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Who cares about Valentine’s Day? We’ve got Rob in Bel Ami pictures

Dear Rob,

I was all ready to write you a lovely Valentine’s Day letter full of fluff and hearts and x’s and o’s AND THEN I saw pictures from the set of Bel Ami with you in some period wardrobe looking all sorts of HOT. And I thought EF Valentine’s Day! That’s for losers, let’s talk some Bel Ami. And besides doesn’t that mean like “good friend” or something, that can be Valentines-ish. So of course I had to IM UC to see what she thought of the new pics and it went something sorta like this…

Man's best friend eh? HA they'll eat this shiz up!

Moon: DUDE he looks cute, right? And he’s with a dog. this is my kryptonite
UC: i mean semi better than the one with the toliet paper
Moon: This is like porn for Jane Austen fans
UC: i dunno. period dudes don’t make me wanna merv
Moon: DUDE im dying

Tally-ho to the stables!

Moon: THAT will be my end. Rob in some sort of regency period shit would be my undoing

I wonder if this porta-potty has toliet paper?

Moon: UGH the smile, the cig the porta potty
UC: i love you. i was underwhelmed by these pics. He looks like mr. darcy here
Moon: ill be overwhelmed for you cause i have a THING for mr darcy types. like pretty bad. I may or may not write pride & prejudice fan fic
UC: OMG write some FF based on these set pics
Moon: like “I’m utterly and totally bewitched by you, Mr. Pattinson” type stuff?
UC: Yea like…  “then he moved the chamber pot from the foot of my bed and began to undress. He undid his top button, then the next, then the buttons at his wrists. 20 minutes later his jacket was off
Moon: Later that day when he mounted his steed I caught a glimpse of his snow white ankle and I swooned. My lady had to bring the smelling salts to revive me.
UC: After he came back from the township he decided to remove his pants and then his shoes, and when he took them off and removed his triple thick pair of wool socks, the stench was so overwhelming I wished he would move the chamber pot back
Moon: Good hygiene, once lost, is lost forever. Good thing, my lady had left the smelling salts with me because the hideous odor made my eyes water. He mistook my watering eyes for tears and he rushed to my side. He told me Moon, you have bewitched me, body, soul and I love… love love love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day forth. And if you are amiable will you be with me forever?

OH Mr. Darcy... I mean Mr. Pattinson

Then in honor of Ms Austen who I’m sure would be a Rob fan if she was still alive today:

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good head of hair and a brooding stare, must be in want of a legion of crazed fangirls.”

Ah yes Rob, nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day to me like a good Ascot! I’m sure you understand.

Happy Valentine’s Day Ladies!

Ok spill it, you know you love some Pride and Prejudice! And what do we think of men in period garb? Men and dogs? Spill? Any Valentine’s Day plans?


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  1. MOON: ‘This is like porn for Jane Austen fans’

    omg, you say that in a way that sounds totes non-normal…FYI:: these pics are my dream come true…I have been saying it for many months now….I would LOVE to see Rob as Mr. Darcy…and this was it! Happy Vaelentine’s to ME!!!

    Dear Rob,
    Without giving me anything you have given me EVERYTHING.
    I ❤ U

    wow I scare myself sometimes lol

    • MOON: I love you, most ARDENTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg, I was die if Rob played Mr. Darcy….

      • “you have bewitched me, body, soul and I love… love love love you”

        That is the exact moment in that movie that I pretty much swoon TO DEATH.

        • How about right before this when Darcy is crossing the field in the early morning to go to Elizabeth to tell her what you said above and Elizabeth is waiting for him? At first, all you can see is the white of his shirt. This part of the scene killed me.
          (the KK-MM production).

          • That scene killed me, too!!!!!!!

          • The anticipation is the best.

          • That movie is one of my favorites of all time. I own it, and yet, every time it comes on TV I MUST watch it. My hubs just rolls his eyes and walks out of the room so he doesnt have to watch me sniffle and sigh. That scene is one of the most beautiful scenes in the world. The lighting and colors are so dream like and then suddenly there is Mr. Darcy… *sigh*… I may have to youtube it now…

          • I love that scene too… and the music is perfect, the piano just translates the mood so perfectly, so fully. Sigh.

          • I love that scene and my heart feels like it’s gonna explode out of my chest each time I see it. Sigh.

          • What if “The Precious” played the piano like the music in P&P?

            Dayum, now that is hot!!!!!

            Sitting on the bench, those fingers, those……..

        • I love when he helps her into the carriage and then as he walks away they do the close up of his hand and how he moves it!! And then at that stone gazebo thing in the rain and they’re soaking wet…. Wait, where am I?? Letters to Matthew MacFayden? SwooN!

          • AAHHHH. the stone gazebo scene. swoooooonnnn. I love me some pride and predujice. and you know any female who loves both pride and predudice AND Rob has already envisioned him in that role. Now we’ve got that vision.
            Rob looks delicious here.

          • u can write one, i’ll love to read.i like Matthew macfadyen

          • I once memorized their whole conversation at the stone gazebo. People used to fight so beautifully in the 18th century (or so Jane Austen would have us believe…)

            “From the moment I met you your arrogant conceit and selfish disdain for the feelings of others have made me realize you are the last man on earth I could ever be prevailed upon to marry!”
            Imagine squabbling with the boyfriend with such phrases…

        • Squeeeeeee!!!!

    • Do I have to be the Debbie Downer of the company? Apparently so…Damn!
      Bel Ami most likely takes place in the period between 1870-1885, while Pride & Prejudice (and Austen’s others novels) takes place in 1795 and onwards.
      I will be bold enough to say that the costumes we see Rob in for Bel Ami, has nothing to do with Mr. Darcy’s Regency clothing… Sorry ladies!
      But I do love Rob in the outfit, I’m a sucker for suspenders and waist-coats, and as Mr. Darcy so finely put it in the book (not the movie, which I also love):
      “In vain have I struggled. It will not do, my feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you”.

      • Glad it was you that got the nerd award, not me. I only THOUGHT “historical inaccuracy” and zipped my pendantic lips.

        • That’s pedantic, to you pedants. They’re also pendulous, but that’s another matter altogether.

          • none of us here are old enough to be concerned with ‘pendulous’ (for the women, anyway).

      • im not saying bel ami takes place in regecy times, but it is a period piece. im just saying his outfit in that one picture made me think of mr darcy.

  2. He looks so f*ckhawt in these pics!

    I spent most of yesterday drooling over them. Didn’t get a damn thing else done all day!

    • It was so nice to see him again (without the massive beard!).

      UC – I think the reason you might be “underwhelmed” is because of his hair. That’s the only thing that I didn’t love about these pictures.

      I miss the sex hair!

      • Ah, but since its a bit tamed, don’t you just want to mess it up??

        • Yeah drsaka, I was thinking I’d like to get him behind that big truck he’s walking in front of and get my fingers in that hair and do some dreadfully naughty things to him….

          • There might be a dumpster around there somewhere

          • Always possible I suppose, but if not I guess I could improvise. Behind the porta potty would do in a pinch…

          • Just realized that’s probably his trailer, not a truck. But ok, that would work too..

    • Me too! My house is a disaster!

  3. “I may or may not write Pride & Prejudice fan fic.”

    That was the moment I fell in love with Moon.

    Good call on the Mr. Darcy look-a-like. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. I was too mesmorized by the dog sniffing his crotch!

    • Thank you. I thought I was the only one who thought that dog was getting a little up close and personal with Rob’s junk.

      • and not only the dog this week here…lol

      • That’s just proof that everyone wants to get up close and personal with Rob’s junk.

  4. OMG!! I thought .. perfect timing! These pictures are so satisfying .. YUMMY! Lucky for me , I won’t need the “smelling salts” I’m kind of congested , LOL bring on the Animal Sex !!!

  5. “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good head of hair and a brooding stare, must be in want of a legion of crazed fangirls”.

    A more potent truth was never told.

    • Truth!

    • Oh Drsaka, you said it!

    • RPatz is the Mr. Darcy of this generation. And by this generation, I mean all living breathing women right now.

  6. “Good hygiene, once lost, is lost forever.”


    I love me some Jane Austen – so much so that I’ve been to about 4 of the locations for the Keira Knightley/Matthew Macfadyen Pride & Prejudice movie dotted around the lovely English countryside. In fact, somewhere on Facebook is a picture of me standing next to THAT BUST.

    I told you all I was a set stalker…

    • I had a feeling that Mr. Darcy would show up on here today!

      Matthew Macfadyen is my all time fav Mr. Darcy…though RP could so play that part, he’s got that shy arrogance and penetrating stare that is so part of Mr. Darcy (or rather my idea of Mr. Darcy)

      Pride and Prejudice one of my all time fav books…..I fell in love with Mr. Darcy when I was about 9 years old!

      Anybody seen that great BBC adaptation ‘Lost in Austen’…..funny and brilliant re-telling of P&P. Love the idea of a modern girl swapping places with Miss E. Bennet and then truly fecking up the plot!

      • Never seen that adaptation… was it a tv series? Can you get it on dvd? I’m basically a sucker for anything P&P related…

        • Yep it’s BBC TV at its best……It was a four parter, at first I wasn’t sure, I mean this is P&P you’re fucking with you can’t fuck with P&P, but seriously it’s the best, if you love P&P you’ll love this. She [Miss Price] manages to really mess up the story. One of my fav parts is when Miss. Price must entertain Darcy and the Bennets and ends up singing ‘down town’ by Petula Clark…classic embarrassment.

          Cannot recommend this enough.

      • I saw bits of it. Surfing through channels one day, I caught a glimpse of the girl who played the ghost in ‘Hex’- and started watching.

        • that’s right she plays Miss Price the one who swaps places with Elizabeth.

    • I LOVE that movie!

      • I love the move adaptation but for me you can’t beat the 1994 BBC series of P&P with Colin Firth, for me the one and ultimate Mr Darcy

    • Did you work out if they were filming Bel Ami near where you work…is that by any chance near Smithfields / Clerkenwell area? I only ask cos some filming of SH took place round that area, and I live really close!!!!! My fingers are crossed and everything else that’s possible to cross 🙂

      • Yes – that’s the area I’m talking about! I work round the corner – but I still don’t know if that is what they are filming. I’m going to pop over there in a second and take another peek! You should go have a look too!

        • whoop, I don’t work near there, well I do, but it’s not that close. I’m over Hoxton way. But I do live very close to there, over Exmouth Market way (Angel). Let me know, I’ll defo be cycling round after/before work tomorrow. Is it St. Barts Church where the filming is taking place, that church is fantastic, do you know that it’s close to the site where they executed William Wallace……sorry so off point.

          Love that area, so steeped in history, god I could go on for hours. The underground prison is also in that area, though I don’t think you can get access to it anymore, sad really it was used from 1630s or thereabouts right up until 1830s (dates a bit fuzzy) you could go and visit (and also have parties????!!!!! in there). There were areas of that prison that hadn’t been opened up since the 1830s, very odd, strange and spooky place….God, will stop now!

          • And this is why I (sometimes) hate living in America. The history and culture of Europe has always astounded me. Plus, I’m a hopeless romantic and everything European seems so very…romantic. I miss traveling. Sigh.

          • The place where they are filming is on St John’s street – have a cycle down there and you can’t miss it!

          • Love love London and….let us know what happens “there”…lol

        • OMG even better, I live off Rosebury Avenue – that’s one street over……….think I may be leaving work shortly.

          • report back!

        • is that top end of St. John’s (i.e. Angel end) or is it the bottom end (i.e. smithfield market end)?

    • Srsly? Do you organize tours? A fellow P&P fanatic and me have always dreamed of taking a trip to the English countryside and visiting the set locations… especially Pemberley, of course. And possibly Rosings. 🙂

      • Pemberly in the KK/MM production is Chatsworth House in Derbyshire – it’s absolutely beautiful and that’s where the bust is – it well worth going too!

      • …and Mansfield Park and Northamber Abbey and Cranford…. I had the same idea weeks ago. Our national TV’ s programme around Christmas is always full of period-BBC-drama shows. And I like it!

    • dude i want to visit england and take the jane austen tour. i told you i was a nerd!

  7. “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good head of hair and a brooding stare, must be in want of a legion of crazed fangirls.”


    • jinx!

  8. “It is the lives we encounter that make life worth living.” Guy de Maupassant

    Moon, I’m with you, totally swooning at Rob as Georges duRoy. OMG I so would!!

    Re the quote, thought it was appropriate, as you guys and your daily blog, and of course the adorable RJP totally make life worth living xxx

    • Let’s hope for an encounter!

    • ~Doh! Typo! Should of course be RTP!

    • Have you read Bel Ami? I’m having the whole, ‘should I, shouldn’t I, before the movie’ internal debate…

      • I would if I were you, It wont spoil the film for you, not really.

        it’s strange but I really didn’t think they’d film this in period – it’s the kind of story so universal it could be set any time/place etc. Not sure if I would have prefered it set now rather than back at the back end of the C19th. Sure it’s going to be great any time that it’s set – the Rob is in it…enough said!

        • I think they film this in period, b/c the society rules were “stronger”, so the essence ot the message will be more explicit! Great story!<3

      • i dont think i’ll like the movie any more or less b/c i read the book (although i guess it’s typically the case that the book is better than the movie). the screen play as i read it seems pretty similar to the book (sort of like new moon-few minor changes but overall pretty close).
        I do have to say i walked away from each one with slightly different feelings for Du Roy. I think the book just gives a bit more insight into the minds/actions of the characters.
        I debated as well with both this and Remember Me, but finally couldnt hold out any longer. got me through the Rob drought.

        • I always like to read the book before I see the movie, you’re right it gives a great insight into the minds of the characters.

          Have you seen Haunted Airman, cos I’m guessing that unless you’ve read the haunting of toby jugg, you ain’t going to really get what the hell is going on….the characters are more involved in each others lives than is apparent in the film etc. etc. blah blah blah.

  9. He looks amazing in these pics. We’ll all be puddles of goo, again
    Goo is goo.

  10. I spent a good deal of time looking at these yesterday.

    And I never had a thing for guys in period dress.
    Until now.

    • I’m with you girl! I never had a thing for guys in period dress either. Until now.

    • He makes everything look good.

  11. Moon, UC, I may just write you a love letter because of this post only. You have managed to combine my two great loves: Rob and Mr.Darcy. You have bewitched me body and soul, and I never wish to be parted from you from this day on…

    Rob would make a fan-tas-tic Mr.Darcy. Sigh… *off to stare out the window with dreamy eyes & slightly drooling for the rest of the day*

    • PS: “then he moved the chamber pot from the foot of my bed and began to undress. He undid his top button, then the next, then the buttons at his wrists. 20 minutes later his jacket was off.”

      This made me snort hot tea all over my screen. Had to explain my weird behaviour to my colleagues again for the first time since long. I thought I had the poker face routine down, but no… you beat me again. 😀

      • just posted the same thing. it’s a treasure.

      • The “20 minutes later his jacket was off” is going to UC/Moon hall of fame!
        It’s more than 20 minutes later and I’m still laughing!

      • That may be one of the best comments ever posted. I agree, I LOVE LOVE LOVE todays post. I havent laughed this hard in at least a month. There’s nothing like being at home by yourself and laughing out loud. ….”and 20 minutes later his jacket was off.” comment completely took me off guard. I just about spit coffee onto my computer screen.

    • PS again: Moon, I want a link to that Pride & Prejudice fanfic. *Puz-in-boots sad eyes* (if that doesn’t ring a bell… looky here: )

  12. “then he moved the chamber pot from the foot of my bed and began to undress. He undid his top button, then the next, then the buttons at his wrists. 20 minutes later his jacket was off.”
    Hahaha I see the porn is really getting hardcore today. You should totes write a ff, it will be hilarious.

  13. “THAT will be my end. Rob in some sort of regency period shit would be my undoing”

    Me too, Moon…me too.

  14. Porn for Jane Austin fans. Yep I can see it. Jane Austin would be a fan of Rob. How about Bob Dylan. All a long Rob’s watch tower. They are selling postcards of Rob.

    • ‘a long Rob’s watch tower’- you’re hilarious.

    • I’m not entirely sure why you mention Bob Dylan, bobbygee. But, I’m happy you did.

    • Bobbygee, your comments are like two (or more) trains crashing into each other on the same track.

      • Haha!

  15. Keira Knightley/Matthew Macfadyen Pride & Prejudice –everytime its on I HAVE to watch it.

    Gah!! When I see actors in period garb, I I can think “how many layers ..until hes naked”

    Rob + Period clothes (again)= WIN!!

    George Duroy…………mmmmmmm

  16. […] girls over at LTR are breaking down the Bel Ami […]

  17. I’ll admit it. I totally gasped and sputtered seeing Rob in that period coat. He’s welcome to wear it at my house any time. No need for the shirt, ascot, or pants.

    And he’s only allowed to play Mr. Darcy if he does the jumping into the lake and walking around in the wet white shirt scene. In fact, that could be the whole movie on a loop for two hours.

    • “Jumping in the lake and walking around in the wet white shirt scene.” <– I have one word for you – YES.

  18. Moon, Bella- NAA and MP are right you killed with this post. The ridiculous number of buttons and the potentially malodorous nature of the encounter (and of the times) is comic gold.

  19. OMG…why, why, why WHY I have to click on the link of Rob and the toiletpaper? Tskkkk

    Lucky dog, wish I could sniff Rob’s crotch! snif snif

    • I still say the TP pic is very funny.

      • it’s very funny 🙂 LMAO

      • So do I. Yesterday’s TP discussion (which I missed participating in, ’cause RL got in the way) was WIN!

  20. I lol-ed at 20 minutes later his jacket was off… That was my funny line for the day…

    And does anyone mind telling me what Pride and Prejudice is about? Because I seriously don’t know and the summary on wiki was like waaaaay too complicated… Anyone?

    • Resisting the urge to thumbs down you… In a nutshell, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy meet, hate each other. She thinks he’s very arrogant, he thinks she’s beneath him (society-wise!). They dislike each other tremendously until they don’t anymore after they realize the other is not at all like they assumed. She’s too proud, he’s too prejudiced or something like that. Seriously, read the book, you’ll squee.

    • I’m not thumbs downing you but I’m thumbs downing every English lit teacher you had in HS. What the what? Read it. ASAP. Picture Rob as Mr. Darcy if you must, but do it. Do. It.

    • I’m not going to thumbs down you either, but WHAT the HECK!

    • English is not my first language therefore we don’t read books and stuff. They are way to busy teaching us the basics of the language…
      But now that you explained it I may just give it a go for fun. Right after reading Bel Ami…

      • or just do them both at once… (twss?)

      • I’m sure there is a translation into your native language. P&P is a classic!Although Regency-English is quite romantical even when they’re telling each other off. (See Bella-NaA’s comment above!)

        • I seriously don’t consider reading the german version even though that would be easier. I think imma go for the original first and if I can’t move forward with that continue with the german adaptation…

      • I consider the dubbing in Germany (and other countries as well) as a serious problem. If that was not the case, it would be way easier learning English, believe me. I watched German children’s tv l when I was a little, and learned the language that way. (languages are my forte, mind you) It helps so much. That way, they could also concentrate on reading/literature in English, not just the basics. Subtitling is also very cheaper, it’s just that all those voice actors would be out of work. It’s really a shame.

        • I’m kinda reading random comments, didn’t fallow, but i have never understood the principle of dubbing and would just want to borrow everything you said, word by word. same for me, except it wasn’t German.

  21. Rob looks gorgeous in the pics!
    SMOKING HOT in everyone, that was what I noticed, the shirt, the pants, the boots!

    and the first pic:
    The dog dazzled him AND he dazzled the dog!

    I want to be the owner of the dog!

    • He absolutely rocks that ancient look.
      He makes it sexy again…

    • and a pic of the sex hips with ribbons for RG

      • sex hips 4-eva!!!
        Thats what I thought too. He looked so disturbingly (is that even a word) good in those pants…

      • drasaka.. I really love his hips…..and….YOU for mention them for ME!
        Thx …YOU plus me & the ribbons for his sexy hips = love united 🙂

  22. Porn for Jane Austen fans fo sho! So brillant and so true.
    @TippyL and I were fangirling all over these pictures yesterday and saying the same thing – he makes a rather dashing (and effing-hot) Mr. Darcy.
    I am dying at your impromptu ff of Mr. Pattinson and Moon Bennett.

    “Might I ask why, with so little endeavor at civility, I am thus repulsed?”
    “And I might as well enquire why, with so evident a design of insulting me, you chose to use single ply TP against your better judgment.”

    Rob in period dress makes me completely, and perfectly, and incandescently happy. Le sigh

    • SP, we need to start a casting company. Of course, we’ll reco Rob as every dashing brooding hero, but no matter. Every movie we cast will be a blockbuster. 😉

      • Amen. Let’s do this! Unless of course Bel Ami kills me, which it may in fact do.

  23. just something to remind us all of the awesomesauceness that is mr. darcy

    • My favorite scene.
      Elizabeth saying Shut The Fuck Up to Darcy’s professed love 🙂

      • also one of mine,

        it’s been discribed s ‘the car crash’ scene.

    • I have never seen that version of P&P before! I think I may need to visit Netflix today!

      • Defo, it’s the best one so far, and believe me I know, I think I may have every copy of every p&p every made.

        The 1979 BBC version is also really good, though Mr. Darcy isn’t my kind of Mr. Darcy, oh and the 1940s hollywood version, and the other BBC Colin Firth one…and don’t forget Lost in Austin…..mmmmm I’m seeing a patten here, obviously I am a hopless romantic…gosh I never realised.

        Oh, not to mention at least 10 copies of the actual book!!

        • I also like the 1940 version with Laurence Olivier as Darcy. That just made me think of the 1939 Wuthering Heights with Laurence Olivier as Heathcliff and Merle Oberon as Cathy, really good version. (and of course, two of the inspirations for Edward).

          The Colin Firth wet shirt version is very very nice too.

  24. Ever been in line at the DMV and thought, “I could really go for some Austen right about now”? Well, you are in luck, I give thee Austen by the bite.

    Someone has put up the entire original BBC Production with Firth and all his wet shirt goodness. Enjoy and Happy Early Valentine’s Day!

    • Yes, to me, Colin Firth will always be Mr. Darcy, no matter what other roles he takes.

      • Bah! I loves me some Colin! Truly, he has always been the only Mr. Darcy for me. Although, I think I may need to watch this Matthew Macfadyen version people are talking about. You know, for research purposes.

      • Love this version! Very interested to see Colin in A Single Man. Also ❤ Nicholas Hoult, he was on a chat show here in the uk last night, v adorkable!!

        • wow, he grew up nice!

          • He was very funny talking a la Robabout going for dinner at Tom Fords house.
            Apprntly Tom Hanks was there and all he could do was crack inappropriate jokes about boxes of chocolates at dessert time! I think you could probs YouTube it he was on Alan Carr’s chatty man.

          • Everybody was making fun of Tom Ford when he left Yves Saint Laurent talking about his dreamed career in cinema, and apparently the movie is really good. haven’t seen it yet.

          • Looks beautiful from what I’ve seen, but prolly gonna watch it sometime this wknd and do smthing in RL for once!

        • Saw A Single Man. Very good movie!

    • I love this version forever. Got it on video and dvd. Colin Firth was the perfect Mr. Darcy. Oh my love for all thing’s Austen…

      • things that is…;-)

  25. Can someone please sum up what Pride and Prejudice is about? I srsly have no clue… 😦

    • I thought I was the only one……

      • HAHAHAHA thumb down! Bleriana I am with you….my english teacher in Curacao and here in Holland never talked about that book. Lets blame them. English is not my native language either.
        But I know other good books in Dutch, Spanish, Papiamentu and English…does that count?

        • *sings* Let the haters thumb us down… Because they are just jealous I can still loose my P&P virginity…

          No but seriously. It’s like I would ask someone here if they had heard about some german writer. I bet nobody would know him even though he would happen to be very popular in Germany….

          • Don’t let the haters get you. You’re still young, aren’t you. Life is for learning. And indeed; terrible English teachers in regard to literature. It makes me sad, I thought the Dutch system was bad.

            Natascha; you are Dutch, aren’t you? Well, I think that the Dutch education system has many flaws. It really saddens me. They don’t encourage general interest.

            Don’t agree with you on the comparison with German writers though Bleriana. Jane Austen is an institution like Shakespeare, known and read world wide. Like Goethe and Rilke are known world wide as well. I’m now only talking about the classics, because that’s her category. Not the contemperary writers.

            But most important of all: have fun discovering if/ and what you like. It’s all good. 🙂

          • Well thats f**ery right there!!!
            We did not even read smth of Shakespeare. Not even a bit… I think I might go back and talk to my teacher about that…
            I’ll just enjoy doing it now without the pressure of school and being a bit older therefore being able to understand it better…

          • You’ve got the right attitude Bleriana!

          • bleriana u’r not alone i didn’t read almost any classis at school too,my literature teachers was suck,they never encourage us for reading or suggest any book.and i’ve not read the book yet i’ve just become a Matthew fan from Spooks and watched P&P and met with Mr.Darcy but i’m sure i need to read the book.
            what about Little doritt -as i mention Matthew- u’ve watched or read it?
            it was really good.

          • Never heard of it… Author and exact title please?
            I love expanding my horizon…

          • A Charles Dickens novel. and it was made a mini series by BBC last year. even won 7 Emmys plus got nominated to Golden Globes and Baftas.the acting is wonderfull u should watch it.

    • Let’s blame our english teachers for it. I never even heard of the book really. At least until it was mentioned on LTR/LTT. Therefore I think I will have a lot to catch up to…


        And better advice yet: read it, watch the great movie/mini series versions of it. If you like it; you will probably love all other great Jane Austen novels.

        Sort of jealous of you. Discovering great literature for the first time.

        For a modern version of Pride and Prejudice: mini series :Lost In Austen – BBC Series of two years ago.
        Also a fun movie: Jane Austen’s Book Club.

        And then there’s the popular crossover between zombies and the original novel:Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Which will be turned into a movie starring Nathalie Portman soon. I’m curious towards the movie, never read the book though. Don’t know if I could handle that combination…I’m sort of a purist I guess.

        • I am reading that book right now. It is a hoot. Quite entertaining…

        • The movie “Clueless” is based on Jane Austen’s “Emma”.

      • It’s ok Bleriana, you have plenty of time. It’s a beautiful story, I love anything by Jane Austen, perhaps because I’m a hopeless romantic. Read it and watch the adaptations. I think there’s two right now, one from 1995 and the other one sometimes a few yrs ago with Keira.

        Emma is also great, very romantic. Hugh Grant’s in it and Emma Thompson.

        • SB, I think you mean Sense and Sensibility, that’s the one with Thompson, Grant and Winslet. Great movie!

          Emma’s with Gwyneth Paltrow. Also wonderful! 🙂

          • Hahah yes it is Sense and Sensibility, I can’t believe I forgot, I own that DVD! Time to watch it again.

          • Yeah, go watch it, perfect for a snowed in weekend!

      • Thanks for the links and the advice girls. I am on my way to read them asap. Seems like I missed lots of good stuff. No wonder Stephenie mentions that women multiple times in her books…

        • Have fun! Hadn’t there been a Jane Austen, there hadn’t had been a Stephenie. Mentioning her is a deserved tribute. She’s the mother of all romance novels, together with the Brönte sisters.

          • bronte sisters are the best next to Austin. I come from the Howarth area, grew up with the lit and all things classic. Bronte waterfalls is a fav haunt of mine when I go home. From there you can walk to top withens. Once went for a job at the Bronte Museum (Bronte Parsonage, where they grew up, the cemetary is in the grounds of the parsonage and so you can visit their graves). The countryside up in Yorkshire is one of the most beautiful landscapes in England (along with the lakes). It’s very stark and barren, but the light on the moors….it’s to die for, don’t get light like that anywhere else in the whole world.

      • LTT/LTR is the center of the universe. We learn everything we need for life here.

        • Right you are. Lion! We are wise in community.

        • Consider the topics we cover:

          fine literature
          earth quake victims

          What haven’t we covered here?

          • geography
            local and international customs
            local and international language variations
            international relations (double entendre intended)
            and don’t forget shagging

          • Local and international building practices
            Linguistic idioms
            Costume history
            Car manufacturers
            Shagging, shagging, and shagging

          • Soory accidental downthumbs/ blame the iPhone situation!

  26. Rob was made to be in a period piece. He looks unbelievably hot in that coat and tie and I love the way they’ve combed his hair down. And of course the toilet paper pic brought me back down to earth.

    I think I’m going to love Bel Ami more than RM-there are so many hot scenes to look forward to. I hope someone leaks a pic of one of the sex scenes. Unlikely, I know, but a girl can dream…

    • He id it on purpose just to show us that “He’s normal!”

      I’m sure he read about the whole Remember Me frenzie going on… 😛

    • I dunno. I kinda missed the bouffant tho’ 🙂

      • Me too!! Well I also miss him saying bouffant so I probably will watch the Twilight audio commentary tonight.

  27. About three things I am absolutely positive:

    First- Rob as Mr. Darcy would be f*ckhawt.

    Second- “Tally-ho to the stables!” Rob with a riding crop would die me.

    Third- I’m unconditionally and irrevocably in like with Moon, UC and all the LTR regulars.

    • Brilliant! But I’m not just in like w/ UC & Moon. For me, it’s full blown (that’s what she said) fake lesbian love.

  28. Who else thinks Rob is doing embarassing things in pictures on purpose now? I mean between the tower of socks and mountain of underwear – and now toilet paper, he has just about done every casually embarassing thing I guy could do within a week.

    • Maybe he’s lost all modesty and figures if we see him doing all the mundane, unsexy things we all do we’ll realize he’s not a sex god but just an average, good-looking British guy?

      Nice try Rob.

      • but Rob, you failed.

        • Oh yeah – total fail. He pretty much looks amazing.

      • I was wondering that myself. He knows he’s being photographed every time he steps outside, so either he’s doing it on purpose, just to tease us, or he just doesn’t care anymore.

        • I don’t think he ever really cared- part of his charm.

          • LOL, I agree. It didn’t bother a tad bit anyway. My fantasy is completely intact!

            Sorry Rob!

      • Noooooooooooooooooooooo he’s a vampire! Vampires don’t go to the loo or shower! They smell nice and have a sweet breath and oh….dazzle people like me of course LMAO

    • Who the hell thumbs down HotJupiter? Why?

  29. I haven’t read the comments do forgive any overlaps. Oh. My. Gawd. This is my FAVE post ever. Porn for Jane Austen fans! Brills! That is SO me.

    BTW, Sarita Pagita and I casted Rob and Emma Watson as Captain Wentworth and Anne Elliot yesterday via Twitter. We just need Moon to produce!!

  30. Ladies, your impromtu little Fanfic had me laughing so hard I cried! It’s a good thing DC’s still buried under several feet of snow so not many people were here in the office to witness it…….

    And oh yes, Pride and Prejudice totally pwns me. I may have seen both the A&E miniseries and the Kiera Knightley movie version more times than I can count….

    MOON: Did you know that someone has actually written a Twilight Fanfic that is exactly Pride and Prejudice but with Edward as Darcy and Bella as Lizzie? It’s called Duty and Desire by AspenLeaf (rec’ed on Fictionators a few weeks back). I haven’t read it yet but after this post it seems like it might be right up your alley!

    • Fucking for reals? I am on it!

  31. “….He undid his top button, then the next, then the buttons at his wrists. 20 minutes later his jacket was off…”

    Am I the only one who found this really hot?

    Then again, people who know me in RL say I’m from another era. Must be the inner Edwardian damsel in me getting turned on by the idea of Rob/Ed/Darcy unbuttoning the buttons at his wrist…

  32. “i mean semi better than the one with the toliet paper”
    That picture KILLED me i was laughing so hard! Poor Rob. He is so adorkable. Even in all of his sexiness, he still gives us reasons to make fun of him.

    • Adorkable is correct, he doesn’t care and I love him for it.

      • Drsaka, perhaps Rob can carry his TP in a cosy next time. You know, for discretion and such.
        He has choices:

        • Jules, he might not know what a TP cozy is and wear it as a hat.

          • Hahaha, he’s hopefully not that clueless drsaka…Poor Rob…LOL.
            Can’t stop lauging.

          • Being British, he’s prolly seen a tea cozy, but a TP cozy???

            or he might be frightened by some of them- I know I am!

          • In case he doesn’t know what a TP cosy is, he can substitute with the tea cosy. That roll he had was massive, as big a a tea-pot. Short and stout, even.

          • Hmmm. Massive. I love when Rob says “massive”.

    • That’s why we love him

  33. i’ve always thought that he has a very unique face,perfectly fit for period dramas and i’m sure he’ll be good at Bel Ami.i wonder what kind of accent they’ll use.
    plus eventhough he’s not a charming caracter as Mr.Darcy ,i think he’d be a perfect Dorian Gray as he’d been described like an Adonis

    • On the charming part… The whole aura of Duroy is that he charms the pants (or corsets) right off the ladies. I think we’ll see a lot of charming Rob in Bel Ami. Ambitious dickhead charming Rob. Can’t wait.

      • u got me wrong i think (or i got it wrong ) .i tried to say Dorian Gray isn’t charming(not how his look but caracter) as Mr.Darcy.
        i have no doubt about how charming will be Rob as Duroy though i’ve not read the script or book yet

        • Sorry, che, I misunderstood who you were saying wasn’t charming. You should read Bel Ami. Quick read!

        • But I think Ben Barnes also did fit the bill for Dorian Gray quite well. Beautiful man. I always figured someone more like a young Jude Law for the role. Rob could do it as well. Maybe on stage sometime?(soon, otherwise he will be too old already) Rob in a play in a few years, oh my…West End please…Oh God, make this happen. (I have too many ideas today)

          • Ben Barnes is so handsome.

          • Yes he is. Another very beautiful British one. Imagine him and Rob together in a movie. Oh my… He’s now filming the lead in one of my favorite books, Killing Bono (which is not actually about killing, ahem, Bono ;-))

          • I read that- parts of it are really funny, and parts are kind of poignant. I hope that they do a good job with it.

          • Yeah, with you on that, don’t you agree though that Bono (and the others as well) really comes across as a genuinly nice guy in general. Still keeping in touch with people of way back when.

            LOL though at the part where B gets the chance to sing with Dylan on stage, while not even knowing the words to the song. And author very pissed of that, having been a longtime Dylan fan. Such anekdotes made the book for me.

          • Well, in general, not sure the author agrees all the time, like when he’s not on the list to get to the ‘in’ group backstage. Basically left out again with his nose pressed up against the glass. But the author is hardly naive or blameless in his life, so that’s where the poignancy came in for me. Its an interesting character study of two similar but dissimilar individuals, life paths, ambition/talent and fate. if they do it right, it could be very interesting. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, though.

            Did I ask you if you had seen, ‘It might get loud’? I can’t remember.

          • yes Ben Barnes is handsome but Dorian suppose to be Blond and Colin Firt as Lord Henry? i think he would be a good Basil Hallward.i always thought Lord Henry should be playing by Jonny Depp maybe he is so fascinating and carismatic.
            i love that book,there are so much wonderfull sentences

          • Oh and Cath- I’ve been at concerts where Bono forgets the lyrics of songs that He HIMSELF has written- so not unusual.

      • That sound soooo hot: ambitious dickhead charming Rob… damn I can’t wait!

      • I PRAY rob can speak in his brittish tongue (did i just mention tonge and rob in the same sentance….bow-chicka-wow-wow) I know the film is set in paris, but i dont specifically recall it saying DuRoy was parisian? does anyone else remember that, or is it implied?
        Does anyone else think in the Remember Me clips coming out that there are times when you hear his brittish accent peaking through his NY accent?

        • Georges Duroy is from Normandy. I hope he just does his British accent.

          OK, I’m totally prepared for major thumbs down, but I don’t think Rob does a great American accent. And the clips so far for Remember Me, while very hot (showerscene), bug me a little because his accent is a weird mishmash of American/British. Summit should have sprung for a dialect coach.

          All I can hear is him saying “sidewalk!” and “candy!” on Letterman. I don’t think he has the American accent down completely.

          • no thumbs down, i think most of us probably agree with you.
            It’s okay if his accent sucks, he’s pretty to look at….that’s really all that matters, right? acting…movies…who cares about “authentic” and “believable”. we just want maximum minutes possible in front of the camera 🙂

          • I also don’t think he’s very talented for languages and accents. His Spanish wannabe accent in Little Ashes was bad, baaaad!!! Can’t understand why they didn’t go for a coach.

          • Bel Ami with American accent would be a little weird…
            Agree with you about Rob’s accent, it could use a little work still. (even I as non-US someone hear that) Am sure he’ll get there though!

          • MP, read your response about the email yesterday. But it was already to late to reply I guessed. Don’t have it. Could you write it down again? Would be great!

        • i would love to hear him with french accent -if he could of course- but i’m sure would be better than his accent at Little Ashes.
          about the remeber me clips; i should wait till the movie -cuz i don’t want to eat my words-but i thought it was just Rob speaking,even at the cab scene was like Edward.

        • He is French-his parents are peasants from Normandy. I hope he’s allowed to use his British accent-I think it does come through in his other films. I’d rather him him speak naturally than do an accent badly.

          • but if he has to do the accent (which i’m pretty sure he won’t have to) since we know he’s not talented for that, I offer to teach him “nice and slow”!

          • MP, you are so generous. Maybe Rob will teach you something in return.

  34. The FF script today – Love it! This type of post humor is why I read everyday. You girls are hilarious!

    *on one knee, voice shaky* Moon, UC……. You’re fake connection to Rob and sarcastic humor has made me eventhoughidon’tknowyouinRL, inappropriately internet love you. So I have to ask….. will you be my Valentines?

    Holding breath,

    • WE ACCEPT! Whole heartedly and irrevocably

  35. Um, YES, I think he looks amazing in those outfits. And the hair! I actually had no idea what the movie was about and now.. I still have no idea – but I don’t care, ‘cus Rob in those clothes and in that period is awesome no mather what.

  36. “then he moved the chamber pot from the foot of my bed and began to undress. He undid his top button, then the next, then the buttons at his wrists. 20 minutes later his jacket was off”

    OMG!! Pide and Prejudice FF!!!!

    I have never wanted to be a dog before…but to be that dog for 5 minutes…

  37. Great post! Love the P&P ff idea. I don’t read ff, but just may have to try it out if there are chamber pots and steeds involved.

    Rob in period garb and talkin about sex and whatnot in old-timey language is f*ckhawt.

    Re: men and dogs–cute, but common *yawn*
    A man who loves his cat is a rarer and more precious specimen.

  38. Srsly, I didn’t think I could love you ladies any more than I already do, but when you mix Miss Austen and Mr. Pattinson my heart does little leaps in my chest.

    PS. I love Rob for bringing his own tp with him. I mean seriously who wants to go to a port-a-potty and find that you have no tp! He is a true boy scout, always be prepared!

  39. This is it, I am officially died.

    omg, he looks amazing, and you two are hilarious. Yep, slayed, I am.

    • LPB,
      Thanks for saying “slayed.”


  40. That’s it. I’m spending my day off of work watching Pride & Prejudice. AND replacing Mr. Darcy’s face with Mr. Pattinson’s.

    I couldn’t focus on anything yesterday after I saw these pics. I wanted to create special glasses for myself, ones where I could look out and see RPatz in everything.

    Oh. Wait. Those “special glasses” was my laptop. I couldn’t peel my eyes away.

    I love–to the gazzillionth power–period piece Robert. Period.

  41. I like that when I click on the TP photo link I have the option to get the photo on a mug, cell phone cover, or deck of cards. Don’t think I won’t do it, Photobucket.

    • all of those need to be done, now.

  42. This Mr Darcy stuff has got to stop! Folks, Captain Wentworth is the hottest of the Austen Heroes. Captain Fucken Wentworth. THAT’s who Rob looks like in those pics.

    I want to see Rob with Georges’ walking stick out.

  43. Oh thanks! I’ve been dreaming of Rob as Mr. Darcy for a year now! 🙂

    He totally fits the bill. I hope they will make a new adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and he can play the part. And of course, I’ll be Elizabeth. lol jk

    • of course!lol ❤

      • LOL, yes and I know you’ll give me grief about this later.

    • lol u will start a new carier ,i’m sure u’ll be great.maybe u can arrenge an extra for me .and special invitations for the premier to all LTR 😀

      • Che you can be one of the sisters! Or would you like to be the best friend? I can’t remember the name Lizzie’s best friend.

        • Charlotte Lucas, before she marries awful Mr Collins…eeeww!

          • Yes that’s the one! Lol.

            I love that scene where Elizabeth declines Mr. Collins’ proposal!

        • ıyyyy no i don’t wanna play his best friend Mr.Collins is just … no way.i prefer the little sister who runs away with George Wickham i guess,she is so silly but at least Greorge looks the casting has started 🙂

          • LOL, yea I like that character, I think her name is Lydia. Or was it Kitty? You do realize one of the sisters in the movie was played by the same girl in the Summer House?

          • From the short clips I’ve seen of SH- at least in one scene, she’s a lucky girl.

          • Drsaka, yes she is one lucky girl! I’ve watched the clips over and over again. Rob made my breathing hitch.

  44. yes, I admit it, I love me some Pride & Predjudice! The first thing my mind went to when I first saw these pics was Jane Austen and I DIED! I have a serious thing for period films and the wardrobe. I was never attracted to Colin Firth until I saw him as Mr. Darcy.

  45. Thanks for the post!

    I’ve been dreaming of Rob as Mr. Darcy for a year now. He fits the bill and I hope he gets to play that part! I will be sooooooooooo happy! I just imagine him saying those lines with his thick, lovely British accent…ooolala. How sexy is that? Playing a very powerful man, saying words like “you have bewitched me body and soul.”

    • I’d love for Rob to play Mr. Darcy, totally with you on that…
      BUT, he’s still too young for the role. I’m afraid that it not’s going to happen anytime soon, considering also that the Keira version jus came out a few years ago. I know, don’t like it also…

      Maybe we should hope they will shoot a new version of Emma or Mansfield Park. There are so many Austen roles out there for him to play. I just hope one of them is going to happen. He’s just too beautiful British for this not to happen.

      We should just ask Rob if he could shoot a special version of P and P for LTR exclusive. Imagine that. We should raise the funds, haha. Making it happen. I want to see him come out of that pond. Please.

      BTW; How’s SnowRob progressing??? 🙂

      • Cath, SP and I decided that Persuasion needs an updated movie version. Emma was done with Gwyneth & Jeremy Northam (rawr). Mansfield Park was done with Jonny Lee Miller (double rawr) but no one has done Persuasion other than Masterpiece Classics. We’ve cast Rob as Captain Wentworth and were debating the merits of all the potential Anne Elliots. Thoughts?

        • TLG, you’re totally right, forgot that Mansfield Park version completely. And Emma and Gwyneth, bangs head on desk…
          Guess, I am more tired today than I thought, ha.
          Persuasion; good one! Excellent! One of my favourites actually! I like Anne so very much.

          He’s still quite young for Wenthworth, but could pull it off in a few years time, cause Rob can look older easily.

          Oh my, such a good idea. I really want this to happen now. Let me think about Anne, around 27 years old, uhm, a beauty but with the bloom off it..I’m thinking of a brunette/dark blonde here, don’t know why. Keira could do it, in a few years time. I’d love to see Kate Winslet in a period piece again. She could pull it off, people looked somewhat older in Austen’s days anyway.

          And take a look at Justine Waddell, was in Mansfield Park also. Great period piece actress.
          She’s the personfication of Anne to me.

          Emily Blunt could be a great choice . Anne Hathaway could be good as well, the only problem for me here is that she played Jane Austen herself in Being Jane. BUT, on the other hand, I think Austen put a lot of herself into Anne Elliot. Your suggestions?

          Great fun this. Casting agents be aware. Producers: make this happen! If only…

          Dear Rob,

          Pitch the idea somewhere. Great for your career and for us.

          Pretty please,


          • Justine Waddell at 21, as Tess of the D’Urbervilles.

          • You had me at Emily Blunt. I’d be gay for her.

          • That guy has the cutest dimple I’ve ever seen.

      • I agree with you.

        About SnowRob, well I can’t find any plaid that’s old that he can use. And I saw that his eyes fell out. LOL. We’re having more snow this weekend, I need to go fix him up! Haha.

        • Thanks SB!

          His eyes fell out!? Poor SnowRob! LOL. Hmmm, maybe you could use an old denim jacket? Some cheap rip-off Ray Ban’s could also do the trick and solve the eyes problem. Not that I have any of those things lying around. Well, the denim jacket, but that’s not really SnowRob’s size.

          Have fun fixing him SB! (somehow that sounds very wrong, haha)

          • Cath, I got some old sunglasses. The only denim jacket we have is my hubby’s, back from his high school days and it’s full of patches. I think he will kick me out if I use his jacket(on the snowman). You know men are very possessive of their stuff, it could be falling apart and they won’t throw it out! Just look at Rob and the rags that he wears sometimes. My point. LOL. Rob is hot.

            Imagine if someone accidentally throws out Rob’s stoli shirt? Oh the horror!!!!

            I will fix him alright. TWSS. 😉

          • I was thinking about asking you if you’d put the stoli design on the Rob hobsnow man.

          • That sounds very right to me, Cath.

          • Haha, ML, well…okay, it does!

            And you’re totally right SB about men being possesive, funny really. You talking about Rob’s rags made me think about the blue sweater. But I’ll stop now, don’t want your hubby kicking you out!
            (You could maybe only put it on him for the shoot, just be careful SnowRob doesn’t ‘borrow’ it, like Real Rob sometimes does…)

            I wish here was enough snow for a SnowRob, but no such luck at the time.

  46. I have a theory and I am wearing my armor just to get ready for a lot of thumbs down…
    Is it possible that we like Rob in that stuff because he is disguised? Because it is almost like some sort of role-play?
    Just spilling some thoughts here….

    • Bleriana, variety is good (or goo).

      • Yeah, modern AND period Rob, me like!

  47. Who else was kinda surprised to see Rob clean-shaven for this role? Everyone was so sure he was growing out the scruff to have period-style facial hair, but no. It does look like he’s got the sideburns though, and my favorite Rob is Rob with sideburns. Mmmm.

    • I had the hope that he would look like that….and Mmmm…you’re so right!!!

    • maybe he was just lazy for a week or so (actually, probably just a couple of days- his hair seems to grow really fast).

    • yup-guess he was just lazy and let himself go for a while. Isn’t the moustache suppose to be a significant feature of Georges Duroy? It’s not like Rob couldn’t pull it off-he looks great with or without facial hair.

    • He looks good….delish. I thought he would have a moustache for the movie.

  48. You had me at “this is my kryptonite.”

    I have a weakness for allthingsRob, but not complaining.

    Happy VD, everyone!

  49. I have to turn back to the Rob-dog pic…I remember an interview where he talked about the life of dogs and how much he loved their life,…. to sleep, to eat sometimes something…then to have a little walk many cuddles…and afterwards to sleep again….hahaha…I found that so cute and funny<3
    Sorry …me had a Robmoment…lol

    • can you find the interview?? Sounds v cute

      • It was printed…I cannot remember and that’s sad…lol…because normally I know them all…I read it perhaps 1 month ago or so…perhaps somebody else knows?

      • I’m not sure but I think it was the GQ article last year?

    • I thought of that when I saw the pic – the interview when he mentions that he can’t wait until he can get a place of his own and get a dog. Rob+dog=hearts melting.

      • I ❤ this image, TLG.

    • That’s cute :-). I remember that interview but not for sure where it is exactly.

  50. I like when he said he spent time laying in his dog’s bed pretending to be upset about a relationship…or something like that. I wish my memory was better.

    • that’s a great story….the faker-feeling-apologizing-story-to-his-dog!!!
      I love that story…..GQ interview! lol

      • damn robgirl! You memorize lots of stuff. I had already forgotten which one it was…

    • Yeah he thought his gf broke up with him, so he came home and laid on the doggie bed w. Patty. LOL. Patty had to listen to him and see him cry :-).

    • hey i like that story too and i felt connected to him with that,i totally understand what he meant.

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