Posted by: themoonisdown | February 13, 2010

Too much to say so let’s post a video instead of talk about pervy Rob Pattinson

Dear Rob,

There’s like WAY too much to talk about in regards to the Details pictures that came out last night for us to even begin to tackle on a weekend, so we’re gonna save that for another day when we’re not overcome with wanting to merv out over you and some ladies bare bum. HELLOOO.

So instead let’s just post a video and talk about two of our favorite people… well three including you but these two being Gozde from Robsessed (our favorite Rob site that has EVERYTHING) and Biel the famous, amazing master Rob video creator. These two wonderful ladies got together and created, in my opinion, the best video of you to EVER grace the face of the interwebs. It has it all: hot Remember Me clips, smiles, the shoulder carry, you as Art in How to Be, you drinking, you smiling, and all to the best song for the video: Rehab by Amy Winehouse. Cause seriously, they might as well send me to rehab at this point.

Seriously, does it get better than this?!

If you’re not a Robsessed reader or a Biel subscriber you should be cause we LOVE them. L-O-V-E love them! Do it now and then watch this video and we’ll be back with our thoughts on Details and Vogue. Whew. Prepare yo selfs.


PS Tomorrow we’ll announce the Valentine’s Day contest winners!!

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  1. Damn and I thought the detail or vanity fair pictures were hot…
    For everyone who hasnt seen those yet, go to:

  2. Love that video!
    Love that song!
    Love frikkin f*cking Robert Pattinson!
    writing this from the rehab….(not really)…NoNoNo

    P.S.thx to biel (!) and moon

    • and …
      don’t abdicate your responsibility!
      Just make a phone call and I’ll explain you BETTER what I mean!

    • I like the song, too. Too bad Amy Winehouse imploded- she had some talent. She might still have talent, but she fell (super quickly) into the easiest and biggest trap of celebrity and her talent may re-emerge, too bad.

      • gahh should be ‘talent may not re-emerge’.

        • well said…really…she has/had such a great voice, sad story…I love both cd’s but they won’t be nothing more..

          • man, her voice is to die for.

            A friend of mine used to live next door to her, before she moved to Camden (actually don’t think/know if she still lives in Camden) and he said it was a nightmare. Don’t know how true that is, it’s just what he said. I like to think that she was a fun neighbour to have and he was just being at bit ‘uncle Alan’ 🙂

          • i’m with you, think i’d love to have her as a neighbour.

  3. @robgirl we really need some rehab. Especially after this week. Seriously. That boy learned how to deliver…

    • Just curious….do you think Rob has a clue as to how much impact he has on us or is he so totally clueless (like most men) or fully aware and using all of his “powers” or he just doesn’t give a f#*k?

      • He has to understand, at this point, with all the fervor over him, that people (mostly woman and girls) respond to him. But he’s said that he doesn’t understand why.

        He’s said things to this effect before. That in his teen years, he was really gawky and a little odd. Evidence: Zygote Rob (really uncomfortable looking) and he took advantage of this in his performance as Daniel Gale for some comic effect- really tall, really thin and he barely has control of his limbs (they’re flailing about a lot). We all know what the teenage years are like and how they can cement your own perception of yourself.

        Very, very, luckily for us, he’s grown very nicely into his looks and he retains some of the awkwardness that we find so endearing.

        Okay, I have to say one thing about the Details interview: he said that at ages 19 and 20, he had a baseless overconfidence in himself. This is really normal for that age and it shows a lot of introspection on his part that he now realizes that its a state of mind and not really real. Many many men never realize this.

        • Sorry for the rant…I am just feeling sooo frustrated today (ifyouknowwhatimean)!

          Damn those Bel Ami pictures, damn those Detail pictures…I don’t know if I can take it anymore…maybe it’s just cabin fever and all the snow…NO, IT’S YOU ROB…..arrrgh

          • Don’t apologize- I’m feeling a little …..frustrated too!

          • I know what you mean-Sometimes I feel like I can’t take take it anymore, but at the same time I don’t want it to stop. It’s very frustrating-a constant state of frustration.grrrr.

        • I was squinting at the scanned article from Details over on Robsessed–my god, that will be a goldmine of LTR posts and conversations for years to come–and was so blown away by Rob’s introspection and honesty and humour. Help! I don’t want to like him MORE, obsess MORE. Rob, you’ve got to do something to repulse me for once so I can get on with my life!!

          • Thats one of the responses I love today!! You made my day with your comment The cold one!!! Thanks

          • Bleriana, reading further in the comments it seems some WERE repulsed a little by the interview. Maybe it’s me but what draws me to people is their differences, their quirks and eccentricities, celebrity or otherwise, not what a publicist would put in their mouths or dumb down. Rob is unique.

          • ha ha i know, he’s just making it worse this week!
            i did not think when i first learnt about him that six months down the line that i’d still be so obsessed!!
            brilliant video biel

          • this interview confuses me… Sometimes I think I might be too much of a fangirl about it and then I’m like: thats rob deal with it. You know what I mean? Its so confusing. I cant wait to see what UC and Moon will come up with…

          • the old one and bleriana loved your comments we are at the very same page

          • Lots of ladies are quite upset over the interview and are waiting to share their comments and thoughts. It would appear that some need to step outside of their *nicely packaged* idea of Rob. Have we all not realized yet that what Rob does is for the art, not what we think or obsess about. He is his own package deal. If his unique responses have made you rethink your commitment to your obsession, then you need to ask yourselves is your obsession with what you have made him out to be in your mind, or letting the real eccentric Rob fold out before us as to who he really is. Maybe you don’t like the interviewer, but it doesn’t change the responses he made. I agree with TOO, he is very unique.

          • The vid was awesome! Thanks ladies!

          • @snapped thanks for saying what I couldnt…

          • I’m dying to read the article but I want to wait for the magazine! You ladies are killing me!! I don’t think Rob could say anything so bad that it would make me rethink my feelings about him. Did he confess to murder?

          • I’m going to be sorry for this, but please let me clarify what I said.

            I have good and bad things to say about the interview. The things Rob said strengthen my perceptions of him and, in no way did the interview lessen my interest in him. I’m interested in anything Rob has to say. I have major problems with the presentation of the interview.

          • TOO
            Same for me, “what draws me to people is their differencies”, so def. NOT reppelled by the interview.
            Don’t agree on the publicist idea. Everybody seems to think a publicist would make things more neutral, practically make him shut up. If I were his publicist 🙂 I would advise him to be himself because this is the way he’ll succeed in doing what he wants to do, appeal to the people he likes and that’s what saved him from a Zac Efron image and career. And in his case a publicist’s role would be more to do a good media plan and brief him correctly on the shows he’s doing, because trust there have been some major screw ups abroad (I’m not talking about word vomit or the Details interview).

  4. btw thanks gozde for being my favourite rob-news/porn dealer…
    And thanks biel for making awesome videos that just rock my socks…
    You are both awesome.

    And thanks to UC, Moon and my LTR girls for teaching me everything about life… You know what I mean

  5. My name is Jess and I am robsessed.

    Ha. No rehab for me, thank you very much. I’m completely content with my addiction!

    • content yes. Insane… probably yes too…

    • hey babe…you’s the same–<3

  6. […] LettersToRob […]

  7. beanie rob and wet rob……..’sigh’

    Don’t even want to think about the ‘Details Interview’ I hated it….Detail pictures hot though!

    • You hated it?! Seriously? He said so many hot/funny/adorkable things. It was sooo Rob…

      • Really, do you think so!

        Maybe i should re-read, well I’ll wait until my hangover’s cleared up then give it another go. Perhaps I just wasn’t thinking clearly.

        • Definitly do that. Because it will be worth it. Not to mention that the pictures were hot, hot, hot.
          A lot hotter then I expected them to be… That boy sooo knows what he’s doing (read: the people taking the pictures do)

    • mine!mine!mine!
      I hated it as well….to me a really bad interview…just saying
      same for the shoot, but I won’t say more as moon decided to talk about it another day!

      • The interview left me with a real love/hate thing. In my opinion it was not very well written, I didn’t care for the style. (and interviews and such are my day job, so…) But the now already infamous ‘I really hate vagina’s’ quote will haunt him for some time. It may have very well been tongue in cheeck, but it doesn’t come across like that in print, not for the average reader.

        Everyone is like:’Oh, it’s Rob’s quirky British humor, and it is. But I had trouble reading it that way. Just imagine the sh*tstorm if John Mayer would have said that.

        The elephant story was wonderful, but she leaves many things unanswered, when she points out to him that he lowers his voice when he talks about acting;utters the word actor, she simply lets him get away with it and then that strange negroes thing comes up. I hate interviews which leave so many questions after all those answers. The good thing is that he comes across as somewhat of a brilliant mind, it’s a fascinating place, Mr. Pattinson’s brain.

        And indeed Robgirl, I felt lukewarm over the shoot as well. He’s really well styled, love that. It just seems soulles to me. But I guess it’s a Details thing.

        • (Sorry ladies, couldn’t restrain myself. Will leave it till another day now. Just felt very strongly about this, having conducted many a interview myself. Hope you understand. Will shut up now. ;-))

          • me will shut up as well, agree with many things you said….Rob’s best feature…his brain! He’s an actor, the girl was a bad interviewer and he was entertaining himself!Damn, it’s difficult to respect the today topic, sorry Moon!

          • and “soulless” like “soulless eyes” or “work without soul” are the keywords for me !!!

          • Yes, I think it’s his brain I’m in love with, when all is said and done.

          • A brain that he uses to confuse, confound, humor and educate. The fact that his brain is behind a beautiful face is what we love. I don’t believe that he sees conventional beauty. He looks beyond to something more permeating and a willingness to be different.

        • totally agree with you on the style of the interview. Something so wrong about it, but I couldn’t/can’t but my finger on it.

          Will have to sleep on it and try and be a little more articulate than just “i hated it”…….

        • Dear Cath, mine!mine!mine!, robgirl86I agree with you 100% . You said exactly what I wanted to say, I just feel frustrated , and bummed out:( How can I worship at the “Church Of St. Mattress” if he really hates vaginas?? WTH is that about… I agree that the models are not that good looking, too skanky and lifeless as well( sorry , I’m not into nude women) . Anyhow… just bummed out:( It has been a rollercoaster ride all this week. I just had to say it!

          • I think I was misunderstood
            1) I don’t like the interviewer for too many things
            2) I love his word vomits
            3) I love the video much more than the shoot
            4) I love Rob, especially his BRAIN and obviously the “rest” as well!

      • didn’t think the interview was great, feel like they tried to make it more high brow than what it probably was. if you didn’t know him (i.e spend ridiculous amounts of time watching every interview he ever did … several times,) you would think he’s really strange or something..i dunno, i think it was heavily edited
        love the pictures tho, he looks really well
        and the video on the details website. f*ck.

    • no way i LOVED loved loved the interview more than pics.OK Rob was awsome and i know it’s a men magazine but it was more naked girls than Rob i want more Rob ,did i mention he looked so handsome.ok i should stop and leave these comments for the real Details post.

      and Gözde & Biel are just amazing,they are just increasing our robsession.

      • hi che…I’ve a feeling that the detail shoot/interview-post is gonna be a ” nice” ltr day…lol ❤

        • I agree, think I will leave my posting until tomorrow or when it’s on here. Still think my first impressions were right, but I will give it another go.

          • I just read it. I’m not drunk or hung over and I have to say WTF was that? It kind of makes me re-think my Robsession and that makes me sad 😦

          • toooldforthis..don’t be sad…all out of context, and it’s difficult to not talk about it today…but we will another

          • I’m not re-thinking my robsession: in ways, it strengthened some of my perceptions of him. But read the interview yourself when you get a chance.

          • I’m not rethinking my love in NO way, I’m thinking he needs urgently a publizist AND a damn better interviewer…ok..that’s enough!

        • I have A LOT to say about the interview (both good and bad), but I’m not sure that I should today. I’ll try to restrain myself.

          • yep, me also, some good, but unfort. mainly bad. What’s wrong with me today.

          • I may not be able to restrain myself- I’ll try. There are serious problems with the way that interview was presented. Not great.

          • I didn’t read the interview, just bits and pieces here and there. I want to wait until I get the actual mag. Is it that bad??People are reconsidering their Robsession?? I’m scared. From what little I read it seemed funny.

          • I spoke too soon of course I’ve not rethinking my obsession, it was just a kneejerk reaction to that interview.

          • Ok so i’ve very quickly read maybe missed some lines but the only thing surprising to me was that he 1) ordered a drink for the girl while waiting for her and 2) proposed to walk her to her hotel, like the fragile human being that she was couldn’t walk into the night alone. The rest, no, not shocking, don’t know in detail the Details editorial line, but i think this should answer some questions. OK, the rest on the Details day on LTR.

          • is NOT shocked…lol..I like diet coke as well, I said I didn’t like the interviewer! Ok, details later!

          • @minuit – The fact that he ordered her a drink while he was waiting and then offered to walk her to her hotel were about the only 2 things I LIKED about this interview.

            I thought he was being a gentleman. The interviewer even said he knew she liked Diet Coke. Why not have one waiting for her?
            And I’m sure he knew she was perfectly capable of walking to her hotel by herself. He was just being polite. That shows me he was raised right.

            I certainly wouldn’t turn Rob down if he wanted to walk me to my room, open the door, help me get undressed . . . .

          • ok, really must re-read…..MP, I thought she asked HIM if he needed walking to the hotel!!!!!!! Oh God, my heads in a bad place today!

          • mine! I thought the same…she asked him..or not?

          • robgirl, I think that just shows how badly written this article is. I felt like that at the beginning, I just wasn’t sure who was who and what the hell they were talking about. 14 months later and she’s banging on about new moon and interviewing him and then in the next breath she talking about meeting him at a hotel and they are walking around CG a few weeks ago…….confusing, badly written…..

          • Hi there ladies, I stayed up so late enjoying the Details pictures, but I never bother to read the interview?? And I just did … and it burst my bubble as they say:( I have so many questions now??? It didn’t come across like the ROb we ADORE! I dont’ want to rain on anyone’s parade , so I’ll shup up ! I didn’t get a good feeling about it, he came across as the most self absorbed As*@hole!! And I love him to death:( I better go…

          • allcullen, I know everyone’s going to hate me, but you just had the guts to say what I essentially thought the first time I read it. I’ve since re-read it and that impression’s toned down somewhat, but it’s not a good interview and he doesn’t come across like he usually does, I don’t think he comes across well at all…….I’ve said i couldn’t put my finger on it, why I didn’t like it but it’s the feel of the piece it’s all wrong.

            Still thing he’s great and I’m sure the obsession will not be ending anytime soon…..but i think this interview is bad.

          • I thought the interview was great. AND I got the impression that the ‘sting in the tale’ was that SHE the interviewer offered to walk HIM back to his hotel hence that little quote at the end,full of double entendre ‘I’ll be Okay’…just my take on it…..

          • re-read it, you were right, SHE offered to walk him to the cab (duh! it was written in italics!) really read one line out of 5 this morning, bad hungover.
            because of the reasons above, had the feeling he said smth like “you shouldn’t walk alone in Covent Garden!!! and was like WTF, why is he speaking like my parents? Guess I don’t like gentlemen, only time I agree is when I need the guy to carry my always too heavy luggage.

        • toooldforthis

          I agree, I came away from that interview also thinking I may have to rethink my obsession. Something about it, about him……mmmmmmm, not so sure about this guy anymore! gasp, horror……..happy to reconsider once headache tables have kicked in though.

          • I think he’s trying too hard to go the Johnny Depp route. He doesn’t want to be pigeon-holed as a teen heart throb, and I can respect that. But his interview was just plain bizarre. I felt like the reporter left out a bunch of details from the conversation. It felt disjointed. Like she only put in the most outrageous quotes in an effort to pull in readers. But what we’re left with is an interview that made me feel like he must have been high or something.

          • toooldforthis, I think the main problem with the article is it’s very badly written,(pretty much like my posts), it’s disjointed and difficult to follow, and why doesn’t someone, for the love of god, go with him to these interviews and stop him from making dumb comments like ‘I don’t like vaginas, I’m allergic to vaginas’……I’m sure that this was said/intended as a joke comment, but it’s been written up is such a way that it makes you wonder if it was a joke.

            Obviously it was a joke, of course our Rob likes vaginas, who wouldn’t….well I’m not that keen, my preference lies else where, but you know what I mean! 🙂

          • @alicullen
            “he came across as the most self absorbed As*@hole!!”
            you said it
            i couldn’t find the words for it but after reading the article if kind of thought i liked him less or something, but ya thats the way he came across.

            but i think that has more to do with how it was written then what he said.

            isnt’t weird the way some of us thought he asked to walk her home and others vice versa. when i read it i thought she was asking him did he want her to accopmany him.

          • @too old for this (ah your not!)

            “It felt disjointed. Like she only put in the most outrageous quotes in an effort to pull in readers”
            agree – cos it’s target demographic is so different, it’s not a teen girl magazine where just his face on the cover will have it flying off shelves.

          • The more I think about it (and I will have to go back and read it again, later) it was such a poorly written article. It’s like the reporter had ADHD and couldn’t focus long enough to write down what happened in the interview.

            One of the things that drew me to Rob in the first place, was his quirky sense of humor and the fact that he seemed goofy and almost nerdy, in a sense. I’ve always said I would love to sit down and have a beer with him.

            This interview kind of killed that image for me. Again, I tend to think it was the reporter. It’s like she sat with him for a few hours and only reported on these crazy things he said. I want to know what led up to some of these weird things he said.

            I’m sure any one of us could say something outrageous during the course of a 2 hour conversation, that was funny at the time, but when repeated and taken out of context, it just makes you sound strange. I have a feeling (at least I’m hoping), that’s what happened here.

            Either way, I’ll bet the executives over at Summit are shi**ing bricks this morning 🙂 !

          • mmmmmm…..i’m thinking you may be right. Do you think Rob proof-read this article before it was given the go ahead. if so WTF was he thinking? Somebody must have given it the green light?

          • I’m pretty sure someone (Rob? Nick?) proofread and agreed with the published version.

      • Che are you from Argentina?

        • hahaha. (that WAS a joke, no?)

          • Hi Abs. Glad to see you.

          • Abs. I was looking for you yesterday! Your little avatar brightens the page for me, and I miss hearing your thoughts.

          • Thanks, Ladies.
            It’s good to be back.
            I’ve missed your faces :0
            Spent the morning catching up on last week and a half of LTT/R and I feel MUCH better now. Except I’ve gotta go back to work now 😦

        • no misty i’m not Argentinian :)thanks for asking.
          it comes frist from chelsea’s abbreviation cuz i’m a chelsea fc fan(footbal-soccer) and second i like the meaning of it and last İ love Che Guevara.
          one stone three birds:)
          i was born in former yugoslavia but grown up and living in istanbul.
          where are u from?

          • chelsea fc fan!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO 🙂

            Crazy Man U fan, am off to watch them at Old Trafford next month can’t wait!!!!!!

          • former yugosllavia? Me too!!! Which part?
            I am from kosovo…

          • dear mine!,
            please tell me you were kidding when you said you’re going to old trafford next month…
            I love love love ManU. Best soccerclub in the world imo. I hate you now… J/k I hope you’ll have lots of fun even though I am jealous…

          • @ bleriana

            ….last post..

            NOT KIDDING……am crazy, crazy, crazy man u fan. 14th March Man U v Fulham (not playing a particularly good team, but hell, it’s still Man U I’m going to watch).

          • @bleriana from kumanova-macedonia .what is your origin?
            mine&bleriana of course Chelsea
            c’mon blue is the colour girls
            i like sir Alex and Rooney&rRio from ManU
            plus i’m a england national team fan too
            but as u know chelsea is the best and this year all titles will be ours.we have the best squad and all ManU fans see u at Old Traford since we beat u at Stamford Bridge 😀

          • 1. @mine!
            Can I call you by your name. It feels odd calling you mine!mine!mine! But only if you want. If not that’s ok too.
            You have no idea of how much I am jealous of you. Srsly. I want to someday go to a ManU game but since I live in Germany it is kinda difficult… ManU 4 life!!!

            2. @che
            I’m from Prizren (Kosovo) but we live in Prishtina when we’re over there for vacation… I know kumanova, actually some friends are from there too. Do you speak albanian at all? Or just turkish?

            And I am sorry to say but I love love love ManU. I love that club basically since becks joined it and I found out about the awesomeness of that club. We’ll see who’s going to beat whom… There’s still a few games to be played…

          • yes i speak albanian (but i’m not very good i guess) i have so many relatives there and some in germany too.what about u ,u know albanian too?
            i fell for chelsea with Lamps and i know ManU has a brighter history but Roman-eventhough made some stupid desicions-saved us and now we are the best
            God i love football and i can go all night like that.
            i used to hate Arsenal but since Rob is an Arsenal fan it’s become more difficult. the conversation was going to somewhere out of subject(ROB) so i thought i should bring it to him


          • Yep I speak albanian too. It’s my mother-tongue after all…
            The world is sooo small srsly. I never thought I would meet somebody coming from were I do… How funny is that?

            Rob probably likes Arsenal but I dont at all and nothing can change my opinion on that. I just love ManU way too much…

            I am seriously the worst commenter of all times. Always talking about smth different than the topic…

      • hi robgirl and everone. i liked how everyone couldn’t stop theirselves from this and could’t wait till the real seam the actual post day gonna be a long day

        • hi che…yeah…obviously the SUBJECT was lit’rally TOO HOT!!! 🙂

        • it only makes sense when we’re in the mood to write about it and discuss…
          Even though I kinda feel guilty because I started it and spoiled Moon’s post and got completely off topic…

  8. If it wasn’t for LTR, LTT, Robsessed, petitbiel and the amazing and talented women behind the above mentioned sites my obsession for all things Rob would make me feel crazy/wrong/dirty! If loving Rob is wrong I don’t want to be right!

    Love,hugs and kisses to you all!

  9. I haven’t read the interview, where can I read it?I’m so lost in life w/o my LTR girls…

    BTW last nighty hubby took me to see Avatar, while waking to the theatre, there was this huge cardboard cut out for RM. And there he was, looking as hot as ever when SMACK I knocked a kid over because I wasn’t looking where I was going. Truth:: I wasn’t even embarassed, I was still thinking about Rob…

    • Anyone have the interview link?

      • misty…if you mean the detail’s on robessed ❤

        • Thanks girl, I want to read it before we discuss it here…have a great weekend.

          • Theres a transcript of it… Go read it and tell us (me) what you think…

  10. Rehab eh? I have it Rob Patterson twleve step program.. Very interesting indeed. The twleve steps of Rob…

    • Twelve steps of Rob? What like the twelve steps it would take to get from outside my house to my bed?

      • Sorry I tried to thumbs up you…. iPod buttons are tooooo small

  11. Firstly, totally forgot hot hot OscarRob was!
    Secondly, thanks to Gozde, Kate and Kat for running Robsessed, I don’t know what I would do without it!!

    • There I thumbs uped you right that time, OscarRob swoooooooon

  12. Thanks to Godze and Robsessesed, Biel, Moon and UC for being our suppliers, and I mean that in a good way.

    The vid is great, Biel has some skills!

    I have an idea: we all should set up our own Rob rehab. Wait, don’t get upset- it would really be a cover for groups of us to get together and Robsess in person! Think of it, seminars, presentations, workshops. For all the DH and SO out there, they’ll say, good, she finally getting some help!

    I think we might have a really hard time getting insurance to pay for it though!

    • hahaha…you’re so funny girl!<3

      • You are too, RG! I ❤ you!

        • thx, and my fingers are sooo hurting for NOT to type what I want to say today..just saying, I know you’ll understand!<3

          • I do understand! On the bright side, the pics are great, really hot- but i wish Rob would stop cheating on me 🙂

            and I love the romantic feel of the Vogue pics- very sweet, but with some heat (sorry for the rhyme).

    • I apologize to Gozde- misspelled above. I’m too worked up about the pics an d the interview- most calm down.

  13. “Robsession” should be recognized as a true addiction by the American Psychiatric Association. Then we’ll be protected under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) while surfing at work!

  14. Oh my lord..just when you think he can’t get any hotter..gaaaah. I’d like to see how he tops this shoot.
    Well now I know how he’d look with his head between my legs- I like a visual.

    I was sad to hear that he’s allergic to vagina. Don’t worry Rob-I have Benadryl.

    • Sorry, that’s not related to the video but I couldn’t get my mind out of the gutter with those Details pics.

      • I’m right there with you sister!

      • No, its not just you, that comment started out near the gutter any way.

  15. I have to admit there was a lot of weird/strange answers which probably were completely taken out of the context. I’m going to read it again and see it from your girls pov and try to see what you see.
    So let us continue talking about the not talking of the detail shoot.
    Can we go on with the vf shoot he looked so cute…

  16. and my dad commented the detail photoshoot too.
    He caught me looking at the cover and went to the living room just to tell my mum, that “our girl is looking at some perv touching a womans ass.”
    my response: “The perv is called Rob and the girls actually forced him to do that…”

    • hahahaha!

    • bhahahabahahahahahah good one!

    • LOL Bleriana. Rob Porn.

  17. I am getting armored to be thumbed down for this but I just have to speak my mind…
    To all the girls that rethink their robsession because of this intervew. I completely see your point. Some stuff in this interview was really weird but you should be completely aware that most of those things was most likely taken out of context just to make it more interesting and sell more. You shouldnt even think about it. The sad part is, that girls who are ‘completely ok with their robsession’ say things like that.

    There’s nothing wrong with reading interviews and trying to decipher what he says could mean for his personality but please, for the love of god dont overanalyze stuff cause like I said before lots of stuff is not true like that or at all…

    And last: everyne is aware that we ARE in fact discussing the details photoshoot right? Good…

    So who wants to really discuss it with me follow me to TCS… Who doesnt can go on and “not discuss” it here…

    P.s. Sorry I know I am being rude, but people judging rob for what he says in interviews just… Upset me… Sorry again..

    • oh, don’t get upset….I still love Rob, even if this interview makes him come across a little weird. Anyway, I think drsaka is right it’s the way the interview is presented that’s wrong Like I said earlier, mine was just a kneejerk reaction to a bad interview (and bad hangover), which I quickly rethought…this is Rob we are talking about afterall and who in their right mind (or out of their right mind) couldn’t help but be obsessed with him 🙂

      • I said it and I’ll say it again:


        I’ll forgive you mine… 😛

        • @Bleriana

          I have to respectfully disagree. I am willing to give Rob the benefit of the doubt. Like I said before, I think this was a very poorly written article. I can’t be sure exactly what Rob said because I wasn’t there.

          However, I reserve the right to my opinion that he didn’t come off very well in this interview. I’ve read that some people love it and some of us not so much.

          But that’s the great thing about this site. We all love Rob, even when we don’t agree. We can call him out on ridiculous things he says or does, while still acknowledging the fact that he “rocks our socks” (oh dear, did I just say that 😉 ) I’m not 13 years old. I won’t condone or gloss over everything he says and does because I’m obsessed.

          What I will do is continue to think he’s the hottest, sexiest, and sometimes strangest 23-year-old to walk the planet. And despite the weird and often times awkward things he says, I will go see Remember Me, Eclipse and Bel Ami because I am still Robesessed!!!

          • toooldforthis ily. Srsly. Even though we disagree cause your comment was awesome…
            Actually I am pretty sure he said those things cause lets face it: this is sooo rob. But I am also pretty sure the interviewer just wrote down the most “outstanding” quotes to get some attention. How else would they get some attention from non-rob fans?
            A very lame but effectful technique since all haters will be all over this interview. Which means attention from both sides.
            As I said we should not judge him too much. A good interview consists of a good interviewer and a good opposite answering the questions. The rule about the interviewer was not being followed here which lead to all this mess…

            If I could I would seriously smack Rob for the pussy comment cause that is going to hunt him forever I tell you. And if we find it bad imagine what his haters will think…

          • @Bleriana – You know the thing that bothered me the most about this interview? It wasn’t the vagina comment. That was ridiculous, but kind of funny. And I wasn’t turned off by the photos or the fact that he talked about his balls shrinking in the cold weather or when they were talking about the sex toy store. I laughed at that too. And I know of lot of his fans will think he was too forward or was talking too dirty. That has never bothered me about Rob. I’m pretty open minded.

            For some reason what bothered me was that ridiculous story about the elephant. I don’t know why, but I just wanted to scream at him to stop making up stupid stories to try and sound clever. I’ve only read the article once, but didn’t he say something about the elephant practically eating him? How absurd!! It just wasn’t funny and I think he meant for it to be. Honestly, doesn’t he have enough crazy true life fan encounters to talk about? He just came off sounding like a pretentious ass.

          • I completely agree with you. After reading it the 2nd time around I could see that too…

          u rock

    • Totally agree with you on the part of not believing everything. But I mean that in accordance to Rob as well. He’s been known in the past to ‘tell a story or two’. Not always being entirely truthful. I think he’s amuses himself that way. He’s very smart (though I have to say said interterviewer makes him almost come across a litlle schizophrenic. Eccentric: good. Schizo:bad)

      Someone said he needs a publicist. Doesn’t he have one??? Someone MUST surely have read this and greenlighted it. I just don’t buy the fact that one could interview the hottest actor on the planet right now and just print it, regardless what he said and what you as a writer make of that. It almost seems like that, but if it HAS been proofread, then this is the image he wants to portray to the world. To me it would be totally CRAZY if he doesn’t have a publisher/PR person.

      If he really hasn’t I’d like to offer my advice for free, so from someone whose dayjob it is:’Wake up and smell the coffee.’

      • Cath…he hasn’t , but there are sure already some woman in line to offer some “advice for free”…..thinking of it perhaps the ol’dumpster-line will become the new “advice-for-free”-line…

        • No shit, really!??? Somebody, his agent must be aware that suffers intermittently from ‘mouth in gear, brain not’ syndrome…..god love!

          • and it’s not to make him ..shut up ..or so….just to choose a better “flow” in the interview…..

            anyway me is fine with him how he IS!!!I love his brain! and the rest is fine as well 🙂

        • robgirl I don’t want someone to put words in his mouth or get him to read from a scrip, but ‘just to choose a better ‘flow’ in the interview…’

          I Love that he suffers from intermittent ‘mouth in gear, brain not’ syndrome, he’s so funny. But some of the things he says……..:)

        • Tsss…No publisher. Very BAD idea.

          Am sure of that line, Robgirl. Don’t have the patience for that. But that ‘waking up and smelling the coffee’ was already my advice for him. I would not turn PR for him. Well, at least I think I won’t. Can’t promise you though. 😉

        • does a pr-agent read through interviews and check if they can print that sh**? If yes I am all up for it because as much as I love his slightly awkward answers I dont want interviewers to twist the word in his mouth so much that they come across completely different than intended…

      • I like the fact that Rob doesn’t have a PR person, and hope he doesn’t get one. I love his quirks, his no filter style of speaking, and the fact that he doesn’t try to be a Hollywood player.

        I think he wants to be accepted on his terms, and he should be. If that changes, then I think I’ll lose respect for him and that’s when the Robsession is over.

        That said, I haven’t read this interview yet and am dying to know what all the fuss is about.

        • MMmmm, I think its late enough in the day to wade in with my tuppeny’s worth! Have just read the interview transcript and I have to say it’s okay really. I get it and some of the quoted comments he makes are really insightful. I agree there was probably tonnes left out.
          The one that raised the biggest hoo haa regarding vagina’s seems very Rob like considering he’s talking about spending a whole day with entirely naked models with all their bits out all over the place. He seems to be reacting to that kind of thing normal way, at least all the guys I know would not be that comfortable with it, mm well that’s a lie maybe not every guy I know, but deffo the majority.

          • I would not want to spend 12 hours with a bunch of naked male models and their schlongs in my face, that’s for sure!!

          • exactamundo

      • Do not get a publisist Rob. Please do not go all Disney.
        I’ll leave the rest of my rant till UC & Moon give us teh green light.

  18. Run don’t walk to

    and view the Details outtake vid. You won’t be sorry.

    • haha…as we’re talking about our LOVE (and videos) for this man today…all I can say is…thx to you and the VIDEO is 100 times better than the shoot! Love you Rob!

      • like when he’s reaching to touch, but not touching the woman (Analeigh Tipton) in the bath???? and the imagination goes wild!!!

        • no..I’ve a feeling he had no wish to touch the girls at all, I love HIS parts…the terrace, the “sitting” on the couch, the 1 million face expressions,the cut, the music, the colours, but …ouch!! the fingers are hurting again! thx for posting it…<3

          • How can he be so photogenic! Not fair!!!!! I like the photos in the rooms of the mansion where he’s in the painting. Very gothic, in a way.

    • whooooo!!

      Dear Detail-magazine,
      it’s Sunday and I was kinda asleep.
      Now not anymore….
      Thanks for the hot wake-up-call.


    • Thanks Drsaka. The vid IS great. And Bleriana, girlfriend, is it Sunday in Bayern??? Confused now, did I sleep a day away? 😉

    • ❤ video.i want to see every single shoot in HQ

  19. I think I just died…….wait yep there I am on the okay I think I fell in love with him all over agian(:

  20. One of the best videos evah! It’s like falling in love all over again..sigh…

    • That’s sooo true!

    • I would say like purchasing a one-way-ticket to Robsession-ville!!!

      • Rob was just happy that at least here he didn’t have to get his own toilet paper…But now there’s a nude lady in the tub, with va-va-jay, ew…
        Poor baby, can’t win…LOL…

        • I just banned that comment out of my head. Srsly rob how could you say that? We still love you but the haters will be all over it…
          This surely will haunt you for years

  21. I haven’t seen the Details pics yet, nor read interview (gasp! I know, I know. But it’s been a crazy long work week….that isn’t over yet). So I quite obviously have nothing to comment on about that – other than the fact that I think I’m a little hesitant to read it now after all that you girls have to say about it 😦
    But I did want to say that Biel is friggin’ amazing, and I might go fake-lesbo for her.

    • hey absolutelyvlc,
      you know that everyone has their own opinion about stuff. That goes for interviews as well. I personally find it not that bad. Others might find it the worst interview ever. Just go and read it yourself and decide.

      I personally think we won’t discuss it since tomorrows is sunday and on monday smth different might come out. But maybe Moon and UC suprise me and still bring that topic back.

      Anyhow go read it and dont let others manipulate your opinion. Dont be afraid to find it bad or good or something else.

    • abs.I’m happy that you’re back, I like your hair!<3

      • I’m glad I”m back too.
        Been a super crazy work week. Got a few more long days to go, but I’m all caught up on my LTR and LTT reading.
        Missed your faces 😀

        • actually I missed you and your icon too (its hilarious)

      • (I hope this works)

        My avatar always makes me think of this:

        • You’ve made me so curious, now. What is IT?

  22. I maybe in the minority, well as far as this site is concerned at least but I love the details interview. Jenny is a genius as far as I am concerned. Although I must admit that her style of writing may be easily misinterpreted if you don’t read carefully and let your emotions rule.

    I suggest read it again with a fresh mind.

    • I agree it’s good to see a wholly different style of Rob reportage. I think the style in which the article is written may seem a bit confusing at first but it’s very insightful.

  23. Biel’s videos are pretty much the only ones that I sit thru, anymore. The only one hotter than this latest video right now, is the Details video. OMG.


    • definitely the hottest thing we’ve seen from him in a while, i wasn’t this turned on since that kiss outside the car in new moon when he did that groan thing …. shared waaaay to much!

  24. @cath
    see how confused I am? Rob does that to me. And No its saturday evening in beautiful munich…

    My mum just asked what happened to me because I look like I’m on drugs or in love or something not typical for me… Oh mum if only you knew… 😉

    • Haha, you’re totally in love (Rob)! Enjoy Saturday night. 🙂

      • yeah and kinda on drugs (robcrack)… So sad this wonderful day is almost over. I really hope we’ll have the detail discussion tomorrows… I’ll reread it tonight and take notes…
        Maybe I’m just to fangirlish about the whole situation…

  25. Cath- I posted late yesterday so you might not have seen it. Did you see ‘It Might Get Loud”? I can’t remember if we talked about it.

    • Hi girl! Thanks for pointing that out. Went back and saw that I’ve missed that reply. But to answer it now. Yes, saw it! Very interesting, really liked it. What did you think of it?

      And LOL to Bono forgetting his own lyrics. I know, I know. Overload in his head. I mean all those lyrics AND all those world problems. Who wouldn’t? 😉 Have you also read Conversations With Bono? (will stop now, this is LTR afterall not LTB, LOL.)

      • maybe we should start LTB! I really like IMGL- I smiled all the way through it. Jimmy Page stole the show! And Edge was v cute and funny.

        • Ha! Yeah, we totally should start that. Am sure Bono would be totally flattered and it would very much work with so much persona to work with. We wouldn’t have much time left to comment here though. Oh dilemma’s. *shakes fist at 24h in a day* Just reminds of the Rob bingo chart. Would be sooo easy to do one of B as well. PunkBono, JoshuaTreeB, BluesBono, CowboyBono, PopBono. OK, have to rein myself in, like NOW. Getting caried away here. 😉

          Ever read saw the achtoons at They were always so funny.

          • yes, time is def a factor- I’m so behind at work, its not funny. I have read the achtoons and there cute and funny.

  26. Well I think it’s a little late for rehab for me…I think I’ve already overdosed from today and I’m lit’rally about to DIE.


    Thank you. No really, thank you.


  27. hello again, I don’t even know if my first post actually made it , but I’m so down now with the Details interview, has left me with too many questions?? I hope someone bothers to ask ROB to clarify some of his statements. My mental state depends on it. Pathetic … I know:(

    • i know i feel like it’s changed my perception of him a tiny bit, but maybe i’m just fickle. but ya it’s a weird one definatley, between the disturbing sex scene comments and the i hate vaginas i think he might take a bit of stick for it

  28. oh Rob, I seriously hope you know what you’ve done………this shit is really gonna hit the fan!!! Big time!!!
    (……and I’m sorry I like you….I can’t help it…..really wish I didn’t…..your life would be easier but so would mine…..)

  29. ok girls you all get a paper bag… Breathe in and breath out it will be fine…

    My dearest LTR chicas,
    can we just agree that this interview was kinda confusing/weird, the interviewer sucked and its not only Robs fault (even though he should rethink some stuff before he speaks)? I came to the conclusion after I made my bff (a not rob fan) read it…

    With love,

    • what did you friend think?

    • sorry…your friend not you friend.

      I can’t stop can I, don’t worry i’m off out in a few hours.

      • she said exactly those things above…
        I felt a bit sorry for making her read it but I needed some non-influenced opinion….

  30. And just to give you all a little giggle: In M&S today I *may* have stroked a pack of large black boxer briefs & whispered ‘That’s from the ladies at LTR….’

    • CLASS! hahahaha

    • beakerj- we appreociate it!

      • It was only later I realised they probably have it on store security cam….

        • hilar!!!

        • I’m sure they’ve seen stranger things!

    • That’s hilarious! Thanks for being the vicarious wierd stalker person for us.

  31. I love:

    Rob’s brain
    Rob’s ass
    ltr friends
    robsessed (gozde)
    biel videos

    p.s. and Johnny Flynn

    • Lion,

      JF v. Good.

      also loving laura marling

      • Laura Marling ..!!! THUMP UP!

    • you love Johnny Flynn? damn, you’re too good girl!
      and why is me not in your list? double damn!

      • lion…I know that me is in your list, but I have serious ADHS today as well…lol

      • well Robgirl, if I knew who you were than maybe I’d but you in my list, should I know who you are?……..*confused shake of head*

        • don’t be confused, it was a joke….me is nobody, and lion understands

      • just realised what you meant….seriously, I’m in no fit state today to converse intelligently.

    • ML, your list is perfect except you forgot one thing that you and I both love.

      I love:
      Rob’s hands

      Love you too,

      • Hands? What was a thinking? Of course his hands, but if you say hands, then you gotta add jaw, lips, eyes, hair and then you can’t stop…but thanks for the “hands” comment.


        • We’d have to add: happy trail, crotch, those long lean legs (especially in the white pants from Details pics).

          You’re right, then you can’t stop…

  32. Someone is putting up 2 tickets to the Remember Me premier up on ebay. Maybe if we all donate a few bucks to the cause, we could send Moon and UC as a repayment for all the great entertainment over the last year 🙂

  33. EMT- a very nice idea.

  34. After the long Rob-drought, the BelAmi pics, Details, and Vogue stuff is like crack overload. I’m glad I have the day off because I think I’ll just be staring like a vegetable today. Good Lord I pray UC and Moon are planning on BIDVFS.

    That is all.

    • crying out to be bidvfs

  35. Great idea, but so much money…
    I’d love for the gals to go there, but I’m afraid that some rich girl is going to get those tickets for her sweet sixteenth. Or a rich cougar Rob lady will snatch those up. Or that some Russian billionaire will gift them his gf.

    Dear Rob,

    Just be charitable. Just hand out UC and Moon (and the rest of us if you feel like it) an invitation. I’m more than willing to accompany you travelling to NYC. We can talk tropical diseases. Fun!



  36. P.S. Uhm Rob…

    That were just some half-*ss afflictions in that interview. Just watch video below and you’ll be forever cured of your fascination. You may need some Smarties for comfort after watching this.

    Warning. Not for the faint of heart…VERY interesting, but I saw it years ago and still get chills by just seeing the stills.

    • I am faint of heart, so I won’t watch…because I have a vivid imagination.

      I toast Rob for bringing us to all the places we go, such as:

      strange afflications
      and more, but need to save it for the Details breakdown…

      *taps foot in anticipation*

      • Am sorry ML, couldn’t help myself. I’ll tap my foot with you. But I need you to forgive me, have to make one last sort of Details related post. Nothing intellectual, don’t worry…haha…

        And no, don’t watch, I still remember some of those images in the vid too vividly. (You know I’ve posted it for lurking Rob, ahem ;-))

      • lion as usual you’re a wise woman….and after a whole day spending time here mostly to ruin a post that has still to come out…and I’m sorry to NOT have shut up earlier….my conclusion for the whole detail thing is:

        The wrong person is naked!

        • excellent assessment, RG, best of the day.

        • The wrong person is naked!
          absolutely the best
          ❤ robgirl

        • True dat!

        • That’s the conclusion we needed Robgirl!!!!!!

        • That is something we can all agree on!!

    • Cath- I said I wouldn’t comment again on the interview, but you brought this up.
      Dear Rob,
      if you’re lurking and really really want to discuss odd infectious diseases and odder still medical conditions, I’m your girl (I like the sound of that last phrase). Filariasis discussion? No problem. I was going to cite more examples of gross fungal and parasitic infections here, but the LTR ladies may not like it.
      So call me and we’ll discuss-
      Yours in microbiology,

      So what do you think, LTR ladies, will I get a call??
      Before this, very unlikely and after this approaching affinity unlikely.
      Dammn, I’ve blown whatever tiny chance I had! :0

    • Oh and Cath- the world is a small place.The doc mentioned in this case:
      I he was in the department where I did a postdoc (not where he’s listed now, before this). The world’s a funny place.

      • Really drsaka??? The world IS funny like that. Really interesting though.

        And I’m quite sure that Rob would completely LOVE talking about all those kind of things. Not just saying that. You probably wouldn’t get rid of him. Like never, hahaha.

        • Then maybe that was a brilliant strategy!

          I can remember some horrifying pictures that we were shown in classes (I had to take several med school courses for my degree). A fellow student and I still talk about them cough*cough years later- very memorable, but not in a good way.

          • Totally brilliant on your part. He in the meanwhile is out there figuring out under which alias he’s going to post here to make a date out of it.

          • A date with Rob- sighhh……

          • Drsaka, be very, very quiet, he maybe already out there, see my reply to Clarissa…Otherwise he’ll get intimidated and shies out of asking you, can’t have that. 😉

            (Mind you, you won’t get anything other on that date besides Diet Coke/Beer and Smarties. (which are NOT as good as M&M’s believe me. The interview lady was lying, haha.) Any food you’ll order, he’ll gobble up.

          • I’ll ask him to microwave me some carrots! I can’t have Hot Pockets, beer or Smarties, so we’re left with rubbery carrots, if he’s doing the cooking! Maybe he learned the spaghetti dish in RM.

            If he’s here, Rob, I’d be happy to fix anything you’d like and purchase your alcohol of choice. I can be very accommodating…….

          • Am sure you could be, haha!

            I’m not sure of the fact that he mastered that RM spaghetti though.
            Hmmm, maybe order pizza if you’re allowed to eat that?
            Or carrots, whatever, it’s Rob. I wouldn’t be able to eat anyway. Trust! Hot Pockets I’ve never tried, Smarties, mweh and beer without any food? That’s going to be very interesting…

          • can’t really have pizza or spaghetti, but you’re correct, I probably wouldn’t be able to eat anyway. And knowing myself, I’d spill it all over myself as well (almost every shirt I have has a stain somewhere on the chest, yeah, I’m classy like that). I would hope that I could speak coherently in his presence, but I make no guarantees.

  37. *fist pumps*

    this song has always described my robness.

    tooo perfect!

    • @Clarissa: Song? ROFL…I was expecting some replies, but not about a song…
      Which song do you mean???

      Am very confused right now.

      Rob is that you? LOL. 😉

      • Not a reply to you. I’m pretty sure she means Rehab song in Biel’s video.

        • Thanks Keisha! Am in a silly mood AND got a bit of headache, didn’t think of the post anymore.

          STUPID Ol’ ME!

          Sorry Clarissa. You’re allowed to punch me if you like.

          • Nooooo I won’t punch you! you’re good!
            I didn’t know I was responding to a post and not the blog itself LOL.
            you’re good.

            besides the site of rob makes me not want to fight. it brings me peace (rob for world peace? what the world, needs now, is rob, sweet rob…it’s the only thing, that there’s just too little of? possibly).

  38. Like I said; last sort of interview related post. Remember the chocolate candy mentioned? Smarties (which I loved when I was, ehm, like three, haha) Anyhoodles, spot the other Great Love of Rob ‘hidden’ in this commercial. Like custom made for him. Too funny!

    • was it the elephant-like creature? It kinda looked like across between an elephant and anteater!

      I think Smarties are (were?) different in the U.S.- I think they were kinda sweet and sour. I think.

      • LOL, I thought it totally looked like a hybrid of these two as well. But it’s supposed to be an elephant. And yeah, I guess they ARE different in the US.
        Here they’re only very sweet, chocolate with a coloured sugarcoating. Really prefer M&M’s. They were very popular when I was in pre-school though, haha. Typically Rob, to carry around such dorky candy. Cute!

        OT: A really cool guy friend(guitarist, tattoos, kind of hipster thing) of me I know offered me once Werther’s Originals, I just knew him then and we were in a bar. Too funny in that context! I was like, uhm, okay, thanks..? Reminds me of that.

    • thanks for the commercial i love smarties and ready to share with Rob

  39. I have a song recommondation just to lighten things up.

    Listen to a bit Kesha – Your love is my drug

    The lyrics kinda fit…

  40. Between that and the Smarties elephant things have totally lightened up! (Were they depressing before then? Sorry, didn’t notice, am in a silly mood tonight.)

  41. Oh ladies! how will I ever thank you for this??

    I love life!

    Dear Rob,
    Do you have any IDEA of what you do to me?!?
    Why? Why?

  42. Well I have just got to say this…’s started, the whole ….RP’s gay. The gossip columns are running with the ‘I don’t like vaginas…..’ statement.

    All the posts I’ve read are saying they all knew he was gay all long! hahahahaha……..

    the robstens are going mad!!!! apprently they are saying he’s not with Kstew or any other woman, cos his only emotional attachment is with his Dog………

    MMMMMMMM…….what possesed him to say he didn’t like vaginas??? or rather allow that comment to be printed in the way it was.

    Just love him!

    • ha ha the thought of all the robstens having hissy fits is hilarious
      still hate that it’s raised the whole is he isn’t he question.

      • according to about 70% of those out there, he defo is gay……..some have the good sense to see it was sarcasm, but I’m afraid there’s an awful lot out there that are now convinced he’s gay.

        Suits at Summit must be crapping theselves…..BD possibly delayed so that they can do damage limitationon on RPs article.

        Guess Kstew will be shipped over here shortly to prove to all that he’s not gay… we’re going to be seeing a lot of her and RP together pretty soon!

        Seriously, I just love this guy and his soooooo inappropriate comments. hahahahahaha 🙂

        • one example i read – I knew he was gay too. Most gorgeous men in Hollywood are. So glad he came out

          yeh i bet they must be freakin, edward cullen cannot be gay!!
          there’ll be an clip of the angry wall sex from rm released tomorrow to highlight his “sexual chemistry” with co star (we can hope anyway!)

          • Obviously you went and checked the blogosphere ( like I did ) 🙂
            The forecast is “Cloudy with a chance of the shit hitting the Fan”
            LOL I hope that ROB knew waht he was doing then I can finnaly laugh at all this nonsense:)

          • couldn’t help it!
            funny how people have just accepted that he must be gay all from one throw away comment. but i suppose they don’t know his tendency for verbal diarrhoea!

    • I think I am dying from laughter now… HAHAHAHA

      They knew it all along? HAHAHAH… yes of course they did.

      And does anyone feel like this is getting waaaaaaaaay to big?

      • yep agreed it’s is getting way to big, but I think it’s only going to get bigger over then comming weeks.

        Well at least everyone’s going to stop asking him if he’s shagging Kstew and will now be asking him if he’s gay.

        Personally, I applaude his mad insane comments, that’s what makes him so great.

        Hope he doesn’t give a f**k! about all the hoopla.

        • of course he doesnt… Because he is Chuck Bass Robert Pattinson!!!

          • sorry the Chuck Bass has to be crossed out…

      • of course just use @mine, don’t care one little bit 🙂 (in reply to your post above re. man u)

        • right now I much rather talk soccer than the whole detail issue. It got frustrating pretty fast…

    • haha the fandom at its best! I’m guessing there will be a massive wave of people getting fired, others starving…because they really had to read and comment everything.

  43. ‘……I just read the entire interview from the link above, what a weird, weird narcissistic dude he is, not at all interesting, except for the strange remarks the questions drew out of him. Another lame-o say anything star caught up in his moment of fame. Lets see where he is in five or ten years!’…..

    Above is something posted on another site….this is kinda sad, cos I think that the article gave this impression of Rob, that’s how I felt when I first read it, obviously i don’t really think that he’s narcissitic but this interviews done nothing good for RP. Really hope it blows over soon.

    • awww i hate that people are running with this now and being so negative, i just want to defend him. but not in a second hand embarrassing respect rob way!!

    • I just reread it too and I have to say that the only thing good about this interview is that she didn’t ask him to bite her…
      In the first reading it was way better, but I guess I was just in the afterglow of the pictures and the video of biel right then…

      Dear Rob,
      thats what you get for saying you dont like pussys.


      • Defo last post on this. Also must stop reading post now starting to make me angry.

        There appears to be four camps….

        Camp 1: thinks he’s gay and don’t care

        Camp 2: thinks he gay and this some how makes him a bad actor

        Camp 3: thinks he gay, narcassistic and generally up his own arse and no talent whatsoever (see above camp 2)….

        Camp 4: Doesn’t believe a word of it.

        I see this getting very unpleasant and I want to defend him to the hilt but I can’t bring myself to post on any other site…..way too embarassing. So I am now officially boycotting all other sites until this madness is over, or until something sensible is being said.

        Good luck rob ! and at least the gay community are now behind you 🙂 – no pun intended! 🙂

        • I’ll do just the same as you. Boycott everything beside robsessed and LTR. At least until this whole thing is over which might take some time…

          Oh rob, why did you do this?
          =>because he’s Robert Pattinson…

    • dear mine!mine!mine!

      I can only imagine at the press junkets for RM and Eclipse, the questions he’s going to get, no more little girls throwing themselves at him, we’ll start seeing more dudes (maybe) , my gosh .. he’s so marketable now:) I think this is all a Joke! Perez Hilton is so happy!!! The blogosphere is exploding with rumors and asumptions , I’ll be surprise if we don’t start getting pictures of him making out with random women, LOL (I’m volunteering for that one )

      • that was my first thought when i read the quote, perezhilton will have a heart attack!!!
        it’s so funny for the last year the media has been pushing his relationship with kristen and now he’s gay complete 180 it’s funny really

        • LOL, what a rollercoaster ride today has been 🙂 i can’t wait for tomorrow and what will it bring?? Already on AOL welcome page: Pattinson allergic to Vayjayjays !!! Prepare yourself, he’s making headlines … After today I am ready for anything!! Bring it on…..LOL

  44. ooooh my, dear moon & uc!!!! I apologize if I’m a little bit late…. I am out of words. I just drop by here late, like every day, but couldn’t imagine that you could post this today!! (I mean, considering the whole Details thing and stuff…) Thank YOU so much, this was really sweet of you and I heart you and uc for such a beautiful post, both your words and intentions. I L-O-V-E you ladies!!!

    As for the topic of the day (rofl, yep, I can’t help it either, even more after reading the comments from you all) I really can add very little, maybe just one silly thought. But when I read the “I don’t like vaginas” thing, I couldn’t help but remembering Salvador Dalí, since it’s well known that the painter had a sort of huge vagina fear. Surely I’m wrong, but imho the whole interview is kinda surreal. The photoshoot is a tribute to Helmut Newton, one of the pics was inspired by the surreal painter Magritte … so maybe he just remembered Dali at some point and somehow he associated ideas, since he did study this character very thoroughly for “Little Ashes”. Or maybe has nothing to do with this and it’s all about “zero filter”, rofl!!!!

    Anyway, this statement seems taken out of context to make a headline, and I wouldn’t make a big deal of it. I really enjoyed reading and re reading the interview…. finally not the same old questions and, thanks god, he is really something!!

    Long Live LTR, you rock my world!!


    Biel :************

  45. I dont see what is the big deal about the interview at all…It didnt strike me as narcisstic in the least. It is so funny to see how one article can be seen so differently by so many. @the I hate vaginas…to me it was complete tongue in cheek sarcasm.He has said that it was a 12 hour photo shoot and that he didnt know the girls would be naked…Rob is hot as hell but he is still adorkable, wonky “cant lie, word vomit” wierd Rob!Probably spent a goodly amount of time thinking about the vaginas-should I play it cool and pretend they arent naked? tell them you have beautiful vaginas? hahaha Ignore the vaginas!…etc etc…at the end of the day he probably just thought F*ck It!1 I hate vaginas!!! I mean 12 hours of naked girls hanging all over him (poor baby he has such a hard job ) the surreal just became the norm…he says in the interview good thing I was hungoverbecause he didnt want to deal with it
    I dont know …the interview hasnt changed how I think about Rob at all- If anything,I probably llike him more now! If you were an actress and had a 12 hour photo shoot with a bunch of naked guys, at the end of the day you might say god I hate peens., too!!….hahah It is a joke people.It doesnt mean Rob is gay. He is not coming out. It is all good.

    • nobody on this site thinks he’s gay.. What we are saying is that that statement has been taken out of context and used against him. Obviously, he wasn’t being serious, but at the same time he should have been aware how the press would use that against him.

  46. I love the details out take vidoe IMO some of his best work ha ha !! the photos amazing too. I have not read the interview so maybe shouldn’t comment but I never take anything too seriously in print – Journalists are masters at manipulating the context we all know how he comes across in filmed interviews AND WE LOVE IT doesn’t change a thing for me in fact I like him more now as this is all more adult and I am old !!!!!

  47. I actually asked my husband to explain the “allergic to vaginas” comment for me as I thought it required a mans “take” on the whole thing and he just said – ” he (Rob) was too hung over to deal with the whole naked ladies thing. Easier to stay de-tached that way and not to interact with the models….” but my husband also said he thought it was a bit weird to express it that way! Plain and simple – and NO I don’t think Rob is gay!!!!!

  48. (to drsaka – I also studied microbiology and medicine at the university (i’m not a doc, though) so I was hoping that I could join you when you have that “talk” with Rob about weird bacterias and tropical diseases….)

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