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How I fell for Rob (is there a pattern here?)

Continuing with our “How I fell for Rob” series, we’re featuring a letter from Jena- one of our forum mods who has become a friend! And because Jena mentions her favorite early interviews of Rob in her letter, I’ve linked to them all to give you something to re-watch this Sunday afternoon. You’re welcome!

What do you mean I look dead?

Dear Rob,

Once upon a time there was a 29 year old, oh, that’s me, who was sitting in her bedroom going through magazines that were piled on the floor…..And the story begins.

I subscribe to like 11 magazines. True story. I get so many and never read them right away so they usually just get thrown for when I have time. So I’m going through magazines that have piled up and I find the Entertainment Weekly magazine with you and Kristen Stewart on the cover. The first one of them that came out where your shirt is all open, you look kinda dead, and she’s got an apple in her hand. First I go “oh….that’s Kristen Stewart.” I knew her from “The Messengers” and “Panic Room”. I liked her as an actress. Then I see the apple and I’m like “wtf is that in her hand for?” Then I see you….and I’m like “who’s this guy?” But it was a “who’s this guy?” meaning I was not really into you. Then I saw the heading and thought “Twilight, what’s Twilight?” Yes, it’s true, I had not heard about this. And then I saw the word “vampire” and it grabbed my attention because I LOOOOVE vampire stories and movies. So I then ran to one of my online yahoogroups that I belong to and mentioned this to which my friend Janey said “yes, that is the book that I was telling everyone about a while back”….I had spaced this. You see, I don’t read. I read magazines and that’s about it. If I start a book it takes me a year to finish it. Ok, so back to you….That cover of EW is not a flattering shot of you at all imo. Doesn’t even look like you. I feel bad saying this but as a fan I believe honesty is good so there you go. You have permission to diss me on something.*** I thought you weren’t that good looking….dun dun dun….insert horrific cries and shocks and dropping jaws now. And I even said “why did they get this guy? Why didn’t they go with someone more popular?” I didn’t know who you were. (Keep in mind that I never want to discuss the fact that I thought that ever again because it makes me want to cry that I thought that). I was not one of those fans who did the online petition to stop you from being hired and I did not speak badly of you, I just didn’t see the appeal. Also keep in mind that I’m only basing that feeling from that EW shot. I’m not judgmental but really that photo did not attract me. Now, however, I feel awful about that. Really awful about that and I now think sun rays follow you wherever you walk and I’m convinced that love dust sprinkles out of your shoes and if you listen really closely I’m sure that a choir of angels live in your hair.*** Just sayin’.

That first swoon....

So then I bought Twilight in late summer, read it, started falling in love with it, falling in love with Edward, could not put the book down, saw the film in November and am incredibly passionate about the series. But it’s the little things you did that brought Edward to life. The cafeteria smirk made me moan out loud, and the up close eyes shot in Biology made me gasp and the way you say the “what exactly was that?” line had me at hello. It took me about 1.799 seconds to fall in love with you and I decided to research you….

I you-tubed the heck out of you. I think the first interview I saw was the one, then the Variety interview from the couch and the fun interview you did in Canada with Rachelle…..(moment of silence for her please)……where you play the picture game. And then the Elvis Duran interview. And I LOVE the interview you do with Haley from Paramore. I love listening to your conversation because you talk about everything and anything and there was never a conversation lull, which tells me that you would be a good one for a conversation.

Read Jena’s list of everything she loves about Rob & agree with her after the jump!


Here’s where I realize you carry what is extremely hard to find in a man. That adorable ability to be adorable and a dork one second and turn around and be incredibly sexy and brooding the next. And you’re British- gotta love the accent! I found you adorable to listen to and to watch because you would answer anything and whatever you were thinking is what flew out of your mouth. No BSing, no filter, and was totally honest and unphased. You have a hilarious sense of humor and aren’t afraid to laugh at yourself. And I love how your voice changes in conversation with emotion, even that has personality. I can’t help but watch interviews with a dumb ass grin on my face and laugh throughout while wanting to meet you out back behind a dumpster at the same time.*** You’re also incredibly adorable and sexy and you don’t see it. You also don’t give yourself the proper credit you deserve. I appreciate your humbleness and how none of your sudden fame gave you a big head. You seem well rounded and come from a good place surrounded by the right people. After reading about your life and career and seeing that you’re still best friends with people you’ve been friends with since you were young makes you loyal and I found that admirable. When you smile and your eyes squint shut and your mouth opens wide into that gorgeous smile and you laugh…..everything is right in the world. I also adore a man who is musically talented. Music is something I’m really passionate about and when you sing you can hear the passion and emotion in your voice. Plus there is something so sexy to me about a man’s hand on a piano or guitar. Swoon! I also love how you sew your shirts up when they get holes in them. You obviously now have millions but refuse to buy new clothes. Love it! Things that I wouldn’t normally think cute things about like sewing up shirt holes, wearing stained shirts in public, admitting your about to shit your pants in an acceptance speech, microwaving a carrot, borrowing a best friend’s sweaty shirt to wear to an awards show because your clothes are dirty, hoodie wearing, I find all endearing.

So along with being a fan of your acting, the “acute fondness” has also transferred over to you as a person. I’m doing things as a 30 year old that I did back in the days when I was wearing slap bracelets, playing mash and ratting my hair bangs, and that’s……buying things like Bop and Tiger Beat*** at the grocery store and not thinking twice or feeling like the doofus that I am at the checkout counter when I do it, just because you’re featured along with Twilight related topics. True story. I hung a 5 foot long poster of you as Edward on my bedroom door***, which has now been replaced by the New Moon poster in which my sister asked me if I was 14. I’ve bought things at Hot Topic. I record all media shows and have a collection of interview dvds. I have key chains and desktop wallpapers.*** I see things at the grocery store like hot pockets and heineken and I get the giggles.*** If anyone mentions a dumpster my head goes immediately to you.*** (I realize all of these things sound creepy but uh….yeah, I admit to them).

And now I’m a fan of blogs and check them religiously, I log into LTR and LTT and the forum first thing when I get to work in the morning. Obviously you can see where my priorities lie.*** I go on vacation and get withdrawals from not knowing what’s going on.****  I have met some amazing people who I now call incredible friends, who I talk to on a daily basis and it’s all because of you, Rob!
So I have UC, Moon, Janey who turned me onto Twilight, and you, Rob to thank for that!

❤ all your faces!


Yours in hot pockets and microwave parties,

(***notes ‘I’m not crazy, I’m just sarcastic with an acute fondness’)

Doesn’t’ it fell like there’s a pattern with these letters by now? Girl never heard of Twilight; Girl finds out about Rob; Girl thinks Rob is “meh”; Girl sees Twilight; Girl obsessed over Rob; Girl proves why he deserves to be obsessed over! Is YOUR story any different?

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  1. Jena <3,you had me at….."to watch interviews with a dumb ass grin on my face"
    sounds familiar to me….lol
    Love you Rob!

  2. Dear Jena, ***we note that you’re not crazy, just sarcastic with an acute fondness!

    ‘I now think sun rays follow you wherever you walk and I’m convinced that love dust sprinkles out of your shoes and if you listen really closely I’m sure that a choir of angels live in your hair’.

    Well, maybe just a little, tiny bit crazy. But that’s normal here.


    • It’s true that that choir lives in his hair….I harmonize with them all the time! LOL!

  3. OMG This is me!!!! Didn’t know who he was, didn’t think he was “Precious”, didn’t know what Twilight was (GASP) Don’t get vklempt on me, and he walked into that cafetria and DAYUM!!!

    I teach, my 5th grade girls bring me in all kinds of “Precious” posters. I have them all over the wall behind my desk. I am waiting for the superintendent to come in and look at me with that; “I think a intervention is needed look”.

    • Can I enroll in the 5th grade? I wanna be in YOUR class!

  4. Dear Jena,
    we know you are not crazy honey. You are amazing!
    And this letter? Brought back soooo many memories for me.

    And can I have a ‘yeah’ for all “How I fell for Rob” – letters so far? I just love this category!

    Me is totally uber hyper active today (blame it on Rob. I do.)

  5. Hah! I break the pattern 🙂
    Always was attracted to Rob, heard about Twilight, saw it. Read the books. Saw it again. Obsessed w/ Rob.

  6. ‘I also love how you sew your shirts up when they get holes in them.’

    I still have a really difficult time imagining him…..sewing (yes, badly, with the wrong color thread, but….)

    I need a pic

    • a pic or a video? lol

      • I think he sews with a crumpled up frowny brow & the tip of his tongue sticking out of his mouth.

        • Haha! Yes, that’s probably the image. But my questions remains, why, how??? How did it occur to him to do that? Hi brain must be a really interesting place.

          • “His brain must be a really interesting place.” If the brain is truly the best sex organ, then I want to couple Rob’s brain with Rob’s Big In Japan and throw in a little cheap liquor for fun. Let’s set a play date Rob???

          • You’ve got the correct combination there!

          • THUMBS UP!

        • “I think he sews with a crumpled up frowny brow & the tip of his tongue sticking out of his mouth.”

          Best comment ever! I can totally picture this!

  7. Anyone excited for the BAFTAS tonight. Can’t wait for tuxRob.

    Maybe he’ll go commando again and there will be more evidence that Rob is big in Japan.

    • wow lol…WIN!! hahahaha!!!!

      I hope the live stream works….live-Rob is best Rob!

    • i’m so excited probably i’ll watch red carpet from bbcnews but not sure about award show
      just can’t wait and don’t know why but i’m wondering about hair more that tux

    • hahahaha
      never happens around KStew. I wonder why.

      • I was going to say ‘maybe she blows him backstage right before they go on & that’s why’, but that would be too controversial. So I won’t.

        • Too late!

          • I think I blew it.

          • haahaa I think that BJ pic was a BIG source of inspiration.

        • i was also thinking of some answer involving toilets but then i liked the idea of Stephanie or Tom turning him on more the KStew.

          • Same here MP, haha. Esp. TomStu. Btw, are we still knitting those sweaters for the eternal love of the both of them??? 😉

      • MP- I consider today a ‘pass’ and my ref today (and yesterday) was kinda lame. With the current scoring system. we are tied in the technical portion of the competition, but you are ahead in the artistic impression portion of the competition (Rob BIJ napkins for the sparkle peen cake- high artistic impression marks).

        Rematch tomorrow?

        • haha I love your serious notation system!!! don’t know my schedule for tomorrow but don’t wait for me, everybody will appreciate.

          • Everyone, please join in the ‘who can work in a ref to Rob’s bing ‘big in Japan’ friendly competition. Its for laughs.

            Currently MP and I are tied at +29 min after the daily blog is posted for the ref (technical portion of the score) and MP is ahead with a better, more funny ref (artistic impression score).

            Repeat: its for fun and laughs.

          • We are talking about Rob and MP says “don’t wait for me” Best I can tell it’s every woman for herself when Rob is concerned.

          • haha..this BIJ Rob did bad things to both!!!
            and you’re both very funny!

        • Let’s break this down for the Church this morning/afternoon. 1) Rob is Gorgeous 2) Has great hair 3) As drsaka pointed out, a great brain
          4) good muscian 5)British accent 6) Oh, and yeah, he is an excellent actor 7)Let’s not forget the self deprecation and sense of humor 8)Did I mention HAWT?? 9)Really long legs and last BOOM 10) BIG IN JAPAN

          • Great summation, snapped! Just add in adorkable, please!

          • Duly noted draska!

    • I finally got to see a close up of commando Rob recently.
      Drsaka, for my sanity and out of respect for BIJ, I hope he wears some of his new underpants.

      • maybe, he did buy quite a few at M&S, didn’t he? So is there a pic out there of Rob-commando-at the Oscars? I’m only aware of the BIJ pic that you aleted me to. Please send info if there is!!!!

        • Someone posted a link to the bulge on Robsessed during the NB’s drunken party. I didn’t save it but I’ll find it for you when I can.

        • You’re sounding very eager drsaka. 😉

          • Yes, and you aren’t???????

          • No, ofcourse not, couldn’t care less. I’m allergic…hahaha…

        • Yep, I have seen the commando tuxRob. While it is so very fine and, I do hope to see it again tonight, BIJ takes the sparklepeen cake!!

        • Drsaka…sent you the pic 🙂

          • got it thanks! snapped is right, ‘BIJ takes the sparklepeen cake!!’. but Rob commando at the Oscars is very inspirational too.

          • This man is all’inspiring..I’d say!!!!

          • Robgirl, you had the goods? You’ve been holding out on us 😀

          • Jules, ??? 🙂

          • Yes, hun?
            Send me pic too? Please and thank you.

      • Say it ain’t so Jules!!! Say it ain’t so!!! Save those underpants when he is *hangin* with TomStu or Kstew. I do not want to look at him tonight and imagine him in those boxerbriefs. When I undress him out of that tux, I do not want to see underpants!!!

        • Snapped, there is only so much I can take!
          I’m full to capacity, close to overload on the pretty.
          I may explode like a fembot!

          • Is that an awesome ref to Austin Powers and to The Bionic Woman (years and years before AP)?

          • Explode like a Fembot! Too funny!!! You will be verifiable proof for spontaneous combustion. I know he makes me explode till I am a little wet spot on the carpet. My husband walked in on me fantasizing about Rob the other day and completely caught me off guard. I wirrled around and he said”What are you looking so guilty about?” I really have to be more careful about the volume of the panting and groaning.

          • Defintely Austin Powers. haha
            I’ve haven’t seen Bionic Woman.

  8. Doesn’t’ it fell like there’s a pattern with these letters by now? Girl never heard of Twilight; Girl finds out about Rob; Girl thinks Rob is “meh”; Girl sees Twilight; Girl obsessed over Rob; Girl proves why he deserves to be obsessed over! Is YOUR story any different?

    yes yes yes always same old story

  9. Great letter – same for me it was all a blur till the first strut into the cafeteria ” who is that ” quotes Bella. Uh yeah who is that !!!!!

    Really looking forward to the BAFTA’s tonight – but worried about how to stop a fangirl squeal escaping in front of ‘im indoors who has no idea of the depth of my acute fondness, might be time to fess up !!!!

    • yeh that was my first time seeing him strutting into the cafeteria and i was like who the f is this??!!
      and i remember my sister plagued me to watch twilgiht cos she was reading the books at the time and i thought it sounded so stupid. but one night out of boredem i watch it. i often wonder what it would be like if i didn’t see it!

  10. I break the pattern. Never been a Twi fan, never read the book (partialy because I’m probably more snobbish about literature than Rob). Saw an interview with him and KStew and said to self “great here goes Highschool Musical 2”. Thought they were teeny and stupid and 0 sense of humour plus KStew mentally retarded.
    And then months and months later I had the bad idea to watch one of Rob’s interviews. And stopped watching him on You tube the next morning, because I had to go to the office. And then my life was RUINED.

    • well, same here for the books (I read only the parts with Edward…lol), so no Twi fan, the interviews ruined me as well, not for one night, for a week or so…BUT anyway….the result is the same , RUINED! 🙂

    • Yep, ruined is right. I read the books first- I was bored one day and picked out Twilight at the drug store. Did the publishing house fire all the editors just prior to this book? Wow, but the story was compelling and then came the interviews, that voice, and the DVD commentary- ruined is right.

      • the commentary is sooo funny, I never watched the film anymore, but sometimes I listen to the quotes!!!

    • Ruined – good choice of word, Min.
      I find myself relating the oddest things to Rob, like: sleep, thread, car crashes, micowaves, hair, dirt, booze, dead cats, clown cars, couches, cupcakes, sparkles, shrunken balls, pants, nakedness…

      • everything can be related back to Rob! I think its one of the definitions of insanity- endless mental loops. Or are we just loopy?

        • I think we’re loopy, but that’s okay, we can’t be help it, it’s all Rob’s fault…

  11. Jena, your letter had me at hello…,
    we ❤ you almost as much as we heart him, & we now realise how much we owe Janey, without who we may never have had our daily news flashes & Youtube links, we are acutely fond of u !

    Bioward , smirkward, good, good times,…Roll on Eclipseward (twss) !!

    • I love your avi Robzanne! you guys make such a cute couple! Jealous!!

    • Robzanne, I heart you just as much as I heart him to! XO

  12. I did appreciate her moment of silence for Rachelle. I think it really stinks that Summit would replace her with Bryce. With Rach we saw some fun interviews. Bryce wants to tell us Robs dental regime.

    • also thought that girl was smart and funny. and beautiful.

      • Agreed. In that leaked Eclipse pic of her trying to twist Rob’s head off she didn’t do it for me at all.

    • I like Rachelle, she’s beautiful! She was the real female eye-catcher in Twilight!

      • It is too bad that she was replaced.

        • Rachelle was a great Victoria!

      • couldn’t agree more

  13. Since I am a Harry Potter fan, I kind of knew him as the guy who played Cedric, but the love didn’t come until I heard about Twilight read all 4 books in a week, obsessed over every interview he was in and then came the cafeteria seen that sealed the deal.

    So essentially our stories are all the same and I found my home here at LTR with all you lovely ladies!!!

    • “scene” not seen

    • hahaha, that’s exactly what happened to me! The first time I saw the trailer for Twilight, I had no clue about the books. I just knew ‘the guy who played Cedric’ was now playing a vampire. And Kstew…I didn’t even know her even though I had seen ‘Into The Wild’ by then…
      But then, after I watched Twilight and then saw the Vanity Fair photos, I was sold!

  14. I just thought Rob was cute in Twilight. Nothing spectacular. Never heard of him before. Didn’t know he was British. Then came the Twilight commentary. Been “ruined” (excellent word choice, Minuit) ever since. That sexy British voice did me in. Then came the interviews on youtube and then there was no going back to life as I knew it before Rob. I’m hopeless…

  15. “If anyone mentions a dumpster my head goes immediately to you.”

    Oh, Jena, I love you and you know it.
    Using words “head” and “dumpster” in the same sentence is just priceless.
    And … slap bracelets – for the MF win!

    • I love you to….and dumpsters….and microwaves….and slap bracelets! LOL!

  16. I swooned a little when I saw him smile as Cedric but couldn’t care enough to know his real name. Then I saw Twilight .. Ka boom… The stalking online begin

    • haha..I think ..”Ka boom” is the SOUND of “ruined”.

      • Exactly hon 🙂

  17. Before I got *involved* with the Twi saga and ruined by Rob, I saw an interview with Tay Tay going on about Team Jacob and some 40 year old woman wanting him to autograph her underwear. In my must judgmental tone I pronounced this to be most disgusting. Then, I saw Rob. While I still believe Tay is off limits even though he IS 18, I would so *Rob* the cradle. Would not care for 1.7666 seconds what anyone thought about it.

  18. So sorry haven’t posted for a few days – have been super busy working. My obsession started by checking out MUSE (love their music) on Youtube and noticed they were involved with Twilight. A couple of interviews with Rob was included there and I watched…….BIG MISTAKE (or not….) which led me to one of Biels (I think) earliest videos which included pics of a photoshoot at the roof of a building where Rob wears tight, tight jeans, a hoodie and a black leather jacket!!!!! That was it…..stuck……those pic just sent me over the deep end and I haven’t managed to stop looking at him since then. Not a huge Twilight fan (though I have read the books and watched the movie…….only because I get to see Rob…..) I am also a celebrity “virgin” – have never been interested in the beautiful and famous people. NEVER looked up an actor once……until Rob!!!!! In the beginning I was wondering if I was sick, or maybe going mad…….now I know different because of all the lovly ladies here!!!! It’s ALL normal!!

    (drsaka- yes I am accepting to moderate that site… it will be my pleasure!ha!) and now I’m off to cook dinner…….

    • I’ll let you know when I get it off the ground, so to speak. Rob still hasn’t called me 😦

      • He was too busy looking for the perfect tux for tonight. Just saying…

        • Where are his priorities??????

          • They’re all mixed up…

    • I can definately relate to that , I decided to give Twilight a chance after a youtube friend sent me a video by my favorite band “The Killers” , they recorded “White Demon Love Song” , for the New Moon soundtrack. Yep! I’m fairly new to this crazyness 🙂 And of course, I LOVED the song, and that’s how I was introduced to his Hawtness:) I thought that Edward was cute, but most of all, I loved the intensity and complexity of his love . His smile and hairstyle did it for me . I never wanted to give into the Twilight hype, I don’t consider myself a sheep when it comes to trends of any kind. I don’t personally love the books, although I liked twilight , the fact that a woman was directing it made a huge difference! via youtube a found Biel , that told me that I wasn’t crazy, that there’s actually a place where I could go and share my insanity and finally feel normal again. Since then , I mostly lurk.. and you do make me feel I’m normal to some extent:)
      ❤ to all

  19. Great letter Jena! That adorkable, yet sexy and British gift to mankind. What’s not to love?

  20. Cath, RG and SB, you guys were talking the other day about how raunchy Robessed got. Today there is a blog about the “free for all friday’ The entire blog for that day was deleted. I know I can get a bit over the top with some of my comments. PLEASE keep me in check. My intention is never meant to offend.

    • The entire day got deleted!! Wow. It was too raunchy for me, so I left.

    • I just read the comment by Gozde. She’s right; it was out of control. Suggestive is the way to go.

      • Where did you read that comment drsaka? Can’t find it.

        • It’s on robsessed…scroll down…I read it right now…and she is right, show a little respect, I didn’t read the whole comments..but there were some really bad comments about some parts of him!

    • Those must’ve been some very frustrated gals…
      Show a little class please.

      • RIGHT! I was searching for some sarcasm, but there wasn’t…it was only vomit and nothing else, Gozde did good to delete it!!! Who wants to know this stuff? ME not!

        • Yeah RG, a case of too much information. There are other sites for that.

        • Yup, like I said the other day, it was too raunchy for me.
          I don’t want to know the details of people’s Robsex fantasies.

          Gozde, Kate and Kat do a great job with the blog. It’s just some of the posters that are nuts!

          • Yeah, and still there was someone suggesting that they put up a WOMEN ONLY section on there for the adults. And then?
            Then they would completely go crazy over there, like everyday.
            Some things are better off kept private. They really are.

  21. Awesome letter Jena! My thoughts exactly!! I thought the exact same way! The Ellen interview from last year just made my heart skip! And I also loved the Rachelle interview! How he was saying his shirt was musty! I’d give anything to smell it and give my two “scents”! ha!

    • Notice it is the same shirt as in the recent Remember Me clip intros? Good to know the shirt is still going strong!

  22. Awesome letter Jena! My thoughts exactly!! I thought the exact same way! The Ellen interview from last year just made my heart skip! And I also loved the Rachelle interview! How he was saying his shirt was musty! I’d give anything to smell it and give my two “scents”! ha!
    Also do u think Rob and Kstew are hanging out before the awards? or is he with that “mysterious redhead”?

  23. Sorry about the double post, my computer is slow today

  24. Great letter, Jena! You just about summed it up. I can’t wait to finally meet you in NY next week where we can compare our passion in person.
    ❤ you

  25. Jena, after all the time we spend in the flat together, it was FUN reading your story of how your discovered Twilight and Rob. HEART you!

    I love that you feel like crying when you think about not thinking Rob was hot at first. but don’t feel bad….that EW cover did NOT capture the true hotness of Rob!

    • I do…I feel like crying when I think back to that day where I was like “wtf?” LOL!

      Heart you to!

  26. I saw the EW cover after I fell for Rob, so I wasn’t put off Rob by it. They did manage to take the only truly BAD picture of Rob in existence-and they chose it for their cover. Well done, EW.

    I know there are other pics of Rob that vie for the title of Worst Rob Pic but to me this wins hands down. It’s a professional photo for god’s sake! and it doesn’t even look like Rob. Maybe Rob in drag.

    Other than that, Jena, your letter could have been written by me (or any number of LTR ladies, I’d bet).

    • “Other than that, Jena, your letter could have been written by me (or any number of LTR ladies, I’d bet).”

      yeh it was pretty much an accurate description of my downward spiral!!
      thanks UC for linking those interviews!! (that my afternoon of study gone out the window!)

  27. just seen anna kendrick on the red carpet:)

    • Which channel Che?

      • Oh, I see it, BBC News, watching now! Thanks!

        • sorry just seen that too.
          still waiting for ROB 🙂

  28. That really WAS a bad cover, haha. What were they thinking/drinking when they chose that one?

  29. Robert Pattinson word of the day:


    p.s. Loved your letter, Jena and thanks for the link to Elvis Duran interview.

  30. and there is Kstew 😀

  31. Something strapless, lila…Not black? Wow!
    Points to K!

    • Not lila, beige, but okay, it’s not black. She was quite nice on the red carpet interview, quite coherent. Her hair was still kinda terrible though. LOL at that she said that she mostly had been in London things Twilight related. Uhm, okay KStew, things Twilight related…LOL.

  32. “I now think sun rays follow you wherever you walk and I’m convinced that love dust sprinkles out of your shoes and if you listen really closely I’m sure that a choir of angels live in your hair.”

    I love Jena. ❤

    • It’s true you know! LOL! ❤

  33. And there’s Rob! In a tux!

    • God i love this man

  34. UC & Moon, I just woke up and it was a lovely surprise to see my letter posted! Thank you! 🙂

    Yeah, that cafeteria walk/smerk/glance knocked me on my thudded ass at first sight!

    • oo.. is that u jena?it seems i didn’t notice your name beside your avatar
      really really lovely letter and express almost all of us’ feelings &experiences

    • Great letter Jena! I could totally relate!

  35. Isee him……I see him, so incredible cute………hair is a little wet, like he just got out of the shower. Loooooooong sideburns, very “Bel Ami” – boy I love him so much!!!!!

    • Very Bel Ami, that hair. Very ohlala! Good man. And he kept on signing autographs. Ignoring the minders who were with him. Got to love him!

      • that’s why i was wondering his hair,just Duroy:)
        is anybody watching the show?

        • The show will be on at 10PM on BBC1, in my country at last.
          In the US at 8pm est. And there’s a livestream, was posted on Robsessed I think.

  36. For all of you who haven’t seen him on the red carpet:

  37. Lovely letter!
    Reminds me of myself..
    You know how they say “Life begins at 40?”

    For me its “Life begins with Rob”

    We’re not human beings having a Rob moment, we’re Rob beings having a human moment!

  38. Ahhhhhh…Thanks for that Cath…I can replay and replay and replay…

    That Rob is such a good guy…signing away and always so cheerful, but mostly that smile…Killer!!!!!

    Heart is racing now…

    Excuse me, while I go replay…

  39. I just got around to reading this Jena –sorry, BAFTARob was distracting me! It’s fun to know how this all started for you. You know I love you long time, anyone who doesn’t get to talk to you daily on the forum is missing out! 🙂 I can’t WAIT to spend 4 days in NY with you!
    p.s. I hear the angel choir too.

  40. ” When you smile and your eyes squint shut and your mouth opens wide into that gorgeous smile and you laugh…..everything is right in the world.”

    So true.. and what a funny letter Jena!

  41. shhhh amoment of silence for Rachelle…
    ok, I totally would fake les with her, Gah, I love her as Victoria and I hope BDH can pull it off!

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