Posted by: themoonisdown | February 12, 2010

Who cares about Valentine’s Day? We’ve got Rob in Bel Ami pictures

Dear Rob,

I was all ready to write you a lovely Valentine’s Day letter full of fluff and hearts and x’s and o’s AND THEN I saw pictures from the set of Bel Ami with you in some period wardrobe looking all sorts of HOT. And I thought EF Valentine’s Day! That’s for losers, let’s talk some Bel Ami. And besides doesn’t that mean like “good friend” or something, that can be Valentines-ish. So of course I had to IM UC to see what she thought of the new pics and it went something sorta like this…

Man's best friend eh? HA they'll eat this shiz up!

Moon: DUDE he looks cute, right? And he’s with a dog. this is my kryptonite
UC: i mean semi better than the one with the toliet paper
Moon: This is like porn for Jane Austen fans
UC: i dunno. period dudes don’t make me wanna merv
Moon: DUDE im dying

Tally-ho to the stables!

Moon: THAT will be my end. Rob in some sort of regency period shit would be my undoing

I wonder if this porta-potty has toliet paper?

Moon: UGH the smile, the cig the porta potty
UC: i love you. i was underwhelmed by these pics. He looks like mr. darcy here
Moon: ill be overwhelmed for you cause i have a THING for mr darcy types. like pretty bad. I may or may not write pride & prejudice fan fic
UC: OMG write some FF based on these set pics
Moon: like “I’m utterly and totally bewitched by you, Mr. Pattinson” type stuff?
UC: Yea like…  “then he moved the chamber pot from the foot of my bed and began to undress. He undid his top button, then the next, then the buttons at his wrists. 20 minutes later his jacket was off
Moon: Later that day when he mounted his steed I caught a glimpse of his snow white ankle and I swooned. My lady had to bring the smelling salts to revive me.
UC: After he came back from the township he decided to remove his pants and then his shoes, and when he took them off and removed his triple thick pair of wool socks, the stench was so overwhelming I wished he would move the chamber pot back
Moon: Good hygiene, once lost, is lost forever. Good thing, my lady had left the smelling salts with me because the hideous odor made my eyes water. He mistook my watering eyes for tears and he rushed to my side. He told me Moon, you have bewitched me, body, soul and I love… love love love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day forth. And if you are amiable will you be with me forever?

OH Mr. Darcy... I mean Mr. Pattinson

Then in honor of Ms Austen who I’m sure would be a Rob fan if she was still alive today:

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good head of hair and a brooding stare, must be in want of a legion of crazed fangirls.”

Ah yes Rob, nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day to me like a good Ascot! I’m sure you understand.

Happy Valentine’s Day Ladies!

Ok spill it, you know you love some Pride and Prejudice! And what do we think of men in period garb? Men and dogs? Spill? Any Valentine’s Day plans?


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  1. LMFAO

    This sounds like the start to a beautiful crack fic.


    Merv life *gang sign*

  2. OMG Moon and UC that was a hilarious post. Ya’ll get me in stitches! I agree the old fashioned look is hot on Rob. You couldn’t appreciate it as much in Vanity Fair because he was still kind of in that zygote stage.

    And holy hell I’ve never wanted to be a dog so much in life. Leg humpin!

  3. These pictures of Rob on the Bel Amie Set are just fabulous…but his appeal is timeless…the journalist who wrote the piece in Vanity Fair said he looked ‘Byronic’…and HE DOES/IS….beautiful, sexual, debauched, sensitive, enigmatic….he IS a drug which I don’t want to give up…..

  4. DAMMIT Moon, No FF! Stay away from the writing of it.

    The rest of the letter was funny too, but I get mad re-eyes when I see the FF written (or not, it’s just my thing).

  5. Hey robgirl!
    Did you read it at school? P&P?
    We didn’t read it in english or german… wtf?
    I think I will have to read it myself.
    That sucks big time srsly…

    And to everyone else:
    Thumb me down all you want because every thumb down means you are just jealous I can loose my P&P virginity with pictures of Rob in my head…j/k

    • …I think I will spoil myself a bit and watch the movie tonight. Any suggestions on which version is best?

      • Watch the BBC mini series on You Tube. Much more details here. And Colin Firth. BEST DARCY EVER.

        • i’m gonna go with Matthew,i have nothing with Colin (could be a great actor)but he’s not even goodlooking

          • Hmmm, not thumbing you down, but that was just too easy, you hit a nerve. 🙂

            I like Matthew as Darcy as well.

            But I seriously find Colin Firth in his Mr. Darcy version much more RAWR than Matthew. And Firth not goodlooking? Well, uhm…I don’t swoon over him, but you could hardly call that man not handsome. And he is a wonderful actor; also Oscar/ Golden Globes/ Bafta’s nominated actor for his latest role in a Single Man.

            So many great roles. In Bridget Jones, loved him in Love Actually, a little movie called Genova, Girl With A Pearl Earring.

            But to each his own!

        • Yes, Cath.
          Loved Colin in Girl with Pearl Earring. I’ve loved him in everything.

    • Bleriana…I guess I didn’t go to school at all and neither to university 🙂
      My pre-Rob-life is actually very blurry now………lol
      I had “Leistungskurs” with all the important authors…plus I studied literature….so….YES…I know the story…

      • That’s what I get for only getting the “Abitur” damn it…
        Did you read the german version? Is it good? or should I go for the english one?
        Me = very confused… and very busy tonight:
        1. Vampire diaries
        2. P&P
        3. Dorian Gray

        *sigh* Why does the day not have 24 hours?

        • You made your Abitur in Bavaria! They should teach that… the english version….original is always better, same for Oscar Wilde, you don’t know him? I know nothing about point 1) because I have no time….I’m busy with Rob all the time…lol

          • Yeah right? I think it was just because of our damn english teacher. Honestly that guy had no clue. He even said at one point that if we dont want to go to his classes we can just go to the cafeteria and drink a coffee or smth…
            And is it weird that guy reminds me of Rob? He lived in England for a while and had this “british-hobo-chic-style” adopted. Was very funny….

            Anyhow I need to catch up on soooo much.
            The sad thing is we read so much german stuff it was not even funny anymore and yet we did not even attempt to read smth english. I think we just mentioned the authors once in english just to move on with some stupid excercises…

            Can you tell I am pissed?

          • btw thanks for the advice…
            And you seriously don’t know about the vampire diaries?
            I think I will dedicate you a post….
            So I am not the only ‘something-virgin’ here? YAY!

          • Please Bleriana, don’t do that….I guess Rob would not marry to know that I’m a “vampire diaries” virgin…he likes that vampire stuff soooo much!
            P.S. Read J.Austen and O.Wilde…your “teacher” didn’t do a great job! you should have told him, that you’re interested in classic literature!!!

  6. So I read this post while standing in line at the airport in Honolulu for a flight to lanai at 8am & I kept guffawing. my oh-so-patient hubby pointed out that I’m the crazy person laughing to themselves. I offered to tell him what was do hilarious, but he politely declined

    UC & Moon – you really should look into comedy writing careers! The P & P fan fic was so incredibly brilliant – as good as your Rob & KStew plaid love den last summer! Thanks for continually bringing such huge smiles toy face.

    • Milfy, have a good flight!
      And yes, who can forget the palatial plaid pad?

  7. The Lake Scene:

    • I love Colin Firth. I posted that on FB and got so many people saying NO, can you believe that?

      Some people said, “who’s that?”


      • who is that?hahahahhahahha…sorry honi…you know why me is laughing !!!!!

      • Wait, what? SB, who are these people you speak of?

      • Who’s that?! Blasphemy! *pats Colin Firth on head, while assuring him that’s he’s still the best Mr Darcy ever*

      • Oh just friends and my sister…who didn’t know who Colin Firth was. The my sister googled him and she said he’s old. 😦

        • sorry for the typo, I meant my sister looked him up! LOL. I need to proofread my comments.

  8. That dog is so lucky to get close to Rob. I can’t believe I’m jealous of a dog. Pfft.

    What about me? 😦

    • better the dog than the TP ….lol

      • LOL robgirl..gross. i gave u a thumb down for that
        lets pretend like we didn’t see TP ever and jelaous cigarette than the dog-of course it’s up to your wish,which part of him u wanna be closer,lips or ..ıımm

        • thx che…I deserved that….lol… I said…I use TP for making my coffee or some tea or cleaning up my screen…..for your dirty thought I might give you the thumb down as well…..but I did the comment in a moment of hilarious laughter about another post…so…me is excused, ok?

          • thumb up 🙂

          • to “repair” my silly comment I could think that “T” stands for “Tom”, about the “P” don’t know…..perhaps…”plaid”….yes!!! that’s it…..not to be jealous about Toms Plaid! good night! 🙂

      • Ah….Rb, lost in translation. It’s ok, I understand.

    • sorry honi…my post this time was completely LOST in translation, there should be a delete button… 😦

    • OK, OK, I confess…I was that dog, I’m a shape shifter. (If you don’t get it, it’s a reference to vampire series True Blood…) Sorry, won’t happen again, I promise. Just couldn’t help myself.

      • Hon, you don’t think I know True Blood and Vampire Diaries? I guess you don’t know me just yet. LOL.

        I’ve read all those Sookie Stackhouse stories, I own them. 🙂

        Clever, so you’re a shapeshifter, are you Sam? Won’t that be nice if I can shapeshift, what should I be? Any ideas? He likes dogs so I guess that’s a safe bet. But can I shapeshift to be another human? Maybe be like Jessica Alba? Haha.

        • Haha, SB, didn’t doubt you would know, just was putting that up for some of the European girls. I’ve got True Blood on dvd , it’s not on TV here, they only started with The Vampire Diaries a couple of weeks ago here on TV.

          I like TB, haven’t read the books, but the show sometimes is quite shocking, dark. Got a bit of a love/hate thing with it going on, but the cliffhangers are the best, you just can’t stop watching. Were the books like that as well? They’re called the Southern Vampire Mysteries, aren’t they? Also don’t the bloodsucking during youknowwhat. If Edward had done that, I would’ve seriously liked him less. LOL. OK, I guess I’m a female version of Sam then. Not sure though if’d turn into a dog were I a shape shifter. I think I’d turn in to a cat, love dogs, but I’ve got some catlike qualities, being very stubborn and sleeping a lot, haha. I love cats, but I’m not quite sure Rob does. Maybe he would totally shoo me away…haha.

          It’s late out here; but I’m watching the opening of the Olympics Game. Woke up and couldn’t sleep, so I’d thought I’d reply. 🙂

          • Hey Cath, howdy? I’m like you. I’m not real thrilled with TB. I like the books better. Yes they are called Southern Vampire series(and I sound like Sookie). Just kidding. As far as Vampire Diaries, I like to watch it but I just can’t get the hang of it ya know? So I watch it when I can but I ain’t losing sleep if I don’t.

            You’re still awake! Well I’ll keep you company. I wanted to ask for your email so if you feel comfortable, you can send it to me on the forum.

            If I can shapeshift to another animal I think I’d want to be a cat too, a big huge one! I don’t sleep a lot though, too much going on.

            Did I tell you my BIL is 1st generation Dutch? He still goes to the Netherlands every few years to visit his family. He was born here and speaks hardly any Dutch though. LOL.

          • Oh I forgot to say something. Yeah the bloodsucking during youknowwhat, I don’t like that either. And the fangs showing is not turning me on at all. It just looks so unnatural, to me at least.

  9. Where is Absolutelyvic? I miss that fuzzy little red-haired scamp. Hello-o-o-o?

    • I miss her as well!!! I love her avatar!

    • me, too, Abs…come back…

  10. How bout where Colin and what’s her face, were dancing and arguing???

    Now that be dayum efn hot to see “The Precious” do.

    Dance, talk, argue, stop and stare thinking no one else is around?????


    Go here, look under most viewed. You will have to look but there are several from his Tess performance. Nice addition to these of today.

  12. Dear Rob,

    Please can I be your dog……

  13. ……because then I can sniff you and you can pat me……..

    • We can both be his dogs i wonder what breed he likes?(:
      Oh yeah and dont forget we can lick him too;)

  14. YES!!!!!!I so love men and dogs they are so adorable together.Valentines day isnt really big for me so ill prolly just stay at home with my bestest friend and stay up late re-watch twilight look at robert pattinson pictures listen to him sing and play oh yeah and watch all his interviews and all the stuff for new moon and remember me!

    Sounds like a greate night huh?♥

  15. Oh Moon and UC as if I didn’t spend enough time reading FF now you have me wanting you to actually finish writing a Mr. Pattinson fic for me 🙂
    PS Moon, I’m with ya on the period costume thing…rawr!!

  16. God, tons of smelinbg salts will not bring me back after seeing this, I need a good modern defibrilator.

    How can a Man be that good looking? It´s criminal. I tell you

    And the Mr. Darcy thing! Ugh, I can´t take it! I Love some Jane Austen and I think it´s about time from then to make another movie with her work so they can sign Rob on and mass murder the whole female population at the premiere.

  17. […] we know its for the part but if that’s true he should just be hella committed and show up in his Mr Darcy costume too. Then we wouldnt even be having this convo i would have died UC: and…..i wanna attach […]

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