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Rob attends the Baftas and we deal with customer service

Hey guys, whats the Baftas? Slang for bad hair day?

Dear Rob,

So I guess the Bafta’s are the British version of the Oscars even though there’s a category entirely voted on by the public and well here in the US at the Oscars we realize that a majority of the movie going public can’t handle that kind of responsibility or frankly, possess the cinematic “taste” that is required to bear such a burden so we leave it up to a bunch of snobby film watchers to make our decisions for us. It’s good to see the British folks trust their people. Sadly, they should not trust you with your hair anymore, pal. We saw the pictures and we’re ready to KEEP IT REAL and break them down…

UC talks to customer service and we find out what Water for Elephants is really about
Rob looks like crap tonight
Moon: im gonna look at these Bafta pics for the first time… close up
UC: ohhh enjoy it brb on phone
Moon: wow his hair looks like a limp dick took a walk in the rain
UC: sorry.. phone
Moon: it looks all wet… Wanna break this down?
UC: uh in a bit i’m trying to get this trip booked on the phone with someone in india i think
Moon: ok are you on hold? did they give you a fake “american-ized” name?
UC: yes Ron
Moon: YES!! it’s Rob! He’s perfecting his English customer service accent for an upcoming movie
UC: okay he’s back, be back in  a sec
Moon: isnt Water for Elephants about a guy named Ron working for Dell?
UC: yes he has a pet elephant
Moon: and working customer service call line at dell is how he feeds the elephant
UC: it should NOT be that difficult to book a vacay. We like nickel & dimed it to find the best deal, don’t worry- I got $50 off
prob not worth all the time it took
Moon: thats like half a dinner one night. good work!
UC: thanks!
Moon: but at least you helped out Ron, feeding the elephants and all
UC: no his price was too high plus he told me I could book online
Moon: OMG! the elephants gonna die now

My hair is looser than Mickey Rourke's face before his weekly face lift

Letters to Mickey dot com
:  hey guys guess who’s here looking awful!!!
UC: hip hip hurray
Moon: it’s a big feat when he has me looking BEHIND him wondering how much of a hot mess mickey rourke looks today and if that girl is legal to talk to mickey
UC: makes me wish we were writing a blog to the dude behind him
Moon: so what do we think happened here?? Why does he look like this?
UC: Forgot about the BAFTAs? shaved his head last night? had to grab a wig?
Moon: did he have poor time management and had to jump in the shower 5 minutes before the limo arrived. Maybe he ran out of Edwards super secret bouffant pomade
UC: OR- he washed in the sink w/ a rag & just grabbed some gel to ‘do his hair’ in the limo… and didn’t have a mirror so he just put crap in his hair assuming by now, hes the hottest thing- no one would notice he also has a rubberband around his left leg- that’s why the fabric is all billowed
UC: and he apparently has bangs that look like mine- and just won’t lay to the side. I know Rob, it sucks when they’re growing out
Moon: those boys love their bangs (mickey does not) he needs a little clip. I had a hello kitty one that worked wonders when my bangs were growing out
UC: yes- i have a pretty gold one i could let him borrow except I need it, bobby pins are always a nice second choice
Moon: or just drying your hair helps

Follow the cut for video, Doppelganger week and Creepy Uncle Rob

We want to do a lot of things… but NOT Rob

UHHGGG I think I'm gonna barrrffff

UC: member when the open mouth look would turn us on? what happened here… I am NOT turned on.
Moon: he either caught his own reflection in the window of the limo or he is gonna be sick from wolfing down a bag of flaming hot cheetos in the car on the way over
UC: I just wanna run a comb through those sideburns
Moon: i want to do a lot of things, none of which are sexual. I want to put a bag over his head and then brush the dandruff off his shoulders
UC: I wanna give him some chapstick
UC: omg you’re right, there’s dandruff  dude.. i know all about the dry scalp I’ve been rocking the Head & Shoulders every other day to prevent it- the winter gets me dry
Moon: and the bangs are like oddly curling under like he borrowed one of lizzy and victorias old sponge curlers and slept with it in
UC: maybe they dont sell Head & Shoulders at the British version of Target? you’re right- up at the top
i mean… I get it- it’s for the part. but dude…
Moon: marks & spencer has gotta have some head & shoulders
Moon: of course we know its for the part but if that’s true he should just be hella committed and show up in his Mr Darcy costume too. Then we wouldnt even be having this convo i would have died
UC: and…..i wanna attack those brows… with my hello kitty tweezers
UC: i can’t get over the hair it seriously looks like a wig

Penny’s and a Bar Mitzvah!

How does my suit fit? It said one size fits most boys

Moon: its like his first time at a bar mitzvah
Moon: this is his “my first suit” from sears or PENNYS
UC: he is wearing that yarmulke he saw our photoshopped pic and was like “i wanna try that”
Moon: he wants to make Zees’s dreams come true
Moon: when the british chat/gossip shows on the red carpet asked him who he’s wearing he said PENNYS
UC: he thought it was high end- b/c they dont’ have that in Europe
UC: and WHAT is up with that grin? Where is sexy face Rob? do you think he got high in the limo on the way over?
Moon: well kstew IS back in town
UC: she brought the good stuf
Moon: she always does
UC: (cue kstew haters)
Moon: purple passion pineapple express or whatever. Maybe tammyo will come back
UC: Maybe he was nervous… first big deal on home turf….. afraid he was gonna pull an Oscars…. or a MTV movie awards… or a “i’m crapping my pants”.. so he had a little weed.. to calm down.. and he now has the dorkiest face ever

Rob finds out that they kept making phones after 1998

What is this, a robot from the future?

UC: he’s getting lessons
Moon: what is this new fangled device you’re having me hold! What tom foolery from the devil is this WITCH WITCH, I say!!!
UC: She’s showing him what a real cell phone looks like
Moon: this is NOTHING like my jitterbug! You know he ended up taking a picture of his tie and not them
UC: and then ran off
Moon: yea he ran off and reported her to the authorities as a witch
UC: poor girl dreams dashed
UC: i’m sorta impressed if he did get a pic. it’s SUPER hard to get a self portrait on the iphone you gotta get that finger on completely- not just the side. it’s NOT an easy task so… chances are…. it was DEF a pic of his tie
Moon: Apple obviously doesn’t care about our narcissistic generation. APPLE thanks for nothing
UC: seriously. how am I supposed to update my Myspace pic?
Moon: or my friendster? which rob most defs has
UC: what about he just discovered ICQ last week
Moon: ICQ! his number is 129318239123 thats how he still cybers. And then goes into his fave UK singles seeking singles chat room on AOL
UC: His ICQ number is also his social security # do they have those in Europe? (Educational Moment UK/Europe readers, SHARE!) does rob have a social security #? what is the UK equivalent
Moon: haha and then we’ll get a credit card and a cell phone in his name
UC: maybe not a cell phone- they’ll know it’s a scam
Moon: truth! We could buy the Hyundai sonata/Vauxhall (or whatever our awesome UK readers figured out is the car his dad drives)
Moon: and get a vanity plate says: WATCH OUT!
Moon: drvs lke cullen
Moon: im edward
UC: IluvBella
Moon: theyve got those long ass license plates so anything possible
Moon: tomstu #1fan

Moon: WHAT who is he thanking??!! a girl? NOT NAMED KRISTEN?? DUDE Janny?? is that her name?
UC: awkward if you ignore his wig…. his face looks great. the pot wore off- awkward smile is gone
sexy face is back
Moon: awkward giggle. So is that the make up artist from twilight since he was wearing more than i do on a normal day?
UC: let’s look it up! i’ll google
Moon: right if thats the makeup lady he thanked, you could have used a COMB to help him out! it’d be bearable!
UC: right.. he needs to start thanking hair dressers
Moon: and thanking the vintage store owner on melrose
UC: “Let me first say congratulations to ____ for fixing my hair from what could have been a disastrous situation”
Moon: and then steve/dean for keeping me safe from twimoms
UC: nope- makeup for Twi… molly crator. will look up NM
Moon: probs Goblet of Fire since theyre probs british. Maybe it’s bad mothers handbook! Someone had to get him daniel gale ready!
UC: hahha nope not GOF

I wonder if this will fit over my face... I could totally scare Tom with this mask

We still don’t know who “Janny” is
Moon: ps molly should be tarred and feathered for not blending their pancake make up into their necks HELLO carlilse in the hospital!
UC: will look up on BAFTAs site. lets flog molly
Moon: dude this was rob’s way to make kstew jealous
Moon: flogging molly
UC: they got drunk & she did his make up OR. he went to a fair and met a clown named Janny…
Moon: and she offered to do the hair and he’s like NO NO i do my hair. or rather my hair does its own hair ive gotten this far using LA LOOKS gel im not changing now. Famous last words
UC: and i just looked up the winner for hair/makeup NOT jenny or janny
Moon: it’s a mystery! Who is this woman?

Not just the President, I'm also a member...

And the new Rogaine spokesman is…
Moon: this worries me because i feel like he might be thinning
UC: you’re right. he looks it in the back right? I called that months ago during some HOT airport pics
or NO his greasy/wet air vancouver pics when he was caught alone by the paps you can totes see a bald spot starting too much time leaning on the same spot in the La-z-boy
Moon: DUDE im worried like we need to see pics of clares dad to confirm
UC: oh gosh….. like that.. Weird chunk of hair… is covering up some missing hair… yikes
that hair…  although i’m sure we can google vids to see shots of the audience
Moon: but who has time for that i have a pizza in the oven and i need to buy some Rogaine for my rob shrine you know to ward off the hair loss elves

Kiss it!

Creepy Uncle Rob goes to the Bafta’s
: you know how Lainey always bitches about the pursed lip look he does? this is the first time i agree before i just thought it was him… being him
Moon: this is creepy uncle rob!
UC: but in a TON of these pics he’s totally sucking in
Moon: rob sent his doppelganger: creepy uncle rob to the show so he wouldnt have to go
UC: in fact, THAT makes creepy uncle join the ‘hot pic’ club. i tweeted that a rob impersonator was there earlier.
this is NOT Rob
Moon: it cant be
UC: i need a reminder  of the real him and robsessed has one
Moon: OH THANK GOD whew the hair looks luscious and steve/dean is standing by and all is right with the world
UC: all is right: he’s on Rogaine, off the pot, Raybans are with him

Hot water burn baby! Hot water burn baby!!

Doppelganger week on Facebook!
UC: Look!
Moon: awww dustin hoffman is so proud
UC: omg  it looks like Dick!
Moon: DUDE!!! thats dicks doppelganger
UC: that’s rob’s and Dicks!
Moon: somewhere theyre both changing their facebook profile images

So Rob, we’re the kind of girls who keep it extra real and couldn’t let this moment pass us so by cause really if we just said you’re hot the whole time we’d all die from how unattainable and ridiculously perfect you are. And THANK GOD you’re not and this just proves it!

Off to ship you some Rogaine and a membership to Hair Club for Men,

What’d you think? Hot? Not? Needs some dry shampoo? Was it too much gel? Will he be in the remake of Rainman with Dustin Hoffman?

Thanks Robsessed for the images!

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  1. He still is HOT but he used toooooo much conditioner rinse……

    Dear Rob,

    Next time you need to be black-tie ready…please give me a call…I will make sure you will have “bed-head” hair after a little romp in the sack!


  2. He looks good even with flat hair.

    But I prefer the quiff….

    And I ❤ LondonRob…but then…I would…


    • you mean the “bouffant”…yeah it is better but he looks hot with stains, flat hair, ripped clothing, missed buttoned shirts….but he looks the best when Mullsten is NOT at his side….

      BTW did anyone see her “speech” was she saying??? I thought when she plays Bella, she is trying to act like her character but she actully talks like that!

      • misty….yes WTF with that speech, and could that girl look any more miserable…..she had a face like a slapped arse most of the evening. I thought he looked fine, though incredilby young, if I didn’t know better I’d have though he was about 12!
        On another note, the british press are telling us today that him and Kstew have broken up and he’s been out and about with a ‘mysterious redhead’ and that he’s been drinking in the Macbeth (Hoxton)…don’t know how true the red head bit is, but why the hell is that man never in that pub when I’m in it!….Life is sooooooo unfair.

        • IDK about that redhead story, but Kristen and Rob left the afterparty together in a cab. There a pictures all over the net…

          • that’s probably because they are both staying at the Grosvenor Hotel……
            if he’s with that girl, then he’s doing something wrong, nobody should be looking that miserable if they are with RP.

          • So not staying at the Grosvenor Hotel! Wrong again!

          • @Mine!MineMine!Mine!

            Read my lips:He. Is. ALergic. To. Vaginas. I’d be a sourpuss too if my hot boyfriend had this horrible affliction.

        • I just saw the after-award interview and she looked really bad, beside hair or dress (and I love Chanel, but the top didn’t fit…but ok), her eyes looked sort of ill or sick or so and seriously…she has beautiful eyes!
          What happened?

        • Redhead? Kristin Scott Thomas dyed hers red. Could it be? Is it she?
          I don’t really care whoever she is as long as she keep our man happy, sane and “productive”

          • I don’t care either, though I do care that he’s been ‘apparently’ drinking in the Macbeth….. somewhere I go occasionaly!!!!! why, oh why, is he not in there when I’m there….not that I’d do/or say anything but it would be lovely to see him firsthand

          • Better go there every night this week to see if he shows up, right?

        • What I don’t get about K is that she’s been pretty coherent and dare I say well-spoken in press interviews and talk shows, but she totally lost it last night up on stage. Maybe she was irritated at Rob for stealing all of her “greasy-hair pommade” and had a bad week because, as Xylem mentioned, her boyfriend has an unfortunate allergy.

      • That speech (can you even call it that? it was just a bunch of muttering and rambling, really) was terrible. At least she put the award down though, so as to avoid an MTV repeat.

        And since I feel like I should stop being so hard on her, I’ll just mention that I thought her hair looked better. It still needs some work, but it was tame and kind of clean-looking. It’s a start.

      • you’re right! does she stuters naturally , i felt embarrased that she couldn’t put a coherent sentence together, plus , she could have prepared a statement ahead of time , just in case ! sad 😦 not impressed and not going to see the runaways .
        And I’dont hate her, just keeping it real:)

      • Misty,

        ITA – the “speech” was almost scary!

        Did you see the looks on the faces of the other nominees?? They panned to them and each one looked aghast and 2nd hand embarrassed. I was feeling 3rd-hand embarrassed for them having to witness the witless ramblings of this girl.

        KS – I’ve got a new role you might want to audition for. It’s the part of a coherent, happy young woman who’s living the good life and shows that she appreciates it all – including the young man who is at her feet.

        Um, but I’m thinking you won’t get the part. Wayyyy too much of a stretch for your acting abilities.

        • What I saw when she gave the thank you spiel was a 19 year old girl that was terribly nervous and very intimidated. I’m sure the British culture and the presence of sooo many well know actors was a bit scary.

          • Yes, Kristen is only 19, but how long will that let her slide? Only until April of this year. Then she’ll be 20. Will we expect her to step up to the plate then? If not then when? I agree Kristen is a lovely girl (when she smiles), she can be accomodating to the fans, and she has times when I get that she’s trying to TRULY be gracious. Unfortunately, it’s all overshadowed by her overall uncomfortableness, scowl, and general lack of enthusiasm.

            This speech was a a MESS. In transcript form it’s great, in delivery it’s horrible. This is part of her job. She needs to learn to deal or find other work (maybe behind the scenes). She could have practiced, taken a Xanax, prepared a speech, engaged in deep breathing, any number of things to try to combat the possible nervousness of this moment. I could understand some level of nerves but this was beyond that.

            Her ‘boyfriend’ was right there in the front row supposedly emanating love and pride and yet she didn’t take courage in that at all? She looked miserable. She couldn’t feel a moment of hapiness there? If not then when?

  3. I wanted to pull him aside, poof the hair, sweep off his shoulders, fix his pant-leg, adjust his tie, and re-Rob him, so you hit all the things that bugged me. That being said, he still looked better than anyone I’ve encountered in my real life.

    Oh, and I’m going with the theory he was distracted a bit prior to the show and lost track of time. His hair looked better by the time he made it to the podium.

    • That being said, he still looked better than anyone I’ve encountered in my real life.

      Very true-

  4. this is the funniest shit i’ve ever read this year! hahaha. i’m so glad i’m not the only one who thought his hair looked like a wig!

  5. Haha, ladies, I don’t think Rob looked that bad though. At least he was looking his age, some healthy blushes going on there. Although the sideburns are really kind of awkward.

    The rain was pouring down in London btw, hence his hair. He was signing up a storm though, I loved that.

    His autoque skills however…There’s work to be done. I for one believe he needs glasses. Daniel Gale style.

    All of it was better than KStew and that ill fitting Chanel dress. And her speech. OMG.

    • I love the side burns–gives you something to hold on to!!! lol

    • Cath- I liked the blushes! He did look really young. His and Kstew’s hair: matching stringy weirdness.
      Agree on his reading the prompter skills- though he did seem a lot less nervous that at the Oscars.

      • He was indeed less nervous. Read somewhere from people who were alongside the red carpet, that Rob was supernice, signing, taking pics and giggling while doing that at the same time. Makes up for the hair imho. 😉

        I ❤ giggling Rob.

      • I agree. I watched a few vids of him last night and although the hair was weird, I thought his great attitude and generosity to the fans was really sweet and that charisma made up for whatever else was going on with his physical appearance.

    • KStew bitchin: why didn’t anyone ever taught her how to choose shoes which are actually her size? I can’t see other explanation than her having borrowed the shoes from Tom. Also I will never understand how a girl who is not plain and boring (just some huge eloquency and probably logics problems) wears the dullest most boring dresses. KStew you’re PR is not doing a great job. Not to mention subtely implying Twi-hards are a bit crazy and uncultivated. Which is true but still.

      • I always wish her dress were just a little longer: it would make her legs look better.

      • I know right? And it didn’t even fit, which is terrible esp. with a strapless dress. And she really should take public speaking classes. I guess Rob finds it endearing, am not with him on that…(rant over, will stop now…haha)

        Dear Rob,

        It’s okay if I don’t get it, right? I still heart you.



      • of course that was “your PR” (all of the sudden I am a lot less smart haha), but i’m in a big hurry, get back to ya later

        • *sigh*
          I really wanted to have nice things to say about kstew’s outfit today, but sadly, the dress puckering and the ill fitting shoes just killed my goodwill. Killed it dead.
          Ofcourse someone will read this and think we’re all fat, jealous, old hags.
          *waves at TammyO*

      • Oh, come on Kristen dresses aren’t always that bad. I really like the one with white and navy blue strippes from the French premier of Twilight, and the white one from the UK premier, and both from MTV awards. And shoes, i just loved every black pair of Laboutine she wears. Don’t be so hard to her, even if you don’t really like her 🙂

        • I’ve liked a lot of her dresses- I just think that the lengths of the dresses don’t flatter her. I know, they’re supposed to be youthful and short, but to me, they never look like the best length for her.

        • I liked her Twilight promo and NM style well enough. That’s why this one’s so bad. Where is her NM promo stylist???

          • I liked her crazy outfit from NM London premiere (which was so risky as compared to all her other choices) and also liked some interviews with her in a black&white t-shirt and a black blazer, that’s about all I remember from NM.

        • It’s not a matter of liking or disliking her (I dislike much more a lot of other actresses because they’re shallow and stupid and she wants to be the opposite of all that). But take a look at the awsome dresses and shoes available (check any fashion magazine website, it’s worth it) and then compare it to her boring, always the same outfits. It’s not that subjective. And also I can’t understand how a 19yo who is not transparent or boring always wears at events the same Louboutin as 50yo business women wear at the office. Again no creativity, and so not her age or personality (from what I’ve seen).
          P.S. I prefer her streetwear clothes, so much more her age.

        • I like Kirsten’s dresses too. I find they’re usually flattering, and conservative but usually have a fun detail or two to make them young.

          If I had to dress for the red carpet I wouldn’t want something that would make me stand out too, too much either. (And if she did, we’d all be poking fun at her for that too.)

          And come on, the Louboutins are amazing. Seriously.

          • this is is what annoys me about her, not the stuttering or the blinking, or the fact that she’d prob doing rob, it’s the fact that she gets to wear such great clothes, chanel, de la renta, alberta ferretti, and not only does she mangage to make the clothes look bad but she looks so unhappy in them!!!

          • LOL, OK, I am with you there!

    • Where’s her speech? Someone link I wanna laugh too!

  6. Moon and UC- that was flat out hilarious! Thank you- best alugh in days.

    Doppelganger creepy uncle Rob with dandruff, pursed lips and thinning hair and a cut rate tux: as if that wasn’t enough, you gave us elephants and technology challenged Rob!

    Sadly, I saw no evidence of commando Rob and thus no evidence of Rob BIJ- v sad. Any one with sharper eyesight?

    • gah- laugh

      • No evidence of BIJ, evidence of BJ aka Detais Rob. Damn, KStew was around.We can’t even have our dosis. Not to mention it wasn’t because of Tom.
        And I’m laughing.

        • MP- you’ve got both of them borrowing clothes from TomStu now.

          • Drsaka & Min – Guess he DID wear some of his new underpants.
            I get the feeling BIJ is cowering in fear. heh

          • I guess someone is lurking and decided the best joke would be no commando and no BIJ.

          • That’s a very mean someone.

          • Oour misfortune- and I’d never want the BIJ cowering in fear!

    • LOL – I tweeted yesterday that Rob wore underwear to an awards show. So unlike him!

  7. I love when you guys break stuff down. It’s always so hilarious!

    I didn’t watch the BAFTAs, but I did see these pictures last night. And I gotta say.. as hot as he is, I could have done without them.
    The hair. Oh, Rob, why? Who let you step onto the red carpet looking like that?

    Hopefully he’ll do better next time!

  8. I liked BaftaRob. He looks so young and rather than say ‘wow he looks hot’ it was more like ‘awww how cute’. Plus he did that adorable giggle during his speech.
    The weather here is awful and it was raining hard so I’m not surprised his hair went weird and a little flat. I’m just glad he looked well rested and happy.

    • London agrees with Rob. I can’t stop grinning and thinking how cute he was. And laughing at his giggle speech.
      Plus, Rob donned that hairstyle to honor Prince William’s balding hair. Poor wills, going bald at 28.

    • absolutely agree he was so sweet that i felt for him.i watched the red carpet live and he was beautiful as always,he remainded me his harry potter could be better if it wasn’t wet .
      i’m just not sure about weight i kinda like skinny Rob more

      • I don’t think he gained weight, perhaps he ate two cheeseburgers more, but that’s all to me.

        • i think he did.u can even understand from his face or from*cough* bottom part *cough*i mean his belly.
          but doesn’t matter i love him all the way he comes, i hope one day 😀

    • I completely agree. Bad hair aside, this is my favorite Rob. When he’s giggling and smiling and blushing, that totally does it for me. So sweet and cute.

  9. what is this new fangled device you’re having me hold! What tom foolery from the devil is this WITCH WITCH, I say!!!


    Agree weird lank hair what’s that about.

    Still would tho’

  10. I have a confession to make. Clive Owen made me realize I have been missing out. There is more hotness in this world, starring in really good movies. I will be watching Sin City this evening. And might be watching Closer too this week if you don’t change the hair. Don’t make me do it, Rob. You know it’s a battle you can’t win.

    • Clive Owen is soooooooooooooo yummy, and he was sit near ‘ I can’t smile’ Kstew…..How lucky is she…you think that alone would a have but a smile on that miserable face of hers

    • ha, im with you on this one, Clive Owen-hot! although Closer annoyed me, more so Jude Law annoyed me and I haven’t been able to look at him the same way since, he opens his mouth and all I hear is a whine.. Oh, and I’m convinced Rob’s hair deflated when he came within a foot of KStew, just a theory..

    • Mmm, Clive Owen. Delicious. And watch “300” while you are watching other men (don’t tell Rob). An angry, powerful, hard, ripped Gerard Butler? Yes, please.

      • That film is sooooo Gay (don’t mean that in a homophobic way girls)….but you know what I mean.

        • If by “gay” you mean super dead sexy, then yes. I agree.

      • Ow haven’t seen that one. But “An angry, powerful, hard, ripped Gerard Butler” sounds very entertaining indeed :).

  11. Firstly, the UK equivalent of the SS number is the National Insurance number which is used when working as a means for the Government to take more of your hard earned cash via your employer.

    Secondly, I agree, he didn’t look that great with the hair. And yes, I was a tad concerned a few months ago about a possible bald spot. Look at Prince William for goodness sake, I hate to say it but he used to look hot and really doesn’t now and yes, I put that down to thinning hair and a bald spot. Yes, very superficial I know, so much so, I’ve moved my affections onto Prince Harry 🙂

    So back to thinning Rob – panic set in, would I adopt the same superficial attitude with a bald Rob? Will he still look the same? Will I forget the lack of hair and remind myself that it’s the personality and not the looks that count 🙂

    Thirdly, one of the best quotes I saw on Twitter yesterday was the following:

    “After arriving at the BAFTAs, Rob Pattinson is obviously angry. Rob says ,”I thought BAFTA stood for Beer Alcohol Food Tits and Ass.”

    Enough said.


    • Oh and I just popped over to Robsessed and they appear to have solved the “who is Janny mystery?”

      Rob, being the sweetheart that he is, took the time to congratulate Jenny Shircore on her BAFTA win for MAKE UP & HAIR: THE YOUNG VICTORIA. Why would he go out of his way to thank her, well because she is currently working with Rob on Bel Ami.

      • i 100% PROMISE you that when I looked online last night her name was not listed. I looked right now- it is. had to clarify… cuz you might think i’m REALLY dumb otherwise 🙂

        • never dumb always fun 🙂

        • UC fail!

        • I believe Jenny Shircore is the make-up department head for Bel Ami. At least that’s what IMDB has listed.

          • Oops! Sorry – I need to read more carefully!

    • Oh man, I hope Rob’s hair isn’t thinning. That’s going to give me nightmares!

      How can it be thinning? It was so thick and luscious in Twilight. Do you suppose it’s from too many women yanking on it during hot sex?

      • Too many women? Re-phrase that to one woman please and that woman will be me 🙂

      • Karla the elephant yanked it

        • Haha, that’s it! its only temporary! Karla got him by the back of the head and hoovered off some hair. Such a naughty elephant!

      • the sex hair is a deal breaker.
        bouffant …*sigh*

    • please don’t put “bald” and “Rob” together in a sentence.

    • pls don’t say that never ever .there is no bald spot.every person has a tiny(well some little more) bald spot on the top of their heads.PLS just don’t cuz i really really don’t like balds. and rob’s hair is just awsome.look at to the ask rob video’s same perfect hair.

  12. I didn’t like at all Oscars Rob precisely because he was the hawt Hollywood actor and seemed quite unattainable. Not to mention the ridiculous embarrassing posing.
    And I loved BAFTA’s Rob who was all but a heartthrob. Def. not walking sex, but who cares, he was so adorkable, simple and for once didn’t seem to pay attention to photos and his image. Def. not the most professional appearance, probably the less professional, but that’s what I loved about it. Btw, did someone ever say “Hi” at the BAFTA’s instead of “Good evening” or smth? So pot, champaign or just KStew (unfortunately) he looked all happy and giggling like a school boy.
    P.S. Can’t believe he didn’t come accompanied by TomStu.

    • that’s right, he looked really really HAPPY!

    • to me best red carpet Rob was at Cannes.

  13. what is it with british men and hair??! rob’s looked like it was full of sweat, not gel. so.. ewww.. and even prince william’s hair. well, let’s not go there..

    just curious though. who’d u think was hotter last night? Rob or Prince William? 🙂

    • oh and by the way, MEET JENNY SHIRCORE! 🙂

      quick IMDB search tells us she’s Makeup Department Head for Bel Ami.. she was also head designer for Vanity Fair. so ya, she should’ve stepped in last night for rob.

      • *HAIR designer for Vanity Fair, i mean.. oops my bad.

        • Rob congratulating her before presenting the award is just the sweetest thing. You got to love that kind of cuteness. The sweetest thing…hmmm, song anyone? (drsaka?)

          • excellent oblique ref to U2

          • oh and that vid has an elephant in it!!!!!

          • Ofcourse! Hahaha, forgot about that! Now I’m tempted to post the vid. Will restrain myself, this is not LTB after all. 😉

          • Post it please. 🙂

          • There you go Jules! Spot the elephant!

          • Oh Cath, thank you. That “sorry” elaphant made my morning.

          • Can’t seem to spell today. All UC & Moon’s balding Rob talk has me traumatised.

          • Its Bobo, the Irish elephant!!!!!

          • Bobo? HA!
            Drsaka, are you reading the bitch fight I’m reading “over there”?
            Entertaining mess, that.

          • I love me some Bobo, hahaha…
            And which bitchfight Jules???

          • at Robsessed? I haven’t looked yet- I’ll have to wait until much later today. Is it good?

          • I checked it out drsaka, it’s at Robsessed under the post of them leaving together. It’s the Robsten vs the Nonstens again. I’m just *lalalala-ing* here, haha. I agree though that they should try to leave K out of the conversation, it always goes wrong over there…

          • Thanks, Cath, I’ll stay away. I don’t have the energy for that today.

          • You WILL need energy for all that. Same debate, different day.

          • LOL, I typed my email wrong ( I missed the L in gmail!) I have a comment awaiting moderation. HA

    • those two names do not belong in a sentence with the word hot [only rob’s name belongs in that sentence]…..prince william is the most unattractive man in the world and I much prefer Prince Harry, he’d be fun to go out for a drink with.

      So in answer to your question Rob and only Rob, you can’t compare the two….that’s just madness 🙂

      • yes, call prince Harry, let’s have a drink with him, we could paint his nails in pink and offer him pink underwear since we also know his preferences. as much as i’m shocked by the whole war/army thing, prince Harry is def. a funny guy to go out with for a drink or ten.

        • I think someone should write letters to Prince Harry, that would be hilarious.

          • Minuit- you start it off!

          • haha there you are.
            don’t have the dedication or the time but i would visit that blog (obviously not for the same reasons as for Rob, i just think Prince Harry does a lot of hilarious stuff and would be great fun material)

          • I was just teasing you, as usual.

          • Any thought on the Elle Style Award, ladies?,0,20

          • dress still too short on her for me to see it as flattering

          • I’m trying to appreciate her style. I don’t like the cut and fit on her, I looked at the different angles but still can’t like it.

          • Ha I see it’s time for the “Look at her kinda old lady mother-in-law” discussion. Good, I love ragging about fashion. So I looked at the pics. Cut and dress OK IMO, not smth to have a crush on but really really OK for me, even more I’d say. In the same time I didn’t have a crush on any of the outfits in the link, hated Agyness’ outfit, and A. is usually a win in my book. But would still like Claudia S’ dress with a lot of accessories, also would like that vintage Chanel. Told ya I love ragging about fashion.

          • ew, not sure rag was the word I was looking for in English…

          • Ragging is a good word, Min. I don’t love any of the dresses, hers is okay but not for her body type, IMO. It is a much better fit than what she wore yesterday.

          • finally looked at this
            I would put this in the list of good outfits she wore, liked it finally.

          • I still don’t like the length.

          • and Minuit- do you ever sleep?

          • have to finish smth by tomorrow morning. and instead i’m ragging about fashion. thank you very much.

          • okay, hope it goes well!

      • ermmm. lemme rephrase that.. who’s hotter: Rob or Prince William circa the 1990s?? but ur right though, Prince Harry is giving his bro a run for his money.

      • don’t go so hard on William i’m sure he’s not that bad but absolutely i’ll go with Harry too.
        btw mine when i thought Prince William just remainded about madame tussauds do u know when they planing to make an wax staue of Rob?
        i mean they absolutely should ,should’t they?

        • oh god I hope not, those wax statues are really bad….not a fan of Tussauds – over priced and a bit boring. Though I’m surprised they don’t have one of RP, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. 🙂

          • are there really that bad ,haven’t seen but they can send to my adress if they want.a real size Rob would be ok(if it’s good of course don’t want to freak out from Rob)

  14. And you just know TomStu would have looked better in that Chanel dress than Kristen…

    • Cath is really not liking the Chanel dress on Kristin!

      • Haha, I am SO tranparent. I know. Will shut up about that disaster of a dress now…

        • It didn’t do her any favors up top……

        • Cath, I’m not liking Kstew today, either. Generally don’t give her a second throught….but not liking her at all! She’s gone up a notch on my ‘irritating celebs not worth my notice’ list.

          • She is 19 and perhaps has the self absorbed confidence that Rob said he had when he was 19 or 20.

          • mine! I’m with you on the ‘irritating celebs not worth my notice’ list…Cathy Griffen is on there too, Britney Spears, KFed, the Hills people, etc….I’m totes not going to see Runaways…the way she talks bothers me…..end.of.rant.

          • Have no plans on seeing The Runways either, though more to do with subject matter….people are going to hate me for this, but never really got the whole ‘Joan Jet’s amazing’ thing going on….sorry guys 🙂
            Feeling a bit bad for ragging on Kstew, but seriously that girl needs to think about how she’s presenting herself to the public. It’s not like she’s new to this game. Embarrassed, shy, overwhelmed what every way you want to look at it, she’s an actress and paid handsomely for said actressing (not a word I know) and therefore should do us all a favour and act looking happy.

            Sometimes think she takes herself way too seriously for one so young.

    • i’m so dying to see a photoshop manip of tom stu in that chanel dress!! it’ll probably make my week. 🙂

      • Somebody make that happen, pretty please!

  15. Rob looks STUNNING… minus the butter hair and the sucking cheeks..
    I loved the “three-finger-award-grasping”

    • “three-finger-award-grasping” lol when two just isn’t enough!!!!! bhahahah

  16. Okay-the hair was a hott mess but his jaw was in stellar form last night. My guess is, he spent too much time Bic’n it up and didn’t leave enough time to get his hair did. I can just picture him “grabbing” a fist full of water, patting it on his noggin, and then racking his fingers through said coif. And I thought he looked super Britishy last night (yes. it’s a word. it translates to: British guy with a wet mop top.) Oh Rob….I’d still do you. Bad hair and all.

  17. This is just part of Rob’s plan to make us fall out of love with him.

    The bad hair combined with the Details interview claiming that he hates vaginas.

    We’re on to you Rob and it won’t work!

    We’d still do you behind the dumpster, bad hair be damned!

    • Dear Rob, toooldforthis and I agree- your sneaky plan isn’t working. Give up now.

  18. Limp dick took a walk in the rain? This is the new look. The rain look. So guess he won.

    • Bwahahaha….Limp dick???

  19. Leave Rob’s hair alone. He’s just practicing his combover for the inevitable bald/fat stage that he’ll go through before making a crazy comeback as a wrestler in an Oscar nominated film in 2032.

    I can’t even bring myself to watch the video. Every time one of those comes out I have to take a Valium to quell my anxiety about watching it. As far as Janny goes, is it possible he was DrunkRob and was trying to say “Janet”, as in “Janetrigs”? I know DrunkRob loves Janetrigs.

    • You too? I had three glasses of wine before I clicked the play button. Awkward Rob is funny but he can be very second-hand embarassing.

    • Oh Gawd, Tiff. What you just described is nightmarish!
      I haven’t watched the vid yet, either.

    • I don’t like all this talk about Rob and baldness. Let’s move on, please.

      • Agreed. Let’s not worry about things that have not actually happened yet

        • +1
          it wasn’t that bad!!!
          yes i dare and say it was good as always. there was nothing to feel 2nd hand emberassing ok maybe little
          it seems i’m at the minority part who liked it

  20. The hair was bad, but I’m pretty sure it’s just because he can’t do much with it because of Bel Ami. I really liked these photos though for the most part, I thought he looked happy and not prematurely aged like he has a lot lately. I was starting to worry about him, he looked so stoic or annoyed in every photo I’d seen of him since New Moon.

    • what a beautiful avatar!!!

      • Why thank you. I really love this picture of him. Honestly, I thought he looked beautiful in the Vogue shoot, at least in this picture. As hot as Details was in theory, most of the photos made him look kind of uncomfortable or bored.

  21. I loved that he was the only actor I saw signing autographs in every corner, laughing all the time plus I LOVED TO SEE HIM!

    • i heart you for saying that about Rob–he is such a sweetie, I just fell in love with him all over again…thanks for saying that!

      • He is the sweetest guy ever!!!! I said..I’m still dazzled and full of LOVE, I cannot breakdown nothing today…

        • +1

  22. Same here RG!

  23. I want to grab a pair of scissors and cut off that curly lock on his forehead so. badly.

    • I couldn’t stop looking at those two pieces! It was making me crazy.

    • The curl! It looks like one of those locks you used to put in your mouth, then curl on your pencil and finish it off with a tick layer of hairmascara. Those were the days…

  24. “his hair looks like a limp dick took a walk in the rain”

    pfffffft! Hilarious

    Notice the lack of stars for this letter? Hahah!

  25. omg, you ladies totally cracked me up with “what is this, a robot from the future?” and “I’m not just the President, I’m also a member” (please God may Rob NEVER be a member of THAT club). I actually like the hair. It’s kind of nice to see Rob looking a bit more down to earth and not outrageously, untouchably sexy. The sex hair is the icing on an unfairly perfect cake. He still looks hot , just a little less..perfect. That stray lock on his forehead was driving me nuts, though. I wanted to reach out and push it back. Or cut it off and put it on a voodoo doll and make him fall madly in love with me.

  26. OMG—I can’t even find what part of this was the most hilarious…the phone part? The Rogain?
    My opinion…premature jellaculation…which is the application of ones jell whilst the hair is still too wet, and therefore causing the undrying and floppy mess we see here.

  27. I think THIS HAIR is just the result of the really bad NM promotional tour-hair-cut , all thinned out PLUS too much water or mousse or both…It’s finally growing and he changed colour…and I loved his smile…I guess I’m all dazzled today

    • and SOUTHERNBELLE is *waving around*, she was so dazzled , she has to go to the hospital today!!! Kisses honi from ME , luv u!

      • SB, Sending you hugs and kisses.

        • me, too. All the best, SB.

    • Think maybe too much gel was put in so he would not run his hands through his hair. Looked like he reached to do that but then thought better of it.

  28. I didn’t watch the BAFTA’s (just the important parts on YouTube) but is it possible they gave out an award, just previous to Rob presenting, for hair & make-up which was one by this Janny person? Maybe he was just voicing his support for her win. I dunno …

    I personally liked his hair. Yes, it’s way different than his normal fro & not nearly as sexy has his bed head look …but those curls are kinda adorkable. & the burns …wow …yum! I think Rob’s Mr Darcy look in Bel Ami is going to be by far my favorite Rob. I will be one hot mess when that movie hits theatres …or my bedroom tv 😮

  29. I liked the wild brow thing going on. That was the one thing about Edward that creeped me out. I don’t imagine that Rob really cares at all about his appearance. Gucci sent the tux over and he was on his own from there. Maybe Ktew is staying with him and they “lost track of time.” Dressing was just an after thought.

    Kstew was pissed because she wasn’t *done* yet and Rob was sooo happy because he was!! This is my theory about why we saw no evidence of BIJ.

    • Best theory so far.

    • HA!

  30. I enjoyed the fact that he and kstew didn’t sit next to each other! He was hot just for that reason bad hair and all!

  31. LA LOOKS?!?! LA Looks? Are you kidding me? I think I have a little …coming out of my pants.

    Rob is a rusher. He rushes thru prompter speeches. How quickly can a guy say “innovative”?? At least he started off with the cute and thanked his make up ladyfriend.

    • Let’s hope speaking is the only thing he rushes.

      • excellent point

  32. Oh Rob….I don’t care whether his hair was due to the weather or a serious lack of grooming, but I heart him enough to admit that it was sicknast.

    I loved how he congratulated the “Janny” woman. It was sweet and he looked actually happy signing autographs.

    “le sigh”

    I like it when he doesn’t look super hot all the time. It reminds me that he is indeed human.


    just another remember me clip
    actually rather than others i liked Tyler here
    and is there any other clip they haven’t shown yet cuz it’s seems they left nothing we haven’t seen from the movie. c’mon keep some as a suprise

    • I saw it yet, thx for posting….I loved two things
      1) his hands are so huge to cover to whole ball
      2) he puts off the jacket (so manly…lol) but we all know, that doesn’t have ANY positive effect to his striking skillz

  34. I saw two pics of Rob at the BAFTA’s last night and then refused to look at anymore. That hair was one of the most effective hosedowns I’ve ever experienced.

    P.S. I totally made an LA Looks joke to Freya and LPB on Twitter last night.

    P.P.S. I totally still remember my ICQ number. HOLLA 1998!

    • OMG, HB, sometimes our mindmelds freak me out a little. I commented (see below) about your LA LOOKs tweet before I read your comment, because it (your comment) hadn’t shown up yet on my computer! woah.

      You are also the only person I ever ‘met’ who knew about the Gem Sweater….

      • We might be the same person. The same AWESOME person.

        And on top of all that winningness, the fact that you call these incidents “mindmelds” is even crazier. My bff and I often find ourselves saying the exact same thing at the exact same time. And whenever we do, we call them “mindmelds” and comment about how “meldy” we are.

        So… you’re awesome.

        • We are like the same AWESOME person, one for each coast. We spread they awesome around….

  35. Dudes, you totally made me lol this monday morning, THANK yOU! I was a little late in viewing these pics yesterday, and when I saw the hair, I couldn’t believe it! And I had every single same thought that you did, about the thinning. Oh noes!! But I liked Heyyyy Brother’s theory the best,he was late, he got a little carried away with the LALooks Super Sculpting Gel, and you know that shit doesn’t wash out easy….

    …or was it raining?

    Oh Rob, thanks for at least being real and having a bad hair day. On a red carpet.

  36. I agree with the previous comments. Yes, Rob usually looks spectacular but it’s comforting to know that even he is not perfect 100% of the time. Ok, maybe 99.9%. But still.
    I’m thinking the hair was greasy, not overstyled or wet. He always does that tucking under of his manbangs when it’s greasy. Ew. He’s been so good about washing his hair lately…maybe he figured since he was home, all of that could slide a little…
    As for his youthful appearance, I think we can thank (or curse, depending on your view) a few extra pounds, which show first in the face. He has far fewer sharp angles, which makes him actually look his age. It’s different, but I think I like it. As long as he doesn’t develop a gut, I’m happy. Ha!
    Now as for Kristen, it never ceases to amaze that someone with a boyish figure can look lumpy in a beautiful, expensive dress. It’s a crime. What the hell happened? Did she visit Rob before the show and have a few boxes of hot pockets? Bad move on her part – with him, it just adds extra grease to his hair. With her, it distends her intestines, resulting in the unsightly bulges we saw last night.
    Poor girl needs to plan better and bring some Spanx with her before engaging Rob in hot pockets and pot smokin before an awards show. Or make sure to work it off…in constructive ways…before the show.
    Love to you all!

  37. Favourite line:
    “wow his hair looks like a limp dick took a walk in the rain”
    That made me laugh so hard right there.

    I tend to agree with some of the things Moon and UC said and some not. Yes his hair was a mess. I did not like it at all. Like at all. But I also have to say that his sideburns killed me. I don’t really like them either in those pictures.
    Anyway I already talked the whole issue over at TCS so I will not really repeat myself over here.

    I’ll love him always (even if his hair looks bad),

    Dear UC and Moon,
    it was not a UK reader who found out about the Opel Vauxhill. It was a German one (hint: it was me) but anyway.

  38. i think his hair wasn’t worse than at Haiti telethon.
    it was a month ago i guess ,still anybody thinks he gets bald?
    i’m sure not .the end. 🙂

  39. Hmmm, I thought Rob looked hot last night….. My Robsession has been dwindling lately, and last night was a recharged. I realized why I crushed on him in the first place.
    I ignored that hair because I heard it was raining, and he obv. got soaked.

    Oh, and btw, if he goes bald the best thing to remember is that bald guys have an amped up amount of hormones, which makes them demons in the sack. 😉

  40. uc moon this was so funny
    icq and win!
    i think he looked cute last nite, but he didn’t bring the hotness, i much prefer him lanky and lean (remember me looks like one long visual orgasm!) not lovin the bel ami look.

    how can someone so personable, humble and sweet be into kstew, she comes across as rude, ungrateful and pained to have to mix with fans and the industry. (sorry i know that rant is so 12 months ago but seriously i just wanted to throw something at the screen she comes across as so arrogant.)

  41. Was anyone else fascinated by the super-high definition of that photo up there labeled robpuke.jpg (ha!)? You can zoom in so much it’s scary. Oh my god, is that an ingrown hair where it’s been plucked above his nose? Those hairs are growing out a little and you can see he definitely has the unibrow going on. Hello Kitty tweezers indeed. He probably carries them around with him. And that IS dandruff, not just the lint on my screen. Hair: def. a combo of gel and rain. Is that a broken capillary on his nose–an early sign of too much drinking–don’t go there, please, Rob. Hmm, pretty darn good skin for someone who lives on Hotpockets and Heines. Eye color: teal. Not bloodshot = not sharing a bowl with Kstew just previous, so maybe they were doing something else! The high def examination never lies!

    • LOL Old One, but I personally couldn’t stop staring at/in those eyes, those lashes of him…OMG…

      But you’re very observant. He’s got the greatest skin for a smoker, but then again I’ve always heard that it only begins really showing after 30. So smoke ’em up Rob, you still have seven years…(this is not a rational, nor healty advice, I know)

      • Yes, I spent a lot of time on the eyes too. You can get lost there. Mmmmm.

        • I am lost or haven’t ya noticed?

    • hahahahahha…<3

  42. saw some pics and wondered about that pic what’s going on there at the end of the tie

    • the tie just wants more….lol

      • hahaha i’m sure but i think the button just gonna fly off or maybe flew off as i said before the weight:)

  43. Dear Rob,

    If you didn’t look like so young, I’d ask if I could bite your red lip.

    p.s. wish there was a Rob doppleganger

    • or two……sigh*

  44. When I saw Rob’s hair at BAFTA it immediately reminded me of Sam Neill in “The Piano.” At one point during the film the Sam Neill character tries to spruce up by combing said, wet, matted hair and the result is not good. It’s pathetic.

    I felt the same when Rob put his hand through his hair last night…I wanted to say, “don’t touch it, you’ll make it worse.”

    Bottomline: I’m really unphased by a bad hair day. Thanks for tux, jaw, eye, lip, hand, heart, brain porn. That’s right, Rob, your brain and heart do it for me.

  45. LOL, you are both just being mean!

    It’s just Robified Bel Ami hair. Looks good on set, but he has no clue what to with it after work. I’m not convinced you saw dandruff, I think it was the photo – lighting.

    I didn’t read all the comments, but Jenny is doing his makeup for Bel Ami.


    • RB,

      Really? YOu think I’m being mean? I hate being mean.

      At least I’m not as mean as his gf…just sayin’


      • No, not you! UC and Moon!

        • Thanks, RB. I’m relieved.

          • BTW, I don’t necessarily think Kristen is mean. I think she’s more comfortable with indy films that don’t put her in the media spotlight. I think she likes the filming process, not the promotion.

            If Rob likes her, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt until a personal experience changes my mind!

        • RB,

          UC and Moon are being sarcastic. If all they said was, “Rob is so hot….blah, blah, blah,” there would be no one posting here.

          Where else are we gonna go to hear how Rob wonders if the BAFTA award/mask would scare tomstu? Priceless.


          • I know, I know.

  46. “wow his hair looks like a limp dick took a walk in the rain”

    I knew this post was going to be WIN as soon as I read that.

    His hotness meter is leaning in the hot mess zone but come on ladies, don’t let these pics mess up the fantasy. Who wouldn’t love to shove him back on a bed, straddle him, and reach over to the nightstand drawer and pull out the….tweezers? Lint roller for the dandruff? Heineken flavored lip balm? It could get really kinky when you pull that battery operated nose hair trimmer. Oh snap!

    I do wish he had just parted it on the side and maybe slicked it back and gone for that Madman kind of thing.

  47. Anyone knows who his PR was? Blond lady dressed in black with yellow dress.
    I thought I saw her for the NM premiere and thought she was working for the UK distributor, but then why would she be at the BAFTA’s? Probably working for an agency or in free-lance, dunno.

    • @ Minuit Passe:
      Re: Woman in Yellow & Black:

      She’s could either be Steffanie Ritz, or Robbie’s new personal PR person (the one who shut down the interview Rob had with some DJ in Los Angeles last year)… –“No questions about Rob and Kristen, NONE allowed”… .. bla bla.

      This woman’s seen at premier’s and all the usual places.. part of Robbies “Vagina entourage” …. (we’ll call it).

      • Nope, not an American PR, not the one from the LA premiere and not Stephanie Ritz.
        She’s from London and I’m pretty sure she’s a PR and just wanted to know what agency she was working for and stuff. Tweed serious question.

        • are you on a trail?

          • yes i have a lil’ black book in which I note everything. Ha. NO!!! Just have a good sense of observation for things that interest me.

            And UC& Moon, I dare you to find out who that lady is (working for). OK, I’m begging you!

  48. “Moon: Apple obviously doesn’t care about our narcissistic generation. APPLE thanks for nothing”

    LMFAO! so true. It’s impossible. don’t know how he managed that pickshure. I would be embarrassed to make him go thru that in that short amount of time.

    ——His hair reminds me when I was little and thought a lock of hair over my forehead looked like a supermodel’s cover shoot, so i’d leave it to take a pic. Then i’d realize I looked like a total blotted idiot. sigh.

    Dear Rob,

    It’s ok. You’re OUR model…. coughwhenyouplayEdwardCullencough* Just don’t stop your hair mannerism. It actually worked! I can tell you try to stop yourself from running your fingers through it! You stop at your forehead. I wanna sit on the person who told you to stop (was it Kstew? I WIILL SIT ON HER TILL SHE FARTS!). JUST DO IT, OK? Gosh.

    love, a very concerned fan who loves your mannerism,

    • Can you take a picture of when you’re sitting on Kstew until she farts? Please?

      • Gladly. Panoramic HQ or polaroid?

  49. I actually was grateful for these not-so-hot pics of Rob. They help knock him off that pedestal I’ve put him on and remind me that he is in fact human and not a god. Rob has bad hair days just like the rest of us!

    “flog molly” “flogging molly” haha! love them.

    Here is a link that may answer who “janny” is.

    Great post!

  50. Isn’t Jenny the makeup artist of twilight and now also bel ami?
    Or did I mix up something here?

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