love you to death

    We are now open for confessions!!!

    • Good morning Mel!

      I didn’t went to church this morning BUT reading your post I feel LIKE as if….and


      P.S. I have no confessions to do, I’m totally happy with my Rob-sins! And I even wouldn’t call them sins, it’s only LOVE!

      • My Schatzchen, i told ya I would open church today…Ah…Robsins…we all have plenty of those…hope you’ll stick around for this afternoons (for me it is) sermon!!!

  20. hey guys don’t get to see RM til start of april. grrrr
    read a few reviews all seem to be negative. really suprised all the pre release hype seemed to be so positive!!!

    • Ah…unde…welcome to church my child…glad to see you…I guess we have to wait for all others to wake up and attend!!! Don’t worry you have me to comfort you about notseeingRM.
      Yeah…news are not very positive…am sorry!!!

      • Ha ha glad moon and UC left the place in such good hands! I’m ready to say my rob prayers! Seriously tho feel bad for him

        • Thanks unde, you are so sweet…yeah they can always count on me to keep this place going…don’t have anything else/better to do in this hole I’m living in…
          UC and Moon will probably kill me though cause after reading all the comments of the girls who saw RM I’m considering NOT TO WATCH IT AT ALL…”the sad story of Tyler H.” is really sceary to me…I mean (spoilers here maybe) I saw the 9/11 story live guys and can’t even think of it without crying…so, how will I feel watching Rob in the meddle of it…yeahyeahyeah…laugh ya all with the crazy oldmelodramaticgreekgirl…

  21. I went to see RM Friday with a friend who knew very little about Rob. We now have a new convert – she absolutly loved him. Went back and saw it with my hubs on Saturday. He loved it too – saying “the sex scenes I didn’t particularly like” (meaning: he thought they were HOT -ha!!) I LOVED the movie and thoguht Rob did a terrific job. He looked so beautiful it physically hurts!
    The promotion of the movie has been crap here too. The posters for RM only appeared on friday at the Metro. Very little mentions in the papers too. So on fri. the theatres were half full of very young teens (sooooooooooo annoying..) as young as 11-12 yr. old crying hysterically at the end. On sat. more mature audience, but maybe only 30 people in the whole theatre which made me a little worried. My husband said there would probably be more people in town watching. We live in the suburbs of Stockholm. I really hope it does well worldwide, for our Robs sake!

    • HI,
      Stockholm is beautiful, love to hear that you’re a girl from Sweden!
      Thanks for your report and at least YOU could watch the film, here in Germany we’ve to wait!

      “He looked so beautiful, it physically hurts!” Oh girl, what are you doing to me today…………..sigh*

      • ‘he is so beautiful that it physically hurts’ is perfectly correct.

  22. Morning Rob,

    hungover today?
    Congrats for the LA award and…and about RM, well don’t worry about critics or numbers…

    Quality sometimes isn’t perceived as such and with quality I mean your “talent, humour, personality and of course your body and your face”!

    I’m still angry, so you’re welcome to console me!

    P.S. I heard you’d like to do the weatherman?
    Come to my place, I’m in Germany NEAR Detroit!

    • Don’t confuse him any more with geography, RG- I’m sure with all the quick traveling from place to place that he’s had to do in promotions, he’s not too sure where he is anyway!

      But apparently, Detroit is near everything!!!
      BTW- I would watch his weather forecasts avidly.

      • drsaka, I don’t think I’d be able to confuse him any more with “geography”, he’s already “lost”…

        BUT I’m pretty sure to be able to CONFUSE him with another applied science, let’s say …just like…(comparative and human) ANATOMY! πŸ™‚

        • I’m sure you’d like your opportunity to ‘confuse’ hi, wouldn’t you?

          I’d be happy to try for the discussion of odd infectious diseases again with him (and Susiecueablelovesrob who will help me moderate the discussion), but sadly, he never contacted me about it 😦 It’s a sad panda moment.

          • Yeah, so sad that never worked out, drsaka! Maybe some time in the future….who knows?

          • we’ll keep trying to catch his attention!

  23. Hi Robgirl,
    I’m so sorry you have to wait……..but all I can say it will be worth it in the end…..
    I could ramble on more about the movie but I’ll wait until mondays post!!! (especially the love scenes……goodness me…!!!So HOT, so very HOT but way too short)!

    • thx Susie, …..the HOTNESS!!! YEAH, that’s the reason why I’ll relocate to the theatre for one week, when it’s finally out here!lol

  24. LOL – I look so much forward to the day when I can have certain “scenes” on my computer and I can hit the replay butten over and over and over………….Hmmmmmm……

    • Can I please have some more details on those sexscenes Stockholm…I soooo need them for another sermon…and this…”physically hurts…” send me right to my pills again!!!

      RG… I wanted to ask for ages…you know…being still a new kid on the blog…is that YOU on your avi??? Damn girl you are hot!!! Totall match for our boy…it’s Sunday I feel very generous and kind today…(God that hurt…).

      • Mel, that’s me, or better that was me when I was young and pretty , now I’m old, weird and fat! lol… I look now like Betty White and since I know that Rob would marry that, I’m fine with it! jkjk πŸ™‚

        P.S. Thx for finding me hot, I guess, it’s the the sad story of Tyler H. to make you feel generous and kind today…..hahaha
        Question: that YOU on your avi? Damn boy you are hot! A totall match for me….

  25. good afternoon everyone
    and our weather man πŸ˜€

    • Hi chedoRobertPattinson…I think he should say the weather here in Greece…you know…it will be easy for him…weather is almost the same every day…don’t want to exhaust him… I need him to be physically up at all times…

      Any news about the RMweekend???

      • hi @mel i would love to see Rob to come to Greece nearest place to me:)

        there is no news about saturday BO .i hope it’ll do at least $10m. for the weekend
        i don’t get all the twilight fans why they didn’t support Rob that much
        i mean RM isn’t(i’m sure) worse than NM if there is that much twifans and so Rob fans(i assume) why the numbers are so low
        i guess they are really just silly,teen Edward fans
        this is sad

        • I so totally agry with you…it’s sad that these girls are actually only TwiEdward fans and they probably don’t care about Rob at all…otherwise…WTF aren’t they there watching his movie.

          Btw…is it just me or…I never thought that Rob is a guy for Teens…I think he is to much of a man for 12-13-14-15-16…yearsold girls…but it’s just old me…

        • che..I’m totally with you and it’s not new news that teens mixed Rob up with EDWARD..and NOT only teens, he knew/knows that so well!

    • His would be the most watched weather cast ever!

      • YES YES YES…why do I have so many sex visions about that too??? I’m probably the first one who should go to confession!!!

      • Tardy to the party today. But seeing Rob as a spastic weather man made my day. He should stick to his day job though! πŸ˜‰

  26. You will enjoy this girls…made me desperately need to go somewhere and be alone….

    • I seriously have withdrawalsyptoms…I’m talking to myself…watched countless Robvids…saw
      countless Robpics…have cleaned the house…have washed the dishes…have done joga….
      have visited my Aussisisters…

      Jesus…I have no life…no life at all!!!

      • Hi Mel,
        great gif, thanks…….by the way do YOU know HOW to make them? I mean is there a programm necessary? , I have no clue! thx

        • RG the easiest way u can go to and u can make gifs from utube videos

  27. Dear Rob

    It’s just you and me today…that’s fine by me if it’s ok with you.
    So maybe as a forplay…I will tell you what my love for you exactly means…
    -I don’t eat or drink or sleep right…at all.
    -I can’t concentrate on my work…at all.
    – I can’t concentrate on my man…at all (you know what I
    – I neglect everyone around me (you know parents, friends
    siblings…I neglect even myself)
    – I spend countless hours infront of my computer (but you
    already knew that).
    -I have bad health by now…yeah really…I mean…look at
    me…I’m talking to myself here…I can’t breath when I’m
    thinking of you and I cry a lot lately just of fear that
    something bad might happen to you…

    Oh I can go on for hours…but looking into your eyes make me forget what I want to say and reminds me what I want to do to/with you since we are alone…

    And as a friend said…YOU ARE ART baby…pure art!!!

    • Mel, I bet you wanna DO him! hahahahhahhah πŸ™‚

      • Rb…I knew I could count on you Schatz…I WANT TO DO HIM??? There are no words, no words what and how I want to do him….ahhhhh…what a dream!!!

        This is really you??? You are gorgeous…couldn’t possibly change too much by growing up…
        Yeah…that’s me on that avi…

        No I don’t know how to do these vids…have absolutely no idea about technicalcomputerstuff,
        this vid is borowed…works though eeeehhhh…works for me every time!!!

        • mel, thanks for the GIF-info, I will try………….and I didn’t grow up at all, I totally stuck at age 23y! If you would like to contact me, pls write to


          • ….naturally given that your avi is ..YOU!

          • Did I tell ya that I love ya today????

  28. Hey girls, I saw RM last night. It was the last showing. I had to watch it on Remember Me Saturday so that’s why I tried so hard to go last night. The weather was bad and cold here, and raining a lot. The theater was packed, the RM room was packed! Men and women and teenage girls. Lots of screeching girls!!!! I was shocked to see all the girls/women were dressed to the nines, I’m talking high heels, dresses, hairdos and tons of makeup. Oh wow, I must have missed a memo of some sort.

    I dressed up, but I was not wearing a dress and high heels!

    Anyway, the movie was absolutely beautiful, Rob was amazing, breathtaking, handsome, awesome, magnificent, alluring…..ok I’m running out of adjectives. He was really, really good. I think his acting was superb. Now I love him even more…is that even possible?

    I was not prepared for the ending at all. I was so shocked, devastated, having connections to 9-11, the ending just really really ripped me apart. The second everything started to click together, I just started to cry….and there was one scene. Omg, I was sobbing, I thought I was going to scream, I wanted to get out of there.

    I cried myself to sleep and I had nightmares of the movie….needless to say I didn’t sleep much last night. I wish I had prepared myself for this movie, I wish I had known it was gonna end that way.

    I drove home sobbing, I came home and cried even more. My husband asked me what’s wrong and I told him, how much the ending just bothered me so much and he totally understood because he knew.

    I think Rob was so brave to star in a film like this, one that is so raw to thousands of Americans and a very sensitive topic to all of us.

    I’d like to see Rob in RM again but I just don’t know if I can go thru that ending again. It’s just too painful. I remember what I was wearing, where I was and everything I was doing at that moment when he died. I remember how my parents and I spent the rest of the day crying and calling loved ones who we presumed were dead. So sad. Let’s just say this movie is the type of movie that will leave an impression on you for the rest of your life.

    I don’t mean to be a downer,sorry, but I want to end this and say the movie was really awesome and it was beautifully done and I think in a way, this was a good reminder to all of us of that fateful day.

    • Oh SB thnx for your review you’re fantastic and sorry for your pain and all nightmares
      heart u so much

      about all the women who dressed up with fancy clothes and heels i guess they really thought they’ll going to meet-have a date- with Rob in real ha?


    • Good morning girls…it’s 8.27 am here in Greece and as everyday-everymorning I have to check on you befor going to work. I don’t know if you’ll read this today (we are all so looking forward to the new letter UC and Moon will post) but it’s ok….I’m talking to myself a lot lately.

      SB…your review totally did it to me, I knew about the ending…but your description was so vivid…that’s it… I’M NOT GOING TO WATCH HIM DIE girls…I’m just not ready for this and also relive the 9/11 horor…absolutely no can’t do…yeah I’m a pussi…

  29. Hi, in Jakarta , RM isn’t release eventhough at RM website saya march 12. I call the distributor office, say that it will be release soon, am glad its not competing head to head with Alice, Green Zone.
    So I say smart move by the distributor and last Sunday they alrdy put out RM ad on national newspaper.

    I promote RM it to my friends and family via facebook and sms. And personally listed 10 people in my family to see it on opening night. I proclaim myself as the local RM promoter,we will be contributing to the international sales

    Lets keep promoting RM to your co-workers, friends/family while its in theater and make it last in the top 10 as long as possible…..Cheers

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